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027477: BYRON FAIRCHILD - Messrs. William Pepperrell: Merchants at Piscataqua
057341: BYRON, STUART; WEIS, ELIZABETH - The National Society of Film Critics on Movie Comedy
052927: C. ANTHONY R. CROSLAND - Britian's Economic Problem
053678: C.M. LLOYD - Trade Unionism
027805: C. A. WESLAGER - The English on the Delaware: 1610-1682
085381: C.E.M. JOAD - Liberty to-Day
044324: C. B. PHILLIPS EDITOR - Transactions of the Historic Society of Lancashire and Cheshire for the Year 1994, Volume 144
049966: C. K. YANK - The Chinese Family in the Communist Revolution
053483: C.M. TURNBULL - Imperial Svengali? Malcolm Macdonald and the Commonwealth
051079: C.WARREN HOLLISTER - Anglo-Saxon Military Institutions: On the Eve of the Norman Conquest
056814: C.P. SNOW - A Postscript to Science and Government
084602: C. CROAL THOMSON - Barbizon House 1920. An Illustrated Record
056185: C. B. MACPHERSON - Property : Mainstream and Critical Positions
085512: C.F. ANDREWS - The Renaissance in India. Its Missionary Aspect. With Illustrations
052876: C. E. DOBLE - Remarks and Collections of Thomas Hearne. Vol. 1 (July 4, 1705 - March 19, 1707)
048953: C. R.L. FLETCHER - Collectanea First Series
059354: C.E.M. JOAD - Introduction to Modern Political Theory
053006: C. T. ATKINSON - Letters and Papers Relating to the First Dutch War, 1652-1654. Volume V.
084248: C.W. FOSTER , T. LONGLEY - The Lincolnshire Domesday and the Lindsey Survey
082095: C.H. FIRTH - The Clarke Papers: Selections from the Papers of William Clarke, Secretary to the Council of the Army, 1647-1649, and to General Monck and the Commanders of the Army in Scotland, 1651-1660. Volume IV
081884: C. CORNELIUS TACITUS , EDITED BY EDMUND HENRY BARKER. - The Germany and Agricola of C. Cornelius Tacitus from Brotier's Text, with All His Observations, Notes, and Emendations
084163: C.H. BECK - Die Usa Und Deutschland: 1918-1975 : Dt. -Amerikan. Beziehungen Zwischen Rivalitat U. Partnerschaft (Beck'Sche Schwarze Reihe ; Bd. 177) (German Edition)
049639: C. M. L. BOUCH, GWILYM PEREDUR JONES - A Short Economic and Social History of the Lake Counties 1500-1830
058063: C.A. MACARTHY - The Social Revolution in Austria
080813: C.W. DUGMORE , CHARLES DUGGAN - Studies in Church History. Volume 1. Papers Read at the First Winter and Summer Meetings of the Ecclesiastical History Society
084811: C.B. WEST - Courtoisie in Anglo-Norman Literature.
058004: C.P. BLACKER - A Social Problem Group?
084057: C. STAHLIN - La Russie. Des Origines a la Naissance de Pierre le Grand.
052877: C. E. DOBLE - Remarks and Collections of Thomas Hearne. Vol. 2 (March 20, , 1707 - May 23, 1710)
040915: C. S. CHEN - Rural People's Communes in Lien-Chiang: Documents Concerning Communes in Lien-Chiang County, Fukien Province, 1962-1963
060748: C.W. CERAM - The Secret of the Hittites: The Discovery of an Ancient Empire,
085197: C.K. WEBSTER - Britian and the Independence of Latin America. 1812-1830. Being a Reprint of the Introduction to the Volumes Published in 1938 Under the Same Title.
082776: CÉNAT, JEAN-PHILIPPE - Le Roi Stratège : Louis XIV Et la Direction de la Guerre (1661-1715)
046662: C. W. PARK LIEUT.COLONEL, DEVONSHIRE REGIMENT - Letters from Ladysmith
043365: C. W. PREVITE-ORTON - The Study of Medieval History an Inaugural Lecture Delivered on 17 November 1937
083530: C.J. RAWSON - Order from Confusion Sprung: Studies in Eighteenth-Century Literature from Swift to Cowper
044453: CÉSAR LECAT BAZANCOURT (BARON DE) - La Campagne D'Italie de 1859: Chroniques de la Guerre. 2 Volumes
059285: C. DALE WALTON - Geopolitics and the Great Powers in the 21st Century: Multipolarity and the Revolution in Strategic Perspective (Geopolitical Theory)
060582: C. G. BAETA - Christianity in Tropical Africa: Studies Presented and Discussed at the Seventh International African Seminar, University of Ghana, April 1965
054952: C.H. HARING - Empire in Brazil. A New World Experiment with Monarchy.
059359: C. FORWARD - All About Income Tax, House Duty, & Land Tax. Being a Plain, Practical Guide to Taxpayers on Assessments, Appeals, Reductions & Repayments, with Examples of the Official Forms Correctly Filled
084654: C.H. VON MANSTEIN - Contemporary Memoirs of Russia from the Year 1727 to 1744
052922: C.T. ATKINSON - Letters and Papers Relating to the First Dutch War 1652-1654. Vol. IV
081646: C.F. GORDON CUMMING - Two Happy Years in Ceylon
049661: CABRERA, MERCEDES;DEL REY, FERNANDO - The Powers of Entrepreneurs: Politics and Economy in Contemporary Spain
057131: CADOGAN, MARY; CRAIG, PATRICIA; PATRICIA CRAIG - Women and Children First: The Fiction of Two World Wars
081463: CAFFREY, KATE - The Twilight's Last Gleaming: Britain Vs. America 1812-1815
081124: CAIRD, JAMES - English Agriculture in 1850-51
024021: CAKE AND COCKHORSE - Cake and Cockhorse - Banbury Historical Society - Vol 16 Number 6/7 Summer/Autumn 2005
024022: CAKE AND COCKHORSE - Cake and Cockhorse - Banbury Historical Society - Vol 17 Number 2 Spring 2007
054825: CALABRIA, ANTONIO - The Cost of Empire : The Finances of the Kingdom of Naples in the Time of Spanish Rule
056435: CALDER, KENNETH J. - Britain and the Origins of the New Europe 1914-1918 (Lse Monographs in International Studies)
021899: CALDER, ANGUS - Myth of the Blitz
054703: CALDERDALE DISTRICT ARCHIVES. - Calderdale Archives, 1964-1989. An Illustrated Guide to Calderdale District Archives.
053031: CALENDAR OF THE FINE ROLLS - Calendar of the Fine Rolls. Vol. IV. Edward III. 1327-1337
048506: CALENDAR OF INQUISTITIONS POST MORTEM - Calendar of Inquistitions Post Mortem and Other Analogous Documents. Edward III. Vol. VII. 1327-1336.
048519: CALENDAR OF THE PATENT ROLLS - Calendar of the Patent Rolls. Edward III. Vol. XII. 1361-1364.
048518: CALENDAR OF THE PATENT ROLLS - Calendar of the Patent Rolls. Edward III. Vol. XI. 1358-1361
048520: CALENDAR OF THE PATENT ROLLS - Calendar of the Patent Rolls. Edward III. Vol. VII. 1345-1348
048523: CALENDAR OF INQUISTITIONS MISCELLANEOUS (CHANCERY) - Calendar of Inquistitions Miscellaneous (Chancery). Volume III. 22 - 51 Edward III
048524: CALENDAR OF MEMORANDA ROLLS - Calendar of Memoranda Rolls (Exchequer). Michaelmas 1326 - Michaelmas 1327.
048505: CALENDAR OF INQUISTITIONS POST MORTEM - Calendar of Inquistitions Post Mortem and Other Analogous Documents. Edward III. Vol. IX. 1347-1352
048508: CALENDAR OF INQUISTITIONS POST MORTEM - Calendar of Inquistitions Post Mortem and Other Analogous Documents. Edward III. Volume X. 1352-1361. .
048509: CALENDAR OF INQUISTITIONS POST MORTEM - Calendar of Inquistitions Post Mortem and Other Analogous Documents. Edward II. Volume V. 1307-1316.
048510: CALENDAR OF INQUISTITIONS POST MORTEM - Calendar of Inquistitions Post Mortem and Other Analogous Documents. Edward III. Vol. VII. 1327-1336.
048511: CALENDAR OF INQUISTITIONS POST MORTEM - Calendar of Inquistitions Post Mortem and Other Analogous Documents. Edward II. Volume VI. 1316-1327
048512: CALENDAR OF INQUISTITIONS POST MORTEM - Calendar of Inquistitions Post Mortem and Other Analogous Documents Edward III. Volume XII. 1365-1370. .
042404: CALHOUN, WARD - Must-See Movies
081789: CALIN, WILLIAM - A Muse for Heroes: Nine Centuries of the Epic in France (University of Toronto Romance Series)
047878: CALKINS, KENNETH R. - Hugo Haase, Democrat and Revolutionary
059506: CALLAHAN, KEVIN J.; CURTIS, SARAH A. - Views from the Margins: Creating Identities in Modern France
060063: CALLCOTT, PROFESSOR GEORGE H. - History in the United States, 1800-1860: Its Practice and Purpose
050180: CALLCOTT, MARGARET LAW - The Negro in Maryland Politics, 1870-1912
082133: CALLIESS, JÖRG - Militär in Der Krise: Die Bayerische Armee in Der Revolution 1848/49 (Wehrwissenschaftliche Forschungen. Abt. Militärgeschichtliche Studien)
083996: CALLINICOS, ALEX - Marxist Theory (Oxford Readings in Politics and Government)
083178: CALLINICOS, ALEX - Marxism and Philosophy (Marxist Introductions)
083771: CALLINICOS, ALEX - The Revolutionary Ideas of Karl Marx
056456: CALLIS ROBERT. NOTES AND EDITED BY HILL SERJEANT - The Reading of the Famous and Learned Robert Callis, Upon the Statute of Sewers: With Several Judgements and Resolutions of the Judges As It Was Deliverd by Him at Gray's Inn.
050231: CALLUS, D. A.; HUNT, R. W. - Johannes Blund : Tractatus de Anima
017126: CALMETTE JOSEPH - L'Ere Classique. (Trilogie de L'Histoire de France)
083459: CALOF, RACHEL - Rachel Calof's Story: Jewish Homesteader on the Northern Plains
026728: CALVERT, PETER; CALVERT, SUSAN - Study of Revolution
053484: CALVERT, HARRY G. - An Introduction to British Constitutional Law
084268: CALVERT, PETER - A Study of Revolution
083329: CALVERT, PETER; CALVERT, SUSAN - Latin America in the Twentieth Century
030567: CALVIN P. OTTO - The American Treaty of Independence: The Definitive Peace Treaty of Paris, 1783
017127: CALVIN ET LA REFORME EN FRANCE. - Calvin Et la Reforme en France. Par Un Groupe de Professeurs de la Faculte Libre de Theologie Protestante D'Aix-en-Provence.
080877: CALVIN, JEAN - Three French Treatises (Athlone Renaissance Library)
020754: CALVIN, JOHN - Sermons on the Deity of Christ
020757: CALVIN, JOHN - Calvin's Ecclesiastical Advice
021003: CALVIN EDITED BY DAVID W. TORRANCE. TRANSLATED BY T. A. SMAIL - Calvin's Commentaties. The Second Epistle of Paul the Apostle to the Cornthians and the Epistles to Timothy, Titus and Philemon.
050871: CALVIN , A. THOLUCK. - Joannis Calvini in Librum Psalmorum Commentarius. Ad Editionem Amstelodamensem Accuratissime Exscribi Curavit A. Tholuck
080216: CALVO SALGADO, LUIS M - Die Wunder Der Bettlerinnen: Krankheits- Und Heilungsgeschichten in Burgos Und Santo Domingo de la Calzada (1554-1559) (Jakobus-Studien) (German Edition)
083890: CALVOCORESSI, MICHEL D. - Mussorgsky (Master Musician)
019403: CAM HELEN M. EDITED - Selected Historical Essays of F.W. Maitland.
022587: CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY LIBRARY - Cambridge University Library, 1400-1934: With a Description of the New Building Opened by His Majesty the King, 22 October 1934, and an Account of the New Science Buildings of Agriculture, Botany, Physiology and Zoology... . . F
044602: CAMBRIDGE. UNIVERSITY OF CAMBRIDGE. PHYSICS SOCIETY - A Hundred Years of Cambridge Physics
023892: CAMBRIDGESHIRE EDUCATION COMMITTEE - The Cambridgeshire Syllabus of Religious Teaching for Schools
082239: CAMDEN SOCIETY - Camden Miscellany Vol. XX
060103: CAMDEN THIRD SERIES - Camden Miscellany Volume XVII
010819: CAMDEN, WILLIAM; COPLEY, GORDON J. - Surrey and Sussex
082068: CAMDEN SOCIETY - Camden Miscellany. Vol. XVIII
082338: CAMDEN SOCIETY - Camden Miscellany Vol. XXI
082340: CAMDEN SOCIETY - The Camden Miscellany. Volume the First
082238: CAMDEN SOCIETY - Camden Miscellany. Vol. XXI
049163: CAMERON, KENNETH - The Place-Names of Lincolnshire. The Place - Names of the County of the City of Lincoln.
051783: CAMERON, EUAN - The European Reformation
054899: CAMILLE TIHON - Lettres de Grégoire XI (1371-1378) Tome I (Nos 1 a 1389)
030105: CAMILLE ROUSSET - La Conquete D'Alger
059623: CAMINO, MERCEDES MAROTO - Exploring the Explorers: Spaniards in Oceania, 1519-1794
029516: ANTHONY J. CAMP - An Index to the Wills Proved in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, 1750-1800
017128: CAMPANINI, MASSIMO - Islam E Politica
044861: CAMPBELL, ALAN - The Industrial Relations Act: An Introduction
060144: CAMPBELL, BRUCE M. S. - English Seigniorial Agriculture, 1250-1450 (Cambridge Studies in Historical Geography)
048344: CAMPBELL, TED - The Religion of the Heart: A Study of European Religious Life in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries
024517: CAMPBELL, JOAN - The German Werkbund
083636: CAMPBELL A. E. CORNTHWAITHE PA. DIXON H. B. F. COMPILED - A Register of Admissions to King's College Cambridge 1919-90. Compiled with Short Biographical Notes.
055759: CAMPLIN, JAMIE - The Rise of the Rich
048878: CAMPORESI, PIERO - Fear of Hell: Images of Damnation and Salvation in Early Modern Europe
048936: CANADA. ROYAL COMMISSION ON BANKING AND FINANCE, DANA HARRIS PORTER - Report of the Royal Commission on Banking and Finance, 1964,
084809: CANNADINE, DAVID - Aspects of Aristocracy: Grandeur and Decline in Modern Britain
084067: CANNADINE, DAVID - The Rise and Fall of Class in Britain
046578: CANNADINE, DAVID - Class in Britain
083795: CANNAN, JOHN - The Crater : Burnside's Assault on the Confederate Trenches June 30 1864 - Petersburg - Battleground America Guides
031218: CANNAN, JOHN - Bloody Angle: Hancock's Assault on the Mule Shoe Salient, May 12, 1864
012276: CANNING, JOSEPH; WELLENREUTHER, HERMANN - Britain and Germany Compared: Nationality, Society and Nobility in the Eighteenth Century
051172: CANNON, JOHN ASHTON - Aristocratic Century: The Peerage of Eighteenth-Century England
060638: CANNON JR., DEVEREAUX - Flags of Tennessee (Flags of the States)
050549: CANNY, NICHOLAS; MORGAN, PHILIP - The Oxford Handbook of the Atlantic World : 1450-1850
017129: CANONES ET DECRETA - CONCILII TRIDENTINI - Canones Et Decreta - Concilii Tridentini Sub Paulo III. Iulio III. Et Pio IV. Pontificibus Maximis Cum Patrum Subscriptionibus.
040908: CANONICORUM REGULARIUM - Canonicorum Regularium Sodalitates: Decimo Sexto Revoluto Saeculo Ab Ortu Sancti Augustini Episcopi Hipponensis
012331: CANTERYBURY AND YORK SOCIETY. - Diocesis Lincolniensis, Rotuli Roberti Grosseteste. Pars Prima.
042015: CANTOR, GEORGE - The Tigers of '68 : Baseball's Last Real Champions
006682: CANTOR NORMAN F. (EDITED) - The Medieval World: 300-1300.
011442: CANTOR, LEONARD MARTIN - The Changing English Countryside 1400-1700.
041440: CAOIMHE NIC DHAIBHEID - Sefn Macbride : A Republican Life, 1904-1946
043008: CAPGRAVE, JOHN - The Life of Saint Katherine of Alexandria
083868: CAPIE, FORREST; COLLINS, MICHAEL - Have the Banks Failed British Industry?: Historical Survey of Bank/Industry Relations in Britain, 1870-1990 (Hobart Papers)
029840: CAPPS, TIMOTHY T. - Affirmed and Alydar: Racing's Greatest Rivalry
083513: CAPPS MARIE T ET AL - The Library Map Collection. Period of the American Revolution 1753-1800
085157: CAPT. GEORGE CARLETON - Memoirs of Capt. George Carleton, an English Officer, Including Anecdotes of the War in Spain Under the Earl of Peterbrough and Many Interesting Particulars Relating to the Manners of the Spaniards of the Beginning of the Last Century. Written by Himself
020505: CARDWELL, JOHN M. - Arts and Arms: Literature, Politics and Patriotism During the Seven Years War
051519: CAREY, JOHN A. - Judicial Reform in France Before the Revolution of 1789
049291: CAREY GEORGE AND BOREMAN JOHN - Prospects for the Nineties : East Midlands. Trends and Tables from the English Church Census.
051518: CAREY, JOHN A. - Judicial Reform in France Before the Revolution of 1789
080142: CARL B. TURNER - An Analysis of Soviet Views on John Maynard Keynes.
030886: CARL BRIDGE - Makers of Modern World Subscription: William Hughes: Australia
024301: CARL JOUBERT - Russia As It Really Is
082160: CARL B. CONE - Burke and the Nature of Politics: Age of the American Revolution
049248: CARL ANDRESEN - Augustinus - Gesprach Der Gegenwart Verbanden Mit Augustinus - Bibliographie
040708: CARL ERIC BECHHOFER ROBERTS - Stanley Baldwin: Man or Miracle?
080329: CARL F. BRAND - British Labour's Rise to Power. Eight Studies.
084356: CARL J. GRIFFIN - The Rural War: Captain Swing and the Politics of Protest
047806: CARL JOUBERT - The Fall of Tsardom
042498: CARL JANTKE, DIETRICH HILGER - Die Eigentumslosen: Der Deutsche Pauperismus Und Die Emanzipationskrise in Darstellungen Und Deutungen Der Zeitgenössischen Literatur
059432: CARL CLAUS VON DER DECKEN, VOLKER MATTHIES, - Tod Am Juba: Die Dampfer-Expedition Des Barons Von Der Decken Ins Land Der Somali (1865)
083417: CARL S. MEYER - Cranmer's Selected Writings.
041016: CARL WINSLOW STOCKS - Bus Transportation Handbook: A Guide to New, Successful Ideas and Methods in Bus Maintenance, Operating and Management
060076: CARL L. BECKER - Beginnings of the American People
059970: CARLA KING - Lives of Victorian Political Figures II. Volume 2 Charles Stewart Parnell
059968: CARLA KING - Lives of Victorian Political Figures II. Volume 3 Michael Davitt
029142: CARLISLE OFFICIAL GUIDE 1938 - Come to Carlisle
042011: CARLO FONTANELLI - Ungheria 1. Division. La Biblioteca Del Calcio. 1901-2000 - Risultati E Classifiche
020685: CARLSON, ANDREW R. - German Foreign Policy, Eighteen Ninety to Nineteen Fourteen & Colonial Policy to 1914: A Handbook and Annotated Bibliography
017499: CARLTON DAVID - Macdonald Versus Henderson. The Foreign Policy of the Second Labour Government.
058883: CARLTON, CHARLES - Royal Warriors: A Military History of the British Monarchy
044185: CARLTON, CHARLES - This Seat of Mars : War and the British Isles, 1485-1746
050056: CARLYLE MARGARET - Documents on International Affairs. 1949-1950
043533: CARMEN ORCÁSTEGUI GROS - Aragón en la Edad Media: Estudios de Economía y Sociedad (Siglos XII Al XV)
011911: CARNEGIE UNITED KINGDOM TRUSTEES - The Tutor in Adult Education. An Enquiry Into the Problems of Supply and Training. A Report of a Joint Committee Appointed by the British Institute of Adult Education and the Tutors Association.
044099: CARO, INA - Paris to the Past : Traveling Through French History by Train
055702: CAROL FAULKNER AND ALISON M. PARKER - Interconnections: Gender and Race in American History
046731: CAROL RIEGELMAN - Labour-Management Co-Operation in United States War Production: A Study of Methods and Procedure
059560: CAROLINE A. HALSTED - Richard III As Duke of Gloucester and King England - Volume 2
082841: CAROLYN JESS-COOKE - Shakespeare on Film: Such Things As Dreams Are Made of (Short Cuts)
058280: CAROLYN G. HEILBRUN - The Garnett Family
053738: CAROLYN JOHNSTON POUNCY - The Domostroi: Rules for Russian Households in the Time of Ivan the Terrible
055328: CARP, E. WAYNE; GREENE, NATHANAEL , SHOWMAN RICHARD K. MCCARTHY ROBERT E. - The Papers of General Nathanael Greene Vol. V : 1 November 1779-31 May 1780
056247: CARPENTER, HUMPHREY - W.H. Auden: A Biography
051084: CARPENTER KENNETH E. - The Factory Act of 1819: Six Pamphlets, 1818-1819: Six Pamphlets, 1818-1819
049407: CARPENTER, RONALD H. - The Eloquence of Frederick Jackson Turner
051153: CARPENTER KENNETH E. (ADVISORY EDITOR) - The Aftermath of the Last Labourers' Revolt: Fourteen Pamphlets, 1830-1831: Fourteen Pamphlets, 1830-1831
043790: CARPENTER KENNETH E. (ADVISORY EDITOR) - The Luddites; Three Pamphlets, 1812-1839.
054009: CARR, EDWARD HALLETT - The Romantic Exiles : A Nineteenth-Century Portrait Gallery
059548: CARR, JAY - The a List: The National Society of Film Critics' 100 Essential Films
029972: CARR, CAROLYN KINDER; MILES, ELLEN G. - A Brush with History : Paintings from the National Portrait Gallery
083256: CARR, WILLIAM - Hitler : A Study in Personality and Politics
047089: CARR, CHRISTOPHER - Britain's Competitiveness: The Management of the Vehicle Components Industry
059939: CARR, WILLIAM - Arms, Autarky and Aggression: Study in German Foreign Policy, 1933-39 (Foundations of Modern History)
049643: CARRASCO RODRIGUEZ, ANTONIO - El Real Patronato en la Corona de Aragon: El Caso Catalan, 1715-1788
029911: CARRICK, PETER - Great Motor-Cycle Riders
080322: CARSTEN, F. L - Faschismus in Osterreich: Von Schonerer Zu Hitler (Kritische Information ; 55) (German Edition)
045072: CARSTEN, F.L. - Britain and the Weimar Republic: The British Documents
055308: CARSTEN, F.L. - Die Erste Osterreichische Republik IM Spiegel Zeitgenossischer Quellen
056977: CARSTENSEN, FRED V. - American Enterprise in Foreign Markets: Singer and International Harvester in Imperial Russia
060633: CARSTENSEN, FRED V. - American Enterprise in Foreign Markets: Singer and International Harvester in Imperial Russia
047289: CARTER E. H. - The Norwich Subscription Books. A Study of the Subscription Books of the Diocese of Norwich 1637-1800.
080754: CARTER, HAROLD; LEWIS, C. ROY - An Urban Geography of England and Wales in the Nineteenth Century
051653: CARTER, ALICE CLARE - Neutrality or Commitment: The Evolution of Dutch Foreign Policy 1667-1795
056566: CARTER, EVERETT - The American Idea: The Literary Response to American Optimism
044655: CARTER, THOMAS; LONG, W. H. - War Medals of the British Army and How They Were Won
081638: CARUTHERS, J. WADE - Octavius Brooks Frothingham, Gentle Radical
083928: CARVALHO EDUARDO KOL DE - Sopa de Pedra. Trilhos Do Patrimonio Portugues.
059046: CARVEN, JOHN W. - Napoleon and the Lazarists (International Archives of the History of Ideas Archives Internationales D'Histoire Des Idées)
018639: CASAZZA LORENZO EDITED - IL Catastico Verde Del Monastero Di S. Giustina Di Padova.
055200: CASELLA, FRANCESCO - IL Mezzogiorno D'Italia E le Istituzioni Educative Salesiane: Richieste E Fondazioni (1879-1922) Fonti Per Lo Studio
056535: CASEY, STEVEN - Selling the Korean War: Propaganda, Politics, and Public Opinion in the United States, 1950-1953
054731: CASEY, JOAN D. - The Kingdom of Valencia in the 17th Century
050066: CASHIN, DR. EDWARD J. - Governor Henry Ellis and the Transformation of British North America
084710: CASSEDY, JAMES H. - Medicine and American Growth, 1800-1860 (Wisconsin Publications in the History of Science and Medicine)
082091: CASSEDY, JAMES H. - Demography in Early America: Beginnings of the Statistical Mind, 1600-1800
084462: CASSIDY, MARTIN - Marching with Wellington: With the Enniskillings Through the Peninsula to Waterloo
059954: CASSIS, YOUSSEF - Finance and Financiers in European History 1880-1960
055072: CASSON, MARK - Youth Unemployment
041779: CASTEL, ALBERT E. - Articles of War: Winners, Losers, and Some Who Were Both During the CIVIL War
083860: CASTELLS, MANUEL - The City and the Grassroots: Cross-Cultural Theory of Urban Social Movements
045803: CASTELS, FRANCIS - Social Democratic Image of Society: A Study of the Achievement and Origins of Scandinavian Social Democracy in Comparative Perspective
047096: CASTLE, IAN - Eggmuhl 1809: Storm over Bavaria
059054: CASTLE, E.B. - The Teacher
055112: CASTRO P. LEONARD DE CARVALHO E. - Saint Bonaventure. Le Docteur Franciscain. L'Ideal de Saint Francois Et L'Oeuvre de Saint Bonaventure a L'Egard de la Science.
057470: CATALAN HISTORICAL REVIEW. - Catalan Historical Review. Number 3 / 2010
047257: CATALAN HISTORICAL REVIEW - Catalan Historical Review Number 1 /2008
044162: CATALAN HISTORICAL REVIEW - NUMBER 1/ 20098 - Catalan Historical Review - Number 2 / 2009
050673: CATALOGUE OF LES QUATRE PARTIES DU MONDE. - Catalogue of Les Quatre Parties Du Monde. A Set of Tapestries of the Continents Ordered by Louis XVI for George Washington.
050973: CATALOGUE - The Age of Louis XIV
043606: CATALOGUE D'L EXPOSITION - 1796, 1940, 1990 Au Coeur D'Un Quartier Financier : La Paierie Generale Du Tresor
050067: CATANACH, I. J. - Rural Credit in Western India, 1875-1930;: Rural Credit and the Co-Operative Movement in the Bombay Presidency
048688: CATERINA FURLAN - I Codici Miniati Del Duomo Di Spilimbergo, 1484-1507
044902: CATHERINE MARSH , SARA ARBER - Families and Households : Divisions and Change
057325: CATHERINE DE LA ROCHE - Rene Clair. An Index
050580: CATHRYN A CHARNELL WHITE - Welsh Poetry of the French Revolution, 1789-1805
082859: CATHY CARIDI - Making Martyrs East and West: Canonization in the Catholic and Russian Orthodox Churches
040108: CATLEUGH, JON; PEARSON, ALICE - Ceramics of William de Morgan
054850: CATTERALL, PETER - British History, 1945-1987 : An Annotated Bibliography
080994: CAUTLEY, H.MUNRO - Royal Arms and Commandments in Our Churches
052402: CAVANAUGH, MICHAEL , WILLIAM MARVEL - The Petersburg Campaign: The Battle of the Crater "the Horrid Pit," June 25-August 6, 1864
083161: CAWSON, ALAN - Corporatism and Political Theory
060145: CAYLEFF, SUSAN E - Wash and Be Healed: The Water-Cure Movement and Women's Health (Health, Society, and Policy)
056799: CAYTON, ANDREW R. L.; ONUF, PETER S. - The Midwest and the Nation: Rethinking the History of an American Region (Midwestern History and Culture)
083614: CAZEL FRED A. - Roll of Divers Accounts for the Early Years of the Reign of Henry III. Account of Escheats , 16th, 17th, 18th Years of Henry III. Wardrobe Receipt Roll and Fragment of Household Roll 10 Henry III
045792: CECIL, HUGH - Facing Armageddon : The First World War Experienced
059681: CECILIA BOBROVSKAYA - Twenty Years in Underground Russia. Memoirs of a Rank and File Bolshevik
047761: CEGIELSKI, TADEUSZ - Das Alte Reich Und Die Erste Teilung Polens, 1768-1774
058125: CENDRARS, BLAISE - To the End of the World (Peter Owen Modern Classic)
021199: CENTRAL STATISTICAL OFFICE - National Income and Expenditure, 1966-76
081914: CERNA, JANA - Kafka's Milena
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031104: CHRISTIANNA BRAND - Death in High Heels
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028978: CHRISTIANNA BRAND - Death of Jezebel
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081829: CONDREN, CONAL - George Lawson's 'Politica' and the English Revolution (Cambridge Studies in Early Modern British History)
046644: CONFALONIERI, LUCA BADINI - Democracy in the Christian Church : An Historical, Theological and Political Case
084752: CONFERENCE ON BRITISH STUDIES - Quincentennial Essays on St. Thomas More: Selected Papers from the Thomas More College Conference
047899: CONFOLENT, DOMINIQUE - Des Navires, Des Noms, Une Tradition : "Laura", "Laisse Les Dire", "Neptune", "Aste?Rix
084242: CONFUCIUS - The Analects (the World's Classics)
050204: CONGDON, TIM - Keynes, the Keynesians and Monetarism
044177: CONGDON, TIM - Central Banking in a Free Society
020068: CONINGTON JOHN (COMMENTARY AND TRANSLATION) - The Satires of A. Persius Flaccus with a Translation and Commentary by John Conington to Which Is Prefixed a Lecture on the Life and Writings of Persius Edited by H. Nettleship.
054835: CONNELL-SMITH, GORDON;LLOYD, HOWELL A. - The Relevance of History
015344: CONNER VALERIE JEAN - The National War Labor Board. Stability, Social Justice, and the Voluntary State in World War I.
058317: CONNOLLY, MICHAEL - Politics and Policy Making in Northern Ireland
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060655: COOK, JOHN A. - Neo-Classic Drama in Spain: Theory and Practice
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057152: CORA PEARL - Grand Horizontal: The Erotic Memoirs of a Passionate Lady
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050968: CORP, EDWARD - The King over the Water : Portraits of the Stuarts in Exile After 1689
010838: CORRIGAN, JOHN - The Prism of Piety: Catholic Congregational Clergy at the Beginning of the Enlightenment
024774: CORRIGAN, JOHN - The Hidden Balance : Religion and the Social Theories of Charles Chauncy and Jonathan Mayhew
043635: CORTÉS, HERNANDO; PAGDEN, A. R. - Letters from Mexico
021262: CORTNER, RICHARD C. - Apportionment Cases
083955: CORVISIER, ANDRE - La France de Louis XIV: 1643-1715 : Ordre Interieur Et Place en Europe (Histoire Moderne Et Contemporaine. II, Histoire Generale) (French Edition)
080119: CORVISIER, ANDRE - Louvois (French Edition)
057335: CORVISIER, ANDRE - La Bataille de Malplaquet, 1709: L'Effondrement de la France Evite (Collection Campagnes & Strategies. Les Grandes Batailles) (French Edition)
058945: CORWIN EDWARD SAMUEL - French Policy and the American Alliance of 1778
043076: CORWIN, EDWARD SAMUEL - Edward S. Corwin's the Constitution and What It Means Today
047346: COSSLETT, TESS - Woman to Woman: Female Friendship in Victorian Fiction
013126: COSTA C. D. N. (EDITED) - Horace
060832: COSTA-LIMA, LUIZ - The Limits of Voice: Montaigne, Schlegel, Kafka
059549: COSTELLO, PETER - The Real World of Sherlock Holmes: The True Crimes Investigated by Arthur Conan Doyle
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084670: COSTELOE, MICHAEL P. - Church and State in Independent Mexico: A Study of the Patronage Debate, 1821-1857 (Royal Historical Society Studies in History)
026431: COSTELOE, MICHAEL P. - Church and State in Independent Mexico : A Study of the Patronage Debate, 1821-1857
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051359: COSTER CHARLES HENRY - Late Roman Studies.
048677: COTLER, JULIO;FAGEN, RICHARD R. - Latin America and the United States: The Changing Political Realities
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043565: COULTER, RICHARD; BARCLAY, THOMAS - Volunteers: The Mexican War Journals of Private Richard Coulter and Sergeant Thomas Barclay, Company E, Second Pennsylvania Infantry
056063: COUNT ROBERT ZEDLITZ-TRUTZSCHLER - Twelve Years at the Imperial German Court
060175: COUNTESS OF CORK AND ORRERY - The Orrery Papers. Volume 1 Only.
082151: COUNTESS EVELYN MARTINENGO-CESARESCO - The Outdoor Life in Greek and Roman Poets and Kindred Studies
058850: COUNTESS ZANARDI LANDI - The Secret of an Empress
058868: COURTENAY C. WEEKS - The Nature and Nurture of Life
082629: COUTAU-BÉGARIE, HERVÉ; DORÉ GRASLIN, CHARLES; COLLECTIF - Histoire Militaire Des Guerres de Vendée
081941: COUTH, BILL - Grantham During the Interregnum: The Hall Book of Grantham 1641-1649 (Publications of the Lincoln Record Society)
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059372: COVENEY, P. J. - France in Crisis, 1620-1675
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050016: COWAN ALEXANDER - Parliaments, Estates and Repesentation Volume 28, 2008
048082: COWDEN, MORTON - Russian Bolshevism and British Labor, 1917-1921
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019437: COX, BARRIE - Place-Names of Leicestershire. Part 2 - Framland Hundred.
031200: COX, JOHN - Culp's Hill : The Attack and Defense of the Union Flank, July 2 1863
041683: COX TRENCHARD - Jehan Foucquet. Native of Tours.
048421: COX THOMAS REV. - Magna Britannia : Or Topographical, Historical, Ecclesiastical and Natural History of Northamptonshire......
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081120: CRESSY, DAVID - England on Edge: Crisis and Revolution 1640-1642
081121: CRESSY, DAVID - England on Edge: Crisis and Revolution 1640-1642
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050186: CRIMMINS, JAMES E.; FULLER, CATHERINE; SCHOFIELD, PHILIP - Church-of-Englandism and Its Catechism Examined
084496: CRIPPS HENRY WILLIAM AND MACMORRAN KENNETH M. - A Practical Treatise of the Law Relating to the Church and Clergy by Henry William Cripps. Incorporating the Statutes, Measures, and Cases of the Last Sixteen Years by K.M. Macmorran.
049186: CRITCHLEY, JOHN - Feudalism
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022222: CROMWELL, VALERIE - Revolution or Evolution : British Government in the Nineteenth Century
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083186: CRONIN, JAMES E. - Industrial Conflict in Modern Britain
080450: CRONJE, JACOBUS VAN WYK - Dionysius of Halicarnassus: "de Demosthene" - a Critical Appraisal of the "Status Quaestionis" (Spudasmata)
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084595: CROOK, DAVID (EDITOR) - The Great Roll of the Pipe for the Fifth Year of the Reign of King Henry III: Michaelmas 1221 (Pipe Roll 65) (the Publications of the Pipe Roll Society)
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014223: CROSBY, TRAVIS L. - English Farmers and the Politics of Protection
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028249: CROSBY, TRAVIS L. - The Two Mr. Gladstones : A Study in Psychology and History
081969: CROSBY, TRAVIS L. - The Two Mr. Gladstones: A Study in Psychology and History
048826: CROSBY, CHRISTINA - The Ends of History: Victorians and "the Woman Question"
016052: CROSER CAROLINE - Organising Complexity : Modes of Behaviour in a Networked Battlespace.
051687: CROSS, CLAIRE - The Royal Supremacy in the Elizabethan Church
019133: CROSS COLIN - The Liberals in Power 1905-1914
051500: CROSS GEOFFREY NEALE - Epirus. A Study in Greek Constitutional Development.
083832: CROSS, RICHARD - Duns Scotus on God (Ashgate Studies in the History of Philosophical Theology)
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051688: CROSS, CLAIRE - The Royal Supremacy in the Elizabethan Church
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056578: CROSSLAND, J.BRIAN - Looking at Whitehaven
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021591: CROTTY GENE - Jefferson's Western Travels. Over Virginia's Blue Ridge Mountains.
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010847: CROZIER, BRIAN - The Minimum State: Beyond Party Politics
030129: CROZIER, WILLIAM PERCIVAL - Off the Record : Political Interviews, 1933-1943
084203: CROZIER, WILLIAM PERCIVAL - Off the Record;: Political Interviews 1933-1943,
04361: CRUICKSHANK, IONA;CHINNERY, GILBERT ALLEN - Victorian and Edwardian Leicestershire from Old Photographs
015333: CRUSH, JONATHAN - The Struggle for Swazi Labour, 1890-1920
042190: CRUTTENDEN, JOSEPH;STEELE, IAN KENNETH - Atlantic Merchant-Apothecary: Letters of Joseph Cruttenden, 1710-1717
017176: CRUZEIRO MARIA EDUARDA - Processos de Intensificacao No Portugues Dos Seculos XIII a XV.
048986: CUBITT, GEOFFREY - History and Memory
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058955: CULLINGFORD, E.C.M. - Trade Unions in West Germany
048692: CUMBERLAND, RICHARD - The Letters of Richard Cumberland
029382: CUMING, G. J. - Mission of the Church and the Propagation of the Faith : Papers Read at the Seventh Summer Meeting and the Eighth Winter Meeting of the Ecclesiastical History Society
080747: CUMMINGS, BRIAN - The Literary Culture of the Reformation: Grammar and Grace
050865: CUMMINGS HUBERTIS M. - The Indebtedness of Chaucer's Works to the Italian Works of Boccaccio (a Review and Summary).
017190: CUNNAC J. - Un Village Minervois Sous L'Ancien Regime. Histoire de Pepieux. Des Origines a la Revolution.
046694: CUNNINGHAM, EDWARD - The Port Hudson Campaign, 1862-1863
057124: CUNNINGHAM, VALENTINE - The Spanish Front: Writers on the CIVIL War
058525: CURIA REGIS ROLLS - Curia Regis Rolls. Reign of Henry III. 4 - 5 Henry III.
040846: CURRAN, WILLIAM - Mitts: A Celebration of the Art of Fielding
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042977: CURTI MERLE - The Roots of American Loyalty.
031481: CURTIS S. KING, WILLIAM GLENN ROBERTSON, STEVEN E. CLAY - Staff Ride Handbook for the Overland Campaign, Virginia, 4 May to 15 June 1864 : A Study in Operational - Level Command
031481: CURTIS S. KING, WILLIAM GLENN ROBERTSON, STEVEN E. CLAY - Staff Ride Handbook for the Overland Campaign, Virginia, 4 May to 15 June 1864 : A Study in Operational - Level Command
084824: CURTIS, A.ROSS - Crispin 1er: La Vie Et L'Oeuvre de Raymond Poisson, Comedien-Poete Du Xviie Siecle
042857: CURTIS PUTNAM NETTELS - The Emergence of a National Economy, 1775-1815
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042916: CURTIS MICHAEL - Western European Integration.
082783: CURTIS S. KING, WILLIAM GLENN ROBERTSON, STEVEN E. CLAY - Staff Ride Handbook for the Overland Campaign, Virginia, 4 May to 15 June 1864 : A Study in Operational - Level Command
060563: CURTIS, JOYCE M. - Windmills in Pinchbeck, Lincolnshire: A History and Description
047350: CURTISS, JOHN SHELTON - Russia's Crimean War
051613: CURTISS JOHN SHELTON - Essays in Russian and Soviet History. In Honor of Geroid Tanquary Robinson.
046860: CUSHING STANLEY ELLIS - George Washington Library Collection
031213: CUSHMAN, STEPHEN - Bloody Promenade. Reflections on a CIVIL War Battle
042355: CUSSANS, JOHN EDWIN; DEACON, AUDREY; WALNE, PETER - 'a Professional Hertfordshire Tramp'
056307: CUSUMANO, MICHAEL A. - The Japanese Automobile Industry: Technology and Management at Nissan and Toyota (Harvard East Asian Monographs)
058846: CYNTHIA DOMINIK - Is Poland Being Americanized?: Proceedings from the Conference Organized by the American Studies Center of Warsaw University and the Polish-Us Fulbright Commission, Warsaw, June 13-14, 1997
052734: CYR, ARTHUR - British Foreign Policy and the Atlantic Area : The Techniques of Accommodation
055233: CYRIL HUGHES HARTMANN - The Vagabond Duichess. The Life of Hortense Manchini, Duchesse Mazarin
058981: CYRIL BURT - The Young Delinqent
030978: CYRIL HARE - Tragedy at Law
023774: CYRIL HENRY PHILIPS - Handbook of Oriental History
040205: CYRIL DARYLL FORDE - Marriage and the Family Among the Yakö in South-Eastern Nigeria
051098: CYRIL HUGHES HARTMANN - Clifford of the Cabal: A Life of Thomas, First Lord Clifford of Chudleigh, Lord High Treasurer of England (1630-1673)
055137: CYRIL HUGHES HARTMANN - The King's Friend. A Life of Charles Berkeley, Viscount Fitzhardinge, Earl of Falmouth (1630-1665)
044097: CZERE, ANDREA;SZEPMUVESZETI MUZEUM (HUNGARY) - Disegni Di Artisti Bolognesi Nel Museo Delle Belle Arti Di Budapest
044722: D. H. CUSHING, OTTO KINNE, JOHN D. COSTLOW - Towards a Science of Recruitment in Fish Populations
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054254: D.V. GLASS - Social Mobility in Britain
058087: D.V. GLASS - The Struggle for Population
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085338: D.J. STURDY - The D'Aligres de la Rivière: Servants of the Bourbon State in the Seventeenth Century (Royal Historical Society Studies in History)
055127: D.N. CHEST, F.M.G. WILLSON - The Organization of British Central Government 1914-1956. A Survey by a Study Group of the Royal Institue of Public Administration
054691: D. ANGEL FERRARI NUNEZ - En la Espana Medieval IV. Estudios Dedicados Al Profesor D. Angel Ferrari Núñez Tomo I.
042237: D. T JACK - The Restoration of European Currencies
085487: D MILOJKOVIC - Tradition and Avant-Garde: Literature and Arts in Serbian Culture, 1900-1918 (East European Monographs)
054692: D. ANGEL FERRARI NUNEZ - En la Espana Medieval IV. Estudios Dedicados Al Profesor D. Angel Ferrari Núñez Tomo II.
083877: D. H. MACGREGOR - Economic Thought and Policy
043627: D. WORTHINGTON - Catalogue of British Official Publications Not Published by H.M. S.O.
059624: D.B. HORN - English Historical Documents 1714-1815. Being a Selection of Documents from "English Historical Documents" Vol. X and XI
030108: D. H. S. CRANAGE - Cathedral Church of Norwich. Thirteen-Hundredth Anniversary of the Diocese
085198: D. H. READER - Zulu Tribe in Transition. The Makhanya of Southern Natal.
041900: D.T. WITCOMBE - Charles II and the Cavalier House of Commons 1663-1674
049288: D.F. SCHLOSS - Report to the Board of Trade on Agencies and Methods for Dealing with the Unemployed in Certain Foreign Countries by Mr. D.F. Schloss
015338: D'ENTREMONT, JOHN - Southern Emancipator : Moncure Conway: The American Years, 1832-1865
053694: D'EMILIO, JOHN - Making Trouble : Essays on Gay History, Politics, and the University
045153: D'ENCAUSSE, HELENE CARRERE - The Great Challenge: Nationalities and the Bolshevik State 1917-1930
050910: D'HAUDRECY LOUIS D'ARRAS, DORBAN MICHEL, DUPONT-BOUCHAT MARIE-SYLVIE - La Criminalite en Wallonie Sous L'Ancien Regime. Trois Essais.
010704: DABNEY WILLIAM M. AND DARGAN MARION - William Henry Drayton and the American Revolution.
046742: DADDOW, OLIVER J. - Britain and Europe Since 1945 : Historiographical Perspectives on Integration
055894: DAFYDD EVANS - Lanier. Histoire D'Un Mot.
053269: DAGMAR KIFT - The Zioller II/IV 'Model' Colliery. The Museum of Social and Cultural History of Coal Mining in the Ruhr Area
082424: DAGMAR HERRMANN, KARL EIMERMACHER - Deutsche Und Deutschland Aus Russischer Sicht (West-Ostliche Spiegelungen) (German Edition)
085327: DAHL SVEND ET. AL - The Humanities and the Sciences in Denmark During the Second World War.
020641: DAHLMAN, C. J. - The Open Field System and Beyond
081073: DAI, YINGCONG - The Sichuan Frontier and Tibet: Imperial Strategy in the Early Qing (China Program Books)
059988: DAILY TELEGRAPH - Election '66: Gallup Analysis of the Voting Results
024218: DAKIN, ARTHUR - Calvinism
085482: DALE B. J. RANDALL - Gentle Flame: The Life and Verse of Dudley, Fourth Lord North
051070: DALTON, ROY CLINTON - The Jesuits' Estates Question, 1760-1888;: A Study of the Background for the Agitation of 1889
008979: DALTON CHARLES - The Blenheim Roll. 1704.

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