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C00002791: LENNOX-SHORT ALAN AND WELSH DAVID - U C T (University of Cape Town) at 150 Reflections
B00002009: LENOIR A. ET AL - Atlas Complémentaire de Tous Les Traités D'Accouchements
A00007852: LENORMANT,FRANCOIS. - Essai Sur L'Organisation Politique Et économique de la Monnaie Dans L'Antiquité
A00013280: LENTIN ALANA - Racism and Anti-Racism in Europe
B00003939: LENTON H T - German Warships of the Second World War
325628: LENTZ HARRIS M III (3) - Science Fiction Horror & Fantasy Film and Television Credits over 10000 Actors Actresses Directors Producers Screenwriters Cinematographers Art Directors and Make-Up Special Effects Costume and Other People Plus Full Cross-References Volume 1 and Volume 2
A00012327: LENZ A C AND PEDDER A E H - Lower and Middle Paleozoic Sediments and Paleontology of Royal Creek and Peel River Yukon at Powell Creek Nwt
A00014093: LENZI S AND DESCOVICH G C EDITING - Atherosclerosis and Cardiovascular Diseases
327216: LEO FRIEDRICH - Geschichte Der Romischen Literatur. Erster Band : Die Archaische Literatur.
A00015844: LEON, MIGUEL PARRA - Pitagoras. Fundador de Las Ciencias Matematicas
B00002140: LEONARD ROBERT W ET AL - National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics Report 1302 on Panel Flutter and Divergence of Infinitely Long Unstiffened and Ring-Stiffened Thin-Walled Circular Cylinders
A00002044: LEONARD H JEFFREY - Pollution and the Struggle for the World Product Multinational Coporations Environment and International Comparative Advantage
A00006167: LEONETTI, FRANCESCO - Carducci E I Suoi Contemporanei.
A00001621: LEONG Y S - Silver an Analysis of Factors Affecting Its Price
B00004219: LEONHARD THOMA - Em Neu 2008 Hauptkurs Arbeitsbuch Mit Audio-Cd: Niveaustufe B2
B00004218: LEONHARD THOMA - Em Neu 2008 Hauptkurs Arbeitsbuch Mit Audio-Cd: Niveaustufe B2
326047: LEONHARD WOLFGANG - Three Faces of Marxism the Political Concepts of Soviet Ideology Maoism and Humanist Marxism
A00008546: LEPELLETIER DE LA SARTHE , ALM. - De L'Emploi Du Tartre Stibié à Haute Dose Dans le Traitement Des Maladies En Général, Dans Celui de la Pneumonie Et Du Rhumatisme En Particulier
C00001037: LEPSZY CAZIMIERZ - Jagiellonian University of Cracow Past Present and Future
C00001255: LEPUTRE G AND SIENKO M J - Solutions Metal-Ammoniac Propprietes Physicochimiques Colloque Weyl Lille Juan 1963
B00001449: LEREBOULLET A. - Memoire Sur la Structure Intime Du Foie Et Sur la Nature de L'Alteration Connue Sous le Nom de Foie Gras
A00007755: LERIDON HENRI - Aspects Biométriques de la Fécondité Humaine
A00004479: LERMAN ARTHUR J - Taiwan's Politics the Provincial Assemblyman's World
C00002315: LERNER LAURENCE - Chapter and Verse Bible Poems
327195: LERNMARK AKE ET AL EDIT - Molecular Mimicry in Health and Disease Interactions of Biological Substances with Neural Endocrine and Immune Cells Proceedings of the 2nd Nordisk Insulin Symposium "Molecular Mimicry in Health and Disease" Copenhagen Denmark August 29 - 31 1988
A00013265: LESAFFER RANDALL EDITS - Peace Treaties and International Law in European History from the Late Middle Ages to World War One
B00003854: LESLEY COLE, PAYNE GRAHAM AND MORLEY SHERIDAN - Noel Coward and His Friends
L77dictnb_1: LESLIE STEPHENS, SIDNEY LEE - Dictionary of National Biography 63 Vols + 3 Vol Supplement
A00011418: LESLIE RUSSELL - Alpines I Have Grown
A00017178: LESLIE JOHN - Value and Existence
326059: LESS CAROLE SKALNIK - The Czech and Slovak Republic Nation Versus State
325650: LESSEM, RONNIE; NEUBAUER, FRED - European Management Systems: Towards Unity out of Cultural Diversity
A00002468: LESSER A HARRY EDITING - Ageing Autonomy and Resources
A00004700: LESTER KIT - A Practical Approach to Data Structures Related Algorithms in Pascal with Applications
A00003055: LESTER DAVID S ET AL - Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences Volume 820 Imaging Brain Structure and Function Emerging Technologies in the Neurosciences
A00001038: LESTINEN LEENA - Higher Education and Research in Finland
A00011628: LESTOR JOAN ET AL - Beyond Band Aid Charity Is Not Enough
B00003558: LETAROUILLY PAUL - The Basilica of St. Peter la Basilique de Saint-Pierre
B00002717: LETHABY PROFESSOR W R ET AL - The Imprint
327721: LETTIS RICHARD ET AL - Stephen Crane's the Red Badge of Courage Text and Criticism
6600599: LEUCHTENBURG JEAN ANNE EDITS - Ideas from the National Humanities Centre Volume 5 Number 1 1997
6600490: LEUCHTENBURG JEAN ANNE EDITS - Ideas from the National Humanities Center Volume 4 Number 2 1996
A00001151: LEUE HORST-JOACHIM - Britische Inden-Politik 1926-1932 Motive Methoden Und Misserfolg Imperialer Politik Am Vorabend de Decolonisation
324580: LEUNG, WING-YUE - Smashing the Iron Rice Pot: Workers and Unions in Chinas Market Socialism
B00003967: LEUNG K H AND MANATT SAM L EDITED BY DRYDEN JOHN - Exhibition of Special China-Peking Arts & Crafts
A00008477: LEVADITI C. AND LEPINE P. - Les Ultravirus Des Maladies Humaines, 2 Volumes.
A00008930: LEVCIK FRIEDRICH AND STANKOVSKY JAN - Industrial Cooperation between East and West
A00008029: LEVENE, GUSTAVO GABRIEL - La Argentina Se Hizo Así
326862: LEVENSON SAMUEL - James Connolly a Biography
A00016731: LEVEQUE RAPHAEL - Le Probleme de la Verite Dans la Philosophie de Spinoza
A00015821: LEVER MAURICE - Canards Sanglants: Naissance Du Fait Divers
A00001236: LEVER H - The South African Voter Some Aspects of Voting Behaviour with Special Reference to the General Elections of 1966 and 1970
A00008626: LEVI MOSES RAFFAEL - Die Cellular-Pathologie in Ihren Grundlagen Und Anwendungen
A00014890: LEVI DONATA - Cavalcaselle: IL Pioniere Della Conservazione Dell'Arte Italiana (Saggi)
B00001539: LEVI FRANCO ET AL - International Recommendations for the Design and Construction of Concrete Structures
C00003215: LEVIN HARRY - Why Literary Criticism Is Not an Exact Science Churchill College Overseas Fellowship Lecture Number Two
A00009388: LEVIN F S AND FESHBACH H - Reaction Dynamics
A00009819: LEVINE, MURRAY - From State Hospital to Psychiatric Center: The Implementation of Planned Organizational Change
B00002801: LEVINE, SYDNEY; HIGHFIELD, JOHN - Levine's Subject Index of the Higher Degree and Diploma Theses of the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Sydney 1928-2000
A00016178: LEVINE NORMAN - The Tragic Deception Marx Contra Engels
A00004801: LEVINE PHILIPPA - Feminist Lives in Victorian England Private Roles and Public Committment
A00016188: LEVINOVOTZ AGNETA WALLIN AND RINGERTZ NILS - The Nobel Prize the First 100 Years
322560: LEVINS JOHN - Days of Fear the Inside Story of the Iraqi Invasion and Occupation of Quwait
A00013365: LEVINSON, JACK - Making Life Work: Freedom and Disability in a Community Group Home
A00011788: LEVINSON BILLEY AND REESE HAYNE W - Patterns of Discrimination Learning Set in Preschool Children Fifth-Graders College Freshmen and the Aged
327786: LEVISON THE REV. N - The Jewish Background of Christianity a Manual of the Political Religious Social and Literary Life of the Jews from 586 Bc - Ad1
A00010433: LEVISON WILHELM - Deutschlands Geschichtsquellen IM Mittelalter 5 Volumes.
A00002573: LEVITT RUTH - George Eliot the Jewish Connection
A00001001: LEVTZION NEHEMIA - International Islamic Solidarity and Its Limitations Jerusalem Papers on Peace Problems 29
C00001327: LEVY THE REV.S EDITS - Treasures of the Talmud Being an Account of the Talmud with Classified Selections from Rabbinic Literature
C00002199: LEVY ROGER - Scottish Nationalism at the Crossroads
A00016642: LEVY-BRUHL L - Ethics and Moral Science
A00008123: LEVY, M. MAURICE - La Statique Graphique Et Ses Applications Aux Constructions
A00011287: LEVY H. & ROTH L. - Elements of Probability
A00006750: LEVY ERNST AND KLENPERER FELIX TRANSLATED BY ESHAER AUGUSTUS A - Elements of Clinical Bacteriology for Physicians and Students
A00005518: LEVY YANK - Guerrilla Warfare
327929: LEVY KURT ET AL EDIT - Camoes and His Times Papers Read at the International Colloquium in Commemoration of the Fourth Centenary of the Poet's Death Held at St. Michael's College University of Toronto April 11-12 1980
C00002501: LEVY HERMANN - The Shops of Britain a Study of Retail Distribution
A00004132: LEVY-GARBOUA LOUIS ET AL - Educational Expenditure in France Japan and the United Kingdom
A00002779: LEVYSTSKY BORIS - The Stalinist Terror in the Thirties Documentation from the Soviet Press
A00016129: LEWANSKI RICHARD COMPILES - Guide to Polish Libraries and Archives
A00001979: LEWANSKI RICHARD COMPILES - Guide to Polish Libraries and Archives
323377: LEWENHAK, S. - Steamships and Shipbuilders in the Industrial Revolution
A00003617: LEWES VIVIAN BYAM - The Carbonisation of Coal a Scientific Review of the Formation Composition and Destructive Distillation of Coal for Gas Coke and by-Products
324917: ARISTOTLE AND LEWES GEORGE HENRY - The Ethics of Aristotle with Introductory Essay by George Henry Lewes (the Nicomachean Ethics) Chase's Translation Newly Revised
A00008175: LEWIN LOUIS - Geschichte Der Israelitischen Kranken-Verpflegungs-Anstalt Zu Breslau,
A00001649: LEWINSKI JAN ST. - The Origin of Property and the Formation of the Village Community a Course of Lectures Delivered at the London School of Economics
A00010959: LEWIS, THOMAS/ WUTH, OTTO - Klinik Der Unregelmassigen Herztatigkeit
325078: LEWIS DR. G GRIFFIN - The Practical Book of Oriental Rugs
A00004956: LEWIS CLIVE - Judicial Remedies in Public Law
323263: LEWIS W. ARTHUR - Economic Survey 1919 - 1939
327404: LEWIS JOHN DELAWARE - D. Iunii Iuvenalis Satirae with a Little English Prose Translation and Notes Volume One Translation Volume Two Introduction
A00011632: LEWIS PAUL ET AL - Inflation and Low Incomes
328266: LEWIS C S - The Chronicles of Narnia Prince Caspian
6601011: LEWIS H D - Dreaming and Experience
C00000276: LEWIS BRIAN - Pride of Place a Celebration of Renewing Our Neighbourhoods in Yorkshire and the Humber
C00000277: LEWIS BRIAN AND STEWART DON - From the Enemies Within to the Russians Are Coming the Fifth and Sixth Coalfield Regeneration Budget Schemes 2000 - 2007
A00003111: LEWIS REINA - Rethinking Orientalism Women Travel and the Ottoman Harem
A00009507: LEWIS-BECK MICHAEL EDITS - Basic Measurement International Handbooks of Quantitative Applications in the Social Sciences Volume 4
B00002337: LEWIS BRIAN & CLAYTON IAN EDIT - Sheffield on Wheels: Trams, Jams and Charabancs
C00003200: LEWIS C DAY - Overtures to Death and Other Poems
C00003201: LEWIS C DAY - The Lyric Impulse
C00003306: LEWIS EDITH - Willa Cather Living a Personal Record
6603011: LEWIS IAN - Problems Facing the Teaching Profession
B00002338: LEWIS BRIAN & CLAYTON IAN EDIT - Sheffield on Wheels: Trams, Jams and Charabancs
323172: LEWIS, WILLIAM ARTHUR - Growth and Fluctuations, 1870-1913
A00016682: LEWIS H D - Morals and the New Theology
328263: LEWIS C S - The Chronicles of Narnia the Silver Chair
328264: LEWIS C S - The Chronicles of Narnia the Last Battle
6601070: LEWIS-FANING E - A Study of the Trend of Mortality Rates in Urban Communities of England and Wales with Special Reference to "Depressed Areas"
6600071: LEWIS HENRY - The Way out the Social Revolution in Retrospect Viewed from Ad 2050
A00001678: LEWIS DOCTOR E A COMPILES AND EDITS - The Welsh Port Books (1550-1603) with an Analysis of the Customs Revenue Accounts of Wales for the Same Period Cymmrodorion Record Series Number XII (12)
C00003066: LEWIS SINCLAIR EDITED BY MAULE HARRY F AND CANE MELVILLE H - The Man from Main Street Selected Essays and Other Writings of Sinclair Lewis
C00003203: LEWIS C DAY - The Grand Manner
B00003587: LEWIS CHARLTON T ; SHORT CHARLES - A Latin Dictionary Founded on Andrews Edition of Freund's Latin Dictionary Revised, Enlarged and in Great Part Rewritten
C00001270: LEWIS GLADIUS - Properties of Engineering Materials Theory Worked Examples and Problems
328262: LEWIS C S - The Chronicles of Narnia the Voyage of the Dawn Treader
A00011633: LEWIS PAUL ET AL - Inflation and Low Incomes
C00000161: LEWIS GILBERT - Knowledge of Illness in a Sepik Society a Study of the Gnau New Guinea
328265: LEWIS C S - The Chronicles of Narnia the Horse and His Boy
A00011383: LEWIS HYWELL D - Freedom and Alienation the Third Volume Based on the Giffard Lectures Delivered in the University of Edinburgh 1966 to 68
A00000474: LEWIS-BECK MICHAEL S EDITING - Basic Statistics
C00000369: LEWIS HYWELL D - The Self and Immortality
B00003790: LEWISOHN MARK - The Complete Beatles Chronicle
A00002631: LEWITH GEORGE T AND ALDRIDGE DAVID EDITING - Clinical Research Methodology for Complementary Therapies
A00001427: LEY P AND SPELMAN M S - Communicating with the Patient
C00003213: LEYENDECKER LISTON E - Georgetown Colorado's Silver Queen 1859-1876
A00008936: LEYLAND ERIC - Jackdaw's Hoard
C00000481: LI XIAOMING - Disequilibria Economic Reforms and Economic Policies a Theoretical and Empirical Investigation for China
C00002794: LI CHOHMING - The Statistical System of Communist China
C00001646: LI MAN-KUEI - The Pretender a Historical Play in Three Acts
C00000391: LI XIAOMING - China's Economic Reforms Dual-Tract Transition
A00002593: LIANG PENG EDITS - Differential Display Methods and Protocols
C00003243: LIAS ANTHONY - Place Names of the Welsh Borderlands
A00002758: LIBERTY STEPHEN - The Political Relations of Christ's Ministry with a New Study of the Temptation and an Appendix on "the Powers of the Sanhedrin"
A00006068: LIBOFF, RICHARD L. - Introduction to the Theory of Kinetic Equations
B00003642: LICHOCKA BARBARA - Justitia Sur Les Monnaies Imperiales Romaines
A00015112: LICHT SIDNEY EDITING - Medical Hydrology
B00003593: LICHT, HANS. - Sittengeschichte Griechenlands, in Zwei Banden Und Einem Erganzungsband
A00010723: LICHTENAU (COMTESSE DE ). - Mémoires de la Comtesse de Lichtenau écrits Par Elle-Même; Contenant Des Anecdotes Secrètes Sur la Cour de Prusse: Et Suivis de Lettres Du Comte de Bristol, de Sir Athur Paget,de Sir William Et Lady Hamilton, de Lady Templeton, Du Chevalier de Saxe, &C.
A00016643: LICHTENSTEIN AHARON - Henry Moore the Rational Theology of a Cambridge Platonist
A00014159: LIDDELL GUY EDITED BY WEST NIGEL - The Guy Liddell Diaries Volume II 1942-1945 Mi5's Director of Counter-Espionage in Worlds War II
C00001878: LIDDELL ROBERT - The Novels of Jane Austen
A00014972: LIE OYVIND - Improving Farmed Fish Quality and Safety
A00010137: LIEBAERS HERMAN - Helene Swarths Zuidnederlandse Jaren
A00010136: LIEBAERS HERMAN - Helene Swarth Brieven Aan Pol de Mont
A00016472: LIEBAERS HERMAN - Mostly in the Line of Duty Thirty Years with Books
B00000532: LIEBERMAN RALPH - Renaissance Architecture in Venice 1450-1540
A00014978: LIEBERT ROBERT - Radical and Militant Youth a Psychoanalytic Inquiry
A00014270: LIEBESCHUETZ J H W G - Barbarians and Bishops Army Church and State in the Age of Arcadius and Chrysostom
A00008036: LIEBIG JUSTUS - Die Thier-Chemie Oder Die Organische Chemie in Ihrer Anwendung Auf Physiologie Und Pathologie
A00007256: LIEBIG JUSTUS EDITED BY GREGORY WILLIAM - Researches on the Chemistry of Food and Researches on the Motion of the Juices in the Animal Body
C00001525: LIEBLING A J SELECTED BY WILLIAM COLE - The Most of a J Liebling
A00007746: LIEBMANN, CLAUS CHRISTIAN - Rohstofforientierte RaumerschließUngsplanung in Den östlichen Landesteilen Der Sowjetunion( 1925- 1940)
A00015682: LIEHM MIRA - Passion and Defiance Film in Italy from 1942 to the Present
A00008321: LIERBIG J. TRANSLATED BY JOURDAN A-J-L AND BAUDRIMONT A. AND DIPPEL J.P. - Manual Pour L'Analyse Des Substances Organiques and Du Sucre Et de Sa Fabrication and Die Ultramarin-Fabrikation
B00002137: LIETZKE A F - National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics Report 1223 Theoretical and Experimental Investigation of Heat Transfer by Laminar Natural Convection between Parallel Plates
6602823: LIGHTBOWN R W - Introduction to an Essay Towards an English School of Painting
327201: LIGHTFOOT G C - Titi Lucreti Cari de Rerum Natura Liber Quintus
A00004217: LIGHTFOOT GEORGIA FRANCES - Personality Characteristics of Bright and Dull Children
A00013500: LIGHTMAN SIR GAVIN - The Law of Receivers of Companies
A00011170: LIH, M. - Transport Phenomena in Medicine and Biology
A00004248: LILGE FREDERIC - The Abuse of Learning the Failure of the German University
A00016339: LILIEN OTTO M - History of Industrial Gravure Printing Up to 1920
B00002438: LILJEQUIST G H - Norwegian-British-Swedish Antarctic Expedition 1949-52 Scientific Results Volume II Part 2 a
A00011034: LILLEY, PETER - Thatcherism - the Next Generation
324161: LILLEY DAVID M EDITS - Dna Protein Structual Interactions
A00006374: LILLEY A E V AND MIDGLEY W - A Book of Studies in Plant Form with Some Suggestions for Their Application
323128: LILLY IAN AND BOSSELMANN KLAUS EDIT - Repositioning Europe Perspectives from New Zealand Ncre Rewearch Series No. 2 [2003]
328009: LILLY DORIS - Those Fabulous Greeks Onassis Niarchos and Livanos
323129: LILLY IAN AND BOSSELMANN KLAUS EDIT - Repositioning Europe Perspectives from New Zealand Ncre Rewearch Series No. 2 [2003]
A00012363: LIM MING YEONG - Crash Course: Metabolism and Nutrition
A00012372: LIM MING YEONG - Crash Course: Metabolism and Nutrition
A00012375: LIM MING YEONG - Crash Course: Metabolism and Nutrition
A00012361: LIM MING YEONG - Crash Course: Metabolism and Nutrition
A00012358: LIM MING YEONG - Crash Course: Metabolism and Nutrition
A00012365: LIM MING YEONG - Crash Course: Metabolism and Nutrition
A00012360: LIM MING YEONG - Crash Course: Metabolism and Nutrition
A00012362: LIM MING YEONG - Crash Course: Metabolism and Nutrition
A00012373: LIM MING YEONG - Crash Course: Metabolism and Nutrition
A00012374: LIM MING YEONG - Crash Course: Metabolism and Nutrition
A00012371: LIM MING YEONG - Crash Course: Metabolism and Nutrition
A00012370: LIM MING YEONG - Crash Course: Metabolism and Nutrition
A00012368: LIM MING YEONG - Crash Course: Metabolism and Nutrition
A00012369: LIM MING YEONG - Crash Course: Metabolism and Nutrition
A00012367: LIM MING YEONG - Crash Course: Metabolism and Nutrition
A00012366: LIM MING YEONG - Crash Course: Metabolism and Nutrition
A00012364: LIM MING YEONG - Crash Course: Metabolism and Nutrition
A00012359: LIM MING YEONG - Crash Course: Metabolism and Nutrition
B00003152: LIM AN-KING - A Sinitic Historical Phonology
A00008033: LIMA OLIVEIRA - Dom Joao VI No Brasil, 1808-1821, 3 Volumes
C00001397: LIMQUECO PETER AND WEISS PETER SELECT AND EDIT - Prevent the Crime of Silence Reports from the Sessions of the International War Crimes Tribunal Founded by Bertrand Russell
A00000089: LIN S H EDITING - Advances in Multi-Photon Processes and Spectroscopy Volume 4
B00000951: LIN ZHONG - Pond Fisheries in China
A00015531: LINACRE EDWARD - Climate Data and Resources a Reference and Guide
328362: LINCOLN WILLIAM - The Epistle to the Philippians
B00000028: LIND AMY AND FARMELO MARTHA - Gender and Urban Social Movements Women's Community Responses to Restructuring and Urban Poverty
C00003179: LINDBERG-SEYERSTED BRITA - The Voice of the Poet Aspects of Style in the Poetry of Emily Dickinson
A00008788: LINDBERG BENGT J - Experimental Studies of Colour and Non Colour Attitude in School Children and Adults
A00009890: LINDBERG CONRAD - The Middle English Bible Vol. 1 : Prefatory Epistles of St. Jerome
326837: LINDBERG LEON N AND MAIER CHARLES S EDIT - The Politics of Inflation and Economic Stagnation Theoretical Approaches and International Case Studies
A00002108: LINDBLOM J - Prophecy in Ancient Israel
326220: LINDBLOM CHARLES E - Politics and Markets the World's Political Economic Systems
A00001389: LINDEN GUY AND LORIENT DENIS - New Ingredients in Food Processing Biochemistry and Agriculture
C00002206: LINDENMAYER DAVID B - Large Scale Landscape Experiments Lessons from Tumut
C00000509: LINDERMAN FRANK B - Indian Old-Man Stories More Sparks from War Eagle's Lodge-Fire
323705: LINDERT PETER H ET AL - Political Economy of Protectionism and Commerce Eighteenth - Twentieth Centuries B7 Eleventh International Economic History Congress
A00009309: LINDGREN, CLAIRE - Classical Art Forms and Celtic Mutations: Figural Art in Roman Britain
B00002612: LINDHE, JAN; LANG, NIKLAUS P.; KARRING, THORKILD - Clinical Periodontology and Implant Dentistry, 2 Volumes
B00002611: LINDHE, JAN; LANG, NIKLAUS P.; KARRING, THORKILD - Clinical Periodontology and Implant Dentistry, 2 Volumes
B00002610: LINDHE, JAN; LANG, NIKLAUS P.; KARRING, THORKILD - Clinical Periodontology and Implant Dentistry, 2 Volumes
B00002608: LINDHE, JAN; LANG, NIKLAUS P.; KARRING, THORKILD - Clinical Periodontology and Implant Dentistry, 2 Volumes
B00002609: LINDHE, JAN; LANG, NIKLAUS P.; KARRING, THORKILD - Clinical Periodontology and Implant Dentistry, 2 Volumes
B00002607: LINDHE, JAN; LANG, NIKLAUS P.; KARRING, THORKILD - Clinical Periodontology and Implant Dentistry, 2 Volumes
B00002606: LINDHE, JAN; LANG, NIKLAUS P.; KARRING, THORKILD - Clinical Periodontology and Implant Dentistry, 2 Volumes
B00002605: LINDHE, JAN; LANG, NIKLAUS P.; KARRING, THORKILD - Clinical Periodontology and Implant Dentistry, 2 Volumes
6600075: LINDMAN SVEN - Problems in Finnish Local Government
A00017199: LINDQUIST E F - Design and Analysis of Experiments in Psychology and Education
6601791: LINDQVIST ANNELIE SJOLANDER - Local Environment at Stake the Hallandsas Railway Tunnel in a Social and Cultural Context Lund Dissertations in Human Ecology 2
C00000975: LINDROTH STEN - A History of Uppsala University 1477-1977
C00000995: LINDSAY A D - A D Lindsay 1879 to 1952 Selected Addresses June 1957
C00000877: LINDSAY W J - Digging Up Auld Ayr an Excavation at 102 to 104 High Street Ayrshire Collections Volume 14 Number Five
C00002927: LINDSAY A D - A D Lindsay 1879-1952 Selected Addresses
A00016143: LINDSAY W M - Notae Latinae an Account of Abbreviation in Latin Mss. Of the Early Minuscule Period C. 700-850
A00006243: LINDSAY A D - The Essentials of Democracy
6602385: LINDSAY MAURICE - Robin Philipson Modern Scottish Painters Number Six
6601716: LINDSAY A D - The Good and the Clever Founders' Memorial Lecture Girton College 1945
B00003928: LINDSAY MAURICE - Victorian and Edwardian Glasgow from Old Photographs
C00002752: LINDSAY JACK - 1764 the Hurlyburly of Daily Life Exemplified in One Year of the Eighteenth Century
A00014906: LINDSAY MAURICE EDITS HAMILTON THOMAS - The Youth and Manhood of Cyril Thornton
323811: LINDSAY MAURICE SELECTS AND EDITS - Poems by Sir David Lyndsay of the Mount (Lord Lyon King of Arms)
325324: LINDSAY W M - The Captivi of Plautus Edited with an Introduction Apparatus Criticus and Commentary
551177: LINDSAY MAURICE - Selected Poems 1942-1972
327819: LINDSAY ROBERT - Brando Songs My Mother Taught Me
325283: LINDSAY W M - The Ancient Editions of Martial with Collations of the Berlin and Edinburgh Mss
323867: LINDSAY SIR DAVID - A Satire of the Three Estates
CL579: LINDSAY W M - An Introduction to Latin Textual Emendation Based on the Text of Plautus
A00000660: LINDSKOG PER AND LUNDQVIST JAN - Why Poor Children Stay Sick the Human Ecology of Child Health and Welfare in Rural Malawi
A00009867: LINE MAURICE B EDITING - Academic Library Management: Edited Papers of a British Council Sponsored Course, 15-27 January 1989, Birmingham
325125: LINEHAM RAY S - The Street of Human Habitations an Account of Man's Dwelling Places Customs Utensils Etc in Prehistoric Times and in Ancient Egypt Assyria and Chaldea Phoenicia Persia India and Japan
A00006313: LINFOOT E H - Fourier Methods in Optical Image Evaluation
C00001071: LING JOYCE D - Knowledge and Education
A00012142: LING GEORGE HERBERT ET AL - Elements of Projective Geometry
C00000030: LINK ARTHUR S - Wilson the New Freedom
327128: LINKLATER ERIC - White-Maa's Saga
C00004002: LINKLATER ERIC - Ben Jonson and King James
A00002016: LINNARD WILLIAM AND BRIGDEN ROY - Folk Life Journal of Ethnological Studies Volume Twenty-Nine 1990-91
A00002017: LINNARD WILLIAM EDITS - Folk Life Journal of Ethnological Studies Volume Twenty-Seven 1988-89
C00003149: LINNELL PATRICIA AND HEARLE ANN - From Peak to Plain a Look at Mellor
A00004189: LINSCOTT SISTER MARY - Quiet Revolution the Educational Experience of Blessed Julie Billiart and the Sisters of Notre Dame Namur Sister Mary of the Holy Angels
324787: LINSKENS H. F. ET AL EDIT - Wine Analysis
A00008900: LINTHURST RICK A EDITING - Direct and Indirect Effects of Acidic Deposition on Vegetation
A00011450: LINTON WILLIAM RICHARDSON - Flora of Derbyshire
A00004493: LINTON CLARENCE - The Function of the Public Schools in Dealing with Religion a Report on the Exploratory Study Made by the Committee on Religion and Education
A00009511: LINTON W J - James Watson a Memoir of the Days of the Fight for a Free Press in England and of the Agitation for the People's Charter
A00005949: LINTON D L AND MOSELEY F - The Geological Ages
A00011671: LINTON MARTIN - The Swedish Road to Socialism
A00009512: LINTON W J - James Watson a Memoir of the Days of the Fight for a Free Press in England and of the Agitation for the People's Charter
A00011646: LINTON MARTIN - Labour Can Still Win
A00009510: LINTON W J - Love-Lore and Other Early and Late Poems
A00010326: LINZE JACQUES-GERARD - L'Etang-Coeur
A00009955: LIPINSKA, MELANIE - Histoire Des Femmes Médecins Depuis L'Antiquité Jusqu'à Nos Jours.
A00015170: LIPOWSKI ZBIGNIEW J - Delirium Acute Confusional States
C00003722: LIPP WOLFGANG - Guide to Ulm Cathedral
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A00009924: LONCIN, MARCEL; MERSON, RICHARD L. - Food Engineering : Principles and Selected Applications
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A00003609: LOUIS HENRY - The Dressing of Minerals
A00003669: LOUIS HENRY - A Handbook of Gold Milling
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323724: LOWELL JAMES RUSSELL - My Study Windows
C00003040: LOWELL JAMES RUSSELL - Fireside Travels
A00004201: LOWENFELD BERTHOLD - Our Blind Children Growing and Learning with Them
A00004207: LOWENFELD BERTHOLD - Our Blind Children Growing and Learning with Them
A00015180: LOWENHARDT JOHN - Party Politics in Post-Communist Russia
A00013120: LOWENHARDT JOHN - Party Politics in Post-Communist Russia
A00000886: LOWENSTEIN EDITH DIRECTS - The Alien and the Immigration Law a Study of 1446 Cases Arriving Under the Immigration and Naturalisation Laws of the United States
A00004414: LOWENTHAL DAVID AND RIEL MARQUITA - Milieu and Observer Differences in Environmental Associations
A00004421: LOWENTHAL DAVID AND RIEL MARQUITA - Structures of Environmental Associations
A00004417: LOWENTHAL DAVID - Environmental Assessment a Case Study of Cambridge Massachusetts
A00004416: LOWENTHAL DAVID - Environmental Assessment a Case Study of Columbus Ohio
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A00004418: LOWENTHAL DAVID AND RIEL MARQUITA - Environmental Assessment a Case Study of New York City
A00004420: LOWENTHAL DAVID AND RIEL MARQUITA - Environmental Structures Semantic and Experiential Components
A00004419: LOWENTHAL DAVID - Environmental Assessment a Case Study of Boston
325165: LOWER J ARTHUR - Ocean of Destine a Concise Histoy of the North Pacific 1500-1978
B00003065: LOWN FREDRIC AND STEINBERGH JUDITH W - Reading and Writing Poetry with Teenagers
B00003066: LOWN FREDRIC AND STEINBERGH JUDITH W - Reading and Writing Poetry with Teenagers
6603756: LOWNDES BARBARA - Getting Your Message Across Publicity for Community Organisations
A00010527: LOWRANCE, WILLIAM W. - Modern Science and Human Values
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326792: LOWY THEODORE J - The End of the Republican Era
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C00002200: LUBBERS EVELINE EDITS - Battling Big Business Countering Greenwash Infiltration and Other Forms of Corporate Bullying
C00003091: LUBBERS KLAUS - Emily Dickinson
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A00006637: LUBECK PAUL M - Islam and Urban Labor in Northern Nigeria the Making of a Muslim Working Class
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A00016899: LUCAS J R - The Concept of Probability
A00007528: LUCAS C E AND PHILLIPS PHILIP LOVELL - On the Principles of Inflammation and Fever Bound Together with an Essay on Inflamation Being an Inquiry Into the Causes Phenomena Treatment and Terminations of This Condition with a View to the Illucidation of the Approximate Cause
C00003671: LUCAS PETER - The Green Man of Preston Patrick Church the Grotesque and the Hold Interpreting the Late Medieval Stone Carvings
C00003672: LUCAS PETER - A Question of Identity Exploring the History of Preston Patrick Church and Its Patronal Saints
C00002869: LUCAS J R - A Treatise on Time and Space
A00003138: LUCAS R CLEMENT - The Bradshaw Lecture on Some Points in Heredity
C00000031: LUCAS A T - A Stone Laid Trackway and Wooden Troughs Timoney County Tipperary
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C00002700: LUCAS PAT - Fifty Years of Racing at Chepstow
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C00003874: LUCE MORTON - A Handbook to the Works of William Shakespeare
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A00016651: LUCE A A - Sense with Matter or Direct Perception
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CL167: LUCIAN; JACOBITZ KARL - Ausgewahlte Schriften, 3 Volumes in 1
326968: LUCIE-SMITH EDWARD - Latin American Art of the 20th Century
B00004094: LUCIE-SMITH EDWARD - Impressionist Women
B00003815: LUCIE-SMITH EDWARD - Impressionist Women
A00007751: LÜCKER, REINHOLD - Agrarräumliche Entwicklungsprozesse IM Alto-Uruguai-Gebiet (Südbrasilien). - Analyse Eines Randtropischen Neusiedlungsgebietes Unter Berücksichtigung Von Diffusionsprozessen IM Rahmen Modernisierender Entwicklung
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B00000677: LUDWIG ERNEST E - Applied Process Design for Chemical and Petrochemical Plants 3 Volumes
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A00015331: LUER JORG - Die Katholische Kirche Und Die 'Zeichen Der Zeit': Die Deutsche Kommission Justitia Et Pax Nach 1989 (Theologie Und Frieden)
326167: LUFF DAVID - Mollison the Flying Scotsman the Life of Pioneer Aviator James Allan Mollison
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A00008250: LUGOL, J.-G.-A. - Recherches Et Observations Sur Les Causes Des Maladies Scrofuleuses
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324657: LUI ADAM Y C - Chinese Censors and the Alien Emperor 1644-1660
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A00004222: LUKE EDITH - The Teaching of Reading by the Sentence Method
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B00003636: LULLIES, REINHARD - Vergoldete Terrakotta-Appliken Aus Tarent
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A00013942: LUMB GEORGE DENISON TRANSCRIBING AND EDITING - The Register of the Parish Church of Kilburn Co York 1600-1812
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324875: LUND BRIAN - Understanding State Welfare Social Justice or Social Exclusion?
A00006921: LUND EDWARD - Hunterian Lectures on Some of the Injuries and Diseases of the Neck and Head the Genito-Urinary Organs and the Rectum
A00004744: LUND EDWARD - Hunterian Lectures on Some of the Injuries and Diseases of the Neck and Head the Genito-Urinary Organs and the Rectum Delivered Before the Royal College of Surgeons of England June 1885
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A00000946: LUNDBERG ERIK - Instability and Economic Growth
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A00008729: LUNGE GEORG - Die Industrie Des Steinkohlentheers Und Ammoniaks
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A00015585: LUNINE JONATHAN I - Astrobiology a Multidisciplinary Approach
A00015584: LUNINE JONATHAN I - Astrobiology a Multidisciplinary Approach
A00015583: LUNINE JONATHAN I - Astrobiology a Multidisciplinary Approach
326282: LUNN ARNOLD - The Mountains of My Youth
A00009778: LUNN, J.A. - Concerning the Carers: Occupational Health for Health Care Workers
324121: LUNN ARNOLD - Ski-Ing in a Fortnight
A00001703: LUNN HENRY S - Municipal Lessons from Southern Germany
C00001561: LUNN ARNOLD - Alpine Ski-Ing at All Heights and Seasons
324020: LUNN ARNOLD - Spanish Rehearsal
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A00002729: LUNZER ERIC - Schools Council Learning from the Written Word
B00002001: LUSCHKA HUBERT - Die Halbgelenke Des Menschlichen Korpers
B00004007: LUSHIN STANISLAV TRANSLATED BY PATTERSON SALLY - The Bolshoi Theatre of the Ussr History Opera Ballet
6600120: LUSHT KENNETH M - A Comparison of House Prices Brought by English Auctions and Private Negotiations in Melbourne
A00009963: LUSIN, NICOLAS - Lecons Sur Les Ensembles Analytiques Et Leurs Applications.
A00008523: LUSSANA F. AND LEMOIGNE A. - Fisiologia Dei Centri Nervosi Encefalici , 2 Volumes in 1
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A00007801: LÜTGE, FRIEDRICH - Die Bayerische Grundherrschaft. Untersuchungen über Die Agrarverfassung Bayerns IM 16-18. Jahrhundert
A00011456: LUTH FRIEDRICH A K AND KONIG HORST - The Planning of Iron and Steelworks
A00005605: LUTHARDT DR. CHR. ERNST TRANSLATED BY HASTIE W - History of Christian Ethics One History of Christian Ethics Before the Reformation
B00000101: LUTRARIO CHRIS - Writing Levels 1-3 Teachers' Handbook
A00015312: LUTTGE ULRICH - Physiological Ecology of Tropical Plantws
A00015313: LUTTGE ULRICH - Physiological Ecology of Tropical Plantws
A00015275: LUTTGE U EDITING - Vascular Plants As Epiphytes Evolution and Ecophysiology
C00003042: LUTYENS DAVID BULWER - The Creative Encounter
C00000319: LUTZ WOLFGANG - Distributional Aspects of Human Fertility: A Global Comparative Study
327936: LUTZ WOLFGANG EDITS - Future Demographic Trends in Europe and North America What Can We Assume Today
322478: LUTZOW COUNT VON - Bohemia an Historical Sketch
B00003639: LUZON, JOSE Mª - RUIZ MATA, DIEGO. - Las Raices de Cordoba. Estratigrafia de la Colina de Los Quemados.
CL771: LYCURGUS; REHDANTZ C - Rede Gegen Leokrates Fur Den Schulgebrauch Erklart
327412: LYDE LIONEL W - Context in Pindar with Reference to the Meaning of Phengos
327334: LYDE LIONEL W - A Pathwork from Pindar with an English Translation in Verse
A00014810: LYDERSEN BJORN K - Large Scale Cell Culture Technology
A00015200: LYDON JANE AND IRELAND TRACY - Object Lessons Archaeology and Heritage in Australia
A00006707: LYDTIN A FLEMING G AND HERTSEN M VAN - The Influence of Heredity and Contagion on the Propagation of Tuberculosis and the Prevention of Injurious Effects from the Consumption of the Flesh and Milk of Tuberculous Animals
C00002297: LYLE E B EDITS CRAWFURD ANDREW - Andrew Crawfurd's Collection of Ballads and Songs Volume 2
327813: LYLE R C - Brown Jack
C00002301: LYLE EMILY ET AL EDIT AMELIA AND JANE HARRIS - The Song Repertoire of Amelia and Jane Harris
328384: LYMPANY MOURA AND STRICKLAND MARGO - Moura Her Autobiography
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B00003032: LYNCH PETER - Politics of the British Isles
C00003916: LYNCH BOHUN - The Italian Riviera Its Scenery Customs and Food with Notes Upon the Maritime Alps the Kitbag Travel Books
A00015278: LYND STAUGHTON - The Fight Against Shutdowns Youngstown's Steel MILL Closings
A00016384: LYNES ALICE - How to Organise a Local Collection
6600982: LYNES TONY - Labour's Pencion Plan
C00001681: LYNN DAVID H EDITS - The Kenyon Review and Stand Magazine the Centenial Celebration of the Nobel Prizes
A00015924: LYNN E - Aristotle's Syllogistic
C00003337: LYON MELVYN - Symbol and Idea in Henry Adams
A00003182: LYON I B AND INVERARITY J D - A Text Book of Medical Jurisprudence for India
324566: LYONS, THOMAS P - China's War on Poverty: A Case Study of Fujian Province, 1985-1990
C00002903: LYONS JOHN - Introduction to Theoretical Linguistics
326800: LYONS F S L - Charles Stewart Parnell
326746: LYONS S S L - The Fall of Parnell 1890-91
A00003245: LYONS STANLEY - Exterior Lighting for Industry and Security
CL461: LYSIAS; SCHEIBE CAROLUS - Orationes. Ad Codicem Palatinum Nunc Denuo Collatum
CL59: LYSIAS; RAUCHENSTEIN RUDOLF - Ausgewahlte Reden Des Lysias - 2 Volumes.
CL492: LYSIAS; THALHEIM TH - Ausgewahlte Reden(VII. , XII. , XIII. , XVI. , XIX. , XXII. , XXIV. , XXV. , XXXII. ) - Textausgabe Fur Den Schulgebrauch
A00009249: LYTE H C MAXWELL - A History of the University of Oxford from the Earliest Times to the Year 1530
B00001101: LYTTELTON MARGARET - Baroque Architecture in Classical Antiquity
A00010140: M C HAGUENAUER ET AL - Etudes Coreennes de Charles Haguenauer
322389: M'DIARMID W R BROUGHT UP TO DATE BY FISHER REVEREND J - Handbook of the United Parishes of Colvend and Southwick
A00007121: M'CLINTOCK ALFRED H AND HARDY SAMUEL L - Practical Observations on Midwifery and the Diseases Incident to the Puerperal State
A00006933: M'CORMAC HENRY - On the Nature Treatment and Prevention of Pulmonary Consumption and Incidentally of Scrofula with a Demonstration of the Cause of the Disease
A00014926: M'CRIE THOMAS - The Life of John Knox Containing Illustrations of the History of the Reformation in Scotland
C00003833: M'ILWRAITH WILLIAM - The Glasgow and First-Western Railway Its Origin Progress and Present Position
A00007075: M'CALL ANDERSON T - On Syphilitic Affections of the Nervous System Their Diagnosis and Treatment
A00005171: M'CALL ANDERSON T - A Practical Treatise Upon Eczema Including Its Lichenous and Impetiginous Forms
A00014927: M'CRIE THOMAS - The Life of John Knox Containing Illustrations of the History of the Reformation in Scotland
B00002541: M'FARLANE JAMES ET AL - Hutchesons' Hospital History of the Hospital and Schools 1881-1914
A00007546: M'CORMAC HENRY - Methodus Medendi or the Description and Treatment of the Principle Disease Incident to the Human Frame
A00003231: M'KENDRICK JOHN GRAY - Outlines of Physiology in Its Relations to Man
A00009573: M'CLELLAND JOHN - Sketch of the Medical Topography All Climate and Soils of Bengal and the N.W. Provinces
A00005187: M'CALL ANDERSON - A Plea for the More General Use of Tuberculin by the Profession
A00007544: M'GOWAN J P - Investigation Into the Disease of Sheep Called Scrapie (Traberkrankheit la Trembalante) with a Special Reference to Its Association with Sarcosporidiosas
C00000874: MA CARANDELL JOSEP - El Temple de la Sagrada Familia
A00001297: MAAS HENRY ET AL EDITING - The Letters of Aubrey Beardsley
A00010132: MAASS, ERNESTUS - Scholia Graeca in Homeri Iliadem Ex Codicibus Aucta Et Emendata. Tomus V; Homeri Iliadem Townleyana, Tomus I
A00014689: MAASS , MICHAEL - Die Prohedrie Des Dionysostheaters in Athen (
C00002948: MABER RICHARD EDITS - The Seventeenth Century Index to Volumes I - X (1986-1995)
322454: MABER RICHARD & BATHO GORDON ET AL EDIT - The Seventeenth Century Volume 1 Number 1
C00002228: MABEY CHRISTOPHER - Graduates Into Industry a Survey of Changing Graduate Attitudes
B00001295: MABEY CHRISTINE - Social and Ethnic MIX in Schools and the Relationship with Attainment of Children Aged 8 and 11 Ces Rp 9
A00003279: MABOGUNJE AKIN L - Regional Mobility and Resource Development in West Africa
A00004758: MABRO ROBERT EDITS - The 1986 Oil Price Crisis Economic Effects and Policy Responses Proceedings of the Eighth Oxford Energy Seminar September 1986
326704: MAC SUIBHNE PEADAR - Paul Cullen and His Contemporaries with Their Letters from 1820-1902 Volume IV (4)
A00007523: MAC MUNN C A - Outlines of the Clinical Chemistry of Urine
A00006551: MAC GILLEATHAIN IAIN - Odusseia Homair
327678: MAC SUIBHNE PEADAR - Paul Cullen and His Contemporaries with Their Letters from 1820-1902 Volume II (2)
327679: MAC SUIBHNE PEADAR - Paul Cullen and His Contemporaries with Their Letters from 1820-1902 Volume I (1)
327681: MAC SUIBHNE PEADAR - Paul Cullen and His Contemporaries with Their Letters from 1820-1902 Volume III (3)
A00004560: MAC CORMAC WILLIAM - Surgical Operations Parts 1 and 2
A00004565: MAC CORMAC WILLIAM - Antiseptic Surgery an Address Delivered at St. Thomas's Hospital with the Subsequent Debate
A00008926: MACADAM JOHN - Minus the Man from Cooks
XXX08: MACALAISTER R.A.S. - Book of Ui Maine : Otherwise Called "the Book of the O'Kelly's"
322993: MACALISTER RAIT AND WALKER - Sir Donald Macalister of Tarbert by His Wife with Chapters by Sir Robert Rait and Sir Norman Walker
327102: MACALPINE NEIL - A Pronouncing Gaellic + English Dictionary
6601507: MACAN T T AND COOPER R DOUGLAS - A Key to the British Fresh-and Brackish-Gastropods with Notes on Their Ecology
A00003741: MACARA SIR CHARLES W CHAIRS - The Eighth International Congress of Delegated Representatives of Master Cotton Spinners' and Manufacturers' Association Held in the Halls of the University Barcelona May 8th, 9th and 10th 1911
A00005040: MACARTHUR GENERAL DOUGLAS EDITED BY WALDROP FRANK C - Macarthur on War His Military Writings Edited and with an Introduction by Frank C Waldrop
C00001097: MACARTHUR BRIAN - Beyond 1980 the Evolution of British Higher Education
328103: MACARTHUR BRIAN EDITS - Requiem Diana Princess of Wales 1961-1997 Memories and Tributes
B00002724: MACAULAY JOHN AND CLAY TONY - Nature Fights Back a Geography of Natural Hazards
A00000200: MACAULAY JAMES - Ireland in 1872 a Tour of Observation with Remarks on Irish Public Questions
C00001340: MACBAIN ALEXANDER EDITS - The Celtic Magazine a Monthly Periodical Devoted to the Literature History Antiquities Folk-Lore Traditions and the Social and Material Interests of the Celt at Home and Abroad Volume 8
C00001157: MACBRIDE SEAN - Our People Our Money Three Lectures
325823: MACCAIG, NORMAN - Collected Poems
C00002705: MACCAIG NORMAN - The White Bird
A00005990: MACCALLUM M A H EDITING - Galaxies Axisymmetric Systems and Relativity Essays Presented to W B Bonnor on His 65th Birthday
327112: MACCASKILL BRIDGET - The Blood Is Wild
A00011754: MACCOBY ELEANOR E AND FELDMAN S SHIRLEY - Mother-Attachment and Stranger-Reactions in the Third Year of Life
A00011767: MACCOBY ELEANOR E AND KONRAD KARL W - The Effect of Preparatory Set on Selective Listening Developmental Trends
A00001565: MACCORMAC CAROL P EDITS - Ethnography of Fertility and Birth
322835: MACCORMICK J M - The Flag in the Wind the Story of the National Movement in Scotland
A00000964: MACCORMICK J M - The Flag in the Wind
C00000218: MACCUNN JOHN - Ethics of Citizenship
324470: MACCURDY J T - Germany Russia and the Future a Psychological Essay
326785: MACDERMOT BRIAN EDITS SCULLY DENYS - The Irish Catholic Petition of 1805 the Diary of Denys Scully
326661: MACDERMOT E T - History of the Great Western Railway Volume I Parts 1 and 2 1833-1863 and Volume II 1863-1921
C00003565: MACDERMOT E T - History of the Great Western Railway Volume II (2) 1863-1921
326660: MACDERMOT E T REVISED BY CLINKER C R - History of the Great Western Railway Volume II (2) 1863-1921
C00002970: MACDIARMID HUGH - A Political Speech a Transcription from a Recording Taken at the 1320 Club Symposium Glasgow University 6th April 1968
C00001719: MACDIARMID HUGH - John Knox
550166: MACDIARMID HUGH - The Battle Continues
323004: MACDONALD FINLAY - The Corncrake and the Lysander
A00016714: MACDONALD LAUCHLIN D - John Grote a Critical Estimate of His Writings
A00015030: MACDONALD IAN D - The Theory of Groups
6600578: MACDONALD C AND BLACK H D - A Window on the Workplace Pupils' and Employers' Views of a Work Experience Scheme
A00016317: MACDONALD TERESA - Union Catalogue of the Serial Publications of the Indian Government 1858-1947 Held in Libraries in Britain
323611: MACDONALD FARQUHAR MACLEOD - Fasti Ecclesiae Scoticanae the Succession of Ministers in the Church of Scotland from the Reformation Volume X (10) Ministers of the Church from 1 January 1955 - 31 December 1975
A00005624: MACDONALD DUNCAN BLACK - The Religious Attitude and Life in Islam Being the Haskell Lectures on Comparative Religion Delivered Before the University of Chicago in 1906
C00000206: MACDONALD COLL - Hail Caledonia Land of Isles and Glens
C00001987: MACDONALD MURDO EDITS - Edinburgh Review Patrick Geddes Ecologist Educator Visual Thinker
326988: MACDONALD LESLEY ORR - A Unique and Glorious Mission Women and Presbytarianism in Scotland 1830-1930
A00000014: MACDONELL JOHN - The Land Question with Particular Reference to England and Scotland
325476: MACDONELL A G - A Visit to America
A00003603: MACDOUGAL DANIEL TREMBLY - Practical Text-Book of Plant Physiology
322808: MACDOUGALL CARL - A Cuckoo's Nest Illustrated by Barbara Robertson
C00000539: MACDOUGALL JOHN - Ancilliary Industries in the Asansol-Durgapur
A00016990: MACE C A - The Principles of Logic an Introductary Survey
A00014189: MACE ARTHUR E - Sample-Size Determination
325892: MACEOIN, BETH - Practical Homoeopathy: A Complete Guide to Home Treatment
A00004753: MACEWEN WILLIAM - Osteotomy with an Inquiry Into the Aetiology and Pathology of Knock-Kneed Bow-Leg and Other Osseous Deformities of the Lower Limbs
B00000108: MACEWEN G DEAN ET AL EDITING - Pediatric Fractures a Practical Approach to Assessment and Treatment
A00003354: MACEY JOHN - Housing Act 1974
B00002456: MACEY, R. E. G. - Oriental Prayer Rugs
C00000076: MACFADDEN BERNARR AND OSWOLD FELIX - Macfadden's Fasting Hydropathy and Exercise Nature's Wonderful Remedies for the Cure of All Chronic and Acute Diseases
B00001130: MACFARLANE RICHARD - Using Local Labour in Construction a Good Practice Resource Book
A00009934: MACFARLANE R G EDITING - Haemostatic Mechanism in Man and Other Animals : Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London Symposium, 27th
A00007351: MACFARLANE A W - Insomnia and Its Therapeutics
B00003905: MACFARLANE JIM EDITING - Essays from the Yorkshire Coal Field
A00002347: MACFARLANE ALEXANDER - Elementary Mathematical Tables
B00002446: MACGEORGE A - An Inquiry As to the Armorial Insignia of the City of Glasgow
C00000821: MACGREGOR WILLIAM MALCOLM - Repentance Unto Life and the Life It Leads to
C00001693: MACGREGOR FORBES - Four Gates of Lothian and Other Poems Selected and Introduced by Alastair Mackie
323599: MACGREGOR VERY REV. W M - A Souvenir of the Union in 1929 with an Historical Sketch of the United Free Church College Glasgow
A00007270: MACGREGOR WILLIAM - Tables for Computing the Contents of Earth Work in the Cuttings and Embankments of Railways
323016: MACGREGOR WILLIAM MALCOLM - Jesus Christ the Son of God Sermons and Interpretations
322445: MACGREGOR M AND MACGREGOR A G - British Regional Geology the Midland Valley of Scotland
6600570: MACGREGOR FORBES - Salt-Sprayed Burgh a View of Anstruther
322705: MACGREGOR GREGOR - Farm-Work and Words
C00003394: MACGREGOR GREGOR - Achievement Tests in the Primary School a Compartive Study with American Tests in Fife
A00012084: MACGREGOR REVEREND MALCOLM - Sources and Literature of Scottish Church History
324752: MACGREGOR, GREGOR - Farm-Work and Words
B00001177: MACGREGOR BRYAN D - Land Policy in the Uplands Working Papers in Land Management and Development Environmental Policy Number 3 July 1984
C00000201: MACGREGOR AGNES R - Pathology of Infancy and Childhood
323556: MACGREGOR W M - For Remembrance an Address on the Disruption and Re-Union Delivered As Appointed by the General Assembly in St. Giles Cathedral on Sunday 23rd of May 1943
C00002189: MACGREGOR MIRIAM - Cat Cuts a Collection of Engravers Cats
A00001922: MACGUIRE JILLIAN - The Expanded Role of the Nurse
A00005741: MACGUIRE JILLIAN - Threshold to Nursing a Review of the Literature on Recruitment to and Withdrawal from Nurse Training Programmes in the United Kingdom
A00015528: MACHA PREMYSL - Lighting the Bonfire Rebuilding the Pyramid Casestudies in Identity Ethnicity and Nationalism in Indigenous Communities in Mexico
A00002316: MACHRAY ROBERT - The Polish-German Problem Poland's Western Provinces Are the Condition of Her Independence
A00008645: MACILWAIN GEORGE, DAWSON R - The General Nature and Treatment of Tumours Bound with 2 Other Items.
325667: MACINNES LESLEY AND WICKHAM-JONES CAROLINE R EDIR - All Natural Things: Archaeology and the Green Debate
325898: MACINNES, HAMISH - International Mountain Rescue Handbook
A00009416: MACINNES C M - Captain Thomas James the North West Passage
327119: MACINTOSH ALASTAIR - Soil and Soul People Versus Corporate Power
A00003659: MACINTOSH R W D - Frozen Foods the Growth of an Industry
325488: MACKAIL J W - Select Epigrams from the Greek Anthology
327424: MACKAIL J W - The Aeneid Edited with Introduction and Commentary by J W Mackail
325392: MACKAIL J W - The Exlogues and Georgics of Virgil Translated from the Latin by J W Mackail
325507: MACKAIL J W - The Aeneid of Virgil Translated Into English
A00013587: MACKAY DONALD - The Organisation of Perception and Action a Theory for Langauge and Other Cognitive Skills
A00014173: MACKAY IAN - Phonetics and Speech Science a Bilingual Dictionary
C00002201: MACKAY DONALD EDITS - Scotland the Framework for Change
B00001854: MACKAY HUGH ET AL - Investigating the Information Society
A00004504: MACKAY REV. ALEX - The Intermediate Geography Physical Industrial and Commercial
A00005638: MACKAY THOMAS EDITS - A Policy of Free Exchange Essays by Various Writers on the Economical and Social Aspects of Free Exchange and Kindred Subjects
A00011343: MACKAY COLIN - House of Lies a Novel
B00003795: MACKAY DR. JAMES - The World Encyclopedia of Stamps & Stamp Collecting the Ultimate Illustrated Reference to over 3000 of the World's Best Stamps and a Professional Guide to Starting and Perfecting a Spectacular Collection
6603400: MACKAY REV. ANDREW AND CALLANDER SAM - James Clerk Maxwell Pathfinder of Modern Science a Centenary Tribute Millennium Edition
327047: MACKAY GEORGE - Scottish Surnames
322900: MACKAY REV. W MACKINTOSH - The Disease and Remedy of Sin
A00000685: MACKAY ANGUS - Society Economy and Religion in Late Medieval Castile
323830: MACKAY W MACKINTOSH - Problems in Living Hindrances and Helps to the Higher Life
A00001443: MACKAY D I - Geographical Mobility and the Brain Drain a Casestudy of Aberdeen University Graduates 1860-1960
326418: MACKAY DAVE WITH KNIGHT MARTIN - The Real Mackay the Dave Mackay Story
A00016375: MACKEE M - A Handbook of Comparative Librarianhips
A00005344: MACKENNAL ALEXANDER - The Seven Churches in Asia Considered As Types of the Religious Life of Today
6601046: MACKENZIE SHOLTO - Cancer an Inquiry Into the Extent to Which Patients Receive Treament
C00000880: MACKENZIE ROSS - Ayr's Export Trade at the End of the 16th Century
C00001822: MACKENZIE AGNES MURE - On the Declaration of Arbroath
A00014161: MACKENZIE W J M - The Secret History of Soe the Special Operations Executive 1940-1945
A00014162: MACKENZIE W J M - The Secret History of Soe the Special Operations Executive 1940-1945
A00003984: MACKENZIE MILLICENT - Hegel's Educational Theory and Practice
A00007394: MACKENZIE MORELL - The Hygiene of the Local Organs a Practical Handbook for Singers and Speakers
A00004381: MACKENZIE MALCOLM L - Deciding to Individualize Learning: A Study of the Process
C00001293: MACKENZIE NORMAN EDITS - Conviction
A00004985: MACKENZIE F W - The Pathology and Treament of Phlegmasia Dolens As Deduced from Clinical and Physiological Research Being the Lettsomian Lectures on Midwifery Delivered Before the Medical Society of London During the Session 1861-62
325199: MACKENZIE F A - The Trial of Harry Thaw
C00002831: MACKEWAN SIR ALEXANDER MALCOLM - The Thistle and the Rose Scotland's Problem Today
C00000881: MACKIE DOCTOR EUAN W - A Burial Ground of the Middle Brone Age at Girvan the Thomas Duncan Memorial Lectures
C00001319: MACKIE J D - The University of Glasgow 1451 to 1951 a Short History
6600335: MACKIE EUAN W - Excavations on Loch Broom Ross and Cromarty Second Interim Report 1968 a Late Bronze Age Hillfort, an Iron Dun, a Medieval Fortified Site and a 19th Century Cottage at Loggie and an Iron Age Semibroch at Rhiroy
A00014024: MACKIE J D INTRODUCING - Glasgow University T.C. (T.A. )
C00000217: MACKIE ALBERT D - Poems in Two Tongues
324737: MACKINNON JAMES - Culture in Early Scotland
C00001690: MACKINNON JAMES - The Social and Industrial History of Scotland from the Earliest Times to the Union
A00016707: MACKINNON FLORA ISABEL EDITS MORE HENRY - Philosophical Writings of Henry More
A00017000: MACKINNON D M - The Problem of Metaphysics
B00002059: MACKINNON PAMELA C B AND MORRIS JOHN F - Oxford Textbook of Functional Anatomy Volume 1 Musculo-Skeleto System
B00002060: MACKINNON PAMELA C B AND MORRIS JOHN F - Oxford Textbook of Functional Anatomy Volume 1 Musculo-Skeleto System
B00002061: MACKINNON PAMELA C B AND MORRIS JOHN F - Oxford Textbook of Functional Anatomy Volume 1 Musculo-Skeleto System
B00002062: MACKINNON PAMELA C B AND MORRIS JOHN F - Oxford Textbook of Functional Anatomy Volume 1 Musculo-Skeleto System
B00002063: MACKINNON PAMELA C B AND MORRIS JOHN F - Oxford Textbook of Functional Anatomy Volume 1 Musculo-Skeleto System
B00002064: MACKINNON PAMELA C B AND MORRIS JOHN F - Oxford Textbook of Functional Anatomy Volume 1 Musculo-Skeleto System
B00001214: MACKINTOSH SHEILA ET AL - The Role of Housing Agency Services in Helping Disabled People
323034: MACKINTOSH H R - The Highway of God
325410: MACKINTOSH JAMES - Roman Law in Modern Practice Tagore Law Lectures 1933
325558: MACKINTOSH JAMES - The Roman Law of Sale with Modern Illustrations Digest XVIII. 1 and XIX. With Modern Illustration Digest XVIII. 1 and XIX. 1 Translated with Notes and References to Cases and the Sale of Goods Bill
C00000818: MACKINTOSH H R - The Originality of the Christian Message
A00007329: MACKINTOSH DONALD J - Construction Equipment and Management of a General Hospital
A00005393: MACKINTOSH ROBERT - Christ and the Jewish Law
6600482: MACKINTOSH JOHN - The Ghaist a Tale
A00006364: MACKINTOSH JOHN - The Paths That Led to War Europe 1919-1939
C00003802: MACKNEY D AND BURNHAM C P - Soil Survey of Great Britain England and Wales Bulletin Number 2 the Soils of the West Midlands
A00003040: MACKNEY D AND BURNHAM C P - Agricultural Research Council Memoirs of the Soil Survey of Great Britain England and Wales the Soils of the Church Stretton District of Shropshire (Sheet 166)
325033: MACKROW CLEMENT AND WOOLLARD LLOYD - The Naval Architect's and Shipbuilder's Pocket-Book of Formulae Rules and Tables and Marine Engineer's and Surveyor's Handy Book of Reference
A00002375: MACKY SEAN EDITING - Symposium on the Design of High Buildings
A00006844: MACLAGAN T J - Rheumatism Its Nature Its Pathology and Its Successful Treatment
B00000889: MACLAGAN E D - Census of India 1891 Volume XIX the Punjab and Its Feudatories Part One the Report on the Census
A00006936: MACLAGAN T J - Rheumatism Its Nature Its Pathology and Its Successful Treatment
C00001680: MACLAINE ALLAN H - Robert Fergusson
327163: MACLAREN IAN - A Doctor of the Old School
A00003054: MACLEAN MAIRI - The Mitterrand Years Legacy and Evaluation
A00007465: MACLEAN CHARLES AND ORFILA M P - Practical Illustrations of the Progress of Medical Improvement for the Last Thirty Years or Histories of Cases of Acute Diseases As Fevers Dysentery Hepatitis and Plague Treated According to the Principles of Doctrine of Excitation
A00007271: MACLEAN MAGNUS - Exercise in Natural Philosophy with Indications How to Answer Them
C00002898: MACLEAN IAN ET AL EDIT - The Political Responsibility of Intellectuals
B00003466: MACLEAN CALUM I - The Highlands
550206: MACLEAN, COLIN - Monkeys, Bears and Gutta Percha : Memories of Manse, Hospital and War
323839: MACLEAN MURDOCH - The Wind in the Heather
C00001904: MACLEAN THE REVEREND DONALD EDITS BUCHANAN DUGALD - The Spiritual Songs of Dugald Buchanan New Edition
A00000529: MACLEAN MAIRI - The Mitterrand Years Legacy and Evaluation
A00003044: MACLEAN MAIRI - The Mitterrand Years Legacy and Evaluation
328385: MACLEAN JAMES N M - Reward Is Secondary the Life of the Political Adventurer and an Inquiry Into the Mystery "Junius"
6600987: MACLENNAN E ET AL - Low Pay: Labour's Response
322428: MACLEOD FIONA (WILLIAM SHARP) - Poems and Dramas
A00008082: MACLEOD, HENRY DUNNING - A Dictionary of Political Economy : Biographical, Bibliographical, Historical, and Practical , Volume 1.
A00004463: MACLEOD ALEXANDER CHARLES - Acholic Diseases Comprising Jaundice Diarrhoeah Dysentery and Cholera with Preliminary Dissertation on Bile the Billious Function and the Action of Cholagogues
C00002337: MACLEOD ISEABAIL ET AL EDIT - The Scots Thesaurus
322334: MACLEOD FIONA (WILLIAM SHARP) - Pharais and the Mountain Lovers
A00001615: MACLEOD HENRY DUNNING - Bimetalism
A00003772: MACLEOD RODERICK - On Rheumatism in Its Various Forms and on the Affections of Internal Organs More Especially the Heart and Brain to Which It Gives Rise
327007: MACLEOD ISEABAIL EDITS - The Scots Thesaurus
A00011862: MACMAHON K A EDITING - Acts of Parliament and Proclaimations Relating to the East Riding of Yorkshire and Kingston Upon Hull 1529-1800
B00000861: MACMANUS M J EDITING - Thomas Davis and Young Ireland
C00003981: MACMASTER NEIL - Spanish Fighters an Oral History of CIVIL War and Exile
C00003404: MACMEEKEN A M - The Intelligence of a Representative Group of Scottish Children
A00005519: MACMILLAN W. W. - Warning from the West Indies
C00002376: MACMILLAN HAROLD - Economic Aspects of Defence
323947: MACMILLAN HECTOR - The Sash
A00005042: MACMILLAN CAPTAIN NORMAN - Air Strategy
A00002312: MACMILLAN ARCHIBALD AND BRYDALL ROBERT - Iona: Its History Antiquities Etc and Its Carved Stones
C00003271: MACMURRAY WILLIAM - The Literary Realism of William Dean Howells
A00001706: MACNAB ROY - The French Colonel Villebois-Mareuil and the Boers 1899-1900
327331: MACNAGHTEN H V AND RAMSAY A B - Poems of Catullus
A00008871: MACNALTY ARTHUR SALUSBURY - The History of State Medecine in England Being the Fitzpatrick Lectures of the Royal College of Physicians of London for the Years 1946 and 1947
A00011838: MACNALTY ARTHUR SALUSBURY - The Preservation of Eyesight
A00000132: MACNAMARA P J - The Political Situation Letters to a Working Man
A00004627: MACNAMARA N C - Lectures on Diseases of the Eye Part I (1) Referring Principally to Those Affections Requiring the Aid of the Ophthalmoscope for Their Diagnosis
325153: MACNAMARA ROBERT S - One Hundred Countries Two Billion People the Dimensions of Development
322842: MACNICOL EONA K - Colum of Derry
A00007931: MACOUIN FRANCIS - Etudes D'Architecture Et D'Urbanisme Coreens
C00003377: MACPHERSON JOHN S - Eleven Year Olds Grow Up
323827: MACPHERSON JOHN - A History of the Church in Scotland from the Earliest Times Down to the Present Day
A00008653: MACPHERSON W. G. ET AL - The Russo-Japanese War . Medical and Sanitary Reports from the Officers Attached to the Japanese and Russian Forces in the Field.
A00001550: MACQUARRIE JOHN - God-Talk an Examination of the Language and Logic of Theology
C00002824: MACQUEEN JOHN - The Enlightenment of Scottish Literature Volume Two the Rise of the Historical Novel
C00002151: MACQUEEN JOHN - St. Ninian a Study of Literary and Linguistic Evidence
A00011928: MACQUEEN IAN A G - A Study of Home Accidents in Aberdeen
A00011924: MACQUEEN K F ET AL - Factors Influencing the Economical Application of Food Irradiation
A00011304: MACQUEEN DANIEL - Letters on Hume's History of Great Britain
B00003814: MACQUEEN ADAM - Private Eye the First 50 Years an a - Z
XXX36: MACQUOID, PERCY - A History of English Furniture. The Age of Satinwood
X00035: MACQUOID, PERCY - A History of English Furniture. The Age of Walnut.
XXX07: MACQUOID, PERCY - A History of English Furniture. The Age of Oak
A00012447: MACRAY, WILLIAM DUNN EDITING - Chronicon Abbatiae de Evesham Ad Annum 1418
A00009224: MACRORY R AND ZABA B - Polluters Pay the Control of Pollution Act Explained
A00005175: MACRORY RICHARD - Water Act 1989
6603160: MACSHANE DENIS - French Lessons for Labour
C00002373: MACVICAR JOHN G - An Enquiry Into Human Nature Q
A00007483: MACWILLIAM JOHN A ET AL - Graphic Records of the Action of Chloroform and Ether on the Vascular System
326062: MADAN F - The Daniel Press Memorials of C H O Daniel with Addenda and Corrigenda by F Madan
C00001336: MADAN THE REVEREND M - Juvenal and Persius Literally Translated with Copius Explanatory Notes by Which These Difficult Satirists Are Rendered Easy and Familiar to the Reader Volume I Only
A00005984: MADANSKY ALBERT - Prescriptions for Working Statisticians
A00011288: MADDEN FREDERIC W. - History of Jewish Coinage and of the Money in the Old Testament
6601719: MADDISON ANGUS - Economic Policy and Performance in Europe 1913-1970 Volume 5 Chapter 10 of the Fontana Economic History of Europe
A00009160: MADDOCK, A. G. - Radiochemistry
A00008743: MADDOCK, A. G. - Radiochemistry
A00006596: MADELEY WALTER - Cicero's Orations Against Catiline III - IV
324564: MADER-LIN, ERIC - A Taipei Mutt
A00007061: MADGE HENRY - The Diseases of the Foetus in Utero (Not Including Malformations) with an Outline of Foetal Development
B00000191: MADIGAN MARY L - Instructors Resource Manual for Radiographic Anatomy Positioning an Integrated Approach
A00016133: MADISON CHARLES A - Irving to Irving Author-Publisher Relations 1800-1974
326084: MADISON JAMES H - A Lynching in the Heartland Race and Memory in America
A00006201: MAEDER ANDRE AND RENZINI ALVIO EDITS - Observational Tests of the Stellar Evolution Theory International Astronomical Union Symposium Number 105 Held in Geneva Switzerland September 12-16 1983
A00009203: MAETERLINCK MAURICE - Serres Chaudes , Chansons Completes
C00001227: MAFEJI ARCHIE AND RADWAN SAMIR EDIT - Economic and Demographic Change in Africa
A00001560: MAGA TIMOTHY P - John F Kennedy and the New Pacific Community 1961-63
B00003812: MAGEE BRYAN - The Story of Philosophy
328189: MAGEE SEAN - The Channel Four Book of Racing
A00014892: MAGENDIE M GULLY JAMES MANBY MART GEORGE RUSSEL - A Formulary for the Preparation and Medical Administration of Certain New Remedies Translated from the French of Magendie with Annotations and Additional Articles by James Mamby Gully
C00001316: MAGGS BROS LTD - Military and Naval History Catalogue 1 to 71
C00001950: MAGILL FRANK N EDITING - Masterplots Combined Edition Fifteen Hundred and Ten Plot-Stories and Essay-Reviews from the Worlds Fine Literature Six Volumes
C00001951: MAGILL FRANK N EDITING - Masterplots Encyclopedia of World Authors Two Volumes
C00001952: MAGILL FRANK N EDITING - Masterplots Encyclopedia of Literary Characters Two Volumes
A00012186: MAGL W ET AL EDITING - Genome and Chromatin Organisation Evolution Function
J100108: MAGLIOCCO SABINA EDITING - Western Folk Lore Volume 62 Number 4
J100109: MAGLIOCCO SABINA EDITING - Western Folk Lore Volume 62 Number 3
A00010298: MAGNEN MICHAEL - Meaning and Distance
A00010074: MAGNIEN E. AND DE NETTANCOURT D. EDITING - Genetic Engineering of Plants and Micro-Organisms Important for Agriculture
A00004295: MAGNIFICO L X - Education for the Exceptional Child
A00008483: MAGNUS HUGO - Die Albuminurie in Ihren Ophthalmoskopischen Erscheinungen.
A00013764: MAGNUSSON DAVID EDITS - The Lifespan Development of Individuals Behavioral Neurobiological and Psychosocial Perspecitves a Synthesis
A00001858: MAGNUSSON DAVID AND CASAER PAUL EDITING - Longitudinal Research on Individual Development Present Status and Future Perspectives
C00000046: MAGNUSSON RUDOLF - Studies in the Theory of the Parts of Speech
550672: MAGOCSI, PAUL R. MATTHEWS GEOFFREY J - Ukraine a Historical Atlas
327328: MAGUIRE THOMAS - The Parmenides of Plata with Introduction Analysis and Notes
B00003506: MAGUIRE ROBERT - Bunyan's Pilgrims Progress with Expository Lectures
A00001426: MAHADEVAN KUTTAN AND KRISHNAN PARAMESWARA EDIT - Methodology for Population Studies and Development

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