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42662: LEITHWOOD, K A: M HOLMES AND D J MONTGOMERY - Helping Schools Change: Strategies Derived from Field Experience
45074: LEMAITRE, JULES - En Marge des Vieux Livres. Premiere Serie and Deuxieme Serie [2 volumes]
46966: LENTZ, DAVID B - Bloomsday: The Bostoniad
27562: LEON-DUFOUR, XAVIER - Dictionary of the New Testament
32037: LEONARD, GRAHAM (THE RT. REVD BISHOP OF WILLESDEN) - To Every Man's Conscience: Comments on the Report of the Anglican Methodist Unity Commission
48652: LEONARD, ELMORE - Hombre
40354: LEONARD, JOHN C - The Higher Spiritualism: Volume 2
37557: LEOSTER, H ILLUS. C SICHULSKY - Das Hohe Haus in der Karikatur: Max und Moritz im Parlament
32737: LESINSKI, HENRYK - Szczecin (Wydanie II)
48756: LESSING, DORIS ED. EARL G INGERSOLL - Putting the Questions Differently. Interviews with Doris Lessing 1964-1994
45057: LESTRINGANT, FRANK: AGRIPPA D'AUGBINE - Agrippa D'Aubigne: Les Tragiques
46504: LESTRINGANT, FRANK: AGRIPPA D'AUGBINE - Agrippa D'Aubigne: Les Tragiques
46731: LETHBRIDGE, RICHARD - The New Shell Guide to Oxfordshire and Berkshire
45221: LEUNG, CONSTANT AND BRIAN V STREET (EDS.) - English: A Changing Medium for Education
49028: LEVI, PRIMO TRANS. WILLIAM WEAVER - If not Not, When?
49690: LEVI, PETER - Virgil: His Life and Times
39170: LEVIN, HARRY TRANS. CLAUDE TARNAUD - James Joyce: Traduit de l'americain par Claude Tarnaud
31151: LEVIS, HOWARD C - A Descriptive Bibliography of The Most Important Books in the English Language relating to the Art & History of Engraving and the collecting of Prints (limited edition 2 volumes in 1)
32580: LEVY, WENDY - Dawn Rowland FRBS: Sculptor
43278: LEWINGTON, ANNA AND EDWARD PARKER - Ancient Trees: Trees That Live For 1,000 Years
37055: LEWIS, EMMA - Antiquarian Book Review Volume XXX Number 4 Issue No 338 May 2003
46233: LEWIS, NORMAN D - Choice and the Legal Order: Rising above Politics
49141: LEWIS, BRIAN - The Flight to Derry
40043: LEWIS, SHIRLEY - Health of the Retired and the Elderly (Manifesto Series No 6)
37052: LEWIS, EMMA - Antiquarian Book Review Volume XXIX Number 7 Issue No 331 August/September 2002
40025: LEWIS, DAVID - An Information Design Audit of information about Residential Care (Information Working Paper 2)
49138: LEWIS, BRIAN - Robin Hood: A Yorkshire Man. The Case for the Wentbridge Robin Hood
44200: LEWIS, MICHAEL - Projects in Britain
44126: LEWIS, ROGER - How to Write Flexible Learning Materials
37046: LEWIS, EMMA - Antiquarian Book Review Volume XXXVII Number 9 Issue No 311 February 2002
37040: LEWIS, EMMA - Antiquarian Book Review Volume XXIX Number 3 Issue No 332 October 2002
49328: LEWIS, BRENDA RALPH - Ritual Sacrifice: A Concise History
37041: LEWIS, EMMA - Antiquarian Book Review Volume XXIX Number 10 Issue No 334 December/January 2002
37054: LEWIS, EMMA - Antiquarian Book Review Volume XXX Number 3 Issue No 337 April 2003
37058: LEWIS, EMMA - Antiquarian Book Review Volume XXX Number 7 Issue No 341 August/September 2003
37056: LEWIS, EMMA - Antiquarian Book Review Volume XXX Number 5 Issue No 339 June 2003
37057: LEWIS, EMMA - Antiquarian Book Review Volume XXXI Number 7 Issue No 341 July 2003
37050: LEWIS, EMMA - Antiquarian Book Review Volume XXIX Number 5 Issue No 329 June 2002
37059: LEWIS, EMMA - Antiquarian Book Review Volume XXX Number 8 Issue No 343 October 2003
45153: NEW YORK PUBLIC LIBRARIES - Catalog of Special and Private Presses in the Rare Book Division: The Research Libraries, The New York Public Libraries Vols. 1 A-L and 2 M-Z [2 volumes complete]
48225: PICTURE STORY LIBRARY - Bunty: The Silver Scorpions (Picture Story Library for Girls No 295)
48224: PICTURE STORY LIBRARY - Debbie: The Sayings of Susie (Picture Story Library for Girls No 119)
39733: RUSKIN LIBRARY [JOHN RUSKIN] - Exhibitions at the Ruskin Library 2000
39737: RUSKIN LIBRARY [JOHN RUSKIN] - The Story of the Whitehouse Collection and the Ruskin Library: The Collection and a Brief Life of John Ruskin
35812: LICHFIELD, NATHANIEL - The Report and Advisory Outline Plan for the Limerick Region: Interim Report on the Limerick-Ennis-Shannon District
34679: LICHFIELD, NATHANIEL AND ASSOCIATES - The Shannon Estuary: Report and Plan for the Development of Tourism and Recreation
34686: LICHFIELD, NATHANIEL AND ASSOCIATES - Report and Advisory Outline Plan for the Limerick Region. Volume II - Advisory Outline Plan, with additional material from volume I-report
44600: LIEDMAN, SVEN-ERIC: MARTIN PETERSON AND PAUL RUDNY (EDS.) - Ideological Changes in Europe: A Symposium (Report Nr 2)
42960: LIGGETT, ERIC - British Political Issues [Volumes One and Two complete]
49818: LIGGETT, E - What is a University?
36341: LIGGETT, E - What is a University?
48277: LILLY, VANESSA CHASE: LOTTIE CHILD ET AL - Villa Frankenstein: The Journal of the British Pavilion, 12th International Architecture Exhibition August 2010 Volume No 1
46602: LINCOLN, ABRAHAM - The Poems of Abraham Lincoln
45767: LINGARD, JOHN - The History of England from the first Invasion by the Romans to the Accession of William and Mary in 1688 [10 volumes complete]
43263: LINKLATER, ANDRO - Measuring America
33839: LIPP, FRANZ CARL - Herzhafter Haustrunk Most
13787: LISLE, LECONTE DE - Oeuvres de Leconte de Lisle: Poemes Antiques
39468: LITERSKY, DOROTHY M GROBE - Derleth: Hawk...and Dove: A Biography
44247: LITTLE, DAVID AND HELMUT BRAMMERTS (EDS.) - A Guide to Language Learning in Tandem via the Internet (CLCS Occasional Paper No 46)
49043: LITTLE, ALLAN ET AL - The BBC National Short Story Award 2015
45418: LITTLE, CARL - Paintings of New England
44248: LITTLE, DAVID ET AL - Evaluating Tandem Language Learning by E-mail: Report on Bilateral Project (CLCS Occasional Paper No 55)
48552: LITTLEWOOD, WILLIAM - Foreign and Second Language Learning: Language Acquisition Research and its Implications for the Classroom
48956: LIVELY, PENELOPE - Making it Up
47405: LIVINGSTONE, IAN AND HUGH MATTHEWS - Assessing and Recording a Skills-Based Curriculum
47862: PLATO ED. R W LIVINGSTONE - Plato: Selected Passages (Oxford World's Classics No CDLXXXVII/487)
48426: LLYWELYN, MORGAN AND MICHAEL SCOTT - Ireland: A Graphic History
18247: LOBE, MIRA - El Nas de Moritz
50010: LOCHNAN, KATHERINE AND CAROL JACOBI - Holman Hunt and the Pre-Raphaelite Vision
30934: LOCHNAN, KATHARINE (ED.) - Turner Whistler Monet: Un Dialogue Artistique
38237: WARD LOCK - A Pictorial and Descriptive Guide to the English Lake District with an Outline Guide for Pedestrians
48172: LOCKE, WILLIAM J - Stella Maris
50350: LOFTS, NORAH - Women in the Old Testament: Twenty Psychological Portraits
47965: LOMAX, JAMES - Temple Newsam Paintings
40431: LONGFELLOW, HENRY WADSWORTH - The Longfellow Birthday Text Book
49055: LONGLEY, EDNA - Yeats and Modern Poetry
44325: LOO, TESSA DE TRANS. ANDY BROWN - In Byron's Footsteps
48133: LOOMIS, LAURA HIBBARD - Geoffrey of Monmouth and Stonehenge (PLMA Vol. XLV No 2)
46835: LORAC, E C R (PSEUD OF EDITH CAROL RIVETT) - Fire in the Thatch
48174: LORD, WALTER - A Night to Remember
39780: LORENZ-MAYER, DAGMAR - The Other Side of the Generation Contract
47171: LOTTINVILLE, SAVOIE - The Rhetoric of History
13662: LOUIS, JEANNE HENRIETTE - Les Concepts de Guerre Psychologique aux Etats-Unis 1939-1943. L'Engrenage de la Violence
48089: LOVEGROVE, JAMES - The Cthulhu Casebooks: Sherlock Holmes and the Sussex Sea-Devils
47310: LOVELAND, IAN - By Due Process of Law? Racial Discrimination and the Right to Vote in South Africa 1855-1960
35426: LOVETT, VERNEY - India: with a Section on Economics Based on a Contribution by the Late Sir W Meyer (The Nations of Today)
46957: LOW, CHARLES RATHBONE - The Great Battles of the British Army, with Continuation to the Present Time, including the Soudan Campaign
47470: LOWE, STUART - Urban Social Movements: The City after Castells
28803: LOZAC'HMEUR, PIERRE - Camaret: Son Histoire, Ses Monuments Religieux
43291: LES CAHIERS DE LOZERE 2 - Dolmens et Menhirs en Lozere
50273: DARTINGTON GLASS LTD - Dartington Glass: A Souvenir
48144: LUCAS, SUZETTE A (ED.) - An Interpretative Guide to Taliesin West: In the Realm of Ideas
32413: LUCAS, RICHARD - An Enquiry after Happiness in Three Parts [2 volumes complete]
22020: LUCAS, E V - The Ameliorator
32557: SMITH ALISTAIR AND JOCHEN LUCKHARDT - Von Gainsborough bis Turner: Englische Aquarelle aus der Whitworth Art Gallery in Manchester
45220: LUCKIN, ROSEMARY - Redesigning Learning Contexts
47143: LUNDMARK, THOMAS - Common Law Tort & Contract (Munsteraner Einfuhrungen: Juristische Arbeitsbucher)
39303: LYDEKKER, RICHARD (ED.) - The Royal Natural History: Volume 3 Part 18
39302: LYDEKKER, RICHARD (ED.) - The Royal Natural History: Volume 1 Part 5 (Vol. I Pt V)
48883: LYTTON, EDWARD BULWER - The Last of the Barons
50066: LYTTON, EDWARD ROBERT - The Last of the Barons
32318: LYTTON, EDWARD BULWER - My Novel or, Varieties in English Life by Pisistratus Caxton
36071: MABLE, NORMAN - Popular Hymns and Their Writers
50452: MACAULAY, THOMAS BABINGTON - How Horatius Held the Bridge
41375: MACDONALD, GEORGE - At the Back of the North Wind (New Children's Classics)
33357: MACHEN, ARTHUR (TRANS.) - The Heptameron Or Tales And Novels Of Marguerite Queen Of Navarre
50107: MACHEN, ARTHUR ED. ROGER DOBSON, GODFREY BRANGHAM AND R A GILBERT - Selected Letters: The Private Writings of the Master of the Macabre
49454: MACHIAVELLI, NICOLO - The Prince
47419: MACHIN, BOB - Rural Housing: An Historical Approach
10697: MACINTOSH, REV WILLIAM (TRANS.) - Gleanings from the Talmud selected and newly translated into English
46714: MACKAY, CHARLES (ED.) - The Home Affections, Pourtrayed by the Poets
49185: MACKERETH, DERRICK - Jeremy's Last Case
47269: MACKIE, KARL J - Lawyers in Business: And The Law Business
23366: MACKINNON-DAY, PATRICIA - Inland Waters
48921: MACLAVERTY, BERNARD - Secrets and Other Stories
49360: MACLEOD, MARK - Finding Echo Point
16058: MACLEOD, R D - Morris without Mackail (As seen by his Contemporaries) [William Morris without J W Mackail]
49305: MACPHAIL, R M - The Santal Mission (Sketches of the Fields No 12)
37791: MACPHEE, EARLE DOUGLAS - Footsteps: An Autobiography
45263: MAFFEI, SCIPIONE - Animadversiones in Historiam Theologicam Dogmatum et Opinionum de Divina Gratia
46087: NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM/BBC WILDLIFE MAGAZINE - Shell Wildlife Photographer of the Year Portfolio 2006
46491: MAGNY, CLAUDE-EDMONDE - Les Sandales d'Empedocle: Essai sur les Limites de la Litterature
49126: MAGRS, PAUL - Does it Show?
47429: MAGUIRE, DAVID AND MARK BRAYSHAY (EDS.) - Field Excursions in the Plymouth Region
48572: MAHFOUZ, NAGUIB - Between the Two Palaces (Palace Walk) [text in Arabic]
42193: MAHON, JOHN W AND THOMAS A PENDLETON - Fanned and Winnowed Opinions: Shakespearean Essays Presented to Harold Jenkins
49385: O'MAHONY, MICHAEL - The Life of Saint Columba
49633: O'MAHONY, GERALD - Praying St Mark's Gospel
49035: MAILER, NORMAN - The Presidential Papers
42630: MAK, KORALJKA AND E M HARRISON-PAJ - Graphic Communication Reader for Design/Technically Orientated Schools
42291: MALDEN, R H - Religion and the New Testament
50272: MALLINSON, IAN AND GLENYS THOMAS (EDS.) - Learning from Experience: Examples of Developing practice skills in Residential and Day Care
32598: MALMANGER, MAGNE AND CHARLES NUGENT - Fra Prospekt til Visjon: Engelske Akvareller Fra Sandby Til Turner Utlant Fra the Whitworth Art Gallery Manchester
44346: MALONE, CHARLES (ED.) - A Poetic Inventory of Rocky Mountain National Park
49652: MALONE, MARGARET - Living in the House of God:Monastic Essays
44969: MALORY, THOMAS - The Death of King Arthur
45483: MALPEDE, KAREN - Plays in Time: The Beekeeper's Daughter, Prophecy, Another Life, Extreme Whether
46720: MANDELBROTE, GILES (ED.) - Out of Print and Into Profit: A History Of The Rare & Secondhand Book Trade in Britain in the Twentieth Century
48855: MANGUEL, ALBERTO - Into the Looking Glass Wood: Essays on Words and the World
46857: MANGUEL, ALBERTO - Curiosity
50009: MANGUEL, ALBERTO - Homer's The Iliad and the Odyssey: A Biography
49293: MANHEIM, JULIA - Sizing Up: New Work by Julia Manheim
44450: MANI, GION: TANI DOLF, ANNA CAPADRUTT, JACOB MICHAEL AND GION BATTAGLIA - Anturn igl bavregn: istorgias a poeseias sutsilvanas
49593: MANNING, STANLEY A - The Right Way To Understand The Countryside
40895: MANSFIELD, KATHERINE - The Escape and Other Stories (Penguin 60s)
47204: ROYAL COMMISSION ON HISTORICAL MANUSCRIPTS - Surveys of Historical Manuscripts in the United Kingdom: A Select Bibliography
40175: MARCEAU, MARCEL - Acht Pantomimen
45011: MARCEL, GEORG - School Marches
36494: MARCHANT, BESSIE - Denver Wilson's Double: A Story of New Mexico
49016: MARCUS, GREIL - Invisible Republic: Bob Dylan's Basement Tapes
48395: MARE, WALTER DE LA - Poems 1919-1934
48393: MARE, WALTER DE LA - Poems 1901 to 1918, Volume I
48394: MARE, WALTER DE LA - Poems 1901 to 1918, Volume II
48287: DE LA MARE, WALTER - Memory and Other Poems
28553: MARGUERITTE, PAUL - Ma Grande
47817: MARKHAM, EDWIN (SELECTED) - The Book of American Poetry
28127: MARKOWITZ, IRENE - Die Dusseldorfer Malerschule: Bildhefte des Kunstmuseums Dusseldorf
23379: MARLOW, TIM - John Gibbons
17659: MARLOW, TIM (INTRO) - A Calendar of Art Exhibitions 1998-99 (The Lund Humphries Calendar of Art Exhibitions in UK Galleries and Museums January 1998-July 1999)
46537: MAROT, CLEMENT - L'Adolescence Clementine
46517: TERENCE ED. J MAROUZEAU - Comedies Tome 1 Andrienne, Eunuque
40894: MARQUEZ, GABRIEL GARCIA - Bon Voyage, Mr President and Other Stories (Penguin 60s)
46670: MARRYAT, FREDERICK - Peter Simple
49258: MARSH, DAVID AND AMELIA HODSDON (EDS.) - The Guardian Book of English Language
31464: MARSHALL, DORIS - Silver Threads: Critical Reflections on Growing Old
43566: MARTAKIES, ROBIN - Kurt Schwitters: Free Spirit
45964: MARTIN, BRIAN - John Henry Newman: His Life and Work
47949: MARTIN, JUDY - The Complete Guide to Calligraphy: Techniques and Materials
47513: MARTIN, AUGUSTINE - Anglo-Irish Literature (Aspects of Ireland 7)
50316: MARTIN, ROBERT BERNARD - Tennyson: The Unquiet Heart
46455: STENDHAL ED. HENRI MARTINEAU - Le Rouge et le Noir: Chronique du XIXe siecle
46456: STENDHAL ED. HENRI MARTINEAU - Le Rouge et le Noir: Chronique du XIXe siecle
46457: STENDHAL ED. HENRI MARTINEAU - La Chartreuse de Parme
40477: MARTYN, JOHN AND EPHRAIM CHAMBERS - The Philosophical History and Memoirs of the Royal Academy of Sciences at Paris or An Abridgement of all the Papers Relating to Natural Philosophy which have been publish'd by Members of that Illustrious Society. Volume III/3 [only]
50427: MARVELL, ANDREW - Five Poems
48900: MARX, URSULA ET AL - Walter Benjamin's Archive: Images, Texts, Signs
42069: MASLEN, ELIZABETH (ED.) - Comedy: Writings in Honour of Peter Dixon by Friends and Colleagues
49186: MASON, RICHARD - Branthwaite's Lot
20204: MASON, J F A - Stokesay Castle, Shropshire
47498: MASSER, I AND W T S GOULD - Inter-Regional Migration in Tropical Africa
49892: MATHESON, RICHARD - A Stir of Echoes
50036: MATTINGLEY, GREG - Emily Dickinson as a Second Language: Demystifying the Poetry
21816: MATULIONIS, A ET AL. - Sociological Research of Youth's Path of Life
46997: MATUSZYNSCY, WITOLD - Praktyczny Slownik: Angielsko-Polski Polski-Angielsko [The Practical English-Polish Polish English Dictionary]
45910: MAUGHAM, W SOMERSET - Catalina: A Romance
45914: MAUGHAM, W SOMERSET - Creatures of Circumstance
46562: MAULNIER, THIERRY - Langages
44070: MAUPASSANT, GUY DE - Une Partie De Campagne
9379: MAUREL, JULES - Le Duc de Wellington
45072: MAUROIS, ANDRE - Quatre Etudes Anglaises: Mme du Deffand et Horace Walpole, Lord Byron et le demon de la tendresse de Ruskin a Wilde. La jeune littererature anglaise
25912: MAWBY, COLIN - Songs for Many Seasons: Nine Anthems for the Church Year
48276: MAX, D T - Every Love Story is a Ghost Story: A Life of David Foster Wallace
45795: MAXWELL, GLYN - The Nerve
47808: MAYERL, BILLY (SELECTED AND EDITED) - Novelty Piano Songs
47804: MAYERL, BILLY - Second Album of Billy Mayerl Pianolettes (Book 2)
50358: MAYES, MARY - Handbook for Midwives and Maternity Nurses
48865: MCADAM, E L AND GEORGE MILNE - Johnson's Dictionary: A Modern Selection
41369: MCBRIEN, RICHARD P - Lives of the Saints from Mary to St Francis of Assisi to John XXIII and Mother Teresa
24554: MCBURNEY, GERARD - Halle: Landscape, Myth and Memory
48958: MCCABE, PATRICK - The Butcher Boy
48609: MCCABE, PATRICK - Mondo Desperado!
48844: MCCABE, PATRICK - Emerald Germs of Ireland
44550: MCCAHERY, JOSEPH: SOL PICCIOTTO AND COLIN SCOTT (EDS.) - Corporate Control and Accountability: Changing Structures and Dynamics of Regulation
49845: MCCALDIN, DENIS (ED.) - Haydn Society of Great Britain Journal No 34/2 2015
49849: MCCALDIN, DENIS (ED.) - Haydn Society of Great Britain Journal No 30 2011
49850: MCCALDIN, DENIS (ED.) - Haydn Society of Great Britain Journal No 29 2010
49857: MCCALDIN, DENIS (ED.) - Haydn Society of Great Britain Journal No 21 2002
49846: MCCALDIN, DENIS (ED.) - Haydn Society of Great Britain Journal No 33 2014
49847: MCCALDIN, DENIS (ED.) - Haydn Society of Great Britain Journal No 32 2013
49848: MCCALDIN, DENIS (ED.) - Haydn Society of Great Britain Journal No 31 2012
49858: MCCALDIN, DENIS (ED.) - Haydn Society of Great Britain Journal No 19 1999
49842: MCCALDIN, DENIS (ED.) - Haydn Society of Great Britain Journal No 37 2018
49844: MCCALDIN, DENIS (ED.) - Haydn Society of Great Britain Journal No 35 2016
49856: MCCALDIN, DENIS (ED.) - Haydn Society of Great Britain Journal No 22 2003
49843: MCCALDIN, DENIS (ED.) - Haydn Society of Great Britain Journal No 36 2017
49862: MCCALDIN, DENIS - Stravinsky (Novello Short Biographies)
49859: MCCALDIN, DENIS (ED.) - Haydn Society of Great Britain Journal No 14 1994
49860: MCCALDIN, DENIS (ED.) - Haydn Society of Great Britain Journal No 13 1993
49861: MCCALDIN, DENIS (ED.) - Haydn Society of Great Britain Journal No 12 1992
42872: MCCALDIN, DENIS - Stravinsky (Novello Short Biographies)
49851: MCCALDIN, DENIS (ED.) - Haydn Society of Great Britain Journal No 28 2009
49852: MCCALDIN, DENIS (ED.) - Haydn Society of Great Britain Journal No 25 2006
49855: MCCALDIN, DENIS (ED.) - Haydn Society of Great Britain Journal No 23 2004
49839: MCCALDIN, DENIS - Stravinsky (Novello Short Biographies)
49854: MCCALDIN, DENIS (ED.) - Haydn Society of Great Britain Journal No 24 2005
44240: MCCALL, JUDY - Self-access: Setting up a Centre
44241: MCCALL, JUDY - Self-access: Setting up a Centre
48765: MCCANN, SEAN (ED.) - The Story of the Abbey Theatre
49640: MCCANN, JUSTIN (TRANS.) - The Rule of Saint Benedict
47038: MCCARTY, MACLYN - The Transforming Principle: Discovering That Genes Are Made of DNA
31668: MCCOLL, GRAHAM - Manchester United In The Sixties: United's Rise to Championship and European Glory Contains Replica Souvenirs from the Time
49165: MCCORMICK, JOHN - American Literature 1919-1932: A Comparative History
50406: MCCOSH, SYLVIA MARY - Between Two Gardens: The Diary of Two Border Gardens
48717: MCCRACKEN, SCOTT - Pulp: Reading Popular Fiction
48766: MCCRYSTAL, CAL - Reflections on a Quiet Rebel
46598: MCCULLOCH, JANELLE - One for the Road: Travelling America in Pursuit of Happiness
48663: MCCULLOUGH, COLLEEN - The Independence of Miss Mary Bennet
44312: MCDIARMID, LUCY - Poets and the Peacock Dinner: The Literary History of a Meal
49665: MCDONAGH, SEAN - To Care for the Earth: A Call to a New Theology
49507: MCDONNELL, JOSEPH - Half-hours with God or The Joys of Daily Mass and Daily Communion
34934: MCDOWELL, R B (ED.) - Social Life in Ireland 1800-45 (An Saol in Eirinn 1800-45)
30590: MCEVOY, PAT - Home from the Hill
47068: MCGILL, ORMOND - Grieve No More, Beloved: The Story (Book) of Delight
48981: MCGRATH, PATRICK - Blood and Water
49292: MCGREGOR, G P - King's College Budo: The First Sixty Years
49236: MCGREGOR, GORDON P - English for Life? Teaching English as a Second Language in Sub-Saharan Africa with Reference to Uganda
33110: MCILWRAITH, A K (ED.) - Five Elizabethan Tragedies (Oxford World's Classics No CDLII/452)
42790: MCKAY, VERONICA AND CAREW TREFFGARNE - Evaluating Impact (Education Research Serial No 35)
24342: MCKEAG, ERNEST L - Love's Sacrifice
38182: MCLAINE, W REVISED W T COLYER - An Outline of Economics (Plebs Outline No 3)
32571: MCLAREN, DUNCAN - The Strangled Cry of the Writer-in-Residence: A Grizedale Initiative from 'The Casebook of Non-Sherlock Holmes'
47314: MCLAREN, JOHN. ROBERT MENZIES AND DOROTHY E CHUNN (EDS.) - Regulating Lives: Historical Essays on the State, Society, the Individual and the Law
49290: MCMILLAN, IAN (SELECTED BY) - Six: The Versewagon Poetry Manual
49130: MCMILLEN, ALEX (ED.) - Bliss
43286: MCNAMARA, FRANCES - Death at the Fair
48957: MCNAMEE, EOIN - Resurrection Man
46624: MCQUEEN, MAGDA - Mirror Dead
48551: MCRAE, JOHN AND ROY BOARDMAN - Reading between the Lines Students book: Integrated Language and Literature Activities
48694: MEDVED, HARRY AND RANDY DREYFUSS - Fifty Worst Movies of All Time (and how they got that way)
46889: MEE, ARTHUR (ED.) - The King's England: Dorset
46811: MEE, ARTHUR (ED) - The King's England: Lake Counties
46792: MEE, ARTHUR (ED.) - The King's England: Northamptonshire
49254: MEEKS, BRIAN - Paint the Town Red
49104: MEER, RON VAN DER AND MICHAEL BERKELEY - The Music Pack (includes CD)
49991: MEGGED, MATTI - The Animal That Never Was
42644: MELIA, PATRICK JAMES (ED.) - Innovations and Outcomes in English Language Teacher Education
42663: MELIA, PATRICK JAMES (ED.) - Innovations and Outcomes in English Language Teacher Education
47335: MELIKAN, ROSE A - John Scott, Lord Eldon (1751-1838) : The Duty of Loyalty
48918: DE MELLO, MARTIN (ED) - Moss Side Stories
44445: MELLON, PAUL (FOREWORD) - Selected Paintings, Drawings and Books
44115: MELROSE, ROBIN - The Margins of Meaning: Arguments for a Postmodern Approach to Language and Text
46380: MELVILLE, HERMAN - Battle Poems: Civil War Poems
50282: MELVILLE, HERMAN - Moby-Dick or The Whale (Oxford World's Classics No CCXXV/225)
40887: MELVILLE, HERMAN - Bartleby, and the Lightning-Rod Man (Penguin 60s)
45059: MENAGER, DANIEL - Introduction a la vie litteraire au XVIe siecle
30544: MENDELSSOHN, FELIX ED. HOWARD ALDRICH - Mendelssohn Songs Without Words: selected favorites for the piano
42916: MENDELSSOHN, FELIX - Funf Orchesterstucke aus dem Sommernachtstraum Op 61: Scherzo, Intermezzo, Notturno, Hochzeitsmarsch, Rupeltanz [Five Orchestral Pieces from A Midsummer Night's Dream]
13202: MERCIER, ROGER AND BATTESTINI, MONIQUE AND SIMON - Bernard Dadie: Ecrivain Ivoirien
45731: MEREDITH-OWENS, G M - Turkish Miniatures
42101: MEROLA, MICHELE: JAMES AND INGEBORG HOGG (EDS.) - La Certosa di Pavia (The Charterhouse of Pavia) Volume 2 Photographs
45273: MERRIFIELD, JULIET: MARY BETH BINGHAM AND KATHLEEN P BENNETT DEMARRAIS - Life at the Margins: Literacy, Language, and Technology in Everyday Life
50373: MERWIN, W S ILLUS. BY LIZ WARD - Unchopping a Tree: The Interior Life of a Tree
44134: MESKILL, CARLA - Teaching and Learning in Real Time: Media Technologies and Language Acquisition
48228: MESSNER-LOEBS, WILLIAM AND JOHN FORD - Epic Battles of the Civil War Volume 2 Shiloh (Marvel Comics)
38279: MESURIER, L LE - God's Carpet: Post-War Patterns
44067: METCALFE, FREDERICK - History of German Literature based on the German Work of Vilmar
49543: MEYER, JENS (INTRO) - 180 Years of Passion: Fine Writing Instruments
46571: MICHAUX, HENRI - Face aux Verrous
34876: MIKESELL, MARVIN W (ED.) - Geographers Abroad: Essays on the Problems and Prospects of Research in Foreign Areas
29620: MILES, EUSTACE - Cassell's Physical Educator (Special Edition specially prepared for Subscribers) 2 volumes complete
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49979: PILKINGTON, MARGARET - William Blake (1757-1827) Bicentenary Celebrations: Paintings, Drawings and Facsimiles
32520: PILKINGTON, MARGARET - Exhibition of Water-Colours and Drawings by Alexander Cozens and John Robert Cozens
30818: PILKINGTON, MARGARET - William Blake (1757-1827) Bicentenary Celebrations: Paintings, Drawings and Facsimiles
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47400: MANCHESTER PLANNING - Manchester's Population in the Mid 1980s
40047: PLATT, DENISE (FOREWORD) - Children's Services: CSCI Findings 2004-07
13809: PLATTARD, JEAN - Etat Present des Etudes sur Montaigne
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32633: POLLEY, ROGER AND JOHN WOODMAN - In Search of the Sacred: Selected Photographic Sketches, Commissions and Projects
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42200: POLLNER, CLAUSDIRK: HELMUT ROHLFING, FRANK RUTGER-HAUSMANN - Bright is the Ring of Words: Festschrift fur Horst Winstock zum 65. Geburtstag
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39778: POWER, MICHAEL: ROGER CLOUGH, PHILIPPA GIBSON AND STEVE KELLY - Helping Lively Minds: Volunteer Support to Very Elderly People Living in Residential Homes
50073: POWYS, JOHN COWPER - James Joyce's Ulysses - An Appreciation
31034: POWYS, JOHN COWPER - Letters from John Cowper Powys to C Benson Roberts
31036: POWYS, JOHN COWPER - Letters to Clifford Tolchard from John Cowper Powys with a Memoir by Clifford Tolchard
24337: PRAGA, ANTHONY - Great Books Retold as Short Stories
44859: PRATT, R D - A Thousand Books on Books: A Selection of English Books on Book-Making Book-Selling and Book-Collecting
7813: PRATT, E S - Dorothy Northbrooke: The Story of a Sister's Influence
46008: PRAWY, MARCEL - The Vienna Opera
47391: PRED, ALLAN - City-systems in Advanced Economies: Past Growth, Present Processes and Future Development Options
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39963: PRINGLE, MIA KELLMER (FOREWORD) - A Future for Intermediate Treatment: Report of the Intermediate Treatment Study Group
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45706: PRITCHARD, EMILY M - The History of St Dogmaels Abbey Together with her Cells, Pill, Caldey, and Galscareg, and the Mother Abbey of Tiron
49001: PRITCHARD, MARK D - I'm Never Ill
43003: PRITCHARD, JAMES (ED.) - Atlas of the Bible
40009: COMMUNITY HOMES PROJECT - Community Homes Project: A First Report
47484: PROTHERO, R MANSELL (ED.) - People and Land in Africa South of the Sahara : Readings in Social Geography
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48518: PROUST, MARCEL ADAPTED BY STEPHANE HEUET TRANS. JOE JOHNSON - Remembrance of Things Past: Part Two Within a Budding Grove Volume 2
45707: PROUT, SAMUEL - Hints on Light and Shadow and Composition etc. as Applicable to Landscape Painting
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25641: QUILLO, RONALD - Two Cultures of Belief: The Fallacy of Christian Certitude - A Systems Approach
24338: QUINE, R H - The Three Roads. The New Road on Land Through West Coast Road: The New Road on the Sea: Whitehaven, A National Port: The New Road to Work, The Cure of Unemployment
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49657: QUINN, FREDERICK - African Saints: Saints, Martyrs, and Holy People from the Continent of Africa
13856: RABELAIS - Gargantua and Pantagruel: Tome Premier (I-XII): Tome Second Pantagruel (XII-XXXIV), Le Tiers Livre (I-XXXIV): Tome Troisieme, Le Tiers Livre (XXXV-LII), Le Quart Livre (I-XLIV): Tome Quatrieme, Le Quart Livre (Fin; XLV-LXVII), Le Cinquiesme Livre, Glossaire [4 volumes complete]
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44612: RADAELLI, CLAUDIO M - The Politics of Corporate Taxation in the European Union: Knowledge and International Policy Agendas
20192: RADFORD, C A RALEIGH - Goodrich Castle, Herefordshire
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48822: RAFTERY, MARY - Do They Think We're Eejits? A Selection of The Irish Times Columns 2003-2009
30473: RAGONOT, L C - Vocabulaire Symbolique Anglo-Francais pour les eleves de tout age et de tout degre
36449: LONDON & NORTH EASTERN RAILWAY - London & North Eastern Railway: Rules for Observance by Employees 1st January 1933
43561: BRITISH RAILWAYS - Passenger Services London (Paddington) 15th September 1952 until further notice (Western Region)
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49337: RAJI, REMI - Webs of Remembrance
42743: RALL, DIETRICH AND MARLENE RALL - Mira que si nos miran. Imagenes de Mexico en la literatura de lengua alemana del siglo XX
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49364: RANDOLPH, KARIN - Mind the Gap New York/London, Spring 1998
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30827: RATCLIFFE, F W - Treasures of the University of Manchester
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19351: RIDGWAY, ATHELSTAN - The World Revealed: Northern Africa
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50058: ROSA, DOMENICA DE - Villa Serena
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47784: ROTOGRAPHIC - The Check Your Change Companion
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41816: RUSKIN, JOHN - Fors Clavigera: Letters to the Workmen and Labourers of Great Britain. Letter the Eighty-Fourth December 1st 1877
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41805: RUSKIN, JOHN - Prosperina: Studies of Wayside Flowers Part VIII
41804: RUSKIN, JOHN - Prosperina: Studies of Wayside Flowers Part VII
41803: RUSKIN, JOHN - Prosperina: Studies of Wayside Flowers Part III
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41628: RUSKIN, JOHN - Salsette and Elephanta (1879): Inaugural Address Delivered at the Cambridge School of Art (1879): Notes on the Construction of Sheepfolds (1879): (the Relation Between Michaelangelo and Tintorette (1879): (Elements of English Prosody (1880): Guild of St George Master's Report (1885)
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41839: RUSKIN, JOHN - Notes on some of the Principal Pictures Exhibited in the Rooms of the Royal Academy No V 1859
45252: RUSKIN, JOHN - The Queen of the Air: Being the Study of the Greek Myths of Cloud and Storm
44435: RUSKIN, JOHN EDITED BY BERNARD RICHARDS - Via Gellia (Being Chapter 7 of 'Praeterita Continued' Compiled from John Ruskin's materials by Bernard Richards)
30962: RUSKIN, JOHN AND INTRO BY EUGENE A NOBLE - The King of the Golden River or The Black Brothers
30963: RUSKIN, JOHN - The King of the Golden River
45830: RUSKIN, JOHN - Notes by Mr Ruskin on his Collection of Drawings by the Late J M W Turner RA Exhibited at The Fine Art Society's Galleries also a list of the engraved works of that Master shown at the same time
27011: RUSKIN, JOHN - Proserpina: Studies of Wayside Flowers Volume I/1
45743: RUSKIN, JOHN - Ariadne Florentina: Six Lectures on Wood and Metal Engraving with Appendix
44436: RUSKIN, JOHN EDITED BY BERNARD RICHARDS - Juliet's Tomb (Being Chapter 5 of 'Praeterita Continued' Compiled from John Ruskin's materials by Bernard Richards)
45749: RUSKIN, JOHN - The Laws of Fesole: A Familiar Treatise on the Elementary Principles and Practice of Drawing and Painting as Determined by Tuscan Masters Volume 1 [only]
44413: RUSKIN, JOHN - A Walk in Chamouni (The Hull Booklets 1)
45255: RUSKIN, JOHN AND HENRY W ACLAND - The Oxford Museum
45272: RUSKIN, JOHN (ED.) - Bibliotheca Pastorum Volume IV: A Knight's Faith Parts III, II bound in with Vol. II Rock Honeycomb Part I: Broken Pieces of Sir Philip Sidney's Psalter
45813: RUSKIN, JOHN ED. FREDERICK WEDMORE - Turner and Ruskin: An Exposition of the Work of Turner from the Writings of Ruskin with a biographical note on Turner in Two Volumes [complete]
41619: RUSKIN, JOHN - Modern Painters in 5 volumes [complete]
41786: RUSKIN, JOHN - Salsette and Elephanta: A Prize Poem Recited in the Theatre, Oxford June 12 1839
14084: RUSKIN, JOHN - The Art of England: Lectures Given in Oxford
45744: RUSKIN, JOHN - Three Letters and an Essay on Literature found in his Tutor's Desk 1836-41
30985: RUSKIN, JOHN - The King of the Golden River or The Black Brothers
40852: RUSKIN, JOHN - Letters Addressed to a College Friend During the Years 1840-1845
18263: RUSKIN, JOHN - Love's Meine: Lectures on Greek and English Birds given before the University of Oxford. Lecture 1 The Robin
35937: RUSKIN, JOHN - Three Letters and an Essay by John Ruskin 1836-1841 Found in his Tutor's Desk
13931: RUSKIN, JOHN - On the Old Road Volume I Pt 1 - Art only (vol 1)
40461: RUSKIN, JOHN - 'Yewdale and its Streamlets: Report of a Lecture by Mr Ruskin' bound together with 'John Ruskin: A Study' by R P Downes and 'General Statement Explaining the Nature and Purposes of St George's Guild'
41037: RUSKIN, JOHN - The Works of John Ruskin Volume I: Sesame and Lilies Three Lectures. 1. Of King's Treasures. 2. Of Queen's Gardens; 3. Of the Mystery of Life
40848: RUSKIN, JOHN - The Arrows of the Chace Being a Collection of Scattered Letters Published Chiefly in the Daily Newspapers 1840-1880 [2 volumes complete]
44872: RUSKIN, JOHN - Hortus Inclusus: Messages from the Wood to the Garden, sent in Happy Days to the Sister Ladies of the Thwaite, Coniston
30021: RUSKIN, JOHN (ILLUS. RICHARD DOYLE) - The King of the Golden River or the Black Brothers: A Legend of Stiria
14063: RUSKIN, JOHN - Letters to the Clergy on The Lord's Prayer and the Church
14105: RUSKIN, JOHN - On the Old Road. 2 Volumes (Volume 1 - Art Parts I and II)
14152: RUSKIN, JOHN - Selections from the Writings of John Ruskin
45202: RUSKIN, JOHN - The Contemptible Horse. The text of John Ruskin's letter to 'My Dear Tinie' written from the Bridge of Allan on 31 August 1857
46711: RUSKIN, JOHN - Verona and Other Lectures
46710: RUSKIN, JOHN COLLECTED BY W G COLLINGWOOD - The Poems of John Ruskin Volume I Poems Written in Boyhood 1826-35 Volume II Poems Written in Youth 1836-45 and Later Poems
45271: RUSKIN, JOHN (ED.) TRANS. ALEXANDER O WEDDERBURN AND W GERSOM COLLINGWOOD - Bibliotheca Pastorum Volume 1: The Economist of Zenophon
48480: RUSKIN, JOHN ED. THOMAS J WISE - Letters from John Ruskin to Rev F A Malleson MA, Vicar of Broughton-in-Furness
40437: RUSKIN, JOHN - Modern Painters: Volume II Part III Sections 1 and 2: Of the Imaginative and Theoretic Faculties
45261: RUSKIN, JOHN - Arrows of the Chace Being a Collection of Scattered Letters Published Chiefly in the Daily Newspapers 1840-1880 [2 volumes complete]
31112: RUSKIN, JOHN - On the Old Road: Literature, Economy, Theology etc. Volume 2/II
22448: RUSKIN, JOHN - The Crown of Wild Olive: Three Lectures on Work Traffic, and War
41526: RUSKIN, JOHN - Salsette and Elephanta: A Prize Poem Recited in the Theatre, Oxford June 12 1839
46605: RUSKIN, JOHN - Giotto and His Works in Padua being an Explanatory Notice of the Frescoes in the Arena Chapel
48903: RUSKIN, JOHN ED. THOMAS J WISE - Letters on Art and Literature
45770: RUSKIN, JOHN - Lectures on Landscape Delivered at Oxford in Lent Term 1871
41790: RUSKIN, JOHN - The Art of England: Lectures Given in Oxford [7 volumes complete with Appendix and Index]
41744: RUSKIN, JOHN - Praeterita: Outlines of Scenes and Thoughts perhaps Worthy of Memory in My Past Life (in original 28 separate parts)
35863: RUSKIN, JOHN - Letters to the Clergy on The Lord's Prayer and the Church: with replies from clergy and laity, and an epilogue by Mr. Ruskin
40541: RUSKIN, JOHN - Three Lakeland Poems [Skiddaw, Helvellyn and Derwent Water]
48481: RUSKIN, JOHN - Some Stray Letters of Professor Ruskin to a London Bibliophile
44438: RUSKIN, JOHN EDITED BY BERNARD RICHARDS - The Field Under the Wood (Being Chapter 15 of 'Praeterita Continued' Compiled from John Ruskin's materials by Bernard Richards)
41788: RUSKIN, JOHN - Notes by Mr Ruskin Part 1 On His Drawings by the Late J M W Turner RA Part II On His Own Handiwork Illustrative of Turner Being Exhibited at the Fine Art Society's Galleries, 148 New Bond Street
47774: RUSKIN, JOHN TRANS. MARCEL PROUST - La Bible d'Amiens
45254: RUSKIN, JOHN - The Ethics of the Dust: Ten Lectures to Little Housewives on The Elements of Crystallisation
48498: RUSKIN, JOHN - Mornings in Florence Being Simple Studies of Christian Art for English Travellers I Santa Croce
50031: RUSSELL, LEIGH - Blood Axe
30848: RUSSELL, BERTRAND; DAVID GARNETT, ANDRE MAUROIS, PANTELIMON ROMANOV ED. DESMOND MACCARTHY - Life and Letters Volume 1 No 6 November 1928: Lord Oxford, An Appreciation etc.
50279: RUSSELL, R B - She Sleeps
50030: RUSSELL, LEIGH - Cold Sacrifice
42352: RUSSELL, PETER - Malice Aforethought or The Tumour in the Brain
50356: RUSSELL, A J (ED.) (TWO LISTENERS) - God Calling (A Devotional Diary)
47479: RUSSELL, J C - The Fontana Economic History of Europe: Population in Europe 500-1500 (Volume 1 Section 1)
50032: RUSSELL, LEIGH - Race to Death
39727: RUSSELL, ANDREW [JOHN RUSKIN] - Ruskin and the Book: A Display in the Ruskin Today Programme
41798: RUSSELL, ANDREW - Ruskin and the Book: A Display in the Ruskin Today Programme
49330: RUTHERFORD, ANNA (ED.) - Aboriginal Culture Today
39829: RYAN, TONY - The Cost of Opportunity: Purchasing Strategies in the Housing and Support Arrangements of People with Learning Difficulties
47428: SAARINEN, THOMAS F - Environmental Planning: Perception and Behaviour
47000: SAAVEDRA, MIGUEL DE CERVANTES TRANS. J M COHEN - The Adventures of Don Quixote (Penguin L10)
46507: SABLAYROLLES, G AND M BOUET - Clement Marot: Poesies Choisies
42394: SACCHETTI, FRANCO (ILLUS.) - Venice Through English and American Eyes
47067: SACHER, PAUL - 60 Jahre Basler Kammerorchester: Kammerchor und Kammerorchester unter Leitung von Paul Sacher 1976-1987
47469: SACK, ROBERT DAVID - Conceptions of Space in Social Thought
37033: SADEGHI, ELKE - Antiquarian Book Monthly Review (ABMR) Issue No 10 November 1974
37017: SADEGHI, ELKE - Antiquarian Book Monthly Review (ABMR) Issue No 9 for October 1974
37018: SADEGHI, ELKE - Antiquarian Book Monthly Review (ABMR) Volume II No 2 Issue No 12 February 1975
37013: SADEGHI, ELKE - Antiquarian Book Monthly Review (ABMR) June 1974 (London Fair Issue)
37014: SADEGHI, ELKE - Antiquarian Book Monthly Review (ABMR) Issue No 6 for July 1974
48868: SADLEIR, MICHAEL - Things Past
18386: SAFRAN, YEHUDA - Arturo Di Stefano: The Body and the Cloth
47030: SAGDEEV, R Z: D A USIKOV AND G M ZASLAVSKY TRANS. IGOR R SAGDEEV - Nonlinear Physics: From the Pendulum to Turbulence and Chaos
41952: SALDA, MICHAEL N AND JEAN E JOST (EDS.) - Chaucer Yearbook Vol. 2 1995
37592: SALE, RICHARD AND TONY OLIVER - Arctic Odyssey: Travelling Arctic Europe
35777: SALT, JOHN - Migration and Population Change in Europe (Research Papers/Travaux de recherche No 19)
43801: SAMPSON, PETER - One from the Road
50399: SAMSON, JOAN - The Auctioneer
47183: SAMUEL, GEOFFREY AND JAE RINKES - Contractual and Non-contractual Obligations in English Law
42145: SANCHEZ, JAVIER (ED.) - Proceedings of the I National Conference of the Spanish Society for English Renaissance Studies
13600: SAND, GEORGE - Elle et Lui
45075: SAND, GEORGE - Valentine
45505: SANDBURG, CARL - Storm over the Land: A Profile of the Civil War
45492: SANDERS, GRAHAM - Elizabethan and Jacobean Reappropriation in Contemporary British Drama 'upstart crows'
29182: SANDS, RONALD - Poetry of Lakeland: A Colour Souvenir in Verse (signed)
49357: SANSOM, PETER - Taking a 125 as Paradigm
48890: SANSOM, IAN - September 1, 1939: A Biography of a Poem
50315: SANSOM, IAN AKA THE ENTHUSIAST - The Enthusiast Field Guide to Poetry
46449: SANTERRES-SARKANY, STEPHANE - Theorie de la Litterature
44143: SANZ, ANA GIMEO (ED.) - New Trends in Computer-Assisted Language Learning: Working Together
50322: SARAMAGO, JOSE - The Stone Raft
46530: SARTRE, JEAN-PAUL - L'Arc No 30
47091: SARTRE, JEAN-PAUL - Theatre: Les Mouches, Huis-Clos, Mort Sans Sepultre, La Putain Respectueuse
46569: SARTRE, JEAN-PAUL - Situations I: Essais Critiques
3291: SASSI, DINO - Berner Oberland (Bernese Oberland, Oberland Bernois, Oberland Bernese, Oberland Bernes)
47920: SASSOON, ROSEMARY - The Practical Guide to Calligraphy
48032: SATCHELL, JOHN - Old Kendal: A Selection of Paintings, Drawings and Prints from the Collection of Kendal Town Council
46575: SAULNIER, V-L - Du Bellay: L'Homme et L'Oeuvre
46576: SAULNIER, V-L - La Litterature Francaise de la Renaissance
47114: SAUVY, ALFRED - General Theory of Population
49993: SAYERS, DOROTHY L (TRANS.) - The Song of Roland
43150: SAYLE, CHARLES - Annals of the Cambridge University Library 1278-1900 (The History and the Founders of Celebrated British Libraries)
48070: SCANLON, KATH ET AL - The Listing of Buildings: The Effect on Value
30683: SCARLATTI, DOMENICO - Sonata in A Major Longo 495 (Piano Solo)
46236: SCASE, RICHARD (ED.) - The State in Western Europe
50455: SCHAD, JOHN - The Late Walter Benjamin
48781: SCHAEFER, JACK - Company of Cowards
50370: SCHAEFFER, FRANCIS A AND C EVERETT KOOP - Whatever Happened to the Human Race?: Exposing Our Rapid Yet Subtle Loss of Human Rights
44452: SCHEFFLER, KARL - Deutsche Maler und Zeichner im neunzehnten Jahrhundert
46089: SCHEPPE, WOLFGANG - Done.Book: Picturing the City of Society an Inquiry into the Depth of Visual Archives the Venetian Notebooks of John Ruskin Versus the Picture Library of Alvio Gavagnin
46552: SCHLUMBERGER, B - L'Explication Litteraire
44328: SCHMIDT, MICHAEL (ED.) - Five American Poets: An Anthology (Robert Haas, John Matthias, James McMichael, John Peck and Robert Pinsky)
47741: SCHMIDT, MICHAEL - Choosing a Guest: New and Selected Poems
49288: SCHMIDT, NATASHA (ED) - Beyond Bars: 50 Years of the Pen Writers in Prison Committee
47779: SCHMIDT, MICHAEL - Selected Poems 1972-1997
50007: SCHMIDT, MICHAEL - The First Poets: Lives of the Ancient Greek Poets
45277: SCHMIDT, PATRICIA RUGGIANO AND PETER B MOSENTHAL - Reconceptualizing Literacy in the New Age of Multiculturalism and Pluralism
47126: SCHMITTHOFF, CLIVE M - Commercial Law in a Changing Economic Climate
34481: SCHNURRE, WOLFDIETRICH - Abschiede: Eine Auswahl
19927: SCHOLBERG, PHILIP (ED.) - Health, Sport and Fitness Exhibition Handbook Number VII
50109: SCHOR, ESTHER (ED.) - The Cambridge Companion to Mary Shelley
13827: SCHROTER, L AND PROF DR C SCHROTER - Taschenflora des Alpenwanderers
47553: SCHUBERT, FRANZ - By the Sea (Am Meer) TTBB [English text]
30761: SCHUBERT, FRANZ (ED. O THUMER) - Impromptu in E flat Op 90 No 2
42918: SCHUBERT, FRANZ - Streichquintett: String Quintett: Quintette a Cordes C dur - C major - Do major Op 163
42917: SCHUBERT, FRANZ - Quartett fur 2 violinen, viola and violoncell
45819: SCHUBERT, FRANZ ED. FRANK MERRICK - Pianoforte Pieces: Op 94 Musical Moments
46994: SCHUCKING, E AND L ED. RICHARD T CURRALL - Deutsches Lesebuch
47061: SCHULLER, GUNTHER - Musings: The Musical Worlds of Gunther Schuller. A Collection of his Writings
46884: SCHULZ, PATRICIA - 1000 Places To See Before You Die
45500: SCHULZE, DANIEL - Authenticity in Contemporary Theatre and Performance: Make it Real
40183: SCHUMANN, ROBERT ED. WILTRUD HAUG-FREINSTEIN - Scherzo, Gigue, Romanze and Fughette Opus 32 (Scherzo, Gigue, Romance and Fughetta Op 32)
42925: SCHUMANN, ROBERT - Symphonie IV D moll - D minor - Re mineur [Symphony No 4] Op 120
30414: SCHUMANN, ROBERT (REVD O THUMER) - 3 Romances Op 28 (Drei Romanzen)
49822: SCHUSSER, ADELBERT TRANS. PETER IAN WAUGH - The Haydn Museum: Joseph Haydn Commemorative Apartment Haydngasse 19 Vienna 6
44633: SCHWEDER, RICHARD A (ED.) - Welcome to Middle Age (and Other Cultural Fictions)
19331: BRITISH ASSOCIATION FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF SCIENCE - Scientific Survey of North-Eastern England
36221: SCIRE, GIOVANNA NEPI - Carpaccio: Storie de Sant'Orsola
45039: SCOLLEN, CHRISTINE M - The Birth of the Elegy in France 1500-1550
50231: SCOTT, JONATHAN (ED.) - Book and Magazine Collector No 259 September 2005
48216: SCOTT, WALTER INTRO AND ESSAY BY ANDREW LANG - The Poems and Ballads of Sir Walter Scott [Volumes 1-6]
49945: SCOTT, WALTER - Ivanhoe
50226: SCOTT, JONATHAN (ED.) - Book and Magazine Collector No 244 July 2004
45015: SCOTT, CYRIL (WORDS BY CHRISTINA ROSSETTI) - Lullaby Opus 57, No 2 (No 3 in F)
50233: SCOTT, JONATHAN (ED.) - Book and Magazine Collector No 262 December 2005
50234: SCOTT, JONATHAN (ED.) - Book and Magazine Collector No 266 March 2006

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