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043500: HSIAO TSO - LIANG - The Land Revolution in China, 1930-1934. A Study of Documents.
013176: HUSS, WERNER - Die Karthager
049214: HUBA WASS DE CZEGE , RICHARD HART SINNREICH - Conceptual Foundations of a Transformed U.S. Army
054209: HUBATSCH, WALTHER - Studies in Medieval and Modern German History
047484: HUBERT GRANIER - Histoire Des Marins Français: 1815-1870, la Marche Vers la République
052356: HUBERT GLASER - Um Glauben Und Reich, Kurfurst Maximilian I. Beitrage Zur Bayerischen Geschichte Und Kunst 1573-1657. , Wittelsbach Und Bayern II/1
056590: HUBERT LLEWELLYN SMITH - The Board of Trade
043669: HUBNER, HANS - Law in Paul's Thought
083778: HUCKO, ELMOR M. - The Democratic Tradition: Four German Constitutions
011813: HUDSON KENNETH - Industrial Archaeology. An Introduction.
043654: HUDSON HENRY A. - The Mediaeval Woodwork of Manchester Cathedral
053897: HUDSON, LIAM - Night Life : The Interpretation of Dreams
045723: HUDSON, DAVID R. C. - The Ireland That We Made: Arthur & Gerald Balfour's Contribution to the Origins of Modern Ireland
058936: HUDSON, KENNETH - Pawnbroking: An Aspect of British Social History
053512: HUFTON, OLWEN H. - Whatever Happened to the History of the Nun?
059212: HUGGETT, FRANK E. - What They'Ve Said About... . Nineteenth Century Statesmen. A Selection of Source Material
059213: HUGGETT, FRANK E. - What They'Ve Said About... . Nineteenth Century Reformers. A Selection of Source Material
084954: HUGH SEBAG-MONTEFIORE - Somme: Into the Breach
053867: HUGH DUNTHORNE , MICHAEL WINTLE - Imagination in Nineteenth-Century Britain and the Low Countries
084286: HUGH FERGUSON; MIKE CHRIMES - The Contractors: The Story of British CIVIL Engineering Contractors
046767: HUGH ARMSTRONG CLEGG, REX ADAMS - The Employers' Challenge: A Study of the National Shipbuilding and Engineering Disputes of 1957
054190: HUGH WALPOLE - Joseph Conrad
084935: HUGH MACNAGHTEN - The Story of Catullus
048767: HUGH W. STEPHENS - The Political Transformation of Tanganyika: 1920-67.
080021: HUGH HENRY BRACKENRIDGE - Modern Chivalry
048095: HUGH HENRY BRACKENRIDGE - History of the Western Insurrection, 1794.
056216: HUGH ARMSTRONG CLEGG , A. J. KILLICK, REX ADAMS - Trade Union Officers: A Study of Full-Time Officers, Branch Secretaries, and Shop Stewards in British Trade Unions
014326: HUGHES, ANN NICKERSON - Religious Imagery in the Theater of Tirso de Molina
015387: HUGHES, J. R. - Social Control in the Colonial Economy
019591: HUGHES, KATHLEEN - Early Christian Ireland : Introduction to the Sources
051379: HUGHES, ANN NICKERSON - Religious Imagery in the Theater of Tirso de Molina
081001: HUGHES, GEOFFREY - Swearing: Social History of Foul Language, Oaths and Profanity in English (Language Library)
054826: HUGHES, LINDSEY A. - Sophia, Regent of Russia, 1657 - 1704
055377: HUGHES, DOROTHY - A Study of Social and Constitutional Tendencies in the Early Years of Edward III: As Illustrated More Especially by the Events Connected with the Ministerial Inquiries of 1340 and the Following Years
031197: HUGHES, NATHANIEL C., JR. - General William J. Hardee : Old Reliable
041646: HUGHES, DEREK - English Drama, 1660-1700
042239: HUGHES, HOWARD - Crime Wave: The Filmgoers' Guide to the Great Crime Movies
053927: HUGHES, TED - Rain-Charm for the Duchy and Other Laureate Poems
060831: HUGHES, JUDITH M. - Emotion and High Politics: Personal Relations at the Summit in Late 19th Century Britain and Germany
081622: HUGILL WILLIAM MEREDITH - Panhellenism in Aristophanes.
082350: HUGO SOMMERHALDER - Johann Fischarts Werk. Eine Einführung. With a Portrait (Quellen Und Forschungen Zur Sprach- Und Kulturgeschichte Der Germanischen Völker. Neue Folge. No. 4. )
054890: HUGO HANTSCH - Die Geschichte Osterreichs - Erster Band Bis 1648
083210: HULL, ISABEL V. - The Entourage of Kaiser Wilhelm II, 1888-1918
026692: HULME HAROLD - The Life of Sir John Eliot, 1592 to 1632. Struggle for Parliamentary Freedom.
024442: HULSKER, JAN; VAN GOGH, VINCENT - The Complete Van Gogh : Paintings, Drawings, Sketches
084228: HUME, DAVID - Hume: Political Essays (Cambridge Texts in the History of Political Thought)
041208: HUME, ROBERT D. - See and Seem Blind, or, a Critical Dissertation on the Publick Diversions, &C
048691: HUME, ROBERT D. - Henry Fielding and the London Theatre, 1728-1737
060654: HUMFREY, PETER - Painting in Renaissance Venice
082016: HUMPHERY-SMITH, CECIL - Hugh Revel: Master of the Hospital of St John of Jerusalem 1258-1277
043857: HUMPHREY, DAVID C. - From King's College to Columbia, 1746-1800
023666: HUMPHRY CRUM EWING - A Question for Ministers
048022: HUNEKE, DOUGLAS K. - The Moses of Rovno: The Stirring Story of Fritz Graebe, a German Christian Who Risked His Life to Lead Hundreds of Jews to Safety During the Holocaust
026763: HUNLICH, REINHOLD - Karl Kautsky Und Der Marxismus Der II. Internationale
084805: HUNT, LYNN AVERY - Revolution and Urban Politics in Provincial France: Troyes and Reims, 1786-1790
080257: HUNT, LYNN; MARTIN, THOMAS R.; ROSENWEIN, BARBARA H.; HSIA, R. PO-CHIA; SMITH, BONNIE G. - The Making of the West: Peoples and Cultures, a Concise History
048980: HUNT, RICHARD WILLIAM;BODLEIAN LIBRARY;DE LA MARE, ALBINIA CATHERINE;BARKER-BENFIELD, B. C. - Manuscripts at Oxford: An Exhibition in Memory of Richard William Hunt (1908-1979), Keeper of Western Manuscripts at the Bodleian Library, Oxford, 1945-1975, on Themes Selected and Described by Some of His Friends
084771: HUNT TOOLEY - The Great War: Western Front and Home Front
057506: HUNT, JOHN WILLIAM - Forms of Glory: Structure and Sense in Virgil's Aeneid
049219: HUNT, WILLIAM - The Puritan Moment : The Coming of Revolution in an English County
022558: HUNT R. W. - The Cataloguing of Ashmolean Collections of Books and Manuscripts.
084122: HUNT, RICHARD NORMAN - The Political Ideas of Marx and Engels: Marxism and Totalitarian Democracy, 1818-50 V. 1
081282: HUNT, WILLIAM - The Puritan Moment: The Coming of Revolution in an English County (Harvard Historical Studies)
083132: HUNTER, LYNETTE - George Orwell: The Search for a Voice
080042: HUNTER MILLER - Treaties and Other International Acts of the United States of America. Volume 4. Documents 80-121 : 1836-46
082945: HUNTER, JOSEPH - Ecclesiastical Documents: Viz. I. A Brief History of the Bishoprick of Somerset from Its Foundation II Charters from the Library of Dr. Cox Macro
054711: HUNTER WILLIAM B. - The English Spenserians: The Poetry of Giles Fletcher, George Wither, Michael Drayton, Phineas Fletcher, and Henry More
055724: HUNTER, F. ROBERT - Egypt Under the Khedives, 1805-1879: From Household Government to Modern Bureaucracy
025507: HUNTLEY, FRANK LIVINGSTONE - Jeremy Taylor and the Great Rebellion: A Study of His Mind and Temper in Controversy
014324: HUPPERT, GEORGE - Public Schools in Renaissance France
051382: HUPPERT, GEORGE - Public Schools in Renaissance France
083386: HURLBURT, DAVID - Original Cables from the Pearl Harbor Attack: David Hurlburt's War Comes to the U.S. - Dec. 7, 1941
052462: HURST, MICHAEL - Parnell and Irish Nationalism
052775: HURST MICHAEL - Joseph Chamberlain and Liberal Reunion. The Round Table Conference of 1887
055425: HURST, MICHAEL - States, Countries, Provinces
059373: HURSTFIELD, JOEL; HALEY, K.H.D. - Historical Association Books of the Tudors and the Stuarts
056320: HURT, JOHN J. - Louis XIV and the Parlements: The Assertion of Royal Authority
058967: HUSBAND, CHARLES - Race in Britain: Continuity and Change (Hutchinson University Library)
081504: HUSBAND, WILLIAM B. - Revolution in the Factory : The Birth of the Soviet Textile Industry, 1917-1920
083789: HUSSAIN, ATHAR; TRIBE, KEITH - Marxism and the Agrarian Question: German Social Democracy and the Peasantry, 1890-1907 V. 1
057037: HUSSAIN, A. IMTIAZ - Politics of Compensation: Truman, the Wool Bill of 1947, and the Shaping of Postwar U.S. Trade Policy (Foreign Economic Policy of the United States)
083790: HUSSAIN, ATHAR; TRIBE, KEITH - Marxism and the Agrarian Question: Russian Marxism and the Peasantry, 1861-1930 V. 2
044743: HUSSAIN, ATHAR;TRIBE, KEITH - Marxism and the Agrarian Question. Volume 1 - German Social Democracy and the Peasantry, 1890-1907
022504: HUSSEY CHRISTOPHER - Eton College
059640: HUTCHINS, B. L. - Women in Modern Industry
082926: HUTCHINSON, JOHN - The Dynamics of Cultural Nationalism: The Gaelic Revival and the Creation of the Irish Nation State
042273: HUTCHINSON ALEX H. - Try Cracow and the Carpathians.
031409: HUTCHINSON, GARRIE; ROSS, J. - Australian Football Hall of Fame : A Gallery of Football's Greatest
015595: HUTCHISON, CAROLE - The Hermit Monks of Grandmont
082696: HUTSON, JAMES H. - Pennsylvania Politics 1746-1770: The Movement for Royal Government and Its Consequences (Princeton Legacy Library)
049734: HUTTON, RICHARD;HITCHCOCK, TIMOTHY V. - Richard Hutton's Complaints Book: The Notebook of the Steward of the Quaker Workhouse at Clerkenwell, 1711-1737
047783: HUW T. EDWARDS - It Was My Priviledge
084275: HWANG, KYUNG - A History of Korea. An Episodic Narrative
018661: HYDE, FRANCIS EDWIN - Far Eastern Trade, 1860-1914
059462: HYLAND, PETER - Saul Bellow (Palgrave Modern Novelists)
048551: HYLSON-SMITH, KENNETH - Christianity in England from Roman Times to the Reformation. Volume 2 from 1066 to 1384
081349: HYMAN, HAROLD MELVIN - New Frontiers of the American Reconstruction
018552: HYSLOP BEATRICE FRY - French Nationalism in 1789 According to the General Cahiers.
056888: I. P. STEPHENSON - Vikings!
083389: I.D. WHYTE, R. HUGHES, M. MULLETT - Transactions of the Cumberland & Westmorland Antiquarian & Archeological Society. Third Series. Volume 16, 2016
052724: I. K. STEELE - Politics of Colonial Policy. The Board of Trade in Colonial Administration, 1696-1720
024764: I. GREGORY SMITH, PHIPPS ONSLOW - Diocesan Histories: Worcester
053964: IAIN GORDON - Lifeline. A British Casualty Clearing Station on the Western Front, 1918
045600: IAN WING - Refocusing Concepts of Security: The Convergence of Military and Non-Military Tasks
047715: IAN KEIL , DON WIX - In the Swim: Amateur Swimming Association from 1869 to 1994
024922: IAN FREDERICK WILLIAM BECKETT, IAN BECKETT - Modern Counter-Insurgency
040698: IAN J. BEARDWELL - Contemporary Industrial Relations: A Critical Analysis
084842: IAN WORTHINGTON - Alexander the Great: Man and God
055429: IAN DONALDSON , AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL UNIVERSITY - Australia and the European Imagination: Papers from a Conference Held at the Humanities Research Centre, Australian National University, May 1981
040345: IAN PACKER - Lloyd George (British History in Perspective)
029155: IAN MANNING - Nottingham's War. A Celebration of 50 Years of Peace
045406: IAN HAY - The First Hundred Thousand: Being the Unofficial Chronicle of a Unit of "K (1),"
028925: IAN HAY AND P. G. WODEHOUSE - Baa, Baa, Black Sheep. A Farcical Comedy in Three Acts
081037: IAN F.W. BECKETT - 1917: Beyond the Western Front (History of Warfare)
045541: IAN MACDOUGALL - Mid and East Lothian Miners' Association Minutes: 1894-1918
057918: IAN HAMILTON SHEARER - Selected Cases from Acta Dominorum Concilii Et Sessionis. From 27 May 1532, the Inception of the Court to 5 July 1533
018551: IBARRURI DOLORES ET AL - Der Freiheitskampf Des Spanischen Volkes Und Die Internationale Solidarität. Dokumente Und Bilder Zum National-Revolutionären Krieg Des Spanischen Volkes, 1936-1939.
050098: A JOURNAL OF IDEAS - American Political Thought. A Journal of Ideas, Institutions and Culture. Volume 1, Number 2 , Fall 2012
057029: IDELSON-SHEIN, IRIS - Difference of a Different Kind: Jewish Constructions of Race During the Long Eighteenth Century (Jewish Culture and Contexts)
046590: IGOR DE GARINE - Les Massa Du Cameroun. Vie Economique Et Sociale
051191: IHALAINEN, PASI - Discourse on Political Pluralism in Earl : A Conceptual Study with Special Reference
024825: IHALAINEN, PASI - Discourse on Political Pluralism in Earl : A Conceptual Study with Special Reference
053045: ILERSIC A. R. ASSISTED BY LIDDLE P. F. B. - Parliament of Commerce. The Story of the Association of British Chambers of Commerce, 1860-1960
083673: ILLY, JÓZSEF - Albert Meets America: How Journalists Treated Genius During Einstein's 1921 Travels
047904: IM HOF, ULRICH - The Enlightenment
081848: IMANUEL GEISS - Tocqueville Und Das Zeitalter Der Revolution
058251: IMANUEL GEISS - Geschichte IM ûberblick: Daten Und Zusammenhänge Der Weltgeschichte
050637: IMBER, COLIN - The Ottoman Empire, 1300-1650: The Structure of Power
084841: IMBRIE BUFFUM - Agrippa D'Aubigne's Les Tragiques. A Study of the Baroque Style in Poetry.
048090: IMHOF, ARTHUR ERWIN - Die Verlorenen Welten: Alltagsbewaltigung Durch Unsere Vorfahren, Und Weshalb Wir Uns Heute So Schwer Damit Tun
059171: INDUSTRY AND EMPLOYMENT BRANCH, GLC - In the Service of London. Origins and Development of Council Employment from 1889
084850: INEICHEN, ANDREAS - Innovative Bauern: Einhegungen, Bewasserung Und Waldteilungen in Kanton Luzern IM 16. Und 17. Jahrhundert (Luzerner Historische Veroffentlichungen) (German Edition)
052849: ING CATHERINE - Elizabethan Lyrics. A Study in the Development of English Metres and Their Relation to Poetic Effect.
025857: INGLIS, BRIAN - Poverty and the Industrial Revolution
083468: INGRAM, EDWARD - The British Empire As a World Power: Ten Studies
051863: INGRAO, CHARLES W. - The Habsburg Monarchy 1618-1815
041917: INGRASSIA, CATHERINE - Authorship, Commerce, and Gender in Early Eighteenth-Century England : A Culture of Paper Credit
046994: INKSTER, IAN - History of Technology Volume 30: European Technologies in Spanish History
056875: INKSTER, IAN - Technology and Industrialization: Historical Case Studies and International Perspectives (Variorum Collected Studies Series, 625)
056245: INOGUCHI, TAKASHI - Japan's International Relations
049896: INSPECTORS OF PRISONS 1877 - Forty-First Report of the Inspectors Appointed... To Visit the Different Prisons of Great Britain, II - Northern District
060457: INSTITUTE OF MARXISM-LENINISM - Documents of the First International Volume 4 : 1870-1871. Minutes
060456: INSTITUTE OF MARXISM-LENINISM - Documents of the First International Volume 2 : 1866-1868. Minutes
060455: INSTITUTE OF MARXISM-LENINISM - Documents of the First International Volume 3 : 1868-1870. Minutes
083863: INSTITUTE OF MARXISM-LENINISM - Lenin-Collection of Photographs and Stills-Volume 1 1874-1923.
059711: INSTITUTE OF MARXISM-LENINISM - Documents of the First International, 1871 - 1872.
059712: INSTITUTE OF MARXISM-LENINISM - Documents of the First International, 1864-66.
057206: INTELLECT - Studies in French Cinema . Volume 1. Number 1. 2001.
057207: INTELLECT - Studies in French Cinema . Volume 1. Number 2. 2001.
057208: INTELLECT - Studies in French Cinema . Volume 1. Number 3. 2001.
045203: INTERNATIONAL LABOUR ORGANISATION - First Report of the International Labour Organisation to the United Nations.
080787: INTERNATIONAL MEDIEVAL SERMON STUDIES SOCIETY - Medieval Sermon Studies 45 . 2001
080788: INTERNATIONAL MEDIEVAL SERMON STUDIES SOCIETY - Medieval Sermon Studies 44 . 2000
040218: INTERNATIONAL AFRICAN INSTITUTE, CYRIL DARYLL FORDE - Selected Annotated Bibliography of Tropical Africa
053737: INTERNATIONAL COUNCIL ON ARCHIVES - International Directory of Archives / Annuaire International Des Archives
046469: INTERNATIONAL LABOUR OFFICE - Wage Changes in Various Countries: 1914 to 1922
057856: INWOOD, STEPHEN - A History of London
019074: IRELAND, ROBERT M. - The County Courts in Antebellum Kentucky
043148: IRELAND, BERNARD - The World Encyclopedia of Cruisers: An Illustrated History of the Cruisers of the World, from the American CIVIL War to Modern-Day Missile Cruisers, Spanning a Period of Almost 150 Years
080281: IRENE GADDO - IL Piacere Della Controversia. Hugh R. Trevor-Roper Storico E Uomo Pubblico
053948: IRINA PROKHOROVA - 1990: Russians Remember a Turning Point
053036: IRIYE, AKIRA - The United States and Japan in the Postwar World
041287: IRIYE, AKIRA - Power and Culture: The Japanese-American War, 1941-1945
058183: IRVING, R.E.M. - Christian Democracy in France
059702: ISAAC DEUTSCHER - Ironies of History: Essays of Contemporary Communism
044442: ISAAC FRANK COLLECTED AND ANNOTATED - English and Scottish Printing Types, 1535-58. 1552-58.
047207: ISAAC DEUTSCHER - Soviet Trade Unions. Their Place in Soviet Labour Policy
048401: ISAAC LIPPINCOTT - The Development of Modern World Trade
014676: ISAACMAN - Tradition of Resistance in Mozambique. Anti-Colonial Activity in the Zambesi Valley, 1850-1921.
059588: ISABEL CAMERON - Boysie
082060: ISABEL HENDERSON - The Picts (Ancient Peoples and Places Series)
040247: ISABELLE ANSCOMBE - A Woman's Touch: Women in Design from 1860 to the Present Day
054780: ISAIAH BERLIN, HARDY, H. - Magus of the North. J.G. Hamann and the Origins of Modern Irrationalism
041632: ISBELL, TIMOTHY T. - Gettysburg: Sentinels of Stone
047401: ISBELL, TIMOTHY T. - Vicksburg: Sentinels of Stone
029125: ISIDORE BRASSEUR - A Grammar of the French Language
082564: ISSERMAN, MAURICE; WEAVER, STEWART - Fallen Giants: A History of Himalayan Mountaineering from the Age of Empire to the Age of Extremes
052620: ISTITUTO PAOLO VI;ISTITUTO SUPERIORE MARCHIGIANO DI SCIENZE RELIGIOSE REDEMPTORIS MATER - Magistero E Pieta Mariana in Giovanni Battista Montini-Paolo VI: Giornata Di Studio in Collaborazione con L'Istituto Superiore Marchigiano Di Scienze Religiose Redemptoris Mater Loreto, 6 Maggio 1995
059840: ISTITUTO PAOLO VI - Paolo VI, Un Papa Bresciano in Roma: Sala Della Protomoteca in Campidoglio, Roma, 19 Febbraio 1998 (Quaderni Dell'Istituto)
055136: ITO, MAKOTO - Value and Crisis: Essay on Marxian Economics in Japan
045825: IVANOE BONOMI - From Socialism to Fascism, a Study of Contemporary Italy
048608: IVES, ERIC W. - Anne Boleyn
052407: IVOR JOHN SANDERS - Feudal Military Service in England: A Study of the Constitutional and Military Powers of the Barones in Medieval England
042865: IVY SCOTT - Reflections in Verse
085308: IVY COMPTON-BURNETT - The Last and the First
052284: IX CONGRES INTERNATIONAL DES SCIENCES HISTORIQUES, PARIS, 1950. - IX Congres International Des Sciences Historiques, Paris, 1950. Studies Presented to the International Commission for the History of Representative and Parliamentary Institutions.
017586: IX CONGRES INTERNATIONAL DES SCIENCES HISTORIQUES, PARIS, 1950. - IX Congres International Des Sciences Historiques, Paris, 1950. Studies Presented to the International Commission for the History of Representative and Parliamentary Institutions.
059124: J. VISSER , PHILIPPUS ROVENIUS - Rovenius Und Seine Werke. Beitrag Zur Geschichte Der Nordniederländischen Katholischen Frömmigkeit in Der Ersten Hälfte Des 17. Jahrhunderts
060824: J. ROHRKASTEN - Midland History. Volume XXX. 2005
081892: J.H. SHENNAN - The Parlement of Paris.
059553: J. B. MCCLURE - Anecdotes and Illustrations of D.L. Moody, Related by Him in His Revival Work
051221: J A F DE JONGSTE; A J VEENENDAAL - Anthonie Heinsius and the Dutch Republic, 1688-1720 : Politics, War, and Finance
054659: J.P. HODGES - The Nature of the Lion. Elizabeth I and Our Anglican Heritage.
084761: J.F. CHANCE - The Northern Treaties of 1719-20.
059772: J. A. STEERS - Coastal Features of England and Wales: Eight Essays
052272: J. M. HARRISON - What If Arnold Stang Played the Part?: Recasting 108 Classic Movies
055230: J. BRITTON , E. W. BRAYLEY - The Beauties of England and Wales; or, Delineations. . Northamptonshire
048016: J.A. LEO LEMAY - The Oldest Revolutionary: Essays on Benjamin Franklin
080443: J. E. CLOWES - Chronicles of the Old Congregational Church at Great Yarmouth, 1642 to 1858.
085455: J. BAILEY DENTON - The Farm Homesteads of England. A Collection of Plans of English Homesteads Existing in Different Parts of the Country, Carefully Selected from the Most Approved Specimens of Farm Architecture, to Illustrate the Accommodation Required Under Various Modes of Husbandry, with a Digest of the Leading Principles Recognised in the Construction and Arrangement of the Buildings.
080026: J. G. HURST - Saxo-Norman Pottery in East Anglia
050410: JÜRGENS, ULRICH; MALSCH, THOMAS; DOHSE, KNUTH - Breaking from Taylorism : Changing Forms of Work in the Automobile Industry
053509: J. R. POLE - Abraham Lincoln
081798: J.R. SAWYER - The "A.B. C. " Guide to the Making of Autotype Prints in Permanent Pigments
080217: J. TIMMERS - Petit Atlas de L'Art Roman.
054763: J.R. JONES - The First Whigs. The Politics of the Exclusion Crisis 1678-1683
057638: J.M. STREET AND ANTHONY CHENEVIX-TRENCH - Rome 753 B.C. - A.D. 180. A Short History for Secondary Schools
040085: J.P. DUNCAN MC.INNES - History of Co-Operation in Lincoln 1861 - 1911
084497: J. CHARLES COX - The Records of the Borough of Northampton. Volume 2 Only (of 2).
081693: J.H. ANDREWS - Meaning, Knowledge and Power in the Map Philosophy of J.B. Harley
055954: J. FELIX - Inventaire de Pierre Surreau. Receveur General de Normandie Suivi Du Testament de Laurens Surreau Et de L'Inventaire de Denise de Foville.
059931: J.E. STOCK , W.B. BRAGGS - Market Harborough Parish Records to Ad. 1530
049082: J.H. LOBBAN - Goldsmith - Selected Essays.
085510: J.S.M. SIMPSON - South Africa Fights
048882: J. O. FRENCH - Plumbers in Unity. History of the Plumbing Trades Union 1865-1965
029468: J. H. BAKER - Report of Cases from the Time of King Henry VIII. Volume 2.
054845: J. LESTOCQUOY - Aux Origines de la Bourgeoisie: Les Villes de Flandre Et D'Italie Sous le Gouvernement Des Patriciens (XI-XV Siecle)
059500: J.A. THOMAS - The House of Commons 1906-1911. An Analysis of Its Economic and Social Character
054175: J.W. MARRIOTT - Arguments and Discussions. A Book of Exercises in Oral English
080200: J. H. WHITFIELD - Petrarch and the Renascence.
082007: J.H. MARSHALL-CORNWALL - Geographic Disarmament. A Study of Regional Demilitarization.
082008: J HOLLAND ROSE - Select Dispatches from the British Foreign Office Archives Third Coalition Against France 1804-1805
081368: J. BRITTON , E. W. BRAYLEY - The Beauties of England and Wales; or, Delineations. . Northamptonshire
024766: JÜRGEN MOELLER - Historische Augenblicke: Deutsche Briefe Des Zwanzigsten Jahrhunderts
049600: J. HARWOOD PANTING - Through the Crucible
055602: J.K. JOHNSON - In Duty Bound: Men, Women, and the State in Upper Canada, 1783-1841
081413: J.M. BLAZQUEZ - Economia de la Hispania Romana.
082949: J. PENBERTHY WHITE - Near the Throne or Lessons to Be Gathered from the Life and Death of John Edwards the Peasant Preacher of Fenny Compton in the Kineton Circuit
080743: J.C.K. CORNWALL - Wealth and Society in Early Sixteenth Century England
055549: J.M. BUMSTED - The Peoples of Canada: A Post-Confederation History
054744: J.R. HICKS, U.K. HICKS , L. ROSTAS - The Taxation of War Wealth
054436: J.A. VAN DORSTEN - Thomas Basson 1555-1613. English Printer at Leiden
056392: J.E. STONE - Hospital Organization and Management (Including Planning and Construction)
084628: J. S. COCKBURN; THOMAS A. GREEN - Twelve Good Men and True: The Criminal Trial Jury in England, 1200-1800 (Princeton Legacy Library)
080097: J. HUIZINGA - Erasmus of Rotterdam
060454: J.A. SPENDER , CYRIL ASQUTIH - Life of Herbert Henry Asquith, Lord Oxford and Asquith. Volume 2
083872: J. G. BULLOCKE - Sailors' Rebellion
082868: J. MELLES - Ministers Aan de Maas. Geschiedenis Van de Rotterdamse Pensionarissen Met Een Inleiding over Het Stedelijk Pensionariaat, 1508-1795.
049334: J. SCOTT WATSON - Agriculture in the British Economy: Proceedings of Conference, November 15th, 16th & 17th, 1956, Grand Hotel, Brighton, Sussex
057599: J.D. BROWN - Carrier Operations in World War II
046365: J. ROGERS HOLLINGSWORTH , ROBERT BOYER - Contemporary Capitalism : The Embeddedness of Institutions
054240: J. MIRIAM BENN - Predicaments of Love
051466: J. R. TANNER - A Descriptive Catalogue of the Naval Manuscripts in the Pepysian Library at Magdalene College, Cambridge. Vol. III. Admiralty Letters (Vols. IV & V)
026920: JÜRGEN REULECKE - Die Wirtschaftliche Entwicklung Der Stadt Barmen Von 1910 Bis 1925
049454: J. JOSEPH HUTHMACHER, WARREN SUSMAN - Wilson's Diplomacy: An International Symposium
049477: J. E. THOROLD ROGERS - Oxford City Documents, Financial and Judicial, 1268-1665
049826: J. HOLLAND ROSE - Pitt and Napoleon: Essays and Letters
057761: J M BRERETON - The Horse in War
040882: J. F. BETHUNE-BAKER - The Influence of Christianity on War
054985: J.D. SCOTT - Siemens Brothers 1858-1959. An Essay in the History of Industry
059930: J.E. STOCK , W.B. BRAGGS - Market Harborough Parish Records to Ad. 1530
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030855: JANE E. SCHULTZ - This Birth Place of Souls: The CIVIL War Nursing Diary of Harriet Eaton
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031461: JEAN HALLO - Monsieur Légionnaire: L'Homme Et Ses Traditions
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029561: JONATHAN STAGGE - Death's Old Sweet Song
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052660: JOSEPH MERSAND - Chaucer's Romance Vocabulary
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