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J100367: SOSA ERNEST EDITING - Philosophy and Phenomenological Research Volume 65 Number 2
J100368: SOSA ERNEST EDITING - Philosophy and Phenomenological Research Volume 59 Number 1
J100369: SOSA ERNEST EDITING - Philosophy and Phenomenological Research Volume 61 Number 2
J100370: SOSA ERNEST EDITING - Philosophy and Phenomenological Research Volume 61 Number 3
J100373: SOSA ERNEST EDITING - Philosophy and Phenomenological Research Volume 62 Number 1
J100371: SOSA ERNEST EDITING - Philosophy and Phenomenological Research Volume 64 Number 1
J100372: SOSA ERNEST EDITING - Philosophy and Phenomenological Research Volume 64 Number 2
J100374: SOSA ERNEST EDITING - Philosophy and Phenomenological Research Volume 62 Number 2
J100375: SOSA ERNEST EDITING - Philosophy and Phenomenological Research Volume 62 Number 3
J100376: SOSA ERNEST EDITING - Philosophy and Phenomenological Research Volume 65 Number 3
J100377: SOSA ERNEST EDITING - Philosophy and Phenomenological Research Volume 61 Number 1
B00000766: SOTHEBY PARKE BERNET - Important Eighteenth Nineteenth and Twentieth Century American Paintings Watercolors and Drawings Including Property of the Late R Sturgis Ingersoll the Estate of the Late Therese Lownes Nobel Sale Number 3644 Exhibition from Friday May 17 to Date of Sale
325193: SOTHEBY - Catalogue of Medieval Works of Art Byzantine Mosaic Icon, Byxantine Cloisonne Enamels, 12th Century Limoge Champleve Enamel Crucifix Rare Panels of Gothic Stained Glass, Mosan Champleve Enamelled Plaque Depicting Pentecost C. 1160 Etc Tuesday April 27 1965
A00014789: SOTO CLAUDIO - Prions the New Biology of Proteins
A00014783: SOTO CLAUDIO - Prions the New Biology of Proteins
A00014788: SOTO CLAUDIO - Prions the New Biology of Proteins
B00000726: SOTO DORIS ET AL EDITING - Building an Ecosystem Approach to Aquaculture
C00002459: SOULE GEORGE AND CAROSSO VINCENT P - American Economic History
322938: SOUTAR WILLIAM - The Diary of a Dying Man
551180: SOUTAR WILLIAM - Poems in Scots and English
325957: SOUTER ALEXANDER - Hints on Translation from Latin to English Help for Students of History Numbers 20
A00012321: SOUTHER J G AND LAMBERT M B - Volcanic Rocks of the Northern Canadian Cordillera
A00007664: SOUTHEY ROBERT - Historia Do Brasil - 3 Volumes
A00002939: SOUTHEY ROBERT - The Poetical Works of Robert Southey Collected by Himself in Ten Volumes
B00002224: SOUTHGATE D A - Investigation Report of the Hot Oil Pipeline Failure at Bromborough on Saturday 19 August 1989
A00004972: SOUTHGATE PETER AND MIRRLEES-BLACK KATRIONA - Traffic Policing in Changing Times Home Office Research Study 124
A00004973: SOUTHGATE PETER AND EKBLOM PAUL - Contact between Police and Public Findings from the British Crime Survey Home Office Research Study 77
A00003384: SOUTTAR H S - Radium and Its Surgical Applications
A00006947: SOUTTAR H S - Physics and the Surgeon
326363: SOWERBY G B - A Conchological Manual
C00002282: SOWERBY L - Vector Field Theory with Applications
A00003236: SPAIN BARRY - Ordinary Differential Equations
B00000549: SPALDING FRANCES - Whistler
A00008742: SPALDING, D. B.; AFGAN, NAIM; INTERNATIONAL CENTER FOR HEAT AND MASS TRANSFER - Heat Transfer and Turbulent Buoyant Convection: Studies and Applications for Natural Environment, Buildings, Engineering Systems
A00000171: SPALDING THOMAS ALFRED - A Life of Richard Badiley Vice-Admiral of the Fleet
A00002711: SPALDING WILLIAM F - Tate's Modern Cambist a Manual of the World's Monetary Systems the Foreign Exchanges the Stamp Duties on Bills of Exchange in Foreign Countries the Principal Rules Governing Bills of Exchange and Promissory Notes Foreign Weights and Measures and Bullion
C00000724: SPANTON J HUMPHREY - Complete Perspective Course Comprising the Elementary and Advances Stages of Perspective the Projection of Shadows and Reflections with Exercises in Theory and Practice Also the Practical Application of Perspective
322359: SPARKE ARCHIBALD - Collection of Whitmaniana in the Reference Library Bolton
A00009324: SPAROW JOHN - Good English
324095: SPEAIGHT ROBERT - Essays by Diverse Hands Being the Transactions of the Royal Society of Literature
6602862: SPEAK G S - B.I. O.S. Final Report No. 40;Item No. 9. Optical Activities at Steinheil U. Sohne Munhen.
551183: SPEARING A C - Criticism and Medieval Poetry
A00004131: SPEARRITT DONALD - Listening Comprehension a Factorial Analysis
A00011538: SPEDDING C R W EDITING - The Human Food Chain
A00006920: SPEER T C - Thoughts on the Present Character and Constitution of the Medical Profession
A00004924: SPEIGELBERG OTTO TRANSLATED HURRY J B - A Text Book of Midwifery in Two Volumes Volume 1 and Volume 2
A00005022: SPEIGHT J M - The Battle of Britain 1940
A00001232: SPELLMAN W M - Monarchies 1000-2000
324307: SPENCE JONATHAN D - The Gate of Heavenly Peace the Chinese and Their Revolution 1895-1980
327108: SPENCE JONATHAN - Treason by the Book
327113: SPENCE JONATHAN D - Emperor of China Self-Portrait of K'Ang-Hsi
B00003449: SPENCE JONATHAN D AND CHIN ANNPING - The Chinese Century a Photographic History
6601732: SPENCE JEFFERY G - Journal of the Railway and Canal Historical Society Volume XII (12) Number 4 October 1966
A00014608: SPENCER JOHN W AND JACOBS JOSEPH J - Complimentary and Alternative Medicine an Evidence-Based Approach
A00002420: SPENCER ANNA GARLAN - The Family and Its Members
B00000337: SPENCER WILFRED M AND COOPER A KENNETH - The Parochial Chapelry of Colne Burial Register 1790-1812
323052: SPENCER, KENNETH M.; ET AL - Crisis in the Industrial Heartland: Study of the West Midlands (Esrc Inner Cities Research Programme)
C00003415: SPENCER ERNEST - Writing Matters Across the Curriculum
A00001836: SPENCER CHRISTOPHER ET AL - The Child in the Physical Environoment the Development of Spatial Knowledge and Cognition
550765: SPENCER, KENNETH M.; ET AL - Crisis in the Industrial Heartland: Study of the West Midlands (Esrc Inner Cities Research Programme)
6600740: SPENCER BRIAN - Chaucer's London
A00002613: SPENCER JOHN W AND JACOBS JOSEPH J - Complementary and Alternative Medicine an Evidence-Based Approach
320998: SPENDER STEPHEN - Love-Hate Relations a Study of Anglo-American Sensibilities
C00001619: SPENSER EDMUND - The Shepherds Calender and Other Poems
325018: SPERBER, DAN - Rethinking Symbolism
B00001107: SPERLING R - Roofs for Warm Climates
A00013161: SPICER ANDREW - European Film Noir
A00013157: SPICER ANDREW - European Film Noir
A00008275: SPIEGELBERG, OTTO - Lehrbuch Der Geburtshulfe
326972: SPIEGL FRITZ - Keep Taking the Tabloids What the Papers Say and How They Say It Including a News Quiz
A00001667: SPIELMEYER DUNTER - Ascertaining Entitlement to Compensation for Industrial Injury
A00001669: SPIELMEYER DUNTER - Ascertaining Entitlement to Compensation for Industrial Injury
B00001671: SPIER RAYMOND E - Encyclopedia of Cell Technology Volume 1 and Volume 2
A00002590: SPIER R E ET AL - Production of Biologicals from Animal Cells in Culture
6603403: SPIERS SHEILA M COMPILES - The Kirkyard of Cowie St. Mary of the Storms
B00001945: SPIESER JEAN-MICHEL - Die Byzantinische Keramik Aus Der Stadtgrabung Von Pergamon
6600519: SPILLER ROBERT E - James Fenimore Cooper
CL751: SPILMAN MIGNONETTE - Cumulative Sentence Building in Latin Historical Narrative
B00001665: SPILSBURY M - Measuring the Effectiveness of Training
B00001360: SPINDLER KONRAD - Magdalenenberg: Der Hallstattzeitliche Fürstengrabhügel Bei Villingen IM Schwarzwald
A00009023: SPINKA MATTHEW - John Amos Comenius That Incomparable Moravian
324274: SPINOZA - Ethics
A00000862: SPIRA THOMAS - German-Hungarian Relations and the Swabian Problem from Karolyi to Gombos 1919 to 1936
322611: SPIRES MAURICE - My Philosophical Investigations a Personal Enquiry
A00006157: SPIRIDONAKIS, B.G. - Empire Ottoman: Inventaire Des Memoires Et Documents Aux Archives Du Ministere Des Affaires Etrangeres de France
B00000068: SPITTA EDMUND J - Photo-Micography
A00005139: SPITTELL JOHN A - Contemporary Issues in Peripheral Vascular Disease
A00005140: SPITTELL JOHN A - Contemporary Issues in Peripheral Vascular Disease
A00012177: SPITZER NICHOLAS C EDITING - Neuronal Development
A00008536: SPITZY, HANS AND HARTWICH, ALEXANDER: - Orthopädische Behandlung Kriegsverwundeter.
C00000122: SPOCK BENJAMIN - A Young Person's Guide to Life and Love
321656: SPOLSKY BERNARD - Sociolinguistics
C00001858: SPOLSKY ELLEN EDITS - Summoning Ideas of the Covenant and Interpretive Theory
551077: SPOONER C.E. - Narrow Guage Railways
A00007234: SPOONER W C - Veterinary Art a Practical Treatise on the Diseases of the Horse
A00000028: SPRACKLING M T - The Mechanical Properties of Matter
A00011837: SPRAGGON EILEEN M - Urinary Diversion Stomas a Guide for Patients and Nurses
A00008772: SPRAGUE ERNEST H - Hydraulics, a Text- Book for Students and Engineers
A00005719: SPRAGUE JAMES P AND TOWER G E - Report on Experiments in Boiler Bracing
A00007789: SPREE, REINHARD - Die Wachstumszyklen Der Deutschen Wirtschaft Von 1840 Bis 1880: Mit Einem Konjunkturstatistischen Anhang
B00002191: SPREITER JOHN R ET AL - National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics Report 1359 Thin Air Foil Theory Based on Approximate Solution of the Transonic Flow Equation
B00002103: SPREITER JOHN R ET AL - National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics Report 1217 Theoretical Prediction of Pressure Distributions on Nonlifting Airfoils at High Subsonic Speeds
A00008696: SPRENGEL KURT - Versuch Einer Pragmatischen Geschichte Der Arznekunde, 5 Volumes in 6.
A00008288: SPRENGEL KURT TRANSLATED BY JOURDAN A. J. C. - Histoire de la Medecine ; Depuis Son Origine Jusqu'Au Dix-Neuvieme Siecle; Traduite de L'Allemand Sur la Seconde Edition , 9 Volumes.
327600: SPRENT PROF. PETER - Models in Regression and Related Topics
A00014597: SPRIET ALAIN ET AL - Good Practice of Clinical Drug Trials
B00001001: SPRING CHRISTOPHER AND HUDSON JULIE - North African Textiles
A00007169: SPRING POWELL - Two Deadly Philosophies
326342: SPRINGFIELD ROLLO - The Horse and His Rider Sketches and Anecdotes of the Noble Quadruped and of Equestrian Nations
326558: SPRINKS N W - Sligo Leitrim and Northern Counties Railway
A00005711: SPROTT HELEN - The Fake a Tale of a Big Art Deal
325777: SPROTT REV. G W EDITS - Scottish Liturgies of the Reign of James VI (6)
A00014272: SPUFFORD MARGARET - Contrasting Communities English Villagers in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries
A00008908: SPUFFORD MARGARET - Chippenham to the World Microcosm to Macrocosm
A00007808: SPUHLER HANS - Der Generalstreik Der Eisenbahner in Frankreich Von 1910. Das Scheitern Des Revolutionären Syndikalismus Und Die Repressive Politik Briands
B00002878: SPULER ARNOLD - Die Schmetterlinge Europas, 3 Volumes.
6601212: SPURGEON CAROLINE F E - Leading Motifs in the Imagery of Shakespeare's Tragedies
6601639: SPURR MEL B AND MAYNE WM. M - Nursery Rhymes Parodied Being an Attempt to Imitate the Poets and Their Different Styles in the Writing of Certain Classical Poems
B00000649: SQUIBB M W AND WILSON R N - The Fatique Crack Growth, Corrosion, Stress Corrosion and Fracture Resistance of Unclad 8090-T8 and 2090-T8e Sheet
323585: SQUIRE J C - Poems in One Volume
A00003647: SQUIRE PETER - The Pharmacopoeias of Seventeen of the London Hospitals Arranged in Groups for Easy Reference at Comparison
A00003648: SQUIRE PETER - The Pharmacopoeias of Seventeen of the London Hospitals Arranged in Groups for Easy Reference at Comparison
C00003361: SQUIRES RADCLIFFE EDITS AND INTRODUCES - Allen Tate and His Work Critical Evaluations
6600547: SRAWLEY J H - Robert Grossetest Bishop of Lincoln (1235-1253) Lincoln Minster Pamphlets Number 7
A00011931: SRINIVASAN S K - Stochastic Point Processes and Their Applications
A00001251: SRINIVASAN BHAMA - Representations of Finite Chevalley Groups a Survey
C00002033: SRINIVASAN K ET AL EDITING - Demographic and Socioeconomic Aspects of the Child in India
A00000203: SRIVASTAVA H S - Examination Reforms in India
324350: ST.JOHN-STEVAS NORMAN - Obscenity and the Law
A00011412: ST.J.DILLISTONE K - Magnox Alert
551114: ST. JOHN-STEVAS NORMAN EDITS BAGEHOT WALTER - The Collected Works of Walter Bagehot the Literary Essays (in Two Volumes)
326632: ST. JOHN THOMAS DAVID - A Regional History of the Railways of Great Britain Volume 1 the West Country
A00007277: ST. VINCENT - A Collection of the Conferences of St. Vincent with Many of His Letters and Some Conferences of Mr. Almeras His Immediate Successor
C00000038: ST CLAIR PATRICIA - Interlude in Carinthia
A00002604: ST CLAIR JOHN B AND DRUMMOND YOUNG J E - The Law of Corporate Insolvency in Scotland
A00002605: ST CLAIR JOHN B AND DRUMMOND YOUNG J E - The Law of Corporate Insolvency in Scotland
A00011758: STAATS ARTHUR W ET AL - Learning and Cognitive Development Representative Samples Cumulative-Heirarchical Learning and Experimental-Longitudinal Methods
A00002907: STABILE ISABEL - Ectopic Pregnancy: Diagnosis and Management
A00005471: STACEY JAMES - The Christian Sacrements Explained and Defended
C00002917: STACK GEORGE J - Kiekegaard's Existential Ethics
A00004573: STACKEBRANDT ERKO AND GOODFELLOW MICHAEL EDITING - Nucleic Acid Techniques in Bacterial Systematics
A00010120: STADLER, EDWARD - Syphilis de Sherzens Und Der Gefasse
A00000852: STAEHELIN L A AND ARNTZEN C J - Photosynthesis III Photosynthetic Membranes and Light Harvesting Systems
C00002726: STAFF OF THE COMPUTATION LABORATORY - A Manual of Operation for the Automatic Sequence Controlled Calculator
B00000839: STAFF OF THE INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND - International Reserves and Liquidity
B00000006: STAFF OF THE COMPUTATION LABORATORY - Tables of Inverse Hyperbolic Functions
B00000002: STAFF OF THE COMPUTATION LABORATORY - Tables of Generalised Sine-and Cosine-Integral Functions: Part 1
B00000003: STAFF OF THE COMPUTATION LABORATORY - Tables of the Cumulative Binomial Probability Distribution
A00000992: STAFF OF THE INSTITUTE FOR SOCIAL SCIENCES STOCKHOLM UNIVERSITY - Population Movements and Industrialisation Swedish Counties 1895-1930 Volume 2
323358: STAFFORD G. B. - The End of Economic Growth?: Growth and Decline in the U.K. Since 1945
C00003293: STAFFORD WILLIAM T EDITS AND INTRODUCES - Perspectives on James's the Portrait of a Lady
A00013850: STAFSKI, H. - Die Bildwerke in Stein, Holz, Ton Und Elfenbein Bis Um 1450
C00002370: STAHL WALTER AND WIEN DIETR - Hamburg from 7 to 7
C00000434: STAHL S M ET AL EDITING - Cognitive Neurochemistry
322518: STAHLBERG LESLEIGH CUSHING - Sustaining Fictions Intertectuality Midrash Translation and the Literary Afterlife of the Bible
B00002782: STAIKOS KONSTANTINOS SP - Greek Library: The Konstantinos Sp. Staikos Book Collection Henceforth the Alexander S. Onassis Public Benefit Foundation Library
A00002121: STAIR THE RIGHT HONOURABLE THE EARL OF CHAIRS - The Church of Scotland Report of Meeting of Scottish Layman of Different Religious Denominations Opposed to the Disestablishment and Disendowment of the Church of Scotland Held in St. Andrew's Hall Glasgow Tuesday 20th October 1885 at 7. 30 P.M.
325075: STALIN J - Problems on Leninism
C00000075: STALIN JOSEPH - Victory and After
6603648: STALIN J V - Concerning Marxism in Linguistics
A00011363: STALKER PHILIP A - The Elephant, the Tiger and the Gentle Kangaroo
6602746: STALLARD R J ET AL - B.I. O.S. Final Report No. 1317 Item No. 30 Oil Fuelled Equipment Manufactured in Germany
6603027: STALLINGS BARBARA - Economic Dependancy in Africa and Latin America
C00003099: STALLMAN R W EDITS AND INTRODUCES CRANE STEPHEN - Sullivan County Tales and Sketches
A00005085: STAMP GAVIN AND AMERY COLIN - Victorian Buildings of London 1837-1887
A00003978: STAMP SIR JOSIAH - We Live and Learn
6600266: STAMP SIR JOSIAH - Central Banking As an Imperial Factor Cust Foundation Lecture 1934 University College Nottingham
C00001654: STAMP L DUDLEY - The New Naturalist Britains Structure and Scenery
6600267: STAMP SIR JOSIAH - Central Banking As an Imperial Factor Cust Foundation Lecture 1934 University College Nottingham
C00002157: STAMPP KENNETH M - The Era of Reconstruction American After the CIVIL War 1865-1877
A00007116: STANDER H J - The Toxemias of Pregnancy Medicine Monographs Volume 15
C00001236: STANDING GUY AND WHITEHEAD DANIEL VAUGHAN - Minimum Wages in Central and Eastern Europe from Protection to Destitution
A00000056: STANDING GUY EDITING - Labour Circulation and the Labour Process
A00001491: STANDING COMMISSION ON MUSEUMS AND GALLERIES - The Preservation of Technological Material Report and Recommendations
A00000672: STANEWELL L M - City and County of Kingston Upon Hull Calendar of the Ancient Deeds Letters Miscellaneous Old Documents in the Archives of the Corporation
6600520: STANFORD DONALD E - Edward Taylor
327756: STANFORD J K - And Some in Horses
A00013838: STANGE, ALFRED - Deutsche Malerei Der Gotik : Salzburg, Bayern Und Tirol in Der Zeit Von 1400 Bis 1500
326145: STANLEY RICHARD AND NEAME ALAN EDIT - The Expoloration Diaries of H M Stanley
A00006978: STANLEY EDWARD - A Treatise on Diseases of the Bones
6603095: STANLEY JOHN - American Troops in Europe an Anachronism or a Necessity?
A00005409: STANLEY ARTHUR PENRHYN - Sinai and Palestine in Connection with Their History
A00012092: STANLEY F COMPILING - Lines in the Arc Spectre of Elements Arranged in the Order of Their Wavelengths from Wavelength 7950 to Wavelength 2200
A00005169: STANLEY STEPHEN AND BAGINSKY MARY - Alternatives to Prison an Examination of Non-Custodial Sentencing of Offenders
B00003542: STANLEY LOUIS T - Legends of Golf and Other Observations on the Game
A00003224: STANLEY R C - Light and Sound for Engineers
A00003618: STANSBIE J H - Iron and Steel
325054: STANSKY PETER AND ABRAHAMS WILLIAM - Journey to the Frontier Julian Bell and John Cornford Their Lives and the 1930s
C00002392: STANYUKOVICH KONSTANTIN - Running to the Shrouds Nineteenth-Century Sea Stories
B00000620: STAPF DR. OTTO - On the Fruit of Melocanna Bambusoides, Trin. , an Endospermless Viviparous Genus of Bambuseae Transactions of the Linnean Society of London Second Series Botany Volume VI (6) Part 9
B00000625: STAPF O - On the Flora of Mount Kinabalu in North Borneo Transactions of the Linnean Society of London Second Series Botany Volume IV (4) Part 2
551079: STAPLEDON GEORGE ET AL - Ley Farming
A00004725: STAPLETON REVD. H E - A Skillful Master-Builder the Continuing Story of a Yorkshire Family Business Craftsmen for Seven Generations
A00007864: STAPLETON THEOBALD - The "Catechismus" of Thomas Stapleton.
B00000740: STARCK BARBARA - Landolt-Bornstein. New Series. Group II. Atomic and Molecular Physics. Volume 4. Molecular Constants from Microwave Spectroscopy / Molekelkonstanten Aus Mikrowellenspektroskopischen Messungen
325169: STARK FREYA - Ionia a Quest
326969: STARK FREYA - Beyond Euphrates Autobiography 1928-1933
A00000599: STARK WERNER - The Sociology of Religion a Study of Christendom Part Three the Universal Church
A00007734: STARK, MICHAEL - Deutsche Intellektuelle, 1910-1933: Aufrufe, Pamphlete, Betrachtungen
326191: STARKEY DAVID - The Reign of Henry VIII Personality and Politics
C00002540: STARKEY KEN AND MCKINLAY ALAN - Strategy and the Human Resource Ford and the Search for Competitive Advantage
327403: STARKIE W J N - The Clouds of Aristophanes with Introduction English Prose Translation Critical Notes and Commentary Including a New Transcript of the Scholia in the Codex Venetus Marcianus 474
327395: STARKIE W J M - The Acharnians of Aristophanes with Introduction English Prose Translation Critical Notes and Commentary
325063: STARKIE D N M - Transporation Planning Policy and Analysis
B00003043: STARKS MICHAEL - Cocaine Fiends and Reefer Madness an Illustrated History of Drugs in the Movies
6602922: STARR A.T. ET AL. - B.I. O.S. Final Report No. 148;Item No. 1. German Betatrons.
A00007539: STARR LOUIS - Diseases of the Digestive Organs in Infancy and Childhood with Chapters on the Investigation of Disease and on the General Management of Children
A00004535: STARTIN JAMES - Lectures on the Parasitic Diseases of the Skin Vegetoid and Animal
B00002881: STAS J. S. - Nouvelles Recherches Sur Les Lois Des Proportions Chimiques Sur Les Poids Atomiques Et Leurs Rapports Mutuels
C00000889: STATE OF KUWAIT MINISTRY OF INFORMATION - Kuwait Facts and Figures 2001
324637: STATISTICS BUREAU - Population and Households of Japan 2010 Overview of the Results of the 2010 Population Census
CL692: STATIUS; LEGRAS LEON - Etude Sur la Thebaide de Stace
A00001202: STATMAN DANIEL EDITS - Virtue Ethics
A00001201: STATMAN DANIEL EDITS - Virtue Ethics
A00001200: STATMAN DANIEL EDITS - Virtue Ethics
J100389: STAUB MICHAEL E ET AL - Representations Numbers 57 to 64
A00009530: STAUPITZ, JOHANN - Sämtliche Schriften. Abhandlungen, Predigten, Zeugnisse. . 1: Lateinische Schriften. 1
A00013907: STAVERT W J EDITING - The Parish Register of Bolton-by-Bolland in the County of York 1725-1812
C00002760: STAVERT GEOFFREY - A Study in Southsea the Unrevealed Life of Doctor Arthur Conan Doyle
A00008492: STAY BENEDICTUS AND BOSCOVICH ROGER JOSEPH - Philosophiæ Recentioris Versibus Traditae Libri X ; 2 Volumes
6602883: STEADMAN S J ET AL - B.I. O.S. Final Report No. 69;Item No. 8 & 22. Continental Gummiwerke A.G. Hanover.
6602884: STEADMAN S J ET AL - B.I. O.S. Final Report No. 70;Item No. 8 & 22. Harburger Gummiwaren Fabrik Phoenix at Hamburg Harbur 1.
325147: STEARNS JUSTIN K - Infectious Ideas Contagion in Premodern Islamic and Christian Thought in the Western Mediterranean
323070: STEARNS PETER N - European Society in Upheaval, Social History Since 1800
327664: STEARNS PETER N - Gender in World History
A00006705: STEAVENSON W E - Spasmodic Asthma a Thesis for the Mb Degree of the University of Cambridge
A00006783: STEAVENSON W E - The Uses of Electrolysis in Surgery
A00003388: STEAVENSON W E - Electricity and Its Manner of Working in the Treatment of Disease
A00003438: STEAVENSON W E AND JONES H LEWIS - Medical Electricity a Practical Handbook for Students and Practitioners
A00013395: STEBBING T R R - Das Tierreich Eine Zusammenstellung Und Kennzeichnung Der Rezenten Tierformen ; Lieferung 39; Crustacea; Cumacea.
A00006252: STEDMAN A M M EDITS - Oxford Its Life and Schools
B00000155: STEDMAN NANCY - Discussion Papers in Conservation Number 21 an Appraisal of the U.C. L. Management Plan Format for Use by a County Trust
A00011526: STEEL ROBERT AND LAWTON RICHARD - Liverpool Essays in Geography a Jubilee Collection
321222: STEEL WILFRED - The History of the London and North Western Railway
A00003348: STEELE F AND BOURNE A EDIT - The Man Food Equation Proceedings of a Symposium Held at the Royal Institution of London September 1973
C00002038: STEELE ROBERT EDITING AND MORRIS WILLIAM PREFACING - Medieval Lore: An Epitome of the Science Geography Animal and Plant Folk-Lore and Myth of the Middle Age
C00001750: STEELE RICHARD EDITED WINTON CALHOUN - The Tender Husband Regents Restoration Drama Series
A00008072: STEEN ADOLPH - Elastiske Kurve Og Dens Anvendelse I Boejningstheorien
C00001147: STEERS J A - The Coastline of England and Wales
J101867: STEEVES TAYLOR A EDITING - The Botanical Gazette Volume 134 and 135
J101866: STEEVES TAYLOR A EDITING - The Botanical Gazette Volume 132 and 133
J101865: STEEVES TAYLOR A EDITING - The Botanical Gazette Volume 130 and 131
C00000265: STEFFEN W L AND DENMEAD O T EDITING - Flow and Transport in the Natural Environment Advances and Applications
A00011958: STEFFENS R J - The Assessment of Vibration Intensity and Its Application to the Study of Building Vibrations
A00011959: STEFFENS R J - The Assessment of Vibration Intensity and Its Application to the Study of Building Vibrations
A00008280: STEIGER ADOLF - Beitrage Zur Physiologie Und Pathologie Der Hornhautrefraction 1 Theil
A00008665: STEIN LUDWIG EDITING - Berner Studien Zur Philosophie Und Ihrer Geschichte , 67 - 74
A00008666: STEIN LUDWIG EDITING - Berner Studien Zur Philosophie Und Ihrer Geschichte , 62 - 66
C00003327: STEIN GERTRUDE - Three Lives the Good Anna Melanctha the Gentle Lena
C00002388: STEIN JEAN - Grand Street 36
C00000988: STEIN GABRIEL EDITS - Radiation Chemistry of Aqueous Systems
A00003571: STEIN WILFRED D - Transort and Diffusion Across Cell Membranes
A00008712: STEIN W - Die Glasfabrikation.
A00001050: STEINACKER JURGEN M AND WARD SUSAN A EDITING - The Physiology and Pathophysiology of Exercise Tolerance
327147: STEINBERG MICHAEL AND BOHM-DUCHEN MONICA - Reading Charlotte Salomon
C00000697: STEINER LOUIS H - Am I My Brother's Keeper? a Discourse Delivered Before the American Public Health Association at the Annual Meeting in Baltimore November 11 1875
C00000981: STEINER H EDITS - Introduction to Petroleum Chemicals Based on Lectures Given at the Manchester College of Science and Technology
A00010629: STEINMANN, GUSTAV - Einführung in Die Paläontologie
325681: STELLAE, GRUPO - O Valor Do Envoltorio: Un Estudo Da Influencia Das Tic Nos Centros Educativos
6601734: STEMBRIDGE JASPER H - The Oxford War Atlas the First Two Years September 1939 - September 1941
A00014799: STEMMER BRIGITTE AND WHITAKER HARRY A - Handbook of Neurolinguistics
C00001594: STENDHAL - Scarlet and Black a Chronicle of the Nineteenth Century Two Volumes
CL246: STENGEL PAUL - Die Griechischen Kultusaltertumer .
A00008717: STENGLEIN, M.: - Handbuch Der Presshefen-Fabrikation. Erste Abtheilung: Die Apparate Und Einrichtungen Von Presshefefabriken; Zweite Abtheilung. Das Chemische Und Das Mikroskopische Laboratorium Des Hefebrenners.
B00000796: STENHOUSE DAVID - The Northwest
6602490: STENNING WILLIAM T R ET AL - B.I. O.S. Final Report No. 480 Item No. 24 German Spectacle Frame Industry
C00003438: STENTON F M EDITS - Documents Illustrative of the Social and Economic History of the Danelaw from Various Collections
326143: STEPHEN LESLIE - The Playground of Europe
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324227: STERN JESSICA - Terror in the Name of God Why Religious Militants Kill
C00002982: STERN MILTON R - The Fine Hammered Steel of Herman Melville
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A00004654: STEVEN JOHN LINDSAY - The Pathology on Mediastinal Tumours with Special Reference to Diagnosis
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C00001696: STEVENSON ROBERT LOUIS - Kidnapped
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B00003456: STEVENSON VIOLET - Flowercraft
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A00001929: STEVENSON NICK - The Transformation of the Media Globalization Morality and Ethics
A00001928: STEVENSON NICK - The Transformation of the Media Globalization Morality and Ethics
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321401: STEVENSON ROBERT B K - The Earlier Metalwork of Pictland
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A00001930: STEVENSON NICK - The Transformation of the Media Globalization Morality and Ethics
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A00009119: STEWART TRUDY AND TURNBULL JACKIE - Working with Dysfluent Children (Spiral-Bound)
A00009118: STEWART TRUDY AND TURNBULL JACKIE - Working with Dysfluent Children (Spiral-Bound)
A00009117: STEWART TRUDY AND TURNBULL JACKIE - Working with Dysfluent Children (Spiral-Bound)
A00013430: STEWART, MOIRA ET AL - Patient-Centered Medicine: Transforming the Clinical Method:
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A00013429: STEWART, MOIRA ET AL - Patient-Centered Medicine: Transforming the Clinical Method:
321730: STEWART W F R - Sexual Aspects of Social Work
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A00003633: STEWART J F - Manual of Forest Engineering and Extraction
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A00013425: STEWART, MOIRA ET AL - Patient-Centered Medicine: Transforming the Clinical Method:
A00013433: STEWART, MOIRA ET AL - Patient-Centered Medicine: Transforming the Clinical Method:
A00013432: STEWART, MOIRA ET AL - Patient-Centered Medicine: Transforming the Clinical Method:
A00013431: STEWART, MOIRA ET AL - Patient-Centered Medicine: Transforming the Clinical Method:
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A00013423: STEWART, MOIRA ET AL - Patient-Centered Medicine: Transforming the Clinical Method:
A00013422: STEWART, MOIRA ET AL - Patient-Centered Medicine: Transforming the Clinical Method:
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A00013427: STEWART, MOIRA ET AL - Patient-Centered Medicine: Transforming the Clinical Method:
A00013426: STEWART, MOIRA ET AL - Patient-Centered Medicine: Transforming the Clinical Method:
A00013434: STEWART, MOIRA ET AL - Patient-Centered Medicine: Transforming the Clinical Method:
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A00013436: STEWART, MOIRA ET AL - Patient-Centered Medicine: Transforming the Clinical Method:
A00013437: STEWART, MOIRA ET AL - Patient-Centered Medicine: Transforming the Clinical Method:
A00013439: STEWART, MOIRA ET AL - Patient-Centered Medicine: Transforming the Clinical Method:
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A00013442: STEWART, MOIRA ET AL - Patient-Centered Medicine: Transforming the Clinical Method:
A00013443: STEWART, MOIRA ET AL - Patient-Centered Medicine: Transforming the Clinical Method:
A00013444: STEWART, MOIRA ET AL - Patient-Centered Medicine: Transforming the Clinical Method:
A00013445: STEWART, MOIRA ET AL - Patient-Centered Medicine: Transforming the Clinical Method:
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A00006910: STEWART WILLIAM - Clinical Researches on the Therapeutic Action of Chloride of Ammonium in the Treatment of Hepatic Disease with Illustrative Cases
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325653: STIGLER GEORGE J - Chicago Studies in Political Economy
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A00005654: STILLMAN FRANCES - The Poet's Manual and Rhyming Dictionary
A00000936: STILLMAN RICHARD J - Integration of the Negro in the Us Armed Forces
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A00003321: STOHR WALTER - Regional Development Experience and Prospects in Latin America
C00001305: STOIKO MICHAEL - Soviet Rocketry the First Decade of Achievement
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A00009792: STOKES, ELIZABETH JOAN - Clinical Bacteriology
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A00008727: STOLZEL C - Die Metallurgie; Gewinnung Der Metalle
B00003166: STONE PETER EDITS - British Hospitals and Health Care Buildings: Designs and Appraisals
6600704: STONE KIRK H - Norway's Internal Migration to New Farms Since 1920
325172: STONE HERBERT L - The America's Cup Races
324313: STONE NORMAN - The Eastern Front 1914-1917
321994: STONE P A - Housing Town Development Land and Costs
A00005667: STONE T. W. EDITS - Aspects of Synaptic Transmission: Ltp, Galanin, Opiods, Autonomic and 5-Ht V. 1: Ltp, Galanin, Opiods, Autonomic and 5-Ht
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A00000957: STONE JOHN - Colonist or Uitlander a Study of the British Immigrant in South Africa
327495: STONE REV. W A EDITS SALLUST - C. Sallvsti Crispi Bellvm Catilinae
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A00000039: STOPES C C - Burbage and Shakespeare's Stage
C00000389: STOPES MARIE CARMICHAEL - Birth Control to-Day a Practical Handbook for Those Who Want to Be Their Own Masters in This Vital Matter
C00000342: STOPES MARIE C - Marriage in My Time
B00001543: STOPES MARIE C AND WHEELER R V - Monograph on the Consitution of Coal
A00000766: STOPFORTH P - Survey of Highfield African Township Salisbury Department of Sociology Occasional Paper Number 6
A00004761: STOPPARD MICHAEL - A New Order for Gas in Europe?
C00000214: STORDY ANN - My Sweet Liverpool
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322265: STOREY GEOFFREY O - A History of Physical Medicine (the Story of the British Association of Rheumatology and Rehabilitation)
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551033: STORR F - Sophocles ; Volume 1
A00004277: STORR RICHARD J - The Beginnings of Graduate Education in America
326315: STORRS RONALD - Orientations
A00002410: STORY ROBERT HERBERT - Creed and Conduct Sermons Preached in Rosneath Church
322449: STOTT GORDON - Judge's Diary 1967-1973
A00008790: STOTT DENIS - Delinquency the Problem and Its Prevention
324916: STOTT F D EDITS - Isam-Gent-1981 Proceedings of the Fourth International Symposium on Ambulatory Monitoring and the Second Gent Workship on Blood Pressure Variability
A00012330: STOTT D F AND TAYLOR G C - Stratigraphy and Structure Rocky Mountains and Foothills of West Central Alberta and North Eastern British Columbia
A00006343: STOUGHTON JOHN - History of Religion in England from the Opening of the Long Parliament to the End of the Eighteenth Century , 1 - 6.
A00005350: STOUGHTON JOHN - Religion in England from 1800-1850 a History with a Postcript on Subsequent Events in Two Volumes Volume 1 and Volume 2
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J100470: STOUT G F EDITING - Mind a Quarterly Review of Psychology and Philosophy New Series Volume 25
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J100473: STOUT G F EDITING - Mind a Quarterly Review of Psychology and Philosophy New Series Volume 14
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J101185: STOUT G F EDITING - Mind a Quarterly Review of Psychology and Philosophy New Series Volume 9
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J100459: STOUT G F EDITING - Mind a Quarterly Review of Psychology and Philosophy New Series Volume 20
J100456: STOUT G F EDITING - Mind a Quarterly Review of Psychology and Philosophy New Series Volume 27
J100457: STOUT G F EDITING - Mind a Quarterly Review of Psychology and Philosophy New Series Volume 23
J100476: STOUT G F EDITING - Mind a Quarterly Review of Psychology and Philosophy New Series Volume 5
J100477: STOUT G F EDITING - Mind a Quarterly Review of Psychology and Philosophy New Series Volume 7
J100468: STOUT G F EDITING - Mind a Quarterly Review of Psychology and Philosophy New Series Volume 18
J100467: STOUT G F EDITING - Mind a Quarterly Review of Psychology and Philosophy New Series Volume 19
J100458: STOUT G F EDITING - Mind a Quarterly Review of Psychology and Philosophy New Series Volume 24
J100472: STOUT G F EDITING - Mind a Quarterly Review of Psychology and Philosophy New Series Volume 3
J100475: STOUT G F EDITING - Mind a Quarterly Review of Psychology and Philosophy New Series Volume 16
J100460: STOUT G F EDITING - Mind a Quarterly Review of Psychology and Philosophy New Series Volume 15
A00002911: STOVALL THOMAS AND LING FRANK W EDITING - Extrauterine Pregnancy Clinical Diagnosis and Management
A00009946: STOVER, BERND - Berichte Uber Die Lage in Deutschland: Die Lagemeldungen Der Gruppe Neu Beginnen Aus Dem Dritten Reich, 1933-1936
C00003065: STOWE HARRIET BEECHER - Three Novels Uncle Tom's Cabin All Life Among the Lowly, the Minister's Wooing, Oldtown Folks
B00002148: STOWELL ELBRIDGE Z - National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics Report 1343 a Phenomenological Relation between Stress Strain Rate and Temperature for Metals at Elevated Temperatures
6600879: STOWELL CHARLES JACOB - The Journeymen Tailors' Union of America
6603406: STOYEL B D AND KIDNER R B - Cement Railways of Kent
A00005016: STRABOLGI LORD - From Gibraltar to Suez the Battle of the Middle Sea
A00004274: STRACHAN J E - The School Looks at Life an Experiment in Social Education
A00005392: STRACHAN ROBERT HARVEY - The Individuality of Saint Paul
322098: STRACHEY RICHARD - A Strachey Child
A00000300: STRACHEY JOHN AND STRACHEY RICHARD - The Finances and Public Works of India from 1869 to 1881
A00004266: STRADLING ROBERT - A Programme for Political Education the Political Awareness of the School Leaver
322996: STRAHAN JAMES - Andrew Bruce Davidson
6601074: STRAKER EDITH ET AL - A Study of the Nasopharingyal Bacterial Flora of Different Groups of Persons Observed in London and South East England During the Years 1930-37
322642: STRANG BARBARA M H - Metaphors and Models an Inaugural Lecture Delivered Before the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne on Monday 12th October 1964
A00006791: STRANGEWAYS T S P - Bulletin of the Committee for the Study of Special Diseases Volume One and Volume Two
A00009733: STRASSER T EDITING - Cardiovascular Care of the Elderly
326836: STRASSER SUSAN ET AL - Getting and Spending European and American Consumer Societies in the Twentieth Century
A00005056: STRATEGICUS - To Stalingrad and Alamein
B00000420: STRATFORD, JENNY - The Bedford Inventories
A00002956: STRATTON FREDERIC - The Public Health Act 1875, the Rivers Pollution Prevention Act 1876, Public Health (Water) Act 1878, Public Health (Interments) Act 1879, and the Public Health (Fruit Pickers Lodgings) Act 1882
A00002943: STRATTON FREDERIC - The Public Health Act 1875 and Other Statutes and Parts of Statutes Relating to the Public Health the Text of the Queen's Printers' Editions
B00000112: STRAUCH BERISH ET AL EDITING - Atlas of Microvascular Surgery Anatomy and Operative Approaches
A00007149: STRAUS NATHAN - Disease in Milk the Remedy Pasteurization
6601826: STRAUSS PATRICIA AND NEWTON ERIC - Souvenir Catalogue on the Open Exhibition of Sculpture at Battersea Park May to September 1948
A00010110: STRAUSS, RICHARD - Der Rosenkavalier
A00000775: STRAUSS - Sir William Petty Portrait of a Genius
322940: STRAWHORN JOHN - The History of Prestwick
551118: STRAWSON P F - The Bounds of Sense an Essay on Kant's Critique of Pure Reason
6602343: STREAT SIR RAYMOND CHAIRS - Report of the Cotton Board Committee to Inquire Into Post-War Problems Submitted to the President of the Board of Trade January 1944
A00011313: STREATFIELD FRANK N - Sporting Recollections of an Old 'Un
A00004362: STREATFIELD FRANK - An Account of the Grammar School in the Kings Town and Parish of Maidstone in Kent
A00007589: STRECKER, GEORG - Das Land Israel in Biblischer Zeit: Jerusalem-Symposium 1981 Der Hebraischen Universitat Und Der Georg-August-Universitat
A00005391: STREET DORIS W - The Primary Department Handbook
C00000700: STREETER EDWARD C - Exhibit of Early Medical Texts Illustrating Practice in Fevers Plague Etc
321887: STREETER BURNETT HILLMAN - The Four Gospels a Study of Origins Treating of the Manuscript Tradition Sources Authorship and Dates
B00002297: STREETMAN, BEN; BANERJEE, SANJAY - Solid State Electronic Devices
B00002322: STREIPS, ULDIS N. ET AL - Modern Microbial Genetics
B00002323: STREIPS, ULDIS N.ET AL - Modern Microbial Genetics
C00001346: STREVENS P D EDITING - Five Inaugural Lectures
A00014308: STRICKLAND MATTHEW - War and Chivalry a Conduct and Perception of the War in England and Normandy 1066-1217
B00000530: STRINGER P H ET AL - Servicing Mixed Use Access Layouts
327073: STRINGER CHRIS - Homo Britannicus the Incredible Story of Human Life in Britain
A00009887: STRINGER, JOHN - Hydraulic Systems Analysis : An Introduction
A00009888: STRINGER, JOHN - Hydraulic Systems Analysis : An Introduction
A00010609: STRITTMATTER, ERWIN: - Katzgraben. Szenen Aus Dem Bauernleben
A00007840: STROBEL, GEORG W. - Die Partei Rosa Luxemburgs, Lenin Und Die Spd: Der Polnische Europaische Internationalismus in Der Russischen Sozialdemokratie
326685: STROLL AVRUM - Did My Genes Make Me Do It? and Other Philosophical Dilemmas
323245: STROMBERG, ROLAND N. - Europe in the Twentieth Century
550026: STRONG PROFESSOR THEODORE - A Treatise on the Differential and Integral Calculus
322941: STRONG S ARTHUR - Critical Studies and Fragments
A00002262: STRONG JOHN EDITING - The Education (Scotland) Act 1918 with Annotations
324006: STRONG D E - Greek and Roman Gold and Silver Plate
C00001116: STRONG L A G - Sea Wall
A00013763: STRONGMAN KENNETH T - Applying Psychology to Everyday Life
6602712: STROSS W - B.I. O.S. Final Report No. 1253 Item No. 9 a Photoelectric Colorimeter (Photoelectric Absorptiometer) Designed by Professor R Havemann
6602824: STROUD DOROTHY - English Landscape Gardening of the Eighteenth and Early Nineteenth Centuries
A00000905: STROUT RICHARD ROBERT - The Recruitment of Candidates in Mendoza Province Argentina
A00010592: STRUBELT ET AL - Städte Und Regionen, Räumliche Folgen Des Transformationsprozesses
A00010596: STRUBELT ET AL - Städte Und Regionen, Räumliche Folgen Des Transformationsprozesses
327881: STRUBLE RAIMOND A - Nonlinear Differential Equations
322985: STRUTHERS REV. J P - The Word and the Road a Book of Devotional Reading Being Extracts from the Manuscripts of Sermons by the Late Rev. J P Struthers Ma
322987: STRUTHERS REV. J P - More Echoes from the Morning Watch Including Twelve Reasons for Not Going to Church
B00003406: STRUTT JOHN WILLIAM - Scientific Papers Volume II 1881-1887
B00003405: STRUTT JOHN WILLIAM - Scientific Papers Volume I 1869-1881
326859: STRYDOM PIET - Discourse and Knowledge the Making of Enlightenment Sociology
A00012511: STUART-HAMILTON, IAN - The Psychology of Ageing: An Introduction
A00007024: STUART-LOW WM. - Mucus Membranes Normal and Abnormal Including Mucin and Malignancy
A00007191: STUART-MENTEATH P W - Pyrenean Geology
A00008129: STUART, JOHN - Memoir of the Late Alexander Henry Rhind, of Sibster
A00008458: STUART M. COHEN - Twaalf Kanselredenen
A00000170: STUART-HARRIS CHARLES H AND POTTER C W EDITING - The Molecular Virology and Epidemiology of Influenza
A00004367: STUART JOHN - Mr. John Kirk the Children's Friend
A00000975: STUART JOHN LEIGHTON EDITED BY REA KENNETH W AND BREWER JOHN C - The Forgotten Ambassador the Report of John Leighton Stuart 1946-1949
C00001669: STUART ALICE V AND GRAVES CHARLES COMPILE - Voice and Verse a Jubilee Anthology
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A00012467: STUBBS WILLIAMS EDITING - Willelmi Malmesbiriensis Monachi de Gestis Pontificum Anglorum Libri Quinque Historiae Novellae Libri Tres. Two Volumes.
A00002697: STUCKEY JOSEPH J - Table of Compound Interest at 1/8th % and of Antilogarithms to Base 1. 00125 Whereby Any Compound Interest Function Maybe Calculated
B00000404: STUDD P J ET AL - Rural Telecommunications
B00000417: STUDD P J ET AL - Rural Telecommunications
A00001555: STUDER P - Supplement to the Oak Book of Southampton C.A. D. 1300 Containing Notes on the Anglo-French Dialect of Southampton (Early Fourteenth Century) Glossary and Indexes
325665: STUDLAR, DONLEY T. - Tobacco Control
A00000857: STUDY GROUP OF THE ITALIAN SOCIETY FOR INTERNATIONAL ORGANISATION - National Studies on International Organisation Italy and the United Nations
550705: STULPNAGEL P. COMPILES - The Machine Components and Tools for Working in Metal and Wood Illustrated Technical Dictionary in Six Languages (English, German, Russian, French, Italian, Spanish)-Vol L
324783: STUPP SAMUEL I. - Annual Review of Materials Research 31
A00005366: STURGEON C H - The Treasury of David Containing an Original Exposition of the Book of Psalms a Collection of Illustrative Extracts from the Whole Range of Literature a Series of Homiletical Hints Upon Almost Every Verse and Lists of Writers Upon Each Psalm 6 Volumes
A00007023: STURGES OCTAVIUS - An Introduction to the Study of Clinical Medicine Being a Guide to the Investigation of Disease for the Use of Students
A00007019: STURGES OCTAVIUS - The Natural History and Relations of Pneumonia a Clinical Study
A00007516: STURGES OCTAVIUS - On Chorea and Other Allied Movement Disorders of Early Life
A00006827: STURGES OCTAVIUS AND COUPLAND SIDNEY - The Natural History and Relations of Pneumonia Its Causes Forms and Treatments a Clinical Study
B00003479: STURGIS MATTHEW - Tosca's Surprise
A00003273: STURROCK FORD AND CATHIE JOHN - Farm Modernisation and the Countryside the Impact of Increasing Field Size and Hedge Removal on Arable Farms
322024: STURT HENRY - Human Value an Ethical Essay
A00013610: STURTEVANT EDGAR H ET AL EDIT - T. Macci Plauti Pseudolus
A00007779: STURZO LUIGI - Scritti Storico-Politici (1926-1949)
A00009085: STYLER W E - Tutors for a University
A00009084: STYLER W E - Tutors for a University
A00004354: STYLER W E - Adult Education in India
A00011859: STYLER W E - Tutors for a University
A00011447: STYLES B T EDITING - Infraspecific Classification of Wild and Cultivated Plants
324114: SU-LING WONG AND CRESSY EARL HERBERT - Daughter of Confucius a Personal History
324662: SU GIN-DJIH - Chinese Architecture Past and Contemporary
A00004267: SUB-COMMITTEE OF THE ASSOCIATION FOR SCIENCE EDUCATION - The 1966 Report on the Teaching of Electricity
323656: SUBACCHI PAOLA - Debates and Controversies in Economic History a Sessions Proceedings Eleventh International History Congress Milan September 1994
323655: SUBACCHI PAOLA - Recent Doctoral Research in Economic History D Sessions Proceedings Eleventh International Economic History Congress Milan September 1994
A00000607: SUBBARAO E C AND WALLACE W E EDITING - Science and Technology of Rare Earth Materials
322363: SUBBARAO K - Research in Economics Second Survey Monograph 2 Agricultural Marketing and Credit
A00000583: SUBIRATS-RUGGEBERG CARLOS - Sentential Complimentation in Spanish a Lexico-Grammatical Study of Three Classes of Verbs
A00002056: SUBLET FRANK G - Electrical Engineering Materials Tables and Properties
A00009060: SUCKLING NORMAN - The Unfulfilled Renaissance an Essay on the Fortunes of Enlightened Humanism in the Eighteenth Century
A00001847: SUDARDS ROGER W AND HARGREAVES JUNE M - Listed Buildings: The Law and Practice of Historical Buildings Ancient Monuments and Conservation Areas
A00008675: SUDHOFF, KARL. - Bibliographical Paracelsica, Besprechung Der Unter Hohenheims Namen, 1527-1893 Erschienenen Druckschriften
A00008636: SUERMAN ALEXANDER CAROLUS GUILIELMUS - Specimen Historico-Medicum de Cholerae Asiaticae Itinere Per Belgium Septentrionale
CL185: SUETONIUS; PREUD'HOMME - De Vita Caesarum Libri VIII.
CL107: SUETONIUS; MOONEY GEORGE W - De Vita Caesarum, Libri VII-VIII : Galba, Otho, Vitellius, Divus Vespasianus, Divus Titus, Domitianus
CL463: SUETONIUS; IHM MAXIMILIANUS - Opera Vol. I ; de Vita Caesarum Libri VIII.
CL275: SUETONIUS; BUTLER H E; CARY M - Divus Iulius ( Divvs Ivlivs )
A00003578: SUGAR MAX - The Premature in Context
A00013768: SUGARMAN JANE C - Engendering Song Singing and Subjectivity at Prespa Albania Weddings
C00000918: SUGDEN DOCTOR T M ORGANISES - Reactions of Free Radicals in the Gas Phase Report of a Symposium Held by the Chemical Society at the University Cambridge from Tuesday April 9th to Friday April 12th 1957
A00007258: SUGGATE R P - New Zealand Coals Their Geological Setting and Its Influence on Their Properties
322187: SUGIYAMA YOKO - Rainbow and Granite a Study of Virginia Woolf
324029: SULEIMAN MICHAEL W - Political Parties in Lebanon the Challenge of a Fragmented Political Culture
A00014347: SULLIVAN WALTER - Assault on the Unknown the International Geophysical Year
327386: SULLIVAN J P EDITS - Critical Essays on Roman Literature Satire
323661: SULLIVAN MARGARET COX - The Hostile Corporate Takeover Phenomenon of the 1980s
C00001664: SULTANA DONALD E - The Siege of Malta Rediscovered an Account of Sir Walter Scott's Mediterranean Journey and His Last Novel
322197: SULZBACH HERBERT - With the German Guns Four Years on the Western Front 1914-1918
A00000690: SUMMERFIELD R J AND ROBERTS E H - Grain Legume Crops
6602834: SUMMERSON JOHN - Art in the Georgian Home an Exhibition Arranged by the Yorkshire Region of the Arts Council of Great Britain Catalogue of Pictures
C00002755: SUMMERSON JOHN - The London Building World of the Eighteen-Sixties
327610: SUMNER W L - Father Henry Willis Organ Builder and His Successors
B00000827: SUN PETER EDITING - Multipurpose River Basin Development in China
A00010544: SUNDELOF LARS OLAF ET AL - Uppsala University 500 Years: Faculty of Science - Chemistry
A00012316: SUNDHEIM BENSON R EDITING - Molten Salts
C00000166: SUNDMAN LARS-OLAV - The Alkaline Hydrolysis of 2, 4-Oxazolidinediones
324615: SUNG, YUN-WING - Non-Institutional Economic Integration Via Cultural Affinity: The Case of Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong
6600320: SUNGLIN CHAI - Population and Population Policy in Mainland China Asia and the World Forum Monograph Series Six
A00012112: SUNKEL HANS EDITING - The Gravity Field in Austria
A00000266: SUPPANZ DOCTOR HANNES AND ROBINSON DEREK - Prices and Incomes Policy the Austrian Experience
C00002457: SUPPLE BARRY E EDITS - The Rise of Big Business
J100229: SUPPLE B E ET AL EDITING - The Economic History Review Second Series Volume 32
6601721: SUPPLE BARRY - The State and Industrial Revolution 1700-1914 Volume 3 Chapter 5 the Fontana Economic History of Europe
C00002648: SUPUT DUSAN AND ZOREC ROBERT - Toxins and Exocytosis Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences Volume 710
B00002958: SURAMPALLI RAO Y EDITS - Practice Periodical of Hazardous Toxic and Radioactive Waste Management January 2009 Volume 13 Number 1
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6601690: SURREY JOHN AND WALKER WILLIAM - The European Power Plant Industry Structural Responses to International Market Pressures
A00001528: SURTEES SOCIETY - Visitations of the North or Some Early Heralidc Visitations of and Collections of Pedigrees Relating to the North of England Part II (2)
A00007130: SURY BORGE - Rheumatoid Arthritus in Children a Clinical Study
A00005262: SUSAN HENCZEL - The Information Audit
B00000944: SUSSEX GAY AND HELM PETER - Looking Back at Rusholme and Fallowfield
6602615: SUTCLIFFE A R - B.I. O.S. Final Report No. 837 Item No. 31 Design Construction and Production of High Speed Centrifuges
323050: SUTCLIFFE, ANTHONY - An Economic and Social History of Western Europe Since 1945
325426: SUTHERLAND JAMES - The Medium of Poetry
A00001779: SUTHERLAND PETER EDITS - Adult Learning a Reader
A00011477: SUTHERLAND I O ET AL - Host-Guest Molecular Interactions from Chemistry to Biology
A00007445: SUTLEFFE EDWARD - Medical and Surgical Cases Selected During a Practice of Thirty-Eight Years Together with Medical and Surgical Cases Selected During a Practice of Thirty-Nine Years
A00005428: SUTTER JULIE - A Colony of Mercy Social Christianity at Work
A00006767: SUTTON J BLAND - Surgical Disease of the Ovaries and Fallopian Tubes Including Tubal Pregnancy with 119 Engravings and 5 Coloured Plates
B00000547: SUTTON DENYS AND LECALDANO PAOLO - The Complete Paintings of Picasso Blue and Rose Periods
324689: SUTTON, ALAN - A Victorian World of Science: A Collection of Unusual Items and Anecdotes Connected with Ideas About Science and Its Applications in Victorian Times
326295: SUTTON GEORGE - Glacier Island the Official Account of the British South Georgia Expedition 1954-1955
A00012378: SUTTON PAUL - Crash Course: Cardiovascular System
A00012377: SUTTON PAUL - Crash Course: Cardiovascular System
A00004652: SUTTON S C - A Guide to the India Office Library with a Note on the India Office Records
A00002002: SUTTON CHARLES W - Special Collections of Books in Lancashire and Cheshire a Paper Read Before the Library Association Manchester 5th September 1899
A00004736: SUTTON J BLAND - Surgical Diseases of the Ovaries and Fallopian Tubes Including Tubal Pregnancy
A00004876: SUTTON J BLAND - Dermoids or Tumours Containing Skin Hair Teeth Etc
A00012376: SUTTON PAUL - Crash Course: Cardiovascular System
A00011293: SUZANNE LOWRY - The Princess in the Mirror
A00011415: SVENDSRUD A EDITING - Readings in Forest Economics
A00001899: SVENNERHOLM LARS ET AL EDIT - Biological Function of Gangliosodes Proceedings of Nobel Symposium 83 Progress in Brain Research Volume 101
323717: SVENNILSON INGVAR - Growth and Stagnation in the European Economy
A00003897: SVENSSON NILS-ERIC - Ability Grouping and Scholastic Achievement
327208: SWAIN FREDERICK N - Non-Marine Organic Geochemistry
A00000465: SWAIN TONY AND TROMPF GARRY - The Religion of Oceana
A00000674: SWAINE GORDON - Agricultural Zoology in Fiji Overseas Research Publication Number 18
C00000303: SWALLO MICHAEL EDITING - Selected Papers of Lewis J Hurwitz
A00011591: SWAMY R N EDITING - Concrete Technology and Design Volume 1 New Concrete Materials
A00000220: SWAMY R N - Concrete Technology and Design Volume 2 New Reinforced Concretes
A00013475: SWAN OSCAR E - A Grammar of Contemporary Polish
A00003298: SWAN PETER J ET AL - Management of Sites and Services Housing Schemes the Asian Experience
A00007318: SWAN JOSEPH - The Brain in Relation to the Mind
B00001494: SWAN JOSEPH - Plates of the Brain, in Explanation of the Physical Faculties of the Nervous System
A00001444: SWAN ANTHONY VICTOR ET AL - Smoking Behaviour from Pre-Adolescence to Young Adulthood
A00003637: SWANBERG - The Intervertebral Foramina in Man the Morphology of the Intervertebratal Foramina in Man Including a Description of Their Contents and Adjacent Parts with Special Reference to the Nervous Structures (Supplement to "the Invetebratal Foramen"
B00001845: SWANN DON - Colonial and Historic Homes of Maryland One Hundred Etchings
A00000728: SWANN CHERYL AND FROGGATT SIR PETER - The Tobacco Products Research Trust 1982-1996
A00005529: SWANSON E. B. - Petroleum Coke an Economic Survey of Its Production and Uses.
325648: SWANSON, TIMOTHY M. - The International Regulation of Extinction
326172: SWANSON MAY - Recollections of My Ordinary Life from East End of Glasgow
326173: SWANSON MAY - Recollections of My Ordinary Life from East End of Glasgow
321344: SWANSON R A ET AL EDIT - Forest Hydrology and Watershed Management Proceedings of an International Symposium Held During the XIX (19) General Assembly of the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics at Vancouver British Columbia Canada 19-22 August 1987
327724: SWANTON MICHAEL - The Dream of the Rood
322028: SWANTON E W - Pocket Guide to the Marine Mollusca Including Fossil Forms Which Occur in the Post-Pliocene Deposits Excepting the Forest Bed Series
6600559: SWANTZ MARJA-LIISA - Wider Working Papers Grass Roots Strategies and Directed Development in Tanzania the Case of the Fishing Sector
A00000738: SWARBRICK JOHN - Easements of Light Synopsis a Synopsis of Modern Practice and a Brief Explanation of Simplified Methods of Measuring Daylight and Accessing Compensation
A00000739: SWARBRICK JOHN - Easements of Light Modern Methods of Computing Compensation
A00001633: SWAYZEE CLEON OLIPHANT - Contempt of Court in Labor Injunction Cases
A00000832: SWEARINGEN WILL D ET AL EDIT - The North African Environment at Risk
C00001444: SWEDENBORG EMANUEL - The Last Judgment and the Babylon Destroyed Showing That All Things That Are Foretold in the Apocalypse Are at This Day Fulfilled from Things Heard and Seen Also a Continuation Concerning the Last Judgment and the Spiritual World
A00007512: SWEDIAUR F - A Comprehensive Treatise Upon the Symptoms Consequences Nature and Treatment of Venereal or Syphilitic Diseases Translated from the Seventh French Edition of F Swediaur Md in Two Volumes Volume 1 and Volume 2
324668: SWEE GOH KENG - The Economics of Modernisation and Other Essays
A00004022: SWIDLER ANN - Organisation without Authority Dilemmas of Social Control in Free Schools
A00001758: SWIERENGA ROBERT P - Acres for Cents Delinquent Tax Auctions in Frontier Iowa Contributions in American History Number 46
A00012182: SWIFT JONATHAN - Bickersfaff Papers and Pamphlets on the Church
C00002332: SWINBURNE ALGENON CHARLES - Marino Faliero a Tragedy
6601692: SWINDELLS B AND DEBNAM R C - Measurement of Force by Elastic Devices
A00000561: SWINDEN T - Special Steels and Their Application to Engineering and Shipbuilding
327627: SWINGLEHURST EDMUND - The Life and Works of Botticelli
A00006999: SWINTON ARCHIBALD - Report of the Trial of Thomas Hunter, Peter Hacket, Richard M'Neil, James Gibb and William M'Clean Operative Cotton-Spinners in Glasgow Before the High Court of Justiciary at Edinburgh
326867: SWITZER CATHERINE - Unionists and Great War Commemoration in the North of Ireland 1914-1939
321001: SYCHEV YU V - The Individual and the Microenvironment
A00006694: SYDENHAM ANGELA - Public Rights of Way and Access to Land
6602532: SYDNEY SMITH AND SONS (NOTTINGHAM) LTD - B.I. O.S. Final Report No. 535 Item No. 29 German Edgewise Pressure Gauge Manufactured by Dreyer Rosenkranz and Droop
A00011275: SYDNEY T. BOWDEN - The Phase Rule and Phase Reactions Theoretical and Practical
C00001113: SYKES K W CHAT DOCTOR J SUTTON DOCTOR L E - The Kinetics and Mechanism of Inorganic Reactions in Solution a Survey of Recent Work Report of a Symposium Held at the Chemical Society Burlington House London on February 4 1954
C00001067: SYKES A G - Kinetics of Inorganic Reactions
322457: SYKES CHRISTOPHER - Four Studies in Loyalty
B00003434: SYKES HOMER - Celtic Britain
6603250: SYKES J - B.I. O.S. Final Report No. 264 Item No. 21 German Brass and Copper Wire Industry
6602957: SYLER W E - Who Were the Students
A00007125: SYME JAMES - Observations in Clinical Surgery
A00004600: SYMES J ODERY - Erythema Nodosum
B00000898: SYMINGTON JOHN ALEXANDER - The Brotherton Library
A00002439: SYMINGTON ANDREW JAMES - The Beautiful in Nature Art and Life
322867: SYMONDS JOHN ADDINGTON - Renaissance in Italy the Revival of Learning
322868: SYMONDS JOHN ADDINGTON - Renaissance in Italy Italian Literature in Two Volumes Volume 1 and Volume 2
A00000083: SYMONDS R V - The Rise of English Journalism
324444: SYMONDSON ANTHONY EDITING - The Victorian Crisis of Faith Six Lectures
B00003167: SYMONS JEAN - Day Care Centres: Some Developments in England, 1970-80
325958: SYMONS ARTHUR EDITS - A Book of Parodies
A00002529: SYRING EDWARD M - The Demand for Money in Norway and in Econometric Analysis
A00000084: SYUNYAEV RASHID A EDITING - Astrophysics and Spacephysics Reviews Volume 2 (1983)
B00002160: SYVERTSON CLARENCE A ET AL - National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics Report 1328 a Second-Order Shock-Expansion Method Applicable to Bodies of Revolution Near Zero Lift
C00000942: SZABO Z G - Advances in the Kinetics of Homogenous Gas Reactions
A00000045: SZABOLCS I EDITING - European Solonetz Soils and Their Reclamation
321522: SZAJKOSKI ZOSA EDITED BY GITELLE TOBEY B - Jewish Education in France 1789-1939 Jewish Social Studies Monograph Series Number 2
C00002790: SZCZEPANIK E F EDITS - Symposium on Economic and Social Problems of the Far East Proceedings of the Meeting Held in September 1961 As Part of the Golden Jubilee Congress at the University of Hong Kong
324571: SZE-YUEN CHUNG - Hong Kong's Journey to Reunification: Memoirs of Sze-Yuen Chung
B00001603: SZE PHILIP - A Biology of the Algae
B00002360: SZE H. C. & P'AN C. H. - Beitrage Zur Mesozoischen Flora Von China & Older Mesozoic Plants from North Shensi
B00002363: SZE H. C. - Die Mesozoische Flora Aus Der Hsiangchi Kohlen Serie in Westhupeh
326024: SZECHI DANIEL EDITS - Letters of George Lockhart of Carnwath 1698-1732
A00014658: SZECHY C - Foundation Failures
C00001070: SZEDBERG TEH AND PEDERSEN KAI O - The Ultracentrifuge
A00000602: SZILAGYI MIKLOS - Electron and Ion Optics
A00011373: TABURIAUX JEAN - Pearls Their Origin Treatment and Identification
CL318: TACITE; DE SAINT - DENIS E - Vie D'Agricola
CL319: TACITE; GOELZER HENRI - Histoires Tome 2
CL151: TACITUS; ERNESTI J A - Opera Tomus Secundus
CL150: TACITUS; ERNESTI J A - Opera Tomus Primus
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CL33: TACITUSA; DRAEGER - Die Annalen Des Tacitus. Schulausgabe 2 Iin 1
A00011177: TADASHI, KARUBE - Maruyama Masao and the Fate of Liberalism in Twentieth-Century Japan
A00003685: TAFFANEL J - Abstract of the Reports on the French Coaldust Experiments Conducted at the Lievin Experimental Station 1907 - 10
A00000873: TAFT RONALD AND DOCZY A GEDEON - The Assimilation of Intellectual Refugees in Western Australia with Special Reference to Hungarians R.E. M. P Bulletin Research Group for European Migration Problems
A00009392: TAHORI A S EDITING - Methods in Residue Analysis
C00001618: TAILLEFER NUGENT - The British Cavalry Songs
A00013538: TAILLEUR ROGER - Elia Kazan
A00007888: TAIT JAMES - Catalogue of the Freeman Library
A00002979: TAIT LAWSON - An Essay on Hospital Mortality Based Upon the Statistics on the Hospital of Great Britain for Fifteen Years
A00007176: TAIT B G - Newton's Laws of Motion
A00002363: TAIT P G - Lectures on Some Recent Advances in Physical Science with a Special Lecture on Force
A00002353: TAIT JAMES - Mediaeval Manchester and the Beginnings of Lancashire
A00007048: TAIT LAWSON - The Pathology and Treatment of Diseases of the Ovaries (Being the Hastings Essay for 1873)
A00007127: TAIT PETER GUTHRIE AND STEELE WILLIAM JOHN - A Treatise on the Dynamics of a Particle with Numerous Examples
B00000701: TAIT J ET AL - The Story of Boston Stump and Its Restoration
324987: TAIT JAMES - Mediaeval Manchester and the Beginnings of Lancashire
A00005113: TAIT LAWSON - Lectures on Ectopic Pregnancy and Pelvic Haematocele
A00001756: TAKAHASHI AKIRA - Land and Peasants in Central Luzon Socio-Economic Structure of a Philippine Village
B00003567: TAKAKI RONALD - Democrary and Race Asian Americans and World War II
C00000100: TAKASHI OKAMOTO EDITING - N H K Broadcasting Studies 2003 Number 2
326422: TAKEUCHI SEIICHI TRANSLATED BY BRASE MICHAEL - Flower Petals Fall But the Flower Endures
A00003691: TALALAY ANSELM AND MAGATE MICHEL - Synthetic Rubber from Alcohol a Survey Based on the Russian Literature
321676: TALBOT GRIFFITH G - Population Problems of the Age of Malthus
A00004331: TALBOTT JOHN E - The Politics of Educational Reform in France 1918-1940
A00002000: TALLON MAURA - Church of Island Diocesan Libraries
J100222: TALVACCHIA BETTE ET AL - The Sixteenth Century Journal the Journal of Early Modern Studies Volume 25
A00001111: TALWAR P K AND KACKER R K - Commercial Sea Fishes of India
324611: TAM, LUISA (EDITOR). - The Confluence of Affluence: The Pearl River Delta Story.
C00002895: TAM HENRY BENEDICT - A Philosophical Study of the Criteria for Responsibility Ascriptions Responsibility and Personal Interactions Problems in Contemporary Philosophy Volume 28
550459: TAMAKI, NORIO - The Life Cycle of the Union Bank of Scotland, 1830-1954
325010: TAMBIAH, STANLEY J. - Leveling Crowds: Ethnonationalist Conflicts and Collective Violence in South Asia
C00000195: TAMM OLOF - Northern Coniferous Forest Soils a Popular Survey of the Phenomena Which Determine the Productive Character of the Forest Soils of North Sweden
A00006819: TAMPLIN R W - Lectures on the Nature and Treatment of Deformities Delivered at the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital Bloomsbury Square London
A00006883: TAMPLIN R W - Lateral Curvature of the Spine Its Causes Nature and Treatment
B00002405: TAN, SHAUN - The Red Tree
A00011091: TANDY A. H. - Economic and Commercial Conditions in Belgium and Luxembourg with an Annex on Benelux ( Overseas Economic Surveys )
A00011081: TANDY A. H. - Economic and Commercial Conditions in the Republic of Argentina ( Overseas Economic Surveys )
J100043: TANGHERLINI TIMOTHY R ET AL - Journal of American Folk Lore Volumes 101 and 102
A00000522: TANIN O AND YOHAN E - Militarism and Faschism in Japan
A00005757: TANNAHILL ROBERT AND SEMPLE DAVID - The Poems and Songs and Correspondence of Robert Tannerhill with Life and Notes by David Semple
B00000421: TANNER J. C. - Forecasts of Vehicles and Traffic in Great Britain: 1974 Revision
C00003354: TANNER ROGER I - Engineering Rheology
A00008983: TANNER B A EDITING - Language and Communication in General Practice
6600017: TANNER W E - The Annual Oration the Guy's Worthies in the Early Years of the Medical Society of London 1773-1825
A00003790: TANNER DANIEL - Schools for Youth Change and Challenge in Secondary Education
B00002688: TANNER J C - Forecasts of Vehicles and Traffic in Great Britain 1974 Revision
A00002050: TANNSJO TORBJORN - Coercive Care the Ethics of Choice in Health and Medicine
6602461: TANSEY A B ET AL - B.I. O.S. Final Report No. 347 Item No. 31 Hosiery Needle Making Industry
A00008984: TANZER JASON M ET AL - Animal Models in Cariology
B00003093: TAO D C - Applied Linkage Synthesis
B00001666: TAPERT ANNETTE AND HORAN ELLEN - The Power of Glamour the Women Who Defined the Magic of Stardom
A00007756: TAPINOS GEORGES - L'Immigration Etrangere En France
326500: TAPLIN D M R - Fracture 1977 Volume 4 Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Fracture Waterloo June 1977
A00006895: TAPLIN A BETTS - Hypnotic Suggestion and Psycho-Therapeutics
325319: TAPPE E D - Rumanian Prose and Verse a Selection with an Introductory Essay
B00002097: TAPSCOTT ROBERT J ET AL - National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics Report 1260 Studies of the Speed Stability of a Tandem Helicopter in Forward Flight
325821: TARANTINO, QUENTIN - Pulp Fiction
A00000421: TARAYRE J P ET AL EDITING - New Concepts in Asthma
B00003522: TARDI, JACQUES - C'Etait la Guerre Des Tranchees , 1914-1918
B00003525: TARDI, JACQUES - C'Etait la Guerre Des Tranchees , 1914-1918
B00003524: TARDI, JACQUES - C'Etait la Guerre Des Tranchees , 1914-1918
B00003523: TARDI, JACQUES - C'Etait la Guerre Des Tranchees , 1914-1918
A00008219: TARDIF-PAINCHAUD, NICOLE - Dom Bellot Et L'Architecture Religieuse Au Québec
A00008479: TARDIVEL, JULES - La Situation Religieuse Aux Etats-Unis - Illusions Et Realite
A00004831: TARGETTI F AND THIRLWALL A P - The Essential Kaldor
A00012035: TARIZZO M L EDITING - Field Methods for the Control of Trachoma
C00002368: TARLING EDWIN - Wave Number 1 Autumn 1970
C00001073: TARLING NICHOLAS - International Students in New Zealand the Making of Policies Since 1950
C00002703: TARLING NICHOLAS - Imparting Asia Five Decades of Asian Studies at the University of Auckland
A00004502: TARLING ROGER - Sentencing Practice in Magistrates' Courts Home Office Research Study Number 56
C00001074: TARLING NICHOLAS - Historians and Southeast Asian History
C00000480: TARNAWSKI WIT - Conrad the Man the Writer the Pole an Essay in Psychological Biography
6601156: TARRANT JOHN - The Village School Education in Stoke Poges
A00012117: TARROW SIDNEY - Between Center and Periphery Grass Roots Politicians in Italy and France
A00008631: TARTRA A. E. , RENAULT CASIMER - Traite de L'Empoisonnement Par L'Acide Nitrique Bound with Nouvelles Expériences Sur Les Contre-Poisons de L'Arsenic
B00000304: TASKER EDWARD G - Encyclopedia of Medieval Church Art
6603447: TASKER W W - Railways in the Sirhowy Valley
A00006076: TASSOUL, JEAN-LOUIS - Theory of Rotating Stars.
C00003336: TATE ALLEN - Memories and Essays Old and New 1926-1974
A00001766: TATE WILLIAM - The Modern Cambist Forming a Manual of Foreign Exchanges in the Different Operations of Bills of Exchange and Bullion According to the Practice of All Trading Nations with Tables of Foreign Weights and Measures and Their Equivalents in English and French
326591: TATLOW JOSEPH - Fifty Years of Railway Life in England Scotland and Ireland
A00001320: TAUB A H EDITS NEUMANN JOHN VON - John Von Neumann Collected Works Volume II Operators Ergodic Theory and Almost Periodic Functions in a Group
322127: TAUB HERBERT AND SCHILLING DONALD L - Principles of Communication Systems International Student Edition
A00000048: TAUBE MIECZYSLAW - Plutonium a General Survey
326997: TAUBMAN HOWARD - The Making of the American Theatre
6602801: TAUCHERT E - B.I. O.S. Final Report No. 1389 Item No. 9 Design and Production of Counting Instruments (Electrical)
326068: TAVERNE DICK - The Future of the Left Lincoln and After
323776: TAYLER HENRIETTA - The Child Sovereigns of Scotland an Introduction to Scots History
323465: TAYLOR, JOHN - Unemployment and Wage Inflation with Special Reference to Britain and the U.S. A.
321028: TAYLOR JOHN L - Golf Collectors Price Guide
326204: TAYLOR S J - Introduction to Measure and Integration
C00001914: TAYLOR ARCHER AND ARLT GUSTAVE O - Printing and Progress
A00003842: TAYLOR PHYLLIS - Dog-Team and School-Desk
A00011531: TAYLOR GAYNOR E EDITING - Kinematic and Dynamic Issues in Sensor Based Control
322782: TAYLOR DOCTOR F EDITS - Bulletin of the John Rylands University Library of Manchester Volume 58 Autumn 1975 Number 1
B00000165: TAYLOR NEALE W - Discussion Papers in Conservation Number 42 the Sycamore (Acer Pseudoplatanus) in Britain - Its Natural History and Value to Wildlife
A00009623: TAYLOR JOHN C. EDITS - Gauge Theories in the Twentieth Century
322541: TAYLOR KEN T TRANSCRIBES - The Registers of All Saints Wigan 1741-1766
321570: TAYLOR RONALD - Kurt Weill Composer in a Divided World
6602560: TAYLOR C B ET AL - B.I. O.S. Final Report No. 576 Item No. 22 German Limeburning Industry
A00011634: TAYLOR DAVID - India: The Politics of Change
323431: TAYLOR, ARTHUR J. - Laissez-Faire and State Intervention in Nineteenth Century Britain
6603111: TAYLOR ROBERT - Social Democratic Trade Unionism an Agenda for Action a Catalyst Working Paper
6603155: TAYLOR DAVID - India: The Politics of Change
6603159: TAYLOR ROBERT - Labour and the Social Contract
6602891: TAYLOR F H ET AL - B.I. O.S. Final Report No. 85;Item Nos. 22 and 31. Some Developments in Dairying in Germany.
C00000271: TAYLOR H A - The British Press a Critical Survey
6602492: TAYLOR W ET AL - B.I. O.S. Final Report No. 477 Item No. 17 German Pyrotechnique Factories
B00000403: TAYLOR HENRY F - Advances in Fiber Optics Communications
6603091: TAYLOR LAURIE - Signs of Trouble Aspects of Delinquency
C00000237: TAYLOR MONICA - Sir Bertram Windle
322773: TAYLOR HENRY - Philip Van Artevelde Part II (2) Part 2 Only
C00001507: TAYLOR GEORGE AND RAINE JAMES - A Memoir of Robert Surtees Esq Mafsa
C00002554: TAYLOR SIR JAMES - The Scientific Community Science and Engineering Policy Series
B00001305: TAYLOR ALAN ET AL - The Impact of New Technology on Local Employment a Study of Progress and Effect on Jobs in the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham
321591: TAYLOR GEOFFREY - Changing Faces a History of the Guardian 1956-88
C00002580: TAYLOR ERIC - The Beter Temper a Commemorative History of the Midland Iron and Steel Wages Board 1876-1976
A00009491: TAYLOR, HENRY - Memoirs of the Principal Events in the Life of Henry Taylor of North Shields : Wherein Are Interspersed the Circumstances That Led to the Fixing of Lights in Hasboro' Gatt, the Godwin, and Sunk Sands
A00007499: TAYLOR ALFRED - On Poisons in Relation to Medical Jurisprudence
A00001533: TAYLOR EDWIN WINDLE - The Examination of Waters and Water Supplies (Thresh Beale & Suckling) Seventh Edition
A00001409: TAYLOR CAPTAIN L G IN ASSOCIATION WITH CONWAY CAPTAIN L D - Cargo Work the Care Handling and Carriage of Cargoes Including the Management of Marine Cargo Transportation
A00008834: TAYLOR C AND MORGAN J EDITING - Recent Advances in Numerical Methods in Fluids Volume 1
A00000942: TAYLOR ROBERT - The Sino-Japanese Axis a New Force in Asia
A00006046: TAYLOR J. G. EDITS - Tributes to Paul Dirac,
A00000867: TAYLOR R WHATELY COOKE - The Modern Factory System
B00000045: TAYLOR LAURIE - The Open University Social Sciences a Third Level Course Social Psychology Block 9 Man's Experience of the World
C00002338: TAYLOR C C W EDITS - Ethics and the Environment Proceedings of a Conference Held at Corpus Christi College Oxford 20-21 September 1991
A00003623: TAYLOR W OF NORWICH - Historic Survey of German Poetry Interspersed with Various Translations Volumes 1, 2 and 3
A00007400: TAYLOR R W - Syphilitic Lesions of the Osseous System in Infants and Young Children
A00010337: TAYLOR SAMUEL - La Collaboration de Voltaire Au Theatre Francais ( 1767 - 1769 ) ( Offprint from Studies on Voltaire and the Eighteenth Century )
A00013373: TAYLOR, PETER; THACKWRAY, BOB - Investors in People Explained: Practical Guide to and Through the Process
B00000851: TAYLOR W - Annals of St. Mary Overy; an Historical and Descriptive Account of St. Saviour's Church and Parish
A00004994: TAYLOR JOHN W - Extra-Uterine Pregnancy a Clinical and Operative Study
326904: TEAGUE PAUL - The Economy of Northern Ireland
A00006983: TEALE THOMAS PRIDGIN - A Practical Treatise on Abdominal Hernia
A00011940: TEBBUTT T H Y EDITING - The Treatment of Water for Power Plants
B00001748: TECHWORD SERVICES - Offshore Technology Report Oth84 203 the Effectiveness of Underwater Non-Destructive Testing Summary Report of a Programme of Tests
C00001239: TECSON GWENDOLINE - The Role of Small and Medium-Scale Industries in the Industrial Development of the Phillipines
A00003355: TEEUW R M EDITS - Mapping Hazardous Terrain Using Remote Sensing Geological Society Special Publication Number 283
325291: TEGETMEIER W B - A Manual of Domestic Economy with Hints on Domestic Medicine and Surgery
A00011471: TEGGART FREDERICK J EDITING - Around the Horn to the Sandwich Islands and California 1845 to 1850 Being a Personal Record Kept by Chester F Lyman Sometime Professor of Astronomy and Physics in Yale University
6602951: TEICHLER ULRICH ET AL - Higher Education and the Needs of Society a Study Prepared for the International Labour Office Within the Framework of the World Employment Programme
A00010539: TEICHLER ULRICH - Admission to Higher Education in the United States , a German Critique
C00002486: TEICHOVA ALICE EDITS - Multinational Enterprise in Historical Perspective
A00010387: TEIRLINCK HERMAN - Ode à Ma Main
B00001994: TEIXEIRA, F. GOMES - Obras Sobre Mathematica, 7 Volumes.
C00003160: TEJADA BROTHER DAVID - Oldest Church in Us the San Miguel Chapel
324157: TEJANI AMIR H ET AL - Pediatric Solid Organ Transplantation
A00007826: TELLO CARLOS - La Tenencia de la Terra En Mexico
326360: TEMPLE WILLIAM - The Kingdom of God a Course of Four Lectures Delivered at Cambridge During the Late Term 1912
A00003247: TEMPLE FREDERICK CHARLES - Small Sewage Works
C00000375: TEMPLE RICHARD - Oriental Experience: A Selection of Essays and Addresses Delivered on Various Occasions
A00000859: TEMPLE C L - Native Races and Their Rulers Sketches and Studies of Offical Life and Administrative Problems in Nigeria
A00000208: TEMPLER RICHARD H AND LEATHERBARROW ROBIN - Biopysical Chemistry Membranes and Proteins
323730: TEMPLETON D A - Re-Exploring Paul's Imagination a Cynical Laywoman's Guide to Paul of Tarsus
327008: TEMPLETON ELIZABETH - God's February a Life of Archie Craig 1888-1985
A00003988: TENENBAUM SAMUEL - William Heard Kilpatrick
A00000024: TENNANT MARGARET KINMONT - The Bacchanals of Euripedes Rendered Into English in the Original Metres
A00000587: TENNY CAROL L - Aspectual Roles and the Syntax-Semantics Interface
6601833: TENNYSON CHARLES - Randolph Schwabe Memorial Exhibition the Arts Councils 1951
322665: TENNYSON G B - Carlyle and the Modern World the Carlyle Society Occasional Papers Number 4
A00011181: TENORTH, HEINZ-ELMAR - Zur Deutschen Bildungsgeschichte, 1918-1945: Probleme, Analysen Und Politisch-Padagogische Perspektiven
A00002452: TEODORO LIUS V ET AL - Out of This Struggle the Philipinos in Hawaii
A00011569: TEPICHT JERZY ET AL - The Journal of Peasant Studies Volume 2 Number 3
A00011567: TEPICHT JERZY ET AL - The Journal of Peasant Studies Volume 2 Number 3
A00011568: TEPICHT JERZY ET AL - The Journal of Peasant Studies Volume 2 Number 3
CL589: TERENCE; LAMING W CECIL - The Phormio of Terence
CL360: TERENCE; GRAY JJ H - Hauton Timorumenos
CL807: TERENCE; LEMAIRE N E - Comoediae, Ex Optimarum Editionum Volumen Posterior Pars Primum & Secunda
CL321: TERENCE; MAROUZEAU J - Comedies Tome I; Andrienne ; Eunuque
CL608: TERENCE; MARTIN R H - Terence; Phormio
CL381: TERENCE; GRAY JJ H - Hauton Timorumenos
CL322: TERENCE; MAROUZEAU J - Comedies ; Tome II; Heautontimoroumenos ; Phormion
CL320: TERENCE; MAROUZEAU J - Comedies Tome III: Hecyre; Adelphes
CL198: TERENTIUS ; OEHLER FRANC. - Saturarum Menippearum Reliquiae
C00001402: TERKEL STUDS - Talking to Myself a Memoir of My Times
A00001482: TERRAINE JOHN - The Road to Passchendale the Flanders Offensive of 1917 a Study in Inevitability
A00011198: TERROINE ANNE EDITED BY FOSSIER LUCIE - Un Bourgeois Parisien Du Xiiie Siècle : Geoffroy de Saint-Laurent - 1245?-1290
A00005239: TERRY, J - Deviant Bodies: Critical Perspectives on Difference in Science and Popular Culture (Race, Gender, & Science)
A00005238: TERRY, J - Deviant Bodies: Critical Perspectives on Difference in Science and Popular Culture
A00000202: TERRY CHARLES SANFORD - John Graham of Claverhouse Viscount of Dundee 1648 - 1689
A00009671: TERRY ROBERT D EDITING - Aging and the Brain
A00007772: TERZ ABRAM - Compagni, Entra la Corte
A00004689: TEUFEL BERND - Organisation of Programming Languages
C00002449: TEW BRIAN AND HENDERSON R F EDIT - Studies in Company Finance a Symposium on the Economic Analysis and Interpretation of British Company Accounts
B00001069: TEWFIK MAGDY - Aspects of Regional Planning and Rural Development Affected by Factors of Physical Environment Dust Storms and Desert Creep a Casestudy Suggesting Various Remedies to the Ecological Degradation Affecting Eastern Sudan
325575: THACKERAY WILLIAM MAKEPEACE - Denis Duval Miscellaneous Essays Sketches and Reviews
325931: THACKERAY WILLIAM MAKEPEACE - The Christmas Books of Mr M a Titmarsh, Mrs Perkin's Ball, Our Street, Dr. Birch, the Kickleburys on the Rhine, Rebecca and Rowena
327803: THACKERAY D M - Pendennis in Two Volumes Volume One and Volume Two
550784: THACKERAY, WILLIAM M. - The Virginians,
C00001213: THAKUR DEVENDRA EDITS - Financial Institutions and Economic Development Trends in Indian Economy 5
B00001745: THALMANN HANS E - An Index to the Genera and Species of the Four Foraminifera 1890 - 1950
C00001727: THALMANN RITA AND FEINERMANN EMMANUEL - Crystal Night 9-10 November 1938
322414: THANE ADELE DRAMATISES BAUM L FRANK - The Wizard of Oz a Play in Three Acts Dramatised by Adele Thane from the Story by L Frank Baum
A00004301: THAYER H S - The Logic of Pragmatism an Examination of John Dewey's Logic
6601842: THE LOUGHBOROUGH GROUP - Sculpture by by Members of Staff at Loughborough College of Art and Design Sculpture Department John Atkin, Dave Morris, Almuth Tebenhoff, and Laura White
C00002517: THE ROYAL COMMISSION ON HISTORICAL MANUSCRIPTS - Records of British Business and Industry 1760-1914 Metal Processing and Engineering Guides to Sources for British History Number 9
C00002192: THE COUNTESS OF EFFINGHAM - Fare-Ye-Well with Ladies of the Realm
A00001987: THE ASSOCIATION OF LITTLE PRESSES COMPILES - Catalogue of Little Press Books in Print January 1974 Published in the United Kingdom
A00003604: THE IRON AND STEEL INSTITUTE - Symposium on the Hardenability of Steel Organised by the Technical Advisory Committee of the Special and Alloy Steels Committee (Ministry of Supply) and the Iron and Steel Institute

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