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081323: WILLIAM MORTLOCK PALMER - Cambridge Borough Documents Vol. 1.
086038: WILLIAM LATHAM BEVAN - Diocesan Histories - St. David's.
059298: WILLIAM E. RAPPARD - The Geneva Experiment
049629: WILLIAM ATTHILL - Documents Relating to the Foundation & Antiquities of the Collegiate Church of Middleham, in the County of York
048943: WILLIAM MAUDE - Aids to the Divine Life: In a Series of Practical Christian Contemplations
048946: WILLIAM ARHTUR - Italy in Transition: Public Scenes and Private Opinions in the Spring of 1860; Illustrated by Official Documents from the Papal Archives of the Revolted Legations
085493: WILLIAM COBBETT - Cobbett's Legacy to Parsons ; or, Have the Clergy of the Established Church an Equitable Right to the Tithes, or to Any Other Thing Called Church Property, Greater Than the Dissenters Have to the Same? and Ought There, or Ought There Not to Be a Separation of the Church from the State? in Six Letters
081802: WILLIAM COUTTS , QUINTUS HORATIUS FLACCUS - The Works of Horace Rendered Into English Prose with Life, Introduction and Notes.
041812: WILLIAM O. SHANAHAN - German Protestants Face the Social Question. Volume 1 - the Conservative Phase 1815-1871
050965: WILLIAM M. FRANKLIN - Foreign Relations of the United States 1948. Volume IX - the Western Hemisphere
080722: WILLIAM APPLETON AIKEN, BASIL DUKE HENNING - Conflict in Stuart England: Essays in Honour of Wallace Notestein
080965: WILLIAM CARRUTHERS - The Shorter Catechism of the Westminster Assembly of Divines. Being a Facsimile of the First Edition, Which Was Ordered to Be Printed by the House of Commons, 25th November, 1647, with Historical Account and Bibliography
085370: WILLIAM GEORGE SEARLE - Anglo-Saxon Bishops, Kings and Nobles, the Succession of the Bishops and the Pedigrees of the Kings and Nobles
054637: WILLIAM COOPER, JAMES FENIMORE COOPER - A Guide to the Wilderness: Or, the History of the First Settlement [I.E. Settlements] in the Western Counties of New York, with Useful Instructions to Future Settlers
050642: WILLIAM SIMPSON - Vision and Reality: Evolution of American Government
049599: WILLIAM JAMES DAWSON - The Threshold of Manhood. A Young Man's Words to Young Men
083811: WILLIAM JOHN BATTERSBY - History of the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools in the Nineteenth Century (Volume 2, Part 2 1850-1900)
083087: WILLIAM EWART GLADSTONE - The Gladstone Diaries, Vol 3: 1840 - 1847
051840: WILLIAM COOK MACKENZIE - The Life and Times of John Maitland, Duke of Lauderdale, 1616-1682
084395: WILLIAM JERDAN - Letters from James, Earl of Perth, Lord Chancellor of Scotland,&C, to His Sister, the Countess of Erroll, and Other Members of His Family
055778: WILLIAM HUSE DUNHAM, STANLEY MCCRORY PARGELLIS - Complaint and Reform in England, 1436-1714. 50 Writings of the Time on Politics, Religion, Society, Economics, Architecture, Science & Education.
055779: WILLIAM HUSE DUNHAM, STANLEY MCCRORY PARGELLIS - Complaint and Reform in England, 1436-1714. 50 Writings of the Time on Politics, Religion, Society, Economics, Architecture, Science & Education.
080647: WILLIAM LESLIE SUMNER - The Organ: Its Evolution, Principles of Construction and Use
057106: WILLIAM L. TUNG - The Political Institutions of Modern China.
059751: WILLIAM THORNTON RICKERT FOX - European Security and the Atlantic System (Institute for War & Peace Studies)
082523: WILLIAM STUBBS - Registrum Sacrum Anglicanum: An Attempt to Exhibit the Course of Episcopal Succession in England from the Records and Chronicles of the Church
041151: WILLIAM HASLAM MILLS - Sir Charles W. Macara, Bart: A Study of Modern Lancashire
045739: WILLIAM RILEY - A Yorkshire Suburb
084630: WILLIAM R. MANNING - Diplomatic Correspondence of the United States. Inter-American Affairs 1831-1860. Volume III - Central America 1831-1850. Documents 723-995
053735: WILLIAM F. CHURCH - The Influence of the Enlightenment on the French Revolution. Creative, Disastrous or Non-Existent?
085690: WILLIAM BENHAM - Diocesan Histories: Winchester
052777: WILLIAM RATIGAN - Great Lakes Shipwrecks and Survivals
085303: WILLIAM A. SHAW - Calendar of Treasury Books. 1702 : Volume 17 - Part 1 & Part 2.
081934: WILLIAM KELLY - Lectures Introductory to the Study of the Minor Prophets
055656: WILLIAM D. CARRIGAN AND CLIVE WEBB - Forgotten Dead: Mob Violence Against Mexicans in the United States, 1848-1928
055975: WILLIAM P. SYNDER - The Politics of British Defense Policy 1945-1962
08182: WILLIAM HENRY BARBER - The Age of the Enlightenment. Studies Presented to Theodore Besterman.
052373: WILLIAM WARREN SWEET - The Story of Religions in America
086368: WILLIAM M. GORDON - Miscellany Three (the Stair Society)
085284: WILLIAM WARREN HAYNES - Nationalization in Practice : The British Coal Industry.
050869: WILLIAM A., FAUNCE - Readings in Industrial Sociology.
042457: WILLIAM HENRY SCOTT - Industrial Leadership and Joint Consultation: A Study of Human Relations in Three Merseyside Firms
085559: WILLIAM RICHARDSON - Anecdotes of the Russian Empire: In a Series of Letters, Written a Few Years Ago, from St. Petersburg (1784)
081324: WILLIAM MORTLOCK PALMER - Cambridge Borough Documents Vol. 1.
051997: WILLIAM WRIGHT ABBOT - The Royal Governors of Georgia, 1754-1775
046387: WILLIAM NEWTON - A Display of Heraldry.
053187: WILLIAM ARTHUR - On the Difference between Physical and Moral Law . Fernley Lecture of 1883
087114: WILLIAM LANCASTER - Radicalism, Cooperation, and Socialism: Leicester Working-Class Politics, 1860-1906
055925: WILLIAM LETWIN - Law and Economic Policy in America. The Evolution of the Sherman Antitrust Act
080100: WILLIAM ST JOHN HOPE - The History of the London Charterhouse from Its Foundation Until the Suppression of the Monastery
082903: WILLIAM ELEROY CURTIS - The Capitals of Spanish America
081046: WILLIAM HALLER - Liberty and Reformation in the Puritan Revolution
054639: WILLIAM S. DIX - The Princeton University Library in the Eighteenth Century
083959: WILLIAM DE OCKHAM, OFFLER H. S. - Guillelmi de Ockham Opera Politica. Volume I
083999: WILLIAM GIFFORD - The Anti Jacobin or Weekly Examiner. 1799 Facsimile Edition in 2 Volumes
049645: WILLIAM DAVID ROSS - Ethica Nicomachea
051436: WILLIAM THOMAS MORGAN - English Political Parties and Leaders in the Reign of Queen Anne, 1702-1710
082219: WILLIAM LE QUEUX - The Indiscretions of a Lady's Maid: Stories Related by Mademoiselle Mariette le Bas, Femme-de-Chambre
086721: WILLIAM POUNDSTONE - Prisoner's Dilemma: John Von Neumann, Game Theory and the Puzzle of the Bomb
046287: WILLIAM ADAMS BROWN JR. , REDVERS OPIE - American Foreign Assistance
040757: WILLIAM RILEY - A Stick for God
040758: WILLIAM ANDREWS (F.R.HIST.S.) - Bygone Northamptonshire
041911: WILLIAM NEWNHAM - The Reciprocal Influence of Body and Mind Considered: As It Affects the Great Questions of Education, Phrenology, Materialism, Moral Advancement...
060788: WILLIAM MACLAY - Documentary History of the First Federal Congress of the United States of America, March 4, 1789-March 3, 1791: The Diary of William Maclay and Other Notes on Senate Debates (Volume 9)
085495: WILLIAM CARVOSSO - The Great Efficacy of Simple Faith in the Atonement of Christ, Exemplified in a Memoir of Mr. William Carvosso, Sixty Years a Class Leader in the Wesleyan Methodist Connexion
059720: WILLIAM NASSAU WEECH - Urban VIII: Being the Lothian Prize Essay for 1903
041053: WILLIAM GRAHAM - The Wages of Labour
041067: WILLIAM MAXWELL - First Fifty Years of St. Cuthbert's Co-Operative Association Limited, 1859-1909
042301: WILLIAM J. CARLTON - A Descriptive Catalogue of the Library of Samuel Pepys. Part IV - Shorthand Books.
082272: WILLIAM F. SPALDING - The Finance of Foreign Trade; a Practical Guide to the Operations of Banker and Merchant
086862: WILLIAM MARSHALL - The Review and Abstract of the Country Reports to the Board of Agriculture. Volume 2 - Western Department.
044434: WILLIAM E. PATERSON, ALASTAIR H. THOMAS - Social Democratic Parties in Western Europe
043136: WILLIAM THEOPHILUS DAVISON - The Word in the Heart: Notes on the Devotional Study of Holy Scripture
080080: WILLIAM THOMAS LAPRADE - Parliamentary Papers of John Robinson 1774-1784
045206: WILLIAM MAXWELL - First Fifty Years of St. Cuthbert's Co-Operative Association Limited 1859-1909
086845: WILLIAM WARREN HAYNES - Nationalization in Practice: The British Coal Industry
084897: WILLIAM MILLER - Men in Business. Essays on the Historical Role of the Entrepreneur
049061: WILLIAM CONGREVE - The Way of the World, a Comedy 1700
059728: WILLIAM G. GATES - Portsmouth and the Great War
047152: WILLIAM RODNEY - Soldiers of the International. A History of the Communist Party of Canada, 1919-1929
082152: WILLIAM J. THOMS - Anecdotes and Traditions, Illustrative of Early English History and Literature
052891: WILLIAM ARTHUR LEWIS - Growth and Fluctuations, 1870-1913
080846: WILLIAM BENHAM - The Prayer-Book of Queen Elizabeth, 1559, to Which Are Appended Some Occasional Forms of Prayer Issued in Her Reign
059472: WILLIAM LEWINS - Her Majesty's Mails: A History of the Post-Office and an Industrial Account of Its Present Condition
049310: WILLIAM HENRY MAXWELL - British Progress in Municipal Engineering: A Series of Three Lectures
081474: WILLIAM DOUGLAS EDWARDS - A Compendium of the Law of Property in Land and Conveyancing Relating to Such Property
049743: WILLIAM MUNK - The Roll of the Royal College of Physicians of London; Compiled from the Annals of the College. Vol. II 1701 to 1800
087070: WILLIAM S. POWELL - John Pory, 1572-1636: The Life and Letters of a Man of Many Parts
087091: WILLIAM E. KAPELLE - Norman Conquest of the North
059892: WILLIAMS, JOHN - The Redeemed Captive
047707: WILLIAMS, GWYN A. - Goya and the Impossible Revolution
048630: WILLIAMS, IOAN M. - The Idea of the Novel in Europe, 1600-1800
058297: WILLIAMS, ROGER LAWRENCE - The French Revolution of 1870-1871
054072: WILLIAMS, GUY - The Royal Parks of London
040294: WILLIAMS, ROGER LAWRENCE - Manners and Murders in the World of Louis-Napoleon
058899: WILLIAMS, GWYLMOR PRYS; BRAKE, GEORGE THOMPSON - Drink in Great Britain, 1900 to 1979
057262: WILLIAMS, D. H.; DONNELLY, PHILLIP J. - Transformations in Biblical Literary Traditions: Incarnation, Narrative, and Ethics--Essays in Honor of David Lyle Jeffrey (Nd Studies in Ethics and Culture)
081782: WILLIAMS, ROGER LAWRENCE - French Revolution, 1870-71
050788: WILLIAMS GEORGE - Memorials of the Reign of King Henry VI. Official Correspondence of Thomas Bekynton, Secretary to King Henry VI. , and Bishop of Bath and Wells.
059777: WILLIAMS, BARRIE - Subscription Book of Bishops Tounson and Davenant, 1620-40 (Wiltshire Record Society)
044521: WILLIAMSON, JEFFREY, G. - Did British Capitalism Breed Inequality?
060600: WILLIAMSON, RAJKUMARI - The Making of Physicists
080075: WILLIAMSON, JAMES ALEXANDER - Maritime Enterprise, 1485-1558,
053625: WILLIAMSON, AUDREY - Wilkes, a Friend to Liberty
086725: WILLIE WAFFLE - Back Shelf Beauties: Movies You Should Rent When the New Stuff Is Gone
085798: WILLIS D. CHARLES S. JOHNSON WEATHERFORD - Race Relations. Adjustment of Whites and Negroes in the United States.
085424: WILLIS, JEAN L. - Historical Dictionary of Uruguay (Latin American Historical Dictionaries)
049439: WILLLARD M. WALLACE - Sir Walter Raleigh
080983: WILLSON H COATES , HAYDEN V. WHITE , J. SALWYN SCHAPIRO - The Emergence of Liberal Humanism: An Intellectual History of Western Europe: From the Italian Renaissance to the French Revolution (Intellectual History of Western Europe;Vol. 1)
058876: WILSON, CHARLES; PARKER, GEOFFREY A. - Introduction to the Sources of European Economic History: Vol. 1: Western Europe, 1500-1800 (University Paperbacks)
050987: WILSON, JOHN HAROLD - Ordeal of Mr Pepys's Clerk
044138: WILSON, CATHERINE M. - The Man Who Ate His Boots: Remarkable Story of Sir John Franklin,1786-1847
080942: WILSON, PETER H. - 1848: The Year of Revolutions (the International Library of Essays on Political History)
083001: WILSON, FRANCESCA M. - Muscovy: Russia Through Foreign Eyes, 1553-1900
058878: WILSON, STANTON & WILLIAM HARRIS - John Mackay : Bibliographical Resources for the Period 1914-1992 / Studies in Reformed Theology and History, Volume 1, Number 4, Fall , 1993
043338: WILSON, CHARLES R. - Southern Missions: The Religion of the American South in Global Perspective
082675: WILSON, CHARLES TOWNSHEND - Duke of Berwick: Marshal of France. 1702-1734 - Primary Source Edition
082448: WILSON, JEAN - The Shakespeare Legacy: The Material Legacy of Shakespeare's Theatre
060727: WILSON, DAVID M. - The Archaeology of Anglo-Saxon England
057170: WILSON, JOHN - Politics and Leisure (Leisure & Recreation Studies)
082777: WILSON, ALAN - Urban Modelling (Critical Concepts in Urban Studies)
080076: WILT, JUDITH - The Readable People of George Meredith (Princeton Legacy Library)
080999: WILT CHAMBERLAIN - A View from Above by Wilt Chamberlain
058140: WINDER MCCONNELL - Kudrun (Medieval Texts & Translations)
059895: WINDSOR CASTLE - The Saint George's Chapel Quincentenary Handbook: Programme of Events and Catalogue of the Exhibition
047231: WINDSOR MAGAZINE - The Windsor Magazine. Volume XLI December - May 1915
085229: WINER GEORGE BENEDICT (EDWARD MASSON) - A Grammar of the New Testament Diction : Intended As an Introduction to the Critical Study of the Greek New Testament. (Translated from the Sixth Enlarged and Improved Edition of the Original by Edward Masson )
084930: WINFRIED BOTTCHER - Deutschland Aus Britischer Sicht 1960-1972
081786: WINFRIED BAUMGART - Das Zeitalter Des Imperialismus Und Des Ersten Weltkrieges (1871-1918) (Quellen Zur Deutschen Geschichte Der Neuzeit Von 1500 Bis Zur Gegenwart)
051460: WINIFRED ANNE HENRIETTA BURGHCLERE - The Life of James First Duke of Ormonde 1610-1688
084866: WINIFRED SMITH - Italian Actors of the Renaissance.
043065: WINIFRED RAWLINGS - Friends o' Mine or Down Our Way: Reminiscences of Medical Missionary Work in the Slums
051973: WINN, DILYS - Murder Ink : Revived, Revised, Still Unrepentant
084548: WINNETT, FREDERICK VICTOR - Studies on the Ancient Palestinian World: Presented to Professor F.V. Winnett on the Occasion of His Retirement 1 July 1971
045512: WINNIPEG DEFENCE COMMITTEE;PENNER, NORMAN - Winnipeg 1919 : The Strikers' Own History of the Winnipeg General Strike: The Strikers' Own History of the Winnipeg General Strike
059876: WINSLOW, OLA ELIZABETH - A Destroying Angel. The Conquest of Smallpox in Colonial Boston
053208: WINSTON CLEWES - Journey Into Spring
047661: WINTHER, OSCAR O. - The Old Oregon Country : A History of Frontier Trade, Transportation, and Travel
041076: WINTON, JOHN - The War at Sea, 1939-45
055841: WINTON, CALHOUN - Sir Richard Steele, M.P. : The Later Career
054937: WIRICH VON GARTZEN - Flottentorpedoboote: T 22 Bis T 36 IM Einsatz
049117: WIRSING, ROBERT;ARMY WAR COLLEGE (U.S.) - Baloch Nationalism and the Geopolitics of Energy Resources: The Changing Context of Separatism in Pakistan
081677: WISCHERMANN, CLEMENS - Wohnen in Hamburg: Vor Dem Ersten Weltkrieg (Studien Zur Geschichte Des Alltags) (German Edition)
050662: WISE, HENRY A. - Seven Decades of the Union: The Humanities and Materialism
057073: WISE, JON - The Role of the Royal Navy in South America, 1920-1970: Showing the Flag (Bloomsbury Studies in Military History)
049963: WISHNIA, JUDITH - The Proletarianizing of the Fonctionnaires: CIVIL Service Workers and the Labor Movement Under the Third Republic
084510: WIT STWOSZ - Oltarz Mariacki Epoka I Srodowisko
048069: WITHINGTON, JOHN - Shutdown : The Anatomy of a Shipyard Closure
044326: WLADYSLAW CZAPLINSKI; TADEUSZ LADOGORSKI - The Historical Atlas of Poland
042329: WOLCZUK, KATARYNA - Convergence and Divergence in European Public Law
043660: WOLF LESLAU - A Prefix H in Egyptian, Modern South Arabian and Hausa
049293: WOLF DIETER - Die Doriot-Bewegung. Ein Beitrag Zur Geschichte Des Franzosischen Faschismus.
045046: WOLFE, BERTRAM DAVID - Revolution and Reality: Essays on the Origin and Fate of the Soviet System
048293: WOLFFE, MARY - Gentry Leaders in Peace and War: The Gentry Governors of Devon in the Early Seventeenth Century
057337: WOLFFE, BERTRAM PERCY - The Royal Demesne in English History: The Crown Estate in the Governance of the Realm from the Conquest to 1509
080841: WOLFFE, B.P. - Crown Lands, 1461-1536: An Aspect of Yorkist and Early Tudor Government (Unwin University Books)
084760: WOLFGAND MICHAEL. - Zeitschrift Fur Politik. - Die Entstehund Der Kabinettsregierung in England
085841: WOLFGANG LECHER; HANS-WOLFGANG PLATZER - European Union - European Industrial Relations?: Global Challenge, National Development and Transitional Dynamics (Routledge Studies in the European Economy)
081949: WOLFGANG MICHALKA - Nationalsozialistische Aussenpolitik (Wege Der Forschung ; Bd. 297) (German Edition)
080366: WOLFGANG SCHIEDER , CHRISTOP DIPPER - Der Spanische Burgerkrieg in Der Internationalen Politik (1936-1939): 13 Aufsatze (Nymphenburger Texte Zur Wissenschaft ; 23 : Modelluniversitat) (German Edition)
084769: WOLFGANG MICHAEL - Zur Entstehung Der Pragmatischen Sanktion Karls VI.
081720: WOLFGANG MICHAEL - The Beginnings of the Hanoverian Dynasty
084532: WOLFGANG HUBER , JOHANNES SCHWERDTFEGER - Frieden, Gewalt, Sozialismus: Studien Zur Geschichte D. Sozialist. Arbeiterbewegung (Forschungen Und Berichte Der Evangelischen Studiengemeinschaft) (German Edition)
083251: WOMEN'S GROUP ON PUBLIC WELFARE - Our Towns: A Close-Up.
050663: WOOD, LOUIS AUBREY - A History of Farmers' Movements in Canada
046162: WOOD, ANTHONY - The History and Antiquities of the University of Oxford, in Two Books: Vol. 1.
086304: WOOD, JAMES B. - The Nobility of the Election of Bayeux, 1463-1666: Continuity Through Change
043261: WOOD, ALAN - Stalin and Stalinism
057210: WOOD, PHILIP R. - International Loans, Bonds and Securities Regulation (Law and Practice of International Finance Series)
049212: WOODHEAD ABRAHAM. INTRO. BY RICHARD KROLL - The Protestant Plea for a Socinian. (Abraham Woodhead 1686)
059158: WOODHOUSE, MICHAEL - Essays on the History of Communism in Britain
080104: WOODS, T.P.S. - Prelude to CIVIL War, 1642: Mr. Justice Malet and the Kentish Petitions
049413: WOODS, RANDALL B.; JONES, HOWARD - Dawning of the Cold War : The United States' Quest for Order
044556: WOOLFOSN, CHARLES;FOSTER, JOHN - Track Record: The Story of the Caterpillar Occupation
080907: WORDEN, BLAIR - Roundhead Reputations: The English CIVIL War and the Passions of Posterity
043569: WORKERS' EDUCATIONAL ASSOCIATION. BARTON BRANCH F. J. BIRKBECK - A History of Schools and Education in Barton-on-Humber: 1800 to 1850, Part 1
051396: WORKING PARTY REPORTS - HAND-BLOWN DOMESTIC GLASSWARE 1947 - Working Party Reports - Hand-Blown Domestic Glassware 1947
051395: WORKING PARTY REPORTS -JUTE - Working Party Reports - Jute
085687: WORKMAN H. B. - Methodism.
048061: WORKMAN LESLIE J. VERDUIN KATHLEEN, METZGER DAVID D - Studies in Medievalism IX (1997) Vol. IX : Medievalism and the Academy, I
045182: WORLD AND ITS PEOPLES. MIDDLE EAST, WESTERN ASIA AND NORTHERN AFRICA. - Sahel and Sudan, Volume 10 of World and Its Peoples Series
042332: WORLD BANK - The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, 1946-1953
084541: WORLD COUNCIL OF CHURCHES. ASSEMBLY - The Church and the International Disorder: An Ecumenical Study
084540: WORLD COUNCIL OF CHURCHES. ASSEMBLY - The Church's Witness to God's Design: An Ecumenical Study
060735: WORMUTH, FRANCIS; FIRMAGE, EDWIN BROWN - To Chain the Dog of War: The War Power of Congress in History and Law
053445: WORPOLE, KEN - Dockers and Detectives: Popular Reading Popular Writing
083730: WORRALL, NICHOLAS - Nicolai Gogol and Ivan Turgenev (Macmillan Modern Dramatists)
050208: WORRALL, ARTHUR J. - Quakers in the Colonial Northeast
043415: WORTH, RICHARD - In the Shadow of the Battleship : Considering the Cruisers of World War II
044104: WOUTER TROOST - Sir William Temple, William III and the Balance of Power in Europe
051408: WOUTER TROOST - William the Third and the Treaty of Limerick (1691-1697) William III and the Treaty of Limerick, 1691-1697: A Study of His Irish Policy
059003: WRAGG R. B. AND INGRAM EDWARD - Georgian Society of East Yorkshire Publications Vol. IV. Part II. Years 1955-56. Transactions.
041227: WRIGHT, RUSSELL O. - The Evolution of Baseball: A History of the Major Leagues in Graphs, 1903-1989
047580: WRIGHT LOUIS B. - The Atlantic Frontier. Colonial American Civilization (1607-1763)
043330: WRIGHT, KEVIN - Arms Control and Security: The Changing Role of Conventional Arms Control in Europe
060829: WRIGHT, LOUIS B. - Cultural Life of the American Colonies 1607-1763 (New American Nation)
084047: WRIGHT, A.W. - G.D. H. Cole and Socialist Democracy
053894: WRIGHT, PATRICK - Journey Through Ruins
084901: WRIGHT, JAMES - History and Antiquities of the County of Rutland (Classical County Histories)
054410: WRIGHT, JOANNE H. - Origin Stories in Political Thought : Discourses on Gender, Power, and Citizenship
049771: WRIGHT, JONATHAN R. - Above Parties : The Political Attitudes of the German Protestant Church Leadership 1918-1933
049773: WRIGHT, JONATHAN R. - Above Parties : The Political Attitudes of the German Protestant Church Leadership 1918-1933
049567: WRIGHT C. E. AND RUTH C. EDITED - Humfrey Wanley and the History of the Harleian Library. A Reprint of the Introduction to the Diary of Humfrey Wanley 1715-1726.
041237: WRIGHT, RUSSELL O. - The Best of Teams, the Worst of Teams: A Major League Baseball Statistical Reference, 1903-1994
083821: WRIGHTSON, KEITH - English Society, 1580-1680
060428: WRIGLEY, CHRIS - British Trade Unions, 1945-1995
086912: WRIGLEY, CHRIS - Lloyd George
086086: WRIGLEY, CHRIS - British Trade Unions Since 1933
047741: WRIGLEY, CHRIS - David Lloyd George and the British Labour Movement: Peace and War
058269: WRIGLEY C. J. - Working Classes in the Victorian Age. Volume 1 - Political Economy and Whig Reforms, 1815-1837.
086910: WRIGLEY, CHRIS - A History of British Industrial Relations, 1939-1979: Industrial Relations in a Declining Economy
081517: WRIGLEY, CHRIS; SHEPHERD, JOHN - On the Move: Essays in Labour and Transport History Presented to Philip Bagwell: Essays on Labour and Transport History Presented to Philip Bagwell
083150: WRIGLEY, CHRIS - Arthur Henderson (Political Portraits)
059824: WRONG, DENNIS HUME - Max Weber (Makers of Modern Social Science)
057847: WUE, ROBERTA; LAI, EDWIN K.; WALEY-COHEN, JOANNA - Picturing Hong Kong: Photography 1855-1910
083125: WULFF, MANFRED - Die Neoliberale Wirtschaftsordnung: Versuch E. Dynam. Analyse D. Konzeption U.D. Realitat (Tubinger Wirtschaftswissenschaftliche Abhandlungen) (German Edition)
043051: WUTHNOW, ROBERT - Red State Religion - Faith and Politics in America's Heartland
049388: WYANT, WILLIAM K. - Westward in Eden : The Public Lands and the Conservation Movement
049997: WYBREW-BOND, IAN; FRIDLEY, DAVID; MIYAMOTO, AKIRA; PAIK, KEUN-WOOK; STERN, JONATHAN - Natural Gas in Asia : The Challenges of Growth in China, India, Japan and Korea
051094: WYCHERLEY, WILLIAM - The Plays of William Wycherley : Love in a Wood, the Gentleman Dancing-Master, the Country Wife, the Plain-Dealer
055182: WYCLIFFE, JOHN - Tractatus de Universalibus
045438: WYNN, NEIL A. - From Progressivism to Prosperity: World War I and American Society
057632: XAVIER DUGOIN - Les Moments Du Destin : 5 Batailles de L'Histoire de France
043239: XENOPHON, HERBERT HAILSTONE - Hellenics of Xenophon: Books I and II
053431: XII CONGRES INTERNATIONAL DES SCIENCES HISTORIQUES - Nouvelles Etudes Historique. Volume 1.
040398: XU YUAN ZHONG - 100 Tang and Song CI Poems
056287: XU ZHIGENG - Lest We Forget: Nanjing Massacre, 1937
086544: XV CONGRES INTERNATIONAL DES SCIENCES HISTORIQUES. - XV Congres International Des Sciences Historiques. Bucarets Aout - 1980 - Rapports. 1 - Grand Themes Et Methodologie. 2 -Chronologie. 3 - Organismes Internationaux Affilies Et Commissions Internes. 4(1 + 2) Actes.
056711: Y. AMBARTSUMOV - How Socialism Began. Russia Under Lenin's Leadership 1917-1923
084665: YAGI, GEORGE - The Struggle for North America, 1754-1758: Britannia's Tarnished Laurels (Bloomsbury Studies in Military History)
055866: YAGO, GLENN - The Decline of Transit : Urban Transportation in German and U.S. Cities, 1900-1970
054289: YAKOVLEV, A - Capitalism at the End of the Century
057259: YAMANE, DAVID - Becoming Catholic: Finding Rome in the American Religious Landscape
082571: YAMSHCHIKOV, SAVELII - Pskov: Art Treasures and Architectural Monuments, 12th-17th Centuries
080576: YANG GENG XIN - The Ming Tombs: The Imperial Tombs of China's Ming Dynasty
054567: YANS-MCLAUGHLIN, VIRGINIA - Family and Community: Italian Immigrants in Buffalo, 1880-1930
080714: YATES, NIGEL - Buildings, Faith and Worship: The Liturgical Arrangement of Anglican Churches 1600-1900
082075: YAZAWA, PROFESSOR MELVIN - From Colonies to Commonwealth: Familial Ideology and the Beginnings of the American Republic (New Studies in American Intellectual and Cultural History)
050970: YEAR BOOKS - The Constitutional Year Book 1927
053467: YEHEZKEL SHELAH - Napoleon 1813
045249: YEO, EILEEN JANES - The Contest for Social Science: Relations and Representations of Gender and Class
082126: YERGIN, DANIEL - Shattered Peace: The Origins of the Cold War and the National Security State
085839: YOKE-SUM WONG; DEREK SAYER - Twenty Years of the Journal of Historical Sociology: Volume 2: Challenging the Field
081843: YORK, NEIL LONGLEY - Turning the World Upside Down: The War of American Independence and the Problem of Empire (Studies in Military History and International Affairs)
055302: YOUNG, JAMES D. - John Maclean : Clydeside Socialist
081815: YOUNG, ARTHUR - General Report on Enclosures (Reprints of Economic Classics)
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