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051625: EHRMAN, J. - The Younger Pitt. The Reluctant Transition.
011432: EHRMAN JOHN - The British Government and Commercial Negotiations with Europe. 1783-1793.
011433: EHRMAN JOHN - The British Government and Commercial Negotiations with Europe. 1783-1793.
051626: EHRMAN, JOHN - The Younger Pitt. The Reluctant Transition.
041234: EICHENGREEN, BARRY - Elusive Stability: Essays in the History of International Finance, 1919-1939
055792: EICHENGREEN, BARRY J. - Elusive Stability : Essays in the History of International Finance, 1919-1939
027735: EICHER, DAVID J. - The CIVIL War in Books : An Analytical Bibliography
027735: EICHER, DAVID J. - The CIVIL War in Books : An Analytical Bibliography
060086: EIGHTEENTH-CENTURY LIFE - Eighteenth-Century Life. Volume 5, Number 4. Summer 1979
048098: EIGHTEENTH CENTURY STUDIES - Eighteenth Century Studies. Spring 1978. Volume 11. Number 3
053075: EIGHTY CLUB, LONDON - The New Irish Constitution: An Exposition and Some Arguments
082193: EILEEN POWER - The Goodman of Paris (le Ménagier de Paris): A Treatise on Moral and Domestic Economy by a Citizen of Paris, C. 1393
025919: EILEEN BORIS, ELISABETH PRÜGL - Homeworkers in Global Perspective : Invisible No More
044460: EILEEN KIRKPATRICK WADE - Twenty-One Years of Scouting: The Official History of the Boy Scout Movement from Its Inception
047161: EINAR A TERJESEN - Arbeiderhistoire 2000
049814: EINAUDI MARIO - The Early Rousseau.
080970: EIRE, CARLOS M. N. - War Against the Idols: The Reformation of Worship from Erasmus to Calvin
044786: EISEN GUSTAVUS A. - The Great Chalice of Antioch.
081640: EISENBERG, PETER L. - Sugar Industry in Pernambuco 1840-1910: Modernization without Change
059866: EISENSTEIN, SERGEI - Battleship Potemkin
080719: EISENSTEIN, ELIZABETH L. - Grub Street Abroad: Aspects of the French Cosmopolitan Press from the Age of Louis XIV to the French Revolution (Lyell Lectures in Bibliography)
080638: EISENSTEIN, ELIZABETH L. - Divine Art, Infernal Machine: The Reception of Printing in the West from First Impressions to the Sense of an Ending (Material Texts)
083489: EKBERG, CARL J.; PERSON, SHARON K. - St. Louis Rising: The French Regime of Louis St. Ange de Bellerive
052321: EKBERG, CARL J. - The Failure of Louis XIV's Dutch War
082922: EKSTEINS VON MODRIS - Theodor Heuss Und Die Weimarer Republik. Ein Beitrag Zur Geschichte Des Deutschen Liberalismus.
054708: ELAINE WINDRICH - British Labour's Foreign Policy
083083: ELBAUM, BERNARD; LAZONICK, WILLIAM - The Decline of the British Economy: An Institutional Perspective
041721: ELCOCK, H. J. - Portrait of a Decision: The Council of Four and the Treaty of Versailles
057944: ELEANOR VELLACOTT WOOD - The Year Next Year
049392: ELEANOR SHIPLEY DUCKETT - Carolingian Portraits. A Study in the Ninth Century.
030288: ELEANOR AND REX C. RUSSELL - The Enclosure of Stallingborough
046561: ELEANOR LANSING DULLES - The French Franc 1914-1928. The Facts and Their Interpretation
049758: ELEANOR WYLLYS ALLEN - The Position of Foreign States Before National Courts: Chiefly in Continental Europe
045240: ELECTRICAL TRADES UNION - The Story of the E.T. U. : The Official History of the Electrical Trades Union
082835: ELENA BARLÉS BÁGUENA - Arquitectura Cartujana en Aragón (Siglos XVII y XVIII)
026774: ELEY, GEOFFREY - From Unification to Nazism : Reinterpreting the German Past
084005: ELEY, GEOFF - From Unification to Nazism: Reinterpreting the German Past
053447: ELFREDA BUCKLAND - The World of Donald Mcgill
083887: ELIACH, YAFFA - There Once Was a World: A 900-Year Chronicle of the Shtetl of Eishyshok
049752: ELIAS A. LOWE - The Beneventan Script: A History of the South Italian Minuscule
049739: ELIPHALET NOTT - Lectures on Biblical Temperance
080157: ELISABETH G. KIMBALL - Records of Some Sessions of the Peace in Lincolnshire 1381-1396. Volume 2 - the Parts of Lindsey
083382: ELISABETH GLOVER - Men of Metal. History of the Armourers and Brasiers of the City of London.
044367: ELISHA M. FRIEDMAN - Russia in Transition. A Business Man's Appraisal
024573: ELIZABETH CHAPIN FURBER, CONFERENCE ON BRITISH STUDIES - Changing Views on British History: Essays on Historical Writing Since 1939
045751: ELIZABETH H. ASHE - Intimate Letters from France During America's First Year of War
057461: ELIZABETH ABBOTT - Haiti: The Duvaliers and Their Legacy
042109: ELIZABETH R. PAFFORD, JOHN HENRY PYLE PAFFORD - Employer and Employed: Ford Ayrton & Co. Ltd. , Silk Spinners : With Worker Participation, Leeds and Low Bentham, 1870-1970
028559: ELIZABETH YATES - Wind of Spring
060205: ELIZABETH PETERKEN MCCAUGHEY - From Loyalist to Founding Father: The Political Odyssey of William Samuel,Johnson
052506: ELIZABETH CHAPIN FURBER - Changing Views on British History. Essays on Historical Writing Since 1939
023642: ELKAN NATHAN ADLER - Auto de Fé and Jew
060130: ELKAN NATHAN ADLER - The Inquisition in Peru
056319: ELLEMAN, BRUCE - Japanese-American Civilian Prisoner Exchanges and Detention Camps, 1941-45 (Routledge Studies in the Modern History of Asia)
055372: ELLEMAN, BRUCE - Moscow and the Emergence of Communist Power in China, 1925-30: The Nanchang Rising and the Birth of the Red Army
050368: ELLEN STROUD - Nature Next Door: Cities and Trees in the American Northeast
083113: ELLEN FRANKEL PAUL - Marxism and Liberalism
028685: ELLERY QUEEN - Ellery Queen's Awards Ninth Series
028684: ELLERY QUEEN - The Queen's Awards Eighth Series
028708: ELLERY QUEEN - The Queen's Awards Fourth Series
040823: ELLERY QUEEN - The American Gun Mystery. Death at the Rodeo. A Problem in Deduction
028684: ELLERY QUEEN - The Queen's Awards Eighth Series
028685: ELLERY QUEEN - Ellery Queen's Awards Ninth Series
029298: ELLERY QUEEN - Ten Days' Wonder
031103: ELLERY QUEEN - Halfway House
028708: ELLERY QUEEN - The Queen's Awards Fourth Series
028433: ELLERY QUEEN - The King Is Dead
041832: ELLERY QUEEN - The Devil to Pay
028433: ELLERY QUEEN - The King Is Dead
028649: ELLERY QUEEN - In the Queen's Parlour
028649: ELLERY QUEEN - In the Queen's Parlour
031157: ELLERY QUEEN - The Chinese Orange Mystery. A Problem in Deduction
031161: ELLERY QUEEN - The Dragon's Teeth. A Problem in Deduction
057285: ELLEY, DEREK - Variety Portable Movie Guide
019217: ELLIOT FRANCES - Pictures of Old Rome.
057393: ELLIOTT, JAMES E. - Strange Fatality: The Battle of Stoney Creek, 1813
082721: ELLIOTT, EDWARD - Power and the Pulpit in Puritan New England (Princeton Legacy Library)
048015: ELLIOTT, EMORY - Revolutionary Writers : Literature and Authority in the New Republic, 1725-1810
051752: ELLIOTT, JOHN H. - Old World and the New, 1492-1650 : The Wiles Lectures Given at the Queens University Belfast 1969
082609: ELLIS, JOHN - The World War II Data Book
045850: ELLIS, JACK D. - The Early Life of Georges Clemenceau, 1841-1893
082610: ELLIS, JOHN; COX, MICHAEL - The World War I Databook: The Essential Facts and Figures for All the Combatants
042103: ELLIS JOHN TRACY - A Guide to American Catholic History.
059909: ELLIS, GEOFFREY - Napoleon (Profiles in Power)
054203: ELLIS, ALEC - Library Services for Young People in England and Wales, 1830-1970
082693: ELMER JAMES FERGUSON - The Power of the Purse: A History of American Public Finance, 1776-1790
082541: ELSAESSER, THOMAS - New German Cinema: A History (Bfi Cinema)
048093: ELSIE MURRAY - Azilum. French Refugee Colony of 1793
029248: ELSIE TERRY BLANC - Co-Operative Movement in Russia
080515: ELSIE LEMON - The Balliol College Register, 1916-1967
058997: ELSIE PIKE, CONSTANCE E. CURRYER - The Story of Walthamstow Hall. A Century of Girl's Education
054020: ELSOM, JOHN - Post-War British Theatre
041294: ELSPETH JOSCELIN GRANT HUXLEY, MARGERY PERHAM - Race and Politics in Kenya: A Correspondence between Elspeth Huxley and Margery Perham ; with an Introduction by Lord Lugard
041074: ELTON, G.R. - The Parliament of England, 1559-1581
012363: ELTON G. R. - Renaissance and Reformation, 1300-1648. ,
080862: ELTON, G. R. - Studies in Tudor and Stuart Politics and Government: Volume 1, Tudor Politics Tudor Government: Papers and Reviews 1946-1972 (V. 1)
043545: ELTON, G.R. - England 1200-1640
080863: ELTON, G. R. - Studies in Tudor and Stuart Politics and Government: Volume 2, Parliament Political Thought: Papers and Reviews 1946-1972 (V. 2)
081383: ELTON, ARTHUR; HARRISON, BRETT; WARK, KEITH - Researching the Country House: A Guide for Local Historians (Batsford Local History)
082758: ELWOOD, GRAHAM; MANCINI, CHRIS - The Comedy Film Nerds Guide to Movies: Featuring Dave Anthony, Lord Carrett, Dean Haglund, Allan Havey, Laura House, Jackie Kashian, Suzy Nakamura,... Schmidt, Neil T. Weakley, and Matt Weinhold
027173: ELY WILKINSON CROSSLEY - Catalogue of Manuscripts and Deeds in the Library of the Yorkshire Archaeological Society , 1867-1931,
010893: ELZE KARL - Notes on Elizabethan Dramatists.
059433: EMANUEL MILLER - The Neuroses in War
042507: EMANUEL KRTSCHEK - Der Italienische Und Ungarische Krieg 1848-1849. IM Auszuge Aus Den Besten Werken,
050743: EMANUELE FONTANA - Frati, Libri E Insegnamento Nella Provincia Minoritica Di S. Antonio (Secoli XIII-XIV)
056579: EMBASSY OF JAPAN - Britain and Japan 1600-1975. 2 -: British Personalities
043027: EMERSON EVERETT EDITED - American Literature, 1764-1789: The Revolutionary Years
053714: EMIL LUDWIG - Defender of Democracy. Masaryk Speaks
059698: EMILE DE LAVELEYE - Le Socialisme Contemporain
049002: EMILE JOSEPH DILLON - The Eclipse of Russia
083842: EMILE ZOLA - Au Bonheur Des Dames (the Ladies' Delight) (Penguin Classics)
042462: EMILE MARCO DE SAINT-HILAIRE - Histoire de la Garde Imperiale
059789: EMILE DUIRKHEIM - The Rules of Sociological Method
059163: EMILE ERCKMANN, ERCKMANN-CHATRIAN - The Country in Danger (1792), or, Episodes of the Great French Revolution - the Story of a Peasant
055676: EMILI GIRALT I RAVENTOS - Estudis D'Historia Agraria. Conflictes I Negociacio en el Mon Rural 25
025387: EMILIA BORECKA - Warszawa 1945
030245: EMILY P. WEAVER - Soldiers of Liberty, or from the Great Deep
045363: EMILY DOROTHEA PROUD - Welfare Work, Employers' Experiments for Improving Working Conditions in Factories
031106: EMMA JANE WORBOISE - The Wife's Trials
059068: EMMA PIRANI - Miniatura Romanica.
047474: EMMA JANE WORBOISE - The Wife's Trials
056066: EMMA JANE WORBOISE - The Lillingstones of Lillingstone or the Secret of Strength
052315: EMMA L. MENZIES - Achachlacher
042120: EMMANUEL CHUKWUDI EZE - Race and the Enlightenment: A Reader
010243: EMMISON F. G. - Some Types of Common-Field Parish (with Maps)
044398: EMMONS, TERENCE - Russian Landed Gentry and the Peasant Emancipation of 1861
044771: EMMONS, TERENCE;VUCINICH, WAYNE S. - The Zemstvo in Russia: An Experiment in Local Self-Government
045971: EMMONS, TERENCE - The Formation of Political Parties and the First National Elections in Russia
057135: EMMY E. WERNER - Pioneer Children on the Journey West
060782: EMORY M. THOMAS - The Confederacy As a Revolutionary Experience.
056603: EMSLEY, CLIVE - Conflict and Stability in Europe
057674: EMYR PRICE - David Lloyd George (Celtic Radicals)
029402: ENDRES, CLIFFORD - Joannes Secundus: The Latin Love Elegy in the Renaissance
053806: ENGEL S. MORRIS - Language and Illumination. Studies in the History of Philosophy.
045143: ENGEL, BARBARA ALPERN - Between the Fields and the City: Women, Work, and Family in Russia, 1861-1914
083241: ENGEL, A.J. - From Clergyman to Don: Rise of the Academic Profession in Nineteenth-Century Oxford
083014: K.; ENGELS, F.; LENIN, V.I. MARX - On Communist Society. A Collection
060090: FRIEDRICH ENGELS - The Wages System: Articles from the Labour Standard
049964: ENGERMAN, STANLEY L. - Long-Term Factors in American Economic Growth
049041: ENGINEERS SOCIETY - Amalgamated Society of Engineers Etc. Montly Reports for Three Years Commencing 1873 and Ending 1875
050944: ENGLAND AND WALES. PARLIAMENT. HOUSE OF COMMONS, SAMUEL RICHARDSON - Journals of the House of Commons: Volume 10 - from December the 26th 1688, to October the 26th 1693 .
022741: ENGLISH, J. S. - The Postcard World of Tennyson
047278: ENGLISH, BARBARA , J. J. N. PALMER - Royal Historical Society: Annual Bibliography of British and Irish History Publications of 1991
058077: ENGLISH INSTITUTE - New Approaches to Eighteenth-Century Literature: Selected Papers from the English Institute (English Institute Essays)
056803: ENGUERRAMD DE MONSTRELET , THOMAS JOHNES. - The Chronicles of Enguerrand de Monstrelet; Containing an Account of the Cruel CIVIL Wars between the Houses of Orleans and Burgundy ; of the Possession of Paris and Normandy by the English...... .
054399: ENID HUWS JONES - Margery Fry. The Essential Amateur
043025: ENNEN, EDITH - Frauen IM Mittelalter
058283: ENRICO FERRI - Socialism and Positive Science: (Darwin - Spencer - Marx)
083476: ENRICO GENTA - Princípi E Regole Internazionali Tra Forza E Costume: Le Relazioni Anglo-Sabaude Nella Prima Metà Del Settecento (Memorie Del Dipartimento Di Scienze Giuridiche / Università Di Torino)
060448: ENRIQUE GARCIA HERNAN , DAVIDE MAFFI - Guerra y Sociedad en la Monarquia Hispanica : Politica, Estrategia y Cultura en la Europa Moderna (1500-1700) Volume II
048001: EOTVOS, JOZSEF;JONES, D. MERVYN - The Dominant Ideas of the Nineteenth Century and Their Impact on the State : Volume 1 - Diagnosis
040655: EPHESIAN, CA.ERIC BEHCHOFER ROBERTS - Winston Churchill: Being an Account of the Life of the Right Hon. Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill, P.C. , C.H. , T.D. , M.P.
059869: EPP, JACOB D.; DYCK, HARVEY L. - A Mennonite in Russia: Diaries of Jacob D. Epp, 1851-80
083804: EPSTEIN, JAMES; THOMPSON, DOROTHY - Chartist Experience: Studies in Working Class Radicalism and Culture, 1830-60
055893: ERASMUS - COMMEMORATION NATIONALE D'ERASME ACTES. - Commemoration Nationale D'Erasme Actes - Nationale Erasmus-Herdenking.
083639: ERASMUS, DESIDERIUS - De Draagbare Erasmus (Dutch Edition)
049761: ERASMUS SCHOFTER - Die Kinder Des Roten Grossvaters Erzahlen
059722: ERIC J. HOBSBAWM - La Fine Della Cultura. Saggio Su Un Secolo in Crisi D'Identità
041564: ERIC SHANES - Turner Studies. His Art and Epoch 1775-1851. Vol. 2. No. 2
059994: ERIC J. HOBSBAWM - Anni Interessanti. Autobiografia Di Uno Storico
082652: ERIC LABAYLE - Reconnaitre Les Uniformes de L'entre Deux Guerres
059629: ERIC J. HOBSBAWM - La Fine Della Cultura. Saggio Su Un Secolo in Crisi D'Identità
041568: ERIC SHANES - Turner Studies. His Art and Epoch 1775-1851. Vol. 5. No. 1
031359: ERIC BASCHET - L'Armée Francaise: Histoire D'Un Siècle, 1843-1944
059663: ERIC J. HOBSBAWM - IL Secolo Breve 1914-1991
083038: ERIC FLETCHER - John Selden 1584-1654
040153: ERIC ROLL - Where Did We Go Wrong?: From the Gold Standard to Europe
055366: ERIC ASHBY - Technology and the Academics. An Essay on Universities and the Scientific Revolution
041570: ERIC SHANES - Turner Studies. His Art and Epoch 1775-1851. Vol. 6. No. 2
041565: ERIC SHANES - Turner Studies. His Art and Epoch 1775-1851. Vol. 3. No. 2
059784: ERIC HOBSBAWN - Kako Promijeniti Svijet. Price o Marxu I Marksizmu
031359: ERIC BASCHET - L'Armée Francaise: Histoire D'Un Siècle, 1843-1944
083338: ERICH MATTHIAS, RUDOLF MORSEY - Das Ende Der Parteien 1933: Darstellungen Und Dokumente (Athenäum-Droste-Taschenbücher)
043733: ERICH DONNERT - Russia in the Age of Enlightenment
026759: ERICH FROMM, WOLFGANG BONSS - Arbeiter Und Angestellte Am Vorabend Des Dritten Reiches: Eine Sozialpsychologische Untersuchung
024555: ERICH EYCK - Pitt Versus Fox: Father & Son, 1735-1806
055284: ERICKSON, EDWARD J. - Ottoman Army Effectiveness in World War I: A Comparative Study
049286: ERIK GOLDSTEIN - Wars and Peace Treaties, 1816-1991
059692: ERIKA STOECKER - A.S. Jerussalimski: Deutsche Geschichte IM Leben Eines Sowjetischen Historikers Und Kommunisten
049324: ERIKA UITZ - Legend of Good Women : Medieval Women in Towns and Cities
055581: ERIKA MARIE BSUMEK, DAVID KINKELA AND MARK ATWOOD LAWRENCE - Nation-States and the Global Environment: New Approaches to International Environmental History
057216: ERLER, MARY C. - Reading and Writing During the Dissolution: Monks, Friars, and Nuns 1530-1558
083631: ERLING DAHL JR. - Edvard Grieg - His Life and Music
041385: ERMARTH, ELIZABETH DEEDS - History in the Discursive Condition : Reconsidering the Tools of Thought
059977: ERNEST BARKER - Political Thought in England from Herbert Spencer to the Present Day (Home University Library)
046360: ERNEST NATHANIEL BENNETT - Problems of Village Life
054950: ERNEST BARKER - The Citizen's Choice
046291: ERNEST NOBLE - Rags, the Diary of a Dog of War
024183: ERNEST HERMITAGE DAY, PHILIP NAPIER WAGGETT - S. Francis and the Greyfriars
084029: ERNEST MANDEL - Long Waves Capitalist Development (Studies in Modern Capitalism = Etudes Sur le Capitalisme Moderne)
059955: ERNEST HUTCHINSON , GEO. GOODCHILD - The Right to Strike. A Novel Based Upon the Successful Play of the Same Title
080111: ERNEST RANDOLPH REYNOLDS - Early Victorian Drama, 1830-1870
054419: ERNEST BENN - The State, the Enemy
047055: ERNEST SELLEY - Village Trade Unions in Two Centuries
049326: ERNEST S. DODGE - The American Neptune. A Quarterly Journal of Maritime History. Volume XXV. No. 1. January 1965
052639: ERNEST FRASER JACOB - Essays in the Concilliar Epoch
041062: ERNEST NEWMAN - Gluck and the Opera: A Study in Musical History
044219: ERNESTO SARASINO - L. DE-MURI - Vinovo and Its Porcelain: A Page of the History of Art in Piedmont
017890: ERNI, JOHN NGUYET ACKBAR ANNAS EDITED - Internationalizing Cultural Studies : An Anthology
081325: ERNST MARTENS - Die Hannoversche Kirchenkommission. Ihre Geschichte Und Ihr Recht.
081327: ERNST SIEPER - Lydgate's Reson and Sensuallyte. Edited from Bodleian Ms. Fairfax 16 and British Museum Additional Ms. 29729.
059764: ERNST, ROBERT - Rufus King: American Federalist (Published for the Institute of Early American History and Culture, Williamsburg, Virginia)
050668: ERSKINE NEALE - The Closing Scene: Or Christianity and Infidelity Contrasted in the Last House of Remarkable Persons
047182: ERTEGUN, AHMET;MARCUS, GREIL;RICHARDSON, PERRY - What'd I Say: The Atlantic Story, 50 Years of Music
005859: ERVINE JOHN G. - Francis Place. The Tailor of Charing Cross.
059280: ESCHENBURG, THEODOR; ETC. - The Road to Dictatorship: Germany, 1918-33. A Symposium by German Historians
052150: ESCOTT, PAUL D. - Many Excellent People: Power and Privilege in North Carolina, 1850-1900
043648: ESKIN, BERNARD A.;TROEN, B. R. - The Geripause: Medical Management During the Late Menopause
047906: ESLER, PHILIP F. - Ancient Israel : The Old Testament in Its Social Context
080049: ESMÉ CECIL WINGFIELD-STRATFORD - Churchill: The Making of a Hero
080271: ESMOND WRIGHT - Causes and Consequences of the American Revolution
042200: ESSER KAJETAN - Anfänge Und Ursprüngliche Zielsetzungen Des Ordens Der Minderbrüder.
081208: ESSEX CC - Essex Domestic Wall Paintings 14th - 18th Century. University Gallery Sept. 25th - Nov 3rd 1989
052020: ESTELLE FRANCES WARD - Christopher Monck, Duke of Albemarle
054766: ESTES, JAMES M. - Christian Magistrate and State Church : The Reforming Career of Johannes Brenz
017798: ESTUDIOS DEDICADOS AL PROFESOR D.A.F. NUNEZ. - En la Espana Medieval IV - Estudios Dedicados Al Profesor D.A. F. Nunez. (2 Vols)
030744: ETAL VESSEY, MARK VESSEY, ROBERT A. DAUM, HARRY O. MAIER - The Calling of the Nations: Exegesis, Ethnography, and Empire in a Biblical-Historic Present
080636: ETHAN H. SHAGAN - Catholics and the Protestant Nation: Religious Politics and Identity in Early Modern England (Politics Culture and Society in Early Modern Britain Mup)
048750: ETHEL WINIFRED SAVI - The Pendulum Swings
059910: ETHEL STOKES - Abstracts of Wiltshire Inquisitiones Post Mortem Returned Into the Court of Chancery in the Reign of King Edward III. 1327-1377.
057125: ETHERINGTON, NORMAN - Theories of Imperialism: War, Conquest, and Capital
056231: ETIENNE HELIN - Les Capitations Liegeoises. Recherches Sur la Fiscalite Des Etats de la Principaute de Liege Et Du Comte de Looz
049118: ETON COLLEGE - Eton and the Second World War
059120: ETTINGER, ELZBIETA - Rosa Luxemburg: A Life
043482: ETUDES POLONAISES - Etudes Polonaises D'Histoire Militaire. Presentees a L'Occasion Du XII Congres International Des Sciences Historiques.
055896: ETUDES STRASBOURGEOISES. - Etudes Strasbourgeoises. Publiees a L'Occasion Du Cent Cinquantieme Anniversaire de la Chambre de Commerce Et D'Industrie de Strasbourg.
048655: EUBANK, KEITH - World War II, Roots and Causes
031260: EUGÈNE LOUIS BUCQUOY, GUY DEVAUTOUR - La Garde Impériale - Troupes a Cheval.
031259: EUGÈNE LOUIS BUCQUOY, GUY DEVAUTOUR - La Maison de L'Empereur: Collection Du Cdt E. -L. Bucquoy
031257: EUGÈNE-LOUIS BUCQUOY - L'Infanterie de Ligne Et L'Infanterie Légère
031258: EUGÈNE LOUIS BUCQUOY - Les Cuirassiers
083924: EUGEN WEBER - Varieties of Fascism. Doctrines of Revolution in the Twentieth Century (Anvil Original. No. 73. )
040435: EUGENE CHARLTON BLACK - European Political History, 1815-1870: Aspects of Liberalism
049687: EUGENE NEWTON ANDERSON, PAULINE SAFFORD RELYEA ANDERSON - Political Institutions and Social Change in Continental Europe in the Nineteenth Century
083236: EURIPIDES - Euripides: Helen, the Trojan Women, the Bacchae (Translations from Greek and Roman Authors)
080196: EURIPIDES - Hippolytos (Oxford University Press Academic Monograph Reprints)
049486: EUROMONITO - North American Economic Handbook
082842: EVA CASTELLI FONTANA - Marianna D'Asburgo Lorena. Protagonista Di Una Storia Rimossa (1770-1809) (a Vele Spiegate-Fonti-Sorelle S. Famiglia)
055232: EVANS LEWIS - The Satires of Juvenal, Persius, Sulpicia and Lucilius, Literally Translated Into English Prose with Notes, Chronological Tables, Arguments Etc.
055121: EVANS, KEITH - The Development and Structure of the English Educational System
084026: EVANS, R. J. W.; POGGE VON STRANDMANN, HARTMUT - The Coming of the First World War
002147: EVANS G. N. D. (EDITED) - Allegiance in America: The Case of the Loyalists.
020220: EVANS, GEORGE E. - The Farm and the Village
045371: EVANS, RICHARD J. - Society and Politics in Wilhelmine Germany
040290: EVANS, GEORGE E. - From Mouths of Men
083262: EVANS, RICHARD J.; GEARY, RICHARD J. - The German Unemployed, 1918-36
026751: EVANS, MICHAEL - Karl Marx
083583: EVANS, JOHN T. - Seventeenth-Century Norwich: Politics, Religion and Government, 1620-90
040044: EVANS, ALASTAIR; PALMER, STEPHEN - Negotiating Shorter Working Hours
046516: EVANS, RICHARD J. - Rethinking German History: Nineteenth Century Germany and the Origins of the Third Reich
048037: EVANS, CRAIG A. - Life of Jesus Research: An Annotated Bibliography
083669: EVANS, RALPH - Lordship and Learning: Studies in Memory of Trevor Aston
056990: EVANS, G. RUSSELL - The Panama Canal Treaties Swindle: Consent to Disaster
024331: EVANS, GEORGE E. - The Farm and the Village
060889: EVANS, RICHARD - Deng Xiaoping and the Making of Modern China
045804: EVANS, I. M. - Charnwood's Heritage
045611: EVANS, MICHAEL;LAND WARFARE STUDIES CENTRE (AUSTRALIA) - Australia and the Revolution in Military Affairs
043859: EVANS GEOFFREY EDITED - The End of Class Politics? : Class Voting in Comparative Context
052139: EVANS, MARTIN M. - Battles of World War I
082287: EVELINE GODLEY - Charles XII. Of Sweden. A Study in Kingship
059835: EVELIONE GODLEY - The Trial of Count Konigsmarck.
082244: EVELYN KROKER; NORMA VON RAGENFELD - Rheinisch-Westfälisches Kohlensyndikat, Essen. Findbuch Zu Bestand 33
041267: EVELYN JOHN, DE LA BEDOYERE, GUY - Diary of John Evelyn
081824: EVERETT H. EMERSON - John Cotton (Twayne's United States Author Series)
081715: EVERSON, PAUL; WILLIAMSON, TOM - The Archaeology of Landscape: Studies Presented to Christopher Taylor
031551: EWBANK, TIM; HILDRED, STAFFORD - Joanna Lumley : The Biography
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056385: L'ARCHIVIO DEI DURAZZO MRCHESI DI GABIANO - L'Archivio Dei Durazzo Marchesi Di Gabiano
044259: GABRIEL MARCELLA - Teaching Strategy: Challenge and Response
048351: GABRIEL S. MOSS, HON MR JUSTICE GAVIN LIGHTMAN - The Law of Receivers and Administrators of Companies
026425: GADDIS, JOHN LEWIS - The Long Peace : Inquiries Into the History of the Cold War
026638: GADDIS SMITH - American Diplomacy During the Second World War, 1941-1945
055823: GADDIS SMITH - Britain's Clandestine Submarines, 1914-1915.
026473: GADDIS, JOHN L. - The United States and the End of the Cold War : Implications, Reconsiderations, Provocations
081987: GADDIS, JOHN LEWIS - The United States and the End of the Cold War: Implications, Reconsiderations, Provocations
054617: GAETANO COZZI - Stato, Società E Giustizia Nella Repubblica Veneta (Sec. XV-XVIII). Vol. 2
049765: GAGGIO, DARIO - In Gold We Trust: Social Capital and Economic Change in the Italian Jewelry Towns
017981: GAGLIARDO, JOHN L. - From Pariah to Patriot: The Changing Image of the German Peasant 1770-1840
044040: GAGOS, TRAIANOS , BAGNALL ROGER S - Essay and Texts in Honor of J David Thomas
048538: GAILUS, MANFRED;VOLKMANN, HEINRICH - Der Kampf Um Das Tagliche Brot: Nahrungsmangel, Versorgungspolitik Und Protest, 1770-1990
080957: GAL, JOSEF - In Death's Fortress
049536: GALAI, SHMUEL - The Liberation Movement in Russia 1900-1905
059859: GALAMBOS, LOUIS; PRATT, JOSEPH - The Rise of the Corporate Commonwealth: U.S. Business and Public Policy in the Twentieth Century
043637: GALAN, F. W. - Historic Structures : The Prague School Project, 1928-1946
082228: GALANTAI, JOZSEF - Trianon and the Protection of Minorities
052146: GALBRAITH, JOHN S. - Reluctant Empire: British Policy on the South African Frontier, 1834-1854
080030: GALBRAITH, VIVIAN HUNTER - Roger Wendover and Matthew Paris (D. Murray Lecture)
080607: GALBRAITH, VIVIAN H. - Domesday Book: Its Place in Administrative History
083061: GALBRAITH, VIVIAN HUNTER - An Introduction to the Use of Public Records
054141: GALBRAITH, JOHN KENNETH - American Capitalism : The Concept of Countervailing Power
041681: GALE GROUP - The Videohound & All-Movie Guide Stargazer
048096: GALENSON, DAVID W. - White Servitude in Colonial America
043999: GALENSON, WALTER - The United Brotherhood of Carpenters: The First Hundred Years
060648: GALERIE MICHAEL - Catalan Dreams. Five Decades. Joan Miro
083574: GALL, LOTHAR - Bismarck: 1871-98 V. 2: The White Revolutionary
027605: GALLAGHER, GARY W. - The Shenandoah Valley Campaign of 1864
007073: GALLAGHER, GARY W. - American CIVIL War, the War in the East, 1861 - May 1863.
052076: GALLAGHER, GARY W. - The Shenandoah Valley Campaign of 1864
052039: GALLAGHER, GARY W. - The Spotsylvania Campaign
055967: GALLION PATRICK; JONES MICHAEL - I Bretoni. Un' Identita Atlantica
056944: GALLMAN, JAMES MATTHEW - Mastering Wartime: A Social History of Philadelphia During the CIVIL War (Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Modern History)
016885: GALLOWAY, PATRICIA - Proceedings of the Seventeenth Meeting of the French Colonial Historical Society, Chicago, May 1991
059818: GAMBETTA, DIEGO - Were They Pushed or Did They Jump?: Individual Decision Mechanisms in Education (Studies in Rationality and Social Change)
053991: GAMBLE, ANDREW ; WALKLAND, S. A. - The British Party System and Economic Policy, 1945-1983: Studies in Adversary Politics
043322: GAMBLE, ANDREW - Thatcher's Law
054035: GAMBLE, ANDREW - Ideas : Interests & Consequences
044135: GANDINI, JACQUES - El Moungar: Les Combats de la Legion Dans le Sud-Oranais, 1900-1903
031262: GANDINI, JACQUES - El Moungar: Les Combats de la Legion Dans le Sud-Oranais, 1900-1903
005411: GANDY, MATTHEW - Concrete and Clay: Reworking Nature in New York City
040019: GANDY, ALAIN - Spahis
041350: GANGEWERE, ROBERT J. - Palace of Culture : Andrew Carnegie's Museums and Library in Pittsburgh
050280: GANGULY, SUMIT; MUKHERJI, RAHUL - India Since 1980
050117: GANN THOMAS - Mystery Cities. Exploration and Adventure in Lubaantun.
083144: GANNETT, HENRY - Statistical Atlas of the United States Based Upon Results of the Eleventh Census
054765: GANOCZY, ALEXANDRE - The Young Calvin
016927: GANSHOF F. L. DR. - Maatschappij en Instellingen Van de Middeleeuwen. Deel 1 - Syllabus.
016954: GANTNER JOSEPH - Kunstgeschichte Der Schweiz. Zweiter Band. Die Gotische Kunst.
083735: GANZ, A. - George Bernard Shaw (Modern Dramatists)
048467: GANZ, FOURACRE - Frankland : The Franks and the World of Early Medieval Europe
082895: GARANI, MYRTO; KONSTAN, DAVID; GARANI, MYRTO - The Philosophizing Muse: The Influence of Greek Philosophy on Roman Poetry (Pierides Studies in Greek and Latin Literature)
081060: GARBER, PAUL NEFF - The Gadsden Treaty
083375: GARCÍA HERNÁN, ENRIQUE; BLANCO NÚÑEZ, JOSÉ MARÍA - Historia Militar de EspañA. III. Edad Moderna: III. Los Borbones: 5
006070: GARDINER, JOHN - The Victorians. An Age in Retrospect
051418: GARDINER, ROBERT - First Frigates : Nine-Pounder and Twelve-Pounder Armed Frigates, 1748-1815
060802: GARDINER, PATRICK L. - The Nature of Historical Explanation
080986: GARDINER, STEPHEN; JAMES ARTHUR MULLER - The Letters of Stephen Gardiner
013535: GARDNER PERCY - A Grammar of Greek Art.
019223: GARDNER EDMUND G. - The Story of Florence.
046420: GARFIELD CLARK - Industrial Relations in a British Car Factory
083562: GARLINSKI, JOZEF - Fighting Auschwitz: The Resistance Movement in the Concentration Camp
082781: GARNCARZ, JOSEPH; LIGENSA, ANNEMONE - The Cinema of Germany (24 Frames)
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081876: GARNER, TRISH; GARDELLA, JOHN - Official Nba Register 2004-2005
051386: GARNET WOLSELEY (VISCOUNT) - The Life of John Churchill: Duke of Marlborough, to the Accession of Quenn Anne
056445: GARNETT, RONALD GEORGE - Co-Operation and the Owenite Socialist Communities in Britain, 1825-45
083175: GARNETT, JANE; MATTHEW, COLIN - Revival and Religion Since 1700: Essays for John Walsh
003577: GARNIER-MATHEZ ISABELLE - L'Epithete Et la Connivence. Ecriture Concertee Chez Les Evangeliques Francais (1523-1534).
084040: GARNIER-MATHEZ, ISABELLE - L'Epithète Et la Connivence: Ecriture Concertée Chez Les Evangéliques Français (1523-1534)
045454: GARON, SHELDON - The State and Labor in Modern Japan
048436: GARRARD W. V. - In Quest of the Picturesque. Sketches in Huntingdonshire
043724: GARRATY JOHN A. (EDITED) - Quarrels That Have Shaped the Constitution.
018793: GARRETT, FYDELL EDMUND;SHAW, GERALD - The Garrett Papers
056504: GARRETT, JANE - The Triumphs of Providence. The Assassination Plot of 1696
083274: GARRETT, PETER K - Twentieth Century Interpretations of Dubliners: A Collection of Critical Essays
055298: GARRETT, JANE - The Triumphs of Providence. The Assassination Plot of 1696
055929: GARRISSON, JANINE - Royaume, Renaissance Et Reforme, 1483-1559
055930: GARRISSON, JANINE - Guerre Civile Et Compromis, 1559-1598
083465: GARRY CAMPION - The Battle of Britain, 1945-1965: The Air Ministry and the Few
053166: GARSIDE, WILLIAM REDVERS - The Durham Miners, 1919-1960
042605: GARSIDE, W.R. - The Measurement of Unemployment: Methods and Sources in Great Britain, 1850-1979
043858: GARSIDE W. R. - Capitalism in Crisis: International Responses to the Great Depression
045439: GARVIN, TOM - Nationalist Revolutionaries in Ireland, 1858-1928
013973: GARVY GEORGE - INTRODUCTION - Appraisal of the 1950 Census Income Data. Studies in Income and Wealth. (America).
050633: GARVY GEORGE - Appraisal of the 1950 Census Income Data. Studies in Income and Wealth
057541: GARY COOK - Victorian Incurables,a History of the Royal Hospital for Neuro-Disability,Putney
052403: GARY W. GALLAGHER - The Antietam Campaign
052657: GARY W. GALLAGHER - Struggle for the Shenandoah: Essays on the 1864 Valley Campaign
055693: GARY W GALLAGHER AND RACHEL A SHELDEN - A Political Nation: New Directions in Mid-Nineteenth-Century American Political History
052025: GARY W. GALLAGNER - The Wilderness Campaign
082762: GARY W. GALLAGHERGARY W. GALLAGHER - The Shenandoah Valley Campaign of 1864 (Military Campaigns of the CIVIL War)
010895: GASH, NORMAN - The Conservatives: A History from Their Origins to 1965
056770: GASH, NORMAN - Politics in the Age of Peel: A Study in the Technique of Parliamentary Representation, 1830-1850
008688: GATES DAVID - Non-Offensive Defence. An Alternative Strategy for Nato?
084036: GATES, DAVID - Non-Offensive Defence: Alternative Strategy for N.A. T.O.
048310: GATES, PAUL WALLACE - Landlords and Tenants on the Prairie Frontier: Studies in American Land Policy
082322: GATON HAUSTRATE - Le Guide Du Cinéma Mondial: Tome 2. 1968 à Nos Jours
045080: GATRELL, PETER - A Whole Empire Walking: Refugees in Russia During World War I
052175: GAUCI, PERRY - The Politics of Trade. : The Overseas Merchant in State and Society, 1660-1720.
041914: GAUCI, PERRY - Emporium of the World: The Merchants of London 1660-1800
083412: GAUDENS MEGARO - Vittorio Alfieri : Forerunner of Italian Nationalism
017764: GAUDENZI AUGUSTO EDITED - Statuti Delle Societa Del Popolo Di Bologna. Volume 1 - Societa Della Armi.
023298: GAULT HUGH - 1809: Between Hope and History: The Impetus to Reform in the Years between Pitt and Liverpool 1806-1812
060853: GAUNT PETER - The Cromwellian Gazetteer: An Illustrated Guide to Britain in the CIVIL War and Commonwealth
049465: GAUSTAD, EDWIN S. - Memoirs of the Spirit
050118: GAUTHIER-FERRIERS - Anthologie Des Ecrivains Francais Des XV Et XVI Prose.
029202: GAVIN LAWRIE - A Complete System of Mercantile Arithmetic in Two Parts for the Use of Schools and Counting-Houses with an Appendix
081134: GAVIN RYLANDS DE BEER - Early Travellers in the Alps
049276: GAWRONSKI DONALD V. - History : Meaning and Method.
060780: GAY, PETER - Loss of Mastery: Puritan Historians in Colonial America
009849: GAY PETER - The Party of Humanity. Studies in the French Enlightenment.
055055: GAY, PETER - Style in History
043467: GAY, JOHN; GAY, JOHN - The Beggar's Opera
057662: GAYLIN, WILLARD - Talk Is Not Enough: How Psychotherapy Really Works
083826: GEARY, DICK - European Labour Politics from 1900 to the Depression (Studies in European History Series)
084072: GEARY, DICK - Labour and Socialist Movements in Europe Before 1914
083749: GEE, AUSTIN - Royal Historical Society Annual Bibliography of British and Irish History: Publications of 2000 (Rhs Annual Bibliography of British & Irish History)
057903: GEE, MALCOLM; KIRK, TIM - Printed Matters: Printing Publishing and Urban Culture in Europe in the Modern Period (Historical Urban Studies Series)
045185: GEERLINGS GERALD K. (INTRO. & NOTES) - Metal Crafts in Architecture. Bronze, Brass, Cast Iron, Copper, Lead, Lighting Fixtures, Tin, Specifications.
080850: GEHL, PAUL F. - A Moral Art: Grammar, Society, and Culture in Trecento Florence
081322: GEHLER, MICHAEL - Three Germanies : West Germany, East Germany and the Berlin Republic
049822: GEISON GERALD L. - Professions and the French State, 1700-1900
058928: GEISS, IMANUEL - German Foreign Policy, 1871-1914
052500: GELB, JOYCE;PALLEY, MARIAN LIEF - Women and Public Policies
083419: GELB, LESLIE H., PHD; BETTS, RICHARD K. - The Irony of Vietnam: The System Worked
055189: GELDART, WILLIAM M. - Elements of English Law
045380: GELLATELY, ROBERT - The Politics of Economic Despair: Shopkeepers and German Politics 1890-1914
042569: GELLING MARGARET - English Place-Name Society : Volume 50, the Place-Names of Berkshire, Part 2
083943: GELLNER, ERNEST - Nations and Nationalism (New Perspectives on the Past)
059362: GEMKOW HEINRICH AND MALYSCH ALEXANDER ET. AL. - Ihre Namen Leben Durch Die Jahrhunderte Fort. Kondolenzen Und Nekrologe Zum Tode Von Karl Marx Und Friedrich Engels.
058232: GENE M. GRESSLEY - Bankers and Cattlemen: The Stocks-and-Bonds, Havana Cigar, Mahogany-and-Leather Side of the Cowboy Era. Politics, Investors, Operators from 1870 to 1900
047568: GENERAL BOOKS LLC - Army Units and Formations of France : Battalions of France, Regiments of France, List of French Army Regiments
047534: GENERAL A NIESSEL - Anniversaires - Conde 1621-1686. No. 5 : 15 Juin 1936
030133: GENERAL STAFF OF THE WAR OFFICE - Handbook of the Polish Army 1927
058018: GENERAL REGISTER OFFICE - Sample Census 1966. Lincolnshire (Parts of Lindsey Excluding Lincoln C. B)
058019: GENERAL REGISTER OFFICE - Census 1971 England and Wales County Report. Lincolnshire (Parts of Lindsey Excluding Lincoln C. B) Part 1
055862: GENERAL ULLOA - Guerre de L'Independance Italienne en 1848 Et en 1849. .
029978: GENERAL THOUMAS - Les Anciennes Armées Françaises 4 : La Restauration, L'Algerie , le Second Empire
057993: GENERAL FRIEDRICH VON BERNHARDI - Germany and the Next War
017344: GENET, JEAN-PHILIPPE - La Mutation de L'Education Et de la Culture Medievales: Occident Chretien, Xiie Siecle-Milieu Du Xve Siecle
024723: GENICOT, LEÓPOLD - Contours of the Middle Ages
044893: GENNARD, JOHN;BAIN, PETER - A History of the Society of Graphical and Allied Trades
046739: GENNARD, JOHN - Financing Strikers
042211: GENTLES, IAN - Oliver Cromwell : God's Warrior and the English Revolution
027413: GEOFFREY BARRACLOUGH - Atlante Storico Mondiale
053532: GEOFFREY LEE WILLIAMS - Evacuees. Growning Up in Wartime Britain
051077: GEOFFREY CALLENDER - Southey's Life of Nelson
023843: GEOFFREY BARRACLOUGH - Mediaeval Germany, 911-1250: Essays by German Historians
059596: GEOFFREY BARRACLOUGH - Social Life in Early England. Historical Association Essays.
056352: GEOFFREY MALCOLM GATHORNE-HARDY - A Royal Impostor: King Sverre of Norway
053150: GEOFFREY F. BRYANT , DINAH M. TYSZKA - St Peter's Church, East Halton
053259: GEOFFREY EVANS, PIPPA NORRIS - Critical Elections: British Parties & Voters in Long-Term Perspective
051837: GEOFFREY BARRACLOUGH - Mediaeval Germany 911-1250. Volume 2 - Essays by German Historians
081805: GEOFFREY BARRACLOUGH - Medieval Germany 911 - 1250 : Essays by German Historians : Volume 1 : Introduction
081719: GEOFFREY HOLMES - The Electorate and the National Will in the First Age of Party.
051748: GEOFFREY PARKER , LESLEY M. SMITH - The General Crisis of the Seventeenth Century
054481: GEOFFREY GORER - Exploring English Character
051043: GEOFFREY S. HOLMES - The Professions and Social Change in England, 1680-1730
023671: GEOFFREY TILL, MARK J. GROVE, THEO FARRELL - Amphibious Operations: A Collection of Papers
083437: GEOFFREY SWAIN - Khrushchev (European History in Perspective)
080895: GEOFFREY DODDS - The Church Bells of Hertfordshire
043240: GEOFFREY BRUUN - Revolution and Reaction, 1848-1852: A Mid-Century Watershed
050403: GEOFFREY HAWARD MARTIN - The Royal Charters of Grantham 1463-1688
027563: GEOFFROY DE GRANDMAISON - L'Expédition Française D'Espagne en 1823
053307: GEOGHEGAN, VINCENT - Utopianism and Marxism
080077: GEOLOGICAL SURVEY AND MUSEUM - Geology of the Country Around Maidstone. (Explanation of One-Inch Geological Sheet 288, New Series)
054893: GEORG SCHNATH - Eleonore V.D. Knesebeck Die Gefangene Von Scharzfels
024667: GEORG WILHELM FRIEDRICH HEGEL, ERWIN METZKE - Hegels Vorreden: Mit Kommentar Zur Einführung in Seine Philosophie
080327: GEORGE HENRY PRESTON - The Student's Theological Manual: Comprising the History of the Canon, Theological Evidences, Biblical Antiquities, Old and New Testament History, Church History, Doctrine, and Prophecy
052525: GEORGE BYNG TORRINGTON (1ST VISCOUNT), JOHN BYNG , BRIAN TUNSTALL - The Byng Papers: Selected from the Letters and Papers of Admiral Sir George Byng, First Viscount Torrington, and of His Son, Admiral the Hon. John Byng. Volume 2 Only
024706: GEORGE MAXIMILIAN ANTHONY GRUBE - A Greek Critic: Demetrius on Style
080303: GEORGE NICOLLE - Woodworking Trades: A Select Bibliography
058114: GEORGE E. MOWRY - The Era of Theodore Roosevelt and the Birth of Modern America, 1900-1912
059633: GEORGE TAYLER - The Consolidation Acts of 1845 and 1847... . with Voluminous Notes... .
024718: GEORGE LINCOLN HENDRICKSON - The Peripatetic Mean of Style and the Three Stylistic Characters ; the Origin and Meaning of the Ancient Characters of Style
082391: GEORGE TOBIN - Captain Bligh's Second Chance: An Eyewitness Account of His Return to the South Seas by Lt. George Tobin
082955: GEORGE MACAULAY TREVELYAN - The Life of John Bright
049033: GEORGE HENRY REED - The Third Book of Architecture. Ecclesiastical Architecture Based on the Development of the Parish Church.
030618: GEORGE WASHINGTON - George Washington in Massachusetts: Letters from the Archives. Transcription
060452: GEORGE LAURENCE GOMME - Index of Archaeological Papers, 1665-1890
054173: GEORGE H. GREEN - Psychanalysis in the Classroom
047862: GEORGE AUGUSTUS SIMCOX - A History of Latin Literature from Ennius to Boethius
060613: GEORGE MADDEX - University Teachers' Superannuation: Report of a Working Party
080456: GEORGE A SAID-ZAMMIT - The Architectural Heritage of the Maltese Islands
030603: GEORGE G. BROWN - Creating a Cohesive Society for a Long War
054638: GEORGE ATHAN BILLIAS - The Massachusetts Land Bankers of 1740
082952: GEORGE COOPER - The Origin of Financial Crises: Central Banks, Credit Bubbles and the Efficient Market Fallacy
080643: GEORGE YULE - The Independents in the English CIVIL War
083240: GEORGE O. SAYLES - The King's Parliament of England
049406: GEORGE, PETER JAMES - The Emergence of Industrial America: Strategic Factors in American Economic Growth Since 1870
024722: GEORGE, V. N. - Social Security : Beveridge and After
045975: GEORGE, K. D.;MAINWARING, LYNN - Welsh Economy
083479: GEORGE LUCAS - Military Ethics: What Everyone Needs to Know
053798: GEORGE GISSING - The Town Traveller
051247: GEORGE JOHN SPENCER SPENCER, JULIAN STAFFORD CORBETT, HERBERT W. RICHMOND - Private Papers of George, Second Earl Spencer. First Lord of the Admiralty, 1794-1801. Volume IV.
050131: GEORGE O. KENT - Arnim and Bismarck
059933: GEORGE BORODIN - Red Surgeon
052515: GEORGE AGAR ELLIS , JOHN ELLIS - The Ellis Correspondence: Letters Written During the Years 1686, 1687, 1688, and Addressed to John Ellis, Esq. , Secretary to the Commissioners of His Majesty's Revenue in Ireland : Comprising Many Particulars of the Revolution, and Anecdotes Illustrative of the History and Manners of Those Times.
045308: GEORGE DOUGLAS HOWARD COLE - The British Co-Operative Movement in a Socialist Society: A Report Written for the Fabian Society
055844: GEORGE WROTTESLEY - History of the Family of Wrottesley of Wrottesley, Co. Stafford
081999: GEORGE LAURENCE GOMME - Topographical History of Nottinghamshire, Oxfordshire and Rutlandshire: A Classified Collection of the Chief Contents of "the Gentleman's Magazine" from 1731-1868
081273: GEORGE MEREDITH - The Nature Poems of George Meredith
041119: GEORGE JACOB HOLYOAKE, AMOS SCOTTON - The Jubliee History of the Derby Co-Operative Provident Society, Limited, 1850-1900
043520: GEORGE CHEYNE - An Essay of Health and Long Life: By George Cheyne
060188: GEORGE LEE HASKINS - Law and Authority in Early Massachusetts : A Study in Tradition and Design
044948: GEORGE DOUGLAS HOWARD COLE - British Trade Unionism to-Day: A Survey
023866: GEORGE WASHINGTON, W. W. ABBOT, DOROTHY TWOHIG - The Papers of George Washington, Colonial Series Vol. 8 : June 1767-December 1771
022233: GEORGE NATHANIEL CURZON OF CURZON. EDITED BY STEPHEN GWYNN - The Personal History of Walmer Castle and Its Lords Warden
057649: GEORGE OGILIVE - A New First Latin Course Comprising Grammar and Exercises with Vocabularies

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