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051688: CROSS, CLAIRE - The Royal Supremacy in the Elizabethan Church
053115: CROSS, J. A. - Lord Swinton
056578: CROSSLAND, J.BRIAN - Looking at Whitehaven
084337: CROTHERS GEORGE DUNLAP - The German Elections of 1907
055324: CROTTY, MARTIN - Making the Australian Male : Middle-Class Masculinity 1870-1920
045129: CROUCH, COLIN AND PIZZORNO, ALESSANDRO;PIZZORNO, ALESSANDRO - The Resurgence of Class Conflict in Western Europe Since 1968. Volume 2 - Comparative Analyses
084237: CROUCH, COLIN; MARQUAND, DAVID - National Identities: The Constitution of the United Kingdom (Political Quarterly Special Issues)
058272: CROUCHER, RICHARD - Engineers at War, 1939-45
053097: CROWHURST, PATRICK - The Defence of British Trade, 1689-1815
082089: CROWLEY, PROFESSOR J.E. - This Sheba, Self: The Conceptualization of Economic Life in Eighteenth-Century America (the Johns Hopkins University Studies in Historical and Political Science)
084203: CROZIER, WILLIAM PERCIVAL - Off the Record;: Political Interviews 1933-1943,
048986: CUBITT, GEOFFREY - History and Memory
081417: CUCCIA, PHILLIP R. - Napoleon in Italy: The Sieges of Mantua, 1796 - –1799 (Campaigns and Commanders Series)
049576: CULLEN, LOUIS M. - The Brandy Trade Under the Ancien Régime : Regional Specialisation in the Charente
058955: CULLINGFORD, E.C.M. - Trade Unions in West Germany
048692: CUMBERLAND, RICHARD - The Letters of Richard Cumberland
080747: CUMMINGS, BRIAN - The Literary Culture of the Reformation: Grammar and Grace
050865: CUMMINGS HUBERTIS M. - The Indebtedness of Chaucer's Works to the Italian Works of Boccaccio (a Review and Summary).
046694: CUNNINGHAM, EDWARD - The Port Hudson Campaign, 1862-1863
057124: CUNNINGHAM, VALENTINE - The Spanish Front: Writers on the CIVIL War
048525: CURIA REGIS ROLLS - Curia Regis Rolls. Reign of Henry III. 4 - 5 Henry III.
040846: CURRAN, WILLIAM - Mitts: A Celebration of the Art of Fielding
058064: CURRENT AFFAIRS MAGAZINE - Current Affairs. Vol. 1 Nos. 1 to 26, April 1946 to April 1947
083756: CURRIE, ROBERT - Industrial Politics
084304: CURTHOYS, MARK - Governments, Labour, and the Law in Mid-Victorian Britain: The Trade Union Legislation of the 1870s (Oxford Historical Monographs)
042977: CURTI MERLE - The Roots of American Loyalty.
084824: CURTIS, A.ROSS - Crispin 1er: La Vie Et L'Oeuvre de Raymond Poisson, Comedien-Poete Du Xviie Siecle
042857: CURTIS PUTNAM NETTELS - The Emergence of a National Economy, 1775-1815
057901: CURTIS, EUGENE NEWTON - French Assembly of 1848 and American Constitutional Doctrines (Columbia Studies in the Social Sciences)
042916: CURTIS MICHAEL - Western European Integration.
082783: CURTIS S. KING, WILLIAM GLENN ROBERTSON, STEVEN E. CLAY - Staff Ride Handbook for the Overland Campaign, Virginia, 4 May to 15 June 1864 : A Study in Operational - Level Command
086911: CURTISS JOHN SHELTON - Essays in Russian and Soviet History. In Honor of Geroid Tanquary Robinson.
046860: CUSHING STANLEY ELLIS - George Washington Library Collection
042355: CUSSANS, JOHN EDWIN; DEACON, AUDREY; WALNE, PETER - 'a Professional Hertfordshire Tramp'
086659: CYNTHIA BRIDESON - They Had Fashions Then: 14 Looks at the Most Glorious Costume Designers of Hollywood's Golden Age
086514: CYNTHIA MARIA TRUANT - The Rites of Labor: Brotherhoods of Compagnonnage in Old and New Regime France
058846: CYNTHIA DOMINIK - Is Poland Being Americanized?: Proceedings from the Conference Organized by the American Studies Center of Warsaw University and the Polish-Us Fulbright Commission, Warsaw, June 13-14, 1997
052734: CYR, ARTHUR - British Foreign Policy and the Atlantic Area : The Techniques of Accommodation
055233: CYRIL HUGHES HARTMANN - The Vagabond Duichess. The Life of Hortense Manchini, Duchesse Mazarin
058981: CYRIL BURT - The Young Delinqent
055137: CYRIL HUGHES HARTMANN - The King's Friend. A Life of Charles Berkeley, Viscount Fitzhardinge, Earl of Falmouth (1630-1665)
040205: CYRIL DARYLL FORDE - Marriage and the Family Among the Yakö in South-Eastern Nigeria
051098: CYRIL HUGHES HARTMANN - Clifford of the Cabal: A Life of Thomas, First Lord Clifford of Chudleigh, Lord High Treasurer of England (1630-1673)
044097: CZERE, ANDREA;SZEPMUVESZETI MUZEUM (HUNGARY) - Disegni Di Artisti Bolognesi Nel Museo Delle Belle Arti Di Budapest
085357: D.M.M. SHORROCKS , G.J. DAVIES - Notes & Queries for Somerset and Dorset. Centenary Year 1888-1988. March Issue
084929: D.L. POWELL , HILARY JENKINSON - County of Surry. Volume V. Quarter Sessions Records with Other Records of the Justices of the Peace for the County of Surrey. Presented by the Records and Ancient Monuments Committee
086720: D. D. RAPHAEL; DONALD WINCH; ROBERT SKIDELSKY - Great Economists: Smith, Malthus, Keynes (Past Masters)
060620: D.E. BUTLER - Elections Abroad. 1957 - 1958.
054692: D. ANGEL FERRARI NUNEZ - En la Espana Medieval IV. Estudios Dedicados Al Profesor D. Angel Ferrari Núñez Tomo II.
058087: D.V. GLASS - The Struggle for Population
085046: D. A. B. RONALD - Youth, Heroism and War Propaganda: Britain and the Young Maritime Hero, 1745-1820 (Bloomsbury Studies in Military History)
085538: D. M. LOADES - Politics and the Nation, 1450-1660: Obedience, Resistance and Public Order
060464: D.A. COLEMAN - Ireland North and South. Perspectives from Social Science
052892: D.P. O'BRIEN - Classical Economists
085338: D.J. STURDY - The D'Aligres de la Rivière: Servants of the Bourbon State in the Seventeenth Century (Royal Historical Society Studies in History)
055127: D.N. CHEST, F.M.G. WILLSON - The Organization of British Central Government 1914-1956. A Survey by a Study Group of the Royal Institue of Public Administration
086904: D.P. MORTLOCK - Aristocratic Splendour: Money and the World of Thomas Coke, Earl of Leicester
054691: D. ANGEL FERRARI NUNEZ - En la Espana Medieval IV. Estudios Dedicados Al Profesor D. Angel Ferrari Núñez Tomo I.
042237: D. T JACK - The Restoration of European Currencies
086796: D. MARY SHORT - A Bibliography of Printed Items Relating to the City of Lincoln (Publications of the Lincoln Record Society)
083877: D. H. MACGREGOR - Economic Thought and Policy
043627: D. WORTHINGTON - Catalogue of British Official Publications Not Published by H.M. S.O.
059624: D.B. HORN - English Historical Documents 1714-1815. Being a Selection of Documents from "English Historical Documents" Vol. X and XI
086082: D. A. TROTTER - Littera Et Sensus (Exeter Textes Litteraires)
085780: D. C. SIRCAR - Ancient Malwa and the Vikramaditya Tradition.
048797: D.C. COX - Shropshire Historical Documents: A Miscellany (Shropshire Record)
049288: D.F. SCHLOSS - Report to the Board of Trade on Agencies and Methods for Dealing with the Unemployed in Certain Foreign Countries by Mr. D.F. Schloss
052963: D. BONNER-SMITH , SAMUEL BARRINGTON - The Barrington Papers. Selected from the Letters and Papers of Admiral the Hon. Samuel Barrington, and Edited by D. Bonner-Smith, Volume 2
086868: D. RILEY - Yorkshire's Past from the Air
050910: D'HAUDRECY LOUIS D'ARRAS, DORBAN MICHEL, DUPONT-BOUCHAT MARIE-SYLVIE - La Criminalite en Wallonie Sous L'Ancien Regime. Trois Essais.
055894: DAFYDD EVANS - Lanier. Histoire D'Un Mot.
053269: DAGMAR KIFT - The Zioller II/IV 'Model' Colliery. The Museum of Social and Cultural History of Coal Mining in the Ruhr Area
082424: DAGMAR HERRMANN, KARL EIMERMACHER - Deutsche Und Deutschland Aus Russischer Sicht (West-Ostliche Spiegelungen) (German Edition)
085327: DAHL SVEND ET. AL - The Humanities and the Sciences in Denmark During the Second World War.
081073: DAI, YINGCONG - The Sichuan Frontier and Tibet: Imperial Strategy in the Early Qing (China Program Books)
059988: DAILY TELEGRAPH - Election '66: Gallup Analysis of the Voting Results
051451: DALE B.J. AND GEORGE WALTON WILLIAMS (EDS). RANDALL - Studies in the Continental Background of Renaissance English Literature: Essays Presented to John L. Lievsay
085482: DALE B. J. RANDALL - Gentle Flame: The Life and Verse of Dudley, Fourth Lord North
051070: DALTON, ROY CLINTON - The Jesuits' Estates Question, 1760-1888;: A Study of the Background for the Agitation of 1889
043950: DALTON, CHARLES - Blenheim Roll 1704
055861: HELENA ALLEGONDA ANNA DAMAVE - Die Sprache Der Pilgerfahrt Des Traumenden Monchs. Ein Beitrag Zur Geschichte Der Kolner Mundart IM Funfzehnten Jahrhundert.
043333: DAMIAN, ARACELI - Adjustment, Poverty and Employment in Mexico
086437: DAMIEN LEWIS - Sas Ghost Patrol: The Ultra-Secret Unit That Posed As Nazi Stormtroopers
042999: DAMROSCH LEO - The Profession of Eighteenth-Century Literature: Reflections on an Institution
085569: DAN V. PLESHOYANO - Colonel Nicolae Plesoianu and the Regeneration Movement in Walachia
087041: DAN WHITE - The Splintered Party: National Liberalism in Hessen and the Reich, 1867-1918
060129: DAN DE QUILLE - The Big Bonanza. An American Classic : The Story of the Discovery and Development of Nevada's Comstock Lode.
057515: DANDO-COLLINS, STEPHEN - Nero's Killing Machine: The True Story of Rome's Remarkable 14th Legion
042321: DANEL, ISABELLE - Des Etoiles Sont Nees: Les Nouveaux Acteurs Du Cinema Francais 60 Portraits-Entretiens
049408: DANHOF, CLARENCE H. - Change in Agriculture; the Northern United States, 1820-1870
044807: DANIEL THORNILEY - The Rise and Fall of the Soviet Rural Communist Party, 1927-39
082899: DANIEL EPPLEY - Reading the Bible with Richard Hooker
045987: DANIEL L. HOROWITZ - The Italian Labor Movement
055899: DANIEL L. HOROWITZ - The Italian Labor Movement
086179: DANIEL MISONEE - Eilbert de Florennes. Histoire Et Legende la Geste de Raoul de Cambrai.
047958: DANIEL SCHLÄPPI - Umbruch Und Beständigkeit: Kontinuitäten in Der Helvetischen Revolution Von 1798
047900: DANIEL, LARRY J. - Shiloh : The Battle That Changed the CIVIL War
086492: DANIEL TODMAN - Britain's War: Into Battle, 1937-1941
056442: DANIEL NORMAN CHESTER - Lessons of the British War Economy
052120: DANIEL, RALPH T. - The Anthem in New England Before 1800
050231: DANIEL CALLUS; R. W. HUNT - Iohannes Blund: Tractatus de Anima (Auctores Britannici Medii Aevi Abma Cloth)
081860: DANIEL A. SHARP - U.S. Foreign Policy and Peru
059550: DANIEL J. WALKOWITZ, PAUL AMAR - Contested Histories in Public Space: Memory, Race, and Nation (Radical Perspectives)
084632: DANIEL SCHORR; DAVID FROMKIN; MILTON VIORST; SANDRA MACKEY; ZAHI HAWASS - Cradle and Crucible : History and Faith in the Middle East
048125: DANIEL WEBSTER - Daniel Webster, "the Completest Man": Documents from the Papers of Daniel Webster
082224: DANIEL BERKELEY UPDIKE - Printing Types: Their History, Forms, and Use, a Study in Survivals (Two Volume Set)
044825: DANIEL ORLOVSKY - Social and Economic History of Prerevolutionary Russia
080302: DANIEL REYNAUD - The Man the Anzacs Revered
049774: DANIEL E. ROGERS - Politics After Hitler: The Western Allies and the German Party System
048403: DANIEL M. KIMMEL - Jar Jar Binks Must Die and Other Observations About Science Fiction Movies
055080: DANIELA FRIGO - Politics and Diplomacy in Early Modern Italy : The Structure of Diplomatic Practice, 1450-1800
082112: DANIELA SOGLIANI - La Battaglia Di Solferino E San Martino. Arte, Storia E Mito
053257: DANIELLO, BERNARDINO - L' Espositione Di Bernardino Daniello Da Lucca Sopra la Comedia Di Dante
056972: DANIELS, ROBERT VINCENT - Russia: The Roots of Confrontation
040515: DANIELS, STEPHEN; WATKINS, C. - The Picturesque Landscape : Visions of Georgian Herefordshire
042921: DANNY PEARY - We Played the Game: 65 Players Remember Baseball's Greatest Era, 1947-1964
057417: DANSETTE, ADRIEN - Histoire de la Liberation de Paris en 2 Tome
045356: DANZIGER, RENEE - Political Powerlessness : Agricultural Workers in Post-War England
080102: DARBY ET AL - Scientific Survey of Cambridgeshire
048027: DARGO, GEORGE - Law in the New Republic: Private Law and the Public Estate
045510: DARLINGTON, RALPH - Syndicalism and the Transition to Communism: An International Comparative Analysis
057497: DARMAING, A - L'Ouest Dans la Tourmente: La Guerre Civile Francaise, 1793 - 1815
086708: DARON BURROWS - The Life of Saint Clement: A Translation of la Vie de Seint Clement (Medieval & Renais Text Studies)
046647: DARREN SARISKY - Scriptural Interpretation: A Theological Exploration
085137: DARRETT BRUCE RUTMAN - Great Awakening: Event and Exegesis (Problems in American History)
084474: DARYLL FORDE - Yako Studies
057959: DAUM, ANDREAS; MAUCH, CHRISTOF - Berlin - Washington, 1800-2000: Capital Cities, Cultural Representation, and National Identities (Publications of the German Historical Institute)
054464: DAVENPORT, NICHOLAS - Memoirs of a City Radical
057327: DAVID J. ROBINSON - Migration in Colonial Spanish America (Cambridge Studies in Historical Geography)
044722: DAVID H CUSHING - Towards a Science of Recruitment in Fish Populations: 7
086457: DAVID DRAKE - Paris at War: 1939-1944
084519: DAVID S. WALL; MARTIN STALLION - The British Police: Police Forces and Chief Officers, 1829-2000 (Police History Monographs)
055665: DAVID GOUTOR AND STEPHEN HEATHORN - Taking Liberties: A History of Human Rights in Canada
056312: DAVID LLOYD GEORGE - The Truth About Reparations and War-Debts
047718: DAVID ELLIOT - Modern Museum
055040: DAVID L. PEACE ET AL - Neutrality, the Rights of Shipping and the Use of Force in the Persian Gulf War (Part 1)
060858: DAVID J. ROTHMAN , STANTON WHEELER - Social History and Social Policy
083512: DAVID NICOLLE - The Cappella Palatina Ceiling and the Muslim Military. Inheritance of Norman Sicily
086278: DAVID C. BIANCULLI - Teleliteracy: Taking Television Seriously
085212: DAVID NIBLOCK - Fleet List. The Anglo Dutch Wars. Plus Vessels at the Four Days Battle of 1666. French Fleets of 1666
086712: DAVID M. WILSON - Forgotten Collector: Augustus Wollaston Franks of the British Museum (Walter Neurath Memorial Lectures)
049813: DAVID NICHOLAS - Urban Europe, 1100-1700
086831: DAVID RAGAN - Movie Stars of the '40s: A Complete Reference Guide for the Film Historian or Trivia Buff
080095: DAVID PARSONS - Liturgy and Architecture in the Early Middle Ages
086748: DAVID S. SYTSMA - Richard Baxter and the Mechanical Philosophers (Oxford Studies in Historical Theology)
086198: DAVID HOBBS - Warships of the Great War Era: A History in Ship Models
058105: DAVID MCLELLAN - Marxism After Marx
056769: DAVID L. EDWARDS - Christian England Volume 3: From the 18th Century to the First World War
086354: DAVID MARC - Prime Time, Prime Movers: From I Love Lucy to L.A. Law America's Greatest Tv Shows and the People Who Created Them (Television and Popular Culture)
054309: DAVID J. WELSH - Russian Comedy, 1765-1823.
085818: DAVID METZGER; KATHLEEN VERDUIN; LESLIE J WORKMAN - Studies in Medievalism IX (1997): Medievalism and the Academy, I (Vol 1)
086991: DAVID MARTIN LUEBKE - His Majesty's Rebels: Communities, Factions, and Rural Revolt in the Black Forest, 1725-1745
086404: DAVID LOWENTHAL EMERITUS PROFESSOR OF GEOGRAPHY UNIVERSITY COLLEGE LONDON - Shakespeare's Thought: Unobserved Details and Unsuspected Depths in Eleven Plays
081661: DAVID KIRKPATRICK - Fighting in the Fog of War. Decision-Making Under Extreme Uncertainty in the Waterloo Campaign
056479: DAVID WARD - Cities and Immigrants: A Geography of Change in Nineteenth-Century America
060651: DAVID AUSTIN ,STEPHEN RIPPON , PAUL STAMPER - Landscapes. Volume 8, Number 2 , Autumn 2007
058188: DAVID C. MARSH - National Insurance and Assistance in Great Britain
084924: DAVID HARRIS WILLSON - King James VI and I
086385: DAVID CUPPLEDITCH - The Lincolnshire Coast in Old Photographs (Britain in Old Photographs)
043304: DAVID SCHMIDTCHEN - "Eyes Wide Open": Stability, Change and Network-Enabling Technology
084748: DAVID MATHEW - Scotland Under Charles I.
086000: DAVID MACKENZIE - Ilija Garasanin, Balkan Bismarck
086345: DAVID BIANCULLI - Dictionary of Teleliteracy: Television's 500 Biggest Hits, Misses, and Events
040721: DAVID LLOYD GEORGE - Organizing Prosperity, Being a Memorandum on Unemployment and Reconstruction Submitted to the Government by Mr. Lloyd George
084633: DAVID AUSTIN , PAUL STAMPER - Landscapes. Volume 7, Number 1, Spring 2006
085474: DAVID STEPHAN LUX - Patronage and Royal Science in Seventeenth Century France: The Academie de Physique in Caen
057403: DAVID CLAY JENKINS - Welsh Rural Communitites
086095: DAVID REDFORD - Pop 365: Journey Through Music History Via 365 Albums
086662: DAVID KNOWLES - The Prospects of Medieval Studies. An Inaugural Lecture 1947.
050794: DAVID PRYCE-JONES - The Fall of Paris. Testimonies Chosen by David Pryce-Jones
082207: DAVID HUME - Baron David Hume's Lectures 1786-1822.
057947: DAVID V. GLASS - The Town and a Changing Civilisation
086672: DAVID G. MORGAN-OWEN - The Fear of Invasion: Strategy, Politics, and British War Planning, 1880-1914
054961: DAVID OGG - Herbert Fisher 1865-1940. A Short Biography
080012: DAVID S. LOVEJOY - The Glorious Revolution in America
085136: DAVID J. BUTLER - Tithe Apportionments and Maps of the City of Durham
080112: DAVID WIGHTMAN - Economic Co-Operation in Europe: A Study of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. European Center. Prizes in International Organisation Series)
086808: DAVID RAGAN - Movie Stars of the '30s : A Complete Reference Guide for the Film Historian or Trivia Buff
050021: DAVID CHAPLIN - The Peruvian Industrial Labor Force
086815: DAVID M. ROBINSON - Cowbridge: The Archaeology and Topography of a Small Market Town in the Vale of Glamorgan (Town Survey / Glamorgan-Gwent Archeological Trust)
040977: DAVID R. LOGSDON - Who Sank Who in World War II?
086935: DAVID HARRIS WILLSON - The Privy Councillors in the House of Commons, 1604-1629
082360: DAVID A POSTLES - Missed Opportunities? Religious Houses and the Laity in the English High Middle Ages
085135: DAVID JABLONSKY - Strategic Studies Institute. Professional Readings in Military Strategy, No. Ten. The Owl of Minerva Flies at Twilight: Doctrinal Change and Continuity and the Revolution in Military Affairs.
045558: DAVID B. RUDERMAN - Preachers of the Italian Ghetto
083264: DAVID LLOYD GEORGE - My Darling Pussy: Letters of Lloyd George and Frances Stevenson, 1913-41
083037: DAVID GATES - The Un and Europe's Security Institutions : Dashed Expectations?
085752: DAVID T. GILCHRIST - The Growth of the Seaport Cities, 1790-1825. (Mainly American). Proceedings of a Conference , March 1966.
054393: DAVID B. RALSTON - Soldiers and States: CIVIL-Military Relations in Modern Europe
085829: DAVID PETERSON DEL MAR - What Trouble I Have Seen: A History of Violence Against Wives
085796: DAVID E. OWEN , C. VINCENT BELLAMY - Publications of the Thoresby Society: 1954: Volume XLIII, No. 102. Kirkstall Abbey Excavations 1950-1954.
086786: DAVID LLEWELLYN JENKINS - Whither God Brings Us: Cambridge and the Reformation Martyrs
060498: DAVID EKSERDJIAN , ROBERT BOWMAN - Rodin: In Private Hands
055858: DAVID, HUGH - On Queer Street. A Social History of British Homosexuality 1895-1995
047522: DAVID CHARLES CUMMINGS - A Historical Survey of the Boiler Makers' and Iron and Steel Ship Builders' Society: From August, 1834, to August, 1904. With a Brief Sketch of the Life and Work of Its Leading Officials; Comparisons between Boilermaking, Shipbuilding, and Bridgebuilding in the Early Days of Its History and of Its History and of Moder Times...
053316: DAVID MCLELLAN, KARL MARX - Early Marx Texts
083521: DAVID PAUL CROOK - American Democracy in English Politics 1815-1850
086476: DAVID WRAGG - Royal Navy Handbook 1939-1945
048096: DAVID W. GALENSON - White Servitude in Colonial America: An Economic Analysis
049692: DAVID W. GLASS - Population Policies and Movements in Europe
080467: DAVID W. BROKENSHA - Social Change at Larteh, Ghana.
054370: DAVID LIVINGSTONE - Travels in South Africa (1840-1856)
081872: DAVID RICARDO - ûber Die Grundsätze Der Politischen ôkonomie Und Der Besteuerung
086361: DAVID WRAGG - The Fleet Air Arm Handbook 1939-45, the
053906: DAVID BUISSERET , TINA REITHMAIER - A Guidebook to Resources for Teachers of the Columbian Encounter
043880: DAVID BRODY - Steelworkers in America. The Nonunion Era
046549: DAVID CHILDS - From Schumacher to Brandt. The Story of German Socialism 1945-1965
084937: DAVID LITTLE - Religion, Order, and Law: A Study in Pre-Revolutionary England
085114: DAVID R. METS - Educating Air Force Professionals : The Role of History and Ethics.
058011: DAVID SHAPIRO - The Right in France 1890-1919. Three Studies
085772: DAVID S. LOVEJOY - Religious Enthusiasm in the New World: Heresy to Revolution
082143: DAVID HACKETT FISCHER - The Revolution of American Conservatism: The Federalist Party in the Era of Jeffersonian Democracy
055577: DAVID FARBER - Everybody Ought to Be Rich: The Life and Times of John J. Raskob, Capitalist
082521: DAVID LEVERENZ - The Language of Puritan Feeling. An Exploration in Literature, Psychology and Social History
050613: DAVID HURST - Historia Universalis: A First Draft
086889: DAVID BATES - A Bibliography of Domesday Book
040535: DAVID RUBINSTEIN - People for the People: Radical Ideas and Personalities in British Social History
085539: DAVID M. LOADES - Revolution in Religion: The English Reformation 1530-1570 (University of Wales Press - Past in Perspective)
084900: DAVID SPENCER MOYER - The Logic of the Laws. A Structural Analysis of Malay Language Legal Codes from Bengkulu.
060864: DAVID GEORGE BOYCE - Nationalism in Ireland.
052634: DAVID HANNAY - Letters Written by Sir Samuel Hood (Viscount Hood) in 1781-2-3
085177: DAVID C. DOUGLAS - The Norman Fate 1100-1154
050731: DAVID E. MARTIN; DAVID RUBINSTEIN - Ideology and the Labour Movement
082384: DAVID PALMER, ROSS SHANAHAN, MARTIN SHANAHAN (EDITORS) - Australian Labour History Reconsidered
045608: DAVID CONNERY - Gbaed 2030: A Concept for Ground-Based Aerospace Defence in the Army-After-Next
082385: DAVID QUIGLEY - Second Founding: New York City, Reconstruction, and the Making of American Democracy
086144: DAVID J. EICHER - Dixie Betrayed: How the South Really Lost the CIVIL War
057127: DAVID JAMES - Contemporary British Fiction and the Artistry of Space: Style, Landscape, Perception (Continuum Literary Studies)
080604: DAVID E. APTER - The Gold Coast in Transition.
043980: DAVID CANNADINE - Making History Now: An Inaugural Lecture
080448: DAVID WEBB , ALISON CARPENTER - The Eastern Fringe of the City. A Photographic Tour of the Bishopgate Area in 1912
085676: DAVID E SCHOB - Hired Hands and Plowboys: Farm Labor in the Midwest, 1815-60
086077: DAVID CARLTON - Macdonald Versus Henderson
086282: DAVID SMITH - Whispers Across the Atlantick: General William Howe and the American Revolution
048478: DAVID HERLIHY - Medieval and Renaissance Pistoia: The Social History of an Italian Town, 1200-1430
051265: DAVID BONNER- SMITH , SAMUEL BARRINGTON - The Barrington Papers: Selected from the Letters and Papers of Admiral the Hon. Samuel Barrington, Volume 1
084256: DAVID LEWIS - The Drink Problem and Its Solution.
081633: DAVID MARQUAND - The State in Context : Travails of an Ancien Regime
054021: DAVID MAYER , KENNETH RICHARDS - Western Popular Theatre
081225: DAVID BEVINGTON - The Theatrical City: Culture, Theatre and Politics in London, 1576-1649
085407: DAVID GRAYSON - Hempfield
085115: DAVID LANGLEY - A Signaller's War: The Sketchbook Diary of Pte L. Ellis
043324: DAVIDSON BASIL - Let Freedom Come. Africa in Modern History
045515: DAVIDSON, ROGER - Whitehall and the Labour Problem in Late-Victorian and Edwardian Britain: A Study in Official Statistics and Social Control
055775: DAVIDSON, JOHN COLIN CAMPBELL DAVIDSON, ROBERT RHODES JAMES - Memoirs of a Conservative: J.C. C. Davidson's Memoirs and Papers, 1910-37
048598: DAVIES, JAMES ARTHUR - Education in a Welsh Rural County, 1870-1973
055179: DAVIES, R.W. - The Industrialisation of Soviet Russia: The Soviet Collective Farm, 1929-30 V. 2
082032: DAVIES, D. HYWEL. - The Welsh Nationalist Party, 1925-1945: A Call to Nationhood
052229: DAVIES, K. G. - The North Atlantic World in the Seventeenth Century
083774: DAVIES, LAURENCE - Franck (Master Musicians Series)
053506: DAVIN, DAN - Short Stories from the Second World War
050091: DAVIS, JOSEPH L. - Sectionalism in American Politics: 1774-1787
042855: DAVIS, RICHARD HARDING - Moments in Hell: Notes of a War Correspondent
050134: DAVIS VINCENT - Postwar Defense Policy and the U.S. Navy, 1943-1946.
051031: DAVIS, THOMAS J. - A Rumor of Revolt : The "Great Negro Plot" in Colonial New York
080277: DAVIS, HENRY WILLIAM CARLESS - Essays in History
050916: DAVIS RALPH - Trade and Shipping of Hull, 1500 -1700.
043068: DAVIS, JAMES W.;DOLBEARE, KENNETH M. - Little Groups of Neighbors: The Selective Service System
049077: DAVIS, PAUL K.;HAMILTON, ALLEN LEE - Encyclopedia of Warrior Peoples and Fighting Groups
047677: DAVIS, RICHARD BEALE - Intellectual Life in Jefferson's Virginia, 1790-1830
046021: DAVIS, JOHN - Gramsci and Italy's Passive Revolution
051996: DAVIS, WILLIAM C. - The Battle of New Market
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053714: EMIL LUDWIG - Defender of Democracy. Masaryk Speaks
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059698: EMILE DE LAVELEYE - Le Socialisme Contemporain
083842: EMILE ZOLA - Au Bonheur Des Dames (the Ladies' Delight) (Penguin Classics)
059789: EMILE DUIRKHEIM - The Rules of Sociological Method
042462: EMILE MARCO DE SAINT-HILAIRE - Histoire de la Garde Imperiale
059163: EMILE ERCKMANN, ERCKMANN-CHATRIAN - The Country in Danger (1792), or, Episodes of the Great French Revolution - the Story of a Peasant
055676: EMILI GIRALT I RAVENTOS - Estudis D'Historia Agraria. Conflictes I Negociacio en el Mon Rural 25
045363: EMILY DOROTHEA PROUD - Welfare Work, Employers' Experiments for Improving Working Conditions in Factories
059068: EMMA PIRANI - Miniatura Romanica.
047474: EMMA JANE WORBOISE - The Wife's Trials
056066: EMMA JANE WORBOISE - The Lillingstones of Lillingstone or the Secret of Strength
052315: EMMA L. MENZIES - Achachlacher
042120: EMMANUEL CHUKWUDI EZE - Race and the Enlightenment: A Reader
044398: EMMONS, TERENCE - Russian Landed Gentry and the Peasant Emancipation of 1861
045971: EMMONS, TERENCE - The Formation of Political Parties and the First National Elections in Russia
057135: EMMY E. WERNER - Pioneer Children on the Journey West
060782: EMORY M. THOMAS - The Confederacy As a Revolutionary Experience.
057674: EMYR PRICE - David Lloyd George (Celtic Radicals)
053806: ENGEL S. MORRIS - Language and Illumination. Studies in the History of Philosophy.
083014: K.; ENGELS, F.; LENIN, V.I. MARX - On Communist Society. A Collection
060090: FRIEDRICH ENGELS - The Wages System: Articles from the Labour Standard
049964: ENGERMAN, STANLEY L. - Long-Term Factors in American Economic Growth
049041: ENGINEERS SOCIETY - Amalgamated Society of Engineers Etc. Montly Reports for Three Years Commencing 1873 and Ending 1875
085242: ENGLAND COLONIAL OFFICE - Colonial Office. Despatches from the Governors of Kenya, Uganda and Tanganyika and from the Administrator, East Africa High Commission, Commenting on the East Africa Royal Commission 1953-1955 Report
047278: ENGLISH, BARBARA , J. J. N. PALMER - Royal Historical Society: Annual Bibliography of British and Irish History Publications of 1991
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054399: ENID HUWS JONES - Margery Fry. The Essential Amateur
043025: ENNEN, EDITH - Frauen IM Mittelalter
083476: ENRICO GENTA - Princípi E Regole Internazionali Tra Forza E Costume: Le Relazioni Anglo-Sabaude Nella Prima Metà Del Settecento (Memorie Del Dipartimento Di Scienze Giuridiche / Università Di Torino)
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049761: ERASMUS SCHOFTER - Die Kinder Des Roten Grossvaters Erzahlen
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085500: ERIC G. MILLAR - The Eric George Millar Bequest of Manuscripts and Drawings 1967. A Commemorative Volume.
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059629: ERIC J. HOBSBAWM - La Fine Della Cultura. Saggio Su Un Secolo in Crisi D'Identità. Ediz. Illustrata
086126: ERIC LE NABOUR - Les Deux Restaurations (Collection Pour Comprendre) (French Edition)
083038: ERIC FLETCHER - John Selden 1584-1654
041565: ERIC SHANES - Turner Studies. His Art and Epoch 1775-1851. Vol. 3. No. 2
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086767: ERIC REBILLARD - Greek and Latin Narratives About the Ancient Martyrs (Oxford Early Christian Texts)
084298: ERICH FROMM - Arbeiter Und Angestellte Am Vorabend Des Dritten Reiches. Eine Sozialpsychologische Untersuchung
083338: ERICH MATTHIAS, RUDOLF MORSEY - Das Ende Der Parteien 1933: Darstellungen Und Dokumente (Athenäum-Droste-Taschenbücher)
043733: ERICH DONNERT - Russia in the Age of Enlightenment
054146: ERICH LASSOTA VON STEBLAU - Habsburgs and Zaporozhian Cossacks: The Diary of Erich Lassota Von Steblau 1594 (English and German Edition)
055284: ERICKSON, EDWARD J. - Ottoman Army Effectiveness in World War I: A Comparative Study
084495: ERIK PAUL MATEN - Budhasvamin's Brhatkathaslokasamgraha a Literary Study of an Ancient Indian Narrative
049286: ERIK GOLDSTEIN - Wars and Peace Treaties, 1816-1991
059692: ERIKA STOECKER - A.S. Jerussalimski: Deutsche Geschichte IM Leben Eines Sowjetischen Historikers Und Kommunisten
049324: ERIKA UITZ - Legend of Good Women : Medieval Women in Towns and Cities
055581: ERIKA MARIE BSUMEK, DAVID KINKELA AND MARK ATWOOD LAWRENCE - Nation-States and the Global Environment: New Approaches to International Environmental History
057216: ERLER, MARY C. - Reading and Writing During the Dissolution: Monks, Friars, and Nuns 1530-1558
083631: ERLING DAHL JR. - Edvard Grieg - His Life and Music
041385: ERMARTH, ELIZABETH DEEDS - History in the Discursive Condition : Reconsidering the Tools of Thought
084856: ERNEST D'HAUTERIVE - Journal of the Comte D'Espinchal During the Emigration.
059977: ERNEST BARKER - Political Thought in England from Herbert Spencer to the Present Day (Home University Library)
054950: ERNEST BARKER - The Citizen's Choice
056301: ERNEST MANDEL - Marx Economic Theory Volume 2
084919: ERNEST DE SELINCOURT - Spenser's Minor Poems
046291: ERNEST NOBLE - Rags, the Diary of a Dog of War
059955: ERNEST HUTCHINSON , GEO. GOODCHILD - The Right to Strike. A Novel Based Upon the Successful Play of the Same Title
080111: ERNEST RANDOLPH REYNOLDS - Early Victorian Drama, 1830-1870
049236: ERNEST BENSON LOWRIE - The Shape of the Puritan Mind : The Thought of Samuel Willard
047055: ERNEST SELLEY - Village Trade Unions in Two Centuries
049326: ERNEST S. DODGE - The American Neptune. A Quarterly Journal of Maritime History. Volume XXV. No. 1. January 1965
041062: ERNEST NEWMAN - Gluck and the Opera: A Study in Musical History
044219: ERNESTO SARASINO - L. DE-MURI - Vinovo and Its Porcelain: A Page of the History of Art in Piedmont
081325: ERNST MARTENS - Die Hannoversche Kirchenkommission. Ihre Geschichte Und Ihr Recht.
081327: ERNST SIEPER - Lydgate's Reson and Sensuallyte. Edited from Bodleian Ms. Fairfax 16 and British Museum Additional Ms. 29729.
050668: ERSKINE NEALE - The Closing Scene: Or Christianity and Infidelity Contrasted in the Last House of Remarkable Persons
047182: ERTEGUN, AHMET;MARCUS, GREIL;RICHARDSON, PERRY - What'd I Say: The Atlantic Story, 50 Years of Music
085386: ERWAN BERGOT - Les 170 Jours de Dien Phu (Collection Troupes de Choc) (French Edition)
059280: ESCHENBURG, THEODOR; ETC. - The Road to Dictatorship: Germany, 1918-33. A Symposium by German Historians
052150: ESCOTT, PAUL D. - Many Excellent People: Power and Privilege in North Carolina, 1850-1900
043648: ESKIN, BERNARD A.;TROEN, B. R. - The Geripause: Medical Management During the Late Menopause
080049: ESMÉ CECIL WINGFIELD-STRATFORD - Churchill: The Making of a Hero
080271: ESMOND WRIGHT - Causes and Consequences of the American Revolution
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087127: ETHEL H. RUDKIN - Lincolnshire Folklore
046463: ETHEL COOPER - Behind the Lines: One Woman's War, 1914-18
048750: ETHEL WINIFRED SAVI - The Pendulum Swings
059910: ETHEL STOKES - Abstracts of Wiltshire Inquisitiones Post Mortem Returned Into the Court of Chancery in the Reign of King Edward III. 1327-1377.
057125: ETHERINGTON, NORMAN - Theories of Imperialism: War, Conquest, and Capital
056231: ETIENNE HELIN - Les Capitations Liegeoises. Recherches Sur la Fiscalite Des Etats de la Principaute de Liege Et Du Comte de Looz
085502: ETIENNE BALAZS - Chinese Civilization and Bureaucracy
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043482: ETUDES POLONAISES - Etudes Polonaises D'Histoire Militaire. Presentees a L'Occasion Du XII Congres International Des Sciences Historiques.
048655: EUBANK, KEITH - World War II, Roots and Causes
040435: EUGENE CHARLTON BLACK - European Political History, 1815-1870: Aspects of Liberalism
049486: EUROMONITO - North American Economic Handbook
086897: EVA SCHAPER - Pleasure, Preference and Value: Studies in Philosophical Aesthetics
086502: KOPECZI BELA ET BALAZS EVA H. - Paysannerie Francaise Paysannerie Hongroise, XVI - XX Siecles.
086298: EVAN THOMAS - Sea of Thunder: Four Commanders and the Last Great Naval Campaign 1941-1945
055232: EVANS LEWIS - The Satires of Juvenal, Persius, Sulpicia and Lucilius, Literally Translated Into English Prose with Notes, Chronological Tables, Arguments Etc.
045371: EVANS, RICHARD J. - Society and Politics in Wilhelmine Germany
083262: EVANS, RICHARD J.; GEARY, RICHARD J. - The German Unemployed, 1918-36
083583: EVANS, JOHN T. - Seventeenth-Century Norwich: Politics, Religion and Government, 1620-90
040044: EVANS, ALASTAIR; PALMER, STEPHEN - Negotiating Shorter Working Hours
046516: EVANS, RICHARD J. - Rethinking German History: Nineteenth Century Germany and the Origins of the Third Reich
083669: EVANS, RALPH - Lordship and Learning: Studies in Memory of Trevor Aston
056990: EVANS, G. RUSSELL - The Panama Canal Treaties Swindle: Consent to Disaster
054236: EVANS, RICHARD J. - The Feminists: Women's Emancipation Movements in Europe, American & Australiasia 1840 - 1920
045804: EVANS, I. M. - Charnwood's Heritage
045893: EVANS, RICHARD J. - Comrades and Sisters : Feminism, Socialism and Pacifism in Europe 1870-1945
045611: EVANS, MICHAEL;LAND WARFARE STUDIES CENTRE (AUSTRALIA) - Australia and the Revolution in Military Affairs
043859: EVANS GEOFFREY EDITED - The End of Class Politics? : Class Voting in Comparative Context
052139: EVANS, MARTIN M. - Battles of World War I
082287: EVELINE GODLEY - Charles XII. Of Sweden. A Study in Kingship
059835: EVELIONE GODLEY - The Trial of Count Konigsmarck.
082244: EVELYN KROKER; NORMA VON RAGENFELD - Rheinisch-Westfälisches Kohlensyndikat, Essen. Findbuch Zu Bestand 33
086983: EVELYN EVERETT-GREEN - Bertie Clifton. A Story
041267: EVELYN JOHN, DE LA BEDOYERE, GUY - Diary of John Evelyn
081824: EVERETT H. EMERSON - John Cotton (Twayne's United States Author Series)
050376: EWARD SUZANNE - Gloucester Cathedral Chapter Act Book. 1616-1687.
046345: EWING, K.D. - Trade Unions, the Labour Party, and the Law: A Study of the Trade Union Act 1913
040473: EWING, ELIZABETH - Everyday Dress: 1650-1900
084513: EXHIBITION CATALOGUE - KATHE KOLLWITZ - Kathe Kollwitz. Engravings, Drawings, Sculpture.
081853: EXWOOD, MAURICE - The Journal of William Schellinks' Travels in England, 1661-1663 (Royal Historical Society : Camden Fifth, Vol 1)
084677: EYBEN E. - De Jonge Romein. Volgens de Literaire Bronnen Der Period Ca. 200 V. Chr. Tot Ca. 500 N. Chr.
053693: EYCK FRANK - The Frankfurt Parliament, 1848-1849
044262: EYLER ROBERT COATES, THOMAS JEFFERSON HERITAGE SOCIETY - The Jefferson-Hemings Myth : An American Travesty
051572: EYRE EDWARD - European Civilization. Its Origin and Development. Volume IV - the Reformation. By Various Contributors.
050135: F. M. POWICKE - Modern Historians and the Study of History. Essays and Papers
048766: F. A. GREENHILL - Notes on Scottish Incised Slabs (III) - Aberdalgie, Perthshire - Sir William Olifaunt, 1830
054665: F.P. GIBBON - William A. Smith of the Boys' Brigade
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084925: F.W. MAITLAND - The Constitutional History of England. A Course of Lectures Delivered by F.W. Maitland
086647: F.SMITH FUSSNER - Tudor History and the Historians
051060: F.E. MANNING - Surrey Past and Present
054192: F. MARGARET FORSTER - School for Life. A Study of the People's Colleges in Sweden
046706: F. V. MEYER - Britain's Colonies in World Trade
056351: FÖRSTER, STIG; NAGLER, JORG - On the Road to Total War: The American CIVIL War and the German Wars of Unification, 1861-1871
086893: F M L THOMPSON - The Rise of Suburbia (Themes in Urban History)
052732: F. J. SHIRLEY - Richard Hooker and Contemporary Political Ideas.
055185: F.P. WALTON - Lord Hermand's Consistorial Decisions, 1684-1777 with Biographical Sketch of Lord Hermand by James Fergusson.
081082: F. N. L. POYNTER - Medicine and Science in the 1860s. Proceedings of the Sixth British Congress on the History of Medicine, University of Sussex, 6-9 September, 1967.
055026: F. BRAMLEY , TRADE UNION CONGRESS - Reports of the Cost of Living Committee 1920 - 21
085163: F.A. SIMPSON - Louis Napoleon and the Recovery of France
085462: F. DARMSTAEDTER - Bismarck and the Creation of the Second Reich
060791: F. J. FISHER - Calendar of the Manuscripts of the Right Honourable Lord Sackville of Knole, Sevenoaks, Kent, Volume II: Letters Relating to Lionel Cranfield's Business Overseas, 1597-1612
085514: F. ARNOLD LEES - A Practical Guide to Health, and to the Home Treatment of the Common Ailments
040826: F W PEAPLES - History of the Great and Little Bolton Co-Operative Society Limited: Showing Fifty Years' Progress, 1859-1909
085522: F. G. EMMISON - Some Types of Common-Field Parish (with Maps)
059364: FABEND, FIRTH HARING - A Dutch Family in the Middle Colonies, 1660-1800
040588: FABIAN SOCIETY (GREAT BRITAIN) - Where Stands Socialism to-Day?
083297: FABIAN COMMISSION - The Future of the Monarchy. The Report of the Fabian Commission
052391: FAGEN, RICHARD R.;TUOHY, WILLIAM S. - Politics and Privilege in a Mexican City
084064: FAIR, JOHN D. - British Interparty Conferences: Study of the Procedure of Conciliation in British Politics, 1867-1921
046708: FAIRER SMITH, F. - War Finance and Its Consequences
040023: FAIRFAX DAVIS DOWNEY - Storming of the Gateway;: Chattanooga, 1863
080170: FAIRWEATHER, JANET - Seneca the Elder (Cambridge Classical Studies)
048599: FALLOWS W. G. - Mandell Creighton and the English Church.
080910: FALVEY, HEATHER (ED.) - This Little Commonwealth ; Layston Parish Memorandum Book 1607-C1650 & 1704-C1747
053479: FANCHER, RAYMOND E. - Intelligence Men: Makers of the I.Q. Controversy
083222: FANG, HSIEN-T'ING - The Triumph of the Factory System in England (Perspectives in European History)
083611: FANGER, DONALD - The Creation of Nicolai Gogol
057862: FANNY COLWILL CALVERT, COLWILL-MADDOCK, MARIAN FRYE - Diary of Fanny Colwill Calvert : Portrait of an Artist, 1848-1936
050085: FARISH HUNTER DICKINSON , FITHIAN PHILIP VICKERS - Journal and Letters of Philip Vickers Fithian, 1773-1774 : A Plantation Tutor of the Old Dominion.
084124: FARLEY, REYNOLDS - Growth of the Black Population: Study of Demographic Trends
084269: FARRAR, JR - Divide & Conquer. (East European Monographs)
060762: FARRISON, WILLIAM EDWARD - William Wells Brown: Author and Reformer (Negro American Biographies & Autobiograp)
043642: FASS, PAULA S. - Inheriting the Holocaust: A Second-Generation Memoir
080502: FATCHETT, DEREK - Trade Unions and Politics in the 1980's: The 1984 Act and Political Funds
053717: FAUCHEREAU, SERGE - Moscow, 1900-1930
054568: FAULK, ODIE B. - Dodge City, the Most Western Town of All
057708: FAULKNER, CHRISTOPHER. DUNCAN, PAUL (ED. ) - Jean Renoir : A Conversation with His Films, 1894-1979
048809: FAUVET JACQUES - Histoire Du Parti Communiste Francais. Volume 1 - de la Guerre a la Guerre. 1917-1939.
055330: FAWCETT FRANK BURLINGTON - The Court Roll of King Edward the Eighth, 1936.
042528: FAYARD, JEAN-FRANCOIS - Des Enfants Sans Histoire: Le Livre Blanc de L'Enseignement de L'Histoire
082253: FEDERAL RESERVE BANK OF BOSTON - The International Monetary System: Forty Years After Bretton Woods, Proceedings of a Conference Held at Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, May 1984
044622: FEDERATION OF BRITISH INDUSTRIES - Industry and Research: The Full Report of a Two-Day Conference Held at the Kingsway Hall, London, March 27th and 28th, 1946
053726: FEDOR FEDOROVICH PETRENKO, VALERII VASIL'EVICH POPOV - Soviet Foreign Policy: Objectives and Principles
056809: FEDOSEYEV, P.N. - Leninist Theory of Socialist Revolution and the Contemporary World
081956: FEFFER, JOHN - Beyond Detente: New Options on East/West Relations
045933: FEINSTEIN, CHARLES H. - The Managed Economy : Essays in British Economic Policy and Performance Since 1929
057007: FEIS HERBERT - The China Tangle. The American Effort in China from Pearl Harbor to the Marshall Mission.
080737: FELD, HELMUT - Der Ikonoklasmus Des Westens (Studies in the History of Christian Thought; Vol 41) (German Edition)
042153: FELDHAUS, ANNE;TULPULE, SHANKAR GOPAL - In the Absence of God: The Early Years of an Indian Sect
081739: FELICE A. BONADIO, PAUL L. MURPHY - Political Parties in American History. Volume 1 - 1789-1828
085588: FELIPE FERNÁNDEZ-ARMESTO - Continuity and Discontinuity in the Sixteenth Century New World.
060301: FELIPE FERNANDEZ-ARMESTO - The World: A History, Combined Volume (2nd Edition)
045040: FENIN, ALEKSANDR I. - Coal and Politics in Late Imperial Russia: Memoirs of a Russian Mining Engineer
080996: FENLON, IAIN - Music in Medieval and Early Modern Europe: Patronage, Sources and Texts
058999: FENWICK, I.G. - Comprehensive School, 1944-70. The Politics of Secondary School Reorganization
058844: FERDINAND MOUNT - Clubbing Together: The Revival of the Voluntary Principle
054955: FERDYNAND ZWEIG - The New Aquisitive Society
046109: FERGUSON, NIALL - Paper and Iron : Hamburg Business and German Politics in the Era of Inflation, 1897-1927
059395: FERGUSON, JAMES - Dominican Republic : Beyond the Lighthouse
050551: FERGUSON, WALLACE KLIPPERT - Florilegium Historiale: Essays Presented to Wallace K. Ferguson
083888: FERNAND, BRAUDEL, - Civilization and Capitalism, 15th-18th Century, Vol. I: The Structures of Everyday Life
085465: FERNAND VAN LANGENHOVE - L'Action Du Gouvernement Belge en Matiere Economique Pendant la Guerre.
083762: FERNAND DISCRY - Archives Et Institutions Hutoises de L'Ancien Regime.
059779: FERNANDEZ, RAUL A - The United States-Mexico Border: A Politico-Economic Profile
055307: FERNANDO MEXIA CARRILLO - El Castillo de Santa Cruz de la Mota y Las Murallas de la Plaza de San Sebastian
044529: FERNLUND, SIEGRUN - Kyrkor I Skane: En Kulturhistoria
054073: FERRARO, JOANNE M. - Family and Public Life in Brescia, 1580-1650 : The Foundation of Power in the Venetian State
052761: FERRI-PISANI, CAMILLE;FRANCONIERE, PAUL ET - Prince Napoleon in America, 1861;: Letters from His Aide-de-Camp
085320: FERRO MARC ET AL. - Social Historians in Contemporary France. Essays from Annales.
044575: FEUCHTWANGER, EDGAR JOSEPH - Prussia, Myth and Reality : The Role of Prussia in German History
044919: FEVRE, RALPH - Wales Is Closed: The Quiet Privatisation of British Steel
048934: FIAT - Fiat 1899-1999. Cento Anni Della Fiat. Prodotti, Volti, Immagini
084438: FICHTER, TILMAN - Sds Und Spd: Parteilichkeit Jenseits Der Partei (Schriften Des Zentralinstituts Für Sozialwiss. Forschung Der Fu Berlin) (German Edition)
043199: FIDELER, PAUL A. - Social Welfare in Pre-Industrial England: The Old Poor Law Tradition
042803: FIDELIA FISKE, MARY LYON - Mary Lyon, Recollections of a Noble Woman
053566: FIDENTIUS VAN DEN BORNE. - Die Anfänge Des Franziskanischen Dritten Ordens. Vorgeschichte - Entwicklung Der Regel. Ein Beitrag Zur Geschichte Des Ordens Und Bruderschaftswesens in Mittelalter
043641: FIELDING, STEVEN - The Labour Party : Socialism and Society Since 1951
041965: FIELDING, STEVEN; THOMPSON, PETER; TIRATSOO, NICK - England Arise!: The Labour Party and Popular Politics in 1940s Britian
081041: FIENNES, RANULPH - Agincourt: The Fight for France
060656: FIFER, J.VALERIE - The Master Builders: Structures of Empire in the New World (New Perspectives on American History)
057036: FIGUEROA, ADOLFO - Capitalist Development and the Peasant Economy in Peru (Cambridge Latin American Studies, No. 47)
044246: FIGUEROA, JOSE;HUTCHINSON, C. ALAN;HIJAR, JOSE MARIA DE;PADRES, JOSE MARIA - Manifesto to the Mexican Republic, Which Brigadier General Jose Fiby Miyo Endo
057821: FILIPPO ZEVI - Alinari: Photographers of Florence 1852-1920. Introduction by John Berger.
043394: FINBERG, H.P. R. - West Country Historical Studies
080767: FINCHAM, KENNETH - Visitation Articles and Injunctions of the Early Stuart Church: II. 1625-1642 (Church of England Record Society)
083998: FINE, BEN - Marx's Capital
054620: FINK, HANS - Social Philosophy
081993: FINLEY, MOSES I. - Classical Slavery (Slave and Post-Slave Societies and Cultures)
086601: FIRST INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE OF ECONOMIC HISTORY. - Contributions. A - Industrialisation As a Factor in Economic Growth After 1700. B. - Comparative Study of Large-Scale Agricutlural Enterpise in Post-Medieval Times. Communications.
041549: FISHER, TERRI; SPARENBORG, KIRSTEN - Lost Communities of Virginia
059222: FITE, GILBERT COURTLAND - Mount Rushmore

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