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A00007127: TAIT PETER GUTHRIE AND STEELE WILLIAM JOHN - A Treatise on the Dynamics of a Particle with Numerous Examples
324987: TAIT JAMES - Mediaeval Manchester and the Beginnings of Lancashire
A00005113: TAIT LAWSON - Lectures on Ectopic Pregnancy and Pelvic Haematocele
A00001756: TAKAHASHI AKIRA - Land and Peasants in Central Luzon Socio-Economic Structure of a Philippine Village
B00003567: TAKAKI RONALD - Democrary and Race Asian Americans and World War II
C00000100: TAKASHI OKAMOTO EDITING - N H K Broadcasting Studies 2003 Number 2
326422: TAKEUCHI SEIICHI TRANSLATED BY BRASE MICHAEL - Flower Petals Fall But the Flower Endures
A00003691: TALALAY ANSELM AND MAGATE MICHEL - Synthetic Rubber from Alcohol a Survey Based on the Russian Literature
C00003744: TALBOT GRIFFITH G - Population Problems of the Age of Malthus
A00004331: TALBOTT JOHN E - The Politics of Educational Reform in France 1918-1940
J100222: TALVACCHIA BETTE ET AL - The Sixteenth Century Journal the Journal of Early Modern Studies Volume 25
A00001111: TALWAR P K AND KACKER R K - Commercial Sea Fishes of India
324611: TAM, LUISA (EDITOR). - The Confluence of Affluence: The Pearl River Delta Story.
C00002895: TAM HENRY BENEDICT - A Philosophical Study of the Criteria for Responsibility Ascriptions Responsibility and Personal Interactions Problems in Contemporary Philosophy Volume 28
550459: TAMAKI, NORIO - The Life Cycle of the Union Bank of Scotland, 1830-1954
325010: TAMBIAH, STANLEY J. - Leveling Crowds: Ethnonationalist Conflicts and Collective Violence in South Asia
C00000195: TAMM OLOF - Northern Coniferous Forest Soils a Popular Survey of the Phenomena Which Determine the Productive Character of the Forest Soils of North Sweden
A00006819: TAMPLIN R W - Lectures on the Nature and Treatment of Deformities Delivered at the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital Bloomsbury Square London
A00006883: TAMPLIN R W - Lateral Curvature of the Spine Its Causes Nature and Treatment
B00002405: TAN, SHAUN - The Red Tree
A00011091: TANDY A. H. - Economic and Commercial Conditions in Belgium and Luxembourg with an Annex on Benelux ( Overseas Economic Surveys )
A00011081: TANDY A. H. - Economic and Commercial Conditions in the Republic of Argentina ( Overseas Economic Surveys )
J100043: TANGHERLINI TIMOTHY R ET AL - Journal of American Folk Lore Volumes 101 and 102
A00000522: TANIN O AND YOHAN E - Militarism and Faschism in Japan
A00005757: TANNAHILL ROBERT AND SEMPLE DAVID - The Poems and Songs and Correspondence of Robert Tannerhill with Life and Notes by David Semple
B00000421: TANNER J. C. - Forecasts of Vehicles and Traffic in Great Britain: 1974 Revision
C00003354: TANNER ROGER I - Engineering Rheology
A00008983: TANNER B A EDITING - Language and Communication in General Practice
6600017: TANNER W E - The Annual Oration the Guy's Worthies in the Early Years of the Medical Society of London 1773-1825
A00003790: TANNER DANIEL - Schools for Youth Change and Challenge in Secondary Education
B00002688: TANNER J C - Forecasts of Vehicles and Traffic in Great Britain 1974 Revision
A00002050: TANNSJO TORBJORN - Coercive Care the Ethics of Choice in Health and Medicine
6602461: TANSEY A B ET AL - B.I. O.S. Final Report No. 347 Item No. 31 Hosiery Needle Making Industry
A00008984: TANZER JASON M ET AL - Animal Models in Cariology
B00003093: TAO D C - Applied Linkage Synthesis
B00001666: TAPERT ANNETTE AND HORAN ELLEN - The Power of Glamour the Women Who Defined the Magic of Stardom
A00007756: TAPINOS GEORGES - L'Immigration Etrangere En France
326500: TAPLIN D M R - Fracture 1977 Volume 4 Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Fracture Waterloo June 1977
A00006895: TAPLIN A BETTS - Hypnotic Suggestion and Psycho-Therapeutics
325319: TAPPE E D - Rumanian Prose and Verse a Selection with an Introductory Essay
B00002097: TAPSCOTT ROBERT J ET AL - National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics Report 1260 Studies of the Speed Stability of a Tandem Helicopter in Forward Flight
325821: TARANTINO, QUENTIN - Pulp Fiction
A00000421: TARAYRE J P ET AL EDITING - New Concepts in Asthma
B00003522: TARDI, JACQUES - C'Etait la Guerre Des Tranchees , 1914-1918
B00003525: TARDI, JACQUES - C'Etait la Guerre Des Tranchees , 1914-1918
B00003524: TARDI, JACQUES - C'Etait la Guerre Des Tranchees , 1914-1918
B00003523: TARDI, JACQUES - C'Etait la Guerre Des Tranchees , 1914-1918
A00008219: TARDIF-PAINCHAUD, NICOLE - Dom Bellot Et L'Architecture Religieuse Au Québec
A00008479: TARDIVEL, JULES - La Situation Religieuse Aux Etats-Unis - Illusions Et Realite
A00004831: TARGETTI F AND THIRLWALL A P - The Essential Kaldor
A00012035: TARIZZO M L EDITING - Field Methods for the Control of Trachoma
C00002368: TARLING EDWIN - Wave Number 1 Autumn 1970
C00001073: TARLING NICHOLAS - International Students in New Zealand the Making of Policies Since 1950
C00002703: TARLING NICHOLAS - Imparting Asia Five Decades of Asian Studies at the University of Auckland
A00004502: TARLING ROGER - Sentencing Practice in Magistrates' Courts Home Office Research Study Number 56
C00001074: TARLING NICHOLAS - Historians and Southeast Asian History
C00000480: TARNAWSKI WIT - Conrad the Man the Writer the Pole an Essay in Psychological Biography
6601156: TARRANT JOHN - The Village School Education in Stoke Poges
A00012117: TARROW SIDNEY - Between Center and Periphery Grass Roots Politicians in Italy and France
A00008631: TARTRA A. E. , RENAULT CASIMER - Traite de L'Empoisonnement Par L'Acide Nitrique Bound with Nouvelles Expériences Sur Les Contre-Poisons de L'Arsenic
B00000304: TASKER EDWARD G - Encyclopedia of Medieval Church Art
A00006076: TASSOUL, JEAN-LOUIS - Theory of Rotating Stars.
A00001766: TATE WILLIAM - The Modern Cambist Forming a Manual of Foreign Exchanges in the Different Operations of Bills of Exchange and Bullion According to the Practice of All Trading Nations with Tables of Foreign Weights and Measures and Their Equivalents in English and French
C00003336: TATE ALLEN - Memories and Essays Old and New 1926-1974
C00003939: TAUB HERBERT AND SCHILLING DONALD L - Principles of Communication Systems International Student Edition
A00001320: TAUB A H EDITS NEUMANN JOHN VON - John Von Neumann Collected Works Volume II Operators Ergodic Theory and Almost Periodic Functions in a Group
A00000048: TAUBE MIECZYSLAW - Plutonium a General Survey
326997: TAUBMAN HOWARD - The Making of the American Theatre
6602801: TAUCHERT E - B.I. O.S. Final Report No. 1389 Item No. 9 Design and Production of Counting Instruments (Electrical)
A00014851: TAVARES BELMIRA E - Portuguese Pioneers in the United States
326068: TAVERNE DICK - The Future of the Left Lincoln and After
323776: TAYLER HENRIETTA - The Child Sovereigns of Scotland an Introduction to Scots History
A00015199: TAYLER R J - The Stars Their Structure and Evolution
323431: TAYLOR, ARTHUR J. - Laissez-Faire and State Intervention in Nineteenth Century Britain
6603111: TAYLOR ROBERT - Social Democratic Trade Unionism an Agenda for Action a Catalyst Working Paper
6603159: TAYLOR ROBERT - Labour and the Social Contract
6603155: TAYLOR DAVID - India: The Politics of Change
326204: TAYLOR S J - Introduction to Measure and Integration
A00011531: TAYLOR GAYNOR E EDITING - Kinematic and Dynamic Issues in Sensor Based Control
A00003842: TAYLOR PHYLLIS - Dog-Team and School-Desk
B00000045: TAYLOR LAURIE - The Open University Social Sciences a Third Level Course Social Psychology Block 9 Man's Experience of the World
A00010337: TAYLOR SAMUEL - La Collaboration de Voltaire Au Theatre Francais ( 1767 - 1769 ) ( Offprint from Studies on Voltaire and the Eighteenth Century )
322782: TAYLOR DOCTOR F EDITS - Bulletin of the John Rylands University Library of Manchester Volume 58 Autumn 1975 Number 1
B00000165: TAYLOR NEALE W - Discussion Papers in Conservation Number 42 the Sycamore (Acer Pseudoplatanus) in Britain - Its Natural History and Value to Wildlife
A00009623: TAYLOR JOHN C. EDITS - Gauge Theories in the Twentieth Century
C00003701: TAYLOR RONALD - Kurt Weill Composer in a Divided World
322541: TAYLOR KEN T TRANSCRIBES - The Registers of All Saints Wigan 1741-1766
6602560: TAYLOR C B ET AL - B.I. O.S. Final Report No. 576 Item No. 22 German Limeburning Industry
6603091: TAYLOR LAURIE - Signs of Trouble Aspects of Delinquency
6602891: TAYLOR F H ET AL - B.I. O.S. Final Report No. 85;Item Nos. 22 and 31. Some Developments in Dairying in Germany.
C00000271: TAYLOR H A - The British Press a Critical Survey
6602492: TAYLOR W ET AL - B.I. O.S. Final Report No. 477 Item No. 17 German Pyrotechnique Factories
B00000403: TAYLOR HENRY F - Advances in Fiber Optics Communications
C00000237: TAYLOR MONICA - Sir Bertram Windle
322773: TAYLOR HENRY - Philip Van Artevelde Part II (2) Part 2 Only
C00001507: TAYLOR GEORGE AND RAINE JAMES - A Memoir of Robert Surtees Esq Mafsa
C00002554: TAYLOR SIR JAMES - The Scientific Community Science and Engineering Policy Series
B00001305: TAYLOR ALAN ET AL - The Impact of New Technology on Local Employment a Study of Progress and Effect on Jobs in the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham
323465: TAYLOR, JOHN - Unemployment and Wage Inflation with Special Reference to Britain and the U.S. A.
C00002580: TAYLOR ERIC - The Beter Temper a Commemorative History of the Midland Iron and Steel Wages Board 1876-1976
A00009491: TAYLOR, HENRY - Memoirs of the Principal Events in the Life of Henry Taylor of North Shields : Wherein Are Interspersed the Circumstances That Led to the Fixing of Lights in Hasboro' Gatt, the Godwin, and Sunk Sands
A00007499: TAYLOR ALFRED - On Poisons in Relation to Medical Jurisprudence
A00001533: TAYLOR EDWIN WINDLE - The Examination of Waters and Water Supplies (Thresh Beale & Suckling) Seventh Edition
A00001409: TAYLOR CAPTAIN L G IN ASSOCIATION WITH CONWAY CAPTAIN L D - Cargo Work the Care Handling and Carriage of Cargoes Including the Management of Marine Cargo Transportation
A00008834: TAYLOR C AND MORGAN J EDITING - Recent Advances in Numerical Methods in Fluids Volume 1
A00000942: TAYLOR ROBERT - The Sino-Japanese Axis a New Force in Asia
A00006046: TAYLOR J. G. EDITS - Tributes to Paul Dirac,
A00000867: TAYLOR R WHATELY COOKE - The Modern Factory System
C00001914: TAYLOR ARCHER AND ARLT GUSTAVE O - Printing and Progress
C00002338: TAYLOR C C W EDITS - Ethics and the Environment Proceedings of a Conference Held at Corpus Christi College Oxford 20-21 September 1991
A00003623: TAYLOR W OF NORWICH - Historic Survey of German Poetry Interspersed with Various Translations Volumes 1, 2 and 3
C00003479: TAYLOR JOHN L - Golf Collectors Price Guide
A00007400: TAYLOR R W - Syphilitic Lesions of the Osseous System in Infants and Young Children
C00003709: TAYLOR GEOFFREY - Changing Faces a History of the Guardian 1956-88
A00011634: TAYLOR DAVID - India: The Politics of Change
A00013373: TAYLOR, PETER; THACKWRAY, BOB - Investors in People Explained: Practical Guide to and Through the Process
B00000851: TAYLOR W - Annals of St. Mary Overy; an Historical and Descriptive Account of St. Saviour's Church and Parish
A00004994: TAYLOR JOHN W - Extra-Uterine Pregnancy a Clinical and Operative Study
326904: TEAGUE PAUL - The Economy of Northern Ireland
A00006983: TEALE THOMAS PRIDGIN - A Practical Treatise on Abdominal Hernia
A00011940: TEBBUTT T H Y EDITING - The Treatment of Water for Power Plants
B00001748: TECHWORD SERVICES - Offshore Technology Report Oth84 203 the Effectiveness of Underwater Non-Destructive Testing Summary Report of a Programme of Tests
C00001239: TECSON GWENDOLINE - The Role of Small and Medium-Scale Industries in the Industrial Development of the Phillipines
A00003355: TEEUW R M EDITS - Mapping Hazardous Terrain Using Remote Sensing Geological Society Special Publication Number 283
325291: TEGETMEIER W B - A Manual of Domestic Economy with Hints on Domestic Medicine and Surgery
328278: TEGG WILLIAM - The Knot Tied Marriage Ceremonies of All Nations
A00011471: TEGGART FREDERICK J EDITING - Around the Horn to the Sandwich Islands and California 1845 to 1850 Being a Personal Record Kept by Chester F Lyman Sometime Professor of Astronomy and Physics in Yale University
A00014966: TEICHLER ULRICH - Changing Patterns of the Higher Education System the Experience of Three Decades
6602951: TEICHLER ULRICH ET AL - Higher Education and the Needs of Society a Study Prepared for the International Labour Office Within the Framework of the World Employment Programme
A00010539: TEICHLER ULRICH - Admission to Higher Education in the United States , a German Critique
C00002486: TEICHOVA ALICE EDITS - Multinational Enterprise in Historical Perspective
A00010387: TEIRLINCK HERMAN - Ode à Ma Main
B00001994: TEIXEIRA, F. GOMES - Obras Sobre Mathematica, 7 Volumes.
C00003160: TEJADA BROTHER DAVID - Oldest Church in Us the San Miguel Chapel
324157: TEJANI AMIR H ET AL - Pediatric Solid Organ Transplantation
A00007826: TELLO CARLOS - La Tenencia de la Terra En Mexico
326360: TEMPLE WILLIAM - The Kingdom of God a Course of Four Lectures Delivered at Cambridge During the Late Term 1912
A00003247: TEMPLE FREDERICK CHARLES - Small Sewage Works
C00000375: TEMPLE RICHARD - Oriental Experience: A Selection of Essays and Addresses Delivered on Various Occasions
A00000859: TEMPLE C L - Native Races and Their Rulers Sketches and Studies of Offical Life and Administrative Problems in Nigeria
328132: TEMPLE THE RIGHT HON. SIR RICHARD - The House of Commons
A00000208: TEMPLER RICHARD H AND LEATHERBARROW ROBIN - Biopysical Chemistry Membranes and Proteins
327008: TEMPLETON ELIZABETH - God's February a Life of Archie Craig 1888-1985
A00003988: TENENBAUM SAMUEL - William Heard Kilpatrick
A00000024: TENNANT MARGARET KINMONT - The Bacchanals of Euripedes Rendered Into English in the Original Metres
B00003887: TENNANT JOHN - Football the Golden Age Extraordinary Images from 1900-1985
A00000587: TENNY CAROL L - Aspectual Roles and the Syntax-Semantics Interface
322665: TENNYSON G B - Carlyle and the Modern World the Carlyle Society Occasional Papers Number 4
6601833: TENNYSON CHARLES - Randolph Schwabe Memorial Exhibition the Arts Councils 1951
A00011181: TENORTH, HEINZ-ELMAR - Zur Deutschen Bildungsgeschichte, 1918-1945: Probleme, Analysen Und Politisch-Padagogische Perspektiven
A00002452: TEODORO LIUS V ET AL - Out of This Struggle the Philipinos in Hawaii
A00011569: TEPICHT JERZY ET AL - The Journal of Peasant Studies Volume 2 Number 3
A00011567: TEPICHT JERZY ET AL - The Journal of Peasant Studies Volume 2 Number 3
A00011568: TEPICHT JERZY ET AL - The Journal of Peasant Studies Volume 2 Number 3
CL360: TERENCE; GRAY JJ H - Hauton Timorumenos
CL807: TERENCE; LEMAIRE N E - Comoediae, Ex Optimarum Editionum Volumen Posterior Pars Primum & Secunda
CL608: TERENCE; MARTIN R H - Terence; Phormio
CL381: TERENCE; GRAY JJ H - Hauton Timorumenos
CL322: TERENCE; MAROUZEAU J - Comedies ; Tome II; Heautontimoroumenos ; Phormion
CL320: TERENCE; MAROUZEAU J - Comedies Tome III: Hecyre; Adelphes
CL198: TERENTIUS ; OEHLER FRANC. - Saturarum Menippearum Reliquiae
C00001402: TERKEL STUDS - Talking to Myself a Memoir of My Times
A00001482: TERRAINE JOHN - The Road to Passchendale the Flanders Offensive of 1917 a Study in Inevitability
A00011198: TERROINE ANNE EDITED BY FOSSIER LUCIE - Un Bourgeois Parisien Du Xiiie Siècle : Geoffroy de Saint-Laurent - 1245?-1290
A00005238: TERRY, J - Deviant Bodies: Critical Perspectives on Difference in Science and Popular Culture
A00000202: TERRY CHARLES SANFORD - John Graham of Claverhouse Viscount of Dundee 1648 - 1689
A00009671: TERRY ROBERT D EDITING - Aging and the Brain
A00005239: TERRY, J - Deviant Bodies: Critical Perspectives on Difference in Science and Popular Culture (Race, Gender, & Science)
A00007772: TERZ ABRAM - Compagni, Entra la Corte
A00004689: TEUFEL BERND - Organisation of Programming Languages
C00002449: TEW BRIAN AND HENDERSON R F EDIT - Studies in Company Finance a Symposium on the Economic Analysis and Interpretation of British Company Accounts
B00001069: TEWFIK MAGDY - Aspects of Regional Planning and Rural Development Affected by Factors of Physical Environment Dust Storms and Desert Creep a Casestudy Suggesting Various Remedies to the Ecological Degradation Affecting Eastern Sudan
328301: THACKERAY WILLIAM MAKEPEACE - Works Comprising Christmas Books Etc, Burlesques Punch Etc, Yellowplush Papers Etc, Esmond Etc, the Newcomes, the Virginians, Catherine Snobs Etc, Vanity Fair, Mary Lyndon Etc, Pendennis, Lovel the Widower Etc, Adventures of Philip, Plus Life of Thackeray
325575: THACKERAY WILLIAM MAKEPEACE - Denis Duval Miscellaneous Essays Sketches and Reviews
327803: THACKERAY D M - Pendennis in Two Volumes Volume One and Volume Two
550784: THACKERAY, WILLIAM M. - The Virginians,
C00001213: THAKUR DEVENDRA EDITS - Financial Institutions and Economic Development Trends in Indian Economy 5
B00001745: THALMANN HANS E - An Index to the Genera and Species of the Four Foraminifera 1890 - 1950
C00001727: THALMANN RITA AND FEINERMANN EMMANUEL - Crystal Night 9-10 November 1938
322414: THANE ADELE DRAMATISES BAUM L FRANK - The Wizard of Oz a Play in Three Acts Dramatised by Adele Thane from the Story by L Frank Baum
A00004301: THAYER H S - The Logic of Pragmatism an Examination of John Dewey's Logic
A00001987: THE ASSOCIATION OF LITTLE PRESSES COMPILES - Catalogue of Little Press Books in Print January 1974 Published in the United Kingdom
6601842: THE LOUGHBOROUGH GROUP - Sculpture by by Members of Staff at Loughborough College of Art and Design Sculpture Department John Atkin, Dave Morris, Almuth Tebenhoff, and Laura White
C00000896: THE COMMONWEALTH FOUNDATION PROFESSOR D R DENMAN ET AL - Occasional Paper Number XXVII (27) Surveying and Land Economy in the Commonwealth
C00002192: THE COUNTESS OF EFFINGHAM - Fare-Ye-Well with Ladies of the Realm
325894: THE ENTHUSIAST - The Enthusiast Field Guide to Poetry
C00001290: THE HANSARD SOCIETY - Parliamentary Reform a Survey of Recent Proposals for the Commons
A00003604: THE IRON AND STEEL INSTITUTE - Symposium on the Hardenability of Steel Organised by the Technical Advisory Committee of the Special and Alloy Steels Committee (Ministry of Supply) and the Iron and Steel Institute
A00003607: THE IRON AND STEEL INSTITUTE - First Report of the Rolling-MILL Research Sub-Committee of the Iron and Steel Industrial Research Council
A00011297: THE KOREAN NATIONAL COMMISSION FOR UNESCO EDIT - Korean Dance Theater and Cinema
328099: THE SCOTTISH CLASSICS GROUP - Ecce Romani Reference Book 2 a Latin Reading Course
XXX32: THE ANGLO-SAXON CHRONICLE.] FLOWER,ROBIN & SMITH,HUGH ED - The Parker Chronicle and Laws (Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, Ms. 173). A Facsimile.
A00003655: THE RIGHT HON. THE EARL OF DERBY - Durham Coal Trade Arbitration July 1879 Printed from the Shorthand Notes of the Official Reporter
B00003175: THE INSTITUTION OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS - Periodic Inspection of Pressure Vessels a Conference Arranged by the Applied Mechanics Group of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers 9 to 11 May 1972
6600084: THE FOREIGN OFFICE - The World's Largest Loan
B00002962: THE DEPARTMENT OF TRADE AND INDUSTRY - Abuse of Market Power a Consultative Document on Positive Legislative Options Presented to Parliament by the President of the Board Trade by Command of Her Majesty November 1992
B00002968: THE OFFICE FOR NATIONAL STATISTICS - Social Trends, Number 38
6600888: THE UNIVERSITIES FEDERATION FOR ANIMAL WELFARE - A Survey on the Importation of Irish Cattle Into Scotland
323694: THE JAPANESE BUSINESS HISTORY INSTITUTE EDIT - The First Century of Japan Tobacco Inc Origins and Evolution 1904 - 2008
A00009434: THE SCOTTISH COUNCIL FOR RESEARCH IN EDUCATION - The Prognostic Value of University Entrance Examinations in Scotland
6600642: THE PUBLIC RELATIONS DEPARTMENT BASS NORTH WEST LTD - An Ancient Monument the Old Wellington Inn
B00001742: THE INSTITUTION OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS - International Conference on Engineering Aspects of Creep Three Volumes Papers Read at the Conference of the University of Sheffield on 15 to 19 September Oroganised by the Applied Mechanics Group of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers
327932: THE INTERNATIONAL UNION FOR THE SCIENTIFIC STUDIES OF THE POPULATION - International Population Conference London 1969 Volume One Volume Two Volume Three and Volume Four
B00001747: THE IRON AND STEEL INSTITUTE - Steelmaking in the Basic Arc Furnace
A00007077: THE BRITANNIA COMPANY - Britannia Company's Buyers' Guide to Technical Books in the Mechanical Arts Containing the Best British and American Books Fully Described Showing Price, Size and Contents of Each
B00002419: THE DIPLOMATIC PRESS - Directory of the Republic of the Sudan 1957-58 Including Trade Index and Biographical Section
B00001751: THE METALS SOCIETY - Energy-Conscious Iron and Steel Making
B00001754: THE IRON AND STEEL INSTITUTE - Automatic Cleanness Assessment of Steel Isa Publication 112
B00001757: THE IRON AND STEEL INSTITUTE - Determination of Chemical Composition Its Application in Process Control
A00003681: THE EARL OF ELLESMERE - Guide to Northern Archaeology by the Royal Society of Northern Antiquaries of Copenhagen Edited for the Use of English Readers
6602303: THE ASSISTANT MASTERS ASSOCIATION - The Undergraduate View of Teaching a Report on a Survey Conducted by the Assistant Masters Association
A00007507: THE SOCIETY FOR THE DIFFUSION OF USEFUL KNOWLEDGE UNDERWOOD J W AND REID JAMES - Three Items Bound Together. 1, the Working-Man's Companion the Physician I the Cholera, II the Medical Student's Practical and Theoretical Guide to the Translation and Composition of Latin Descriptions III Manual and Practical Midwifery
A00001448: THE MEDICAL PROTECTION SOCIETY - The Abortion Act 1967 Proceedings of a Symposium Held by the Medical Protection Society in Collaboration with the Royal College of General Practitioners at the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists London 7 February 1969
322311: THE STANTON IRONWORKS COMPANY - Cast Iron Pipe Its Life and Service
C00000352: THE SOCIETY FOR THE DIFFUSION OF USEFUL KNOWLEDGE - The British Almanac for the Year 1833
6600226: THE SCOTS SECRETARIAT - Constitution for Free Scots What a Scottish Parliament Can Do
B00003174: THE METALS SOCIETY - Basic Oxygen Steel Making a New Technology Emerges? Proceedings of a Conference Organised by the Metals Society and Held at the Europa Hotel London on 4 to 5 May 1978
C00001117: THE ROYAL SOCIETY - The Record of the Royal Society of London for the Promotion of Natural Knowledge Fourth Edition
B00000617: THE INSTITUTION OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS - Model Form of General Conditions of Contract Including Forms of Tender Agreement Sub-Contract and Performance Bond
C00001215: THE WORLD BANK - Developing the Domestic Government Debt Market from Diagnostics to Reform Implementation
C00000752: THE BRITISH DRUG HOUSES LIMITED - Chemical Methods of Water Testing
C00000491: THE KOREAN NATIONAL COMMISSION FOR UNESCO EDIT - Korean Dance Theater and Cinema
C00002592: THE COTTON BOARD - The Cotton Industry and the Consequences of Unlimited Imports Case for Protective Action by the Government Submitted to the President of the Board of Trade the Right Hon Peter Thorneycroft Mp by the Cotton Board
C00002585: THE INSTITUTE OF CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS IN ENGLAND AND WALES - Survey of Published Account 1972-1973 Methods of Financial Reporting Used by 300 Major British Industrial Companies and by Major Property Companies and Investments Trusts
6603807: THE INLAND WATERWAYS ASSOCIATION LTD - A National Waterways Conservancy
A00002112: THE ARCHBISHOPS' COUNCIL 2002 - Further Anglican Liturgies
A00002003: THE NATIONAL LIBRARY OF WALES - The National Library of Wales Charter of Incorporation and Report on the Progress of the Library from the Granting of the Charter to the 31st May 1909
A00001862: THE KOREAN NATIONAL COMMISSION FOR UNESCO - Two Travelers and Other Korean Short Stories
A00001713: THE LONDON ADVISORY COUNCIL FOR JUVENILE EMPLOYMENT - A Guide to Employment for London Boys and Girls
A00001675: THE COBDEN CLUB - Systems of Land Tenure in Various Countries a Series of Essays Published Under the Sanction of the Cobden Club
A00001520: THE METEOROLOGICAL OFFICE - The Marine Observer's Handbook 10th Edition
6603379: THE SCOTTISH CLASSICS GROUP - Ecce Romani a Latin Reading Course Prepared by the Scottish Classics Group
6603380: THE SCOTTISH CLASSICS GROUP - Ecce Romani 5 Pastimes and Ceremonies
A00003678: THE DEPARTMENT OF SCIENTIFIC AND INDUSTRIAL RESEARCH - Post-War Building Studies Number 31 District Heating Parts 1 - 6 by the Heating and Ventilation (Reconstruction) Committee of the Building Research Board of the Department of the Scientific and Industrial Research
A00002633: THE VERY REVEREND THE DEAN OF DURHAM - The Records of the Northern Convocation
6603373: THE BRITISH CONSTRUCTIONAL STEELWORK ASSOCIATION - Structural Steel Sections Tables with Dimensions and Properties
A00003616: THE SHELL PETROLEUM COMPANY LIMITED - Shell Chemical Solvents
C00002517: THE ROYAL COMMISSION ON HISTORICAL MANUSCRIPTS - Records of British Business and Industry 1760-1914 Metal Processing and Engineering Guides to Sources for British History Number 9
C00002538: THE MONOPOLIES AND MERGERS COMMISSION - North of Scotland Hydro-Electric Board a Report on the Efficiency and Costs of the Board
6602966: THE NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF ADULT EDUCATION - After Work Leisure and Learning in Two Towns Studies Made in Bolton and Rochdale for the Manchester and District Advisory Council for Further Education
B00003177: THE OCCIDENTAL NORTH SEA GROUP - The Search for North Sea Oil
C00001170: THE TWO TRADITIONS GROUP - The Two Traditions the Nationalist Tradition the Unionist Tradition and Reconciling the Two
A00009519: THE INTERNATIONAL COMMISSION ON MICROBIOLOGICAL SPECIFICATIONS FOR FOODS EDITED BY SILLIKER J H ET AL - Microbial Ecology of Foods Volume 1 Factors Affecting Life and Death of Microrganisms
B00003982: THE INSTITUTION OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS HYDRAULIC PLANT AND MACHINERY GROUP - Model Testing of Hydraulic Machinery and Associated Structures a Symposium Arranged by the Hydraulic Plant and Machinery Group 18th and 19th April 1968
A00005313: THE NATIONAL MISSION OF REPENTANCE AND HOPE - Report of the Archbishops' Committees of Inquiry
C00000911: THE ASSOCIATION OF UNIVERSITIES OF THE BRITISH COMMONWEALTH - Conference of the Home Universities 1950 Report of Proceedings
B00003961: THE EARL OF HAREWOOD - Kobbe's Illustrated Opera Book Thirty-Two of the World's Best-Loved Operas
A00007749: THEIS, IVO MARCOS - Entwicklung Und Energie in Sudbrasilien: Eine Wirtschaftsgeographische Analyse Des Energiesystems Des Itajaitals in Santa Catarina
CL684: THEOCRITUS ; HICKIE D B - Sixteen Select Idyls of Theocritus
A00003303: THEODOULOU GEORGHIOS - The Origins and Evolution of Church-State Relations in Cyprus with Special Reference to the Modern Era
CL197: THEOGNIS; WELCKER F T - Theognidis Reliquiae
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A00007447: THUDICHUM J L W - A Treatise on the Pathology of the Urine Including a Complete Guide to Its Analysis
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A00005254: TIRKKONEN - CONDIT SONJA - Empirical Research in Translation and Intercultural Studies: Selected Papers of the Transif Seminar, Savonlinna, 1988 (Language in Performance)
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A00004677: TONKIN HUMPHREY - Spenser's Courteous Pastoral
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A00012098: TSYTOVICH V N - An Introduction to the Theory of Plasma Turbulence
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B00000030: TULLIS LAMOND - Illicit Drug Taking and Prohibition Laws: Public Consequences and the Reform of Public Policy in the United States
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C00000187: TUOHY FERDINAND - Craziways Europe
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C00001802: TURKINGTON KATE - Chinua Achebe Things Fall Apart
A00001494: TURLEY WILLIAM S EDITING - Vietnamese Communism in Comparative Perspective
C00002196: TURNBULL RONALD EDITS - Edinburgh Review 110 Scotland 1802-2002 Figures Ideas Formations
C00002198: TURNBULL RONALD AND CRAIG CAIRNS - Edinburgh Review 109 Constituting Scotland
A00007042: TURNBULL ALEXANDER - An Investigation Into the Remarkable Medicinal Effects Rusulting from the External Application of Veratria
C00002197: TURNBULL RONALD AND NAIRN TOM - Edinburgh Review 108 Kelman and Commitment
A00002163: TURNBULL LILY M AND PIZURKI HELENA - Family Planning in the Education of Nurses and Midwives
A00007124: TURNBULL WILLIAM EDITS MACGREGOR MR SIMON STENOGRAPHS - The Stirling Peerage Trial of Alexander Humphrys or Alexander Styling Himself Earl of Stirling Before the High Court of Justiciary for Forgery on 29th April 1839 and Four Following Days
B00002496: TURNBULL W. E. D. D. EDITS - Compota Domestica Familiarum de Bukingham Et D'Angouleme, MCCCCXLIII, LII, LXIII. Quibus Annexae Expensae Cujusdam Comitis in Itinere, MCCLXXIII & Emendations.
C00001395: TURNER E S - Boys Will Be Boys the Story of Sweeny Todd Deadwood Dick Sexton Black Billy Bunter Dick Barton Et Al
326574: TURNER KEITH - The Snowdon Mountain Railway
A00004904: TURNER A LOGAN AND PORTER W G - The Accessory Sinuses of the Nose Their Surgical Anatomy and the Diagnosis and Treatment of Their Inflammatory Affections
323171: TURNER, ROYCE - The British Economy in Transition: From the Old to the New?
A00003377: TURNER A J AND BACHELARD H S EDITING - Neuro Chemistry a Practical Approach
A00011353: TURNER W J - Jack and Jill
A00003901: TURNER PROFESSOR C E - Planning for Health Education in Schools Unesco Source Book
A00011817: TURNER DENNIS AND WILLIAMS CHARLES - An Investment Bank for the Uk
A00003918: TURNER D M - History of of Science Teaching
C00003964: TURNER G GREY AND ARNISON W D - The Newcastle Upon Tyne School of Medicine 1834-1934
C00000336: TURNER WILLIAM - Sermons and Occasional Addresses Printed at the Request of the Congregation in Hannover Square Chapel Newcastle Upon Tyne with a View to Commemorate His Entrance on 57th Year of His Ministerial Services Among Them
C00002463: TURNER E S - A History of Courting
6602882: TURNER D - B.I. O.S. Final Report No. 68;Item Nos, 19, 22, 26. Bosch Sparking Plug Factories.
6601178: TURNER K C - Possible Worlds a Discussion of Blake with Thirteen Year Olds
A00011298: TURNER B B - Chronicles of the Bank of England
C00001359: TURNER C E - Introduction to Plate and Shell Theory
C00000510: TURNER R KERRY EDITING - Sustainable Environmental Management Principles and Practice
A00004325: TURNER A LOGAN EDITING - A History of the University of Edinburgh 1883-1933
A00001800: TURNER JOHN E - Villages Astir Community Development Tradition and Change in Korea
A00001611: TURNER JOHN ROSCOE - The Ricardian Rent Theory in Early American Economics a Dissertation Presented to the Faculty of Princeton University in Candidacy for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy
A00004286: TURNER H W - Halls of Residence
A00011242: TURNER, SANDRA - Social Class, Status and Teacher Trade Unionism; the Case of Public Sector Further and Higher Education
A00004172: TURNER I S - The Training of Teachers in Australia a Comparative and Critical Survey
A00003435: TURNER DAWSON - A Manual of Practical Medical Electricity
C00000807: TURNER HAMILTON H REVISED BY TURNER JOHN HAMILTON - Architectural Practice and Procedure a Manual for Students and Practitioners
C00000227: TURNER G GREY AND ARNISON W D - The Newcastle Upon Tyne School of Medicine 1834-1934
A00009319: TURNER WILLIAM - The Present Aspect of the Doctrine of Cellulat Pathology
6603369: TURNER W E S - The Elements of Glass Technology for Scientific Glass Blowers (Lampworkers) Monographs on Glass Technology
B00001220: TURNER A LOGAN AND PORTER W G - The Skiagraphy of the Accessory Nasal Sinuses
B00001168: TURNOR REGINALD - The Smaller English House 1500-1939
C00000425: TURTON DAVID , GONZALEZ JULIA - Immigration in Europe: Issues Policies and Case Studies
A00011572: TURTON ANDREW ET AL - The Journal of Peasant Studies Volume 3 Number 3
C00000180: TURTON W - A Medical Glossary
C00002447: TURVEY RALPH - Optimal Pricing and Investment in Electricity Supply an Essay in Applied Welfare Economics
326188: TUSA ANN AND JOHN - The Nuremberg Trial
325590: TUSKA JON - The Filming of the West
326305: TUTTON A E H - The High Alps a Natural History of Ice and Snow
A00000307: TWADDLE MICHAEL EDITING - Expulsion of a Minority: Essays on Ugandan Asians
C00003600: TWAIN MARK - Christian Science with Notes Containing Corrections to Date
C00003619: TWAIN MARK - The Gilded Age a Tale of to-Day in Two Volumes Volumes 1 and Volume 2
328073: TWAIN MARK - The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
B00003926: TWAIN MARK - Mark Twain's the Adventures of Tom Sawyer the Original and Unabridged Text
328349: TWAIN MARK EDITED BY BAENDER PAUL - What Is Man and Other Philosophical Writings
B00003937: TWAIN MARK EDITED BY SMITH HARRIET ELINOR - Autobiography of Mark Twain Volume 1
C00002362: TWAIN MARK - Mark Twain's Autobiography with an Introduction by Albert Bigelow Payne Two Volumes Volume 1 and Volume 2
C00003617: TWAIN MARK - The American Claimant and Other Stories and Sketches
C00003618: TWAIN MARK - Sketches New and Old
C00003615: TWAIN MARK - A Tramp Abroad in Two Volumes Volume 1 and Volume 2
C00003616: TWAIN MARK - The Prince and the Pauper a Tale for Young People of All Ages
C00003620: TWAIN MARK - Tom Sawyer Aborad Tom Sawyer Detective and Other Stories Etc Etc
C00003292: TWAIN MARK INTRODUCED BY BEAVER HAROLD - Life on the Mississippi
B00000824: TWEDDELL JOHN AND TWEDDELL ROBERT. - Remains of John Tweddell
A00007434: TWEED JOHN - Popular Observations on Regimen and Diet in Which the Nature and Qualities of Our Common Food Are Pointed out and Explained Together with Practical Rules and Regulations in Regard to Health Adapted to Various Situations and Circumstances
A00002083: TWEEDIE CHARLES - James Stirling a Sketch of His Life and Works Along with His Scientific Correspondence
326619: TWEEDIE M G AND LASCELLES T S - Modern Railway Signalling
A00004522: TWEEDIE ALEXANDER - Lectures on the Distinctive Characters Pathology and Treatment of Continued Fevers Delivered at the Royal College of Physicians of London
A00007051: TWINING WILLIAM - A Practical Account of the Epidemic Cholera and the Treatment Requisite in the Various Modifications of That Disease
A00012460: TWISS TRAVERS EDITING - Henrici de Bracton de Legibus Et Consuetudinibus Anglie Libri Quinque in Varios Tractatus Distincti
A00001883: TWITCHETT DENIS EDIT - Asia Major Third Series Volume X (10) Parts 1 - 2 1997
A00001882: TWITCHETT DENIS EDIT - Asia Major Third Series Volume IX (9) Parts 1 - 2 1996
A00014133: TWITCHETT DENIS AND MOTE FREDERICK W - The Cambridge History of China Volume 8 the Ming Dynasty 1368-1644 Part 2
A00006357: TYABLIKOV SERGEI VLADIMIROVICH - Methods in the Quantum Theory of Magnetism
324851: TYACK REV. GO. S - Historic Dress of the Clergy
6600582: TYE ROBERT - Gyges' Magic Ring? the Origins of Coinages and Open Societies
A00005425: TYLAND J E EDITS FOSTER JOHN - The Life and Correspondence of John Foster in Two Volumes Volume 1 and Volume 2
B00000750: TYLER RON - Frederic Remington
A00005537: TYLER PAUL M. & PETAR ALICE V. - Potash
A00005701: TYLER DAVID B - The American Clyde a History of Iron and Steel Shipbuilding on the Delaware from 1840 to World War I
A00005339: TYLER THOMAS - Ecclesiastes an Introduction to the Book an Exegetical Analysis and a Translation with Notes
325535: TYLOR SIR EDWARD B - Anthropology an Introduction to the Study of Civilisation Volume 1
B00002772: TYM ROGER AND PARTNERS - Evaluation of Derelict Land Grant Schemes
A00009657: TYMAN J H P - Surfactants in Lipid Chemistry
323017: TYNAN KATHARINE - Collected Poems
550110: TYNAN KATHERINE - The Middle Years
C00001519: TYNAN KATHLEEN - Agatha
A00001048: TYNDALE-BISCOE HUGH AND RENFREE MARILYN - Reproductive Physiology of Marsupials
C00000258: TYNDALL JOHN - On the Scientific Use of the Imagination a Discourse
A00014977: TYRER PETER - The Role of Bodily Feelings in Anxiety Institute of Psychiatry Maudsley Monographs Number 23
324583: TYRIE, ANDREW - Mr Blair's Poodle Goes to War: The House of Commons, Congress Iraq
CL67: TYRIUS; HOBEIN H - Philosophumena
A00012285: TYRKIEL E - International Federation for the Heat Treatment of Materials Multilingual Glossary of Heat Treatment Terminology Theory and Processes of Heat Treatment Part 1 English-French-German-Russian
327393: TYRRELL ROBERT YELVERTON - The Bacchae of Euripides with a Revision of the Text and a Commentary by Robert Yelverton Tyrrell
A00006175: TYRRELL ROBERT YELVERTON - The Bacchae of Euripides
327983: TYRRELL JOHN ET AL - The New Grove Turn of the Century Masters Janacek Mahler Strauss Sibelius
A00010531: TYRRELL, D.A.J. - The Abolition of Infection : Hope or Illusion?
327833: TYSON MIKE WITH SLOMAN LARRY - Mike Tyson Undisputed Truth My Autobiography
A00003023: TYSON-QUAH KATHLEEN EDITS - Cross-Border Securities Repo, Lending and Collateralisation
A00002354: TYTLER PATRICK FRASER - Life of James Krichton of Cluny Commonly Called the Admirable Krichton with an Appendix of Original Papers
A00004777: TYZACK DON - Glass Tools & Tyzacks
A00004821: TZONIS ALEXANDER - Le Corbusier Poetique Machines Et Symboles
C00002652: TZOTZOS GEORGE T EDITS - Genetically Modified Organisms a Guide to Biosafety Prepared by the Secretariat the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (Unido)
A00007929: UCHANG KIM & KWANG-SU KWAK EDITING - Poetes Coreens D'Aujourd'Hui
A00001057: UDD ERIC EDITING - Fiber Optics Sensors an Introduction for Engineers and Scientists
A00000350: UGLOW NATHAN - The Historians Two Bodies the Reception of Historical Texts in France 1701-1790
A00008429: UHLENHUTH, PAUL: - Das Biologische Verfahren Zur Erkennung Und Unterscheidung Von Menschen- Und Tierblut Eiweisssubstanzen Und Seine Anwendung in Der Forensischen Praxis. Ausgewahlte Sammlung Von Arbeiten Und Gutachten
323192: UI JUN EDITS - Industrial Pollution in Japan
A00004347: ULICH ROBERT - Professional Education As a Humane Study
C00000440: ULRICH JURG - Histochemistry and Immunohistochemistry of Alzhemiers Disease
C00003457: UMBERGER EUGENE - Tobacco and Its Use a Bibliography of Periodical Literature
A00005533: UMHAU JOHN B. - Summarized Data of Tin Production
B00003747: UNAL M FEVZI CHAIRS - The Second International Conference on Vortex Methods 2001 Itu Macka Campus Istanbul Turkey September 26-28 2001
A00006203: UNDERHILL ANNE B - The Early Type Stars
323753: UNDERHILL EVELYN - The Fruits of the Spirit Light of Christ with a Memoir by Lucy Menzies Abba Meditations Based on the Lord's Prayer
A00014627: UNDERWOOD M ET AL - Key Topics in Urology
C00000652: UNDERWOOD RORY AND HANDS DAVID - Flying Wing an Autobiography
C00003895: UNDSET SIGRID - Happy Times in Norway
A00004147: UNESCO - Economic Aspects of Special Education Czechoslovakia New Zealand United States of America
A00003916: UNESCO - A Statistical Study of Wastage at School a Study Prepared for the International Bureau of the Unesco Office of Statistics
A00003819: UNESCO - The Haity Pilot Project Phase One
A00003818: UNESCO - Progress of Literacy in Various Countries a Preliminary Statistical Study of Available Census Data Since 1900
A00004275: UNESCO - New Trends and New Responsibilities for Universities in Latin America
A00000323: UNGER H G - Planar Optical Waveguides and Fivres
A00008168: UNGNAD ARTHUR - Untersuchungen Zu Den IM VII. Hefte Der Vorderasiatischen Schriftdenkmäler Veröffentlichten Urkunden Aus Dilbat Nebst Einem Anhang : Die Lücke in Der Gesetzesstele Hammurapis
A00004487: UNGOED THOMAS J R - Schools Council Research Studies the Moral Situation of Children
A00009849: UNITED STATES; MAJDE, JEANNINE A.; PERSON, ROBERT J. - Pathophysiological Effects of Endotoxins at the Cellular Level: Based on Proceedings of a Symposium
A00011094: UNITED KINGDOM TRADE COMMISSIONERS IN THE UNION - Economic and Commercial Conditions in the Union of South Africa ( Overseas Economic Surveys )
A00004128: UNITED NATIONS CHILDREN'S FUND - Children and Youth in National Development in Latin America Report of Conference 28 November - 11 December 1965 Santiago Chile
A00006345: UNITED TEXTILE FACTORY WORKERS' ASSOCIATION - Report of the Legislative Council of Ways and Means of Improving the Economic Stability of the Cotton Textile Industry September 1943
A00004114: UNITED NATIONAL CHILDREN'S FUND - Children and Youth in National Planning and Development in Asia Report of Conference 8-15 March 1966
C00001198: UNITED NATIONS DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME - Employment and Economic Reform Towards a Strategy for the Sudan
328285: UNIVERSITY OF DURHAM - The University of Durham Roll of Service 1914-1919
A00008025: UNSOLD A. - Physik Der Sternatomospharen Mit Besonderer Berucksichtigung Der Sonne
326288: UNSWORTH WALT COMPILES - Encyclopaedia of Mountaineering
326129: UNSWORTH WALTER - Tiger in the Snow the Life and Adventures of a F Mummery
A00013871: UNTERKIRCHER FRANZ - La Miniatura Austriaca
A00009345: UNTERMANN ERNEST - The World's Revolutions
328119: UNTERMEYER LOUIS - American Poetry from the Beginning to Walt Whitman
A00010363: UNWIN, TIMOTHY - Constant: Adolphe
324595: UNWIN, JOAN ER AL - Sheffield Craftmanship: Decorating Metal
A00010362: UNWIN, TIMOTHY - Constant: Adolphe
6602374: UPCHURCH PAUL ET AL - A New Specimen of Apatosaurus Ajax (Sauropoda: Diplodocidae) from the Morrison Formation (Upper Jurassic) of Wyoming Usa National Science Museum Monographs Number 26
C00003304: UPDIKE JOHN - Pigeon Feathers and Other Stories
A00011647: UPHAM MARTIN AND WILSON TOM - Natural Allies: Labour and the Unions
A00008723: UPMANN, J; MEYER E. V.;JETTEL VLADIMIR - Das Schiesspulver Bound with Die Explosivkörper and Die Zundwaaren Fabrikation
A00007750: UPMEIER, HELGA: - Der Agrarwirtschaftsraum Der Poebene. Eignung, Agrarstruktur Und Regionale Differenzierung. Ein Geographischer Beitrag Zur Landwirtschaftlichen Strukturforschung Einer Industriell Geprägten Eg - Agrarregion
6602537: UPTON H E ET AL - B.I. O.S. Final Report No. 540 Item No. 29, 31 German Types of Heating and Coolers for Marine and Land Applications
B00002875: URBAIN PIERRE - Recherches Petrographiques Et Geochimiques Sur Deux Series de Roches Argileuses: 1° Lias Et Oolithique Du Calvados. 2° Eocene Et Oligocene de la Region de Paris
A00005421: URBAN WILBUR MARSHALL - Valuation Its Nature and Laws Being an Introduction to the General Theory of Value
327520: URBAN G R EDITS AND INTRODUCES - Talking to Eastern Europe a Collection of the Best Reading from the Broadcasts and Background Papers of Radio Three Europe
A00008487: UROZ ANTONIO - La Cuestion Religiosa En Mexico
C00002278: URSI INTER-COMMISSION WORKING GROUP SPS - Ursi White Paper on Solar Power Satellite (Sps) Systems and Report of the Ursi Inter-Commission Working Group on Sps
550715: URTEL RUDOLF - Motor Vehicles Illustrated Technical Dictionary in Six Languages (English, German, Russian, French, Italian, Spanish)-Vol 10
C00002706: URWICK WILLIAM - The Early History of Trinity College Dublin 1591-1660 As Told in Contemporary Records on Occasion of Its Tercentenary
A00012151: URWIN KENNETH EDITING - Life of St John the Alms Giver Volume 1 Text
A00005959: USAI ANTONIO - The Pillars of Hercules in Aristotles Ecumene
C00003353: USCINSKI B J - The Elements of Wave Propagation in Random Media
C00002521: USELDING PAUL EDITS - Papers Presented at the Twenty-Fourth Annual Meeting of the Business History Conference 23-24 February 1978 Business and Economic History Second Series Volume Seven
A00012556: USHER, MICHAEL B, AND TAYLOR, ANDREW G, AND GORDON, JOHN E - Soils, Sustainability and the Natural Heritage
327456: USSHER R G EDITS - The Characters of Theophrastus
B00003938: USTINOV PETER, LAING R D, HUSTON JOHN, ET AL - Cities Compelling Explorations of 13 of the World's Great Cities Rome London Leningrad Sydney Jerusalem New York Glasgow Toronto London Berlin Dublin Rome Athens
B00002810: UTHER HANS - JORG - Katalog Der Volkserzählung, 2 Volumes
325084: UTLEY FREDA - Japan's Feet of Clay
324967: UTLEY FREDA - Last Chance in China
A00005853: UTLEY FREDA - Lancashire and the Far East
6601660: UTLEY FREDA AND WILLS DAVID - Japan Can Be Stopped!
A00005979: UTLEY FREDA - China at War
325200: UTLEY FREDA - The High Cost of Vengeance
550483: UTTON, M. A. - Diversification and Competition
A00011220: UTTON, MICHAEL A. - Market Dominance and Antitrust Policy
A00011247: UTTON, MICHAEL A. - Market Dominance and Antitrust Policy
A00011248: UTTON, MICHAEL A. - Market Dominance and Antitrust Policy
A00011249: UTTON, MICHAEL A. - Market Dominance and Antitrust Policy
A00011250: UTTON, MICHAEL A. - Market Dominance and Antitrust Policy
A00011251: UTTON, MICHAEL A. - Market Dominance and Antitrust Policy
A00011252: UTTON, MICHAEL A. - Market Dominance and Antitrust Policy
A00004542: UWINS DAVID - A Treatise on Those Diseases Which Are Either Directly or Indirectly Connected with Indigestion Comprising a Commentary on the Principle Ailments of Children
6602318: UZCATEGUI EMILIO - Compulsory Education in Ecuador
A00003898: VADY WINNIFRED I COMPILES - King Edward VI High School for Girls Birmingham 1883-1925
6600640: VAIZEY MARINA - Donna Mclean
A00003358: VAIZEY JOHN - Economic Sovereignty and Regional Policy a Symposium on Regional Problems in Britain and Ireland
327604: VAJDA S - The Theory of Games and Linear Programming
328198: VAJDA S - The Mathematics of Experimental Design Incomplete Block Designs and Latin Squares
327617: VAJDA S - Patterns and Configurations in Finite Spaces
A00001223: VAJPEYI DHIRENDRA AND MALIK YOGENDRA EDIT - Religious and Ethnic Minority Politics in South Asia
A00000654: VAKIL C N - Economic Outlook in Federal India

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