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057318: STOKES, JOHN - The French Actress and Her English Audience
049270: STOLBERG, EVA-MARIA - Sibirien - Russlands 'Wilder Osten': Mythos Und Soziale Realitat IM 19. Und 20. Jahrhundert
053437: STONE, DONALD - France in the Sixteenth Century: A Medieval Society Transformed
055058: STONE, JOHN - Racial Conflict in Contemporary Society
080454: STONE, RACHEL; WEST, CHARLES - Hincmar of Rheims: Life and Work
058287: STONE, BRIAN , PAT SCORER - Sophocles to Fugard
040291: STONE, JOSEPH;YOHN, TIM - Prime Time and Misdemeanors: Investigating the 1950s Tv Quiz Scandal-a D.A. 's Account
081745: STONE, G. C.; FENNELL, J. L. I. - Oxford Slavonic Papers: Volume 18 (Oxford Slavonic Papers New Series)
060750: STONE, RICHARD - Entry, Search and Seizure
080918: STONE, JUDITH F. - The Search for Social Peace: Reform Legislation in France, 1890-1914 (Suny Series on Modern European Social History)
080205: STONE, SAMUEL Z. - Heritage of the Conquistadors: Ruling Classes in Central America from Conquest to the Sandinistas
053162: STORER, COLIN - Britain and the Weimar Republic : The History of a Cultural Relationship
083902: STOREY, R.L. - The Register of John Kirkby, Bishop of Carlisle I 1332-1352 and the Register of John Ross, Bishop of Carlisle, 1325-32 (Canterbury & York Society)
060015: STOREY, NEIL R. - Norfolk in the Great War.
081459: STORM JAMESON - Challenge to Death
083940: STORR, ANTHONY - Freud (Past Masters)
080010: STOYAN PRIBICHEVICH - Living Space. The Story of South-Eastern Europe.
051261: STRADLING, R. A. - The Armada of Flanders : Spanish Maritime Policy and European War, 1568-1668
043624: STRANGWAYS, JOHN; OLSEN, THOMAS G. - The Commonplace Book of Sir John Strangways (1645-1666)
045280: STRATEGIC ASSESSMENT 1999 - Strategic Assessment 1999. Priorities for a Turbulent World
053423: STRATFORD-UPON-AVON PARISH - The Vestry Minute-Book of the Parish of Stratford-on-Avon from 1617 to 1699 A.D.
080530: STRATTON, MICHAEL; TRINDER, BARRIE - Twentieth Century Industrial Archaeology
053397: STRAUB, EBERHARD - Pax Et Imperium: Spaniens Kampf Um Seine Friedensordnung in Europa Zwischen 1617 Und 1635
041858: STRAUB, KRISTINA - Sexual Suspects: Eighteenth Century Players and Sexual Ideology
084667: STRAUSS, ERICH - Soviet Agriculture in Perspective : A Study of Its Successes and Failures
050592: STRAY CHRISTOPHER - Promoting and Defending. Reflections on the History of the Hellenic Society (1879) and the Classical Association (1903).
052979: STREET PLAN - Street Plan of Lincoln
045872: STRONG, DAVID FALES - Austria (October 1918-March 1919): Transition from Empire to Republic
054889: STRONG, ROY - Art and Power: Renaissance Festivals 1450-1650
060672: STRUDWICK, VINCENT - Christopher Wordsworth, Bishop of Lincoln 1869-85
085570: STUART MEWS - Modern Religious Rebels: Presented to Professor John Kent
050402: STUART LEIBIGER - A Companion to James Madison and James Monroe
084857: STUART A. MOORE. - Domesday Book. The Portion Relating to Northamptonshire
053054: STUART GERRY BROWN - The First Republicans: Political Philosophy and Public Policy in the Party of Jefferson and Madison
086255: STUART CHANT-SEMPHILL - St. Nazaire Commando
048220: STUART, VIVIAN - The Heroic Garrison
086102: STUART AND WEIS, ELISABETH (EDS. ) BYRON - The National Society of Film Critics on Movie Comedy / Edited by Stuart Byron and Elisabeth Weis
055655: STUART BANNER - The Baseball Trust: A History of Baseball's Antitrust Exemption
055977: STUART, VIVIAN - Black Sea Frigate
084645: STUART GERRY BROWN - The Religious Philosophy of Josiah Royce.
085766: STUART BRUCE KAUFMAN - Samuel Gompers and the Origins of the American Federation of Labor, 1848-1896. (Contributions in Economics & Economic History)
041497: STUBBS, JOHN - Reprobates : The Cavaliers of the English CIVIL War
045411: STUDI FRANCESCANI PUB. - VII Centenario Del Terz'Ordine Francescano (1221-1921)
049783: STUKE, HORST;FORSTMANN, WILFRIED - Die Europaischen Revolutionen Von 1848
052935: STURGESS, R. W. - Aristocrat in Business: The Third Marquis of Londonderry As Coalowner and Portbuilder
048253: STURGILL CLAUDE C. - The Consortium on Revolutionary Europe, 1750-1850 : Proceedings, 1973
053422: STURGIS E. LEAVITT - The Estrella de Sevilla and Claramonte.
057130: STURGIS, JAMES LAVERNE - John Bright and the Empire
083727: STURROCK, JOHN - Paper Tigers: Ideal Fictions of Jorge Luis Borges
055488: SUCHETA MAHAJAN , SABYASACHI BHATTACHARYA - Towards Freedom: Documents on the Movement for Independence in India 1947, Part 1 (Towards Freedom Series)
043622: SUCHLICKI, JAIME - Cuba: From Columbus to Castro
040211: SUDAN. GOVERNOR GENERAL - Report on the Administration of the Sudan for the Year 1950-51
041050: SUDAN. GOVERNOR-GENERAL, GREAT BRITAIN. FOREIGN OFFICE - Report on the Administration of the Sudan for the Years 1942 to 1944 (Inclusive).
085201: SUETONIUS; JOANNES GEORGIUS GRAEVIUS; LAEVINUS TORRENTIUS; ISAAC CASAUBON; THE?ODORE MARCILE - C. Suetonius Tranquillus Ex Recensione Joannis Georgii Graevii, Cum Ejusdem Animadversionibus, Ut Et Commentario Integro Laevini Torrentii, Isaaci Casauboni, Theodori Marcilii, Et Cum Notis Ac Numismatibus, Quibus Illustratus Est a Carolo Patino. Accedunt Notae Selectiores Aliorum.
059890: SUGARMAN, SIDNEY , DIANA BAILEY - A Bibliography of the Printed Works of James Parkes: With Selected Quotations
050486: SUKYS, JULIJA - Epistolophilia : Writing the Life of Ona Simaite
082388: SULLIVAN, ROBERT - Goodbye Lizzie Borden: The Story of the Trial of America's Most Famous Murderess
084056: SUNDER, JOHN E. - Fur Trade on the Upper Missouri, 1840 - –1865
080344: SUNDERLAND ANTIQUARIAN SOCIETY , GEORGE NEW - Antiquities of Sunderland and Its Vicinity; Papers Ordered to Be Printed by the Sunderland Antiquarian Society: Volume 26 for 1974-1976
060248: SUNLEY, JOHNATHAN - Hungary: The Triumph of Compromise
059260: SUNTER, RONALD M. - Patronage and Politics in Scotland, 1707-1832
082912: SUNTHARALINGAM, R. - Indian Nationalism: An Historical Analysis
045050: SUNY, RONALD GRIGOR - The Baku Commune, 1917-1918;: Class and Nationality in the Russian Revolution
045184: SURRY, N. W.;THOMAS, JAMES H. - Book of Original Entries, 1731-1751
040699: SUSAN STRASSER - Satisfaction Guaranteed: The Making of the American Mass Market
085230: SUSAN P. CONNER - The Age of Napoleon (Greenwood Guides to Historic Events 1500-1900)
085065: SUSAN RONALD - Hitler's Art Thief: Hildebrand Gurlitt, the Nazis, and the Looting of Europe's Treasures
059018: SUSAN BENSON - Ambiguous Ethnicity: Interracial Families in London (Changing Culture Series)
047977: SUSAN A. STEPHENS - Yale Papyri in the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library II (American Studies in Papyrology)
050826: SUSAN RONALD - Pirate Queen: Elizabeth I, Her Pirate Adventures: Elizabeth I, Her Pirate Adventures and the Dawn of Empire
082991: SUSANNA HASWELL ROWSON; CHARLES BROCKDEN BROWN - Three Early American Novels (Charles E. Merrill Literary Texts)
083102: SUSANNE MILLER; HEINRICH POTTHOFF - A History of German Social Democracy from 1848 to the Present
086290: SUSANNE KUSS - German Colonial Wars and the Context of Military Violence
080959: SUSSEX ARCHAEOLOGICAL SOCIETY - Sussex Archaeological Collections. 128. Relating to the History and Antiquities of the Counties of East and West Sussex.
048332: SUSSEX ARCHAEOLOGICAL SOCIETY - Sussex Archaeological Collections Relating to the History and Antiquities of the Counties of East and West Sussex. Volume 129
059013: SUTCLIFFE, ANTHONY - History of Urban and Regional Planning, the: An Annotated Bibliography
084044: SUTHERLAND, GILLIAN - Ability, Merit, and Measurement: Mental Testing and English Education 1880-1940
044432: SUTHERLAND, DANIEL E.; SUTHERLAND, DANIEL - Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville : The Dare Mark Campaign
047848: SUTHERLAND, JONATHAN; CANWELL, DIANE - Battlefield General : Arnhem 1944
083068: SUTTON, SIR ROBERT - Despatches of Sir Robert Sutton, Ambassador in Constantinople, 1710-14, the (Camden Society S. )
049587: SUZANNE FLEISCHMAN - Cultural and Linguistic Factors in Word Formation: Integrated Approach to the Development of the Suffix Age (University of California Publications in Linguistics ; V. 86)
054881: SUZANNE PILLORGET - Apogee Et Declin Des Societes D'Ordre 1610-1787
055082: SVARVERUD, RUNE; CHIA, I. - Methods of the Way : Early Chinese Ethical Thought
045088: SWAIN, GEOFFREY - Russian Social Democracy and the Legal Labour Movement, 1906-14
048669: SWAN, WILLIAM THOMAS - The Journals of Two Poor Dissenters, 1786-1880
059442: SWANN HARVEY J. - French Terminologies in the Making. Studies in Conscious Contributions to the Vocabulary.
053039: SWANSBROUGH, ROBERT H. - The Embattled Colossus: Economic Nationalism and United States Investors in Latin America
054415: SWANSON, R. N. - Gender and Christian Religion: Papers Read at the 1996 Summer Meeting and the 1997 Winter Meeting of the Ecclesiastical History Society
052455: SWANSON, JUDITH A. - The Public and the Private in Aristotle's Political Philosophy
057487: SWEARINGEN, WILL D. - Moroccan Mirages: Agrarian Dreams and Deceptions, 1912-1986
058144: SWEARINGEN, WILL DAVIS - Moroccan Mirages: Agrarian Dreams and Deceptions, 1912-1986
082900: SWEENEY, DOUGLAS A. - Edwards the Exegete: Biblical Interpretation and Anglo-Protestant Culture on the Edge of the Enlightenment
046555: SWEENEY, REGINA M. - Singing Our Way to Victory : French Cultural Politics and Music During the Great War
060505: SWEENEY, DEL - Agriculture in the Middle Ages: Technology, Practice, and Representation (Middle Ages Series)
043351: SWEENEY DOUGLAS A. , GUELZO ALLEN C. - The New England Theology : From Jonathan Edwards to Edwards Amasa Park
083555: SWEETS, JOHN - Choices in Vichy France: The French Under Nazi Occupation
083954: SWINTON, WILLIAM - The Twelve Decisive Battles of the War: A History of the Easternand Western Campaigns
085013: SYDDANSK UNIVERSITETSFORLAG. - Fra Krig Og Fred. Dansk Militaerhistorisk Kommissions Tidsskrift 2016
085014: SYDDANSK UNIVERSITETSFORLAG. - Fra Krig Og Fred. Dansk Militaerhistorisk Kommissions Tidsskrift 2014/2
085238: SYDNEY HALL - Map of Northamptonshire Engraved by Sydney Hall
053053: SYDNEY V. JAMES - A People Among Peoples: Quaker Benevolence in Eighteenth-Century America
085640: SYDNEY G. DIMOND - The Psychology of the Methodist Revival. An Empirical and Descriptive Sturdy.
084700: SYDNEY SAMUEL HOUGH - Fundamental Catalogue of 1846 Stars for the Equinox 1900. From Observations Made at the Royal Observatory, Cape of Good Hope, During the Years 1912-1916, Under the Direction of S.S. Hough
085237: SYDNEY HALL - Map of Huntingdonshire Engraved by Sydney Hall
055654: SYEDA SAIYIDAIN HAMEED - Maulana Azad, Islam and the Indian National Movement
084085: SYKES, ALAN - Tariff Reform in British Politics, 1903-13
085441: SYLVIA L. THRUPP - Change in Medieval Society. Europe North of the Alps, 1050-1500.
042809: SYLVIE BEGUIN - Dictionary of Italian Painting
059695: SYMON PATRICK, T BLACKMAN, AND J. W SYMON GUNTON - Photographs and Extracts from the History of the Church of Peterborough by Symon Gunton... And Set Forth by Symon Patrick: With a Sketch of the Author; Photographs by T. Blackman
051959: SYMONDS, RICHARD - Oxford and Empire : The Last Lost Cause?
057737: SYNEY BUXTON - A Handbook to Political Questions of the Day: And the Arguments on Either Side
044147: SYRJAMAA, TAINA - Constructing Unity, Living in Diversity: A Roman Decade
054694: SZELENYI, IVAN - Cities in Recession: Critical Responses to the Urban Policies of the New Right
049305: ROBERT SZERESZEWSKI - Essays on the Structure of the Jewish Economy in Palestine and Israel.
084167: T.J. CLARK - The Absolute Bourgeois: Artists and Politics in France 1848-1851
085312: T. THORNE BAKER - Simple Photographic Experiments;: A Series of Instructive Experiments in Practical Photography
055740: T CUNNISON, J FERGUSON - In Their Early Twenties a Study of Glasgow Youth
082171: T.W. HUTCHISON - A Review of Economic Doctrines 1870-1929
055104: T.J.H. BISHOP , RUPERT WILKINSON - Winchester and the Public School Elite. A Statistical Analysis
040089: T & RHODES, J JONES - Jubilee History of the Hyde Equitable Co-Operative Society Limited
085496: T. A. M NASH - The Anchau Rural Development and Settlement Scheme
086383: T. G. OTTE - July Crisis: The World's Descent Into War, Summer 1914
085732: T.C. SKEAT - Reproductions from Illuminated Manuscripts: Series V: Fifty Plates
056357: T.B.L. WEBSTER - Athenian Culture and Society
085053: T. A. HEATHCOTE - Balochistan, the British and the Great Game: The Struggle for the Bolan Pass, Gateway to India
060023: T.L. PAPILLON , A.E. HAIGH - P. Vergili Maronis Opera. Virgil. Vol. II. Notes with an Intr. And Notes by T.L. Papillon and A.E. Haigh
056378: T.EARLE WELBY - A Study of Swinburne
082227: T. MORELL - Exempla Minora, or, New English Examples to Be Rendered Into Latin : Adapted to the Rules of the Latin Grammar.
047671: T. E. UTLEY, JOHN UDAL - Wind of Change. The Challenge of the Commonwealth
086362: T.G. OTTE - An Historian in Peace and War: The Diaries of Harold Temperley (Routledge Studies in First World War History)
082879: T|NDE BEATRIX KARNITSCHER - Der Vergessene Spiritualist Johann Theodor Von Tschesch (1595-1649): Untersuchungen Und Spurensicherung Zu Leben Und Werk Eines Religiösen... Geschichte Des Pietismus) (German Edition)
084144: T. ANTHONY PERRY - Art and Meaning in Berceo's 'Vida de Santa Oria' (Yale Romanic Studies, Second Series,19)
054185: T.H. PEAR - The Psychology of Conversation
051616: T. VENNING - Cromwellian Foreign Policy
043250: T.H. DAVEY - Trypanosomiasis in British West Africa
085426: T.H.S. ESCOTT; JOSEPH CHAMBERLAIN; ETC. - Radical Programme: And Future of the Radical Party (Society and the Victorians)
059208: T.A. CRITCHLEY - The CIVIL Service Today
046399: T. J. CONNELLY - The Woodworkers 1860-1960
083946: T.G. COOK - Education and the Professions
084515: T. BELL - The Ruins of Liveden . With Historical Notices of the Family of Tresham, and Its Connexion with the Gunpowder Plot, Etc, Etc, Etc. To Which Is Added a Legendary Poem.
052943: TAAFFE, STEPHEN R. - Commanding the Army of the Potomac
055078: TACHIBANAKI, TOSHIAKI - Wage Differentials : An International Comparison
051361: TACITUS, CORNELIUS - Tacitus' Agricola, Germany, and Dialogue on Orators
057941: TACITUS , R.B. TOWNSHEND - The Agricola of Tacitus : The Germania of Tacitus
047761: TADEUSZ CEGIELSKI - Das Alte Reich Und Die Erste Teilung Polens, 1768-1774 (Vero?Ffentlichungen Des Instituts Fu?R Europa?Ische Geschichte Mainz. Abteilung Universalgeschichte. Beiheft) (German Edition)
057964: TAFERO, ARTHUR H - 2000 of the Best Films of All Time - 2014 Edition: The Ultimate Film Archive
082862: TAFERO, ARTHUR H - Les 150 Meilleurs Films Noir Et Blanc de Tous Les Temps: Noir Et Blanc Classics a Partir Des Annees 1930, Des Annees 1960 (French Edition)
042996: TAGG, JAMES - Benjamin Franklin Bache and the Philadelphia Aurora
051187: TAGGIE BENJAMINE F. CLEMENT RICHARD W. CARAWAY JAMES E. - Mediterranean Studies. Volume Four.
049855: TAGGIE, BENJAMIN F. - Mediterranean Studies: Spain and the Mediterranean
059689: TAINA SYRJÄMAA - Edistyksen Luvattu Maailma: Edistysusko Maailmannäyttelyissä 1851-1915
056418: TAKASHI SHOGIMEN - Ockham and Political Discourse in the Late Middle Ages (Cambridge Studies in Medieval Life and Thought: Fourth Series)
056261: TAKEDA, KIYOKO - The Dual-Image of the Japanese Emperor
042471: TALLEY, RICK - The Cubs of '69: Recollections of the Team That Should Have Been
086530: TAMAR GARB - The Painted Face: Portraits of Women in France, 1814-1914
085784: TAMARA PLAKINS THORNTON - Cultivating Gentlemen: The Meaning of Country Life Among the Boston Elite, 1785-1860
041758: TAMPKE, JURGEN - Czech-German Relations and the Politics of Central Europe: From Bohemia to the Eu
056088: TAMPKE, JÜRGEN - The People's Republics of Eastern Europe
080998: TARAGANO, MARTIN - Pro Basketball Statistics: Top Players and Teams by Game, Season and Career
045775: TARTAKOWSKY, DANIELLE - Nous Irons Chanter Sur Vos Tombes: Le Pere-Lachaise, Xixe-Xxe Siecle
059686: TASCHKA, SYLVIA - Diplomat Ohne Eigenschaften?: Die Karriere Des Hans-Heinrich Dieckhoff (1884-1952) (Transatlantische Historische Studien) (German Edition)
082806: MARSHAL DE LATTRE DE TASSIGNY - The History of the French First Army
047710: TAWNEY, RICHARD HENRY;WINTER, J.M. - R.H. Tawney: The American Labour Movement and Other Essays
082888: TAX, MEREDITH; MEREDITH TAX (AUTHOR) - The Rising of the Women: Feminist Solidarity and Class Conflilct, 1880-1917
041959: TAYLER HUGON S. - Dukinfield Old Chapel. Sunday School. Centenary Souvenir. 1900.
044976: TAYLOR, ANDREW - Trade Unions and Politics : A Comparative Introduction
080562: TAYLOR, ALISON; ETC.; BROWNE; DARBY; TAYLOR - Early Cambridgeshire
060056: TAYLOR, WALTER W. - Culture and Life Essays in Memory of Clyde Kluckhohn: Essays in Memory of Clyde Kluckhohn
042632: TAYLOR, ROBERT - Workers and the New Depression
083151: TAYLOR, PETER J. - Political Geography: World Economy, Nation-State and Locality
084796: TAYLOR, JOHN - Arator: Being a Series of Agricultural Essays, Practical and Political - in Sixty-Four Numbers
048858: TAYLOR, DONALD S. - Thomas Chatterton's Art: Experiments in Imagined History
080775: TAYLOR, STEPHEN - From Cranmer to Davidson: A Church of England Miscellany (Church of England Record Society)
051278: TEITLER, G. - The Genesis of the Professional Officers' Corps
048973: TEMPLE, ELZBIETA - Anglo-Saxon Manuscripts, 900-1066
052702: TENNYSON, SIR CHARLES;DYSON, HOPE - Tennyson, Lincolnshire and Australia: A Contribution to Lincolnshire Celebrations of the Bicentenary of Matthew Flinders, March 16th-May 31st 1974
052498: TENTLER, LESLIE WOODCOCK - Wage-Earning Women: Industrial Work and Family Life in the United States 1900-1930
086510: TEODOR SHANIN - Shanin: The Roots of Otherness - Russia 1905-7 - V 2 Revolution As a Moment of Truth (Cloth) (the Roots of Otherness, Russia's Turn of Century)
048327: TEODOR DE WYZEWA, GEORGES DE SAINT-FOIX - W. -A. Mozart, Sa Vie Musicale Et Son Ouvre de L'Enfance à la Pleine Maturité (1756-1777): Essai de Biographie Critique, Suivi D'Un Nouveau Catalogue Chronologique de L'Ouvre Complète Du Maitre, Volume 1 - L'Enfant Prodige
086511: TEODOR SHANIN - The Roots of Otherness: Russia's Turn of the Century, Volume 1: Russia As a Developing Society
054576: TERENCE H. O'BRIEN - British Experiments in Public Ownership and Control. A Study of the Central Electricity Board, British Broadcasting Corporation, London Passenger Transport Board
084452: TERENCE ALAN MARTYN BISHOP , PIERRE CHAPLAIS - Facsimiles of English Royal Writs to A.D. 1100: Presented to Vivian Hunter Galbraith
047213: TERENCE VINCENT POWDERLY - Thirty Years of Labor, 1859-1889
052567: TERENCE ARMSTRONG - Yermak's Campaign in Siberia: A Selection of Documents Translated from the Russian by Tatiana Minorsky and David Wileman (Hakluyt Society, Second Series)
084685: TERRY SLATER; NIGEL GOOSE - A County of Small Towns: The Development of Hertfordshire's Urban Landscape to 1800
042629: TERRY, MICHAEL - Shopfloor Politics and Job Controls: The Post-War Engineering Industry
041125: TERRY BROTHERSTONE, GEOFFREY PILLING - History, Economic History and the Future of Marxism: Essays in Honour of Tom Kemp (1921-1993)
050046: TERRY EAGLETON - Scholars and Rebels: In Nineteenth-Century Ireland
085174: TESTA FRANCESCO - Cassano D'Adda. IL Territorio, IL Borgo, Gli Scontri Militari Nelle Stampe Dal 1500 -1935
047732: TESTINI PASQUALE - Le Catacombe E Gli Antichi Cimiteri Cristiani in Roma.
044841: TEW, BRIAN - The Evolution of the International Monetary System: 1945-88
055091: TEW, BRIAN - The Evolution of the International Monetary System, 1945-85
083205: TH. ABSIL - Th. Absil, Annotationes de Esse
044750: THADEN, EDWARD C. - Interpreting History: Collective Essays on Russia's Relations with Europe
083203: THANE, PAT - Essays in Social History: Volume II
045926: THATCHER, IAN - Late Imperial Russia : Problems and Prospects
052364: THAYER, ELI - A History of the Kansas Crusade
049819: THE GENERAL ELECTRIC CO. LTD. - The G.E. C. Cookery Book for Use with Electric Cookers. Made in England.
081010: THE HOUSE OF COMMONS - Endowed Charities - County of Northampton
059522: THE NATIONAL UNION OF GENERAL AND MUNICIPAL WORKERS - The National Union of General and Municipal Workers. Half-Yearly Reports and Balance Sheet, 1928-29
059519: THE NATIONAL UNION OF GENERAL AND MUNICIPAL WORKERS - The National Union of General and Municipal Workers. Half-Yearly Reports and Balance Sheet 1926 and 1927
053767: THE MEDICAL TEMPERANCE JOURNAL - The Medical Temperance Journal Vol VII - 1876
053769: THE MEDICAL TEMPERANCE JOURNAL - The Medical Temperance Journal Vol VI - 1975
041042: THE ARTS COUNCIL - Fuseli: Catalogue of an Exhibition of Paintings and Drawings
057837: THE SCIENCE MUSEUM - The Photographic Work of Calvert Richard Jones
086366: THE JURIST - The Jurist : Containing Reports of Cases Determined in Law and in Equity During the Year 1837; with a General Digest, Table of Cases, and Index; Etc. Etc. Etc. Volume 1 1837.
044598: THE COMPANION TO THE NEWPAPER 1835. - The Companion to the Newspaper, and Journal of Facts in Politics, Statistics, and Public Economy. 1835.
081706: THE ARMY LIST - The Army List for August 1871
084450: THE WAR OFFICE - Monthly Army List 1914. April or May
048640: THE STAMFORD HISTORIAN. - The Stamford Historian. Number 1
053711: THE TIMES - St. Paul's in War and Peace, 1939-1958
040414: THE IRISH RECORD SHOP - Songs of an Irish Ballad Singer, with Piano Music and Guitar Chords
049548: THE ANNUAL REGISTER 1778 - The Annual Register or a View of the History, Politics and Literature, for the Year 1778
053771: THE MEDICAL TEMPERANCE JOURNAL - The Medical Temperance Journal Vol XVII - 1886
054492: THE OXFORD UNIVERSITY INSTITUTE OF STATISTICS - The Economics of Full Employment. Six Studies in Applied Economics
047912: THE LABOUR RESEARCH DEPARTMENT - The Workers' Register of Labour and Captial 1923
054624: THE DOWAGER MARCHIONESS OF READING - It's the Job That Counts 1939 - 1953. A Selection from the Speeches and Writings of the Dowager Marchioness of Reading
044915: THE PARLIAMENTARY DEBATES OFFICIAL REPORTS - Budget Speeches 1921 to 1930
059591: THE FAMILY ECONOMIST - The Family Economist; a Penny Monthly Magazine for the Industrious Classes. 1850 -1851
059521: THE NATIONAL UNION OF GENERAL AND MUNICIPAL WORKERS - The National Union of General and Municipal Workers. Half-Yearly Reports and Balance Sheet 1934 and 1935
058947: THE BIRMINGHAM POST - The Birmingham Post Year Book and Who's Who 1961 - 1962
048659: THE MEDICAL TEMPERANCE JOURNAL - The Medical Temperance Journal Vol VIII - 1877
084373: THE CIVIL SERVICE YEAR BOOK 1894 - The CIVIL Service Year Book, and Official Calendar 1894. 20th Year of Publication
053774: THE MEDICAL TEMPERANCE JOURNAL - The Medical Temperance Journal Vol II - 1871
053772: THE MEDICAL TEMPERANCE JOURNAL - The Medical Temperance Journal Vol Xx1 - 1890
053775: THE MEDICAL TEMPERANCE JOURNAL - The Medical Temperance Journal Vol X1v - 1883
084585: THE SPORTING MAGAZINE - The Sporting Magazine or Monthly Calendar of the Transactions of the Turf, the Chace, and Every Other Diversion April 1797 to Sept 1797
084353: THE STAGE - 'the Stage' Year Book Incorporating 'the Stage Guide' 1950
059520: THE NATIONAL UNION OF GENERAL AND MUNICIPAL WORKERS - The National Union of General and Municipal Workers. Half-Yearly Reports and Balance Sheet, 1930-31
047291: THE SOCIETY FOR SEVENTEENTH-CENTURY FRENCH STUDIES - Seventeenth-Century French Studies, Volume XI, 1989
059524: THE NATIONAL UNION OF GENERAL AND MUNICIPAL WORKERS - The National Union of General and Municipal Workers, Reports and Minutes for 1944
059844: THE EARL OF OXFORD AND ASQUITH - Fifty Years of Parliament by the Earl of Oxford and Asquith Vol. 2.
081286: THE COLLEGE OF PRECEPTORS - The College of Preceptors: The Calendar for the Year 1924-1925
050350: THE WILLIAM AND MARY QUARTERLY - The William and Mary Quarterly. A Magazine of Early American History. October 1948. Third Series. Volume V. Number 4.
048951: THE COMMITTE OF THE SOCIETY - Collectanea Fourth Series
056338: THE EARL BALDWIN OF BEWDLEY - An Interpreter of England. The Falconer Lectures
085255: THE NATIONAL LIBRARY OF WALES JOURNAL. - The National Library of Wales Journal Vol. 33. No. 4 . 2005
080398: THE ENGINEER. GREAT NORTHERN RAILWAY - Extract from 'the Engineer'- the Great Northern Railway - 1913
083422: THE SANKEI SHIMBUN - History Wars Japan-False Indictment of the Century
084799: THE AUSTRALIAN ARMY - Australian Army Journal . Vol. 1. Number 1 and 2. June and December 2003
046347: THE MANPOWER COMMITTEE - Demographic Trends in Western Europe, 1951-1971: A Report by the Manpower Committee
045140: THE LABOUR RESEACH DEPARTMENT. - Ten Years of Railway Finance
048955: THE FEDERATED ENGINEERING EMPLOYERS - The Federated Engineering Employers. '48 Hours' Dispute. Correspondence, Information Etc. And Report of Proceedings at Conference 1897
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048029: WILLEMSE DAVID INTRODUCCION Y TRANSCRIPCION DIPLOMATICA - Un 'Portugues' entre Los Castellanos. El Primer Proceso Inquisitorial Contra Gonzalo Baez de Paiba, 1654-1657.
058938: WILLETT, JOHN - Caspar Neher: Brecht's Designer
084418: WILLETTS, PAMELA J. - Catalogue of Manuscripts in the Society of Antiquaries of London
081271: WILLIAM POWELL - The Law List: Being a List of Judges and Offices of the Diffrent Courts of Justics... . . Etc. Etc. Corrected to Jan 1st 1858
081255: WILLIAM R. ELTON - King Lear and the Gods
057070: WILLIAM PALEY - Natural Theology: Or, Evidences of the Existence and Attributes of the Deity, Collected from the Appearances of Nature, and Tracts
042232: WILLIAM G. LUHR - The Coen Brothers' Fargo
058875: WILLIAM CHAZANOF - Joseph Ellicott and the Holland Land Company. The Opening of Western New York.
058148: WILLIAM A ROBSON - Social Security
050095: WILLIAM PENN CRESSON - The Holy Alliance. The European Background of the Monroe Doctrine.
056736: WILLIAM AYLOTT ORTON - Labour in Transition. A Survey of British Industrial History Since 1914
084193: WILLIAM G. MCADOO - Proceedings of the First Pan American Financial Conference: Convened by Authority of the Congress of the United States, Under the Direction of Hon. William G. Mcadoo, Secretary of the Treasury. Washington, May 24 to 29, 1915
046756: WILLIAM M. DABNEY, MARION DARGAN - William Henry Drayton & the American Revolution
084015: WILLIAM WORDSWORTH , ERNEST DE SELINCOURT - Wordsworth the Prelude or Growth of a Poet's Mind.
084192: WILLIAM MEREWETHER - A Review of Moses in His Time, Coupled with Passing Events, Also a Slight Glance at His Minister Joshua
044760: WILLIAM L. BLACKWELL - Russian Economic Development from Peter the Great to Stalin
086526: WILLIAM URBAN - Medieval Mercenaries: The Business of War

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