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196676: HAWKES, JASON - Scotland From The Air
166924: HAWKES, NIGEL - Man on the Move
195299: HAWKES, JACQUETTA; WOOLLEY, SIR LEONARD - Prehistory and the Beginning of Civilization (History of Mankind)
213726: HAWKES, JASON - Gloucestershire from the Air
210280: HAWKES, JACQUETTA & CHRISTOPHER - Prehistoric Britain
152021: HAWKES, JASON - London From The Air
202574: HAWKING, STEPHEN WILLIAM - The Universe In A Nutshell
160241: J. M. HAWKINS - The St Michael Oxford Dictionary
161724: HAWKINS, SUE - Heirlooms in Needlepoint
196343: DAISY WATERHOUSE HAWKINS - Old Point Lace: how to copy it
190566: HAWKINS, MAC - The Somerset And Dorset: Then And Now
175136: HAWKINS, DESMOND [EDITOR] - Hardy at Home: The People and Places of His Wessex
212640: GEORGE COLE; BRIAN HAWKINS - George Cole: The World was My Lobster
205520: HAWKINS, PAULA - The Girl on the Train
197865: HAWKINS, DESMOND - Hardy: Novelist and Poet
174048: HAWKINS, DESMOND - Cranborne Chase
213688: J C HAWKINS - The Mechanical Equipment of Farms
166231: HAWKINS, MAC - The Somerset and Dorset: Then and Now
190061: JAMES HAWKINS - Antony'S Private Parts
167033: HAWKINS, MAC - The Somerset and Dorset: Then and Now
192000: HAWKINS, MAC - Somerset at War, 1939-45
180803: HAWKINS, LYNSEY [EDITOR] - T.A.L.E.S. from the Eastern Counties
190432: ELLISON HAWKS - The Triumph Of Man In Science And Invention
195361: HAWS, DUNCAN - Ships and the Sea - A Chronological Review
198711: NATHANIEL HAWTHORNE - Our Old Home
176255: HAWTHORNE, NATHANIEL; CREWS, FREDERICK C. [INTRODUCTION] - Great Short Works (Perennial Library)
204464: HAWTHORNE, NATHANIEL - Tanglewood Tales (King's Treasury S.)
212241: HAWTHORNE, NIGEL - Straight Face
190142: HAWTHORNE, NATHANIEL - The House Of Seven Gables
198708: NATHANIEL HAWTHORNE - The Snow-Image
213643: HAWTHORNE, NATHANIEL - The Scarlet Letter
211221: NATHANIEL HAWTHORNE - The Scarlet Letter
198716: NATHANIEL HAWTHORNE - The Blithedale Romance
198687: HAWTHORNE, NATHANIEL - Passages from the American note-books of Nathaniel Hawthorne (Hawthorne's works)
198685: HAWTHORNE, NATHANIEL - Tanglewood Tales A Wonder-Book For Girls and Boys
198686: HAWTHORNE, NATHANIEL - Mosses from an Old Manse
198677: LOUISA HAWTREY - Cstle Cornet or the Island's Troubles in the Troublous Times: A Story of the Channel Islands
157826: HAY, TOM - Suddenly Senior: The Funny Thing About Getting Older
156699: HAY, PETER [EDITOR] - Theatrical Anecdotes
178698: HAY, ROY; ETC. - Dictionary of Indoor Plants in Colour
211711: READER'S DIGEST; ROY HAY - The Gardening Year (Reader's Digest)
198662: HAY, ROY; ETC. - Dictionary of Indoor Plants in Colour
146847: HAY, IAN - The Lucky Number
213958: READER'S DIGEST; ROY HAY - The Gardening Year (Reader's Digest)
135363: ZAKI COOPER; DANIEL LIGHTMAN; IAN HAY - Cricket Grounds From the Air
205692: ROY HAY (CONSULTANT EDITOR) - Reader's Digest New Illustrated Guide to Gardening
198713: HAY, JOHN - Pike County Ballads and Other Poems.
177269: HAY, PETER - Pre-grouping Southern Steam in the 1950's
206496: HAYCOCK, LORNA - John Anstie of Devizes, 1743-1830: An Eighteenth-Century Wiltshire Clothier
190388: HAYCOCK, LORNA - Devizes: History And Guide
195461: HAYDEN - Hayden: The Seasons: Hob XXI:3
175049: HAYDEN, PEGGIE [EDITOR] - Complete Dressmaker
174444: HAYDEN, BRIAN - Archaeology: The Science of Once and Future Things
154237: HAYDEN, NICKY [EDITOR] - Introduction to Crochet (Golden Hands)
213279: HAYDEN, PETER - Biddulph Grange: A Victorian Garden Rediscovered
202785: HAYDEN, PETER - Russian Parks and Gardens
137202: HAYDER, MO - Gone (Jack Caffery)
203139: HAYDN, JOSEPH; OCKERBY, HORACE [EDITOR] - The Book of Dignities. Lists of the Official Personages of the British Empire, Civil, Diplomatic, Heraldic, Judicial, Ecclesiastical, Municipal, Naval
197181: HAYDN - Haydn Missa Sti Bernardi Von Offida. Miniature Score 93
200081: HAYDOCK, DAVID - Motive Power Recognition 5: SNCF French Railways
213762: HAYDON, PETER - The English Pub: A History
132376: HAYES, JOHN - Gainsborough: Paintings And Drawings
161318: HAYES, E.H. - Yarns on Social Pioneers
213323: HAYES, SARAH - Nine Ducks Nine
178765: HAYES, COLIN - Complete Guide to Painting and Drawing Techniques and Materials
149808: JO PRATT; HALL; HAYES - The Nation's Favourite Food (Cookery)
150380: HAYES, CAPT. M. H.; STANLEY BERKLEY [ILLUSTRATOR] - Riding on the Flat and Across Country
181249: E. H. HAYES - Williamu: Mariner-Missionary (Pioneer Series)
191955: JOHN HAYES - John Hayes, the Labourer, etc
160386: HAYES, COLIN - The Complete Guide to Painting and Drawing Techniques and Materials (A QED book)
187078: DEAN P. HAYES - Stars Of The '60S: And Where Are They Now?: And Where Did They Go?
187181: HAYES, JOHN - Gainsborough: Paintings And Drawings
176979: HAYES, ROGER; WATTS, REGINALD - Reframing the Leadership Landscape: Creating a Culture of Collaboration
169545: THE AUTHOR OF JACK OF HAYLANDS - Martha's Home
192743: GUY HAYLER - George Proctor, The Teetotaler
199103: HAYLEY, BARBARA [EDITOR] - A Bibliography of the Writings of William Carleton
152693: HAYMAN, PETER & MICHAEL EVERETT. - what's that bird
163417: HAYMON, SYLVIA - Norwich (Local History)
196389: HAYMON, SYLVIA - Norwich (Local History)
193300: TRICIA HAYNE; BOB HAYNE - Cotswold Way: Chipping Campden to Bath (Trailblazer British Walking Guides)
206473: HAYNES, R - Wiltshire Toll Houses
117759: HAYNES - Haynes Manual Peugeot 406 Petrol and Diesel 1997 to 1997
152872: HAYNES, R - Wiltshire Toll Houses
192319: HAYNES, J. H.; HUNT, B.L.CHALMERS- - Morris Marina 1.8 TC Owner's Workshop Manual
189673: HAYSOM, JOHN; SUTTON, CLIVE - The Art Of The Science Teacher (Science Teacher Education Project)
133634: HAYSOM, DAVID; PARKER, JULIEN - The Last Days of Steam in Dorset and Bournemouth
183194: HAYTER, JOHN - Priest In Prison: Four Years Of Life In Japanese-Occupied Singapore, 1941-45
178089: HAYTHORNTHWAITE, PHILIP J. - A Photohistory of World War One
200881: HAYTHORNTHWAITE, PHILIP - British Rifleman 1797-1815
212712: PHILIP J. HAYTHORNTHWAITE - Redcoats: The British Soldiers of the Napoleonic Wars
212808: HAYTHORNTHWAITE, PHILIP J. - The Colonial Wars Source Book
187068: HAYTHORNTHWAITE, PHILIP J. - The Armies Of Wellington
150686: HAYTHORNTHWAITE, PHILIP J. - The Armies of Wellington
152797: HAYTHORNTHWAITE, PHILIP J. - Wellington's Military Machine, 1792-1815 (Military machine series)
178833: HAYTHORNTHWAITE, PHILIP J. - Invincible Generals: Gustavus Adolphus, Marlborough, Frederick the Great, George Washington, Wellington
211300: HAYTHORNTHWAITE, PHILIP J. - The World War I Source Book
173424: HAYTHORNTHWAITE, PHILIP J. - The Armies of Wellington
203100: HAYTHORNTHWAITE, PHILIP J. - The Armies of Wellington
197267: HAYWARD, CHARLES H. - The Junior Woodworker
185316: EDITED BY JOHN HAYWARD - John Donne A Selection Of His Poetry
187311: HAYWARD, JUDITH H - Pears Handy Reference Book
211483: HAYWARD, GRAHAM - Stanford's River Thames: A Companion and Boating Guide
208043: GIULIANO HAZAN - Classic Pasta Cookbook
206247: HAZELEY, JASON; MORRIS, JOEL - The Ladybird Book of The Nerd (Ladybirds for Grown-Ups)
186627: HAZEN, MARK E - Hazen Experiencing Electricty Electroncs
197517: HAZLITT, W. CAREW - Gleanings in Old Garden Literature.
197399: HAZLITT, W C - Studies In Jocular Literature
155672: HAZLITT - Reflections on Life
183153: WILLIAM HAZLITT - Essays
192520: W. C. HAZLITT - The Coin Collector [Collector series]
159650: HUANG CHING-HE - Chings Fast Food
148505: HEACOX, KIM; HEACOX, KIM [PHOTOGRAPHER] - Alaska Light: Ideas and Images from a Northern Land (Companion Press)
174381: HEAD, F. B. AND MANY OTHERS - The Quarterly Review; VOL XXXVI (36) June and October 1827
173212: HEAD, VICTOR - Hereward
211127: HEAD, STEPHEN P. - How to Avoid a Near Life Experience
178487: HEAD, VIVIAN - War Poems
201741: HEADLEY, F.W. - The Structure and Life of Birds, by F. W. Headley ... with Seventy-Eight Illustrations
154653: HEALD, TIM; COX, PAUL [ILLUSTRATOR] - Honourable Estates: English and Their Country Houses
183697: HEALEY, DENIS - Healey's Eye: A Photographic Memoir
162308: HEALEY, DENIS - The Time of My Life
164852: HEALEY, TIM - The world's most mysterious places (The earth, its wonders, its secrets)
153343: MIKE HEALEY - Mike Healey Exhibition
146604: HEALEY, DENIS - The Time of My Life
160859: DEPT.OF HEALTH - Custodianship: Caring for Other People's Children
168260: DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND SOCIAL SECURITY - Priorities for Health and Personal Social Services in England
168687: MINISTER OF HEALTH - Report of the Committee on Social Workers in the Mental Health Services
161351: DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND SOCIAL SECURITY - Inquiry into Health Visiting
163111: DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND SOCIAL SECURITY - Reorganization of the National Health Service and Local Government in England and Wales: Working Party Report, Jan.-July 1973
163118: DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND SOCIAL SECURITY - Social Security Research: Seminar Papers, 1976
162007: DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND SOCIAL SECURITY - Foster Care: A Guide to Practice
166228: MINISTRY OF HEALTH - Report Of The Ministry Of Health For The Year Ended 31st March 1948
163110: GREAT BRITAIN DEPT. OF HEALTH AND SOCIAL SECURITY; HOSPITAL ADVISORY SERVICE; GREAT BRITAIN WELSH OFFICE - Annual Report of the Hospital Advisory Service to the Secretary of State for Social Services and Secretary of State for Wales for the year 1972
161141: DEPT.OF HEALTH - Children Act, 1989: Residential Care v. 4: Guidance and Regulations
161707: DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND SOCIAL SECURITY - Working Together for Children and Their Families: Report of a Project Undertaken with South Glamorgan County Council
164944: DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND SOCIAL SECURITY - Better Pensions: Proposals for a New Pensions Scheme (Command 5713)
163272: DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND SOCIAL SECURITY - Research into Services for Children and Adolescents
164492: DEPT.OF HEALTH - Looking After Children: Assessment and Action Record
161762: DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND SOCIAL SECURITY - Happier Old Age: Discussion Document on Elderly People in Our Society
161741: WORKING PARTY ON SOCIAL WORKERS IN THE LOCAL AUTHORITY HEALTH AND WELFARE SERVICES - Report of the Working Party on Social Workers in the Local Authority Health and Welfare Services
165228: DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND SOCIAL SECURITY - Social Work Support for the Health Service
161155: DEPT.OF HEALTH - Patterns and Outcomes in Child Placement: Messages from Current Research and Their Implications (The Children Act 1989)
164660: MINISTRY OF HEALTH - Health and Welfare. The Development of Community Care. Plans for the Health and Welfare Services of the Local Authorities in England and Wales. Cmnd. 1973
161137: DEPT.OF HEALTH - Child Protection Practice: Private Risks and Public Remedies - Decision-making, Intervention and Outcome in Child Protection Work (Studies in Child Protection)
161138: DEPT.OF HEALTH - Children Act, 1993: A Report by the Secretaries of State for Health and for Wales on the Children Act, 1989, in Pursuance of Their Duties Under Section 83(6) of the Act (Command Paper)
161143: DEPT.OF HEALTH - Children Act, 1989: Adoption Issues v. 9: Guidance and Regulations
166226: MINISTRY OF HEALTH - Report Of The Ministry Of Health For The Year Ended 31St March 1949
166229: MINISTRY OF HEALTH - Report Of The Ministry Of Health For The Year Ended 31st December 1963, The Health and Welfare Services
162551: DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND SOCIAL SECURITY - Priorities in the Health and Social Services - The Way Forward: Further Discussion of the Government's National Strategy Based on the Consultative and Personal Social Services in England
168255: DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND SOCIAL SECURITY - Manpower and Training for the Social Services
158075: HEALY, J.M.C. - Great Central Memories
205039: HEALY, MARTIN F.; QUESTED, PHILIP [ILLUSTRATOR] - Cure Your Allergies: .. and Live Your Life
178229: HEALY, MARK - Kursk 1943: The tide turns in the East (Campaign)
182416: HEALY, J.M.C. - Great Central Memories
185943: HEALY, JOHN M. C. - The Last Days Of Steam In Leicestershire And Rutland.
208473: HEANEY, SEAMUS - Opened Ground: Poems 1966-1996
205396: HEANEY, SEAMUS - Aeneid Book VI
205455: HEANEY, SEAMUS - District and Circle (Faber Poetry)
210791: O'HEAR, ANTHONY - After Progress: Why We Should Change Our Thinking
202663: O'HEAR, ANTHONY [EDITOR] - Philosophy and Religion: 68 (Royal Institute of Philosophy Supplements)
200870: KATE HEARD - High Spirits: The Comic Art of Thomas Rowlandson
211098: HEARDER, HARRY - Europe in the Nineteenth Century, 1830-80 (General History of Europe)
197940: HEARL, TREVOR W. - William Barnes, the Schoolmaster
196101: HEARN, PETER - From the High Skies
200139: HEARN, PETER - Parachutist
155251: HEARN, LAFCADIO - Chita. A Memory Of Last Island.
210199: HEARN, KAREN [EDITOR] - Dynasties: Painting in Tudor and Jacobean England, 1530-1630
194597: HEARN, PETER - Lonely on the Wing
164386: HEARN, PETER - The Sky People: History of Parachuting
212608: HEATH, EDWARD; EDWARD HEATH, SIR [READER] - The Course of My Life: The Autobiography of Edward Heath
168597: HEATH, EDWARD - The United Kingdom and the European Economic Community. Text of the Statement mady by the Lord Privy Seal at the Meeting with Ministers of Member States of the European Economic Community at Paris on October 10, 1961. (Cmd 1565)
212188: HEATH, AMBROSE. - The Birds Eye Book of Britain's Favourite Recipes Book Two
204520: HEATHCOTE, T. A.; GUTHERIE, CHARLES [FOREWORD] - The Field Marshals of the British Army 1736-1997. A Biographical Dictionary
200695: T. A. HEATHCOTE - The British Field Marshalls 1736-1997: A Biographical Dictionary
180577: PETER HEATON - Sailing
181840: HEATON, P.M. - Usk Ships: History Of A Newport Shipping Venture
205768: HEATON, PETER. - Sailing
206038: HEATON, NELL - Wines, Mixed Drinks And Savouries
176863: HEAVYSIDE, G.T. - Steam Renaissance
177420: ANTONIA HEBBERT - Secret Britain
182356: HEBDEN, JULIA - Statistics For Economists
208982: CHARLES WILLIAM HECKETHORN - The Windmill and its secrets. A Dove Dale romance
180232: WOLF HECKMANN - Rommel's War In Africa
159240: HECTOR, JOHN - Poplar Memories
169690: HECTOR, DEREK; MATHIAS, MICHAEL - Glastonbury: The Mecca of the West Country
188023: HEDGCOCK, F A - La Gerbe D'Or: 1 Elementaire Choix De Poesies Francaises
156543: HEDGECOE, JOHN - The New Photographers Handbook: A Complete Reference Manual of Photographic Techniques,Procedures and Equipment
187298: HEDGECOE, JULIA; ROSE, MARTIAL; HEDGECOE, JULIA [ILLUSTRATOR] - Stories In Stone: Medieval Roof Carvings Of Norwich Cathedral (Art Reference)
168033: HEDGECOE, JOHN - John Hedgecoe's Introductory Photography Course
162346: SID C HEDGES - Boys of Pendlecliffe School
182266: HEDGES, ALFRED - Great Yarmouth As It Was
202358: HEDGES,SID G. - How To Swim Crawl
177750: HEFFNER, R D - A Documentary History of the United States
213712: HEFFORD, WENDY - Cotehele House (National Trust Guidebooks)
210429: HEGARTY, NEIL - The Story of Ireland
199505: HEGLEY, JOHN - Glad to Wear Glasses
183099: HEIDMANN, JEAN - Extraterrestrial Intelligence (Canto Original Series)
175163: HEIGHWAY, C - Excavation at Gloucester. Fifth Interim Report: St. Oswalds Priory 1977-8.
135222: HEIGHWAY, CAROLYN - Anglo-Saxon Gloucestershire (County library series)
156275: HEIGHWAY, CAROLYN - Gloucester: A History and Guide
211070: HEIJ, JAN-JAAP; JOOREN, MARIEKE; STUMPEL, JEROEN; KOOPMANS, YPE [EDITOR]; VAN DE SCHOOR, FRANK [EDITOR]; - De serene blik: vier realisten : Floris Verster, Jan Mankes, Dick Ket, Henk Helmantel
200755: HEIKAL, MOHAMED - Road to Ramadan
208549: HEILBRUN, CAROLYN - The Last Gift of Time: Life beyond Sixty
165706: HEINEY, PAUL - George Soper's Horses: Celebration of the English Working Horse
173527: HEINEY, PAUL; WRIGHT, JOSEPH [ILLUSTRATOR] - Second Crop: Reflections from a Farmer's Diary
170534: PAUL HEINEY - Farm Fatale: Adventures in Agriculture
208782: HEINLEIN, ROBERT A. - Farmer In The Sky
208798: HEINLEIN, ROBERT - Red Planet
189141: HEISENBERG, WERNER; ECKHART [TRANSLATOR]; HOYT [TRANSLATOR]; - Physical Principles Of The Quantum Theory (Dover Books On Physics)
213326: HAYES SARAH; CRAIG HELEN - This Is The Bear (Little Favourites)
206825: HELFERTY, SEAMUS [EDITOR]; REFAUSSE, RAYMOND [EDITOR]; - Directory of Irish Archives (History)
163250: W HELLENCKX ET AL - Innovations in residential care
177966: HELLER, ROBERT - In Search of European Excellence: The 10 Key Strategies of Europe's Top Companies
203301: HELLER, JOSEPH - Catch-22: 50th Anniversary Edition
162379: HELLEYER, ARTHUR - Helleyer Gardening Encyclopedia
168060: PETER HELLINGS - A Form of Words - An autobiography in verse
193576: HELLIWELL, D.R. - Planning for Nature Conservation (Applied ecology & natural resource management series)
185649: HELLIWELL, STEPHEN - Collecting Small Silverware
161860: HELLMAN,L - Another Part of the Forest
174702: HELLYER, A. G. L - Amateur Gardening picture book of gardens
193577: HELLYER, A.G.L. - Ornamental Garden Shrubs
192225: A. G. L. HELLYER - Sanders' Encyclopaedia Of Gardening
166623: A. G. L. HELLYER - Good News Bible
211353: A. G. L. HELLYER - Good News Bible
178013: A.G.L.HELLYER - Simple Rose Growing
184287: HELLYER, ARTHUR GEORGE LEE - Garden Plants In Colour
202974: HELLYER, A. G. L. - The Amateur Gardener
189170: HELM, P. J. - Exploring Prehistoric England.
175801: HELMS, S.W. - Jawa
196827: HELPERN, MILTON; KNIGHT, BERNARD - Autopsy: Memoirs of Milton Helpern
213131: ARTHUR HELPS ( ED. ) - Leaves from the Journal of Our Life in the Highlands from 1848 to 1861
154794: DYVEKE HELSTED, J. W. NIEMEIJER - Mode med Italien. Hollandske, tyske og skandinaviske tegninger 1770-1840. Udstilling i samarbejde med Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam Thorvaldsens Museum, 1971
210019: HEMANS, FELICIA - Tales and Historic Scenes
145965: MRS HEMANS - The Poetical Works of Mrs Hemans The Albion Edition
192759: FELICIA HEMANS - The forest sanctuary de chatillon
185901: HEMINGWAY, ANDREW - The Norwich School Of Painters, 1803-33
202110: HEMINGWAY, ERNEST - Selected stories (Travellers' library series-no.226)
210603: HEMINGWAY, ERNEST - Men Without Women
210410: ERNEST HEMINGWAY - Death In The Afternoon
210530: HEMINGWAY, SEAN - The Horse and Jockey from Artemision: A Bronze Equestrian Monument of the Hellenistic Period (Hellenistic Culture and Society)
191032: ERNEST HEMINGWAY - a Farwell to Arms
147450: ERNEST HEMINWAY - Across the river and into the trees (Penguin books. no. 2425.)
172137: HEMMING, HENRY - The Imagery of British Churches
185714: HEMMING, HENRY - M: Maxwell Knight, Mi5's Greatest Spymaster
175510: HEMMING, CHARLES - British Painters of the Coast and Sea: A History and Gazetteer
167948: HEMPHILL, ROSEMARY - Herbs for All Seasons
212103: GEORGE F. HERVEY; JACK HEMS - The Book Of The Garden Pond.
193808: H. HEMSLEY - Rock and Alpine Gardening
207191: HEMSLEY, JASMINE; HEMSLEY, MELISSA - The Art of Eating Well
213350: HENDERSON, NICHOLAS. - Inside the Private Office: Memoirs of the Secretary to British Foreign Ministers
156675: HENDERSON, IAN T. - Pictorial Souvenirs of Britain
202483: HENDERSON, BRUCE; SUMMERLIN, SAM - Super Sleuths
197269: HENDERSON, JAMES - Sword Collecting for Amateurs
144989: HENDERSON, ANDREW - The Family House In England
213746: G HENDERSON - The Farming Ladder
175231: HENDERSON, W. O. - The Industrialization of Europe, 1780-1914 (Library of European Civilization)
170846: HENDERSON, B L K - The English Way. A Text-Book On The Art Of Writing.
213694: HENDERSON, JIM [EDITOR] - Open Country Muster: People and Places Out of Town, A Fifth Selection
156872: JOHN HENDERSON (ED) - An Outline of 17th Century English Literature
145406: HENDERSON, PAUL - The Unlikely Spy
151496: HENDERSON, PHILIP - William Morris: His Life, Work And Friends (Pelican)
133989: HENDRICK, B J - The Earlier Life and Letters of Walter H. Page
211364: HENDRICKSON, ROBERT - The literary life and other curiosities
156431: HENDRIE, PETER - Exmoor Moods
158109: HENDRY, R. POWELL - The Living Model Railway: Developing, Operating and Enjoying Your Layout (Library of Railway Modelling)
166243: HENDRY, R.PRESTON; HENDRY, R. POWELL - Steam Age in Colour
135221: HENDRY, R.PRESTON; HENDRY, R. POWELL - Steam Age in Colour
162581: HENDY, JENNY - Quick and Easy Topiary
151288: HENDY, JENNY - Quick and Easy Topiary
163305: HENDY, PHILIP - The National Gallery, London
207512: HENLEY, WILLIAM ERNEST - Lyra Heroica A Book Of Verse For Boys
209282: HENN, SOPHY - Pass It On
189161: HENN, THOMAS RICE - The Apple And The Spectroscope: Being Lectures On Poetry Designed (In The Main) For Science Students
185801: HENNESSEY, PATRICK - Kandak: Fighting With Afghans
202965: HENNESSEY, PATRICK - The Junior Officers' Reading Club: Killing Time and Fighting Wars
136749: HENNESSEY, R A S - Atlantic: The Well Beloved Engine
183363: HENNESSEY, PATRICK - The Junior Officers' Reading Club: Killing Time And Fighting Wars
182476: UNA POPE-HENNESSY: - Charles Dickens 1812-1870
212367: POPE-HENNESSY, JAMES - Sins of the Fathers
179205: HENNESSY, JOHN - Torvill and Dean
203743: POPE-HENNESSY, JAMES; VICKERS, HUGO - The Quest for Queen Mary
202694: POPE-HENNESSY, JAMES. - Queen Mary: 1867-1953
191335: HENNESSY, PETER - Having it So Good: Britain in the Fifties
182645: HENNESSY, PETER - Muddling Through: Power, Politics And The Quality Of Government In Post-War Britain
140531: HENRETTA, JAMES A.; ETC. - America's History: Since 1865 (Chs.17-33) v. 2
195063: METZGER HENRI - Anatoilia II. First Millenium BC t the end of the Roman period
138344: HENRIQUES, FERNANDO - Love in action: The sociology of sex (Panther books)
206732: HENRIQUES, ROBERT - Bearsted: Biography of Marcus Samuel First Viscount Bearsted and Founder of "Shell" Transport and Trading Company, 1853-1927
209539: HENRIQUES, ROBERT - Through the Valley
203598: ALFORD HENRY - How to Study the New Testament,: The Gospels and the Acts of the Apostle
212410: HENRY, TOM; KANTER, LAURENCE B. - Luca Signorelli: The Complete Paintings
198992: HENRY, O. - The Voice of the City Further Stories of the Four Million
175459: HENRY, VERONICA - Love on the Rocks
198825: HENRY, O. - Cabbages and Kings
176434: HENRY, ALAN - Formula One Driver by Driver
176878: HENRY, ALAN - Damon Hill: From Zero to Hero
166878: HENRY, JOHN - British Medical Association New Guide to Medicines and Drugs
172220: HENRY, MATTHEW - According to Matthew Henry: Paragraphs on Old Testament texts from his 'Commentary
199376: WOOD MRS HENRY - Trevlyn Hold
181894: HENSHER, PHILIP - The Mulberry Empire
171568: HENSON, ROBERT - The Rough Guide to Climate Change (Rough Guides Reference Titles)
194747: HENTY, G.A. - Winning His Spurs A Tale Of The Crusades
210453: GEORGE ALFRED HENTY - The Lion of the North
186516: HENTY, G. A - Redskin And Cowboy: A Tale Of The Western Plains (Foulsham Henty Library)
203254: ARCHIBALD FORBES; ARTHUR GRIFFITHS; GEORGE ALFRED HENTY - Battles of the Nineteenth Century Vol. II
186102: HENTY, G. A - The Bravest Of The Brave: With Peterborough In Spain (Foulsham Henty Library Series)
186104: HENTY, G. A. - Saint George For England (Dean's Classics)
199128: HEPBURN, IAN - Flowers of the coast (New naturalist series no. 24)
208621: DAVID J. HEPPER - British Warship Losses in the Ironclad Era: 1860-1919
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205536: HOSKINS, W. G. - English Landscapes
211207: HOSKINS, W. G. - Fieldwork in Local History
189864: HOSKINS, W. G - East Midlands And The Peak (About Britain Series;No.8)
212147: ROGER GUTTRIDGE; KEITH HAMILTON; JOHN HOSKINS - D-Day: 50Th Anniversary Of The Normandy Landings : Official Guide To The Anniversary Events
147154: HOSKISON, JOHN - Inside: One Man's Experience of Prison
152519: HOSKYNS, BARNEY; LOEHR, DAVID [EDITOR] - James Dean: Shooting Star
198929: KHALED HOSSEINI - And the Mountains Echoed
183448: HOSSEINI, KHALED - And The Mountains Echoed
191531: HOTHAM, DAVID - Turkey (Countries S.)
194342: HOUCK, CARTER; MILLER, MYRON - American Quilts and How to Make Them
159998: JOANNA FARROW; JESSICA HOUDRET - The Practical Guide to Using Herbs: Knowing, Growing, Cooking
142123: HOUFE, SIMON [EDITOR] - Through Visitors' Eyes - A Bedfordshire Anthology
132630: HOUGH, GRAHAM - Dark Sun: A Critical Study of D.H. Lawrence
159432: HOUGH, RICHARD - Victoria and Albert
167528: HOUGH, RICHARD - Man o' War: Fighting Ship in History
170692: HOUGH, RICHARD - Mountbatten. Hero of Our Time
165486: HOUGH, RICHARD - Fighting Ships (Wainwright)
180506: HOUGHTON, BRENDA. (EDITOR). - Container Gardening for All Seasons (Readers Digest)

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