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039415: - "Heroes and Villains: Selected Essays Johnson, R. W."
039417: - "Theory of Need in Marx (Motive) Heller, Agnes"
037157: - Christopher Columbus (Wordsworth Classics of World Literature) Washington Irving
038013: - "Property Rights: Philosophical Foundations Becker, Lawrence C."
038048: - "The Georgians, 1901-1931 [Paperback] Williams, Merryn"
042189: - "Talk: Analysis of Speech and Non-verbal Behaviour in Conversation Beattie, Geoffrey"
042195: - "Socialisms: Old and New [Paperback] Wright, Tony"
042214: - "Social Basis of European Fascist Movements Muhlberger, Detlef"
042230: - "The Politics of Local Socialism (Local government briefings) Gyford, John"
011228: - International Affairs. Volume XLIV 1968
011230: - International Affairs. Volume XXXII 1956
039202: - "Contemporary Issues in Cognitive Psychology: Loyola Symposium Proceedings Solso, Robert L."
026950: - "Wordsworth and the Worth of Words [Hardcover] Sykes-Davies, Hugh"
044836: - "Another Reason: Science and the Imagination of Modern India [Paperback] Prakash, Gyan"
043626: - "Production, Equality and Participation in Rural China UNRISD"
039837: - "Moscow Workers and the 1917 Revolution: Studies of the Russian Institute, Columbia University (Princeton Legacy Library) [Hardcover] Koenker, Diane P."
026134: - "The Saudi-egyptian Conflict Over North Yemen, 1962-1970 Badeeb, Saeed M"
040217: - "Politics and Television Re-Viewed Lang, Kurt and Lang, Gladys E."
045064: - "The Origin of Capitalism: A Longer View [Paperback] Wood, Ellen Meiksins"
038648: - "Reformation Conformity and Dissent: Essays in Honour of Geoffrey Nuttall Knox, Robert Buick"
043704: - "Psycholinguistics: Language, Mind and World (Linguistics Library) Steinberg, Danny"
030150: - Analog 1968--November
030151: - "Second Seeded / R. C. Fitzpatrick Fitzpatrick, R. C."
026242: - "In Fear of China Clark, Gregory"
039344: - "Inside Right: A Study of Conservatism Gilmour, Ian"
039339: - "Social Mobility and Political Change (Key Concepts in Political Science S.) Davies, Ioan"
043263: - "Defining the Situation the Organization of Meaning in Social Interaction [Paperback] McHugh, P"
042724: - "The Human Motor: Energy, Fatigue, and the Origins of Modernity Rabinbach, Anson"
026765: - "Boule de suif et autres contes de la guerre Maupassant, Guy de"
039014: - "Knowledge and Experience in the Philosophy of F.H. Bradley Eliot, T. S."
026803: - "Cultures on celluloid Reader, Keith"
043814: - "Eating Disorders: Obesity, Anorexia Nervosa and the Person within [Hardcover] Bruch, Hilde"
034778: - Cross Bronx #1A
034774: - Hero # 22 (Ref-1048358820) DC Comics
034777: - Radioactive Man Issue 412 (Fourth in a six part limited series) Bongo Comics Steve Vance
034772: - Legion Lost (Vol 1) # 3 (Ref1082686005) DC Comics
034779: - H-E-R-O: Powers And Abilities Will Pfeifer
034768: - Hero # 12 (Ref2048900079) DC Comics
035908: - "Creation Was Open to Me: An Anthology of Friends' Writings on That of God in All Creation Adams, Anne and Gibbs, John"
043054: - "Rural Sociology of the Advanced Societies: Critical Perspectives [Paperback] Buttel, Frederick H. and Newbry, Howard"
038251: - "Land and People of Nineteenth Century Cork: The Rural Economy and the Land Question (Study in Irish History , 2nd S.) Donnelly, James S."
041884: - "Virtual War Ignatieff, Michael"
035333: - "El Senor Presidente: El Senor Presidente Asturias, Miguel Angel"
045512: - Soldier, Sailor and Airman Too: The Fighting Life of Group Captain A.B.Woody Woodhall A.B. Woodhall
026481: - "The Earliest Stage of Language Planning: The ""First Congress"" Phenomenon (Contributions to Sociology of Language): The ""First ... to the Sociology of Language [CSL]) [Hardcover] Fishman, Joshua A."
026349: - "The Mantle of the Prophet: Religion and Politics in Iran Mottahedeh, Roy"
011483: - Middle Eastern Studies. Volume Fourteen 1978
026963: - "Praxis: Marxist Criticism and Dissent in Socialist Yugoslavia Sher, Gerson S."
039681: - "Early Poetry of Ezra Pound Jackson, Thomas H."
045668: - Authenticity in Nature: Making Choices about the Naturalness of Ecosystems [Hardcover] Dudley, Nigel
030139: - "Down Styphon / H. Beam Piper Piper, H. Beam (1904-1964)"
026595: - "The marriage of Hortense Leigh, Olivia"
044768: - Reading Orientalism: Said and the Unsaid (Publications on the Near East) [Paperback] Daniel Martin Varisco
039209: - "My Friend Ernest Hemingway Seward, William"
039947: - "Germany from Partition to Reunification Turner, Henry Ashby"
040241: - "Popular Recreations in English Society 1700–1850 [Hardcover] Malcolmson, Robert W."
026257: - "Pastoralism in Crisis Dasanetch and Their Aethiopian Lands: The Dasanetch and Their Ethiopian Lands (Research Paper (University of Chicago. Dept. of Geography), No. 180.) Carr, Claudia J. and Carr, Cl"
034563: - "The Dialects of Modern German: A Linguistic Survey Russ, Charles"
034544: - "Les perroquets de la place d'Arezzo Schmitt, Eric-Emmanuel"
031955: - Kenny Rogers: Ten Years of Gold Kenny Rogers
031956: - 33 Country Hits Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation
042862: - "Democratic Promise: Populist Moment in America Goodwyn, Lawrence"
031351: - Died in the Wool
036169: - "Alone Together Turkle, Sherry"
039021: - Graphic Designers' Index: No. 11 Rotovision
013287: - - 10 Prévost et l'histoire des voyages (Cahiers Prévost d'Exiles)
026176: - "Thematic Structure in Syntax (Linguistic Inquiry Monographs) [Paperback] Williams, Edwin"
026504: - "Translating and the Computer: Preparing for the Next Decade No. 11 Picken, Catriona"
032389: - "Literary Essays of Ezra Pound Eliot, T. S. (Editor)"
039520: - "Politics and Letters: Interviews with ""New Left Review"" Williams, Raymond"
040594: - "Spiritual Autobiography in Early America (Wisconsin studies in American autobiography) [Paperback] Shea, Daniel B."
042986: - "Mind and Emotion Mandler, George"
045553: - Gwylio'r gwyllt: Rhai o ysgrifau y naturiaethwr T.G. Walker Walker, T. G
038568: - "Villa Stellar Barker, George"
026759: - "Non-aligned Movement: Origins of a Third World Alliance Willetts, Peter"
039676: - "The Twenties Wilson, Edmund and Edel, Leon"
041122: - "Spirit Level and Other Poems Conran, Anthony"
043444: - "Spanish-American Revolutions, 1808-26 Lynch, John"
039240: - "Matter and Consciousness: Contemporary Introduction to the Philosophy of Mind (Bradford Books) [Paperback] Churchland, Paul M."
044540: - "Thomas Coram, Gent.: 1668-1751 [Paperback] Gillian Wagner"
039389: - "New Forms of Work Organization: German Democratic Republic, India, Italy, U.S.S.R. - Economic Costs and Benefits v. 2 International Labour Office"
043350: - Complete Works of Williams Shakespeare: Illustrated William Shakespeare
043245: - Social Psychology: A Symbolic Interaction Perspective [Paperback]
042617: - "Popular Culture and Popular Protest in Late Mediaeval and Early Modern Europe Mullett, Michael"
043065: - "Conversational Coherence: Form, Structure, and Strategy (SAGE Series in Interpersonal Communication) Craig, R.T. and Tracy, K."
043916: - "The Relationship Between Social and Cognitive Development (Jean Piaget Symposia Series) [Hardcover] Overton, Willis F."
021680: - Internationale Kirchliche Zeitschrift. Dreiundneunzigstes Jahr. Juli-September 2003. Heft 3. (Hundertelftes Jahr. Heft 443)
021681: - Internationale Kirchliche Zeitschrift. Vierundneunzigstes Jahr. Januar-Juni 2004. Heft 1-2. (Hundertelftes Jahr. Heft 445-446)
021682: - Internationale Kirchliche Zeitschrift. Vierundneunzigstes Jahr. Juli-September 2004. Heft 3. (Hundertelftes Jahr. Heft 447)
021683: - Internationale Kirchliche Zeitschrift. Vierundneunzigstes Jahr. Oktober-Dezember 2004. Heft 4. (Hundertelftes Jahr. Heft 448)
021684: - Internationale Kirchliche Zeitschrift. Fünfundneunzigstes Jahr. Januar - März 2005. Heft 1. (Hundertzwölftes Jahr. Heft 449)
021685: - Internationale Kirchliche Zeitschrift. Fünfundneunzigstes Jahr. April-Juni 2005. Heft 2. (Hundertzwölftes Jahr. Heft 450)
021686: - Internationale Kirchliche Zeitschrift.Sechsundneunzigstes Jahr. Juli-September 2006. Heft 3. (Hundertdreizehntes Jahr. Heft 455)
021687: - Internationale Kirchliche Zeitschrift.Sechsundneunzigstes Jahr. Oktober-Dezember 2006. Heft 4. (Hundertdreizehntes Jahr. Heft 456)
021688: - Internationale Kirchliche Zeitschrift.Siebenundneunzigstes Jahr.April-Juni 2007. Heft 2. (Hundertvierzehntes Jahr. Heft 458)
021689: - Internationale Kirchliche Zeitschrift.Siebenundneunzigstes Jahr. Juli-September 2007. Heft 3. (Hundertvierzehntes Jahr. Heft 459)
021690: - Internationale Kirchliche Zeitschrift. Siebenundneunzigstes Jahr. Oktober-Dezember 2007. Heft 4. (Hundertvierzehntes Jahr. Heft 460)
044273: - "H.W.Schneider of Barrow and Bowness Banks, A.G."
031633: - Stallion's Crag: Haiku and Haibun Kenneth Henry Jones
038991: - "The Heritage of Islam: Women, Religion, and Politics in West Africa Callaway, Barbara J."
039812: - "Moments of Vision: Poetry of Thomas Hardy Zietlow, Paul"
043792: - "Irish Question (Unwin University Books) Mansergh, Nicholas"
044414: - "Daughters of Isis: Women of Ancient Egypt (Penguin History) [Paperback] Tyldesley, Joyce"
033619: - "Llestri Pren a Llechi James, Garbett Ann"
026941: - "Morality and American Foreign Policy: The Role of Ethics in International Affairs (Princeton Legacy Library) McElroy, Robert W."
043703: - "How War Came: Immediate Origins of the Second World War, 1938-39 Watt, Donald Cameron"
026201: - "Greek Accounts of Eastern History (Centre for Hellenic Studies) Drews, Robert"
044208: - The History of the Dunmow Flitch Ceremony [Paperback] Francis W Steer
044017: - "Europe in the Eighteenth Century 1713-1789 (General History of Europe) [Paperback] Anderson, M.S."
043950: - "Lenin`s Embalmer Zbarskii, I.B.; Hutchinson, Samuel; Zbarsky, Ilya and Bray, Barbara"
043706: - "Germany Divided: From the Wall to Reunification (Princeton Studies in International History and Politics) McAdams, A. James"
043746: - "Sport and Society in Modern France (St Antony's Series) [Hardcover] Holt, Richard"
043722: - "A Social History of France, 1780-1880 (Routledge Social History of the Modern World) [Paperback] Peter McPhee"
043686: - "Oliver Cromwell and the English Revolution Morrill, John"
044254: - "PROSPECT OF BRITAIN: Town Panoramas of Samuel and Nathaniel Buck Hyde, Ralph"
044251: - "Writing Social History Sarkar, Sumit"
044492: - "Seeing Red: A Study in Consciousness (Mind/Brain/Behaviour Initiative) (Mind/Brain/Behavior Initiative) [Hardcover] Humphrey, Nicholas"
042638: - "Consciousness Explained (Penguin Science) [Paperback] Dennett, Daniel C."
035070: - British Railways Rules for Observance
026244: - "Cromer in Egypt Marlowe, John"
043845: - "Wilberforce Pollock, John"
045607: - Critical Understanding: Powers and Limits of Pluralism Booth, Wayne C.
026145: - "Psychology of Language (Psychology S.) Fodor, Jerry A. and etc."
045372: - "Step into the Meadow Bromley, Judith and Hardy, Robert"
027626: - SICKERT 1860 - 1942
043387: - "The War Against the Jews, 1933-45 Lucy S. Dawidowicz"
041924: - "Khyber Miller, Charles"
040007: - "Society and Politics in the Russian Revolution (Studies in Russia and East Europe) Service, Robert"
043282: - "Principles and Practice of Plant Hormone Analysis: v.1: Vol 1 (Biological Techniques Series) Rivier, L. and Crozier, Alan"
039091: - "Technique of Modern Fiction Raban, Jonathan"
026464: - "The Voices of Masada [Hardcover] Kossoff, David"
028228: - "MARC CHAGALL . Disegni Gouaches, Dipinti 1907 - 1983"
028221: - FINARTE : ASTA D'ARTE MODERNA. Vendita Pubblica All'Asta Di Opere D'Arte Moderno. MILANO - 25 Novembre 1965
026463: - "The Balance of Power in East Asia (RUSI Defence Studies Series) [Hardcover] Leifer, Michael"
045046: - "Only Say the Word Williams, Niall"
045153: - Europe at Midnight (Europe 2) [Paperback] Dave Hutchinson
041229: - "The Impact of Buddhism on Chinese Material Culture (Buddhisms) (Buddhisms: A Princeton University Press Series) [Paperback] Kieschnick, John"
045443: - "Fair Wilderness Eames, Marion and Garlick, E."
045184: - "Tropical Aquarium Fish Andrew, Chris and Baensch, Ulrich"
044822: - "Ramona (Signet classics) Jackson, Helen Hunt and Dorris, Michael"
039772: - "From Massacres to Mining: From Colonization of Aboriginal Australia [Paperback] Roberts, Janine"
039770: - "How to Read Shakespeare Charney, Maurice"
030137: - "Trader team (conclusion) / Poul Anderson Anderson, Poul (1926-2001)"
030138: - "Space pioneer / Mack Reynolds Reynolds, Mack"
044995: - "Karl Marx: The Burden of Reason (Why Marx Rejected Politics and the Market) [Paperback] Megill, Allan"
043108: - "Advances in Content Analysis (SAGE Series in Communication Research) Rosengren, Karl Erik"
026532: - Royal Society Year Book 1979 Royal Society
039901: - "Policing the Police: v. 1 (Platform books) Hain, Peter and etc."
043020: - "Underprivileged Under Fives Bell, Lorna"
026582: - "Milk From Grass [Paperback] C. Thomas and J. W. O. Young, Editors"
040949: - "Harold Pinter (Modern dramatists) Dukore, Bernard F."
038166: - European Security in the Nuclear Age WYLLIE
038167: - "Dwaalspoor in de Dordogne: spanning, intriges en moord op het Franse platteland: spanning, intreges en moord op het Franse platteland Wan, Michelle"
039706: - "The Prison and the Labyrinth: Studies in Calderonian Tragedy Edwards, Gwynne"
045536: - Totalitarianism (Key Concepts in Political Science) Schapiro, Leonard
038737: - "Selected Poems Jones, Glyn"
039857: - "Artaud at Rodez Marowitz, Charles"
033420: - Writers of Wales Richard Hughes ThomasPeter
041349: - "Objects of Enquiry: The Life, Contributions, and Influence of Sir William Jones (1746-1794) [Hardcover] Garland Cannon and Kevin Brine"
034769: - Hero # 13 (Ref-1960000764) DC Comics
034770: - Hero # 14 (Ref1528029109) DC Comics
043144: - "Education without the State (Studies in Education): 1 [Paperback] Tooley, James"
039247: - "King's State: Proprietary Dynasticism in Early Modern France Rowen, Herbert H."
043288: - Business Communications: Principles and Methods Edition: Fourth [Hardcover] William C. Himstreet
031962: - "An Index of London Schools and Their Records Webb, Cliff"
038881: - "Five Ways (Study in Ethics & Philosophy of Religion) Kenny, Anthony John Patrick"
043717: - "Inventing International Society: A History of the English School (St Antony"e;s Series) Rogan, Eugene and Dunne, T."
012360: - Signs. Journal of Women in Culture and Society. Volume 29 2003-2004
012361: - Signs. Journal of Women in Culture and Society. Volume 30 2004-2005
042713: - "African Marriage and Social Change: 5 (Library of African Law) [Hardcover] Mair, Lucy P."
045054: - "Cross-Cultural Conversation: (Initiation) (American Academy of Religion Cultural Criticism Series) (AAR Cultural Criticism Series) [Paperback] Balslev, Anindita Niyogi"
026116: - "The Middle East in China's Foreign Policy, 1949–1977 (LSE Monographs in International Studies) [Hardcover] Shichor, Yitzhak"
043349: - "Community Research for Community Development [Hardcover] Mayo, Marjorie"
040000: - Contact and Conflict in Intergroup Encounters (Social Psychology and Society) HEWSTONE
039364: - "Separatism and Women's Community [Hardcover] Shugar, Dana R."
039766: - "The Leibniz-Clarke Correspondence (Philosophy Classics): With Extracts from Newton's 'Principia' and 'Optiks' [Paperback] Clarke, Samuel; Leibniz, Gottfried Wilhelm and Alexander, H. G."
044808: - "The Language of Disenchantment: Protestant Literalism And Colonial Discourse In British India (Aar Reflection And Theory In The Study Of Religion) [Paperback] Yelle, Robert A."
039324: - "Harvesters and Harvesting: A Study of the Rural Proletariat Morgan, David Hoseason"
026184: - Street Smarts and Critical Theory: Listening to the Vernacular (Wisconsin Project on American Writers) Thomas McLaughlin
026182: - "China After the Cultural Revolution: Politics Between Two Party Congresses [Hardcover] Domes, Jurgen; Nath, Marie-Luise; Berg, Annette and Goodman, David S.G."
038544: - "Ar Lafar ac ar Bapur Jones, Bob Morris"
043225: - Professional Communication: The Social Perspective [Paperback] Nancy Roundy Blyler and Charlotte Thralls
039659: - "Rural Housing: Competition and Choice (Urban & regional studies) Dunn, Michael C.; etc.; Rawson, Marilyn and Rogers, Alan W."
039974: - "Reclaiming the Inner Child Abrams, Jeremiah"
042756: - "Cromartie: Highland Life, 1650-1914 Richards, Eric and Clough, Monica"
039544: - "Making People Pay (International Library of Society) Rock, Paul"
042987: - "Attitudes and Persuasion Petty, Richard E. and Cacioppo, John T."
038717: - "William Gerhardie: A Biography Davies, Dido"
038692: - "Pastoral Poetry and an Essay on Criticism (The Twickenham Edition of the Poems of Alexander Pope, vol. 1) [Hardcover]"
042340: - "Bismarck and the Development of Germany, Vol. 1: The Period of Unification, 1815-1871: The Period of Unification, 1815-71 Pflanze, Otto"
044506: - "Princely Chandos Johnson, Joan"
043003: - "The Modern Rise of Population McKeown, Thomas"
038587: - "Napoleon's Integration of Europe [Hardcover] Woolf, Stuart"
039700: - "Napoleon III and the Rebuilding of Paris (Princeton Legacy Library) Pinkney, David H."
043297: - "Annals of Child Development: Six Theories of Child Development - Revised Formulations and Current Issues v. 6 (Advances in Group Processes) Vasta, Ross"
042048: - "Come Day, Go Day, God Send Sunday Maguire, John; Morton, Robin and Blacking, John"
031582: - "Pearl Harbor Willmott, H P"
038198: - "Split Britches: Lesbian Practice/Feminist Performance [Paperback] Case, Sue-Ellen"
038275: - "What Difference Did the War Make? (Themes in Contemporary British History S.) Brivati, Brian and Jones, Harriet"
040249: - "The Manufacture of News: Social Problems, Deviance and the Mass Media (Communication and Society, Volume 4) Cohen, Stanley"
033356: - "Aerospace Chronology, The Taylor, Michael J.H."
040390: - "Neath and District. [Hardcover] Jenkins, Elis"
039568: - "Levellers in the English Revolution (Documents of revolution) Aylmer, G.E."
040565: - "The Cattle Towns [Paperback] Dykstra, Robert R."
031644: - "Agricultural Economics and Marketing in the Tropics (Intermediate tropical agriculture series) Abbott, J.C. and Makeham, J. P."
012446: - Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia 70 1918
032117: - In the Wet Nevil Shute
039910: - The Government We Deserve Colin R. Coote
044435: - Carwyn: Un o 'fois y pentre' John JENKINS
044456: - "Arferion Caru Stevens, Catrin"
042143: - Fortress Europe: Inside the War Against Immigration [Paperback] Matthew Carr
042838: - "History Men Kenyon, J. P."
026106: - "Conflict Talk: Sociolinguistic Investigations of Arguments in Conversations [Paperback] Grimshaw, Allen"
031869: - "Life and Thought in the Early Middle Ages Hoyt, Robert S."
041637: - "La pensée Foucault Le, Blanc"
045664: - Killing Hope: US Military and CIA Interventions Since World War II [Paperback] Blum, William
043677: - "Journals: 1947-55 v. 5 Nin, Anais and Stuhlmann, Gunther"
042899: - "Let History Judge: Origins and Consequences of Stalinism Medvedev, Roy"
044815: - "The Wayward Mind: An Intimate History of the Unconscious Claxton, Professor Guy"
033745: - "Harmony Warburton, Annie O."
035765: - "The Literature Lover's Book of Lists: Serious Trivia for the Bibliophile Strouf, Judie L.H. and Fargis, Paul"
045107: - "Reinventing India: Liberalization, Hindu Nationalism and Popular Democracy [Paperback] Corbridge, Stuart and Harriss, John"
041111: - "Italy from the Risorgimento to Fascism: An Inquiry into the Origins of the Totalitarian State Salomone, A.William"
043205: - "Frame Analysis: An Essay On the Organization of Experience (Peregrine Books) Goffman, Erving"
045450: - "History of the Lewis and Clark Expedition: Bk.3 Lewis, Meriwether; Clark, William and Coues, Elliott"
045575: - No Laughing Matter: Life and Times of Flann O'Brien Cronin, Anthony
018950: - - Beekeeping. Bulletin No. 9 Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries
042044: - "Theory of Capitalist Imperialism (Problems & Perspectives in History) Fieldhouse, D. K."
041856: - "Kilroy was Here (Phoenix Living Poets S.) Cotton, John"
041898: - "Shakespeare: 1606-16 v. 5 (Writers & Critics S.) Evans, Gareth Lloyd"
040376: - "Lid Off the Cauldron: Handbook for Witches Crowther, Patricia"
039186: - A Bend in the River V S Naipaul
027877: - "AICARC. Bulletin of the Archives and Documentation Centers for Modern and Contemporary Art. 1 & 2 / 1991 THEME OF THIS ISSUE, : BRITAIN AND BEYOND : THE DIALOGUE OF IDEAS."
042688: - "Three and a Half Powers: New Balance in Asia Hinton, Harold C."
026252: - "Palms, Wine and Witnesses: Public Spirit and Private Gain in an African Farming Community [Paperback] Parkin, David J."
043420: - A Guide to the Reports of the United States Strategic Bombing Survey (Royal Historical Society guides & handbooks) [Paperback] Gordon Daniels
041184: - "Commemorations: The Politics of National Identity Gillis, John R."
042558: - "Politics of Legitimacy: Struggles in a Belfast Community (International Library of Society) Burton QC, Frank"
031645: - "Death On Blackheath (Thomas Pitt Mystery, Book 29): Secrecy, betrayal and murder on the streets of Victorian London (Thomas Pitt 29) Perry, Anne"
031646: - The Ghost in the Little House: Life of Rose Wilder Lane (Missouri Biography) William Holtz
038022: - "Masterpieces (Modern Plays) [Paperback] Daniels, Sarah"
034758: - Supergirl (Vol 4) # 33 (Ref-1283675929) DC Comics
034759: - Supergirl (Vol 4) # 32 (Ref2101662270) DC Comics
027850: - WATERCOLOURS AND DRAWINGS. 28 November - 14 December 2007
043446: - "Exploring the Urban Past: Essays in Urban History by H. J. Dyos [Paperback] Cannadine, David"
044220: - "A Little Learning: Vol.1 Waugh, Evelyn"
030701: - "Godspeed Sheffield, Charles"
039123: - "Wordsworth's Vital Soul: The Sacred and Profane in Wordsworth's Poetry [Hardcover] Watson, J. R."
026859: - "Hustle [Paperback] Ferguson, Will"
045592: - Beningfield's Vanishing Songbirds Beningfield, Betty; Beningfield, Gordon and Page, Robin
032650: - "Owen and Watkin Williams of Cardiff: Golden Cross Line Jenkins, David and World Ship Society"
040491: - "Structure of Language Fodor, Jerry A. and Katz, J. J."
043301: - "New Directions in Attribution Research: v.1: Vol 1 Harvey, John H. and etc."
043296: - "Personality theories: A comparative analysis (The Dorsey series in psychology) [Hardcover] Maddi, Salvatore R"
044938: - "Intimate Chronicles Middleton, Christopher"
041986: - "Nationalism, Ethnocentrism: Social Science and Critical Theory Forbes"
039354: - "Housing and Residential Structure: Alternative Approaches Bassett, Keith and Short, John"
045196: - "Maa028 Russian Army (Men-at-Arms) [Paperback] Seaton, Albert and Youens, Michael"
045617: - Different Every Time: The Authorised Biography of Robert Wyatt [Hardcover] Marcus O'Dair
039104: - "Bertrand Russell's Philosophy Nakhnikian, George"
033036: - "Transactions of the Royal Historical Society: Volume 20 (Royal Historical Society Transactions) Archer, Ian W."
032023: - "Le Livre de Kells: Une Introduction Illustrée au Manuscrit du Trinity College, Dublin Bernard Meehan and Christian-Martin Diebold"
039729: - "Origins of the French Revolution Doyle, Professor William"
039728: - "Beyond the Terror: Essays in French Regional and Social History 1794-1815 Lewis, Gwynne and Lucas, Colin"
042947: - "Pleasures of Archaeology: Visa to Yesterday Meyer, Karl"
042860: - "Social Work in Britain, 1950-75: v. 2 [Hardcover] Younghusband, Eileen Louise"
042917: - "Aspects of Educational Technology: Individualised Learning v. 10 Clarke, John"
042859: - "Beyond the North-South Stalemate Hansen, Roger D."
042835: - "Personality and Social Theory Heine, Patricke Johns"
042814: - "Evaluating Bilingual Education: A Canadian Case Study (Multilingual Matters) Swain, Merrill and Lapkin, Sharon"
042808: - Charity Law and Voluntary Organizations
042737: - "The Progress of Mature Students [Hardcover] Smithers, Alan & Griffin, Alice"
042682: - "The Goals of Universities Allen, Michael"
042550: - "Russia, 1917: Kornilov Affair Katkov, George"
042115: - "Unholy Pleasure: Idea of Social Class Furbank, P. N."
041851: - "Writings On Cities [Paperback] Lefebvre, Henri; Kofman, Eleonore and Lebas, Elizabeth"
041663: - "Theory MATTEers [Paperback] Leitch, Vincent"
041653: - "Laclau: A Critical Reader [Paperback] Critchley, Simon"
041650: - "Community, Gender, and Violence: Subaltern Studies XI: 11 Chatterjee, Partha and Jeganathan, Pradeep"
041645: - "The Age of the World Target: Self-Referentiality in War, Theory, and Comparative Work (Next Wave Provocations) [Paperback] Chow, Rey"
041643: - "The Fetishism of Modernities: Epochal Self Consciousness in Contemporary Social and Political Thought (Frank M.Covey, Jr., Loyola Lectures in Political Analysis S.) [Hardcover] Yack, Bernard"
041640: - Orientalism and the Postcolonial Predicament: Perspectives on South Asia (South Asia Seminar) Carol A. Breckenridge and Peter van der Veer
041612: - "Science of Science and Reflexivity Bourdieu, Pierre"
041591: - "Derrida and Religion: Other Testaments [Paperback] Sherwood, Yvonne and Hart, Kevin"
041590: - "The Making of the Modern University: Intellectual Transformation and the Marginalization of Morality [Paperback] Reuben, Julie A. A."
041522: - "The Future of Social Theory Gane, Nicholas"
041519: - "Off the Edge: Experiments in Cultural Analysis [Paperback] Lofgren, Orvar and Wilk, Richard"
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021718: - Internationale Kirchliche Zeitschrift. Fünfundneunzigstes Jahr. Juli-September 2005. Heft 3. (Hundertzwölftes Jahr. Heft 451)
034614: - "Debates and Proceedings of the British Parliaments: A Guide to Printed Sources (House of Commons Library document) Jones, David Lewis"
044690: - "History After the Three Worlds: Post-Eurocentric Historiographies [Paperback] Bahl, Vinay"
044363: - "Cottager's Companion Savage, Derek"
012757: - Then and Now Stories. Intermediate. "Three Crosses - One Flag" with illustrations. No. 9
032282: - "Cataloguing in Practice: The Organisation of Book Acquisition in Libraries Bennett, Frederick"
032283: - "Black elephant hunter Duffy, Kevin"
043516: - "Resistance in Vichy France: A Study of Ideas and Motivation in the Southern Zone 1940-1942 [Hardcover] Kedward, H.R."
045140: - "Llangollen Ladies, The Gordon, Mary"
020168: A.E. - The Interpreters
043844: - Family Structure in 19th Century Lancashire [Hardcover] Michael Anderson
044972: - "Michel De Certeau: Interpretation and its Other (Key Contemporary Thinkers) [Paperback] Ahearne, Jeremy"
040321: - "Language Learning by a Chimpanzee: The Lana Project (Communication and behavior) Rumbaugh, D.M."
034365: - "Bookstore Tourism: The Book Addict's Guide to Planning & Promoting Bookstore Road Trips for Bibliophiles & Other Bookshop Junkies Portzline, Larry"
043284: - "Women, Girls & Psychotherapy: Reframing Resistance [Hardcover] Gilligan, Carol; Rogers, Annie G and Tolman, Deborah L"
044499: - "Bruno's Dream (Vintage Classics) [Paperback] Murdoch, Iris and Irwin, Robert"
043623: - "Contradictions of the Welfare State Offe, Claus and Keane, John"
043839: - "Pursuit of Urban History Fraser, Derek and Sutcliffe, Anthony"
043748: - "Edwardian England: Reassessments Read, Donald"
043484: - "Plausible Worlds: Possibility and Understanding in History and the Social Sciences [Hardcover] Hawthorn, Geoffrey"
039268: - "Policing the Inner City: A Study of Amsterdam's Warmoesstraat Punch, Maurice"
043522: - "World of the French Revolution (Great revolutions series) Palmer, R. R."
027080: - TERCENTENARY OF THE BIRTH OF SIR CHRISTOPHER WREN. Loan Exhibition. St. Paul's Cathedral 10th October to 12th November 1932
043637: - "Radical Earnestness: English Social Theory, 1880-1980 INGLIS"
039777: - "Interpreting the French Revolution Furet, François and Forster, Elborg"
040428: - "Beyond Information: The Natural History Of Intelligence Stonier, Tom"
026255: - "African Voice in Southern Rhodesia (The African voice) Ranger, Terance O."
042295: - "Clausewitz: Philosopher of War Aron, Raymond; Stone, N. and Booker, C."
039702: - "Reshaping America: Society and Institutions, 1945-60 (U.S.A. 20/21 Studies in Recent American History, No. 1) Bremner, Robert H. and Reichard, Gary W."
045260: - "Insider/Outsider Problem in the Study of Religion: A Reader (Controversies in the Study of Religion S.) McCutcheon, Russell T."
043237: - "The Dynamics of Human Communication: A Laboratory Approach Myers, Gail and Myers, Michele"
031616: - "Cloud Cry Scyoc, Sydney J.Van"
038291: - "City Images: Perspectives from Literature, Philosophy, and Film [Paperback] Caws, Mary Ann"
024478: - Promoting a culture for peace in the Middle East. An Israeli-Palestinian dialogue.
039295: - "Year Book of Social Policy in Britain 1986-87 Brenton, Maria and Ungerson, Clare"
039321: - Politics of Identity: Ideology of the Human Image Peter Du Preez
039293: - "The Social Construction of Mind: Studies in Ethnomethodology and Linguistic Philosophy [Hardcover] Coulter, Jeff"
039298: - "John Dee's Natural Philosophy: Between Science and Religion Clulee, Nicholas H."
039265: - "Human Understanding: v. 1 Toulmin, Stephen E."
028083: - CATALOGUE OF BRITISH WATERCOLOURS AND DRAWINGS 1750 - 1920 (13 September 1979)
039507: - "The Letters of Gerard Manley Hopkins to Robert Bridges: vol I [Textbook Binding] Hopkins, Gerard Manley and Abbott, Claude Colleer"
044141: - William Henry Fox Talbot. Pioneer of Photography and Man of Science. H. J. P. Arnold
043382: - "New Media Politics: Comparative Perspectives in Western Europe (Sage Communications in Society Series) McQuail MA PhD DipPSA , Denis and Siune, Karen"
039250: - "History of the Church in Wales Walker, David"
042019: - "Linguistic Minorities, Society and Territory (Multilingual Matters) Williams, Colin H."
035785: - "Chinese Williamson, H.R"
041342: - "The Magical State: Nature, Money, and Modernity in Venezuela [Paperback] Coronil, Fernando"
040193: - "Ysgrifau Athronyddol ar Grefydd (Beibl a Chrefydd) Daniel, J. I. and FitzGerald, John"
044164: - "Trial and Retribution: No. 3 [Paperback] La Plante, Lynda"
013704: - The World's Destiny and the United States. A conference of experts in International Relations
043341: - "Y Diwygiad Mawr [Paperback] Morgan, Derec Llwyd"
043325: - "Waldo: Biography of Waldo Williams Nicholas, James"
011212: - International Affairs. Volume 79 2003
011211: - International Affairs. Volume 78 2002
043483: - "The Demon Lover: On the Sexuality of Terrorism Morgan, Robin"
026214: - "Arab World (American Foreign Policy Library) POLK, WR"
040094: - "Media, Audience, and Social Structure Ball-Rokeach, Sandra and Cantor, Muriel B."
043521: - French Revolution and the Poor FORREST
032674: - "Company (Calderbooks) Beckett, Samuel"
039083: - "Diagnoses of Our Time: Six Views of Our Social Condition Hall, John A."
043019: - "City, Class and Power (Sociology, politics & cities) Castells, Manuel and Lebas, Elizabeth-Anne"
043081: - "Pop Goes the Culture McGregor, Craig"
031847: - "Fee Fi Fo Fum (Puffin Picture Books) Briggs, Raymond"
031849: - "Thomas Stearns Eliot: Poet Moody, A. D."
038310: - "Bolsheviks Come to Power (Foundations of history library) Rabinowitch, Alexander"
038311: - "Political Identities of Ezra Pound and T.S. Eliot [Hardcover] Chace, William Murdough"
038312: - "Poor of Eighteenth-century France, 1750-89 Hufton, Olwen H."
038316: - "Ecology of Vision ([Oxford science publications]) Lythgoe, J.N."
036293: - "Unleashing Your Creativity: Breaking New Ground Without Breaking the Bank (Business on a Shoestring) Armstrong, Janice"
030146: - Is everybody happy? / Christopher Flint
045674: - People Money: The Promise of Regional Currencies [Paperback] Kennedy, Margrit; Lieater, Bernard and Rogers, John
031462: - "Un regard sur la Grande Guerre. Photographies inédites du soldat Marcel Felser Audoin-Rouzeau, Stéphane"
043607: - "The Main Source: Learning from Television News (People & Communication) Robinson, John P. and Levy, Mark R."
038427: - "A Simple Lust: Collected Poems of South African Jail and Exile Including ""Letters to Martha"" (African Writers Series) Brutus, Dennis"
039416: - "Marx Before Marxism McLellan, David"
039418: - "Yugoslav Socialism: Theory and Practice Lydall, Harold"
039435: - "The Application of the European Convention on Human Rights Fawcett, J. E. S."
039437: - "The Two Marxisms: Contradictions and Anomalies in the Development of Theory (Critical social studies) Gouldner, Alvin W."
039446: - "Nationalism in Asia and Africa [Paperback] Kedourie, Elie (Ed.)"
039982: - Realism and International Relations (Themes in International Relations) [Paperback] Donnelly
039883: - "Tradition and Authority (Key Concepts in Political Science S.) [Paperback] Friedrich, Carl J."
039873: - "The Social Contract from Hobbes to Rawls [Paperback] Boucher, David and Kelly, Paul"
039637: - "For Marx [Paperback] Althusser, Louis"
039646: - "Four and Twenty Blackbirds: Personae Theory and the Understanding of Our Multiple Selves [Paperback] Baldwin, Peter A."
039606: - "The Social and Political Thought of Leon Trotsky [Paperback] Knei-Paz, Baruch"
039546: - "Legacy of Rosa Luxemburg Geras, Norman"
039548: - "Changing Face of Western Communism Childs, David"
039516: - "Lenin: All Power to the Soviets v. 2 Cliff, Tony"
039515: - "Lenin: Building the Party v. 1 Cliff, Tony"
039493: - "Politics of the Labour Party Kavanagh, Dennis"
039476: - "Selected Political Writings Kautsky, Karl; Goode, P. and Goode, Patrick"
039472: - "Sir Robert Filmer and English Political Thought Daly, J."
039465: - "The anarchist way to socialism: Elisée Reclus and nineteenth-century European anarchism Fleming, Marie"
042856: - "Historical Perspectives: Studies in English Thought and Society in Honour of J.H.Plumb McKendrick, Neil"
026155: - "Mandarins, Gunboats and Power Politics: Owen Nickerson Denny and International Rivalries in Korea (ASIAN STUDIES AT HAWAII) Swartout, Robert R."
011489: - Middle Eastern Studies. Volume Twenty-One 1985
011490: - Middle Eastern Studies. Volume Twenty-Two 1986
040039: - "History of the International: vol 3: World Socialism, 1943-68 Braunthal, Julius"
024618: - La dialectologie et les identités régionales et culturelles en Europe (Les Cahiers du Centre d'Études Linguistiques Jacques Goudet No. 1)
040797: - "Marxism After Marx McLellan, David"
032567: - The Observer's Book Of Painting And Graphic Art WILLIAM GAUNT
032568: - "CRWYDRO CLAWDD OFFA Rees, Ifor"
041958: - Ysgrifau Beirniadol - Cyfrol 17 [Hardcover] J E Caerwyn Williams
040607: - "Work, Politics and Power: International Perspective on Workers' Control and Self Management Bayat, Asef"
040469: - "Marxism and Class Theory: A Bourgeois Critique [Hardcover] Parkin, Frank"
040605: - "Beyond Freedom And Dignity (Penguin Psychology) Skinner, B.F."
032954: - "Hunting the Gugu Allen, Benedict"
044380: - "Hypnosis In Therapy Gibson, H.B. and Heap, Michael"
036128: - "Finding (Classic Reprint) Dircks, Helen"
041032: - "Love and Love Sickness: The Science of Sex, Gender Difference, and Pair-Bonding [Paperback] Money, Dr. John"
026905: - "On Nationality (Oxford Political Theory) [Hardcover] Miller, David"
026260: - "The Broken Wave: Chinese Communist Peasant Movement, 1922-28 (Harvard East Asian): 090 [Hardcover] Hofheinz"
026179: - "Within the Four Seas: Dialogue of East and West Needham, Joseph"
038978: - Logical Thinking in Children: Research Based on Piaget's Theory Irving E. Sigel; Frank H. Hooper and Bärbel Inhelder
042014: - Chwalfa [Paperback]
038191: - "History of the Highland Clearances, Vol. 2: Emigration Protest Reasons Richards, Eric"
043146: - "Family and Community: Italian Immigrants in Buffalo, 1880-1930 Yans-McLaughlin, Virginia"

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