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080539: NORTHAMPTON C. C. - Christianity in Northamptonshire
045180: NORTHEDGE, F. S.; WELLS, AUDREY - Britain and Soviet Communism : The Impact of a Revolution
059371: NORTHEDGE, F.S. - Descent from Power: British Foreign Policy, 1945-73
049965: NORTHEDGE, F. S.; WELLS, AUDREY - Britain and Soviet Communism : The Impact of a Revolution
052752: NORTHEDGE, F. S. - Descent from Power: British Foreign Policy, 1945-1973
085398: NORTHERN RHODESIA INFORMATION DEPARTMENT - Annual Report on Northern Rhodesia for the Year 1950. Colonial Report
052848: NORTON MARY BETH - My Mother / My Friend: Mothers and Daughters in Eighteenth Century America.
043945: NORWOOD, STEPHEN H. - Labor's Flaming Youth : Telephone Operators and Worker Militancy, 1878-1923
040661: NOTTINGHAM CASTLE MUSEUM - English Watercolours: In Nottingham Castle
040647: NOTTINGHAMSHIRE THE WILDLIFE TRUST - Attenborough Wildlife. A Review of Attenborough Wildlife 2001-2004
082078: NOVAK, STEVEN J. - The Rights of Youth: American Colleges and Student Revolt, 1798-1815
054771: NOVE, ALEC - Glasnost' in Action: Cultural Renaissance in Russia
047190: NUM - National Union of Mineworkers: Derbyshire Area : A Pictorial History
082941: NUNNERLEY, MARGARET L. - Surveillance, Secrecy and Sovereignty: How a Peace Campaign Challenged the Activities of a Us Base in Britain
057057: NUYENS MICHEL - Le Statut Obligatoire Des Decurions Dans le Droit Constantinien.
057291: O.W. PARNABY - Britain and the Labor Trade in the Southwest Pacific
084182: O' CONNOR, JOHN - Shakespearean Afterlives: Ten Characters with a Life of Their Own
085328: O. OPPERMANN - Kölnisch-Geldrische Urkundenstudien Zur Geschichte Des 13. Jahrhunderts.
081845: O'BALLANCE, EDGAR. - CIVIL War in Yugoslavia
042717: O'BRIEN, JIM - Maz in the '60 Bucs
083798: O'COLLINS, GERALD; FARRUGIA, MARIO - Catholicism: The Story of Catholic Christianity
045540: O'CONNELL DAVIDSON, JULIA - Privatisation and Employment Relations. The Case of the Water Industry
081011: O'CONNOR, JOHN T. - Negotiator out of Season: The Career of Wilhelm Egon Von Furstenberg, 1629 to 1704
055066: O'CONNOR, EMMET - A Labour History of Ireland, 1824-1960
040880: O'DALY, GERARD J. P. - The Poetry of Boethius
048536: O'DAY, ROSEMARY - The Debate on the English Reformation
044936: O'DAY, ALAN - Charles Stewart Parnell
048650: O'DAY, ROSEMARY - The Professions in Early Modern England, 1450-1800 : Servants of the Commonweal
056466: O'NEILL, WILLIAM L. - The Last Romantic: A Life of Max Eastman
059405: O'ROURKE, REBECCA - Reflecting on the Well of Loneliness
084190: O'ROURKE BOYLE, M.; BOYLE, MARJORIE O'ROURKE - Divine Domesticity: Augustine of Thagaste to Teresa of Avila (Studies in the History of Christian Thought)
050608: O'TOOLE, THOMAS - Historical Dictionary of Guinea
085877: OAKDEN, J. P. - Place-Names of Staffordshire. Part 1 - Cuttlestone Hundred.
057075: OAKES, PHILIP - From Middle England: A Memory of the Thirties
042798: OAKLEY, J. RONALD - Baseball's Last Golden Age, 1946-1960: The National Pastime in a Time of Glory and Change
080410: OAKMAN, DOUGLAS E. - Jesus, Debt, and the Lord's Prayer: First-Century Debt and Jesus' Intentions
053626: OBELKEVICH, JIM;ROPER, LYNDAL;SAMUEL, RAPHAEL - Disciplines of Faith: Studies in Religion, Politics, and Patriarchy
082524: OBERG, LEON - Locomotives of Australia
049566: ODILE KRAKOVITCH - Les Impressions de la Convention Nationale 1792-an IV: Inventaire Analytique Des Articles Ad XVIIIC 208-357 (French Edition)
057995: ODOM, WILLIAM E. - The Soviet Volunteers: Modernization and Bureaucracy in Public Mass Organization
047602: OERTZEN, CHRISTINE VON - The Pleasure of a Surplus Income: Part-Time Work, Gender Politics, and Social Change in West Germany, 1955-1969
082209: OFFICE OF POPULATION CENSUSES AND SURVEYS - Census 1971. England and Wales County Report. Lincolnshire (Parts of Kesteven) and Lincoln C.B. Part II
082210: OFFICE OF POPULATION AND SURVEYS - Census 1981. County Report. Lincolnshire Part I.
044746: OFFORD, DEREK C. - The Russian Revolutionary Movement in the 1880s
057108: OFORI, PATRICK E - Land in Africa: Its Administration, Law, Tenure, and Use : A Select Bibliography
052388: OGDEN CHARLES JONES. - De Infinitivi Finalis Vel Consecutivi Constructione Apud Priscos Poetas Graecos.
044447: OGLE OCTAVIUS EDITED - Royal Letters Addressed to Oxford, and Now Existing in the City Archives.
082113: OGLIARI, FRANCESCO - La Battaglia Di Solferino E San Martino
056098: OHLY, FRIEDRICH - The Damned and the Elect : Guilt in Western Culture
043752: OKIEM POLSKIEJ KAMERY - Powstanie Warszawskie 1944: Okiem Polskiej Kamery
050539: OKIHIRO, GARY Y. - The Columbia Guide to Asian American History
054295: OLBRICH, EMIL - The Development of Sentiment on Negro Suffrage to 1860
047996: OLD ORDNANCE SURVEY MAPS: LONDON - Clerkenwell, Kings Cross & the Angel, 1894
058873: OLD TESTAMENT ABSTRACTS - Old Testament Abstracts. Volume 26. No. 1. February, 2003
081632: OLD STAMFORDIAN CLUB - A Register of Stamford School, 1532-1960
086905: OLE MARTIN HØYSTAD - A History of the Heart
083415: OLESKER, MICHAEL - The Colts' Baltimore: A City and Its Love Affair in the 1950s
057469: OLGA MARUSEVSKI - Iso Krsnjavi: Kultura I Politika Na Zidovima Palace U Opatickoj 10
044733: OLGA CRISP , LINDA EDMONDSON - CIVIL Rights in Imperial Russia
044214: OLGA F. LINARES, SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION - Cultural Chronology of the Gulf of Chiriquí, Panama
042608: OLGA ALEKSEEVNA NOVIKOVA - Skobeleff and the Slavonic Cause
085096: OLGA CRISP - Studies in the Russian Economy Before 1914 (Studies in Russian and East European History and Society)
048308: OLIPHANT J. ORIN - On the Cattle Ranges of the Oregon Country
053241: OLIVE ANDERSON - A Liberal State of War. English Politics and Economics During the Crimean War
080485: OLIVE YOUNGS - Theatre Notebook 1972-1986 - an Index to Volumes 26-40
081683: OLIVE BANKS - The Attitudes of Steelworkers to Technical Change (Social Research Series)
043525: OLIVER, ANDREW - Portraits of John Marshall
086034: OLIVIER LUTAUD - Des Révolutions D'Angleterre à la Révolution Française: Le Tyrannicide Et `Killing No Murder' (Cromwell, Athalie, Bonaparte) (International Archives... D'Histoire Des Idées) (French Edition)
085185: OLMSTEAD CLIFTON E. - Religion in America. Past and Present.
081156: OLSEN, V.N. - John Foxe and the Elizabethan Church
060223: OLSON, LESTER C. - Emblems of American Community in the Revolutionary Era: A Study in Rhetorical Iconology
043886: OLSON ALISON GILBERT AND BROWN RICHARD MAXWELL - Anglo-American Political Relations, 1675-1775
043888: OLSON ALISON GILBER BROWN RICHARD MAXWELL - Anglo-American Political Relations, 1675-1775
086176: OLSSON SVEN AND SARNQVIST NEAMI - Stockholms Tankebocker. Fran Ar 1592. Utgivna Av Stockholms Stadsarkiv. Del XII. 1620-1621.
041672: OLWIG, KAREN FOG - Global Culture, Island Identity: Continuity and Change in the Afro-Caribbean Community of Nevis
060156: OMWEGA RICHARD NYABUTI - CIVIL War in Southern Sudan 1983 to 1998
060255: ONG WEI CHONG - War As They Knew It : Revolutionary War and Counterinsurgency in Southeast Asia
040804: ORBANES, PHILIP E. - Monopoly: The World's Most Famous Game--and How It Got That Way
045293: ORDE, ANNE - British Policy and European Reconstruction After the First World War
085239: ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP - Ordnance Survey Map - No 74 - Kettering & Huntingdon - Second War Revision 1940
084321: ORDNANCE SURVEY - Maps from the Past - Number 4, Half-Inch Second Series Sheet 37, Leicester, Ordnance Survey, 1960.
085234: ORDNANCE SURVEY - Ordnance Survey Map - No 134 - Huntingdon & Peterborough 1954
085235: ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP - Ordnance Survey Map - Sheet 64 - Peterborough 1922
085236: ORDNANCE SURVEY - Ordnance Survey Map - No 64 - Peterborough - Second War Revision 1940
047944: ORGANISATION FOR ECONOMIC CO-OPERATION AND DEVELOPMENT STAFF - Labour Force Statistics, Statistiques de la Population Active 1968-1988
080364: ORLO CYPRIAN WILLIAMS - The Clerical Organization of the House of Commons, 1661-1850
041882: ORMROD, DAVID - The Rise of Commercial Empires : England and the Netherlands in the Age of Mercantilism, 1650-1770
084357: ORMROD, W. M. - The Reign of Edward III: Crown and Political Scoeity in England, 1327-1377
056667: ORMSLEY, ERIC L. - Moses Maimonides and His Time (Studies in Philosophy & the History of Philosophy)
052465: ORR, BRIDGET - Empire on the English Stage 1660-1714
052668: ORSAGH, THOMAS;CARTWRIGHT, SHARON A. - The Economic History of the United States Prior to 1860: An Annotated Bibliography
052471: ORTIZ, ANTONIO D.; CARRETERO, C. H.; GODOY, J. A. - Resplendence of the Spanish Monarchy : Renaissance Tapestries and Armor from the Patrimonio Nacional
051051: ORTIZ-CARBONERES, SALVADOR - Spanish History : Selected Texts from the Fall of Grenada in 1492 to Modern Times
053022: ORTNER, FRANZ - Reformation, Katholische Reform Und Gegenreformation IM Erzstift Salzburg
084155: ORWELL, GEORGE - Nineteen Eighty-Four
047987: ORWELL, GEORGE - The Observer Years Orwell
081709: OSBORN, ROBERT J - The Evolution of Soviet Politics (the Dorsey Series in Political Science)
059982: OSBORNE, MILTON - River Road to China: The Mekong River Expedition 1866-73
055801: OSBORNE, RICHARD ; EDNEY, RALPH - Philosophy for Beginners
058935: OSBORNE, JOHN W. - John Cartwright (Conference on British Studies Biographical Series)
059421: OSCAR ALIG - Georg Anton Vieli: Ein Bündnerischer Staatsmann, 1745-1830
083108: OSHEIM, DUANE J. - An Italian Lordship : The Bishopric of Lucca in the Late Middle Ages
057443: OSKAR VASELLA - Reform Und Reformation in Der Schweiz.
054633: OSKAR THULIN - Luther. A Life Told in Pictures and Narrative of the Reformer and His Contemporaries
082518: OSWALD HOLDER-EGGER - Monumenta Erphesfurtensia Saec. XII. XIII. XIV.
047856: OTERO AURELO DE SANTOS - Das Kirchenslavische Evangelium Des Thomas.
087052: OTIS L. GRAHAM - An Encore for Reform. The Old Progressives and the New Deal.
084920: OTMAR FRANZ ET AL - Europas Mitte (German Edition)
086177: OTTO OPPERMANN - Der Fränkische Staatsgedanke Und Die Aachener Königskrönungen Des Mittelalters. Eine Diplomatische Untersuchung.
049436: OTTO BRUNNER - Adeliges Landeben Und Europäischer Geist. Leben Und Werk Wolf Helmhards Von Hohberg 1612-1688
085196: OTTOSON HOWARD W. BIRCH ELEANOR M. HENDERSON PHILIP A. ANDERSON A. H. - Land and People in the Northern Plains Transition Area.
047419: OURS, ROBERT M. - College Football Almanac
049712: OVERBECK FRANZ - Vorgeschichte Und Jugend Der Mittelalterlichen Scholastik. Eine Kirchenhistorische Vorlesung.
047722: OVERSEAS FOOD CORPORATION - Annual Report and Statement of Accounts Fo the Year Ended 31st March, 1955. Overseas Food Corporation
048453: OVERSEAS FOOD CORPORATION - Overseas Food Corporation, Report and Accounts for 1948- 1954 Plus the Future of the Overseas Food Corporation
087121: OVERY, RICHARD - A History of War in 100 Battles
083820: OVERY, R. J. - Nazi Economic Recovery, 1932-38 (Studies in Economic & Social History)
084544: OWEN, ROGER , SUTCLIFFE, ROBERT B. - Studies in the Theory of Imperialism
083282: OWEN, C. - Leicester and South Derbyshire Coalfield 1200-1900 (Leicestershire Museums Publication)
040827: OWEN BALMFORTH - The Huddersfield Industrial Society Limited: History of Fifty Years' Progress, 1860-1910
082387: OWEN THETFORD - Aircraft of the Royal Air Force, 1918-58
054786: OXFORD JOURNALS - French History. Volume 24, Number 2 , June 2010 - Special Issue
046581: P.K. EDWARDS - Strikes in the United States 1881-1974
047092: P. J. O. TAYLOR - A Companion to the Indian Mutiny of 1857
055969: P. A. M. GEURTS, F. A. M. MESSING - Theoretische en Methodologische Aspecten Van de Economische en Sociale Geschiedenis
087112: P. G. MAXWELL-STUART - The Archbishops of Canterbury
080055: P. AMIS - Some Domestic Vessels of Southern Britain :
053585: PÉREZ TOSTADO, IGOR; GARCÍA HERNÁN, ENRIQUE - Irlanda y el Atlántico Ibérico : Movilidad, Participación E Intercambio Cultural (1580-1830) - Ireland and the Iberian Atlantic: Mobility, Involvement and Cross-Cultural Exchange (1580-1823)
081591: P.S. LEWIS - Essays in Later Medieval French History
084523: P.M. TURNER & SIDNEY HORROCKS - Lancashire History. Historical Period. Hanover. 1714-1837
086794: P.R. SEDDON - The Letter Book of Sir Anthony Oldfield, 1662-1667 (Publications of the Lincoln Record Society)
050833: P. V. JOHN - Some Aspects of the Structure of Indian Agricultural Economy, 1947-48 to 1961-62.
040542: P.E.P. - British Trade Unionism. Six Studies by P.E. P. July 1948
086879: P.K. EDWARDS - Strikes in the United States 1881-1974
082418: P.W. JANSSEN - Les Origines de la Reforme Des Carmes en France Au XVII Siecle.
085845: P WITTMER - Caillebotte Au Jardin (French Edition)
084270: P.P. PROL - Political History of the Proletariat: Democracy Versus Workers' Power: Volume 1 Germany - Unification to Weimar
086532: P.J. VATIKIOTIS - Politics and the Military in Jordan: A Study of the Arab Legion, 1921-1957 (Routledge Library Editions: Jordan)
084666: P. M. DITCHFIELD - The Old - Time Parson
043395: P. C. JOSHI - 1857: The First War of Independence of the Subcontinent
059942: P. M. MAAS - Etude Sur Les Sources de la Passion Du Palatinus
055877: P. EUGENIUS A. CERVIA - De Professione Religiosa. Tractatus Iuridico-Canonicus.
049560: PACIFICO MONZA - Monumenta Selecta Iuris Regularis. Tum Seraphici Quum Communis
085200: PACIS OLIVER - Chips from a Temperance Workshop. Readings, Recitations and Dialogues for Bands of Hope and Tempereance Societies.
047483: PACKER, BILLY;LAZENBY, ROLAND - Golden Moments of the Final Four: A Retrospective of the Ncaa Basketball Tournament
047399: PACKER, BILLY;LAZENBY, ROLAND - The Golden Game. The Hot Shots, Great Moments and Classic Stories from Basketball's First 100 Years.
052294: PADFIELD, PETER - Tide of Empires: Decisive Naval Campaigns in the Rise of the West. Volume One 1481-1654
084854: PADFIELD, PETER - Tide of Empires: Decisive Naval Campaigns in the Rise of the West 1654-1763: Volume 2
083740: PAGE, MALCOLM; TRUSSLER, SIMON - "File on Edgar" (Plays and Playwrights)
081635: PAGE, MARK; BRISTOW, MATTHEW - A History of the County of Northampton: VII: Corby and Great Oakley (Victoria County History)
084205: PAINE, THOMAS - Paine: Political Writings (Cambridge Texts in the History of Political Thought)
080659: PAINTER, GEORGE D. - William Caxton: A Quincentenary Biography of England's First Printer
044192: PAIVA JOSE PEDRO ET AL. - Portugaliae Monumenta Misericordiarum. Volume 4.
044193: PAIVA JOSE PEDRO ET AL. - Portugaliae Monumenta Misericordiarum. Volume 5
052884: PALAIS DE LA LEGION D'HONNEUR - Exposition Retrospective Marechaux de France Du 11 Mai Au 15 Juillet 1922
051071: PALANQUE J-R, BRADY G. ET LABRIOLLE P. DE. - Histoire de L'Eglise. 3 - de la Paix Constantinienne a la Mort de Theodose.
052623: PALAZZINO, MARIO;ARCHIVIO DI STATO DI PARMA (ITALY) - Da Prefetto Parma a Gabinetto Ministro Interno: Le Barricate Antifasciste Del 1922 Viste Attraverso I Dispacci Dei Tutori Dell'Ordine Pubblico
047336: MAURICE PALÉOLOGUE - The Turning Point, Three Critical Years, 1904-1906
043881: PALEY FREDERICK A. - Sex. Aurelii Propertii Carmina. The Elegies of Propertius, with English Notes.
044448: PALGRAVE FRANCIS. COLLECTED AND EDITED - The Antient Kalendars and Inventories of the Treasury of His Majesty's Exchequer, Together with Some Documents Illustrating the History of That Repository. Volume 3.
081316: PALLISER, D. M.; PALLISER, DAVID - Tudor York (Oxford Historical Monographs)
060157: PALMER, ROBERT R. - The School of the French Revolution: A Documentary History of the College of Louis-le-Grand and Its Director, Jean-Francois Champagne, 1762-1814
058267: PALMER, MICHAEL A. - On Course to Desert Storm: The United States Navy and the Persian Gulf (Contributions to Naval History)
086818: PAMELA M. PILBEAM - The Middle Classes in Europe, 1789-1914 (Themes in Comparative History)
047476: PAMELA HANSFORD JOHNSON - An Avenue of Stone
084553: PAMELA HORN - Young Offenders: Juvenile Delinquency 1700-2000
083310: PANDEY, RUDRA RAJ - Rupamati
084214: PANG, EUL-SOO - In Pursuit of Honor and Power: Noblemen of the Southern Cross in Nineteenth-Century Brazil
084898: PANIKKAR, K. N. - Against Lord and State: Religion and Peasant Uprisings in Malabar, 1836-1921 (Oxford India Paperbacks)
084209: PANITCH, LEO - Working Class Politics in Crisis: Essays on Labour and the State
083224: PANNILL H. BURNELL - The Religious Faith of John Fiske.
084381: PANSY - Chrissy's Endeavour
047982: PANTIN, CARL FREDERICK ABEL - The Relations between the Sciences
056904: PAQUETTE, GABRIEL - Imperial Portugal in the Age of Atlantic Revolutions: The Luso-Brazilian World, C. 1770-1850
055751: PAREKH, BHIKHU C. - Contemporary Political Thinkers
046415: PARFITT, GEORGE A. E. - English Poetry of the First World War: Contexts and Themes
041655: PARHAM PARK PULBOROUGH SUSSEX - Parham Park Pulborough Sussex - Illustrated List of Pictures
047084: PARIS, JAMES REID - Classic Foreign Films: From 1960 to Today
051534: PARISH, RICHARD - Pascal's Lettres Provinciales: A Study in Polemic
044686: W. D. PARISH - Domesday-Book in Relation to the County of Sussex: Edited for the Sussex Archeological Society
057678: PARISH, JAMES ROBERT - Hollywood Divas : The Good, the Bad, and the Fabulous
046417: PARK, JIHANG - Profit-Sharing and Industrial Co-Partnership in British Industry, 1880-1920: Class Conflict or Class Collaboration?
056787: PARKER, STANLEY ROBERT - The Future of Work and Leisure
081165: PARKER, DOUGLAS H. - The Praier and Complaynte of the Ploweman Vnto Christe
081330: PARKER, KENNETH L. - The English Sabbath: A Study of Doctrine and Discipline from the Reformation to the CIVIL War
060694: PARKER, JOHN - Reading Latin Epitaphs: A Handbook for Beginners
052390: PARKES JAMES - The Foundations of Judaism and Christianity.
052675: PARKIN, ROBERT SINCLAIR - Blood on the Sea : American Destroyers Lost in World War II
060487: PARKMAN, PATRICIA - Nonviolent Insurrection in el Salvador: The Fall of Maximiliano Hernandez Martinez
047895: PARLIAMENTARU DEBATES - The Legal Status of Trade Unions 1931 (Trade Disputes and Trade Unions (Amendment) Bill 1931)
043742: PARLIAMENTARY HISTORY: 1982 - Parliamentary History: Volume 1 - 1982
043743: PARLIAMENTARY HISTORY: 1982 - Parliamentary History: Volume 1 - 1982
052697: PARLIAMENTARY HISTORY. VOLUME 9. PART 1. 1990. - Parliamentary History. Volume 9. Part 1. 1990.
052698: PARLIAMENTARY HISTORY. VOLUME 6, PART 1. 1987. - Parliamentary History. Volume 6, Part 1. 1987.
051104: PARLIAMENTARY HISTORY - Parliamentary History. Volume 10 , Part I , 1991
052705: PARLIAMENTARY HISTORY. A YEARBOOK. VOLUME 4, 1985 - Parliamentary History. A Yearbook. Volume 4, 1985
081251: PARRY, G. J. R. - A Protestant Vision: William Harrison and the Reformation of Elizabethan England (Cambridge Studies in the History and Theory of Politics)
048064: PARRY-JONES, DANIEL - My Own Folk
040124: PARRY, LINDA - William Morris Textiles
059131: PARRY, NOEL; ETC. - Social Work, Welfare and the State
045425: PARSONS, WAYNE - The Power of the Financial Press: Journalism & Economic Opinion in Britain & America
047502: PARSONS, CHARLES RICHARD - The Man with the White Hat, or, the Story of an Unknown Mission
082700: PASCAL ORY, MARIE CLAUDE BLANC CHALEARD - Dictionnaire Des étrangers Qui Ont Fait la France
082793: PASCAL VUILLEMIN - Droit Et Reforme Ecclesiastique a Venise a la Fin Du Moyen-Age. Le Synodicon Giustiniani (1438)
086552: PASI TUUNAINEN - Finnish Military Effectiveness in the Winter War, 1939-1940
051533: PASSAMANECK, STEPHEN M. - Insurance in Rabbinic Law
083586: PASTERNAK, BORIS LEONIDOVICH; BARNES, CHRISTOPHER - The Voice of Prose: 1 - Early Prose and Autobiography
050092: PASTOR, ROBERT A. - Whirlpool: U.S. Foreign Policy Toward Latin America and the Caribbean
047819: PATAT, JEAN-PIERRE - 1813, Seul Contre Tous
045358: PATCH, WILLIAM L. - Christian Trade Unions in the Weimar Republic, 1918-1933: The Failure of Corporate Pluralism
055752: PATEMAN, CAROLE - The Problem of Political Obligation : A Critical Analysis of Liberal Theory
053294: PATERSON, WILLIAM;THOMAS, ALASTAIR - The Future of Social Democracy: Problems and Prospects of Social Democratic Parties in Western Europe
055455: PATEY, DOUGLAS LANE;KEEGAN, TIMOTHY - Augustan Studies: Essays in Honor of Irvin Ehrenpreis
044603: PATRICE BAFFOU - Bressuire en Bande Dessinée
085882: PATRICIA KAY GALLOWAY - Proceedings of the Seventeenth Meeting: Of the French Colonial Historical Society, Chicago, May 1991 (French Colonial Historical Society... Of the... Of the French Colonial Historical Society)
051414: PATRICIA WARDLE; ANNE-DIRK RENTING - For Our Royal Person: Master of the Robes Bills of King-Stadholder William III
082896: PATRICIA DEMERS - 'an Apology or Answer in Defence of the Church of England': Lady Anne Bacon's Translation of Bishop John Jewel's 'Apologia Ecclesiae Anglicanae'
086810: PATRICIA MEILMAN - Titian and the Altarpiece in Renaissance Venice
080670: PATRICIA; WRIGHT, ALISON RUBIN - Renaissance Florence: The Art of the 1470's
060657: PATRICIA DAY - Only Dissect: Rudolf Klein on Politics and Society
055647: PATRICK COFFEY - American Arsenal: A Century of Waging War
087031: PATRICK M. GRAHAM - Chronicler As Historian (Journal for the Study of the Old Testament Supplement)
052476: PATRICK MÉRIENNE - Atlas de L'Histoire de France: De la Gaule à la France Du Xxie Siècle
054834: PATRICK R. VINCENT - The Jeu de Saint Nicolas of Jean Bodel of Arras. A Literary Analysis.
082997: PATRICK L. GARDINER - The Nature of Historical Explanation
041197: PATRICK GARNON - Le Développement Agricole D'Une Commune Rurale Du Briançonnais: Val-Des-Prés: (1850-1914)
048211: PATRICK GRANT - Literature and the Discovery of Method in the English Renaissance
086142: PATRICK K. O'DONNELL - Washington's Immortals: The Untold Story of an Elite Regiment Who Changed the Course of the Revolution
086535: PATRICK DELAFORCE - Battles with Panzers: Monty's Tank Battalions 1 Rtr & 2 Rtr at War
044093: PATRICK COX - Euro-Guide Anno 1977 : Yearbook of the Institutions of the European Union and of Other European Organizations
059793: PATRICK M. MALONE - The Skulking Way of War: Technology and Tactics Among the New England Indians
082233: PATRICK HARRIES - Work, Culture, and Identity: Migrant Laborers in Mozambique and South Africa, C. 1860-1910 (Social History of Africa)
086549: PATRICK DELAFORCE - Taming the Panzers: Monty's Tank Battalions 3rd Rtr at War
082191: PATRIDGE, MONICA - Alexander Herzen 1812-1870/U1432 (Prominent Figures of Slav Culture)
086771: ALEXANDER PATSCHOVSKY - Joachim Von Fiore, Concordia Novi Ac Veteris Testamenti (Mgh - Quellen Zur Geistesgeschichte Des Mittelalters) (German Edition)
040615: PATSY ORLOFSKY; MYRON ORLOFSKY - Quilts in America
052351: PATTEE BYNG TORRINGTON (VISCOUNT) , J. L. CRANMER-BYNG - Pattee Byng's Journal, 1718-1720
057115: PATTERSON, HENRY - The Politics of Illusion: Republicanism and Socialism in Modern Ireland (Radius Books)
052279: PATTERSON, STEPHEN E. - Political Parties in Revolutionary Massachusetts
084682: PATTERSON, MARK R. - Authority, Autonomy, and Representation in American Literature, 1776-1865 (Princeton Legacy Library)
047941: PATTERSON, ROBERT W. P. - Deo Vindice
048502: PATTERSON, TED - Football in Baltimore: History and Memorabilia
044763: PATTI GIUSEPPE - Segni Nel Tempo. Archivio Storico Fotografico Della Compagnia Di Gesu in Sicilia.
080650: PATTISON, BRUCE - Music and Poetry of the English Renaissance
043763: PATTON HARALD S. - Grain Growers' Cooperation in Western Canada.
043479: PATZOLD, KURT - Biographien Zur Deutschen Geschichte Von Den Anfangen Bis 1945: Lexikon
042564: PAUCARD, ALAIN - La France de Michel Audiard
060138: PAUCKER, ARNOLD - Leo Baeck Institute Year Book 1989 , Vol. 34: From 19th Century Emancipation to Nazi Oppression V. 34
053348: PAUL G. RUGGIERS - Versions of Mediaeval Comedy
055566: PAUL T. PHILLIPS - Contesting the Moral High Ground: Popular Moralists in Mid-Twentieth-Century Britai
086447: PAUL BROWN; DELIA GLEAVE - Sand, Planes and Submarines: How Leighton Buzzard Shortened the First World War
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048989: RALPH F.DE BEDTS - Recent American History, Vol. 1: 1933 Through World War II (the Dorsey Series in History)
040841: RALPH H. PINDER-WILSON - Paintings from Islamic Lands
054263: RALPH MILIBAND, LEO PANITCH, JOHN SAVILLE - Revolution Today. Aspirations and Realities. Socialist Register 1989
057851: RALPH GREENHILL - Early Photography in Canada
047106: RALPH ROSCOE ENFIELD - The Agricultural Crisis, 1920-1923
082279: RAMÓN CÉSAR BEJARANO - Vencer o Morir: Formación Guerrera Del Pueblo Paraguayo Antes de 1932
050872: RAMÓN JOSÉ CÁRCANO - Guerra Del Paraguay: Acción y Reacción de la Triple Alianza . . (2 Volume Set).
059992: RAMELSON, BERT; ETC. - Debate on Workers' Control
040084: RAMSAY MUIR - Trade Unionism and the Trade Union Bill
054165: RAMSAY MUIR - America the Golden. An Englishman's Notes and Comparisons.
083402: RAMSEY, NEIL; RUSSELL, GILLIAN - Tracing War in British Enlightenment and Romantic Culture (Palgrave Studies in the Enlightenment, Romanticism and the Cultures of Print)
043151: RAND, JONATHAN - Riddell Presents the Gridiron's Greatest Linebackers
083414: RAND, JONATHAN - The Year That Changed the Game: The Memorable Months That Shaped Pro Football
043131: RAND, JONATHAN - Riddell Presents the Gridiron's Greatest Quarterbacks
085360: RANDALL C. MORRIS - Process Philosophy and Political Ideology: The Social and Political Thought of Alfred North Whitehead and Charles Hartshorne
043130: RANDIER, JEAN - La Royale: L'Histoire Illustrée de la Marine Nationale Française. Volume One - la Vergue Et le Sabord (Des Origines à 1850)
050334: RANDOLPH VIGNE - Thomas Pringle: South African Pioneer, Poet and Abolitionist
054046: RANDOLPH S. CHURCHILL - The Story of the Coronation
082992: RANDOLPH SARAH N. - The Domestic Life of Thomas Jefferson. Compiled from Family Letters and Reminiscenes by His Great - Granddaughter.
055826: RANFT, PATRICIA - Women and the Religious Life in Premodern Europe
052329: RANGE WILLARD - A Century of Georgia Agriculture, 1850-1950.
055075: RANKIN, DAVID - Celts and the Classical World
081058: RAOUL STEPHEN - Histoire Du Protestantisme Francais.
055492: RAPHAEL R. ABRAMOVITCH - The Soviet Revolution 1917-1939
086008: RAPPORT DE LA COMMISSION D'INFORMATION. - Rapport de la Commission D'Information Instituée par S.M. Le Roi Léopold III, le 14 Juillet 1946
085800: RASHMI SUDHA PURI - Gandhi on War and Peace
057820: RASMO, NICOLO - Michael Pacher
052661: RATHKOLB, OLIVER - The Paradoxical Republic : Austria, 1945-2005
084246: RATTIGAN, TERENCE SIR - Rattigan: Plays Two: "Deep Blue Sea"; "Separate Tables"; "in Praise of Love"; "Before Dawn" (World Classics)
042526: RAU REINHOLD - Quellen Zur Karolingischen Reichsgeschichte. Zweiter Teil - Jahrbucher Von St. Bertin: Jahrbucher Von St. Vaast: Xantener Jahrbucher.
042527: RAU REINHOLD - Quellen Zur Karolingischen Reichsgeschichte. Dritter Teil - Jahrbucher Von Fulda : Regino Chronik : Notker Taten Karls.
082250: RAUMER, FREDERICK VON - England in 1835 (Development of Industrial Society)
050657: RAVIL BUKHARAEV - Islam in Russia: The Four Seasons
050559: RAWLYK G. A - Historical Essays on the Atlantic Provinces.
058203: RAY KEENOY , VIVIENNE MENKES-IVRY , ZSUZSANNA VARGA - Babel Guide to Hungarian Literature (Babel Guides to Literature in English Translation)
086471: RAY. STURTIVANT - The Swordfish Story
086824: RAY ARGYLE - The Paris Game: Charles de Gaulle, the Liberation of Paris, and the Gamble That Won France
086470: RAY STURTIVANT - Fleet Air Arm at War
044593: RAYMER, STEVE - Images of a Journey: India in Diaspora
085067: RAYMOND WILLIAM POSTGATE - The Bolshevik Theory
085387: RAYMOND GILLESPIE ; RAYMOND REFAUSSA - The Medieval Manuscripts of Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin
082331: RAYMOND BELLOUR - Le Cinema Americain (French Edition)
086513: RAYMOND CHIEN SUN - Before the Enemy Is Within Our Walls: Catholic Workers in Cologne, 1885-1912 : A Social, Cultural and Political History
057769: RAYMOND BENOIT - Single Nature's Double Name. The Collectedness of the Conflicting in British and American Romanticism.
048258: RAYMOND OBERLE - La Republique de Mulhouse Pendant la Guerre de Trente Ans
049967: RAYMOND WILSON CHAMBERS - On the Continuity of English Prose from Alfred to More & His School.
086534: RAYMOND A. CALLAHAN - Triumph at Imphal-Kohima: How the Indian Army Finally Stopped the Japanese Juggernaut (Modern War Studies)
082223: RAYMOND VICTOR SCHODER - Masterpieces of Greek Art. Text and Colour Photography by R.V. Schoder
053942: RAYMOND PLANT - Citizenship, Rights and Socialism
060688: RAYMOND A. MOHL - Poverty in New York 1783-1825
043770: RAYMOND STANFIELD - Catholic Record Society Obituaries
052046: RAYMOND CHIRAT - Le Cine?Ma Franc?Ais Des Anne?Es de Guerre (Bibliothe`Que Du Cine?Ma) (French Edition)
056523: RAYMOND LESLIE BUELL - Poland : Key to Europe
052258: RAYNE KRUGER - Good-Bye Dolly Gray. The Story of the Boer War
081586: RAYWARD, W. BOYD , MARY ELLEN BOWDEN - Conference Proceedings on the History and Heritage of Scientific and Technical Information 2002
086445: REA LEAKEY; GEORGE FORTY - Leakey's Luck: A Tank Commander with Nine Lives
053650: READ, CHRISTOPHER - Religion, Revolution and the Russian Intelligentsia, 1900-1912 : The 'Vekhi' Debate and Its Intellectual Background
044962: REAGIN, NANCY R. - A German Women's Movement: Class and Gender in Hanover, 1880-1933
051377: REAR-ADMIRAL H. G. THURSFIELD - Five Naval Journals 1789-1817
082027: REAR-ADMIRAL H. W. RICHMOND , JULIAN S. CORBETT - Private Papers of George, Second Earl Spencer First Lord of the Admiralty 1794-1801 Volume I
086886: REBEL, HERMANN - Peasant Classes: The Bureaucratization of Property and Family Relations Under Early Habsburg Absolutism, 1511-1636
045054: REDDAN, MINNIE;CLAPHAM, SIR ALFRED WILLIAM - The Parish of St. Helen, Bishopsgate
060381: REDNER, HARRY - Totalitarianism, Globalization, Colonialism: The Destruction of Civilization Since 1914
082886: REDPATH, JAMES - Public Life of Captain John Brown: With an Auto-Biography of His Childhood and Youth
045057: REDSTONE, LILIAN JANE - The Parish of All Hallows Barking
050513: REED MICHAEL - Discovering Past Landscapes
083600: REED, MICHAEL A - The Georgian Triumph, 1700-1830 (the Making of Britain, 1066-1939)
045826: REED, ARTHUR - Britain's Aircraft Industry: What Went Right? What Went Wrong
083930: REEDER, DAVID (ED) - Urban History Yearbook 1981
083931: REEDER, DAVID - Urban History Yearbook: 1980 (Urban History Yearbook)
060506: REEL, JEROME - Index to Biographies of Englishmen, 1000-1485, Found in Dissertations and Theses. :
083359: REES, GARETH; REES, TERESA L. - Poverty and Inequality in Wales
040695: REGINALD WILLIAM THOMPSON - The Yankee Marlborough
052900: REGINALD R. BUCKLEY - How and What to Read. Suggestions Towards a Home Library.
053417: REGINALD LANE POOLE - A Lecture on the History of the University Archives
085793: REGINALD R SHARPE - Calendar of Letters from the Mayor and Corporation of the City of London, 1350-1370.
082188: REGINALD PAYNE - The Water-Shed
056475: REGINALD LENNARD - Rural England 1086-1135. A Study of Social and Agrarian Conditions
082909: REGINALD C. STUART - War and American Thought : From the Revolution to the Monroe Doctrine
043760: REGINALD TURNOR - The Smaller English House, 1500-1939
040754: REICHLER, JOSEPH L. - The Baseball Record Companion
081066: REID, AILEEN; WATERFIELD, GILES - Edward Alleyn As Patron and Collector: A Celebration of the 375th Anniversary of the Foundation of Alleyn's College of God's Gift
047547: REID, JOHN HOWARD - More Movie Musicals. One Hundred Best Films. Plus Twenty 'b' Pictures
059089: REID, D. - Party Coloured Mind (Association for Scottish Literary Studies)
044830: REID, ELSPETH - Edinburgh Essays on Russia : Celebrating 50 Years of Russian Studies
049382: REIFELD, HELMUT - Zwischen Empire Und Parlament: Zur Gedankenbildung Und Politik Lord Roseberys (1880-1905)
083301: REINHARD SCHUREN - Staat Und Landliche Industrialisierung, Sozialer Wandel in Zwei Dorfeern Einer Deutsch-Niederlandischen Textilgewerberegion 1830-1914
052835: REINHARD HEYDENREUTER - Der Landesherrliche Hofrat Unter Herzog Und Kurfürst Maximilian I. Von Bayern: (1598-1651) (Schriftenreihe Zur Bayerischen Landesgeschichte)
054516: REINHARD LIEHR - Sozialgeschichte Spanischer Adelskorporationen: Die Maestranzas de Caballeria (1670-1808) (Vierteljahrschrift Fu?R Sozial- Und Wirtschaftsgeschichte) (German Edition)
054707: REINHARD MARCEL - Sur la Population Francaise Au XVIII Et Au XIX Siecle. Hommage a Marcel Reinhard.
041051: REINHARDT, STEVEN G. - Justice in the Sarladais, 1770-1790
043551: RELIGIOUS SOCIETY - Two Maps of Hull and Holdernes Published by a Religious Society
085419: RELIGIOUS TRACT SOCIETY - Anecdotes. Religious Tracts
085811: REMBERT W. PATRICK - The Reconstruction of the Nation.
082013: REMINGTON, THOMAS F. - Building Socialism in Bolshevik Russia: Ideology and Industrial Organization, 1917-1921
057594: REMY SIMONETTI - IL Processo Tra IL Comune Di Treviso E IL Patriarca Di Aquileia (1292-1297)
048271: RENAISSANCE AND MODERN STUDIES VOLUME XXXIII 1989 - The French Revolution in Perspective. Vol. 33.
046584: RENE FULOP-MILLER - The Mind and Face of Bolshevism: An Examination of Cultural Life in Soviet Russia
048048: RENE BAIL - Dernier Baroud à ÐIên Biên Phu
048730: RENE HUCHON - George Crabbe and His Times, 1754-1832. A Critical & Biographical Study
043376: RENE PREDAL - Anthologie Du Cinema - 81 : Mikhail Romm 1901-1971
086083: RENE JASINSKI - Moliere Et le Misanthrope.
042593: RENE GILSON - Becker
053334: RENE DE CHAMBRUN - I Saw France Fall. Will She Rise Again?
047114: RENEÌ. BITTARD DES PORTES - Les Campagnes de la Restauration, Espagne, Moreìe, Madagascar, Alger. D'Apreìs Les Archives Historiques Des deìpoìts de la Guerre Et de la Marine, Les Meìmoires Et Les Souvenirs Contemporains
052790: RENE ARNAUD - The Second Republic and Napoleon III
053530: RENEWING MINDS - Renewing Minds. A Journal of Christian Thought. Issue 4 : Fall 2013 - C.S. Lewis : A Semicentennial
045774: RENSHAW, PATRICK - American Labour and Consensus Capitalism, 1935-1990
082129: RENSHAW, PATRICK - The Longman Companion to America in the Era of the Two World Wars, 1910-1945 (Longman Companions to History)
081297: REPORT OF THE CONSULTATIVE COMMITTEE - The Education of the Adolescent
045407: REPORT - Report from the Select Committee Appointed to Inquire Into the Claims of the Men Dismissed from the Police and Prison Services on Account of the Strike of 1919
060388: REPUBLIC OF SINGAPORE AIR FORCE - 40 Years of the Rsaf: Our People, Our Air Force
083554: RETALLACK, JAMES N. - Notables of the Right: Conservative Party and Political Mobilization in Germany, 1876-1918
045152: RETISH, AARON B. - Russia's Peasants in Revolution and CIVIL War : Citizenship, Identity, and the Creation of the Soviet State, 1914-1922
083442: REURE L'ABBE CLAUDE - ODON - Les Gens de Lettres Et Leurs Protecteurs a Rome. These.
056595: REV. W.D. SWEETING - Historical and Architectural Notes on the Parish Churches in and Around Peterborough.
045747: REV. RICHARD WRENCH - A Biographical and Critical Sketch of Dr. Beaumont, the Eloquent Orator
081606: REV. JOSEPH HALL - Hall's Circuits and Ministers: An Alphabetical List of the Circuits in Great Britain, with the Names of the Ministers Stationed in Each Circuit, from 1765 to 1885
085382: REV. JAMES HERVEY - Meditations and Contemplations. To Which Is Prefixed the Life of the Author.
055891: REV. SPENCER LEESON - The Public Schools Question and Other Essays on Subjects Connected with Secondary Education
085240: REV. F.C. LAMBERT - The Practical Photographer
053567: REV. JOSEPH TANNER - Saving Faith: What Is It? a Scripture Inquiry and Appeal
049838: REV. WILLIAM. LORD BISHOP OF LONDON - A Sermon Preached in the Cathedral Church of St. Paul - 1814... Yearly Meeting of the Children Educated in the Charity Schools... The Annual Report of the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge 1814
085792: REV. H. E. SALTER - Cartulary of the Abbey of Eynsham Two Volume Set
084836: REV. D. P. CHASE - The Nicomachean Ethics of Aristotle. A New Translation, Mainly from the Text of Bekker with Explanatory Notes
087013: REVEREND DR JOHN WILSON; PHILIP HOWARD; ANDREW HICKLEY - Country and City - Wymondham, Norwich and Eaton in the 16th and 17th Centuries: The Wymondham Town Book 1585-1620 - Ordinances of the Norwich... Accounts 1663-1667 (Norfolk Record Society)
043615: REVIGNY SUR ORNAIN - La Revolution Dans le Canton de Revigny (2)
086327: REVISTA BRASILEIRA DE POLITICA INTERNACIONAL - Revista Brasileira de Politica Internacional. Ano 44. No. 1. 2001
049204: REVUE HISTORIQUE DE L'ARMEE - Revue Historique de L'Armee. Publication Trimestrielle de L'Etat Major de L'Armee. Service Historique Numero 2 2 Anee Avril- Juin 1946
049199: REVUE HISTORIQUE DE L'ARMEE - Revue Historique de L'Armee. Publication Trimestrielle de L'Etat Major de L'Armee. Service Historique Numero 4
047079: REVUE - Revue Historique de L'Arme 1956 12 Annee, Numero 2 Canada
049203: REVUE HISTORIQUE DE L'ARMEE - Revue Historique de L'Armee. Publication Trimestrielle de L'Etat Major de L'Armee. Service Historique Numero 1 4 Anee Janvier - Mars 1948
086326: REVUE D'HISTOIRE DIPLOMATIQUE. QUATRE-VINGT-NEUVIEME ANNEE. JUILLET- DEC 1975. (NUMERO DOUBLE) - Revue D'Histoire Diplomatique. La Croissance de L'Etat Moderne (XV-XVII Siecle)
049202: REVUE HISTORIQUE DE L'ARMEE - Revue Historique de L'Armee. Publication Trimestrielle de L'Etat Major de L'Armee. Service Historique Numero 2 4 Anee Juin 1948
049201: REVUE HISTORIQUE DE L'ARMEE - Revue Historique de L'Armee. Publication Trimestrielle de L'Etat Major de L'Armee. Service Historique Numero 1
049200: REVUE HISTORIQUE DE L'ARMEE - Revue Historique de L'Armee. Publication Trimestrielle de L'Etat Major de L'Armee. Service Historique Numero 3
080245: REX NEEDLE - Brief Lives of Bourne People. Fifty Biographies of the Great and the Good
086865: REX C. RUSSELL - Aspects of the History of Barrow on Humber. C 1713 to 1851.
086360: REX TRYE - Mussolini's Soldiers
080784: REX, PETER - Hereward: The Last Englishman
058050: REX C. RUSSELL - A History of Schools & Education in Lindsey, Lincolnshire: 1800-1902
060792: REX SLY - Fenland Families
087077: REX C. RUSSELL - The Church of England and the Provision of Elementary Education. A History of Schools and Education in Lindsey, Lincolnshire 1800-1902 - Part 3
084603: REYNALDO DOS SANTOS - Nuno Goncalves: The Great Portuguese Painter of the Fifteenth Century and His Altar-Piece for the Convent of St. Vincent
057290: REYNARD, PIERRE CLAUDE - Ambitions Tamed: Urban Expansion in Pre-Revolutionary Lyon
042460: REYNOLDS, MICHAEL - Monty and Patton: Two Paths to Victory
044576: REYNOLDS, SIAN - Britannica's Typesetters: Women Compositors in Edwardian Edinburgh
058867: REYNOLDS, CHARLES - Theory and Explanation in International Politics
057126: REYNOLDS, KIMBERLEY - Girls Only?: Gender and Popular Children's Fiction in Britain, 1880-1910
085807: REYNOLDS SUSAN - The Registers of Roger Martival, Bishop of Salisbury, 1315-1330. Volume 3 - Royal Writs.
045898: REZNICK, JEFFREY S. - Healing the Nation : Soldiers and the Culture of Caregiving in Britain During the Great War
047693: RHODA POWER - Under the Bolshevik Reign of Terror
083684: RHODES, CHARLES D - History of the Cavalry of the Army of the Potomac: Including Pope's Army of Virginia and the Cavalry Operations in West Virginia During the American CIVIL War
055636: RHODRI JEFFREY-JONES - The American Left: Its Impact on Politics and Society Since 1900
049897: RHYS DAVIES - The Dark Daughters
048191: RIBHEGGE, WILHELM - Europa, Nation, Region: Perspektiven Der Stadt- Una Regionalgeschichte
060669: RICARDO SALLES - Guerra Do Paraguai: Escravidão E Cidadania Na Formação Do Exército
044400: RICE, E.E. - Revolution and Counter-Revolution
057282: RICE, ANNE-CHRISTINE - Cyrano de Bergerac Cahier Du Professeur
042993: RICH E. E. JOHNSON A. M. - Hudson's Bay Copy Booke of Letters Commissions Instructions Outward 1688-1696.
086184: RICH KEARNEY; SHEILA GALLAGHER - Twinsome Minds: An Act of Double Remembrance (Famine Folio)
084678: RICHARD L. PERRY , JOHN C. COOPER - Sources of Our Liberties. Documentary Origins of Individual Liberties in the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights.
085680: RICHARD W. VAN ALSTYNE - The Rising American Empire.
086945: RICHARD SIBBES - Works of Richard Sibbes, Vol. 4
050321: RICHARD MOCKET - Doctrine Et Politia Ecclesiae Anglicanae: An Anglican Summan (Studies in the History of Christian Thought) (English and Latin Edition)
085820: RICHARD BAXTER, J.M. LLOYD THOMAS - The Autobiography of Richard Baxter (Dent Everyman"S Library)
056008: RICHARD STAFFORD CRIPPS - Democracy Alive. A Selection from Recent Speeches
085695: RICHARD P. MCCORMICK - The Presidential Game: The Origins of American Presidential Politics
053436: RICHARD BRANDON MORRIS - The Peacemakers: The Great Powers and American Independence
055153: RICHARD N. HUNT - German Social Democracy 1918-1933.
084892: RICHARD I. MELVOIN - New England Outpost: War and Society in Colonial Deerfield
083085: RICHARD F. STAAR - Poland 1944-1962 the Sovietization of a Captive People
083905: RICHARD FREDERICK SANGER HAMER - A Choice of Anglo-Saxon Verse: Parallel Text
052454: RICHARD EDWIN SMITH - Cicero the Statesman.
086765: RICHARD A MULLER - Dictionary of Latin and Greek Theological Terms: Drawn Principally from Protestant Scholastic Theology
080256: RICHARD JOHN G HALL - The Australian Light Horse.
082123: RICHARD HAKLUYT - The Principal Navigations, Voyages, Traffiques & Discoveries of the English Nation Made by Sea or over-Land to the Remote and Farthest Distant Quarters of the Earth at Any Time Within the Compasse of These 1600 Yeeres
046044: RICHARD BESSEL - Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany : Comparisons and Contrasts
056001: RICHARD J. EVANS - The German Working Class, 1888-1933: The Politics of Everyday Life
046473: RICHARD CORNTHWAITE LAMBERT - The Parliamentary History of Conscription in Great Britain: Being a Summary of the Parliamentary Debates, &C. , with an Index & Text of the Military Service Acts and a Preface
047696: RICHARD SEIDEL - The Trade Union Movement of Germany
056689: RICHARD ELLIOTT NEUSTADT - Presidential Power: Politics of Leadership from F.D. R. To Carter
054770: RICHARD ROUD - Cinema: A Critical Dictionary - the Major Film-Makers, Two Volumes
086178: RICHARD NURNBERGER - Die Politisierung Des Franzosischen Protestantismus. Calvin Und Die Anfange Des Protestantischen Radikalismus.
046556: RICHARD GURNHAM - A History of the Trade Union Movement in the Hosiery and Knitwear Industry, 1776-1976: The History of the National Union of Hosiery and Knitwear Workers, Its Evolution, and Its Predecessors
055604: RICHARD D. LAMBERT - Hindu-Muslim Riots
054627: RICHARD T. GILL - Evolution of Modern Economics
080044: RICHARD RUSSELL LAWRENCE - The Book of the Edwardian & Interwar House
081655: RICHARD W. REICHARD - Crippled from Birth; German Social Democracy 1844-1870
048270: RICHARD DROGEREIT - Das Testament Konig Georgs I Und Die Frage Der Personal Union Zwischen England Und Hannover.
085494: RICHARD TREFFRY - Memoirs of the Life, Character, and Labours of the Rev. John Smith, Late of Sheffield
048236: RICHARD GRIFFITHS - Industrial Retardation in the Netherlands 1830-1850
085825: RICHARD M. GOLDEN - The Godly Rebellion: Parisian Cures and the Religious Fronde, 1652-1662
049792: RICHARD DE BURY - The Philobiblon
086351: RICHARD T. GRAY - Stations of the Divided Subject: Contestation and Ideological Legitimation in German Bourgeois Literature, 1770-1914
048938: RICHARD J. B. BOSWORTH - Explaining Auschwitz and Hiroshima: Historians and the Second World War, 1945-1990 (the New International History)
040298: RICHARD SIDNEY SAYERS - Financial Policy, 1939-45
046701: RICHARD ESCOT , JACQUES RIVIERE - Les Stars Du Rugby
086050: RICHARD BEALE, ED. DAVIS - The Colonial Virginia Satirist. Mid-Eighteenth Century Commentaries on Politics, Religion and Society. Transactions of the American Philosophical Society Held at Philadelphia for Promoting Useful Knowledge. New Series, Volume 57, Part 1, 1967
057346: RICHARD LEWIS NETTLESHIP - Lectures on the Republic of Plato
083042: RICHARD N. CURRENT - Lincoln and the First Shot
083031: RICHARD A. SAMUELSON - Poles Together. Thomas Jefferson and John Adams.
086364: RICHARD ARNOLD-BAKER - Averof, the Ship That Changed the Course of History
081021: RICHARD HUDDLESTON - The Poll Taken at the Election of Three Knights of the Shire for the County of Cambridge Taken at Cambridge, Royston, Newmarket, Ely , Wishbeach and Whittlesea 1835
083801: RICHARD W. LYMAN - The First Labour Government 1924
048353: RICHARD L MCCORMICK - Political Parties and the Modern State
086630: RICHARD PERKINS - British Warship Recognition: The Perkins Identification Album: Volume I Capital Ships 1895-1939
086834: RICHARD JOBSON - Discovery of River Gambra (1623), Hakluyt Society Series III, Vol. 2
083484: RICHARD DOHERTY - Churchill's Greatest Fear: The Battle of the Atlantic - 3 September 1939 to 7 May 1945
050057: RICHARD E. BLANTON; STEPHEN A. KOWALEWSKI; GARY M. FEINMAN; JILL APPEL - Ancient Mesoamerica: A Comparison of Change in Three Regions (New Studies in Archaeology)
060000: RICHARD ROGERS - Urban History. Volume 21, Part 1, April 1994
085088: RICHARD BYERS - Flying Man: Hugo Junkers and the Dream of Aviation (Centennial of Flight Series)
049429: RICHARD HALWORTH ROVERE - Senator Joe Mccarthy
053448: RICHARD HENRY TAWNEY - Studies in the Minimum Wage, No. 1. The Establishment of Minimum Rates in the Chain-Making Industry Under the Trade Board Act of 1909
047772: RICHARD E. WELCH - Theodore Sedgwick, Federalist: A Political Portrait
055297: RICHARD WINSHIP STEWART - The English Ordnance Office 1585-1625: A Case Study in Bureaucracy
085769: RICHARD ALLEN - Malaysia. Prospect and Retrospect. The Impact and Aftermath of Colonial Rule.
059999: RICHARD ROGERS - Urban History. Volume 21, Part 2, October 1994
081776: RICHARD WALSH - Charleston's Sons of Liberty. A Study of the Artisans 1763-1789
056575: RICHARD H. ROVERE - Senator Joe Mccarthy
086936: RICHARD DUTTON - Jacobean CIVIC Pageants (Renaissance Texts and Studies Eup)
086105: RICHARD BURT; LYNDA E. BOOSE - Shakespeare, the Movie II: Popularizing the Plays on Film, Tv, Video and Dvd
055649: RICHARD MOE - Roosevelt's Second Act: The Election of 1940 and the Politics of War
084739: RICHARD RIDLEY FARRER - A Tour in Greece 1880.
085786: RICHARD B. MOORE - Richard B. Moore: Caribbean Militant in Harlem
087076: RICHARD C. CORTNER - The Apportionment Cases (Norton Library, N637)
084709: RICHARDS, LEONARD L. - The Life and Times of Congressman John Quincy Adams
085801: RICHARDS GEORGE CHATTERTON , SHADWELL CHARLES LANCELOT - The Provosts and Fellows of Oriel College, Oxford.
052389: RICHARDSON, WADE T. - Reading and Variant in Petronius : Studies in the French Humanists and Their Manuscript Sources
048303: RICHARDSON, R.C. - The Debate on the English Revolution Revisited
052381: RICHARDSON LAWRENCE - Poetical Theory in Republican Rome. An Analytical Discussion of the Shorter Narrative Hexameter Poems Written in Latin During the First Century Before Christ.
052382: RICHARDSON LAWRENCE - Poetical Theory in Republican Rome. An Analytical Discussion of the Shorter Narrative Hexameter Poems Written in Latin During the First Century Before Christ.
084810: RICHARDSON, R.C. - The Evolution of British Disarmament Policy in the 1920's
060517: RICHARDSON, SAMUEL - The Richardson-Stinstra Correspondence,: And Stinstra's Prefaces to Clarissa
086158: RICHELIEU CARDINAL DE. EDITED BY M. AVENEL - Letters Instructions Diplomatiques Et Papiers D'Etat Du Cardianl de Richelieu. Tome Sixieme 1638-1642
054394: RICHELIEU , F.S. FLIN , RICHARD ALDINGTON - The Private Life of the Marshal Duke of Richelieu
086157: RICHELIEU CARDINAL DE. EDITED BY M. AVENEL - Letters Instructions Diplomatiques Et Papiers D'Etat Du Cardianl de Richelieu. Tome Cinquieme 1635-1637.
080703: RICHMOND, COLIN - The Penket Papers
081359: RICHMOND, COLIN - Campaigner Against Antisemitism: The Reverend James Parkes 1896-1981 (Parkes-Wiener Series on Jewish Studies)
084234: RICHMOND, JAMES - Ritschl: A Reappraisal

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