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056351: FÖRSTER, STIG; NAGLER, JORG - On the Road to Total War: The American CIVIL War and the German Wars of Unification, 1861-1871
052732: F. J. SHIRLEY - Richard Hooker and Contemporary Political Ideas.
059490: F. CLARKE - Education and Social Change. An English Interpretation
084545: F.SMITH FUSSNER - Tudor History and the Historians
030219: F. GREGORY ASHBY - Multidimensional Models of Perception and Cognition
050796: F. H. BLACKBURNE DANIELL - Calendar of State Papers, Domestic Series, March 1st, 1676, to February 28th, 1677, Preserved in the Public Record Office
031454: F. FUNKEN - Evropa XIX Vek (Entsiklopediya Vooruzheniya I Voennogo Kostyuma)
048753: F. N. ROBINSON , GEOFFREY CHAUCER - The Works of Geoffrey Chaucer
055185: F.P. WALTON - Lord Hermand's Consistorial Decisions, 1684-1777 with Biographical Sketch of Lord Hermand by James Fergusson.
081082: F. N. L. POYNTER - Medicine and Science in the 1860s. Proceedings of the Sixth British Congress on the History of Medicine, University of Sussex, 6-9 September, 1967.
055026: F. BRAMLEY , TRADE UNION CONGRESS - Reports of the Cost of Living Committee 1920 - 21
085163: F.A. SIMPSON - Louis Napoleon and the Recovery of France
085462: F. DARMSTAEDTER - Bismarck and the Creation of the Second Reich
046706: F. V. MEYER - Britain's Colonies in World Trade
060791: F. J. FISHER - Calendar of the Manuscripts of the Right Honourable Lord Sackville of Knole, Sevenoaks, Kent, Volume II: Letters Relating to Lionel Cranfield's Business Overseas, 1597-1612
085514: F. ARNOLD LEES - A Practical Guide to Health, and to the Home Treatment of the Common Ailments
082039: F.A. GIRLING - English Merchants' Marks: A Field Survey of Marks Made by Merchants and Tradesmen in England between 1400 and 1700
040826: F W PEAPLES - History of the Great and Little Bolton Co-Operative Society Limited: Showing Fifty Years' Progress, 1859-1909
059364: FABEND, FIRTH HARING - A Dutch Family in the Middle Colonies, 1660-1800
050183: FABER, ELI - A Time for Planting: The First Migration 1654-1820
024524: FABIAN FRANKLIN - The a B C of Prohibition
083297: FABIAN COMMISSION - The Future of the Monarchy. The Report of the Fabian Commission
040588: FABIAN SOCIETY (GREAT BRITAIN) - Where Stands Socialism to-Day?
021927: FAGAN BRIAN M. - Eyewitness to Discovery : First-Person Accounts of More Than Fifty of the World's Greatest Archaeological Discoveries
052391: FAGEN, RICHARD R.;TUOHY, WILLIAM S. - Politics and Privilege in a Mexican City
054851: FAGEN, HERB - The Encyclopedia of Westerns
018920: FAGNIEZ GUSTAVE - L'Economie Sociale de la France Sous Henri IV 1389-1640.
045067: FAINSOD, MERLE - Smolensk Under Soviet Rule
084064: FAIR, JOHN D. - British Interparty Conferences: Study of the Procedure of Conciliation in British Politics, 1867-1921
046708: FAIRER SMITH, F. - War Finance and Its Consequences
040023: FAIRFAX DAVIS DOWNEY - Storming of the Gateway;: Chattanooga, 1863
080170: FAIRWEATHER, JANET - Seneca the Elder (Cambridge Classical Studies)
060550: FAITHFUL, GEORGE - Mothering the Fatherland: A Protestant Sisterhood Repents for the Holocaust
048599: FALLOWS W. G. - Mandell Creighton and the English Church.
080910: FALVEY, HEATHER (ED.) - This Little Commonwealth ; Layston Parish Memorandum Book 1607-C1650 & 1704-C1747
053479: FANCHER, RAYMOND E. - Intelligence Men: Makers of the I.Q. Controversy
083222: FANG, HSIEN-T'ING - The Triumph of the Factory System in England (Perspectives in European History)
083611: FANGER, DONALD - The Creation of Nicolai Gogol
057862: FANNY COLWILL CALVERT, COLWILL-MADDOCK, MARIAN FRYE - Diary of Fanny Colwill Calvert : Portrait of an Artist, 1848-1936
057825: FARAGO, CLAIRE - Reframing the Renaissance: Critical Studies in the Migration and Reception of Visual Culture in Early Modern Europe and Latin America
050085: FARISH HUNTER DICKINSON , FITHIAN PHILIP VICKERS - Journal and Letters of Philip Vickers Fithian, 1773-1774 : A Plantation Tutor of the Old Dominion.
084124: FARLEY, REYNOLDS - Growth of the Black Population: Study of Demographic Trends
010888: FARMAN, CHRISTOPHER - The General Strike, May, 1926
084269: FARRAR, JR - Divide & Conquer. (East European Monographs)
043357: FARRELL, BRIAN - Leadership and Responsibility in the Second World War : Essays in Honour of Robert Vogel
060762: FARRISON, WILLIAM EDWARD - William Wells Brown: Author and Reformer (Negro American Biographies & Autobiograp)
043642: FASS, PAULA S. - Inheriting the Holocaust: A Second-Generation Memoir
080502: FATCHETT, DEREK - Trade Unions and Politics in the 1980's: The 1984 Act and Political Funds
053717: FAUCHEREAU, SERGE - Moscow, 1900-1930
017874: FAUE, ELIZABETH - Community of Suffering and Struggle : Women, Men, and the Labor Movement in Minneapolis, 1915-1945
054568: FAULK, ODIE B. - Dodge City, the Most Western Town of All
057708: FAULKNER, CHRISTOPHER. DUNCAN, PAUL (ED. ) - Jean Renoir : A Conversation with His Films, 1894-1979
050869: FAUNCE WILLIAM A. - Readings in Industrial Sociology
048809: FAUVET JACQUES - Histoire Du Parti Communiste Francais. Volume 1 - de la Guerre a la Guerre. 1917-1939.
055330: FAWCETT FRANK BURLINGTON - The Court Roll of King Edward the Eighth, 1936.
028504: FAY INCHFAWN - The Journal of a Tent-Dweller
029568: FAY INCHFAWN - Songs of the Ups and Downs
042528: FAYARD, JEAN-FRANCOIS - Des Enfants Sans Histoire: Le Livre Blanc de L'Enseignement de L'Histoire
044584: FEATHERSTONE, DONALD F. - Wargamers Handbook of the American War of Independence
082253: FEDERAL RESERVE BANK OF BOSTON - The International Monetary System: Forty Years After Bretton Woods, Proceedings of a Conference Held at Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, May 1984
044622: FEDERATION OF BRITISH INDUSTRIES - Industry and Research: The Full Report of a Two-Day Conference Held at the Kingsway Hall, London, March 27th and 28th, 1946
053726: FEDOR FEDOROVICH PETRENKO, VALERII VASIL'EVICH POPOV - Soviet Foreign Policy: Objectives and Principles
053514: FEDOROWICZ, J. K.; BOGUCKA, MARIA; SAMSONOWICZ, HENRYK - A Republic of Nobles : Studies in Polish History to 1864
056809: FEDOSEYEV, P.N. - Leninist Theory of Socialist Revolution and the Contemporary World
010909: FEFFER, JOHN - Beyond Detente: New Options on East/West Relations
081956: FEFFER, JOHN - Beyond Detente: New Options on East/West Relations
081874: FEHRENBACHER, DON E. - Prelude to Greatness: Lincoln in the 1850's
022383: FEHRMANN C. N. - Kampen. Vroeger en Nu.
045933: FEINSTEIN, CHARLES H. - The Managed Economy : Essays in British Economic Policy and Performance Since 1929
057007: FEIS HERBERT - The China Tangle. The American Effort in China from Pearl Harbor to the Marshall Mission.
080737: FELD, HELMUT - Der Ikonoklasmus Des Westens (Studies in the History of Christian Thought; Vol 41) (German Edition)
042153: FELDHAUS, ANNE;TULPULE, SHANKAR GOPAL - In the Absence of God: The Early Years of an Indian Sect
081739: FELICE A. BONADIO, PAUL L. MURPHY - Political Parties in American History. Volume 1 - 1789-1828
045040: FENIN, ALEKSANDR I. - Coal and Politics in Late Imperial Russia: Memoirs of a Russian Mining Engineer
080996: FENLON, IAIN - Music in Medieval and Early Modern Europe: Patronage, Sources and Texts
058999: FENWICK, I.G. - Comprehensive School, 1944-70. The Politics of Secondary School Reorganization
055093: FENYVESI, CHARLES - Royalty in Exile : The Inside Stories of the Ex-Majesties of Europe
046533: FERDINAND TUOHY - Occupied 1918-1930. A Postscript to the Western Front
058844: FERDINAND MOUNT - Clubbing Together: The Revival of the Voluntary Principle
054955: FERDYNAND ZWEIG - The New Aquisitive Society
059395: FERGUSON, JAMES - Dominican Republic : Beyond the Lighthouse
083856: FERGUSON, NIALL - The Cash Nexus: Money and Politics in Modern History, 1700-2000
050551: FERGUSON, WALLACE KLIPPERT - Florilegium Historiale: Essays Presented to Wallace K. Ferguson
083888: FERNAND, BRAUDEL, - Civilization and Capitalism, 15th-18th Century, Vol. I: The Structures of Everyday Life
085465: FERNAND VAN LANGENHOVE - L'Action Du Gouvernement Belge en Matiere Economique Pendant la Guerre.
083762: FERNAND DISCRY - Archives Et Institutions Hutoises de L'Ancien Regime.
059779: FERNANDEZ, RAUL A - The United States-Mexico Border: A Politico-Economic Profile
060301: FERNANDEZ-ARMESTO, FELIPE - The World: A History, Combined Volume (2nd Edition)
050689: FERNANDEZ-ARMESTO, FELIPE - The World : A History
055307: FERNANDO MEXIA CARRILLO - El Castillo de Santa Cruz de la Mota y Las Murallas de la Plaza de San Sebastian
016753: FERRARO, JOANNE M. - Family and Public Life in Brescia, 1580-1650 : The Foundation of Power in the Venetian State
054073: FERRARO, JOANNE M. - Family and Public Life in Brescia, 1580-1650 : The Foundation of Power in the Venetian State
052761: FERRI-PISANI, CAMILLE;FRANCONIERE, PAUL ET - Prince Napoleon in America, 1861;: Letters from His Aide-de-Camp
085320: FERRO MARC ET AL. - Social Historians in Contemporary France. Essays from Annales.
044575: FEUCHTWANGER, EDGAR JOSEPH - Prussia, Myth and Reality : The Role of Prussia in German History
044919: FEVRE, RALPH - Wales Is Closed: The Quiet Privatisation of British Steel
048934: FIAT - Fiat 1899-1999. Cento Anni Della Fiat. Prodotti, Volti, Immagini
084438: FICHTER, TILMAN - Sds Und Spd: Parteilichkeit Jenseits Der Partei (Schriften Des Zentralinstituts Für Sozialwiss. Forschung Der Fu Berlin) (German Edition)
013699: FICHTNER, PAULA S. - The Habsburg Monarchy 1490-1848 : Attributes of Empire
043199: FIDELER, PAUL A. - Social Welfare in Pre-Industrial England: The Old Poor Law Tradition
042803: FIDELIA FISKE, MARY LYON - Mary Lyon, Recollections of a Noble Woman
053566: FIDENTIUS VAN DEN BORNE. - Die Anfänge Des Franziskanischen Dritten Ordens. Vorgeschichte - Entwicklung Der Regel. Ein Beitrag Zur Geschichte Des Ordens Und Bruderschaftswesens in Mittelalter
043641: FIELDING, STEVEN - The Labour Party : Socialism and Society Since 1951
041965: FIELDING, STEVEN; THOMPSON, PETER; TIRATSOO, NICK - England Arise!: The Labour Party and Popular Politics in 1940s Britian
081041: FIENNES, RANULPH - Agincourt: The Fight for France
060656: FIFER, J.VALERIE - The Master Builders: Structures of Empire in the New World (New Perspectives on American History)
057036: FIGUEROA, ADOLFO - Capitalist Development and the Peasant Economy in Peru (Cambridge Latin American Studies, No. 47)
044246: FIGUEROA, JOSE;HUTCHINSON, C. ALAN;HIJAR, JOSE MARIA DE;PADRES, JOSE MARIA - Manifesto to the Mexican Republic, Which Brigadier General Jose Fiby Miyo Endo
057821: FILIPPO ZEVI - Alinari: Photographers of Florence 1852-1920. Introduction by John Berger.
043394: FINBERG, H.P. R. - West Country Historical Studies
080767: FINCHAM, KENNETH - Visitation Articles and Injunctions of the Early Stuart Church: II. 1625-1642 (Church of England Record Society)
083998: FINE, BEN - Marx's Capital
041871: FINK, CAROLE - The Genoa Conference: European Diplomacy, 1921-1922
054620: FINK, HANS - Social Philosophy
081993: FINLEY, MOSES I. - Classical Slavery (Slave and Post-Slave Societies and Cultures)
040632: FIONA HACKNEY ISLA HACKNEY - Art of the Worlds Greatest Watercolorists
010730: FIORE SIVESTRO - Voices from the Clay. The Development of Assyro-Babylonian Literature.
018916: FIRST INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE OF ECONOMIC HISTORY. - Contributions. A - Industrialisation As a Factor in Economic Growth After 1700. B. - Comparative Study of Large-Scale Agricutlural Enterpise in Post-Medieval Times. Communications.
058129: FISCHER, NORBERT; KOBELT-GROCH, MARION - Aubenseiter Zwischen Mittelalter Und Neuzeit: Festschrift Fur Hans-Furgen Goertz Zum 60. Geburtstag (Studies in Medieval and Reformation Traditions) (German Edition)
041100: FISHER, HAROLD EDWARD STEPHEN - Studies in British Privateering, Trading Enterprise, and Seamen's Welfare, 1775-1900
041549: FISHER, TERRI; SPARENBORG, KIRSTEN - Lost Communities of Virginia
019807: FISHER E. A. - The Greater Anglo-Saxon Churches. An Architecural - Historical Study.
019807: FISHER E. A. - The Greater Anglo-Saxon Churches. An Architecural - Historical Study.
021636: FISHER, ERNEST ARTHUR - Anglo-Saxon Towers : An Architectural and Historical Study
021717: FISHER, ALAN; DIX, BERNARD - Low Pay and How to End It : A Union View
022274: FISHMAN, W.J. - East End, 1888. A Year in a London Borough Among the Labouring Poor.
017966: FISZMAN, JOSEPH R. - Revolution and Tradition in People's Poland : Education and Socialization
017965: FISZMAN, JOSEPH R. - Revolution and Tradition in People's Poland : Education and Socialization
059222: FITE, GILBERT COURTLAND - Mount Rushmore
052934: FITZ-ENZ, DAVID - Hacks Sycophants Adventures and Heroes. Madison's Commanders in the War of 1812
052179: FITZGERALD, MICHAEL W. - Union League Movement in the Deep South : Politics and Agricultural Change During Reconstruction
084196: FITZGIBBONS, ATHOL - Keynes's Vision: A New Political Economy (Clarendon Paperbacks)
049289: THOMAS FITZHUGH - The Literary Saturnian. Part II - Naevius & the Later Italic Tradition.
080182: FITZPATRICK, BRIAN - Catholic Royalism in the Department of the Gard 1814-1852
080602: FITZPATRICK, ELLEN - Endless Crusade: Women Social Scientists and Progressive Reform
080723: FITZRANDOLPH, HELEN E.; HAY, M.DORIEL - Rural Industries of England and Wales: V. 3 - Decorative Crafts and Rural Potteries
051551: FITZROY, CHARLES - Renaissance Florence on Five Florins a Day
016966: FITZWILLIAM MUSEUM - Treasures from the Fitzwilliam Museum : The Increase of Learning and Other Great Objects of That Noble Foundation
049587: FLEISCHMAN, SUZANNE - Cultural and Linguistic Factors in Word Formation: An Integrated Approach to the Development of the Suffix, -Age
023608: FLEMING, GERALD - Hitler and the Final Solution
028070: FLEMING, THOMAS J. - Liberty! : The American Revolution
055247: FLETCHER, RONALD - The Abolitionists: The Family and Marriage Under Attack
022756: FLETCHER ERIC - Benedict Biscop.
047981: FLETCHER, WILLIAM C.;ROYAL INSTITUTE OF INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS - Religion and Soviet Foreign Policy, 1945-1970
081881: FLETCHER, GORDON A. - Discount Houses in London
051604: FLETCHER, ANTHONY AND STEVENSON JOHN - Reform in the Provinces : The Government of Stuart England
081202: FLETCHER, ANTHONY; ROBERTS, PETER - Religion, Culture and Society in Early Modern Britain: Essays in Honour of Patrick Collinson
029131: FLETCHER ANTHONY AND ROBERTS PETER EDITED - Religion, Culture, and Society in Early Modern Britain : Essays in Honour of Patrick Collinson
052619: FLETCHER JOHN SAMUEL , WALWORTH NATHAN , SEDDON PETER - The Correspondence of Nathan Walworth and Peter Seddon of Outwood, and Other Documents Chiefly Relating to the Building of Ringley Chapel.
045453: FLETCHER, WILLIAM - Powers of Persuasion: The Inside Story of British Advertising 1951-2000
057308: FLEURY, GEORGES - Les Fusiliers Marins de la France Libre (French Edition)
043546: FLEXNER JAMES THOMAS - The Double Adventure of John Singleton Copley. First Major Painter of the New World.
017910: FLEXNER, ELEANOR - Century of Struggle: The Woman's Rights Movement in the United States
081897: FLICKINGER, ROY CASTON - The Greek Theatre and Its Drama
082659: FLIEGELMAN, JAY - Prodigals and Pilgrims: The American Revolution Against Patriarchal Authority 1750-1800
022710: FLINN, MICHAEL W.;INTERNATIONAL ECONOMIC HISTORY ASSOCIATION - Proceedings of the Seventh International Economic History Congress
051336: FLINN, MICHAEL W.;SMOUT, T. C. - The Search for Wealth and Stability: Essays in Economic and Social History Presented to M.W. Flinn
030241: FLORENCE MARRYAT - A Harvest of Wild Oats
056976: FLORES CABALLERO, ROMEO - Counterrevolution: The Role of the Spaniards in the Independence of Mexico, 1804-38
083710: FLOUD, RODERICK; MCCLOSKEY, D. N. - The Economic History of Britain Since 1700: Volume 2: 1860 to the 1970's.
081746: FLOWER, JOHN - Pierre Courtade: The Making of a Party Scribe (Berg French Studies Series)
052095: FLUEK, TOBY - Memories of My Life in a Polish Village
048856: FLYNN, CAROL HOULIHAN - Samuel Richardson, a Man of Letters
043212: FLYNN, GEORGE - Vince Lombardi on Football
041978: FOCKEMA ANDREAE S. J. - Studien over Waterschapsgeschiedenis.
060279: FOGLEMAN, AARON SPENCER - Two Troubled Souls: An Eighteenth-Century Couple's Spiritual Journey in the Atlantic World
016570: FOLEY ROBERT T. AND MCCARTNEY HELEN EDITED - The Somme. An Eyewitness History.
081036: FOLKER BLISCHKE; WALTER AMELING - Sapientia Salomonis (Weisheit Salomos) (Scripta Antiquitatis Posterioris Ad Ethicam Religionemque Pertinentia)
056143: MARTIN FOLKERTS - Das Busch - Und Bankenveld Westtransvaals. Wirtschafts Und Bevolkerungsgeographische Konsequenzen Der Politik Der Getrennten Entwicklung.
082764: FONCK, BERTRAND - Le Maréchal de Luxembourg Et le Commandant Des Armées Sous Louis XIV
057934: FONDATION FRANCE - Bir Hakim: Relation Des Combats Qui Se Sont Déroulés Du 27 Mai Au 11 Juin 1942, Suivi de Quelques Annexes : Récit Vécu
022348: FONER, PHILIP S. - Women and the American Labor Movement Set : From the First Trade Unions to the Present
055379: FONER, PHILIP S.; LONDON, JACK - The Social Writings of Jack London
040285: FONG-TORRES, BEN - Hickory Wind : Life and Times of Gram Parsons
017781: FONTANA BARTOLOMEO - Itinerari. Edizione Critica Di Robert C. Melzi.
082348: FONTENELLE - Nouveaux Dialogues Des Morts, (University of North Carolina. Studies in the Romance Languages and Literature, No. 55) (French Edition)
040325: FOOT, JOHN - Calcio : A Cultural History of Italian Football
029323: FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION - Know the Game. The Laws of Association Football
019221: FORBES S. RUSSELL - Rambles in Rome. An Archaeological and Historical Guide to the Museums, Galleries, Villas, Churches and Antiquities of Rome and the Campagna.
041955: FORD ALICE - John James Audubon.
052207: FORD FRANKLIN L. - Strasbourg in Transition, 1648-1789
085008: FORDE, HELEN; SETON, ROSEMARY - Archivists and Researchers - Mutual Perceptions and Requirements: Papers Given at a Series of Seminars Held at the School of Oriental and African... Of London in the Spring Term of 1993
085395: FOREIGN OFFICE - Report by the Governor-General on the Administration, Finances and Condition of the Sudan in 1945
085396: FOREIGN OFFICE - A Plan for the Mechanized Production of Groundnuts in East and Central Africa
085399: FOREIGN OFFICE - Commentary on the Treaties of Peace with Italy, Roumania, Bulgaria, Hungary and Finland.
056141: FOREST ANDRE, VAN STEENBERGHEN F. AND GRANDILLAC M. DE - Histoire de L'Eglise - 13 - le Mouvement Doctrinal Du XI Au XIV Siecle.
042701: FORGIE, GEORGE B. - Patricide in the House Divided : A Psychological Interpretation of Lincoln and His Age
045797: FORREST, RAY; MURIE, ALAN - Selling the Welfare State : The Privatisation of Public Housing
056341: FORREST, ALAN I. - The French Revolution and the Poor
081563: FORREST, ALAN - Waterloo: Book One of the Great Battles Series
053747: FORREST, ALAN I. - The French Revolution and the Poor
057994: FORREST, JOSHUA BERNARD - Namibia's Post-Apartheid Regional Institutions: The Founding Year
049464: FORSHAW CHAS. F. (EDITED) - Yorkshire, Notes and Queries. Being the Antiquarian History of Yorkshire. Volume 2. (April 1905 to March 1906)
041953: FORSHAW CHAS. F. (EDITED) - Yorkshire Notes and Queries. Being the Antiquarian History of Yorkshire. Volume 3 . Volume Three.
085059: FORSTER, G.C.F.; GREEN, S. J. D. - Essays on Northern History in Honour of Maurice W. Beresford: V. XXXVII: Volume XXXVII of Northern History
047854: FORSTER ANN M. C - Selections from the Disbursements Book (1691-1709) of Sir Thomas Haggerston, Bart
054428: FORSTER, ROBERT , JACK P. GREENE - Preconditions of Revolution in Early Modern Europe
053804: FORSTER ROBERT , FORSTER ELBORG - European Society in the Eighteenth Century. Selected Documents.
057835: FORSYTH, DOUGLAS J. - The Crisis of Liberal Italy : Monetary and Financial Polity, 1914-1922
051508: FOSKETT, DAPHNE - Samuel Cooper, 1609-1672
058048: FOSTER, C. D.; JACKMAN, R. A.; PERLMAN, M - Local Government Finance in a Unitary State
015413: FOSTER WILLIAM - A Supplementary Calendar of Documents in the India Office Relating to India or to the Home Affairs of the East India Company, 1600-1640.
019064: FOSTER, R. F. - Lord Randolph Churchill. A Political Life.
020745: FOSTER, STEPHEN - The Long Argument : English Puritanism and the Shaping of New England Culture, 1570-1700
081849: FOSTER, FRANK FREEMAN - The Politics of Stability: The Rulers of Elizabethan London (Royal Historical Society Studies in History)
081700: FOSTER, FRANK FREEMAN - The Politics of Stability: The Rulers of Elizabethan London (Royal Historical Society Studies in History)
082111: FOSTER, JOSEPH - Some Feudal Coats of Arms
049812: FOUT, JOHN C. - German History and Civilization, 1806-1914;: A Bibliography of Scholarly Periodical Literature
058265: FOUT, JOHN C. - German Women in the Nineteenth Century: A Social History
046475: FOWKES, BEN - Communism in Germany Under the Weimar Republic
015581: FOWLER J. T. - Extracts from the Account Rolls of the Abbey of Durham, from the Original Mss. Volume 3 Only.
050157: FOWLER, DAVID J.;DAVID LIBRARY OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION - Guide to the Sol Feinstone Collection of the David Library of the American Revolution
080531: FOWLER, SIMON - Sources for Labour History (Public Record Office Readers' Guides)
045860: FOWLER, ALAN; FOWLER, LESLEY - The History of the Nelson Weavers Association
029710: FOWLER, SIMON; SPENCER, WILLIAM - Army Records for Family Historians
044366: FOWLER, DAVID - The First Teenagers: The Lifestyle of Young Wage-Earners in Interwar Britain
059446: FOWLER, DAVID - The Bible in Middle English Literature
013154: FOX JOHN - A Literary History of France. The Middle Ages.
048139: FOX, ALISTAIR - Thomas More : History and Providence
057119: FOXTON, DAVID - Revolutionary Lawyers: Sinn Fein and Crown Courts in Ireland and Britain, 1916-1923
031210: FOXX, DANIEL; DAVISON, EDDY - Nathan Bedford Forrest : In Search of the Enigma
031210: FOXX, DANIEL; DAVISON, EDDY - Nathan Bedford Forrest : In Search of the Enigma
083428: FRÉDÉRIC SAFFROY - Le Bouclier de Neptune : La Politique de Défense Des Bases Françaises en Méditerranée (1912-1931)
051114: FR. DESPLANTES - Les Maréchaux de France Au Xixe Siècle
047450: FRAILEY, FRED W. - Twilight of the Great Trains
052930: FRAISER, DAVID K. - Murder Cases of the Twentieth Century: Biographies and Bibliographies of 280 Convicted or Accused Killers
082662: FRAKES, GEORGE E. - Laboratory for Liberty: South Carolina Legislative Committee System, 1719-1776
050722: FRANÇOIS BOUGARD, PIERRE PETITMENGIN - La Bibliothèque de L'Abbaye Cistercienne de Vauluisant: Histoire Et Inventaires
049252: FRANÇOIS PIERRE GUILLAUME GUIZOT - Monk, Chute de la République Et Rétablissement de la Monarchie en Angleterre, en 1660: étude Historique
054773: FRANÇOIS-XAVIER EMMANUELLI, GEORGES LIVET - Un Mythe de L'Absolutisme Bourbonien: L'Intendendance, Du Milieu Du Xviieme Siecle a la Fin Du XVIIIème Sieècle (France, Espagne, Amérique)
031442: FRANÇOIS PORTEU DE LA MORANDIÈRE - Soldats Du Djebel: Histoire de la Guerre D'Algérie
046641: FRANÇOIS CHEVALIER - Actes Des Synodes Nationaux - Charenton (1644) Loudun (1659)
031442: FRANÇOIS PORTEU DE LA MORANDIÈRE - Soldats Du Djebel: Histoire de la Guerre D'Algérie
082746: FRANÇOIS DELPLA - La Liberation de la France (French Edition)
013344: FRANCE R. SHARPE - Lancashire Acts of Parliament, 1415-1800.
056321: FRANCE - Annuaire de L'état Militaire de France: Pour L'Année 1842
030589: FRANCE. MINISTÈRE DES ARMÉES - Revue Historique Des Armées. Le Genie. Numero Hors-Serie - Septembre 2001
030589: FRANCE. MINISTÈRE DES ARMÉES - Revue Historique Des Armées. Le Genie. Numero Hors-Serie - Septembre 2001
030587: FRANCE. MINISTÈRE DES ARMÉES - Revue Historique Des Armées. Les Quatre Marechaux de la Seconde Guerre Mondiale . No. 2 - 2002
030587: FRANCE. MINISTÈRE DES ARMÉES - Revue Historique Des Armées. Les Quatre Marechaux de la Seconde Guerre Mondiale . No. 2 - 2002
028470: FRANCES BUCKLAND - Curtain Falls
028470: FRANCES BUCKLAND - Curtain Falls
082094: FRANCES HELEN RELF - Notes of the Debates in the House of Lords Officially Taken by Robert Bowyer and Henry Elsing, Clerks of the Parliaments, A.D. 1621, 1625, 1628
054593: FRANCESCHI MICHEL - The 18th Brumaire. Rescuing the Republic and CIVIL Peace.
049818: FRANCIS CHESTER - Shot Full. The Autobiography of a Drug Addict
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084390: GRAHAM WINTON - 'Theirs Not to Reason Why'. Horsing the British Army 1875-1925 (Wolverhampton Military) (Wolverhampton Military Studies)
026482: GRAHAM, TERENCE - The Interests of Civilization: Reaction in the United States Against the Seizure of the Panama Canal Zone, 1903-1904
046306: GRAHAM, ANDREW , ANTHONY SELDON - Government and Economies in the Postwar World: Economic Policies and Comparative Performance 1945-85
040075: GRAHAM, ANDREW - The Queen's Malabars (the Old 200th): Not So Famous Regiment
059981: GRAHAM, HELEN; PRESTON, PAUL - The Popular Front in Europe
083304: GRAINGER, JOHN D. - Dictionary of British Naval Battles

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