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BOOKS265000I: BUCHAN, JOHN & OTHERS - Chambers's Journal, part 31 (8th series), July 1934
BOOKS272541I: BUCHANAN, PETER - Masonic gags & gavels
BOOKS031831I: BUCHANAN, WILLIAM - Pathfinder Squadron
BOOKS087213I: BUCHANAN, COLIN - Whose side are the angels on?
BOOKS052329I: BUCHANAN, ROY G. - The laird of Hillclough
BOOKS009598I: BUCHANAN, ROBERT - London poems
BOOKS074010I: BUCHANAN, ANGUS & COSSONS, NEIL - The industrial archaeology of the Bristol region
BOOKS039835I: BUCHANAN, PETER - The rag trade
BOOKS028013I: BUCHANAN, R.A. - Industrial archaeology in Britain
BOOKS148981I: BUCHANAN, ROBERT - Life and adventures of Audubon the naturalist
BOOKS260367I: BUCHANAN. R.A - Nineteenth century engineers in the Port of Bristol
BOOKS273410I: BUCHANAN, R. A. & WILLIAMS, M. - Brunel's Bristol
BOOKS121089I: BUCHANAN, C.J. - Poems and other writings
BOOKS232839I: BUCHANAN, R.H. (ED) - Ulster Folklife, volume 8, 1962
BOOKS180579I: BUCHANAN, CHRISTY M. - Adolescents after divorce
BOOKS271385I: BUCHANAN, R.A. - Industrial archaeology in Britain
BOOKS160993I: BUCHANAN-GOULD,VERA - Not without honour: the life and writings of Olive Schreiner
BOOKS259364I: BUCHANAN, ROBERT - The Buchanan ballads, old and new
BOOKS250604I: BUCHANAN-TAYLOR, W. - Shake it again
BOOKS218247I: BUCHANAN, EDNA - Nobody lives forever
BOOKS171484I: BUCHER, RUTH (ED) - The book of hunting
BOOKS257198I: BUCHHOLZ, WERNER - Deutsche Geschichte im Osten Europas: Pommern
BOOKS215263I: BUCHHOLZ, ERICH - Erich Buchholz
BOOKS139237I: BUCHLI, VICTOR & LUCAS, GAVIN (EDS) - Archaeologies of the contemporary past
BOOKS056594I: BUCHMAN, DIAN DINCIN - Ancient healing secrets: practical cures that work today
BOOKS031170I: BUCHMAN, DIAN DINCIN - Ancient healing secrets: practical cures that work today
BOOKS054083I: BUCHNER, GEORG - The plays of Georg Buchner
BOOKS189957I: BUCHWALD, ART - More caviar
BOOKS051788I: BUCK, PERCY C. - Unfigured harmony: a short treatise on modulation, harmonization of melodies, unfigured basses, inner melodies, canons .....
BOOKS115932I: BUCK, PAUL - Time is
BOOKS224433I: BUCK, PAUL - The honeymoon killers
BOOKS059232I: BUCK, PEARL S. - Portrait of a marriage
BOOKS174710I: BUCK, PERCY C. - Unfigured harmony: a short treatise on modulation, harmonization of melodies, unfigured basses, inner melodies, canons and ground basses
BOOKS173716I: BUCK, PERCY C. - Unfigured harmony: a short treatise on modulation, harmonization of melodies, unfigured basses, inner melodies, canons and ground basses.
BOOKS050208I: BUCKERIDGE, ANTHONY - Jennings follows a clue
BOOKS180504I: BUCKERIDGE, ANTHONY - According to Jennings
BOOKS145812I: BUCKERIDGE, ANTHONY - Trust Jennings!
BOOKS145811I: BUCKERIDGE, ANTHONY - Jennings, of course!
BOOKS145814I: BUCKERIDGE, ANTHONY - Just like Jennings
BOOKS145815I: BUCKERIDGE, ANTHONY - Leave it to Jennings
BOOKS145817I: BUCKERIDGE, ANTHONY - Jennings in particular
BOOKS145838I: BUCKERIDGE, ANTHONY - Jennings abounding!
BOOKS145839I: BUCKERIDGE, ANTHONY - Jennings sounds the alarm: seven plays for radio
BOOKS145841I: BUCKERIDGE, ANTHONY - Jennings goes to school
BOOKS185399I: BUCKERIDGE, ANTHONY - According to Jennings
BOOKS145819I: BUCKERIDGE, ANTHONY - The Jennings report
BOOKS007760I: BUCKERIDGE, ANTHONY - Jennings follows a clue
BOOKS108158I: BUCKERIDGE, ANTHONY - According to Jennings
BOOKS263533I: BUCKERIDGE, ANTHONY - Jennings, of course!
BOOKS241224I: BUCKERIDGE, ANTHONY - According to Jennings
BOOKS161980I: BUCKERIDGE, ANTHONY - Thanks to Jennings
BOOKS145800I: BUCKERIDGE, ANTHONY - Jennings as usual
BOOKS145806I: BUCKERIDGE, ANTHONY - Jennings' diary
BOOKS145829I: BUCKERIDGE, ANTHONY - Take Jennings, for instance
BOOKS168141I: BUCKERIDGE, ANTHONY - Jennings follows a clue
BOOKS145830I: BUCKERIDGE, ANTHONY - According to Jennings
BOOKS116347I: BUCKERIDGE, ANTHONY - According to Jennings
BOOKS075388I: BUCKERIDGE, ANTHONY - Jennings' little hut
BOOKS145833I: BUCKERIDGE, ANTHONY - Jennings, as usual
BOOKS145807I: BUCKERIDGE, ANTHONY (ED) - In and out of school
BOOKS233799I: BUCKERIDGE, ANTHONY - Rex Milligan's busy term
BOOKS185059I: BUCKERIDGE, ANTHONY - Jennings as usual
BOOKS161190I: BUCKERIDGE, ANTHONY - Thanks to Jennings
BOOKS260226I: BUCKINGHAM, M. E. - ARGH The tale of a tiger
BOOKS202905I: BUCKINGHAM, M.E. - Phari: the adventures of a Tibetan pony
BOOKS206435I: BUCKINGHAM, BILL - Arnhem 1944
BOOKS132629I: BUCKLAND, FRANCES - Curtain falls
BOOKS063770I: BUCKLAND, FRANK T. - Fish hatching
BOOKS049868I: BUCKLAND, A.R. - John Horden, missionary bishop: a life on the shores of Hudson's Bay
BOOKS263551I: BUCKLAND, WM - Geology and mineralogy as exhibiting the power, wisdom, and goodness of God, volume II
BOOKS060425I: BUCKLE, RICHARD (ED) - The prettiest girl in England
BOOKS113546I: BUCKLE, PHILIP (ED) - Top 20
BOOKS273427I: BUCKLE, JOHN K. - Software configuration management
BOOKS264616I: BUCKLER, JULIUS - Malaula! The Battle Cry of Jasta 17
BOOKS205264I: BUCKLER, WILLIAM E. (ED) - The Victorian Newsletter, Number 22, Fall 1962.
BOOKS238820I: BUCKLEY, R.J. - A history of tramways: from horse to rapid transit
BOOKS002648I: BUCKLEY, WILLIAM F. (JR) - High jinx
BOOKS002658I: BUCKLEY, WILLIAM F. (JR) - Marco Polo, if you can
BOOKS067109I: BUCKLEY, TERRY - Aspects of Greek history, 750-323 BC: a source-based approach
BOOKS088789I: BUCKLEY, HOLLAND - The Scottish terrier
BOOKS052331I: BUCKLEY, RICHARD - The dutiful penguin: zoology in verse
BOOKS270631I: BUCKLEY, J.A. - Cornish mining - at surface
BOOKS261308I: BUCKLEY, ALLEN - Wheal Basset: five centuries of mining at Carnkie
BOOKS172355I: BUCKLEY, FRANCIS - A history of old English glass
BOOKS260780I: BUCKLEY, J.A. - A history of South Crofty Mine
BOOKS262545I: BUCKLEY, THOMAS E & HARVIE-BROWN, J.A - A vertebrate fauna of the Orkney Islands
BOOKS270602I: BUCKLEY, ALLEN (ED) - Hazards & heroes in the Cornish mines
BOOKS038811I: BUCKLEY, HOLLAND - The Scottish terrier
BOOKS004455I: BUCKLEY, WILFRED - The art of glass
BOOKS212183I: BUCKLEY, R.J. - History of tramways: from horse to rapid transit
BOOKS065843I: BUCKLEY, HOLLAND - The Scottish terrier
BOOKS020411I: BUCKLEY, WILLIAM F. (JR.) - The story of Henri Tod
BOOKS087790I: BUCKLEY, ANDY & BURGESS, RICHARD - Blue moon rising
BOOKS270803I: BUCKLEY, J.A & OTHERS - Geevor Mine underground
BOOKS237980I: BUCKLEY, HORACE H.C. - Great event
BOOKS271396I: BUCKLEY, J. A. - Geevor mine
BOOKS221128I: BUCKLEY, VINCENT - Poetry and Morality: Studies on the criticism of Matthew Arnold, T S Eliot and F R Leavis
BOOKS220870I: BUCKMAN, ROB - Jogging from memory or Letters to Sigmund Freud vol.II
BOOKS198697I: BUCKMAN, DANIEL - Water in darkness
BOOKS268146I: BUCKMAN, RICHARD - The Royal Sussex Regiment: military honours and awards 1864 to 1920
BOOKS268145I: BUCKMAN, RICHARD - The Royal Sussex Regiment: Military honours and awards 1921 to 1966
BOOKS216838I: BUCKNALL, RIXON - Our railway history
BOOKS045301I: BUCKNALL, GEOFFREY - Fly-fishing tactics on still water
BOOKS035695I: BUCKNALL, RIXON - Boat trains and channel packets: the English short sea routes
BOOKS034614I: BUCKNELL, PETER A. - Entertainment and ritual 600-1600
BOOKS227510I: BUCKNELL, R.L. - A day at the races: Haselbury Vale 1866 - the epic of Salamander
BOOKS227511I: BUCKNELL, R.L. - The Quicksilver Mail 1830: Royal Mail coach - the faastest wheels in the West
BOOKS227512I: BUCKNELL, R.L. - Mary Mountford's "Bread for the poor" : the story of Haselbury Plucknett's Christmas Dole
BOOKS131904I: BUCKNILL, JOHN & CHASEN, F.N. - Birds of Singapore and South-East Asia
BOOKS118850I: BUCUR, ROMULUS - Ditties
BOOKS224733I: BUCZACKI, STEFAN & HARRIS,KEITH - Collins shorter guide to the pests, diseases and disorders of garden plants
BOOKS049886I: BUCZACKI, STEFAN - A garden for all seasons
BOOKS055360I: BUCZACKI, STEFAN - Creating a Victorian flower garden
BOOKS139878I: BUDAY, GEORGE - George Buday's fourth little book: the hearth
BOOKS273047I: BUDAY, GEORGE - The history of the Christmas card
BOOKS160124I: BUDD, LILLIAN - April harvest
BOOKS252060I: BUDD, GRAHAM E & OTHERS - Fossils & rocks: geotourism in the Central Baltic
BOOKS024948I: BUDD, VIRGINIA - The forgeries of jealousy
BOOKS087023I: BUDD, MARTIN L. - Low blood sugar (hypoglycaemia): the 20th century epidemic?
BOOKS175048I: BUDD, HORACE - "Midland" measure "with variations", 1941-1951
BOOKS114506I: BUDDEN, JOHN - Charlie the Fox
BOOKS248455I: BUDDEN, JULIAN - Operas of Verdi 2: from "Il Trovatore" to "La Forza del Destino"
BOOKS227565I: BUDE, JOHN - The Sussex Downs murder
BOOKS233110I: BUDE, JOHN - The Cornish Coast murder
BOOKS164400I: BUDGE, E.A. WALLIS - From Fetish to God in Ancient Egypt
BOOKS028095I: BUDGE, E.A. WALLIS - Egyptian religion
BOOKS019782I: BUDGE, WALLIS - Egyptian religion
BOOKS241251I: BUDGE, E.A. WALLIS - The Babylonian legends of the creation and the fight between Bel and the Dragon: as told by Assyrian tablets from Ninevah
BOOKS151746I: BUDIG, PETER-KLAUS (ED) - German dictionary of electrical engineering and electronics / Worterbuch elektrotechnik un elektronik Englisch, volume 1: German-English / Deutsch-Englisch
BOOKS153687I: BUDIMIR, DJURADJ - Generalized filter design by computer optimization
BOOKS054449I: BUDKER, PAUL - Whales and whaling
BOOKS248882I: BUDOKWAI (BRITISH JUDO ASSOCIATION) - Judo ('Know the Game' series)
BOOKS012233I: BUDZISZ, A.M. - The Imam's Friday Sermon
BOOKS209296I: BUECHNER, THOMAS S. & OTHERS - New glass: A worldwide survey
BOOKS266894I: BUELL, THOMAS B. - Warrior Generals: Combat leadership in the Civil War
BOOKS052557I: BUER, M.C. - Health, wealth, and population in the early days of the Industrial Revolution
BOOKS026379I: BUETTEL, N.E. - Fifteen North of Hook
BOOKS273572I: BUETTNER-JANUSCH, JOHN (ED) - Evolutionary and genetic biology of primates (2 vols.)
BOOKS190051I: BUFFET-CHALLIE, LAURENCE - The art of flowers
BOOKS182126I: BUFFET-CHALLIE, LAURENCE - The art of flowers
BOOKS003571I: BUFFUM, E. GOULD - The Gold Rush: an account of six months in the California diggings
BOOKS071306I: BUFORD, BILL (ED) - Death of a Harvard man (Granta 34)
BOOKS228523I: BUGLASS, DAN - Ken Oliver: the benign bishop
BOOKS142755I: BUGLIOSI, VINCENT & GENTRY, CURT - The Manson murders: an investigation into motive
BOOKS272531I: BUHL, HERMANN - Nanga Parbat pilgrimage
BOOKS186139I: BUHLER, PAUL (ED) - Das Goetheanum: Internationale Wochenschrift für Anthroposophie und Dreigliederung, 1965 (5 issues)
BOOKS186137I: BUHLER, PAUL (ED) - Das Goetheanum: internationale Wochenschrift für Anthroposophie und Dreigliederung, 1964 (10 issues)
BOOKS244675I: BUHROW, WILLIAM C. - Biometrics in support of military operations: lessons from the battlefield
BOOKS208027I: BUICK, T.LINDSAY - The treaty of Waitangi or how New Zealand became a British colony
BOOKS261808I: BUICK, TONY - How to photograph the moon and planets with your digital camera
BOOKS005184I: BUICK, T. LINDSAY - Waitangi: ninety-four years after
BOOKS115299I: BUILDER, CARL H. AND OTHERS - The evolution of military strategy, volume II (Adelphi Papers)
BOOKS160987I: DU BUISSON, LOUIS - The white man cometh
BOOKS149471I: BUITER, CORNELIS TEKKE - Endoscopy of the upper airways
BOOKS209730I: BUKOFZER, MANFRED F. - Music in the Baroque era: from Monteverdi to Bach
BOOKS067387I: BULFORD, CLARENCE E. - Hopalong Cassidy takes cards
BOOKS273573I: BULGHERONI, RAUL - Argentina: imagen de un pais: summa metropolitana
BOOKS257328I: BULL, PETER - Bulls in the meadows
BOOKS249541I: BULL, JOHN - The night they blitzed the Ritz: memoirs of a Bomb-Alley kid
BOOKS168407I: BULL, GEORGE - Venice: the most triumphant city
BOOKS060275I: BULL, THOMAS - The maternal management of children in health and disease
BOOKS107100I: BULL, GEORGE - Venice: the most triumphant city
BOOKS059318I: BULL, LEONARD - A King's highway (some trackways of the Chilterns)
BOOKS247020I: BULL, MARTIN - Banksy locations (and a tour) vol.2: more graffiti locations from the UK
BOOKS193151I: BULL, PHIL - The best horses of 1945
BOOKS189577I: BULL, GEORGE - Venice: the most triumphant city
BOOKS016875I: BULL, HENRY GRAVES - Notes on the birds of Herefordshire contributed by members of the Woolhope Club.
BOOKS212408I: BULL, PETER - Not on your telly
BOOKS268658I: BULL, A.J - Poems in Pamphlet 1952: III
BOOKS033273I: BULLEID, ARTHUR - The lake-villages of Somerset
BOOKS052319I: BULLEN, A.H. (ED) - Musa Proterva: love poems of the restoration
BOOKS221111I: BULLEN, A.H. (ED) - Poems, chiefly lyrical, from romances and prose-tracts of the Elizabethan Age: with chosen poems of Nicholas Breton
BOOKS163049I: BULLEN, FRANK T - Idylls of the sea and other marine sketches
BOOKS151252I: BULLEN, ARTHUR E. & PROUT, GEOFFREY - Yachting: how to sail and manage a small modern yacht
BOOKS258578I: BULLEN, FRANK T. - Deep-sea plunderings: a collection of stories of the sea.
BOOKS261249I: BULLER, DAVID J - Adapting minds: evolutionary psychology and the persistent quest for human nature
BOOKS271110I: BULLER, FRED - The Domesday book of giant salmon, volume II: more records of the largest Atlantic salmon ever caught
BOOKS034597I: BULLETT, GERALD - The Alderman's son
BOOKS034710I: BULLETT, GERALD - Poems in pencil
BOOKS035188I: BULLETT, GERALD - The trouble at Number Seven
BOOKS047430I: BULLETT, GERALD - George Eliot
BOOKS028680I: BULLETT, GERALD (ED) - Silver poets of the Sixteenth Century
BOOKS264645I: BULLETT, GERALD - The bubble
BOOKS052487I: BULLETT, GERALD - The Pandervils: Egg & Nicky
BOOKS171355I: BULLETT, GERALD - Marden Fee: a novel
BOOKS204547I: BULLETT, GERALD - Remember Mrs Munch
BOOKS103511I: BULLETT, GERALD - Marden Fee
BOOKS190072I: BULLETT, GERALD - The jury
BOOKS133976I: BULLEY, MARGARET H. - Art and understanding
BOOKS042745I: BULLEY, MARGARET H. - Art and counterfeit
BOOKS249182I: BULLINGER, JAMES R (ED) - Army Aviation Association of America: 50th anniversary 1957-2007
BOOKS228226I: BULLITT, JOHN M. - Jonathan Swift and the anatomy of satire: A study of satiric technique
BOOKS070643I: BULLITT, ORVILLE H. - Search for Sybaris
BOOKS199502I: BULLITT, J.M. - Jonathan Swift and the anatomy of satire: a study of satiric technique
BOOKS146071I: BULLIVANT, LUCY - From Milton Keynes to Manhattan: Conran & Partners
BOOKS143426I: BULLIVANT, CECIL H. - Boy's own handbook
BOOKS147237I: BULLIVANT, KEITH - Realism today: aspects of the contemporary West German novel
BOOKS214523I: BULLIVANT, LUCY - From Milton Keynes to Manhattan
BOOKS219169I: BULLIVANT, GARLAND - Fortune's foal
BOOKS143236I: BULLOCK, MICHAEL - Randolph Cranstone and the pursuing river
BOOKS258502I: BULLOCK, KAREN & OTHERS - Problem-oriented policing and partnerships: implementing an evidence-based approach to crime reduction
BOOKS257868I: BULLOCK, KAREN & TILLEY, NICK (EDS) - Crime reduction and problem-oriented policing
BOOKS168448I: BULLOCK, CHARLES - The Queen's resolve: "I will be good": and her "doubly royal" reign, with the story of the Diamond Jubilee
BOOKS240328I: BULLOCK, ALAN - Hitler: a study in tyranny
BOOKS180409I: BULLOCK, HELEN DUPREY (ED) - Decatur House
BOOKS196453I: BULLOCKE, J.G. - Sailors' rebellion: a century of naval mutinies
BOOKS241069I: BULMER-THOMAS, IVOR (ED) - St.Paul: teacher and traveller
BOOKS186966I: BULMER, R.H. & WILKINSON, L.P. (EDS) - A register of admissions to Kings College Cambridge 1945-1970
BOOKS186935I: BULMER, R.H. & WILKINSON, L.P. (ED) - A register of admissions to King's College Cambridge 1919-1958
BOOKS125807I: BULMER, KENNETH (ED) - New writings in SF (22)
BOOKS054878I: BULMER, KENNETH - Roller coaster world
BOOKS148048I: BULMER, R.H. & WILKINSON, L.P. - A register of admissions to Kings College Cambridge 1945-1970
BOOKS112443I: BULMER, R H AND WILKINSON, L P - A register of admissions to King's College Cambridge 1919-1958
BOOKS264238I: BULMER, KENNETH - The Professionls: Spy Probe
BOOKS148144I: BULMER, R.H. & WILKINSON, L.P. - A register of admissions to King's College Cambridge 1919-1958
BOOKS067612I: VON BULOW (PRINCE) - Letters of Prince Von Bulow
BOOKS058126I: VON BULOW (PRINCE) - Letters of Prince von Bulow
BOOKS219889I: VON BULOW (PRINCE) - Letters of Prince Von Bulow
BOOKS234999I: VON BULOW, BERNHARD (PRINCE) - Imperial Germany
BOOKS183084I: BULTEEL, CHRISTOPHER - Something about a soldier: the wartime memoirs of Christopher Bulteel, M.C.
BOOKS161593I: BULTEEL, CHRISTOPHER - Something about a soldier: the wartime memories of Christopher Bulteel, M.C.
BOOKS132290I: BULTMANN, CHRISTOPH - Die biblische Urgeschichte in der Aufklärung: Johann Gottfried Herders Interpretation der Genesis als Antwort auf die Religionskritik David Humes
BOOKS033296I: BULWER, E.L. - Rienzi, the last of the tribunes
BOOKS250008I: BULWER, E. L. (SIR) - The last days of Pompeii
BOOKS180109I: BULWER-LYTTON, VICTOR - Antony (Viscount Knebworth): a record of youth
BOOKS267070I: BULWER, EDWARD (LORD LYTTON) - Miscellaneous prose works, vols. I-III
BOOKS165286I: BUMPUS, T. FRANCIS - The cathedrals of England and Wales,
BOOKS050407I: BUMPUS, T. FRANCIS - The cathedrals of England and Wales: second series
BOOKS050409I: BUMPUS, T. FRANCIS - The cathedrals of England and Wales: third series
BOOKS201269I: BUMPUS, JOHN S. - The history of English cathederal music 1549-1889, volume 2 second series
BOOKS263807I: BUNCE, CHARLIE & FARRINGTON, KAREN - The complete great British railway journeys
BOOKS146704I: BUNCH, CHRIS & COLE, ALLAN - Sten 2: the wolf worlds
BOOKS252073I: BUNDESMINISTERIUM, HERAUSGEGEBEN VOM, FüR VERTRIEBENE FLüCHTLINGE UND KRIEGSGESCHäDIGTE - Die Vertreibung der deutschen Bevölkerung aus der Tschechoslowakei. Band IV/1.
BOOKS133736I: BUNEA, S. PAUL - The Rasoumowsky Defense and other chronicles
BOOKS255308I: BUNFREY, DEREK - A boy's eye view of Norfolk village life
BOOKS152484I: BUNKER, NICK - Making haste from Babylon: the Mayflower Pilgrims and their world: a new history
BOOKS103447I: BUNKER,TIMOTHY D. AND OTHERS (EDS) - Frontiers in fracture management
BOOKS168464I: BUNN, FRANK - The police officer's assistant: how to act and report
BOOKS048453I: BUNT, CYRIL G.E. - Gothic painting
BOOKS209689I: BUNTING, JABEZ / WARD, W.R. - The early correspondence, of Jabez Bunting 1820-29
BOOKS125076I: BUNTING, KATE - Sweet godly maid
BOOKS041893I: BUNTING, BASIL - Collected poems
BOOKS273068I: BUNTING, BASIL - Briggflatts
BOOKS220810I: BUNTING, JABEZ - The early correspondence of Jabez Bunting, 1820-1829
BOOKS264560I: BUNTING, JOHN - A hundred years of Alcester
BOOKS091241I: BUNTON, ROBIN & MACDONALD, GORDON (EDS) - Health promotion: disciplines and diversity
BOOKS271759I: BUNUEL, LUIS - My last breath
BOOKS132364I: BUNYAN, JOHN - The pilgrim's progress from this world to that which is to come, delivered under the similitude of a dream
BOOKS188184I: BUNYAN, JOHN - The pilgrim's progress from this world to that which is to come delivered under the similitude of a dream
BOOKS061079I: BUNYAN, JOHN - The pilgrim's progress
BOOKS136643I: BUNYAN, JOHN - The Pilgrim's Progress
BOOKS238548I: BUNYAN, JOHN - The Pilgrim's Progress
BOOKS250996I: BUNYAN, JOHN - The pilgrim's progress from this world to that which is to come delivered under the similitude of a dream by john bunyan
BOOKS071418I: BUNYAN, TONY (ED) - Statewatching the new Europe: a handbook on the European state
BOOKS164662I: BUNYAN, JOHN - The pilgrim's progress from this world to that which is to come
BOOKS196817I: BUNYAN, JOHN - The pilgrim's progress
BOOKS185766I: BUNYAN, JOHN - The Pilgrim's Progress from this world to that which is to come
BOOKS165581I: BUNYAN, JOHN - The select works of John Bunyan, with a life of the author and an introductory essay on The Pilgrim's Progress
BOOKS100279I: BUNYAN, JOHN - The Pilgrim's Progress
BOOKS250793I: BUNYAN, JOHN - The Pilgrim's Progress
BOOKS100301I: BUNYAN, JOHN - The Pilgrim's Progress from this world to that which is to come delivered under the similitude of a dream
BOOKS252379I: BUNYAN, JOHN - The pilgrim's progress from this world to that which is to come; delivered under the similitude of a dream
BOOKS210722I: BUNYAN, JOHN - The pilgrim's progress from this world to that which is to come, delivered under the similitude of a dream
BOOKS133377I: BUNYAN, JOHN - Bunyan's whole allegorical works
BOOKS164579I: BUNYAN, JOHN - The Pilgrim's Progress and other works
BOOKS250500I: BUNYAN, JOHN - The Pilgrim's Progress
BOOKS179136I: BUNYAN, JOHN - The PIlgrim's progress from this world to that which is to come
BOOKS251905I: BUNYAN, JOHN - The pilgrim's progress
BOOKS207110I: BUNYAN,JOHN - The Pilgrim's progress
BOOKS147182I: BUNZL, HANNA A. - Collected poems
BOOKS224202I: BURATTI, ADELE MAZZOTTA - Milano Nel Settecento
BOOKS270625I: BURBIDGE, WM. F. - From balloon to bomber, (illustrated): a complete history of aviation from earliest times until the present day
BOOKS187115I: BURBIDGE, T.H. (ED) - Durham School register to December 1939
BOOKS153819I: BURBIDGE, MARGOT - Home and Gardens book of kitchens, March 1969
BOOKS049326I: BURBRIDGE, MARGOT / HOMES AND GARDENS - Homes and Gardens book of kitchens
BOOKS043363I: BURBRIDGE, CLAUDE - Scruffy: the adventures of a mongrel in Movieland
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BOOKS134446I: BURNS, C.H. - "Legs, Gentlemen, legs!": notes on the theory and practice of riding and keeping horses, with reasons
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BOOKS265524I: BUTTERWORTH - Adolph and his crazy gang
BOOKS236058I: BUTTERWORTH, JAMES (ED) - The Reality of God: essays in honour of Tom Baker, Dean of Worcester 1975-1986
BOOKS242522I: BUTTERWORTH, MICHAEL - A virgin on the rocks: variations on a theme in the black manner
BOOKS247996I: BUTTERWORTH, NEIL - Neglected music: a repertoire handbook for orchestras and choirs
BOOKS261131I: BUTTERWORTH, NEIL - The American symphony
BOOKS223193I: BUTTERWORTH, MICHAEL - A virgin on the rocks
BOOKS255671I: BUTTERWORTH, JENNY - The bird whistle
BOOKS272869I: BUTTLER, TONY - Sturgeon: target-tug extraordinaire
BOOKS231165I: BUTTLER, MORAG & BUTTLER, FRANK - The best of Patience
BOOKS252888I: BUTTNER, HORST & MEISSNER, GUNTER - Town houses of Europe
BOOKS203131I: BUTTON, A.E. (ED) - Kent Archaeological Review, no. 49, Autumn 1977
BOOKS203132I: BUTTON, A.E. (ED) - Kent Archaeological Review, no.48, Summer 1977
BOOKS172209I: BUTTRICK, DAVID - Homiletic: moves and structures
BOOKS163876I: BUTTS, ROBERT E. & DAVIS, JOHN W. (EDS) - The methodological heritage of Newton
BOOKS210257I: BUTTS, MARY - With and without buttons, and other stories
BOOKS047036I: BUXBAUM, TIM - Icehouses
BOOKS087989I: BUXBAUM, TIM - Scottish doocots
BOOKS082118I: BUXTON, JOHN (ED) - The birds of Wiltshire
BOOKS171040I: BUXTON, JOHN (ED) - The birds of Wiltshire
BOOKS202397I: BUXTON, JOHN - Elizabethan taste
BOOKS078874I: BUZAN, TONY - Use your head
BOOKS272793I: BUZZATI, DINO - The Tartar Steppe
BOOKS262944I: BYARD, OLIVIA - The wilding eye: new and selected poems
BOOKS020176I: BYARS, BETSY - The summer of the swans
BOOKS039725I: BYARS, BETSY - The dark stairs: a Herculeah Jones mystery.
BOOKS074375I: BYARS, BETSY - Bingo Brown, gypsy lover
BOOKS148436I: BYARS, BETSY - The house of wings
BOOKS044629I: BYATT, A.S. - Babel Tower
BOOKS044895I: BYATT, A.S. - Elementals: stories of fire and ice
BOOKS044845I: BYATT, A.S. - The biographer's tale
BOOKS063709I: BYE, BERYL - Wharf Street
BOOKS235964I: BYFIELD, BARBARA N. & TEDESCHI, FRANK L. - Solemn high murder
BOOKS120739I: BYFORD-JONES, W. - Forbidden frontiers
BOOKS215718I: BYFORD-JONES, W. (QUAESTOR) - Both sides of the Severn
BOOKS242887I: BYFORD, CECIL - The Port of Basrah, Basrah, Iraq
BOOKS261554I: BYGRAVES, MAX / DELFONT, BERNARD - Swinging down the lane!
BOOKS261546I: BYGRAVES, MAX / DELFONT, BERNARD - Round about Piccadilly
BOOKS239173I: BYGRAVES, MAX - The milkman's on his way
BOOKS257102I: DE BYL, PENNY - Holistic mobile game development with unity
BOOKS272671I: BYNE, ERIC (ED) - Rock climbs in the Peak, volume I: the Sheffield-Stanage area
BOOKS272627I: BYNE, ERIC (ED) - "Rock climbs in the Peak", volume 2: the Saddleworth - Chew Valley area
BOOKS071354I: BYNG, GEORGIE - Molly Moon's incredible book of hypnotism
BOOKS228189I: BYNUM, W.F. & PORTER, ROY (EDS) - Oxford dictionary of scientific quotations
BOOKS241738I: BYRD, WILLIAM - Mass for five voices
BOOKS051199I: BYRD, WILLIAM - Mass for three voices
BOOKS239608I: BYRNE, LIAM - Dragons: ten entrepreneurs who built Britain
BOOKS034866I: BYRNE, DONN - Blind Raftery and his wife, Hilaria
BOOKS036237I: BYRNE, DONN - The power of the dog
BOOKS046780I: BYRNE, DONN - The power of the dog
BOOKS047117I: BYRNE, DONN - An untitled story
BOOKS105159I: O'BYRNE, BRENDAN - The song they sang
BOOKS056796I: BYRNE, DAVID - You just never know... a racehorse owner's season
BOOKS023273I: BYRNE, MICHAEL (ED) - Yardley
BOOKS141607I: BYRNE, MATTHEW - The way it was: the narrative of the birth of Jesus
BOOKS264948I: BYRNE, L.S.R & CHURCHILL, E.L - A comprehensive French grammar with classified vocabularies
BOOKS253599I: BYRNE, JAMES - Religion and the enlightenment
BOOKS245800I: BYRNE, EDMONE & OTHERS - Transdisciplinary perspectives on transitions to sustainability
BOOKS119826I: BYROM, JOHN - Prayer, the passion of love
BOOKS208343I: BYROM, JOHN / TALON, HENRI (ED) - Selections from the journals & papers of John Byrom, poet-diarist-shorthand writer 1691-1763: edited with notes and biographical sketches of some of his notable contemporaries
BOOKS144049I: BYRON, MAY - A day with Franz Schubert
BOOKS252614I: BYRON, MAY - A day with Richard Wagner.
BOOKS203871I: BYRON, GEORGE GORDON (LORD) - Byron's letters and journals: 12 volumes
BOOKS200790I: CABANELLAS, GUILLERMO - The legal environment of translation
BOOKS165392I: CABANNE, PIERRE - Edgar Degas
BOOKS031399I: CABELL, JAMES BRANCH - The cords of vanity
BOOKS153982I: CABELL, JAMES BRANCH - Straws and prayer books: dizain des diversions
BOOKS235673I: CABELL, BRANCH - Ladies and Gentlemen: a parcel of reconsiderations
BOOKS089068I: CABELL, JAMES BRANCH - The cords of vanity: a comedy of shirking
BOOKS116679I: CABELL, JAMES CABELL - The line of love: dizain des mariages
BOOKS116685I: CABELL, JAMES BRANCH - The rivet in Grandfather's neck: a comedy of limitations
BOOKS116677I: CABELL, JAMES BRANCH - Straws and prayer-books: diizain des diversions
BOOKS138611I: CABEZON, JOSE IGNACIO & DAVANEY, SHEILA GREEVE (EDS) - Identity and the politics of scholarship in the study of religion
BOOKS184087I: CABLE, BOYD - Air men o' war
BOOKS036053I: CABOCHON, FRANCIS - The golden ladies of Pampeluna
BOOKS162395I: CABOT, WILLIAM B. - In Northern Labrador
BOOKS225775I: CABOT, DAVID - Wildfowl (Collins New Naturalist Library, Book 110.)
BOOKS088321I: CABRERA, E. AND MARTINEZ, F. (EDS) - Water supply systems: state of the art and future trends
BOOKS118940I: CABRERA INFANTE, G. - Infante's Inferno
BOOKS265964I: CABRITA, JOEL - The People’s Zion: Southern Africa, the United States, and a Transatlantic Faith-Healing Movement
BOOKS200798I: CACHO, LYDIA - Slavery Inc: the untold story of international sex trafficking
BOOKS037596I: CACUTT, LEN - British freshwater fishes: the story of their evolution
BOOKS240526I: CADBURY, BETTY - Playthings past
BOOKS173217I: CADBURY, D.A., AND OTHERS - A computer-mapped flora: a study of the county of Warwickshire
BOOKS087222I: CADDIS, MIKE AND WEIGHTMAN, CHARLOTTE - Notice! early advertising by wall posters in Halifax
BOOKS193287I: CADE, STANFORD - Malignant disease and its treatment by radium, volume 1
BOOKS178047I: CADE, LAURIE - The true book about pioneer airmen
BOOKS100098I: CADELL, ELIZABETH - Any two can play
BOOKS100126I: CADELL, ELIZABETH - The green Empress
BOOKS237149I: CADELL, ELIZABETH - The Green Empress
BOOKS120975I: CADMAN, JOHN - Hockey: the skills of the game
BOOKS168769I: CADNESS, HENRY - Stencil-craft: colour decoration by means of stencilling
BOOKS187976I: CADOGAN, MARY - Just William through the ages
BOOKS050290I: CADOGAN, ADELAIDE (LADY) - Illustrated games of patience
BOOKS076411I: CADOGAN, MARY - The nostalgia collection: Casey Court!
BOOKS023471I: CADOGAN, ADELAIDE (LADY). - Illustrated games of patience
BOOKS234565I: CADOGAN, MARY - Women with wings: female flyers in fact and fiction
BOOKS236709I: CADOGAN, MARY - Frank Richards: the chap behind the chums
BOOKS199088I: CADOUX, CECIL JOHN - A pilgrim's further progress; dialogues on Christian teaching
BOOKS018718I: CADWALLADER, SHARON AND OHR, JUDI - Whole Earth cookbook
BOOKS111932I: CADY, M.P. AND TRAPP, C.A. - A mathcad primer for physical chemistry
BOOKS261502I: CADY, DOUGLAS - Remembering Chediston
BOOKS188675I: CAESAR, JULIUS / WHITELEY, J.L. - Commentariorum De Bello Gallico, liber septimus
BOOKS150806I: GAIUS IULIUS CAESAR - Gallic War, book I
BOOKS244699I: C. IVLI CAESARIS (JULIUS CAESAR) - Opera I: Commentariorum (de Bello Gallico)
BOOKS166048I: CAESARIS, G. IULLIA (JULIUS CAESAR) - De bello Gallico, liber primus
BOOKS054025I: CAFFREY, KATE - Out in the midday sun: Singapore 1941-45
BOOKS197402I: CAFFREY, KATE - The Edwardian lady
BOOKS160660I: CAFFREY, KATE - Out in the midday sun: Singapore 1941-1945
BOOKS271723I: CAFFYNS - Caffyns Ltd. motorists maps of England & Wales
BOOKS255229I: CAHEN, FRITZ MAX - Men against Hitler
BOOKS058454I: CAHILL, TIM - Pecked to death by ducks
BOOKS257357I: CAHILL, ROBERT - New England's witches and wizards
BOOKS235122I: CAHILLY, REBECCA (ED.) - The Megayachts USA: Volume Eleven 2010
BOOKS234795I: CAHILLY, REBECCA - The Megayachts USA: V. 8 (2007)
BOOKS096401I: CAHN, VICTOR L. - Gender and power in the plays of Harold Pinter
BOOKS210074I: CAHN, WILLIAM & CAHN, RHODA - The great American comedy scene
BOOKS045941I: CAHN, STEVEN M. (ED) - Classics of Western philosophy
BOOKS239869I: CAIGER, G - Dolls on display: Japan in miniature, being an illustrated commentary on the Girls' Festival and the Boys' Festival
BOOKS256199I: CAILLET, ANDREE - Jacques Rozenberg: a tribute: painting and thought
BOOKS214756I: CAIN, CHARLES W; WHITE, TONY - US Military Aircraft 1917- 1934
BOOKS061702I: CAIN, JAMES M. - Serenade
BOOKS035179I: CAIN, JAMES M. - Serenade
BOOKS213944I: CAIN, JAMES M. - Past all dishonor
BOOKS187774I: CAINE, HALL - The prodigal son
BOOKS186434I: CAINE, MARGARET & GORTON, ALAN - Cotswold follies and fancies
BOOKS035178I: CAINE, HALL - The Christian
BOOKS027884I: CAINE, HALL - The master of man
BOOKS117682I: CAINE, MARGARET AND GORTON, ALAN - Cotswold follies and fancies: a guide to the curious, whimsical and romantic
BOOKS061943I: CAINE, O.V. - Sons of victory: a boy's story of the coming of Napoleon
BOOKS145534I: CAINE, HALL - The white prophet
BOOKS251941I: CAINE, WILLIAM - The glutton's mirror
BOOKS065195I: CAINE, HALL - The woman thou gavest me: being the story of Mary O'Neill
BOOKS026318I: CAINE, MICHAEL H. AND OTHERS - Booker 30: a celebration of 30 years of the Booker Prize for fiction 1969-1998
BOOKS259182I: CAINE, HALL - The Manxman

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