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72392: SMOLLET, TOBIAS - The Adventures of Gil Blas of Santillane. [4 volumes]
50610: SMOLLET [SMOLLETT], TOBIAS - The Adventures of Sir Launcelot Greaves
69801: SMOLLET, T - A History of England, from the Revolution to the Death of George the Second. [4 volumes]
36903: SMYTH, AMELIA GILLESPIE/SOUTHEY, CAROLINE BOWLES - Olympia Morata, Her Times, Life and Writings, arranged from contemporary and other authorities
52175: SNAFFLES - Four-Legged Friends and Acquaintances
70458: SNOW HARRIS, W. - On the nature of Thunderstorms; and on the means of Protecting Buildings and Shipping against the Destructive Effects of Lightening
18253: SNOWDEN, KEIGHLEY - Kate Bannister
57669: SNYDER, GARY - A Place in Space: Ethics, Aesthetics, and Watersheds
50741: SNYDER, SOLOMON AND MALCOLM H. LADER [EDITORS] - The Encyclopedia of Psychoactive Drugs, 13 volumes
72390: SOBIESKI, JOHN AND STUART, CHARLES EDWARD - Lays of the Deer Forest. With Sketches of Olden and Modern Deer-Hunting; Traits of Natural History in the Forest: Traditions of the Clans; Miscellaneous Notes. [in 2 Volumes]
71865: SOCIETATIS REGIAE SCIENTIARUM (ROYAL SOCIETY OF SCIENCE) - Novi Commentarii Societatis Regiae Scientiarum Gottingensis, Tomus V (New commentaries Royal Society of Sciences of Gottingen, Volume V)
71864: SOCIETATIS REGIAE SCIENTIARUM (ROYAL SOCIETY OF SCIENCE) - Commentationes Societatis Regiae Scientiarum Gottingensis per Annum [1778], Volumen I
75637: SOCIETE NATIONALE DES CHEMINS DE FER FRANCAIS - Horaires des Trains de Voyageurs et Messageries. 15 Mai 1936 ( Modifie le 4 Octobre )
75458: SOCIETE NATIONALE DES CHEMINS DE FER FRANCAISE - Horaires Mayeux. Service D'Ete 1943 - Tirage D'October
29257: SOCIETY FOR PROMOTING CHRISIAN KNOWLEDGE - The Old Arm-Chair: Retrospective Panorama of Travels by Land and Sea
76224: THE SOCIETY FOR DIFFUSION OF USEFUL KNOWLEDGE - The Quarterly Journal of Education Vol I January-April
67963: THE SOCIETY OF BRITISH AIRCRAFT CONSTRUCTORS - Flying Display and Exhibition showing the products of Members of The Society of British Aircraft Constructors at Farnborough Aerodrome [6 volumes]
67846: THE SOCIETY OF PRACTICAL GARDENERS - Rural Recreations; or the Gardener's Instructor exhibiting in a clear and perspicuous Manner, all the operations necessary in the Kitchen, Flower and Fruit Garden-With a Treatise on the Management of Bees-
58660: THE SOCIETY FOR MEDIEVAL ARCHAEOLOGY - Medieval Archaeology Journal of The Society for Medieval Archaeology, Volumes VI-VII to XX, 1962 - 1976 [14 volumes]
70354: SOCIUS [PSEUDONYMN OF RICHARD GOOCH] - The Cambridge Tart: Epigrammatic and Satiric-Poetical Effusions; &c &c Dainty Morsels Served up by Cantabs, on various occasions.
67457: SOHNGE, P G, AND VISSER, D J L, AND VAN RIET LOWE, C - The Geology and Archaeology of the Vaal River Basin (Union of South Africa Department of Mines, Geological Survey Memoir No 35)
32385: SOHR, DR. K - Eisenbahn - und Dampfschiffrouten - Karte von Europa [Railroad and Shipping Routes of Europe]
66289: SOKOLOFF, BORIS - The Achievement of Happiness
46159: SOMERS, EDMUND SIGISMOND - Medical suggestions for the treatment of Dysentery of intermittent and remittent fevers as generally prevalent at certain seasons among troops in the field
59213: SOMERSET COUNTY CRICKET CLUB - Somerset County Cricket Club Year Book 1954-55
62799: W. SOMERSET MAUGHAM - The Collected Plays - Volume Two
56718: SOMERSET, LADY ELIZABETH SUSAN - Memoranda of Conversations with Lord Edward O'Brien during the last weeks of the illness which terminated in his decease - Hand Written journal from 1/2/1824 to 9/3/1824
66181: SOMERVILE, WILL - Bell's Edition The Poets of Great Britain: The The Poetical Works of Will Somervile (Two Volumes in One)
43701: SOMERVILE, WILLIAM, PRIOR, MATTHEW, POPE, ALEXANDER, ET AL. - The British Anthology; or, Poetical Library, Volume 3 & 4, [in 1 volume]
33539: SOMERVILLE, E.OE & ROSS, MARTIN - Irish Memories [ with 3 associated vintage Postcards ]
63080: SOMERVILLE, WILLIAM; AIKIN, J. - The Chase, A Poem. By William Somerville- To Which is Prefixed a Critical Essay
64706: VAN SOMMERS, PETER - Drawing and Cognition: Descriptive and Experimental Studies of Graphic Production Processes
26630: SOMMERVILLE STORY - Rodin , Skulpturen
30481: SOMNER, WILLIAM - A Treatise of Gavelkind, both Name and Thing. Shewing the True Etymologie and Derivation of the One , the Nature, Antiquity, and Original of the Other. With sundry emergent Observations, both pleasant & profitable... To which is added The Life of the Auth
62936: SOPHOCLES - Sophoclis [Sophocles] Tragoediae Septem. Ex Editionibus Brunckii et Schaeferi, Tom I & II [2 volumes]
73610: SOPHOKLES [SOPHOCLES], BAYFIELD, M.A., F. H. COLSON, K. J. DOVER, PLATO, ROBIN BARROW - 4 Volumes on the Ancient Greeks [contains: 'The Antigone of Sophokles', 'Stories and Legends: A First Greek Reader with Notes, Vocabulary, and Exercises', 'Greek Word Order', and 'Plato: The Apology of Socrates, edited with a philosophical commentary']
60855: SOTHEBY, W. - A Tour Through Parts of Wales, Sonnets, Odes, and Other Poems. With engravings from drawings taken on the spot, by J. Smith
52676: SOTHEBY'S - Collection of 4 Sotheby's catalogues of Scientific & Medical Instruments
52675: SOTHEBY'S - Collection of 22 Sotheby's Belgravia catalogues relating to Scientific Instruments & other machines
52317: SOTHEBY'S - The Honeyman Collection of Scientific Books and Manuscripts, Part V and VI, [2 volumes]
45920: SOTHEBY & CO. - Fine Antique English Pistols; The John A. Williams Collection of English Pistols; Fine Continental Firearms, Arms and Armour; Fine Longarms, Pistols, Crossbows and Swords, [4 x Sotheby's Auction Catalogues]
73018: SOTHEBY & CO. - Catalogue of Snuffbottles, including examples in Jade, Jadeite, Agate, Lapis Lazuli, Quartz and Other Hardstones, also Painted and Overlay Glass, Porcelain, Lacquer, Enamel, Mother-O'-Pearl and Hornbill, Works of Art, Bronzes, Pekin Glass and Enamels, Early Ceramics, including Sung, Yuan and Ming Celadons, Ming Blue and White and Other Wares, Later Porcelain, 'Famille-Verte' and Biscuit Wares, K'ang Hsi and Later Blue and White 'Famille-Rose' and other Export Porcelain including A Grisaille Marriage Plate and Two Export Dinner Services, also a Group of Nineteenth Century Porcelain with reign marks from Chia Ch'ing to Hsuan T'ung which will be Sold by Auction by Sotheby & Co. June, 1971
57874: SOTHEBY'S - The Sir Maxwell Joseph Collection: Postage Stamps And Postal History Of The Cape Of Good Hope which will be sold at auction by Sotheby Parke Bernet & Co. London Thursday, 28th October and Friday, 29th October, 1982, 11 - 2 pm
42862: SOTHEBY'S, CHRISTIE'S - Collection of 21 Fine Irish Paintings and Drawings, and Irish Sale auction catalogues from Sotheby's & Christie's [1978-2007]
47967: SOTHEBY'S - The Racing Sale, Wednesday 25 November 1998 [auction catalogue]
74561: [ SOULAVIE, JEAN-LOUIS ] - Vie Secrete [Secrette] Du Marechal De Richelieu, ou Developpments des Intrigues des Courtisans, des Ministres et des Favorites, sous Louis XIV et le Regent; sous Louis XV et Louis XVI. Ouvrage ecrit d'apres les correspondances et sous les yeux du marechal de Richelieu, et suivi des pieces curieuses de ses porte-feuilles.
61313: SOULSBY, L. H. M. - Short Prayers
46704: SOUTAR, ANDREW - Study In Suspense
65732: SOUTH, RICHARD - The Moths of the British Isles, First Series Comprising Sphingidae to Agrotidae, Second Series Comprising Agrotidae to Hepialidae. 2 Vols [Wayside and Woodland Series]
76413: SOUTH INDIAN RAILWAY CO. LTD - Illustrated Guide to the South Indian Railway
50660: SOUTH, ROBERT - Twelve Sermons Preached upon Several Occasions.
59401: SOUTHERN RAILWAY - Southern Railway: General, Central-Eastern And Western Appendices To The Working Time Tables. For The Information Of The Company's Employees Only. 26th March, 1934
70357: SOUTHEY, ROBERT - The Poetical Works of Robert Southey. Complete in one volume
70655: SOUTHEY, ROBERT - The Remains of Henry Kirke White, of Nottingham, Late of St. John's College, Cambridge; with an Account of his Life [2 volumes]
49414: SOUTHWELL, REV. HENRY - The new book of martyrs: or, Complete Christian martyrology, containing an authentic and genuine historical account of the many dreadful persecutions against the Church of Christ
65679: SOUTHWOOD, T. R. E. & LESTON DENNIS - Land and Water Bugs of the British Isles [The Wayside and Wodand Series]
43669: DE SOUZA, PROF WLADIMIR ALVES - Guia Dos Bens Tombados Minas Gerais
62724: SOWERBY, ARTHUR DE CARLE - The Naturalist in Manchuria, Volumes II & III [2 volumes in 1]
52403: SOWERBY, GITHA - Poems of Childhood
73140: SOWERBY, GEORGE BRETTINGHAM - Popular History of the Aquarium of Marine and Fresh-Water Animals and Plants.
69424: SOWERBY, G. B. - A Conchological Manual
72581: SOWERBY, GEORGE BRETTINGHAM - Popular British Conchology. A Familiar History of the Molluscs Inhabiting the British Isles.
76697: SOYER, A. - The Gastronomic Regenerator: A Simplified and Entirely New System of Cookery, with nearly Two Thousand Practical Receipts suited to the Income of all Classes
46202: SPAAR, ERIC C - The Care Of Children In The Topics In Health And Disease: A Practical Guide for Mothers, Nurses, and Junior Practitioners of Medicine
51170: SPANGENBERG, JOHANNEM - Postilla, Das ist: Auslegung der Episteln und Evangelien auf alle Sontage und vornehmsten Feste durch das gantze Jahr, für die einfältigen Christen in Frag-Stücke verfasse, [2] Auslegung der Episteln und Evangelien, auf die Sonn- und Fest-Tage, Anderer Theil, von Ostern bis auf den ersten Advent, in Frag-Stücke verfasset. [3] Auslegung der Episteln und Evangelien, auf die vornehmsten Feste durchs ganze Jahr, Dritter Theil, in Frag-Stücke verfasset, 3 volumes in 1
71870: SPARROW, KENNETH C.; VARIOUS; BARNE, KITTY - Collection of three books: Instructional Play and Games for Scouts; Plays & Displays for Scout Entertainments; Songs and Stories for Acting
58998: SPARROW, WALTER SHAW - Advertising and British Art: An Introduction to a Vast Subject
72199: SPARROW, KENNETH C. - Scouting Suggestions
56202: SPARROW, STUART F. - Pictures: Poems: Prose
65683: SPARROW SIMPSON, GERTRUDE AND SPARROW SIMPSON W. - The Life and Legend of S. Vedast, Carmina Vedastina and Tragico-Comedia de Sancto Vedasto
71824: SPARROW, ANTHONY - A Collection of Articles, Injunctions, Canons, Orders, Ordinances, and Constitutions Ecclesiastical, with other Publick Records of The Church of England, chiefly in the Times of K. Edward VI. Q. Elizabeth, and K. James. Published to Vindicate the Church of England and to promote Uniformity and peace in the same.
50790: SPARROW, JOHN - Line Upon Line: An Epigraphical Anthology
64147: SPEAKE, GEORGE - Anglo-Saxon Animal Art and its Germanic Background
43133: SPEAR, KARL E, DISMUKES, JOHN P, [EDITORS] - Synthetic Diamond: Emerging CVD Science and Technology
73877: SPEECHLEY, WILLIAM - A Treatise on the Culture of the Vine, Exhibiting New and Advantageous Methods of Popagating, Cultivating, and Training that Plant, so as to Render it Abundantly Fruitful. Together with New Hints on the Formation of Vineyards in England
65215: SPEED, MAUDE - Snapshots on Life's Highway
75126: SPEIGHT, PHYLLIS - A Comparison Of The Chronic Miasms. (Psora, Pseudo-Psora, Syphilis, Sycosis)
39604: SPENCE, EDWARD F. - The Pike Fisher
18098: SPENCE, ELEANOR - The Seventh Pebble
45327: SPENCER, ROBIN - Whistler, [The Masterworks series]
50608: SPENCER, NEIL [EDITOR] - New Musical Express, 45 issues from 1980, plus Reading Rock '80 Official Programme
62522: SPENDER, B. E. AND DOWD, J. H. - Serious Business
57395: SPENDER, STEPHEN; BLUNDEN, BLUNDEN; THOMAS, R. S. - Inscriptions, A Hong Kong House, & Judgment Day [3 volumes]
69124: SPENS, JANET - Two Periods of Disillusion
73339: SPENSER, EDMUND - The Poetical Works of Edmund Spenser. In Five Volumes. With Introductory Observations on the Faerie Queene, and Notes, by the Editor.
74519: SPENSER, EDMUND AND COLLINS, A. S. [EDITOR] - The Faerie Queene, Book 1
36213: SPERLING, RENATE - Vom Wesen der Edelsteine
51308: THE SPHERE - The Sphere; Coronation Record Number Volume CXLIX. No. 1947, May 15, 1937
44940: SPIELMANN, M H - The Royal Society of Painters in Water-Colours - A Retrospect: 1804-1904
57414: SPIELMANN, M. H. [INTRODUCTION] - Royal Academy Pictures 1891 & 1897 [2 volumes]
52660: SPILSBURY, MAJOR A. GIBBON - The Tourmaline Expedition
43001: "RED SPINNER", PSEUD. [I.E. WILLIAM SENIOR] - A Mixed Bag: A Medley of Angling Stories
58745: SPIRAL TUBE CO. - Spiral Tube Jubilee, Golden Jubilee 1904-154
67575: SPOHR, OTTO H. - Wilhelm Heinrich Immanuel Bleek, A bio-bibliographical sketch
74314: "SPORTING LIFE AND SPORTSMAN" [EDITORS] - British Sports and Sportsmen: Hunting
72253: THE SPORTING LIFE [EDITOR] - British Sports and Sportsmen: Modern Commerce. Transport. Motoring and Aviation
72830: THE SPORTSMAN - British Sports and Sportsmen
74315: "THE SPORTSMAN" [EDITOR] - British Sports and Sportsmen: Cricket and Football
72254: "THE SPORTSMAN" [EDITOR] - British Sports and Sportsmen: Sportsmen of the Past Part I and Part II [2 volumes]
74316: "THE SPORTSMAN" [EDITOR] - British Sports and Sportsmen: Racing
71646: SPRATT, GEORGE [EDITOR] - Flora Medica: containing coloured delineations of the various medicinal plants admitted into the London, Edinburgh and Dublin Pharmacopoeias with their natural history, botanical descriptions, medical and chemical properties, &c. &c.; Together with a concise introduction to Botany; a copious glossary of botanical terms; and a list of poisonous plants, &c. &c. [Vol.II only]
48931: SPRATT, GLADYS M. [EDITOR] - The Girl's Own Annual, Volume 61
56855: SPRATT, GLADYS M. [EDITOR]; OXENHAM, ELSIE JEANETTE; BESTAL, A. E.; DYER, E BVENT AND OTHERS - The Girl's Own Annual: Stories of Adventure, Mystery and School; Articles on Handicrafts, Hobbies, Science, Sport and Travel, Volume Fifty-Seven
76267: SPRIGGS, ELSIE HELENA AND WOOD, ELSIE ANNA - The Three Camels: A Story of India
74545: SPYRI, JOHANNA - Heidi [The Around the World Treasures: Switzerland]
58183: SRI SATHYA SAI BABA; BRUCE, RITA; HISLOP, DR. JOHN - The Dharmic Challenge; Sai Nama Kirtana Kaliyuga Sadhana: An Insight to Bhajan Singing; Sathya Sai Parenting; & Conversations with Sathya Sai Baba [4 volumes]
76395: SRIVASTAVA, GOPALJI; DHU, SKENE - Fishes of U.P. & Bihar; The Angler in India or The Mighty Mahseer. Two Volumes
76533: SRIVASTAVA M. P. - The Indian Mutiny. 1857
75163: SRIWANICHPOOM, MANIT - Bangkok in Black and White
25641: ST. VINCENT, ISOBEL - Penny Pullet
33297: ST. JOHN, BAYLE - Legends of The Christian East [Addey's Library]
69265: ST JOHN, CHARLES - A Tour in Sutherlandshire , with extracts from the field-books of a Sportsman and Naturalist in two Volumes
76004: ST. LEGER, EVELYN - The Children's Garden. According to Teeny
56174: ST.-JOHNSTON, REGINALD - The Dream-Face and Other Poems
67946: ST LEGER, BARRY - Stories from Froissart [three volumes]
67356: ST. AUGUSTINE - Pious Breathings. Being the Meditations of St. Augustine, His Treatise of the Love of God, Soliloquies, and Manual, To which are added Select Contemplations from St Anselm & St Bernard
65270: ST. JOHN HOPE, SIR WM., & ATCHLEY, E G CUTHBERT F - English Liturgical Colours
48986: STABLES, GORDON - Jack Locke, a story of the sea during the napoleonic Wars
35662: STACE - Stace's Map of East Kent, from the Ordnance Survey
49839: STACPOOLE, HENRY DE VERE - The Sunstone
14934: THE STAFF OF AUTOCAR - The Autocar Complete Ford Handbook - The Care and Management of Ford Cars
74015: THE STAFF OF "MOTOR CYCLING" - Motor Cycling Manual. All about Motorcycles and The Art of Driving Them
70083: STAINES, GLADYS - Geography Cards for Infants and Juniors 2A Where People Live and 2B How People Live [2 packs]
72097: STAINTON, H. T. [EDITOR] - The Emtomologist's Annual 1855-1874 [20 volumes in purpose build storage boxes]
22955: STAITE, W. EDWARDS - Fables for Children, Young and Old, in Humorous Verse
76653: STALIN, J. - On the Great Patriotic War of the Soviet Union
27312: STALLWORTHY, JON - The Earthly Paradise: The Newdigate Prize Poem 1958
50155: STANDON, ANNA - The Tin Can Tortoise
76206: STANFORD, EDWARD - London Atlas Map of England and Wales
15477: STANFORD, EDWARD - Stanford's Map of British South Africa
15479: STANFORD, EDWARD - London Atlas Map of The Nile Valley, including Egypt, Nubia, Uganda, Abyssinia, British East Africa and Somali Land
30349: STANFORD, EDWARD - Ordnance Map of the Country Around Lydney, Gloucestershire
76228: STANFORD, EDWARD - 4 Maps of France Paris, Bourges, Rodez and Toulouse
72543: STANFORD, EDWARD - Stanford's Library Map of England and Wales Constructed on the Basis of The Ordnance Survey and The Census and Adapted to the Various Branches of Civil or Religious Administration. With Railways & Stations, Roads, Canals, Principal Parks, Antiquities & Other Features of Interest. [In Original Case]
49398: STANFORD, EDWARD - Atlas of the Chinese Empire; containing separate maps of the eighteen provinces of China proper on the scale of 1:3,000,000 and of the four great dependencies on the scale of 1:7,500,000 together with an index to all the names on the maps and a list of all protestant mission stations, &c.
52536: STANHOPE, PHILIP DORMER, EARL OF CHESTERFIELD, MATY, M. - Miscellaneous Works of the Late Philip Dormer Stanhope, Earl of Chesterfield: Consisting of Letters to his Friends, Never Before Printed, and Various Other Articles.. In Two Volumes
76385: STANIFORTH, EDITH - Under Which Flag? A Romance of the Bourbon Restoration
52647: STANLEY, ARTHUR PENRHYN - The Life and Correspondence of Thomas Arnold, D.D., in Two Volumes
76382: STANLEY, THOMAS - The History of Philosophy in Eight Parts
70286: STANLEY D.D., F.R.S., ARTHUR PENRHYN - Sinai and Palestine in Connection with their History
69171: STANLEY D.D., F.R.S., ARTHUR PENRHYN - 5 Volumes by Stanley: Sinai and Palestine , In Connection with Their History , Historical Memorials of Westminster Abbey , Lectures on the History of The Eastern Church , Lectures on the History of the Jewish Church part I and II
56082: STANLEY, ARTHUR P. - Historical Memorials of Canterbury. The Landing of Augustine, The Murder of Becket, Edward the Black Prince, Becket's Shrine
48473: STANLEY GIBBONS - Stanley Gibbons Ltd., Priced Catalogue of Stamps of the British Empire (1928) Part I.
48882: STANLEY, THOMAS - The History of Philosophy: Containing The Lives, Opinions, Actions and Discourses Of The Philosophers Of every Sect. Illustrated with the Effigies of divers of Them
76290: STANLEY, JACOB - Dialogues on Popery
65432: STANLEY, H.M. - The Finding of Dr. Livingstone
49740: STANNAGE, C T - The People of Perth: A Social History of Western Australia's Capital City
62485: STANNUS, HUGH & STEVENS, ALFRED - Alfred Stevens and His Work: Being a Collection of 57 Autotypes with a Brief Memoir & Account of His Principal Production so far as they are Known
42546: STAPLEDON, OLAF - Sirius: A fantasy of love and discord
61085: STAPLETON, CHRIS - Bamboos of Nepal: An illustrated Guide
52128: STAPLEY & SMITH - Price List Stapley & Smith 1903
61850: STARK, FREYA - Space, Time & Movement in Landscape
62596: STARK, FREYA - A Winter in Arabia
62511: STARK, FREYA AND MOOREHEAD, LUCY [EDITOR] - Freya Stark: Letters, Volumes 1-8 [complete set]
65201: STASYS GOSTAUTAS [EDITOR], BIRUTE VERKELYTE-FEDARAVICIENE [COMPILER] - Ciurlionis: Painter and Composer, Collected Essays and Notes 1906-1989 and Mikalojus Konstantinas Ciurlionis: Paintings, Sketches, Thoughts [2 volumes]
68103: STATHAM, H. HEATHCOTE - A Short Critical History of Architecture
72122: STAUDINGER, DR. O.; WOCKE DR. M. - Catalog Der Lepidopteren des Europaeischen Faunengebiets. I. Macrolepidoptera II. Microlepidoptera
75846: STAUNTON, TREE [EDITOR] - Body Psychotherapy
76013: STAWELL, JESSICA - Aldsworth 1000 - 2000. The History of a Cotswold Village.
69129: STAYT, HUGH A. - The Bavenda
66300: STEAVENSON, ROBIN ET AL - National Twelves, Handbook of the National Twelve Owners' Association
57492: STEBBING, GRACE - That Bother of a Boy
65713: STEBBING, HENRY - The Pictorial Edition of The Book of Common Prayer-
73617: STEDMAN, A. M. M. AND BOTTING, C. G. - A Shorter Greek Primer
64886: A. G. STEEL, R. H. LYTTELTON, A SINCLAIR, W. HENRY, W. B. WOODGATE ET AL - Collection of 8 Volumes from The Badminton Library of Sports and Pastimes
27632: STEELE, WILLIAM, E - A Handbook Of Field Botany, Comprising The Flowering Plants And Ferns Indigenous To The British Isles, Arranged According To The Natural System. The Orders, Genera, and Species, Carefully Analyzed, so As to Facilitate Their Discrimination With A Synoptical Table Of The Genera According To The Linnaean Classification. And A Glossary Of Those Terms Most Commonly In Use.
32575: STEELE, SIR RICHARD - The Englishman, Vol. II.
43103: STEELE, B C H, [EDITOR] - The Charles Benjamin Alcock Symposium: High Temperature Materials Chemistry - Proceedings of the Symposium Held at Imperial College, London, 28-29 October 1993 to Celebrate the 70th Birthday of Professor C.B. Alcock
64210: STEELE, RICHARD; CHALMER, ALEXANDER - The Tatler; A new edition, carefully revised, in four volumes; with prefaces historical and biographical
62662: STEELE, SIR RICHARD - The Christian Hero: an Argument Proving that No Principles but Those of Religion are Sufficient to Make a Great Man
69712: STEELE MACKAYE, MRS MARY - Pride and Prejudice: A Play Founded on Jane Austen's Novel
65403: VAN STEENIS, C. G. G. J. [GENERAL EDITOR] - Flora Malesiana [volume 4], Being an Illustrated Account of the Malaysian Flora, Including Keys for Determination, Diagnostic Descriptions, References to the Literature, Synonymy, and Distribution, and Notes on the Ecology of its Wild and Commonly Cultivated Plants-
70337: STEERS, J. A. - The New Naturalist, The Sea Coast [part of the New Naturalist series]
56318: STEIN, GERTRUDE - Useful Knowledge
56299: STEIN, GERTRUDE AND VECHTEN, CARL VAN [EDITOR] - Selected Writings of Gertrude Stein
67723: STEINDLER, ARTHUR - Post-Graduate Lectures on Orthopedic Diagnosis and Indications Volume 1
70260: STEINER, RUDOLF AND WEGMAN, ITA - Christianity as Mystical Fact and the Mysteries of Antiquity , and, Fundamentals of Therapy , An Extension of the art of Healing Through Spiritual Knowledge (2 volumes)
45469: STEINER, ALBERT H. - Der Soziale Wohnungsbau und seine Forderung in Zurich - Les Colonies d'habitation et leur Developpement a Zurich Schulhaus Kornhusbrucke Zurich with letter & photographs laid in.
76182: STEINER, MARY ANN [EDITOR] - Alfred Leslie: The Killing Cycle
66089: STEINER, RUDOLF - The Nature and Origin of the Arts
70549: STEINER, RUDOLF - Verses and Meditations
64296: STEINLEN, THEOPHILE ALEXANDRE - Steinlen and His Art, Twenty-Four Cartoons
34976: STELTMAN, C T - The Cambridge Ancient History, Volume of Plates I and II, [2 Volumes]
56273: STENVENSON, ROBERT LOIUS - Twenty-Two Poems
64418: STEP, EDWARD - Wayside and Woodland Blossoms, first series
64419: STEP, EDWARD - Wayside and Woodland Blossoms, Third Series and First Series
64452: STEP, EDWARD AND EDLIN, HERBERT - A Collection of 7 editions of Wayside and Woodland Trees [7 Volumes]
64486: STEP, EDWARD - Wayside and Woodland Blossoms A pocket guide to British Wild-Flowers for the Country Rambler, Second Series
65677: STEP, EDWARD & BLAKELOCK R. A. - Wayside & Woodland Blossoms [The Wayside and Woodland Series], First, Second and Third Series 3 Volumes
67231: STEP, EDWARD - Animal Life of the British Isles; Wayside & Woodland Blossoms First Series; Wayside & Woodland Blossoms Second Series; Wayside & Woodland Blossoms Third Series (The Wayside and Woodland Series) [4 volumes]
75043: STEP, EDWARD; WEST, W; LEWIS, J.H. - A collection of approximately 150 dried British moss specimens, 1880s & 1920s collected by Edward Step and others
73888: STEPANOV, V.I. - Alphabet of Movements of the Human Body. A Study in recording the movements of the human body by means of musical signs
73120: STEPHENS, WILLIAM M. - Souls on Fire
49015: STEPHENS, F G - Masterpieces of Mulready
44907: STEPHENS, JAMES - Themes and Variations
72588: [STEPHENS, EDWARD]; THUANUS, JACOBUS AUGUSTUS [JAQUES AUGUSTE DE THOU] - A Discourse concerning the Original of the Powder-Plot: together with a Relation of the Conspiracies Against Queen Elizabeth and the Persections of the Protestants in France to the Death of Henry the Fourth; bound with, Popish Policies and Practices containing the History of the Bloody Massacres of the Protestants in France in the year of our Lord, 1572. A Narration of the Gun-Powder-Treason against King James and the Parliament of England in the Year, 1605...
74265: STEPHENSON, NEAL - The Diamond Age [Advance Proof Copy]
60992: STEPHENSON, ROWLAND MACDONALD - Railways: An Introductory Sketch, with Suggestions, in Reference to Their Extension to British Colonies, Part I.
74760: STEPHENSON, NEAL - Quicksilver, Volume One of the Baroque Cycle
32580: STERCKX, HENRICUS, P - Stolen Moments, Poems
57699: STEREOSCOPIC - Collection of 14 stereoscopic slides of American scenery
62440: STERLING, ANTHONY - The Story of the Highland Brigade in the Crimea, Founded on Letters Written During the Years 1854, 1855, and 1856
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61428: STEVENS, KATE - Games for Parties
63569: STEVENS, W. - This Tessellated Pavement was discover'd [discovered] in a perfect state May 26th 1817 in a field near Brady-Pound Farm about 3/4 of a mile south of Crondall
45464: STEVENS, ISAAC I - Reports of Explorations and Surveys, to Ascertain the Most Practicable and Economical Route for a Railroad From the Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean. Made Under the Direction of the Secretary of War, In 1853-56, According to Acts of Congress of Marc
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21386: STEVENSON, W H [COMPILED BY] - Calender of the Records of The Corporation of Gloucester
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60183: STEVENSON, ROBERT LOUIS - A Child's Garden of Verses
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50382: STOCKDALE, F W L - Excursions in the County of Cornwall: comprising a concise historical and topographical delineation of the principal towns and villages, together with descriptions of the residences of the nobility and gentry, remains of antiquity, and every other interesting object of curiosity. Forming a complete guide for the traveller and tourist: illustrated with fifty engravings, including a map of the county
49326: STOCKLEY, CYNTHIA - Kraal Baby
47290: STOCKMANS, F - Initiation a la Paleobotanique Stratigraphique de la Belgique
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45236: STODDARD, JOHN L - Poems
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69757: STONG, PHIL - State Fair
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49311: STORER, JAMES - History and Antiquities of the Cathedral Churches of Great Britain, illustrated with a series of highly-finished engravings, exhibiting general and particular views, ground plans, and all the architectural features and ornaments in the various styles of building used in our Ecclesiastical Edifices, in four volumes
76419: STORER, JAMES - Antiquarian and Topographical Cabinet, Containing a Series of Elegant Views of the Most Interesting Objects of Curiosity in Great Britain. Accompanied with Letter-Press Descriptions Vol 1
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48647: STORMER, LEIF, PETRUNKEVITCH, ALEXANDER, & HEDGPETH, JOEL W - Treatise on Invertebrate Palaeontology: Part P, Arthropoda 2, Part Q, Arthropoda 3 and Part R, Arthropoda 4 Vol 2., [in 3 volumes]
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61778: STRANG, MRS. HERBERT [EDITOR] - Bunnykin
42965: STRANG, MRS HERBERT [EDITOR] - The Rose Fairy Book
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52315: STRANG, HERBERT - A Hero of Liege: A Story of the Great War
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62975: STRANG, MRS. - My Own Book of Pictures; My Picture Play Book; & Pretty Pictures for Me [Mrs. Strang's Play Books, 3 volumes]
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50615: STRANG, MRS HERBERT [EDITOR] - The Big Picture Book
56919: STRANG, MRS - Little Tot's Play Book; & Tiny Tots' Picture Book, [Mrs Strang's Unbreabable Play books, 2 volumes]
75506: LE STRANGE, JOHN - Brave Master
63834: STRANGE, ROBERT - A Descriptive Catalogue of a Collection of Pictures, selected from the Roman, Florentine, Lombard, Venetian, Neapolitan, Flemish, French and Spanish Schools-
58341: LE STRANGE, G. - Baghdad During the Abbasid Caliphate, from Contemporary Arabic and Persian Sources
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19270: STREIT, F.W. - Map of Das Russische Reich in Europa
19271: STREIT, F.W. & ARNO - Map of Frankreich
19272: STREIT, F.W. - Map of Schweden und Norwegen
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65939: STRONGE, SUSAN [EDITOR] - The Jewels of India
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76011: THE STROUD NEWS PUBLISHING CO. - The Stroud And Mid-Gloucester Directory, 1933
57634: STRUTT, JOSEPH AND HONE, WILLIAM - The Sports and Pastimes of the People of England; Including the Rural and Domestic Recreations, May Games, Mummeries, Shows, Processions, Pageants, and Pompous Spectacles, from the Earliest Period to the Present Time
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44124: STUART, GILBERT - A View Of Society In Europe, In Its Progress From Rudeness To Refinement: Or, Inquiries Concerning The History Of Law, Government, And Manners.
75317: STUBBS, GEORGE - The Anatomy of the Horse by George Stubbs. The Original 1766 edition and illustrations with a Modern Veterinary Paraphrase by James McCunn and C.W. Ottaway
30655: STUDENTS OF THE COUNTRY SECONDARY SCHOOL SYDENHAM - Magazine & Chronicle [five issues]
46872: STUHR, JOANNE, [EDITOR] - Calido! Contemporary Warm Glass
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19836: VON STULPNAGEL, A. - Map - Sud-America in zwei Blattern. [map of North of South America taken from Stieler's Hand Atlas ]
19833: VON STULPNAGEL, A. - Map - Spanien und Portugal in IV Blattern. Mit Benutzung von Berhaus Karte von 1829 [ map of North West Spain and Portugal taken from Stieler's Hand Atlas ]
19831: VON STULPNAGEL, A. - Map - Schweden und Norwegen, Danemark, Island & Faer-oer [ map of Norway Denmark Iceland Faroes taken from Stieler's Hand Atlas ]
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51064: STURM, FRANK PEARCE - Umbrae Silentes
51065: STURM, FRANK PEARCE - Umbrae Silentes
58756: B. F. STURTEVANT COMPANY - Below Decks with Sturtevant Engineered Air
57537: STYLIANOU, A & J [EDITORS] - The History of the Cartography of Nicosia
56592: SUETONIUS, TRANQUILLUS CAIUS; GRAEVII [EDITOR] AND CAUSOBONI ET AL [NOTES] - C. Suetonius Tranquillus ex recensione Joannis Georgii Graevii, cum ejusdem animadversionibus, ut et commentario integro Laevini Torrentii, et Isaaci Casauboni. His accedunt notae Theodori Marcilii et Francisci Guyeti, nec non index Matthiae Bernecceri
46212: SUGERMAN, SHIRLEY, [EDITOR] - Evolution of Consciousness: Studies in Polarity
37684: SUHADOLC, JANEZ - Stoli Chairs volumes 1 & 2
69259: SUHRAWADI, SHEIKH SHAHABUDDIN [TRANSLATED BY H. WILBERFORCE CLARKE] - A Dervish Textbook from the 'Awarifu-L-Ma'arif Written in the Thriteenth Century
74105: SULANI, M. WOLFGANGI SEBERI - Index Vocabulorum in Homeri Iliade at que Odyssea Cæterisque Quotquot Extant Poematis
32429: SULLIVAN, WILLIAM, FRANCIS - The History of Mr. Rightway and his Pupils; An Entertaining and Instructive Lesson for Young Gentlemen
57621: O'SULLIVAN, J. B. - Guilt Edged
75162: O'SULLIVAN, SEUMAS - Poems By Seumas O'Sullivan 1930 - 1938 :: Being Number Four Of The Tower Press Booklets. Third Series
73038: SUMMER, ANN AND WALTON, JO [HOLBURNE MUSEUM & CRAFTS STUDY CENTRE] - "Men, Birds, Beasts & Flowers": An Exhibition of Seventeenth Century Pictoral Needlework, 1 November - 13th December 1987, Holburne Museum & Crafts Study Centre
60025: SUMMERHAYES, I. K. - The Twisted Vine: An Imaginative Reconstruction of the Early Life of Jacopone da Todi, Mystic Poet of Umbria
60026: SUMMERHAYES, I. K. - The Twisted Vine: An Imaginative Reconstruction of the Early Life of Jacopone da Todi, Mystic Poet of Umbria
73506: SUMMONS, ELIZABETH - The Eric Thake Picture Book
44414: THE SUNBEAM COMIC - The Sunbeam [Comic], 44 issues from Dec. 1936 to May 1940
73127: SUNSHINE, MERCIE - Mercie Sunshine's New Picture Book of Animals. A Nursery Companion for the Young.
31653: THE SUPERINTENDING ARCHITECT OF THE LONDON COUNTY COUNCIL - List of the Streets and Places with the Administrative County of London, showing localities, postal districts, ..electoral divisions-, together with the alterations in street nomenclature and numbering since 1856
74249: SUPREME GRAND CHAPTER OF ROYAL ARCH MASONS OF ENGLAND - Masonic Certificate awarding "London Chapter Rank" to Charles Busby 1932
71970: SUREMAIN-MISSERY, A. - Theorie Purement Algebrique des Quantites Imaginaires et des Fonctions qui en Resultent, Ou l'on traite de nouveau la question des Logarithmes des Quantites negatives. Ouverage qui fait siute aux differents Traites d' Algebre
67725: SURGEON-GENERAL T. LONGMORE - Gunshot Injuries: Their History, Characteristic Features, Complications and General Treatment with Statistics Concerning them as they are met with in Warfare
49356: SURREY - The County of Surrey: Its History, Antiquities, and Topography. With an itinerary for the tourist, [Cassell's Topographical Guides]
29245: SURTEES, R S - Ask Mamma, or The Richest Commoner in England
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39977: SURTEES, R. S. - Handley Cross, or Mr. Jorrocks's Hunt [2 Volumes]
75268: SURTEES, ROBERT OF MAINSFORTH - The History and Antiquities of the County Palatine of Durham; Compiled from Original Records, Preserved in Public Repositories and Private Collections; and illustrated by Engravings of Architectural and Monumental Antiquities, Portraits of Eminent Persons, &c. &c. &c. Vol. I-IV (4 volumes)
62640: SURTEES, ROBERT - Hunts With Jorrocks From Handley Cross
65751: SURTEES, ROBERT SMITH - Mr. Sponge's Sporting Tour; Mr. Romford's Hounds; Hawbuck Grange; Handley Cross; "Ask Mamma"; & "Plain or Ringlets" [6 volumes]
48719: SURTEES, R S - Jorrocks's Jaunts & Jollities: The hunting, shooting, racing, driving, sailing, eating, eccentric and extravagant exploits of that renowned sporting citizen Mr. John Jorrocks
63482: SURTEES, ROBERT SMITH - Mr. Sponge's Sporting Tour; Mr. Romford's Hounds; Hawbuck Grange; Handley Cross; "Ask Mamma"; & "Plain or Ringlets" [6 volumes]
73779: SURTEES, R. S. - Two illustrated volumes from Handley Cross: Hunts with Jorrocks; Mr. Jorrocks' Lectors
56474: SURTEES, ROBERT - Hunts with Jorrocks, from Handley Cross
72281: SURTEES, ROBERT - The History and Antiquities of the County Palatine of Durham compiled from original records, preserved in the public repositories and private collections, 4 volumes
74468: SURTEES, R.S. - Handley Cross or Mr. Jorrock's Hunt , volume I and volume II [2 of 2 volumes]
71716: SURVEY OF INDIA OFFICES - India and Adjacent Countries Sheet No. 37 Badakhshan [map]
71715: SURVEY OF INDIA OFFICES - Road Map of India. South India. Sheet "D"
71714: SURVEY OF INDIA OFFICES - Liddar Valley [map]
71713: SURVEY OF INDIA OFFICES - Liddar Valley [map]
71569: SURVEY OF INDIA OFFICES - India and Adjacent Countries Sheet No.43 Srinagar [map]
71570: SURVEY OF INDIA OFFICES - India and Adjacent Countries Sheet No.34 Quetta and Government of India Map Sheet No. North West Frontier Province [2 maps]
71604: SURVEY OF INDIA OFFICES - [Map of ]Punjab & Punjab States: Kangra & Simla Districts & Simla Hill States, Mandi & Suket States
71712: SURVEY OF INDIA OFFICES - India and Adjacent Countries Sheet No. 43 Srinagar [map]
71614: SURVEY OF INDIA OFFICES - Pujab and Punjab States, Simla District & Simla Hill States. Patiala & Sirmur States, Season 1919-20 No.53 E/8 [folding map]
71942: SURVEY OF INDIA OFFICES - Map of Northern and Central Burma [double sided map, side 1: 'HIND 1054, Sheet Northern Burma', side 2: 'HIND 1054, Sheet Central Burma']
56327: SURVEY, ORDNANCE - Ordnane Survey Map of the Cairn Gorms
71675: THE SURVEY OF INDIA - Liddar Valley [Map]
76766: SUTCLIFF, ROSEMARY - The Eagle of the Ninth
65626: SUTCLIFF, ROSEMARY - The Silver Branch
30468: SUTCLIFFE, G. LISTER [EDITOR] - The Principles and Practice of Modern House-Construction in 6 Volumes
73419: SUTCLIFFE, J. W. - Aeromnia Magazine [contains No.4 Vol. I November 1917, No. 7 Vol. I February 1918, No. 8 Vol 1 May 1918 and No. 9 Vol 1 June 1918]
62977: SUTCLIFFE, HALLIWELL - The White Horses
72914: SUTHERLAND, HALLIDAY; OMMANNEY, F. D. - Two books from the library of Allan Rogers: Lapland Journey; South Latitude
70398: SUTRA, TATTVARTHA - That Which Is (Umasvati/Umasvami with the Combined Commentaries of Umasvati/Umasvami, Pujyapada and Siddhasenagani)
73931: SVENSSON, LARS; TOMMELSTAD, ODD [EDITORS] - Hasselblad Forum Volumes 1-4 for 1976, 1985 and 1986 + 2 Index volumes [14 volumes]
70508: SWAINSON, W., JARDINE, WILLIAM [EDITOR] - The Naturalist's Library: Volume XI Ornithology: Birds of Western Africa Part I
73258: SWAINSON, W., JARDINE, WILLIAM [EDITOR] - The Naturalist's Library Vol XI and XII Ornithology Birds of Western Africa Part I and II [2 volumes]
52127: SWAN & PENTLAND - Swan & Pentland's Vocal Class Book, For One, Two, and Three Voices
58574: SWAN, H. - Who's Who in Fiction? A Dictionary of Noted Names in Novels, Tales, Romances, Poetry, and Drama
76810: SWANSON, BEN - The Tooth Paste Pot Lid Booklet
19313: SWANSTON, G.W. - Map of Austrian Empire
19314: SWANSTON, G.W. - Map of Asia
19315: SWANSTON, G.W. - Map of Switzerland, according to Goujon, Forbes, Malte-Brun, Balbi & Keller, with names and heights of Principal Mountains and Peaks
19321: SWANSTON, G.W. - Map of Europe
19322: SWANSTON, G.W. - Map of Holland & Belgium
19323: SWANSTON, G.W. - Map of France and its Principal Foreign Possessions
19324: SWANSTON, G.W. - Map of Russia in Europe
71640: SWANSTON, G.H. - Sweden and Norway, with Russian Finland [map]
75591: SWANTON, E. W. - British Plant-Galls. A Classified Textbook of Cecidology
52440: SWEDENBORG, EMANUEL [TRANSLATED BY JOHN CLOWES] - True Christian Religion; Containing the Universal Theology of the New Church: Which was Foretold by the Lord, in Daniel, Chap. vii. 5.13, 14. and in the Apocalypse, Chap. Xxi.1, 2, Volume I and II, [in 2 volumes]
52914: SWEDENBORG, EMANUEL [TRANSLATED BY ISAIAH TANSLEY] - The [Minor] Principia Or The First Principles Of Natural Things Deduced From Experiments And Geometry Or Posteriori And A Priori, a posthumous treatise
48639: SWEET, M. JOAN, BURVILL, A. H., AND ROBINSON, MADELEINE - Poster from 'Child Education, Summer Quarterly, 1953'
65890: SWETTENHAM, FRANK - Arabella in Africa
32339: SWIFT, JONATHAN [ ARRANGED BY THOMAS SHERIDAN REVISED BY JOHN NICHOLS ] - The Works of the Rev. Jonathan Swift, D.D., Dean of St.Patrick's, Dublin ... With notes... Volumes V & X [ of Nineteen ]
57782: JONATHAN SWIFT - Fraud Detected
72882: SWIFT, JONATHAN - Sir John Lubbock's Hundred Books: Gulliver's Travels into Several Remote Regions of the World
76795: SWIFT, LLOYD H. - Botanical Bibliographies. A Guide to Bibliographic Materials Applicable to Botany
49733: SWIFT, JONATHAN, GIFFORD, WILLIAM [EDITED BY ALBERT HOWARD] - The Beauties of Swift, Consisting of Selections from his Work, & The Beauties of Gifford, Consisting of Selections from his Poetry and Prose [2 Volumes in 1]
75211: SWIFT, REV. JONATHAN - Directions to Servants
60949: SWINBURNE, ALGERNON CHARLES - Locrine, a Tragedy
62634: SWINBURNE, HENRY AND WHITE, CHARLES [EDITOR] - The Courts of Europe at the Close of the Last Century, In Two Volumes
58840: SWINGER, PETER - On Great Eastern Lines
69516: SYKES, EGERTON - The Extra Terrestrials
65223: SYKES, UNDINE - The Story of the Guid of St. Mary and St. Anne
29233: SYLVANUS URBAN - Gentleman's Magazine and Historical Magazine, Volume 60 Part 2 for the year 1790
29235: SYLVANUS URBAN - Gentleman's Magazine and Historical Magazine, Volume 55, Part 1, for the year 1785
29236: SYLVANUS URBAN - Gentleman's Magazine and Historical Magazine, Volume 54, Part 1, for the year 1784
29302: SYLVANUS URBAN - The Gentleman's Magazine and Historial Chronicle. Volume LIII. For the Year MDCCLXXXIII part the first [ January to June 1783 ] and The Gentleman's Magazine and Historial Chronicle. Volume LIII. For the Year MDCCLXXXIII part the second [ July to December
29305: SYLVANUS URBAN - The Gentleman's Magazine and Historial Chronicle. Volume LVI. For the Year MDCCLXXXVI [ January to June 1786 ]
29310: SYLVANUS URBAN - The Gentleman's Magazine and Historial Chronicle. Volume LIX. For the Year MDCCLXXXIX [ July to December 1789 ]
73087: SYMMONS, CHARLES - The Life of John Milton.
27569: SYMONDS, P.R. - Area Eight , In the War Against Hitlerism being an account of the Civil Defence Services and ARP in Stroud & Nailsworth
76374: SYMONDS, JOHN ADDINGTON; SYMONDS, MARGARET - Our Life in the Swiss Highlands.
46197: SYMONDS, MARY (MRS G ANTROBUS) AND PREECE, LOUISA - Needlework Throughout The Ages A Short Survey Of Its Development In Decorative Art, With Particular Regard To Its Inspirational Relationship With Other Methods Of Craftsmanship.
57952: SYMONS, ARTHUR - Dante Gabriel Rossetti, [International Art Series No. I.]
32327: SYNGE, J M - In Wicklow West Kerry And Connemara
64519: SZABO, FLORIS, AND SOLTESZ, ELIZABETH - The Book of Pannonhalma, the codex preserved in the library of the Abbey of Pannonhalma, [2 volumes]
18076: TAAFFE, MICHAEL - Those Days are Gone Away
62179: TACITUS, CORNELIUS - C. Cornelius Tacitus, Cum Optimis Exempla Ribus Collatus. Adiecti Sunt Capitulorum Numeri
57045: TACITUS, [TRANSLATED BY WEISE, C. H.] - C. Cornelii Taciti Opera Quoad Extant. Ex Fide Optimorum Librorum Accuraet Recensuit, Tomus I [Volume 1 only]
68097: TACITUS - C. Cornelii Taciti Opera Quoad Extant [2 volumes]
30862: TAGORE, SIR RABINDRANATH - Creative Unity
30705: TAGORE, RABINDRANATH - Fireflies
74552: TAIT, JOHN - John Tait's Directory for the City of Glasgow, Villages of Anderston, Calton, and Gorbals; also for the Towns of Paisley, Greenock, Port-Glasgow, and Kilmarnock, From The 15th May 1783 to the 15th May 1784
67862: TAIT, HUGH, AND WALKER, RICHARD - The Athenaeum Collection
61069: TAKASHI, NAGATSUKA AND WASWO, ANN [TRANSLATOR] - The Soil: A Portrait of Rural Life in Meiji Japan
59629: TAKASHIMA, S.; OGAWA, K - Illustrations of Japanese Life
44705: TAKAYAMA, MASAMI , ZUKOWSKY, JOHN , HOLABIRD, JOHN A. - Process: Architecture The Chicago School Of Architecture number 35
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76577: [TERENCE] - Publius Terentius Afer [Containing Andria, Eunuchus, Heaut, Hecyra, Adelphi, Phormio]
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74960: THOMAS, LESLIE - The Virgin Soldiers
74961: THOMAS, LESLIE - Stand Up Virgin Soldiers
74963: THOMAS, LESLIE - Onward Virgin Soldiers
74852: THOMAS, LESLIE - Chloe's Song
47678: THOMAS, B. PSEUD. [I.E. THOMAS BURGELAND JOHNSON] - The Shooter's Guide; Or, Complete Sportsman's Companion: Containing a Compendious View of the Game Laws; a Description of the Various Kinds of Dogs, with the Best Mode of Breeding, Rearing, and Training Them; an Account of the Diseases to Which They Are L
65410: THOMAS HAINES - Advertisement for Thomas Haines Fly Wagons etc
57941: THOMAS, SCARLETT - The End of Mr. Y
50262: THOMAS, J B G, WORRELL, FRANK, ET AL. - Jim Pressdee Benefit [souvenir]
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73217: THOMPSON, HENRY - The Motor-Car. An Elementary Handbook on its Nature Use and Management
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74982: THOMSON, WILLIAM HAMILTON - Five Years' Penal Servitude by One who has Endured it
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58412: THOMSON, D. C. - Collection of 8 Victor Comics from 1975-78
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70150: THOREN, THEODORE R., AND WARNER, RICHARD F. - The Truth in Money Book
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56498: THORNE, DIANA - Genuine Old Print of a St. Bernard by Diana Thorne
56503: THORNE, DIANA - Genuine Old Print of a Boxer Dog
56504: THORNE, DIANA - A Study by Diana Thorne of a [Scottish Terrier]
56505: THORNE, DIANA - A Study by Diana Thorne
56499: THORNE, DIANA - A Study by Diana Thorne of a Collie
56500: THORNE, DIANA - Genuine Old Print of a Chow Chow by Diana Thorne
56501: THORNE, DIANA - A Study of a Pommeranian by Diana Thorne
56502: THORNE, DIANA - The Spaniel by Diana Thorne
56191: THORNELY, THOMAS - Provocative Verse and Libellous Limericks
60472: THOROLD, ANTHONY W. - On the Loss of Friends
76296: THOROLD, JOHN - A View of Popery; or, Observations on the Twelve Articles of the Council of Trent: Presented to the Consideration of the Ingenous Romanists
64674: THOROLD, ALGAR - An Essay In Aid Of The Better Appreciation Of Catholic Mysticism, illustrated from the writings of Blessed Angela of Foligno
35806: [TRANSLATED BY] THORPE, BENJAMIN - Anglo Saxon Poems of Beowulf and Co., The Scop or Gleeman's Tale and The Fight at Finnesburg
49111: THREE DEGREES - The Three Degrees in Concert, 1977
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62807: THUCYDIDES; FROST, REV. PERCIVAL - The Sicilian Expedition, being Books VI. And VII. Of Thucydides, with notes
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69739: THUNBERG, CAROL P [CARL] - Dissertatio Botanica de Erica
69740: THUNBERG, CAROL P [CARL] - Gladiolus (Dissertatione Botanica)
69741: THUNBERG, CAROL PET [CARL] - Dissertatio Botanica de Hydrocotyle
58498: THURBER, JAMES - Alarms and Diversions
71965: THURMAN, JOHN - Progressive Pioneering
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62430: [TICKELL, R.] - Anticipation: Containing the Substance of His M---------Y's most Gracious Speech to both H------S of P----L-----T, on the Opening of the Approaching Session, Together with a full and Authentic Account of the Debate which will take Place in the H----E of C------S, on the Motion for the Address, and the Amendment. With Notes
63603: TICKNOR AND COMPANY - [Ticknor's] New England: A Handbook for Travellers
44342: TIDDEMAN, L E - From Over The Sea , A Story Of Two Little Maids.
49410: TIGER TIM - Tiger Tim's Annual 1935
49409: TIGER TIM - Tiger Tim's Annual 1934
71931: "TIGER" AND "CURLEW" - Useful Growls and Palavers
74749: TILLING, MERIEL - The Observer's Book of Sewing [2 copies, one Signed]
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69423: TIMPSON, THOMAS - The Angels of God: Their Nature, Character, Ranks, and Ministerial Services; As Exhibited by the Holy Scriptures.
72707: TINSLEY, SAMUEL - Across the World
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74121: TORODE, BRIAN E. - John Middleton , Victorian, Provincial Architect
74123: TORODE, BRIAN E. - John Middleton , Victorian, Provincial Architect
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70523: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - Hunting Sketches
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69314: TRUSTLER, JOHN - The Honours of the Table, or, Rules for Behaviour During Meals; with the whole Art of Carving, Illustrated by a Variety of Cuts-
51119: TRUSTRAM, MABEL - Verses to a Child
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76388: TUER, ANDREW W. - Book of Delightful and Strange Designs Being One Hundred Facsimile Illustrations of the Art of the Japanese Stencil-Cutter to Which the Gentle Reader is Introduced by One Andrew W Tuer, F.S.A.who knows nothing about it.
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13063: TUNSTALL, CHRISTIAN - The Enchanted Uncle
13063: TUNSTALL, CHRISTIAN - The Enchanted Uncle
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60442: TURNER, ELIZABETH - The Cowslip; or, More Cautionary Stories, in Verse; & The Daisy; or, Cautionary Stories, in Verse. Adapted to the Ideas of Children, from Four to Eight Years Old. [2 volumes in 1]
73895: TURNOR, THOMAS - The Case of the Bankers and their Creditors More Fully Stated and Examined; And a second time Printed, with more then a Third Part Added. Wherein the Property of the Subject in this and the like Cases is soberly asserted by the Common and Statute Laws of England, His Majesties most gracious Declarations, by innumerable, great and Important Records of this Kingdome, by the Civil Law, History, Polity, Morality, and common Reason, and all Objections undeniably Refuted. As it was inclosed in a Letter to a friend. By a true Lover of his King and Countrey, and Sufferer for Loyalty
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73985: TURUMI, MASAO [WAKANA, KEI] - Bunbuku Chagama [child's Japanese picture book]
72638: TUSSER, THOMAS - Five Hundred Points of Good Husbandry. As Well for the Champion or Open Country, as also for the Woodland or Severall, mixed in every moneth [month] with Huswifery
76112: TUSSER, THOMAS - Five Hundred Points of Good Husbandry
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72066: TUTT, J. W. - A Natural History of the British Lepidoptera: A Text-Book for Students and Collectors [in 5 volumes]
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63520: TWAIN, MARK - Life on the Mississippi
74345: TWAIN, MARK - A Letter from Mark Twain
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75178: TYLER, M.L. - Homoeopathic Drug Pictures
73334: TYLER, DOMINICK - Uncommon Ground , a word-lover's guide to the British Landscape
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19135: UECKER / AJGI - Der Dort
19135: UECKER / AJGI - Der Dort
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65631: UNATTRIBUTTED - The Tiger Strikes, india's Fight in the Middle East
75966: [UNCREDITED] - The Half Hour Library of Travel, Nature and Science for Young Readers. Half Hours in the Far South. The People and Scenery of the Tropics
60646: UNDERHILL, FRANCIS - Prayer in Modern Life
56960: UNDERWOOD & UNDERWOOD - 21 Slides from 1887-1893, Scenes from the UK, France, Canada, USA, Mexico, Niagara
59205: UNGERER, TOMI - Snail, Where Are You?
75554: UNITED STATES BUREAU OF MEDICINE AND SCIENCE - Report of the Surgeon-General of the Navy for the Year 1883
65345: UNITED NATIONS INFORMATION OFFICE - Who's Who: Delegates to the United Nations Conference on International Organization
73878: THE UNIVERSAL MAGAZINE OF KNOWLEDGE AND PLEASURE - A New and Compleat Map of the Austrian, French & Dutch Netherlands Commonly Called Flanders; from the latest improvements
52947: UNIVERSITY OF OXFORD - Encaenia Addresses, 26 June 1974; The RT. Hon. Viscount Amory, Baron Hailsham of St. Marylebone, Sir John BETJEMAN, Professor Alexander Gerschenkron, Professor Francois Goguel, Dame Flora Robson, Professor Edoardo Amaldi, Sir John Eccles and Sir George Porter
58087: UNKNOW - Happy Days In Flower Land
30555: UNKNOWN - So Nice
30556: UNKNOWN - Sunny Hours
33888: UNKNOWN - Sketch Of The Materials For A New History Of Cheshire: With Short Accounts Of The Genius And Manners of Its Inhabitants, and of Some Of The Local Customs Peculiar To That Distinguished County: In A Letter To Thomas Falconer, Esq Of The City Of Chester
75752: [UNKNOWN] - The Book of English Trades, and Library of the Useful Arts.
76474: [ UNKNOWN ] - Sir Alan's Wife. The Family Story-Teller no.44
58084: UNKNOWN - Sunny Hours
58085: UNKNOWN - Happy Playmates
58086: UNKNOWN - Holiday Time
58073: UNKNOWN - Sunday Stories
50736: UNKNOWN - A Victorian Keepsake Book with Poetry and Illustrations
75737: [UNKNOWN] - Public Characters, or Cotemporary Biography, memoirs of are given in this work: Dr Edward Jenner, Charles James Fox, Joseph Priestley, Lord Nelson and others
75969: [UNKNOWN] - The Chuch-Anatomy : or Reasons for a Farther Reformation of the Church of England
76383: [UNSTATED] - The Lover's Poetic Companion and Valentine Writer.
44127: UNSTEAD, J F, PALMER, HOWARD, MILL, HUGH ROBERT, RIVERS, W H R AND OTHERS - The Geographical Journal Vol. XXXIX. No. 5 May 1912
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65346: L. UPCOTT, GILL & SON - Limited Edition Bookplate by the Avenue Press
73465: UPDIKE, JOHN - The Carpentered Hen and other Tame Creatures
73475: UPDIKE, JOHN - Assorted Prose
73462: UPDIKE, JOHN - Pigeon Feathers and Other Stories
73440: UPDIKE, JOHN - The Early Stories, 1953-1975
73468: UPDIKE, JOHN - The Carpentered Hen and other Tame Creatures
56610: UPTON, PETER [EDITOR] - The Cherrypickers [Cherry Pickers]: 11th Hussars (Prince Albert's Own) 1715-1969
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73683: URBAN, SYLVANUS - The Gentleman's Magazine, and Historical Chronicle for the Year MDCCLXXIV (Volume XLIV) [January to December]
73703: URBAN, SYLVANUS - The Gentleman's Magazine: and Historical Chronicle. From July to December 1827 Volume XCVII Part the Second
73682: URBAN, SYLVANUS - The Gentleman's Magazine: and Historical Chronicle for the Year MDCCLXXXV (Volume LV, Part the First) [January to June]
73681: URBAN, SYLVANUS - The Gentleman's Magazine, and Historical Chronicle for the Year MDCCLXXXVII (Volume LVII, Part the First) [January to June]
65625: URBAN, SYLVANUS - The Gentleman's Magazine: and Historical Chronicle (For the Year MDCCXCIX, Volume LXIX, Part the Second) [July to December]
69519: URBAN, SYLVANUS - The Gentleman's Magazine, and Historical Chronicle. Volume XLIX. For the Year MDCCLXXIX. [January to December 1779]
65602: URBAN, SYLVANUS - The Gentleman's Magazine: and Historical Chronicle (For the Year 1809, Volume LXXIX) [January to June]
65657: URBAN, SYLVANUS - The Gentleman's Magazine: and Historical Chronicle (For the Year MDCCXCVI, Volume LXVI, Part the First) [January to June]
65605: URBAN, SYLVANUS - The Gentleman's Magazine: and Historical Chronicle (For the Year MDCCXCIV, Volume LXIV) [January to June]
65607: URBAN, SYLVANUS - The Gentleman's Magazine: and Historical Chronicle (For the Year MDCCCII, Volume LXXII, Part the Second) [July to December]
73715: URBAN, SYLVANUS - The Gentleman's Magazine: And Historical Chronicle. For the Year MDCCCVII [1807]. Volume LXXVII Part the First [Jan-June]
74058: URBAN, SYLVANUS - The Gentleman's Magazine: and Historical Chronicle from January to June 1816 (Volume LXXXVI, Part the First)
74055: URBAN, SYLVANUS - The Gentleman's Magazine: and Historical Chronicle from July to December 1815 (Volume LXXXV, Part the Second)
74057: URBAN, SYLVANUS - The Gentleman's Magazine: and Historical Chronicle from July to December 1816 (Volume LXXXVI, Part the Second)
74056: URBAN, SYLVANUS - The Gentleman's Magazine: and Historical Chronicle from January to June 1818 (Volume LXXXVIII, Part the First)
69518: URBAN, SYLVANUS - The Gentleman's Magazine, and Historical Chronicle. Volume XXVIII. For the Year MDCCLVIII. [January to December 1758]
74064: URBAN, SYLVANUS - The Gentleman's Magazine: and Historical Chronicle for the Year MDCCCV (Volume LXXV, Part the First)
66333: URBAN, SYLVANUS - The Gentleman's Magazine: and Historical Chronicle for the Year MDCCLIX (Volume XXIX [January to December]
73726: URBAN, SYLVANUS - The Gentleman's Magazine: and Historical Chronicle. For the Year MDCCLIX [1769]. Volume XXXIX [39].[Jan-December]
74063: URBAN, SYLVANUS - The Gentleman's Magazine: and Historical Chronicle for the Year MDCCCIV (Volume LXXIV, Part the First)
73719: URBAN, SYLVANUS - The Gentleman's Magazine: and Historical Chronicle. For the Year 1808. Volume LXXVIII [78]. Being the First of a New Series. Part the Second [July-December]
73720: URBAN, SYLVANUS - The Gentleman's Magazine: and Historical Chronicle. Volume LVIII [58]. For the Year MDCCLXXXVIII [1788]. Part the First. [Jan-June]
73708: URBAN, SYLVANUS - The Gentleman's Magazine: and Historical Chronicle. From July to December, 1825 Volume XCV (Being the Eighteenth of a New Series) Part the Second
69719: URBAN, SYLVANUS - The Gentleman's Magazine : and Historical Chronicle. For the Year MDCCXCII. Volume LXII Part The Second [July to December 1792]
73710: URBAN, SYLVANUS - The Gentleman's Magazine and Historical Chronicle. Volume LI for the Year MDCCLXXXI [1781] (July-Dec)
73709: URBAN, SYLVANUS - The Gentleman's Magazine: For the Year MDCCC [1800] Volume LXX Part the Second (July to December)
67894: URBAN, SYLVANUS - The Gentleman's Magazine: and Historical Chronicle (For the Year MDCCXLIV, Volume XIVI) [January to December]
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66336: URBAN, SYLVANUS - The Gentleman's Magazine: and Historical Chronicle for the Year MDCCLXXXVIIII (Volume LVIII) [January to June]
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73702: URBAN, SYLVANUS - The Gentleman's Magazine: and Historical Chronicle. For the Year MDCCCV [1805] Volume LXXV Part the First [Jan-June]
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73705: URBAN, SYLVANUS - The Gentleman's Magazine: and Historical Chronicle. From July to December, 1814 Volume LXXXIV (Being the Seventh of a New Series) Part the Second
74074: URBAN, SYLVANUS - The Gentleman's Magazine MDCCCXXXVIII (January to June, Volume IX)
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74067: URBAN, SYLVANUS - The Gentleman's Magazine and Historical Chronicle for the Year MDCCLXV (Volume XXXV)
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74072: URBAN, SYLVANUS - The Gentleman's Magazine: and Historical Chronicle from January to June 1813 (Volume LXXXIII, Part the First)
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74113: URBAN, SYLVANUS - The Gentleman's Magazine: and Historical Chronicle. For the Year MDCCCVI [1806]. Volume LXXVI [76]. Part the Second.
74076: URBAN, SYLVANUS - The Gentleman's Magazine: and Historical Chronicle for the Year MDCCLXXXIII (Volume LIII)
74066: URBAN, SYLVANUS - The Gentleman's Magazine: and Historical Chronicle for the Year MDCCC (Volume LXX, Part the Second)
74065: URBAN, SYLVANUS - The Gentleman's Magazine: and Historical Chronicle for the Year MDCCC (Volume LXX, Part the First)
74114: URBAN, SYLVANUS - The Gentleman's Magazine: And Historical Chronicle. For the Year MDCCCIII [1803]. Volume LXXIII [73]. Part the Second.
74115: URBAN, SYLVANUS - The Gentleman's Magazine: and Historical Chronicle. For the Year 1808. Volume LXXVIII [78]. Being the First of a New Series. Part the First.
74112: URBAN, SYLVANUS - The Gentleman's Magazine: and Historical Chronicle. For the Year MDCCCVI [1806]. Volume LXXVI [76]. Part the First.
47547: URE, JOHN - In Search of Nomads: An English Obsession from Hester Stanhope to Bruce Chatwin
59512: URWIN, T. J. - Bristol City Centre Policy Report 1966
43719: USPID - New Challenges In The Spread Of Weapons Of Mass Destruction, Castigloncello 1999, Proceedings Of The VIII Castiglioncello Conference
74247: USSHER, ARLAND - The Mines of Siberiay. A New Ballad of Rooshian Rodie and Pawnbroker Liz
75641: USSHER, ARLAND; MHUIRTHE, THOMAIS UI [TOMAS O MUIRTHE] - Cainnt An tSean-Shaogail [Cainnt an t Sean-Shaoghail]
59923: UTLEY, FREDA - Japan's Feet of Clay
63918: UTTLEY, ALISON - Hare Joins The Home Guard
61483: UTTLEY, ALISON - Little Grey Rabbit's Birthday
75664: UTTLEY, ALISON - Water - Rat's Picnic; Hare and the Easter Eggs; Little Grey Rabbit & The Weasels; The Knot Squirrel Tied [four volumes]
61572: UTTLEY, ALISON - Here’s a New Day
61580: UTTLEY, ALISON - Wild Honey
73676: UTTLEY, ALISON - Little Grey Rabbit's Washing-day
73674: UTTLEY, ALISON - The Squirrel the Hare and The Little Grey Rabbit.
75656: UTTLEY, ALISON - Snug And Serena Meet A Queen
66002: UTTLEY, ALISON - How Little Grey Rabbit Got Back Her Tail, The Great Adventure of Hare [2 volumes of Alison Uttley's works]
60308: UTTLEY, ALISON - Ten Candlelight Tales
72899: UTTLEY, ALISON - The Squirrel The Hare and the Little Grey Rabbit
75646: UTTLEY, ALISON - Fuzzypeg Goes To School
75648: UTTLEY, ALISON - Going to The Fair; Moldy Warp The Mole [two volumes]
75650: UTTLEY, ALISON - The Story Of Fuzzypeg The Hedgehog; The Little Grey Rabbit's Washing -Day; The Speckledy Hen; Toad's Castle [four volumes]
75649: UTTLEY, ALISON - The Story Of Fuzzypeg The Hedgehog; Little Grey Rabbit Goes To The Sea. [two volumes]
75651: UTTLEY, ALISON - The Great Adventure Of Hare; Grey Rabbit and The Wandering Hedgehog; Wise Owl's Story [three volumes]
75607: UTTLEY, ALISON - Little Grey Rabbit's Party
62527: UTTLEY, ALISON AND TEMPEST, MARGARET - My Little Grey Rabbit Painting Book, Number I
75653: UTTLEY, ALISON - Hare Joins The Home Guard
75652: UTTLEY, ALISON - Squirrel Goes Skating; How Little Grey Rabbit Got Back Her Tail; The Squirrel The Hare And The Little Grey Rabbit. [three volumes]
71785: UTTLEY, ALISON - High Meadows
62988: UTTLEY, ALISON - Collection of 6 Alison Uttley Books
47583: UTTLEY, ALISON - Country Hoard
61450: UTTLEY, ALISON - A Peck of Gold
75658: UTTLEY, ALISON - Little Grey Rabbit's Christmas
76099: UTTLEY, ALISON - Carts and Candlesticks
75962: UTTLEY, ALISON - Little Grey Rabbit's Washing Day; The Knot The Squirrel Tied; Little Grey Rabbit Makes Lace [3 volumes]
65811: D'UZEZ, LOUYS IAUSAUD - Histoire de la Guerre des Peloponnesiens et Atheniens (Escripte et Divisee en Huict Livres par Thucydide Athenien)
62400: VAIZEY, MRS. G. DE HORNE - The Fortunes of the Farrells [Leisure Hour Library No. 69]
76541: VALDAGNE, PIERRE, ET AL. - L'Art et la Mode, a selection of issues from between 1898 and 1905
75897: VALENTIA, GEORGE VISCOUNT - Voyages and Travels to India, Ceylon, The Red Sea, Abyssinia and Egypt. In the Years 1802,1803, 1804, 1805 and 1806. Volume no. 4 of 4 volumes ( Plates ) [Single Volume]
76193: VALENTIA, GEORGE VISCOUNT - Voyages and Travels to India, Ceylon, The Read Sea, Abyssinia and Egypt. In the Years 1802 - 1806. In Four Volumes. [3 text volumes]
73933: VALENTINE, LAURA - Aunt Louisa's Golden Gift
73800: VALENTINE, LAURA - Aunt Louisa's Favourite Toy Book.
74978: VALENTINE, L - Land Battles, From Hastings to the War in the Soudan.
63265: VALLERIOLA, FRANCOIS - Francisci Valleriolae Doctoris Medici. Observationum Medicinalium lib. vi. Denuo editi, & emendationes quam antea in lucem emissi-
76546: VALLETTA, STEFANO I. - Alcune Poesie
44753: VALMONT, EDOUARD, [MADE INTO A BOOK BY EUSTACHE DE LOREY AND DOUGLAS SLADEN] - The Moon Of The Fourteenth Night: Being The Private Life Of An Unmarried Diplomat In Persia During The Revolution
48518: VALOIS, ADRIEN DE - Valesiana ou Les Pensees Critiques, Historiques et Morales, et Les Poesies Latines de Monsieur de Valois conseiller du Roi & Historiographe de France recueillies
72885: VALPY, REV. R. AND WHITE, JOHN T.[EDITOR] - A Greek Delectus
73773: VALSERA, JUAN MAYORAL; GARCIA, ANGEL MARTINEZ - Maravillas del Alto Guadiaro/ Upper Guadiaro Wonders , Hundidero-Gato Cave System, La Pileta Cave and other cavities in Montejaque, Benaojan, Jimera de Libar and Cortes de la Frontera
70062: VAMBERY, ARMINIUS - Travels in Central Asia; Being the Account of A Journey from Teheran Across the Turkoman Desert on the Eastern Shore of the Caspian to Khiva, Bokhara, and Samarcand. Performed in the Year 1863
76188: VAMBERY, ARMINIUS - History of Bokhara. From the Earliest Period Down to the Present, Composed for the First Time After Oriental Known and Unknown Historical Manuscripts
56825: VANCOUVER, CHARLES - General View of the Agriculture of the County of Devon; with Observations on the Means of its Improvement. Drawn up for the Consideration of the Board of Agriculture, and Internal Improvement
51950: VANDERVELL, WILLEM - The Dresden Beauty [cover only]
76729: VANSITTART, ROBERT - Songs and Satires
71823: V.V.VANSTON AND H.I. ADDIS; "A HOLBORN ROVER"; H.E. AND N.J. NICHOLS; H.L. DAVIS; DOUGLAS BERWICK; "FIELDMOUSE"; R.G. GREY; A.J. LEE; RONALD GOW; E. STUART MONRO; VARIOUS - New Plays for Wolf Cubs; Good Turns for Scout Shows; Five Plays for Scouts; Concert Items for Scouts and Cubs; Six Pantomimes for Scouts; Any More for the "Skylark"?; Popular Parodies; Scout Plays No.12 Akela. We'll Do Our Worst, House (Dis)orderly Badge, Bathing the Baby; The Golden West; Twelve Selected Plays; 18 of the Best Humorous Recitations [11 performance volumes for scouts]
74554: VARDAMAN, JAMES M. - Imagining Japan. A Memorable Journey
67473: VARE, DANIELE - The Last of the Empresses, and the passing from the Old China to the New
57149: VARIAN, SUSEEN AND VARIAN, JOHN - Cuchulain: A Cycle of Irish Plays. With Oisin the Hero
20637: VARIOUS - Sharpe's London Journal of Entertainment and Instruction for general reading, volumes VIII, IX, X, XI, XII, XIII, XIV, & XV [ bound in 4 books ]
22178: VARIOUS - The Boy's Own Paper Volume 7 - 4th October 1884 to 26th September 1885 bound together with the Summer Number
22179: VARIOUS - The Boy's Own Paper Volume 10 1st October 1887 to 22th September 1888 bound together as The Boy's Own Annual
26696: VARIOUS - The Family Economist - A Penny Monthly Magazine, devoted to the moral, physical and domestic improvement of the industrious classes Volumes 1 & 2 bound together
26815: VARIOUS - In Town Jan - Dec. 1895
27492: VARIOUS - The Gleaner or Cirencester Weekly Magazine, for the Year 1816 containing Original Communications, on various subjects, and selections from some of the most approved authors, Birth, Marriages, Deaths, &c.
28425: VARIOUS - The Foundations of Poetry - An Anthology
56279: VARIOUS - Collection of 26 Bell's Miniature Series of Painters Volumes
70034: VARIOUS AUTHORS - Modern English Essays [5 Volumes]
36922: VARIOUS AUTHORS - Postage Stamps Issued in Malaya during the Japanese Occupation March 1942 - August 1945
37177: VARIOUS - Pretty Pictures for Little Pets
37197: VARIOUS AUTHORS - Halliday's Carved Pine Mantelpieces: Craftsmanship from our own workshops
37199: VARIOUS AUTHORS - Instructions for Windsor Model 66A [ radio ]
37219: VARIOUS AUTHORS - The London Art of Cookery
64898: VARIOUS - A collection of 5 children's readers including: The Treasure Hunt, St. George of Merry England, Mice in Mischief, The Beacon Readers Book Six, and Tales from the Faerie Queen
58847: VARIOUS - Collection of 11 H.M.S.O. Second World War publications
38927: VARIOUS - The Quarry Newsletter, November 1980
38937: VARIOUS - The Sketch, Felicitation Number, May 15th 1935
66283: VARIOUS - The Bookman Christmas Number 1921, including portfolio supplement
39141: VARIOUS - Erotic Photography: An Exhibition
62987: VARIOUS - Collection of 5 Glastonbury 2009, Festival Souvenirs
71621: VARIOUS AUTHORS - The Illustrated London News Vol. LXXXII: January to June 1883
74340: VARIOUS POETS - Moments of Truth: Nineteen Short Poems by Living Poets
74392: VARIOUS AUTHORS - More Mother Goose Rhymes
71612: VARIOUS AUTHORS - A Book of English Sonnets

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