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33432: A.M.D.G. - Kutaura Cirungu. Zezuru and English Phrase Book. New and Englarged Edition. Zakakudziridzwa.
25081: A BENEDICTINE OF STANBROOK ABBEY. - Mediaeval Mystical Tradition and St. John of the Cross. .
37651: ABAKUMOVA, A..(ED.), MARY MACKINTOSH, FRANK WILSON. - A Russian Science Fiction Reader: Seven Stories Provided by the Novosti Press Agency.
37332: ABBEY, STATON - The Book of the Austin Seven and Eight. A Complete Guide for Owners of All Models with Details of Changes in Design and Equipment Since 1927. Pitman's Motorists Library.
30945: ABDEL-MASSIH, ERNEST T. ET AL. - A Comprehensive Study of Egyptian Arabic. Volume Three (3) a Preliminary Edition. A Reference Grammar of Egyptian Arabic. Center for Near Eastern and North African Studies.
29764: ABERCROMBIE, DAVID - English Phonetic Texts. Studies in General Linguistics Edited by L.R. Palmer.
37908: ABRAMOV, FYODOR - The Dodgers: [Vokrug Da Okolo] Translated by David Floyd.
26443: ABSE, DANNIE - Arcadia One Mile
37967: ADAMS, WALDEMAR J. (ED.) - Sohlman Conversation Guide No. 3. English, French, Spanish, Portuguese: "Don't Say a Word, Just Point to the Pictures". Sohlman Interpreter. Illustrated Interpreter for All Countries. English-Français-Español-Português.
37969: ADAMS, WALDEMAR J. (ED.) - Sohlman Conversation Guide No. 1. English, French, German, Italian: "Don't Say a Word, Just Point to the Pictures". Sohlman Interpreter. Illustrated Interpreter for All Countries. English-Français-Deutsch-Italiano.
37970: ADAMS, WALDEMAR J. (ED.) - Sohlman Conversation Guide No. 6. English, French, German, Norwegian: "Don't Say a Word, Just Point to the Pictures". Sohlman Interpreter. Illustrated Interpreter for All Countries. [Norsk].
37968: ADAMS, WALDEMAR J. (ED.) - Sohlman Conversation Guide No. 1. English, French, German, Italian: "Don't Say a Word, Just Point to the Pictures". Sohlman Interpreter. Illustrated Interpreter for All Countries. English-Français-Deutsch-Italiano.
27509: ADAMU, M. & KIRK-GREENE, A.H.M. - Pastoralists of the West African Savanna International African Seminars.
37980: ADY, ENDRE (ANDRÉ, ANDREW) - Ady ûbersetzungen. Deutsche, Französische Und Englische: Traductions Françaises, Allemandes Et Anglaises de Poêmes D'André Ady. German, French and English Translations of Poems of Andrew Ady Von, Par by Paul Làszlò.
35542: ADZHUBEI, A. (ADJUBEY ALEKSEY) - Serebryanaya Koshka" ILI Puteshestviye Po Amerike.
37755: AGARD, [F. B. ] WILLIS [RAYMOND S], & PARATORE [ANGELA] (LLUS. RAND) - The Express Course in Basic Conversational Spanish: Record Plus Manual: Speaking and Writing Spanish. [Cover Illustration by Rand]
36391: AGNIVTSEV, NIKOLAY - Blistatelnyi Sankt'-Peterburg'. [Brilliant St Petersburg]
36390: AGNIVTSEV, NIKOLAY - Blistatelnyi Sankt'-Peterburg'. [Brilliant St Petersburg]
14776: AHMAD, INCHE SULAIMAN BIN. - A Practice in Malay Conversation. Based on His 20 Years' Experience of Giving Malay Private Tuition to Europeans in Singapore. Second Edition.
29864: AHMAD, ABD. SAMAD - Nakhoda Tenggang (Malay Reader) (Anak Derhaka - Riwayat Batu Keb)
33484: AHN, F. - A New Practical and Easy Method of Learning the Swedish Language After the System of F. Ahn.
36260: ÄIMÄ, FRANS - Phonetik Und Lautlehre Des Inarilappischen. I: Beobachtungsphonetik Und Deskriptive Lautlehre. II: Instrumentale Messungen. Erste Lieferung. Suomalais-Ugrilaisen Seuran Toimituksia.
37547: AIZLEWOOD, ROBIN. - Routledge Intensive Russian Course. Routledge Intensive Language Courses.
36084: AKHMATOVA, ANNA - Anno Domini. Stikhotvorenniya. Kniga Tretya. [Poems Book Three]. Vtoroe Dopolnennoe Izdanie
33983: (AKHMATOVA, ANNA) YOURI MOLOK. - A` L'Occasion de la Centenaire de Anna Akhmatova. Exhibition Held at Muse´E de L'Art Russe Contemporain, March 6-April 6, Paris. (Catalogue) Obraz Poeta, Obrazy Poezii.
34309: AKHMATOVA, SLONIMSKY, BASNER, FALIK - Romans'i Dlia Golosa I Fortepiano Na Stikhi Ann'i Akhmatovoi. Romances to the Verses of Akhmatova
36904: AKHMATOVA, ANNA - Stikhotvoreniia Stikhotvoreniya [Poems]
36051: AKHMATOVA, ANNA (MSTISLAV DOBUZHINSKY) - Podorozhnik [Plantain]. Stikhotvoreniia
36083: AKHMATOVA, ANNA - Chetki [the Rosary] Vtoroe Izdanie
36058: AKHMATOVA, ANNA - Belaia Staia [White Flock] Belaya Staya
35548: AKHMATOVA, ANNA (G P STRUVE, B A FILIPPOVA EDS.) - Works I. Sochineniya. Tom Pervii.
22690: AKHMEDOVA, NAZIRA. - Record: Pakhta Ter. Kurmandim. Uzbek Songs. 78 Record: Goct 5289-56 18742(a)
32285: ALBRIGHT, W. F.; LAMBDIN, T. O.. - The Evidence of Language. Volume I, Chapter IV. Revised Edition of Volumes I & II. The Cambridge Ancient History.
36146: ALDERSON, BRIAN (EDWARD ARDIZZONE) - Edward Ardizzone. A Bibliographic Commentary.
36881: ALDRICH, HARRY S.. - Practical Chinese. Volume I. & Volume II. American Edition. Hua Yu Hsu Chih. Including a Dictionary of 5000 Everyday Terms. With a Foreword by H E Mr Nelson Trusler Johnson.
37951: ALDRIDGE, JAMES - Signed with Their Honour: Zephyr Books. A Library of British and American Authors. Vol. 101.
37424: ALEKSANDROVNA, Z. (ZINAIDA NIKOLAEVNA) - Novye Znakomye Risunki N Plastova.
34044: ALESHKOVSKY, YUZ - The Hand or, Confession of an Executioner. Translated by Susan Brownsberger.
29168: (ALEXANDER SOLZHENITSYN, ARTHUR KOESTLER, STROBE TALBOT) - Harper's Magazine: The Gulag Archipelago. Interrogation: The Most Terrifying Chapter.
35557: ALEXANDER, JOHN T. - Catherine the Great. Life and Legend.
36463: ALEXANDER, MICHAEL (TRANS) - Beowulf Penguin Classics.
32557: ALEXANDER, RONELLE - Structure of Vasko Popa's Poetry Ucla Slavic Studiesxx.
29161: ALEXINSKY, G. - Ce Que Marcel Cachin Cache. Photographs Avec Preface. Faire Connaitre la Vérité Est Un Devoir Impérieux, C'Est le Devoir de Chacun.
33557: ALGE, S. & RIPMAN, WALTER. RIPPMANN - Dent's First French Book Dent's Modern Language Series.
22688: ALIEV, A. - Record: Blue- Eyed Child. Azerbaijan Folk Song. Birth Mark on the Cheek. Folk Instrument Ensemble Led by A. Bakikhanov. 78 Record: Goct 5289-56 26353(a)
33490: ALIVA, R. - The Young Ladies' First French Book. With a Vocabulary of the French and English, and the English and French of All the Words Used in the Book.
35904: ALLAN, JOHN - Verses [by John Allan (Nalla)]
37226: ALLIES, JABEZ - On the Ancient British, Roman, and Saxon Antiquities of Worcestershire.
33851: ALLWORTH, EDWARD (ED.) CARRIERE D'ENCAUSSE, K H MENGES ET AL - Central Asia: A Century of Russian Rule.
37658: ALMEDIA-SANTOS, OSMAR DE AND OSMAR DE ALMEDIA-SANTOS. - Brazilian Portuguese-English Dictionary & Phrasebook: English-Brazilian Portuguese (Hippocrene Dictionary & Phrasebooks).
35616: ALPERT, MAX (PHOTOS) WITH TEUNOV, KATANIN (INTRO) ET AL - Po Kabardino-Balkarii (Kabardino-Balkaria, North Caucasus) Fotografii
33664: ALTHAUS, L. H.. - The Sounds of the Mother Tongue. A Manual of Speech Training for Preparatory and Lower Forms in Secondary Schools, and for Vth, Vith, or Viith Standards in Elementary Schools.
30521: AMERY, HEATHER & FOLLIOT, KATHERINE & CARTWRIGHT, STEPHEN - The First Thousand Words in French - with Easy Pronunciation Guide First 1000 Words Series.
30523: AMERY, HEATHER; SANDERCOCK, GRAHAM & STEPHEN CARTWRIGHT - The First Thousand Words in Cornish
37766: AMERY, HEATHER, KIRILENKO, KATRINA - First Thousand Words in Russian with Easy Pronunciation Guide by Lindsay Alexeiev. Illustrated by Stephen Cartwright.
33777: AMERY, CAPTAIN H F S (BLACK WATCH) (A M ASQUITH) - English Arabic Vocabulary for the Use of Officials in the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan Compiled in the Intelligence Department of the Egyptian Army.
36691: AMOIA, ALBA - Feodor Dostoevsky Literature and Life.
37411: ANDERSEN, H. CHRISTIAN (JARMOLINSKA, T. - ARRANGED BY) - Ikstite [Latvian Transalation of Däumelinchen]
37586: ANDERSON, STEPHEN R. & TAYLOR, JOHN. - Writing Greek: An Introduction to Writing in the Language of Classical Athens.
32447: ANDERSON, DOROTHY - Miss Irby and Her Friends.
38005: ANDREYEV, LEONID. BUNIN, IVAN. - Lazarus [with] the Gentleman from San Francisco. Lazarus by Leonid Andreyev and the Gentleman from San Francisco by Ivan Bunin. Translated by Abraham Yarmolinsky. Stratford Universal Library.
28030: ANDRIC, IVO. - Die Geliebte Des Veli Pascha. Erzählungen.
34184: ANDROVIC, GIOVANNI. - Dizionario Delle Lingue Croata E Italiana. Parte II: Croato-Italiana.
34585: ANISHCHENKOV, NIKOLAI - A Soviet Factory Past, Present and Future. An Account of Steel-Making, Ship and Loco-Building at Red Sormovo. (Krasnoye Sormovo - Nizhny Novgorod Machine Factory). Soviet Booklet No. 59.
26516: ANON - Muz'Ika Massam (Music for the Masses)
37769: ANON - Picture Dictionary (Chinese & English): 1, 2, 3. Boxed Illustrated Flash Cards.
25957: ANON - Servia
28678: ANON - The Teach Yourself Russian Phrase Book
33261: ANON - Listaj, Goro Narodne Pesme Iz Oslobodilackog Rata. Vuk Kovcezhic.
37270: ANON - Malayalam (English) Self-Instructor. 1st Edition - 500 Copies. Copy Right (Sic) with the Publishers.
31075: ANON - Irish English, English Irish Dictionary. Foclóir.
37147: ANON - Bulgarian Wrong Doings and Illusions.
36795: ANON - Le Retour D'Auguste Photo Roman No3.
36735: ANON - Frankfurt A. M 12 Der Schönsten Ansichten in Echter Photographie.
36736: ANON - Trier 12 Der Schönsten Ansichten in Echtphotographie.
36737: ANON - Mainz 12 Der Schönsten Ansichten in Echter Photographie.
36743: ANON - Shell Guide to the Water's Edge. (East Africa)
32843: ANON - Malay Phrase Book Tm 30-639
34209: ANON (HUGO'S) - The French Commercial Correspondent on Hugo's Simplified System. Being a Selection of Mercantile Letters Used in Businesses of the Present Day...
37998: ANON - Hier Spricht Man Deutsch. English Spoken. Usual Expression and Common Conversational Phrases. Gebräuchliche Ausdrücke Und Gewöhnliche Sätze Der Umgangsprache. Pocket Polyglot Series. No. 2. Revised and Extended Edition.
36744: ANON - Prague and Environs. With 3 Maps and 3 Ground Plans. Grieben's Guide Books Vol. 218.
37736: ANON - Hobby. Das Magazin Der Technik. Atom-Flugzeug Keine Utopie Mehr.
34863: ANON - How to Calculate Quickly & Correctly. A Book for All Who Wish to Become Quick at Figures. Foulsham's Cloth-Bound Pocket Library.
32802: ANON - County of Radnor Air Raid Precautions Scheme 1938
38017: ANON. - Burt's Swedish-English Dictionary: In Two Parts. Swedish-English, English- Swedish. New Edition. Revised and Enlarged. Burt's Svensk-Engelsk Ordbok. I Två Afdelningar.
37721: ANON - The Teach Yourself Russian Phrase Book
33746: ANON - De Tous Les Coins Du Monde.
29160: ANON - Servia (Serbia)
11226: ANON - Psalterium Syriacè. Syriac Psalter.
37981: ANON - Tourist's Vade Mecum of Dutch Colloquial Conversation: A Selection of Phrases in General Use, with Vocabularies, Tables, and Imitated Pronunciation.
37977: ANON - Kelly & Walsh's Handbook of the Japanese Language (for the Use of Tourists and Residents).
38011: ANON - Hebrew-English, English-Hebrew Dictionary.
37267: ANON (MADAME N. L. ) - La Bagatelle. Intended to Introduce Children of Four or Five Years Old to Some Knowledge of the French Language. A New Edition Embellished with Cuts, Entirely Revised
37662: ANOUILH, JEAN (ED. MERLIN THOMAS AND SIMON LEE) - L'Alouette Methuen's Twentieth Century Texts.
28633: ANTONI UNIECHOWSKI - Dywan Warszawski Z Dawnych Kronik Watku Illustrated by the Author.
25188: ANTONIADIS, S. - Het Nieuw-Griekse Leerboek. [Modern Greek]
29742: AOTS (TAD PERRY) - Nihongo No Kiso I. Grammatical Notes.
37075: APPIGNANESI, RICHARD AND ZARATE, OSCAR. - Lenin for Beginners Revised Edition by a & Z. A Writers & Readers Documentary Comic Book.
31389: APPLETON, G.. - Three Months' Hard Labour. A Handbook for Learning Colloquial Burmese.
34610: ARAKIN, V. D. - Samoanskii Iaz'Ik: [the Samoan Language Text in Russian]. Iaz'Iki Zarubezhnogo Vostoka I Afriki. Pod Redaktsiei Prof. T.P. Serdiuchenko.
24874: ARBUSOW, L. - Grundriss Der Geschichte LIV-, Est- Und Kurlands (German Text). Mit 1 Karte Und 1 Lichtdrucktafel. Zweite Auflage. [History of Livonia, Estonia and Courland. ]
36110: ARISTOTLE; HORACE; LONGINUS - Classical Literary Criticism Translated with an Introduction by T.S. Dorsch. Penguin Classics.
29490: ARMENDARIZ, PABLO IZTUETA ET AL - MI Primer Sopena Vasco. (Spanish-Basque Children's Picture Dictionary) Castellano-Vasco, Vasco-Castellano. Gaztelania-Euskara, Euskara-Gaztelania
36339: ARMSTRONG, LILIAS E.. (FOREWORD DANIEL JONES) - The Phonetics of French with a Foreword by Daniel Jones.
33072: ARNOLD, WILHELM. - Ansiedelungen Und Wanderungen Deutscher Stämme Zumeist Nach Hessischen Ortsnamen. : Mitteldeutsche Forschungen. Sonderreihe 4.
36062: ARWAS, VICTOR - Art Deco.
37622: ASFOUR, MOHAMMAD. - Arabic in Three Months. Simplified Language Course.
25596: ASHUROV, YA. S. ET AL - Buxara. (Buhoro. Bokhara)
37561: ASSOCIATION FOR JAPANESE-LANGUAGE TEACHING. - Japanese for Busy People. II. New, Unique Approach to Effective Daily Communication in Japanese.
37560: ASSOCIATION FOR JAPANESE-LANGUAGE TEACHING. - Japanese for Busy People. New, Unique Approach to Effective Daily Communication in Japanese.
37549: ASSOCIATION FOR JAPANESE-LANGUAGE TEACHING. - Japanese for Busy People. I. Revised Edition. The New Version of the Most Effective Course of Spoken, Everyday Japanese.
32246: ASZLÁNYI, KARLO - Sep Vangofrapoj (Esperanto Version) El la Hungara Lingvo Esperantigis Ladislao Spierer. La "Epoko" Libro-Klubo. Vol. VII.
30662: ATTAOULLAH, FUAD A. - Turkish Self-Taught in Latin Characters. By the Natural Method with the English Phonetic Pronunciation. Revised and Enlarged Vocabularies and Phrases. Specially Prepared and Written.
36730: ATTERBURY, STELLA - Leave It to Cook. The Slow Cooking Method. A Penguin Handbook.
37857: ATTERBURY, STELLA - Leave It to Cook. The Slow Cooking Method. A Penguin Handbook.
37982: ATTLEE, HELENA - The Land Where Lemons Grow: The Story of Italy and Its Citrus Fruit.
37518: AUDOT [JULY (FRENCH) REVOLUTION]. - Evenémens de Paris, Des 26,27,28 & 29 Juillet 1830: Par Plusieurs Témoins Oculaires. Quatrième édition, Continuée Jusqu'Au Au Serment de Louis-Philippe 1er, Et Augmentée de la Chartre, Avec L'Indication Comparée Des Nouvelles Modifications, de Plusieurs Articles Intéressans, Et de la Marche Parisienne, de M. Casimir Delavigne, Avec la Musique.
37318: AVANESOV, RI. - Modern Russian Stress. Pergamon Oxford Russian Series. Teaching Aids VII. The Commonwealth and International Library of Science, Technology, Engineering and Liberal Studies.
36384: AVERCHENKO, ARKADY AWERTSCHENKO - Cudaki Na Podmostkakh Novaya Kniga Pes I Sketchei Dlya Stseny I Chteniya
37885: BABEL, ISAAK ISAAC (J. HARLAND) - Red Cavalry [Konarmia Konarmiya]: Translated by John Harland. "First English Edition, 1929. Printed in the British Isles for Alfred A. Knopf Limited by the Star and Gazette at Guernsey, C.I. . "
37890: BABEL, ISAAC (WALTER MORISON, LIONEL TRILLING) - The Collected Stories of Isaac Babel. Edited and Translated by Walter Morison. With an Introduction by Lionel Trilling.
37379: BABURINA, NINA - The Soviet Arts Poster. Theatre, Cinema, Ballet, Circus 1917 - 1987. From the Ussr Lenin Library Collection.
37128: BAEDEKER, KARL. - Paris Et Ses Environs. Manuel Du Voyageur Seizieme Edition Refondue Et Mise a Jour.
35804: BAEDEKER, K. - Belgium and Holland Including the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg
35998: BAEDEKER, K. - Italien Von Des Alpen Bis Neapel Kurzes Reisehandbuch. Mit 34 Karten, 41 Plänen Und 23 Grundrissen.
36003: BAEDEKER, K. - Südbayern, Tirol, Salzburg, Ober- Und Nieder-ôsterreich, Steiermark, Kärnten Und Krain Handbuch Für Reisende. Fünfunddreissigste Auflage. Mit 74 Karten, 16 Stadtplänen Und 11 Panoramen.
37990: BAEZA, L. DE (HARTOG) - Brush Up Your Spanish (Refresque Usted Su Español). With Illustrations by P.R. Ward. Conversations of Real Use. General Editor W.G. Hartog.
34142: BAGRITSKII, E. BAGRITSKY (E. DZYUBIN) - Zvezda Mordvina. Poemi. (the Star Mordvina)
26365: BAGRITSKII, E. BAGRITSKY (PSEUD. OF E. DZYUBIN) ILLUS. BY F. KONSTANINOV - Duma Pro Opanasa (Duma on Opanas). Cover Illustration by F Konstantinov. Libretto Oper'i
36029: BAILEY, BERNADINE - Little Greta of Denmark. Illustrated with Photographs Taken by the Author.
36865: BAINBRIDGE, BERYL - Winter Garden
33731: BAKER, MARGARET - Folklore and Customs of Rural England.
32419: BAKER, LIEUT. -COL. B. GRANVILLE - From a Terrace in Prague.
35546: BALABANOV, YE - Solntse Na Zemlye Chto Takoye Atomnaya Yenergiya I Kak Ona Slyzhsit Lyudyam. (Russian Text: The Sun on Earth - Atomic Energy)
8391: BALLA, IGNAZIO. - L'Ungheria E Gli Ungheresi. (Hungary and the Hungarians).
36779: BALLO, GUIDO (INTRO.) - IL Futurismo. [Catalogue].
37460: BALMONT, K., BUNIN, I, TEFFI, REMIZOV, ET AL - Perezvony No. 20 1926. Literaturni Khudozhestvenny Zhurnal. (émigré and Russian Literary-Artistic Magazine). Cover Illustrated by Mstislav Dobuzhinsky.
37456: BALMONT, K. A, REMISOV, A. M. ET AL - Perezvony No. 39 (12) – 1927 G. Literaturni Khudozhestvenny Zhurnal. (émigré and Russian Literary-Artistic Magazine)Illustrated by Mstislav Dobuzhinsky, Leonid Pasternak Et Al.
37458: BALMONT, K. D., TSVETAEVA, M., REMIZOV, A, MISHEEV, N ET AL - Perezvony Dekabr No. 6 1925. Literaturni Khudozhestvenny Zhurnal. (émigré and Russian Literary-Artistic Magazine). Cover Illustrated by Mstislav Dobuzhinsky, Vasnetsov Illustrations Inside.
34869: BANTAS, ANDREI - Dictionar de Buzunar Englez- Român, Român-Englez. [English Into Romanian and Romanian Into English Pocket Dictionary] Editia a II-a Revizuita Si Adaugita. Second Revised Edition.
35498: BARBARINO, JOSEPH LOUIS - Latin and Romance Intervocalic Stops: A Quantitative and Comparative Study
32692: BARCHATOVA, YELENA V. (INTRO.) ET AL. - A Portrait of Tsarist Russia. Unknown Photographs from the Soviet Archives
35049: BARKER, ERIC J. AND MAYLAND, ALEC - Oil: Our Everyday Needs 3
36199: BARSBY, JOHN - Ovid New Surveys in the Classics.
28378: BARTH, DR J.. - Die Nominalbildung in Den Semitischen Sprachen. Zweite, Durch Ein Wörter- Und Ein Sachverzeichnis Vermehrte Ausgabe. Original Second Edition.
34793: BARTHE, ROGER - Lexique Occitan - Français. Nouvelle édition Revue Et Augmentée
35693: BASIC, MILIVOJE BASHICH (TRANS & ED) - Iz Stare Srpske Knjizevnosti. Knjiga 137.
33115: BASKAKOV, A. H., GOLUBEVA, N. P. ET AL. - Turkish-Russian Dictionary. Turetsko-Russkii Slovar'. Türkçe-Rusça Sözlük. 48000 Slov.
37973: BASS, J. H.. - A Greek and English Manual Lexicon to the New Testament: With Examples of All the Irregular and More Difficult Inflections.
36097: BAUER, ERHARD - Paschto Wort Für Wort. Kauderwelsch Band 91
24737: BAXTER, WM. - South Hants and Dorset. Portsmouth, Southampton, Winchester, Petersfield, the New Forest, Romsey, Bournemouth, Swanage, Weymouth, Dorchester, Wimborne, Sherborne, and Lyme Regis.
36103: BEANLAND, A. DE M. - A Fortnight on the Coasts of S.W. France the Fortnight Holiday Series.
35733: BEAULIEUX, LÈON (STEFAN MLADENOV) BILIBIN. - Grammaire de la Langue Bulgare Avec le Concurs de Stefan Mladenov. [Bulgarian Grammar]. Collection de Grammaires de L'Institut D'études Slaves. - IV. [Text in French].
36045: BECKER, VIVIENNE - Art Nouveau Schmuck [Art Nouveau Jewellery. Text in German].
32994: BECKETT, NORMAN - Industrial North Staffordshire. Issued Under the Authority of North Staffordshire Chamber of Commerce in the Interests of Commerce and Industry.
33035: BEELEN, JOANNES THEODORUS. - Sancti Partris Nostri Clementis Romani Epistolae Binae de Virginitate, Syriace, Quas Ad Fidem Codicis Manuscripti Amstelodamensis, Additis Notis Criticis Philologicis, Theologicis, Et Nova Interpretatione Latina. Accedunt Fragmenta Nonnulla Exegetici Argu Quas Ad Fidem Codicis Manuscripti Amstelodamensis, Additis Notis Criticis Philologicis, Theologicis, Et Nova Interpretatione Latina. Accedunt Fragmenta Nonnulla Exegetici Argu
37198: BEIDL, EMIL JULIUS - Der Freimaurerbund. [Freemasons]. Offenes Schreiben an Vorurtheilsfreie Männer über Das Wesen, Die Einrichtung Und Die Entstehung Des Freimaurerbundes.
36815: BEK, ALEKSANDR ALEXANDER - Novoe Naznachenie. Novoye Naznacheniye [a New Appointment]
36631: BELLAMY, H. S.. (HANS SCHINDLER, ELMAR BRUGG, RUDOLF ELMAYER VON VESTENBRUGG?) - Built Before the Flood. The Problem of the Tiahuanaco Ruins.
35621: BELMONT, LEO. LEOPOLD BLUMENTAL - Socjalizm I Sprawiedliwosc. Studium Etyko-Ekonomiczme.
26035: BELY, ANDREI, (KUPREYANOV, ANNENKOV) BORIS NIKOLAEVICH BUGAEV - Korolevna I Rytsari Skazki. (the Princess and the Knights. Fairy Tales. )
38014: BENIAC, JAN - Neues Wörterbuch Der Deutschen Und Slowakischen Sprache I Teil: [German Into Slovak. Slovakia Third Reich]. Novy Slovnik Nemeckej a Slovenskej Reci. V Dvoch Dieloch. In Zwei Teilen. I. Teil: Deutsch-Slowakisch.
38013: BENIAC, JAN U. SEEWARTH, JOSEF MARIA - Taschenwörterbuch Der Slowakischen Und Deutschen Sprache I Teil: [Slovak Into German. Slovakia Third Reich] Vreckovy Slovnik Slovensko-Nemecky I. Diel... . Mit Besonderer Berücksichtigung Der Neuesten Rechtschreibung, Genehmigt Mit Erlaß Des Ministeriums Für Schulwesen Und Volkskultur in PreßBurg Vom 12. Februar, Zahl 541 Präs.
37246: BENNETT, S.. - A New Explanation of the Ebbing and Flowing of the Sea, Upon the Principles of Gravitation.
37261: BENNETT. - Bennett's English Norwegian Phrasebook. A Selection of Phrases for Tourists Travelling in Norway. Sixth Revised and Enlarged Edition with a Norwegian-English Vocabulary.
26087: BENOIS, ALEXANDRE BENUA - Les Trésors D'Art En Russie. Khudozhestvennyie Sokrovishcha Rossii (Sample Copy). Cover Design by E. Lansere. God' I'i 1901 No. 6. Russian Art Treasures. Mir Isskustvo
31110: BENTLEY, C. A. - Express It in German a Beginner's Guide to German Conversation. Second Edition Revised and Enlarged.
37585: BENYUKH, OLESJ P. & GALUSHKO, RAISA I.. - Ukrainian Phrasebook & Dictionary: Ukrainian-English, English-Ukrainian. Hippocrene Language Studies. Fifth Printing.
33990: BERCÉ, YVES-MARIE - History of Peasant Revolts the Social Origins of Rebellion in Early Modern France. Translated by Amanda Whitmore.
37080: BEREND, IVAN T. & RANKI, GYORGY - Hungary a Century of Economic Development. National Economic Histories.
31315: BERNSTEIN, GEORG HEINRICH (ED.) (F MUEHLAU, ADOLPH RUECKER) - Syriac - Das Heilige Evangelium Des Iohannes: Syrisch in Harklensischer Uebersetzung, Mit Vocalen Und Den Puncten Kuschoi Und Rucoch Nach Einer Vaticanischen Handschrift. Nebst Kritischen Anmerkungen Von Georg Heinrich Bernstein(Gedruckt Mit Neuen Syrischen Typen Der Teubner'Schen Officin)
15319: BERQUIN, M. - Le Petit Grandisson. Traduction Libre Du Hollandois. Septième édition. Revue Et Corrigée Par Arleville Bridel. Seventh Revised Edition.
37777: BERSUIRE, PIERRE [BERCHORIUS, PETRUS. BERCHEURE. BERCEURE. BERTHORE] - Morale Reductorium. Liber Bibliae Moralis: Fratris Petri Berthorij Pictauie[N]Sis: Ordinis Diui Patris Benedicti... Morale Reductoriu[M] Sup[Er] Tota[M] Biblia[M] Quattuor Et Triginta Libris Co[N]Su[M]Matu[M]. Adiectis Biblie Co[N]Corda[N]Tijs.
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37881: KOUPRINE, KUPRIN ALEXANDRE - Les Lestrygons: Traduit Par Henri Mongault. Illustré Par [Jean] Lébédeff. 'Huitième' édition to Title Page - 'Septième' édition to Cover.
32620: KOVACIC, OLGA - Women of Yugoslavia
37399: KOVAL, ALEXANDER - Alexandra Exter, Michel Andreenko Russische Avantgarde Austellung 9 März - 15 April 1974.
37664: KOWALSKA, MARZENA. - Polish in 4 Weeks: An Intensive Course in Basic Polish with Audio Cd and Cd-Rom.
14198: KRAMARIC, FRANCE. - Slovensko-Nemski Slovar. (Slovene Into German Dictionary). Die Kunst Der Polyglottie Bibliothek Der Sprachenkunde. 96.
33997: KRASNOBAEV, B. I., ROBEL, GERT, ZEMAN, HERBERT (EDS.) - Reisen Und Reisebeschreibungen IM 18. Und 19. Jahrhundert Als Quellen Der Kulturbeziehungsforschung Studien Zur Geschichte Der Kulturbeziehungen in Mittel- Und Osteuropa. VI.
37232: KRAUSS, DR FRIEDRICH S.. - Slavische Volkforschungen Abhandlungen über Glauben, Gewohnheitrechte, Sitten, Bräuche Und Die Guslarenlieder Der Südslaven. Vorwiegend Auf Grund Eigener Erhebungen.
26527: KRESTYANOV, V. N.. (RISUNKI I TEKST) - Slonik Moka I Mishunk U Sebya Doma (Moka the Elephant and Mishunk at Home) (Russian Children's Book)
36876: KRIPPES, K.A. - Kazakh (Qazaq) - English Dictionary. Qazaq.
37206: KRLEZA, MIROSLAV - The Return of Philip Latinovicz. Translated by Zora G. Depolo. Modern Yugoslav Novels.
37069: KROPOTKIN, PETER. (PAUL GOODMAN AND BARNETT NEWMAN) - Memoirs of a Revolutionist. With New Introductions by Paul Goodman and Barnett Newman.
34241: KRUCHENYKH, A.. (FLEGON EDITION) - Na Borbu S Khuliganstvom V Literature. Flegon Reprint of Klutsis Design. Izdanie Avtora.
31473: KRUS, M., SHKARBAN, L I. - Tagalskii Iaz'Ik: [a Reference Grammar of Tagalog]. Iaz'Iki Zarubezhnogo Vostoka I Afriki. Pod Redaktsiei Prof. T.P. Serdiuchenko. [Text in Russian].
33507: KRUTA, VENCESLAS - The Celts History and Civilisation
37879: KRYMOV KRIMOV, V[LADIMIR] (BEKLEMISHEV) (TRANS. MALCOLM BURR) - Fienka. Translated from the Russian by Malcolm Burr.
37910: KRYMOV KRIMOV, V[LADIMIR] (BEKLEMISHEV) - Tanker Derbent: A Tale. Transalted by B. Kagan.
37738: KRYUCHKOV, YU. S. - Korabli Mezhplanetnykh Prostranstv: [Interplanetary Space Ships). Text in Russian.
26050: KUGEL, A, FILIPPOV, V.. (EDS.) BORIS TITOV. - Sto Let Malomu Teatru 1824-1924. (One Hundred Years of the 'Little' or 'Small' Theatre). Cover Illustrated by Boris Titov.
27197: KÜHN, JOACHIM ED., ALEXANDRA FEODOROVNA ROMANOV - Die Letzte Zarin. Ihre Briefe an Nikolaus II. Und Ihre Tagebuchblätter Von 1914 Bis Zur Ermordung. [German Edition of the Letters from the Tsaritsa or Tsarina, Alexandra Feodorovna, to the Tsar, Nicholas II, and Her Diaries]
37562: KUISEKO, RYOKUSHU - Brush Writing: Calligraphy Techniques for Beginners. [Foreword by Eleanor Harz Jorden]
26323: KUKAJ, RIFAT. - Shkrepi I Diellit. Roman Për Fëmijë (Albanian). Luli.
29920: KUKI, HIROSHI. - Tuamotuan Phonology. Pacific Linguistics. Series B - No 16.
36445: KUMICIC, EUGEN - Kraljica Lepa. ILI Propast Kraljeva Hrvatske Krvi.
31553: KUNDERA, MILAN (SIMON CALLOW) - Jacques and His Master a Play Translated by Simon Callow.
24401: KUNNAS, MAURI. - Santa. [Children's Book in Welsh] Addasiad T. Llew Jones.
37638: KÜNZL-SNODGRASS, MENTCHEN, SILKE. - Upgrade Your German.
37943: KUPRIN, ALEXANDER (ED. STEPHEN GRAHAM). - A Slav Soul: And Other Stories. With an Introduction by Stephen Graham. Constable's Russian Library.
37482: KUPRIYANOVA, V. P.. ET AL (PAUL HOGARTH ILLUS.) - A Book of England. Angliya. Kniga Dlya Chteniya.
36748: KURDOYEV, K. K. (Q. KURDO) - Kurdsko-Russkii Slovar'. Ferhenga Kurdi-Rusi. [Kurdish Into Russian Dictionary].
36395: KUROCHKIN, V. S.. - Prints Lutonya Lutonia [Prince Lutonia] Vstupitel'Naya Stat'Ya I Primechaniya A. Efremina. Risunki Petra Alyakrinskogo; Graviroval Ivan Pavlov.
31424: KWASNIK, ELIZABETH (ED.) - Bulgaria Tradition and Beauty
34561: LABAUME, EUGENE - A Circumstantial Narrative of the Campaign in Russia, Embellished with Plans of the Battles of Moskwa and Malo-Jaroslavitz. Containing a Faithful Description of Those Affecting and Interesting Scenes, of Which the Author Was an Eye-Witness. Translated from the French. Second Edition, Considerably Improved.
37481: LACHMANN, KARL (ED. HRSG.) - Der Nibelunge Not Mit Der Klage: In Der ältesten Gestalt Mit Den Abweichungen Der Gemeinen Lesart.
15197: LADEFOGED, PETER. - Preliminaries to Linguistic Phonetics.
36118: LADEFOGED, PETER - Elements of Acoustic Phonetics
37174: LADONSHCHIKOV, G.. - Zimushka-Zima [Text in Russian]. Risunki T Ivanitskou.
37190: (LAFCADIO HEARN) - The Works of Lafcadio Hearn and Others. The Hokuseida Publications. Books on Japan - Books on the Far East. Reviews on the Hokuseida Books by Critics of the World.
27409: LAFFAN, REV. R. G. D. - Jugoslavia Since 1918. (Yugoslavia)
37515: LAGARRIGUE, JORGE (AUGUSTE COMTE) - La Dictature Républicaine D'Après Auguste Comte: Par Jorge Lagarrigue Apôtre de L'Humanité. Religion de L'Humanité. Distribution Gratuite.
37771: LAGRONE, GREGORY G.. - Basic Conversational Spanish.
30932: LAITIN, DAVID D. - Language Repertoires and State Construction in Africa Cambridge Studies in Comparative Politics.
37053: LAKEMAN, TOM - 'of Hills'. 'of Sea and Land, of Hills, of Loving Times'. (National Trust).
37044: LAKEMAN, TOM - 'of Sea and Land'. 'of Sea and Land, of Hills, of Loving Times'.
34993: LAKEMAN, TOM - 'of Hills'. 'of Sea and Land, of Hills, of Loving Times'. (National Trust).
37448: LAMAC, MIROSLAV - Vytvarne Dîlo Adolfa Hoffmeistera [the Works of Adolf Hoffmeister] with 4 Sixties Exhibition Catalogues Loosely Enclosed.
27408: LAMPE, JOHN R., JACKSON, MARVIN R. - Balkan Economic History, 1550-1950. From Imperial Borderlands to Developing Nations.
36279: LANDAU, WILHELM FREIHERR VON - Neue Phönicische Und Iberische Inschriften Aus Sardinien. Mitteilungen Der Vorderasiatischen Gesellschaft,.
28681: LANDRY, R. & BALALAEFF, V.. - Aide Mémoire de Grammaire Russe. (Sketch of Russian Grammar for French Speakers)
34112: LANG, DAVID MARSHALL - The First Russian Radical: Alexander Radishchev 1749 - 1802.
37623: LANGE, ROLAND A. - 201 Japanese Verbs Fully Conjugated in All the Forms: Fully Described in All Inflections, Moods, Aspects and Formality Levels.
37508: LANGENSCHEIDT, PROF. G.. - Die Methode Toussaint-Langenscheidt [Phonotoula-Grammophonplatten. Briefplatten Buchplatten. ]: Und Ihre Hilfsmittel Für Den Sprachunterricht. Katalog Der Langenscheidtschen Verlagsbuchhandlung. Published 20. II. 13.
37656: LANGRAN, JOHN AND VESHNYEVA, NATALYA. - Ruslan Russian 2 Cd-Rom: Second Stage Multimedia Russian Course [No Book].
37655: LANGRAN, JOHN AND VESHNYEVA, NATALYA. - Ruslan Russian 2 Cd: Russian 2 Recordings on Cd [No Book].
37654: LANGRAN, JOHN - Ruslan Russian 1 Cd: Russian 1 Recordings on Cd [No Book].
37653: LANGRAN, JOHN - Ruslan Russian 3: A Communicative Russian Course for Advanced Learners.
37382: LAUGHLIN, JAMES PUBLISHER (KENNETH REXROTH ET AL) - Perspectives: Number Ten. Winter 1955.
27396: LAURENT, ETIENNE - Skoplié Et la Serbie Du Sud. (Skopje and Southern Serbia)
36814: LAVALLEY, AL AND SCHERR, BARRY P. - Eisenstein at 100 a Reconsideration
37614: LE FLEMING, SVETLANA - Russian for Business Studies. Russian Studies.
15004: LE CLERC, GEORGE LOUIS, COUNT DE BUFFON - Le Petit Buffon. (Ou Histoire Naturelle Dédiée à la Jeunesse ?).
37787: LEBEDEV, V (1891 - 1967) - Okhota. [the Hunt. ]
36428: LECLERCQ, JULES - Promenades Dans Les Pyrénées. Huitième édition.
37291: LEE, W. R. & Z. - Teach Yourself Czech.
37668: LEE, SIMON AND RICKS, DAVID (EDS.) - The Penguin French Reader: A Penguin Original. 2656.
36937: LEECH, GEOFFREY - Semantics a Pelican Original.
34950: LEFTER, VIRGIL - Dictionar de Proverbe Englez - Roman. Dictionary of English and Romanian Proverbs.
37957: LEHMANN, JOHN AND BASSETT, RICHARD (EDS.) - Vienna: A Travellers' Companion. Selected and Introduced.
30547: LEHMANN, WINFRED P. - Syntactic Typology. Studies in the Phenomenology of Language.
31688: LENEY, TERTTU - Teach Yourself Finnish (Book with Cassette-Tape in Pack)
37705: LERMONTOV, M. YU. (RICHARDS) - A Hero of Our Time. Geroi Nashego Vremeni. With an Introduction, Notes and Vocabulary by D J Richards. The Library of Russian Classics. Second Revised Edition.
37345: LERMONTOV, M. YU. (DENNIS WARD) - Demon. With an Introduction, Notes and Vocabulary by Dennis Ward. The Library of Russian Classics.
37883: LERMONTOV, M. YU. (YEVGENY LYATSKY) - Geroi Nashego Vremeni [Hero of Our Time]. Redaktsiya Ye A. Lyatskago. Ryska Klassiker. Scarce Russian Emigré Imprint.
26193: LESKOV, N. S.. (MSTISLAV VALERIANOVICH DOBUZHINSKY ILLUS) - Tupeinyi Khudozhnik. (the Master Hairdresser) Rasskaz Na Mogile.
37897: LESKOV, NIKOLAI S. - The Amazon and Other Stories: Translated by David Magarshack.
37739: LEVANTOVSKIY, V. I.. - Rasskaz Ob Iskusstvennykh Sputnikakh. (an Account of Artificial Satellites). Text in Russian.
33780: LEVASSEUR, DR KARL, STEFFAN, RICHARD. - Englischer Kurzschrift. Anpassung Der Deutschen Einheitskurzschrift an Die Englische Sprache. Lehrbuch I/II. Verkehrsschrift. Schlüssel.
36646: LEVI, PETER - Edward Lear. A Biography.
33884: LEVITCHI, L.., BANTAS, ET AL - Dictionar Englez-Român. English Into Romanian Dictionary.
35286: LEVITT, MARCUS C. - Russian Literary Politics and the Pushkin Celebration of 1880 Cornell Studies in Classical Philology.
36848: LEVSTIK, VLADIMIR - An Adder's Nest [Gadje Gnezdo]. Translated from the the Slovene by F.S. Copeland.
26306: LEW, DR. W., I WERBIANII, LEV, DR V, VERBIANII, I.. - English-Ukrainian Dictionary. Angliis'Ko-Ukrains'Kii Slovnik. (Part I)
31059: LEWINGTON, SUE - Names for the Cornish Three Hundred Cornish First Names
34551: LEWIS, FLORA - The Polish Volcano. A Case History of Hope.
31645: LEWIS, HENRY (ED.). - Welsh Dictionary. Collins-Spurrell. Welsh - English, English - Welsh.
26576: LEWIS, SIAN; FIELD, JAMES - The Right Answer a Family Seeks a Better Life in Patagonia. Stories of Welsh Life.

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