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63474: ROBERT J RUDHALL: - The Air Forces Monthly Book of the P-51 Mustang.
33619: RUDOLF ACKERMANN, WITH TEXT BY W J W BLUNT: - Eton College: coloured reproductions of four exterior views as originally published by Ackermann in 1816.
63230: ANTHONY RUDOLF [ETC]: - For David Gascoyne on his Sixty-Fifth Birthday, 10 October 1981.
41951: WOLFGANG RUDOLPH: - Sailor Souvenirs : stoneware, faiences and porcelain of three centuries.
56922: RUDYARD KIPLING, WITH MUSIC BY DORA BRIGHT: - Six Songs from the Jungle Book.
43701: RUDYARD KIPLING, EDITED BY M M KAYE, ILLUSTRATED BY GEORGE SHARP: - Moon of other Days - M M Kaye's Kipling, favourite verses.
20894: UGO RUGGERI: - Disegni Lombardi Settecenteschi dell'accademia carrara di Bergamo [Monumenta Bergomensia - XXXIX].
57293: EBERHARD RUHMER: - Tura : paintings and drawings, complete edition.
43580: ALEC DOWN & MARGARET RULE: - Chichester Excavations 1 (I).
57576: PEGGY RUSHTON: - Bunny Town Circus [A Father Tuck Bigger Little Book]
29990: JOHN RUSKIN: - The Relation between Michael Angelo [Michaelangelo] and Tintoret [bound with] Coeli Enarrant, studies of cloud form and of its visible causes, part I [bound with] In Montibus Sanctis, studies of Mountain Form, part I.
44830: STEVE RUSSELL: - Steve Russell : A Portrait of Pangolin.
54301: JAMES ANDERSON RUSSELL: - The Book of Dumfriesshire : History, Lore, Names, Places, Worthies.
8254: RUSSELL, JOSEPH: - A new system of agriculture; wherein the defects of the old practice of fallowing are disctinctly pointed out [etc].
11060: RUSSELL, R J: - Climates of California.
11131: RUSSELL, RICHARD JOEL: - Dry climates of the United States; II - frequency of dry and desert years, 1901-20.
66288: FRANK RUSSELL [EDITOR]: - Art Nouveau Architecture.
5359: RUSSELL, THE RIGHT HON GEORGE W E: - The varying year.
65823: TONY RUSSELL: - The Cotwolds' Finest Gardens.
54383: LEONARD RUSSELL [EDITOR]: - The Saturday Book, eleventh year [11,11th].
41290: JOHN EARL RUSSELL: - Recollections and Suggestions 1813 - 1873.
64580: J D F KEALY & E C RUSSELL: - A History of Canadian Naval Aviation 1918 - 1962.
66108: BERTRAND RUSSELL: - Human Knowledge : its scope and limits.
28544: RAYMOND RUSSELL: - Victoria and Albert Museum; Catalogue of Musical Instruments, volume 1, Keyboard Instruments.
59703: JACK RUSSELL: - The Art of Jack Russell caught on canvas.
65378: DESMOND MACCARTHY & AGATHA RUSSELL: - Lady John Russell : a memoir with selections from her diaries and correspondence.
50437: ALAN RUSSETT: - George Chambers 1803 - 1840 : his life and work, the sailor's eye and the artist's hand.
33895: GUIDO GREGORIETTI & FRANCO RUSSOLI: - Poldi Pezzoli: la Pinacoteca.
43241: GRAHAM RUST: - The painted house - over 100 original designs for mural and tromple l'oeil decoration (first edition, hardback).
58648: RUTH KELTON, ILLUSTRATED BY EDWARD STEICHEN: - Edward Steichen [The Aperture History of Photography series].
8590: RUTHERFORD, CONSTANCE: - The Lily Field.
64182: ALBERT RUTHERSTON [EDITOR]: - Stanley Spencer [Contemporary British Artists].
59951: THE DUCHESS OF RUTLAND.: - Haddon Hall : being notes on its history.
59886: JOHN RYAN: - Mary, Mungo and Midge Annual 1973.
20821: ROGER RYAN: - A history of the West Lancashire Yacht Club, 1894-1994; a centenary history.
66156: E K W RYAN: - The Thames from the Towpath : an account of an expedition on foot from Putney to Thames Head.
65308: JOHN & SALLY RYDE: - A Journey through Gloucestershire : an anthology of pictures and poetry.
50311: L W (RIDD) RYDER: - Seven by Seven : an anthology with comments.
63841: T A RYDER: - A Gloucestershire Miscellany.
53676: REGINALD ARTHUR RYE: - The Libraries of London: a Guide for Students.
66884: ANTHONY RYE: - Gilbert White & his Selborne.
12930: RYLAND, J E, WITH A CRITICAL ESTIMATE OF DR KITTO'S LIFE AND WRITINGS BY PROFESSOR EADIE: - Memoirs of John Kitto, D.D., F.S.A., editor of "The pictorial bible" and "The cyclopaedia of biblical literature", author of "Daily bible illustrations", etc.
42182: J PAUL RYLANDS: - Lancashire Inquisitions returned into the Chancery of the Duchy of Lancaster and now existing in the Public Record Office, London - Stuart Period, part 1, I to II James I.
63118: FRANZ RZIHA: - Etudes sur Les Marques de Tailleurs de Pierre.
59692: SA'DI, TRANSLATED BY EDWARD REHATSEK, EDITED BY W G ARCHER: - Gulistan; or Rose Garden of Sa'Di.
28772: MARIANNE SAABYE: - Hirschsprung kunstsamler og maecen.
58206: NICK CAISTOR & ERNESTO SABATO [FOREWORDS]: - Nunca Mas [never again]: a report by Argentina's National Commission on Disappeared People.
66724: MARTIN HARDIE & ARTHUR K SABIN [EDITORS]: - War Posters issued by belligerent and neutral nations 1914-1919.
59562: SABINE HAAG, RONALD DE LEEUW & CHRISTOPH BECKER: - Wintermarchen [Winter Marchen]; Winter-Darstellungen in der europaischen Kunst von Bruegel bis Beuys.
62652: JOHN SACHER [EDITOR]: - The Postal Services of the Gold Coast to 1901.
62653: JACK INCE & JOHN SACHER: - The Postal Services of the British Nigeria Region prior to 1914, including the British Consular Post Office in Fernando Po.
62910: ANITA WALSMIT SACHS: - Kijken met pen en penseel / Observation with pen and brush.
66645: VITTORIO MAGNAGO LAMPUGNANI & ANGELI SACHS [EDITORS]: - Museums for a new Millennium; concepts, projects, buildings.
52199: JOHN SADDEN: - Portsmouth : in Defence of the Realm.
58729: CH SADOUL: - Le Mobilier Lorrain [Collection de l'art regional en France].
33105: SANDRA SAER: - Jostling with the Pears.
1589: LE SAGE, M A: - Atlante storico, geografico, genealogico, cronologico e letterario, in ogni sua parte coretto, ampliato e proseguito sino all'anno corrente.
1590: LE SAGE, A: - Atlante storico, letterario, biografico, archeologico, dai secoli omerici ai giorni nostri o repertorio delle principali nozioni.
62990: J D SAINSBURY: - Hertfordshire's Soldiers from 1757 : a survey of the auxiliary military forces raised in Hertfordshire from 1757 to the present day [bound with] Hertfordshire Yeomanry Uniforms, Arms and equipment volume one, Yeomanry and Light Horse.
60274: ANDREW SAINT [INTRODUCTION]: - London Suburbs.
22921: JOHN SAINTSBURY: - A man in many streets.
65579: GEORGE SAINTSBURY: - Manchester.
34407: ADOLFO SALDIAS: - Historia de Rozas y de su Epoca (tomo II).
62023: A J H SALE [EDITOR]: - Cheltenham Probate Records, 1660-1740.
38687: A J H SALE [EDITOR]: - Cheltenham Probate Records, 1660-1740.
57682: ROALD POTAPOV & RICHARD SALE: - Grouse of the World.
24888: A J H SALE [EDITOR]: - Cheltenham Probate Records, 1660-1740.
30002: A J H SALE [EDITOR]: - Cheltenham Probate Records, 1660-1740.
36455: JOSE SANCHO COMINS Y EMILIO CHUVIECO SALINERO: - Iberoamerica desde el Espacio.
8975: SALLASKA, GEORGIA: - Priam's daughter.
53838: VIRGINIA SUTTON SALLEY & GEORGE H SALLEY: - Royal Bayreuth China.
62214: MARIO SALMI: - L'Architettura Romanica in Toscana.
63700: ERICH SALOMON: - Portrat einer Epoche.
65391: SUSAN SALTER: - Nottingham made Lace, and Lace made Nottingham.
51112: REV H E SALTER [EDITOR]: - Mediaeval Archives of the University of Oxford, volume II.
51130: REV H E SALTER [EDITOR]: - Registrum Annalium Collegii Mertonensis 1483 - 1521.
56142: REV H E SALTER [EDITOR]: - Chapters of the Augustinian Canons.
40089: MARY JO SALTER: - Henry Purcell in Japan; poems by Mary Jo Salter.
51106: REV H E SALTER [EDITOR]: - Chapters of the Augustinian Canons.
57268: WILLIAM G SALTONSTALL: - Ports of Piscataqua.
62736: PIOTR SALZMAN: - Piotr Salzman's Cameos.
18087: L F SALZMAN [EDITOR]: - The Victoria History of the county of Cambridgeshire [Cambridge] and the Isle of Ely, volume one (I).
18088: L F SALZMAN [EDITOR]: - The Victoria History of the county of Cambridgeshire [Cambridge] and the Isle of Ely, volume two (II).
45984: L F SALZMAN [EDITOR]: - The Victoria History of the county of Sussex, volume 3.
58646: SAMIVEL: - The Glory of Greece.
66869: AYLWIN SAMPSON: - Llanbedr Pont Steffan [Lampeter].
8284: SAMUEL, EDWIN: - See how they run; the administration of venerable institutions.
62711: R D SAMUEL: - New Zealand Stamps with Perforated Initials.
62714: R D SAMUEL: - New Zealand Postal Stationery Catalogue part 2 - Lettercards.
63672: BERNARD SAMUELS: - Ben Hartley.
3898: SANDERSON, C R: - Contrast; poems.
36159: EUGENE FISK & JEREMY SANDFORD: - Hey Days in Hay (Llawenddydd yn Y Gelli); an affectionate record.
65727: ERNEST SANDFORD: - Discover Northern Ireland.
63955: DAVID CHAMBERS & CHRISTOPHER SANDFORD: - Cock-a-Hoop; a sequel to Chanticleer, Pertelote and Cockalorum, being a bibliography of the Golden Cockerel Press, September 1949 - December 1961, with a list of prospectuses 1920-62, and illustrations from the books.
55816: GEOFF SANDLES: - South Cotswold Pubs through time.
58943: HENRY SANDON: - The Illustrated Guide to Worcester Porcelain 1751 - 1793.
53840: HENRY SANDON: - Royal Worcester Porcelain from 1862 to the present day.
21690: KARL INGE SANDRED: - The place-names of Norfolk, part Three (3), the Hundreds of North and South Erpingham and Holt.
37780: EMANUEL SANDREUTER: - Lucian Freud.
64642: SANDRO, WITH TEXT BY PROSPER KEATING: - American Bikers : photographs by Sandro.
57260: SANDY WILSON, ILLUSTRATED BY JON ROSE: - Who's Who for Beginners.
65891: W TRAVIS HANES III & FRANK SANELLO: - The Opium Wars : the addiction of one empire and the corruption of another.
34678: TRENT ELWOOD SANFORD: - The story of Architecture in Mexico, including the work of the ancient Indian civilizations, and that of the Spanish colonial empire which succeeded them.
35433: HENRY J SANGER: - Ringing a Bell.
66691: SANKARACARYA, TRANSLATED BY SWAMI GAMBHIRANANDA: - Eight Upanisads, volume two (Aitareya, Mundaka, Mandukya & Karika, and Prasna).
64012: NORMAN DENNY & JOSEPHINE FILMER-SANKEY: - The Travels of Sir John Mandeville.
64812: MICHAEL DEWE & ANN SANSOM [EDITORS]: - From Bacon Lane to Yuletide Road : a guide to Brent street names.
55543: REYNALDO DOS SANTOS: - Nuno Goncalves : the great Portuguese Painter of the Fifteenth Century and his Altar-Piece for the Convent of St Vincent.
1635: SANZ, CARLOS: - Hacia el descubrimiento del verdadero sentido de la historia?
44784: SARAH BRAY, LESLEY FOXCROFT, MARIA LALIC & YUKO SHIRAISHI: - A Sense of Purpose : new work by Sarah Bray, Lesley Foxcroft, Maria Lalic & Yuko Shiraishi.
66888: LIN HAIRE-SARGEANT: - The Story of Heathcliff's Journey back to Wuthering Heights.
44927: W T SARGEAUNT: - Reservoir and Gravel Pit Trout : How to Catch Them.
17275: A W SARGENT: - Voices, pipes and pedals; the story of a life in music.
66754: CHARLES SPRAGUE SARGENT: - Manual of the Trees of North America, exclusive of Mexico [2 volumes].
37587: ROSARIO CAPUTO & GAETANO SARNELLI: - Federico Rossano.
48111: MICHAEL EDWARD NOTCUTT & MARIAN PHYLLIS SARTIN: - The Notcutt family history, 1515 - 1989.
66674: RIAD SATTOUF: - The Arab of the Future : a Childhood in the Middle East 1978 - 1984.
11067: SAUER, CARL O: - Basin and range forms in the Chiricahus area.
42543: SAUL LEVY, TESTO CON NOTE DI G MORAZZONI: - Il Mobile Veneziano del Settecento, vol I.
44875: EILEEN SAUNDERS: - Wagtails Book of Fuchsias [volume II, 2].
59901: ANN LOREILLE SAUNDERS (EDITOR): - London Topographical record vol 26 (XXVI).
66146: MARGARET BAILLIE-SAUNDERS: - The Bride's Mirror.
65714: DAVID SAUNDERS: - The Nature of West Wales : the wildlife and ecology of the county of Dyfed.
55655: MRS BAILLIE SAUNDERS: - The Great Folk of Old Marylebone.
65365: CHARLES D O'MALLEY & J B DE C M SAUNDERS: - Leonardo da Vinci on the Human Body : the anatomical, physiological and embryological drawings of Leonardo da Vinci
60571: LANGFORD SAUNDERS: - Lancashire Humour and Pathos.
59752: NICHOLAS J SAUNDERS: - Killing Time : Archaeology and the First World War.
31369: L A NECKER DE SAUSSERE: - Travels in Scotland; descriptive of the state of manners, literature and science.
66571: EDWIN SAUTER: - The Faithless Favorite : a Mixed Tragedy.
62203: CLAUDE SAUVAGEOT: - Palais Chateaux Hotels et Maisons de France de XVe au XVIIIe Siecle [4 tomes].
63865: ALFRED DE SAUVENIERE: - Le Levrier et son Sport.
32306: GEORGE SAVAGE: - English Pottery and Porcelain.
57627: C R SAVAGE [ILLUSTRATOR]: - Salt Lake City; with a sketch of the route of the Union and Central Pacific Railroads, from Omaha to Salt Lake City, and from Ogden to San Francisco.
45698: GEORGE SAVAGE: - English Pottery and Porcelain.
8971: SAVAGE, GEORGE: - Ceramique Anglaise; poteries, faiences, faiences fines, gres, porcelaines.
14088: SAVILL, F M: - Hettie, or Not Forsaken.
66332: H E SAVILL: - Illustrated Catalogue of Period Cabinet Fittings : H E Savill, incorporating A J Longmore and Son.
56691: ALAN SAVILLE [EDITOR]: - Archaeology in Gloucestershire from the earliest hunters to the industrial age.
64988: ALAN SAVILLE: - Archaeological Sites in the Avon and Gloucestershire Cotswolds : an extensive survey of a rural archaeological resource with special reference to plough damage.
57150: J HARRY SAVORY: - An Ancient Map of Mendip : Mendip Mappe, Ashweek Court Rolls, in the possession of Wells Museum.
56228: PHYLLIS SAVORY: - African Fireside Tales, part I : Xhosa, Matabele, Batswana.
21340: JOHN GODFREY SAXE: - Leisure-day Rhymes.
17696: DOROTHY L SAYERS: - The Unpleasantness at the Bellona Club.
24446: LUCA SCACCHETTI: - Architetti Italiani, a cura di Luca Scacchetti.
45938: MARIO SCALINI: - L'Arte Italiana del Bronzo 1000 - 1700 : toreutica monumentale dall'alto medioevo al barocco.
46618: GERALD SCARFE: - Monsters - how George Bush saved the world and other stories.
56475: DIANA SCARISBRICK [EDITOR]: - Jewellery Source Book.
14675: WILLIAM M WELCH & JAY F SCHAMBERG: - Acute contagious diseases.
65020: FRANZ SCHAUWERS: - Bibliotheque de Madame Louis Solvay, tome II, Livres Illustres et Relieures Modernes.
23312: GODFREY SCHEELE: - The Weimar Republic; overture to the Third Reich.
23276: HEINZ SCHEFFEL: - Vom Baum des Lebens, Gedichte.
64832: J F SCHELTEMA, ILLUSTRATED BY HUGO V PEDERSEN: - Java (Peeps at Many Lands).
64929: J F SCHELTEMA, ILLUSTRATED BY HUGO V PEDERSEN: - Java (Peeps at Many Lands).
28694: LEO SCHIDROWITZ: - Geschichte Des Fußballsportes (Fussballsportes) in Österreich.
60312: EDGAR B SCHIELDROP: - The Highway [Conquest of Space and Time].
6030: SCHILL, AD [EDITOR]: - The art-workman; a monthly journal of design for the artist, artificer and manufacturer: IV series.
13985: SCHILLER: - William Tell, translated from the German of Schiller, with illustrative notes.
59094: EDMUND SCHILLING: - Albrecht Durer : Drawings and Water-colours [watercolours].
44805: SIMONE SCHLEIFER [EDITOR]: - Dream Apartments / Appartements de Reve / Traumwohnungen.
50686: ISABELLE SCHLIENGER: - Splendeur des Jardins d'Ile-de-France.
66423: LUDWIG SCHMIDT: - Egon Schiele.
65458: PAUL W SCHMIEDEL: - The Johannine Writings.
17582: OTTO SCHMITT: - Barock-Plastik.
56136: DR FRANZ SCHMITT: - Miniatures of the Life of Our Lady, from the collection of medieval manuscripts in the Baden State Library, Karlsruhe, West Germany.
26076: HERMANN SCHMITZ: - Berliner Baumeister vom Ausgang des Achtzehnten Jahrhunderts.
66611: JENNY SCHNEIDER: - Glasgemalde : Katalog der Sammlung des Schweizerischen Landesmuseums Zurich [2 Bande].
27119: SIGRID SCHNEIDER: - Bildberichte aus den Ruhrgebiet der Nachkriegszeit, Ruhrlandmuseum, Essen.
61329: ECKHARD SCHNEIDER [EDITOR]: - Roy Lichtenstein : Classic of the New.
32356: W BAUMER & J SCHNORR: - Magasin des Arts et de L'Industrie, premiere annee et deuxieme annee.
40349: CHRISTIAN SCHOEN [EDITOR]: - Osram Seven Screens.
52799: SCHOFIELD, JOHN: - The wet processes of the wool industries.
64839: HELENA C SCHOTT: - Czechoslovakia (Peeps at Many Lands).
66879: OLIVE SCHREINER: - Undine.
13439: FREDRIC WERNER & JOHN HENRI SCHRODER: - Upsala Domkyrka med Dess Markvardigheter Tecknade och Beskrifne.
59559: HERMANN SCHULTZE [ETC]: - Prag um 1600: Kunst und Kultur am Hofe Rudolfs II.
66867: R W SCHULZ & C F A VOYSEY (ETC), EDITED BY J RAFFLES DAVISON: - The Arts connected with Building.
55748: HENRY SCHUMACHER: - The Fair Enchantress : a romance of Lady Hamilton's early years.
2620: SCHUMANN, ILLUSTRATED BY H WILLEBEEK LE MAIR: - Schumann album of children's pieces for piano.
65889: NATHAN SCHUR: - Napoleon in the Holy Land.
59311: DANIEL SCHWARTZ: - Metamorphoses : Greek Photographs.
31090: DR HERMANN SCHWEITZER: - Die Skulpturen-Sammlung (Skulpturensammlung) des Stadtischen Suermondt-Museums zu Aachen [2 bande].
59611: G J SCHWEITZER: - Catalogus Schilderijen Dordrechts Museum II : 1700 - 1850.
36502: KARL SCHWIND: - Michael Triegel: Im Spiegel die Welt, The World in the Mirror.
63741: ALASTAIR SCOBIE: - Adventurer's Paradise.
18127: MASSIMO SCOLARI: - Gustav Peichl
52231: RICHARD SCOLLINS: - An Almost Totally Insane Derbyshire Look at British History in Pictures.
32523: THE SCOTSMAN: - Festival City: A pictorial history of the Edinburgh Festivals.
54456: TEMPLE SCOTT [EDITOR]: - Book Sales of 1896 : a record of the most important books sold at auction, and the prices realized.
41090: ANTHONY SCOTT: - Anthony Scott : New Sculptures.
65686: ANDY SCOTT: - The Kelpies : the making of the World's largest Equine Sculptures.
37683: JOHN SCOTT: - Agricultural Surveying; a practical treatise.
60927: WALTER S SCOTT: - White of Selborne.
62117: HUGH SCOTT: - In the High Yemen.
63731: PETER SCOTT: - Wild Chorus.
64545: DANIEL SCOTT: - Cumberland and Westmorland [The Little Guides].
7468: SCOTT, CRAIG: - Cheltenham & Gloucester; a tradition of change - 150 years of C&G, 1850-2000.
22480: CHARLES HENRY SCOTT: - The Danes and the Swedes; being an account of a visit to Denmark, including Schleswig-Holstein and the Danish Islands, with a peep into Jutland and a journey across the peninsula of Sweden.
59823: JACK CASSIN-SCOTT: - Costumes and Settings for Historical Plays, volume 3, the Elizabethan and Restoration Period.
62715: J G S SCOTT: - Official Franking 1800 - 1840.
60338: DUKINFIELD HENRY SCOTT: - Studies in Fossil Botany, volume I, Pteridophyta.
60134: STANLEY SCOTT: - The Human Side of Crook and Convict Life.
58286: PETER SCOTT: - Morning Flight; a book of wildfowl.
62119: PETER SCOTT: - Wild Chorus.
60340: DUKINFIELD HENRY SCOTT: - Studies in Fossil Botany, volume II, Spermophyta.
65105: F H A SCRIVENER: - Novum Testamentum : textus Stephanici A.D. 1550 [Greek Text].
47151: ERNEST SCRIVENER: - The Haunted House at Huxtable.
21903: SCRUTATOR: - The Master of the Hounds [volume 1].
64623: JERRY SCUTTS: - Marine Mitchells in World War Two.
64161: WILFRED A SEABY: - Warwickshire Windmills : a gazeteer of records compiled from historical evidence.
63920: EDWARD SEAGO: - High Endeavour.
62756: SEAN O'CASEY: - The Star turns Red.
66284: SEAN O'CASEY: - Pictures in the Hallway.
13310: SEARLE, WESTON: - The Honeyfall.
41288: ALEX ATKINSON & RONALD SEARLE: - Escape from the Amazon !
57876: MRS M A SEARSON: - Bathsheba Montserrat; or, the exile's return; a link for the disunited chain of Israel and Judah.
42632: JEAN SECRET: - L'art en Perigord.
65201: JEFFREY P SEDGLEY: - The Roman Milestones of Britain : their Petrography and Probable Origin.
65549: CAPTAIN F R SEDGWICK: - The Indian Mutiny of 1857 : a sketch of the principal military events.
6725: SEESODIA, THAKUR SHRI JESSRAJSINGHJI, WITH A FOREWORD BY GENERAL SIR O'MOORE CREAGH: - The Rajputs; a fighting race - a short account of the Rajput race, its warlike past, its early connections with Great Britain and its gallant services at the present moment at the Front.
40049: ADAM SEFTEL [EDITOR]: - Uganda; the Bloodstained Pearl of Africa and its struggle for peace, from the pages of Drum.
10711: DE SEGOVIA, IOANNIS: - Septem Allegationes et totidem avisamenta pro informatione patrum concilii basileensis.
56288: FREDERICK PETER SEGUIER: - A Critical and Commercial Dictionary of the Works of Painters.
62089: MME LA COMTESSE DE SEGUR: - Les Vacances.
21781: CARL SEIDLER: - Dez anos no Brasil (Biblioteca Historica Brasileira VIII).
56390: NICHOLAS SEKUNDA [EDITOR]: - Corolla Cosmo Rodewald.
42183: WALFORD D SELBY [EDITOR]: - Lancashire and Cheshire Records preserved in the Public Record Office, London, in two parts, part II.
59895: V J SELIGMAN: - Oxford Oddities.
61997: ROBIN SELLICK: - Robin Sellick : Facing.
30727: EDMUND SELOUS: - Jack's Insects.
48848: CHARLES SELTMAN: - Greek Coins : a History of the Metallic Currency and Coinage down to the Fall of the Hellenistic Kingdoms.
59650: MAURICE SENDAK: - Where the Wild Things Are.
63472: TIM SENIOR: - The Air Forces Monthly Book of the F-16 Fighting Falcon.
63473: TIM SENIOR: - The Air Forces Monthly Book of the F/A-18 Hornet.
59285: ISMAIL SERAGELDIN: - Space for Freedom : the Search for Architectural Excellence in Muslim Societies.
61260: PHILIP W SERGEANT: - Dominant Women.
56458: EMMA SERGEANT: - Emma Sergeant : Shades of Grey.
35643: GIORGIO SERRA: - Effetto Serra.
61956: IAN SERRAILLIER: - They Raced for Treasure.
63421: FRANCISCO CALVO SERRALLER: - Goya : La Imagen de la Mujer.
34733: ALDO SESSA: - Argentina; una aventura fotografica.
26216: FREDERICK SESSIONS: - Literary celebrities of the English Lake District.
62531: ANYA SETON: - Dragonwyck.
66853: WLADIMIRO SETTIMELLI: - Gli Alinari : I Grandi Fotografi
65482: GERALD SEYMOUR: - Y=Xz : the Fundamental Surface of Alegbra - its properties and microstructure.
20648: GEORGE T M SHACKELFORD: - Masterpieces of Baroque Painting from the collection of the Sarah Campbell Blaffer Foundation.
65375: SIR ERNEST SHACKLETON: - Shackleton in the Antarctic, being the story of the British Antarctic Expedition 1907 - 1909.
23415: MARGARET SHAIDA: - Views of Henley-on-Thames; a literary and pictorial selection.
61593: WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE: - The Tragedy of Antony & Cleopatra.
58118: WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE: - The Sonnets.
61816: WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE: - Twelfth Night, or What You Will.
32422: KETI SHALAMBERIDZE [ETC].: - Still Life.
60521: ALEXANDER INNES SHAND: - Soldiers of Fortune in Camp & Court.
65395: JOHN SHANE: - Cross my Palm with Silver.
65398: JOHN SHANE: - From a Country Cottage.
61065: HERSHEL SHANKS: - Judaism in Stone : the Archaeology of Ancient Synagogues.
50870: PAUL SHANNON: - Diesels in the East Midlands.
57330: DELILAH SHAPIRO: - Israel : Triumph of the Spirit.
39567: ARVIND SHARMA [EDITOR]: - Perspectives on History and Culture; essays in honour of Professor D P Singhal (1925 - 1986); a memorial volume.
64218: PAUL SHARP: - Douglas Stannus Gray 1890 - 1959 : an exhibition of paintings.
35944: PAUL SHARP [EDITOR]: - British Art and Design 1900 - 1960; a collection in the making.
62473: ROBIN SHARP: - All about Elcombe; the intimate history of a Cotswold hamlet.
64343: MARGERY SHARP: - Miss Bianca.
58186: ROBERT P SHARP: - Living Ice : understanding glaciers and glaciation.
56547: NIALL M SHARPLES: - English Heritage Book of Chester.
51718: R SHARPLEY: - The Thames : a sketch-book.
64678: ROBERT SHAW: - Quilts : a living tradition.
65706: MICHAEL SHAW: - Seil Island : a portrait.
12221: SHAW, M NOELINE: - The history of the McKay family of Wyndham.
31803: [GEORGE] BERNARD SHAW: - John Bull's Other Island and Major Barbara: also How He Lied to Her Husband.
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49330: WALTER SHAW SPARROW: - Henry Alken.
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62018: PHILIP TENNANT: - Edgehill and Beyond : the People's War in the South Midlands 1642 - 1645.
27946: SIR JOHN TENNIEL: - Cartoons by Sir John Tenniel selected from the pages of Punch.
54231: SIR CHARLES TENNYSON [INTRODUCTION]: - Basileon : a magazine of King's College, Cambridge 1900 - 1914.
17149: ALFRED TENNYSON: - The Princess; a medley.
62757: HALLAM TENNYSON: - The Dark Goddess.
65155: JOHANNES DE TEPLA: - L'Aratore di Boemia.
65716: VALERIO TERRAROLI: - Italian Art Ceramics 1900 - 1950.
22198: DAVID TERRY: - Love in Escalation; fifty-eight sonnets by David Terry.
63442: TERRY FARRELL, EDITED BY FRANK RUSSELL: - Terry Farrell [Architectural Monographs].
32543: C SANFORD TERRY: - The Cromwellian Union; papers relating to the negotiations for an Incorporating Union between England and Scotland, 1651 - 1652, with an appendix of papers relating to the negotiations in 1670.
37917: JACOB BAAL-TESHUVA: - Louis Comfort Tiffany.
61524: JOSEPHINE TEY: - The Franchise Affair.
39708: AMBROISE TEZENAS: - Beijing: Theatre of the People.
60976: WILLIAM MAKEPEACE THACKERAY: - Notes of a journey from Cornhill to Grand Cairo.
12001: THACKERAY, W M: - The Four Georges.
4163: THACKERAY, WILLIAM MAKEPEACE: - Sultan Stork and other stories and sketches, now first collected, to which is added the bibliography of Thackeray, revised and considerably enlarged.
32918: WILLIAM ROSCOE THAYER: - The Life and Times of Cavour [2 volumes].
65080: NORMAN THELWELL: - Thelwell in Orbit.
47915: OWEN THETFORD: - Aircraft of the Fighting Powers, vol VI (1945).
37576: ANDRE THEURIET: - La Vie Rustique.
31817: PETER BEYE & GUNTHER THIEM: - Staatsgalerie Stuttgart: 2 Bande, Auftrag und Geschichte, Graphische Sammlung.
32921: M THIERS, TRANSLATED BY F M ATKINSON: - Memoirs of M Thiers, 1870 - 1873.
32978: ANGELA THIRKELL [EDITOR]: - Essays by Divers hands, being the transactions of the Royal Society of Literature, new series, volume XXVIII.
65352: E T THISTLETHWAITE: - Early-Flowering Chrysanthemums and indoor varieties for cutting.
58718: BODIE THOENE: - The Zion Covenant, volumes 4, 5 & 6 [Jerusalem Interlude, Danzig Passage, Warsaw Requiem].
6396: THOI, LE HUU [EDITOR]: - Ho Chi Minh City.
62365: JOHN THOMAS: - The Rise of the Staffordshire Potteries.
62596: FREDERICK THOMAS: - Humorous and other Poetic Pictures : Legends and Stories of Devon.
60265: ROSAMUND THOMAS: - Espionage and Secrecy : the Official Secrets Acts 1911 - 1989 of the United kIngdom.
21914: THOMAS HEARNE, EDITED BY PHILIP BLISS: - Reliquiae Hearnianae: the remains of Thomas Hearne M.A. of Edmund Hall (2 volumes).
36188: JOSEPH B THOMAS: - Hounds and Hunting through the ages.
66584: HAROLD THOMAS: - The Jubilee History of the Sheffield Congregational Association 1877 - 1927.
62422: KELVIN THOMAS: - The Bathampton I Knew.
28024: W BEACH THOMAS: - From a Hertfordshire Cottage.
40222: THOMAS WILSON, WEDI EI GYFIRITHU GAN R WILLIAMS: - Cyfarwyddyd byr ac eglur er deall yn well Swpper yr Arglwydd.
62056: KEITH THOMAS: - Civil Engineering Heritage : Wales.
16345: THOMAS PERCY, EDITED BY CHARLES COWDEN CLARKE: - Reliques of Ancient English Poetry, consisting of old heroic ballads, songs, and other pieces of our earlier poets, together with some few of later date (3 volumes bound in one).
10878: THOMAS, M: - Oeuvres de M Thomas, de l'Academie Francoise [tomes 1 et 3 seulement].
18591: JAMES H THOMAS [EDITOR]: - Wiltshire Archaeological and Natural History Society; the first 150 years.
62187: HARRY THOMAS: - The History of the Gloucestershire Constabulary 1839 - 1985.
65173: THOMAS HEAPHY, EDITED BY WYKE BAYLISS: - The Likeness of Christ, being an inquiry into the verisimilitude of the received likeness of Our Blessed Lord.
60327: THOMAS BEWICK, EDITED BY AUSTIN DOBSON: - A Memoir of Thomas Bewick, written by himself.
61471: THOMAS GRAY & WILLIAM COLLINS, EDITED BY ROGER LONSDALE: - Thomas Gray and William Collins : Poetical Works.
65379: THOMAS MOULE, INTRODUCED BY ASHLEY BAYNTON-WILLIAMS: - County Maps of Old England: Classic Print Portfolio.
46441: THOMAS SHOTTER BOYS, WITH TEXT BY CHARLES OLLIER (1842) & JAMES LAVER (1954): - Original Views of London as it is [2 volumes].
29601: THOMAS SHOTTER BOYS, WITH TEXT BY CHARLES OLLIER & JAMES LAVER: - Thomas Shotter Boys - original views of London, volume 1.
66707: ROGER THOMAS: - The Fort; a suite of drawings by Roger Thomas.
43865: HARRY THOMAS: - The History of the Gloucestershire Constabulary 1839 - 1985.
56254: HENRY THOMAS: - Wilh Caxton uyss Engelant : Evidence that the First English Printer learned his craft at Cologne.
24269: JAMES H THOMAS [EDITOR]: - Wiltshire Archaeological and Natural History Society; the first 150 years.
34646: THOMAS COOPER, ILLUSTRATED FROM PHOTOGRAPHS BY LOCK AND WHITFIELD: - Men of Mark; a gallery of contemporary portraits of men distinguished in the Senate, the Church, in science, literature and art, the Army, Navy, law medicine etc, fifth series.
30992: N W SURRY & J H THOMAS: - Portsmouth Record Series Book of Original Entries 1731 - 1751 (Portsmouth Record Series, volume 3).
45245: CHAS HOWES & C VICTOR THOMAS: - Twenty British Musicians : a brochure.
49908: FREDERICK THOMAS: - Humorous and other Poetic Pictures : Legends and Stories of Devon.
57569: GEOFF THOMAS: - US Navy Carrier Aircraft Colours : Units, colours and markings of US Navy carrier-borne aircraft during the Second World War.
64802: THOMAS J WISE, EDITED BY WILLIAM B TODD: - Thomas J Wise: centenary studies.
66415: ANDREW HIGNELL & ADRIAN THOMAS: - 100 Greats : Gloucestershire County Cricket Club.
32048: THOMAS RUNDLE, EDITED BY JAMES DALLAWAY: - Letters of the late Thomas Rundle, L.L.D., Lord Bishop of Derry in Ireland, to Mrs Barbara Sandys, of Miserden, Gloucestershire, with introductory memoirs by James Dallaway of Trinity College, Oxford [2 volumes in one].
44250: SILVANUS P THOMPSON & EUSTACE THOMAS: - Electrical Tables and Memoranda.
60603: CHRISTOPHER THOMAS: - The Archaeology of Medieval London.
61420: DYLAN THOMAS: - Under Milk Wood; a play for voices.
48741: EDWARD THOMPSON: - Poems 1902 - 1925.
58877: J M A THOMPSON [FOREWORD]: - Maling : a Tyneside Pottery.
48740: EDGAR W THOMPSON: - The Word of the Cross to Hindus.
64947: LAWRENCE S THOMPSON: - Bibliologia Comica, or humorous aspects of the caparisoning and conservation of books.
60165: REV W THOMPSON: - The History and Antiquities of the Collegiate Church of St Saviour (St Marie Overie), Southwark.
61074: R W THOMPSON: - Home in Ham.
13908: FRANCOISE FROMONOT & CHRISTOPHER THOMPSON: - Sydney; history of a landscape.
48738: EDWARD J THOMPSON: - Via Triumphalis.
63312: F H THOMPSON [EDITOR]: - Studies in Medieval Sculpture.
66600: KAY THOMPSON: - Eloise : a book for precocious grown ups.
26469: GEORGE E THOMPSON: - Spring at the Italian Lakes.
48736: EDWARD & THEODOSIA THOMPSON: - Last Voyage.
46782: A HAMILTON THOMPSON [EDITOR]: - Northumbrian Pleas and De Banco Rolls 1-19 (1-5 Edward I) & 20-37 (5-8 Edward I).
31429: TOBY THOMPSON: - Positively Main Street; an unorthodox view of Bob Dylan.
43642: L BEATRICE THOMPSON: - Who's Who at the Zoo.
64789: FRANCIS THOMPSON: - New Poems.
54776: M W THOMPSON (EDITOR): - The journeys of Sir Richard Colt Hoare through Wales and England 1793-1810.
60052: SIR WILLIAM THOMSON: - Nature Series : Popular Lectures and Addresses, volume III (3), Navigational Affairs.
17538: G SUTHERLAND THOMSON: - Testing milk and its products.
10538: THOMSON, GARY: - Village life in Upper Canada.
60237: JOHN A THOMSON: - The Smuggling Coast : the Customs Port of Dumfries, Forty Miles of the Solway Firth.
30614: J C THOMSON [EDITOR]: - Bibliography of the writings of Alfred, Lord Tennyson.
54378: ROY BROWN & W STUART THOMSON: - The Battle against Fire.
64694: SPENCER THOMSON: - Wanderings among the Wild Flowers.
53407: ETHEL M THOMSON: - The Life & Letters of William Thomson, Archbishop of York.
64451: FRANK AND CAROLINE THORN [EDITORS]: - Domesday Book, volume 16, Worcestershire.
54656: RUSSELL THORNDIKE: - Sybil Thorndike.
24133: MARTHA THORNE: - Rafael Moneo; Audrey Jones Beck Building, the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.
49955: JAMES L THORNELY: - Monumental Brasses of Lancashire & Cheshire, with some accountof the persons represented.
46496: THOMAS THORNLEY: - Cotton Spinning (Honours, or Third Year).
11073: THORNTHWAITE, C WARREN: - The cylindrical equal-area projection.
47675: PETER THORNTON: - Form & Decoration; innovation in the decorative arts, 1470-1870.
43994: LYNNE THORNTON: - The Orientalists, Painter-Travellers 1828 - 1908.
44753: SARAH THORNTON: - 33 Artists in 3 Acts.
66037: I H JONES & K M THORPE [EDITORS]: - Fair Isle, by the children and staff of the Gloucestershire Fair Isle expedition.
22124: SIR EDWARD THORPE: - The Right Honourable Sir Henry Enfield Roscoe P.C. D.C.L. F.R.S.
52729: W H THORPE: - Biology & the Nature of Man.
22559: CHARLES THORSON [ILLUSTRATOR]: - The story of the Three Bears.
60331: THORSTON RINMAN, TRANSLATED BY ROLF E GOODERHAM: - The Johnson Line 1890 - 1990.
60144: THREE OF THE CHILDREN OF REV LEGH RICHMOND, WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY REV E BICKERSTETH: - Domestic Portraiture ; or, the successful application of religious principle in the education of a family.
43260: ERIC THROSSELL: - Hartwell, Buckinghamshire - Arches Triumphant and Gateways, the eighth-century BC to the eighteenth century AD, their historical progression to the Triumphal Arch and folly walls of Sir William Lee 4th Baronet, the restoration of the Triumphal Arch.
26446: ROGER THYNNE: - The Churches of Rome.
65561: PHILLIP CRIBB & MICHAEL TIBBS: - A Very Victorian Passion : the Orchid Paintings of John Day from the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.
63277: TIBULLUS & SULPICIA, TRANSLATED BY JAMES GRAINGER: - A Poetical Translation of the Elegies of Tibullus and of the Poems of Sulpicia, with the original taxt, and notes critical and explanatory, volume II.
60439: LISA TICKNER: - Dante Gabriel Rossetti.
66192: GEORGE TICKNOR: - Life, Letters and Journals of George Ticknor, volume II (2).
35972: GORDON TIDY: - A little about Leech.
41372: SIR WILLIAM A TILDEN: - Chemical Discovery and Invention in the Twentieth Century.
57516: FRANK TILLEY: - Teapots and Tea.
64634: BARRETT TILLMAN: - Sun Downers : VF-11 in World War II.
22478: ARCHBISHOP TILLOTSON: - Archbishop Tillotson on the duty of receiving the Holy Sacrament, with a brief exposition of that Holy Ordinance, short directions for reading the Holy Scriptures, with meditations and devotions before and after receiving the Sacrament.
62503: EMILE TILMANS: - Porcelaines de France.
66198: MARJORIE HESSELL TILTMAN: - God's Adventurers.
44709: JOHN TIMBS: - Curiosities of London : exhibiting the most rare and remarkable objects of interest in the Metropolis, with nearly sixty years' personal recollections,
54767: H THORNHILL TIMMINS: - Nooks & Corners of Pembrokeshire.
54358: H W TIMPERLEY: - Shropshire Hills.
59068: H W TIMPERLEY: - The Vale of Pewsey [The Regional Books series].
59473: BONNIE TINSLEY: - Visions of Delight : the Singapore Botanic Gardens through the ages.
62054: DAVID TIPPER: - The Talybont Saga.
50753: H AVRAY TIPPING: - English Homes, period III vol I; Late Tudor & Early Stuart, 1558 - 1649.
43601: H AVRAY TIPPING: - English Homes, period III vol I; Late Tudor & Early Stuart, 1558 - 1649.
65307: M W TISDALL: - God's Beasts : identify and understand animals in church carvings.
63593: TIZIANO RIZZO, ILLUSTRATED BY HANS SIWIK: - Die Brucken von Venedig.
34653: GIANFRANCO TOBIA: - I cento anni del Circolo Canottieri Aniene 1892-1992.
60420: A H TOD: - Charterhouse.
54970: T M TOD: - Random Notes and Recollections of Edinburgh.
31348: GEORGE EYRE-TODD: - Sketch-Book of the North.
38884: DENNIS TOFF: - The Architect & Sculptor RAs; a guide to the Architect & Sculptor members of the Royal Academy of Arts, with examples of their work.
66306: J R R TOLKIEN, SAUL ZAENTZ & RALPH BAKSHI: - The Film Book of J R R Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings.
66305: J R R TOLKIEN, EDITED BY BAILLIE TOLKIEN: - The Father Christmas Letters.
49876: ALEXIS K TOLSTOI: - Czar Feodor Ioannovitch : a drama in verse.
16286: LEO TOLSTOY: - Resurrection; a novel.
63784: TOM HENEGHAN, ILLUSTRATED BY RICHARD PARE: - The Colours of Light : Tadao Ando Architecture.
27537: TOM POCOCK, WITH RESEARCH BY MARJORIE HOLDER: - Travels of a London Schoolboy 1826-1830; John Pocock's diary of life in London and voyages to Cape Town and the Swan River Settlement.
64274: TOM CROSS, EDITED BY CAROLYN OLIVER: - St Ives & British Modernism.
23052: G H J TOMALIN: - The book of Henley-on-Thames.
63067: MARQUIS DE TOMBELAINE: - St Michael's Mount and its Marvels : the abbey, the museum, the town and the ramparts.
64421: KLAUS TOMBERS: - Klaus Tombers zeichnet ... an den Wassern zum Rhein.
63549: ILONA R TOMBOR: - Old Hungarian Painted Woodwork 15th - 19th Centuries.
43891: LYNNE TOMBS: - Bantry near Tewkesbury.
53584: DON JOSE LOSADA TOME [EDITOR]: - Teotihuacan : Lugar de Dioses [Artes de Mexico, no. 134, ano XVII].
29784: ALAN TOMKINS: - Gourmet Glasgow; simple recipes for an easy life.
59439: PETER THORNTON & MAURICE TOMLIN: - The Furnishing and Decoration of Ham House.
44464: J W S TOMLIN: - Australia's Greatest Need.
20428: H M TOMLINSON: - Out of Soundings [signed, limited edition].
37919: H M TOMLINSON: - Gallion's Reach.
66676: H M TOMLINSON: - London River.
15846: TOMMY HILFIGER, WITH GEORGE LOIS: - Iconic America; a roller-coaster ride through the eye-popping panorama of American pop culture.
65109: JIM TONKIN & MURIEL TONKIN: - The Book of Hereford : the story of the city's past.
61155: T S TONKINSON: - Elkstone : its manors, church and registers.
60152: J L TOOLE, EDITED BY JOSEPH HATTON: - Reminiscences of J L Toole, related by Himself, and chronicled by Joseph Hatton.
50607: R V TOOLEY: - English Books with Coloured Plates, 1790 to 1860; a bibliographical account of the most important books illustrated by English Artists in colour aquatint and colour lithography.
59323: FELIKS TOPOLSKI [COVER ILLUSTRATION]: - Arena 6, March 1962.
62440: HUGH TORRENS: - The Evolution of a Family Firm : Stothert and Pitt of Bath.
62427: HUGH TORRENS: - The Evolution of a Family Firm : Stothert and Pitt of Bath.
66506: PEL TORRO: - The Last Astronaut.
62318: MARCO TOSCA: - Dolls.
65189: PAOLO TOSCHI: - Arte Popolare Italiana.

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