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28335: ELISABETH TOSTRUP: - Architecture and Rhetoric; text and design in architectural competitions, Oslo 1939-1997.
33719: JAMES W TOTTIS: - Forging a Modern Identity: masters of American painting born after 1847.
29525: MARY TOURTEL: - The Little Bear (Rupert) and the Fairy Child.
63030: MARY TOURTEL: - The Little Bear (Rupert) and the Fairy Child.
65350: M M F TOUSSAINT: - From Ore to Steel : the pictorial story of Iron and its conversion to Steel.
29564: A T BARTHOLOMEW & T F TOUT: - A Bibliography of Sir Adolphus William Ward 1837 - 1924.
26808: WALTER TOWERS: - Poems, Songs and Ballads.
66765: C C TOWNSEND, EVAN GUEST & ALI AL-RAWI: - Flora of Iraq, Volume Two (2).
66767: C C TOWNSEND, EVAN GUEST & S A OMAR: - Flora of Iraq, Volume Four Part One (4 / 1), Cornaceae to Ribiaceae.
66769: C C TOWNSEND, EVAN GUEST, A H AL-KHAYAT & S A OMAR: - Flora of Iraq, Volume Eight (8), Monocotyledones, excluding Gramineae.
66768: C C TOWNSEND, EVAN GUEST & S A OMAR: - Flora of Iraq, Volume Four Part Two (4 / 2), Bignoniaceae to Resedaceae.
59038: R B TOWNSHEND: - A Tenderfoot in Colorado.
51438: ALAN TOWNSIN: - The British Bus Story 1946 - 1950 : a Golden Age.
51439: ALAN TOWNSIN: - The British Bus Story, the fifties : a Wind of Change.
46504: ALAN TOWNSIN: - The British Bus Story : the 'Fifties, a wind of change.
56061: STUART BROATCH & ALAN TOWNSIN: - Bedford volume 1 : Bedford and British Chevrolet 1923 - 1950.
22962: ERNEST W TOWNSON [EDITOR]: - St Albans & its Pageant: being the official souvenir of the pageant held July, 1907.
57009: J WRENCH TOWSE: - Worshipful Company of Fishmongers of London: a short account of portraits, pictures, plate etc in the possession of the company.
65560: SIDNEY TOY: - A History of Fortification from 3000 BC to AD 1700.
11343: TOYNBEE, J M C: - Art in Roman Britain.
33490: ALAN TOYNE: - From the Sands of Dunkirk; the undying story of Britain's Fight for Freedom, told in heroic verse with a critical survey twenty-five years after.
66200: KATHARINE TOZER: - Here Comes Mumfie.
45380: PHILIP TRAGER: - Dancers.
42751: SIR ALAN TRAILL [FOREWORD]: - Musicians of the Millennium - a biographical guide to members of the Worshipful Company of Musicians.
12213: TRANTER, MARGERY [EDITOR]: - The Derbyshire returns to the 1851 religious census.
51013: NIGEL TRANTER: - The Heartland : the alphabetical, place-by-place guide to Stirlingshire, Perthshire and Clackmannanshire [The Queen's Scotland].
46143: BARBARA TRAPIDO: - Brother of the more famous Jack.
22605: HETTIE TRAVERS: - From an Invalid's window.
57131: J C TREGARTHEN: - The Life Story of a Badger.
61289: MARY TREGEAR: - Guide to the Chinese Ceramics in the Department of the Eastern Art, Ashmolean Museum [Gallery Handbook].
55519: LANCE TREGONING: - Bovey Tracey in Bygone Days : a portrait of a Dartmoor Town.
18581: MME TREMBICKA: - Les soirees recreatives et morales.
59113: JOHN TRENDELL: - Operation Music-Maker : the story of Royal Marines Bands.
65165: ANDREA TRENTI: - Indiscrezioni su Piero.
60996: GEORGE MACAULAY TREVELYAN: - England under the Stuarts (A History of England, volume 5).
14846: MARIE TREVELYAN: - From Snowdon to the Sea; stirring stories of North and South Wales.
66103: GEORGE MACAULAY TREVELYAN: - England under the Stuarts (A History of England, volume 5).
62789: GEORGE MACAULAY TREVELYAN: - England under the Stuarts (A History of England, volume 5).
59265: TREVOR GARNHAM, JAMES MACAULAY & EDWARD R BOSLEY: - Architecture 3s : Arts & Crafts Masterpieces - St Andrew's Church Roker Sunderland (Edward Prior), Glasgow School of Art (Charles Rennie Mackintosh), First Church of Christ Berkeley (Bernard Maybeck)
41056: GERHARD TRIEB: - The Magic Square (Das Magische Quadrat) - Zeichnung, Skulptur, Architektur (drawing, sculpture, architecture).
56259: DOUGLAS A TRIGG: - GWR Steam, my personal encounter - a wartime story from the footplate.
35177: ANTHONY TRIGGS: - The Windmills of Hampshire.
62970: ANTHONY TRIGGS: - The Windmills of Hampshire.
65550: RICHARD TRIMEN: - The Regiments of the British Army, chronologically arranged.
51305: BARRIE TRINDER: - Victorian Banbury.
46679: ANTHONY TROLLOPE: - The Warden.
55381: ANTHONY TROLLOPE: - Dr Wortle's School.
55419: ANTHONY TROLLOPE: - The Bertrams.
55383: ANTHONY TROLLOPE: - An Autobiography.
47618: ANTHONY TROLLOPE: - The Complete Short Stories, volume three, Tourists and Colonials.
58641: ANTHONY TROLLOPE: - The Kellys and the o'Kellys; or Landlords and Tenants.
58589: ANTHONY TROLLOPE: - Castle Richmond.
58585: ANTHONY TROLLOPE: - The Belton Estate.
58586: ANTHONY TROLLOPE: - An Old Man's Love.
17522: FRANCES TROLLOPE: - The Widow Barnaby [3 volumes].
47045: ANTHONY TROLLOPE: - The Warden.
64002: ANTHONY TROLLOPE: - The Struggles of Brown, Jones and Robinson, by one of the Firm.
36559: ANTHONY TROLLOPE: - The Belton Estate.
36557: ANTHONY TROLLOPE: - The American Senator
36553: ANTHONY TROLLOPE: - The Kellys and the o'Kellys; or Landlords and Tenants.
57425: ANTHONY TROLLOPE: - Ralph the Heir.
57419: ANTHONY TROLLOPE: - Castle Richmond.
57418: ANTHONY TROLLOPE: - The Claverings
57416: ANTHONY TROLLOPE: - John Caldigate
57414: ANTHONY TROLLOPE: - The Belton Estate.
57411: ANTHONY TROLLOPE: - Dr Wortle's School.
57404: ANTHONY TROLLOPE: - Harry Heathcote of Gangoil; a tale of Australian bush life.
57403: ANTHONY TROLLOPE: - An Autobiography.
57389: ANTHONY TROLLOPE: - The Bertrams.
53933: LIONEL JAMES TROTTER: - The History of the British Empire in India 1844 to 1862, forming a sequel to Thornton's History of India [2 volumes].
64786: ELLIS TROUGHTON: - Furred Animals of Australia.
60435: M J TROW: - Spartacus : the Man and the Myth.
3897: TRUDGETT, RICHARD: - In a time of assassins.
65487: DAN TRUE: - Flying Free : the Story of a Golden Eagle.
26037: FRANCOISE GOY-TRUFFAUT: - Paris Facade; un siecle de sculptures decoratives.
44017: CHARLES J TRUITT: - Historic Salisbury updated, 1662 - 1982.
42994: ANNA SOMERS COCKS & CHARLES TRUMAN: - Renaissance Jewels, Gold Boxes and Objets de Vertu - the Thyssen-Bornemisza Collection.
61096: ANGUS TRUMBLE: - Love & Death : Art in the Age of Queen Victoria.
11399: TRUSLER, REVD DR JOHN: - The art of carving, excerpted from a work entitled The honours of the table (1788).
55700: CHIANG FU-TS'UNG [PREFACE]: - Special Exhibition of Horse Painting : T'ang through Ch'ing Dynasties.
36778: FANI-MARIA TSIGAKOU: - Nicholas Egon.
37754: SAKAE TSUNOYAMA: - A Concise Economic History of Modern Japan.
37913: D B TUBBS: - Horseless Carriages; a 19th Century Album of early designs.
56349: L GORDON TUBBS: - The Book of the Jersey.
63838: JOAN TUCKER: - Ferries of Gloucestershire.
62493: JOAN TUCKER: - The Stroudwater Navigation.
40203: JOAN TUCKER: - Stroud as it was.
61879: ANDREW W TUER: - Bartolozzi and his Works : a biographical & descriptive account of the life and career of Francesco Bartolozzi R.A.
5703: TUER, ANDREW W & FAGAN, CHS E: - The first year of a silken reign (1837-8).
60204: M A R TUKER & HOPE MALLESON, ILLUSTRATED BY ALBERTO PISA: - Rome [de luxe limited edition].
40358: JOHN TULLOCH: - Some Facts of Religion and of Life; sermons preached before Her Majesty the Queen in Scotland, 1866-76.
40048: JAMES TUMUSIIME [EDITOR]: - Uganda 30 Years, 1962 - 1992.
60168: M F TUPPER: - Stephan Langton : or, the Days of King John.
58937: GLADWYN TURBUTT: - A History of Derbyshire, part 3, Tudor, Stuart and Georgian Derbyshire.
56037: GLADWYN TURBUTT: - A History of Derbyshire, part 4, Modern Derbyshire.
55839: ARCHIBALD DOUGLAS TURNBULL: - Commodore David Porter 1780 - 1843.
60337: STEPHEN TURNBULL: - The Samurai Swordsman : Master of War.
62765: F T HOUGHTON TURNER [EDITOR]: - A New Lyric Book.
63662: HELEN TURNER [EDITOR]: - Of Heaven & Earth.
63111: T HUDSON TURNER: - Some Account of Domestic Architecture in England from the Conquest to the End of the Thirteenth Century.
63112: T HUDSON TURNER: - Some Account of Domestic Architecture in England from Edward I to Richard II [Fourteenth Century].
65650: KEITH TURNER: - Directory of British Tramways, volume three (3), Northern England, Scotland and the Isle of Man.
26625: F R MADDISON & A J TURNER: - University of Oxford Museum of the History of Science; Catalogue 2, Watches.
29923: ETHEL TURNER [MRS CURLEWIS]: - Seven Little Australians..
56227: KEITH TURNER: - Directory of British Tramways, volume one, Southern England and the Channel Islands.
36022: SYLVIE TURNER [EDITOR]: - Printmakers Council Handbook of Printmaking Supplies.
18972: LEWIS TURNOR: - History of the ancient town and borough of Hertford.
33162: GAVIN TURREFF [EDITOR]: - Antiquarian Gleanings from Aberdeenshire Records.
55325: W B TURRILL [EDITOR]: - Vistas in Botany : a volume in honour of the Bicentenary of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.
60104: T G TUTIN, V H HEYWOOD, N A BURGES, D H VALENTINE, S M WALTERS & D A WEBB [EDITORS]: - Flora Europa, volume 1, Lycopodiaceae to Platanaceae.
21962: OTTI WILMANNS & REINHOLD TUXEN: - Epharmonie (Rinteln 9.4. - 11. 4. 1979).
21961: REINHOLD TUXEN: - Vegetation und Fauna (Rinteln 12. - 15. 4. 1976).
61770: TRAVERS TWISS: - Two Lectures on Machinery delivered before the University of Oxford in 1844.
56159: JOHN TWITCHETT: - Derby Porcelain [signed, limited edition].
55588: DR GEOFFREY TYACK [EDITOR]: - The Georgian Goup Journal, volume XVIII, 2010.
61172: FGGREV GEO. S TYACK: - A Book about Bells.
17247: SAMUEL TYMMS: - The Family Topographer: being a compendious account of the antient and present state of counties of England, volume IV, Oxford Circuit, Berkshire, Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, Monmouthshire, Oxfordshire, Shropshire, Staffordshire, Worcestershire.
21269: KATHARINE TYNAN: - Experiences.
62586: THOMAS TYNDALE: - Worcestershire Water-colours [watercolours].
56911: REV R ST J TYRWHITT: - An Amateur Art-Book, with some notes on the Oxford Educational Collection of Casts.
37287: ANN FRASER TYTLER: - Leila at Home; a continuation of Leila in England.
59843: GOSCINNY & UDERZO: - Asterix and the Falling Sky.
49615: A A VAN UFFELEN: - Antwerpen [Antwerp].
7905: UHLER, FRED: - Nouvelle Decouverte de l'Amerique.
33300: GEORGE F UNDERHILL: - In and Out of the Pig-skin (pigskin).
45308: TERRY UNDERWOOD: - Centenary Celebration of Newport Transporter Bridge 1906 - 2006.
64637: LEON UNDERWOOD: - Figures in Wood of West Africa [Statuettes en Bois de l'Afrique Occidentale].
60544: RT REV DOM WILFRID UPSON: - Movies and Monasteries in U.S.A.
35210: CYRIL UPTON: - Musings in Provence and beyond.
65574: PETER UPTON: - Desert Heritage : an Artist's Collection of Blunt's Original Arab Horses.
1637: URIBE, ANTONIO JOSE: - Cuestiones internacionales, economicas politicas y sociales.
66416: LEON URIS: - Mila 18.
59591: ALISON UTTLEY: - The Spice Woman's Basket and other tales.
66544: JOHN UTTLEY: - The Story of the Channel Islands.
48800: MRS UWINS: - A Memoir of Thomas Uwins R.A.
18592: GEORGES DESPY & ANDRE UYTTEBROUCK: - Inventaire des archives de l'abbaye de la ramee a Jauchelette, facsicule 1, introduction, inventaire, regestes 1204-1501.
18593: GEORGES DESPY & ANDRE UYTTEBROUCK: - Inventaire des archives de l'abbaye de la ramee a Jauchelette, facsicule 2, regestes 1501-1750, tables.
63652: HELEN VALENTINE [EDITOR]: - Art in the Age of Queen Victoria : Treasures from the Royal Academy of Arts Permanent Collection.
7429: VALENTINE, L: - We three boys; or, a year of adventure.
11155: VAN DER VALK, J W: - Handleidung voor zelfonderricht in de maleische taal.
63657: JUDITH B TANKARD & MICHAEL R VAN VALKENBURGH: - Gertrude Jekyll : a Vision of Garden and Wood.
2554: VALLANCE, AYLMER: - The centre of the world.
50476: SAMUEL MARX & JOYCE VANDERVEEN: - Deadly Illusions : who killed Jean Harlow's Husband?
59860: JACOBI VANIERII [JACQUES VANIERE]: - Jacobi Vanierii : Societate Jesu Praedium Rusticum.
60756: LOTHAIR VANOVERBEKE: - Moorsele : een dorp, twee vliegvelden.
49318: JUANITA PEIRSE & FREDERIC VANSON: - Converging Moments & Now Against Winter [Poems in Pamphlet 1952 VII].
59857: HANNU VAPALAHTI: - Tornator : Suomalaisia Kauppalaivoja v. 1959 [Finnish Merchant Ships in 1959].
62552: MIKE VARNDELL: - The British are Coming : a look at British record breaking and the people that made it happen.
11070: VARNEY, BURTON M: - Thirty-year synopsis; meteorological observations made at Berkeley from July 1 1887 to June 30 1917.
61183: KENNETH VARTY: - Reynard the Fox.
53424: JOANA VASCONCELOS: - Joana Vasconcelos : Works.
11870: VASSALL-PHILLIPS, REV O R [TRANSLATOR AND EDITOR]: - The work of St Optatus, Bishop of Milevis, against the Donatists.
9418: VATMARK, LEVANDE: - Levande Vatmark: Hovranomradet.
66394: JOHN VAUGHAN: - The Wild-Flowers of Selborne and other papers.
47446: ELIZA VAUGHAN: - These for Remembrance.
57025: JAROSLAV R VAVRA: - 5000 Years of Glass-Making : the History of Glass.
66241: PERCY J T VAYRO: - The Strutt Family : Belper's Benefactors.
53260: LEONARD VEAR: - With Tears and Laughter : An African Experience.
45693: PIERLUIGI DE VECCHI: - Raphael.
59537: JAAP VAN DER VEEN [ETC]: - Jacob Backer (1608/09 - 1651).
63202: LIANA CASTELFRANCHI VEGAS: - International Gothic Art in Italy.
49536: HENRY NEWTON VEITCH: - Sheffield Plate; its history, manufacture and art.
37254: EDUARDO VELASCO: - Montanas de Asturias; Paisaje y aventura.
59430: W O J NIEUWENKAMP & J G VELDHEER: - Oude Hollandsche Steden aan de Zuiderzee Door.
59781: THE VENERABLE EDWARD TROLLOPE, ARCHDEACON OF STOW: - Sleaford and the Wapentakes of Flaxwell and Aswardhurn in the County of Lincoln.
44863: R H VENNER: - The American West : a list compiled by R H Venner.
63313: ADOLFO VENTURI: - Musaici Cristiani in Roma.
33342: VERA AND IGOR STRAVINSKY, EDITED BY ROBERT CRAFT, TRANSLATED BY LUCIA DAVIDOVA: - Dearest Bubushkin: the correspondence of Vera & Igor Stravinsky, 1921-1954, with excerpts from Vera Stravinsky's diaries, 1922-1971. .
66060: M A VERCAMBRE, C M BOWRA, GARCIA LORCA & DAVID GASGOYNE, EDITED BY ARTHUR BOYARS & AUDREY M ARNOLD: - Mandrake, volume one, number four, Winter 1946.
57463: MIKE VERIER: - Fort Bragg; America's Airborne Elite [Superbase 14].
15198: DR N VERMEER: - Tropendokter; schetsen uit een zendings ziekenhuis op Java.
54452: HENRY STEVENS OF VERMONT: - Recollections of Mr James Lenox of New York, and the Formation of his Library.
31621: KATHERINE E VERNHAM: - Such a Tomboy, and other stories.
25459: T E VERNON: - Notes on the Parish Church of All Saints, Crudwell, Wilts.
41522: JACQUES VETTIER: - Grandes Chasses d'Asie, d'Afrique et d'ailleurs.
22170: VICENTE BLASCO IBANEZ, TRANSLATED BY CHARLOTTE BREWSTER JORDAN: - The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (Los Cuatro Jinetes del Apocalipsis).
65658: GRAHAM VICKERS: - Music of the Kabarett : the Songs of Berlin between the wars.
33807: VICTOR BEYER, GENEVIEVE BRESC & DOMENICO LUCCHETTI: - Au Musee du Louvre: la Sculpture Francaise du XVIIe Siecle.
57793: VICTORIA LADY WELBY, EDITED BY HER DAUGHTER, MRS HENRY CUST: - Echoes of Lager Life : a selection from the early correspondence of Victoria Lady Welby.
46943: MIGUEL CARLOS VICTORICA: - Miguel Carlos Victorica.
62847: BIRGIT MUNZ-VIERBOOM: - Von Klostermauern und Frommen Frauen.
13890: DAVE VIGGERS: - Pembroke supplement (Climbers' Club Guides to Wales).
31147: "VIKING" (R J DUTHIE).: - The Art of Fishcuring.
28526: A VILLAGER (FREDERICK COWGILL): - Still More Adventures.
44296: L VILLARI: - Italian Life in Town & Country.
63598: MARCELO VILLEGAS: - Tropical Bamboo.
35608: ISOBEL ST VINCENT: - Discontented Dickon.
14596: J E VINCENT: - The life of Edward the seventh.
40807: ISOBEL ST VINCENT: - Little Green Fingers.
36923: SWALE VINCENT: - Internal Secretion and the ductless glands.
55420: P A L VINE: - West Sussex Waterways.
48626: ELFRIDA VIPONT: - Ackworth School, from its foundation in 1779 to the introduction of co-education in 1946.
60375: TATYANA VISHNEVSKAYA: - Moscow Photo Album : History & Architecture.
30024: VIVA [A CURRER-JONES]: - The Dog-Mind and its human characteristics.
8222: VIVIAN, NORAH: - Letters to the Babalog.
64266: W D VIZARD: - In the Valley of the Gods, a Nomadic Variorum, Excursion I, Summer.
28889: NANCY VLASTO: - What's Next?
13506: OLIVIER DE VLEESCHOUWER: - New Hotel Designs (Art of Habitat).
63655: CHRISTOPHER BROWN & HANS VLIEGHE: - Van Dyck, 1599 - 1641.
65150: MAURICE VLOBERG: - Les Noels de France.
58807: SHIRLEY SPAULDING DE VOE: - The Art of the Tinsmith : English and American.
56125: W VOGELSANG: - Rogier van der Weyden : Pieta.
23177: CHRISTEL UND HELMUT VOITH: - Zeppelinstadt Friedrichshafen; portrat einer Stadt.
41435: MAURICE WILSON-VOKE: - A Walk through historic Rumboldswhyke.
36367: VOJTECH VOLAVKA: - The Drawings of Frantisek Tichy.
43767: VOJTECH VOLAVKA: - French Paintings and Engravings of the XIXth Century in Czechoslovakia.
64685: HANA VOLAVKOVA: - A Story of the Jewish Museum in Prague.
63106: W F VOLBACH, WITH A PREFACE BY RICARDA HUCH: - Early Christian Mosaics from the Fourth to the Seventh Centuries : Rome, Naples, Milan, Ravenna.
49468: CARL-ALEXANDER VON VOLBORTH: - The Art of Heraldry.
30545: KURT H VOLK: - The Oldest Christmas Story.
43806: FELIX VOLKHOVSKY: - A China Cup and other stories for Children.
11373: VOLPE, GIOACCHINO; VOLPICELLI, LUIGI; DELLA CORTE, ANDREA & PAZZINI, ADALBERTO: - La vita medioevale Italiana nella miniatura.
20895: VALENTINO VOLTA: - Il Palazzo del Broletto di Brescia.
50248: J F M A DE VOLTAIRE, ILLUSTRATED BY FRITZ KREDEL: - Candide, or the Optimist.
58650: ANDREAS VOLWAHSEN: - Living Architecture : Islamic Indian.
58562: V VORONINA, ILLUSTRATED BY A ALEKSANDROV: - Architectural Monuments of Middle Asia : Bokhara, Samarkand.
65743: ALFRED VOWLES: - Dunkery [Exmoor].
60129: ARTHUR VOYCE: - The Art and Architecture of Medieval Russia.
47142: JILL VOYCE [COMPILER]: - Gloucester in old photographs from the Walwin Collection.
63026: PAT PERRYMAN & CYNTHIA VOYSEY: - New Designs in Honiton Lace.
37910: ROBERT VRIELYNCK: - Le Cinema d'Animation avant et apres Walt Disney; un panorama historique et artistique.
54980: C E VULLIAMY: - The Archaeology of Middlesex and London.
23801: R T VYNER, ILLUSTRATED BY HENRY ALKEN: - Notitia Venatica: a treatise on fox-hunting, to which is added a compendious kennel stud book.
60562: R T VYNER, EDITED BY WILLIAM C A BLEW: - Notitia Venatica: a treatise on fox-hunting, embracing the general management of hounds, volume II.
59067: C C VYVYAN: - The Scilly Isles [The Regional Books series].
19406: A J B WACE: - A Cretan statuette in the Fitzwilliam Museum; a study in Minoan costume.
54636: SAMUEL WADDINGTON [EDITOR]: - Sacred Song : a Volume of Religious Verse.
66325: RICHARD WADDINGTON: - Catching Salmon.
63715: J H WADE: - Cathedral Cities of England and Wales [The Little Guides].
54551: R S ARTHURTON & A J WADGE: - Geology of The Country around Penrith.
21665: HENRY RAWLE WADLEIGH: - Munich; history, monuments and art.
45171: E WAGNER: - Wagner's Touristen-Atlas fur den Fremdenverkehr der Schweiz.
64168: REX WAILES: - The English Windmill.
62343: REX WAILES: - The English Windmill.
22218: R N WAINWRIGHT (EDITOR): - Radio and Television Servicing, 1970-71 models.
61148: MARTIN WAINWRIGHT: - Morris Minor, the biography : sixty years of Britain's favourite car.
65031: KEN WAKEFIELD: - The Blitz Then and Now, volume 3, May 1941 - May 1945.
9849: WAKELEY, CECIL P G & HUNTER, JOHN B: - Rose and Carless manual of surgery for students and practitioners [2 volumes].
52101: MACKENZIE E C WALCOTT: - Cathedralia : a Constitutional History of Cathedrals of the Western Church.
4142: LORD HOWARD DE WALDEN [INTRODUCTION]: - Some feudal lords and their seals, MCCCI.
66590: JACQUELINE WALDEN: - Pencilled in Pembs II.
58427: PETER WALDRON: - The price guide to antique silver.
31121: LIONEL A WALFORD: - Marine Game Fishes of the Pacific Coast, from Alaska to the Equator.
60245: E WALFORD: - The Story of the Chevalier Bayard.
64076: STEPHEN WALKER: - Recentes recherches en archeologie gallo-romaine et paleochretienne sur Lyon et sa region.
59624: ERIC ANDERSON WALKER: - The Great Trek.
65635: LARRY WALKER: - The Wines of the Napa Valley.
44376: HENRY WALKER: - Stamford and its surroundings [Homeland handbooks, volume 68].
10809: WALKER, COLONEL J T: - Descriptions and co-ordinates of the principal and secondary stations and other fixed points of the Rahun meridional series, or series E of the north-west quadrilateral.
44454: JAMES BACKHOUSE WALKER: - Early Tasmania.
24700: D R HAINSWORTH & CHERRY WALKER [EDITORS]: - The Correspondence of Lord Fitzwilliam of Milton and Francis Guybon his Steward, 1697-1709.
66042: LOUISE JEAN WALKER: - Red Indian Legends : Tribal Tales of the Great Lakes.
66840: DEREK WALKER: - The Architecture and Planning of Milton Keynes.
66588: STANLEY CHAPMAN & DEREK WALKER [EDITOR]: - Minster People : eminent men and women connected with Southwell Minster over the centuries.
62347: ROBIN BUTLER & GILLIAN WALKLING: - The Book of Wine Antiques.
53935: GEOFFREY WALL: - Flaubert : a life.
38604: J CHARLES WALL: - The first Christians of Britain.
65269: IVY L WALLACE: - Pookie and the Swallows.
59978: ROBERT WALLACE: - The Rural Economy and Agriculture of Australia and New Zealand.
57677: IVY L WALLACE: - Pookie puts the World Right.
46285: ROBERT WALLACE: - The Rural Economy and Agriculture of Australia and New Zealand.
51536: LYNDA WALLER: - Farmer Uggett : Verse in Devonshire Dialect.
54871: FREDERICK S WALLER: - Gloucester Cathedral : Notes and Sketches.
34923: PATRICIA BAYER AND MARK WALLER: - The Art of Rene Lalique
64931: SUE ROWBOTHAM & JILL WALLER: - Cheltenham : a history.
49311: ROBERT WALLER: - The Two Natures [Poems in Pamphlet IV].
36813: PATRICIA BAYER AND MARK WALLER: - The Art of Rene Lalique
53428: SUE ROWBOTHAM & JILL WALLER: - Cheltenham Then & Now in Colour.
65470: NEIL WALLINGTON: - In Case of Fire : the illustrated history and modern role of the London Fire Brigade.
34503: CATHERINE KOUMARIANOU & HALEN WALLIS (ETC): - The Cartography of the Shores and Islands of Greece; proceedings of the IMCOS Seventh International Symposium, Athens, 6-8 October, 1989.
58054: P RANSOME-WALLIS: - The Concise Encyclopaedia of World Railway Locomotives.
49105: LEO WALMSLEY: - Sally Lunn.
63161: JOSEPHINE WALPOLE: - Art and Artists of the Norwich School.
57532: NIGEL WALPOLE: - Best of Breed : the Hawker Hunter FR10 - the Hunter in Fighter Reconnaissance.
10668: WALPOLE, HORACE: - Historic doubts on the life and reign of King Richard the Third.
27734: HUGH WALPOLE: - The Joyful Delaneys [signed, limited edition].
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