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46730: VIVIENNE LIGHT: - Colours of the Moment : paintings by Hilary Goddard.
37514: REV E LIGHTWOOD: - Ancient Egypt; its monuments, worship and people.
63503: CHARLES HOMUALK DE LILLE: - Moulins de l'ouest : moulins des colines, des rivieres et de l'ocean.
66666: J B H, ILLUSTRATED BY OLIVER PAQUE & E A LILLEY: - The Wingless Fairy and other rhymes for children.
30779: FRED LILLEY: - Beyond the Call of Duty; a lifetime of looking for trouble and tempting fate.
46948: DAVID LILLINGTON: - Leo de Goede, Peter Koole & Jos van Merendonk.
39547: HAK-TAE LIM: - Hidden Landscape; Photographs by Hak-Tae Lim, 2000.
60513: SARA BUCKMAN-LINARD: - The Horse from Birth to Old Age.
63884: EVELYN LINCOLN: - Brilliant Discourse : Pictures and Readers in Early Modern Rome.
31816: LINDA PARRY, TRANSLATED BY JUTTA FANURAKIS: - Milliam Morris, Textilkunst.
59558: BERND WOLFGANG LINDEMANN [VORWORT]: - Dumpfe Stuben, lichte Himmel. Bauern und Hirten in der niederländischen Kunst des 17. Jahrhunderts. Ausstellung im Kunstmuseum Basel, 28. September 1996 - 19. Januar 1997.
59545: BERND WOLFGANG LINDEMANN [VORWORT]: - Ein schulmeister schilt uf beiden seiten gemolt. Holbeins Beitrag zur Frühgeschichte des Genrebildes. Kunstmuseum Basel, 26 Juni bis 7 September 1997. (Ins Licht gerückt 3).
59546: BERND WOLFGANG LINDEMANN [VORWORT]: - Mit Turban und Fahne. Aelbert Cuyps Basler Familienbildnis wiederentdeckt.
58333: MANFRED LINDNER: - Petra : Neue Ausgrabungen und Entdeckungen.
61623: ROBERT LINDSAY: - Letting Go.
62983: JACK LINDSAY: - The Roaring Twenties : Literary Life in Sydney, New South Wales, in the Years 1921-6.
53084: JON A LINDSETH: - Yours Very Sincerely C L Dodgson (alias Lewis Carroll) : an exhibition from the Jon A Lindseth Collection of Charles Lutwidge Dodgson and Lewis Carroll.
56823: WILFRID J LINEHAM: - A treatise on hand lettering for engineers, architects, surveyors and students of mechanical drawing.
3902: LINGARD, AUDREY: - The river awakening.
63438: OLGA SUGROBOVA-ROTH & ECKART LINGENAUBER: - Alexei Harlamoff 1840 - 1925 : catalogue raisonne.
46010: ERIC LINKLATER: - Private Angelo.
46179: ERIC LINKLATER: - Juan in China.
46176: ERIC LINKLATER: - Juan in America.
61574: THIERRY LIOT: - Les Maisons d'ecrivains en France de 1807 a 1914 : histoire, architecture, decoration.
32639: REVEREND ROBERT LIPPE [EDITOR]: - Selections from Wodrow's Biographical Collections.
38885: LISA DENNISON, NANCY SPECTOR & JOAN YOUNG: - Moving Pictures; contemporary photography and video from the Guggenheim Museum Collections.
39449: LISA HEIGHWAY, ILLUSTRATED BY MARCUS ADAMS: - Marcus Adams, Royal Photographer.
65135: GIORGIO LISE: - Stampe Popolari Lombarde dell'800.
64630: JOHN LISHAWA: - A Journey through Taste : Exhibition of Old Master Paintings from the Spier Collection and other Loans.
45086: RAYMOND LISTER: - Old Maps and Globes. with a list of cartographers, engravers, publishers and printers concerned with printed maps and globes from c. 1500 to c. 1850.
58192: RAYMOND LISTER: - The British Miniature.
45087: RAYMOND LISTER: - Old Maps and Globes. with a list of cartographers, engravers, publishers and printers concerned with printed maps and globes from c. 1500 to c. 1850.
65763: J P BROOKE-LITTLE: - Boutell's Heraldry.
66658: MARY E LITTLE: - A B C [ABC] for the Library.
38682: C J LITZENBERGER: - Tewkesbury Churchwardens' Accounts, 1563 - 1624 [Gloucestershire Record Series, volume 7].
32420: LIU MEI TING [EDITOR-IN-CHIEF], ILLUSTRATED BY LEE SUN-DON: - Totemic Universe: Lee Sun-Don, Totemic Energy Oil Painting.
32340: JINCHENG LIU: - Jincheng Liu.
32430: JINCHENG LIU: - Jincheng Liu.
65969: NATALIE LIVINGSTONE: - The Mistresses of Cliveden.
61476: ANGELA LIVINGSTONE [EDITOR]: - Pasternak on art and creativity.
64841: STEVE JACKSON & IAN LIVINGSTONE: - Demons of the Deep [Fighting Fantasy book 19].
64735: A W LLOYD: - Jambo, or with Jannie in the Jungle - thirty East African sketches.
65174: JOAN BARCLAY LLOYD: - African Animals in Renaissance Literature and Art.
58115: CHRISTOPHER LLOYD: - William Dampier.
58226: IAN LLOYD: - Rolls-Royce : the Years of Endeavour.
10654: LLOYD, C M & FINCH, MARY E [EDITORS]: - Letters from John Wallace to Madam Whichcot & Some correspondence of John Farrell, deputy registrar 1802-1805.
64661: LAVENDER LLOYD: - Your Father and I.
56980: SIR JOHN E LLOYD: - A history of Carmarthenshire in two volumes; Vol 1 from prehistoric times to the Act of Union (1536); vol 2 from the Act of Union to 1900.
66449: CHRISTOPHER LLOYD: - Fanny Burney.
63353: W W LLOYD: - P&O Pencillings.
49578: L E LLOYD: - On the Sheep Track.
19971: HENRY JAMES LOARING: - Epitaphs: quaint, curious and elegant, with remarks on the obsequies of various nations.
65175: FRANCESCO LOCATELLI: - La Fabbrica Ducale Estense delle Artiglierie (da Leonello ad Alfonso II d'Este).
53810: KATHARINE LOCHNAN: - TurnerWhistlerMonet [Turner Whistler Monet].
59229: KATHARINE LOCHNAN [EDITOR]: - Drawing Attention : Selected Works on Paper from the Renaissance to Modernism, Art Gallery of Ontario.
66187: MAJOR H O LOCK: - The Conquerors of Palestine through Forty Centuries.
21509: H R LOCK: - Alfred William Rich, water-colour painter 1856-1921 (Walker's Quarterly no. 9, October 1922).
47580: A A EAGLESTONE & T A LOCKETT: - The Rockingham Pottery.
56239: TERENCE A LOCKETT: - Collecting Victorian Tiles.
31916: BERNARD LOCKETT: - Maybe its because I'm a Londoner.
19747: LAURENCE W M LOCKHART: - Mine is thine; a novel.
59071: R M LOCKLEY: - Pembrokeshire [The Regional Books Series].
19715: LUKE VINCENT LOCKWOOD: - Colonial furniture in America.
25905: HERBERT HOPE LOCKWOOD: - Barking 100 years ago.
61479: MARY LOCKWOOD: - The Accessory.
16908: EDMUND LODGE: - Portraits of Illustrious Personages of Great Britain, volumes 1 - 6.
66852: HUGH LOETSCHER: - Swiss Photographers from 1840 until Today.
52447: W J LOFTIE: - Kensington Palace and Gardens.
64242: HUGH LOFTING: - Doctor Dolittle in the Moon.
58334: CHRISTOPHER LOGUE: - Mixed Rushes.
59397: CHRISTOPHER LOGUE: - The Isles of Jessamy.
59396: CHRISTOPHER LOGUE: - Duet for Mole and Worm.
46197: CHRISTOPHER LOGUE: - Lucky Dust.
32347: VITO LOLI: - Vito Loli
54488: ALBERTO LOMBARDO: - Views of Pantheon across the centuries [Vedute del Pantheon attraverso i secoli].
14587: THE MARQUIS OF LONDONDERRY: - Recollections of a tour in the north of Europe in 1836-1837 [2 volumes].
56886: BASIL LONG: - British Miniaturists working between 1520 & 1860.
66774: A J C GRIERSON & D G LONG: - Flora of Bhutan, including a record of plants from Sikkim, volume 2 part 1.
57021: BASIL LONG: - British Miniaturists working between 1520 & 1860.
62291: ARTHUR TWISDEN PLAYNE & ARTHUR LESLIE LONG: - A History of Playne of Longfords Mills (200th Anniversary).
64140: GEORGE LONG: - The Mills of Man.
66771: A J C GRIERSON & D G LONG: - Flora of Bhutan, including a record of plants from Sikkim, volume 1 part 1.
38086: JOAN LONG & MARTIN LONG: - The Pictures that Moved; a picture history of the Australian Cinema 1896 - 1929, with scripts of the films The Pictures That Moved and The Passionate Industry.
66772: A J C GRIERSON & D G LONG: - Flora of Bhutan, including a record of plants from Sikkim, volume 1 part 2.
66773: A J C GRIERSON & D G LONG: - Flora of Bhutan, including a record of plants from Sikkim, volume 1 part 3.
60050: HENRY WADSWORTH LONGFELLOW: - The Courtship of Miles Standish, and other poems.
27027: M H LONGHURST: - English Ivories.
53794: T MORRIS LONGSTRETH: - The Silent Force : scenes from the life of the Mounted Police of Canada.
61480: OYSTEIN LONN: - Tom Reber's Last Retreat.
29398: BRIAN LOOMES: - The concise guide to British Clocks.
64663: B E C HOWARTH-LOOMES: - Victorian Photography : a collector's guide.
63177: BRYAN J H BROWN & JOHN LOOSLEY: - The book of Weston-super-Mare.
21106: MICHAEL ESSEX-LOPRESTI: - Exploring the new river.
66147: LORD BYRON, EDITED BY E M EARL: - Byron's Vision of Judgment.
56723: FRED LORD: - Little Big Top.
17804: JOHN PERCEVAL LORD: - Radium.
58083: ALFRED LORD: - Luther, or Rome and the reformation.
25656: PETER LORD: - Gwenllian; essays on visual culture.
63009: LORD NELSON, WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY DOUGLAS SLADEN: - Lord Nelson's Letters to Lady Hamilton.
63276: LOREDAN LARCHEY, TRANSLATED BY MRS M CAREY: - The Narrative of Captain Coignet, soldier of the Empire, 1776 - 1850.
38240: LOREN PARTRIDGE, FABRIZIO MANCINELLI & GIANLUIGI COLALUCCI: - Michelangelo, the Last Judgment (Judgement); a glorious restoration.
39332: ALBERTO LORENZI: - On Gran Milan: album famiglia di una citta (1870 - 1915).
46295: NORMA LORIMER: - By the Waters of Africa : British East Africa, Uganda and the Great Lakes.
42651: DOMINIQUE LORMIER: - La poche de La Rochelle 1939 - 1945.
53577: J P LOSTY: - Calcutta : City of Palaces - a survey of the city in the days of the East India Company 1690 - 1858.
48049: DAVID LOTH: - Lorenzo the Magnificent.
28137: S K LOTHROP, W F FOSHAG & JOY MAHLER: - Pre-Columbian Art (Robert Woods Bliss collection).
61487: ALAIN LOTTIN: - Boulonnais, Noble et Revolutionnaire : Le journal de Gabriel Abot de Bazinghen (1779 - 1798).
50309: K M LOUDON: - Iona and other verses.
54530: RODNEY LOUGH JR: - Wilderness Collections : Beyond the Trail.
40133: VIVIEN LOUGHEED: - Forbidden Mountains.
57336: LOUIS RAEMAEKERS, WITH AN APPRECIATION BY H PERRY ROBINSON AND DESCRIPTIVE NOTES BY E GARNETT: - The Great War: a Neutral's indictment - one hundred cartoons by Louis Raemaekers.
59874: ELLEN LOUISE [EDITOR]: - The Book of the Boudoir, or Momento of Friendship.
48807: MIKE LOVATT: - The River Isbourne in the Service of Mankind.
28121: JOHN DOUGLAS ERRINGTON LOVELAND: - The Romance of Nice.
61488: PETER LOVESEY: - On The Edge.
43373: SIDNEY LOW: - Egypt in Transition.
30996: J A LOWE: - Records of the Portsmouth Division of Marines 1764 - 1800 (Portsmouth Record Series, volume 7).
57991: MARK ANTONY LOWER: - Patronymica Britannica : a dictionary of the family names of the United Kingdom.
61960: ERIC HOSKING & HAROLD LOWES [EDITORS]: - Masterpieces of Bird Photography.
56240: E L LOWES: - Chats on Old Silver.
7480: LOWNDES, WILLIAM: - The Royal crescent in Bath; a fragment of English life.
61934: WALTER LOWRIE: - Art in the Early Church.
37986: G LOWSON: - The Modern Farrier; containing the causes, symptoms, and most approved methods of preventing and curing the various diseases of horses, cows, oxen, sheep, swine and dogs.
65871: MAT HART & RICH LOXAM: - Guild Ball Season II (2) Rulebook.
31069: LEWIS R W LOYD: - The Birds of South-East Devon, being a list of those species known to visit that part of the county including and lying to the East of the Exe Valley.
43689: SAM LUBELL: - Paris 2000 + : New Architecture.
14970: REGINALD LUCAS: - George II and his ministers.
51901: F L LUCAS: - Ariadne.
41643: EDGAR LUCAS [EDITOR]: - Modern House Building [3 volumes].
54229: E V LUCAS: - The open road; a book for wayfarers.
60734: PAUL LUCAS: - Camouflage & Markings no.1 : RAF Fighters 1945 - 1950, UK Based [Scale Aircraft Monographs].
59657: E V LUCAS, ILLUSTRATED BY CLAUDE A SHEPPERSON: - The open road; a book for wayfarers.
58698: A A LUCE: - Fishing and Thinking.
61459: SIMEON LUCE: - Jeanne d'Arc a Domremy : recherches critiques sur les origines de la Mission de la Pucelle.
27273: NIGEL LUCKHURST: - A Photographer at the Aldeburgh Festival.
28643: W C LUCY: - The Origin of the Cotteswold Ckub, and an epitome of its proceedings from its formation to May 1887.
43626: JAMES A DRAKE & KRISTIN BEALL LUDECKE [EDITORS]: - Lily Pons - a centennial portrait.
4994: LUDLOW-HEWITT, A: - Breeding cows for milk.
15144: LUIS DE CAMOES, PRODUCED BY MORGADO DE MATEUS: - 4o. centenario da 1a edicao de "Os Lusiadas", 1572 - 1972.
65949: LUISA BECHERUCCI, ALESSANDRO MARABOTTINI & ANNA FORLANI TEMPESTI: - Raffaello (Raphael): The Paintings, The Drawings.
52822: REV JOSEPH RAWSON LUMBY [EDITOR]: - Polychronicon Ranulphi Higden Monachi Cestrensis, together with the English Translations of John Trevisa and of an Unknown Writer of the Fifteenth Century, volume VII.
65927: CORNEL LUMIERE: - Beneath the Seven Seas.
31315: HARRY LUMSDEN: - The Records of the Trades House of Glasgow, A.D. 1713-1777, with historical introduction "The Trades House 1605 to 1777".
64859: GIUSEPPE LUNARDI: - Le Monete delle Colonie Genovesi.
43783: K A LUND, ILLUSTRATED BY GORDON ROBINSON: - Mrs Dusty-Fusser, how she swept into society.
58189: SIR ARNOLD LUNN [EDITOR]: - The Englishman on Ski.
34588: RICHARD LURIE: - Under the Great Barrier Reef.
27464: LEWIS LUSK [WALTER DELAPLAINE SCULL]: - Sussex Iron; a romance of the Forest Ridge, and of the man who started Shakespeare.
42305: H E LUXMOORE: - Eton from a Backwater.
64251: TED GOSLING & SHEILA LUXTON: - The Book of Sidmouth: celebrating an ancient coastal town.
63833: JOHN LYCETT: - The Cotteswold Hills hand-book.
33421: JOHN LYCETT: - The Cotteswold Hills hand-book.
7891: LYGO-BAKER, HAROLD: - Reflections of a village schoolmaster.
62548: R C LYLE: - Royal Newmarket.
45507: EDWARD LYNAM: - The Map of the British Isles of 1546.
57158: BOHUN LYNCH: - A Muster of Ghosts.
29906: BOHUN LYNCH: - Max Beerbohm in Perspective.
61478: EDWARD LYNDOE: - Everyman's Astrology.
48107: MICHAEL LYNE: - A Parson's Son : Sporting Artist.
28395: ROBIN CAMPBELL & NORBERT LYNTON [PREFACE]: - Pioneers of Modern Sculpture.
64612: ALBERT LYONS: - Old Abergavenny in old photographs.
33432: REV SAMUEL LYSONS: - The Model Merchant of the Middle Ages, exemplified in the story of Whittington and his cat.
54325: ANNETTE LYSTER: - Footprints : a story of the snow.
48377: FRANCIS MAUDE & BLANCHE LYSTER: - The Maude Family : a Genealogical Table based on the information collected by the Late Hon Francis Maude.
34092: HON AND REV EDWARD LYTTELTON (PREFACE): - The Old Public school-boys (schoolboys) who's who series: Eton.
61727: SIR EDWARD BULWER LYTTON: - The Disowned.
59564: CHEN LYUSHENG: - Literati Painting of Chen Lyusheng.
65479: SHIHAN JONATHAN MABERRY: - Ultimate Sparring : principles & practices.
53546: RICHARD MABEY: - The Frampton Flora.
60694: JOHANNIS MABILLON: - Vetera Analecta, sive Collectio Veterum aliquot Operum & Opusculorum omnis generis, Carminum, Epistolarum, Diplomatum, Eptaphiorum, &c.
21788: A C MABY: - Venezuela; economic and commercial conditions in Venezuela [Overseas Economic Surveys].
20753: R A STEWART MACALISTER [EDITOR]: - Lebor Gabala Erenn: the book of the Taking of Ireland, part III.
14362: PAUL MACALISTER: - Display; home furnishings display techniques.
66019: MIKE HAILWOOD & TED MACAULAY: - Hailwood.
10895: MACBEAN, LACHLAN: - Guide to Gaelic conversation and pronunciation, with vocabularies, dialogues, phrases and letter forms.
63219: GEORGE MACBETH: - Missile Commander.
32670: GEORGE MACBETH: - A Farewell.
63121: PROINSIAS MACCANA: - Celtic Mythology.
50371: EDWARD T MACDERMOT: - The History of the Forest of Exmoor.
62561: EDWARD T MACDERMOT: - The History of the Forest of Exmoor.
60190: NORMAN MACDERMOTT: - Everymania : the History of the Everyman Theatre, Hampstead 1920 - 1926.
47844: HUGH MACDONALD: - John Dryden : a bibliography of early editions and of Drydeniana.
52402: PHILIP MACDOUGALL: - The Story of Chichester.
45083: GEORGE B TATUM & ELISABETH BLAIR MACDOUGALL [EDITORS]: - Prophet with Honor (honour) : the career of Andrew Jackson Downing 1815 - 1852.
42746: ALAN MACFARLANE: - Marriage and Love in England - modes of reproduction 1300 - 1840.
21387: ANGUS MACFARQUHARSON: - A Scot in Cornwall.
31293: GEORGE MACGREGOR: - The History of Glasgow. from the earliest period to the present time.
15567: NICCOLO MACHIAVELLI: - Opere di Niccolo Machiavelli, scelte da Giuseppe Zirardini.
65204: PETER MACINNIS: - The Lawn : a social history.
31529: JOHN MACINTOSH: - Life of Robert Burns.
31526: REV W MACINTOSH: - Burns in Germany; Scoto-German studies.
54194: JOHN MACINTOSH: - Ayrshire Nights' Entertainments : a descriptive guide to the history, traditions, antiquities etc of the County of Ayr.
39672: ALLAN MACINTYRE: - Recent Events.
60530: SHEILA MACKAY: - Behind the Facade : four centuries of Scottish Interiors.
58557: DAVID N MACKAY [EDITOR]: - Trial of Simon, Lord Lovat of the '45 [Notable English Trials].
50215: MAJOR GENERAL HUGH MACKAY: - Memoirs of the War carried on in Scotland and Ireland MDCLXXXIX - MDCXCI.
58093: CHARKES MACKAY: - A glossary of obscure words and ohrases in the writings of Shakspeare [Shakespeare] and his contemporaries, traced etymologically to the ancient language of the British people as spoken before the irruption of the Danes and Saxons.
36975: ALLAN CUNNINGHAM & CHARLES MACKAY [EDITORS]: - Ramsay and the earlier poets of Scotland, to which is added ancient ballads and songs.
53834: F SEVERNE MACKENNA: - 18th Century English Porcelain (Notes on various aspects of collecting).
57752: COMPTON MACKENZIE: - Carnival.
56304: COMPTON MACKENZIE: - The West Wind of Love, being book three of "The Four Winds of Love".
57198: JAMES A MACKERETH: - Hands : a dedicatory poem.
61327: MACKINNON SIMPSON, EDITED BY ROBERT B GOODMAN: - Whale Song [Whalesong]: the story of Hawai'i [Hawaii] and the Whales.
66444: H S MACKINTOSH: - Ballades and other Verse.
66445: H S MACKINTOSH: - Rhyme and Reason.
58102: SIR JAMES MACKINTOSH: - History of the revolution in England in 1688, comprising a view of the reign of James II from his accession, to the enterprise of the Prince of Orange.
45751: ALICE MACKRELL: - An Illustrated History of Fashion : 500 years of fashion illustration.
57311: C W MACKWORTH-PRAED, & CAPTAIN C H B GRANT: - Birds of Eastern and North Eastern Africa, volume I.
52452: CECILY MACKWORTH: - Guillaume Apollinaire and the Cubist Life.
66000: ALEXANDER MACLAREN: - Sermons preached in Manchester by Alexander Maclaren, second series.
54969: IAN MACLAREN [JOHN WATSON]: - The Days of Auld Langsyne.
32735: SIR JOHN MACLEAN [EDITOR]: - Transactions of the Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society for 1886-87 (volume 11, XI).
59568: CATHARINE MACLEOD: - The Lost Prince : the Life & Death of Henry Stuart.
35621: ELLA MACMAHON: - The Other Son; a novel.
64738: HUGH MACMILLAN: - The Riviera.
66033: H F MACMILLAN: - Tropical Planting and Gardening, with special reference to Ceylon.
13639: MACPHERSON, NORMAN: - Notes on the chapel, crown and other ancient buildings of King's College, Aberdeen.
23397: BETTIE MACPHERSON: - Aston Sandford only; an anthology of the village.
46047: HECTOR L MACQUEEN [EDITOR]: - Miscellany Four (of the Stair Society).
46045: HECTOR L MACQUEEN [EDITOR]: - Miscellany Five (of the Stair Society).
59064: BRENDA G MACROW: - Torridon Highlands [The Regional Books Series].
41580: PATRICK MOORE & ANGUS MACVICAR: - Adventure in Space [Captives of the Moon & Peril on the Lost Planet].
27911: JOHN MACWHIRTER: - Landscape Painting in Water-colour.
66646: MADAME *** [MARIE SOPHIE RISTEAU COTTIN]: - Amelie Mansfield [4 tomes].
28389: MADAME DE SEVIGNE, EDITED BY M ADOLPHE REGNIER: - Lettres choisies de Madame de Sevigne.
65016: F F MADAN, EDITED BY W A SPECK: - A Critical Bibliography of Dr henry Sacheverell.
65636: JOHN MADDOCK: - A History of Road Trains in the Northern Territory.
63216: F J STEPHENS & GRAHAM J MADDOCKS: - Uniforms and Organisation of the Inperial German Army 1900 - 1918.
62717: R J MADDOCKS: - Marking Time 1887 - 1987 : a century of postmarks and cachets of an African Town Kamerun-Douala.
65566: BEN MADDOW: - Faces : a Narrative History of the Portrait in Photography.
17009: MADEMOISELLE DES ECHEROLLES, TRANSLATED BY MARIE CLOTHILDE BALFOUR: - Side lights on the reign of terror; being the memoirs of Mademoiselle des Echerolles.
64959: SIDNEY J MADGE [EDITOR]: - Abstracts of Inquisitiones Post Mortem for Gloucestershire, returned into the Court of Chancery during the Plantagenet Period, part IV, 20 Henry III to 29 Edward I, 1236 - 1300 [The Index Library, volume 30].
51160: CANON F T MADGE [EDITOR]: - Hampshire Inductions.
39169: SIDNEY J MADGE [EDITOR]: - Abstracts of Inquisitiones Post Mortem for Gloucestershire, returned into the Court of Chancery during the Plantagenet Period, part IV, 20 Henry III to 29 Edward I, 1236 - 1300 [The Index Library, volume 30].
53868: MAGDA JOICEY, WITH NOTES BY ANGELA CARTER: - The Cookbook Notebook.
45414: MAGGIE ANDREWS, ADRIAN GREGSON & JOHN PETERS: - Worcestershire's War [Voices of the First World War].
62881: COLIN MAGGS: - The Weston, Clevedon and Portishead Railway.
60440: ARNIE BALDURSSON & GUDMUNDUR MAGNUSSON: - Liverpool: The Complete Record.
21159: FRANCOISE MAGNY: - The Musee de Cambrai.
51131: JOHN RICHARD MAGRATH [EDITOR]: - The Flemings in Oxford, being documents selected from the Rydal papers in illustration of the lives and ways of Oxford Men 1650-1700: volume III, 1691 - 1700.
51138: JOHN RICHARD MAGRATH [EDITOR]: - The Flemings in Oxford, being documents selected from the Rydal papers in illustration of the lives and ways of Oxford Men 1650-1700: volume I, 1650 - 1680.
61253: PAT MORAN & JON MAGUIRE: - German Headgear in World War II : SS, NSDAP, Police, Civilian & Misc - a photographic study of German Hats and Helmets.
13567: D H MAHAN, EDITED BY PETER BARLOW: - An elementary course of civil engineering.
55919: A T MAHAN: - The Navy in the Civil War : The Gulf and Inland Waters.
36281: MAHATMA GANDHI, EDITED BY RONALD DUNCAN: - Selected writings of Mahatma Gandhi.
65328: M O'MAHONY: - The Rambler : forty-five footpaths by Mersey & Dee.
59614: EKKEHARD MAI: - Das Kabinett des Sammlers : Gemalde vom XV. bis XVIII Jahrhundert.
20370: VISCOUNT MAIDSTONE [GEORGE WILLIAM WINCHILSEA]: - Abd-el-Kader; a poem in six cantos.
15528: FRIEDRICH MAIER: - Zur Kulturgeschichte der Völker, historische Untersuchungen von Friedrich Maier, Erster Band.
5263: MAILLY, ED: - Les origines du Conservatoire Royal de Musique de Bruxelles.
63329: S P B MAIS: - Norwegian Odyssey.
60863: S P B MAIS: - Southern Rambles for Londoners.
63950: S P B MAIS: - A Book of Food : how it grows and what it does for you.
54193: S P B MAIS: - The High Lands [Highlands] of Britain.
63077: S P B MAIS: - England's Pleasance.
61983: ANNE LASS & JUHAN MAISTE [EDITORS]: - Architectural Monuments in Estonia and Scandinavia : Restoration in theory and practice.
63272: E MABEL F MAJOR: - On the Wings of a Wish : to the Banks of an Indian River.
63491: J KENNETH MAJOR: - Animal-Powered Engines.
39029: RENE MAJOR [ETC]: - Contretemps no. 1, Hiver 1995, Rene Major (etc).
50520: MAJOR-GENERAL SIR ARCHIBALD MONTGOMERY, WITH A FOREWORD BY GENERAL LORD RAWLINSON: - The story of the Fourth Army in the battles of the hundred days, August 8th to November 11th 1918 [text volume].
62904: MAJOR ALASTAIR TOWER, RUPERT KINGLAKE-TOWER & MICHAEL BURRELL: - The Christopher Tower Collection of Family Portraits, Pictures and Miniatures at Ashridge, Hertfordshire.
27204: MICHAEL MAKARIUS: - Chagall; the masterworks.
44407: WILLIAM J MAKIN: - Two Moons.
34519: FRANZ MALCHER: - Tramping in Tyrol.
43999: MALCOLM SALAMAN, EDITED BY CHARLES HOLME: - The Great Painter-Etchers from Rembrandt to Whistler.
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61003: ANITA FIDERER MOSKOWITZ: - The Sculpture of Andrea and Nino Pisano.
46162: WALTER MOSLEY: - Always outnumbered, always outgunned.
45122: ROY MOSORIAK: - The Curious History of Music Boxes.
54725: WALTER H HOGAN & DR TREVOR S MOSS: - Cryogenics and Infrared Detection.
59810: PETER W MOSS: - Impressments Log, volume IV, Middle East and India.
44255: ARTHUR DODD & PHILIP MOSS: - Gloucester Alehouses; a light-hearted look at the Inns and Taverns of 18th century Gloucester.
37666: A MOTHER [MARIA ELIZABETH BUDDEN]: - Claudine, or Humility the basis of all virtues, a Swiss tale.
5309: MOTLEY, JOHN LOTHROP: - The rise of the Dutch Republic; a history.
11529: MOTLEY, JOHN LOTHROP, EDITED BY GEORGE WILLIAM CURTIS: - The correspondence of John Lothrop Motley [2 volumes].
62467: THE EDITOR OF THE MOTOR: - How to Drive a Car : a complete guide and handbook to the subtleties of motoring under present day road traffic conditions.
26791: MOTOR [B F H, BERTHA FORTESCUE HARRISON]: - By the by-ways around Bristol.
59598: HARRIET MOTT: - The Year of the Fire.
51579: DE LA MOTTE FOUQUE, ILLUSTRATED BY HEYWOOD SUMNER: - Sintram and his Companions.
59060: R H MOTTRAM: - The Broads [The Regional Books series].
37564: GABRIEL MOUREY: - Albert Besnard.
10833: MOWAT, R B & DAVIES, J D GRIFFITH: - A chronicle of Kingship 1066-1937.
27473: R B MOWAT: - The Later Middle Ages; a history of Western Europe, 1254-1494.
56574: TIMOTHY MOWL: - Gentlemen & Players : Gardeners of the English Landscape.
65672: TIMOTHY MOWL: - Historic Gardens of Wiltshire.
34597: PETER B MOYLE: - Inland Fishes of California.
61699: SIR HENRY JONES & JOHN HENRY MUIRHEAD: - The Life & Philosophy of Edward Caird 1921.
63359: SIR HENRY JONES & JOHN HENRY MUIRHEAD: - The Life and Philosophy of Edward Caird.
37406: CLARENCE E MULFORD: - Hopalong Cassidy takes cards.
37413: CLARENCE E MULFORD: - On the Trail of the Tumbling T.
44825: HUGH MULHOLLAND [EDITOR]: - The Nature of Things : Artists from Northern Ireland, the 51st Venice Biennale.
37144: F A MULHOLLAND: - The Mulholland Family Tree.
56074: FREDERIC MULLALLY: - Venus Afflicted.
56071: FREDERIC MULLALLY: - No Other Hunger.
56070: FREDERIC MULLALLY: - The Assassins.
56068: FREDERIC MULLALLY: - The Prizewinner.
13518: W H MULLENS, H KIRKE SWANN & REV F C R JOURDAIN: - A geographical bibliography of British Ornithology from the earliest times to the end of 1918, arranged under counties, being a record of printed books, published articles, notes and records relating to local avifauna [6 parts bound in one volume].
32399: OSKAR A MULLER: - Albert von Keller; das Ambiente des Malers.
63537: THEODOR MULLER: - Sculpture in the Netherlands, Germany, France and Spain 1400 to 1500.
40005: MARGARET MULLETT: - Theophylact of Ochrid; reading the letters of a Byzantine Archbishop.
58158: DINAH MARIA MULOCK [MRS CRAIK]: - Little Sunshine's Holiday : a picture from life.
56854: JOHN KIMBERLEY MUMFORD: - Oriental Rugs.
55916: LIEUT-GENERAL MUNDY: - The Life of Rodney.
66155: N E MAC MUNN [MACMUNN]: - The Upper Thames Country and the Severn-Avon Plain.
61447: JUAN MUNOZ: - Juan Munoz : Double Blind at Tate Modern.
29780: MUNTANER, TRANSLATED BY LADY GOODENOUGH: - The Chronicle of Muntaner, volume I.
44968: MICHELANGELO MURARO: - Invitation to Venice.
61742: PAUL MURDIN: - Mapping the Universe : the Interactive History of Astronomy.
1738: MURDOCH, WALTER: - The wild planet.
27075: J H BURN-MURDOCH: - The Burn-Murdoch Poultry Course.
63718: MURIEL LEVY, ILLUSTRATED BY EVELYN BOWMAR: - The Story of Sleeping Beauty.
27289: MURIEL EMANUEL, ETC (EDITORS): - Contemporary Artists.
35849: JOHN MURPHY.: - Primitive Man; his essential quest.
66412: JOHN MURPHY: - Harvest of Fear : a history of Australia's Vietnam War.
63525: GEOFFREY MURRAY: - The Life of Admiral Collingwood.
60523: JOHN MURRAY: - [Murrays] Handbook for Travellers in Oxfordshire.
63563: PETER MURRAY: - The Architecture of the Italian Renaissance.
32226: J C MURRAY [EDITOR]: - Aberdeen; the town beneath the city, a summary report of excavation at Farquhar & Gill, 42 St Paul Street, Aberdeen.
31358: JAMES MURRAY: - Kilmacolm; a parish history.
65008: PATRICK MURRAY: - The Shakespearian Scene : some twentieth-century pespectives.
54994: W H MURRAY: - The Scottish Highlands.
58873: DOUGLAS MC MURTRIE: - The Book : the story of printing & bookmaking.
65188: JACQUELINE MARIE MUSACCHIO: - The Art and Ritual of Childbirth in Renaissance Italy.
9615: MUSCHAMP, HERBERT: - Man about town; Frank Lloyd Wright in New York City.
60754: WALTER A MUSCIANO: - Eagles of the Black Cross.
65157: WILHELM MUSELER: - Geist und Antlitz der Renaissance.
63832: ROBERT FORESTER MUSHET: - The Bessemer Mushet Process, or Manufacture of cheap Steel.
50799: STELLA MUSULIN: - Austria : People and Landscape.
44588: MAREK KLAT & JAROSLAW MYKOWSKI: - Gedanensis Millennii Splendor.
46316: GEORGE E MYLONAS: - Ho protoattikos amphoreus tes Eleusinos.
56340: MRS HARRIET MYRTLE: - The Man of Snow, and other tales.
38880: EVA NEUMANNOVA & ALENA NADVORNIKOVA: - Surrealisticka obraznost a kresba, 18 unora - 13 dubna 1997.
51800: HENRY NAEGELY [HENRY GAELYN]: - J F Millet and Rustic Art.
5981: [BAK] NAGANO, PAUL T & KAUFMAN, A: - Bak; paintings of the last decade.
64576: ELIZABETH NAGLE: - Old Cars the World Over : the story of the world-wide renaissance of Veteran and Vintage Cars.
59644: JAMES NANKIVELL: - The Collection of Portraits in Oils of Bishop Richard Hurd at Hartlebury Castle.
60064: PRISCILLA NAPIER: - Barbarian Eye, Lord Napier in China 1834 : the Prelude to Hong Kong.
7511: NAPIER, J R & P H: - The natural history of the primates.
62015: MARIO NAPOLI: - Pittura Antica in Italia.
28185: NARINORI OKOSHI, A J ADDERLEY, FRANCIS DAY (ETC): - International Fisheries Exhibition, London, 1883: A sketch of the fisheries of Japan, Bahames, India, West Africa, Canada, Newfoundland, New South Wales, China, United States, Norway, Ireland, Spain & Sweden.
41797: T NASH, ARRANGED BY KEN TOMKINSON, DAVID AND ERNESTINE EVERETT: - Engravings and Selections from Nash's Worcestershire.
56763: JUDY NASH: - Thatchers and Thatching.
54803: GEORGE CHILDREN & GEORGE NASH: - A Guide to Prehistoric Sites in Monmouthshire : a Logaston Guide.
58113: ARCHIE NATHAN: - Costumes by Nathan.
57189: NATHANIEL COTTON, EDITED BY THOMAS PARK, & SIR RICHARD BLACKMORE: - The Poetical Works of Nathaniel Cotton [bound with] Select Poems of Sir Richard Blackmore.
65373: NATHANIEL HAWTHORNE, ILLUSTRATED BY WILLY POGANY: - Tanglewood Tales : a Wonder Book for Boys & Girls.
66668: ROBERT A MCDERMOTT & V S NAVARANE [EDITORS]: - The Spirit of Modern India : writings in philosophy, religion & culture.
49641: ANTONIO DE NAVARRO: - Causeries on English Pewter.
19221: C NAYA [ETC]: - Album of albumen photographic views of Venice [Venezia].
52368: PETER J NAYLOR: - Cromford : a history.
37992: ROBERT ANDERTON NAYLOR: - Across the Atlantic.
65394: DOUGLAS NEALE: - Husbands & Wives, or a Manual of Wisdom.
65999: REV J M NEALE: - Sermons on the Blessed Sacrament, preached in the Oratory of S. Margaret's, East Grinsted.
62481: MARILYN PALMER & PETER NEAVERSON: - The Textile Industry of South-West England : a social archaeology.
50433: KENNETH NEBENZAHL: - Maps of the Bible Lands : images of Terra Sancta through Two Millennia.
34443: ALLAN A NEEDELL [EDITOR]: - The first 25 years in Space.
52365: R S NEEDHAM: - The Story of the 1745 Rebellion : Bonnie Prince Charlie's attempt to gain the British Throne.
51588: VIOLET NEEDHAM: - The Red Rose of Ruvina.
62669: ALBERT H HARRIS & JAMES NEGUS [EDITORS]: - The Harris Index to Philatelic Literature 1879 - 1925.
54130: A S NEILL: - A Dominie in Doubt.
26181: ETIENNE MOREAU-NELATON: - Histoire de Corot et de ses Oeuvres, d'apres les documents recueillis par Alfred Robaut
63015: ERNA NELKI & WOLFGANG NELKI: - Geschichten aus dem Umbruch der deutschen Geshichte, zwischen Assimilation und Asyl.
65355: A A NELSON: - A History of the Pork and Bacon Section of the N.F.M.T.A. 1917 - 1955.
22345: H L NELTHROPP: - Catalogue of the Museum of the Worshipful Company of Clockmakers of London, preserved in the Guildhall Library, London [bound with] Catalogue of the collection presented by the Revd H L Nelthropp MA FSA, Master 1893 and 1894.
47407: EDITH NEPEAN: - The Valley of Desire : a romance of Wild Wales.
20359: CORN. NEPOS: - The Lives of Illustrious men, written in Latin by Corn. Nepos, and done into English by several hands.
58332: M L NESBITT: - Grammar-Land : or, Grammar in Fun for the Children of Schoolroomshire.
56519: DORA NESBITT: - The Little Brown Lady : a Kentish Romance.
58207: ARTHUR NESTORIEN: - In Sin or Folly?
64356: PAULO DE CARVALHO-NETO: - The Concept of Folklore.
60437: ROB ADAMSON & CHRIS NETTLETON: - Mallard and the A4 Pacifics.
53648: MADELEINE NEUMANN: - Manuel de Micropaleontologie des Foraminiferes (systematique - stratigraphie) tome I - Generalites, systematique Saccamminidae a Ataxophragmiidae.
65200: JAROMIR NEUMANN: - Guide to the Picture Gallery of Prague Castle.
60130: RALPH NEVILL: - French Prints of the Eighteenth Century.
53434: MAY C NEVILLE: - My Childhood days in a Gloucestershire Rural Area in the 1920's.
50840: LAWRENCE E TANNER & J L NEVINSON: - On some later Funeral Effigies in Westminster Abbey.
57761: HENRY W NEVINSON: - Essays in Rebellion.
17555: H BRYANT NEWBOLD [EDITOR]: - Industry and Rural Life, being a report of the Cambridge Conference of the Town & Country Planning Association, Spring 1942.
65998: W C E NEWBOLT: - The Man of God : being six addresses delivered at the Primary Ordination of the Right Rev the Lord Alwyne Compton, Lord Bishop of Ely, Lent 1886.
63536: SIR JULIAN S CORBETT & HENRY NEWBOLT: - Naval Operations [History of the Great War based on Official Documents], complete in 9 volumes.
66472: REV W C E NEWBOLT: - Speculum Sacerdotum, or the Divine Model of the Priestly Life.
48425: LADY NEWDIGATE-NEWDEGATE: - Gossip from a Muniment Room, being Passages in the Lives of Anne and Mary Fytton 1574 to 1618.
62600: PAUL NEWMAN: - Grandeur & Decay : a salvaged history of Clevedon Pier.
21904: MRS NEWMAN: - Begun in Jest [volumes 2 and 3].
62082: BERNARD NEWMAN: - North African Journey.
38930: HENRY STANLEY NEWMAN: - What I Saw in India.
57722: CHRIS BIRCH & STUART NEWMAN: - Starblazer Adventures : the Rock and Roll Space Opera Adventure Game.
2563: NEWNHAM, W: - Man, in his physical, intellectual, social and moral relations.
56143: J D NEWTH, ILLUSTRATED BY G F NICHOLLS: - Gloucestershire.
64837: J D NEWTH: - Hungary (Peeps at Many Lands).
65381: MAUREEN NEWTON: - Factories & Fabrics : a look at the textile industry in Hucknall.
32332: NGUYEN THANH BINH, LE THIET CUONG & LE MINH: - A Peaceful Land; Nguyen Thanh Binh, Le Thiet Cuong & Le Minh.
62619: IAN NIALL: - The Boy who saw Tomorrow.
62499: NICHOLAS MANSERGH, EDITED BY DIANA MANSERGH: - Independence Years : the selected Indian and Commonwealth Papers of Nicholas Mansergh.
44811: NICHOLAS DE VILLE, EDITED BY MARIA LALIC: - Maria Lalic : recent paintings.
62587: G F NICHOLLS: - Cotswolds Water-colours [watercolours].
55405: G F NICHOLLS: - Cotswolds Water-colours [watercolours].
9948: NICHOLS, WALLACE B & PERCY, EDWARD: - Coloman: a play of five acts.
9949: NICHOLS, WALLACE B: - The Glory of the World [signed first edition in dustwrapper].
9953: NICHOLS, WALLACE B: - The Song of Sharruk [signed first edition].
37424: J C M NICHOLS: - Birds of Marsh and Mere, and how to shoot them.
21389: NICHOLS, WALLACE B: - Deputy for Youth.
63996: TIM NICHOLSON: - The Birth of the Modern Ordnance Survey Small-Scale Map : the Revised New Series colour printed one-inch map of England and Wales, 1897 - 1914.
40780: J SHIELD NICHOLSON: - A Treatise on Money and Essays on Monetary Problems.
10839: NICHOLSON, N L & SEBERT, L M: - The maps of Canada; a guide to official Canadian maps, charts, atlases and gazetteers.
18739: RICHARD NICHOLSON: - Sketches of the remains of the Abbey Church and conventual buildings, formerly belonging to Canons of the order of Saint Augustine, at Worksop, and of the church as restored: with a concise historical and descriptive account, from its foundation.
60135: JAMES PRICE & ZY NICHOLSON: - Dragon Age II : the complete official guide, collector's edition.
65120: GIORGIO NICODEMI: - La Vergine dalla origini al Rinascimento.
60189: WALTER NICOL: - The Villa Garden Directory, or Monthly Index of Work to be done in Town and Villa Gardens, Shrubberies and Parterres.
66859: NICOLA FERGUSON, WITH CHARLES QUEST-RITSON: - Double Flowers : the Remarkable Story of Extra-Petalled Blooms.
33574: HERRMANN GEORG NICOLAI: - Das Ornament der Italienischen Kunst des XV. Jahrhunderts; eine Sammlung der Hervorragendsten Motive.
10783: NICOLAS , SIR NICHOLAS HARRIS: - History of the most honourable Order of the Bath.
59721: NICOLE CORSE, EDITED BY EMMA DRAGE: - Mickey Mouse Museum : The Story of an Icon.
26028: ALLARDYCE NICOLL: - The Development of the Theatre; a study of theatrical art from the beginnings to the present day.
61204: DAVID NICOLLE: - Armies of the Ottoman Turks 1300 - 1774.
61203: DAVID NICOLLE: - The Mamluks 1250 - 1517.
61115: DAVID NICOLLE: - Attila and the Nomad Hordes : Warfare on the Eurasian Steppes, 4th - 12th centuries.
66761: NIEL DU PLESSIS & GRAHAM DUNCAN, ILLUSTRATED BY ELISE BODLEY: - Bulbous Plants of Southern Africa : a guide to their cultivation and propagation.
46753: KAY NIELSEN: - East of the Sun and West of the Moon; old tales from the North.
66149: JULIAN NIEMAN: - Talking Statues of London.
66421: NIENKE BAKKER, LEO JANSEN, HANS LUIJTEN & ANN DUMAS: - The Real Van Gogh : the Artist and his Letters.
61974: NIGEL BALCHIN, JOHN CREASEY, C S FORESTER [ETC]: - Did it Happen ? Stories.
63986: NIGEL BYDE, WITH A FOREWORD BY ROBERT HARDY: - The Battle of Tewkesbury 1471 : a photographic celebration of the medieval festival.
64934: DONALD NIJBOER: - Gunner : an illustrated history of World War II Aircraft Turrets and Gun Positions.
64933: DONALD NIJBOER: - Gunner : an illustrated history of World War II Aircraft Turrets and Gun Positions.
59528: SAAM NIJSTAD: - Saam's Trio.
64116: E B POTTER & CHESTER W NIMITZ: - The Great Sea War ; The Story of Naval Action in World War II.
39712: KARINA NIMMERFALL: - Cinematic Maps 2004 - 2006.
39762: NIMROD (CHARLES JAMES APPERLEY), EDITED BY E D CUMING: - My Horses, and other essays.
64321: NIMROD [CHARLES JAMES APPERLEY]: - Nimrod's Hunting Tours, interspersed with characteristic anecdotes, sayings and doings of sporting men, including notices of the principal crack riders of England.
62547: NIMROD [CHARLES JAMES APPERLEY]: - The Horse and the Hound : their various uses and treatment.
62549: NIMROD [CHARLES JAMES APPERLEY]: - The chase, the road and the turf.
60594: NIMROD [CHARLES JAMES APPERLEY]: - The Chace, the road and the turf.
41160: ARON NIMZOWITSCH: - My System : a Chess Treatise.
58709: MAITA DI NISCEMI: - Manor Houses and Castles of Sweden : a voyage through five centuries.
64394: ERNEST NISTER: - Images pour enfants sages [The Children's Tableaux].

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