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049745: JOHN HATSELL - Precedents of Proceedings in the House of Commons with Observations, Volume 1 . Relating to Privilege of Parliament
057475: JOHN LAMPHEAR - African Military History (the International Library of Essays on Military History)
047986: JOHN HORNER - Even in This Place: 19th-Century Nonconformists & Life in the Borough of Penzance
085624: JOHN COLMER - Coleridge. Critic of Society.
059175: JOHN M. STRATTON - Agricultural Records, A.D. 220-1968
047505: JOHN HEYWOOD - The Home Doctor. A Manual of Domestic Medicine and Dietetics
060210: JOHN J. CONNELL - An Annotated List of Selected Newspaper Reference Works Located at the Library of Congress
086522: JOHN P. WILLERTON - Patronage and Politics in the Ussr (Cambridge Russian, Soviet and Post-Soviet Studies)
051058: JOHN WELSEY - The Wesleyan-Methodist Magazine for the Year 1825: Being a Continuation of the Arminian or Methodist Magazine
060439: JOHN ARCHER JACKSON - Social Stratification (Sociological Studies 1)
080259: JOHN A. KROUT - Proceedings of the Academy of Political Science. Volume XVIII. January 1940. No. 4. The Effect of the War on America's Idle Men and Idle Money.
084767: JOHN BACH MCMASTER - The Political Depravity of the Founding Fathers
084731: JOHN FISKE - The Critical Period of American History 1783-1789
046732: JOHN SAVILLE - Industrial Remuneration Conference, 1885;: The Report of Proceedings and Papers. With an Introd. , the Background to the Industrial Remuneration Conference of 1885,
056779: JOHN SPRINGHALL - Youth, Popular Culture and Moral Panics: Penny Gaffs to Gangsta-Rap, 1830-1996
052627: JOHN D. BYRN - 155: Naval Courts Martial, 1793-1815 (Navy Records Society Publications)
060338: JOHN INNES CLARKE , HOWARD BOWEN-JONES - Change and Development in the Middle East
056214: JOHN WHITTAM - The Politics of the Italian Army, 1861-1918
058071: JOHN, CLARKE - Working Class Culture: Studies in History and Theory
086195: JOHN WESTWOOD - The Historical Atlas of World Railroads: 400 Maps and Photographs Chart the Networks That Span the World
054785: JOHN LEHMANN, T.A. JACKSON , C. DAY LEWIS - Ralph Fox. A Writer in Arms
049835: JOHN MORRIS ROBERTS, RICHARD COBB - French Revolution Documents. Volume 1.
049340: JOHN CAPGRAVE - The Book of the Illustrious Henries
085650: JOHN EHRMAN - The British Government and Commercial Negotiations with Europe. 1783-1793.
085660: JOHN D. ROSENBERG - Carlyle and the Burden of History
052069: JOHN HORN - The Petersburg Campaign: June 1864-April 1865 (Great Campaigns)
081793: JOHN KAYE - Some Account of the Writing and Opinions of Clement of Alexandria
043775: JOHN CRAWFORD HODGSON - A History of Northumberland. Volume V - the Parish of Warkworth, Shilbottle, the Chapelery or Extra-Parochial Place of Brainshaugh
084402: JOHN GOUGH NICHOLS - Grants, Etc. , from the Crown During the Reign of Edward the Fifth: From the Original Docket-Book. Ms Harl. 433
083699: JOHN EMERICH EDWARD DALBERG ACTON - Essays on Freedom and Power
053658: JOHN PAGET - The New Examen
044258: JOHN B. HATTENDORF - The Evolution of the U.S. Navy's Maritime Strategy, 1977-1986
085652: JOHN EHRMAN - The British Government and Commercial Negotiations with Europe. 1783-1793.
056698: JOHN EATWELL, MURRAY MILGATE , PETER NEWMAN - Problems of the Planned Economy
085166: JOHN DEWEY , A.H. SOMJEE - The Political Theory of John Dewey.
085677: JOHN BUCHANAN - Jackson's Way: Andrew Jackson and the People of the Western Waters
050009: JOHN BARTHOLLMEW & SON LTD - Eurasia with Boundaries, Roads and Railways. Scale 1: 15,000,000
059296: JOHN LUBBOCK - The Use of Life
052319: JOHN WILLCOCK - A Scots Earl in Covenanting Times : Being Life and Times of Archibald 9th Earl of Argyll (1629-1685)
041906: JOHN BUXTON, MARSDEN - The History of the Early Puritans: From the Reformation to the Opening of the CIVIL War in 1642.
080627: JOHN MERITON - Small Books for the Common Man: A Descriptive Bibliography
060111: JOHN HENRY MUIRHEAD - The Elements of Ethics
083380: JOHN ADAMS - Papers of John Adams, Volume 18: Volume 18: December 1785 - January 1787 (Adams Papers)
050074: JOHN THOMPSON; STEPHEN RANDALL - Canada and the United States: Ambivalent Allies
040321: JOHN LABAND; IAN KNIGHT - War Correspondents: The Anglo-Zulu War
059526: JOHN MICHAEL COCKRAM - Brockenhurst and the Two World Wars
046769: JOHN H. WILLIAMS - Post-War Monetary Plans and Other Essays
057401: JOHN HOWARD REID - More New Light on Movie Bests
049331: JOHN J. BUTT - The Greenwood Dictionary of World History
049695: JOHN BECKETT - The Thoroton Society of Nottinghamshire: A Commemoration of Its First 100 Years
044288: JOHN RYLANDS UNIVERSITY LIBRARY OF MANCHESTER - British History : A Guide to Research Resources in the John Rylands University Library of Manchester
046394: JOHN SURRY - The Cinemas of Bridport: The First Fifty Years, 1912-1962 : An Outline History Based on Bridport News Reports
044850: JOHN RUSKIN - The Queen of the Air
060722: JOHN W. OSBORNE - The Silent Revolution;: The Industrial Revolution in England As a Source of Cultural Change
085692: JOHN FOX - A Literary History of France: The Middle Ages
085214: JOHN W. KIRTON - The Standard Temperance Reciter : A Collection of Dialogues, Recitations, and Readings, in Prose and Poetry, Suitable for Anniversary, Social, Lodge and Other Meetings, with Hints to Readers and Reciters
040281: JOHN KEEGAN - Churchill's Generals
049316: JOHN LAVAN KIRBY - Abstracts of Feet of Fines Relating to Wiltshire, 1377-1509
048929: JOHN P. MACKEY - The Saxon Post
085043: JOHN C. MITCHAM - Race and Imperial Defence in the British World, 1870-1914
059207: JOHN EATON - Political Economy. A Marxist Textbook
081274: JOHN GEORGE KORB - Diary of an Austrian Secretary of Legation at the Court of Czar Peter the Great.
054357: JOHN PARRIS - Scapegoat: The Inside Story of the Trial of Derek Bentley
086483: JOHN F. NAYLOR - A Man and an Institution: Sir Maurice Hankey, the Cabinet Secretariat and the Custody of Cabinet Secrecy
084753: JOHN F. CHANCE - Germany in the Time of George I. Read January 20 1916.
050341: JOHN R HADDAD - America's First Adventure in China: Trade, Treaties, Opium, and Salvation
058959: JOHN HENRY GREENWOOD - A Handbook of Industrial Law: A Practical Legal Guide for Trade Union Officers and Others
080683: JOHN HUS , MATTHEW SPINKA - The Letters of John Hus.
086415: JOHN CARR - Rhns Averof: Thunder in the Aegean
080830: JOHN TREVOR WARD - East Yorkshire Landed Estates in the Nineteenth Century
081961: JOHN GOUCH NICOLS - The Chronicle of Calais, in the Reigns of Henry VII and Henrthe Chronicle of Calais, in the Reigns of Henry VII and Henry VIII, to the Year 1540
059806: JOHN STUART MILL - Three Essays: On Liberty, Representative Government, the Subjection of Women
059188: JOHN LEHMANN - Poems from New Writing 1936-1946
082029: JOHN KNOX LAUGHTON , JAMES YOUNG F. SULIVAN - Journal of Rear-Admiral Bartholomew James 1752-1828
082096: JOHN BRUCE - Historie of the Arrivall of Edward IV. In England: And the Finall Recouerye of His Kingdomes from Henry VI. A.D. M. CCCC. LXXI
085427: JOHN LAFFIN - French Foreign Legion
045856: JOHN PRICE - The International Labour Movement
083263: JOHN PITCAIRN MACKINTOSH - British Prime Ministers in the 20th Century: Balfour to Chamberlain V. 1
053757: JOHN U. NEF - Industry and Government in France and England, 1540-1640
059203: JOHN WATNEY - An Account of the Mistery of Mercers of the City of London, Otherwise the Mercers' Company
045442: JOHN P. WINDMULLER - American Labor and the International Labor Movement, 1940 to 1953
060653: JOHN MCINISCON, NASSAU WILLIAM SENIOR - Malthus and the Population Controversy 1803-1830. An Examination of Opinions Maintained in the "Essay on the Principles of Population.
047739: JOHN DUNNING - The United Nations Library on Transnational Corporations: International Business and the Development of the World Economy: Set B, V. 5-8
053185: JOHN KEEGAN - Who's Who in World War II
053103: JOHN S. CREAGHAN , A.E. RAUBITSCHEK - Early Christian Epitaphs from Athens.
048703: JOHN VOLLMER MERING - The Whig Party in Missouri
055024: JOHN J. MCGRATH - Crossing the Line of Departure. Battle Command on the Move. A Historical Perspective.
052815: JOHN WATSON MORTON - The Artillery of Nathan Bedford Forrest's Cavalry: The Wizard of the Saddle (1909)
086525: JOHN HUSSEY - Waterloo: The Campaign of 1815. Volume I: From Elba to Ligny and Quatre Bras
045791: JOHN GOODCHILD - The Coal Kings of Yorkshire
040714: JOHN MORLEY - Indian Speeches 1907-1909
043662: JOHN ALEXANDER MURRAY ROTHNEY - The Brittany Affair and the Crisis of the Ancien Régime
086280: JOHN KISZELY - Anatomy of a Campaign: The British Fiasco in Norway, 1940 (Cambridge Military Histories)
047738: JOHN DUNNING - The United Nations Library on Transnational Corporations: International Business and the Development of the World Economy: Set a
054643: JOHN BELL - A Journey. From St. Petersburg to Pekin 1719-22
048872: JOHN OWEN - The Skeptics of the Italian Renaissance
051626: JOHN EHRMAN - The Younger Pitt: The Reluctant Transition (V. 2)
052965: JOHN MORLEY , PETER STANSKY - Nineteenth Century Essays
054499: JOHN HILTON , J.J. MALLON.. - Are Trade Unions Obstructive?: An Impartial Inquiry
085651: JOHN F. RICHARDS - Document Forms for Official Orders of Appointment in the Mughal Empire (Gibb Memorial Trust Persian Studies)
040269: JOHN FFORDE - The Role of the Bank of England, 1941-1958
085600: JOHN NAYLER - Charles Delamotte, John Wesley's Companion in Travel, Labour, and Affliction;: A Bicentenary Tributejohn Nayler
052574: JOHN P. R. MAUD - City Government. The Johannesburg Experiment
082064: JOHN BUTT - A Review of English Literature. Volume II, Number 3 , July 1961
043504: JOHN FISKE - CIVIL Government in the United States Considered with Some Reference to Its Origins.
085446: JOHN M. S. ALLISON - Thiers and the French Monarchy.
047559: JOHN THORN, JOHN B. HOLWAY - The Pitcher
086446: JOHN WINTON - Find, Fix and Strike: Fleet Air Arm at War, 1939-45
059817: JOHN M. FLETCHER - Registrum Annalium Collegii Mertonensis 1521-1567
057786: JOHN G. BELLAMY - Bastard Feudalism and the Law
059768: JOHN A. GARRATY - Unemployment in History, Economic Thought and Public Policy
047281: JOHN W ROONEY JR - The Consortium on Revolutionary Europe, 1750-1850: Index to the Proceedings, 1972-1991. Volumes I - XX
080859: JOHN FRANCIS BOSHER - The Single Duty Project. A Study of the Movement for a French Customs Union in the Eighteenth Century.
043586: JOHN SAXON MILLS - The Genoa Conference
052497: JOHN CARSWELL - The Descent on England: A Study of the English Revolution of 1688 and Its European Background
083597: JOHN L. THOMAS - Slavery Attacked: The Abolitionist Crusade
056126: JOHN CANNE MARCHAMONT NEDHAM - The English Revolution III: Newsbooks 5, Mercurius Politicus. Volume 14, 1656-1657.
044195: JOHN ALFRED GOTCH - The Old Halls & Manor-Houses of Northamptonshire: An Illustrated Review
052862: JOHN MIDDLETON MURRY - The Free Society
048110: JOHN LOGAN ALLEN - North American Exploration Vol. 1 : A New World Disclosed
084887: JOHN A. KROUT - The Foreign Policy of the United States.
054318: JOHN E. KNODEL - Demographic Behavior in the Past: A Study of Fourteen German Village Populations in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries (Cambridge Studies in Population, Economy and Society in Past Time)
080192: JOHN EDWIN SANDYS - The Speech of Demosthenes Against the Law of Leptines
041530: JOHN HIGBY - The Rhinehart Collection at Appalachian State University. An Annotated Bibliography. Volume 2
043689: JOHN THACKRAY BUNCE - History of the Corporation of Birmingham, with a Sketch of the Earlier Government of the Town. Volume 2 Only
085194: JOHN BENSON; GARETH SHAW - The Retailing Industry. Volume 1. Perspectives and the Early Modern Period.
085378: JOHN H. WALLER - Beyond the Khyber Pass: The Road to British Disaster in the First Afghan War
085497: JOHN A. JAKLE - Images of the Ohio Valley: A Historical Geography of Travel, 1740-1860 (Andrew H. Clark Series in the Historical)
085576: JOHN HOWE - Chrisitan Theology : By John Howe, M.A. Selected and Systematically Arranged with a Life of the Author by Samuel Dunn
050963: JOHN P. GLENNON, EDITH JAMES, N. STEPHEN KANE, ROBERT MCMAHON, DELIA PITTS - Foreign Relations of the United States 1955-1957. Volume VII - American Republics : Central and South America
084704: JOHN CARY - Cary's New Itinerary: Or an Accurate Delineation of the Great Roads, Both Direct and Cross Throughout England and Wales; with Many of the Principal Roads in Scotland. From an Actual Admeasurement by John Cary.
047035: JOHN HENRY RICHARDSON - Industrial Relations in Great Britain
085606: JOHN S. SIMON - John Wesley and the Advance of Methodism.
049478: JOHN M. MACKENZIE - Museums and Empire: Natural History, Human Cultures and Colonial Identities (Studies in Imperialism Mup)
085751: JOHN D'ENTREMONT - Southern Emancipator: Moncure Conway: The American Years, 1832-1865
044824: JOHN CHILD - Industrial Relations in the British Printing Industry: The Quest for Security
047218: JOHN TURNER RAE - The World's Temperance Congress of 1900 : Journal of the Proceedings
081538: JOHN HENEAGE JESSE - Memoirs of the Life and Reign of King George the Third
042415: JOHN STEWARD AMBLER - The French Army in Politics, 1945-1962
080580: JOHN BRUCE , ALLAN JAMES CROSBY - Accounts and Papers Relating to Mary Queen of Scots
059847: JOHN MAJOR - The New Deal
085545: JOHN L H KEEP - Power to the People: Essays on Russian History (East European Monographs)
047091: JOHN M. CARROLL , BYRON PRICE - Roll Call on the Little Big Horn, 28 June 1876
085655: JOHN T. WILKINSON - Arthur Samuel Peake 1865-1929. Essays in Commemoration.
081937: JOHN GLOAG - The English Tradition in Architecture
056802: JOHN BUNYAN, THOMAS SCOTT, - The Pilgrim's Progress in Two Parts by John Bunyan with Notes by Rev. Thomas Scott
041395: JOHN HOOPER HARVEY - Henry Yevele C. 1320 to 1400: The Life of an English Architect
060109: JOHN BRIGHT - Selected Speeches
084389: JOHN B. MANTERFIELD - Borough Government in Newton's Grantham: The Hall Book of Grantham, 1649-1662 (Publications of the Lincoln Record Society)
060682: JOHN BRAMSTON - The Autobiography of Sir John Bramston, K.B. , of Skreens, in the Hundred of Chelmsford
080782: JOHN LE NEVE , JOYCE M. HORN , DAVID M. SMITH - Lincoln Diocese. John le Neve. Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1541-1857 IX. Lincoln Diocese
049779: JOHN FREDERICK ROWLAND HILL , JOHN PERRY MOFFETT - Tanganyika: A Review of Its Resources and Their Development
084224: JOHN F. WHITE - U-Boat Tankers, 1941-45: Submarine Suppliers to Atlantic Wolf Packs
055318: JOHN GRIGG - The Monarchy Revisited
043366: JOHN MICHAEL COHEN - The Baroque Lyric
055851: JOHN JEWKES , ALLAN WINTERBOTTOM - Juvenile Unemployment
050171: JOHN BROAD - Bishop Wake's Summary of Visitation Returns from the Diocese of Lincoln 1706-15, Part 2: Huntingdonshire, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Leicestershire, Buckinghamshire
047000: JOHN D. COTTS - Europe's Long Twelfth Century. Order, Anxiety and Adaptation, 1095-1229
052247: JOHN CHARNOCK - Biographica ( Biographia ) Navalis ; Impartial Memoirs of the Lives and Characters of the Navy of Great Britain, from 1660 to the Present Time
049955: JOHN HOWARD WHITEHOUSE, COLIN ROCKE - The Master: A Study of Michelangelo
051530: JOHN GREVILLE BULLOCKE - The Tomlinson Papers: Selected from the Correspondence and Pamphlets of Captain Robert Tomlinson; R.N. , & Vice-Admiral Nicholas Tomlinson
045466: JOHN ROGERS COMMONS - History of Labour in the United States, Vol. 2
045468: JOHN R. COMMONS , DON D. LESCOHIER , ELIZABETH BRANDEIS - History of Labor in the United States, 1896-1932. Volume 3. Introduction to Volumes III and IV. Volume 3 - Working Conditions
060093: JOHN H. FISHER - The Medieval Literature of Western Europe. A Review of Research, Mainly 1930-1960.
083091: JOHN J. KEEVIL - Hamey the Stranger
049772: JOHN; CHASE, SALMON P.; CHASE, SALMON; JONES, WHARTON VAN ZANDT - Reclamation of Fugitives from Service. An Argument for the Defendant, Submitted to the Supreme Court of the United States, at the December Term, 1846, in the Case of Wharton Jones Vs. John Vanzandt
048402: JOHN RUSKIN - Sublime and Instructive: Letters from John Ruskin to Louisa, Marchioness of Waterford, Anna Blunden: Letters, 1855-64
051518: JOHN A. CAREY - Judicial Reform in France Before the Revolution of 1789 (Harvard Historical Studies)
085891: JOHN TOPHAM - Liber Quotidianus Contrarotulatoris Garderobae. Anno Regni Regis Edwardi Primi. Vicesimo Octavo. Ad MCCXCIX & MCCC. Ex Codice Ms. In Bibliotheca Sua Asservato Typis Edidit Soc. Antiq. Londinensis.
056461: JOHN BARRON MAYS - Growing Up in the City. A Study of Juvenile Delinquency in an Urban Neighbourhood
056950: JOHN AGNEW - Geopolitics: Re-Visioning World Politics (Frontiers)
049722: JOHN MURRAY GIBBON - Melody and the Lyric from Chaucer to the Cavaliers
049746: JOHN HATSELL - Precedents of Proceedings in the House of Commons with Observations, Volume 2 - Relating to Members, Speakers Etc.
049747: JOHN HATSELL - Precedents of Proceedings in the House of Commons with Observations, Volume 3 - Relating to Lords and Supply
051479: JOHN MONTAGU EARL OF SANDWICH , SIR GEORGE REGINALD BARNES, JOHN HELY OWEN - The Private Papers of John, Earl of Sandwich: First Lord of the Admiralty, 1771-1782. Volume III May 1779 - December 1780
085086: JOHN A. WOOD - Veteran Narratives and the Collective Memory of the Vietnam War (War and Society in North America)
086478: JOHNNIE ASTOR; ALEXANDRA CAMPBELL - Esmond. The Lost Idol 1895-1917
060328: JOHNSON, ROBERT; CLACK, TIMOTHY - At the End of Military Intervention: Historical, Theoretical and Applied Approaches to Transition, Handover and Withdrawal
053051: JOHNSON, EDGAR AUGUSTUS JEROME - The Foundations of American Economic Freedom: Government and Enterprise in the Age of Washington
048313: JOHNSON, VICKI VAUGHN - The Men and the Vision of the Southern Commercial Conventions, 1845-1871
085148: JOHNSON, SVEINBJORN - Pioneers of Freedom: An Account of the Icelanders and the Icelandic Free State (874-1262)
057489: JOHNSON-HILL, JACK A. - I-Sight: The World of Rastafari : An Interpretive Sociological Account of Rastafarian Ethics
055461: JOHNSON, ROY FRANK - The Royal George
040808: JOHNSON, BLAINE - What's Happenin': A Revealing Journey Through the World of Professional Basketball
051986: JOHNSON, RICHARD R. - Adjustment to Empire : The New England Colonies 1675-1715
059602: JOHNSON, HUBERT C. - The Midi in Revolution: A Study of Regional Political Diversity, 1789-1793
080771: JOHNSON, ARTHUR H. - The Disappearance of the Small Landowner
046045: JOHNSON, RICHARD - Making Histories: Studies in History-Writing and Politics
055110: JOHNSON S. G. , CORPORATION OF NOTTINGHAM - Records of the Borough of Nottingham. Volume 3 - King Henry VII to King Henry VIII. 1485-1547.
056334: JOHNSON, ROB - Iran-Iraq War
048783: JOHNSON, PETER;THOMAS, BARRY - Tourism, Museums and the Local Economy: The Economic Impact of the North of England Open Air Museum at Beamish
053291: JOHNSON, HAYNES;BRODER, DAVID S. - The System: The American Way of Politics at the Breaking Point
054846: JOHNSON, OLIVER A. - The Problem of Knowledge: Prolegomena to an Epistemology
053351: JOHNSON, ROGER;NEUMANN, EDITHA S.;TRAIL, GUY T. - Moliere and the Commonwealth of Letters: Patrimony and Posterity
043194: JOHNSON, SAMUEL BRADY FRANK AND WIMSATT W. K - Selected Poetry and Prose
057805: JOHNSON, LEWIS - Prospects, Thresholds and Interiors: Watercolours from the National Collection at the Victoria and Albert Museum
049725: JOHNSON, JOSHUA;PRICE, JACOB M. - Joshua Johnson's Letterbook 1771-1774: Letters from a Merchant in London to His Partners in Maryland
050142: JOHNSTON JOSEPH E. - Japan and the United Nations. Report of a Study Group Set Up by the Japanese Association of International Law
050130: JOHNSTON DENIS FOSTER - An Analysis of Sources of Information on the Population of the Navaho
054905: JOHNSTON JOSEPH E. - Bishop Berkeley's Querist in Historical Perspective.
083498: JOHNSTON, MARK - Stretcher-Bearers: Saving Australians from Gallipoli to Kokoda (Australian Army History Series)
084743: JOKISALO, JOUKO - " Den Arbeiter Für Die Nsdap Zu Gewinnen: Zur Ideologie Und Massenbasis Des Deutschen Faschismus 1933-39 (Oulun Yliopiston Historian Laitoksen Julkaisuja)
081741: JOLLY, PIERRE - Du Pont de Nemours: Apostle of Liberty and the Promised Land
048623: JOLLY, RICHARD - Disarmament and World Development
050387: JOLY RAYMOND - Cahier de Travail.
054123: JON CLARK, MARGOT HEINEMANN, DAVID MARGOLIES , CAROLE SNEE - Culture and Crisis in Britain in the Thirties
083857: JON CLARK - John Goldthorpe: Consensus and Controversy
040861: JON WINTHROP HAEGER - Crisis and Prosperity in Sung China
085129: JON BLOOMFIELD - The Soviet Revolution. The Soviet Revolution: Perestroika and the Remaking of Socialism
051335: JONAH BARRINGTON , STAPLES HUGH B. - The Ireland of Sir Jonah Barrington. Selections from His Personal Sketches. (1820's).
050756: JONAS JONSON - Wounded Visions: Unity, Justice, and Peace in the World Church After 1968
086493: JONATHAN HICKS - Wales and the First Air War 1914-1918: The Welsh Airmen and Airwomen of the Great War
084663: JONATHAN BUTLER; JIM LEARY - Roman Archaeology in the Upper Reaches of the Walbrook Valley: Excavations at 6-8 Tokenhouse Yard, London Ec2 (Pca Monographs)
086232: JONATHAN REEVE - Battle of Britain Voices: 37 Fighter Pilots Tell Their Extraordinary Stories
085633: JONATHAN BANKS - Januae Clavis, 1697.
086024: JONATHAN RILEY-SMITH - The Knights of St. John in Jerusalem and Cyprus C. 1050-1310
085747: JONATHAN CRUSH - The Struggle for Swazi Labour, 1890-1920
081207: JONATHAN HORNE - Nonsuch. An Exhibition of Glass and Ceramics
082291: JONATHAN RAYNER - The Naval War Film: Genre, History and National Cinema
056841: JONATHAN M. HOUSE - Controlling Paris: Armed Forces and Counter-Revolution, 1789-1848 (Warfare and Culture)
085759: JONATHAN R. T. HUGHES - Social Control in the Colonial Economy
085758: JONATHAN LURIE - The Chicago Board of Trade, 1859-1905: The Dynamics of Self-Regulation
084600: JONDORF, GILLIAN - Robert Garnier and the Themes of Political Tragedy in the Sixteenth Century
082173: JONES, ROBERT FRANCIS - The King of the Alley: William Duer : Politician, Entrepreneur, and Speculator 1768-1799 (Memoirs of the American Philosophical Society) (Memoirs of... (Multi City Study of Urban Inequality)
083770: JONES, VIVIEN - How to Study a Jane Austen Novel (Macmillan Study Guides)
080609: JONES, E.T.; LAUGHTON, J.; CLARK, P. - Northampton in the Late Middle Ages: The Archaeology and History of a Midland Town (University of Leicester, Centre for Urban History, Working Paper S. )
084707: JONES, ROSEMARY DEVONSHIRE - Francesco Vettori, Florentine Citizen and Medici Servant
081363: JONES-BAKER, DR. DORIS (EDITOR) - Hertfordshire in History: Papers Presented to Lionel Munby
050844: JONES, DOUGLAS LAMAR - Village and Seaport : Migration and Society in Eighteenth-Century Massachusetts
040979: JONES, DAVID W. - Mass Motorization and Mass Transit: An American History and Policy Analysis
080601: JONES, LEONIDAS M. - The Life of John Hamilton Reynolds
054354: JONES, GRETA - Science, Politics and the Cold War
080811: JONES, ROBERT LESLIE - The History of Agriculture in Ohio to 1880
083273: JONES, STEPHEN G. - The British Labour Movement and Film, 1918-1939 (Cinema and Society)
060668: JONES GWYN - The Legendary History of Olaf Tryggvason: The Twenty-Second W.P. Ker Memorial Lecture, Delivered in the University of Glasgow, 6th March 1968
053163: JONES, EMRYS - Metropolis
044139: JONES, STANLEY;MAJOR, KATHLEEN;VARLEY, JOAN - The Survey of Ancient Houses in Lincoln. II: Houses to the South and West of the Minster.
049460: JONES, JACQUELINE - The Dispossessed: America's Underclasses from the CIVIL War to the Present
083576: JONES, LARRY EUGENE - German Liberalism and the Dissolution of the Weimar Party System, 1918-1933
048155: JONES, JAMES PICKETT - Yankee Blitzkrieg : Wilson's Raid Through Alabama and Georgia
059538: JONES, THOMAS FIRTH - A Pair of Lawn Sleeves: A Biography of William Smith (1727-1803)
053069: JONES, WHITNEY R.D. - David Williams: The Anvil and the Hammer
047775: JONES, ANDREW - The Politics of Reform, 1884
047193: JONES, STEPHEN G. - Workers at Play : A Social and Economic History of Leisure, 1918-1939
084018: JONES, JOHN - Dostoevsky
051690: JONES, W. J. - Politics and the Bench : The Judges and the Origins of the English CIVIL War
054720: JONES, DAVID R. - Origins of CIVIC Universities: Manchester Leeds and Liverpool
060580: JONES, RUTH; PEARSON, JAMES DOUGLAS - The Bibliography of Africa: Proceedings and Papers of the International Conference...
043471: JONSON, BEN - The New Inn
047726: JORDAN, DAVID W. - Foundations of Representative Government in Maryland, 1632-1715
083245: JORDAN, BILL - The Common Good: Citizenship, Morality, and Self-Interest
042638: JORDAN, DAVID STARR - The Genera of Fishes and a Classification of Fishes
083831: JORDAN, MARK D. - Rewritten Theology: Aquinas After His Readers (Challenges in Contemporary Theology)
043674: JORDAN, ULRIKE - Research on British History in the Federal Republic of Germany 1989-1994 : An Annotated Bibliography
040534: JORIS RUYSSEVELDT; RIEN HUISKAMP; JACQUES J VAN HOOF - Comparative Industrial & Employment Relations
047850: JOSÉ IGNACIO GARMENDIA - Recuerdos de la Guerra Del Paraguay. .
050096: JOSÉ MURILO DE CARVALHO - The Formation of Souls: Imagery of the Republic in Brazil
086146: JOSÉ MOURE - Le Plaisir Du Cinéma: Analyses Et Critiques Des Films (Essai Camera. Serie Les Cine-Debats) (French Edition)
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083981: LOCKWOOD, DAVID - The Blackcoated Worker: A Study in Class Consciousness
082302: RICHARD LODGE - Studies in Eighteenth Century Diplomacy, 1740-1748.
058177: LODZIAK, CONRAD - Manipulating Needs : Capitalism & Culture
048202: LOETZ, FRANCISCA - Dealings with God: From Blasphemers in Early Modern Zurich to a Cultural History of Religiousness

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