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BOOKS261291I: HARBEN, PHILIP - Imperial frying with Philip Harben
BOOKS154811I: HARBER, CLIVE - Isn't that dangerous? African travels among academics and other wild animals
BOOKS031453I: HARBIN, ROBERT - Teach yourself origami: the art of paper-folding
BOOKS103845I: HARBINSON, W.A. - The illustrated Elvis
BOOKS012674I: HARBOTTLE, MICHAEL - The Blue Berets
BOOKS147053I: HARCLERODE, PETER - Arnhem: a tragedy of errors
BOOKS174102I: HARCLERODE,PETER - Wings of war: airborne warfare 1918-1945
BOOKS186444I: HARCOURT, PALMA - A sleep of spies
BOOKS186410I: HARCOURT, PALMA - Dance for diplomats
BOOKS203040I: HARCOURT-SMITH, SIMON - The frontiers of love
BOOKS184813I: HARCOURT, PALMA - Climate for conspiracy
BOOKS154042I: HARCOURT, G.J. - Soldiers of the King: their battles, sieges, and campaigns
BOOKS195185I: HARCOURT-SMITH, SIMON - Alberoni: or the Spanish conspiracy
BOOKS216356I: HARDACH, GERD & SCHILLING, JURGEN - Das buch vom markt: eine wirtschafts- und kulturgeschichte
BOOKS099992I: HARDCASTLE, WILLIAM - Guy's simple catechism of astronomy, adapted to the capacities of young children
BOOKS147422I: HARDCASTLE, EPHRAIM - Wine and walnuts; or, after dinner chit-chat, vol.I
BOOKS180828I: HARDCASTLE, MAX - This country business
BOOKS044991I: HARDEN, EDGAR F. - The emergence of Thackeray's serial fiction
BOOKS163728I: HARDEN, D.B. AND OTHERS - Masterpieces of glass
BOOKS177655I: HARDER, ELEANOR - Darius and the Dozer Bull
BOOKS264602I: HARDERN, LESLIE - Easy living (300 ways of making your home easier to live in)
BOOKS218446I: HARDIE, MELISSA (ED) - A Mere interlude: some literary visitors in Lyonnesse
BOOKS137185I: HARDIE, MARTIN - Water-colour painting in Britain (3 volumes).
BOOKS137569I: HARDIE, MARTIN - Water-colour painting in Britain (3 volumes)
BOOKS166253I: HARDIE, JOHN L. - Twenty-two strange stories.
BOOKS200432I: HARDIE, MARTIN & SABIN, ARTHUR K. - War Posters issued by belligerent and neutral nations 1914-1919
BOOKS083143I: HARDILL, ALAN - Shakespeare and the lost myth
BOOKS140685I: HARDIMAN, SCOTT - Many a summer: the story of George (1893-1984)
BOOKS087508I: HARDIN, LUKE - Hanging Tree Hill
BOOKS231944I: HARDING, VANESSA & METCALF, PRISCILLA - Lloyd's at home: the background and the buildings
BOOKS188388I: HARDING, J.A - The Diocese of Clifton, 1850-2000
BOOKS187396I: HARDING, JAMES - Cochran
BOOKS234164I: HARDING, JOHN - Football wizard: the Billy Meredith story
BOOKS061223I: HARDING, WINTON - Saxifrages: the genus Saxifraga in the wild and in cultivation
BOOKS134925I: HARDING, MIKE - Bomber's moon
BOOKS046651I: HARDING, WALTER - Old Irish glass: the "Walter Harding" collection including old English & other pieces
BOOKS049484I: HARDING, BILL - The films of Michael Winner
BOOKS082455I: HARDING, ROBERT - The banner of the prophet: further adventures of Dick Leigh of the Secret Service
BOOKS115634I: HARDING, J.A. - The Diocese of Clifton, 1850-2000
BOOKS261424I: HARDING, PETER A. - The New Romney Branch Line
BOOKS058544I: HARDING,ANTHONY (ED) - The Guinness book of car facts and feats: a record of everyday motoring and automotive achievement
BOOKS122954I: HARDING, J.A. - The Diocese of Clifton 1850-2000
BOOKS209929I: HARDING, J. E. AND OTHERS (EDS) - Bridge management:: inspection, maintenance, assessment and repair
BOOKS203544I: HARDING, JOAN N. - From Fox How to Fairy Hill: a study of Matthew Arnold's in-laws with special reference to the Bensons of Fairy Hill, Gower, South wales
BOOKS018415I: HARDING, GILBERT - Master of none
BOOKS246969I: HARDING, E.D. - The Imjin roll
BOOKS258239I: HARDING, CHRISTOPHER - Criminal enterprise: individuals, organisations and criminal responsibilities
BOOKS228063I: HARDING, ALISON - Ornamental alphabets and Initials
BOOKS231613I: HARDING, PETER - The corner of Harley Street, being some familiar correspondence of Peter Harding, M.D.
BOOKS251215I: HARDING, GILBERT - Along my line
BOOKS197175I: HARDING, ALISON AND OTHERS - An introduction to repairing & restoring
BOOKS255192I: HARDING, BRIAN - Keeping faith: the Royal British Legion (1921-2001)
BOOKS027559I: HARDING, G. LANKESTER - The antiquities of Jordan
BOOKS211605I: HARDING, D.P. - Glove puppetry for young children
BOOKS220030I: HARDING, BRIAN (ED) - Nathaniel Hawthorne: critical assessments, volume II: 'Creating a classic' 1860-1900
BOOKS251332I: HARDING, RICHARD (ED) - The Mariner's Mirror, Vo.91, no.2, May 2005.
BOOKS233516I: HARDING, A.T. - Limits (Studies in Mathematics)
BOOKS260064I: HARDING, SANDRA; NORBERG, KATHRYN - Signs: journal of women in culture and society, volume 26, number 4, summer 2001: Globalization and gender
BOOKS222140I: HARDING, KATHERINE & BALDWIN, DENISE - Along the River Cray: a pictorial history of the Cray Valley
BOOKS186394I: HARDING, NEWMAN - The little grey pedlar
BOOKS260741I: HARDING, PETER A - The Rye and Camber Tramway
BOOKS213527I: HARDING,JAMES E. - The love of David and Jonathan: ideology, text, reception
BOOKS268108I: HARDING, BRIAN - Keeping faith: the history of the Royal British Legion
BOOKS269433I: HARDING, PETER A. - The Dyke Branch Line
BOOKS244050I: HARDINGE, REX - The yellow terror
BOOKS241773I: HARDINGE, REX - The tragedy of the Bromleighs'
BOOKS241485I: HARDINGE, REX - The case of the African trader
BOOKS267373I: HARDINGE, REX - The secret of the desert
BOOKS251361I: HARDINGE, REX - The riddle of the crooked gambler
BOOKS267977I: HARDINGE, REX - The secret of the Veld,
BOOKS128668I: HARDINGE, GEORGE (ED) - Winter's crimes 13
BOOKS241476I: HARDINGE, REX - The legacy of hate
BOOKS250013I: HARDINGE, REX - The case of the African emigrant
BOOKS211299I: HARDINGE, GEORGE - Winter's crimes: No. 13
BOOKS271171I: HARDINGE, REX - The secret of the fated family
BOOKS254761I: HARDINGE, REX - The man from space
BOOKS101324I: HARDINGE, REX - The secret of the veld (Sexton Blake Library, 3rd series, no.137)
BOOKS142702I: HARDINGHAM, ROGER - The Barry list: sixth edition
BOOKS219952I: HARDINI - Magi
BOOKS023828I: HARDMAN, DAVID - Telscombe: a village in Sussex
BOOKS056744I: HARDMAN, ANN C. LEIGHTON - The amateur horse breeder
BOOKS095128I: HARDMAN, A.C.LEIGHTON - Young horse management
BOOKS139006I: HARDMAN, A.C. LEIGHTON - The amateur horse breeder
BOOKS109276I: HARDMAN, A.C.LEIGHTON - The amateur horse breeder
BOOKS125023I: HARDMAN, A.C. LEIGHTON - Stallion management
BOOKS265268I: HARDMAN, CHARLOTTE E. - Other worlds: notions of self and emotion among the Lohorung Rai
BOOKS012026I: HARDMAN, DAVID - Telscombe: a village in Sussex
BOOKS065974I: HARDMAN, A.C. LEIGHTON - A guide to feeding horses and ponies
BOOKS194649I: HARDMAN, A.C.LEIGHTON - A guide to feeding horses and ponies
BOOKS080486I: HARDON, ANITA AND OTHERS - Monitoring family planning and reproductive rights: a manual for empowerment
BOOKS115192I: HARDOUIN- FUGIER, ELISABETH & GRAFE, ETIENNE - The flower painters: an illustrated dictionary
BOOKS195098I: HARDOY, JORGE - Urban planning in pre-Columbian America
BOOKS186443I: HARDWICK, MOLLIE - Calling Juliet Bravo: new arrivals
BOOKS165623I: HARDWICK, CHARLES (ED) - The quarterly magazine of the Independent Order of Oddfellows. Manchester Unity Friendly Society, vol VII - new series, January 1869, to October, 1870.
BOOKS035138I: HARDWICK, MICHAEL - Sherlock Holmes: my life and crimes
BOOKS012113I: HARDWICK, J.M.D.(ED) - Emigrant in motley
BOOKS121607I: HARDWICK, MICHAEL - Sherlock Holmes: my life and crimes
BOOKS112580I: HARDWICK, MARY AND DOUST, STANLEY M. - Lawn tennis: how to master the strokes
BOOKS262361I: HARDWICK, MOLLIE - Perish in July
BOOKS080348I: HARDWICK, MICHAEL AND HARDWICK, MOLLIE - The man who was Sherlock Holmes
BOOKS168362I: HARDWICK, MICHAEL & HARDWICK, MOLLIE - The man who was Sherlock Holmes
BOOKS138864I: HARDWICK, MICHAEL (ED) - The verdict of the court
BOOKS208869I: HARDWICK, J.M. D. - Seeing New Zealand : An illustrated travel guide
BOOKS255336I: HARDWICK, MOLLIE - The dreaming damozel
BOOKS260557I: HARDY, FORSYTH - Scandanavian film
BOOKS243604I: HARDY, RICHARD N. - Homoeostasis
BOOKS241479I: HARDY, FLORENCE EMILY - The life of Thomas Hardy 1840 - 1928
BOOKS212188I: HARDY, THOMAS - The collected poems of Thomas Hardy
BOOKS171884I: HARDY, THOMAS - Under the greenwood tree
BOOKS056613I: HARDY, EVELYN - Donne: a spirit in conflict
BOOKS150975I: HARDY, PAULA - Libya
BOOKS188507I: HARDY, THOMAS - The return of the native
BOOKS188751I: HARDY, FRANK - Who shot George Kirkland? a novel about the nature of truth
BOOKS161735I: HARDY,THOMAS - Under the greenwood tree
BOOKS228703I: HARDY, EVELYN - The conjured spirit, Swift: a study in the relationship of Swift, Stella and Vanessa
BOOKS257938I: HARDY, G.H. - The general theory of Dirichlets Series
BOOKS251607I: HARDY, M.J. - The de Havilland Mosquito
BOOKS196649I: HARDY, THOMAS - The Trumpet-Major: John Loveday, a soldier in the war with Buonaparte, and Robert his brother, first mate in the merchant service: a tale
BOOKS197625I: HARDY, THOMAS - The famous tragedy of the Queen of Cornwall at Tintagel in Lyonesse: a new version of an old story arranges as a play for mummers in one act
BOOKS217230I: HARDY, JOANNA (ED) - Masters of modern jewellery 2014
BOOKS090885I: HARDY, CLIVE / FRITH, FRANCIS - Francis Frith's Down the Severn
BOOKS205907I: HARDY, THOMAS (ONE OF MANY CONTRIBUTORS) - Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, Vol. CXLIII. January-June 1888
BOOKS270321I: HARDY, BRIAN & OTHERS - Metropolitan and Underground rolling stock for the Isle of Wight (Underground, no.11)
BOOKS089261I: HARDY, JOHN PETER - Josh jingle sentiment
BOOKS029212I: HARDY, THOMAS - The works of Thomas Hardy (Wordsworth Poetry Library)
BOOKS036110I: HARDY, PETER - A lifetime of badgers
BOOKS038163I: HARDY, EVELYN - Donne: a spirit in conflict
BOOKS008704I: HARDY, THOMAS - The dynasts
BOOKS077005I: HARDY, RONALD - The face of Jalanath
BOOKS079010I: HARDY, CLIFF - Overdale: a Cotswold affair
BOOKS079391I: HARDY, SERENA - The tea book
BOOKS083614I: HARDY, THOMAS - Tess of the d'Urbervilles: a pure woman
BOOKS084219I: HARDY, EMMA / TAYLOR, RICHARD (ED) - Emma Hardy diaries
BOOKS109537I: HARDY, ADAM - Raiders' Dawn (Strike Force Falklands 2)
BOOKS116378I: HARDY, CLIVE - Francis Frith's Around Chesterfield
BOOKS205806I: HARDY, THOMAS - The Woodlanders
BOOKS144896I: HARDY, A.C. - Wreck - SOS: a story of how ships are wrecked, how they are repaired and what exists to save them
BOOKS178728I: HARDY, SANDRA - Needlepoint for chairs, seats and stools
BOOKS012951I: HARDY, THOMAS - Human shows far phantasies: songs, and trifles
BOOKS205740I: HARDY, THOMAS - Great adaptations collection - Jude [Book & DVD]
BOOKS266631I: HARDY, THOMAS - Jude the Obscure
BOOKS193326I: HARDY, THOMAS - The life and death of the Mayor of Casterbridge: a story of a man of character
BOOKS058858I: HARDY, PETER - A lifetime of badgers
BOOKS144702I: HARDY, THOMAS - Under the Greenwood Tree or the Mellstock Quire: a rural painting of the Dutch school
BOOKS086168I: HARDY, CLIVE - Tyneside since 1900
BOOKS252619I: HARDY, A. C. - Ship-shape
BOOKS105911I: HARDY, THOMAS - Thomas Hardy: selected poetry and non-fictional prose
BOOKS199789I: HARDY, THOMAS - Under the Greenwood tree, or the Mellstock Quire: a rural painting of the Dutch school
BOOKS235632I: HARDY, THOMAS - Jude the Obscure
BOOKS143283I: HARDY, THOMAS - Tess of the D'Urbervilles, 2 Vols
BOOKS089305I: HARDY, J.P. - More meanderings
BOOKS180179I: HARDY, THOMAS - Tess of the d'Urbervilles: a pure woman
BOOKS089303I: HARDY, J.P. - Moods
BOOKS055679I: HARDY, PETER - A lifetime of badgers
BOOKS202257I: HARDY, BARBARA - Particularities: readings in George Eliot
BOOKS170888I: HARDY, THOMAS - The life and death of the Mayor of Casterbridge
BOOKS262827I: HARDY, THOMAS - Our exploits at West Poley
BOOKS261144I: HARDY, G. H. - Divergent series
BOOKS218566I: HARDY, J.P. - Reinterpretations: essays on poems by Milton, Pope and Johnson
BOOKS137678I: HARDY, ALISTER - The open sea: its natural history, part 1: the world of plankton
BOOKS111523I: HARDY, SHEILA M. - The story of Anne Candler
BOOKS265972I: HARDY, THOMAS - Human shows far phantasies
BOOKS250011I: HARDY, THOMAS - Under the greenwood tree; or, the Mellstock Quire
BOOKS166515I: HARDY, CHARLES E. - John Bowes and the Bowes Museum
BOOKS207261I: HARDY, CLIVE - Northumberland and Tyne & Wear: photographic memories
BOOKS159733I: HARDY, THOMAS - Figures in a Wessex landscape: Thomas Hardy's picture of English country life
BOOKS268566I: HARDY, THOMAS & OTHERS - Word-lore; the 'Folk' magazine (9 issues)
BOOKS227645I: HARDY, BARBARA - Twelfth Night
BOOKS089239I: HARDY, CLIVE - Francis Frith's around Stratford-Upon-Avon
BOOKS234930I: HARDY, THOMAS - The Woodlanders
BOOKS144736I: HARDY, THOMAS - The Trumpet-Major: John Loveday, a soldier in the war with Buonaparte and Robert his brother, First Mate in the Merchant Service: a tale,
BOOKS217166I: HARDY, THOMAS - A group of noble dames
BOOKS266966I: HARDY, ROBIN - Cowboys for Christ on May Day
BOOKS106146I: HARDY, THOMAS - Poems of Thomas Hardy: a new selection
BOOKS237975I: HARDY, CHARLES E - John Bowes and the Bowes Museum
BOOKS231756I: HARDY, CLIVE - Manchester at war
BOOKS171841I: HARDY, THOMAS - The return of the native
BOOKS266069I: HARDY, THOMAS - The famous tragedy of the Queen of Cornwall at Tintagel in Lyonnesse
BOOKS202401I: HARDY, BARBARA - The appropriate form: an essay on the novel
BOOKS214338I: HARDY, BARBARA - Charles Dickens: The later novels: Bleak House...Edwin Drood (Writers and their work no. 205)
BOOKS089304I: HARDY, J.P. - Meanderings
BOOKS225681I: HARDY, ALISTER - The open sea - its natural history: the world of plankton [New Naturalist]
BOOKS184491I: HARDY, THOMAS - Tess of the d'Urbervilles; Far from the Madding Crowd; The Mayor of Casterbridge
BOOKS252646I: HARDY, THOMAS - The Trumpet-Major John Loveday, a soldier in the war with Buonaparte, and Robert his brother, First Mate in the Merchant Service: a tale
BOOKS215977I: HARDY, THOMAS - A group of noble dames
BOOKS194961I: HARDY, THOMAS - Jude, the obscure
BOOKS079203I: HARDYMENT, CHRISTINA - Slice of life: the British way of eating since 1945
BOOKS238167I: HARDYMENT, CHRISTINA - Arthur Ransome and Captain Flint's trunk
BOOKS000972I: HARDYMENT, CHRISTINA - Slice of life: the British way of eating since 1945
BOOKS210355I: HARE, AUGUSTUS - Walks in Rome, vol. I
BOOKS269958I: HARE, AUGUSTUS J.C. - Wanderings in Spain
BOOKS144118I: HARE, CHRISTOPHER - Bayard: the good knight with fear and without reproach
BOOKS029881I: HARE, C.E. - Bird lore
BOOKS078157I: HARE, F. KENNETH - Climate variations, drought and desertification
BOOKS095628I: HARE, DAVID - Racing demon
BOOKS250032I: HARE, AUGUSTUS / HENDERSON, GAVIN (ED) - Augustus Hare in Italy
BOOKS234057I: HARE, CYRIL - With a bare bodkin
BOOKS234059I: HARE, CYRIL - That yew tree's shade
BOOKS000551I: HARE, DAVID - Acting up: a diary
BOOKS083308I: HARE, W.LOFTUS - The court of the Printers' Guild
BOOKS068111I: HARE, KENNETH - The ballad of Sir John Philpot
BOOKS233566I: HARE, KENNETH - Nymphs and rivers
BOOKS234051I: HARE, CYRIL - Tragedy at Law
BOOKS268673I: O'HARE, JOHN - Poems in Pamphlet X
BOOKS065855I: HARE, DUSTY - Dusty
BOOKS215119I: HARE, DAVID - Dreams of leaving: a film for television
BOOKS194331I: HARE, DAVID - Strapless
BOOKS107227I: HARE, DAVID - Strapless
BOOKS183798I: HARE, CYRIL - The magic bottle
BOOKS193201I: HARE, CHRIS - Historic Worthing: the untold story
BOOKS266345I: HARE, T. BERNARD - British railway operation
BOOKS264918I: HARESNAPE, BRIAN - Railway design since 1830, volume 1: 1830-1914
BOOKS207345I: HARESNAPE, BRIAN - Stanier locomotives: a pictorial history
BOOKS051726I: HAREWOOD, GEORGE - Kobbe's illustrated opera book: thirty-two of the world's best-loved operas
BOOKS183801I: HAREWOOD (EARL OF) & RICKETS, P.E. (EDS) - Flat racing
BOOKS197107I: HARFIELD, ALAN - Pigeon to packhorse: the illustrated story of animals in Army Communications
BOOKS222928I: HARFORD-BATTERSBY, C.F. - Pilkington of Uganda
BOOKS148684I: HARFORD, VIOLET - Panda in Toyland
BOOKS056885I: HARGRAVE, ANDREA MILLWOOD (ED) - A matter of manners? the limits of broadcast language
BOOKS186247I: HARGREAVES, CYRIL - Father's Derbyshire: through the eye of the camera
BOOKS181257I: HARGREAVES, JOHN - Harvests and harvesters: fruit and vegetable growing in Britain
BOOKS235151I: HARGREAVES, JENNIFER - Sporting females: critical issues in the history and sociology of women's sport
BOOKS208136I: HARGREAVES, ALAN - Skills and strategies for coaching soccer
BOOKS073216I: HARGREAVES, DAVID H. - Interpersonal relations and education
BOOKS159271I: HARGREAVES, HARRY & DRINKWATER, PETER - Cotswold rambles: 136 miles of rambling in the North Cotswolds
BOOKS209969I: HARGREAVES, JOHN - Sport, power and culture: a social and historical analysis of popular sports in Britain
BOOKS086368I: HARGREAVES, DOROTHY & BOB - Tropical blossoms of the Caribbean
BOOKS137954I: HARGREAVES, JENNIFER - Heroines of sport: the politics of difference and identity
BOOKS048778I: HARGREAVES, JACK - Out of town: a life relived on television
BOOKS235441I: HARGREAVES, DOROTHY & HARGREAVES, BOB - Tropical trees of the Pacific.
BOOKS086367I: HARGREAVES, DOROTHY & BOB - Tropical trees found in the Caribbean, South America, Central America, Mexico
BOOKS214285I: HARHOIU, RADU - Fifth Century A.D. treasure from Pietroasa, Romania, in the light of recent research
BOOKS102169I: HARING, C.H. - The buccaneers in the West Indies in the XVII Century
BOOKS213420I: HARKE, HEINRICH - Settlement types and settlement patterns in the West Hallstatt Province: an evaluation of evidence from excavated sites
BOOKS255254I: HARKEL, LETTY TEN (ED) - Medieval Settlement Research no.33 (2018)
BOOKS185430I: HARKER, MARGARET F. - Victorian and Edwardian photographs
BOOKS197282I: HARKER,L. ALLEN - Children of the dear Cotswolds
BOOKS173826I: HARKER, L.A. - Mr. Wycherly's wards
BOOKS051687I: HARKER, DIANA - The secret of the Saxon summer
BOOKS170692I: HARKER, J.H. & BACKHURST, J.R. - Fuel and energy
BOOKS159534I: HARKER, J. ALLEN - Children of the dear Cotswolds
BOOKS270802I: HARKER, R.W - Rolls-Royce from the wings: military aviation 1925-71
BOOKS140965I: HARKER, MARGARET F. - Victorian and Edwardian photographs
BOOKS177194I: HARKER, L. ALLEN - Montagu Wycherly: a revised edition of "His first leave"
BOOKS221036I: HARKNESS, STANLEY B. - The career of Samuel Butler (1835-1902): a bibliography
BOOKS252948I: HARKWAY, C. KENT - Dog tails from Cambridge
BOOKS181089I: HARLAND, W.B. & JONES, O.T. (EDS) - The geology of sea and ocean floors
BOOKS198561I: HARLAND, HENRY - My friend Prospero
BOOKS218652I: HARLAND, OSWALD - Treasure-trail
BOOKS169655I: HARLAND, JOHN (ED) - Ballads and songs of Lancashire (part 2, modern)
BOOKS053325I: HARLE, LESLEY AND CONDER, SUSAN - Designer china: hand-painting ceramics to decorate your home
BOOKS048387I: HARLE, LESLEY AND WILLIS, SIMON - Painting ceramics
BOOKS032955I: HARLECH (LORD) - Northern England
BOOKS017808I: HARLECH (LORD) - Ancient momuments in the care of the Ministry of Works: East Anglia and the Midlands
BOOKS179043I: HARLEY, J.B. - Reprint of the 1st edition Ordnance Survey Sheet No. 59, Hereford (Gloucester, Monmouth)
BOOKS167554I: HARLEY, D.G. AND OTHERS (EDS) - Weather: a monthly magazine for all interested in meteorology, vol.VII, no.2, February 1953
BOOKS260729I: HARLEY, SUSAN - In the Bewick Vein: The story of a Northumberland Lead mine
BOOKS216158I: HARLEY, ROBERT J. - Dover's tramways
BOOKS247051I: HARLEY, A.B. (ED) - Character sketches and encores
BOOKS247456I: HARLEY, J.B. - Maps for the local historian: a guide to the British sources
BOOKS155842I: HARLEY, BRIAN - Chess for the fun of it
BOOKS261853I: HARLEY, GEORGE / BROWN, GEORGE T. (ED) - Histological demonstrations: a guide to the microscopical examination of the animal tissues in health and in disease
BOOKS158595I: HARLING, ROBERT (ED) - House & Garden, vol.17, no.6, whole number 160, June 1962
BOOKS245441I: HARLING, ROBERT (ED) - House & Garden incorporating Wine & Food Magazine, vol.29, no.1, whole number 286, February 1974
BOOKS004469I: HARLOW, EVE (ED) - The book of handicrafts for all the family: with instructions and patterns for new and traditional crafts
BOOKS243809I: HARMAN, PETER & MITTON, SIMON (EDS) - Cambridge scientific minds
BOOKS208114I: HARMAN, ALEC - Man and his music: Mediaeval and early Renaissance music Pt. 1: story of musical experience in the west
BOOKS071431I: HARMAN, ALEC / MILNER, ANTHONY - Man and his music: the story of musical experience in the west, volume two: Late Renaissance and Baroque music (c.1525-c.1750)
BOOKS156669I: HARMAN, ELEANOR (ED) - The University as publisher.
BOOKS166533I: HARMAN, RICHARD (ED) - Country company
BOOKS163421I: HARMAN, JOHN - The green crunch: why we need a new economics for Britain's environmental challenge
BOOKS162684I: HARMAR, HILARY - Showing and judging dogs
BOOKS148568I: HARMER, FREDERIC WILLIAM - The distribution of erratics and drift: a paper and contoured map
BOOKS245116I: HARMER, J.B. - Victory in limbo: Imagism, 1908-17
BOOKS230739I: HARMON, TOM - Pilots also pray
BOOKS189812I: HARMSEN, DOROTHY - American Western art, vol.2
BOOKS195885I: HARMSWORTH, ALFRED C. - Motors and motor-driving (The Badminton library of sports and pastimes)
BOOKS170473I: HARMSWORTH, TONY - Boats from the Basingstoke past
BOOKS243253I: HARNACK, ADOLF - What Is Christianity? sixteen lectures delivered in the University of Berlin during the winter term, 1899-1900
BOOKS219107I: HARNER, STEPHEN M. - Japan's financial revolution and how American firms are profiting
BOOKS084446I: HARNETT, CYNTHIA - Ring out Bow Bells!
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BOOKS133305I: HASTINGS, DEREK - Spirits and liqueurs of the world
BOOKS173505I: HASTINGS, KENNETH - In a right state: the reflections of an education inspector
BOOKS155208I: HASTINGS, J. (ED) - The great texts of the Bible: St John, I-XII
BOOKS220859I: HASTINGS, VALERIE - Wendy and Jinx and the Dutch stamp mystery
BOOKS182229I: HASTINGS, LEWIS - Dragons are extra
BOOKS072526I: HASTINGS, PHYLLIS - The field of roses
BOOKS155057I: HASTINGS, J. (ED) - The great texts of the Bible: Genesis to Numbers
BOOKS155591I: HASTINGS, JAMES (ED) - A dictionary of the Bible dealing with its language, literature. and contents including the Biblical theolgy, volume III: Kir - Pleiades
BOOKS155590I: HASTINGS,JAMES (ED) - A dictionary of the Bible dealing with its language, literature. and contents including the Biblical theolgy, volume IV: Pleroma - Zuzim
BOOKS155589I: HASTINGS, JAMES (ED) - A dictionary of the Bible, dealing with its language, literature and contents including the Biblical theology: extra volume containing articles, indexes and maps
BOOKS165568I: HASTINGS, JAMES (ED) - A dictionary of the Bible dealing with its language, literature, and contents including the Biblical theology: extra volume containing articles, indexes and maps
BOOKS186253I: HASWELL, J.M. - The Thames & Hudson manual of mosaic
BOOKS072159I: HASWELL, JACK - The battle for Empire: a century of Anglo-French conflict
BOOKS029056I: HASWELL, JOCK - James II: soldier and sailor
BOOKS202747I: HASWELL, JOCK - James II: soldier and sailor
BOOKS229875I: HASWELL, J.MELLENTIN - The Thames & Hudson manual of mosaic
BOOKS262231I: HATAI, S & OTHERS - Saito Ho-on Kai Museum Research Bulletin, no,12
BOOKS078100I: HATANAKA, K. AND OTHERS (EDS) - The XVI RCNO Osaka International Symposium on Multi-GeV High-performance Accelerators and Related Technology
BOOKS191778I: HATAYA, NORIKO & OTHERS - Urban problems under the process of fiscal decentralization in Columbia: public services of the barrios populares in Bogota
BOOKS066598I: HATCH, RICHARD W. - All aboard the Whale!
BOOKS194918I: HATEFI, YOUSSEF & DJAVADI-OHANIANCE,LISA (EDS) - The structural basis of membrane function
BOOKS225906I: HATFIELD, ELAINE & RAPSON, RICHARD L. - Vengeance is mine: a Kate MacKinnon murder mystery
BOOKS017613I: HATFIELD, WILLIAM - Wild dog frontier
BOOKS226235I: HATFIELD, ELAINE & RAPSON, RICHARD L - Deadly wager: a Kate Mac Kinnon murder mystery
BOOKS196717I: HATHERLEY, OWEN - Militant Modernism
BOOKS242117I: HATLEY, JAN - The Observer's book of zoo animals
BOOKS254851I: HATTAWAY, PAUL - China's Christian martyrs
BOOKS065609I: HATTERSLEY, ROY - Who goes home? scenes from a political life
BOOKS009128I: HATTERSLEY, ROY - Politics apart: a selection of 'Listener' endpieces
BOOKS159658I: HATTERSLEY, ROY - The Edwardians
BOOKS050382I: HATTERSLEY, ROY - Buster's diaries
BOOKS064517I: HATTERSLEY, ROY - Fifty years on: a prejudiced history of Britain since the war
BOOKS206942I: HATTERSLEY, LELIA - Backgammon to win
BOOKS131825I: HATTLE, JACK - Wayward winds
BOOKS210480I: HATTON. J.L. (ED) - The songs of England: a collection of 200 English melodies including the most popular ditties and the principal songs and ballads of the last three centuries, vol. II
BOOKS232863I: HATTON, L. & OTHERS - Seismic data processing: theory and practice
BOOKS078826I: HATTON, JOHN (COMP) - The book of Bath: the premier spa of the Empire
BOOKS161914I: HATTON, LES - Worcestershire County Cricket Club First-class records, 1899-1996 (County Record Books)
BOOKS044788I: HAUETER, MAX WALTER - Ronald Duncan: the metaphysical content of his plays
BOOKS149936I: HAUGE, MICHAEL - Writing screenplays that sell
BOOKS112185I: HAUGHTON, ROSEMARY - The liberated heart: transactional analaysis in religious experience
BOOKS252031I: HAUGHTON, ROSEMARY - Elizabeth's greeting
BOOKS253952I: HAUGHTON, S.H. - The stratigraphic history of Africa south of the Sahara
BOOKS270720I: HAUGLAND, VERN - The Eagle Squadrons: Yanks in the RAF, 1940-1942
BOOKS214764I: HAUPTMAN,MILOS - Motyli. PL 1217-25
BOOKS264422I: HAUPTMANN, GERHART - The sunken bell: a fairy play
BOOKS233053I: HAUSDING, ALFRED - A handbook on the winning and utilization of peat
BOOKS192665I: HAUSER, GUNTER - White mountain and tawny plain
BOOKS169095I: HAUSNER, ERNST - Vienna: introduction and reminiscence
BOOKS259344I: HAUSS, WILHELM - Lichenstein: romantische sage aus der wurttembergischen geschichte
BOOKS041415I: HAUSSET (MADAME DU) - Memoirs of Madame de Pompadour
BOOKS060982I: HAUSTEIN, ERIK - The cactus handbook
BOOKS121848I: HAUTZIG, DEBORAH - Hey, Dollface
BOOKS255428I: HAVEL, VACLAV - To the castle and back
BOOKS157489I: HAVELL, E.B. - A short history of India from the earliest times to the present day
BOOKS262173I: DE HAVEN, HAVEN, - Jersey luck: a novel
BOOKS154517I: HAVENHAND, GREVILLE - Nation of shopkeepers
BOOKS204461I: HAVERFIELD, E.L. - The girl from the bush
BOOKS201949I: HAVERGAL, FRANCES RIDLEY - Letters by the late Frances Ridley Havergal
BOOKS207520I: HAVERGAL, FRANCES RIDLEY - Streamlets of song, for the young
BOOKS172263I: HAVERGAL, MARIA V. G. - Memorials of Frances Ridley Havergal
BOOKS270480I: HAVERON, FRANCIS - A guide to the industrial history of Guildford and its Borough
BOOKS110795I: HAVERS, MICHAEL AND OTHERS - The Royal baccarat scandal
BOOKS173966I: HAVERS, ALICE (ILLUS) - A book of old ballads
BOOKS192827I: HAVERTZ, YVONNE (ED) - The joy of truffles
BOOKS245631I: HAVIGHURST, WALTER - Annie Oakley of the Wild West
BOOKS054961I: HAVIGHURST, WALTER - Proud prisoner
BOOKS170428I: HAVIGHURST, WALTER - The long ships passing: the story of the Great Lakes
BOOKS022227I: HAVIGHURST, WALTER - Proud prisoner
BOOKS081601I: HAVIGHURST, WALTER - Proud prisoner
BOOKS244604I: HAVIL, JULIAN - Nonplussed!: mathematical proof of implausible ideas
BOOKS269217I: DE HAVILLAND, GEOFFREY (SIR) - Sky fever: The autobiography of Sir Geoffrey De Havilland
BOOKS055651I: HAVINS, PETER J. NEVILLE - The otter in Britain
BOOKS059982I: HAVINS, PETER J. NEVILLE - The match box
BOOKS124904I: HAVINS, PETER J. - The forests of England,
BOOKS256096I: HAVINS, PETER J. NEVILLE - The otter in Britain
BOOKS251778I: HAVLICEK, F. X. - Die rote stadt
BOOKS081150I: HAW, STEPHEN G. - A traveller's history of China
BOOKS206692I: HAW, STEPHEN G. - China: a cultural history
BOOKS004425I: HAWCOCK, DAVID - Paper dinosaurs
BOOKS000020I: HAWCOCK, DAVID - Paper dinosaurs,
BOOKS114838I: HAWCROFT, FRANCIS W. - British watercolours from the John Edward Taylor collection in the Whitworth Art Gallery, University of Manchester
BOOKS229389I: HAWES, LOUIS - Presences of Nature: British landscape, 1780-1830
BOOKS045870I: HAWES, ANNIE - Extra virgin
BOOKS240084I: 'FISH-HAWK' (MURRAY, DAVID K WOLFE) - Birds through the year
BOOKS158015I: HAWKER, H.G. & GRIEVE, K. MACKENZIE - Our Atlantic attempt
BOOKS157028I: HAWKER, GEORGE - The adder's sting: a doctor's story
BOOKS212999I: HAWKER, PETER - The diary of Colonel Peter Hawker 1802-1853
BOOKS055386I: HAWKER, R.S. (REV) - Echoes of old Cornwall
BOOKS157022I: HAWKER, GEORGE - "We know in part" and other sermons
BOOKS212640I: HAWKER, R.S. - Footprints of former men in far Cornwall.
BOOKS260859I: HAWKER, H.G & GRIEVE, K MACKENZIE - Our Atlantic attempt
BOOKS050725I: HAWKES, JACQUETTA - A guide to the prehistoric and Roman monuments in England and Wales
BOOKS066262I: HAWKES, J.G. (ED) - Conservation and agriculture
BOOKS033525I: HAWKES, JACQUETTA - Providence Island
BOOKS162697I: HAWKES, DEAN (ED) - Models and systems in architecture and building
BOOKS115462I: HAWKES, TERENCE - Alternative Shakespeares, volume II
BOOKS262097I: HAWKES, C.F.C & OTHERS - Saint Catherine's Hill Winchester
BOOKS232415I: HAWKES, ANDREW - Lifeboatmen never turn back: Poole Lifeboat Service from 1826
BOOKS092509I: HAWKES, CAROLINE - Peter and Caroline
BOOKS040486I: HAWKES, JACQUETTA - A guide to the prehistoric and Roman monuments in England and Wales
BOOKS238139I: HAWKES, ALEX D. - Encyclopaedia of cultivated orchids: an illustrated descriptive manual of the members of the Orchidaceae currently in cultivation
BOOKS031842I: HAWKESWORTH, ERIC - Rag picture shows
BOOKS191135I: HAWKEY, RAYMOND - Side effect
BOOKS217927I: HAWKING, STEPHEN & MLODINOW, LEONARD - A briefer history of time
BOOKS238713I: HAWKINGS, DAVID T. & PUBLIC RECORD OFFICE - Railway ancestors: a guide to the staff records of the Railway Companies of England and Wales 1822-1947 (History)
BOOKS263061I: HAWKINGS, DAVID T. - Bound for Australia: a guide to the records of transported convicts and early settlers
BOOKS199113I: HAWKINGS, DAVID T. - Railway ancestors: a guide to the staff records of the railway companies of England and Wales 1822-1947
BOOKS243367I: HAWKINS, JOHN - Definiteness and indefiniteness: a study in reference and grammaticality prediction
BOOKS243359I: HAWKINS, ERIC - Modern languages in the curriculum
BOOKS004860I: HAWKINS, CLIFFORD - Mishap or malpractice?
BOOKS004813I: HAWKINS, GERALD S - Stonehenge decoded
BOOKS018186I: HAWKINS, GERALD S. - Beyond Stonehenge
BOOKS018029I: HAWKINS, GERALD S. - Mindsteps to the Cosmos
BOOKS040697I: HAWKINS, DESMOND - Hawk among the sparrows
BOOKS103166I: HAWKINS, DESMOND (ED) - War report: D-day to VE-day: dispatches by the BBC's war correspondents with the Allied Expeditionary Force 6 June 1944-5 May 1945
BOOKS249356I: HAWKINS, DESMOND - Wessex: an anthology
BOOKS244899I: HAWKINS, GERALD S - Stonehenge decoded

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