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084496: CRIPPS HENRY WILLIAM AND MACMORRAN KENNETH M. - A Practical Treatise of the Law Relating to the Church and Clergy by Henry William Cripps. Incorporating the Statutes, Measures, and Cases of the Last Sixteen Years by K.M. Macmorran.
044780: CRISP, OLGA - Students in the Russian Economy Before 1914
049186: CRITCHLEY, JOHN - Feudalism
081807: CRITICAL QUARTERLY - Critical Quarterly. Vol. 4. No. 1. Spring 1962.
042286: CROCE BENEDETTO - Curiosita Storiche.
082580: CROCKER, THOMAS E. - Braddock's March: How the Man Sent to Seize a Continent Changed American History
049651: CROLL, ELISABETH - The Politics of Marriage in Contemporary China
084125: CROMARTIE, BILL - There Goes Herschel
082283: CROMBIE, A. D.; HARRIES-JENKINS, GWYN - Demise of the Liberal Tradition: Two Essays on the Future of British University Adult Education (Leeds Studies in Adult and Continuing Education)
022222: CROMWELL, VALERIE - Revolution or Evolution : British Government in the Nineteenth Century
007869: CRONIN, AUDREY KURTH - Great Power Politics and the Struggle over Austria, 1945-1955
060431: CRONIN, MIKE; O'CALLAGHAN, LIAM - A History of Ireland (Palgrave Essential Histories Series)
060432: CRONIN, MIKE; O'CALLAGHAN, LIAM - A History of Ireland (Palgrave Essential Histories Series)
054108: CRONIN, JAMES E. - Industrial Conflict in Modern Britain
083186: CRONIN, JAMES E. - Industrial Conflict in Modern Britain
080450: CRONJE, JACOBUS VAN WYK - Dionysius of Halicarnassus: "de Demosthene" - a Critical Appraisal of the "Status Quaestionis" (Spudasmata)
084595: CROOK, DAVID (EDITOR) - The Great Roll of the Pipe for the Fifth Year of the Reign of King Henry III: Michaelmas 1221 (Pipe Roll 65) (the Publications of the Pipe Roll Society)
042483: CROPSEY, JOSEPH - Plato's World: Man's Place in the Cosmos
014223: CROSBY, TRAVIS L. - English Farmers and the Politics of Protection
080023: CROSBY, ALAN - Unlocking the Past: The Local Historian. Index and Abstracts 1952-1999
050847: CROSBY, SUMNER MCK - The Apostle Bas-Relief at Saint-Denis
028249: CROSBY, TRAVIS L. - The Two Mr. Gladstones : A Study in Psychology and History
081969: CROSBY, TRAVIS L. - The Two Mr. Gladstones: A Study in Psychology and History
052539: CROSBY, TRAVIS L. - English Farmers and the Politics of Protection, 1815-1852
048826: CROSBY, CHRISTINA - The Ends of History: Victorians and "the Woman Question"
016052: CROSER CAROLINE - Organising Complexity : Modes of Behaviour in a Networked Battlespace.
051687: CROSS, CLAIRE - The Royal Supremacy in the Elizabethan Church
019133: CROSS COLIN - The Liberals in Power 1905-1914
051500: CROSS GEOFFREY NEALE - Epirus. A Study in Greek Constitutional Development.
083832: CROSS, RICHARD - Duns Scotus on God (Ashgate Studies in the History of Philosophical Theology)
082206: CROSS, CLAIRE C. - Church and People, 1450-1660: Triumph of the Laity in the English Church (Library of English History)
051688: CROSS, CLAIRE - The Royal Supremacy in the Elizabethan Church
053115: CROSS, J. A. - Lord Swinton
083216: CROSSICK, GEOFFREY - An Artisan Elite in Victorian Society: Kentish London, 1840-1880 (Croom Helm Social History Series)
056578: CROSSLAND, J.BRIAN - Looking at Whitehaven
084337: CROTHERS GEORGE DUNLAP - The German Elections of 1907
055324: CROTTY, MARTIN - Making the Australian Male : Middle-Class Masculinity 1870-1920
021591: CROTTY GENE - Jefferson's Western Travels. Over Virginia's Blue Ridge Mountains.
045129: CROUCH, COLIN AND PIZZORNO, ALESSANDRO;PIZZORNO, ALESSANDRO - The Resurgence of Class Conflict in Western Europe Since 1968. Volume 2 - Comparative Analyses
044553: CROUCH, COLIN - Industrial Relations and European State Traditions
084237: CROUCH, COLIN; MARQUAND, DAVID - National Identities: The Constitution of the United Kingdom (Political Quarterly Special Issues)
058272: CROUCHER, RICHARD - Engineers at War, 1939-45
053097: CROWHURST, PATRICK - The Defence of British Trade, 1689-1815
084049: CROWLEY, BRIAN LEE - The Self, the Individual, and the Community: Liberalism in the Political Thought of F.A. Hayek and Sidney and Beatrice Webb
082089: CROWLEY, PROFESSOR J.E. - This Sheba, Self: The Conceptualization of Economic Life in Eighteenth-Century America (the Johns Hopkins University Studies in Historical and Political Science)
058176: CROWTHER, M.A. - The Workhouse System 1834-1929. The History of an English Social Institution
010847: CROZIER, BRIAN - The Minimum State: Beyond Party Politics
030129: CROZIER, WILLIAM PERCIVAL - Off the Record : Political Interviews, 1933-1943
084203: CROZIER, WILLIAM PERCIVAL - Off the Record;: Political Interviews 1933-1943,
04361: CRUICKSHANK, IONA;CHINNERY, GILBERT ALLEN - Victorian and Edwardian Leicestershire from Old Photographs
015333: CRUSH, JONATHAN - The Struggle for Swazi Labour, 1890-1920
042190: CRUTTENDEN, JOSEPH;STEELE, IAN KENNETH - Atlantic Merchant-Apothecary: Letters of Joseph Cruttenden, 1710-1717
017176: CRUZEIRO MARIA EDUARDA - Processos de Intensificacao No Portugues Dos Seculos XIII a XV.
048986: CUBITT, GEOFFREY - History and Memory
081417: CUCCIA, PHILLIP R. - Napoleon in Italy: The Sieges of Mantua, 1796 - –1799 (Campaigns and Commanders Series)
049576: CULLEN, LOUIS M. - The Brandy Trade Under the Ancien Régime : Regional Specialisation in the Charente
054430: CULLEN, L. M.;FURET, FRANCOIS - Ireland and France, 17th-20th Centuries: Towards a Comparative Study of Rural History Proceedings of the First Franco-Irish Symposium on Social and Economic History, Dublin
058955: CULLINGFORD, E.C.M. - Trade Unions in West Germany
048692: CUMBERLAND, RICHARD - The Letters of Richard Cumberland
029382: CUMING, G. J. - Mission of the Church and the Propagation of the Faith : Papers Read at the Seventh Summer Meeting and the Eighth Winter Meeting of the Ecclesiastical History Society
080747: CUMMINGS, BRIAN - The Literary Culture of the Reformation: Grammar and Grace
050865: CUMMINGS HUBERTIS M. - The Indebtedness of Chaucer's Works to the Italian Works of Boccaccio (a Review and Summary).
017190: CUNNAC J. - Un Village Minervois Sous L'Ancien Regime. Histoire de Pepieux. Des Origines a la Revolution.
046694: CUNNINGHAM, EDWARD - The Port Hudson Campaign, 1862-1863
057124: CUNNINGHAM, VALENTINE - The Spanish Front: Writers on the CIVIL War
058525: CURIA REGIS ROLLS - Curia Regis Rolls. Reign of Henry III. 4 - 5 Henry III.
040846: CURRAN, WILLIAM - Mitts: A Celebration of the Art of Fielding
058064: CURRENT AFFAIRS MAGAZINE - Current Affairs. Vol. 1 Nos. 1 to 26, April 1946 to April 1947
083756: CURRIE, ROBERT - Industrial Politics
050502: CURRIE, C. R. J. - English Country Histories
084304: CURTHOYS, MARK - Governments, Labour, and the Law in Mid-Victorian Britain: The Trade Union Legislation of the 1870s (Oxford Historical Monographs)
018966: CURTI MERLE - The Making of an American Community. A Case Study of Democracy in a Frontier County.
042977: CURTI MERLE - The Roots of American Loyalty.
031481: CURTIS S. KING, WILLIAM GLENN ROBERTSON, STEVEN E. CLAY - Staff Ride Handbook for the Overland Campaign, Virginia, 4 May to 15 June 1864 : A Study in Operational - Level Command
031481: CURTIS S. KING, WILLIAM GLENN ROBERTSON, STEVEN E. CLAY - Staff Ride Handbook for the Overland Campaign, Virginia, 4 May to 15 June 1864 : A Study in Operational - Level Command
004979: CURTIS, ALEXANDER ROSS - Crispin Ier : La Vie Et L'Oeuvre de Raymond Poisson, Comedien-Poete Du 17 Siecle
042857: CURTIS PUTNAM NETTELS - The Emergence of a National Economy, 1775-1815
057901: CURTIS, EUGENE NEWTON - French Assembly of 1848 and American Constitutional Doctrines (Columbia Studies in the Social Sciences)
042916: CURTIS MICHAEL - Western European Integration.
082783: CURTIS S. KING, WILLIAM GLENN ROBERTSON, STEVEN E. CLAY - Staff Ride Handbook for the Overland Campaign, Virginia, 4 May to 15 June 1864 : A Study in Operational - Level Command
060563: CURTIS, JOYCE M. - Windmills in Pinchbeck, Lincolnshire: A History and Description
047350: CURTISS, JOHN SHELTON - Russia's Crimean War
051613: CURTISS JOHN SHELTON - Essays in Russian and Soviet History. In Honor of Geroid Tanquary Robinson.
046860: CUSHING STANLEY ELLIS - George Washington Library Collection
031213: CUSHMAN, STEPHEN - Bloody Promenade. Reflections on a CIVIL War Battle
042355: CUSSANS, JOHN EDWIN; DEACON, AUDREY; WALNE, PETER - 'a Professional Hertfordshire Tramp'
056307: CUSUMANO, MICHAEL A. - The Japanese Automobile Industry: Technology and Management at Nissan and Toyota (Harvard East Asian Monographs)
058846: CYNTHIA DOMINIK - Is Poland Being Americanized?: Proceedings from the Conference Organized by the American Studies Center of Warsaw University and the Polish-Us Fulbright Commission, Warsaw, June 13-14, 1997
052734: CYR, ARTHUR - British Foreign Policy and the Atlantic Area : The Techniques of Accommodation
055233: CYRIL HUGHES HARTMANN - The Vagabond Duichess. The Life of Hortense Manchini, Duchesse Mazarin
058981: CYRIL BURT - The Young Delinqent
030978: CYRIL HARE - Tragedy at Law
023774: CYRIL HENRY PHILIPS - Handbook of Oriental History
040205: CYRIL DARYLL FORDE - Marriage and the Family Among the Yakö in South-Eastern Nigeria
051098: CYRIL HUGHES HARTMANN - Clifford of the Cabal: A Life of Thomas, First Lord Clifford of Chudleigh, Lord High Treasurer of England (1630-1673)
055137: CYRIL HUGHES HARTMANN - The King's Friend. A Life of Charles Berkeley, Viscount Fitzhardinge, Earl of Falmouth (1630-1665)
044097: CZERE, ANDREA;SZEPMUVESZETI MUZEUM (HUNGARY) - Disegni Di Artisti Bolognesi Nel Museo Delle Belle Arti Di Budapest
044722: D. H. CUSHING, OTTO KINNE, JOHN D. COSTLOW - Towards a Science of Recruitment in Fish Populations
060620: D.E. BUTLER - Elections Abroad. 1957 - 1958.
054254: D.V. GLASS - Social Mobility in Britain
058087: D.V. GLASS - The Struggle for Population
060464: D.A. COLEMAN - Ireland North and South. Perspectives from Social Science
055127: D.N. CHEST, F.M.G. WILLSON - The Organization of British Central Government 1914-1956. A Survey by a Study Group of the Royal Institue of Public Administration
054691: D. ANGEL FERRARI NUNEZ - En la Espana Medieval IV. Estudios Dedicados Al Profesor D. Angel Ferrari Núñez Tomo I.
042237: D. T JACK - The Restoration of European Currencies
054692: D. ANGEL FERRARI NUNEZ - En la Espana Medieval IV. Estudios Dedicados Al Profesor D. Angel Ferrari Núñez Tomo II.
083877: D. H. MACGREGOR - Economic Thought and Policy
043627: D. WORTHINGTON - Catalogue of British Official Publications Not Published by H.M. S.O.
059624: D.B. HORN - English Historical Documents 1714-1815. Being a Selection of Documents from "English Historical Documents" Vol. X and XI
030108: D. H. S. CRANAGE - Cathedral Church of Norwich. Thirteen-Hundredth Anniversary of the Diocese
041900: D.T. WITCOMBE - Charles II and the Cavalier House of Commons 1663-1674
049288: D.F. SCHLOSS - Report to the Board of Trade on Agencies and Methods for Dealing with the Unemployed in Certain Foreign Countries by Mr. D.F. Schloss
015338: D'ENTREMONT, JOHN - Southern Emancipator : Moncure Conway: The American Years, 1832-1865
005320: D'HAUTERIVE ERNEST (EDITED FROM THE ORIGINAL MANUSCRIPT ) - Journal of the Comte D'Espinchal During the Emigration.
053694: D'EMILIO, JOHN - Making Trouble : Essays on Gay History, Politics, and the University
045153: D'ENCAUSSE, HELENE CARRERE - The Great Challenge: Nationalities and the Bolshevik State 1917-1930
050910: D'HAUDRECY LOUIS D'ARRAS, DORBAN MICHEL, DUPONT-BOUCHAT MARIE-SYLVIE - La Criminalite en Wallonie Sous L'Ancien Regime. Trois Essais.
010704: DABNEY WILLIAM M. AND DARGAN MARION - William Henry Drayton and the American Revolution.
046742: DADDOW, OLIVER J. - Britain and Europe Since 1945 : Historiographical Perspectives on Integration
055894: DAFYDD EVANS - Lanier. Histoire D'Un Mot.
017173: DAGENS JEAN - Bibliographie Chronologique de la Litterature de Spiritulaite Et de Ses Sources (1501-1610)
053269: DAGMAR KIFT - The Zioller II/IV 'Model' Colliery. The Museum of Social and Cultural History of Coal Mining in the Ruhr Area
082424: DAGMAR HERRMANN, KARL EIMERMACHER - Deutsche Und Deutschland Aus Russischer Sicht (West-Ostliche Spiegelungen) (German Edition)
008333: DAHL SVEND ET. AL. (EDITED). THE HUMANITIES AND THE SCIENCES IN DENMARK. - The Humanities and the Sciences in Denmark During the Second World War.
020641: DAHLMAN, C. J. - The Open Field System and Beyond
081073: DAI, YINGCONG - The Sichuan Frontier and Tibet: Imperial Strategy in the Early Qing (China Program Books)
059988: DAILY TELEGRAPH - Election '66: Gallup Analysis of the Voting Results
024218: DAKIN, ARTHUR - Calvinism
051070: DALTON, ROY CLINTON - The Jesuits' Estates Question, 1760-1888;: A Study of the Background for the Agitation of 1889
008979: DALTON CHARLES - The Blenheim Roll. 1704.
043950: DALTON, CHARLES - Blenheim Roll 1704
048405: DALZELL, ROBERT F. JR. - Daniel Webster and the Trial of American Nationalism, 1843-1852
055861: HELENA ALLEGONDA ANNA DAMAVE - Die Sprache Der Pilgerfahrt Des Traumenden Monchs. Ein Beitrag Zur Geschichte Der Kolner Mundart IM Funfzehnten Jahrhundert.
043333: DAMIAN, ARACELI - Adjustment, Poverty and Employment in Mexico
060268: DAMOUSI, JOY - Colonial Voices: A Cultural History of English in Australia, 1840-1940 (Cambridge Social and Cultural Histories)
082965: DAMROSCH, LEO - Jonathan Swift: His Life and His World
042999: DAMROSCH LEO - The Profession of Eighteenth-Century Literature: Reflections on an Institution
009837: DAN THEODORE (EDITED BY JOEL CARMICHAEL ) - The Origins of Bolshevism.
060129: DAN DE QUILLE - The Big Bonanza. An American Classic : The Story of the Discovery and Development of Nevada's Comstock Lode.
007958: DANAHER, MARY A. - The Commemorative Coinage of Modern Sports
057515: DANDO-COLLINS, STEPHEN - Nero's Killing Machine: The True Story of Rome's Remarkable 14th Legion
057517: DANDO-COLLINS, STEPHEN - Mark Antony's Heroes: How the Third Gallica Legion Saved an Apostle and Created an Emperor
042321: DANEL, ISABELLE - Des Etoiles Sont Nees: Les Nouveaux Acteurs Du Cinema Francais 60 Portraits-Entretiens
049408: DANHOF, CLARENCE H. - Change in Agriculture; the Northern United States, 1820-1870
082899: DANIEL EPPLEY - Reading the Bible with Richard Hooker
045987: DANIEL L. HOROWITZ - The Italian Labor Movement
055899: DANIEL L. HOROWITZ - The Italian Labor Movement
020289: DANIEL J. WALKOWITZ (EDITOR), LISA MAYA KNAUER - Contested Histories in Public Space: Memory, Race, and Nation
047958: DANIEL SCHLÄPPI - Umbruch Und Beständigkeit: Kontinuitäten in Der Helvetischen Revolution Von 1798
047900: DANIEL, LARRY J. - Shiloh : The Battle That Changed the CIVIL War
044807: DANIEL THORNILEY - The Rise and Fall of the Soviet Rural Communist Party, 1927-39
056442: DANIEL NORMAN CHESTER - Lessons of the British War Economy
052120: DANIEL, RALPH T. - The Anthem in New England Before 1800
027858: DANIEL HOVEY CALHOUN - Professional Lives in America: Structure and Aspiration, 1750-1850
081860: DANIEL A. SHARP - U.S. Foreign Policy and Peru
059431: DANIEL OWEN SPENCE - Colonial Naval Culture and British Imperialism, 1922-67 (Studies in Imperialism)
059550: DANIEL J. WALKOWITZ, PAUL AMAR - Contested Histories in Public Space: Memory, Race, and Nation (Radical Perspectives)
084632: DANIEL SCHORR; DAVID FROMKIN; MILTON VIORST; SANDRA MACKEY; ZAHI HAWASS - Cradle and Crucible : History and Faith in the Middle East
083758: DANIEL DEFOE - Selected Writings of Daniel Defoe
045312: DANIEL GUERIN - Fascism and Big Business
082224: DANIEL BERKELEY UPDIKE - Printing Types: Their History, Forms, and Use, a Study in Survivals (Two Volume Set)
044825: DANIEL ORLOVSKY - Social and Economic History of Prerevolutionary Russia
080302: DANIEL REYNAUD - The Man the Anzacs Revered
054725: DANIEL NORMAN CHESTER - Lessons of the British War Economy
048403: DANIEL M. KIMMEL - Jar Jar Binks Must Die and Other Observations About Science Fiction Movies
048611: DANIEL DEFOE - The History of Colonel Jack
055080: DANIELA FRIGO - Politics and Diplomacy in Early Modern Italy : The Structure of Diplomatic Practice, 1450-1800
082112: DANIELA SOGLIANI - La Battaglia Di Solferino E San Martino. Arte, Storia E Mito
027439: DANIELL, JERE R. - Experiment in Republicanism : New Hampshire Politics and the American Revolution, 1741-1794
029401: DANIELL, CHRISTOPHER - Atlas of Medieval Britain
047243: DANIELLE TARTAKOWSKY - La Part Du Reve, Histoire Du 1er Mai en France
053257: DANIELLO, BERNARDINO - L' Espositione Di Bernardino Daniello Da Lucca Sopra la Comedia Di Dante
048179: DANIELS, BRUCE C. - Town and County: Essays on the Structure of Local Government in the American Colonies
056972: DANIELS, ROBERT VINCENT - Russia: The Roots of Confrontation
040515: DANIELS, STEPHEN; WATKINS, C. - The Picturesque Landscape : Visions of Georgian Herefordshire
042921: DANNY PEARY - We Played the Game: 65 Players Remember Baseball's Greatest Era, 1947-1964
044007: DANNY KENNALLY , ERIC PRESTON - Belfast , August 1971. A Case to Be Answered
057417: DANSETTE, ADRIEN - Histoire de la Liberation de Paris en 2 Tome
045356: DANZIGER, RENEE - Political Powerlessness : Agricultural Workers in Post-War England
084158: DAPHNE POCHIN MOULD - The Monasteries of Ireland
056084: DARBY, PHILLIP - Three Faces of Imperialism: British and American Approaches to Asia and Africa, 1870-1970
021073: DARBY H C. AND TERRATT I. B. - The Domesday Geography of Midland England
080102: DARBY ET AL - Scientific Survey of Cambridgeshire
060593: DARBY, H. C. - The Domesday Geography of Eastern England (Domesday Geography of England)
009101: DARCOURT PIERRE - De Lattre Au Viet-Nam. Une Annee de Victories.
017963: DARGAN EDWIN PRESTON - The Aesthetic Doctrine of Montesquieu. Its Application in His Writings.
059773: DARGO, GEORGE - Jefferson's Louisiana: Politics and the Clash of Legal Traditions (Studies in Legal History)
048027: DARGO, GEORGE - Law in the New Republic: Private Law and the Public Estate
082620: DARLING, MARGARET J. - Archaeology of Lincoln: Group of Late Roman Pottery from Lincoln Vol 16
045510: DARLINGTON, RALPH - Syndicalism and the Transition to Communism: An International Comparative Analysis
057497: DARMAING, A - L'Ouest Dans la Tourmente: La Guerre Civile Francaise, 1793 - 1815
009836: DARMSTAEDTER F. - Bismarck and the Creation of the Second Reich.
046647: DARREN SARISKY - Scriptural Interpretation: A Theological Exploration
028342: DARYLL FORDE, PAULA BROWN, ROBERT G. ARMSTRONG - Peoples of the Niger-Benue Confluence: The Nupe by Daryll Forde : The Igbira by Paula Brown : The Igala by Robert G. Armstrong : The Idoma-Speaking Peoples by Robert G. Armstrong
084474: DARYLL FORDE - Yako Studies
058081: DASGUPTA, AMIYA - Epochs of Economic Theory
060244: DAUM, ANDREAS W. - Kennedy in Berlin (Publications of the German Historical Institute)
057959: DAUM, ANDREAS; MAUCH, CHRISTOF - Berlin - Washington, 1800-2000: Capital Cities, Cultural Representation, and National Identities (Publications of the German Historical Institute)
017174: DAUZAT ALBERT - Etudes de Linguistique Francaise.
054464: DAVENPORT, NICHOLAS - Memoirs of a City Radical
056111: DAVENPORT-HINES, R. P. T. - Dudley Docker : The Life and Times of a Trade Warrior
080604: DAVID E. APTER - The Gold Coast in Transition.
084519: DAVID S. WALL; MARTIN STALLION - The British Police: Police Forces and Chief Officers, 1829-2000 (Police History Monographs)
056312: DAVID LLOYD GEORGE - The Truth About Reparations and War-Debts
047718: DAVID ELLIOT - Modern Museum
055040: DAVID L. PEACE ET AL - Neutrality, the Rights of Shipping and the Use of Force in the Persian Gulf War (Part 1)
060858: DAVID J. ROTHMAN , STANTON WHEELER - Social History and Social Policy
030558: DAVID FEARNEHOUGH - Derbyshire Extremes
030568: DAVID HESS J. ROSENDAAL - Hollandia Regenerata
083512: DAVID NICOLLE - The Cappella Palatina Ceiling and the Muslim Military. Inheritance of Norman Sicily
055563: DAVID CUNNINGHAM - Klansville, U.S. A: The Rise and Fall of the CIVIL Rights-Era Ku Klux Klan
084231: DAVID BOUCHER - The British Idealists (Cambridge Texts in the History of Political Thought)
004346: DAVID, RICHARD (EDITED) - Hakluyts Voyages. A Selection.
056276: DAVID EDGEWORTH BUTLER , ANTHONY KING - The British General Election of 1964
058834: DAVID M. PATTON - Breaking Barriers, Nairobi 1975: The Official Report of the Fifth Assembly of the World Council of Churches, Nairobi, 23 November - 10 December, 1975
026824: DAVID MCLELLAN - The Young Hegelians and Karl Marx
080095: DAVID PARSONS - Liturgy and Architecture in the Early Middle Ages
059077: DAVID HOROWITZ - Isaac Deutscher: The Man and His Work
026376: DAVID F. TRASK, ROGER R. TRASK, MICHAEL C. MEYER - A Bibliography of United States - Latin American Relations Since 1810: A Selected List of 11000 Publ. References
084446: DAVID KNOWLES - The Heads of Religious Houses: England and Wales, III. 1377-1540
055873: DAVID OGILVY - A General Itinerary of England and Wales, with Part of Scotland: Containing All the Direct, and Principal Cross Roads to Every City and Market Town... Arranged on a New Plan... With Three Copious Indexes... To Which Are Added Several Useful Tables.
054309: DAVID J. WELSH - Russian Comedy, 1765-1823.
047522: DAVID CHARLES CUMMINGS - A Historical Survey of the Boiler Makers' and Iron and Steel Ship Builders' Society: From August, 1834, to August, 1904. With a Brief Sketch of the Life and Work of Its Leading Officials; Comparisons between Boilermaking, Shipbuilding, and Bridgebuilding in the Early Days of Its History and of Its History and of Moder Times...
030134: DAVID SEARS - The Last Epic Naval Battle: Voices from Leyte Gulf
031360: DAVID DOYLE - M50a1 Ontos - Detail in Action
081661: DAVID KIRKPATRICK - Fighting in the Fog of War. Decision-Making Under Extreme Uncertainty in the Waterloo Campaign
082999: DAVID FORGACS - A Gramsci Reader. Selected Writings 1916-1935
060651: DAVID AUSTIN ,STEPHEN RIPPON , PAUL STAMPER - Landscapes. Volume 8, Number 2 , Autumn 2007
058188: DAVID C. MARSH - National Insurance and Assistance in Great Britain
043304: DAVID SCHMIDTCHEN - "Eyes Wide Open": Stability, Change and Network-Enabling Technology
084633: DAVID AUSTIN , PAUL STAMPER - Landscapes. Volume 7, Number 1, Spring 2006
057403: DAVID CLAY JENKINS - Welsh Rural Communitites
050794: DAVID PRYCE-JONES - The Fall of Paris. Testimonies Chosen by David Pryce-Jones
082207: DAVID HUME - Baron David Hume's Lectures 1786-1822.
057947: DAVID V. GLASS - The Town and a Changing Civilisation
080012: DAVID S. LOVEJOY - The Glorious Revolution in America
080112: DAVID WIGHTMAN - Economic Co-Operation in Europe: A Study of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. European Center. Prizes in International Organisation Series)
050021: DAVID CHAPLIN - The Peruvian Industrial Labor Force
024047: DAVID MAGIE - The Scriptores Historiae Augustae, Volume 2
040977: DAVID R. LOGSDON - Who Sank Who in World War II?
043880: DAVID BRODY - Steelworkers in America. The Nonunion Era
030571: DAVID ARMSTRONG - Revolutionary Diplomacy
082360: DAVID A POSTLES - Missed Opportunities? Religious Houses and the Laity in the English High Middle Ages
082416: DAVID R. HIGGINS - The Swamp Fox: Francis Marion's Campaign in the Carolinas 1780 (Raid)
045558: DAVID B. RUDERMAN - Preachers of the Italian Ghetto
083264: DAVID LLOYD GEORGE - My Darling Pussy: Letters of Lloyd George and Frances Stevenson, 1913-41
083690: DAVID HOOPER , KENNETH WHYLD - The Oxford Companion to Chess
083037: DAVID GATES - The Un and Europe's Security Institutions : Dashed Expectations?
054393: DAVID B. RALSTON - Soldiers and States: CIVIL-Military Relations in Modern Europe
056479: DAVID WARD - Cities and Immigrants: A Geography of Change in Nineteenth-Century America
055577: DAVID FARBER - Everybody Ought to Be Rich: The Life and Times of John J. Raskob, Capitalist
080696: DAVID BOOY - The Notebooks of Nehemiah Wallington, 1618-1654: A Selection
030849: DAVID NICOLLE - Islamische Waffen
060498: DAVID EKSERDJIAN , ROBERT BOWMAN - Rodin: In Private Hands
055858: DAVID, HUGH - On Queer Street. A Social History of British Homosexuality 1895-1995
053316: DAVID MCLELLAN, KARL MARX - Early Marx Texts
083521: DAVID PAUL CROOK - American Democracy in English Politics 1815-1850
049692: DAVID W. GLASS - Population Policies and Movements in Europe
080467: DAVID W. BROKENSHA - Social Change at Larteh, Ghana.
054370: DAVID LIVINGSTONE - Travels in South Africa (1840-1856)
081872: DAVID RICARDO - ûber Die Grundsätze Der Politischen ôkonomie Und Der Besteuerung
053906: DAVID BUISSERET , TINA REITHMAIER - A Guidebook to Resources for Teachers of the Columbian Encounter
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027735: EICHER, DAVID J. - The CIVIL War in Books : An Analytical Bibliography
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028649: ELLERY QUEEN - In the Queen's Parlour
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041294: ELSPETH JOSCELIN GRANT HUXLEY, MARGERY PERHAM - Race and Politics in Kenya: A Correspondence between Elspeth Huxley and Margery Perham ; with an Introduction by Lord Lugard
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031106: EMMA JANE WORBOISE - The Wife's Trials
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