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081254: HELEN C. WHITE - Tudor Books of Saints and Martyrs
042754: HELEN M. CAM - Year Books of Edward II. Vol. XXVI(Part I). The Eyre of London, 14 Edward II. 1321. Vol. 1 Only
083505: HELEN GRAHAM - Interrogating Francoism: History and Dictatorship in Twentieth-Century Spain
028881: HELEN MCCLOY - He Never Came Back
028881: HELEN MCCLOY - He Never Came Back
028882: HELEN MCCLOY - The Long Body
045750: HELEN PEARL ADAM - Paris Sees It Through: A Diary
028991: HELEN MCCLOY - The One That Got Away
028882: HELEN MCCLOY - The Long Body
029325: HELEN BURKE - The Quiver. Economy Cookery Book
052378: HELEN OSTOVICH , MARY V. SILCOX, GRAHAM ROEBUCK - Other Voices, Other Views: Expanding the Canon in English Renaissance Studies
028997: HELEN MCCLOY - Alias Basil Willing
028997: HELEN MCCLOY - Alias Basil Willing
047466: HELEN B. WEIR - Institutional Cookery and Dietetics
028991: HELEN MCCLOY - The One That Got Away
083294: HELEN DARBISHIRE - The Poetical Works of John Milton
081659: HELEN M. CHEW - The English Ecclesiastical Tenants-in-Chief and Knight Service
056381: HELEN M. CAM - Selected Historical Essays of F.W. Maitland.
056382: HELEN M. CAM - Selected Historical Essays of F.W. Maitland.
081242: HELEN C. WHITE - The Tudor Books of Private Devotion
049446: HELENA M. CHEW - London Possessory Assizes. A Calendar
016926: HELFFERICH EMIL INTRODUCTION - Prinz Johann Moritz Von Nassau-Siegen Und Die Niederlandischen Kolonien in Brasilien.
052090: HELGA GREBING - The History of the German Labour Movement. A Survey.
054351: HELLIE, RICHARD - Enserfment and Military Change in Muscovy.
051143: HELLWIG, JOHANN - Johann Hellwig's Die Nymphe Noris (1650) : A Critical Edition
081575: HELM, SARAH - If This Is a Woman: Inside Ravensbruck: Hitler's Concentration Camp for Women
018245: HELMREICH WILLIAM B. ROSENBLUM MARK, SCHIMEL DAVID EDITED - The Jewish Condition. Challenges and Responses 1938-2008
054205: ERNST CHRISTIAN HELMREICH - Religious Education in German Schools. An Historical Approach.
030765: HELMUT MEYER UND BERNHARD SCHNEIDER - Mission Und Diakonie. Die Geschichte Der Evangelischen Gesellschaft Des Kantons Zurich
054864: HELMUT KOENIGSBERGER - The Government of Sicily Under Philip II of Spain. A Study in the Practice of Empire
052027: HELN TRUESDELL HEATH - The Letters of Samuel Pepys and His Family Circle
048196: HELWIG, GISELA;FORTSCH, ECKART - Die Ddr-Gesellschaft IM Spiegel Ihrer Literatur
010400: HEMMEON MORLEY DE WOLF - Burgage Tenure in Mediaeval England.
083565: HEMMINGS, F. W. J. - Culture and Society in France, 1848-98 (Studies in Cultural History)
083279: HEMMINGS, F. W. J - The Age of Realism
054724: HEMPTON, DAVID - Methodism and Politics in British Society, 1750-1850
014252: HENDERSON W. O. - Industrial Britain Under the Regency. The Diaries of Escher, Bodmer, May & de Gallois. 1814-18.
014677: HENDERSON, PETER V. - Felix Diaz, the Porfirians and the Mexican Revolution
031460: HENDERSON, AMY; BOWERS, DWIGHT B. - Red, Hot and Blue : A Smithsonian Salute to the American Musical
082006: HENDERSON, JAMES D. - Conservative Thought in Twentieth Century Latin America: The Ideas of Laureano Gomez (Ohio Ris Latin America Series, No. 13)
058918: HENDERSON, A. S. - An Introduction to Social Psychiatry
026077: HENDERSON, JAMES D. - Conservative Thought in Latin America : The Ideas of Laureano Gomez
052311: HENDERSON, PETER V. - Felix Diaz, the Porfirians and the Mexican Revolution
043919: HENDERSON, NICHOLAS - Mandarin: The Diaries of an Ambassador 1969-1982
045858: HENIG, RUTH B. - The Origins of the First World War
081662: HENIG, MARTIN; SMITH, TYLER JO - Collectanea Antiqua: Essays in Memory of Sonia Chadwick Hawkes (British Archaeological Reports International Series)
055322: HENKLE, ROGER B. - Comedy and Culture : England, 1820-1900
008001: HENLY H. R. (EDITED) - Apprentice Registers of the Wiltshire Society 1817-1922, the
051948: HENNEBELLE, GUY ;GUY, AGNES - Cinemaction T. 69; Les Revues de Cinema Dans le Monde
083308: HENRI CRÉPIN - La Liberté de Travail Dans L'Ancienne France.
051241: HENRI FORNERON , G. M. CRAWFORD - The Court of Charles II. 1649-1734. Compiled from State Papers
046723: HENRI JEANSON, RENÉ CHATEAU - Jeanson par Jeanson
051886: HENRI SEE , ARMAND REBILLON , EDMOND PRECLIN - Introduction Aux Etudes Historiques le XVI Siecle
054829: HENRI BRESC - La Correspondance de Pierre Ameilh, Archeveque de Naples Puis D'Embrun (1363-1369)
084081: HENRI STROHL - Luther Jusqu'en 1520.
060693: HENRI SEE - L'Evolution Commerciale Et Industrielle de la France Sous L'Ancien Regime.
081752: HENRI HAUSER - La Pensee Et L'Action Economiques Du Cardinal de Richelieu
056777: HENRICE ALTINK , SHARIF GEMIE - At the Border: Margins and Peripheries in Modern France (University of Wales Press - French and Francophone Studies)
043258: HENRICUS;SARASTI-WILENIUS, RAIJA;KAHLOS, MAIJASTINA - Henrikin Liivinmaan Kronikka: Heinrici Chronicon Livoniae
049655: HENRIETTA MARY AUDEN - Weston-Under-Lizard Parish Register 1654-1812
040811: HENRY ESMOND BELL - Maitland: A Critical Examination and Assessment
045700: HENRY TATTAM, THOMAS YOUNG - A Compendious Grammar of the Egyptian Language As Contained in the Coptic and Sahidic Dialects: With Observations on the Bashmuric : Together with Alphabets and Numerals in the Hieroglyphic and Enchorial Characters... . Rudiments of a Dictionary of the Ancient Egyptian Language in the Enchorial Character
024554: HENRY FAIRLIE - The Life of Politics
082053: HENRY NOEL HUMPHREYS - Ancient Coins and Medals: An Historical Sketch of the Origin and Progress of Coining Money in Greece and Her Colonies; Its Progress with the Extension of the Roman Empire; and Its Decline with the Fall of That Power
080240: HENRY ASHBY TURNER - Stresemann and the Politics of the Weimar Republic
080976: HENRY VAUGHAN - Sacred Poems and Pious Ejaculations
027388: HENRY THOMAS RILEY - Chronica Monasterii S. Albani: Registra Quorundam Abbatum Monasterii S. Albani, Qui Sculo Xvmo. Floruere. Registra Johannis Whethamstede, Willelmi Albon, Et Willelmi Walingforde, Abbatum Monasterii Sancti Albani, Volume 1 and 2.
056323: HENRY JONES - Idealism As a Practical Creed Being the Lectures on Philosophy and Modern Life Delivered Before the University of Sydney
081822: HENRY BETT - The Spirit of Methodism
052005: HENRY VIZETELLY - Berlin Under the New Empire. Its Institutions, Inhabitants, Industry, Monuments, Museums, Social Life, Manners and Amusements.
056078: HENRY CLAY - The Post-War Unemployment Problem
083127: HENRY CLARK GRANT - Barley Survey. A Study of Barley Production, Exports, Imports, Marketing, Markets and Prices in the Principal Exporting and Importing Countries in the World (E.M. B. No. 62. )
082711: HENRY LACHOUQUE - Napoleon en 1814
056501: HENRY H. SCHLOESSER , W. SMITH CLARK - The Legal Position of Trade Unions
080484: HENRY SMITH , JOHN E. SWALLOW , WILLIAM TREFFRY - The Story of the United Methodist Church
027200: HENRY MORLEY DANIEL DEFOE - The Earlier Life and the Chief Earlier Works of Daniel Defoe
049827: HENRY CARRINGTON LANCASTER - French Tragedy in the Reign of Louis XV and Voltaire 1715-1774
044792: HENRY A. MESS - Industrial Tyneside. A Social Survey Made for the Bureau of Social Research for Tyneside
050276: HENRY CARTER - The English Temperance Movement: A Study in Objectives. Volume 1 - the Formative Period 1830-1899.
080008: HENRY ELLIS - The Visitation of the County of Huntingdon Under the Authority of William Camden: Clarenceux King of Arms
041806: HENRY THOMAS RILEY - Liber Albus - the White Book of the City of London. Compiled A.D. 1419 by John Carpenter, Common Clerk, Richard Whitington, Mayor. Translated from the Original Latin and Anglo-Norman
021753: HENRY PLAYFORD, JOHN CALEY - Rotulorum Originalium in Curia Scaccarii Abbreviatio... . Temporibus Regum Hen. III. Ed. I. & Ed. II. Edwardi III.
082139: HENRY GROSSHANS - The Search for Modern Europe
054634: HENRY D. SHAPIRO - Confiscation of Confederate Property in the North
049598: HENRY WILKINSON WILLIAMS - The Constitution and Polity of Wesleyan Methodism: A Digest of Its Laws and Institutions
080823: HENRY PEET - Register of Baptisms of the French Protestant Refugees Settled at Thorney, Cambridgeshire, 1654-1727
083026: HENRY SAVILE - Savile Correspondence: Letters to and from Henry Savile Including Letters from His Brother George Marquess of Halifax
056807: HENRY GEORGE - The Condition of Labour, an Open Letter to Pope Leo XIII. : With an Appendix Containing the Encyclical of Pope Leo XIII on the Condition Fo Labour
049584: HENRY, ELISABETH - The Vigour of Prophecy: A Study of Virgil's Aeneid
059112: HENRY W. LUCY - A Diary of the Salisbury Parliament, 1886-1892
056804: HENRY COLLIS, FRED HURLL , REX HAZLEWOOD - B. - P's Scouts. An Official History of the Boy Scouts Association
080446: HENRY WM. BALL - The Social History and Antiquities of Barton-Upon-Humber.
057558: HENRY ANSGAR KELLY - Law and Religion in Chaucer's England (Variorum Collected Studies Series)
046328: HENRY BEAUCHAMP WALTERS , SAMUEL BIRCH - History of Ancient Pottery, Greek , Etruscan and Roman Based on the Work of Samuel Birch
029484: HENRY THOMAS RILEY - Chronica Monasterii S. Albani. Registra Quorundam Abbatum Monasterii S. Albani, Qui Saeculo Xvmo Floruere. Volume 2.
027387: HENRY THOMAS RILEY - Chronica Monasterii S. Albani: Registra Quorundam Abbatum Monasterii S. Albani, Qui Sculo Xvmo. Floruere. Registra Johannis Whethamstede, Willelmi Albon, Et Willelmi Walingforde, Abbatum Monasterii Sancti Albani, Volume 1 and 2.
030330: HENRY JAMES TAYLOR - The Challenge of Freedom
031209: HENRY, ROBERT SELP - As They Saw Forrest: Some Recollections and Comments of Contemporaries
031209: HENRY, ROBERT SELP - As They Saw Forrest: Some Recollections and Comments of Contemporaries
080180: HENRY SWEET - King Alfred's West-Saxon Version of Gregory's Pastoral Care. Part 2 Only.
081543: HENRY RUDOLPH DE SALIS - Bradshaw's Canals and Navigable Rivers
025451: HENRY THOMAS - Spanish and Portuguese Romances of Chivalry: The Revival of the Romance of Chivalry in the Spanish Peninsula, and Its Extension and Influence Abroad
080004: HENRY H. HOWORTH - Saint Gregory the Great
040378: HENRY, CHRIS - The Ebro 1938: Death Knell of the Spanish Republic
080149: HENRY PELLING - The British Communist Party. A Historical Profile
040819: HENRY BASCOM RIDGAWAY - The Life of the Rev. Alfred Cookman
059348: HENRY SIDGWICK - Outlines of the History of Ethics for English Readers
059449: HENRY POWER, JOHN SYER BRISTOWE, GEORGE PURDEY FIELD - The Management of the Eye, Ear, and Throat
043948: HENRY MORLEY DANIEL DEFOE - The Earlier Life and the Chief Earlier Works of Daniel Defoe
043923: HENRY CONSTABLE, JAMES MORGAN, ROBERT MOIR SPENCE - Gold and the Gospel: The Ulster Prize Essays on the Scriptural Duty of Giving in Proportion to Means and Income
082292: HENRY JENKINS , KRISTINE BRUNOVSKA KARNICK - Classical Hollywood Comedy (Afi Film Readers)
048833: HENRY BROADHURST WILKINSON - Old Hanging Ditch: Its Trades, Its Traders and Its Renaissance
081454: HENSLEY HENSON - The Yellow Spot: The Outlawing of Half a Million Human Beings; a Collection of Facts and Documents Relating to Three Years Persecution of German Jews, Derived Chiefly from National Socialist Sources, Very Carefully Assembled by a Group of Investigators
048849: HEPPLE, B. A.; O'HIGGINS, PAUL; NEESON, J. M. - A Bibliography of the Literature on British and Irish Labour Law
043960: HER MAJESTY'S INSPECTORS - Twenty-First Report of the Inspectors. . to Visit the Different Prisons of Great Britain - II - Northern and Eastern District.
052898: HERBERT JENKINS - The Night Club
010000: HERBERT WILLIAM - The History of the Twelve Great Livery Companies of London...... with an Historical Essay and Accounts of Each Company... .
056453: HERBERT ASHWORTH - The Building Society Story
081888: HERBERT, WILLIAM - The History of the Twelve Great Livery Companies of London; Principally Compiled from Their Grants &Amp; Records, with an Historical Essay and Accounts of Each Company... [Complete in 2 Volumes]
057288: HERBERT EDWARD SALTER - A Cartulary of the Hospital of St John Baptist Vol 1 (Oxford Historical Society First Series)
056562: HERBERT HOOVER - Public Papers of the Presidents of the United States: Herbert Hoover: Containing the Public Messages, Speeches, and Statements of the President, March 4 to December 31, 1929.
060080: HERBERT A.L. FISHER - Studies in Napoleonic Statesmanship. Germany
023606: HERBERT EDWARD SALTER - A Cartulary of the Hospital of St. John the Baptist. 3 Volumes.
055819: HERBERT REGINALD POOLE - The Liverpool Council of Social Service 1909-1959
028392: HERBERT ERNEST BATES - An Aspidistra in Babylon: Four Novellas
056358: HERBERT J. HUNT - Honore de Balzac. A Biography
059020: HERBERT W. ROBINSON - The Economics of Building
023607: HERBERT EDWARD SALTER - A Cartulary of the Hospital of St. John the Baptist. Volume 1 Only.
057623: HERBERT, M. V - The Hickmans of Oldswinford
056211: HERBERT W. SCHNEIDER - The Fascist Government of Italy
059724: HERBERT REYNOLDS - A Short History of the Ancient Diocese of Exeter. From the Conquest to the Church Congress of 1894.
083159: HERBERT, DAVID - The Operas of Benjamin Britten. The Complete Librettos Illustrated with Designs of First Production
023684: HERBERT BUTTERFIELD - Christianity in European History
047469: HERBERT ERNEST BATES - Colonel Julian: And Other Stories
029692: HERBERT JENKINS - Mrs Bindle Some Incidents from the Domestic Life of the Bindles
048757: HERBERT GRUNDMANN - Die Zeit Der Weltkriege: Handbuch Der Deutschen Geschichte / Gebhardt. Hrsg. Von Herbert Grundmann. Der Erste Weltkrieg. Die Weimarer Republik, Band 4. 1 Teilband
047870: HERBERT EDWARD SALTER - The Oxford Deeds of Balliol College
054483: HERBERT E. BOLTON - Wider Horizons of American History
045480: HERBERT BURY - Russian Life Today
057452: HERBERT EDWARD SALTER - A Cartulary of the Hospital of St. John the Baptist.
056954: HERBERT H. ROWEN - John de Witt : The Makeshift Executive in a 'Standesstaat'
050029: HERBERT L. FORD - Collation of the Ben Jonson Folios 1616-31-1640
047817: HERBERT W. SCHNEIDER , SHEPARD B. CLOUGH - Making Fascists
057456: HERBERT STANLEY MORRISON - How Greater London Is Governed
082728: HERDER, RONALD - 500 Best-Loved Song Lyrics (Dover Books on Music)
059989: HEREWARD PHILIP SPRATT - One Hundred Years of Transatlantic Steam Navigation, 1838-1938;: A Brief Outline of the History and Development of the Atlantic Ferry Since the Advent... A Special Exhibition at the Science Museum
057402: HERLING, GUSTAV - The Island
059254: HERMAN CYRIL MCNEILE - Men, Women, and Guns
057477: HERMAN AUSUBEL - John Bright. Victorian Reformer
052265: HERMAN, RUTH - The Business of a Woman : The Political Writings of Delarivier Manley
060272: HERMAN BELZ - Reconstructing the Union: Theory and Policy During the CIVIL War
059972: HERMANN SCHWAB - History of Orthodox Jewry in Germany
051655: HERMANN GLASER - The German Mind of the Nineteenth Century: A Literary and Historical Anthology
059104: HERMANN RAUSCHNING - Germany's Revolution of Destruction
083116: HERMANN LANGBEIN - Against All Hope: Resistance in the Nazi Concentration Camps, 1938-45
044015: HERMANN, JANET S. - The Pursuit of a Dream
058994: HERMANN MANNHEIM - Criminal Justice and Social Reconstruction
049480: HERRMAN JOACHIM UND SELLNOW IRMGARD - Die Rolle Der Volksmassen in Der Geschichte Der Vorkapitalistischen Gesellschaftsformationen. Zum XIV. Internationalen Historiker-Kongress in San Francisco, 1975.
018546: HERRMANN, ULRICH G. - Sozialgeschichte Des Bildungswesens Als Regionalanalyse: Die Hoheren Schulen Westfalens IM 19. Jahrhundert
047991: HERRMANN, ULRICH;ROTH, LUTZ;RENFTLE, SUSANNE - Bibliographie Zur Geschichte Der Kindheit, Jugend Und Familie
082982: HERSKOVITS MELVILLE J. , HARWITZ MITCHEL - Economic Transition in Africa
042014: HERSKOWITZ, MICKY - The Quarterbacks: The Uncensored Truth About the Men in the Pocket
018545: HERSPRING, DALE R. - Russian CIVIL-Military Relations
083815: HERTZ J. D. (THE CHIEF RABBI ) - The Battle for the Sabbath at Geneva.
026961: HERTZ, FREDERICK; EYCK, FRANK; NORTHCOTT, ERIC - The Development of the German Public Mind
059530: HERWIG, HOLGER - The First World War: Germany and Austria-Hungary 1914-1918
040800: HERWIG, HOLGER H. - The German Naval Officer Corps: A Social and Political History, 1890-1918
082332: HERWIG, HOLGER H.; HEYMAN, NEIL - Biographical Dictionary of World War I
049227: HESELTINE, JANET EWING - The Oxford Book of French Prose
080796: HESLOP, S.; SEKULES, V. - Medieval Art and Architecture at Lincoln (Conference Transactions for the Year)
047925: HESS, EARL J. - Field Armies & Fortifications in the CIVIL War: The Eastern Campaigns, 1861-1864
051972: HESS, EARL J. - Banners to the Breeze: The Kentucky Campaign, Corinth, and Stones River
031198: HESS, EARL J. - Lee's Tar Heels : The Pettigrew-Kirkland-Macrae Brigade
053852: HESSELBACH, WALTER - Public, Trade Union and Co-Operative Enterprise in Germany. The Commonweal Idea
080124: HESTER W. CHAPMAN - Mary II, Queen of England
060169: HEWETT, EDWARD A. - Reforming the Soviet Economy: Equality Vs. Efficiency: Equality Versus Efficiency
055335: HEWISON, ROBERT - Under Siege : Literary Life in London 1939-45
048242: HEWITT, LAWRENCE LEE - Port Hudson, Confederate Bastion on the Mississippi
080185: HEWLETT JOHNSON - Eastern Europe in the Socialist World.
081553: HEXTER, J. H. - The Vision of Politics on the Eve of the Reformation : More, Machiavelli, and Seyssel
021317: HEXTER, J. H. - Doing History
084000: HEXTER, J. H. - Doing History
011530: HEYCK, THOMAS W. - The Dimensions of British Radicalism. The Case of Ireland.
011529: HEYCK, THOMAS W. - The Dimensions of British Radicalism. The Case of Ireland.
052835: HEYDENREUTER, REINHARD - Der Landesherrliche Hofrat Unter Herzog Und Kurfurst Maximilian I. Von Bayern: (1598-1651)
051438: HEYER, FRIEDRICH - The Catholic Church from 1648 to 1870
043670: HEYNDELS, INGRID - Le Conflit Racinien: Esquisse D'Un Systeme Tragique
046086: HEYWOOD, PAUL - Marxism and the Failure of Organised Socialism in Spain, 1879-1936
049667: HEYWOOD THOMAS - The Moore Rental
042784: HIBBERT, CHRISTOPHER - Agincourt
083286: HIBBIN, NINA - Eastern Europe: Film Book
040991: HIBBS, JOHN - The History of British Bus Services
030202: HICKEN, VICTOR - Illinois in the CIVIL War
030202: HICKEN, VICTOR - Illinois in the CIVIL War
051381: HICKEY, DANIEL - The Coming of French Absolutism : The Struggle for Tax Reform in the Province of Dauphine 1540-1640
045047: HICKEY, S.H.F. - Workers in Imperial Germany: The Miners of the Ruhr
057981: EANNA HICKEY - Irish Law and Lawyers in Modern Folk Tradition (Irish Legal History Society)
042168: HICKEY, DONALD R.; HICKEY, DONALD - War of 1812 : A Forgotten Conflict
084009: HICKLING, RONALD ARTHUR OVERTON - Birds in Leicestershire and Rutland
006820: HICKLING, RONALD ARTHUR OVERTON - Birds in Leicestershire and Rutland
059404: HICKS, JOHN - The Crisis in Keynesian Economics
059857: HICKS, JOHN DONALD - Republican Ascendancy, 1921-33 (Torchbooks)
026730: HIDEN, JOHN; FARQUHARSON, JOHN - Explaining Hitler's Germany : Historians and the Third Reich
060282: HIGGINS, DAVID H. - Saint Jordan of Bristol
018542: HIGGS, DAVID - Ultraroyalism in Toulouse : From Its Origins to Revolution of 1830
056697: HIGGS, ROBERT - Crisis and Leviathan: Critical Episodes in the Growth of American Government (a Pacific Research Institute for Public Policy Book)
042808: HIGGS, ROBERT - Transformation of the American Economy, 1865-1914 : An Essay in Interpretation
082463: HIGHAM, ROBIN - Two Roads to War: The French and British Air Arms from Versailles to Dunkirk
044301: HIGHAM, ROBERT - Security and Defence in South-West England Before 1800
010920: HIGHFIELD, J. R. L.; CARTER, PAUL - The Private Lives of Albert Einstein
083717: HIGHFIELD, J. R. L. - Crown and Local Communities-in England and France in the Fifteenth Century
054434: HIGHFIELD, J. R. L.; LOPEZ-MORILLAS, FRANCES M. - Spain in the Fifteenth Century, 1369-1516 : Essays and Extracts by Historians of Spain
080746: HIGHLEY, CHRISTOPHER; KING, JOHN N. - John Foxe and His World (St. Andrew's Studies in Reformation History)
056650: HILDA KUPER - The Swazi
054097: HILDEBRAND, KLAUS; FOTHERGILL, ANTHONY - The Foreign Policy of the Third Reich
056139: HILDEBRAND, KLAUS - Deutsche Aussenpolitik 1871-1918
057212: HILDEGARD VON BINGEN - Hildegardis Bingensis Testamentum Propheticum: Zwei Briefe Aus Dem Wiesbadener Riesenkodex, Präsentiert Und Ediert Von Jose Louis Narvaja Sj
046031: HILDEN, PATRICIA P. - Working Women and Socialist Politics in France, 1880-1914 : A Regional Study
049137: HILDERMEIER MANFRED - Historical Concepts between Eastern and Western Europe
051591: HILL, CHRISTOPHER - Economic Problems of the Church : From Archbishop Whitgift to the Long Parliament
058252: HILL CHRISTOPHER - Puritanism and Revolution. Studies in Interpertation of the English Revolution of the 17th Century
012672: HILL, MALCOM - Churchill : The Radical Decade
023023: HILL, B. W. - British Parliamentary Parties, 1742-1832 : From the Fall of Walpole to the First Reform Act
048530: HILL, CUTHBERT WILLIAM - Edwardian Scotland
051541: HILL, RICHARD - The Prizes of War : Prize Law and the Royal Navy in the Napoleonic Wars, 1793-1815
020926: HILL, CHRISTOPHER - The Experience of Defeat : Milton and Some Contemporaries
042067: HILL, CHRISTOPHER - A Tinker and a Poor Man: John Bunyan and His Church, 1628-1688
031366: HILL, DILYS M. - Human Rights and Foreign Policy : Principles and Practice
054385: HILL, MALCOM - Churchill : The Radical Decade
043698: HILL, DAVID - In Turner's Footsteps: Through the Hills and Dales of Northern England
047374: HILL, BOB;BARON, RANDALL - Amazing Basketball Book: The First 100 Years
022747: HILL ROSALIND M. T. - The Labourers in the Field.
055305: HILL, BERKELEY - Farm Incomes, Wealth and Agricultural Policy
053350: HILLGARTH, J. N. - Spain and the Mediterranean in the Later Middle Ages: Studies in Political and Intellectual History
009878: HILLGRUBER ANDREAS (EDITED) - Probleme Des Zweiten Weltkrieges.
059573: HILLGRUBER, ANDREAS - Sowjetische Aussenpolitik IM Zweiten Weltkrieg (Athenaum-Droste Taschenbucher ; 7222 : Geschichte) (German Edition)
016919: HILLIER J. - Utamaro. Estampes. Livres Illustres.
082400: HILLIER, JIM - American Independent Cinema: A Sight and Sound Reader (Bfi Sight & Sound Reader)
080790: HILLS, RICHARD L. - Power from Steam: A History of the Stationary Steam Engine
083731: HILTON, JULIAN - Georg Buchner (Modern Dramatists)
047347: HILTON, RODNEY - Bond Men Made Free: Medieval Peasant Movements and the English Rising of 1381
041717: HILTON, DELLA - Who Was Kit Marlowe: The Story of the Poet and Playwright
056509: HINDESS, BARRY - Freedom, Equality and the Market: Arguments on Social Policy (Social Science Paperbacks, No 349)
080516: HINDLE, PAUL - Roads and Tracks for Historians
020948: HINDLEY CHARLES EDITED - The Old Book Collectors Miscellany, or a Collection of Readable Reprints of Literary Raritites... . During the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries.
019466: HINDMAN SANDRA - Catalogue - Medieval and Renaissance Miniature Painting.
041853: HINER, JASON - Mac's Boys: Branch Mccracken and the Legendary 1953 Hurryin' Hoosiers
059393: HINES, THOMAS S. - Burnham of Chicago: Architect and Planner, Second Edition
084019: HINGLEY, RONALD - A Life of Anton Chekhov (Oxford Lives)
059366: HINGLEY, RONALD - Joseph Stalin: Man and Legend
054265: HINSLEY, F. H. - British Foreign Policy Under Sir Edward Grey
083838: HINTON, JAMES; HYMAN, RICHARD - Trade Unions and Revolution: Industrial Politics of the Early British Communist Party
059116: HINTON, JAMES - The First Shop Stewards' Movement
084022: HINTON, STEPHEN - Kurt Weill: The Threepenny Opera (Cambridge Opera Handbooks)
042577: HINTON, RAYMOND WILLIAM KING - The Eastland Trade and the Common Weal in the Seventeenth Century
046582: HINTON, JAMES - Shop Floor Citizens: Engineering Democracy in 1940s Britain
052788: HINTON, JAMES - Protests and Visions : Peace Politics in 20th Century Britain
060294: HIPPLER, THOMAS - Bombing the People: Giulio Douhet and the Foundations of Air-Power Strategy, 1884-1939 (Cambridge Military Histories)
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048118: JACK SIMMONS - New University
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081777: JACKEL, EBERHARD - Hitlers Herrschaft: Vollzug Einer Weltanschauung (German Edition)
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057897: JACKSON, GORDON - Hull in the Eighteenth Century: A Study in Economic and Social History
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008173: JACKSON, PETER - France and the Nazi Menace: Intelligence and Policy Making, 1933-39
045399: JACKSON, MICHAEL PEART - Labour Relations on the Docks
021686: JACKSON JOE - The Thief at the End of the World. Rubber, Power and the Seeds of Empire.
081804: JACKSON, W.G.F. - Withdrawal from Empire. A Military View
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083776: JACOB WALKIN - The Rise of Democracy in Pre-Revolutionary Russia. Political and Social Institutions Under the Last Three Czars.
041161: JACOB, W. M. - Lay People and Religion in the Early Eighteenth Century
051439: JACOBITTI, EDMUND E. - Revolutionary Humanism and Historicism in Modern Italy
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047585: JACOBS WILBUR R. (NARRATIVES) - Dispossessing the American Indian. Indians and Whites on the Colonial Frontier.
048158: JACOBS, ERIC - Stop Press: The Inside Story of the Times Dispute
058266: JACOBS, WILBUR R. - On Turner's Trail: 100 Years of Writing Western History
055312: JACOBS, MICHAEL - A Guide to Andalusia
082813: JACOBSEN, DOUGLAS - Global Gospel: An Introduction to Christianity on Five Continents
051227: JACOBSON, SID;COLON, ERNIE - Che: A Graphic Biography
050133: JACOBSSON, STAFFAN;ALAM, GHAYUR - Liberalization and Industrial Development in the Third World: A Comparison of the Indian and South Korean Engineering Industries
013282: JACONELLI, JOSEPH - Enacting a Bill of Rights : The Legal Problems
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059429: JACQUES LE PROVOST - La Bataille D'Alges. (Janvier-Fevrier 1957).
082484: JACQUES BOUILLON - L'Armée Et la Seconde République: études de J. Bouillon
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083047: JACQUES LORY - Libéralisme Et Instruction Primaire, 1842-1879: Introduction à L'étude de la Lutte Scolaire en Belgique,
042592: JACQUES SICLIER - Guitry
042596: JACQUES LORCEY - Fernandel 1903-1971
051543: JADIN LOUIS L'ABBE - Le Cardinal Thomas-Philippe D'Alsace, Archeveque de Malines Et le Saint-Siege. Correspondance Tiree Des Archives Du Vactican. 1703-1759.
053843: JADIN LOUIS ABBE - Proces D'Information Pour la Nomination Des Eveques Et Abbes Des Pays-Bas, de Liege Et de Franche-Comte D'Apres Les Archives de la Congregation Consistoriale. (1713-1794) Et de la Daterie 1631-1775. Proces de Nomination Des Eveques de Belgique 1802-1848)
053844: JADIN LOUIS ABBE - Proces D'Information Pour la Nomination Des Eveques Et Abbes Des Pays-Bas, de Liege Et de Franche-Comte D'Apres Les Archives de la Congregation Consistoriale. (3 Partie: 1713-1794. Annexes 1686)
047022: JAFFE, JAMES A. - Striking a Bargain : Work and Industrial Relations in England 1780-1850
042284: JAFFE, NORA - The Poet Swift
083277: JAFFEE, DAVID - Organization Theory: Tension and Change
043651: JAGER, HELMUT - Stadtkernforschung
042828: JAGERSKIOLD, STIG AXEL FRIDOLF - Mannerheim, Marshal of Finland
083768: JAHODA, MARIE - Employment and Unemployment: A Social-Psychological Analysis (the Psychology of Social Issues)
018638: JAHRBUCH FUR ANTIKE UND CHRISTENTUM. - Jahrbuch Fur Antike Und Christentum. Jahrgang 48/49 - 2005/2006
082904: JAIME LARA - Birdman of Assisi: Art and the Apocalyptic in the Colonial Andes (Medieval & Renais Text Studies)
050146: JAIN RANBIR SINGH - The Growth and Development of Governor-General's Executive Council (1858-1919).
010148: JAKLE, JOHN A. - Images of the Ohio Valley: A Historical Geography of Travel, 1740 to 1860
054946: JALLAND, PATRICIA - Women, Marriage, and Politics, 1860-1914
083787: JAMES, HAROLD - The German Slump: Politics and Economics 1924-1936
057117: JAMES CAMERON - 1916. Year of Decision
080886: JAMES I, KING OF ENGLAND. - Letters of King James VI and I
053518: JAMES CAMERON - 1916 - the Year of Decision
048076: JAMES YOUNG SIMPSON - The Self-Discovery of Russia
030022: JAMES HANS MEISEL - The Fall of the Republic: Military Revolt in France
042427: JAMES HANN - The Elements of Plane Trigonometry
042888: JAMES MARQUIS - Andrew Jackson. The Border Captain.
024973: JAMES P. P. HORN, JAN LEWIS, PETER S. ONUF - The Revolution of 1800 : Democracy, Race, and the New Republic
030022: JAMES HANS MEISEL - The Fall of the Republic: Military Revolt in France
050711: JAMES T. ARAKI - The Ballard-Drama of Medieval Japan
080369: JAMES B. JEFFERYS - The Story of the Engineers 1800-1945
047538: JAMES ALDERSON - A Brief Outline of the History and Progress of Cholera at Hull; with Some Remarks on the Pathology and Treatment of the Disease
003101: JAMES MARQUIS - Andrew Jackson. The Border Captain.
048635: JAMES BECK - Raphael Before Rome
016568: JAMES NW AND VA - The Bede Roll of the Fraternity of St Nicholas
040764: JAMES WHYTE - The Alcohol Controversy: An Examination, in the Form of Dialogues, of Articles by Sir James Paget and Others in the Contemporary Review
051215: JAMES SAUMAREZ DE SAUMAREZ (1ST BARON) , A.N. RYAN - The Saumarez Papers: Selections from the Baltic Correspondence of Vice-Admiral Sir James Saumarez, 1808-1812
082216: JAMES WIGHTMAN DAVIDSON - The Northern Rhodesian Legislative Council
053575: JAMES LESLIE BRIERLY - The Law of Nations: An Introduction to the International Law of Peace
051035: JAMES, WILLIAM M.; LAMBERT, ANDREW - The Naval History of Great Britain : During the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars. Volume 4 : 1805-1807
050159: JAMES SHIELDS - Monozygotic Twins: Brought Up Apart and Brought Up Together
059843: JAMES, LAWRENCE - Churchill and Empire. Portrait of an Imperialist
042158: JAMES, WILLIAM - Naval Occurrences of the War of 1812 : A Full and Correct Account of the Naval War between Great Britain and the United States of America, 1812-1815
040176: JAMES JACKSON WRAY - Simon Holmes the Carpenter of Aspendale
045215: JAMES D. HODSDON - The Court Books of the Manor of Cheltenham, 1692-1803
021046: JAMES ROBERT RHODES - Rosebery. A Biography of Archibald Philip, Fifth Earl of Rosebery.
048852: JAMES MURRAY DALE - The Clergyman's Legal Handbook and Churchwarden's Guide: Being a Manual of the Laws Affecting the Relative Rights, Position, and Duties of the Clergy and Their Parishioners, Including the Law Applicable to New Parishes and Ecclesiastical Districts... .
081708: JAMES MACKINTOSH - Vindiciae Gallicae: Defense of the French Revolution and Its English Admirers, Against the Accusations of... Edmund Burke; Including Some Strictures on the Late Production of Mons. De Calonne...
050723: JAMES MULDOON - Bridging the Medieval-Modern Divide: Medieval Themes in the World of the Reformation
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081428: JAMES HERBERT SRAWLEY - The Book of John de Schalby, Canon of Lincoln, 1299-1333, Concerning the Bishops of Lincoln and Their Acts.
082818: JAMES HOGG - El Paular. Anatomy of a Charterhouse, Vol. 1 : Text.
081310: JAMES H. HOWARD - The Ponca Tribe.
082043: JAMES, JOHN - History of Bradford and Its Parish in Yorkshire: Continuation and Additions
056749: JAMES A. WILLIAMSON - Builders of the Empire
054508: JAMES MACKINNON - The Social and Industrial History of Scotland. From the Union to the Present Time
048920: JAMES OGDEN - Isaac D'Israeli
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083622: JAMES, HAROLD - Europe Reborn: A History, 1914-2000
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080837: JAMES M. OSBORN - The Autobiography of Thomas Whythorne. Modern Spelling Edition
055456: JAMES R. THURSFIELD - Naval Warfare
049659: JAMES HALL - Letters from the West: Containing Sketches of Scenery, Manners, and Customs, and Anecdotes Connected with the First Settlements of the Western Sections of the United States
059862: JAMES L. AINSLIE - The Doctrines of Ministerial Order in the Reformed Churches of the 16th and 17th Centuries
060104: JAMES FREDERICK CHANGE - British Diplomatic Instructions 1689-1789. Volume I - Sweden 1689-1727
046671: JAMES CONWAY DAVIES - Studies Presented to Sir Hilary Jenkinson
082185: JAMES HAYES - The Roman Letter. A Study of Notable Graven and Written Forms from Twenty Centuries
041223: JAMES FRANKLIN BEARD - The Letters and Journals of James Fenimore Cooper, Volume VI
083923: JAMES, ROBERT RHODES - Churchill: A Study in Failure, 1900-1939 (Pelican)
025344: JAMES ALEXANDER KERR THOMSON - The Classical Background of English Literature
057691: JAMES G. LOUDON - Industrialization & the Individual;: An Account of H.R. H. The Duke of Edinburgh's Third Commonwealth Study Conference on the Human Problems of Industrial... Countries, Australia, 12 May - 4 June 1968
028747: JAMES L. GIBBS - The Kpelle Moot : A Therapeutic Model for the Informal Settlement of Disputes
031195: JAMES STUART MONTGOMERY - The Shaping of a Battle : Gettysburg
080333: JAMES S. REID - M. Tulli Ciceronis Academica. The Text Revised and Explained by James S. Reid
052429: JAMES, THOMAS BEAUMONT - Palaces of Medieval England 1050 - 1550 : Royalty, Nobility, the Episcopate, and Their Residences from Edward the Confessor to Henry VIII
084063: JAMES JOYCE - Joycechoyce: The Poems in Verse and Prose of James Joyce
059533: JAMES D. HARDY - Judicial Politics in the Old Regime. The Parlement of Paris During the Regency.
030316: JAMES MADISON WILLIAM THOMAS HUTCHINSON, WILLIAM MUNFORD ELLIS RACHAL - The Papers of James Madison, Volume 4 1 January 1782 - 31 July 1782
082093: JAMES R. MORRILL - The Practice and Politics of Fiat Finance; North Carolina in the Confederation, 1783-1789
057074: JAMES F. PETRAS , MORRIS H. MORLEY - How Allende Fell. A Study in U.S. Chilean Relations
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082182: JAMES HART - The American Presidency in Action, 1789: A Study in Constitutional History
083341: JAMES HOLLAND - Burma '44: The Battle That Turned Britain's War in the East
041142: JAMES TURNER - The Dolphin's Skin: Six Studies in Eccentricity
050115: JAMES GAIRDNER - Lollardy and the Reformation in England: An Historical Survey. Volume 2
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049901: JAMES WILLIAM WHITE - America's Arraignment of Germany
049957: JAMES POUNDER WHITNEY - Reformation Essays
057978: JAMES A. SCHMIECHEN - Sweated Industries and Sweated Labour. The London Clothing Trades, 1860-1914
056726: JAMES YEAMES - Gilbert Guestling : Or the Story of a Hymn-Book
042590: JAMES HOWARD ; ROBERT D. HUME - The English Mounsieur (1674)
042210: JAMES MADISON, WILLIAM T. HUTCHINSON, WILLIAM M. E. RACHAL, - The Papers of James Madison. Volume 6 : 1 January 1783 - 30 April 1783
082065: JAMES PITCAIRN HINDS - Bibliotheca Jacksoniana. Catalogue
050444: JAMES C. BRADFORD - International Encyclopedia of Military History
044254: JAMES STEPHENSON - The 1994 Zapatista Rebellion in Southern Mexico, an Analysis and Assessment
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080943: JAMES H. WILLBANKS - The Vietnam War (the International Library of Essays on Military History)
083971: JAMES DAVID DRAKE - The Nation's Nature: How Continental Presumptions Gave Rise to the United States of America
082552: JAMES ROSE - Directory of World Cinema: Britain (Ib - Directory of World Cinema)
049570: JAMES HERBERT SRAWLEY - Robert Grosseteste, Bishop of Lincoln, 1235-1253
049703: JAMES EVERETT - The Village Blacksmith; or, Piety and Usefulness Exemplified in a Memoir of the Life of Samuel Hick
081629: JAMES VAUGHAN HODGSON - Two Sermons Preached at Huntingdon Assizes May 1935 and January 1936
080143: JAMESON, ELIZABETH - All That Glitters: Class, Conflict, and Community in Cripple Creek (Working Class in American History)
027064: JAMIN, MATHILDE - Zwischen Den Klassen: Zur Sozialstruktur Der Sa-Fuhrerschaft
013124: JAMISON CATHERINE - A Calendar of the Shrewsbury and Talbot Papers in the Lambeth Palace Library and the College of Arms. Volume 1 - Shrewsbury Mss. In Lambeth Palace Library (Mss 694-710)
051190: JAMISON CATHERINE - A Calendar of the Shrewsbury and Talbot Papers in the Lambeth Palace Library and the College of Arms. Volume 1 - Shrewsbury Mss. In Lambeth Palace Library (Mss 694-710)
055171: JAN B. DE WEYDENTHAL - The Communists of Poland. An Historical Outline
042278: JAN VANSINA - The Historian in Tropical Africa: Studies Presented and Discussed at the Fourth International African Seminar
060341: JAN LOGEMANN , MARY NOLAN - More Atlantic Crossings? European Voices in the Post Atlantic Community
028445: JAN VANSINA - Les Tribus Ba-Kuba Et Les Peuplades Apparentées
050576: JAN SURMANN - Shoah-Erinnerung Und Restitution: Die Us-Geschichtspolitik Am Ende Des 20. Jahrhunderts
081695: JANE CHAN , JOSHUA HO - Report on Armed Robbery and Piracy in Southeast Asia 2007
060626: JANE CAPLAN - 'Jetzt Judenfrei' Writing Tourism in Nazi-Occupied Poland
047501: JANE SERJEANT - ADELINE - Ernald or the Martyr of the Alps : And Other Poems
030855: JANE E. SCHULTZ - This Birth Place of Souls: The CIVIL War Nursing Diary of Harriet Eaton
030855: JANE E. SCHULTZ - This Birth Place of Souls: The CIVIL War Nursing Diary of Harriet Eaton
083518: JANE WHITTLE - Individualism and the Family-Land Bond. A Reassessment of Land Transfer Patterns Among the English Peastantry 1270-1580
058053: JANE ADDAMS - Jane Addams. A Centennial Reader
057591: JANE MARTIN - Making Socialists: Mary Bridges Adams and the Fight for Knowledge and Power, 1855-1939
023638: JANE LANE - The Reign of King Covenant
056187: JANE LEFTWICH CURRY - The Black Book of Polish Censorship
049861: JANE ELIZABETH NORTON - Guide to the National and Provincial Directories of England and Wales, Excluding London, Published Before 1856
055081: JANE SAMSON - British Imperial Strategies in the Pacific, 1750-1900
082893: JANET H. STEVENSON - The Register of Edward Story, Bishop of Chichester 1478-1503 (Canterbury & York Society)
046119: JANET LEE - War Girls: The First Aid Nursing Yeomanry in the First World War
054177: JANET FINCH - Education As Social Policy
056457: JANETTE C GATTY - Beaumarchais Sous la Révolution: L'Affaire Des Fusils de Hollande ; D'Après Des Documents inédits
017580: JANIN FRANCOISE ET MARCHAL VALERIE - Archives Du Rassemblement Du Peuple Francais.
044387: JANNER, ELSIE , LEVI, GERSHON - Barnett Janner: A Personal Portrait
054373: JANOS M. BAK - Coronations: Medieval and Early Modern Monarchic Ritual
017579: JANSEN-BECK LYDIA I. - Possessive Pronouns and Adjectives in Garin le Loheren and Gerbert de Mez.
048440: JANSMA, N. S. H. - Ornements Des Manuscrits Coptes Du Monastere Blanc
057239: JANSON, MARLOES - Islam, Youth, and Modernity in the Gambia: The Tablighi Jama'at (the International African Library)
054207: JANSSENS, ANGELIQUE - Family and Social Change : The Household As a Process in an Industrializing Community
021001: JANSSON MAIJA - Two Diaries of the Long Parliament
021030: JANSSON MAIJA - Proceedings in the Opening Session of the Long Parliament Vol. 3 : House of Commons and the Strafford Trial, 22 March 1641 - 17 April 1641
048981: MAIJA JANSSON - Proceedings in the Opening Session of the Long Parliament: House of Commons 21 December 1640-20 March 1641
056533: JAROSLAV; FERRIS, JOHN MACHACEK - The European City in the Nineteenth Century: Papers Presented at March 1993 Symposium in Prague
048725: JARRETT, DEREK - The Sleep of Reason: Fantasy and Reality from the Victorian Age to the First World War
048746: JARVIS RUPERT C. - Montrose's Route to Inverlochy.
049122: JARVIS RUPERT C. - The Paper-Makers and the Excise in the Eighteenth Century
017578: JASINSKI RENE - Moliere Et le Misanthrope.
080330: JASPER RIDLEY - Thomas Cranmer
081085: JASPERT, NIKOLAUS - Die Kreuzzüge. Eine Organisations-Psychologische Untersuchung.
058979: JAUME ROSSINYOL - Le Probleme National Catalan
081343: JAVIER BURRIEZA SÁNCHEZ - Virgen de Los Ingleses, entre Cádiz y Valladolid: Una Devoción Desde Las Guerras de Religión
010918: JAY ELDON - The Theological Tendency of Codex Bezae Cantabrigiensis in Acts
058239: JAY, DOUGLAS - Change and Fortune: A Political Record
024225: JEAN BLAMIRE, PATRICIA DAWKINS - Recruitment & Publicity for Rural Adult & Basic Education
057742: JEAN-DENIS BREDIN - L'Affaire
055245: JEAN ROUSSET DE MISSY - Recherches Sur Les Alliances Et Les Intérêts entre la France Et la Suède
082702: JEAN DE VIGUERIE - Histoire Et Dictionnaire Du Temps Des Lumières, 1715-1789
046702: JEAN BOULLY - Les Stars Du Sport
082462: JEAN BAPTISTE DE MARBOT - Imperial Aide-de-Camp: A French Cavalryman of the Napoleonic Wars at Saragossa, Landshut, Eckmuhl, Ratisbon, Aspern-Essling, Wagram.
080402: JEAN-LUC SEYLAZ - Les Liaisons Dangereuses Et la Création Romanesque Chez Laclos
044663: JEAN-PIERRE MIR - Campagne de 1814 Au Jour le Jour. Dictionnaire Des Officiers Tues Ou Blesses Au Combat
056181: JEAN-LOUIS HAROUEL - Histoire Des Institutions : De L'époque Franque à la Révolution
041775: JEAN ROCH - Grigne Au Vent
082472: JEAN BAPTISTE DE MARBOT - The Young Hussar: A French Cavalryman of the Napoleonic Wars at Marengo, Austerlitz, Jena, Eylau & Friedland
082822: JEAN-PHILIPPE GENET - La Vérité : Vérité Et Crédibilité : Construire la Vérité Dans le Système de Communication de L'Occident ( Xiiie-Xviie Siècle )
043658: JEAN CAPRON - Univers Religieux Et Cohesion Interne Dans Les Communautes Villageoises Bara Traditionnelles
047352: JEAN-CLAUDE BANC - Dictionnaire Des Maréchaux de Napoléon
083044: JEAN MEYER - La Noblesse Bretonne Au Xviiie Siecle Volume 1 and 2 (Universite de Rennes Faculte Des Lettres Et Sciences Humaines)
083020: JEAN CUISENIER, FRANÇOISE LAUTMAN, JOSSELYNE CHAMARAT - Religions Et Traditions Populaires. Musee National Des Arts Et Tratitions Populaires 1979-1980.
049307: JEAN LOUIS FLANDRIN - Families in Former Times: Kinship, Household and Sexuality
045584: JEAN CARSWELL - Loughborough As I Remember It
082611: JEAN-CHARLES STASI - Commando Kieffer: The Free French Landings in Normandy
044299: JEAN-MARC LARGEAUD - Napoléon Et Waterloo: La Défaite Glorieuse de 1815 à Nos Jours
082471: JEAN BAPTISTE DE MARBOT - Colonel of Chasseurs a French Cavalryman in the Retreat from Moscow, Lutzen, Bautzen, Katzbach, Leipzig, Hanau & Waterloo.
044833: JEAN-LOUIS BARRAULT - Images de Louis Jouvet: Notice Biographique de Claude Cézan
059785: JEAN-PIERRE LIGEOIS - Roma Tsiganes Voyageurs
082451: JEAN-LOUP PASSEK - Dictionnaire Du Cinéma
046436: JEAN-JACQUES FIECHTER - Le Socialisme Francais: De L'Affaire Dreyfus a la Grande Guerre
083120: JEAN-MARIE MAYEUR; MADELEINE REBÉRIOUX - The Third Republic from Its Origins to the Great War, 1871 - 1914 (the Cambridge History of Modern France)
031461: JEAN HALLO - Monsieur Légionnaire: L'Homme Et Ses Traditions
031461: JEAN HALLO - Monsieur Légionnaire: L'Homme Et Ses Traditions
047086: JEAN-CLAUDE LAMY - Dictionnaire Mondial Des Films
057704: JEAN FELLER - Le Dossier de L'Armée Française -la Guerre de Cinquante Ans 1914-1962
082368: JEAN-JULIEN FONDE - Les Loups de Leclerc (French Edition)
056510: JEAN M MACLENNAN - From Shore to Shore: The Life and Times of the Rev. John Maclennan of Belfast, P.E. I
059927: JEAN F. O'BARR - Signs. Volume 14. Number 2. Journal of Women in Culture and Society . Working Together in the Middle Ages: Perspectives on Women's Communities.
056183: JEAN HUBERT - Arts Et Vie Sociale de la Fin Du Monde Antique Au Moyen Age. Etudes D'Archeologie Et D'Histoire. Recueil Offert a L'Auteur par Ses Eleves Et Ses Amis.
082848: JEAN-CHRISTOPHE NOTIN - 1061 Compagnons. Histoire Des Compagnons de la Libération
042582: JEANCOLAS, JEAN-PIERRE - Le Cinema Des Francais ; 15 Ans D'Annees Trente, 1929-1944
048808: JEANNIN PIERRE - Les Marchands Au XVI Siecle.
048807: JEANROY A. - Bibliographie Sommaire Des Chansonniers, Francais Du Moyen Age.

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