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5994: - The First 25-kV A.C. Locomotive for British Railways - 3300-hp 25-kV A. C. Locomotives - Thirty Five Complete Units and Forty Sets of Electrical Equipment for British Railways
16682: - Arms of the Service : a Brief Survey of Their History, organization and Functions (A.P.D Code No 0249)
5457: - Postcards of Old Nottinghamshire
10381: - Loft Ladders Ltd - Trade Catalogue 1937 - Broadwell Works Bromley Kent
10403: - Aspects of West Bridgford's History
4710: - South Devon Kingsbridge and That part of Devon Know as the South Hams
021630: - Twelve Country Walks in Solihull
021631: - Twelve Leisure Cycle Rides in Solihull
11825: - Wallis's Locomotive Game of Rail-road (railroad) Adventures
5470: - Great Yorkshire Steam Fair Castle Howard 10th & 11th August 1974
021677: - Kent Records : Documents Illustrative of Medieval Kentish Society Volume XVIII
021634: - Bygone Kent Volume Eleven Number Eleven
11768: - Patents for Inventions - Tobacco - Class 130 Abridgments of Specifications Period AD 1916-20 (100,001 - 155,800)
10324: - Deltic Deadline - the Journal of the Deltic Preservation Society Ltd Issue No 94 Aug/Sep 1992
021223: - Borough Pocket Guide to Letchworth Garden City
021221: - Ernie Rule's Loughton
021216: - Views of Rosslyn Chapel
021217: - The Dalesman's Yorkshire Annual 1986
5383: - PEOPLE & POTS - An Exhibition from the Northern Ceramic Society 3rd-31st March 1976 Manchester Museum
5882: - A Compendious book of Psalms and Spiritual Songs Commonly Known as "The Gude and Godlie Ballates" - Reprinted from the Edition of 1578
5503: - Jem's Wife a Story of Life in London
5049: - The City of Nottingham Past, Present and Future - Its Special Advantages as a Commercial Centre and as a place of Residence
018585: - A Guide Book for Croyland Abbey and Triangular Bridge
021151: - Down the Track with Puffing Billy
6050: - Singapore Currency Notes and Circulation Coins Issued Since 1967
5506: - The Free Church Pulpit Volume One (i, I)
021027: - In and Out of the Workhouse : The Coming of the New Poor Law to Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire
6407: - Exhibition of Venetian Paintings and Drawings in Aid of Lord Baldwin's Fund for Refugees
020969: - Bradford: a Centenary City
5501: - The RP Pocket Book DP.7680/R2
021621: - Twelve Country Walks in Solihull
021622: - Twelve More Country Walks in Solihull
5346: - Landscape History Volume Seven 1985
6618: - Figures Des Saints Moines et Ermites
10082: - McDougall's Elementary Mensuration of Plane Surfaces
17709: - British Railways Past and Present : First Selection Colour Special
6011: - Singapore Currency Notes and Circulation Coins Issued Since 1967
5996: - Butetown Historic Railway Society Limited - Wrth Ddwr a Than Volume One Number Two
16446: - Wildlife in Northamptonshire
5552: - The Old Woman and Her Pig
6542: - Go Green Bedfordshire, Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire
5551: - The Three Wishes a Tale By the author of the Peacock at Home
6744: - Van Boesmangeld Tot Barclays
7280: - The Guardian Volume the First
7573: - Strategic Choice For East Anglia - the Report of the East Anglia Regional Strategy Team
7857: - The School Newark on Trent
7959: - The Hermitage Medals and Coins of the Petrine Epoch
8001: - The Complete Poetical Works of Gray, Beattie, Blair, Collins, Thomson, and Kirke White
8050: - Report of the Comittee of Inquiry on Decimal Currency
8088: - Peterborough Museum Society Summary of Proceedings 1976 - 1980
8091: - A Brief Description of the National Grid and Reference System
8095: - The Wildlife of Peterborough (wild life)
8118: - Cooking Without a Cook - Selected Recipes from "Homes and Gardens" Providing Simple, Appetising and Economical Dishes for Every Season of the Year
8145: - Recipes from Ross-Shire
8160: - Parliamentary History a Yearbook Volume 5 (five, V) 1986
8203: - The Leonard Conference on Research Into Visual Handicap - Girton College Camrbidge 3-5th Jan 1972
8411: - Penzance Natural History and Antiquarian Society 1881-82
8412: - Penzance Natural History and Antiquarian Society 1889 - 90
8455: - The Red River Trail - an Archaeological Assessment
8491: - Site Investigations (Civil Engineering code of Practise No 1)
8642: - Gwithian life in Lowland Cornwall During the Bronze Age - an Assessment of the Bronze Age Excavations 1954 - 1961
8746: - Manual of Civil Defence Volume I Pamphlet No 1 Nuclear Weapons
8772: - Recommendations for the Selection, Formation and Definition of Technical Terms
9038: - Robert Maybee - the Scillonian Poet
9048: - Fenland Notebook 1966
9079: - Leicester - Post War Civic Affairs
9124: - Farm Road Construction
9129: - Farm Road Construction Using Ready Mixed Concrete
9201: - Glossary of the Most Common Welsh Words Used on the Ordnance Survey Maps
9358: - Recollections of Childhood or Childhood Recalled
9413: - Nottingham and Its Council House
9436: - The British Almanac 1837 of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge for the Year 1837
9644: - The Murder Hole an Ancient Scottish Legend
9724: - Conversation Piece - an Introduction to the Ladies in the Dining Room
9809: - Norway Pilot Volume IIb (Two) 1965 - Comprising the Western Coast of Norway from Utvaer and Sognefjord to Trondeheimsfjord Including the Haltern Islets
9846: - Paper Making a General Account of Its History, Processes and Applications
9855: - The Upland Management Trail Great Langdale
9868: - Fine Forest of Dean Coal from One of Britain's Oldest Coalfields
021581: - The World is Waiting : A Memorial to David Cottingham Killed at Ortona, Italy Dec 22 1943
021571: - Essex Archaeology and History : Volume 17 (Third Series) 1986 : Transactions of the Essex Society for Archaeology and History
019679: ABBOTT, J. R. - Eight Hundred Years of Hosiery and Knitwear
6373: ABBOTT, ANTHONY - Prose Pieces and Poems
8538: WYMAN ABBOTT, G - A History of Roman Chesteron as Interpreted By Discoveries made On the Site (the Peterborough Natural History, Scientic and Archaeological society)
025578: ABLITT, DAVE - A Guide to Old Sneiton
024236: ABLITT, DAVE - A Guide to Old Sneiton
7852: ADAM, ALEXANDER - Roman Antiquities or an account of the Manners and Customs of the Romans
025473: ADAMS - Adams' Illustrated Guide to Rye (with Map)
10147: LYRE BIRD PRESS & ADAMS, TATE - Lyre Bird Press Bibliography (Lyre Bird XXI (21) An Illustrated Bibliography of the Lyre Bird Press 1977 - 1998
020692: ADCOCK, ARTHUR - The Northampton Magazine Volume I January to December 1928
020723: ADCOCK, ST JOHN - London Memories
023325: ADLUM, JOHN - A Memoir of the Cultivation of the Vine in America and the Best Mode of Making Wine
6721: ROYAL INSTITUTE OF INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS - Great Britain and Egypt 1914 -1936 + 12pp Supplement to the Same
020591: AFLALO, F. G - Behind the Ranges
026753: AGATE, JOHN - Benches and Stalls in Suffolk Churches
4135: MINSTRY OF AGRICULTURE AND FISHERIES - Collected Leaflets on Fungus Diseases of Fruit Trees.
12318: AHMED, NOAZESH - Development Agriculture of Bangladesh
023297: AIRGID, DOMHNACH - Clogher Record 1977 Silver Jubilee Issue
6216: HASLETT & NESMEYANOV ET AL - Recent Advances in Soviet Science
10436: ALBANESI, E. MARIA - Patricia and Life
027412: ALBANESI, E. MARIA - Envious Eliza
025545: TEVOR ALDER - Citroen BX Volume 2
026138: ALDERSON, E. G. - Studies in Ampullaria
10536: ALGER, TED - I'm Living Not Dying - the Story of a Year with Non-Hodgkin's Disease
026386: ALLEN, SIR HUGH - Oxford Music Festival May 4-10th 1930
027632: ALLEN, RICHARD - Home and Grave of Byron - A Souvenir of Newstead Abbey Formerly the Home of Lord Byron - illustrated
18403: ALLEN, ARTHUR B - Puppetry and Puppet Plays (illustrated) for Infants, Juniors and Seniors
019650: ALLEN, O - A Short History and Guide to the Parish Church of St. Mary Magdalene Newark-On-Trent
018508: ALLEN, A. B. - Drama through the Centuries and Play Production to-day
6061: ALLEN, GRANT - Moorland Idylls
024177: WOOD-ALLEN, MARY - Ideal Married Life : A Book for all Husbands and Wives
024042: HENSTOCK & ALLEN - Transactions of the Thoroton Society: The Journal for Nottingham Shire History and Archaeology Volume 99 1995
027658: ALLIOTT, REV. RICHARD & MCALL, REV. SAMUEL - An Historical Account of the Congregational Church Worshipping in Castle Gate Meeting House, Nottingham; to which Prefixed Two Sermons Preached October 7 1855 by the Rev Richard Alliiott and the Rev. Samuel McAll (Minister of Castle Gate Meeting) in Commemoration of the Bi-Centenary of the Formation of the Church
4039: ALMEDINGEN, E.M. - A Candle at Dusk.
5315: ALMOND, LINDA STEVENS - When Peter Went A-Fishing
021380: ALSTER, JACK - Once We Had A Country
018882: AMIN, IDI (FORWARD) - Uganda the Second Year of the Second Republic January 1973 (2nd. Republic)
027309: AMIS, KINGSLEY - Colonel Sun
027299: AMIS, KINGSLEY - Take a Girl Like You
5403: GRAND LODGE OF AMORC - Rosicrucian Initiation Neophyte Guide
15844: ANDERSON, MICHAEL - Karwendel : Pilot Alpine Guides
020270: ANDERSON, SIR C. H. J. - The Lincoln Pocket Guide
019502: ANDERSON, OLIVE - Rights and Wrongs in Mid Victorian England
022203: ANDERSON - Melting and Casting Aluminum
021085: ANDERSON, LAURIE - Seasons of Steam : A Journey through Six Short Years
021060: ANDERSON, IAN G - History of Esher
026081: HOWARD ORSMOND ANDERTON - On Desert Islands & Other Essays
13726: ANDREW, MARTIN - Francis Frith Nottinghamshire Photographic Memories
12957: ANDREW, JOHN M - Scout Vocabularies in English Dutch French and German
024073: ANDREWS, WILLIAM - Bygone Northamptonshire
027699: ANDREWS, WILLIAM - Curious Epitaphs
027719: ANDREWS, WILLIAM - The Church Treasury ... of History, Custom, Folk-lore etc
027726: ANDREWS, WILLIAM - Old Church Lore
023066: ANDRIEU, PIERRE - Petite Histoire De La Bourgogne et de Son Vignoble
16450: ANGUS, JOSEPH - The Handbook of English Literature
16198: ANON - The Little Pilgrim on Her Way to the Holy Hill
026377: ANON - City of Oxford Education Week Feb 28 to Mar 6 1926 Handbook
024719: ANON - Whitby and Pickering Railway Opened May 26th 1836 : Official Opening By H.R.H. The Duchess of Kent May 1st 1973
024674: ANON - Churches of Rutland
022886: ANON - Mate's Illustrated Guide to York 1906
022784: ANON - Round These 'ere Parts : An Essex Calf's Look at Current Books about his Country
17003: ANON - The Garden flowers of the Year
019874: ANON - Yesterday Once More
026330: ANON - Georgian Poetry 1913-1915
10828: ANON - List of Authorised Explosives - This List is in Substitution for All Such Lists of Earlier Date 1st January 1947
10807: ANON - Artillery Traininig Volume III War 1928
019856: ANON - Pullan Car Hiawatha
019069: ANON - Film Star Parade - A Glittering Galaxy of Your Screen Favourites : Emphasis on Glamour
019467: ANON - Burgh-Le-Marsh Village Appraisal 1999 : Report of Questionaire Results
10391: ANON - Bridging the Tyne
16999: ANON - The Standing Orders of the Lords and Commons Relative to Private Bills and Bills for Confirming Provisional Orders or Certificates... For Session 1904
11907: ANON - The Little Known History of Cornwall - a Stamp for Cornwall
14552: ANON - Dress Regulations for the Officers of the Canadian Militia 1907 (illustrated with Amendments to 1914)
14441: ANON - Regulations for the Dress of General, Staff, and Regimental Officers of the Army
020281: ANON - The Cathedral Church of St. Peter and St. Paul Sheffiled : A Guide with Some Historical Notes
026822: ANON - A Concise Description of Bury Saint Edmund's and its Environs, within the Distance of Ten Miles Illustrated by Engravings and Woodcuts of Upwards of Forty Churches
10774: ANON - Civil Defence Manual of Basic Tranining Volume II (2, two) Basic Chemical Warfare Pamphlet No 1
10775: ANON - Civil Defence manual of Basic Training Volume II (2, two) Basic Rescue Pamphlet No 4
10776: ANON - Army Training Memorandum No. 45 1943
10786: ANON - Combat Intelligence Field Manual No 30-5 - Headquarters Department of the Army
10796: ANON - Military Intelligence 1946 Pamphlet No 2 Battle Intelligence Code No 7122
13537: ANON - The Solemn Novenas - Shrineof "our Lady of England" Storrington Sussex - in honour of St. Peter of Alcantara; St Joseph; St. Norbert Ands St. Francis Xavier
13422: ANON - A Short guide to the churches of Manaccan and St. Anthony
16521: ANON - The Damned Thing Vol 1 No 2 ; Jack the Ripper Issue
12019: ANON - The Hillingdon Press Typeface Book
13787: ANON - London 1899 International Chess Tournament
027079: ANON - Faithful to her Trust or The Babes in the Basket - A Tale of the Slave Insurrection in the West Indies
3815: ANON - The Infants Magazine 1871 Vol 6
10437: ANON - Making Tracks Looking at Railways Worldwide
12224: ANON - Contributions to Jungian Thought 1965
020412: ANON - Memories of Watford
023645: ANON - The First and Second Statistical Accounts of the City of Edinburgh 1799 and 1845
10867: ANON - Pilot's Notes for Lancaster II Four Hercules VI or XVI Engines
4845: ANON - Annales Du Musee et De L'ecole Moderne De Beaux-arts
025961: ANON - Edwinstowe Past and Present
12422: ANON - Statuta Universitatis Oxoniensis 1903
11933: ANON - Little Gidding the Community and the Church
020742: ANON - Nils' Revenge a Tale of Swedish Life
16242: ANON - The Gallery of English Costume Picture Book Number One : A Brief View (1)
17190: ANON - English Essays of To-day 1936
10785: ANON - Terrain Analysis FM 21 - 33 (21-33) Headquarters Department of the Army
4538: ANON - Gleanings from the Comedies of Shakespeare
024635: ANON - Testament Newydd Ein Harglwydd An Hiachawdwr Iesu Grist Gyd a Sylwiadau ac Esponiadua Ar Bob Pennod : Bound at Rear Y Salmau Wedi Eu Cyfieithu a 'u Cynfanfoddi Ar Fesur Cerdd Yn Gymraeg
11959: ANON - Wrawby Post Mill (near Brigg, Lincolnshire Built 1790 Restored 1965)
023632: ANON - Newcastle-Under-Lyme a Town Portrait (Staffordshire)
026817: ANON - Dorset parish churches - building and restoration 1819-1909: Catalogue of an exhibition held at the Dorset County Record Office, Dorchester, Dorset 12 September to 4 December 1992
024271: ANON - Guerilla Speed Camera Tactics Formerly the Driver's Survival Handbook
16950: ANON - Things In-Doors and Things Out-of-Doors
10997: ANON - Helena's Household - a tale of Rome in the First Century
9954: ANON - Nottingham and Its Council House
9955: ANON - Literary Associations of Nottingham and Nottinghamshire - Police Assembly Hall 24th - 29th September 1951
026320: ANON - The Toastmaster or Treasury of Sentiment with a Prefatory on the History and Origin of Toasts
024532: ANON - The First Stone and other Papers v. 1 (History of Boston Series)
024370: ANON - The Life and Miracles of Saint Winefrede : Virgin, Martyr, and Abbess, Patroness of Wales
027665: ANON - History, Topography, and Directory of the Town of Nottingham and the Adjacent Villages; containing A Succint but Complete Account of their Origin and Progress, Almshouses, Churches and Chapels &c with An Accurate Directory of the Nobility, Gentry and Clergy; Magistrates, Bankers, Merchants, Manufacturers, Tradesment etc
027698: ANON - The American Indians Illustrations of their Costumes and Manners with Anecdotes
027729: ANON - Old English Ballads : A Collection of Favourite Ballads of the Olden Time
16988: ANONYMOUS - Sexy Dreams
14014: ANONYMOUS - Sketches of Beverley and the Neighbourhood and the Holderness Hunt
15582: ANTHONY, DAVID J - Diseases of the Pig and Its Husbandry
018526: ANTHONY, ERNEST - Understanding Your Nerves
7737: ARBER, MURIEL - Cliff Profiles of Devon and Cornwall
5277: ARBUTHNOT, F. F - The Mysteries of Chronology with Proposal for a New English Era to be Called the Victorian
13265: ARCHBOLD, W. A. J - Outlines of Indian Constitutional History (British Period)
027100: ARCHER, MARGARET - The register of Bishop Philip Repingdon 1405-1419 Volume III (The Publications of the Lincoln Record Society)
027166: ARCHER, MARGARET - The register of Bishop Philip Repingdon 1405-1419 Volume II Memoranda 1411-1414(The Publications of the Lincoln Record Society)
5464: ARCHIBALD, WILLIAM & OTHERS - Ships and Shipping (complete in Two volumes)
11755: GEORGE ARENTS - Books, manuscripts and drawings relating to tobacco from the collection of George Arents, Jr., on exhibition at the Library of Congress, Washington, D.C., April 1938
023934: ARKINSTALL, M. J - The Dictionary of a Great City
4264: ARKWRIGHT, JOHN P (EDIT) - Carpentry and Cabinet-Making for Amateurs
16345: ARMSTRONG, ROBERT - Entracte
019551: ARMSTRONG, KEITH C - Behind a Painted Smile
6067: ARMSTRONG, WILLIAM - 8 New One Act Plays of 1938 (sixth series)
10851: DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY - Unconventional Warfare Devices and Techniques Incendiaries TM 31-201-1
10859: DEPT OF THE ARMY - Camouflage FM 5-20
6065: ARMYTAGE, W. H. G - Yesterday's Tomorrows - a Historical Survey of Future Societies
13968: D'ARNAUD, M - Le Comte De Comminge Ou Les Amans Malheureux Drame
12089: VON ARNETH, ALFRED RITTER - Maria Theresia Und Marie Antoinette Ihr Briefwechsel Wahrend Der Jahre 1770 - 1770
12210: ARNOLD, ALFRED C - The Englishman Anecdote and Story
020318: DRYDEN & ARNOLD, THOMAS (EDIT) - Dryden an Essay of Dramatic Poesy
6055: ARNOT, F. L - Collision Processes in Gases
027243: THE BLACK ARROW - STEVENSON, Robert Louis
8356: FISCHER FINE ART - British and European Architectural Drawings 18th-20th Century - an Anthology February - March 1981
13198: ARUNDALE, PAMELA - Bread and Olives
024509: ASHBY, PAULINE - Quotations Gathered for Friends and Family
14243: ASHFORD, JEFFREY - A Question of Principle
021883: ASHTON, N. D. - Leicestershire Water-Mills
019686: COUNTY COUNCILS ASSOC - The Jubilee of County Councils, 1889-1939: Nottinghamshire Fifty Years of Local Government
16862: THE MATHEMATICAL ASSOCIATION - The Use of Visual methods in Teaching Mathematics
16861: THE MATHEMATICAL ASSOCIATION - The Supply and Training of teachers of Mathematics
022212: BRITISH WELDING RESEARCH ASSOCIATION - Technique for Gas Welding of Magnesium Alloys
12360: THE DENTAL ASSOCIATION - An account of the Presentation Made By the British Dental Association to the Dental Association of Canada 1932
025456: BARTON ON HUMBER BRANCH WORKERS' EDUCATIONAL ASSOCIATION - Barton on Humber in the 1850s : Part Four : Cradle to Grave
027109: DEVONSHIRE ASSOCIATION - Report & Transactions of The Devonshire Association Vol 144 | 150th Anniversary Edition, 1862 - 2012 Torquay 2012
6848: ASTON, SIR GEORGE - Letters to Young Fly-Fishers
13595: THOMAS ATTHILL - Declaration on Religious Liberty (de Libertate religiosa) - the Second Vatican Ecumenical Council
024666: MAUREEN ATTWOOLL & J WEST - Seaside Weymouth : A Celebration in Pictures
027402: ATWELL, MABEL LUCIE & BENATAR, MILLY - Chambers Stepping Stones to Literature Book I Stories from Near to Far
024465: AUDEN, W. H. - Collceted Shorter Poems 1930-1944
022330: AUDSLEY, GEORGE ASHDOWN - The Stranger's Handbook to Chester, Eaton Hall and Hawarden Castles and Vicinity : Catherall's New Guide to Chester, Eaton and Hawarden
13668: AUSTIN, SHEILA - The Secret Under the Sea (Schoolgirl's Own Library No 282)
10606: FRANZ JOSEPH OF AUSTRIA - A Keystone of Empire
025173: NO AUTHOR - Organised Camping : Ministry of Education Pamphlet No. 11
026005: NO AUTHOR - Kirklees Camera Local Transport 1870-1940 v. 1
17131: SNOWY MOUNTAINS AUTHORITY - Snowy Mountains Story
7571: PORT OF LONDON AUTHORITY - The Port of London River Bye-laws 1938 & 1958 with Diagrams Illustrating Lights, Visual Signals, Day Marks Etc
9960: D'AUVERGNE, EDMUND B - Lola Montez - an Adventuress of the Forties
12650: AVELING, JAMES H - Fables
4033: AVERY, GILLIAN. - School Remembered.
026557: AVERY, HAROLD - Stolen or Strayed
020085: AVIS, F. C - Printers' Arithmetic
15736: AYDING‹N, HALDUN - Aladaglar
027069: AYRES, RUBY M. - The Dreamer Wakes
024125: J.E.B., MAWER, A., STENTON, F.M. GOWER - Place-names of Warwickshire
025864: ROSEMARY BABBINGTON - Momento a Century of Change in Northampton
12475: BACON, FRANCIS & SPIERS, A - The Essays or Counsels Civil and Moral with Copious Notes and notice of Lord Bacon By A. Spiers
023222: LANCE M BACON - Hero Dogs Secret Missions and Selfless Service by Bacon, Lance M. ( AUTHOR ) Sep-01-2012 Hardback
10077: BADAWI, M.M. - Background to Shakespeare
025679: J. H. BADLEY - Bedales a Pioneer School
024080: BAGLEY, G. S. - The Behind-the-Scenes Story of a Parish Skirbeck Quarter, Boston
9378: BAILEY, F.S. - Find the Word
027693: BAILEY, THOMAS - What is Life?
13109: BAILLIE, ANN & GILBERT, R. J - Automation Mechanization and Data Handling in Microbiology
16313: BAKER, T. BARWICK - War with Crime - papers on Crime, Reformatories Etc (a volume in the Crime and Punishment in England 1850-1922 Series)
024264: BAKER, G. P. - The Fighting Kings of Wessex : A Gallery of Portraits
023688: BAKER, MICHAEL - The Book of Braintree and Bocking
021972: BAKER, DENIS & DUCKWORTH, STEVE - Coalville : A Shopping Trip Through Time
027062: BAKEWELL, F. C - Geology for Schools and Students or Former Worlds their Structure, Condition and Inhabitants
022679: BALDOCK, ERIC - Motor Bus Services of Kent and East Sussex : A Brief History
6908: BALDRY, A. LYS - Modern Mural Decoration
16775: BALDWIN, STANLEY SIMM & FIELD MARSHAL LORD BRAMMELL - Forward Everywhere : Her Majesty's Territorials
5296: BALFOUR, CLARA LUCAS - Happy Evenings - a Home Record
027407: BALLANTYNE, R. M. - The Gorilla Hunters
6393: BALLIOL, ANNE - And So to Wed or Good Girls Never Work or How to Renounce Wage Slavery and Make a Good Man Work for You or Short Cuts to the Alter
020434: BANKS, W. S. - Walks about Wakefield : Illustrated with Contemporary Photographs
027561: BANNISTER, ALEX - Cricket Cauldron with Hutton in the Caribbean
10479: BARBER, JAMES HENRY (EDIT), HACK TUKE, JAMES & ROWNTREE, S - A Narrative of the Proceeding at the Celebration of the Centenary of Ackworth School 26th and 27th of the Sixth Month 1879 - Also a sketch of the Life of Dr Fothergill (James Hack) & a Short Sketch of the history of Ackworth School (John S Rowntree)
16264: BARBER, JAMES; REED, BRUCE - European Community : Vision and Reality
027623: BARBER, THOMAS GERRARD - Byron and Where He is Buried
023094: BARBER, CHIPS - The Lost City of Exeter (SIGNED COPY)
16215: BARCLAY, ISABEL - The Early Explorers
024643: BARKER, A. J. - The East Yorkshire Regiment (Famous Regiments)
9637: BARKER, SUSAN & HARTLEY, BARBARA - A Village Cookbook
7976: BARKHOUSE, JOYCE C. - George Dawson, the Little Giant
5062: BARNETT, MRS P. A. - Golden Numbers a Book of Verse for Boys and Girls
5399: BARNUM, P. T - Struggles and Triumphs or the Recollections of P. T. Barnum
027415: BARRIE, J. M. - Sentimental Tommy : The Story of his Boyhood
023949: M. FS. BARRIERE - Memoires de Mme De Staal Delauney, de M. Le Marquis D'Argenson et De Madame Mere Du Regent
13087: BARRON, THOMAS - Erection of Constructional Steelwork
13110: BARRY, V. C, LANE, T. J. D, STEWART, F.S MCGRATH, J, WHEELER T. S & BELTON, J. G - Colloquium on the Chemotherapy of Tuberculosis (Dublin July 1th - 13th 1951)
022481: BARRY, P. BEAUFOY - Amateur Acting From a New Angle
8037: BARRY, PHILIP BEAUFOY - How to Succeed on Stage - a Practical Handbook to the Actor's Profession
019213: BARTHO, F. T - Industrial Electric Motors and Control Gear
6822: BARTON, FRANK TOWNEND - Pheasants in Covert and Aviary
3872: BASS, HOWARD. - This Skating Age.
8101: BATCHELDER, ANN - Good Food from America
022057: BATES, A. J. - The Book of Nottingham : Presented to the Delegates at the Annual Conference of the National Association of Head Teachers
021749: THE BATH AND CAMERTON ARCHAEOLOGICAL SOCIETY - A Second North Somerset Miscellany
9751: BATTEN, D. J & BRIGGS, D. E. G - Studies in Palaeobotany and Palynology in Honour of N. F. Hughes
023376: BATTEN, D. - Introduction to Still Water Fishing
022614: BAUM, ROBERT KENNETH - Antique Maps of Leicestershire
020905: BAX, CLIFFORD - The Poetry of the Brownings
10865: BOYD BAYLEY, ELISABETH - Alfreda Holme - a story of Social Life in Australia
11003: BAYLISS, A. E. M - The Golden Mean and Five Other One-act Plays
027221: BEAMAN, S. G. HULME - Wireless in Toytown
027229: BEAMAN, S. G. HULME - The Toytown Mystery
021367: BEARNE, MRS - A Sister of Marie Antoinette : The Life Story of Maria Carolina, Queen of Naples
025507: F C BEATSON - Wellington: The Bidassoa and Nivelle: The Bidassoa and Nivelle
025194: MARY BEAUMONT - Joan Seaton : A Story of Percival-Dion in the Yorkshire Dales
024007: BECKETT, JOHN - The Thoroton Society : A Commemoration of its First 100 Years
027670: BECKETT, J. V. - A Centenary History of Nottingham
16310: BECKLEY, ALAN - Operational Policing Liabilities and Entitlements
17185: BECKWITH, E. G. C. - Right & Left : Verses of the Open Air
024330: BEDDOE, JOHN - The Races of Britian : A Contribution to the Anthropology of Western Europe
12207: BEDNARIK, KARL - The Programmers - elite of Automation
6972: BEERBOHM, MAX & CLAY, N. L (EDIT) - Max Beerbohm Selected Essays
024771: PETER BELCHER & TWYFORD WRITERS - Tiverton a History & Celebration
16404: BELL, ROBERT - By Road Across the U.S.A.
16017: BELL, NEIL - Alpha and Omega
026921: BELL, VANESSA - Vanessa Bell. A Memorial Exhibition of Paintings. Arts Council 1964
11449: BELL, ROBERT, WHITMORE, JOHN & SWEENY, JAMES - Bell's Unoffical Farthings - a Supplement
018608: BELL, F. W. - Padre's Offensive Sweep : a Low Level Attack in Ten Short Bursts
14075: BELL, M & BUNCE, R. G. H - Agriculture and Conservation in the Hills and Uplands : ITE Symposium Proceedings No 23
019487: BELL, CATHERINE D - Mary Elliot or Kindness of Heart
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020662: BLACKMAN, ROY & LASKEY, MICHAEL - Smiths Knoll 21
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027556: BLYTON, ENID - First Term at Mallory Towers
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10173: BRUN, JOHN ANATOLE - Years of the Wingless Pegasus - a Roving Through the 20th Century
10171: BRUN, JOHN ANATOLE - Heaven's breath is Good - How Language Was Sculpted - Part One in a Series on Comparative Linguistics
10172: BRUN, JOHN ANATOLE - Heaven's breath is Good - How Language Was Sculpted - Part One in a Series on Comparative Linguistics
026078: ADRIAN BRUNEL - Film Production
9029: BRUNN, ANITHA - Neruorpeptide Y in the Retina of Vertebrates - Localization, identification and Actions
018527: BRUNO, FRANK JOE - Think Yourself Thin : How Psychology Can Help You Lose Weight
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026102: GEOFFREY F. BRYANT AND GORDON A. PLUMB - How Thy Schalt thy Paresche Preche : John Myrc's Instructions for Parish Priests : Part Two Discussion
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027032: BURROUGHS, EDGAR RICE - The Warlord of Mars
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020915: BURROWS - Burrow's RAC County Map & Gazetteer No. 13 : Yorkshire
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024346: BUTTERFIELD, W. J. ATKINSON - The Chemistry of Gas Manufacture : A Practical Handbook on Production, Purificaiton, and Testing of Illuminating and Fuel Gas, and on the bye-products of Gas Manufacture Volume I
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019539: CAMPBELL, LEWIS - Three Plays of Sophocles : Antigone Electra & Deianira or the Death of Hercules
11438: CAMPBELL, JOHN - Scotland for Ever!
026777: W. CANNING & CO LTD - Handbook on Silver Plating, Gilding, Lacquering and Bronzing (W. Canning & Co Ltd)
026778: W. CANNING & CO LTD - Handbook on Polishing (W. Canning & Co Ltd)
026779: W. CANNING & CO LTD - Handbook on Cleaning, Pickling and Dipping (W. Canning & Co Ltd)
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10654: CAPPE, JEANNE - Astrid - "la Reine Au Sourire"
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026367: CARDUS, NEVILLE - The Playfair Cardus
021184: CARLISLE, ROBERT - Preserved Engines in Steam
9323: CARLYLE, E. I - William Cobbett a Study of His Life as Shown in His Writings
019576: EARL OF CARNARVON - Portugal and Galicia with a Review of the Social and Political State of the Basque Provinces
019507: CARNEGIE, ANDREW - An American Four-In-Hand in Britain
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019400: CHAPMAN, A. P. F ET AL - The Game of Cricket
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7656: CHAPMAN, GRAEME - Common City birds of Australia
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027534: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - The Moving Finger
020164: CHRISTIE, A. B.;CHRISTIE, MARY CLARE - Food Hygiene and Food Hazards for All Who Handle Food
019525: CHRISTIE'S - Exhibition of Royal Gifts in aid of Young Women's Christian Association
027604: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - Hickory Dickory Dock
027554: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - One Two Buckle My Shoe
8258: CHRISTIE, GEORGE A & MOORE-ROBINSON, MIRIAM - Steroids in Modern Medicine - Part 1 (Fertility Control, the Menopause, Puerperium, and Hormonally Altered states) & Part 2 (Haemopoisis, Anti-Tumour Activity, and Altered Metabolic states) - Proceedings of a Symposium Oxford 3/4 September 1971
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13594: CATHOLIC CHURCH - Dogmatic Constitution on Divine Revelation (De Devina Revelatione)
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019926: CLAYTON, R. - The Geography of Greater London
027584: CLAYTON, RONNIE - A Slave to Soccer
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5857: CLIFFORD, ATALANTA - An Officer of the Dragoons
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16246: SINGER MANUFACTURING CO - How to Make Mend and Refit : Book No 117
021236: SINGER MANUFACTURING CO - How to Make Sleeves : Book No 108
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027666: COKE, DANIEL PARKER - Coke and Birch - The Paper War Carried on at the Nottingham Election 1803 containing the whote of the Addresses, Songs, Squibs &c Circulated by the Contending Parties INcluding the Books of Accidents and Chances
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022524: HARINGEY ARCHIVES COMMITTEE - Transport Through Time : An Exhibition of Local Transport and Communications
022512: HARINGEY ARCHIVES COMMITTEE - Transport Through Time : An Exhibition of Local Transport and Communications
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025432: ANITA INMAN COMSTOCK - Bronxville in the Good ol' Days
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023710: COOKE, SHEILA M - Nottingham Between the Wars
10373: COOKE, C. H. CLAUDE - Alternating Current Motors and Control Gear
13312: COOPER, GORDON - Let's go Hiking - Descriptions and Maps of Twelve 7 Day Walking Tours Discovered By
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019166: GRANTHAM COUNCIL - Grantham Silver Jubilee Programme 1952-1977
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13467: THE WESTBURY TOWN COUNCIL - The New Westbuy Guide
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021618: ESSEX COUNTY COUNCIL - Essex Structure Plan Approved Written Statement
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7942: DURHAM COUNTY COUNCIL - Handlist of French Pictures and Drawings in the Bowes Museum
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027648: NOTTINGHAM CITY COUNCIL - Nottingham Official Handbook [Twelfth edition circa 1950]
027660: WEST BRIDGFORD COUNCIL - Official Handbook and Directory for West Bridgford 1936
020651: COUNSEL, JUNE - A Dragon in Summer
020653: COUNSEL, JUNE - A Dragon in Spring Term
020646: COUNSEL, JUNE - Literacy World Fiction Stage 1 Steggie's Way
020644: COUNSEL, JUNE - Once upon Our Time
020645: COUNSEL, JUNE - Once upon Our Time
026064: LE COURBUSIER - The Modulor
019218: COURTNEY, RICHARD - Play Drama and Thought : The Intellectual Background to Dramatic Education
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13173: COWAN, S. T. & ROWATT, E - The strategy of chemotherapy : Eighth symposium of the Society for General Microbiology held at the Royal Institution, London, April 1958
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9919: LANE CRAUFORD, W. H - The Marriage of Sophie
13997: HELEN CRAWFORD - Her Secret Mission at the kennels (Schoolgirl's Own Library No 262)
13996: CRAWFORD, HELEN - Her Secret Mission at the kennels (Schoolgirl's Own Library No 262)
7424: CREAK, E. W - Elementary Manual for the Deviations of the Compass in Iron Ships Intended for the use of Seamen of the Royal Nay and Mercantile Marine and Navigations Schools
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019855: CRESSWELL, BEATRIX F. - Taunton and Taunton Deane
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13054: CRITTENDEN, JOHN JORDAN, FEAMASTER, C. N & LIBRARY OF CONGRESS - Calendar of the papers of John Jordan Crittenden Prepared From the Original Manuscripts in the Library of Congress By C. N. Feasmaster division of Manuscripts - Library of Congress
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12351: EARL OF CROMER - Disraeli
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024984: SETH CROPSEY - Mayday: The Decline of American Naval Supremacy
019509: CROSLAND, T. W. H - Literary Parables
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018572: CROUCHER, NORMAN - Shin Kicking Champion
022581: CROWE, REV. WILLIAM - Lewesdon Hill Considerably Enlarged with other Poems
13023: CRUMP, GEOFFREY HERBERT - Signposts and Other Addresses Delivered at Bedales
026144: CRUST, LINDA - Lincolnshire Almshouses : Nine Centuries of Charitable Housing
12160: CULLINGWORTH, J. B & KARN, V. A - The Ownership and Management of Housing in the New Towns
026234: CULPIN, J. C. - Book of Typefaces availible on "Monotype" Machines
10219: CUMMING, REV JOHN - The Life and lessons of Our Lord Unfolded and Illustrated
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4436: CUNDALL, JOSEPH. - Hans Holbein
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021381: CURRAN, PETER - English Idiom Stories : Practice in Context
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16278: CURZON, CLARE - Shot Bolt
14226: CURZON, CLARE - Face in the Stone
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022412: DADSWELL, H. E & ECKERSLEY, AUDREY M. - The Wood Structure of Some Australian Rutaceae with Methods for their Identification
022413: DADSWELL, H. E & ECKERSLEY, AUDREY M. - The Wood Structure of Some Australian Cunoniaceae with Methods for their Identification
5083: DAHMUS, JOSEPH - Seven Medieval Kings
025248: ANTHONY DALE - Brighton Town and Brighton People
022123: DALI, SALVADOR - Dali on Modern Art
023372: DAMEN, PAUL - Paston 2000
12981: DANE, CLEMENCE - The Babyons a Family Chronicle
14960: DANIEL, DANIEL M - The Mike Jacobs Story
022817: DANIEL, ALBERT R. - Goods that will sell : Tried Favourites and New Notions
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5086: DART, THURSTON (EDIT) - Invitation to Madrigals for S.A.B Volume or Part I (one)
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019604: DARWIN, BERNARD - A Round with Darwin : A Collection of the Golf Writings of Bernard Darwin
13069: DARWIN, C. G ET AL - This Modern World and the Engineer
019628: DARWIN, BERNARD - Golf Between the Years
027594: DARWIN, CHARLES - Journal of Researches Into the Natural History and Geology of the Countries Visited during the Voyage of H.M.S. Beagle Round the World
8287: DAUDET, ALPHONSE & CARNAC, L (TRANSL) - The Hope of the Family
14049: DAVEY, REGINALD - Timber in War-time
14048: DAVEY, REGINALD - Marketing Timber and Other Woodland Products
025706: LILLIAS CAMPBELL DAVIDSON - Those Berkeley Girls
027087: DAVIDSON, GLADYS - Brownie and the Grocer
020899: DAVIES, ENA - Plas-Y-Mor A Property with History, Mystery and Controversy
16597: DAVIES, LT-COL L. M - Scientific Opponents of Evolution
024883: H. DAVIES - The Boys' Grammar School To-Day and Tomorrow
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13274: DAVIS, WJ - The Seventh Year : Industrial Civilization in Transition
027343: DAVIS, DOROTHY - A History of Shopping
024086: DAVIS, ALEC - Boston The Town The Church The People
5436: DAVIS, GODFREY - Tour Britain the Godfrey Davis Way
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11056: DAVY, JOHN - Memoirs of the Life of Sir Humphry Davy Bart (Complete in 2 vols)
17355: DAWE, CARLTON - The Sign of the Glove
026985: DAWES, FRANK - A Foot of Hertfordshire : For the Walking Enthusiast in Search of History and Natural Beauty in Hertfordshire
13693: DE VENOIX DAWSON, AIMEE - Nobody's Pet a Story of Brother and Sister
7340: DAWSON, W. J - The Makers of Modern Prose
12566: W D DAY - Introduction to Vector Analysis for Radio and Electronic Engineers
027571: DAY, FLORENCE A. - A History of Deepings (or Three Deepings in a Row)
022670: DEAKIN, JOSEPH - Loughborough in the XIX Century. Old Loughborough. Twelve Walks round Loughborough. St. Bernard's Monastry. War Memorial
15904: DEAN, WARREN - Diplomatic Claims : Latin American Historians View the United States
11048: DEANE, SONIA - Surgeon's Divorce
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10014: DELMONT, JOSEPH - The Seven Houses
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9425: DENISON, GUY - Nottingham Old and New
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8668: CAMBRIDGESHIRE AND ISLE OF ELY COUNTY COUNCIL PLANNING DEPARTMENT - Nature Reserves and Sites of Special Scientific Interest - Survey Report 1965
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022415: DESCH, H. E. - Manual of Malayan Timbers (Malayan Forest Records No 15) Volume I
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021898: DEWES, SIMON - Mrs. Delany
021810: DEWS, NATHAN - The History of Deptford in the Counties of Kent and Surrey
018981: DIACON, DIANE - House That Grows: Proceeding of the International Conference on Rural Low-cost Housing Held in Lilongwe, Malawi, 1st-6th August 1988
026814: DICKENS, A. G - Late Monasticism and the Reformation
023831: DICKINSON, THOMAS H - The Theatre in a Changing Europe
026098: BONNER W. A. DICKSON - Aircraft from Airship to Jet Propulsion 1908-1948
5016: VISCOUNT DILLON - Souvenir Album of the tower of London
025168: F. HAYDN DIMMOCK - Jamboree Journey : A Story of the Years 1937 to 1947 based Very Liberally on Fact
13200: DIOLE, PHILIPPE - The seas of Sicily
019563: DIRCKS, W. H - Cavalier and Courtier Lyrists : An Anthology of 17th Century Minor Verse
027447: WALT DISNEY - A Trip With Mickey Mouse
021876: DISRAELI, B - Lord George Bentinck : A Political Biography
022114: DISTAD, N. MERILL - Guessing at the Truth : The Life of Julius Charles Hare (1795-1855)
5308: DIWAKAR, R. R - Bhagawan Buddha
020657: DIXON, ALAN - Transports
13519: DIXON, CHARLES - The Birds of Our Rambles
020846: DIXON, ALAN - The Egotistical Decline
021582: DIXON, ALAN - The Immaculate Magpies
023787: DOBB, MAURICE - U.S.S.R Her Life and Her People
4609: DOBREE, BONAMY - The Broken Cistern the Clark Lectures 1952-53
023721: DOBSON, WILLIAM & HARLAND, JOHN - A History of Preston Guild
9597: DOBSON, JOHN HASELDON (TRANSL) - Out of the Storm - the Drama of Job in Poetry
027572: DOCHERTY, TOMMY - Soccer from the Shoulder
025492: EDWARD WYBERGH DOCKER - Bradman and the Bodyline Series
026030: IAN DONNACHIE & JOHN BUTTS - Industrial Archaeology Volume 9
018556: DONNISON, HERBERT - Report on Crab Investigations 12 July 1910 to 31st December 1911 (Eastern Sea Fisheries District)
023694: JOHN G. DONY - The Wild Flowers of Luton
4775: DOUGHTY, OSWALD - Forgotten Lyrics of the Eighteenth Century
13360: DOUGLAS, ALFRED - Extra-Sensory Powers
8148: DOUGLAS, JOYCE - Old Pendle Recipes from the Witches' Kitchen
020944: HON. MRS DOWDALL - The Book of Martha
4881: DOWDING, E. S - The Regional and Seasonal Distribution of Potassium in Plant Tissues
019204: DOWNES, R. P - Cities which Fascinate
12471: DOWNEY, JUNE E - The Will-Temperament and Its Testing (will temperament)
021670: DOYLE, ARTHUR CONAN - Sherlock Holmes : The Complete Long Stories : A Study in Scarlet; The Sign of Four; The Hound of the Baskervilles; The Valley of Death
7012: DRAKE, F. W - Masters of Spiritual Life
021716: DRAPER, DERRYCK - Bedfordshire
023420: MAIRE P. G. DRAPER - Bexley Essays
020091: DREW, JOHN HENRY - Kenilworth : Yesterday's Town
025351: ELIZABETH DREW - Discovering Drama
8999: DREW, J. V (EDIT) - Selected Papers in Soil Formation and Classification
8127: DRING, W. E - The Fen and the Furrow - Books on South Cambridgeshire and the Fenland
11398: DRINKWATER, JOHN - Robert Burns
11424: DRINKWATER, JOHN - Laying the Devil - a Play in Three Acts
11425: DRINKWATER, JOHN - Cromwell and Other Poems
11484: DRINKWATER, JOHN - Olton Pools
11426: DRINKWATER, JOHN - The Poet and Communication Delivered at South Place Institute on March 21 1923
024829: DRINKWATER, JOHN - Charles James Fox
9443: DRINKWATER, JOHN - Tides
023599: PAT O'DRISCOLL (ED.) - Greenwich Times : East Coast Digest Vol 1 No 1 Spring1972
021851: DRUETT, WALTER W - Pinner through the Ages
021694: DRURY, G. DRU - Catalogue of the Seal Casts in the Dorset County Museum 1944
8651: DRYAD - Some Uses for Coloured Felt - Dryad Leaflet No 129
023333: DUCHEIN, L - Manuel De Viticulture Pratique
17611: DUCKWORTH, WILLIAM - Cromwell a Drama
025481: MARY DUCLAUX - The Fields of France (New Edition in Crown Quarto, numerous additions & Illustrations by W. B. Macdougall)
023926: DUMAS, ALEXANDRE - Celebrated Crimes (Imperial Japan Library Edition Limited to 100 copies Vellum Paper)
5446: DUNCAN, F. MARTIN & LUCY T - The Countryside in Spring
023612: DUNCAN, JANE - My Friend Flora
023478: DUNHILL, ALFRED H - The Gentle Art of Smoking
9205: DUNKLING, LESLIE - English House Names
4287: DUNNE, PETER FINLEY - Mr Dooleys Opinions
13052: EARL OF DURHAM - Report on Canada - The Report of the Earl of Durham Her Majesty's High Commissioner and Governor-General of British North America
024810: DURRANT, JOHN - Cambridge Past and Present
019927: DUTTON, LEONARD - The Anglo-Saxon kingdoms: The power struggles from Hengist to Ecgberht
8834: DUTTON, LEONARD - The Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms - The Power Struggles from Hengist to Ecgberht
5382: DWIVEDY, SURENDRANATH & BHARGAVA, G. S - Political Corruption in India
8561: DYER, FLORENCE - A start in Life - the Story of Trewirgie Infants School
024668: DYSON, BRIAN - A Guide to Local Studies in East Yorkshire
025233: A. E. (GEORGE RUSSELL) - Sketch of the History of Louth Traced from Its Earliest Period to the Present Day Including Notices of its Ecclesiastical and Public Buildings, Charitable and Educations Institutions, Military Records and Antiquities &c, &c
12910: EALES, NELLIE B - The Cole library of Early Medicine and Zoology Catalogue of Books and Pamphlets Part I (1, one) 1472 - 1800
026091: LOIS EARLES - "Fortepiano" Musician by Proxy. Part II Written from Daily Experience of the life of a Scientific Pianist
8762: EASTWOOD, G. R - Walks Around Wingerworth
027352: EDMONDS, KATE & VENN, ELIZABETH - Kesteven and Sleaford High School for Girls
5608: EDMUNDS, E. W - Pope and His Poetry
7713: EDMUNDS, F. H - Outlines of Underground Water Supply in England and Wales (The Institution of Water Engineers)
024082: EDNAY, PETER - Princess Beatrice Island Governor
4795: MINISTRY OF EDUCATION - Education in 1949 Being the Report of the Ministry of Education and the Statistics of Public Education for England and Wales
4797: MINISTRY OF EDUCATION - Education in 1954 Being the Report of the ministry of Education and the Statistics of Public Education for England and Wales
027573: EDWARDS, DUNCAN - Tackle Soccer This Way
12641: EDWARDS, ROBERT R. - Ratio and Invention : A Study of Medieval Lyric and Narrative
027234: EDWARDS, MONICA - Wish for a Pony
17305: EDWARDS, C. - More Nails for Busy Workers on Active Service
026198: EDWARDS, ROBERT & WILCOX, TOYAH - The Art of Dexter Brown (Signed by the Artist)
3670: EDWARDS, JOHN & ARLOTT, JOHN. - Dai Davies Not Out....78
024516: EDWARDS, DOUGLAS & PIMPERTON, RAYMOND S. - Fleote - Ye Manner of its Mayking (Fleet - The Manner of its Making)
027712: EDWARDS, WALTER N. - Proving our Case : A Scientifc Exposition of the Nature & Effects of Alcohol
11762: EDWIN, MORTON R - Half a Century with Tobacco
027154: EGGELING, W. J & HARRIS, C. M. - Forest Trees and Timbers of the British Empire IV: Fifteen Uganda Timbers
13268: EIMBINDER, JERRY - Linear Integrated Circuits - Theory and Applications
026013: R. J. ELDRIDGE - Newport Isle of Wight in Bygone Days
7384: ELIOTT, LYDIA S - Children of Galilee
17617: ELLIOT, JOHN HAROLD - Music and How to enjoy it : a Book for Wireless and Other Listeners
027090: ELLIOTT, RUTH - Little Ray and her Friends
17249: ELLIOTT, MARK EMORY - Color-Blind Justice : Albion Tourgee and the Quest for Racial Equality: From the Civil War to Plessy V. Ferguson
022932: ELLIS, W. R. A - Geographical Excursions in the Sheffield Region Series 1
022933: ELLIS, W. R. A - Geographical Excursions in the Sheffield Region Series 2
019609: ELLIS, NORMAN - Trams on old Picture Postcards
022241: ELLIS, FRANK - Duration Flying Models
5069: ELLIS, NORMAN - South Yorkshire Trams on Old Picture Postcards
022940: ELLIS, W. R. A - Geographical Excursions in the Sheffield Region Series 3
13320: ELLWOOD, G. M - English Furniture Decoration 1680 - 1800
024536: ELSDEN, M. J. - Aspects of Spalding Villages
9911: THE DEAN OF ELY - In a Minster Garden - a Causerie
023841: RICHARD K. EMERSON & SANDRA CLAYTON-EMERSON - Who's Who in the Middle Ages [Two Book Boxed Set]
024880: RALPH WALDO EMERSON - Poems of Ralph Waldo Emerson
9972: EMERY, GEORGE - A Collection of Poems for My Friends
025347: CHARLIE EMETT - Stockton-on-Tees (Britain in Old Photographs)
023364: EMMISON, F. G. - Guide to the Essex Record Office : Part II Estate, Ecclesiastical and other Deposited Archives

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