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043720: LUSTIG, MARY LOU - Robert Hunter, 1666-1734: New York's Augustan Statesman
049565: LUTAUD, OLIVIER - Des Revolutions D'Angleterre a la Revolution Francaise
057123: LUTHER WORSTENHOLM - An Editor's Faith
026997: LUXEMBURG, ROSA; GRAF, WILLIAM DAVID - Selected Political Writings [of] Rosa Luxemburg
020491: LUXENBERG ALAN H. - The Palestine Mandate and the Creation of Israel, 1920-1949.
051313: LUXENBERG, ALAN H. - The Palestine Mandate and the Creation of Israel, 1920-1949
049767: LYASHCHENKO PETER I. - History of the National Economy of Russia to the 1917 Revolution
085155: LYMAN ABBOTT - Henry Ward Beecher.
082995: LYNCH M. CLAIRE - The Diplomatic Mission of John Lothrop Motley to Austria, 1861-1867. A Dissertation.
051474: LYNCH, KATHLEEN MARTHA - Jacob Tonson, Kit-Cat Publisher
051757: LYNCH, KATHERINE A. - Family, Class, and Ideology in Early Industrial France: Social Policy and the Working-Class Family, 1825-1848
081522: LYNCH, ROBERT - Revolutionary Ireland, 1912-25
055949: LYND HELEN MERRELL - England in the Eighteen-Eighties. Towards a Social Basis for Freedom.
048358: LYNN, KENNETH S. - The Air-Line to Seattle. Air-Line to Seattle, the: Studies in Literary and Historical Writing About America
022408: LYNN, VERA - Vocal Refrain : An Autobiography
084580: LYNSKEY TRIBUNAL - Lynskey Tribunal. Proceedings of the Tribunal Appointed to Inquire Into Allegations Reflecting on the Offical Conduct of the Ministers of the Crown and Other Public Servant
042982: LYON, DAVID - Sea Battles in Close-Up: The Age of Nelson
052813: LYONS, MARYANN - Franco-Irish Relations, 1500-1610: Politics, Migration, and Trade
021077: LYONS, M. V. - Medicine in the Mediaeval World
084777: LYONS, F. S. L - Ireland Since the Famine
059821: LYONS, AMELIA - At Home with the Gentry: A Victorian English Lady's Acount of Russian Country Life (Russian Memoirs)
044332: LYSONS DANIEL REV - An Historical Account of Those Parishes in the County of Middlesex Which Are Not Described in the Environs of London.
046128: LYTTELTON, ADRIAN - The Seizure of Power: Fascism in Italy, 1919-1929
057782: M.N. POKROWSKI - Historische Aufsatze. Ein Sammelband
080482: M.W, BARLEY , FREDA WALTERS - Newark Castle - Excavations 1953-1956
080082: M. BERYL CURRAN - Despatches of William Perwich, English Agent at Paris, 1669-77
059694: M. OPPENHEIM - The Naval Tracts of Sir William Monson in Six Books. Volume One.
051468: M. OPPENHEIM - The Naval Tracts of Sir William Monson in Six Books. Volume V.
085314: M. V. COUSIN - La Jeunesse de Mazarin.
053439: M. CAROLINE ANN GIMPL - The Correspondant and the Founding of the French Third Republic. A Dissertation.
027120: M. DOLLEY - Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy: . Volume 72, Section C, Number 8 .
085244: M. MCCULLOCH - Western Africa Part II : People of Sierra Leone Protectorate
029127: M. T. CICERONIS WALTER CECIL LAMING - Actionis in G. Verrem Secundae Lib. V. (de Suppliciis).
080423: M. .H. SMITH - Parish Registes and Population in South Holderness. Some Researches Into the Parish Registers of Keyingham, Patrington and Winestead.
083814: M. MONAHAN - A Text - Book of True Temperance.
052740: M. PIERRE MOINOT , M. ANDRE CHANDERNAGOR - La Cour Des Comptes
041531: M. JOHN HIGBY - The Rhinehart Collection at Appalachian State University. An Annotated Bibliography
047881: MÉNARD, JACQUES E. - L' Evangile Selon Thomas
054003: M. KUKANOV - Nato - Threat to World Peace
084945: M. L. W. LAISTNER - Isocrates. De Pace and Philippus
057312: M.E. CHAMBERLAIN - Lord Palmerston (Political Portraits)
057931: M.R. LAMBERT AND R. WALKER - Boston. Tattershall and Croyland.
055371: M. P. C. M. VAN SCHENDELEN - Eu Committees As Influential Policymakers
082220: M. LE B. KERVYN DE LETTENHOVE - La Flandre Feodale
040667: M. G. BROCK; M. C. CURTHOYS - The History of the University of Oxford: Volume VII: The Nineteenth Century, Part 2
055452: M. BOULLIER - Histoire Des Divers Corps de la Maison Militaire Des Rois de France
081308: M. KATHERINE JACKSON - Outlines of the Literary History of Colonial Pennsylvania.
055898: M.A. SCREECH - Laughter at the Foot of the Cross
083095: M. K. DZIEWANOWSKI - Poland in the 20th Century
050697: M. K. GANDHI, MOHANDAS KARAMCHAND GANDHI - My Early Life: An Illustrated Story
085418: M. BAUTAIN - The Art of Extempore Speaking: Hints for the Pulpit, the Senate and the Bar
018580: MAAREK, GÉRARD; EVANS, MANSEL - An Introduction to Karl Marx's 'Das Kapital' : A Study in Formalisation
057850: MAAS, JEREMY - The Victorian Art World in Photographs
081069: MAAS, KOREY D. - The Reformation and Robert Barnes: History, Theology and Polemic in Early Modern England (Studies in Modern British Religious History)
055739: MABBETT, DEBORAH - Trade, Employment, and Welfare : A Comparative Study of Trade and Labour Market Policies in Sweden and New Zealand, 1880-1980
045279: MABERRY, ROBERT, JR. - Texas Flags
024362: MACARTNEY, C. A. - The House of Austria : The Later Phase, 1790-1918
081989: MACARTNEY, C. A. - The House of Austria, 1790-1918
059386: MACARTNEY, C. A. - Hungary: From Ninth Century Origins to the 1956 Uprising
042451: MACBEATH, INNIS - Votes, Virtues, and Vices: Trade Union Power
084779: MACCORMACK, JOHN R. - Revolutionary Politics in the Long Parliament
084778: MACCORMACK, JOHN R. - Revolutionary Politics in the Long Parliament
042840: MACDONALD, W. JAMES - A Bibliography of the Victoria Cross
016332: MACDONALD, ANNE L. - Feminine Ingenuity : Women and Invention in America
022026: MACDONALD, LYN - Roses of No Man's Land
026896: MACDONALD, HUGH - The Soviet Challenge and the Structure of European Security
082630: MACE, JAMES - Empire Betrayed: The Fall of Sejanus
015353: MACEWEN, MARTIN - Housing, Race and Law : British Experience
082833: MACEWEN, MARTIN - Housing, Race and Law: The British Experience
058325: MACFARLANE, L.J. - Issues in British Politics Since 1945 (Political Realities)
050583: MACHADO, MANUEL A. - The North Mexican Cattle Industry: 1910-1975
083006: MACHIAVELLI, NICCOLO; TZU, SUN - The Art of War and the Prince
082911: MACHIN, G.I.T. - Politics and the Churches in Great Britain 1832-68
083640: MACHIN, G. I. T. - Politics and the Churches in Great Britain, 1869-1921
015408: MACHOBANE, L. B. - Government and Change in Lesotho, 1800-1966
082803: MACHOBANE, L. B. B. J. - Government and Change in Lesotho, 1800-1966: A Study of Political Institutions
080336: MACINNES, JOHN W. - The Comical As Texual Practice in Les Fleurs Du Mal
042017: MACKAY, JOSEPH - Great Shutout Pitchers: Twenty Profiles of a Vanishing Breed
043822: MACKAY, CHARLES - Selections from 'Extraordinary Popular Delusions; and, the Madness of Crowds'
082373: MACKAY, RUDDOCK; DUFFY, MICHAEL - Hawke, Nelson and British Naval Leadership, 1747-1805
053256: MACKENZIE, S.P. - Revolutionary Armies in the Modern Era: A Revisionist Approach
059637: MACKENZIE, DAVID - Ilija Garasanin: Balkan Bismarck
081797: MACKENZIE EDWARD CHARLES WALCOTT - The Constitutions and Canons Ecclesiastical of the Church of England: Referred to Their Original Sources, and Illustrated with Explanatory Notes
083711: MACKENZIE, NORMAN AND JEANNE - Diary of Beatrice Webb Vol. 4: 1924-43 - the Wheel of Life V. 4
083715: MACKENZIE, NORMAN AND JEANNE - Diary of Beatrice Webb Vol. 3: 1905-24 - the Power to Alter Things V. 3
049478: MACKENZIE, JOHN M. - Museums and Empire: Natural History, Human Cultures and Colonial Identities
026246: MACKERRAS, COLIN - The New Cambridge Handbook of Contemporary China
055453: MACKESY, PIERS - British Victory in Egypt, 1801: The End of Napoleon's Conquest
082211: MACKLIN, M. G.; NEEDHAM, STUART P. - Alluvial Archaeology in Britain (Oxbow Monograph ; 27)
052791: MACKRELL, JOHN QUENTIN COLBORNE - The Attack on 'Feudalism' in Eighteenth-Century France
012585: MACLACHLAN, IAN - Kill and Chill : Restructuring Canada's Beef Commodity Chain
013272: MACLACHLAN, COLIN M. - Criminal Justice in Eighteenth Century Mexico : A Study of the Tribunal of the Acordada
025304: MACLACHLAN, BONNIE - The Age of Grace : Charis in Early Greek Poetry
084279: MACLACHLAN, IAN - Kill and Chill: Restructuring Canada's Beef Commodity Chain
080900: MACLEAN, IAN - The Renaissance Notion of Woman: A Study in the Fortunes of Scholasticism and Medical Science in European Intellectual Life (Cambridge Studies in the History of Medicine)
080980: MACLURE, MILLAR. - The Paul's Cross Sermons, 1534-1642.
082642: MACMULLEN, RAMSAY - Roman Social Relations, 50 B.C. To A.D. 284
084308: MACNEICE, LOUIS - Louis Macneice: Selected Poems
081347: MACNUTT, WILLIAM STEWART - Atlantic Provinces: The Emergence of Colonial Society, 1712-1857 (Canadian Centenary)
059803: MACPHERSON, C. B. - The Rise and Fall of Economic Justice and Other Essays (Oxford Paperbacks)
041514: PROFESSOR DONALD M. MACRAILD - The Irish Diaspora in Britain, 1750-1939 (Social History in Perspective)
084099: MACRAILD, DONALD M.; MARTIN, DAVID E. - Labour in British Society, 1830-1914 (Social History in Perspective)
049185: MACRAILD, DONALD M.; MARTIN, DAVID E. - Labour in British Society, 1830-1914
041191: MADELEINE FOISIL - Le Sire de Gouberville: Un Gentilhomme Normand Au Xvie Siècle
053808: MADELEINE B. ELLIS - Rousseau's Venetian Story. An Essay Upon Art and Truth in Les Confessions.
055718: MADHAVAN K. PALAT - Selected Works of Jawaharlal Nehru (1-30 April 1959): Second Series, Vol. 48
055719: MADHAVAN K. PALAT - Selected Works of Jawaharlal Nehru (1 January - 28 February 1959): Second Series, Vol. 46
055720: MADHAVAN K. PALAT - Selected Works of Jawaharlal Nehru (1-31 July 1959): Second Series. Vol. 50
055716: MADHAVAN K. PALAT - Selected Works of Jawaharlal Nehru (1-31 March 1959): Second Series, Vol. 47
055717: MADHAVAN K. PALAT - Selected Works of Jawaharlal Nehru (1 May-30 June 1959): Second Series, Vol. 49
055721: MADHAVAN K. PALAT - Selected Works of Jawaharlal Nehru (1 November - 31 December 1958): Second Series, Vol. 45
055722: MADHAVAN K. PALAT - Selected Works of Jawaharlal Nehru (1 September-31 October 1958): Second Series, Vol. 44
048493: MADISON, JAMES - The Papers of James Madison. Volume 8 : March 10, 1784 - March 28, 1786
048492: MADISON, JAMES - The Papers of James Madison Vol. 7 : 3 May 1783-20 February 1784
047778: MAGDALENE ZIMMERMANN - Die Gartenlaube Als Dokument Ihrer Zeit
052924: MAGGIAR, RAYMOND - Les Fusiliers Marins de Leclerc: Une Route Difficile Vers de Gaulle
030607: MAGGS BROS - Autograph Letters and Historical Documents. Catalogue 1303
030509: MAGGS BROS - Autograph Letters and Historical Documents. Catalogue 1315
044328: MAGGS BROS. LTD - Stc Books Printed in England 1540-1640,from the Library of James Stevens Cox.
030611: MAGGS BROS - Autograph Letters and Historical Documents. Catalogue 1400
030508: MAGGS BROS - Autograph Letters and Historical Documents. Catalogue 1292
030605: MAGGS BROS - Autograph Letters and Historical Documents. Catalogue 1410
030604: MAGGS BROS - Autograph Letters and Historical Documents. Catalogue 1418
041456: MAGGS BROS. - Connections: Books and Manuscripts in Early Modern Britain (1530-1680).
054839: MAGLIABECHI, ANTONIO;BORDE, PHILIPPE;ARNAUD, LAURENT;USSIA, SALVATORE - Carteggio Magliabechi: Lettere Di Borde, Arnaud E Associati Lionesi Ad Antonio Magliabechi (1661-1700)
017778: MAGNI CESARE - Vita Parlamentare Del Duca Di San Donato Patriota E Difensore Di Napoli.
084104: MAGRATH, C. PETER - Yazoo: Law and Politics in the New Republic: The Case of Fletcher V. Peck
082772: MAGYAR ORSZAGOS LEVELTAR BUDAPEST - Leveltari Kozlemenyek. Hetvenharmadik Evfolyam 1-2 Szam
084472: MAHMOUD, K HAWARI - Ayyubid Jerusalem (1187-1250): An Architectural and Archaeological Study
045577: MAIER, CHARLES S. - In Search of Stability : Explorations in Historical Political Economy
083110: MAIER, CHARLES S. - Changing Boundaries of the Political: Essays on the Evolving Balance between the State and Society, Public and Private in Europe (Cambridge Studies in Modern Political Economies)
016938: MAILLARD FRANCOIS - Comptes Royaux. (1314 - 1328). Volume 4 (in 2 Volumes - Part 1 & 2)
051937: MAILLARD, F. - Histoire Des Journaux Publies a Paris Pendant le Siege Et Sous la Commune 4 Sept. 1870 Au 28 Mai 1871: History of the Newspapers Publish Has Paris During the Seat and Under the Commune Sept. 4, 1870 at May 28, 1871.
024775: MAIN, JACKSON TURNER - The Antifederalists: Critics of the Constitution, 1781-1788
048113: MAIN, JACKSON TURNER - The Sovereign States, 1775-1783
019093: MAITLAND FREDERIC WILLIAM EDITED - Records of the Parliament Holden at Westminster on the Twenty-Eight Day of February in the Thirty-Third Year of the Reign of King Edward the First (1305).
051667: MAITLAND, FREDERIC WILLIAM;NEILSON, GEORGE - Letters to George Neilson
085383: MAJ. ZINOVI PECHKOFF - Bugle Sounds : Life in the Foreign Legion (1927): Bugle Sounds : Life in the Foreign Legion (1927)
055859: MAJOR G. J. YOUNGHUSBAND - The Philippines and Round About with Some Account of British Interests in These Waters.
082303: MAJOR, J. RUSSELL - The Deputies to the Estates General in Renaissance France
083034: MAJOR T. RICH - Notes on Electric Light and Power Work of the Germany Army.
081000: MAKEY, WALTER - Church of the Covenant, 1637-51: Revolution and Social Change
084941: MALACHY POSTLETHWAYT - Malachy Postlethwayt. Selected Works II. 1746-1759
030817: MALACHY POSTLETHWAYT - Great-Britain's True System: Wherein Is Clearly Shewn, I. That an Increase of the Public Debts and Taxes Must, in a Few Years Prove the Ruin of the Monied, the Trading, and the Landed Interests. II. The Necessity of Raising the Supplies to Carry on
053895: MALAMUD, BERNARD - A New Life
016068: MALCOLM SMITH E. - British Diplomacy in the Eighteenth Century. 1700-1789.
046273: MALCOLM B. HAMILTON - Democratic Socialism in Britain and Sweden
051370: MALCOLM ROGERS - William Dobson: 1611-46
048897: MALCOLM WANKLYN - Inventories of Worcestershire Landed Gentry, 1537-1786
059468: MALCOLM, JOYCE LEE - Peter's War: A New England Slave Boy and the American Revolution
046525: MALCOLM SPEIRS - One Hundred Years of a Small Trade Union. A History of the Card Setting Machine Tenters' Society
081235: MALCOLM, NOEL - Agents of Empire: Knights, Corsairs, Jesuits and Spies in the Sixteenth-Century Mediterranean World
020203: MALCOLMSON, ROBERT W.; MASTORIS, STEPHANOS - The English Pig : A History
083541: MALCOLMSON, ROBERT W.; MASTORIS, STEPHANOS - The English Pig : A History
052042: MALCOMSON, ROBERT - The a to Z of the War of 1812
056168: ARTHUR MALE - Treatise on the Law and Practice of Elections.
020740: MALEKIN, PETER - Liberty and Love : English Literature and Society 1640-88
019164: MALEY, TERESA;STAIR SOCIETY;ELLIOT, WALTER - Selkirk Protocol Books, 1511-1547: The Protocol Books of John Chepman, 1511-36 and 1545-47, Sir John Chepman, 1536-43, John and Ninian Brydin and Other Notaries, 1526-36, and John Brydin, 1530-37
023178: MALEY WILLIAM - The Afghanistan Wars
056520: MALLET, SERGE - New Working Class
042392: MALLIER, A.T.;ROSSER, M.J. - Women and the Economy: A Comparative Study of Britain and the Usa
055432: MALLOCK, WILLIAM HURRELL - A Critical Examination of Socialism
054706: MALLOL MARIE TERESA FERRER I. VIVES J. M. MARTINEZ MANUEL SANCHEZ - La Corona Catalanoaragonesa I el Seu Entorn Mediterraini a la Baiza Edat Mitjana.
025923: MALONE, MICHAEL P.; ETULAIN, RICHARD W. - The American West : A Twentieth-Century History
082099: MANCALL, PETER C. - Valley of Opportunity: Economic Culture Along the Upper Susquehanna, 1700-1800
031529: MANCERON, CLAUDE;MANCERON, ANNE - La Revolution Francaise
042110: MANCHESTER WOMEN'S HISTORY GROUP - Resources for Women's History in Greater Manchester
056301: MANDEL - Marx Economic Theory. Volume 2
055013: MANDEL, ERNEST - The Second Slump: A Marxist Analysis of Recession in the Seventies
041971: MANDELL, RICHARD D. - The First Modern Olympics
017806: MANDROU ROBERT - Introduction a la France Moderne (1500-1640). Essai de Psychologie Historique.
042668: MANEY, R. WAYNE - Marching to Cold Harbor: Victory and Failure, 1864
031202: MANEY, R. WAYNE - Marching to Cold Harbor: Victory and Failure, 1864
060320: MANFRED CONTE - Jeopardy
082359: MANGIONE, JERRE; MORREALE, BEN - La Storia: Five Centuries of the Italian-American Experience
042418: MANICAS, PETER T. - War and Democracy
048614: MANION, MARGARET M. , BERNARD J. MUIR - Medieval Texts and Images: Studies of Manuscripts from the Middle Ages
059667: MANLEY O. HUDSON, LOUIS B. SOHN - International Legislation: A Collection of the Texts of Multipartite International Instruments of General Interest. Volume VIII 1938-1941, Numbers 506-610
081757: MANLEY O. HUDSON - Ternational Legislation. A Collection of the Texts of Multiparte International Instruments of General Interest. Volume VII 1935-1937. Numbers 402-505
049211: MANLEY DELARIVIERE. INTRO. BY JACK M. ARMISTEAD AND DEBBIE K. DAVIS - Lucius, the First Christian King of Britain. A Tragedy. (1717) Delariviere Manley
020201: MANN HAROLD H. EDITED BY DANIEL THORNER - The Social Framework of Agriculture. India, Middle East, England.
049463: MANN, ALFRED K. - For Better or for Worse: The Marriage of Science and Government in the United States
056000: MANN, THOMAS; HELLER, ERICH - Thomas Mann : The Ironic German
048914: MANN, BONNIE - Women's Liberation and the Sublime: Feminism, Postmodernism, Environment
028333: MANNING COLES - A Brother for Hugh
028333: MANNING COLES - A Brother for Hugh
028165: MANNING, STEPHEN - Soldiers of the Queen: Victorian Colonial Conflict in the Words of Those Who Fought
051999: MANOR, EHUD - Forward -- the Jewish Daily Forward (Forverts) Newspaper : Immigrants, Socialism and Jewish Politics in New York, 1890-1917
016921: MANRIQUE, ANGEL - Cisterciensium; Seu, Verius Ecclesiasticorum Annalium a Condito Cistercio
016922: MANRIQUE, ANGEL - Cisterciensium; Seu, Verius Ecclesiasticorum Annalium a Condito Cistercio
056119: MANSERGH, NICHOLAS - The Commonwealth Experience Volume Two: From British to Multi-Racial Commonwealth
050736: MANSERGH, NICHOLAS - The Commonwealth Experience. Volume One - the Durham Report to the Anglo - Irish Treaty.
056104: MANSERGH, NICHOLAS - The Commonwealth Experience, Volume One: The Durham Report to the Anglo-Irish Treaty
055317: MANSOUR, FAWZY - The Arab World : Nation, State and Democracy
083519: MANUEL AMARAL - The Portuguese Army and the Commencent of the Peninsular War
028777: MAP - NORTH YORKSHIRE COAST - Bartholomews North Yorkshire Coast Half -Inch Contoured Map.
029541: MAP - LIVERPOOL AND MANCHESTER - Bartholomew's Map of Liverpool and Manchester
029207: MAP BOURNE (SOUTH) AND RYHALL - P/F Map 0877 Bourne South and Ryhall
029211: MAP OF SNOWDON - Ordnance Survey Map of Snowdon. Sheet 107. One Inch Map.
029346: MAP LONDON PASSENGER TRANSPORT 1934 - London Passenger Transport Map Sheet 106 1934 by the Charles Close Society for the Study of Ordnance Survey Maps (Sheet Map, Folded, 2008) - Watford
029208: MAP OF CITY OF YORK 1920 - York Town Map 1920. Maps from the Past ; 2.
029210: MAP OF SNOWDON - Ordnance Survey Map of Snowdon. Sheet 107. One Inch Map.
029751: MAP - Town Plan of Leicester 1940s?
081447: MAPP, PAUL W. - The Elusive West and the Contest for Empire, 1713-1763 (Published for the Omohundro Institute of Early American History and Culture, Williamsburg, Virginia)
042225: MARÍA JOSEFA ARNALL JUAN - Lletres Reials a la Ciutat de Girona: 1517-1713. Volum 3
052162: MARACEK, GREG - St. Louis Hawks: A Gallery of Images & Memorabilia
082306: MARC LEMONIER - Guide Des Lieux Cultes Du Cinéma en France
085188: MARC FITCH - Index to the Testamentary Records in the Archdeaconry Court of London: 1661-1700 V. 2 (the Index Library)
082551: MARC BRADFER - Dictionnaire Des Compagnons de la Libération
049793: MARCEL HODEN - Chronique Des éVénements Internationaux. Volume II Les Trois Derniers Agressions
054261: MARCO CUAZ - Intellettuali, Potere E Circolazione Delle Idee Nell' Italia Moderna: (1500-1700)
084461: MARCOMBE, DAVID - Leper Knights: The Order of St Lazarus of Jerusalem in England, C. 1150-1544 (Studies in the History of Medieval Religion)
082408: MARCUS, G.J. - Heart of Oak: Survey of British Sea Power in the Georgian Era
009936: MARCUS, JACOB RADER - The Rise and Destiny of the German Jew: With a Postmortem
009936: MARCUS, JACOB RADER - The Rise and Destiny of the German Jew: With a Postmortem
085434: MARCUS TULLIUS CICERO , W.E. HEITLAND - M.T. Ciceronis. Oratio Pro L. Murena. With an English Introduction and Notes by W.E. Heitland.
082005: MARCUS, JACOB RADER - The Rise and Destiny of the German Jew: With a Postmortem
051879: MARGADANT, JO BURR - Madame le Professeur: Women Educators in the Third Republic
049781: MARGADANT, TED W. - Urban Rivalries in the French Revolution
085307: MARGARET COLE - Makers of the Labour Movement
023881: MARGARET FITZGERALD RICHEY - Medieval German Lyrics
057141: MARGARET DIGBY - The World Co-Operative Movement
084394: MARGARET OF ANJOU , THOMAS BECKINGTON , CECIL MONRO - Letters of Queen Margaret of Anjou and Bishop Beckington and Others: Written in the Reigns of Henry V and Henry VI
054286: MARGARET ASHDOWN , S. CLEMENT BROWN - Social Service and Mental Health. An Essay on Psychiatric Social Workers
082059: MARGARET DEANESLY - Sidelights on the Anglo-Saxon Church
030142: MARGARET E. WAGNER, GARY W. GALLAGHER, JAMES M. MCPHERSON - The Library of Congress CIVIL War Desk Reference
049585: MARGARET JAMES - Social Problems and Policy During the Puritan Revolution. 1640-1660
040906: MARGARET KELLEHER, JAMES H. MURPHY - Gender Perspectives in Nineteenth-Century Ireland: Public and Private Spheres
046526: MARGARET DEWAR - Labour Policy in the Ussr 1917-1928
059783: MARGARET BURTON , MARION E. VOSBURGH - A Bibliography of Librarianship: Classified and Annotated Guide to the Library Literature of the World (Excluding Slavonic and Oriental Languages)
081107: MARGARET STEVENSON MILLER - The Economic Development of Russia, 1905-1914: With Special Reference to Trade, Industry, and Finance
085250: MARGARET BRYANT - London Experience of Secondary Education
085449: MARGARETE WITTKE - Mord Und Totschlag?: Gewaltdelikte IM Fürstbistum Münster 1580-1620. Täter, Opfer Und Justiz
053168: MARGERET, JACQUES - The Russian Empire and Grand Duchy of Muscovy: A 17th Century French Account
085289: MARGERY PURVER - The Royal Society : Concept and Creation
040512: MARGOT KEAM CLEARY - John James Auduban
057399: MARGREET VAN DER BURG - 'Geen Tweede Boer' Gender, Landbouwmodernisering en Onderwijs Aan Plattelandsvrouwen in Nederland, 1863-1968
056847: MARIA LUISA CHIRICO - I Due Risorgimenti : La Costruzione Dell'Identità Nazionale
042973: MARIA VERNON GRAHAM HAVERGAL - Memorials of Frances Ridley Havergal
085329: MARIANNE OTT-MEIMBERG - Kreuzzugsepos Oder Staatsroman?: Strukturen Adeliger Heilsversicherung IM Deutschen "Rolandslied" (Munchener Texte Und Untersuchungen Zur Deutschen Literatur Des Mittelalters) (German Edition)
024516: MARIE BOAS HALL - Nature and Nature's Laws: Documents of the Scientific Revolution
053763: MARIE CARMICHAEL STOPES - Sex and the Young
049760: MARIE LOUISE - Marie Louise Mehr Als 1000 Nachgelassene Briefe, Dabei 119 Briefe Ihres Sohnes, Des Herzogs Von Reichstadt.
022814: MARIETTA PALLIS - The Status of Fen and the Origin of the Norfolk Broads
013786: MARINELLI-KONIG, GERTRAUD - Russland in Den Wiener Zeitschriften Und Almanachen Des Vormarz (1805-1848): Ein Beitrag Zur Geschichte Der Osterreichisch-Russischen Kultur- Und Literaturbeziehungen
049729: MARINELLI-KONIG, GERTRAUD - Russland in Den Wiener Zeitschriften Und Almanachen Des Vormarz (1805-1848): Ein Beitrag Zur Geschichte Der Osterreichisch-Russischen Kultur- Und Literaturbeziehungen
023789: MARIO EINAUDI - The Roosevelt Revolution
054904: MARIO BROZZI - Peste Fede E Sanita in Una Cronaca Cividalese Del 1598
046629: MARION ANN TAYLOR - Handbook of Women Biblical Interpreters: A Historical and Biographical Guide
048387: MARION VIDAL , JEAN-CLAUDE GLASSER - Histoire Des Plus CéLébrés Repliques Du Cinema Français
053322: MARION DEXTER LEARNED - Saga of Walther of Aquitaine
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056554: MCAULEY, MARY - Labour Disputes in Soviet Russia, 1957-65
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027666: MCINTIRE, DENNIS P. - Lee at Chattanooga : A Novel of What Might Have Been
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043819: MULLER, WILLIAM D. - The Kept Men: The First Century of Trade Union Representation in the British House of Commons, 1874-1975
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029981: MULLER, JURGEN - Movies of the 70s
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060100: MUNDLE, C.W.K. - Critique of Linguistic Philosophy
043593: MUNK, LINDA - The Devil's Mousetrap : Redemption and Colonial American Literature
047963: MUNSKE, BARBARA - The Two Plus Four Negotiations from a German-German Perspective: Studies in Peace Research
042437: MUNTING, ROGER;HOLDERNESS, B.A. - Crisis, Recovery and War: An Economic History of Continental Europe, 1918-1945
060127: MUNZ, PETER - Life in the Age of Charlemagne (European Life Series)
056311: MURAKAMI, HYOE - Japan: The Years of Trial, 1919-52
084950: MURAT OZYUKSEL - The Berlin-Baghdad Railway and the Ottoman Empire: Industrialization, Imperial Germany and the Middle East (Library of Ottoman Studies)
042101: MURAT, PIERRE - Movie Game Book: A Serious Pursuit of Film Trivia
042424: MURDOCH, ALEXANDER - British History, 1660-1832 : National Identity and Local Culture
080405: MURKJE SCHOLTENS - Pascal. études Médico-Psychologiques
056816: MURPHY, JOHN THOMAS - Workers' Committee: An Outline of Its Principles and Structure (Reprints in Labour History)
047496: MURPHY, MARY - Hope in Hard Times : New Deal Photographs of Montana, 1936-1942
054044: MURPHY, JOHN THOMAS - Preparing for Power : A Critical Study of the History of the British Working-Class Movement
046433: MURPHY, JAMES;GREAT BRITAIN - The Education Act 1870 : Text and Commentary
041666: MURPHY, HUGH; ODDY, DEREK J. - The Mirror of the Seas : A Centenary History of the Society for Nautical Research
058096: MURPHY, AUSTIN - Saturday Rules: Why College Football Outpasses, Outclasses, and Flat-out Surpasses the Nfl
083212: MURRAY, EDWARD - Fellini the Artist
059474: MURRAY G. MURPHEY - Truth and History
084895: MURRAY MORGAN - Puget's Sound: A Narrative of Early Tacoma and the Southern Sound
055840: MURRAY GEORGE (MARLBOROUGH) - The Letters and Dispatches of John Churchill, First Duke of Marlborough from 1702 to 1712. Volume 2
046988: MURRAY, WILLIAM - Conflicting Currents: Japan and the United States in the Pacific
060561: MUSEUM OF LONDON - Transactions of the London & Middlesex Archaeological Society: Volume 45: 1994
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015415: MUTIBWA PHARES M. - The Malagasy and the Europeans. Madagasar's Foreign Relations, 1861-1895.
015416: MUTIBWA PHARES M. - The Malagasy and the Europeans. Madagasar's Foreign Relations, 1861-1895.
023585: MUZEUM NARODOWE W WARSZAWIE - Annuaire Du Musée National de Varsovie, Volume 36. Rocznik.
047604: MYERS, MARGARET G. - A Financial History of the United States
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043828: MYERS, MARGARET GOOD - A Financial History of the United States
055545: MYRIAM JIMENO AND ANDY KLATT - Juan Gregorio Palechor: The Story of My Life
046566: N. L. TRANTER - British Population in the 20th Century
048226: N. F. R. CRAFTS - Can de-Industrialization Seriously Damage Your Wealth? : A Review of Why Growth Rates Differ and How to Improve Economic Performance
054358: N.F. HALL - The Exchange Equalisation Account
045908: N. E. COLLINGE - The Structure of Horace's Odes

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