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044404: L.J. WILLIAMS - Britain and the World Economy, 1919-1970
056861: LÉVRIER, ALEXIS; COLLECTIF - La Spectatrice (Héritages Critiques)
058253: L.S. AMERY - My Political Life. Volume One England Before the Storm 1896-1914
058029: L. URWICK , E.F.L. BRECH - The Making of Scientific Management. Volume I Thirteen Pioneers
054984: L.T. HOBHOUSE , MARTIN WHITE - The Metaphysical Theory of the State. A Criticism by L.T. Hobhouse
058156: L. P. HARTLEY - The Cat. An Essay by L.P. Hartley
054747: L.T. HOBHOUSE MEMORIAL TRUST - Hobhouse Memorial Lectures 1930-1940
042948: L. A. D. - Morning Sunshine : Thoughs for the Little Ones.
083328: LÉON DELANGE-JANSON - Ambroise Chronique D'Un LIégeois de France 1770-1827
082457: L. G. WICKHAM LEGG - British Diplomatic Instructions; 1689-1789, Vol. 7: France, 1745-1789
081942: L. G. WICKHAM LEGG - British Diplomatic Instructions 1689-1789. Volume VI France, 1727-1744
059957: L.P. JACKS - The Challenge of Life. Three Lectures
082743: L'AULNOIT, BEATRIX DE - Les Rochambelles (French Edition)
057665: LA SIERRA, RAYMOND - Le Commando Du 6 Juin: No 4 Commando (Collection "Troupes de Choc") (French Edition)
027417: LA REVUE INDUSTRIELLE DU CENTRE FROM 14 NOV. 1908 TO 11 DEC. 1909. - La Revue Industrielle Du Centre. 1908-1909.
019914: LA FLEUR J. D. - Pieter Van Den Broecke's Journal of Voyages to Cape Verde, Guinea and Angola, 1605-1612
030276: LA CHRONIQUE DES ARTS ET DE LA CURIOSITE - La Chronique Des Arts Et de la Curiosite - Supplement a la Gazette Des Beaux-Arts. 1911
040321: LABAND, JOHN; KNIGHT, IAN - War Correspondents: The Anglo-Zulu War
042350: LABAREE BENJAMIN W. - Patriots and Partisans. The Merchants of Newburyport, 1764-1815.
022354: LABARGE MARGARET WADE - Court, Church and Castle.
042981: LABLANC, MICHAEL L. - Professional Sports Team Histories: Hockey
047358: LABLANC, MICHAEL L. - Professional Sports Team Histories : National Basketball Association
048163: LABOUR RESEARCH DEPARTMENT - Soviet Russia to-Day. Report of the British Workers' Delegation, 1927
059111: LABOUR RESEARCH DEPARTMENT - Labour & Capital in the Engineering Trades
053800: LABOUR RESEARCH DEPARTMENT - Labour and Capital on the Railways. Studies in Labour and Capital No. IV.
045689: LABOUR PARTY - British Labour Delegation to Russia, 1920, Report
054142: LABOUR PARTY - Local Government Handbook 1946-47
008079: LABRIOLLE, P.DE - History and Literature of Christianity from Tertullian to Boethius
083939: LABROUSSE, ELISABETH - Bayle (Past Masters)
053740: LACEY, DOUGLAS RAYMOND - Dissent and Parliamentary Politics in England, 1661-1689;: A Study in the Perpetuation and Tempering of Parliamentarianism
080233: LACHS PHYLLIS S. - The Diplomatic Corps Under Charles II and James II
014860: LACHS PHYLLIS S. - The Diplomatic Corps Under Charles II & James II.
083836: LACKNER, BEDE K.; PHILIP, KENNETH ROY - Essays on Mediaeval Civilization (W.P. Webb Memorial Lecture)
080254: LACKNER, BEDE K.; PHILP, KENNETH ROY - Essays on Modern European Revolutionary History (W.P. Webb Memorial Lecture)
010794: LADD WILLIAM - An Essay on a Congress of Nations for the Adjustment of International Disputes without Resort to Arms.
053559: LADD, DORIS M. - The Making of a Strike: Mexican Silver Workers' Struggles in Real Del Monte, 1766-1775
016337: LADD-TAYLOR, MOLLY - Mother-Work : Women, Child Welfare, and the State, 1890-1930
044243: LADEJINSKY, WOLF - Agrarian Reform As Unfinished Business
059834: LADRIERE J. BONE .L. LEGUEBE A. MOGENET J. BRUYLANTS A. LEVY P.M.G. ET AL. - Colloques D'Histoire Des Sciences I (1972) Et II (1973) Organises par le Centre D'Histoire Des Sciences... . U. De Louvain. I - Resistance Et Ouverture Aux Decovertes Et Aux Theories Scientifiques Dans le Passe. II - Hommage a Copernic.
055965: LADY DOROTHY NEVILL - My Own Times
060467: LAEL, RICHARD L. - Arrogant Diplomacy: U.S. Policy Toward Colombia, 1903-1922
031193: LAFANTASIE, GLENN W. - Twilight at Little Round Top : July 2, 1863--the Tide Turns at Gettysburg
031193: LAFANTASIE, GLENN W. - Twilight at Little Round Top : July 2, 1863--the Tide Turns at Gettysburg
059854: LAFANTASIE, GLENN W. - Gettysburg Heroes: Perfect Soldiers, Hallowed Ground
026591: LAFEBER, WALTER - Inevitable Revolutions : The United States in Central America
060394: LAFEBER, WALTER - The Cambridge History of American Foreign Relations, Volume 2: The American Search for Opportunity, 1865-1913
009623: LAFFIN, JOHN - The French Foreign Legion
055325: LAGA C. MUNITIZ J. A. , ROMPAY L. VAN - After Chalcedon : Studies in Theology and Church History Offered to Professor Albert Van Roey for His Seventieth Birthday.
082606: LAGRANGE,FRANÇOIS; REVERSEAU,JEAN-PIERRE - Les Invalides: L'état, la Guerre, la Mémoire (Découvertes Gallimard - Histoire)
060071: LAIDLER, H.W. - History of Socialism (International Library of Society)
051432: LAISTNER M. L. W. CHESTER G. STARR - The Intellectual Heritage of the Early Middle Ages. Selected Essays by M.L. W. Laistner.
081303: LAKE, PETER - Anglicans and Puritans?: Presbyterianism and English Conformist Thought - Whitgift to Hooker
020823: LAKE, PETER - The Boxmaker's Revenge : Orthodoxy, Heterodoxy and the Politics of the Parish in Early Stuart London
081099: LAKE, PETER - Moderate Puritans and the Elizabethan Church
052180: LAKIER, A. B.;SCHRIER, ARNOLD;STORY, JOYCE - A Russian Looks at America: The Journey of Aleksandr Borisovich Lakier in 1857 ; Translated from the Russian and Edited by Arnold Schrier and Joyce
028656: LALAGE PULVERTAFT - The Thing Desired
028541: LALAGE PULVERTAFT - No Great Magic
058092: LAMAR, HOWARD R. - The Trader on the American Frontier: Myth's Victim (Elma Dill Russell Spencer Series in the West and Southwest)
048542: LAMB, WILLIAM - Ane Resonyng: Of Ane Scottis and Inglis Merchand Betuix Rowand and Lionis
016362: LAMB, RICHARD - Churchill As a War Leader : Right or Wrong
084053: LAMB, RICHARD - Churchill As War Leader: Right or Wrong?
059736: LAMBERT, GAIL - Peter Wilson : Colonial Surgeon
080401: LAMBERZ, ERICH - Concilivm Vniversale Nicaenvm Secvndvm: Concilii Actiones I-III
080400: LAMBERZ, ERICH - Concilivm Vniversale Nicaenvm Secvndvm: Concilii Actiones , IV-V (Acta Conciliorvm Oecvmenicorvm, Series Secvnda) (Ancient Greek Edition)
052618: LAMBETH PALACE LIBRARY; HOUSTON, JANE - Catalogue of Ecclesiastical Records of the Commonwealth 1643-1660 in the Lambeth Palace Library
056496: LAMIS, ALEXANDER P. - The Two-Party South
027128: LAMONT, WILLIAM - Puritanism and Historical Controversy
054658: LAMPHERE, LOUISE - From Working Daughters to Working Mothers: Immigrant Women in a New England Industrial Community
048175: LAMPING A. J. - Ulrichus Velenus (Oldrich Velensky) and His Treatise Against the Papacy.
009894: LANCASTER HENRY CARRINGTON - Sunset. A History of Parisian Drama in the Last Years of Louis XIV, 1701-1715.
014255: LANCASTER, BILL - Radicalism, Cooperation and Socialism : Leicester Working-Class Politics 1860-1906
044698: LANCASTER JOAN C. - Coventry - Historic Towns
046259: LANCASTER INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION - The Furness Area. (a Report by the Association Upon the Economic Problems of the Furness Area of Lancashire. )
026732: LANCELOT L. FARRAR - Divide and Conquer. German Efforts to Conclude a Separate Peace, 1914-1918
026732: LANCELOT L. FARRAR - Divide and Conquer. German Efforts to Conclude a Separate Peace, 1914-1918
030337: LANCELOT MIDDLETON - Hymns and Songs for Mission Services: With Tunes
056490: LANDAU, ZBIGNIEW & TOMASZEWSKI, JERZY - The Polish Economy in the Twentieth Century
059269: LANDAU, RONNIE S. - The Nazi Holocaust
010919: LANDER J. R. - The Wars of the Roses.
057451: LANDER, SUZANNE - Audrey Hepburn : Un Hommage Photographique
080253: LANDSCAPES - Landscapes. Volume 5, Number 2, Autumn 2004
082319: LANDY, MARCIA - Italian Film (National Film Traditions)
082546: LANDY, MARCIA - Stardom, Italian Style: Screen Performance and Personality in Italian Cinema (New Directions in National Cinemas)
019489: LANE, T. W.; MORRIS, ELAINE L. - A Millennium of Saltmaking : Prehistoric and Romano-British Salt Production in the Fenland
055789: LANE, DAVID - The End of Social Inequality? Class, Status and Power Under State Socialism
053243: LANE, DAVID STUART - Soviet Economy and Society
055269: LANGDALE ABRAM BARNETT - Phineas Fletcher. Man of Letters, Science and Divinity.
017099: LANGDALE ABRAM BARNETT - Phineas Fletcher. Man of Letters, Science and Divinity.
015439: LANGE CHARLES H. AND RILEY CARROLL L. EDITED . - The Southwestern Journals of Adolph F. Bandelier. 1880-1882.
083074: LANGE-AKHUND, NADINE - The Macedonian Question, 1893-1908 from Western Sources
009893: LANGENHOVE FERNAND VAN - L'Action Du Governement Belge en Matiere Economique Pendant la Guerre.
052470: LANGER, HERBERT - Thirty Years' War
026829: LANGEWIESCHE, DIETER;VERLAG PLOETZ - Ploetz, Das Deutsche Kaiserreich 1867/71 Bis 1918: Bilanz Einer Epoche
054071: LANGFORD, PAUL - The Eighteenth Century, 1688-1815
042625: LANGFORD, D. A. - Direct Labour Organisations in the Construction Industry
082324: LANGFORD, MICHELLE - Directory of World Cinema: Germany (Ib - Directory of World Cinema)
083650: LANGFORD, PAUL - Englishness Identified: Manners and Character 1650-1850
047482: LANGNER, RAINER-K. - Scott and Amundsen : Duel in the Ice
080592: LANGTON, JOHN; JONES, GRAHAM - Forests and Chases of England and Wales C. 1500 to 1800: Towards a Survey and Analysis
053346: LANNING, JOHN TATE - Pedro de la Torre: Doctor of Conquerors
043683: LANNING, HUGH; NORTON-TAYLOR, RICHARD - Conflict of Loyalities : Government Communications Headquarters, 1984-91
047594: LANSCHE, JERRY - The Forgotten Championships: Postseason Baseball, 1882-1981
080962: LANSCHE, JERRY - Stan the Man Musial: Born to Be a Ballplayer
054147: LANTZEFF, GEORGE V.; PIERCE, RICHARD A. - Eastward to Empire : Exploration and Conquest on the Russian Open Frontier, to Seventeen Fifty
049411: LAPP, RUDOLPH M. - Blacks in Gold Rush California
083455: LAPRADE, WILLIAM THOMAS - Public Opinion and Politics in Eighteenth Century England to the Fall of Walpole
083292: LAQUEUR, WALTER - Weimar 1918-1933: A Cultural History
022781: LAQUEUR WALTER AND GEORGE MOSSE EDITED - Journal of Contemporary History. Popular Fronts.
043734: LARA VINCA MASINI - Le Tombe Dei Re a Saint Denis
082429: LARDAS, MARK - American Heavy Frigates 1794-1826.
054284: LARIO RAMIREZ, DAMASO DE - Sobre Los Origenes Del Burocrata Moderno: El Colegio de San Clemente de Bolonia Durante la Impermeabilizacion Habsburguesa (1568-1659)
081568: LARKIN, EMMET - Roman Catholic Church in Ireland and the Fall of Parnell, 1888-91
047901: LARRABEE HAROLD A. - Decision at the Chesapeake.
083862: LARRY EVANS, KEN SMITH - Fischer-Spassky Move by Move
060267: LARSON, JAMES L. - Reforming the North: The Kingdoms and Churches of Scandinavia, 1520-1545
051568: LARSON, ROBERT W. - Populism in the Mountain West
051941: LARSON THOMAS B. - Disarmament and Soviet Policy, 1964-1968.
048902: LARSON, JANET L. - Dickens and the Broken Scripture
043476: LASCELLES, MARY - The Story-Teller Retrieves the Past : Historical Fiction and Fictitious History in the Art of Scott, Stevenson, Kipling, and Some Others
026860: LASH, SCOTT - The Militant Worker : Class and Radicalism in France and America
083171: LASH, SCOTT; URRY, JOHN - The End of Organised Capitalism
022013: LASKO, PETER E. - The Kingdom of the Franks : North-West Europe Before Charlemagne
045684: LASLETT, JOHN H. , SEYMOUR MARTIN LIPSET - Failure of a Dream: Essays in the History of American Socialism
048043: LASSAM, ROBERT - Fox Talbot, Photographer
054146: LASSOTA VON STEBLAU, ERICH;WYNAR, LUBOMYR ROMAN - Habsburgs and Zaporozhian Cossacks: The Diary of Erich Lassota Von Steblau, 1594
017723: LAU FRANZ AND BIZER ERNST - Die Kirche in Ihrer Geschichte - Reformationsgeschichte Deutschlands Bis 1555.
005168: LAU, FRANZ; BIZER, ERNST - A History of the Reformation in Germany to 1555
049569: LAUBER, VOLKMAR - The Political Economy of France: From Pompidou to Mitterrand
050814: LAUGHTON JOHN KNOX , LORD TORRINGTON - Memoirs Relating to the Lord Torrington.
060242: LAURA E. LYONS , PURNIMA BOSE - Cultural Critique and the Global Corporation (Tracking Globalization)
023840: LAURENCE SCARFE - Alphabets: An Introductory Treatise on Written and Printed Letter Forms for the Use of Students
008208: LAURENS FRANKLIN D. - France and the Italo-Ethiopian Crisis, 1935-1936.
059125: LAURIE, BRUCE - Beyond Garrison: Antislavery and Social Reform
049375: LAURIE, CLAYTON D.; COLE, RONALD H. - The Role of Federal Military Forces in Domestic Disorders, 1877-1945
048463: LAURIE RUSH - Archaeology, Cultural Property, and the Military
083679: LAVILLE, HELEN - Cold War Women: The International Activities of American Women's Organisations
083243: LAVRIN, ASUNCION - Sexuality and Marriage in Colonial Latin America (Latin American Studies)
048622: LAW BIMALA CHURN - Concepts of Buddhism
021436: LAW, CHRISTOPHER M. - British Regional Development Since World War I
081977: LAWALL GILBERT - Theocritus's Coan Pastorals. A Poetry Book.
050148: LAWLESS, RICHARD I.;FINDLAY, ALLAN M. - North Africa, Contemporary Politics and Economic Development
047169: LAWLEY, IAN - Potters' Holiday. From Wakes to Sunshine Breaks
041064: LAWLOR, SHEILA - Britain and Ireland, 1914-1923
043340: LAWLOR, SHEILA - Churchill and the Politics of War, 1940-1941
056759: LAWRANCE, BENJAMIN N. - Locality, Mobility, and "Nation": Periurban Colonialism in Togo's Eweland, 1900-1960 (Rochester Studies in African History and the Diaspora)
046275: LAWRENCE MISHEL , PAULA B. VOOS - Unions and Economic Competitiveness
083791: LAWRENCE, P. S. H. - The Encouragement of Learning
080044: LAWRENCE, RICHARD RUSSELL - The Book of the Edwardian & Interwar House
054635: LAWRENCE H. LEDER - Robert Livingston: 1654-1728, and the Politics of Colonial New York
056940: LAWRENCE O. EALY - Yanqui Politics and the Isthmian Canal
025383: LAWRENCE EDWARD TANNER - Westminster School, a History
055286: LAWRENCE, CHRISTOPHER , ANNA-K MAYER - Regenerating England: Science, Medicine and Culture in Inter-War Britain
052650: LAWRENCE WILLIAM J. - Pre-Restoration Stage Studies.
059138: LAWSON, NIGEL; BUDD, ALAN - The State of the Market (Iea Occasional Paper No. 80)
004121: LAWSON GRANT M. W. - La Mission de M. De Bussy a Londres en 1761.
006028: LAWSON A. J. (EDITED) - Essays in Palaeolithic Art.
049941: LAWTON GEORGE - John Wesley's English. A Study of His Literary Style
045354: LAYBOURN, KEITH - Unemployment and Employment Policies Concerning Women in Britain, 1900-1951
045302: LAYBOURN, KEITH - The Guild of Help and the Changing Face of Edwardian Philanthropy: The Guild of Help, Voluntary Work and the State, 1904-1919
046349: LAYBOURN, KEITH - Working-Class Gambling in Britain, C. 1906-1960s: The Stages of the Political Debate
045629: LAYBOURN, KEITH - Marxism in Britain: Dissent, Decline and Re-Emergence 1945-C. 2000
043371: LAYBOURN, KEITH - British Political Leaders : A Biographical Dictionary
008238: LAZAREVSKI VLADIMIR - Under the Bolshevik Uniform.
084010: LAZAREVSKI VLADIMIR - Under the Bolshevik Uniform.
046714: LAZIC, BRANKO M. ; DRACHKOVITCH, MILORAD M. - Lenin and the Comintern. Volume I.
053854: LAZO, RODRIGO - Writing to Cuba: Filibustering and Cuban Exiles in the United States
057979: LAZONICK, WILLIAM - Competitive Advantage on the Shop Floor
046369: LAZONICK, WILLIAM - Competitive Advantage on the Shop Floor
050831: LAZREG, MARNIA - The Emergence of Classes in Algeria: A Study of Colonialism and Socio-Political Change
052237: LE VINE VICTOR T. - The Cameroons from Mandate to Independence.
052238: LE VINE VICTOR T. - The Cameroons from Mandate to Independence.
016953: LE CANAL DE SUEZ. - Le Canal de Suez. Bulletin Decadaire de la Compagnie Universelle Du Canal Maritime de Suez. 2/3 Janvier 1912 to 22 Decembre 1912 No. 1441 - No. 1476.
016952: LE CANAL DE SUEZ. - Le Canal de Suez. Bulletin Decadaire de la Compagnie Universelle Du Canal Maritime de Suez. 2/3 Janvier 1911 -22 Decembre 1911 No. 1405 - No. 1440. + Supplement of 22 Dec. 1911.
017702: LE LIVRE JAUNE FRANCAIS. - Le Livre Jaune Francais. Documents Diplomatiques 1938-1939. Pieces Relatives Aux Evenements Et Aux Negociations Qui Ont Precede L'Ouverture Des Hostilites entre L'Allemagne D'Une Part, la Pologne, la Grande-Bretagne Et la France D'Autre Part.
017701: LE NABOUR, ERIC - Les Deux Restaurations
059324: LE, MIRE; LE MIRE, HENRI - Histoire Des Parachutistes Francais (French Edition)
051817: LE COMTE DE CHAMBRUN - Fragments Politiques.
044136: LE MARECHAL DE SAXE - Le Marechal de Saxe Et le Regiment Saxe Volontaires
023103: LE QUESNE, A. L.; KILVER, FRANCIS - After Kilvert
083052: LE MIRE HENRI - L'Epopee Moderne de la Legion, 1940/1976
049879: LE MIRE, HENRI - Histoire Militaire de la Guerre D'Algerie
015402: LEACH, EDMUND R.; MUKHERJEE, SOUMYENDRA N. - Elites in South Asia
021932: LEACH ARTHUR FRANCIS - Visitations and Memorials of Southwell Minster.
022037: LEACOCK, STEPHEN - Stephen Leacock
081952: LEADER SCOTT - Sir John Hawkwood (L'Acuto). Story of a Condottiere
083032: LEAGUE OF NATIONS - Japanese Aggression and the League of Nations. 1938. Volume 4
022197: LEAGUE OF NATIONS. SECRETARIAT. ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL SECTION - Memorandum on Production and Trade: 1913 and 1923-1926.
019301: LEAR, EDWARD - Edward Lear : Selected Letters
015072: LEAVITT STURGIS E. - The Estrella de Sevilla and Claramonte.
006979: LEAVY EDMOND H. (CHIEF OF MISSION) - The Economic Development of Kenya. Report of a Mission Organized by the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development.
040214: LEBEUF, ANNIE M.-D. - Les Populations Du Tchad (Nord Du 10eme Parallele)
042068: LEBRUN, DOMINIQUE - Hollywood
021285: LEBRUN, F - Parole de Dieu Et Revolution. Les Sermons D'Un Cure Angevin Avant Et Pendant la Guerre de Vendee.
017425: LECLERCQ J. ROCHAIS ET CH. H. TALBOT - Bernard de Clairvaux. Sermons Divers Tome II (Sermons 23-69).
043317: LECONFIELD LORD - Sutton and Duncton Manors.
056597: LECOURT, DOMINIQUE - Proletarian Science?: Case of Lysenko
015420: LEDER LAWRENCE H. EDITED - The Colonial Legacy. Vol. III. Historians of Nature and Man's Nature. Vol. IV. Early Nationalist Historians.
048624: LEDNICKI WACLAW - Tolstoy between War and Peace
042218: LEE, JEAN B. - The Price of Nationhood: The American Revolution in Charles County
010036: LEE W. R. AND ROSENHAFT EVE (EDITED) - State and Social Change in Germany, 1880-1980, the
010064: LEE W. R. AND ROSENHAFT EVE (EDITED) - State, Social Policy and Social Change in Germany, 1880-1994
043142: LEE, WAYNE E. - The Culture of Violence in Revolutionary North Carolina : Rioters, Regulators and Revolutionaries
060348: LEE, PROFESSOR SOPHIA Z. - The Workplace Constitution from the New Deal to the New Right (Studies in Legal History)
050836: LEE, YUR-BOK - Diplomatic Relations between the United States and Korea, 1866-1887
046571: LEE, C. H. - Regional Economic Growth in the United Kingdom Since the 1880s
080437: LEE, JAE WON - Paul and the Politics of Difference: A Contextual Study of the Jewish-Gentile Difference in Galatians and Romans
080623: LEE, JOHN S - Cambridge and Its Region, 1450 to 1560 (Studies in Regional and Local History)
059100: LEES MILNE, JAMES - The Enigmatic Edwardian Reginald Esher
056325: LEES-MILNE, JAMES - The Fool of Love
052447: LEFÈVRE JOSEPH - La Secrétairerie D'Etat Et de Guerre Sous le Régime Espagnol (1694-1711)
081509: LEFEBURE, VICTOR - The Riddle of the Rhine: Chemical Strategy in Peace and War
082778: LEFEBVRE-FILLEAU, JEAN-PAUL - Chronique D'Une Libération : Paris Et Sa Banlieue 19-31 Août 1944
053853: LEFEBVRE, GEORGES; STOCKHOLD, HENRY F.; ANDERSON, JOHN EDWARD - Napoleon. From Tilsit to Waterloo 1807-1815
083438: LEFF GORDON - Richard Fitzralph. Commentator of the Sentences. A Study in Theological Orthodoxy.
060107: LEGG, L. G. WICKHAM (ED. ) - British Diplomatic Instructions, 1689-1789: France, 1689-1721 (Camden Society S. )
041865: LEGG, RODNEY - The Book of Bridport : Town, Harbour and West Bay
080307: LEGG, L.G. WICKHAM (ED). - British Diplomatic Instructions, 1689-1789, Volume IV: France, 1721-1727.
083357: LEGGIERE, MICHAEL V. - Blücher: Scourge of Napoleon (Campaigns and Commanders Series)
018586: LEGTERS LYMAN H. EDITED - Russia. Essays in History and Literature.
059067: LEHMAN, JOHN F.; SICHERMAN, HARVEY - America the Vulnerable : Our Military Problems and How to Fix Them
051012: LEHMANN HARTMUT - Transatlantische Religionsgeschichte. 18. Bis 20 Jahhundert.
058131: LEHMKUHL, URSULA; FINZSCH, NORBERT - Atlantic Communications: The Media in American and German History from the Seventeenth to the Twentieth Century (Krefeld Historical Symposia)
050345: LEHNER, ULRICH L. - Enlightened Monks : The German Benedictines, 1740-1803
041322: LEIGH, MICHAEL D. - Conflict, Politics and Proselytism : Methodist Missionaries in Colonial and Postcolonial Burma, 1887-1966
081643: LEIGH, SIR EGERTON; LEE, ARTHUR - The Nature of Colony Constitutions: Two Pamphlets on the Wilkes Fund Controversy in South Carolina (Tricentennial Edition)
059470: LEIGHTON, CAROLINE C.; BUERGE, DAVID M. - West Coast Journeys 1865-1879: The Travelogue of a Remarkable Woman
054030: LEILA HOUGHTELING - The Income and Standard of Living of Unskilled Laborers in Chicago
019043: LEITENBERG MILTON - Deaths in Wars and Conflicts in the 20th Century.
049208: LEITENBERG MILTON - Deaths in Wars and Conflicts in the 20th Century
040564: LEITH-ROSS, PRUDENCE - The John Tradescants : The Gardners to the Rose and Lily Queen
049108: LEJEUNE, RITA;STIENNON, JACQUES - The Legend of Roland in the Middle Ages
029152: LELAND REX ROBINSON - Foreign Credit Facilities in the United Kingdom: A Sketch of Post-War Development and Present Status
056599: LEMAY, G H L - Black and White in South Africa. The Politics of Survival
082217: LEMKE-MULLER, SABINE - Ethischer Sozialismus Und Soziale Demokratie: Der Politische Weg Willi Eichlers Vom Isk Zur Spd (Reihe Politik- Und Gesellschaftsgeschichte) (German Edition)
008171: LEMKE, HEINZ - Deutsch-Russische Wirtschaftsbeziehungen, 1906-1914: Dokumente
042448: LEMMON, DAVID - Cricket's Champion Counties : David Lemmon Examines the Most Successful Teams in Cricket's History
044802: LEMON ROBERT (INTRO.) STATE PAPERS. KING HENRY THE EIGHTH. - State Papers. King Henry the Eighth. Part III - Correspondence between the Governments of England and Ireland. 1515-1538.
030458: LENCI MAURO - Le Metamorfosi Dell'Antilluminismo. Aspetti Ed Itinerari Del Dibattito Sui Lumi Nella Storia Del Pensiero Politico
047845: LENDLE OTTO EDITED (GREGORIUS NYSSENUS) - Gregorius Nyssenus - Encomium in Sanctum Stephanum Protomartyrem.
045780: LENG, PHILIP J. - The Welsh Dockers
057606: LENIN, V.I. - Lenin's Final Fight : Speeches and Writings, 1922-23
029023: LENNON, A.; MCKAY, R. - Agricultural Law, Tax and Finance
024240: LEO BAECK INSTITUTE - Lbi Information. 5/6. 1995
023538: LEO BAECK INSTI STAFF - Leo Baeck Institute Year Bk 37
081988: LEO BAECK INSTITUT, - 40 Jahre Leo Baeck Institut Lbi Information 5/6 - 1995
080084: LEON TROTSKY - The First Five Years of the Communist International
058191: LEON TROTSKY , PAUL N. SIEGEL - Leon Trotsky on Literature and Art
046036: LEON TROTSKY , ANYA BOSTOCK - Leon Trotsky 1905
054294: LEON TROTSKY - Marxism and the Trade Unions. Trade Unions in the Epoch of Imperialist Decay. Communism and Syndicalism
040927: LEON LITVACK, GLENN HOOPER - Ireland in the Nineteenth Century : Regional Identity
055349: LEON TROTSKY , ALAN CLINTON, RICHARD CHAPPELL - Collected Writings and Speeches on Britain, Volume 2
059110: LEON TROTSKY - Problems of the British Revolution
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020203: MALCOLMSON, ROBERT W.; MASTORIS, STEPHANOS - The English Pig : A History
083541: MALCOLMSON, ROBERT W.; MASTORIS, STEPHANOS - The English Pig : A History
052042: MALCOMSON, ROBERT - The a to Z of the War of 1812
056168: ARTHUR MALE - Treatise on the Law and Practice of Elections.
082168: MALEFAKIS, EDWARD E. - Agrarian Reform and Peasant Revolution in Spain: Origins of the CIVIL War
020740: MALEKIN, PETER - Liberty and Love : English Literature and Society 1640-88
019164: MALEY, TERESA;STAIR SOCIETY;ELLIOT, WALTER - Selkirk Protocol Books, 1511-1547: The Protocol Books of John Chepman, 1511-36 and 1545-47, Sir John Chepman, 1536-43, John and Ninian Brydin and Other Notaries, 1526-36, and John Brydin, 1530-37
023178: MALEY WILLIAM - The Afghanistan Wars
056520: MALLET, SERGE - New Working Class
042392: MALLIER, A.T.;ROSSER, M.J. - Women and the Economy: A Comparative Study of Britain and the Usa
055432: MALLOCK, WILLIAM HURRELL - A Critical Examination of Socialism
054706: MALLOL MARIE TERESA FERRER I. VIVES J. M. MARTINEZ MANUEL SANCHEZ - La Corona Catalanoaragonesa I el Seu Entorn Mediterraini a la Baiza Edat Mitjana.
025923: MALONE, MICHAEL P.; ETULAIN, RICHARD W. - The American West : A Twentieth-Century History
081089: MALTBY, JUDITH - Prayer Book and People in Elizabethan and Early Stuart England (Cambridge Studies in Early Modern British History)
082099: MANCALL, PETER C. - Valley of Opportunity: Economic Culture Along the Upper Susquehanna, 1700-1800
031529: MANCERON, CLAUDE;MANCERON, ANNE - La Revolution Francaise
042110: MANCHESTER WOMEN'S HISTORY GROUP - Resources for Women's History in Greater Manchester
082987: MANCHESTER, A. H. - Modern Legal History of England and Wales, 1750-1950
056301: MANDEL - Marx Economic Theory. Volume 2
083781: MANDEL, ERNEST - The Formation of the Economic Thought of Karl Marx
055013: MANDEL, ERNEST - The Second Slump: A Marxist Analysis of Recession in the Seventies
083724: MANDEL, ERNEST - An Introduction to Marxist Economic Theory
083148: MANDEL, ERNEST - Long Waves of Capitalist Development: A Marxist Interpretation
041971: MANDELL, RICHARD D. - The First Modern Olympics
017806: MANDROU ROBERT - Introduction a la France Moderne (1500-1640). Essai de Psychologie Historique.
005153: MANDROU, ROBERT - Introduction to Modern France,1500-1640: An Essay in Historical Psychology
005155: MANDROU, ROBERT - Introduction to Modern France, 1500-1640: An Essay in Historical Psychology
042668: MANEY, R. WAYNE - Marching to Cold Harbor: Victory and Failure, 1864
031202: MANEY, R. WAYNE - Marching to Cold Harbor: Victory and Failure, 1864
060320: MANFRED CONTE - Jeopardy
082359: MANGIONE, JERRE; MORREALE, BEN - La Storia: Five Centuries of the Italian-American Experience
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081757: MANLEY O. HUDSON - Ternational Legislation. A Collection of the Texts of Multiparte International Instruments of General Interest. Volume VII 1935-1937. Numbers 402-505
049211: MANLEY DELARIVIERE. INTRO. BY JACK M. ARMISTEAD AND DEBBIE K. DAVIS - Lucius, the First Christian King of Britain. A Tragedy. (1717) Delariviere Manley
059700: MANN, THOMAS - The Letters of Thomas Mann 1889-1955 (Penguin Modern Classics)
020201: MANN HAROLD H. EDITED BY DANIEL THORNER - The Social Framework of Agriculture. India, Middle East, England.
049463: MANN, ALFRED K. - For Better or for Worse: The Marriage of Science and Government in the United States
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048914: MANN, BONNIE - Women's Liberation and the Sublime: Feminism, Postmodernism, Environment
080911: MANN, NICHOLAS; SYSON, LUKE - The Image of the Individual: Portraits in the Renaissance
083228: MANN, MICHAEL - States, War, and Capitalism: Studies in Political Sociology
028333: MANNING COLES - A Brother for Hugh
028333: MANNING COLES - A Brother for Hugh
081300: MANNING, BRIAN - The Far Left in the English Revolution 1640 to 1660
080814: MANNING, BRIAN - English People and the English Revolution
028165: MANNING, STEPHEN - Soldiers of the Queen: Victorian Colonial Conflict in the Words of Those Who Fought
051999: MANOR, EHUD - Forward -- the Jewish Daily Forward (Forverts) Newspaper : Immigrants, Socialism and Jewish Politics in New York, 1890-1917
016921: MANRIQUE, ANGEL - Cisterciensium; Seu, Verius Ecclesiasticorum Annalium a Condito Cistercio
016922: MANRIQUE, ANGEL - Cisterciensium; Seu, Verius Ecclesiasticorum Annalium a Condito Cistercio
052546: MANSBRIDGE, JANE J. - Why We Lost the Era
056119: MANSERGH, NICHOLAS - The Commonwealth Experience Volume Two: From British to Multi-Racial Commonwealth
050736: MANSERGH, NICHOLAS - The Commonwealth Experience. Volume One - the Durham Report to the Anglo - Irish Treaty.
056104: MANSERGH, NICHOLAS - The Commonwealth Experience, Volume One: The Durham Report to the Anglo-Irish Treaty
083366: MANSFIELD, ANGUS - I Wish I Had Your Wings: A Spitfire Pilot and Operation Pedestal, Malta 1942
055317: MANSOUR, FAWZY - The Arab World : Nation, State and Democracy
083519: MANUEL AMARAL - The Portuguese Army and the Commencent of the Peninsular War
042990: MAP - Bartholomew's Map of Scandinavia and the Baltic - Contour Colouring Showing Roads and Railways - Scale 1: 3,000,000
028777: MAP - NORTH YORKSHIRE COAST - Bartholomews North Yorkshire Coast Half -Inch Contoured Map.
029541: MAP - LIVERPOOL AND MANCHESTER - Bartholomew's Map of Liverpool and Manchester
029207: MAP BOURNE (SOUTH) AND RYHALL - P/F Map 0877 Bourne South and Ryhall
029211: MAP OF SNOWDON - Ordnance Survey Map of Snowdon. Sheet 107. One Inch Map.
029346: MAP LONDON PASSENGER TRANSPORT 1934 - London Passenger Transport Map Sheet 106 1934 by the Charles Close Society for the Study of Ordnance Survey Maps (Sheet Map, Folded, 2008) - Watford
029208: MAP OF CITY OF YORK 1920 - York Town Map 1920. Maps from the Past ; 2.
029209: MAP STAMFORD AND PETERBOROUGH (NW) - Pathfinder Map 0897 Stamford and Peterborough (Nw)
029210: MAP OF SNOWDON - Ordnance Survey Map of Snowdon. Sheet 107. One Inch Map.
029751: MAP - Town Plan of Leicester 1940s?
081447: MAPP, PAUL W. - The Elusive West and the Contest for Empire, 1713-1763 (Published for the Omohundro Institute of Early American History and Culture, Williamsburg, Virginia)
042225: MARÍA JOSEFA ARNALL JUAN - Lletres Reials a la Ciutat de Girona: 1517-1713. Volum 3
052162: MARACEK, GREG - St. Louis Hawks: A Gallery of Images & Memorabilia
083474: MARC BLOCH - Land and Work in Mediaeval Europe: Selected Papers
082306: MARC LEMONIER - Guide Des Lieux Cultes Du Cinéma en France
082551: MARC BRADFER - Dictionnaire Des Compagnons de la Libération
049793: MARCEL HODEN - Chronique Des éVénements Internationaux. Volume II Les Trois Derniers Agressions
082537: MARCELLINE BLOCK - World Film Locations: Paris (Intellect Books - World Film Locations)
054261: MARCO CUAZ - Intellettuali, Potere E Circolazione Delle Idee Nell' Italia Moderna: (1500-1700)
027522: MARCOMBE, DAVID - Leper Knights : The Order of St. Lazarus of Jerusalem in England, C. 1150-1544
082408: MARCUS, G.J. - Heart of Oak: Survey of British Sea Power in the Georgian Era
009936: MARCUS, JACOB RADER - The Rise and Destiny of the German Jew: With a Postmortem
009936: MARCUS, JACOB RADER - The Rise and Destiny of the German Jew: With a Postmortem
082005: MARCUS, JACOB RADER - The Rise and Destiny of the German Jew: With a Postmortem
049259: MARCUS TULLIUS CICERO, GEORGE LONG - M Tullii Ciceronis Orationes: With a Commentary
052789: MARCUS CHEKE - The Cardinal de Bernis
050949: MARESCA THOMAS E. - Pope's Horatian Poems
051879: MARGADANT, JO BURR - Madame le Professeur: Women Educators in the Third Republic
049781: MARGADANT, TED W. - Urban Rivalries in the French Revolution
023881: MARGARET FITZGERALD RICHEY - Medieval German Lyrics
057141: MARGARET DIGBY - The World Co-Operative Movement
054286: MARGARET ASHDOWN , S. CLEMENT BROWN - Social Service and Mental Health. An Essay on Psychiatric Social Workers
082059: MARGARET DEANESLY - Sidelights on the Anglo-Saxon Church
030142: MARGARET E. WAGNER, GARY W. GALLAGHER, JAMES M. MCPHERSON - The Library of Congress CIVIL War Desk Reference
030142: MARGARET E. WAGNER, GARY W. GALLAGHER, JAMES M. MCPHERSON - The Library of Congress CIVIL War Desk Reference
049585: MARGARET JAMES - Social Problems and Policy During the Puritan Revolution. 1640-1660
040906: MARGARET KELLEHER, JAMES H. MURPHY - Gender Perspectives in Nineteenth-Century Ireland: Public and Private Spheres
046526: MARGARET DEWAR - Labour Policy in the Ussr 1917-1928
059783: MARGARET BURTON , MARION E. VOSBURGH - A Bibliography of Librarianship: Classified and Annotated Guide to the Library Literature of the World (Excluding Slavonic and Oriental Languages)
081107: MARGARET STEVENSON MILLER - The Economic Development of Russia, 1905-1914: With Special Reference to Trade, Industry, and Finance
053168: MARGERET, JACQUES - The Russian Empire and Grand Duchy of Muscovy: A 17th Century French Account
040512: MARGOT KEAM CLEARY - John James Auduban
057399: MARGREET VAN DER BURG - 'Geen Tweede Boer' Gender, Landbouwmodernisering en Onderwijs Aan Plattelandsvrouwen in Nederland, 1863-1968
080424: MARIA MANUEL STOCKER - Xeque-Mate a Goa
056847: MARIA LUISA CHIRICO - I Due Risorgimenti : La Costruzione Dell'Identità Nazionale
042973: MARIA VERNON GRAHAM HAVERGAL - Memorials of Frances Ridley Havergal
024516: MARIE BOAS HALL - Nature and Nature's Laws: Documents of the Scientific Revolution
053763: MARIE CARMICHAEL STOPES - Sex and the Young
049760: MARIE LOUISE - Marie Louise Mehr Als 1000 Nachgelassene Briefe, Dabei 119 Briefe Ihres Sohnes, Des Herzogs Von Reichstadt.
022814: MARIETTA PALLIS - The Status of Fen and the Origin of the Norfolk Broads
05237: MARINELLA PERRONI - "Tantum Aurora Est": Donne E Concilio Vaticano II
013786: MARINELLI-KONIG, GERTRAUD - Russland in Den Wiener Zeitschriften Und Almanachen Des Vormarz (1805-1848): Ein Beitrag Zur Geschichte Der Osterreichisch-Russischen Kultur- Und Literaturbeziehungen
049729: MARINELLI-KONIG, GERTRAUD - Russland in Den Wiener Zeitschriften Und Almanachen Des Vormarz (1805-1848): Ein Beitrag Zur Geschichte Der Osterreichisch-Russischen Kultur- Und Literaturbeziehungen
023789: MARIO EINAUDI - The Roosevelt Revolution
054904: MARIO BROZZI - Peste Fede E Sanita in Una Cronaca Cividalese Del 1598
046629: MARION ANN TAYLOR - Handbook of Women Biblical Interpreters: A Historical and Biographical Guide
080171: MARION E. ALLEN - Wills of the Archdeaconry of Suffolk, 1620-1624 (Suffolk Records Society)
048387: MARION VIDAL , JEAN-CLAUDE GLASSER - Histoire Des Plus CéLébrés Repliques Du Cinema Français
053322: MARION DEXTER LEARNED - Saga of Walther of Aquitaine
025023: MARJAANA NIEMI - Lontoo: Kirjailijan Kaupunki
024904: MARJO KAARTINEN, ANU KORHONEN - Neekerikammo: Kirjoituksia Vieraan Pelosta
052275: MARK SMITH , STEPHEN TAYLOR - Evangelicalism in the Church of England, C. 1790-C. 1880: A Miscellany
059214: MARK ABRAMS - Social Surveys and Social Action
040309: MARK ALVAREZ - The Perfect Game/a Classic Collection of Facts, Figures, Stories and Characters from the Society for American Baseball Research
055560: MARK WHITE - Kennedy
057494: MARK C. NOLAN - Keynes in Dublin : Exploring the 1933 Finlay Lecture
052213: MARK K. CHRIST - Rugged and Sublime : The CIVIL War in Arkansas
041233: MARK BEVIR, FRANK TRENTMANN - Markets in Historical Contexts : Ideas and Politics in the Modern World
082829: MARK GOLDIE - Roger Morrice and the Puritan Whigs: The Entring Book, 1677-1691
057956: MARK SHAW - Charmed by Audrey: Life on the Set of Sabrina
081690: MARK KRAMER, COLD WAR INTERNATIONAL HISTORY PROJECT - New East-Bloc Evidence on the Cold War in the Third World and the Collapse of Détente in the 1970s. Volume 8-9 of Cold War International History Project Bulletin
080477: MARK LAITY - Preventing War in Macedonia. Pre-Emptive Diplomacy for the 21st Century.
055382: MARK BENCE-JONES - The Viceroys of India
081688: MARK KRAMER, COLD WAR INTERNATIONAL HISTORY PROJECT - From the Russian Archives. Volume 3 of Cold War International History Project Bulletin
042940: MARK GUY PEARSE - Daniel Quorm and His Religious Notions
056345: MARK I. GELFAND - Nation of Cities: Federal Government and Urban America, 1933-65
081689: MARK KRAMER, COLD WAR INTERNATIONAL HISTORY PROJECT - Soviet Nuclear History. Volume 4 of Cold War International History Project Bulletin
041684: MARK VAN DOREN - The Poetry of John Dryden
045609: MARK HOARE - The Prospects for Australian and Japanese Security Cooperation in a More Uncertain Asia-Pacific
045912: MARK JONES - Storming the Heavens: Voices of October
057431: MARK BENNEY, A.P. GRAY , R.H. PEAR - How People Voted. A Study of Electoral Behaviour in Greenwich
007349: MARKHAM CHRISTOPHER A. - The Church Plate of the County of Northampton.
040952: MARKHAM, JOHN - Nineteenth Century Parliamentary Elections in East Yorkshire
059688: MARKKU SALOMAA - Teräksenkovaa Politiikkaa: Läntisiä Arvioita Venäjän Sotilaspolitiikan Suunnasta
083809: MARKOWITZ, GERALD; ROSNER, DAVID - "Slaves of the Depression": Workers' Letters About Life on the Job
012591: MARKS, PAULA M. - In a Barren Land : American Indian Dispossession and Survival
046122: MARKS, GARY - Unions in Politics: Britain, Germany, and the United States in the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries
030566: MARLBOROUGH RARE BOOKS, LONDON - Architecture and Allied Arts. Catalogue One Hundred and Eight Nine
041587: MARLING, KARAL ANN - George Washington Slept Here: Colonial Revivals and American Culture, 1876-1986
048430: MARLOW, JOYCE - Mr. And Mrs. Gladstone: An Intimate Biography
083893: MARLOWE, CHRISTOPHER - Complete Plays & Poems Marlowe, C. (Everyman's Library (Paper))
020819: MAROTTI, ARTHUR F. - Religious Ideology and Cultural Fantasy: Catholic and Anti-Catholic Discourses in Early Modern England
040567: MARQUISS, R. - In the Season of the Year. A Diary of the Nottinghamshire Countryside and Its Wildlife.
025449: MARR, GEORGE S. - Periodical Essayists of the Eighteenth Century : With Illustrative Extracts from the Rare Periodicals
050001: MARRIE CHER - Charlotte Corday and Certain Men of the Revolutionary Torment
052242: MARSDEN, ARTHUR - British Diplomacy and Tunis, 1875-1902 : A Case Study in Mediterranean Policy
059510: MARSH, MARGARET; RONNER, WANDA - The Fertility Doctor: John Rock and the Reproductive Revolution
048712: MARSH NGAIO AND BURDEN R. M. - New Zealand.
013502: MARSH EDWARD TRANSLATED. HORACE - The Odes of Horace.
083388: MARSH, PETER T. - The Conscience of the Victorian State
082726: MARSH, DAVE; BERNARD, JAMES - The New Book of Rock Lists
045492: MARSH, ARTHUR IVOR;RYAN, VICTORIA - The Seamen. A History of the National Union of Seamen
044653: MARSH, ARTHUR;RYAN, VICTORIA;AMETHURST, JOHN B. - Historical Directory of Trade Unions: Volume 4 Including Cotton, Wool and Worsted, Linen and Jute, Silk, Elastic Web, Lace and Net, Hosiery and Knitwear, Textile Finis
081228: MARSH, CHRISTOPHER W. - The Family of Love in English Society, 1550-1630 (Cambridge Studies in Early Modern British History)
048102: MARSHALL JOHN - The Life o George Washington, Commander in Chief of the American Forces During the War Which Established the Independence of His Country and First President of the United States... . .
047563: MARSHALL, WILLIAM J. - Baseball's Pivotal Era, 1945-1951
009939: MARSHALL CORNWALL J. H. - Geographic Disarmament. A Study of Regional Demilitarization.
047754: MARSHALL JOHN , JOHN P. ROCHE - John Marshall - Major Opinions and Other Writings.
049029: MARSHALL, GORDON - Presbyteries and Profits: Calvinism and the Development of Capitalism in Scotland, 1560-1707
020088: MARSHALL CORNWALL J. H. - The Review and Abstract of the County Reports to the Board of Agriculture. Volume 3 - Eastern Department
020104: MARSHALL CORNWALL J. H. - The Review and Abstract of the Country Reports to the Board of Agriculture. Volume 2 - Western Department.
050362: MARSHALL, KENNETH E. - Manhood Enslaved : Resistance and Survival Among Bondmen in Eighteenth- and Early Nineteenth-Century New Jersey
083685: MARSHALL W. BALDWIN - The Mediaeval Church.
045357: MARSHALL, J. D.;WALTON, JOHN K. - Lake Counties from 1830 to the Mid-Twentieth Century: A Study in Regional Change
057898: MARSHALL, WILLIAM - Review and Abstract of the Country Reports to the Board of Agriculture: Eastern Department V. 3
081357: MARSHALL, PETER - The Catholic Priesthood and the English Reformation (Oxford Historical Monographs)
055728: MARSTON, JERRILYN GREENE - King and Congress: The Transfer of Political Legitimacy, 1774-76
060333: MARTEL, GORDON - The Month That Changed the World: July 1914
048985: MARTEL, GORDON - A Companion to International History, 1900-2001
040863: MARTEL, GORDON - Imperial Diplomacy: Rosebery and the Failure of Foreign Policy
060010: MARTHA WORSCHING - Journal of Area Studies. Special Issue. No. 6 Women in Eastern and Western Europe - in Transition and Recession
059998: MARTIN, KINGSLEY - Editor: A Second Volume of Autobiography, 1931-45
030494: MARTIN, CHERYL; WASSERMAN, MARK - Latin America and Its People
050779: MARTIN, RODERICK - New Technology and Industrial Relations in Fleet Street
020808: MARTIN, J. W. - Religious Radicals in Tudor England
056240: MARTIN MYANT - Poland: A Crisis for Socialism
081813: MARTIN GUNTAU - Mecklenburger IM Ausland: Historische Skizzen Zum Leben Und Wirken Von Mecklenburgern in Ihrer Heimat Und in Der Ferne
084048: MARTIN, ROSS MURDOCH - Tuc : The Growth of a Pressure Group, 1868-1976
058302: MARTIN, JANET D - The Court and Account Rolls of Peterborough Abbey: A Handlist (Occasional Publication / University of Leicester, History Department)
045617: MARTIN EDMONDS - British Army 2000: External Influences on Force Design
041137: MARTIN, RODERICK - Bargaining Power
057710: MARTIN, MARCEL - Le Cinema Francais Depuis la Guerre (Cinegraphiques) (French Edition)
026084: MARTIN, CHERYL ENGLISH - Governance and Society in Colonial Mexico : Chihuahua in the Eighteenth Century
082077: MARTIN JOHN BROADLEY - Bishop Herbert Vaughan and the Jesuits: Education and Authority (Catholic Record Society: Records Series)
083901: MARTIN J. HAVRAN - The Catholics in Caroline England
046814: MARTIN ATHERTON - Deafness, Community and Culture : Deafness, Community and Culture in Britain
043013: MARTIN WALLRAFF - Gelehrte Zwischen Humanismus Und Reformation: Kontexte Der Universit Tsgr Ndung in Basel 1460: Kontexte Der Universitätsgründung in Basel 1460
044558: MARTIN, RODERICK; WALLACE, JUDITH - Working Women in Recession : Employment, Redundancy, and Unemployment
048400: MARTIN R. HOWARD - Walcheren 1809: Scandalous Destruction of a British Army
050446: MARTIN, GED - Favourite Son? : John A. Macdonald and the Voters of Kingston 1841-1891
053761: MARTINEAU, HARRIET - Harriet Martineau's Autobiography : Volume 1
051893: MARTINES, LAURO - Power and Imagination : City-States in Renaissance Italy
060542: MARTINES, LAURO - Furies: War in Europe, 1450-1700
017776: MARTINEZ BERNARDO GARCIA. LERNER VICTORA, LIRA ANDRES - Historia y Sociedad en el Mundo de Habla Espanola. Homenaje a Jose Miranda.
060637: MARTINEZ, DAVID - The Book of Baseball Literacy: Second Edition
056243: MARTINEZ-ALIER, JUAN - Labourers and Landowners in Southern Spain
048758: MARTZ, LOUIS L.; WILLIAMS, AUBREY L. - The Author in His Work : Essays on a Problem in Criticism
083523: MARWICK, ARTHUR - Total War and Social Change
020713: MARWIL, JONATHAN L. - The Trials of Counsel : Francis Bacon in 1621
059864: MARX, KARL; ENGELS, FRIEDRICH; LENIN, V. I. - On Dialectical Materialism
030327: MARX, KARL; ENGELS, FRIEDRICH; RADDATZ, FRITZ J. - Basic Writings on Politics and Philosophy by Karl Marx & Friedrich Engels
055529: MARY HELEN WASHINGTON - The Other Blacklist: The African American Literary and Cultural Left of the 1950s
081280: MARY KENT DAVEY BABCOCK - Christ Church, Salem Street, Boston. The Old North Church of Paul Revere Fame. Historical Sketches, Colonial Period, 1723-1775.
046057: MARY B. ROSE - The Lancashire Cotton Industry: A History Since 1700
028610: MARY FITT - The Banquet Ceases
028610: MARY FITT - The Banquet Ceases
028044: MARY BREARLEY - Hugo Gurgeny: Prisoner of the Lisbon Inquisition
060685: MARY COATE - The Letter-Book of John Viscount Mordaunt 1658-1660.
046392: MARY PLUMMER PREFACE - With the First Canadian Contingent
049889: MARY FRANCES SANDARS - Lauzun: Courtier and Adventurer: The Life of a Friend of Louis XIV, Volume 2
047413: MARY FRANCIS BILLINGTON - The Roll-Call of Serving Women. A Record of Woman's Work for Combatants and Sufferers in the Great War
082266: MARY AQUINAS DEVLIN - The Sermons of Thomas Brinton, Bishop of Rochester (1373-1389) Volume 1.
060227: MARY CHAN; JAMIE C. KASSLER - Roger North: Materials for a Chronology of His Writings : Checklist No. 1
028535: MARY DURHAM - Murder by Multiplication
052863: MARY MARGARET NIVEN, - Personnel Management 1913-63. The Growth of Personnel Management and the Development of the Institute
028535: MARY DURHAM - Murder by Multiplication
083441: MARY MCGRIGOR - The Other Tudor Princess: Margaret Douglas, Henry VIII's Niece
060687: MARY MAPLES DUNN - William Penn. Politics and Conscience
052485: MARY ELIZABETH BROOKS - A King for Portugal. The Madrigal Conspiracy, 1594-95
011801: MASEFIELD JOHN (INTRO.) RYHS ERNEST (EDITED SERIES) - Chronicles of the Pilgrim Fathers.
010774: MASON R. H. P. - Japan's First General Election, 1890
060309: MASON, PHILIP - Patterns of Dominance (Institute of Race Relations)
052004: MASON H. T. - Actes Du Septième Congrès International Des Lumières, Budapest, 26 Juillet - 2 Août 1987, Volumes 1-3
047646: MASON, GEORGE - The Papers of George Mason, 1725-1792. Volume 1 : 1749-1778
045126: MASON, TIM - Social Policy in the Third Reich : The Working Class and the 'National Community', 1918-1939
060073: MASON, DAVID S - Revolution in East-Central Europe: The Rise and Fall of Communism and the Cold War (Dilemmas in World Politics)
057398: MASON, HAYDN - Enlightenment: 6th: International Congress Proceedings
083823: MASON, TONY - Sport in Britain (Historical Handbooks)
084066: MASS OBSERVATION - Pub and the People (the Cresset Library)
046779: MASSIMO LIVI BACCI - A Short History of Migration
026825: MASSIMO L. SALVADORI - Sozialismus Und Demokratie: Karl Kautsky 1880-1938

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