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045054: REDDAN, MINNIE;CLAPHAM, SIR ALFRED WILLIAM - The Parish of St. Helen, Bishopsgate
040404: REDGROVE, PETER - Selected Poems
060381: REDNER, HARRY - Totalitarianism, Globalization, Colonialism: The Destruction of Civilization Since 1914
054622: REDONDO, AUGUSTIN , ROCHON, ANDRE - Visages de la Folie, 1500-1650: Domaine Hispano-Italien Colloque Tenu a la Sorbonne Les 8 Et 9 Mai 1980 ; Etudes
082886: REDPATH, JAMES - Public Life of Captain John Brown: With an Auto-Biography of His Childhood and Youth
045057: REDSTONE, LILIAN JANE - The Parish of All Hallows Barking
030503: REDWOOD, JOHN - Reason, Ridicule and Religion : The Age of Enlightenment in England, 1660-1750
050513: REED MICHAEL - Discovering Past Landscapes
020137: REED, MICHAEL - A History of Buckinghamshire
083600: REED, MICHAEL A - The Georgian Triumph, 1700-1830 (the Making of Britain, 1066-1939)
045826: REED, ARTHUR - Britain's Aircraft Industry: What Went Right? What Went Wrong
083930: REEDER, DAVID (ED) - Urban History Yearbook 1981
083931: REEDER, DAVID - Urban History Yearbook: 1980 (Urban History Yearbook)
027867: REEL, JEROME V., JR. - Index to Biographies of Englishmen, 1000-1485 : Found in Dissertations and Theses
060506: REEL, JEROME - Index to Biographies of Englishmen, 1000-1485, Found in Dissertations and Theses. :
018823: REES, ABRAHAM; COSSONS, NEIL - Rees's Manufacturing Industry (1819-20) : A Selection from 'the Cyclopaedia: Or, Universal Dictionary of Arts, Sciences and Literature'
083359: REES, GARETH; REES, TERESA L. - Poverty and Inequality in Wales
053766: REGINALD ROBINSON SHARPE - Calendar of Wills Proved and Enrolled in the Court of Husting, London, A.D. 1258 - A.D. 1688: Part II - 1358-1688
040695: REGINALD WILLIAM THOMPSON - The Yankee Marlborough
054652: REGINALD POOLE - The Town and Country Planning Act, 1932, Explained. A Guide to the Law and Practice of Town and Regional Planning
052900: REGINALD R. BUCKLEY - How and What to Read. Suggestions Towards a Home Library.
024611: REGINALD LANE POOLE - A Lecture on the History of the University Archives
053417: REGINALD LANE POOLE - A Lecture on the History of the University Archives
082188: REGINALD PAYNE - The Water-Shed
056475: REGINALD LENNARD - Rural England 1086-1135. A Study of Social and Agrarian Conditions
48527: REGINALD PECOCK - The Repressor of over Much Blaming of the Clergy, 2 Volumes
082909: REGINALD C. STUART - War and American Thought : From the Revolution to the Monroe Doctrine
043760: REGINALD TURNOR - The Smaller English House, 1500-1939
019554: REGIONAL COASTAL CONFERENCE IPSWICH 1967 - The Coasts of East Anglia.
040754: REICHLER, JOSEPH L. - The Baseball Record Companion
081066: REID, AILEEN; WATERFIELD, GILES - Edward Alleyn As Patron and Collector: A Celebration of the 375th Anniversary of the Foundation of Alleyn's College of God's Gift
044586: REID, PETER - By Fire and Sword: The Rise and Fall of English Supremacy at Arms, 1314-1485
021005: REID, JAMES - Memoirs of the Westminster Divines
047547: REID, JOHN HOWARD - More Movie Musicals. One Hundred Best Films. Plus Twenty 'b' Pictures
057401: REID, JOHN HOWARD - More New Light on Movie Bests
059089: REID, D. - Party Coloured Mind (Association for Scottish Literary Studies)
060192: REID, BRIAN HOLDEN; WHITE, JOHN; HOLDEN REID, BRIAN - American Studies: Essays in Honour of Marcus Cunliffe
044830: REID, ELSPETH - Edinburgh Essays on Russia : Celebrating 50 Years of Russian Studies
049382: REIFELD, HELMUT - Zwischen Empire Und Parlament: Zur Gedankenbildung Und Politik Lord Roseberys (1880-1905)
083301: REINHARD SCHUREN - Staat Und Landliche Industrialisierung, Sozialer Wandel in Zwei Dorfeern Einer Deutsch-Niederlandischen Textilgewerberegion 1830-1914
009753: REINHARD JOHN REVELL - The Old French Romance of Amadas Et Ydoine. An Historical Study.
054707: REINHARD MARCEL - Sur la Population Francaise Au XVIII Et Au XIX Siecle. Hommage a Marcel Reinhard.
041051: REINHARDT, STEVEN G. - Justice in the Sarladais, 1770-1790
051821: REIS, JOÃO JOSÉ - Death Is a Festival : Funeral Rites and Rebellion in Nineteenth-Century Brazil
041165: REITAN, EARL A. - Politics, War and Empire : The Rise of Britain to a World Power, 1688-1792
043551: RELIGIOUS SOCIETY - Two Maps of Hull and Holdernes Published by a Religious Society
082013: REMINGTON, THOMAS F. - Building Socialism in Bolshevik Russia: Ideology and Industrial Organization, 1917-1921
057594: REMY SIMONETTI - IL Processo Tra IL Comune Di Treviso E IL Patriarca Di Aquileia (1292-1297)
025779: RENÉ KRAUS - Winston Churchill: A Biography
024149: RENÉ WELLEK - Concepts of Criticism
048271: RENAISSANCE AND MODERN STUDIES VOLUME XXXIII 1989 - Vol. 33. The French Revolution in Perspective.
046584: RENE FULOP-MILLER - The Mind and Face of Bolshevism: An Examination of Cultural Life in Soviet Russia
048048: RENE BAIL - Dernier Baroud à ÐIên Biên Phu
082430: RENE CHARTRAND - Monongahela 1754-55: Washington's Defeat, Braddock's Disaster (Campaign)
048730: RENE HUCHON - George Crabbe and His Times, 1754-1832. A Critical & Biographical Study
043376: RENE PREDAL - Anthologie Du Cinema - 81 : Mikhail Romm 1901-1971
042593: RENE GILSON - Becker
053334: RENE DE CHAMBRUN - I Saw France Fall. Will She Rise Again?
047114: RENEÌ. BITTARD DES PORTES - Les Campagnes de la Restauration, Espagne, Moreìe, Madagascar, Alger. D'Apreìs Les Archives Historiques Des deìpoìts de la Guerre Et de la Marine, Les Meìmoires Et Les Souvenirs Contemporains
052790: RENE ARNAUD - The Second Republic and Napoleon III
053530: RENEWING MINDS - Renewing Minds. A Journal of Christian Thought. Issue 4 : Fall 2013 - C.S. Lewis : A Semicentennial
021662: RENOIR ALAIN - The Poetry of John Lydgate.
017936: RENOIRTE THERESE - Le 'Conseils Politiques' de Plutarque. Une Lettre Ouverte Aux Grecs a L'Epoque de Trajan.
045774: RENSHAW, PATRICK - American Labour and Consensus Capitalism, 1935-1990
082129: RENSHAW, PATRICK - The Longman Companion to America in the Era of the Two World Wars, 1910-1945 (Longman Companions to History)
024668: RENZO DE FELICE - Die Deutungen Des Faschismus
081297: REPORT OF THE CONSULTATIVE COMMITTEE - The Education of the Adolescent
023509: REPORT - FACTORIES WORKSHOPS - Annual Report of the Chief Inspector of Factories and Workshops for the Year 1905
045407: REPORT - Report from the Select Committee Appointed to Inquire Into the Claims of the Men Dismissed from the Police and Prison Services on Account of the Strike of 1919
002152: REPS JOHN W. - Town Planning in Frontier America.
060388: REPUBLIC OF SINGAPORE AIR FORCE - 40 Years of the Rsaf: Our People, Our Air Force
083554: RETALLACK, JAMES N. - Notables of the Right: Conservative Party and Political Mobilization in Germany, 1876-1918
081495: RETHMAN, HUGH - Friends and Enemies: The Natal Campaign in the South African War 1899-1902
045152: RETISH, AARON B. - Russia's Peasants in Revolution and CIVIL War : Citizenship, Identity, and the Creation of the Soviet State, 1914-1922
023518: REUBEN ARTHUR BROWER - Alexander Pope: The Poetry of Allusion
083442: REURE L'ABBE CLAUDE - ODON - Les Gens de Lettres Et Leurs Protecteurs a Rome. These.
056595: REV. W.D. SWEETING - Historical and Architectural Notes on the Parish Churches in and Around Peterborough.
029116: REV HENRY BUNTING - Ancass, the Slave-Preacher
030251: REV JOSEPH BUSH - The Intermediate State ; or the Condition of Human Souls between the Hour of Death and the Day of Judgement
045747: REV. RICHARD WRENCH - A Biographical and Critical Sketch of Dr. Beaumont, the Eloquent Orator
081606: REV. JOSEPH HALL - Hall's Circuits and Ministers: An Alphabetical List of the Circuits in Great Britain, with the Names of the Ministers Stationed in Each Circuit, from 1765 to 1885
055891: REV. SPENCER LEESON - The Public Schools Question and Other Essays on Subjects Connected with Secondary Education
029118: REV. FREDERICK W. BRIGGS - Bishop Asbury : A Biographical Study for Christian Workers
053567: REV. JOSEPH TANNER - Saving Faith: What Is It? a Scripture Inquiry and Appeal
057071: REV. THOMAS COKE - The Experience and Spiritual Letters of Mrs. Hester Ann Rogers: With a Sermon, Preached on the Occasion of Her Death by Rev. Thomas Coke
049838: REV. WILLIAM. LORD BISHOP OF LONDON - A Sermon Preached in the Cathedral Church of St. Paul - 1814... Yearly Meeting of the Children Educated in the Charity Schools... The Annual Report of the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge 1814
043615: REVIGNY SUR ORNAIN - La Revolution Dans le Canton de Revigny (2)
017935: REVISTA BRASILEIRA DE POLITICA INTERNACIONAL. ANO 44. NO.1. 2001 - Revista Brasileira de Politica Internacional. Ano 44. No. 1. 2001
017934: REVUE D'HISTOIRE DIPLOMATIQUE. LA CROISSANCE DE L'ETAT MODERNE (XV-XVII SIECLE) - Revue D'Histoire Diplomatique. La Croissance de L'Etat Moderne (XV-XVII Siecle)
049204: REVUE HISTORIQUE DE L'ARMEE - Revue Historique de L'Armee. Publication Trimestrielle de L'Etat Major de L'Armee. Service Historique Numero 2 2 Anee Avril- Juin 1946
049199: REVUE HISTORIQUE DE L'ARMEE - Revue Historique de L'Armee. Publication Trimestrielle de L'Etat Major de L'Armee. Service Historique Numero 4
049205: REVUE HISTORIQUE DE L'ARMEE - Revue Historique de L'Armee. Publication Trimestrielle de L'Etat Major de L'Armee. Service Historique Numero 3 4 Anee Juillet - Septembre Mars 1948
047079: REVUE - Revue Historique de L'Arme 1956 12 Annee, Numero 2 Canada
049203: REVUE HISTORIQUE DE L'ARMEE - Revue Historique de L'Armee. Publication Trimestrielle de L'Etat Major de L'Armee. Service Historique Numero 1 4 Anee Janvier - Mars 1948
049202: REVUE HISTORIQUE DE L'ARMEE - Revue Historique de L'Armee. Publication Trimestrielle de L'Etat Major de L'Armee. Service Historique Numero 2 4 Anee Juin 1948
049201: REVUE HISTORIQUE DE L'ARMEE - Revue Historique de L'Armee. Publication Trimestrielle de L'Etat Major de L'Armee. Service Historique Numero 1
049200: REVUE HISTORIQUE DE L'ARMEE - Revue Historique de L'Armee. Publication Trimestrielle de L'Etat Major de L'Armee. Service Historique Numero 3
028336: REX STOUT - If Death Ever Slept.
080245: REX NEEDLE - Brief Lives of Bourne People. Fifty Biographies of the Great and the Good
028968: REX STOUT - The Silent Speaker
028958: REX STOUT - Before Midnight
028958: REX STOUT - Before Midnight
024289: REX CHARLES RUSSELL, WORKERS' EDUCATIONAL ASSOCIATION - The Enclosures of East Halton, 1801-1804, & North Kelsey, 1813-1840
028957: REX STOUT - Triple Jeopardy
028336: REX STOUT - If Death Ever Slept.
028957: REX STOUT - Triple Jeopardy
028968: REX STOUT - The Silent Speaker
028583: REX CHARLES RUSSELL, WORKERS' EDUCATIONAL ASSOCIATION - The Water Drinkers in Lindsey: The Earlier Temperance Movement, 1837-1860 : Rechabites, Teetotallers, Moral Revolutionists, Rational Recreation
030282: REX CHARLES RUSSELL, WORKERS' EDUCATIONAL ASSOCIATION. NETTLETON BRANCH - The History of the Enclosures of Nettleton, Caistor, and Caistor Moors: 1791 to 1814
080784: REX, PETER - Hereward: The Last Englishman
058050: REX C. RUSSELL - A History of Schools & Education in Lindsey, Lincolnshire: 1800-1902
060792: REX SLY - Fenland Families
057290: REYNARD, PIERRE CLAUDE - Ambitions Tamed: Urban Expansion in Pre-Revolutionary Lyon
004234: REYNOLDS HERBERT - A Short History of the Ancient Diocese of Exeter. From the Conquest to the Church Congress of 1894.
042460: REYNOLDS, MICHAEL - Monty and Patton: Two Paths to Victory
044576: REYNOLDS, SIAN - Britannica's Typesetters: Women Compositors in Edwardian Edinburgh
015644: REYNOLDS SUSAN. EDITED - The Registers of Roger Martival, Bishop of Salisbury, 1315-1330. Volume 3 - Royal Writs.
058867: REYNOLDS, CHARLES - Theory and Explanation in International Politics
057126: REYNOLDS, KIMBERLEY - Girls Only?: Gender and Popular Children's Fiction in Britain, 1880-1910
045898: REZNICK, JEFFREY S. - Healing the Nation : Soldiers and the Culture of Caregiving in Britain During the Great War
030658: RHEA, GORDON C. - The Battles of Wilderness & Spotsylvania
030658: RHEA, GORDON C. - The Battles of Wilderness & Spotsylvania
047693: RHODA POWER - Under the Bolshevik Reign of Terror
083684: RHODES, CHARLES D - History of the Cavalry of the Army of the Potomac: Including Pope's Army of Virginia and the Cavalry Operations in West Virginia During the American CIVIL War
055636: RHODRI JEFFREY-JONES - The American Left: Its Impact on Politics and Society Since 1900
050188: RHONDDA ROBINSON THOMAS - Claiming Exodus: A Cultural History of Afro-Atlantic Identity, 1774-1903
049897: RHYS DAVIES - The Dark Daughters
048191: RIBHEGGE, WILHELM - Europa, Nation, Region: Perspektiven Der Stadt- Una Regionalgeschichte
060669: RICARDO SALLES - Guerra Do Paraguai: Escravidão E Cidadania Na Formação Do Exército
044400: RICE, E.E. - Revolution and Counter-Revolution
055202: HUGH A. L. RICE - Thomas Ken. Bishop and Non-Juror.
057282: RICE, ANNE-CHRISTINE - Cyrano de Bergerac Cahier Du Professeur
017933: RICERCHE DI STORIA POLITICA. NUMERO UNO - MILLENOVECENTOOTTANTASEI. - Ricerche Di Storia Politica. Numero Uno - Millenovecentoottantasei.
080785: RICH, R.W. - The Training of Teachers in England and Wales During the Nineteenth Century (New Portway Reprints)
042993: RICH E. E. JOHNSON A. M. - Hudson's Bay Copy Booke of Letters Commissions Instructions Outward 1688-1696.
055604: RICHARD D. LAMBERT - Hindu-Muslim Riots
030415: RICHARD A. RUTH - In Buddha's Company: Thai Soldiers in the Vietnam War
056008: RICHARD STAFFORD CRIPPS - Democracy Alive. A Selection from Recent Speeches
053436: RICHARD BRANDON MORRIS - The Peacemakers: The Great Powers and American Independence
031402: RICHARD C. HALL - The Modern Balkans: A History
055153: RICHARD N. HUNT - German Social Democracy 1918-1933.
083085: RICHARD F. STAAR - Poland 1944-1962 the Sovietization of a Captive People
046044: RICHARD BESSEL - Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany : Comparisons and Contrasts
083905: RICHARD FREDERICK SANGER HAMER - A Choice of Anglo-Saxon Verse: Parallel Text
052454: RICHARD EDWIN SMITH - Cicero the Statesman.
080256: RICHARD JOHN G HALL - The Australian Light Horse.
059918: RICHARD CORK - Jankel Adler. The British Years
056001: RICHARD J. EVANS - The German Working Class, 1888-1933: The Politics of Everyday Life
046473: RICHARD CORNTHWAITE LAMBERT - The Parliamentary History of Conscription in Great Britain: Being a Summary of the Parliamentary Debates, &C. , with an Index & Text of the Military Service Acts and a Preface
056359: RICHARD K.P. PANKHURST - William Thompson (1775-1833). Britain's Pioneer Socialist, Feminist, and Co-Operator
047696: RICHARD SEIDEL - The Trade Union Movement of Germany
054770: RICHARD ROUD - Cinema: A Critical Dictionary - the Major Film-Makers, Two Volumes
046556: RICHARD GURNHAM - A History of the Trade Union Movement in the Hosiery and Knitwear Industry, 1776-1976: The History of the National Union of Hosiery and Knitwear Workers, Its Evolution, and Its Predecessors
030791: RICHARD BUCKLEY , DAVID L. WYKES - The Leicestershire Archaeological and Historical Society. Transactions Volume LIX 1995
054627: RICHARD T. GILL - Evolution of Modern Economics
027734: RICHARD ALLEN SAUERS, JAMES L. MCLEAN - The Gettysburg Campaign, June 3-August 1, 1863: A Comprehensive, Selectively Annotated Bibliography
081655: RICHARD W. REICHARD - Crippled from Birth; German Social Democracy 1844-1870
048270: RICHARD DROGEREIT - Das Testament Konig Georgs I Und Die Frage Der Personal Union Zwischen England Und Hannover.
059299: RICHARD HOLT HUTTON - Essays on Some of the Modern Guides to English Thought in Matters of Faith
048236: RICHARD T. GRIFFITHS - Industrial Retardation in the Netherlands, 1830-1850
082208: RICHARD HILLIER - Old Peterborough in Photographs
040298: RICHARD SIDNEY SAYERS - Financial Policy, 1939-45
081776: RICHARD WALSH - Charleston's Sons of Liberty. A Study of the Artisans 1763-1789
027734: RICHARD ALLEN SAUERS, JAMES L. MCLEAN - The Gettysburg Campaign, June 3-August 1, 1863: A Comprehensive, Selectively Annotated Bibliography
024313: RICHARD, STEPHEN - British Government Publications : An Index to Chairmen and Authors, 1900-1940
057346: RICHARD LEWIS NETTLESHIP - Lectures on the Republic of Plato
030573: RICHARD ALLEN - Beckford Society Annual Lectures, 2004-2006
083042: RICHARD N. CURRENT - Lincoln and the First Shot
083031: RICHARD A. SAMUELSON - Poles Together. Thomas Jefferson and John Adams.
081021: RICHARD HUDDLESTON - The Poll Taken at the Election of Three Knights of the Shire for the County of Cambridge Taken at Cambridge, Royston, Newmarket, Ely , Wishbeach and Whittlesea 1835
083801: RICHARD W. LYMAN - The First Labour Government 1924
022300: RICHARD ROD - Calling from Kashgar. A Journey Through Tibel.
048353: RICHARD L MCCORMICK - Political Parties and the Modern State
080110: RICHARD, STEPHEN - British Government Publications: An Index to Chairmen and Authors, 1800-1899
083484: RICHARD DOHERTY - Churchill's Greatest Fear: The Battle of the Atlantic - 3 September 1939 to 7 May 1945
082047: RICHARD KINGSTON ET AL - Remarks Upon Doctor Friend's Account of the Earl of Peterborow's Conduct in Spain
023663: RICHARD MICHAEL CONNAUGHTON - Swords and Ploughshares: Coalition Operations, the Nature of Future Conflict and the United Nations : A Paper
023665: RICHARD SMITH - The Requirement for the United Nations to Develop an Internationally Recognized Doctrine for the Use of Force in Intra-State Conflict
060001: RICHARD ROGERS - Urban History. Volume 20, Part 2, October 1993
060652: RICHARD MUIR - Landscapes. Volume 4, Number 1 , Spring 2003
054320: RICHARD SENNETT - Conscience of the Eye. The Design and Social Life of Cities
049429: RICHARD HALWORTH ROVERE - Senator Joe Mccarthy
053448: RICHARD HENRY TAWNEY - Studies in the Minimum Wage, No. 1. The Establishment of Minimum Rates in the Chain-Making Industry Under the Trade Board Act of 1909
047772: RICHARD E. WELCH - Theodore Sedgwick, Federalist: A Political Portrait
056542: RICHARD LESLIE HILL - Toryism and the People, 1832-1846
055297: RICHARD WINSHIP STEWART - The English Ordnance Office 1585-1625: A Case Study in Bureaucracy
060000: RICHARD ROGERS - Urban History. Volume 21, Part 1, April 1994
059999: RICHARD ROGERS - Urban History. Volume 21, Part 2, October 1994
046701: RICHARD ESCOT , JACQUES RIVIERE - Les Stars Du Rugby
082123: RICHARD HAKLUYT - The Principal Navigations, Voyages, Traffiques & Discoveries of the English Nation Made by Sea or over-Land to the Remote and Farthest Distant Quarters of the Earth at Any Time Within the Compasse of These 1600 Yeeres
056575: RICHARD H. ROVERE - Senator Joe Mccarthy
055649: RICHARD MOE - Roosevelt's Second Act: The Election of 1940 and the Politics of War
011454: RICHARDS JOHN F. (TRANSLATED, NOTES, AND TEXT ) - Document Forms for Orders of Official Appointment in the Mughal Empire : Translation Notes and Text
028408: RICHARDS, AUDREY I. - Land, Labour and Diet in Northern Rhodesia
015657: RICHARDS GEORGE CHATTERTON AND SHADWELL CHARLES LANCELOT - The Provosts and Fellows of Oriel College, Oxford.
002141: RICHARDS, LEONARD L. - The Life and Times of Congressman John Quincy Adams
083267: RICHARDS, JEFFREY; SHERIDAN, DOROTHY - Mass Observation at the Movies (Cinema and Society)
083293: RICHARDS, JEFFREY - Age of the Dream Palace: Cinema and Society in Britain, 1930-39
040973: RICHARDS, JAMES O. - Party Propaganda Under Queen Anne: The General Elections of 1702-1713
052389: RICHARDSON, WADE T. - Reading and Variant in Petronius : Studies in the French Humanists and Their Manuscript Sources
021227: RICHARDSON SAMUEL INTRO. BY ALAN DUGALD MCKILLOP - The Apprentice's Vade Mecum : 1734.
048303: RICHARDSON, R.C. - The Debate on the English Revolution Revisited
021435: RICHARDSON JOANNA EDITED - Letters from Lambeth. The Correspondence of the Reynolds Family with John Freeman Milward Dovaston, 1808-1815.
010133: RICHARDSON JOHN - The Local Historian's Encyclopedia.
052381: RICHARDSON LAWRENCE - Poetical Theory in Republican Rome. An Analytical Discussion of the Shorter Narrative Hexameter Poems Written in Latin During the First Century Before Christ.
058315: RICHARDSON, J.J.; JORDAN, GRANT - Governing Under Pressure. The Policy Process in a Post Parliamentary Democracy
052382: RICHARDSON LAWRENCE - Poetical Theory in Republican Rome. An Analytical Discussion of the Shorter Narrative Hexameter Poems Written in Latin During the First Century Before Christ.
060517: RICHARDSON, SAMUEL - The Richardson-Stinstra Correspondence,: And Stinstra's Prefaces to Clarissa
082988: RICHARDSON, KEITH - Daggers in the Forum. The Revolutionary Lives and Violent Deaths of the Gracchus Brothers
017772: RICHELIEU CARDINAL DE. EDITED BY M. AVENEL - Letters Instructions Diplomatiques Et Papiers D'Etat Du Cardianl de Richelieu. Tome Sixieme 1638-1642
017771: RICHELIEU CARDINAL DE. EDITED BY M. AVENEL - Letters Instructions Diplomatiques Et Papiers D'Etat Du Cardianl de Richelieu. Tome Cinquieme 1635-1637.
054394: RICHELIEU , F.S. FLIN , RICHARD ALDINGTON - The Private Life of the Marshal Duke of Richelieu
080553: RICHES, SAMANTHA - St George: A Saint for All
080703: RICHMOND, COLIN - The Penket Papers
080694: RICHMOND, COLIN; HARVEY, ISOBEL (EDS) - Recognitions: Essays Presented to Edmund Fryde
081359: RICHMOND, COLIN - Campaigner Against Antisemitism: The Reverend James Parkes 1896-1981 (Parkes-Wiener Series on Jewish Studies)
056171: RICHMOND LAURIN HAWKINS - Maistre Charles Fontaine, Parisien.
026745: RICHMOND, JAMES - Ritschl, a Reappraisal : A Study in Systematic Theology
054668: RICHONNIER, MICHEL - Les Metamorphoses de L'Europe: De 1769 a 2001
059827: RICHTER, AMY G. - Home on the Rails: Women, the Railroad, and the Rise of Public Domesticity (Gender and American Culture)
049299: RICUPERATI, GIUSEPPE - La Reinvenzione Dei Lumi: Percorsi Storiografici Del Novecento
023796: RIDDELL, EDWIN; HANKS, PATRICK - Lives of the Stuart Age, 1603-1714
053289: RIDDELL, PETER - The Thatcher Government
013557: RIDEN PHILIP - Farming in Llanblethian, 1660-1750.
081847: RIDGEWAY, JAMES - The 5 Unanswered Questions About 9/11: What the 9/11 Commission Report Failed to Tell Us
083898: RIDLEY, HUGH - Mann: Buddenbrooks (Landmarks of World Literature)
046248: RIDLEY, F. F .; WILSON, DAVID J. - The Quango Debate
082698: RIDLEY SCOTT - Ridley Scott: Interviews (Conversations with Filmmakers)
083533: RIDLEY EDWARD - The Pharsalia of Lucan. Translated Into Blank Verse.
053204: RIESMAN, DAVID - Thorstein Veblen: A Critical Interpretation
019587: RIGBY S. H. (EDITED) - The Overseas Trade of Boston in the Reign of Richard II
040099: RIGER, BOB - The Sports Photography of Robert Riger
043028: RIGG A. G. - A Glastonbury Miscellany of the Fifteenth Century. A Descriptive Index of Trinity College, Cambridge, Ms. 0.9. 38.
049333: RIIS THOMAS ET STROMSTAD POUL - Le Pouvoir Central Et Les Villes en Europe Du Xve Siecle Aux Debuts de la Revolution Industrielle: Actes Du Colloque de la Commission Internationale Pour L'Histoire Des Villes Au Denmark 1976
056458: RIJKSUNIVERSITEIT TE UTRECHT - Handschriften en Oude Drukken Van de Utrechtse Universiteitsbibliotheek (Dutch Edition)
016895: RILEY, G. MICHEAL - Fernando Cortes and the Marquesado in Morelos, 1522-1547;: A Case Study in the Socioeconomic Development of Sixteenth-Century Mexico
013500: RILEY HENRY THOMAS EDITED - The Comedies of Plautus.
017867: RILEY, GLENDA - Building and Breaking Families in the American West
019120: RILEY HENRY THOMAS EDITED. - Munimenta Gildhallae Londoniensis; Liber Albus, Liber Custumarum Et Liber Horn. Volume 2 -Part 2 Liber Custumarum with Extracts from the Cottonian Ms. Claudius. D. II.
020125: RILEY D. N. EDITED - Yorkshire's Past from the Air
084021: RILKE, RAINER MARIA - The Selected Poetry of Rainer Maria Rilke
083944: RINGEN, STEIN - The Possibility of Politics: A Study in the Political Economy of the Welfare State (Clarendon Paperbacks)
082950: RINGER, ALEXANDER (ED) - The Early Romantic Era: Between Revolutions, 1789 and 1848 (Man & Music)
013139: RINGOLD MARY SPENCER - The Role of the State Legislatures in the Confederacy.
051233: RINGOLD MARY SPENCER - The Role of the State Legislatures in the Confederacy.
043787: RIPALDA, JOSE MARIA - The Divided Nation: The Roots of a Bourgeois Thinker, G.W. F. Hegel
050059: RIPERT EMILE - La Renaissance Provencale (1800-1860) Ouvrage Couronne par L'Academie D'Aix
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029769: SAMUEL LUCAS - Creation Redemptive: A Contribution to Theological Science: Being an Attempt to Show That Creation Was Originated, and That the Earth Was Constructed and Stored on Redeeming Plan and for Redeeming Purpose
043339: SAMUEL SCHOFIELD HAMMERSLEY - Industrial Leadership
059540: SAMUEL RAWSON GARDINER - Letters and Papers Relating to the First Dutch War, 1652-1654 Volume 3
081723: SAMUEL RAWSON GARDINER - Letters and Papers Relating to the First Dutch War, 1652-1654 Volume 2
059832: SAMUEL RAWSON GARDINER - Letters and Other Documents Illustrating the Relations between England and Germany at the Commencement of the Thirty Years War, from the Outbreak of the Revolution in Bohemia to the Election of the Emperor Ferdinand II
081865: SAMUEL RAWSON GARDINER - Parliamentary Debates in 1610. Edited, from Notes in the House of Commons
045557: SAMUEL, RAPHAEL - Miners, Quarrymen, and Saltworkers
081960: SAMUEL TYMMS - Wills and Inventories from the Registers of the Commissary of Bury St. Edmund's and the Archdeacon of Sudbury
081270: SAMUEL BUTLER - Hudibras, a Poem by Samuel Butler
059325: SAMUEL EDWARD FINER - Backbench Opinion in the House of Commons, 1955-59
049580: SAMUEL DERRICK - The Dramatic Censor: Remarks Upon the Tragedy of Venice Preserv'd. 1752
043978: SAMUEL P HAYS - The Engineering Industries
049290: SAMUEL REDGRAVE - Catalogue of the Third and Concluding Exhibition of National Portraits Commencing with the Fortieth Year of the Reign of George the Third and Ending with the Year 1867 on Loan to the South Kensington Museum April 13 1868.
058270: SAMUEL BUTLER , DAVES CHARLES W. - Samuel Butler (1612-1680): Characters
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043929: SANDFORD, C. T. - National Economic Planning
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047703: SANJIAN, AVEDIS KRIKOR - Medieval Armenian Manuscripts at the University of California, Los Angeles
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043553: SANTA FE LINES - By the Way - a Condensed Guide of Points of Interest Along the Santa Fe Lines to California.
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058978: SAPPER NICO - Die Schwabisch-Osterreichischen Landstande Und Landtage IM 16. Jahrhundert.
056336: SAPPER - Best Short Stories (Classic Thrillers)
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043094: SAVELLE MAX - Empires to Nations. Expansion in America 1713-1824.
018664: SAVILLE LLOYD - Regional Economic Development in Italy.
018665: SAVILLE, LLOYD - Regional Economic Development in Italy
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055103: SAVITCH, H. V. - Post-Industrial Cities: Politics and Planning in New York, Paris and London
047209: SAXONHOUSE, ARLENE W. - Fear of Diversity: The Birth of Political Science in Ancient Greek Thought
058093: SAY LEON - Turgot
083738: SAYER, DEREK - Capitalism and Modernity: An Excursus on Marx and Weber
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022349: SAYERS JANE E. - Original Papal Documents in the Lambeth Palace Library.
060840: SAYERS, WILLIAM CHARLES BERWICK - A Manual of Classification for Librarians
051405: SCALES, JOHN R. - Sherman Invades Georgia: Planning the North Georgia Campaign Using a Modern Perspective
044211: SCAMMELL, G. V. - The World Encompassed : The First European Maritime Empires C. 800-1650
046002: SCAMMELL, W. M. - The International Economy Since 1945
083268: SCANNELL, PADDY; CARDIFF, DAVID - A Social History of British Broadcasting: 1922-1939 Serving the Nation
081305: SCANNELL, PAUL - Conflict and Soldiers' Literature in Early Modern Europe: The Reality of War (Bloomsbury Studies in Military History)
052453: SCARBOROUGH, JOHN - Facets of Hellenic Life
050716: SCARGILL - BRID S. R. - Custumals of Battle Abbey in the Reigns of Edward I and Edward II (1283-1312)
010383: SCARGILL - BRID S. R. (EDITED) - Custumals of Battle Abbey, in the Reign of Edward I and Edward II (1283-1312) from Mss. In the Public Record Office.
021853: SCARGILL - BRID S. R. (EDITED) - Custumals of Battle Abbey in the Reigns of Edward I and Edward II (1283-1312)
058832: SCASE, RICHARD - Social Democracy in Capitalist Society: Working Class Politics in Britain and Sweden
045429: SCHAFFER, RONALD - America in the Great War : The Rise of the War Welfare State
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048845: SCHALLER, MICHAEL - Reckoning with Reagan : America and Its President in the 1980s
052334: SCHAM, ALAN - Lyautey in Morocco: Protectorate Administration, 1912-1925
020545: SCHAPER, EVA - Pleasure, Preference and Value : Studies in Philosophical Aesthetics
052766: SCHAPIRO, MEYER - Romanesque Art : Selected Papers
049726: SCHAPIRO LEONARD AND REDDAWAY PETER - Lenin. The Man, the Theorist, the Leader. A Reappraisal.
049727: SCHAPIRO LEONARD AND REDDAWAY PETER - Lenin. The Man, the Theorist, the Leader. A Reappraisal.
060018: SCHARFF, VIRGINIA - Twenty Thousand Roads: Women, Movement, and the West
057973: NELLY NOEMIE SCHARGO - History in the Encyclopedie.
044762: SCHAUSS, HANS-JOACHIM - Contemporary Polish Folk Arts
048206: SCHECHTER STEPHEN , TRIPP WENDELL - World of the Founders: New York Communities in the Federal Period
048360: SCHEIBER, HARRY N. - American Law and the Constitutional Order: Historical Perspectives
044488: SCHEINA, ROBERT L. - Latin America: A Naval History, 1810-1987
051571: SCHELVEN VAN A. A. - Het Calvinisme Gedurende Zijn Bloeitijd. Vol. 1 - Geneve - Frankrijk.
051939: SCHICKETANZ PETER - Carl Hildebrand Von Cansteins Beziehungen Zu Philipp Jacob Spener.
015298: SCHIEMANN THEODOR - Kaiser Alexander I. Und Die Ergebnisse Seiner Lebensarbeit.
021680: SCHIFFER MICHAEL BRIAN - Power Struggles. Scientific Authority and the Creation of Practical Electricity Before Edison.
059122: DR. PHIL. E. SCHILLER - Burgerschaft Und Geistlichkeit in Goslar (1290-1365). Ein Beitrag Zur Geschichte Des Verhaltnisses Von Stadt Und Kirche IM Spateren Mittelalter.
055480: SCHINDLER, NORBERT - Rebellion, Community and Custom in Early Modern Germany
044363: SCHLEUNES, KARL A. - Schooling and Society: The Politics of Education in Prussia and Bavaria 1750-1900
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051146: SCHLIERER RICHARD - Weltherrschaftsgedanke Und Altdeutsches Kaisertum. Eine Untersuchung über Die Bedeutung Des Weltherrschaftsgedankens Für Die Staatsidee Des Deutschen Mittelalters Vom 10. Bis 12. Jahrhundert.
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029064: SCHNEIDER, ROBERT A. - The Ceremonial City: Toulouse Observed 1738-1780
052693: SCHNEIDER, BEN ROSS - The Ethos of Restoration Comedy
040937: SCHNEIRLA, T. C. - Selected Writings of T.C. Schneirla
045535: SCHNITZER, JEAN AND LUDA MARCEL MARTIN - Cinema in Revolution the Heroic Era of the Soviet Film: The Heroic Era of the Soviet Film
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018670: SCHOENBERG, H.W. - Germans to the East : A Study of Their Migration, Resettlement and Subsequent Group History, Since 1945
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081188: SCHOLES, PERCY A. - Puritans and Music in England and New England: A Contribution to the Cultural History of Two Nations
057328: SCHOLES, WALTER VINTON - The Foreign Policies of the Taft Administration,
059718: SCHOLLGEN, GREGOR - Ulrich Von Hassell, 1881-1944: Ein Konserviter in Der Opposition
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048052: SCHRECKENBERG, H. - Bibiliographie Zu Flavius Josephus: Supplementband Mit Gesamtregister
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048976: SCOTT, KATHLEEN - Later Gothic Manuscript 1390-1490
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024583: SCOTT, WILLIAM - Terror and Repression in Revolutionary Marseilles
016876: SCOTT JAMES BROWN - The Status of the International Court of Justice with an Appendix of Addresses and Official Documents.
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053023: SCOTT, TOM , BOB SCRIBNER - The German Peasants' War: A History in Documents
025890: SCOTT, ANDREW - Willing Slaves? : British Workers Under Human Resource Management
031220: SCOTT, ROBERT G. - Into the Wilderness with the Army of the Potomac
083927: SCOTT HOPKINS - Chief of Army's Exercise Proceedings (2006)
082529: SCOTT ADAMS - Pompato Dall'Uso Del Mouse
083234: SCOTT STOSSEL - My Age of Anxiety: Fear, Hope, Dread, and the Search for Peace of Mind
016874: SCOTT JOHN BROWN. ADDRESS AND COMMENTARY - The Recommendations of Habana Concerning International Organization Adopted by the American I. Of International Law at Habana, January 23, 1917.
047138: SCOTT, ALISON MACEWEN - Gender Segregation and Social Change: Men and Women in Changing Labour Markets
031275: SCOTT, SAMUEL F. - From Yorktown to Valmy: The Transformation of the French Army in an Age of Revolution
052720: SCOTT, JOHN - Capitalist Property and Financial Power: A Comparative Study of Britain the United States and Japan
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053085: SCOTT BENJAMIN - A State Iniquity. Its Rise, Extension and Overthrow
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041913: SCOTT, JONATHAN - Algernon Sidney and the English Republic 1623-1677
042337: SCOTT, PAUL H. - Andrew Fletcher and the Treaty of Union
046013: SCOTTISH TRADES UNION CONGRESS - Claiming the Future: Scotland's Economy : Ownership, Control and Development
054368: SCREEN MAGAZINE - Screen Magazine 1991 to 1997
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082638: SEARLE, JANUARY; PHILLIPS, GEORGE SEARLE - The Country Sketch Book of Pastoral Scenes and Memorable Places (1851)
045459: SEARLE-BARNES, R. G. - Pay and Productivity Bargaining: A Study of the Effect of National Wage Agreements in the Nottinghamshire Coalfield
058246: SECHER, REYNALD - La Chapelle-Basse-Mer, Village Vendeen: Revolution Et Contre-Revolution (French Edition)
082626: SECHER, REYNALD - A French Genocide: The Vendee
049131: SECRETARY OF STATE FOR FOREIGN AFFAIRS TO PARLIAMENT - Treaty of Peace with Finland. Paris 10th February, 1947
019725: SEDDON P. R. (EDITED) ANTHONY OLDFIELD - The Letter Book of Sir Anthony Oldfield, 1662-1667
002158: SEE HENRI - Histoire Economique de la France. Le Moyen Age Et L'Ancien Regime.
031338: SEGRAVE, KERRY; MARTIN, LINDA - The Continental Actress : European Film Stars of the Postwar Era; Biographies, Criticism, Filmographies, Bibliographies
042024: SEGRAVE, KERRY;MARTIN, LINDA - The Continental Actress: European Film Stars of the Postwar Era Biographies, Criticism, Filmographies, Bibliographies
015910: SEGRE DAN VITTORIO - Memoirs of a Fortunate Jew. An Italian Story.
049612: SEGURA, JUDITH GARRETT - Belo : From Newspapers to New Media
027682: SEIB, PHILIP M. - Broadcasts from the Blitz : How Edward R. Murrow Helped Lead America Into War
018666: SEIDLER, VICTOR J. - Kant, Respect and Injustice : The Limits of Liberal Moral Theory
082490: SEIDLER, HANS - 6538 the Siege of Sevastopol and the Crimea Campaign 1941-42
080588: SEIFERT, ROGER V. - Industrial Relations in the Nhs
058977: SEIGNOBOS CHARLES - Histoire Sincere de la Nation Francaise. Essai D'Une Histoire de L'Evolution de Peuple Francais.
021108: SEKUNDA NICHOLAS EDITED - Corolla Cosmo Rodewald.
017049: SELBIE W. B. - Non - Conformity. Its Origin and Progress
058319: SELDON, ANTHONY - United Kingdom Political Parties Since 1945 (Contemporary Political Studies)
047874: SELECT COMMITTEE - Report : Masters and Operatives, Ordered by the House of Commons 15 May 1860
047871: SELECT COMMITTEE - First Report from the Select Committee on Combinations of Workmen; Together with the Minutes of Evidence and Appendix
029790: SELECTION OF HYMNS 1916 - A Selection of Hymns with Tunes National - Patriotic - Devotional for Use During the War,
025331: SELLAR, WM. YOUNG;LANG, ANDREW - The Roman Poets of the Augustan Age: Horace and the Elegiac Poets
054987: SELLS A. LYTTON - The Memoirs of James II. His Campaigns As Duke of York, 1652-1660.
018394: SEMMEL, BERNARD - The Methodist Revolution
018668: SENN, ALFRED E. - The Russian Revolution in Switzerland, 1914-1917
048246: SEPTEMBER - MCMXIV, NO. 16 - Special War Number. The Round Table. A Quarterly Review of the Politics of the British Empire
083303: SERAFIN, STEVEN R.; MYER, VALERIE GROSVENOR - The Continuum Encyclopedia of British Literature
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083306: SERGE LANCEL - Structures Feodales Et Feodalisme Dans L'Occident Mediterraneen: Xe-Xiiie Siecles : Bilan Et Perspectives de Recherches : Colloque International... L'Ecole Francaise de Rome) (French Edition)
054902: SERGE DROUOT , COLLECTIF - La Guerre D'Algerie 1954-1962, Arret Sur Images Inedits
053673: SERGE, VICTOR - Conquered City
047697: SERGEI MALYSHEV - Unemployed Councils in St. Petersburg in 1906
059848: SERGEI EISENSTEIN - Film Form: Essays in Film Theory
057111: SERLE, GEOFFREY - The Rush to Be Rich: A History of the Colony of Victoria 1883-1889
054157: SETON-WATSON, HUGH - Sick Heart Modern Europe : The Problem of the Danubian Lands
052726: SETON-WATSON R.W. - Tudor Studies. Presented to Albert Frederick Pollard
081256: SETTIS, SALVATORE - Giorgione's "Tempest": Interpreting the Hidden Subject
049731: SEWELL, WILLIAM HAMILTON - Work and Revolution in France: The Language of Labor from the Old Regime to 1848

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