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082234: HARRINGTON, VIRGINIA D. - New York Merchant on the Eve of the Revolution
058910: HARRIOTT, ROSEMARY M. - Aristophanes, Poet & Dramatist
050070: HARRIS, NEIL - The Artist in American Society. The Formative Years 1790-1860
047542: HARRIS, ALBERT F. - Fated Stars III: Confederate Brigadier Generals Killed in Action 1863-65
049716: HARRIS, G. G. - Trinity House of Deptford Transactions, 1609-35
086906: HARRIS WILSON - J.A. Spender.
082534: HARRIS, T. GEOFFREY - On Translating French Literature and Film. (Rodopi Perspectives on Modern Literature 16)
043299: HARRIS, ALBERT F. - Fated Stars: Virginia Brigadier Generals Killed in the CIVIL War
083615: HARRIS, B. E. - The Great Roll of the Pipe for the Fourth Year of the Reign of King Henry III: Michaelmas 1220 (Pipe Roll 64) (the Publications of the Pipe Roll Society) (Latin Edition)
057920: HARRIS, J. WILLIAM - Society and Culture in the Slave South (Rewriting Histories)
054925: HARRIS, JOHN S. - Government Patronage of the Arts in Great Britain
049262: HARRIS, MICHAEL - Studies in Newspaper and Periodical History, 1993 Annual
083925: HARRISON, FREDERIC - Order and Progress: Thoughts on the Theory of Government and Studies of Political Crises (Society & the Victorians)
053721: HARRISON, FREDERIC - Order and Progress. Thoughts on Government Studies of Political Crises
045042: HARRISON, MARK;WHEATCROFT, STEPHEN;WHEATCROFT, STEPHEN G. - The Economic Transformation of the Soviet Union, 1913-1945
059733: HARROD, FREDERICK S. - Manning the New Navy: The Development of a Modern Naval Enlisted Force: Development of a Modern Naval Enlisted Force, 1899-1940 (Contributions in American History)
047034: HARRY H. JOHNSTON - The Story of My Life
082267: HARRY SCHWARTZ - Russia's Soviet Economy
053484: HARRY G. CALVERT - An Introduction to British Constitutional Law
047700: HARRY POLLITT - In Defence of Peace. The Case Against Rearming the Nazis
053536: HARRY LUDLAM - Captain Scott. The Full Story
059894: HARRY MORTIMER HUBBELL - The Influence of Isocrates on Cicero, Dionysius and Aristides: A Thesis . .
081712: HARRY W. PAUL - The Second Ralliement: The Rapprochement between Church and State in France in the Twentieth Century.
053855: HARRY RODERICK KEDWARD - Fascism in Western Europe, 1900-45
085678: HARRY R. BOROWSKI - The Harmon Memorial Lectures in Military History, 1959-1987: A Collection of the First Thirty Harmon Lectures Given at the United States Air Force Academy (Special Studies)
056390: HARRY ECKSTEIN - The English Health Service: Its Origins, Structure and Achievements
056449: HARSANYI, DOINA PASCA - Lessons from America: Liberal French Nobles in Exile, 1793-1798
052703: HARTLEY, JOHN STEPHEN; ROGERS, ALAN - The Religious Foundations of Medieval Stamford
048663: LODWICK HARTLEY - Laurence Sterne. A Biographical Essay
057838: HARTMAN, SADAKICHI - Valiant Knights of Daguerre: Selected Critical Essays on Photography and Profiles of Photographic Pioneers
053408: HARTMANN, ANJA - Von Regensburg Nach Hamburg: Die Diplomatischen Beziehungen Zwischen Dem Franzosischen Konig Und Dem Kaiser Vom Regensburger Vertrag (13. Oktober 1630) Bis Zum Hamburger Praliminarfrieden (25. Dezember 1641)
060857: HARTMUT KAEBLE - Industrialisation and Social Inequality in 19th-Century Europe
050531: HARTMUT BERGHOFF , DAVID LAZAR - The German Historical Institute at 25
084793: HARTMUT POGGE VON STRANDMANN - Deutschland--Grossbritannien--Europa: Politische Traditionen, Partnerschaft Und Rivalitat (Veroffentlichung / Arbeitskreis Deutsche England-Forschung) (German Edition)
051012: HARTMUT LEHMANN - Transatlantische Religionsgeschichte: 18. Bis 20. Jahrhundert
055675: HARTMUT KAELBLE AND LIESEL TARQUINI - A Social History of Europe, 1945-2000 : Recovery and Transformation After Two World Wars
045341: HARVEY, CHARLES , JOHN TURNER - Labour and Business in Modern Britain
081953: HARVEY, JOHN HOOPER - English Mediaeval Architects: A Biographical Dictionary to 1550 (Art/Archaeology)
081728: HARVEY, JOHN - Mediaeval Gardens
057463: HARVIE, CHRISTOPHER - The Centre of Things: Political Fiction in Britain from Disraeli to the Present
050674: HASKINS GEORGE L. - The Growth of English Representative Government.
044523: HATCH WILLIAM HENRY PAINE - Greek and Syrian Miniatures in Jerusalem. Introduction and a Description of Each of the Seventy-One Miniatures Reproduced.
081614: HATHAWAY, JANE - The Politics of Households in Ottoman Egypt: The Rise of the Qazdaglis (Cambridge Studies in Islamic Civilization)
082248: HATLEY, TOM - The Dividing Paths: Cherokees and South Carolinians Through the Era of Revolution
049045: HATTAWAY, MICHAEL - Elizabethan Popular Theatre: Plays in Performance
051007: HATTON, RAGNHILD MARIE; ANDERSON, MATTHEW SMITH; HORN, DAVID BAYNE - Studies in Diplomatic History : Essays in Memory of David Bayne Horn
084407: HAUPT, HEINZ-GERHARD - Politischer Streik (Jahrbuch Arbeiterbewegung) (German Edition)
044022: HAUPT GEORGES EDITED. LENINE ET HUYSMANS - Correspondance entre Lenine Et Camille Huysmans 1905-1914.
084291: HAUSER HENRI - La Modernite Du XVI Siecle.
044117: HAUSSIG, HANS WILHELM - A History of Byzantine Civilization
082323: HAUSTRATE, GATON - Le Guide Du Cinema Mondial. Tome 1. 1895-1967. (Collection Les Guides Culturels) (French Edition)
045676: HAVELOCK ELLIS - Essays in War-Time
057010: HAVENS, THOMAS R.H. - Nishi Amane and Modern Japanese Thought
059528: HAVIGHURST, ALFRED F. - Radical Journalist: H.W. Massingham (1860-1924) (Conference on British Studies Biographical Series)
080925: HAWKE, G.R. - Railways and Economic Growth in England and Wales, 1840-70
085830: HAWKE, EDWARD HAWKE;MACKAY, RUDDOCK F. - The Hawke Papers: A Selection, 1743-1771
047680: HAWKINGS, DAVID T. - Railway Ancestors : A Guide to the Staff Records of the Railway Companies of England and Wales, 1822-1947
042740: HAWKINS DESMOND - The Grove Diaries : The Rise and Fall of an English Family 1809-1925
051699: HAWKINS RICHMOND LAURIN - Newly Discovered French Letters of the Seventeenth, Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries.
082405: HAWKINS, ANGUS - Parliament Party and the Art of Politics in Britain, 1855-59
043852: HAWORTH, CHRISTOPHER - March to Armistice, 1918
060877: HAXTHAUSEN, BARON VON - The Russian Empire. Its People, Institutions and Resources. Volume 2 Only
081402: HAY, DAISY - Mr and Mrs Disraeli: A Strange Romance
059121: HAYDEN, JAMES MICHAEL - France and the Estates General of 1614
056182: HAYDON, COLIN - John Henry Williams (1747-1829), 'Political Clergyman': War, the French Revolution, and the Church of England
047200: HAYDU, JEFFREY;UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS PRESS - Making American Industry Safe for Democracy: Comparative Perspectives on the State and Employee Representation in the Era of World War I
082482: HAYNES, PHILIP - Complex Policy Planning: The Government Strategic Management of the Social Care Market
083200: HAYWARD, TIM - Ecological Thought. An Introduction (Making of Europe)
041665: HAYWARD, JOEL S. A. - For God and Glory: Lord Nelson and His Way of War
083529: HAZEN, ROBERT M.; HAZEN, MARGARET HINDLE - Keepers of the Flame: The Role of Fire in American Culture, 1775-1925 (Princeton Legacy Library)
085078: HAZLEHURST, CAMERON; WHITEHEAD, SALLY , WOODLAND CHRISTINE - A Guide to the Papers of British Cabinet Ministers, 1900-1964
056478: HEAD, BRIAN - State and Economy in Australia
080865: HEAL, FELICITY - Of Prelates and Princes: A Study of the Economic and Social Position of the Tudor Episcopate
042913: HEALE, MICHAEL J. - The Presidential Quest: Candidates and Images in American Political Culture, 1787-1852
059710: HEARDER, HARRY - Europe in the Nineteenth Century, 1830-1880 (General History of Europe)
052920: HEARNSHAW, F.J.C. , SYDNEY MIDDLEBROOK - Newcastle-Upon-Tyne
045427: HEATER, DEREK - Citizenship : The CIVIC Ideal in World History, Politics and Education
055199: HEATH, GORDON L. - A War with a Silver Lining : Canadian Protestant Churches and the South African War, 1899-1902
050141: HEBER, REGINALD - Bishop Heber in Northern India: Selections from Heber's Journal
055781: HECTOR BOLITHO - Alfred Mond. First Lord Melchett
047812: HEDGES ERNEST S. - Tin in Social and Economic History
047228: HEDLEY FRANCIS LE BAS - The Lord Kitchener Memorial Book
048903: HEER, FRIEDRICH - God's First Love : Christians and Jews over Two Thousand Years
082033: HEER, FREDERICK - Europe, Mother of Revolutions
047781: HEHL, ULRICH VON - Nationalsozialistische Herrschaft
053826: HEIDE STREITER-BUSCHER - Whimsy and Contemplation from Theodor Fontane's 'Unreal' Correspondence
055542: HEIDI TINSMAN - Buying Into the Regime: Grapes and Consumption in Cold War Chile and the United States
053216: HEILBRONER, ROBERT L. - Twenty-First Century Capitalism
052854: HEILMAN ROBERT BECHTOLD - America in English Fiction, 1760-1800. The Influences of the American Revolution.
047970: HEINO NYYSSÖNEN ANSSI HALMESVIRTA - Unkarin Kansannousu 1956
050952: HEINRICH PORTMANN - Kardinal Von Galen: Ein Gottesmann Seiner Zeit
082057: HEINRICH LUBKE - Karl Der Grosse. Werk Und Wirkung
085661: HEINRICH INTRO VOGEL - The Soviet Union, 1987-89: Perestroika in Crisis?
052357: HEINRICH SPROEMBERG - Liber Memorialis Heinrich Sproemberg
055854: HEINRICH MANN - The Living Thoughts of Nietzsche. Presented by Heinrich Mann
086328: HEINRICH POTTHOFF - Gewerkschaften Und Politik Zwischen Revolution Und Inflation (Beitra?Ge Zur Geschichte Des Parlamentarismus Und Der Politischen Parteien) (German Edition)
053152: HEINRICK, HUGH; O'DAY, ALAN - A Survey of the Irish in England (1872)
048441: HEINTZE GERHARD - Die Reformation in Der Stadt Braunschweig. Festschrift 1528-1978.
084927: HEINZ DURCHHARDT - In Europas Mitte: Deutschland Und Seine Nachbarn (German Edition)
053409: HEINZ DUCHHARDT - Bibliographie Zum Westfälischen Frieden (Schriftenreihe Der Vereinigung Zur Erforschung Der Neueren Geschichte)
086739: HEINZ SCHILLING; SILVANA SEIDEL MENCHI - The Protestant Reformation in a Context of Global History: Religious Reforms and World Civilizations
085306: HEINZ LEMKE - Deutsch-Russische Wirtschaftbeziehungen 1906-1914 (Quellen Und Studien Zur Geschichte Osteuropas)
085754: HEINZ K. MEIER - The United States and Switzerland in the Nineteenth Century.
040073: HEISLER, MARK - Madmen's Ball: The Inside Story of the Lakers' Dysfunctional Dynasties
054326: HEKMAN, SUSAN J. - Max Weber and Contemporary Social Theory
081254: HELEN C. WHITE - Tudor Books of Saints and Martyrs
042754: HELEN M. CAM - Year Books of Edward II. Vol. XXVI(Part I). The Eyre of London, 14 Edward II. 1321. Vol. 1 Only
085203: HELEN CLARKE - The Archaeology of Mediaeval England
052378: HELEN OSTOVICH , MARY V. SILCOX, GRAHAM ROEBUCK - Other Voices, Other Views: Expanding the Canon in English Renaissance Studies
047466: HELEN B. WEIR - Institutional Cookery and Dietetics
083294: HELEN DARBISHIRE - The Poetical Works of John Milton
081659: HELEN M. CHEW - The English Ecclesiastical Tenants-in-Chief and Knight Service
056381: HELEN M. CAM - Selected Historical Essays of F.W. Maitland.
049446: HELENA M. CHEW - London Possessory Assizes. A Calendar
086055: EMIL HELFFERICH - Prinz Johann Moritz Von Nassau-Siegen Und Die Niederlandischen Kolonien in Brasilien.
052090: HELGA GREBING - The History of the German Labour Movement. A Survey.
084500: HELLER, MICHAEL - London Clerical Workers, 1880-1914: Development of the Labour Market (Perspectives in Economic and Social History)
051143: HELLWIG, JOHANN - Johann Hellwig's Die Nymphe Noris (1650) : A Critical Edition
081575: HELM, SARAH - If This Is a Woman: Inside Ravensbruck: Hitler's Concentration Camp for Women
054205: ERNST CHRISTIAN HELMREICH - Religious Education in German Schools. An Historical Approach.
083565: HEMMINGS, F. W. J. - Culture and Society in France, 1848-98 (Studies in Cultural History)
083279: HEMMINGS, F. W. J - The Age of Realism
054724: HEMPTON, DAVID - Methodism and Politics in British Society, 1750-1850
082006: HENDERSON, JAMES D. - Conservative Thought in Twentieth Century Latin America: The Ideas of Laureano Gomez (Ohio Ris Latin America Series, No. 13)
058918: HENDERSON, A. S. - An Introduction to Social Psychiatry
052311: HENDERSON, PETER V. - Felix Diaz, the Porfirians and the Mexican Revolution
043919: HENDERSON, NICHOLAS - Mandarin: The Diaries of an Ambassador 1969-1982
081662: HENIG, MARTIN; SMITH, TYLER JO - Collectanea Antiqua: Essays in Memory of Sonia Chadwick Hawkes (British Archaeological Reports International Series)
051948: HENNEBELLE, GUY ;GUY, AGNES - Cinemaction T. 69; Les Revues de Cinema Dans le Monde
083308: HENRI CRÉPIN - La Liberté de Travail Dans L'Ancienne France.
084946: HENRI BORNECQUE - Les Déclamations Et Les Déclamateurs D'Après Sénèque le Père
084713: HENRI SEE - Histoire Economique de la France. Le Moyen Age Et L'Ancien Regime.
046723: HENRI JEANSON, RENÉ CHATEAU - Jeanson par Jeanson
051886: HENRI SEE , ARMAND REBILLON , EDMOND PRECLIN - Introduction Aux Etudes Historiques le XVI Siecle
054829: HENRI BRESC PIERRE AMEILH - La Correspondance de Pierre Ameilh, ArchevãªQue de Naples Puis D'Embrun (French Edition)
051241: HENRI FORNERON , G. M. CRAWFORD - The Court of Charles II. 1649-1734. Compiled from State Papers
084889: HENRI FOCILLON - The Art of the West in the Middle Ages (Landmarks in Art History, Volume II Gothic )
085686: HENRI BAUDET - Paradise on Earth. Some Thoughts on European Images of Non-European Man
081752: HENRI HAUSER - La Pensee Et L'Action Economiques Du Cardinal de Richelieu
084081: HENRI STROHL - Luther Jusqu'en 1520.
060693: HENRI SEE - L'Evolution Commerciale Et Industrielle de la France Sous L'Ancien Regime.
056777: HENRICE ALTINK , SHARIF GEMIE - At the Border: Margins and Peripheries in Modern France (University of Wales Press - French and Francophone Studies)
049655: HENRIETTA MARY AUDEN - Weston-Under-Lizard Parish Register 1654-1812
080484: HENRY SMITH , JOHN E. SWALLOW , WILLIAM TREFFRY - The Story of the United Methodist Church
056078: HENRY CLAY - The Post-War Unemployment Problem
080240: HENRY ASHBY TURNER - Stresemann and the Politics of the Weimar Republic
083127: HENRY CLARK GRANT - Barley Survey. A Study of Barley Production, Exports, Imports, Marketing, Markets and Prices in the Principal Exporting and Importing Countries in the World (E.M. B. No. 62. )
052005: HENRY VIZETELLY - Berlin Under the New Empire. Its Institutions, Inhabitants, Industry, Monuments, Museums, Social Life, Manners and Amusements.
082053: HENRY NOEL HUMPHREYS - Ancient Coins and Medals: An Historical Sketch of the Origin and Progress of Coining Money in Greece and Her Colonies; Its Progress with the Extension of the Roman Empire; and Its Decline with the Fall of That Power
080976: HENRY VAUGHAN - Sacred Poems and Pious Ejaculations
056323: HENRY JONES - Idealism As a Practical Creed Being the Lectures on Philosophy and Modern Life Delivered Before the University of Sydney
082711: HENRY LACHOUQUE - Napoleon en 1814
084909: HENRY WHITHED , HAMPSHIRE RECORD OFFICE - Whithed's, Sir Henry, Letter Book: 1601-14 V. 1
056501: HENRY H. SCHLOESSER , W. SMITH CLARK - The Legal Position of Trade Unions
049827: HENRY CARRINGTON LANCASTER - French Tragedy in the Reign of Louis XV and Voltaire 1715-1774
050276: HENRY CARTER - The English Temperance Movement: A Study in Objectives. Volume 1 - the Formative Period 1830-1899.
080008: HENRY ELLIS - The Visitation of the County of Huntingdon Under the Authority of William Camden: Clarenceux King of Arms
082139: HENRY GROSSHANS - The Search for Modern Europe
054634: HENRY D. SHAPIRO - Confiscation of Confederate Property in the North
049598: HENRY WILKINSON WILLIAMS - The Constitution and Polity of Wesleyan Methodism: A Digest of Its Laws and Institutions
085727: HENRY THOMAS RILEY - The Comedies of Plautus.
083026: HENRY SAVILE - Savile Correspondence: Letters to and from Henry Savile Including Letters from His Brother George Marquess of Halifax
049584: HENRY, ELISABETH - The Vigour of Prophecy: A Study of Virgil's Aeneid
059449: HENRY POWER, JOHN SYER BRISTOWE, GEORGE PURDEY FIELD - The Management of the Eye, Ear, and Throat
056804: HENRY COLLIS, FRED HURLL , REX HAZLEWOOD - B. - P's Scouts. An Official History of the Boy Scouts Association
080446: HENRY WM. BALL - The Social History and Antiquities of Barton-Upon-Humber.
057558: HENRY ANSGAR KELLY - Law and Religion in Chaucer's England (Variorum Collected Studies Series)
040811: HENRY ESMOND BELL - Maitland: A Critical Examination and Assessment
046328: HENRY BEAUCHAMP WALTERS , SAMUEL BIRCH - History of Ancient Pottery, Greek , Etruscan and Roman Based on the Work of Samuel Birch
087136: HENRY KNIGHT MILLER; ETC. - Augustan Milieu: Essays Presented to Louis A. Landa
085118: HENRY ALFORD - The Greek Testament : With a Critically Revised Text : A Digest of Various Readings : Marginal References to Verbal and Idiomatic Usage : Prolegomena : And a Critical and Exegetical Commentary
087102: HENRY HARDINGE , BAWA SATINDER SINGE - Letters of the First Viscount Hardinge of Lahore to Lady Hardinge and Sir Walter and Lady James, 1844-47 (Camden Fourth Series, Volume 32)
080004: HENRY H. HOWORTH - Saint Gregory the Great
040378: HENRY, CHRIS - The Ebro 1938: Death Knell of the Spanish Republic
040819: HENRY BASCOM RIDGAWAY - The Life of the Rev. Alfred Cookman
085469: HENRY CARRINGTON (1882-1954) LANCASTER - Sunset. A History of Parisian Drama in the Last Years of Louis XIV, 1701-1715.
043948: HENRY MORLEY DANIEL DEFOE - The Earlier Life and the Chief Earlier Works of Daniel Defoe
043923: HENRY CONSTABLE, JAMES MORGAN, ROBERT MOIR SPENCE - Gold and the Gospel: The Ulster Prize Essays on the Scriptural Duty of Giving in Proportion to Means and Income
082292: HENRY JENKINS , KRISTINE BRUNOVSKA KARNICK - Classical Hollywood Comedy (Afi Film Readers)
086584: HENRY THOMAS RILEY - Munimenta Gildhallae Londoniensis; Liber Albus, Liber Custumarum Et Liber Horn. Volume 2 -Part 2 Liber Custumarum with Extracts from the Cottonian Ms. Claudius. D. II.
048833: HENRY BROADHURST WILKINSON - Old Hanging Ditch: Its Trades, Its Traders and Its Renaissance
084354: HENSHAW, WARWICK BARDON - A Bibliography of Organ Music
048849: HEPPLE, B. A.; O'HIGGINS, PAUL; NEESON, J. M. - A Bibliography of the Literature on British and Irish Labour Law
043960: HER MAJESTY'S INSPECTORS - Twenty-First Report of the Inspectors. . to Visit the Different Prisons of Great Britain - II - Northern and Eastern District.
052898: HERBERT JENKINS - The Night Club
051305: HERBERT H. ROWEN - Low Countries in Early Modern Times (Documentary History of W. Civilization)
055819: HERBERT REGINALD POOLE - The Liverpool Council of Social Service 1909-1959
084262: HERBERT STRANG , RICHARD STEAD - With Marlborough to Malplaquet. A Story of the Reign of Queen Anne
057288: HERBERT EDWARD SALTER - A Cartulary of the Hospital of St John Baptist Vol 1 (Oxford Historical Society First Series)
056562: HERBERT HOOVER - Public Papers of the Presidents of the United States: Herbert Hoover: Containing the Public Messages, Speeches, and Statements of the President, March 4 to December 31, 1929.
085876: HERBERT H. ROWEN - From Absolutism to Revolution : 1648-1848
056358: HERBERT J. HUNT - Honore de Balzac. A Biography
059020: HERBERT W. ROBINSON - The Economics of Building
086984: HERBERT STRANG - Swift and Sure. The Story of a Hydroplane
084896: HERBERT O. LYTHE - Spanish Literature and Spain in Some of the Leading German Magazines of the Second Half of the Eighteenth Century.
081888: HERBERT, WILLIAM - The History of the Twelve Great Livery Companies of London; Principally Compiled from Their Grants &Amp; Records, with an Historical Essay and Accounts of Each Company... [Complete in 2 Volumes]
056211: HERBERT W. SCHNEIDER - The Fascist Government of Italy
059724: HERBERT REYNOLDS - A Short History of the Ancient Diocese of Exeter. From the Conquest to the Church Congress of 1894.
047469: HERBERT ERNEST BATES - Colonel Julian: And Other Stories
048757: HERBERT GRUNDMANN - Die Zeit Der Weltkriege: Handbuch Der Deutschen Geschichte / Gebhardt. Hrsg. Von Herbert Grundmann. Der Erste Weltkrieg. Die Weimarer Republik, Band 4. 1 Teilband
047870: HERBERT EDWARD SALTER - The Oxford Deeds of Balliol College
054483: HERBERT E. BOLTON - Wider Horizons of American History
060080: HERBERT A.L. FISHER - Studies in Napoleonic Statesmanship. Germany
057452: HERBERT EDWARD SALTER - A Cartulary of the Hospital of St. John the Baptist.
086098: HERBERT KUPFERBERG - Those Fabulous Philadelphians: Philadelphia Orchestra
086135: HERBERT GRUNDMANN - Die Kirche in Ihrer Geschichte - Ketzergeschichte Des Mittelalters.
056954: HERBERT H. ROWEN - John de Witt : The Makeshift Executive in a 'Standestaat'
050029: HERBERT L. FORD - Collation of the Ben Jonson Folios 1616-31-1640
059989: HEREWARD PHILIP SPRATT - One Hundred Years of Transatlantic Steam Navigation, 1838-1938;: A Brief Outline of the History and Development of the Atlantic Ferry Since the Advent... A Special Exhibition at the Science Museum
059254: HERMAN CYRIL MCNEILE - Men, Women, and Guns
057477: HERMAN AUSUBEL - John Bright. Victorian Reformer
060272: HERMAN BELZ - Reconstructing the Union: Theory and Policy During the CIVIL War
051655: HERMANN GLASER - The German Mind of the Nineteenth Century: A Literary and Historical Anthology
086372: HERMANN SAUTER - Wortgut Und Dichtung. Eine Lexikographisch-Literargeschichtliche Studie Uber Den Verfasser Der Altfranzosischen Cantefable 'Aucassin Et Nicolette'.
083116: HERMANN LANGBEIN - Against All Hope: Resistance in the Nazi Concentration Camps, 1938-45
058994: HERMANN MANNHEIM - Criminal Justice and Social Reconstruction
049480: HERRMAN JOACHIM UND SELLNOW IRMGARD - Die Rolle Der Volksmassen in Der Geschichte Der Vorkapitalistischen Gesellschaftsformationen. Zum XIV. Internationalen Historiker-Kongress in San Francisco, 1975.
047991: HERRMANN, ULRICH;ROTH, LUTZ;RENFTLE, SUSANNE - Bibliographie Zur Geschichte Der Kindheit, Jugend Und Familie
082982: HERSKOVITS MELVILLE J. , HARWITZ MITCHEL - Economic Transition in Africa
042014: HERSKOWITZ, MICKY - The Quarterbacks: The Uncensored Truth About the Men in the Pocket
083815: HERTZ J. D. (THE CHIEF RABBI ) - The Battle for the Sabbath at Geneva.
082332: HERWIG, HOLGER H.; HEYMAN, NEIL - Biographical Dictionary of World War I
051972: HESS, EARL J. - Banners to the Breeze: The Kentucky Campaign, Corinth, and Stones River
053852: HESSELBACH, WALTER - Public, Trade Union and Co-Operative Enterprise in Germany. The Commonweal Idea
084932: HESTER W. CHAPMAN - Queen Anne's Son. A Memoir of William Henry, Duke of Gloucester 1689-1700
080124: HESTER W. CHAPMAN - Mary II, Queen of England
055335: HEWISON, ROBERT - Under Siege : Literary Life in London 1939-45
080185: HEWLETT JOHNSON - Eastern Europe in the Socialist World.
081553: HEXTER, J. H. - The Vision of Politics on the Eve of the Reformation : More, Machiavelli, and Seyssel
051438: HEYER, FRIEDRICH - The Catholic Church from 1648 to 1870
043670: HEYNDELS, INGRID - Le Conflit Racinien: Esquisse D'Un Systeme Tragique
042784: HIBBERT, CHRISTOPHER - Agincourt
083286: HIBBIN, NINA - Eastern Europe: Film Book
040991: HIBBS, JOHN - The History of British Bus Services
051381: HICKEY, DANIEL - The Coming of French Absolutism : The Struggle for Tax Reform in the Province of Dauphine 1540-1640
042168: HICKEY, DONALD R.; HICKEY, DONALD - War of 1812 : A Forgotten Conflict
084009: HICKLING, RONALD ARTHUR OVERTON - Birds in Leicestershire and Rutland
059404: HICKS, JOHN - The Crisis in Keynesian Economics
059857: HICKS, JOHN DONALD - Republican Ascendancy, 1921-33 (Torchbooks)
084300: HIDEN, JOHN; FARQUHARSON, JOHN - Explaining Hitler's Germany: Historians and the Third Reich
042808: HIGGS, ROBERT - Transformation of the American Economy, 1865-1914 : An Essay in Interpretation
082463: HIGHAM, ROBIN - Two Roads to War: The French and British Air Arms from Versailles to Dunkirk
044301: HIGHAM, ROBERT - Security and Defence in South-West England Before 1800
054434: HIGHFIELD, J. R. L.; LOPEZ-MORILLAS, FRANCES M. - Spain in the Fifteenth Century, 1369-1516 : Essays and Extracts by Historians of Spain
085127: HIGHFIELD, J. R. L. - Crown and Local Communities-in England and France in the Fifteenth Century
080746: HIGHLEY, CHRISTOPHER; KING, JOHN N. - John Foxe and His World (St. Andrew's Studies in Reformation History)
054215: HILAIRE BELLOC - The Aftermath: Or, Gleanings from a Busy Life : Called Upon the Outer Cover for Purposes of Sale, Calibans? Guide to Letters. Lambkin's Remains
086007: HILDEBRAND, KLAUS; FOTHERGILL, ANTHONY - The Foreign Policy of the Third Reich
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057475: JOHN LAMPHEAR - African Military History (the International Library of Essays on Military History)
047986: JOHN HORNER - Even in This Place: 19th-Century Nonconformists & Life in the Borough of Penzance
085624: JOHN COLMER - Coleridge. Critic of Society.

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