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49318: FLYNN, HELEN J, LEE, DORIS M, COWEN, FRANCES, ET AL. - Monster Book for Children [1945]
71666: FO,DARIO; RAME, FRANCA; WYMARK, OLWEN (ADAPTATION) - Female Parts, One Woman Plays
70470: FOAKES, R.A., AND, RICKERT R.T. - Henslowe's Diary
65795: FOCILLON, AD - Le Spectacle du Ciel
75902: FOER, JONATHAN SAFRAN - Eating Animals
65105: FOKKE, SIMONSZ. A - Boertige Reis Door Europa: 7 Volumes
73904: FOLEY, MICHAEL - Orchids of the British Isles
56407: THE FOLIO SOCIETY - Collection of Folio Society Member's Items, Including 50 Issues of the Quarterly Magazine from 1973-99, 11x Prospectuses, Plus Various Promotional Material, Letters Etc
59536: FOLLEN, MRS - A Mother's Library for Little Folks, Vol. 4. Nursery Songs
56408: FOLLES, UNDRE - Fra Angelico da Fiesole Acht Farbige Biedergaden Berühmter Gemälde
74557: FOLLETT, KEN - Edge of Eternity
47070: LA FONTAINE, JEAN DE - Fables de La Fontaine, precedees d'une notice par C.- A. Sainte-Beuve
48373: DE FONTENELLE, BERNARD, DE LA LANDE, J., & DE VOLTAIRE M. - Conversations on the Plurality of Worlds
19984: DE FONVIELLE, WILFRED - Navigation Aerienne ( Etude Practique ) [ Ballooning a coloured, engraved print ]
67935: FORBES, THOMAS ROGERS - The Midwife and the Witch
69079: FORBES, DAVID W - Encounters with Paradise (Views of Hawaii and its People, 1778-1941)
62115: FORBES, FREDERICK E. - Dahomey and the Dahomans: Being the Journals of Two Missions to the King of Dahomey, and Residence at His Capital, in the Years 1849 and 1850- In Two Volumes
70222: FORBIN, COUNT DE - Travels in Egypt, being a Continuation of the Travels in the Holy Land in 1817-18
70335: FORD, E. B. - The New Naturalist, Moths [part of the New Naturalist series]
73909: FORD, GERALD R. - A Time to Heal: The Autobiography of Gerald R. Ford
73505: FORD, RICHARD - The Sportswriter
57568: FORD, LESLIE - Siren in the Night
63813: FORD MOTOR COMPANY - Cortina Owner's Handbook
56195: FORD, SHERIDAN - The Art of Folly
72136: FORD, LAETITIA - The Butterfly Collector's Vade Mecum; With a Synoptical Table of British Butterflies.
75990: FORDHAM, MICHAEL - The Life of Childhood: A Contribution to Analytical Psychlogy
69671: FORMAN, HENRY.J. / LITHGOW, WILLIAM / LUBBOCK, PERCY / PICKTHALL, MARMADUKE - Set of 4 rare The Travellers' Library books. Grecian Italy / Rare Adventures and Paineful Peregrinations / The Craft of Fiction / Oriental Encounters
27509: FORREST, J. - Golf Made Easy
27265: FORREST-THOMSON, VERONICA - On The Periphery
49493: FORREST, EBENEZER, [INTRODUCTION BY NICK SAVAGE] - An Account of what Seem'd most Remarkable in the Five Days Peregrination of the Five Following Persons, Vizt. Messieurs Tothall, Scott, Hogarth, Thornhill & Forrest Begun on Saturday May 27th. 1723 and Finished On the 31st. of the same Month [Hogarth's Peregrination]
75587: FORSTER, THOMAS - Observations of the Natural History of Swallows; with a Collateral Statement of Facts Relative to their Migration, and to their Brumal Torpidity: and a Table of Reference to Authors.
75588: FORSTER, THOMAS - Observations of the Natural History of Swallows; with a Collateral Statement of Facts Relative to their Migration, and to their Brumal Torpidity: and a Table of Reference to Authors.
76705: FORSTER, E M - Aspects of the Novel
60097: FORSTER, JOHN; ELWIN, W. - Forster Collection. A Catalogue Of The Printed Books Bequeathed By John Forster
74207: FORSTER, JOHN - The Life and Adventures of Oliver Goldsmith. A Biography
74610: FORSYTH, FREDERICK - The Kill List
74611: FORSYTH, FREDERICK - The Veteran and Other Stories
52004: FORTESCUE, S.E.D - Leatherhead in Old Picture Postcards
74501: FORTY, LIEUT.-COL. C. H. - Bangkok: Its Life and Sport , with some Account of Siam's Coastal and Island Game Areas
50434: FOSBROKE, THOMAS DUDLEY, SMYTH, JOHN - Berkeley Manuscripts. Abstracts and Extracts of Smyth's Lives of the Berkeleys, illustrative of Ancient Manners and the Constitution; including all the pedigrees in that ancient manuscript. To which are annexed a copious history of the Castle and Parish of Berkeley, consisting of matter never before published; and biographical anecdotes of Dr. Jenner, his interviews with the Emperor of Russia, &c.
49186: FOSBROOKE, THOMAS DUDLEY - Abstracts of Records and Manuscripts respecting the County of Gloucester; formed into a history, correcting the very erroneous accounts, and supplying numerous deficiencies in Sir Rob. Atkins, and subsequent writers, [volume 1 only]
65384: FOSBROOKE, THOMAS DUDLEY - An Original History of the City of Gloucester , including The Original Papers of Ralph Bigland
69949: FOSICK, HARRY EMERSON - A Guide to Understanding the Bible
8971: FOSKETT, EDWARD - Poems
73691: FOSTER, JAMES - Sermons on the Following Subjects. Viz. Of Moral and natural evil- Volume II.
63451: FOSTER, J. J. - Miniature Painters British & Foreign, With Some Account of Those who Practised in America in the Eighteenth Century, In Two Volumes
60041: FOTHERGILL, JOHN - An Account of the Life and Travels in the Work of the Ministry, of John Forthergill
49606: FOUGASSE, MCCULLOUGH - You Have Been Warned: A Complete Guide to the Road, & Us, [in 2 volumes]
65438: S. FOWLER WRIGHT [EDITOR] - Some Yorkshire Poets. An Anthology of To-day
47354: FOX, REV. SAMUEL - The Noble Army of Martyrs
73733: FOX, JOHN - An Universal History of Christian Martyrdom: Being a Complete and Authentic Account of the Lives, Sufferings, and Triumphant Deaths of the Primitive as well as Protestant Martyrs, in All Parts of the World, from the Birth of our Blessed Saviour, to the Latest Periods of Pagan and Popish Persecution. Originally Composed by the Rev. John Fox, M. A. and now Corrected Throughout, with Copious and Important Additions Relative to the Recent Persecutions of the Protestants in the South of France.
76199: FOX, ADAM - Old King Coel. A Rhymed Tale in Four Books
75603: FOX, JOHN [JOHN FOXE] - Acts and Monuments of Matters most Special and Memorable, Happening in the Church: with an Universal History of the Same. Wherein is set forth at Large, the whole Race and Course of the Church, from the Primitive Age to these Later Times of Ours, with the Bloody Times, Horrible Troubles, and Great Persecutions against the True Martyrs of Christ, Sought and Wrought as well by Heathen Emperors, as now lately practised by Romish Prelates, especially in this Realm of England and Scotland-to which also is added the Life of the Author both in Latine and English [Volume I of Foxe's Book of Martyrs]
74096: FOX, CHARLES, A, REV. - A Satchel of Song
63496: FOX, REV. JOHN [WITH NOTES, COMMENTARIES, AND ILLUSTRATIONS BY REV. J. MILNER] - An Universal History of Christian Martyrdom, being a complete and authentic account of the lives, sufferings, and triumphant deaths of the primitive as well as protestant martyrs, in all parts of the world, from the birth of the blessed saviour to the latest periods of pagan and catholic persecution: together with a summary of the doctrines, prejudices, blasphemies, and superstitions of the modern church of Rome.
29636: FRANCIS, BEATA - Slyboots and Other Farmyard Chronicles
76781: FRANCIS, DICK - Three Favourites [Omnibus Edition containing: Odds Against, Flying Finish, Blood Sport]
60608: FRANCIS DUKE DE LA ROCHEFOUCAULT; HUGH BLAIR; ROBERT DODSLEY, ET AL. - The Literary Miscellany: or, Selections & Extracts, Classical and Scientific; with Originals, in Prose and Verse [Moral Philosophy, 6 volumes in 1]
60016: FRANCIS, DICK - Knock Down
45009: FRANCIS WHITE AND CO. - History, Gazetteer, And Directory Of Cheshire, Comprising A General Survey Of The County, With Separarte Historical & Topographical Descriptions Of All The Boroughs, Towns, Parishes, Chapelries, Townships, Villages, Hamlets, And Extra-Parochial Liberties; Shewing Their Situation, Extent, And Population, Their agricultural ans Mineral Productions, The Lords Of The Manors And Their Owners Of The Soil, The Public Institutions, Charitites, Magistrates, And Public Officers, And The Seats Of The Nobility And Gentry. In One Volume With A Large Coloured Sheet Map of the County, from The Ordnance Survey
59725: FRANCIS & DAY - Francis & Day's Album of Old Favourite Dances No. 6 & Francis & Day's Tango Album, [2 volumes]
76803: FRANCIS, DICK - Bolt; Break In; Under Orders; Field of Thirteen; Twice Shy. Five Volumes
71946: FRANCISQUE-MICHEL - Recherches sur Le Commerce, La Fabrication et l'Usage des Etoffes de Soie, d'Or et d'Argent et Autres Tissus Precieux en Occident, Principalement en France pendant le Moyen Age [2 volumes]
60230: FRANK ELIAS, CAPTAIN CHARLES GILSON, A TEGNIER AND OTHERS - The Boy's Own Annual, Volume XLII [42], 1919-1920
72450: FRANK ILLINGWORTH; THE BOY SCOUTS ASSOCIATION; PHILIP CARRINGTON; JOHN LEWIS; LONE WOLF - The Quartermaster in Camp; Camping Questions Answered; Camping Standards (2 editions); The Boy Scouts' Camp Book; How to Run a Scout Camp; Tent Lore [7 volumes]
61927: FRANKAU, JULIA - Eighteenth Century Colour Prints: an Essay on Certain Stipple Engravers and their Work in Colour
60563: FRANKLAND, E. AND OTHERS - Water Analysis for Sanitary Purposes, with Hints for the Interpretation of Results; & Methods of Testing Used in the Alfloc System of Water Treatment [2 volumes]
70735: FRANKLAND, C. COLVILLE - Narrative of a Visit to The Courts of Russia and Sweden, in the Years 1830 and 1831 in two volumes [2 volumes in one]
62274: FRANKLAND, EDWARD - The Murders at Crossby
20822: FRANKLIN, A.C. - Yachting Hints Tables and Useful Memoranda, by A.C. Franklin Engineer and Naval Architect
69093: FRANKLIN, JOHN - Narrative of a Journey to the Shores of The Polar Sea, in the Years 1819, 20, 21, and 22. With an Appendix on Various Subjects Relating to Science and Natural History.
74791: FRANKLIN, DAVID - Basso Cantante. An Autobiography
72540: FRANKLIN, JOHN - Journey to the Shores of the Polar Sea, In 1819-20-21-22: With a Brief Account of the Second Journey In 1825-26-27. [4 volumes]
74098: FRANKLIN, BENJAMIN; EDITED BY JOHN BIGELOW - Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, [Oxford World's Classics 250]
67197: FRANKS, ERIC - Images of Cheltenham
38300: FRANZ, ERIC, GROWE, BERND - George Seurat: Drawings
52455: FRAPPA, JEAN-JOSE [EDITOR] - Le Monde illustre Journal Hebdomadaire, 29 Janvier 1910, No. 2757
73848: FRASER, DUNCAN C. - Newton's Interpolation Formulas
61992: FRASER, ANTONIA - The Six Wives of Henry VIII
65671: FRASER-TYTLER, C. E. - The Apocalyptic Roll The Title Deed Of The Church, The Seals, the Mystery of Good and Evil contending for the mastery, with a new Apocalyptic Chart
72035: FRASER, GEORGE MACDONALD (EDITOR) - Flashman's Lady, from the Flashman Papers 1842-1845
63046: FRASER, ERIC - Collection of 4 x Greeting Telegrams with Artwork by Eric Fraser
63504: FRASER, PETER - A Policeman At The Door: A play in one act
72985: FRASER, C. I. - Some Notes on Highland Tartans
52422: FRAXI, PISANUS - Catena Librorum Tacendorum: Being Notes Bio-Icono-Graphical and Critical, On Curious and Uncommon Books
70420: FRAYLING, CHRISTOPHER - Aless is More (Alessi 2001 General Catalogue)
67813: FRAZER, SIR JAMES GEORGE - The Golden Bough A Study in Magic and Religion
73228: FREELOVE, PATTY - The Life and Surprising Adventures, of Blue-Eyed Patty, The Valiant Female Soldier
65680: FREEMAN, MICHAEL J. - The Bronze Coinage of Great Britain
75686: FREEMAN, ALBERT C. (EDITOR) - The Architects & Surveyors Directory and Referendum
62183: FREEMAN, RICHARD AUSTIN - Travels and Life in Ashanti and Jaman
38702: FREEMANTLE, BRIAN - Goodbye to an Old Friend
76506: FRENCH, R. M. - The Eastern Orthodox Church
37345: FRENCH, FERGUS - Invitation To Die
74367: FRENCH, RICHARD VALPY - Nineteen Centuries of Drink in England: A History
47154: FRENZEL, DR. KONRAD - Andrees Handatlas. Ausgewählte, völlig neu bearbeitete Ausgabe in einem Bande.
71897: FRERE, CATHERINE FRANCIS (EDITOR) - A Proper Newe Booke of Cokerye
63941: FRERES, BISSON - Les Musiciens Ambulants
64093: FRESENII, D. JOHANN PHILIP - BIBLIA - Das ist die ganze HEILIGE SCHRIFT.. Mit jeden Capitals Neuen Summarien und auserlesenen richtigen Schriftstellen
75754: FREUD, LUCIAN - Early Works 1940 - 58. Loan Exhibition 9 October - 12 December 2008.
75710: FREUD, SIGMUND - Modern Sexual Morality and Modern Nervousness
47711: FREUD, CLEMENT - Grimble
69188: FRICKER, KARL - The Antarctic Regions
47215: FRIED, MICHAEL - Powers
59467: FRIEDLANDER, ELISABETH; MARKHAM, JOHN - Collins Colour Camera Books: Flower ABC
70279: FRIEDLANDER, GERALD - Shakespeare and the Jew
72886: FRIEDRICH, JOHANN [JOHANN VON GOTS] - Namen der Stett und Schlosser des Landts Braunschweig, so Churfurst zu Sachssen und Landtgraff zu Hessen eingenommen haben. Item, was im Schloss Wollfenputtel [Wollfenbuttel] an Vorrath Silbergeschirr, Geschutz, Pulver und anders befunden.
70238: FRIEND, PETER - The New Naturalist Library, Southern England, Looking at the Natural Landscapes
76545: 'A FRIEND OF YOUTH'; MORE, HANNAH ET AL - The Happy Family: or Winter Evenings' Employment. Consisting of readings and conversations, in seven parts
57937: THE FRIENDS OF THE OSBORNE AND LILLIAN SMITH COLLECTION - The Juvenile Review, in two parts, containing remarks on books for children
48315: FRIML, RUDOLF - Japanese Moonlight: Piano Solo
63147: FRITZ, ROBERT - Creating
65947: FROBE-KAPTEYN, OLGA [EDITOR] - Eranos-Jahrbuch 1933 Yoga und Meditation im Osten und im Westen, Eranos-Jahrbuch 1935 Westostliche Seelenfuhrung [2 volumes]
37527: FROMM, DAVID - Complications of Gastric Surgery
42782: FROOMS, H. - The Prince of Prussia Polka
56436: FROST, HOARY ET AL. - The New Sporting Magazine, Vol XXXVI. No. CCXVII. December 1858
70255: FROUDE, JAMES ANTHONY - History of England, From Fall of Wolsey to The Death of Elizabeth. [in 12 volumes]
76522: FRY, ROGER - Last Lectures by Roger Fry with an Introduction by Kenneth Clark
66016: FRY, CHRISTOPHER - The Lady's Not for Burning (A Comedy)
67986: FRY, PAUL - Magic Lantern
67211: FRY, JOHN, (COMPILED BY) - Titanic Bibliography (Section 1); Titanic Memorabilia (Section 2) [2 volumes]
67414: FUCHS, CARL - Musical and Other Recollections of Carl Fuchs, 'cellist
75097: FUCINI, RENATO [NERI TANFUCIO] - Acqua Passata Storielle E Aneddoti Della Mia Vita
58475: FUJI - Prize Winners of Fuji Photo Contest 1956
61095: FULCHER, G. W.; PAWSEY, ET AL. - Fulcher's Ladies' Memorandum Book, and Poetical Miscellany, 1851, 1852, & 1853; and Pawsey's Ladies Fashionable Repository for 1854 [4 volumes in 1]
67852: FULFORD WILLIAMS, VIOLET - Under My Patchwork Quilt
45457: FULLARTON, A , SWANSTON, G.H. & JOHNSON, J. HUGH - The Companion Atlas to The Gazetteer of the World, comprehending Forty-Eight beautifully Coloured Maps engraved in the first style of art according to the latest & most authentic information by G.H. Swanston
33508: FULLER, ALFRED J [EDITOR] - Nister's Holiday Annual For 1902 With Stories by G A Henty, G Manville Fenn, L J Meade, D H Parry, Evelyn Everett - Green
64588: FULLWOOD, JOHN - Fairlight Glen
37934: VON FURER-HAIMENDORF, CHRISTOPH IN COLLABORATION WITH VON FURER-HAIMENDORF, ELIZABETH - The Reddis of the Bision Hills: A Study in Acculturation, [The Aboriginal Tribes of Hyderbad Volume II.]
60060: FURNISS, DAMIAN - The Duchess of Kalighat
46130: FURNIVALL, FREDERICK J, [EDITOR] - The Story of England by Robert Manning of Brunne A.D.1338, Part I & II, [The Chronicles and Memorials of Great Britain and Ireland during the Middle Ages, complete in 2 volumes]
38172: DE FUSCO, RENATO - L'Italia e la formazione della civilta europea, Dall'Architettura al Design
52366: FUSTER, ELOINO NACAR, & COLUNGA, ALBERTO - Sagrado Biblia, version directa de las lenguas originales
76691: GABBITASS, P - 'Willie' Whispered Little Nellie. Being A Selection from the Sublime Works of the Most Excellent Poet. With A List of Works by the Same Author and Introductory Note.
64631: GAGE, JOHN - The Anglo-Saxon Ceremonial of the Dedication and Consecration of Churches
74318: GAIDAR, ARKADI - School
59740: GAIMAN, NEIL - The Sandman [comic], 11 issues from 1990-96
59741: GAIMAN, NEIL - The Sandman: The Kindly Ones series, 8 issues from 1994-95
41695: GAINSCROSS & EBLEY. BRAMWELL HUDSON [EDITOR] - The Co-Operative Economist 1895, 1897, 1898, 1899, 1900, 1901. Six Volumes.
73591: GAITSKILL, MARY - Don't Cry; Because they Wanted to; Two Girls Fat and Thin [3 volumes]
41570: GALBRAITH, REV. JOSEPH A. - Manual of Plane Trigonometry, [Galbraith and Haughton's Scientific Manuals, Mathematical Series]
52451: GALE, NORMAN, FLOYD, GRACE C., AND OTHERS - The Bonnie Book for Bonnie Boys and Bonnie Girls
75238: GALENO, OSCAR - Galeno Natural Method. A Conversational System of Teaching Languages. Las Tres Americas (a Spanish Reader)
72934: GALLENGA, ANTONIO (L. MARIOTTI) - Episodes of My Second Life. (American and English Experiences)
46836: LE GALLIENNE, RICHARD - Omar Repentant
38158: GALLO, GUISEPPE - Giuseppe Gallo, March-April 1986
76788: GALSWORTHY, JOHN - The Works Of John Galsworthy; Caravan Vol I: A Stoic; Caravan Vol II: The Apple Tree; Caravan Vol III: The First And Last; Candelabra; The Patrician; A Modern Comedy Vol I: The White Monkey: A Silent Wooing; The Country House; The Island Pharisees [8 volumes]
44019: GALT, JOHN, MRS. SOUTHEY, EDWARDS, CHARLES, HARDMAN, FREDERICK, ET AL. - Tales From "Blackwood" Volume I, III, VI, VIII, [in 4 volumes]
76617: GAMBLE, REGINALD; WILKIE, JAMES; WOODCOCK, A.J.A.; THOMAS, J.O.; EDLIN, H.L. - Young Farmers' Club Booklets [No.1 The Farm; No.2 Bee Keeping; No.4 Pig Keeping; No.9 Garden and Farm Insects; No.10 Cows and Milk; No.14 Arable Crops 1 1944; No.14 Arable Crops 1 1960; No.15 Arable Crops 2; No.20 Forestry] [9 Volumes]
76616: GAMBLE, REGINALD; WOODCOCK, A.J.A.; THOMAS, J.O.; EDLIN, H.L. - Young Farmers' Club Booklets [No.1 The Farm; No.2 Bee Keeping; No.9 Garden and Farm Insects; No.14 Arable Crops 1; No.20 Forestry] [5 Volumes]
64162: GAMBONI, DARIO - The Destruction of Art: Iconoclasm and Vandalism since the French Revolution
67792: GANNERON, E - L'Irlande (Depuis son Origine Jusqu'aux Temps Presents)
69808: DU GARD, ROGER MARTIN - The Thibaults Parts 1-4 [2 Volumes]
73215: GARDIN-DUMESNIL, J.D., GOSSET, J.M. [TRANSLATOR] - Latin Synonyms, With their Different Significations: And Examples taken from the Best Latin Authors
59643: GARDINER, J. STANLEY AND TANSLEY A. G. [EDITORS] - The Natural History of Wicken Fen, Parts 1-6 [6 volumes]
60200: GARDINER, EILEEN - The Pilgrim's Way to St. Patrick's Purgatory
74981: GARDNER, ARTHUR - The Art and Sport of Alpine Photography
72958: GARDNER, KEITH S. AND CLARK, NIGEL D. - Cecilia Green Collection [Sir William Russell Flint 1880-1969. A Comparative Review of The Artist's Signed Limited Edition Prints (De Luxe Edition); Gallery Catalogues; Signed Card; other ephemera]
48496: GARDNER, MONICA - Stories From Polish History
65174: GARDNER, HELEN - John Donne's Holograph of 'A Letter to the Lady Carey and Mrs Essex Riche'
50713: GARDNER, THOMAS - The Continuation of the Road from London to Bristol [Showing the Part from Marlborough to Axbridge, featuring Marlborough, Chippenham, Caln, Bristol, Huntspil and Axbridge and Numerous Other Places Along the Way]
50714: GARDNER, THOMAS - The Continuation of the Road from London to Weymouth [Showing Basingstoke, Stockbridge, Broughton and Salisbury]
50715: GARDNER, THOMAS - The Continuation of the Road from London to Shrewsbury [Showing Birmingham, Dudley, Bridgenorth and Shrewsbury]
50718: GARDNER, THOMAS - The Continuation of the Road from York to West Chester [Showing Tadcaster, Thorner, Leeds, Burstal, Rochedale, Manchester, Eccles, Warrington]
50719: GARDNER, THOMAS - The Continuation of the Road from Chelmsford to Saffron Walden [Showing Chelmsford, Braintry (Braintree), Laneham and St Edmonds Bury]
50721: GARDNER, THOMAS - The Continuation of the Road from Chelmsford to Dover [Showing Chelmsford, Billericay, Gravesend, Sandwich and Dover]
50722: GARDNER, THOMAS - The Continuation of the Road from London to St Davids [Showing Abingdon, Faringdon, Lechlade, Fairford, Barnsley, Monmouth]
50723: GARDNER, THOMAS - The Continuation of the Road from London to St Davids [Showing Monmouth, Newchurch, Newport, Christchurch, Cardiff, Cowbridge, Aberavon and Burton Ferry]
50724: GARDNER, THOMAS - The Continuation of the Road from London to St Davids [Showing Burton Ferry, Swansey (Swansea), Kidwelly and St Davids]
50730: GARDNER, THOMAS - The Continuation of the Road from Glocester (Gloucester) to Montgomery [Showing Glocester, Huntley, Hereford, Pembridge, Montgomery]
50732: GARDNER, THOMAS - The Continuation of the Road from Whitby to Durham [Showing Whitby, Marton, Durham, Tinmouth, Sunderland]
76744: GARIBALDI, GIUSEPPE - Prose Militari. Raccolta Di Breviari Intellettuali. N. 164.(miniature book) Text in Italian
14921: GARLICK, GOREL - To Serve the Purpose of the Drama, The Theatre Designs and Plays of Samuel Beazley 1786 - 1851
62852: GARNIER, COLONEL J. - The Ten Tribes from the Captivity Until Now. A Critical Analysis and Historical Proof of the British-Israel Theory-
69172: GARRATT, SAM - New Inn, Gloucester
49202: GARRETT, EVELYN - The Four Queens
75835: GARRETT, H.L.O. - The Trial of Muhammad Bahadur Shah (Ex. King of Delhi)
32067: GARROD, H W - The Profession of Poetry, and other lectures
38755: GARROW-GREEN, G - Trout-Fishing in Brooks: Its Science and Art
66323: GASCOIGNE, BAMBER - Illustrations of Richmond (A Survey of the Topographical Prints of Richmond in Surrey up to the Year 1900) [Limited Edition]
51567: GASKELL, MRS - Cousin Phillis & Other Tales, [Everyman's Library]
59428: GASPEY, THOMAS [EDITOR] - The illustrated Scripture History, for the Improvement of Youth, Vol. I.
63687: GASSET, JOSE ORTEGA Y - History as a System and other Essays toward a philosophy of history; & The Revolt of the Masses [2 volumes]
58299: GATHJE, PETER R. - Sharing the Bread of Life: Hospitality and Resistance at the Open Door Community
60298: GATTY, MRS. ALFRED - Aunt Sally's Life
67501: GAUBII, HIERONYMI DAVIDIS - Libellus de Methodo Concinnandi Formulas Medicamentorum
74084: GAUDENCE DE LUQUES - Memoires de Gaudence de Luques, Prisonnier de L'Inquisition-volumes 1 and 2 only
74843: GAWSWORTH, JOHN - The Flesh of Cypris.
60746: GAY, JOHN - Fables by John Gay. In Two Parts
60265: GAY, JOHN - Fables by the Late Mr. Gay. In One Volume Complete
56546: GAY, MR. - Fabels by the Late Mr. Gay, Volumes 1 + 2
46019: GAZETTE NEWSPAPER - 100 Years of Progress: A Pictorial Souvenir of The Gazette series of newspapers, Centenary Celebrations
75590: GEAKE, CHARLES AND GOULD, F. CARRUTHERS - John Bull's Adventures in the Fiscal Wonderland
62255: GEBERT, HELGA - Das Ebenholzpferd Geschichten aus Tausendundeiner Nacht [The Ebony Horse Tales from the Arabian Nights]
72043: GEDDES, MICHAEL - Several Tracts Against Popery: together with The Life of Don Alvaro de Luna.
61639: GEE DENES, ELISE M. HARRIS, AND Q. DUROV - John and Jennifer and Their Pets
57425: GEE, H. L. - The Twins at Peep-O'-Day Farm; The Twins On Holiday; The Twins In London [3 volumes]
75193: GEIS, DARLENE - The How and Why Wonder Book of Dinosaurs
74815: GELL, R. AND BRADSHAW, T. - The Gloucestershire Directory, Containing the Names and Residences of Professional Gentleman, Merchants, Manufacturers, and Tradesmen, in Gloucester, Cheltenham, Cirencester, Tewkesbury, Stroud, Wotton-Under-Edge, Dursley, Tetbury, Painswick &c, Alphabetically Arranged with a Brief History of the City of Gloucester, A Correct Account of the Arrival and Departure of Mail and other Coaches, Waggons, Caravans and Water Conveyances; Also a list of the London and Country Bankers &c
42849: GELL, R , & BRADSHAW, T - The Gloucestershire Directory, Containing the Names & Residences of Professional Gentlemen, Merchants, Manufacturers, and Tradesmen in Gloucester, Cheltenham, Cirencester, Tewkesbury, Stroud, Wotton-Under-Edge, Dursley, Tetbury, Painswick, &c. &c. Alphabetically arranged; with A Brief History of the City Of Gloucestor, A Correct Account of The Arrival and Departure Of Mail and Other Coaches, Waggons, Caravans and Water Conveyances; Also A List of The London and County Bankers &c. Embellished with a Neat Engraved Plan Of The City Of Gloucester
18522: GENDRON, CHRISTIAN, & JEAN, SIMONE [ EDITORS ] - 1er Salon International de la Gravure en Poitou-Charentes, catalogue to an exhibition Fete de la Gravure at Les Musees de la Ville de Niort - June 1989
66243: THE GENERAL CEMENT COMPANY - The General Cement Company's Eighteenth Calendar for 1971
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63093: GEO. G. CHISHOLM - Handbook of Commercial Geography
64385: GEOFF BROWN AND LAURENCE KARDISH - Michael Balcon: The Pursuit of British Cinema
31091: ""GEOGRAPHIA"" - Two-Sheet Map of England and Wales 8 1/2 miles to 1 inch
36986: "GEOGRAPHIA" - "Geographia" Two-Sheet Road Map of England & Wales
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76115: GHEON, HENRI [INTRODUCTION] - The Madonna in Art
65809: GIARDINI, ELIA - Elementi dell' Arte Rettorica (Tratti Dalle Opere de' Migliori Maestri)
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72472: GIBBON, EDWARD - The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire [6 volumes]
49716: GIBBON, EDWARD - The History of the Decline And Fall of the Roman Empire, Complete In Eight Volumes
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76106: GIBBONS, STANLEY - Commonwealth Stamp Catalogue. India (including Convention and Feudatory States)
73407: GIBBS, ROBERT - Buckinghamshire. A History of Aylesbury with its Borough and Hundreds, The Hamlet of Walton, and The Electoral Division
73408: GIBBS, ROBERT - Worthies of Buckinghamshire and Men of Note of that County
76501: GIBBS, MAY - Little Ragged Blossom and more about Snugglepot and Cuddlepie
74970: GIBBS, MAY - A Tiny Story of Snugglepot and Cuddlepie
58057: GIBERNE, AGNES - Five Thousand Pounds
69126: GIBSON, J. C. L. - Caananite Myths and Legends
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18634: GIBSON, WILFRID WILSON - The Web of Life, A Book of Poems
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72798: GIBSON, EDMUND - Codex Juris Ecclesiastici Anglicani: Or the Statutes, Constitutions, Canons, Rubricks and Articles, of the Church of England, Methodically Digested under their Proper Heads. With a Commentary, Historical and Juridical. Before it is an Introductory Discourse, concerning the Present State of the Power, Discipline and Laws, of the Church of England: And after it an Appendix of Instruments, Ancient and Modern [2 volumes in one]
73796: GIESEKE, JENS, WITH HUBERT, DORIS - The GDR State Security Shield and Sword of the Party
31020: GIFFORD, JOHN - The Complete English Lawyer; or, Every Man his own Lawyer: containing a Summary of the Constitution of England - its Laws and Statutes-
70167: GIFFORD AND BYRON - Dove's English Classics: Gifford's Baviad and Maeviad: Pasquin V. Faulder: Epistle to Peter Pindar: To which is prefixed The Author's Memoir of his own Life and Byron's English Bards and Scotch Reviewers
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70217: GIFFORD, ISABELLA - The Marine Botanist; an Introduction to the Study of the British Sea-Weeds; Containing Descriptions of all the Species, and the best Method of Preserving them
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33569: GILBERT, LINNEY - India Illustrated; an Historical & Descriptive Account of that important and interesting country (Gilbert's India)
61906: GILBERT, JEFFREY, [ENGLISH EDITOR] - Collection of 9 volumes from The Complete History of Japanese Photography series
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65667: GILBERT, CHRISTOPHER - The Life and Work of Thomas Chippendale
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72427: GILFILLAN, GEORGE AND CLARKE, CHARLES COWDEN [EDITOR] - The Poetical Works of Charles Churchill. With Memoir, Critical Dissertation, and Explanatory Notes
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59404: GILL, ERIC; KINDERSLEY, DAVID ET AL. - Collection of 9 booklets relating to Eric Gill
59417: GILL, ERIC; KINDERSLEY, DAVID ET AL. - Collection of 10 booklets relating to Eric Gill
59416: GILL, ERIC; KINDERSLEY, DAVID ET AL. - Collection of 10 booklets relating to Eric Gill
66390: GILL, ERIC - Eric Gill: Sculpture (Supported by the Henry Moore Foundation and Assisted by the Welsh Arts Council) [Poster]
59544: GILL, ERIC - Art & Prudence: an Essay
62233: GILL, ERIC - Eric Gill's Bas-Reliefs in Stone for the Palace of Nations, The League of Nations Building in Geneva Switzerland. Original Photographs of Gill and His Work. Plus Correspondence Between Stanley Scott and Geneva, plus typed copies of Gill's description of his work
62226: GILL, ERIC AND OTHERS - Collection of Articles by or on Eric Gill, Taken from Various Periodicals from 1928-1970
69068: GILL, ERIC - The Invisible Man [Postcard]
74566: GILL, ERIC - The Passion of Our Lord According to the Four Evangelists with Five Engravings
75070: GILL, ERIC - An Essay on Typography
69725: GILLESPIE, R. G. [EDITOR] - Settlement and Survival on an Ulster Estate: The Bownlow Leasebook 1667-1711
29799: GILLETT, MAURICE (MO) - Light 'Em Up, Memories of a Lifetime Making Movies
69958: GILLIES, JOHN - The History of Ancient Greece, its Colonies, and Conquests; From the earliest accounts till the division of the Macedonian Empire in the East. Including the history of literature, philosophy, and the fine arts, in two volumes
73677: GILMOUR, MARGARET - Ameliaranne at the Circus
65614: GILMOUR, MARGARET - The Seven Little Spillikins
73088: GILPIN, WILLIAM - Remarks on Forest Scenery, and other Woodland Views, relative chiefly to Picturesque Beauty Illustrated by the Scenes of New Forest in Hampshire. In Three Books [3 Books in 2 Volumes]
33813: GILPIN, WILLIAM - Observations on the Western Parts of England, Relative Chiefly to Picturesque Beauty; to which are added, a few remarks on the Picturesque Beauties of the Isle of Wight
60847: GILPIN, WILLIAM - The Last Work Published of the Rev. William Gilpin, M.A. Prebendary of Salisbury, and Vicar of Boldre, Near Lymington; Representing the Effect of A Morning, a Noon Tide, and An Evening Sun. In Thirty Designs from Nature
60460: GILPIN, WILLIAM - Remarks on Forest Scenery, and Other Woodland Views, (Relative chiefly to Picturesque Beauty) illustrated by the Scenes of New-forest in Hampshire, In Three Books, Volume I & II
73097: GILPIN, WILLIAM - Remarks on Forest Scenery, and Other Woodland Views, (Relative chiefly to Picturesque Beauty) Illustrated by the Scenes of New-Forest in Hampshire (3 books in 2 volumes)
60959: GIMSON, ANDREW - The Desired Effect
74986: GINGELL, P.J. - The History of Wootton Bassett. "A Very Ancient Mayor Towne"
58541: GINSBERG, ALLEN - T. V. Baby Poems
72940: GINSBURG, CHRISTIAN D. - The Moabite Stone: A Fac-simile of the Original Inscription with an English Translation, and a Historical and Critical Commentary
67433: GIORGIO MIESCHER & DAG HENRICHSEN [EDITORS] - New Notes on Kaoko The Northern Kunene Region (Namibia) in texts and photographs
69502: GIOVANNI GHERARDO DE ROSSI - Commedie [4 volumes]
25986: GIRALDUS [ WILLIAM ALLINGHAM ] - Nightingale Valley. A collection including a great number of the choicest lyrics and short poems in the English Language
74290: THE GIRL GUIDES ASSOCIATION; C. S. TATHAM; IRIS MORRISON; A.M. MAYNARD; P.M. CHORLTON AND A.E.SALMON; MRS M.C. MURRAY; BRENDA MORTON; MARGARET MIDDLETON; ALIX LIDDELL - Campcraft for Girl Guides; Camp Prayers for Guides; Games from Many Lands for Brownies and Guides; An ABC of Games; Green Days; The Guide Way of Life; The Woodland Book for Guides and Brownies; The Guide Adventurers; The First 50 Years [9 volumes]
47569: GISSING, GEORGE - The Emancipated, A Novel
75645: GISSING, ALGERNON - The Footpath-Way in Gloucestershire
69882: GITLOW, KYAKAS, WIESSNER, SHULMAN, WHITING, FRANKEL AND MCDOWELL - 6 Volumes on Papua New Guinea Tribes ;Economies of the Mount Hagen Tribes, New Guinea; From Inside the Women's House, Enga Women's Lives and Traditions; Zen Explorations in Remotest New Guinea, Adventures in the Jungles and Mountains of Irian Jaya; Becoming a Kwoma, Teaching and Learning in a New Guinea Tribe; The Huli Response to Illness; The Mundugumor, from the Field Notes of Margaret Mead and Reo Fortune
43434: GITTUS, JOHN - Irradiation Effects In Crystalline Solids
43708: GITTUS, JOHN - Irradiation Effects In Crystalline Solids
63039: GLADSTONE, SUSAN - The Adventures of Bruno and His Friend Chimp
73539: GLADWELL, MALCOLM - Boxed Set of 3 Volumes of Malcolm Gladwell [contains: 'The Tipping Point, How Little things can make a Big Difference', 'Blink, the Power of Thinking without Thinking' and 'Outliers, the Story of Success']
43954: GLAMORGAN COUNTY CRICKET CLUB - Glamorgan County Cricket Club Year Book 1946 And Records 1921-1939
76475: GLANVILLE, ERNEST - In Search of Okapi. A Story of Adventure in Central America
58101: GLASGOW, ROBERTA - The Hardwares of Cheshire: An Eighteenth Century Letter Edited and Explained
61059: GLASSE, HANNAH - The Infant's Friend, or Easy Reading Lessons for Young Children
76469: GLEIG, G.R. - The Light Dragoon
57303: GLOAG, JOHN; FLETCHER, JANET, ET AL. - The Architectural Review: A Magazine of Architecture & Decoration, Vol. LXXV, March 1934, No. 448
41988: GLORIANI, TINA, CORDARA, PIETRO, GLORIANI, DEBORA, [EDITORS] - Light and Shadow in Forms: Sculpture and Painting of Tina Gloriani
60193: GLORY, ANDRE - Bara-Bahau le Bugue-sur-Vezere (Dordogne)
44084: GLOUCESTER AND WEST OF ENGLAND HOLLOWAY SOCIETY - Gloucester and West of England Holloway Society (Register No. 145F.) Rules [Complete Amendment] 1967
52171: GLOUCESTERSHIRE COUNTY CRICKET CLUB - Gloucestershire County Cricket Club, Membership Campaign 1962
52167: GLOUCESTERSHIRE COUNTY CRICKET CLUB - Gloucestershire County Cricket Club Year Books 1967 and 1968, two volumes
42796: GLOVER, CHARLES WILLIAM - The Bashful Young Gentleman
57739: GLOVER, MR. - A Short Account Of the late Application to Parliament Made By The Merchants of London Upon the Neglect of their Trade: With The Substance of the Evidence Thereupon ; As sum'd up by Mr Glover
69564: GLUCKSTEIN, S. M. - The South African Year Book 1903-1904
57004: GOARD, REV. WM. PASCOE - The Second Coming of Our Lord [2 volumes]
62350: GODDARD, RALPH - Vagabond Verse
72002: GODDARD, C. & KALOTAS, K. (EDITORS); REID, J. (EDITOR) - 2 volumes relating to Australian Aborigines - ; Body, Land and Spirit: Health and Healing in Aboriginal Society (2 volumes)
73775: GODDEN, GEOFFREY A. - Encyclopaedia of British Pottery and Porcelain Marks
51699: GODDEN, RUMER - Cromartie V. the God Shiva Acting Through the Government of India
73977: GODDEN, GEOFFREY A. - Encyclopaedia of British Pottery and Porcelain Marks
10323: GODEFROY, THEODORE - Histoire Du Chevalier Bayard, Lieutenant General Pour Le Roy au Gouvernement de Daulphine, et de Plusieurs Choses Memorables Advenues En France, Italie, Espagne, & Eyre & Spottiswoode Pays bas, -..depuis l'an 1489, iusques a 1524
75035: GODEFROY, ROSSIGNEUX AND LEMERCIER - La Normandie Historique, Pittoresque et Monumentale ou Souvenirs d'un Voyage sur les Bords de la Seine. Illustree de 50 Dessins
72758: GODFREY-FAUSSETT, E.G.; MORGAN, D. FRANCIS AND SCOTT, ERNEST; "A SIGNALLING OFFICER"; HMSO - Flags: Their Design and Use; Signalling for Scouts; The Boy Scouts Complete Signalling Instructor; Signal Training Part VI: Procedure [4 volumes]
42874: GODFREY, RICHARD, [TEXT] - Gordon Cooke, Catalogue Two: Prints by Walter Richard Sickert (1860 - 1942)
42780: GODFREY, DAN - The Orchid. Lancers by Dan Godfrey; On Melodies by Ivan Caryll and Lionel Monckton
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70566: GODOLPHIN, MARY - The Swiss Family Robinson , arranged in words of one syllable for young children
47927: GODWIN, H. - The History of British Flora: A factual basis for phytogeography
26669: GODWYN, THOMAS - Romanae Historiae Anthlogia Recognita et Aucta - An English Exposition of the Roman Antiquities... For the Use of Abingdon Schoole. Bound with Moses and Aaron. Civil and Ecclesiastical Rites, used by the ancient Hebrewes, observed and at large opened... H
74767: GOEDARTIO, JOANNE [GOEDAERT, JOHANNES] - Metamorphosis Et Historia Naturalis Insectorum. Vol 1 only of 3
44579: GOETHE, JOHANN WOLFGANG VON - Hermann und Dorothea [Miniature]
56640: GOETHE, JOHANN WOLFGANG VON - Goethe's Werke, Band I. - XX. [20 volumes in 10]
73543: LE GOFF, JACQUES - L'Imaginaire Medieval Essais
76038: GOLANY, GIDEON [EDITOR] - Housing in Arid Lands
49667: GOLD, DAN - How to use your Canon 35mm Camera [An Alfred Handy Guide]
73210: GOLDBERG, PAUL - The Yid
71745: GOLDEN QUILL, RADHA, KAA, TING, AND OTHERS- - 16 Boy Scouts Association Books: The Bran Tub (x2) no.1; Outdoor Treasure Hunt no.7; Guide and Observer no.8; Modelling for Cubs no.9; Cyclist Badge no.10; The Way to the Stars no.11; Patrol Activities no.1; Training in Observation no.9; The Patrol Year no.12; Signalling for the Patrol no.8; Patrol Corners and Dens no.16; Lightweight Cooking no.17; Patrol Meeting Blueprints no.22; Raising the Wind no.24; Setting the First and Second Class Journeys no.19
13698: GOLDIE, GRACE WYNDHAM - The Liverpool Repertory Theatre 1911 - 1934
71738: GOLDING, HARRY - Bully Boy : The story of a Bulldog and his best Friend Jock
63049: GOLDING, WILLIAM - The Inheritors
26625: GOLDSCHEIDER, L - Michelangelo , Paintings , Sculptures , Architecture
56446: GOLDSMID, EDMUND [EDITOR] - The Pretty Gentleman; or, Softness of Manners Vindicated from the false Ridicule Exhibited under the Character of William Fribble
16174: GOLDSMITH, OLIVER - The Traveller, or, A Prospect of Society. A Poem inscribed to the Rev. Mr. Henry Goldsmith.
16583: DR. GOLDSMITH - The Roman History, from the Foundation of the City of Rome, to the Destruction of the Western Empire, Volume the First [ of 2 ]
22909: GOLDSMITH, OLIVER - The Vicar of Wakefield. A Tale - two volumes in one
62746: GOLDSMITH, OLIVER; MASSON, PROFESSOR - The Miscellaneous Works of Oliver Goldsmith [The Globe Edition]
35200: GOLDSMITH, OLIVER - The Vicar of Wakefield, A Tale
75382: GOLDSMITH, OLIVER - The Vicar of Wakefield
58983: GOLDSMITH, OLIVER [EDITED BY JOHN FRANCIS WALLER] - The Works of Oliver Goldsmith Illustrated: Vicar of Wakefield, Selected Poems, And Comedies. With introduction, notes, and a life of Oliver Goldsmith
73453: GOLDSMITH, REV. J. PSEUD. [I.E. SIR RICHARD PHILLIPS.] - The Biographical Class Book; consisting of four hundred and fifty lives of distinguished characters of all ages and countries: arranged as lessons for every day in the year for the use of schools
46182: GOLDSMITH, OLIVER - The Deserted Village of Oliver Goldsmith illustrated by The Etching Club
47527: GOLDSMITH, OLIVER; BIGLAND, J - Dr. Goldsmith's Abridged History of England, from the Invasion of Julius Caesar, to the Death of George II. To Which Is Added, A very Extensive and Faithful Continuation To The Death Of George III., And Also Of The First Seven Years of The Reign of George IV. And down to the Death of the Duke of York
46970: GOLDSMITH, REV. J, PSEUD. [I.E. SIR RICHARD PHILLIPS.] - The British Empire In 1829; being a popular grammar of British Geography in the four quarters of the world
46686: GOLDSMITH, OLIVER - Letters from a Citizen of the World to his Friends In The East, [Vol 1 only]
59810: GOLDSMITH, OLIVER - The Vicar of Wakefield
67806: GOLDSMITH, OLIVER - The Vicar of Wakefield
63178: GOLDSMITH, OLIVER - The Vicar of Wakefield, [The Series of English Idylls]
51290: GOLDSTEIN, DAVID - Jewish Festival Songs, for Recorder Trio (SAT)
57868: GOLDSTON, WILL - Tricks and illusions For Amateur and Professional Conjurers
57545: GOLE, SUSAN - Cyprus on the Table: Maps of Cyprus in British Government Papers 1878-1920
57369: GOLE, SUSAN AND SCLAVENTIS, COSTOULA [EDITOR] - Maps of the Mediterranean Regions Published in British Parliamentary Papers 1801-1921
74133: GOLOVINSKY, M. - A New English-Russian and Russian-English Dictionary containing the whole vocabulary in general use with copious selections of scientific, technical and commercial terms and others lately brought into use with their pronounciation figured
60800: GOMBRICH, E. H. - The Story of Art; Meditations on a Hobby Horse; Tributes; & The Image and the Eye, [4 volumes]
74104: GOMEZ DE QUEVEDO VILLEGAS, FRANCISCO, L'ESTRANGE, ROGER [TRANSLATOR] - The Visions of Dom Francisco de Quevedo Villegas, Knight of the Order of St. James.
66259: GOMME, GEORGE LAURENCE - The Gentleman's Magazine Library: English Topography (Part XI, Staffordshire-Suffolk)
69367: GOMME, GEORGE LAURENCE [EDITED BY] - 2 volumes from the Gentleman's Magazine Library , Manners and Customs , and , English Traditions and Foreign Customs
39951: DE GONCOURT, EDMOND & JULES - L'Art du Dix-Huitieme Siecle, Tomes I & II [Art of the Eighteenth Century, 2 volumes]
51642: GONNEVILLE, COLONEL DE; YONGE, CHARLOTTE M.[EDITOR] - Recollections of Colonel De Gonneville-, in 2 volumes
59303: GONSE, LOUIS - L'Art Gothique, L' Architecture La Peinture - La Sculpture le Décor
37650: GONZALEZ-PALACIOS, ALVAR - Una raccolta di orologi antichi [A Collection of Antique Clocks]
46407: GOOD, ALFRED A. - Ford Car, Truck And Tractor Repair
73134: GOOD, ALFRED A. - Ford Car, Truck and Tractor Repair
56482: GOOD HOUSEKEEPING - 100 Ideas for Tea
71926: GOODACRE, HUGH - Land of the Ridge and Furrow and other Poems
72662: GOODALL, MICHAEL. H. - The Wight Aircraft. The History of Aviation Department of J. Samuel White & Co. Ltd. 1913-1919
69580: GOODBODY, OLIVE, AND HUTTON, B. G. - Guide to Irish Quaker Records 1654-1860 , with a contribution on Northern Ireland Records
49298: GOODCHILD, R. I. G. & CARRUTHERS, M. I. K. ET AL. - Best Book for Children
49775: GOODCHILD, GEORGE - Companion To Sirius: A New Mclean Mystery
67676: GOODING, LEONARD W - The City Musical Union (G C Sprenger, Vice-President 1938-1942, President 1942-1947)
76325: GOODRICH, SAMUEL G. (SAMUEL GRISWOLD); PARLEY, PETER [EDITOR] - Gilbert The Adventurer: Or, Travels in Distant Countries
46472: GOODRICH, FRANK B - The Sea and Her Famous Sailors, of all ages and nations
74550: GOODRICH, EDWIN S - Studies on The Structure & Development of Vertebrates
61100: GOODRICH, S. G. - Take Care of Number One; or Good to Me Includes Good to Thee
76319: GOODWIN, PHILIP - The Mystery of Dreames [Dreams], Historically Discoursed; Or a Treatise; Wherein is clearly Discovered, The secret yet certain Good or Evil, the inconsidered and yet assured Truth or Falsity, Virtue or Vanity, Misery of Mercy, of mens differing Dreames
67871: GOODWIN, GILLIAN - The Good Housewife Rare Receipts
38565: GOOSSEN, E. C. - The Art of the Real USA 1948-1968
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74632: GOSS, JOHN - The Organist's Companion, A Series of Voluntaries, for the Commencement, Middle and Conclusion of Divine Service; Chiefly Selected and Arranged from the Celebrated Works of Handel, Bach, Graun, Haydn, Mozart, Rink &c. Also a Collection of Interludes, or Short Symphonies, to be Played between the Verses of the Psalms and Hymns. Vol 1 and Vol 2. Two Volumes
72017: GOSSE, PHILIP HENRY - A Handbook to the Marine Aquarium: containing Practical Instructions for Constructing, Stocking, and Maintaining a Tank, and for Collecting Plants and Animals.
72913: GOSSE, PHILIP - My Pirate Library
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57159: GOULD, REV S. BARING - Evening Hymn for Children
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69729: GOULD, NAT - The Lottery Colt
68078: GOURLIE, NORAH - A Winter with Finnish Lapps
65638: GOVERNMENT OF INDIA - Imperial Gazetteer of India , provincial series, Hyderabad State
73198: GOVGE [GOUGE], WILLIAM - Of Domesticall Dvties [Domestical Duties]. Eight Treatises. I. An Exposition of that part of Scripture out of which Domesticall Duties are raised. II.1. A Right Coniunction [conjunction] of Man and Wife. 2.Common-mutuall [mutual] Duties betwixt Man and Wife. III. Particular Duties of Wiues [wives]. IV. Particular Duties of Husbands. V. Duties of Children. VI. Duties of Parents. VII. Duties of Seruants [servants]. VIII. Duties of Masters.
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74757: GRAHAM, JAMES, [ HIGGINS, JACK ] - The Khufra Run
74834: GRAHAM, JAMES [JACK HIGGINS] - A Game for Heroes
75048: GRAHAM ROBERTS, MOIRA ROBERTSON AND OTHERS [EDITORS] - Five Programmes for the 3 Choirs Festival ;Volume 1: Three Choirs Festival 1970, Volume 2: Three Choirs Festival 1971, Volume 3: Three Choirs Festival 1972, Volume 4: Three Choirs Festival 1973, Volume 5: Three Choirs Festival 1974
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30577: GRAHAME, KENNETH - Life Letters and Unpublished Work
72705: GRAHAME-WHITE, CLAUDE, AND HARPER, HARRY - Air Power, Naval, Military, Commercial
56335: GRAHAME, KENNETH - Dream Days
56336: GRAHAME, KENNETH - The Golden Age
74272: LE GRAND, M. - A Voyage to Abyssinia, By Father Jerome Lobo, A Portuguese Missionary , containing the History, Natural, Civil Ecclesiastical, of that remote and unfrequented country: with fifteen dissertations on varius subjects, relating to antiquities, government, religion, manners, and natural history, of Abyssinia
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43730: GRAVES, JOHN W, WORK, HENRY C, ET AL. - Ballads And Roundelays, Madrigals and Songs Of Praise, Songs Of Honour and Marching Lilts, [Songs Of The Immortals series, in 3 volumes]
32724: GRAY, JOHN, M - David Scott, R.S.A. and His Works, With a Catalogue of His Paintings, Engravings, and Designs
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46727: GRAY, ANNIE - The King's Army
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58355: GRAY, THOMAS - The Poetical Works of Thomas Gray, with some account of his life and writings. The whole carefully revised; and illustrated by notes, original and selected. To which are annexed, Poems written by, addressed to, or in memory of, Mr. Gray; several of which were never before collected
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74158: GRAY, NICK - Escape from Tibet
62108: GRAY, THOMAS - The Poetical Works of Thomas Gray
45426: GRAYSON, RUPERT - Gun Cotton in Mexico
39270: GRAZEBROOK, H. SYDNEY - The Heraldry of Smith: Being a collection of the arms borne by, or attributed to, most families of that surname in Great Britain, Ireland and Germany, Compiled from the Harleian Mss. and other authentic sources
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74488: GREATER LONDON COUNCIL - Thomas Jones (1742-1803) First Exhibition of the Artist's Recently Discovered Oil Sketches of Wales, Rome and Naples
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52695: GREEN, JOHN RICHARD - A Short History of the English People
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70609: GREEN, O. M. - Shanghai of Today: A Souvenir Album of Thirty-Eight Vandyke Prints of "The Model Settlement"
48782: GREEN, HENRY - Back
75135: GREEN, H.G. - The Asymptotes Of Plane Curves, with a handwritten letter from the author
59722: GREEN, ANNA KATHARINE - The Great Detective Story, The Leavenworth Case
30588: GREENAWAY, KATE - The Marigold Painting Book
31998: GREENAWAY, KATE - Painting Book , with outlines from her various works
73799: GREENAWAY, KATE - Alphabet
72524: GREENAWAY, KATE - Kate Greenaway's Almanack for 1894
72529: GREENAWAY, KATE - Kate Greenaway's Almanack and Diary for 1897
62345: GREENAWAY, KATE [ILLUSTRATOR] - Mother Goose [Sample Copy]
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62230: GREENAWAY, KATE AND OTHERS - Collection of 5 volumes Illustrated by Kate Greenaway
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72523: GREENAWAY, KATE - Kate Greenaway's Almanack for 1893 (with signature and original artwork)
72528: GREENAWAY, KATE - Almanack for 1889 (with signature and original watercolour by the author)
72526: GREENAWAY, KATE - Almanack for 1890
72522: GREENAWAY, KATE - Almanack for 1883
63851: GREENE, VIVIEN - Family Dolls' Houses; & English Dolls' Houses of the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries [2 volumes]
64511: GREENFIELD, W. - The Polymicrian Greek Lexicon to the New Testament-
43060: GREENTHAL, KATHRYN - Augustus Saint-Gaudens, Master Sculptor
36621: GREENVILLE, ARTHUR - Les Cloches de Corneville [Bells of Corneville] Lancers
56197: A. R. G. [GREENWAY, ADA RUNDALL] - A.R.G. Verses
64883: GREENWOOD, TED - Obstreperous
37916: GREENWOOD, THOMAS - Free Public Libraries, their organisation, uses and management
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72170: GREENWOOD, JAMES - The Bear King. A Narrative Confided to the Marines
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51934: GREENWOOD, G G - In re Shakespeare Beeching v Greenwood: Rejoinder on Behalf of the Defendant
50764: GREGORIETTI, GUIDO AND OTHERS - Il Museo Poldi Pezzoli
49896: GREGORY, JOHN - A Father's Legacy to his Daughters
73524: GREIG, JOHN [EDITOR] - The Musical Educator: A Library of Musical Instruction by Eminent Specialists [5 volumes]
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69869: GREY, GEORGE; FERDON, EDWIN N.; GOLDMAN, IRVING; SUGGS, ROBERT C. - Polynesian Mythology; Early Tonga as the Explorers saw it 1616-1810; The Mouth of Heaven; The Hidden Worlds of Polynesia [4 volumes relating to Polynesia]
70531: GREY, C. G. - All the World's Aircraft. (Originally Known as "All the World's Airships".) (War Flying Annual.) [9th year of issue]
73438: GREY, W. E. - The 2nd City of London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers) in the Great War (1914-1919)
72991: GREY, G.C. [EDITOR] - The Aeroplane (69 copies from 1911-1914)
73231: GREY, EDWARD - Fly-Fishing
72552: GREY, G.C. [EDITOR] - The Aeroplane (35 copies from 1915)
19125: GREY, DR. R. - Memoria Technica
19125: GREY, DR. R. - Memoria Technica
61467: GREY, RICHARD - Memoria Technica; or, a New Method of Artificial Memory: Applied to, and Exemplified in Chronology, History, Geography, Astronomy; Also, Jewish, Grecian, and Roman Coins, Weights, and Measures, &c. with Tables Proper to the Respective Sciences; and Memorial Lines Adapted to Each Table
47106: LE GRICE, E. C. - Norwich Cathedral, Its Interest and Beauty, Volumes 1 & 2
51646: GRIER, WILLIAM - The Mechanic's Calculator, and the Mechanic's Pocket Dictionary, [in 2 volumes]
76377: GRIER, LYNDA - Achievement In Education: The Work Of Michael Ernest Sadler 1885-1935
58313: GRIER, WILLIAM - The Mechanic's Pocket Dictionary; Being a Note Book of Technical Terms, Rules, and Tables in Mathematics and Mechanics
75155: GRIFFIN, JOE. TYRRELL, IVAN - Hypnosis and Trance States. A new psychobiological explanation.
76434: GRIFFIS, WILLIAM ELLIOT - Japanese Fairy World. Stories from the Wonder-Lore of Japan
58986: GRIFFITH, C. J. - The Romance of the Sky: The story of star-gazing and star-tracing, being an introduction to the study of astronomy
69731: GRIFFITH, JAMES S. - Mexican Masks from the Cordry Collection
35773: GRIFFITHS, ANTONY - The Print in Stuart Britain, 1603-1689
73689: GRIFFITHS, RALPH [EDITOR] - The Monthly Review; or, Literary Journal: From July to December, Inclusive, MDCCLXXXIX. [1789] With an appendix, Volume LXXXI.
73690: GRIFFITHS, RALPH [EDITOR] - The Monthly Review; or, Literary Journal: From January to June, Inclusive, MDCCLXXXIX.[1789] Volume LXXX.
41711: GRIFFITHS, RALPH, [EDITOR] - The Monthly Review, Vol. LXII. January to June 1780
70226: GRIMALDI F.S.A., STACEY - Origines Genealogicae; or the Sources Whence English Genealogies May Be Traced from the Conquest to the Present Time
28302: GRIMM BROTHERS - The Blue Lamp
65582: GRINDROD, CHARLES F. - Malvern: What to See and Where to Go
67698: GRINFIELD, CHARLES VAUGHAN - A Century of Acrostics on the Most Eminent Names in Literature, Science and Art down to the Present Time Chronologically Arranged
63133: GRINT, KEITH [EDITOR] - Leadership: Classical, Contemporary, and Critical Approaches
74916: GRISHAM, JOHN - The Chamber
74915: GRISHAM, JOHN - The Brethren
74913: GRISHAM, JOHN - Calico Joe
74914: GRISHAM, JOHN - The Broker
74846: GRISHAM, JOHN - The Rainmaker
74872: GRISHAM, JOHN - Camino Island; The Firm; A Painted House [3 volumes]
74907: GRISHAM, JOHN - Gray Mountain and The Litigators [2 volumes]
74977: GRISHAM, JOHN - The Pelican Brief
74993: GRISHAM, JOHN - The Firm
74881: GRISHAM, JOHN - The Last Juror
74880: GRISHAM, JOHN - The King of Torts
57049: GROARKE, VONA - Flight
69064: GROS, C - Numa Pompilius, Second Roi de Rome
69063: GROS, C - First Step to French Conversation (in Two Parts)
50739: GROSE, FRANCIS - Military Antiquities Respecting a History of the English Army from the Conquest to the Present Time, including A Treatise on Ancient Armour and Weapons, in two volumes [2 volumes]
44442: GROSER, HORACE G - Bertha Pemberthy; Or, "The Gift That Is In Thee."
41466: GROSS, ALEXANDER - Map of Northern Counties
59557: GROSS, ALEXANDER - "Geographia" Map of Lancashire & Yorkshire
64193: GROSS, ALEXANDER - The Daily Telegraph Gazetteer War Map, No. 4
76402: GROSS, ALEXANDER - The Balkan States [map]
69493: GROSS, KENNETH - The Dream of the Moving Statue
66394: GROVE F.R.G.S., MRS LILLY AND OTHERS - Dancing , from the Badminton Library with musical examples
43520: GROVE, MRS LILLY, ET AL. - Dancing, with musical examples, [The Badminton Library of Sports and Pastimes]
60287: GRUBB, SARAH - Some Account of the Life and Religious Labours of Sarah Grubb. With an Appendix, Containing an Account of Ackworth School, Remarks on Christian Discipline and Extracts from Her Letters
67912: GRUBER, ALAIN, (EDITED BY) - The History of Decorative Arts (The Renaissance and Mannerism in Europe)
72856: GRUNDY, NIGEL J. H. - In the footsteps of W. L. Wyllie RA: The Old Portsmouth Trail 1906-1931
76331: GRUNDY, SYDNEY - The Snowball: A Farcical Comedy, in Three Acts [Also includes The Man Proposes, A Little Change, and more - 10 Plays in 1 Volume]
67544: GUALDO PRIORATO, GALEAZZO, CONTE - The History of the Sacred and Royall Majesty of Christina Alessandra, Queen of Swedland, with the reasons of her late Resignation of that Crown, and the manner thereof. As also the motives of her conversion to the Romane Catholique Religion. Together with a Relation of the Severall Entertainments given by her divers Princes in her Journey to Rome and her magnificent reception into that City.
65858: GUARINI, BATTISTA - Il Pastor Fido (Tragicomedia Pastorale, del Signor Cavalier)
13695: GUEDALLA, PHILIP - The Hundred Years
72587: GUENEE, M. A. - 3 volumes from Histoire Naturelle des Insectes , Species General des Lepidopteres par MM. Boisduval et Guenee. Tome cinqieme, sixieme, and VII , Noctuelites par . A. Guenee Tome I, II, and III
56272: GUERINI, FEDERIGA - Bianca Romualdi Romanzo
37497: GUERNSEY, EGBERT - Homoeopathic Domestic Practice, containing also chapters on physiology, hygiene, anatomy, and an abridged materia medica
74772: GUERNSEY, E., THOMAS, H. (EDITOR) - Homoeopathic Domestic Practice
46324: GUILLAUD, MAURICE - Frescoes by Masaccio In the Brancacci Chapel, Along with the Frescoes by Masolino and Filippino Lippi
70600: GUILLEMIN, AMEDEE - The World of Comets
69273: GUILLEMIN, C. - Mineraux D'Uranium Du Haut Katanga
66103: GUINNESS - Guinness Scrapbook
66098: GUINNESS - Songs of out Grandfathers Re-Set in Guinness Time
66096: GUINNESS - The Guinness Legends and other verses
66097: GUINNESS - Prodigies and Prodigals
62252: GUIZOT, F.; HAZLITT, WILLIAM [TRANSLATOR] - History of the English Revolution of 1640: from the Accession of Charles I. to His Death
60852: GUIZOT, MADAME - Histoire D'un Louis d'Or, [Bibliotheque des Enfants]
60898: GUIZOT, MME - Eudoxie, ou L'Orgueil Permis, Suivi de la Pauvre Francou, Édouard et Eugénie, ou le sac Brodé et L'Habit Neuf
68063: LA GUMA, ALEX - Jimmy la Guma (Voices of Black South Africans Series No. 2)
62148: GUOZI SHUDIAN - Calendar in Esperanto
62476: GUPPY, H. B. - Observations of a Naturalist in The Pacific Between 1896 and 1899- Volume II: Plant-Dispersal (vol 2 only)
45233: GUPPY, HENRY, [INTRODUCTION] - English Incunabula in The John Rylands Library: A Catalogue of Books Printed in England and of English Books Printed Abroad Between the Years 1475 and 1500
60897: GUY, JOSEPH - Guy's British Spelling Book; or, an Easy Introduction to Spelling and Reading, in Seven Parts; - Containing a Great Variety of Easy Lessons, Exactly Adapted to the Capacities of Youth; and Arranged in a New, Easy, and Pleasing Order; the Tables of Words Divided and Accented According to the Purest Modes of Pronunciation
72582: GUYOT, M. - Nouvelles Recreations Physiques et Mathematiques, Contenant ce qui a ete imagine de plus precieux dans ce genre et qui se decouvre journellement, Auxquelles on a joint les causes, leurs effets, la maniere de les construire, et l'amusement qu'on en peut tirer pour etonner et surprendre agreablement. [3 volumes]
62766: GWYN EVANS, MIKE HIGGS, W. A. BALLINGER ET AL - Collection of 6 Sexton Blake Books
46330: GWYNN, MAJOR-GENERAL SIR CHARLES W. - Imperial Policing
47019: GWYNN, JOHN - The Apocalypse of St. John, in a syriac version hitherto unknown; edited, (from a MS. In the library of the Earl of Crawford and Balcarres), with critical notes on the syriac text, and an annotated reconstruction of the underlying Greek text, to which is prefixed an introduction dissertation on the syriac versions of the apocalypse, by the editor, [Dublin University Press Series]
47963: GWYNN, SIR CHARLES W. - Imperial Policing
69578: GWYNN, AUBREY AND O'BRIEN, GERARD [EDITOR] - Celtic Studies: The Irish Church in the Eleventh and Twelfth Centuries
76327: GWYNNE, TALBOT - The School for Fathers, an Old English Story
64086: HAASL, E; HEUSCHEN, G. F. ET AL. - P. P. Rubens
43117: HABASHI, FATHI, [EDITOR] - A History of Metallurgy
37220: HABBERTON, JOHN - Helen's Babies
64619: HACK, MARIA - Stories of Animals, intended for children, 1st & 2nd series [2 volumes]
60812: HACK, MARIA - Harry Beaufoy; or, The Pupil of Nature
65313: HACK, MARIA - Winter Evenings; or, Tales of Travellers, [4 volumes]
69470: HADDRELL, TREVOR - Panoramic Bristol: Fifty Engravings and Linocuts
64201: HADIDI, DR. ADNAN [EDITOR] - Studies in the History and Archaeology of Jordan, Volumes 1-3
70564: HADLEY F.C.S., E. B. - Profitable Manuring for Hay Crops & Pastures
56940: HADSBURG, GEZA VON; SITWELL, SACEVERELL; STRONG, ROY; BAINBRIDGE, HENRY CHARLES - Faberge Fantasies & Treasures; A Souvenir Album of Faberge from the Royal Collection; Faberge 1846-1920; Special Coronation Exhibition of the Work of Carl Faberge Including Slected Items from the Royal Collection at Sandringham, Peter Carl Faberge Goldsmith and Jeweller to the Russian Imperial Court, His Life and Work [5 volumes]
71977: HAEN, ANTONII DE - Ratio Medendi in Nosocomio Practico Vindobonensi [Reasons and Cures in Hospital Practice Vienna]
36135: HAES, E C M - Orthopteroid insects of Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly: a revised provisional atlas
42099: A. HAES - Calendar for 1902, with the Compliments of the Season from A. Haes, Gents. Up-to-Date Military Outfitter
39128: HAFFTKA, MICHAEL. ESSAY BY PROF. SAM HUNTER - Michael Hafftka: New Paintings, September 23 - October 31 1987
62712: HAGELIN, OVE - Rare and Important Medical Books, in the Library of the Swedish Society of Medicine, A Descriptive and Annotated Catalogue
76128: HAGGAR, REGINALD G. - A Century of Art Education in the Potteries, With notes on the artists
74154: HAGGARD, H RIDER - Cleopatra, Being an Account of the Fall and Vengeance of Hamarchis, the Royal Egyptian, as set forth by his own hand
74377: HAGGARD, H RIDER - Ayesha: The Return of She
51899: HAGGARD, H RIDER - Montezuma's Daughter, Pearl-Maiden, Jess, [Newnes' Sixpenny Novels illustrated, 3 volumes in 1]
74153: HAGGARD, H RIDER - King Solomon's Mines
61613: HAHN, HERBERT - Das Goldene Kastchen
75137: HAHNEMANN, SAMUEL - Organon Of Medicine
57224: HAI-HO CONSERVANCY BOARD 1898-1919 - Hai-Ho Conservancy Board 1898-1919, A Resume of Conservancy Operations on Hai Ho and Taku Bar Comiled by Order of the Board
62996: HAIG-BROWN, HILDA AND WALTHEW, ZILLAH - The Canal Children [The Heritage Story Books]
76014: HAINES, MRS - The History of Duntisbourne Abbotts Gloucestershire
75893: HAINING, P; ASIMOV, I; BRADBURY, R; MASUR, H. Q.; WAUGH, H - The Nightmare Reader, The Wild Night Company, Murder Most Foul, Merchants Of Menace [4 volumes]
47264: HAIR, T H - Sketches of the Coal Mines in Northumberland and Durham
67172: HAIR, DONALD S. - Tennyson's Language
68009: HAKUSEKI, ARAI & ACKROYD, JOYCE [TRANSLATOR] - Told Round a Brushwood Fire, The Autobiography of Arai Hakuseki
64169: HALAS, JOHN AND MANVELL, ROGER - Design in Motion
73794: HALBERT'S FAMILY HERITAGE - The World Book of Boyds
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29887: HANMER, MEREDITH [TRANSLATOR] - The Ancient Ecclesiastical Histories of the First Six Hundred Yeares After Christ, written in the Greek tongue by ...Eusebius, Socrates, and Euagrius... to which is annexed The Lives, The Ends, And The Martyrdomes of the Prophets, Apostles, and Seventie D
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67817: HARDY, PHIL [EDITOR] - Raoul Walsh
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73837: HARDY, R.H.N. - Steam in the Blood
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75806: HARE, JOHN - The Lost Camels of Tartary; Mysteries of the Gobi [2 volumes]
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52376: HAROLD DAVISON LIMITED - Lionel Hampton and His Orchestra Presented on its First British Tour, Oct-Nov 1956 [programme]
62399: HAROLD MARKHAM, A. HARCOURT BURRAGE, J. T. GORMAN ET AL - The Book of Scout Stories
16581: HARPER, CHARLES G. - English Pen Artists of To-day, examples of their work with some criticisms and appreciations
63913: HARRAL, THOMAS [SAMUEL IRELAND] - Picturesque Views of the Severn with Historical and Topographical Illustrations
13820: HARRE, R. (EDITOR) - Life Sentences, aspects of the social role of language
31722: HARRIET BEECHER STOWE - Tales and Sketches of New England Life: Comprising ''The May Flower'' and other Miscellaneous Writings
69565: HARRIET BEECHER STOWE - Uncle Tom's Cabin: A Tale of Life Among the Lowly
60814: HARRINGTON, PETER [EDITOR] - 101 Ways to Increase Sales: Ready to use Tips for Everyone in the Business of Boosting Sales
15335: HARRIOTT, JOHN - Struggles Through Life Exemplified in Various Travels and Adventures in Europe, Asia, Africa and America, of John Harriott Esq., resident Magistrate of the Thames Police, to which are added Thoughts on the Subject of the Police, suggestions Arising from t
31988: HARRIS, JOEL CHANDLER - Uncle Remus and Brer Rabbit
52919: HARRIS, J HENRY - Cornish Saints & Sinners
52817: HARRIS, D. W. - Maritime History of Rhyl and Rhuddlan
52632: HARRIS, JOHN - Gardens of Delight: the Rococo English landscape of Thomas Robins the elder by John Harris, with natural history notes by Dr Martyn Rix. Two Volumes
59245: HARRIS, F. R. - A 7500-S.HP Gas-Turbine for Naval Boost Propulsion
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64308: HARRIS, JOHN AND HIGGOTT, GORDON - Inigo Jones: Complete Architectural Drawings
64882: HARRIS, GRAEME AND MORGAN, MOC - Successful Sea Trout Angling, The Practical Guide
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72458: HARRIS, GEORGE F. - Collection of 56 black and white photos related to photographer George F. Harris
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65711: HARRIS, THADDEUS WILLIAM - A Treatise on Some of the Insects Injurious to Vegetation
43463: HARRIS, J E, EDINGTON, J W, EYRE, B L, ET AL. - The Ray Smallman Symposium; Towards The Millennium: A Materials Perspective -Proceedings Of A Meeting Held At The University Of Birmingham On 27 April 1995 To Celebrate Ray Smallman's 65th Year And His 30 Years As A Professor At The University Of Birmingham
49407: HARRIS, JAMES - Miscellanies by James Harris: Vol. I. Three Treatises; Vol. II. Hermes or a philosophical inquiry concerning universal grammar; Vol. III. Philosophical Arrangements; Vol. IV. Philological Inquiries in three parts, [in 4 volumes]
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75276: HART, COLONEL H.G. - The New Annual Army List, Militia List and Indian Civil Service List for 1870 (Being the Thirty-First Annual Volume) Containing Dates of Commissions, and a Statement of the War Services and Wounds of nearly every Officer in the Army, Ordnance, Marines, and Indian Staff Corps, and Indian Local Forces. Corrected to the 31st December 1869, with an index
75282: HART, LIEUTENANT GENERAL H.G. [EDITED BY HIS SON] - The New Annual Army List, Militia List, Yeomanry Cavalry List, and Indian Civil Service List for 1882 (Being the Forty-Third Annual Volume) Containing Dates of Commissions, and a Summary of the War Services of nearly every Officer in the Army, Ordnance, Marines, and Indian Staff Corps, and Indian Local Forces. Corrected to the 30th December 1881, with an index
69234: HART, DAVID M. - Tribe and Society in Rural Morocco
56470: HART, H. G. - The New Annual Army List, Militia List, for 1863 (Being the Twenty Fourth Annual Volume,) Containing Dates of Commissions and a Statement of the War Services and Wounds of Nearly Every Officer in the Army, Ordnace, Marines, and Bengal Staff Corps, 29th December, 1862, With an Index
56429: HART-DAVIS, RUPERT - Hugh Walpole: A Biography
56468: HART, H. G. - The New Annual Army List, Militia List, Yeomanry Cavalry List, and Indian Civil Service List, for 1892 (Being the Fifty-Third Annual Volume,) Containing Dates of Commissions and a Summary of the War Services of Nearly Every Officer in the Army, Supply &c Departements, Marines, and Indian Staff Corps, and Indian Local Force, Correct to the 31st December, 1891, With an Index
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69804: HART, H. G. - The New Annual Army List, Militia List, and Indian Civil Service List, For 1873, Containing Dates of Commissions, and a Statement of the War Services and Wounds of Nearly Every Officer in the Army, Ordinance, Marines, and Indian Staff Corps, and Indian Local Forces. Corrected to the 31st December, 1872.
69805: HART, H. G. - The New Annual Army List, Militia List, and Indian Civil Service List, For 1871, Containing Dates of Commissions, and a Statement of the War Services and Wounds of Nearly Every Officer in the Army, Ordinance, Marines, and Indian Staff Corps, and Indian Local Forces. Corrected to the 30th December, 1870
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69813: HART, LIEUTENANT GENERAL H. G. HART - The New Annual Army List, Militia, Yeomanry Cavalry List, and Indian Civil Service List, for 1883
34997: HARTE, BRET - The Queen of the Pirate Isle
74624: HARTLEY, MARY - Manuscript Music Book for Piano c1869
74623: HARTLEY, MARY - Manuscript Music Book for Piano c1860
74639: HARTLEY, MARY - Manuscript music book c1861 including Adelaide by Beethoven; The Sailor Sighs and Adieu by Joseph Roeckel
67456: HARTLEY, DOROTHY, AND ELLIOT, MARGARET M - Life and Work of the People of England (The People's Life & Work Series): The Eleventh to Thirteenth Centuries AD 1000-1300; The Fourteenth Century; The Fifteenth Century [3 volumes]
75596: HARTLEY, DOROTHY - Food in England
63022: HARTMAN, ROBERT - Mr. Buffin Buys a Goat
26634: HARVEY, ANDREW - Love's Fire , Re-creations of Rumi
33731: HARVEY, WILLIAM HENRY - The Atlas of British Seaweeds, and Synopsis of British Seaweeds, from Professor Harvey's Phycologia Britannica [2 volumes]
65891: HARVEY, SIR PAUL [COMPILER AND EDITOR] - The Oxford Comapnion to English Literature
64906: HARVEY, F. J. - 1000 Dumb-bell, Indian Club and Steel Bar Exercises, The Muscles and How to Develop Them, Pyramids for Srong Men, Gymnasts etc, 1076 Exercises on Horizontal and parallel Bars, Rings and Horse [4 volumes related to Physical training and Gymnastics]
60621: HARVIE-BROWN, J. A. AND BUCKLEY, THOMAS E. - A Vertebrate Fauna of the Moray Basin, Volumes I & II
40041: HASAN, BURHAN IBN, [TRANSLATED BY S. MUHAMMAD HUSAYN NAINAR] - Tuzak-I-Walajah Part 1 and 2, [Sources of the History of the Nawwabs of the Carnatic, Madras University Islamic Series No. 1 and 4, in 2 volumes]
74120: HASEGAWA, TAKEJIRO, JAMES, T. H.[TRANSLATOR] - Japanese Fairy Tale Series No. 10. The Matsuyama Mirror.
36020: HASEGAWA, SHUHEI - Japanese children's book - Sleepless
76511: HASEGAWA, TAKEJIRO; JAMES, T H [TRANSLATOR] - The Matsuyama Mirror (Japanese Fairy Tale Series No. 10)
74117: HASEGAWA, TAKEJIRO, CHAMBERLAIN, B. H.[TRANSLATOR] - Japanese Fairy Tale Series No. 9. The Serpent with Eight Heads. Told in English.
45087: HASKELL, BARBARA, [TEXT] - New Masters: Bryan Hunt, An exhibition of the Amerika Haus Berlin celebrating the German-American-Tricentennial 1683 - 1983
76757: HASKELL, ARNOLD - Ballet. Camera Studies by Gordon Anthony
71710: HASSALL, JOHN, AND FARROW, G. E. - Ten Little Jappy Chaps
63242: HASSALL, JOAN [EDITED BY BRIAN NORTH LEE] - Dearest Sydney: Joan Hassall's Letters to Sydney Cockerell from Italy and France, April-May 1950
72336: HASSALL, JOHN AND ALDRIN, CECIL - Two Well-Worn Shoe Stories
60459: HASSELL, J. - Tour of the Grand Junction, illustrated in a Series of Engravings; with an Historical and Topographical Description of those Parts of the Counties of Middlesex, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, and Northamptonshire, Through Which the Canal Passes
45947: HATFIELD, JAMES - James Hatfield And The Beauty Of Buttermere: A Story of Modern Times, In Three Volumes
75117: HATTON, E. - A Mathematical Manual, or Delightful Associate Containing, I. A Description and Use of the Celestial Globe-.II. Twelve Problems relating chiefly to the Moon-III. A Description and Use of the Terrestrial Globe-IV. A Full Description of the Use of All Kinds of Maps-V. The Original of the Lines in a Sector describ'd-VI. How to make a Line of Numbers, or Logarithms, to any length-VII. Mysterious Curiosities in Numbers-VIII. How to take Heights, Depths and Distances-.The Whole very Useful and Pleasant.
65041: I. & J. HAVENHAND, MAX DUNSTONE, VERA SOUTHGATE - The Ship Builders, The Customs Officer, The Nurse [3 volumes of 'People at Work' Ladybird Easy Reading Books]
61302: HAVERGAL, FRANCES RIDLEY - Our Daily Paths: A Book of Texts for Every Day
56441: HAVERSHAM, BARON JOHN THOMPSON - The Speech of the Lord Haversham's Ghost
13823: HAVET, JAQUES (EDITOR) - Main Trends of Research in the Social and Human Sciences, part 2/volume 2 - legal science & philosophy
48680: LE HAVRE - Le Havre, 24 Cartes Postales Detachables
32428: HAWKESWORTH, DR. - Almoran and Hamet, An Oriental Tale, two volumes in one, [Cooke's Pocket Edition of Select Novels]
72129: HAWKESWORTH, JOHN - An Account of the Voyages undertaken by the Order of His Majesty for making Discoveries in the Southern Hemisphere, And Successfully Performed by Commodore Byron, Captain Wallis, Captain Carteret, and Captain Cook, in the Dolphin, the Swallow and the Endeavour: Drawn up from the Journals which were kept by the several commanders, And from the papers of Joseph Banks [3 volumes]
65015: HAWKESWORTH, JOHN - The Works of Jonathan Swift, D.D. (in Six Volumes)
39170: HAWKINS, RUSH C. - Titles of the First Books from the Earliest Presses established in different Cities, Towns and Monastries in Europe, before the end of the Fifteenth Century, with Brief Notes upon their Printers. Illustrated with Reproductions of Early Types and First Engravings of the Printing Press.
73507: HAWKINS, JOHN - The Life of Samuel Johnson
62794: HAWKS, ELLISON - Electricity For Boys
67859: HAWKS POTT, F L, (INTRODUCTION BY) - Shanghai of To-day (A Souvenir Album of Fifty Vandyke Gravure Prints of "The Model Settlement")
52514: HAWKSWORTH, JOHN, ET AL. - The Adventurer, in 4 Volumes
76755: HAWNEY, WILLIAM - The Complete Measurer: Or, The Whole Art of Measuring.
73192: HAWORTH, M. E. - Road Scrapings: Coaches and Coaching.
14424: HAWTHORN, NATHANIEL - Our Old Home - in 2 volumes
71759: HAWTHORNE, NATHANIEL - A Wonderbook and Tanglewood Tales; The Blithedale Romance; The House of the Seven Gables. A Romance [3 volumes]
62670: HAWTHORNE, NATHANIEL - Tanglewood Tales: A Wonder-Book for Girls and Boys
20461: HAWTHORNE, NATHANIEL - Legends of Province House
62285: HAWTHORNE, NATHANIEL - Tanglewood Tales [Collins Pocket Classics No. 303]
45123: HAY, JOHN; NICHOLSON, PETER - Nicholson's New Carpenter's Guide; Being a Complete Book of Lines, For Carpenters, Joiners, Cabinet-Makers, and Workmen in General
62754: HAYDN, JOSEPH, [EDITED BY BENJAMIN VINCENT] - Haydn's Dictionary of Dates Relating to all Ages and Nations: For Universal Reference
73047: HAYDN, JOSEPH - Collection de Quatuors pour 2 Violins, Viola et Violoncelle par Jos. Haydn. [in 4 volumes, 'Collection of Quatuors for 2 Violins, Viola and Cello by Jos. Haydn.']
74637: HAYDN, JOSEPH; CLEMENTI, MUZIO - The Creation, an Oratorio composed by Joseph Haydn Adapted for Voices and Piano Forte by Muzio Clementi
76431: HAYES, GORDON H. - The Pigeons That Went To War
69568: HAYES, J. GORDON - The Conquest of the South Pole: Antarctic Exploration 1906-1931
73102: S.H. [HAYES, SAMUEL] - A Practical Treatise on Planting; And the Management of Woods and Coppices
61123: HAYES, J. F. C. - History of the City of Lawrence
69443: HAYES, R.J. - Comparitive Idiom: An Introduction to the Study of Modern Languages
62452: HAYNES, M. HORACE - Points of the Horse: A Treatise on the Conformation, Movements, Breeds and Evolution of the Horse
69227: HAYTER, FRANK E. - In Quest of Sheba's Mines
75058: HAYTER, CHARLES - An Introduction To Perspective, Drawing, and Painting, In A Series Of Pleasing And Familiar Dialogues Between The Author's Children.
70198: HAYWARD, PETER J. - The New Naturalist, A History of the Seashore
18110: HAYWARD, CHARLES H. - English Rooms and Their Decoration at a Glance Volume I 1066 - 1620
65674: HAYWOOD, TREVOR - Flesh & Bone The Lives, Deaths and Funerals of British Monarch
60501: HAZLITT, WILLIAM - Winterslow: Essays and Characters Written There, [Oxford] World's Classics XXV
70591: HAZLITT, WILLIAM - The Supplementary Works of William Shakspeare [Shakespeare], Comprising his Poems and Doubtful Plays; with Glossarial and Other Notes.
61950: HEAD, SIR FRANCIS B. AND SCHIMMER, KARL AUGUST - Rough Notes Taken During Some Rapid Journeys Across the Pampas and Among the Andes, & The Sieges of Vienna by the Turks [2 volumes in 1]
27637: HEADLEY, MARIA - The Year of Yes , The True Story of a Girl, A Few Hundred Dates, and Fate
75089: HEADLEY J.T. - Travels In Italy, The Alps, And The Rhine.
45517: HEALES, MAJOR ALFRED - The Archaeology of the Christian Altar in Western Europe; with its Adjuncts, Furniture, and Ornaments
71873: HEANEY, SEAMUS - Wintering Out
46171: HEANEY, SEAMUS - The Spirit Level [ Signed Limited Edition with Audio Cassette in Slipcase ]
46167: HEANEY, SEAMUS - Door into the Dark
65630: HEANEY, SEAMUS - Gravities
69356: HEARN, LAFCADIO - "Out of the East" Reveries and Studies in New Japan
60709: HEASMAN, M. W.; RIGBY, H. ET AL. - The Colcestrian, No. 102, New Series, July 1935
76161: HEATH, CHARLES - Compilation Of Plates From Heath's Gallery Of British Engravings
71629: HEATH, FRANCIS GEORGE - Illustrations - A Magazine For The Times [Volume VI Nos. 1 - 22 3rd Jan. To 30th May 1891 ]
72046: HEATH ROBINSON, W - Humours of Golf
51245: HEATH, HELENA, LEA, JOHN, ET AL. - Chatterbox 1904
30517: HEATON COOPER, W. - Mountain Painter , An Autobiography
76652: HEDIN, SVEN - Through Asia Volumes I and II [Two Volumes]
76793: HEDIN, SVEN - Through Asia Volumes I and II [Two Volumes]
61960: HEER, J. C. - Guide to Lucerne the Lake and its Environs
61620: HEGEL, FREDERIK - Erindringer II. [vol 2 only]
42844: HEGLEY, JOHN - Can I Come Down Now Dad?
67617: HEIDENREICH, ALFRED - Growing Point (The Story of the Foundation of the Movement for Religious Renewal, The Christian Community)
65934: HEIGHWAY, ARTHUR J. - Sir William Goodfellow His Life and Work
66391: HEIGHWAY, ARTHUR J., EDITOR - A Collection of Inky Way Annuals and Associated Material from the Library of the editor items from 1940 to 1952
47186: HELLER, LOTTE & SUROWZOWA, NADIJA - Ukrainische Volksmarchen ( Ukrainian Folktales )
63228: HELM, G. F. ET AL. - The Fifth Gloucester Gazette: A chronicle, serious and humorous, of the Battalion while serving with the British Expeditionary Force
18679: HELME, ELEANOR E. - The Book of Birds and Beasties
73936: HELSINKI UNIVERSITY - Porthania 1957
72362: HEMANS, FELICIA - Records of Woman: with Other Poems.
72379: HEMINGWAY, ERNEST - The First Forty-Nine Stories
75385: HEMPEL, CHARLES J. - Homoeopathy, A Principle in Nature. Its Scientific Universality Unfolded; Its Development and Philosophy Explained; And its Applicability to the Treatment of Diseases
74404: HENDERSON, JAMES - Biliotheca Tabularum Mathematicarum , Being a Descriptive Catalogue of Mathematical Tables , Part I Logarithmic Tables (A. Logarithms of Numbers)
76361: HENDERSON, ALFRED - Latin Proverbs and Quotations.With Translations and Parallel Passages and a Copious English Index
62641: HENDERSON, E. - The Vaudois: Comprising Observations Made During a Tour to the Valleys of Piedmont, in the Summer of 1844: Together with Remarks, Introductory and Interspersed, Respecting The Origin, History, and Present Condition of that Interesting People
63177: HENDSCHEL, ALBERT - Lose Blätter von Albert Hendschel
73181: HENFREY, ARTHUR - Outlines of the Natural History of Europe. The Vegetation of Europe, its Conditions and Causes
72275: HENREY, MRS ROBERT - Madeleine Grown Up
31706: HENRY MACKENZIE - The Man of The World in Two Parts
38841: MRS. HENRY DE LA PASTURE - Adam Grigson
72311: HENRY A. MILLON [EDITOR] - Triomphes du Baroque, L'architecture en Europe 1600-1750
48378: HENRY, REV. MATTHEW - The Holy Bible: containing the Old and New Testaments, to which are added Notes, illustrations, and Practical Observations, in two volumes
65257: HENRY RICHARDS LUARD [EDITOR] - Lives of Edward the Confessor
75073: HENSTOCK, ADRIAN [EDITOR] - A Georgian Country Town Ashbourne 1725-1825 Volume 1 Fashionable Society and Volume 2 Architecture [2 volumes]
69971: HENTY, G. A. - 4 Volumes of Henty (including On The Irrawaddy, A Story of the First Burmese War; With Kitchener in Soudan [Sudan]; Under Wellingtons Command; With Moore at Corunna)
39968: HENTY, G. A. - With Lee in Virginia; & When London Burned [2 volumes]
72468: G. A. HENTY, L. T. MEADE, G. MANVILLE FENN, EVELYN EVERETT-GREEN, F. E. WEATHERLY, FRANCES E. CROMPTON, ETC. - In the Chimney Corner: A Volume of Original Pictures, Stories, and Verses.
70367: HENTY, G. A. - Through the Fray, True to the Old Flag and With Clive in India [3 volumes]
62402: HEPBURN, H. R. AND MITCHELL, G. - Milk and Honey: Being a collection of numerous and diverse essays, observations, expositions, telling comments etc-
60511: HERATH, J. W. - Economic Bulletin No. 2: Mineral Resources of Sri Lanka
76730: HERAUD, JOHN ABRAHAM - The Life and Times of Girolamo Savonarola; Illustrating the Progress of the Reformation in Italy, During the Fifteenth Century
72894: HERBERT, GEORGE - The Poems of George Herbert
60771: HERBERT, JOHN - Inside Christie's
76706: HERBERT, GEORGE - The Temple, Sacred Poems and Private Ejaculations by George Herbert
68100: MRS HERBERT STRANG [EDITOR], HERBERT STRANG [EDITOR] - Loyal and True, True to the Flag [a collection of 2 volumes]
67306: HERBERT, DAVID - Great Historical Mutinies
72819: HERBERT INGRAM - The Illustrated London News Vol. 7 July to Dec. 1845 No.s166-191
56789: HERBERT, STANG, MRS [EDITOR] - The Big Book For Girls
76091: HERBERT OF CHERBURY, EDWARD HERBERT, BARON - The Life of Edward Lord Herbert of Cherbury, written by himself
61663: HERBERTSON, A. GROZIER; MACNAIR, J. H. AND OTHERS - King of the Castle [Dean's Everyday Story Books No. 13]
62521: HERBERTSON, AGNES GROZIER - Gulliver's Travels, Retold for Little Folk
56626: HERDER, JOHANN GOTTFRIED; KURK, HEINRICH - Herders Werke, in 4 volumes
44381: HEREFORD, CHARLES JOHN ANN - The History of France, from the first establishment of that monarchy to the present revolution, in three volumes
47287: HERENDEEN, P S, & DILCHER, D L, [EDITORS] - Advances in Legume Systematics Part 4 The Fossil Record
72206: HERGÉ - The Adventures of Tintin: The Broken Ear
64432: HERGENROETHER, CONST. REV - Primitive Christianity and the Catholic Church, compiled from Rev.G.Ott's and De Rossi's works of the Catacombs
73452: HERING M.D., C. - The Homeopathic Domestic Physician
32601: HERKLOTS, G A C - Vegetables In South - East Asia
62174: HERMANN, CHARLES FREDERICK - A Manual of the Political Antiquities of Greece, Historically Considered. From the German of Charles Frederick Hermann
65970: HERREMANS, MAURICE-PIERRE AND COPPIETERS, FRANZ - The Language Problem in Belgium
74801: HERRICK AND GORHAM - Wotton Under Edge [photo album]
76213: HERRIGEL, EUGEN - Zen in the Art of Archery
73953: HERSCHEL, JOHN F. W. AND MAIN, REV. ROBERT [EDITORS] - A Manual of Scientific Enquiry; Prepared for the use of Officers in Her Majesty's Navy; and Travellers in General.
58843: DE HERTOGH, DR. AUGUST - Holland Bulb Forcer's Guide
49141: HERTZMAN-ERICSON, GURLI - Huset med Vindskuporna
69011: HERWIG, OLIVER - Featherweights, Light, Mobile and Floating Architecture
69964: HERZIG, LEOPOLD - Marienbad It's Mineral Waters and Baths
63943: HESLIN, WALLACE - Etching of Abbots Courtyard (Westminster abbey)
66168: HESS, HANS - Lyonel Feiniger
69583: HESSLING, E. - Orfèvrerie et Horlogerie , Documents Recueillis et Publies
38572: HETHERINGTON, ALASTAIR - Guardian Years
64524: HEWARD, CONSTANCE - Collection of 22 First Edition Ameliaranne books
38208: HEWARD, CONSTANCE, HUNTER, NORMAN, ET AL. - My Story And Picture Book, with Twenty-Four Plates in Colour
73544: HEWARD, CONSTANCE - Ameliaranne Keeps Shop; Ameliaranne Cinema Star [2 volumes]
71644: HEWARD, CONSTANCE - Ameliaranne at the Farm
71790: HEWARD, CONSTANCE - Ameliaranne and the Green Umbrella; Ameliaranne Keeps Shop; Ameliaranne's Washing Day [3 volumes]
27732: HEWICKER, FREIDRICH AND TISCHNER, HERBERT - Kunst der Sudsee [ Art of Oceana ]
42970: HEWITT, GRAILY - Lettering, [The New Art Library]
48270: HEWITT, W - An Essay On The Encroachments Of The German Ocean Along The Norfolk Coast, With A Design To Arrest Its Further Depredations; dedicated to the Right Honourable The Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty
70414: HEWITT, J F - The Ruling Races of Prehistoric Times in India, South-Western Asia and Southern Europe (Volume I, II) [2 volumes]
76110: HEWLETT, ROSE; SPEED, JEAN - Frampton on Severn. An Illustrated History
59671: HEWSON, ANNIE E. - Original Plays for Children: Old Susan's Fairies
33614: HEY, REBECCA - The Moral of Flowers
48380: HEYLYN, PETER - Cyprianus Anglicus: or, The History of the Life and Death, of The most Reverend and Renowned Prelate William By Divine Providence, Lord Archbishop of Canterbury-[With contemporary Charles I annecdote inscribed]
39502: HEYWOOD, ROSALIND (WITH BURT, CYRIL [INTRODUCTION]) - The Infinite Hive: A Personal Record of Extrasensory Experiences
65913: HEYWORTH, GEORGE F - Victorian Sketch and Writing Album
74943: HIGGINS, JACK - East of Desolation
76355: HIGGINS, AIDAN [INTRODUCTION] - Samuel Beckett: Photographs
75077: HIGGINS, JACK - In the Hour Before Midnight
14462: HIGGONS, BEVILL - A Short View of the English History with Reflections, Political, Historical, Civil, Physical, and Moral - on the reigns of the Kings, their Characters, and Manners, their Successions to the throne and all other remarkable incidents to the Revolution 1688
64187: HIGGS, MIKE (EDITOR) - The Ninth Deluxe Collector's Edition of Dan Dare Pilot of the Future - Terra Nova Trilogy: Safari in Space, Terra Nova, Trip to Trouble
75890: HIGHTON, LEONIE - Home Storage. House and Garden Guide to Organization and Arrangement
31922: H.B. [HILAIRE BELLOC] - A Moral Alphabet in words from one to seven syllables
61651: [HILL, ISAAC] - The American Indians. Illustrations of Their Costumes and Manners. With Anecdotes
37940: HILL, G. F. - The Medallic Portraits of Christ: The False Shekels, The Thirty Pieces of Silver
39500: HILL, TREVOR - Over The Airwaves: My Life in Broadcasting
74965: HILL, REGINALD - Child's Play, A Dalziel and Pascoe novel
74608: HILL, REGINALD - Another Death in Venice
76717: HILL, REGINALD - Blood Sympathy; The Wood Beyond; The Stranger House [three volumes]
49324: HILL, MARY - The Secret of the Bungalow
76785: HILL, REGINALD - Recalled To Life; Death's Jest-Book; Midnight Fugue; Arms And The Women [four volumes]
76801: HILL, REGINALD - There Are No Ghosts in the Soviet Union and Other Stories
76800: HILL, REGINALD - Fell of Dark
75981: HILL, REGINALD - The Woodcutter
75980: HILL, REGINALD - Pascoe's Ghost; And Other Brief Chronicles Of Crime
75951: HILL, REGINALD - Dialogues Of The Dead: The New Dalziel And Pascoe Novel, On Beulah Height, The Death Of Dalziel [3 volumes]
73614: HILLARD, A. E. AND BOTTING, C. G. - Latin Unseens: Junior Course
67900: HILLIER, G. LACY AND ALBEMARLE, THE EARL OF - Cycling [The Badminton Library of Sports and Pastimes]
67899: HILLIER, G. LACY AND BURY, VISCOUNT - Cycling [The Badminton Library of Sports and Pastimes]
32404: HILLS, JOHN, MAJOR-GENERAL - Points of a Racehorse
33001: HILLS, JOHN WALLER - A Summer on the Test [Black Jacket Books]
57969: HILTON, DONALD - Table Talk: Looking at the Communion Table from the Outside and the Inside
71588: HINCKS, REV. EDWARD, WILLS, JAMES REV. - The Transactions of the Royal Irish Academy Volume XXII Part II

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