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42978: WATKINS, DAVID - Thomas Hope 1769-1831 and the Neo-Classical Idea
46751: WATSON, VICTOR. - The Cambridge Guide to Children's Books in English
43379: WATSON, E. L. GRANT. - Departures.
46899: WATSON, JAMES. - James Watson's Preface to the History of Printing 1713.
41266: WATSON, RICHARD. - The Life of the Rev. John Wesley, A.M.
46631: WATSON, F. J. B. - Louis XVI Furniture.
48170: HILARY WATSON, ED. - Winter's Crimes: 8
46164: WATSON, IAN. - Gardens of Delight
42223: WATTS, S. J. - From Border to Middle Shire : Northumberland, 1586-1625
25864: WAUGH, IDA A. - When Mother Was a Little Girl. Verses by Amy E. Blanchard and others.
34608: WAUGH, EVELYN. - Remote People
44893: WAUGH, EVELYN. - The Loved One: An Anglo-American Tragedy.
48455: EVELYN WAUGH. - A Tourist in Africa.
6961: WEAMYS, ANNA. - A Continuation of Sir Philip Sidney's Arcadia. Edited by Patrick Colborn Cullen.
40154: WEARE, T. W. - Some Remarks Upon the Church of Great Haseley, Oxfordshire.
43585: WEAVER, NIGEL; BAWDEN, EDWARD. - Edward Bawden in the Middle East.
43486: LAWRENCE WEAVER - Houses and Gardens by E.L. Lutyens
37946: WEBB, MRS. J. B. - The Life and Adventures of Charles Durand; Shewing the Manners and Customs of Eastern Nations.
47007: WEBB, PETER. - Portrait of David Hockney
46130: WEBB, MICHAEL. - Javier Barba: House Design (Living with Nature)
48826: WEBSTER, JOHN. - The Duchess of Malfi. Illustrated by Michael Ayrton.
45697: WEDEMANN, KURT; WOLPE, BERTHOLD; WILLBERG, HANS PETER. - Jan Tschichold: Typographer and Type Designer, 1902-74
23256: WEDGWOOD, C.V. - The Political Career of Peter Paul Rubens.
46922: WEDGWOOD, C.V. - The Political Career of Peter Paul Rubens (Walter Neurath Memorial Lectures)
38684: WEEKS, KENT R., ED. - Valley of the Kings : The Tombs and the Funerary Temples of Thebes West
47166: GEORGE WEIGEL - Letters to a Young Catholic
44837: WEIGHT, CAREL. - Edward Bawden: A Seventy-fifth Birthday Exhibition 1978.
49330: WEIGHTMAN, CHRISTINE - Margaret of York, Duchess of Burgundy, 1446-1503
42630: WEININGER, OTTO - Being and Not Being : Clinical Applications of the Death Instinct
19667: WEISMANN, ELIZABETH WILDER. - Art and Time in Mexico: From the Conquest to the Revolution.
18915: WEISSENBORN, HELLMUTH; WALKER, RICHARD. - Hellmuth Weissenborn: Painter and Graphic Artist.
26288: WEISSENBORN, HELMUTH. - London Scenes: Wood engravings by Helmuth Weissenborn.
39813: WEITZMANN, KURT - Studies in the Arts at Sinai: Essays.
45493: WELCH, EVELYN - Shopping in the Renaissance : Consumer Cultures in Italy, 1400-1600
48820: H. G. WELLS. - Imperialism and the Open Conspiracy (Criterion Miscellany No. 3)
21090: WELLS, H. G. - The Brothers. A story.
19166: H. G. WELLS. - Rambles and Rides around Oxford. A description of all the localities within 8 miles of Carfax. (Shrimpton's Popular Handbooks).
42207: WELLS, ROBIN H. - Spenser's "Faerie Queene" and the Cult of Elizabeth
48917: H. G. WELLS, ETC. - Tales of the Supernatural.
6997: WELSFORD, ENID; SPENSER, EDMUND. - Spenser: Fowre Hymnes, Epithalamion: A Study of Edmund Spenser's Doctrine of Love.
48794: PETER WELTON. - Sketch Diary.
47036: WENDERHORST, ALFRED, ETC. - Gothic and Renaissance Art in Nuremburg 1300-1550
46427: WENTWORTH, PATRICIA. - Lonesome Road
48066: S. A. C. DUDOK VAN HEEL; I.C.E. WESDORP, ETC. - Nicolaes Tulp: The Life and Work of an Amsterdam Physician and Magistrate in the 17th Century.
47848: WEST, CHARLES. - Stage Fright.
37944: WESTFALL, RICHARD S. - Newton and the Scientific Revolution: An Exhibition.
46204: WESTWOOD, CHRIS - A Light in the Black
43546: VAN DE WETERING, JANWILLEM. - The Corpse on the Dike (Grijpstra & De Gier: The Amsterdam Cops).
43996: WHEELOCK, ARTHUR K. JR., ED. - Aelbert Cuyp
48748: WHEELOCK, ARTHUR K., ED.; RONNI BAER. - Gerrit Dou 1613-1675. Master Painter in the Age of Rembrandt.
44960: WHELAN, JOHN M. - Making Traditional Wooden Planes
39995: WHISTLER, LAURENCE. - Who Live in Unity.
44259: WHISTLER, LAURENCE. - Pictures on Glass Engraved By Laurence Whistler.
42591: WHISTLER, LAURENCE. - The View from This Window: Poems.
4088: WHISTLER, JAMES MCNEILL. - Eden versus Whistler: the Baronet and the Butterfly - A valentine with a verdict.
37842: WHISTLER, LAURENCE. - SIr John Vanbrugh, Architect and Dramatist 1664-1726
47712: CATHERINE WHISTLER - Opulence and Devotion: Brazilian Baroque Art
39352: WHITAKER, RAY. - Two and a Half Ton Dream.
49327: VIRGIL K. WHITAKER. - The Religious Basis of Spenser's Thought (Stanford University Publications, Language and Literature, Vol. VII, No. 3)
37735: WHITE, ANDREW - The Buildings of Georgian Whitby
33261: WHITE, KAY. - Holiday for Harry.
21250: WHITE, T. H. - Mistress Masham's Repose.
43541: WHITE, JON MANCHIP. - Nightclimber.
9133: GRAHAME-WHITE, CLAUDE. - Flying: An epitome and a forecast.
49349: WHITE, GILBERT; WARNER, SYLVIA TOWNSEND. - The Portrait of a Tortoise: Extracted from the Journals and Letters of Gilbert White.
47136: JOHN WHITE - Art and Architecture in Italy 1250-1400 (The Yale University Press Pelican History of Art Series)
44551: WHITE, T. H. - Burke's Steerage or The Amateur Gentleman's Introduction to Noble Sports and Pastimes.
18465: WHITE, CHRISTOPHER. - The Flower Drawings of Jan van Huysum.
47432: JAMES WHITE - Monsters and Medics
41492: WHITE, RANDALL - Upper Paleolithic Land Use in the Périgord : A Topographic Approach to Subsistence and Settlement
48463: DAVID GARNETT; T. H. WHITE - The White / Garnett Letters.
41854: WHITE, ETHEL LINA - The Lady Vanishes Adapted By Jennifer Brain.
34242: WHITEHEAD, BARBARA - Death at the Dutch House
33534: WHITEHEAD, G. KENNETH. - The Deer of Great Britain and Ireland.
37329: WHITEHEAD, JOHN. - Thangliena : The Life of T. H. Lewin
31191: WHITEHEAD, JACK. - The Almshouse Stone and Paddington Green.
25271: WHITEHOUSE, J. HOWARD. - Ruskin the Painter and his Works at Bembridge.
44132: WHITFIELD, SARAH. - Rene Magritte: Newly Discovered Works (Catalogue Raisonne VI, Oil Paintings, Goaches, Drawings)
47808: WHITFIELD, PETER - Mapping the World: A History of Exploration.
48504: DAVID SYLVESTER; SARAH WHITFIELD - Rene Magritte Catalogue Raisonne, Volume II: Oil Paintings and Objects 1931-1948
25224: WHITFORD, FRANK. - Eduardo Paolozzi. [Exhibition catalogue.]
43730: WHITFORD, FRANK. - Gustav Klimt (Artists in Context)
48830: WHITING, R. C., ED. - Oxford: Studies in the history of a university town since 1800.
45573: WHITLEY, KATHLEEN P. - The Gilded Page: The History and Technique of Manuscript Gilding
35152: WHITTET, T. D. - Clerks Bedels and Chemical Operators of the Society of Apothecaries: The Gideon De Laune Lecture for 1977.
41333: WHITTLE, A. W. R. - The Earlier Neolithic of Southern England and Its Continental Background
49123: WHITWORTH, RODNEY - Merseyside at War: A Day-to-Day Diary of the 1940-1941 Bombing
43563: WHYTE, WILLIAM - Oxford Jackson: Architecture, Education, Status, and Style 1835-1924 (Oxford Historical Monographs)
17203: WIBLIN, IAN. - Night Watch: Nocturnal Photographs of Cambridge and the Fens.
5054: WICHMANN, SIEGFRIED. - Meister: Schuler: Themen: Munchner Landschaftsmaler im 19. Jahrhundert.
43065: WIECK, ROGER S.; VOELKLE, WILLIAM M.; HEARNE, K. MICHELLE, EDS. - The Hours of Henry VIII : A Renaissance Masterpiece by Jean Poyet
41755: WILBERFORCE, SAMUEL; PUGH, RONALD AND MARGARET. - The Diocese Books of Samuel Wilberforce, Bishop of Oxford 1845-1869
46065: WILCOX, JOAN - Pangbourne: An Illustrated History
24914: WILDENSTEIN, GEORGES. - Chardin: Catalogue Raisonne. Revised and enlarged edition by Daniel Wildenstein.
49366: WILKINSON, RICHARD H. - The Complete Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt
37670: WILKINSON, M.; CROSS, E. RICHARD. - E. Richard Cross: A Biographical Sketch with Literary Papers and Religious and Political Addresses.
24173: WILLIAMS, CHARLES. - Divorce.
36562: WILLIAMS, CHARLES - Charles Williams 1886-1945: A Selection of his Poems made by Anne Ridler to mark the Centenary of his Birth
36139: WILLIAMS, CHARLES. - Thomas Cranmer of Canterbury.
21856: WILLIAMS, CHARLES. - Seed of Adam and Other Plays.
41445: WILLIAMS, CHARLES - Charles Williams 1886-1945: A Selection of his Poems made by Anne Ridler.
43742: WILLIAMS, CHARLES. - Divorce.
45358: WILLIAMS, CHARLES. - Poetry at Present.
33542: WILLIAMS, JOHN ALDEN - The Word of Islam
29382: WILLIAMS, ROBERT DERYCK; PATTIE, T.S. - Virgil: His Poetry Through the Ages
23171: WILLIAMS, ALFRED. - Cor Cordium.
47912: WILLIAMS, CHARLES - He Came Down from Heaven (I Believe, No. 5)
49208: CLIVE WILLIAMS. - Basildon, Berkshire: An Illustrated History of a Thames-side Parish.
46989: WILLIAMS, GRAHAM - The Dreamer: A Bagatelle from Pagehurst
46987: WILLIAMS, GRAHAM - Tarragon Magic: A Bagatelle from Pagehurst
33372: LEWIS-WILLIAMS, DAVID; DOWSON, THOMAS - Images of Power : Understanding Bushman Rock Art
47896: WILLIAMS, CHARLES. - The Region of the Summer Stars.
47897: WILLIAMS, CHARLES, ETC. - What the Cross Means to Me: A Theological Symposium.
47899: WILLIAMS, CHARLES. - The Forgivenesss of Sins (The Christian Challenge Series)
43993: WILLIAMS, CLIVE; THOMAS, DAVID. - Basildon in Postcards.
42463: WILLIAMS, TENNESSEE. - Baby Doll: The Script for the Film.
36834: WILLIAMS, CHARLES - Rochester
37054: WILLIAMS, CHARLES. - Flecker of Dean Close.
47759: THOMAS A. WILLIAMS - Moored to the Mast: The U. S. Navy's Lighter-Than-Air Program at Lakehurst New Jersey
5091: WILLIAMS, CHARLES. - The Region of the Summer Stars.
48105: ERIC WILLIAMS. - The Wooden Horse.
46591: WILLIAMS, JOHN ALDEN - The Word of Islam
47441: WILLIAMS, CHARLES AND V. H. COLLINS, EDS. - Poems of Home and Overseas.
13505: WILLIAMS, CHARLES. - All Hallows' Eve.
47440: WILLIAMS, CHARLES. - Three Plays.
45281: WILLIAMS, ALFRED. - Selected Poems. With much new and recent work hitherto unpublished.
48595: WILLIAMS, CHARLES. - Judgement at Chelmsford. A Pageant Play written by Charles Williams [Peter Stanhope] for performance at the New Scala Theatre, 1939.
47915: WILLIAMS, CHARLES - Taliessin Through Logres.
49245: WILLIAMS, CHARLES. - Poetry at Present.
41275: WILLIAMS, DAVID; DE KERBRECH, RICHARD. - Ferries and Pleasure Steamers: A Colour Portfolio.
45388: WILLIAMS, CHARLES - Queen Elizabeth I (Great Lives)
45387: WILLIAMS, CHARLES. - The Image of the City and Other Essays. Selected by Anne Ridler, with a critical introduction.
42022: WILLIAMSON, HENRY - Tales of Moorland and Estuary
21254: WILLIAMSON, GEORGE C. - The Book of Amber.
38043: WILLIAMSON, HENRY. - Donkey Boy
32406: WILLIAMSON, HUGH. - Methods of Book Design: The Practice of an Industrial Craft.
40610: WILLIAMSON, GEORGE C., ED. - The Anonimo: Notes on Pictures and Works of Art in Italy Made by an Anonymous Writer in the Sixteenth Century.
26274: WILLIAMSON, JACK. - Demon Moon.
37941: WILLIAMSON, GORDON - Waffen-SS Handbook, 1933-1945
46671: WILLIAMSON, LAUREEN D. - An Illustrated History of The Maharajah's Well, Stoke Row
49315: HENRY WILLIAMSON. - Lucifer Before Sunrise.
28417: WILLOCK, COLIN. - The Gun-Punt Adventure.
46769: WILLS, GEOFFREY - English Furniture: 1550-1760
42446: WILSON, EDWARD M. - Spanish and English Literature of the 16th and 17th Centuries
43555: WILSON, MICHAEL. - Contemporary Art in North America.
31511: WILSON, DAVID M. - The Forgotten Collector : Augustus Wollaston Franks at the British Museum
43037: WILSON, JAPHY. - Jeffrey Sachs: The Strange Case of Dr Shock and Mr Aid.
33077: WILSON, KEN - "A Tied Cottage" : The Story of Buckingham Palace
47229: A. N. WILSON - The Laird of Abbotsford: A View of Sir Walter Scott
45613: WILSON, A. N. - Against Religion (Chatto Counterblasts, No. 19)
39129: WILSON, COLIN - The Magician from Siberia
34329: WILSON, EDMUND - The Wound and the Bow: Seven Studies in Literature
46925: WILSON, DAVID. - The Forgotten Collector: Augustus Wollaston Franks of the British Museum (Walter Neurath Memorial Lecture)
44739: WILSON, F. PAUL. - An Enemy of the State
48957: ROBIN SCOTT WILSON, ED. - Clarion II: An Anthology of Speculative Fiction and Criticism.
45649: WILSON, ROBERT A. - The Art of Modelling Merchant Ships.
46219: WILTON, J. W. - Earthworks and Fortifications of Norfolk.
44134: WILTON, ANDREW. - Frederic Church and the Landscape Oil Sketch.
31306: WILTON, ANDREW AND ANNE LYLES. - The Age of Rossetti, Burne-Jones and Watts : Symbolism in Britain, 1860-1910
47486: WILLIAM PAUL WINCHESTER - A Very Small Farm
23037: WINE, HUMPHREY, ETC. - Tradition and Revolution in French Art 1700-1880. Paintings and drawings from Lille.
46547: WINSHIP, MICHAEL - American Literary Publishing in the Mid-nineteenth Century: The Business of Ticknor and Fields (Cambridge Studies in Publishing and Printing History)
11605: WINSLOW, FORBES E. - The Children's Fairy Geography or a Merry Trip.
37314: WINSTEDT, R. O. - The Malay Magician Being Shaman, Saiva and Sufi
36523: WINSTEDT, SIR RICHARD. - A Practical Modern Malay-English Dictionary.
49278: BEVIS WINTER. - The Night Was Made for Murder.
45551: WINZER, FRITZ. - Die Stundenbucher des Duc de Berry, Les Belles Heures, Les tres Riches Heures (Die bibliophilen Taschenbucher Nr 289,)
30207: WISE, MICHAEL - Travellers' Tales of Old Singapore
44257: WISE, JOHN R. - The New Forest: Its History and Its Scenery.
12713: WISE, THOMAS J., ED. - A Complete Bibliography of the Writings in Prose and Verse of John Ruskin. With a list of the more important Ruskiniana compiled by Thomas J. Wise and James P. Smart.
43192: WISE, MICHAEL, ED. - True Tales of British India
36656: WISEMAN, T.P. - The Myths of Rome
38284: WISHART, DAVID - The Lydian Baker
45928: WITKOVSKY, MATTHEW S., ED. - Avant-Garde Art in Everyday Life.
48144: WITT, JOHN. - William Henry Hunt (1790-1864): Life and work with a Catalogue.
47184: RUDOLF WITTKOWER - Allegory and the Migration of Symbols
32099: WITTLICH, PETR - Prague : Fin de Siecle, 1890-1914
28127: WODEHOUSE, P. G. - Spring Fever.
28129: WODEHOUSE, P. G. - Money in the Bank.
45283: WODEHOUSE, P. G. - Full Moon.
37025: WODEHOUSE, P. G. - The Man with Two Left Feet and Other Stories.
43023: WOHLCKE, ANNE. - The 'Perpetual Fair': Gender, Disorder and Urban Amusement in Eighteenth-Century London.
10514: WOLF, A. - A History of Science, Technology and Philosophy in the 16th and 17th Centuries.
47563: PAUL VAN CAPELLEVEEN; CLEMENS DE WOLF, EDS. - The Ideal Book: Private Presses in the Netherlands 1910-2010
47490: GENE WOLFE - The Fifth Head of Cerberus
47545: GENE WOLFE - Castleview
47340: GENE WOLFE - There are Doors
47542: GENE WOLFE - Nightside the Long Sun
47543: GENE WOLFE - Free Live Free
47382: GENE WOLFE - Soldier of the Mist
47498: GENE WOLFE - Calde of the Long Sun
48501: JANE KATCHER; DAVID A. SCHORSCH; RUTH WOLFE, EDS. - Expressions of Innocence and Eloquence: Selections from the Jane Katcher Collection of Americana, Volume II.
29313: WOLFF, TOBIAS - The Barracks Thief
46824: WOLFF, ROBERT LEE. - The Golden Key: A Study of the Fiction of George MacDonald.
41856: WOLTON, JULIA. - Endangered Domains.
36217: WOOD, CHRIS, ED. - Stone Roofing: Conserving the Materials and Practice of Traditional Stone Slate Roofing in England
49194: CHRISTOPHER WOOD. - The Artistic Interior: Studios and Rooms in English and European Art 1850-1920.
33369: WOOD, ALAN. - The Glider Soldiers: A History of British Military Glider Forces.
40334: WILLIAMS-WOOD, CYRIL. - English Transfer-Printed Pottery and Porcelain : A History of Over-Glaze Printing
45692: WOOD, FRANCES. - The Lure of China: Writers from Marco Polo to J. G. Ballard.
35086: WOOD, LUCY. - The Upholstered Furniture in the Lady Lever Art Gallery.
39709: WOOD, SALLY - A Sort of Dignified Flippancy : Penguin Books, 1935-1960 - To Accompany the Collection in Edinburgh University Library
46912: WOOD, P. D. - The Oxford and Newbury Area (British Landscapes Through Maps, 11)
35207: WOODHOUSE, THOMAS AND THOMAS MILNE. - Jute and Linen Weaving.
43508: WOODS, GEORGE. - An Account of the Past and Present State of the Isle of Man; Including a Topographical description, a Sketch of Its Mineralogy and.. a History of the Island.
31623: WOODWARD, FRANK - Oxfordshire Parks
34046: WOOF, ROBERT - Shelley : An Ineffectual Angel?
48411: JOAN WOOLDRIDGE. - The Ten Little Fishes.
31463: WOOLF, VIRGINIA. - A Cockney's Farming Experiences
29157: WOOLHOUSE, R. S. - Locke's Philosophy of Science and Knowledge: A Consideration of Some Aspects of An Essay Concerning Human Understanding
40664: WORDSWORTH, WILLIAM. - The Prelude, or Growth of a Poet's Mind; an Autobiographical Poem.
45236: WORMALD, FRANCIS, ETC. - The Thirty-Eighth Volume of the Walpole Society 1960-1962.
29512: WORMELL, SEBASTIAN, ED. - Poland
48753: J. J. A. WORSAAE. - The Primeval Antiquities of Denmark.. Translated and Applied to the Illustration of Similar remains in England By William J. Thoms.
48757: G. WORSWICK. - Watches in the Usher Collection.
34767: WORTLEY, LAURA. - John Piper, Master of Diversity. [Exhibition catalogue.]
37031: WREN, PERCIVAL CHRISTOPHER. - Dead Men's Boots and Other Tales from the Foreign Legion.
49275: WRIGHT, LOUIS B. - Magna Carta and the Tradition of Liberty
37551: WRIGHT, CHRISTOPHER. - The World's Master Paintings : From the Early Renaissance to the Present Day: A Comprehensive Listing of Works by 1.300 Painters and a Complete Guide to Their Locations Worldwide
44685: WRIGHT, HELENA E. - Prints at the Smithsonian: The Origins of a National Collection
48064: ALAN POWERS; HUGH FOWLER-WRIGHT, ETC. - Piper in Print: John Piper's Books, Periodicals, Ephemera and Textiles
46523: WRIGHT, MARIATERESA. - Vintage Richmond, Surrey
44806: WRIGHT, ANDREW S.N. - The History of Buckland in the County of Berkshire.
24874: WRIGHT, JOHN BUCKLAND. - Surreal Times: The Abstract Engravings and Wartime Letters of John Buckland Wright. Introduced by Christopher Buckland Wright.
41270: WRIGHT, KIT - From the Day Room (Merseyside Poetry Minibooks Series)
41876: WRIGHT, CAROLYN. - Exploring Cambridgeshire Churches.
41430: WURZBACH, NATASCHA - The Rise of the English Street Ballad, 1550-1650
45114: WYATT, GORDON; BIRCH, CLIVE, ED. - Maps of Bucks
48414: SIR THOMAS WYATT - Collected Poems (Oxford Standard Authors)
27063: WYLLY, COLONEL H. C. - XVth (The King's) Hussars 1759-1913.
42925: WYMAN, HAROLD - The Art of Long Netting
47975: BONAPARTE-WYSE, WILLIAM C. - Li Parpaioun Blu. Em' un Avans-Prepaus de Frederi Mistral
33566: DALAI LAMA XIV - My Tibet
43759: YARROW, ANNE. - The Fortifications of East Sussex: A Guide to Castles and Other Defences.
48921: YATES, FRANCES A. - The Rosicrucian Enlightenment.
46745: YATES, FRANCES A. - The Valois Tapestries.
47833: FRANCES A. YATES - Lull and Bruno: Collected Essays Volume I.
49222: YATES, FRANCES A. - The Art of Memory
49228: YATES, FRANCES A. - The French Academies of the Sixteenth Century.
44017: YATES, FRANCES AMELIA - The Rosicrucian Enlightenment
43968: YEATS, W. B. - Wheels and Butterflies.
42921: YELVERTON, DAVID E. - Quest for a Phantom Strait: The Saga of the Pioneer Antarctic Peninsula Expeditions 1897-1905.
40997: YOLTON, JOHN W., ED. - The Blackwell Companion to the Enlightenment
36530: YONEMURA, ANN; HIRABAYASHI, MORITOKU, ETC. - Twelve Centuries of Japanese Art from the Imperial Collections
34894: YONGE, CHARLOTTE M. - The Trial: More Links of the Daisy Chain.
34893: YONGE, CHARLOTTE M. - The Dove in the Eagle's Nest.
46675: YORKE, MALCOLM. - The Inward Laugh: Edward Bawden and his Circle.
41344: BAR-YOSEF, OFER;VANDERMEERSCH, BERNARD - Investigations in South Levantine Prehistory
49326: JOYCE A YOUINGS, ED. - Raleigh in Exeter 1985: Privateering and Colonization in the Reign of Elizabeth I Papers Delivered at a Conference.(Exeter Studies in History, 10)
47911: HENRY LYON YOUNG. - Baroque Tales of Chile.
38809: YOUNG, BILL. - I Survived.
48981: F. DILLON BELL; FREDERICK YOUNG. - Reasons for Promotinig the Cultivation of the New Zealand Flax.
35366: YOUNG, ANDREW. - The Collected Poems of Andrew Young.
49259: BARBARA GREEN; RACHEL M.R. YOUNG - Norwich: The Growth of a City
46962: YOUNG, ROBERT F. - The Worlds of Robert F. Young: Sixteen Stories of Science Fiction and Fantasy.
31700: YUNG, PETER - Bazaars of Chinese Turkestan : Life and Trade along the Old Silk Road
37879: ZADNIKAR, MARIJAN - Hrastovlje: Romanska Arhitektura in Gotske Freske
24560: ZAFRAN, ERIC M. - French Salon Paintings from Southern Collections.
42308: ZALOUMIS, ALEX; DIFFORD, IAN - Zulu Tribal Art
40191: ZANGWILL, ISRAEL. - The Mantle of Elijah.
48499: SUSANA ZAPKE, ED. - Hispania Vetus: Musical-Liturgical Manuscripts from Visigothic Origins to the Franco-Roman Transition (9th -12th centuries).
10241: ZELAZNY, ROGER. - The Dream Master.
26895: ZERI, FEDERICO ETC., EDS. - Dipinti Toscani e oggetti d'arte dalla Collezione Vittorio Cini.
49167: GERD ZIMMERSCHEID, ED. - Graphic Effects in Architectural Drawings.
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