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A00018982: HOVANNISIAN RICHARD G EDITS - Confronting the Armenian Genocide Looking Backward Moving Forward
325156: HOVELL MARK EDITED BY TOUT T F - The Chartist Movement
B00004581: HOVING THOMAS - Two Worlds of Andrew Wyeth a Conversation with Andrew Wyeth
B00003850: HOWARD MICHAEL - The Impressionists by Themselves a Selection of Their Paintings Drawings and Sketchings with Extracts from Their Writings
326960: HOWARD ANTHONY - Rab the Life of R a Butler
A00012179: HOWARD ALAN N AND BAIRD IAN MCLEAN EDITING - Recent Advances in Clinical Nutrition I
6603810: HOWARD DEBORAH - Architectural Heritage IV (4) Robert Adam
327310: HOWARD A A ; JACKSON C N - Index Verborvm C. Svetoni Tranqvilli; Stilique Eivs Proprietatvm Nonnvllarvm
B00004032: HOWARD PHILIP INTRODUCES - The Times Book of Quotations
A00019665: HOWARD WARREN S - American Slavers and the Federal Law 1837-1862
A00013905: HOWARD ARTHUR W TRANSCRIBING INDEXING AND EDITING AND COLLINS FRANCIS REVISING - The Registers of Pickhill-Cum-Roxby Co York Marriages 1567-1812 Baptisms 1571-1812 Burials 1576-1812
B00004019: HOWARTH THOMAS - Charles Rennie Mackintosh and the Modern Movement
C00000418: HOWARTH WILLIAM - Water Pollution Law
C00003409: HOWARTH V HAYSTEAD J AND STRACHAN A - Pre-School Education and Care
A00002681: HOWAT ROBIN D ET AL - Mathematics in Action Pupils' Book 4b
A00002680: HOWAT ROBIN D ET AL - Mathematics in Action 3a Pupils' Book
A00002682: HOWAT ROBIN D ET AL - Mathematics in Action Pupils' Book 2
A00002683: HOWAT ROBIN D ET AL - Mathematics in Action Pupils' Book 3b
A00009095: HOWE G MELVYN EDITING - A World Geography of Human Deseases
A00022649: HOWE, W. S. - The Dundee Textiles Industry 1960-1977 : Decline and Diversification
327662: HOWE MARK DEWOLFE EDITS HOLMES MR. JUSTICE AND LASKI HAROLD J - The Holmes-Laski Letters the Correspondence of Mr Justice Holmes and Harold J Laski 1916-1935 Two Volumes Volume 1 and Volume 2
A00013205: HOWE, CHRISTINE J. - Language Learning: A Special Case for Developmental Psychology? (Essays in Developmental Psychology)
A00007096: HOWE JOSEPH W - The Breath and the Diseases Which Give It a Fetid Odour with Directions for Treatment
A00009094: HOWE G MELVYN EDITING - A World Geography of Human Deseases
C00001189: HOWE CHRISTOPHER AND WALKER KENNETH R - The Foundations of the Chinese Planned Economy a Documentary Survey 1953 - 65
B00004980: HOWE GEORGIANA SPENCER-CHURCHILL CURZON - The Imperial Yeomanry Hospitals in South Africa 1900-1902 ; 3 Volumes in 1.
A00006607: HOWE CHARLES W AND EASTER K WILLIAM - Interbasin Transfers of Water Economics Issues and Impacts
C00000007: HOWE G MELVYN EDITING - A World Geography of Human Diseases
A00004499: HOWELL DAVID - The Politics of the Num a Lancashire View
B00000419: HOWELL JOHN A EDITING - The Membrane Alternative Energy Implications for Industry
C00003094: HOWELLS WILLIAM DEAN AND NORRIS FRANK - Criticism and Fiction and the Responsibilities of the Novelist
C00003059: HOWELLS W D - April Hopes
C00003060: HOWELLS W D - The Rise of Silus Lapham
C00003062: HOWELLS W D - The Son of Royal Langbrith
C00003064: HOWELLS W D - Impressions and Experiences
B00002152: HOWES WALTON L ET AL - National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics Report 1338 a Summary and Analysis of the Low-Speed Longitudinal Characteristics of Swept Wings at High Reynolds Number Near Noise Field of a Jet-Engine Exhaust
A00016628: HOWISON G H - The Limits of Evolution and Other Essays Illustrating the Metaphysical Theory of Personal Idealism
A00018191: HOWLAND D R - Borders of Chinese Civilisation Geography and History at Empire's End
D_5256: HOWLETT J - Enclosure and Population an Enquiry Into the Influence Which Enclosures Have Had Upon the Population of England 1786 Enclosures a Cause of Improved Agriculture of Plenty and Cheapness of Provision 1787
A00004549: HOWSHIP JOHN - Practical Remarks Upon Indigestion Particularly If Connected with Billious and Nervous Affections of the Head and Other Parts Including Observations Upon the Disorders and Diseases of the Stomach and Superior Parts of the Alimentary Canal
A00019729: HOWSON JEOFFREY - The History of Mathematics Education in England
A00022203: HOWSON COLIN EDITING - Method and Appraisal in the Physical Sciences the Critical Background to Modern Science 1800-1905
323560: HOWSON PETER - Peter Howson the Rake's Progress 12 January - 11 February 1996
329400: HOWSON GEORGE - The Making of Lancaster People Places and War 1789-1815
6604272: HOY MARIA - Bygone Fenham
A00008725: HOYER EGBERT - Die Fabrikation Des Papiers
A00021047: HOYING JAMES B EDITING - Genetics of Angiogenesis
A00005865: HOYLAND JOHN S - Christ and National Reconstruction
C00004436: HOYLAND JOHN S EDITS - The Man of Fire and Steel a Collective Study of George Fox
A00015430: HOYLE CAROLYN AND YOUNG RICHARD EDIT - New Visions of Crime Victims
D_5038: HOYLE W EDITING - Automated Synthetic Methods for Speciality Chemicals
B00001147: HOYT ERICH - Whale Watching 2001 Worldwide Tourism Numbers Expenditures and Expanding Socioeconomic Benefits a Special Report from the International Fund for Animal Welfare
A00023898: HOYT EDWIN P - The Militarists the Rise of Japanese Militarism Since Wwii
A00018401: HRDY SARAH BLAFFER - Mother Nature a History of Mothers Infants and Natural Selection
A00018402: HRDY SARAH BLAFFER - Mother Nature a History of Mothers Infants and Natural Selection
A00018403: HRDY SARAH BLAFFER - Mother Nature a History of Mothers Infants and Natural Selection
A00018404: HRDY SARAH BLAFFER - Mother Nature a History of Mothers Infants and Natural Selection
A00018405: HRDY SARAH BLAFFER - Mother Nature a History of Mothers Infants and Natural Selection
6600228: HROCH MIROSLAV - Eui Working Paper Euf Number 94/1 the Social Interpretation of Linguistic Demands in European National Movements
XXX44: HRONES JOHN A. , NELSON GEORGE L. - Analysis of the Four-Bar Linkage: Its Application to the Synthesis of Mechanisms
A00018644: HSIA R PO-CHIA - The World of Catholic Renewal 1540-1770
A00018645: HSIA R PO-CHIA - The World of Catholic Renewal 1540-1770
A00018646: HSIA R PO-CHIA - The World of Catholic Renewal 1540-1770
B00002362: HU HSEN HSU ; CHANEY RALPH W. - A Miocene Flora from Shantung Province, China; Part I, Introduction and Systematic Considerations; Part II, Physical Conditions and Correlation.
324718: HUANG RAYSON - A Lifetime in Academia: An Autobiography
A00023755: HUANG P M ET AL EDITING - Soil Chemistry and Ecosystem Health
329390: HUANG ANTHONY H C AND TAIZ LINCOLN EDITING - Molecular Approaches to Compartmentation and Metabolic Regulation
327249: HUART CLEMENT - La Perse Antique Et la Civilisation Iranienne.
C00002783: HUBBARD GEOFFREY - Cooke and Wheatstone and the Invention of the Electric Telegraph
D_6964: HUBBARD PREVOST - Laboratory Manual of Bituminous Materials for the Us of Students in Highway Engineering
325198: HUBBS G WARD COLLECTS AND ANNOTATES BARR JOHN GORMAN - Rowdy Tales from Early Alabama the Humor of John Gorman Barr
324921: HUBERMAN MICHAEL - Escape from the Market Negotiating Work in Lancashire
C00000285: HUBICKEY JOHN F - Incidentals
A00014891: HÜBNER EMIL - Romische Herrschaft in Westeuropa
A00022757: HUCKER, CHARLES O. - China's Imperial Past: An Introduction to Chinese History and Culture
A00019570: HUDAK GLENN M AND KIHN PAUL EDITING - Labeling Pedagogy and Politics
A00006476: HUDE C - Thucydides Historiae 2 Volumes
C00003449: HUDLESTON C ROY EDITS - Transactions of the Cumberland and Westmorland Antiquarian Archaeological Society Volume LX (60) New Series
C00003453: HUDLESTON C ROY AND BLAKE BRIAN - Transactions of the Cumberland and Westmorland Antiquarian and Archaeological Society Volume LVII (57) New Series
A00012405: HUDLICKA O - Muscle Blood Flow Its Relation to Muscle Metabolism and Function
A00013966: HUDSON EGBERT CLAUD TRANSCRIBING AND EDITING - The Parish Register of St Laurence York (1606-1812)
C00002484: HUDSON PATRICIA - The West Riding Wool Textile Industry a Catalogue of Business Records from the Sixteenth to the Twentieth Century
329263: HUDSON KIRSTY - Offending Identities Sex Offenders Perspectives of Their Treatment and Management
A00011933: HUDSON H S EDITING - Advances in Space Research Volume 1 Number 13 High Energy Astrophysics
328255: HUDSON N E AND KEUNINGS R EDIT - Rheology Reviews 2008
A00022108: HUDSON JOHN - Land Law and Lordship in Anglo-Norman England
A00021661: HUDSON J E - Adaptive Array Principles
D_6250: HUDSON KENNETH - The Industrial Archaeology of Southern England (Hampshire Wiltshire Dorset Somerset and Gloucestershire East of the Severn)
A00011676: HUDSON C N AND SHARP F EDITING - Aids and Obstetrics and Gynaecology
CL739: HUDSON - WILLIAMS H LL - Three Systems of Education;: Some Reflections on the Implications of Plato's Phaedrus
A00017538: HUEBNER THOM AND FERGUSON CHARLES A EDIT - Crosscurrents in Second Language Acquisition and Linguistic Theories
A00017539: HUEBNER THOM AND FERGUSON CHARLES A EDIT - Crosscurrents in Second Language Acquisition and Linguistic Theories
A00018767: HUFFAKER C B EDIT - Biological Control
A00018768: HUFFAKER C B EDIT - Biological Control
A00004203: HUFFMAN MILDREN BLAKE - Fun Comes First for Blind Slow-Learners
A00012108: HUGGINS H D - Aluminium in Changing Communities
A00016059: HUGHES G E - John Buridan on Self-Reference Chapter Eight of Buridan's Sophismata with a Translation and Introduction and a Philosophical Commentary
A00022375: HUGHES RHIDIAN ET AL EDITING - Drugs: Policy and Politics
329374: HUGHES J EDITING - Centrally Acting Peptides
A00013953: HUGHES C E EDITING - The Register of the Parish of Maltby Co York 1597-1812
A00023165: HUGHES B P - Limit State Theory for Reinforced Concrete Design Si Units
A00011266: HUGHES CHRISTOPHER - The Federal Constitution of Switzerland
6600706: HUGHES ANSELM - The Music of Aldwyn's House at Jarrow and the Early Twelfth Century Music of Durham Priory
325150: HUGHES EDWARD - North Country Life in the Eighteenth Century the North-East 1700-1750
A00002668: HUGHES A D - Casebook on Carriage of Goods by Sea
A00009885: HUGHES HELEN EDITS - Achieving Industrialization in East Asia
A00002996: HUGHES ALFRED W - The Rotatory Movements of the Human Vertebral Column and the So-Called Musculi Rotatores
D_5938: HUGHES CHRISTOPHER - The British Statute Book
C00004017: HUGHES RICHARD (DAVID GARNETT) - A Moment of Time
A00006946: HUGHES J VAUGHAN - Blood Disease
A00002669: HUGHES A D - Casebook on Carriage of Goods by Sea
6602346: HUGHES A J E - Kin Cast and Nation Among the Rhodesian Ndebele
A00020680: HUGHES THEODORE ET AL EDITING - Rat Fire Korean Stories from the Japanese Empire
A00022386: HUGHES RHIDIAN ET AL EDITING - Drugs: Policy and Politics
C00002664: HUGHES H AND PARLANT GERARD - Quantum Trajectories
C00001479: HUGHES THE REVEREND D - Poems on Various Subjects in English and Latin with Additions Compiled and Published by His Son
D_6725: HUGHES HUGHES AUGUSTUS - Catalogue of Manuscript Music in the British Museum Three Volumes Volume 1 Sacred Vocal Music Volume 2 Secular Vocal Music Volume 3 Instrumental Music Treatises Etc
A00006304: HUGHES E F R - Surgery of the Anus Anal Canal and Rectum
A00016908: HUGHES G E AND LONDEY D G - Elements of Formal Logic
A00015977: HUGO VICTOR - Oeuvres de Victor Hugo; 53 Volumes.
A00008243: HUGO, VICTOR - Bug-Jargal
A00012004: HUHN, INGEBORG - Der Orientalist Johann Gottfried Wetzstein Als Preussischer Konsul in Damaskus (1849-1861): Dargestellt Nach Seinem Hinterlassenen Papieren
C00003914: HULBERT S F LEVINE S N AND MOYLE D D - Prostheses and Tissue the Interface Problem Biomedical Materials Symposium Number 5
A00020721: HULICKA KAREL AND HULICKA IRENE M - Soviet Institutions the Individual and Society
A00007448: HULLIGER PIERRE - A New Treatment of Tuberculosis
A00023690: HULME DEREK C - Dmitri Shostakovich a Catalogue Bibliography and Discography
A00016195: HULME E WYNDHAM ET AL - Leather for Libraries
A00017060: HULTGARD ANDERS - L'Eschatologie Des Testaments Des Douze Patriarches
A00021360: HUMANN PAUL AND DELOACH NED - Reef Creature Identification Florida Caribbean Bahamas
A00021276: HUMANN PAUL AND DELOACH NED - Reef Creature Identification Florida Caribbean Bahamas
A00021275: HUMANN PAUL AND DELOACH NED - Reef Creature Identification Florida Caribbean Bahamas
C00000689: HUMBERSTONE THOMAS LLOYD EDITING - New Buildings for the University of London on the Bloomsbury Site a Symposium
D_6527: HUMBERSTONE THOMAS LLOYD EDITS - Science and Labour Being the Principle Address at the Conference on Science and Labour Held in London on 30th and 31st May 1924
A00007678: HUMBERT FRANCOISE - Les Finances Municipales de Dijon Du Milieu Du Xive Siécle a 1477
6603851: HUME JOHN R - Wigtownshire Vernacular Buildings
A00008836: HUME-ROTHERY W ET AL - Metallurgical Equilibrium Diagrams
C00003207: HUME ROBERT A - Runaway Star an Appreciation of Henry Adams
A00005957: HUME W E - The Physician in War - in Harvey's Time and After
C00001589: HUMES H L - Men Die
A00021174: HUMES WALTER M AND PATTERSON HAMISH M EDITING - Scottish Culture and Scottish Education 1800-1980
A00024686: HUMMEL ROLF E - Understanding Materials Science History Properties Applications
324173: HUMPHREY JOHN H - Journal of Roman Archaeology Volume 27 2014 Review Articles and Long Review and Books Recieved
A00021596: HUMPHREY ROBIN ET AL EDITING - Biographical Research in Eastern Europe Altered Lives and Broken Biographies
A00012554: HUMPHREY, PHILIP - A Century of Colt Hill
6600313: HUMPHREY GEORGE - On Psychology to-Day an Inaugural Lecture Delivered Before the University of Oxford on 25 May 1949
A00015722: HUMPHREY D R ET AL - Motor Control Concepts and Issues Report of the Dahlen Workshop on Motor Control Concepts and Issues Berlin 1989 December 3 - 8
A00022531: HUMPHREYS J AND MAY V EDITING - The Ecology of Poole Harbour
A00005910: HUMPHREYS R A EDITING - British Consular Reports on the Trade and Politics of Latin America 1824-1826
A00024610: HUNING MATTHIAS ET AL - Neerlandistiek in Europa: Bijdragen Tot de Geschiedenis Van de Universitaire Neerlandistiek Buiten Nederland En Vlaanderen
B00005065: HUNNIVARI ZOLTAN - The Message of the Clay Tablets Revealed the Seleucid Code the Latest Volume in the Series 200 Years That Will Shake the World
B00000904: HUNT PETER EDITING - Devon's Age of Elegance Described by the Diaries of the Reverend John Swete Lady Paterson and Miss Mary Cornish
6604006: HUNT THOMAS C - Digestive Disease - the Changing Scene
B00003761: HUNT M P CHAIRS STEPHENS H S AND WARREN MRS G B EDIT - Papers Presented at the International Conference on Fan Design & Applications Guildford England September 1982 Organised and Sponsored by P H R a Fluid Engineering England
A00015089: HUNT FELICITY EDITING - Lessons for Life the Schooling of Girls and Women 1850-1950
B00000103: HUNT DONNELL - Farm Power and Machinery Management
C00000202: HUNT ALAN HENDERSON - A Contribution to the Study of Portal Hypertension
B00000110: HUNT PHILLIP AND MARSHALL VERNON - Clinical Problems in General Surgery
323064: HUNTER, JANET - The Emergence of Modern Japan: An Introductory History Since 1853
323841: HUNTER-BLAIR EDWARD THOMAS - Our Troubled Future
C00003302: HUNTER G K RAWSON C J AND SMALLWOOD R L - The Yearbook of English Studies Volume 6 1976
A00022653: HUNTER, L. C.; REID, GRAHAM LIVINGSTOVE; BODDY, DAVID - Labour Problems of Technological Change
A00016397: HUNTER ERIC J - Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules 1967 an Introduction
B00002522: HUNTER W W - A Comparative Dictionary of the Languages of India and High Asia with a Dissertation
A00006967: HUNTER WILLIAM - Pernicious Anaemia Its Pathology Septic Origin Symptoms Diagnosis and Treatment Based Upon Original Investigations
A00011347: HUNTER JOSEPH - The Great Role of the Pipe for the First Year of the Reign of King Richard I Ad 1189 - 1190
323469: HUNTER IAN AND MORROW DIANA EDIT - City of Enterprise: Perspectives on Auckland Business History
A00022669: HUNTER, LAURIE; SENIOR, G. J.; DANSON, MIKE - Information Gaps in the Local Labour Market
323843: HUNTER-BLAIR EDWARD THOMAS - A Mission in Life
A00005292: HUNTER, MICHAEL - Boyle: Between God and Science
A00009935: HUNTER, R. H. - Physiology and Technology of Reproduction in Female Domestic Animals
A00004475: HUNTER WILLIAM - Severest Anaemias Their Infective Nature Diagnosis and Treatment Volume 1 with Historical Schemes Charts and Plates
A00021363: HUNTER G K - English Drama 1586-1642 the Age of Shakespeare
A00021365: HUNTER G K - English Drama 1586-1642 the Age of Shakespeare
B00002458: HUNTER, GEORGE LELAND - Decorative Textiles
C00003297: HUNTER G K RAWSON C J ET AL - The Yearbook of English Studies American Literature Special Number Volume 8 1978
A00007319: HUNTING WILLIAM - Glanders How It Arises and Spreads How to Prevent It and How to Stamp It out
B00002246: HUNTING ANTHONY L L - Encyclopedia of Shampoo Ingredients
D_5775: HUPPES T EDITS - Economics and Sociology Towards an Integration
324606: HUQUE, AHMED SHAFIQUL ET AL - The CIVIL Sevice in Hong Kong: Continuity and Change
A00002447: HURD MRS JOYCE - Adhesives Guide Bsira Research Report M39
A00022142: HURFORD JAMES R - The Linguistic Theory of Numerals
A00023067: HURLEY WILLIAM D - Environmental Legislation
A00015455: HURREN ELIZABETH T - Protesting About Pauperism Property Politics and Poor Relief in Late-Victorian England 1870-1900
A00006838: HURRY JAMIESON B - District Nursing on a Provident Basis
A00002988: HURRY JAMIESON B - The Ideals and Organisation of a Medical Society
C00003933: HURST SIR ARTHUR - Medical Diseases of War
B00003018: HURST H E - The Lake Plateau Basin of the Nile First Part and Second Part
B00001499: HURST H. E. ET AL - The Nile Basin Vol VII, the Future Conservation of the Nile
328121: HURT HARRY - Lost Tycoon the Many Lives of Donald J Trump
6601151: HURT J S - Bringing Literacy to Rural England the Hertfordshire Example
A00011831: HUSEN TORSTEN - Psychological Twin Research 1 a Methodological Study
C00000302: HUSEN T ET AL EDITING - Schooling in Modern European Society a Report of the Academia Europaea
A00016175: HUSIK ISAAC - Philosophical Essays Ancient Mediaeval & Modern
A00024735: HUSS MAGNUS - Chronische Alkoholskrankheit Oder Alcoholismus Chronicus
A00023666: HUSSERL EDMUND EDITED BY MELLE ULLRICH - Vorlesungen Uber Ethik Und Wertlehre 1908–1914
A00016836: HUSSERL EDMUND EDITED BY PANZER URSULA - Vorlesungen Uber Bedeutungslehre Sommersemester 1908
A00016839: HUSSERL EDMUND EDITED BY SMID REINHOLD N - Die Krisis Der Europaischen Wissenschaften Und Die Transzendentale Phanomenologie: Erganzungsband Texte Aus Dem Nachlass 1934-937
A00016830: HUSSERL EDMUND EDITED BY CLAESGES ULRICH. - Ding Und Raum: Vorlesungen 1907
A00016831: HUSSERL EDMUND EDITED BY JANSSEN PAUL - Formale Und Transzendentale Logik: Versuch Einer Kritik Der Logischen Vernunft
A00023667: HUSSERL EDMUND EDITED BY PANZER URSULA - Logik Und Allgemeine Wissenschaftstheorie: Vorlesungen 1917/18, Mit Erganzenden Texten Aus Der Ersten Fassung Von 1910/11
C00002417: HUSSEY MIRIAM - From Merchants to Colour Men Five Generations of Samuel Wetherill's White Led Business
326344: HUSTON LUTHER A ET AL - Roles of the Attorney General of the United States
D_5892: HUTCHESON HAROLD - Tench Coxe a Study in American Economic Development
325285: HUTCHINSON R C - Rising
A00007405: HUTCHINSON SIR JONATHAN AND HEWITT CHARLES R - Retrospective Memoranda Subject Index and Index of Names
B00002814: HUTCHINSON, A. R.; HURLEY, S. A. - Transfer of Adhesives Technology : Feasibility Study
A00004526: HUTCHINSON JONATHAN - A Clinical Memoir on Certain Diseases of the Eye and Ear Consequent on Inherited Syphilis with an Appended Chapter of Commentaries on the Transmission of Syphilis from Parent to Offspring and Its More Remote Consequences
A00004355: HUTCHINSON E M EDITING - Aims and Education in Adult Education 1921-1971
6601050: HUTCHINSON J R - Report on the Incidents of Scarlet Fever and of Diptheria in 1922 in the Village of Ramsbury in the Ramsbury Rural District County Wilts
6601113: HUTCHINSON JOSEPH ET AL - Friends Schools in the Seventies
C00001585: HUTH ANGELA - Virginia Fly Is Drowning
B00004645: HUTSON JOHN M ET AL EDITING - Jones' Clinical Paedeatric Surgery Diagnoses and Managements
B00004788: HUTT ANTONY EDITING - Arab Architecture: Past and Present
B00003828: HUTT JULIA - Understanding Far Eastern Art a Complete Guide to the Arts of China Japan and Korea Ceramics Sculpture Painting Prints Lacquer Textiles and Metalwork
D_5695: HUTT W H - Politically Impossible an Essay on the Supposed Electoral Obstacles Impeding the Translation of an Economic Analysis Into Policy or Why Politicians Do Not Take Economic Advice
C00003882: HUTTON EDWARD - Venice and Venetia
C00003883: HUTTON EDWARD - Milan and Lombardy
A00023651: HUTTON WILLIAM HOLDEN - University of Oxford College Histories S. John Baptist College
C00003885: HUTTON EDWARD - The Cities of Umbria
C00003925: HUTTON EDWARD - Country Walks About Florence
A00005492: HUTTON JOHN A - Ancestral Voices
A00003726: HUTTON ARTHUR WOLLASTON - Cardinal Manning
D_6884: HUTTON CHARLES AND RUTHERFORD WILLIAM - A Course of Mathematics Composed for the Use of the Royal Military Academy
6600778: HUTTON W H - St. Wilfrid York Minster Historical Tracts Number 5
A00003128: HUTTON ARTHUR WOLLASTON - The Vaccination Question
C00001060: HUTTON J H - Pictures in the Possession of St Catharine's College Being an Inventory with 52 Plates and with Descriptive Notes by J H Hutton
A00002390: HUTTON WALTER S - Steam-Boiler Construction a Practical Handbook for Engineers Boiler-Makers and Steam-Users
A00005473: HUTTON JOHN A - Ancestral Voices
A00003853: HUUS HELEN - The Education of Children and Youth in Norway
323825: HUXLEY T H FOWLER THOMAS AND MORLEY JOHN - English Men of Letters Hume Locke Burke
A00016963: HUXLEY J F - Religion without Revelation
6601813: HUXLEY JULIAN S - Evolutionary Ethics the Romnes Lecture Delivered in the Sheldonian Theatre 11 June 1943
A00008471: HVORSLEV C. M. - Studien Uber Die Bewegungen Der Schulter
327582: HWANG KA AND BRIGGS FAYE A - Computer Architecture and Parallel Processing
A00019603: HYDE VIRGINIA - The Risen Adam D H Lawrence's Revisionist Typology
324177: HYLTENSTAM KENNETH, OBLER LORAINE K EDITIN - Bilingualism Across the Lifespan: Aspects of Acquisition, Maturity and Loss
B00004671: HYMAN JAMES - The Battle for Realism Figurative Art in Britain During the Cold War 1945-1960
A00007165: HYMERS J - A Treatise on Differential Equations and on the Calculus of Finite Differences
A00002378: HYMERS J - A Treatise on the Integral Calculus
329340: HYMES DELL EDITING - Pidginization and Creolization of Languages
A00007796: HYPOLITE DE LIVRY, ET. AL. - Melanges Sur Les Cent Jours;- 8 Tracts by Various Authors.
A00008270: HYRTL JOSEPH - Vergangenheit Und Gegenwart Des Museums Fur Menschliche Anatomie an Der Wiener Universitat.
324727: HYUN-SIX MIN PHILLIPSON ROBERT ET AL - Proceedings of the 2012 International Academic Conference of the National Institute of the Korean Language Protecting and Revitalising Native Languages in an Era of Globalisation
B00001946: IBELINGS, HANS - Van Sambeek and Van Veen Architecten
A00013469: IBRAHIM HASSAN AHMED - The 1936 Anglo-Egyptian Treaty
A00017525: IBRAHIM JIBRIN EDITS - Expanding Democratic Space in Nigeria
324223: ICHEKU VINCENT - Understanding Ethics and Ethical Decision Making Case Studies and Discussions
A00020435: IEA COAL RESEARCH - Reviews in Coal Science the Problems of Sulphur
A00015489: IGNACIO JOSE - A Handbook of Hispanic Linguistics
326757: IGNATIEFF MICHAEL - The Lesser Evil Political Ethics in an Age of Terror the Gifford Lectures
A00008237: IGNAZIO E & PERRICONE ROSARIO - La Forza Dei Simboli : Studi Sulla Religiosita Popolare
A00008048: IGURBIDE JOSEPH FOLA - La Nouvelle Science Geometrique
D_6805: IHSANOGLU EKMELEDDIN BAYRAKTAR NIMET AND LUGAL MIHIN - Research Centre for Islamic History Art and Culture (Ircica) Bibliography on Manuscript Libraries in Turkey and the Publications on Those Manuscripts Located in These Libraries
328927: IJI OGUMA TRANSLATED BY NOBLE DAVID - Return from Siberia a Japanese Life in War and Peace 1925-2015
A00006072: IKONNE, CHIDI - From Du Bois to Van Vechten: The Early New Negro Literature, 1903-1926
C00003705: IKUYA KATO TRANSLATED BY ISAO ITO - 100 Selected Haiku of Kato Ikuya Translated with a Study by Ito Isao Edo-Style Aestheticism
A00021774: ILIFFE JONATHAN - Datums and Map Projections for Remote Sensing Gis and Surveying
A00021775: ILIFFE JONATHAN - Datums and Map Projections for Remote Sensing Gis and Surveying
A00021776: ILIFFE JONATHAN - Datums and Map Projections for Remote Sensing Gis and Surveying
A00021778: ILIFFE JONATHAN - Datums and Map Projections for Remote Sensing Gis and Surveying
A00013387: ILLIES JOACHIM, MERTENS ROBERT, GANS CARL - Das Tierreich Eine Zusammenstellung Und Kennzeichnung Der Rezenten Tierformen Lieferung 82 ; Katalog Der Rezenten Plecoptera Bound with Lieferung 83 & 84
A00003234: ILLINGWORTH J R - Movement and Distribution of Concrete
A00002565: ILLINGWORTH SIR CHARLES - The Sanguine Mystery This Bloody and Butcherly Department of the Healing Art the Rock Carling Fellowship 1970
D_5751: ILLINGWORTH R F AND ILLINGWORTH C M - Lessons from Childhood Some Aspects of the Early Life of Unusual Men and Women
A00004205: ILLINGWORTH W H - History of the Education of the Blind
A00009638: ILLUM LISBETH AND DAVIS STANLEY S EDITING - Polymers in Controlled Drug Delivery
C00000483: IMAI RYUKICHI - What Are the Nuclear Weapons? General Review As a Contribution Toward the Nuclear Free World
A00013342: IMBERT, HENRI-FRANÇOIS - Samba Felix Ndiaye, Cinéaste Documentariste Africain
A00013341: IMBERT, HENRI-FRANÇOIS - Samba Felix Ndiaye, Cinéaste Documentariste Africain
A00024423: IMBERT HENRI - FRANCOIS - Stendhal Et la Tentation Janseniste
328741: IMBROSCIO DAVID L - Reconstructing City Politics Alternative Economic Development and Urban Regime
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C00002512: IMPERIAL CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES LTD - The History of Nobel's Explosives Company Limited and Nobel Industries Limited 1871-1926
C00000016: INANC BAHRI SINAN - Retrieving Architectural Information Objects by the Heuristics of Laziness
328907: INDERGAARD MICHAEL - Silicone Alley the Rise and Fall of a New Media District
A00016715: INGARDIA RICHARD - Bradley a Research Bibliography
328649: INGE W R - Selections from Valerius Maximus with Notes
A00005455: INGE WILLIAM RALPH - Types of Christian Saintliness
326326: INGHAM BERNARD - Kill the Messenger
D_5223: INGHAM JOHN N - The Iron Barons a Social Analysis of an American Urban Elite 1874 to 1965
A00006192: INGHAM LIEUTENANT-COMMANDER A E - Hydrography for the Survey and Engineer
A00022506: INGLE STEPHEN - Socialist Thought in Imaginative Literature
A00007107: INGLEBY JOHN T - A Practical Treatise on Uterine Hemorrhage in Connection with Pregnancy and Parturition
A00010665: INGLIN, MEINRAD - Erzahlungen 2 Volumes.
C00004044: INGLIS SIR JAMES - The Commercial and Technical Relations of Engineering Design and Work the Institution of CIVIL Engineering Frame Thomson Lecture Friday 28th April 1911
329025: INGOLD C T - Fungal Spores Their Liberation and Dispersal
A00013988: INGRAM M EDWARD TRANSCIBING AND EDITING - The Parish Register of Sculcoates (Part 1) 1538-1772
A00013990: INGRAM M EDWARD TRANSCIBING AND EDITING - The Parish Register of Drypool Vols 1-5 Baptisms and Burials 1572-1812 Marriages 1572-1807
A00012131: INGRAM M EDWARD TRANSCRIBING AND EDITING - The Parish Registar of Drypool Vols 1-5 Baptisms and Burials 1572 - 1812 Marriages 1572 - 1807
A00002650: INGRAM D AND BLOCH R F - Mathematical Methods in Medicine Part I (1) Statistical and Analytical Techniques
325657: INGRID STROBL - Partisanas: Women in the Armed Resistance to Fascism and German Occupation (1936-1945)
6601630: INGUANEZ DOM M - Montecassino
A00018814: INKPEN - Science Philosophy and Physical Geography
A00018815: INKPEN - Science Philosophy and Physical Geography
A00018816: INKPEN - Science Philosophy and Physical Geography
A00005149: INMAN A H - Domesday and Feudal Statistics with a Chapter on Agricultural Statistics
D_5534: INNES CHAS H - Air Compressors and Blowing Engines Specially Adapted for Engineers
A00009611: INNES COSMO - Concerning Some Scotch Surnames
B00001976: INNOCENT III AND MIGNE J-P - Innocentii III Romanu Pontificus Opera Omnia Tomus Secundus ( Patrologiae Latinae Tomus CCXV )
B00001977: INNOCENT III AND MIGNE J-P - Innocentii III Romanu Pontificus Opera Omnia Tomus Primus ( Patrologiae Latinae Tomus CCXIV )
B00001978: INNOCENT III AND MIGNE J-P - Innocentii III Romanu Pontificus Opera Omnia Tomus Quartus ( Patrologiae Latinae Tomus CCXVII )
D_5168: INOUE A - Bulk Amorphous Alloys Practical Characteristics and Applications
A00011532: INOUYE MASAYORI AND DUDOCK BERNARD S EDITING - Molecular Biology of Rna New Perspectives
A00018772: INSAM H ET AL EDIT - Microbiology of Composting
328716: INSTITUTE OF ENVIRONMENTAL ASSESSMENT - Guildines for Baseline Ecological Assessment
A00004925: INSTITUTE OF EDUCATION - Jubilee Lectures Delivered in the Beveridge Hall the Senate House During the Spring Term 1952 in Celebration of the Foundation of the Institute As the London Day Training College on 6th October 1902
A00023683: INSTITUTE FOR FOREIGN CULTURAL RELATIONS - Bauhaus a Publication by the Institut Fur Auslandsbeziehungen Stuttgart on the Occasion of the Exhibition in the Douglas Hyde Gallery Trinity College Dublin Presented in Association with the Goethe Institute March 7th - 30th, 1979
D_6810: INSTITUTE OF CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS - Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales Library
D_5113: INSTITUTION OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS, THE CARDRICK A W ET AL - Fatigue of Engineering Materials and Structures Volume 1 and 2
C00002622: INSTITUTION OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS AND INSTITUTE OF FORGING TECHNOLOGY - International Conference on Forging and Related Technology (Icft ' 98)
6600069: INTER-ALLIED REPARATION AGENCY - Inter-Allied Reparation Agency First Report of the Secretary General for the Year 1946 Report of the Secretary General for the Year 1947 Report of the Secretary General for the Year 1948 and Report of the Secretary General for the Year 1949 Four Volumes
D_6102: INTER-DEPARTMENTAL COMMITTEE ON MIGRATION POLICY - Report to the Secretary of State for Dominion Affairs of the Inter-Departmental Committee on Migration Policy (Cmd. 4689)
A00004789: INTERNATIONAL ENERGY AGENCY - Competition in Electricity Markets
327933: INTERNATIONAL UNION FOR THE SCIENTIFIC STUDY OF POPULATION - International Population Conference 11-17 October 1997 Beijing China Three Volumes Volume One Volume Two and Volume Three
A00002421: INTERNATIONAL OBSERVER GROUP - Parliamentary General Election of Sri Lanka 15 February 1989 Report of International Observer Group
A00018770: INTERNATIONAL MARITIME ORGANISATION - Marpol 73/78 Consolidated Edition 1997 Articles Protocols Annexes Unified Interpertations of the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships 1973 As Modified by the Protocol of 1978 Relating Thereto
A00019489: INTERNATIONAL LABOUR ORGANISATION - Rural Development and Women in Africa
A00004764: INTERNATIONAL ENERGY AGENCY - Regulatory Reform European Gas
B00001682: INTERNATIONAL FOOD INFORMATION SERVICE - Dictionary of Food Science and Technology
D_5795: INTERNATIONAL ATOMIC ENERGY AGENCY - Impacts of Radionuclide Releases Into the Marine Environment Proceedings of an International Symposium
D_5868: INTERNATIONAL LABOUR OFFICE - Labour Conditions in Soviet Russia Systematic Questionnaire and Bibliography Prepared for the Mission and Enquiry in Russia
C00000993: INTERNATIONAL UNION OF PURE AND APPLIED CHEMISTRY AND THE ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE USSR - Xxth International Congress of Pure and Applied Chemistry Congress Lectures Presented in Moscow Ussr 12-18 July 1965
D_6628: INTERNATIONAL LABOUR OFFICE - Family Living Studies a Symposium
D_6629: INTERNATIONAL LABOUR OFFICE - Plantation Workers Conditions of Work and Standards of Living
C00004223: INTERNATIONAL LABOUR OFFICE - Collective Bargaining in Industrialised Market Economies
6601401: INTERNATIONAL FOLK MUSIC COUNCIL - Directory of Institutions and Organisations Concerned Wholly or in Part with Folk Music
A00024156: INTRILIGATOR MICHAEL D - Mathematical Optimization and Economic Theory
A00024157: INTRILIGATOR MICHAEL D - Mathematical Optimization and Economic Theory
B00002634: INVENTORY OF THE ANCIENT MONUMENTS IN GLAMORGAN: VOLUME I: PRE-NORMAN, PART 2: THE IRON AGE AND THE ROMAN OCCUPATION - Inventory of the Ancient Monuments in Glamorgan: Volume I: Pre-Norman, Part 2: The Iron Age and the Roman Occupation
327696: IONESCU GHITA - Centripetal Politics Government and the New Centres of Power
B00000407: IRANI R S ET AL EDITING - Towards Improved Performance of Pool Materials
6604121: IREDALE DAVID - Discovering Your Family Tree
D_5174: IRELAND ALEXANDER - Ralph Waldo Emerson His Life Genius and Writings a Biographical Sketch to Which Are Added Personal Recollections of His Visits to England Extracts from Unpublished Letters and Miscellaneous Characteristic Records
A00017138: IRENEE DE LYON - Demonstration de la Predication Apostolique
A00010331: IRESON, J. C. - Imagination in French Romantic Poetry
A00017316: IRIBARREN ISABEL - Durandus of Saint Pourcain a Dominican Theologian in the Shadow of Aquinas
A00008318: IRMISCH THILO - Zur Morphologie Der Monokotylischen Knollen- Und Zwiebelgewächse.
329423: IRODOV I E - Problems in General Physics
D_5262: IRONMONGER D S - New Commodities and Consumer Behaviour
D_6621: IRONS WATROUS HENRY - A Study of the Causes Underlying the International Gold Crisis
A00020524: IRVINE KEITH - The Rise of the Coloured Races
CL602: IRVINE A L - Cicero's Correspondence
327873: IRVINE A L FANSHAWE SIR RICHARD VIRGIL - The Fourth Book of Virgil's Aeneid on the Loves of Dido and Aeneas Done Into English by the Right Honourable Sir Richard Fanshawe, Knight Edited with Critical Remarks by a L Irvine
A00011097: IRVING D. J. MILL - Economic and Commercial Conditions in Hayti ( Overseas Economic Surveys )
6600264: IRVING BARRIE AND HILGENDORF LINDEN - Tied Cottages in British Agriculture Working Paper Number 1 Basic Statistics
324091: IRVING BARRIE L AND MCKENZIE IAN K - Police Interrogation the Affects of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 Volume 1 Regulating Custodial Interviews the Effects of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 a Comparison of 1986 with 1979
A00009359: IRVING, DAVID - Memoirs of the Life and Writings of George Buchanan
C00000255: IRVING WASHINGTON - The Life and Voyages of Christopher Columbus Together with the Voyages of His Companions
A00017925: IRWIN ALAN AND WYNNE BRIAN - Misunderstanding Science? the Public Reconstruction of Science and Technology
A00017926: IRWIN ALAN AND WYNNE BRIAN - Misunderstanding Science? the Public Reconstruction of Science and Technology
B00000697: IRWIN DAVID - English Neo-Classical Art Studies in Inspiration and Taste
A00015366: ISAAC SUSAN - Fungal-Plant Interactions
329253: ISAAC PETER C G - Public Health Engineering
A00002629: ISAACSON RICHARD E EDITING - Recombinant Dna Vacines Rationale and Strategy
A00023397: ISAACSON DEAN L AND MADSEN RICHARD W - Markov Chains Theory and Applications
B00003619: ISAACSON K G ET AL - Guidelines for the Use of Radiographs in Clinical Orthodontics
CL9: ISAEUS; THALHEIM T - Orationes Cum Deperditarum Fragmentis
A00005823: ISARIN RENE F B - The Climate in North-Western Europe Duing the Younger Dryas a Comparison of Multi-Proxy Climate Reconstructions with Simulation Experiments
A00007650: ISCH EDGAR & GENTES INGO - Agua Y Servicios Ambientales-Visiones Criticas Desde Los Andes
A00003894: ISIDRO ANTONIO ET AL - Compulsory Education in the Philippines
A00015207: ISIN ENGIN F AND WOODS PATRICIA K - Citizenship and Identity
A00003363: ISLAM M MUFAKHARUL - Bengal Agriculture 1920-1946 a Quantative Study
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A00018073: ISMAEL TAREQ Y AND ISMAEL JACQELINE S - Government and Politics in Islam
CL332: ISOCRATE; MATHIEU GEORGES; BREMOND EMILE - Discours, Tome I : Contre Euthynous ; Contre Callimakhos ; Contre Lokhites ; Sur L'Attelage ; Trapezitique ; Eginetique ; a Demonicos ; Contre Les Sophistes ; Helene ; Busiris
CL655: ISOCRATES; CLARKE HENRY - The Evagoras of Isocrates
C00001096: ISRAEL BARBARA BAIRD - Reflections on an International Seminar Can Higher Education Recapture Public Support
C00003934: ISRAELS M C G - Diagnosis and Treatment of Blood Diseases
D_5316: ISSER NATALIE - The Second Empire and the Press a Study of Government-Inspired Brochures on French Foreign Policy in the Their Propaganda Milieu
D_5301: ISSERLIS A R - Conversations on Policy
A00017188: ITEN RICHARD J VAN - The Problem of Universals
A00018558: ITTMANN NORBERT - Die Konfessionen Jeremias: Ihre Bedeutung Fur Die Verkundigung Des Propheten (Wissenschaftliche Monographien Zum Alten Und Neuen Testament) (Volume 54)
A00016042: ITZKOFF SEYMOUR W - Ernst Cassirer Scientific Knowledge and the Concept of Man
A00022403: IVAMY E R HARDY - General Principals of Insurance Law
A00024117: IVERSON TORBEN - Capitalism Democracy and Welfare
A00020453: IVES E W - The Common Lawyers of Pre-Reformation England Thomas Kebell: A Case Study
C00000415: IVES J AND PITT D C - Deforestation Social Dynamics in Watersheds and Mountain Ecosystems
324276: IWAKI TAKAKO TRANSLATES OKI SATOKO - Listen to the Voice of the Earth Learn About Earthquakes to Save Lives
A00013130: IWANIEC DAROTA - Emotionally Abused and Neglected 2e: Identification, Assessment and Intervention - a Practice Handbook
A00019439: IYENAGA T AND SATO KENOSKE - Japan and the California Problem
325195: J B BENNETT & SONS LTD - Etchings Engravings Paintings and Drawings Old and Modern Masters Catalogue Number 17 J B Bennett & Sons Ltd
B00004157: J. R. T. WOOD - A Matter of Weeks Rather Than Months: The Impasse between Harold Wilson and Ian Smith - Sanctions, Aborted Settlements and War - 1965-1969
A00021122: JACK SYBIL M - Trade and Industry in Tudor and Stuart England
D_5791: JACKLET JON W EDITS - Neuronal and Cellular Oscillators
A00021539: JACKSON B S AND MCGOLDRICK D EDITING - Legal Visions of the New Europe
324640: JACKSON ANTHONY - William Jackson 1790-1887 His Professional and Personal Life Set in the Context of His Ancestors and Descendants
A00005495: JACKSON WILLIAM A - Bibliography and Literary Studies
C00003167: JACKSON BRIAN - English Versus Examinations a Handbook for English Teachers
A00024409: JACKSON EDITH - Annals of Ealing from the Twelfth Century to the Present Time Compiled from Manorial and Parochial Docments
B00000408: JACKSON G A ET AL - Electromagnetic Compatability
A00016467: JACKSON MILES M - Comparative and International Librarianship Essays on Themes and Problems
B00000252: JACKSON SANDY AND GOOSSENS LUC - Handbook of Adolescent Development
A00017813: JACKSON ROBERT H AND ROSEBERG CARL G - Personal Rule in Black Africa Prince Autocrats Prophet Tyrant
6600332: JACKSON SAMUEL - Lecture Introductory to the Course on the Institutes of Medicine in the University of Pennsylvania
A00023073: JACKSON ROLAND - Performers Practice Medieval to Contemporary a Bibliographic Guide
A00018378: JACKSON J E - Sphere Spheroid and Projections for Surveyors
A00012037: JACKSON B H - Physics Matters Books 1, 2 and 3
A00002474: JACKSON C I EDITING - Human Settlements and Energy
D_6003: JACKSON EDWARD - A Study in Democracy: Being an Account of the Rise and Progress of Industrial Cooperation in Bristol
A00018430: JACKSON J E - Sphere Spheroid and Projections for Surveyors
A00021779: JACKSON J E - Sphere Spheroid and Projections for Surveyors
325313: JACOB G A EDITS - The Vedantasara of Sadananda Together with the Commentaries of Nrisimhasarasvati and Ramatirtha
324757: JACOB, FRANCOIS - The Statue Within: An Autobiography
A00003747: JACOB ARTHUR - A Treatise on the Inflamations of the Eyeball
324100: JACOB K K - Personnel Management in India a Study of Training and Function of Personnel Officers
A00006860: JACOBI A - A Treatise on Diphtheria
A00014956: JACOBI H R TRANSLATED BY EASTMAN L A H EDITED BY GLYDE B S - Screw Extrusion of Plastics Fundamental Theory
C00001445: JACOBI CHARLES T - Some Notes on Books and Printing a Guide for Authors and Others
328677: JACOBS HARVEY M EDITS - Who Owns America? Social Conflict over Property Rights
C00002865: JACOBS FRANCIS G. - Criminal Responsibility
B00003804: JACOBS ALAN - 17th Century Dutch and Flemish Painters a Collectors' Guide Compiled by Alan Jacobs
B00004089: JACOBS JAY - The Encyclopedia of World Art
A00023907: JACOBS NORMAN - The Origin of Modern Capitalism and Eastern Asia
C00003188: JACOBS ROBERT D - Poe Journalist and Critic
CL131: JACOBS FREDERICUS - Anthologia Graeca; Sive, Poetarum Graecorum Lusus Ex Recensione Brunckii. Volume 1, Indices Et Commentarium
CL221: JACOBS FRIDERICUS; WELCKER FRIDERICUS THEOPHILUS - Philostratorum Imagines Et Callistrati Statuae.
A00015351: JACOBS MEG - Pocketbook Politics Economic Citizenship in Twentieth Century America
A00015352: JACOBS MEG - Pocketbook Politics Economic Citizenship in Twentieth Century America
A00011410: JACOBS F AND CUATRECASAS P EDITS - Receptors and Recognition Series B Volume 11 Membrane Receptors Methods for Purification and Characterisation
B00000106: JACOBS COLIN A J - Tourism and Recreation Research Report Dee Valley Survey with Special Reference to the Llangollen Canal
D_5141: JACOBSEN BENT - Modern Transformational Grammar with Particular Reference to the Theory of Government and Binding
A00022015: JACOBSON MARK Z - Funadmentals of Atmospheric Modeling
A00019524: JACOBSON ROLF A - Many Are Saying the Function of Direct Discourse in the Hebrew Psalter
D_5477: JACOBSON MARTIN AND CROSBY D G EDITING - Naturally Occuring Insecticides
A00006915: JACOBSON W H A - The Diseases of the Male Organs of Generation
A00022535: JACOBSON WENDY S - The Companion to the Mystery of Edwin Drood
A00013125: JACOBSSON, BENGT; LAEGREID, PER; PEDERSEN, OVE K. - Europeanization and Transnational States: Comparing Nordic Central Governments (Routledge Advances in Comparative Politics)
A00011731: JACQUEZ JOHN A - Respiratory Physiology
C00001176: JAFAREY SAQIB AND LAHIRA SAJAL - Will Trade Sanctions Reduce Child Labour the Role of Credit Markets
327606: JAFFE MICHAEL PREFACES - Glass at the Fitzwilliam Museum
C00003947: JAFFEE DAVID - Organisation Theory Tension and Change
D_6694: JAGANNATHAN N VIJAY - Informal Markets in Developing Countries
A00020807: JAGCHID SECHIN - Essays in Mongolian Studies
A00020808: JAGCHID SECHIN - Essays in Mongolian Studies
A00020640: JAHER FREDERIC COPLE - Doubters and Dissenters Cataclysmic Thought in America 1885-1918
327217: JAHN PAUL ET AL - Vergils Gedichte. Erstes Bandchen: Bukolika Und Georgika
A00017447: JAIME ANTOINE - Literatura Y Cine En Espana [1975 - 1995]
A00020155: JAIN SUBHASH C - Marketing Planning & Strategy
C00001642: JAIN NETRA PAL - Rural Reconstruction in India and China (a Comparative Study)
D_6592: JAIN L C - The Monetary Problems of India
A00002969: JAKOB CHRISTFRIED EDITED BY FISHER EDWARD D - Atlas of the Nervous System Including an Epitome of the Anatomy Pathology and Treatment
C00002328: JAKOBOVITS DOCTOR IMMANUEL - The Timely and the Timeless Jews Judaism and Society in a Storm-Tossed Decade
C00002329: JAKOBOVITS DOCTOR IMMANUEL - The Timely and the Timeless Jews Judaism and Society in a Storm-Tossed Decade
A00003287: JAKOBSON LEO AND PRAKASH VED - Urbanisation and National Development
A00006953: JAMES J H - Observations on the General Principles and on the Particular Nature and Treatment of the Various Species of Inflamation
324773: JAMES PETER EDIT - Proteome Research: Mass Spectrometry
A00024093: JAMES BURNETT - The Music of Gustav Marlow
A00017276: JAMES M R - Latin Infancy Gospels a New Text with Parallel Version from Irish Edited with an Introduction by M R James
D_5407: JAMES WENDY - The Listening Ebony Moral Knowledge Religion and Power Among the Uduk of Sudan
327847: JAMES A EDITS - Mathematical Models in Water Pollution Control
A00011361: JAMES DONALD - The Fortune Teller
C00003333: JAMES HENRY EDITED AND INTRODUCED AUDEN W H - The American Theme Together with Three Essays from "Portraits of Places"
329234: JAMES WILLIAM - Varieties of Religious Experience a Study in Human Nature
323943: JAMES HENRY - The Golden Bowl in Two Volumes Volume 1 and Volume 2
A00023895: JAMES BRUNO SCOTT TRANSLATED - The Letters of St Bernard of Clairvaux
D_5520: JAMES RHODA - Private Ombudsmen and Public Law
C00002389: JAMES JOHN - The History of Bradford and Its Parish with Additions and Continuation to the Present Time
B00002658: JAMES DAVID ET AL - Outcome of Psychiatric Admission Through the Courts (Rds Occasional Paper)
A00022811: JAMES ROBERT RHODES - The British Revolution British Politics 1880-1939
A00006826: JAMES ALEX. - Pleurisy Including Empyema and Bronchiectatic Conditions
A00015118: JAMES J H - Practical Observations on the Operations for Strangulated Hernia
A00005716: JAMES ARTHUR W - Viriginia's Social Awakening the Contribution of Doctor Mastin and the Board of Charities and Corrections
B00004853: JAMES SIMON - A Portrait of the Rvi Newcastle Upon Tyne
6601846: JAMES PHILIP - Sculpture Hanover Gallery London 3 July - 1 September 1962
A00013808: JAMESON G J O - A First Course of Complex Functions
A00020348: JAMESON D L EDITING - Evolutionary Genetics
324164: JAMIESON ELEANORE - English Embossed Bindings 1825 - 1850 Cambridge Bibliographical Society Monograph Number 7
A00003022: JAMIESON E B - The Basle Anatomical Nomenclature Being an Alphabetical List of Terms Showing the Old Terminology the B N a Terminology and the Suggested English Equivalent
A00011082: JAMIESON K. D. - Economic and Commercial Conditions in Peru ( Overseas Economic Surveys )
C00003831: JAMORAN HILLEL - The Zutphen Conference Volume Jewish Law Association Studies XII (12)
A00002464: JANCAR J - Research at Stoke Park Mental Handicap (1930-1980) the Supplement to Stoke Park Studies
A00016526: JANERT PHILIPP K - Data Analysis with Open Source Tools
D_6496: JANES GEORGE MILTON - The Control of Strikes in American Trade Unions
D_5333: JANEV R K AND DRAWIN H W EDITING Q - Atomic and Plasma-Material Interaction Processes in Controlled Thermo Nuclear Fusion
D_6692: JANJ HAWON - Investment and Profit Rate in the Korean Economy an Econometric Test
A00009815: JANKOWSKY, KURT R. - Georgetown University Round Table on Languages and Linguistics: Language and International Studies, 1973
C00001126: JANNE PROFESSOR HENRI - The University and the Needs of Contemporary Society Papers of the International Association of Universities Number 10
A00023285: JANNEY FRANK - Alejo Carpentier and His Early Works
B00003269: JANNORAY,JEAN. - Ensérune. Contribution a L'étude Des Civilisations Préromaines de la Gaule Méridionale Text and Plates
A00023065: JANOWITZ MORRIS AND LITTLE ROGER W - Sociology and the Military Establishment
B00000469: JANSEN J P AND BOULLART L EDITING - Reliability of Instrumentation Systems for Safeguarding and Control
A00024641: JANSSENS, GUY; STEYAERT, KRIS; & PIERRET, BERNARD - Onderwijs Van Het Nederlands in de Waalse Provincies En Luxemburg Onder Koning Willem I: [1814 - 1830] Niets Meer Dan Een Boon in Een Brouwketel?
A00002619: JANSSON B ET AL EDITING - Toward a Molecular Basis on Alcohol Use and Abuse
326687: JANUS SAMUEL S AND JANUS CYNTHIA L - The Janus Report on Sexual Behavior
B00005107: JAQUES A L LEWIS J D AND SMITH C B - The Kimberlites and Lamproites of Western Australia
B00004582: JARDI ENRIC - Torres Garcia
A00019221: JARDIN ANDRE ET AL - Restoration and Reaction 1815-1848
6601469: JARMAN A O - The Legend of Merlin an Inaugural Lecture Delivered at University College Cardiff 10th March 1959
329393: JARNEFELT JOHAN EDITING - Regulatory Functions of Biological Membranes
A00009062: JAROS M - Deep Levels in Semi Conductors
B00003184: JAROSZEWSKI, TADEUSZ STEFAN. - Ksiega Palacow Warszawy
A00013240: JARRETT D N - Cockpit Engineering
A00013241: JARRETT D N - Cockpit Engineering
A00013242: JARRETT D N - Cockpit Engineering
A00023481: JARRETT DEREK - The Begetters of Revolution England's Invovlement in France 1759-1789
A00024204: JARVET ARVO AND LODE ELVE EDITING - Ecohydraulogical Processes in Northern Wetlands
A00023480: JARVIS R A ET AL - Soils and Their Use in Northern England
B00002936: JARVIS P G MONTEITH J L ET AL - Forests Weather and Climate Proceedings of a Royal Society Discussion Meeting Held on Second and Third June 1989
A00002377: JASNY NAUM - Soviet Prices of Producers Goods
A00013593: JASPARS JOS ET AL EDIT - Attribution Theory and Research Conceptual Developmental and Social Dimensions European Monographs in Social Psychology 32
6603386: JASPER R C D - The Search for an Apostolic Liturgy a Brief Survey of the Work of British Scholars on the Origins of the Eucharistic Liturgy Alcuin Club Pamphlet XVIII (18)
C00000691: JASTROW MORRIS - The So-Called Leprosy Laws
A00004705: JAULENT PATRICK - The 68000: Hardware and Software
A00004706: JAULENT PATRICK - The 68000: Hardware and Software
A00017704: JAWORSKI BARBARA - Investigating Mathematics Teaching Constructivist Enquiry
A00003863: JAYASURIYA J E - Some Issues in Ceylon Education 1964
329275: JAZEEL TARIQ - Sacred Modernity Nature Environment and the Post Colonial Geographies of Sri Lankan Nationhood
A00004982: JEAFFRESON CHRISTOPHER - Aids to Ophthalmic Diagnosis
A00011584: JEANNEROD MARC C EDITING - Neurophysiological and Neuropsychological Aspects of Spatial Neglect
325323: JEANS REV. G E TRANSLATES CICERO - The Life and Letters of Marcus Tullius Cicero
6604123: JEANS J S EDITING - Railway Jubilee at Darlington September 27th and 28th 1875 Reports of Proceedings and Opinions of the Press
D_6182: JEANS J H - Problems of Cosmogony and Stellar Dynamics
327349: JEBB R C EDITED BY SANDYS J E - The Characters of Theophrastus an English Translation from a Revised Text with Introduction and Notes by R C Jebb Ma a New Edition Edited by J E Sandys Litt. D.
A00020874: JEBB PHILIP EDITING - Missale de Lesnes Msl 404 in the Library of the Victoria and Albert Museum
CL565: JEBB R C; JACKSON H; CURREY W E - Translations
329044: JEFFERS J N R EDITING - Mathematical Models in Ecology
A00022437: JEFFERS JOHN N R - An Introduction to Systems Analysis: With Ecological Applications
328858: JEFFERS JOHN N R - An Intrduction to Systems Analysis: With Ecological Applications
A00023259: JEFFERSON ALAN - Richard Strauss Der Rosenkavalier
D_6515: JEFFERY G B - External Examinations in Secondary Schools Their Place and Function
323200: JEFFERYS, KEVIN - Retreat from New Jerusalem: British Politics, 1951-64
B00001154: JEFFERYS JAMES B AND KNEE DEREK - The Policies of European Department Stores in the Past Decade Changes in Commercial Policies and the Strategy of Diversification
B00003993: JEFFREY ROBERT & WATSON IAN - The Herald Book of the Clyde Glasgow's River from Source to Sea
A00006498: JEFFREY A AND TANIUTI T - Non-Linear Wave Propagation with Applications to Physics and Magnetohydrodynamics
C00004166: JEFFREY A - Some Recent Developments in Nonlinear Applied Mathematics
C00003720: JEFFREYS EURIG - Prognosis in Musculoskeletal Injury a Handbook for Doctors and Lawyers
B00000618: JEFFREYS D M - Quantity Surveying the Measurement of a Modern House
329020: JEFTIC L ET AL EDITING - Climatic Change and the Mediterranean
A00018749: JEHLEN MYRA AND WARNER MICHAEL EDITS - The English Literatures of America 1500-1800
A00018750: JEHLEN MYRA AND WARNER MICHAEL EDITS - The English Literatures of America 1500-1800
A00018751: JEHLEN MYRA AND WARNER MICHAEL EDITS - The English Literatures of America 1500-1800
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A00009559: JENNER SIR WILLIAM - Clinical Lectures and Essays on Rickets Tuberculosis Abdominal Tumours and Other Subjects
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A00019366: JENSEN MICHAEL C - Foundations of Organisational Strategy
A00019367: JENSEN MICHAEL C - Foundations of Organisational Strategy
A00019411: JENSEN MICHAEL C - Foundations of Organisational Strategy
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A00020752: JENUS AUDLEY - Decisions Technology and Organisation
A00020751: JENUS AUDLEY - Decisions Technology and Organisation
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D_5709: JERROLD DOUGLAS - Punch's Letters to His Son, Punch's Complete Letter Writer and Sketches of the English
D_5711: JERROLD DOUGLAS - Cakes and Ale
D_5712: JERROLD DOUGLAS - Men of Character
D_5708: JERROLD DOUGLAS - A Man Made of Money and the Chronicles of Clovernook
C00001333: JERROLD WALTER - Highways and Byways in Kent
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A00007026: JESSETT F BOWREMAN - The Surgical Diseases and Injuries of the Stomach and Intestines
B00004929: JESSOP T E - A Bibliography of David Hume and of Scottish Philosophy from Francis Hutcheson to Lord Belfur
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C00003700: JEVONS W STANLEY - The Theory of Political Economy
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A00009487: JEWITT, LLEWELLYNN EDITING - The Reliquary, Quarterly Journal and Review a Depository for Precious Relics - Legendary, Biographical, and Historical... . Volume 20
A00009484: JEWITT, LLEWELLYNN EDITING - The Reliquary, Quarterly Journal and Review a Depository for Precious Relics - Legendary, Biographical, and Historical... . Volume 4
A00009486: JEWITT, LLEWELLYNN EDITING - The Reliquary, Quarterly Journal and Review a Depository for Precious Relics - Legendary, Biographical, and Historical... . Volume 24
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B00002111: JOACHIM W F ET AL - National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics Report 224 an Investigation of the Coefficient of Discharge of Liquids Through Small Round Orifices
329433: JOANNOU PAUL - Wembley Wizards the Story of a Legend
329371: JOBY CHRISTOPHER - The Dutch Language in Britain (1550-1702) the Social History of the Use of Dutch in Early Modern Britain
325889: JOCHUM, K P S - W B Yeats
A00011038: JOCKEL WILHELM - Hans Kelsens Rechtstheoretische Methode
B00003116: JODIDIO PHILIP - Rafael Vinoly Architects
A00014254: JOE WANNE J - Traditional Korea a Cultural History
A00014255: JOE WANNE J - Traditional Korea a Cultural History
A00014256: JOE WANNE J - Traditional Korea a Cultural History
A00020765: JOE WANNE J - Traditional Career a Cultural History
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A00022866: JOHN GRAY WILSON - The Trial of Peter Manuel: The Man Who Talked Too Much
D_6307: JOHN PETER AND LUCAS PETER EDIT - Partnership and Progress New Developments in History Teacher Education and History Teaching Usde Papers in Education
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A00018423: JOHN JAMES E A - Gas Dynamics
A00018424: JOHN JAMES E A - Gas Dynamics
325670: JOHNS ANN M - Genre in the Classroom: Multiple Perspectives
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A00006981: JOHNSON JAMES - The Economy of Health or the Stream of Human Life from the Cradle to the Grave with Reflections Moral Physical and Philosophical of the Successive Phases of Human Existence the Maladies to Which They Are Subject and the Danger That May Be Averted
A00017997: JOHNSON AYLMER - Plane and Geodetic Surveying the Management of Control Networks
A00017999: JOHNSON AYLMER - Plane and Geodetic Surveying the Management of Control Networks
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B00004348: JOHNSON JESSICA AND ODENT MICHAEL - We Are All Water Babies
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C00002566: JOHNSON W AND MAMALIS A G - Aspects of the Plasticity Mechanics of Some Sheet Metal Forming Processes
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D_5468: JOHNSON WILLIAM L ET AL EDITING - Bulk Metallic Glasses
D_5567: JOHNSON J B ET AL - The Theory and Practice of Modern Framed Structures Designed for the Use of Schools and for Engineers in Professional Practice Three Volumes
A00020620: JOHNSON HARRY G - The Two-Sector Model of General Equalibrium
A00002460: JOHNSON RICHARD T - Viral Infections of the Nervous System
329274: JOHNSON DAVID - Imagining the Cape Colony History Literature and the South African Nation
D_6458: JOHNSON ALVIN SAUNDERS - Rent in Modern Economic Theory an Essay in Distribution Publications of the American Economic Association Third Series Volume III Number 4
C00001454: JOHNSON A E - Lawson Wood Containing 56 Examples of the Artist's Work in Brush Pen and Pencil
C00001563: JOHNSON DIANE - Dashiell Hammett a Life
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A00004607: JOHNSON GEORGE - Lectures on Bright's Disease with a Special Reference to Pathology Diagnosis and Treatment
A00023896: JOHNSON CHARLES TRANSLATING - The Course of the Exchequer by Richard Son of Nigel Treasurer of England and Bishop of London
B00003512: JOHNSON JOTHAM - Excavations at Minturnae Volome II Inscriptions Part 1 Republican Magistri
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A00005607: JOHNSON REV. W - Nature and Naturalists
A00021818: JOHNSON NORMAN L KOTZ SAMUEL AND KEMP ADRIENNE W - Univariate Discrete Distributions
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A00021672: JOHNSTON R G - Introduction to Sheep Farming
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329181: JOHNSTONE ALISON M - Is the Sacred for Sale? Tourism and Indigenous Peoples
C00003605: JOHNSTONE MARGARET AND MUNN PAMELA - Discipline in School a Review of Causes and Cures
C00001173: JOHNSTONE JOSEPH - Irish Economic Headaches a Diagnosis
A00006824: JOHNSTONE T B - Medical Applied Anatomy for Students and Practitioners
323993: JOHNSTONE RUTHERFORD T - Occupational Diseases Diagnosis Medicolegal Aspects and Treatment
A00011498: JOHNSTONE-TAYLOR F - Water-Power Practice
B00001315: JOHNSTONE DERRICK ET AL - Developing Businesses Casestudies of Good Practice in Urban Regeneration
A00016675: JOHNSTONE HENRY W - Philosophy and Argument
A00002994: JOLLES P EDITS - Proteoglycans
A00015715: JOLLES P ZAHN H AND HOCKER H - Formation and Structure of Human Hair
A00009384: JOLLES P AND PARAF A - Chemical and Biological Basis of Adjuvants
C00002014: JOLLIFFE J E A - The Constitutional History of Medieval England from the English Settlement to 1485 Second Edition
A00008374: JOLLY J. - Traite Technique D'Hermatologie. Morphologie - Histogenese - Histophysiologie - Histopathologie 2 Volumes
A00009944: JOLY PATRICK - Le Genre Alternaria- Recherches Physiologiques, Biologiques Et Systématiques
324139: JOLY J - The Birth-Time of the World and Other Scientific Essays
B00002668: JOLY J. - Scientific Papers
D_5626: JONAS J EDITING - High Pressure Nmr
B00002196: JONASH EDMUND R ET AL - National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics Report 1352 Effects of Fuel Variables on Carbon Formation in Turbo Jet-Engine Combustors
A00007724: JONCKHEERE, KAREL - Poetische Inventaris
A00005151: JONES WILLIS KNAPP - Behind Spanish American Footlights
A00007315: JONES E GABRIEL - Chemistry for Public Health Students
A00022986: JONES I P - Chemical Microanalysis Using Electron Beams
A00011422: JONES DAVID - Aid and Development in Southern Africa, British Aid to Botswana, N ?? and Swaziland
323703: JONES PROFESSOR J H - The Present Position of the British Coal Trade
323711: JONES PROFESSOR J H - Exchange Stability Versus Internal Price Stability
327479: JONES W H S - The Moral Standpoint of Euripides
324693: JONES, CATHERINE - Promoting Prosperity: The Hong Kong Way of Social Policy
A00019736: JONES DAVID K C - Southeast and Southern England the Geomorphology of the British Isles
A00020528: JONES VIVIEN EDITING - Women in the Eighteenth Century Construction of Femininity
A00002432: JONES I P - Chemical Microanalysis Using Electron Beams
A00022675: JONES, STEPHEN G. - Workers at Play : A Social and Economic History of Leisure, 1918-1939
D_5067: JONES J R - The Ionisation of Carbon Acids
A00018533: JONES D S AND SLEEMAN B D - Differential Equations and Mathematical Biology
A00005079: JONES H MACNAUGHTON - Atlas of Diseases of Membrana Tympani
A00024636: JONES; MORRIS & THOMAS ALUN R. - Welsh Language: Studies in Its Syntax and Semantics
A00016567: JONES HOWARD - Pierre Gassendi 1592-1655 an Intellectual Biography
A00021445: JONES RAY - The Nineteenth-Century Foreign Office an Administrative History
6603630: JONES ELWYN V - Mishaps on the Cambrian Railways 1864-1922
C00002461: JONES PROFESSOR J H - The Structure of Industry a Study in Structure Organisation and Control
A00020776: JONES B A J ET AL - A Guide to Capital Cost Estimating
327845: JONES G O - Glass
A00018744: JONES T COLWYN - Accounting and the Enterprise a Social Analysis
A00019684: JONES F G W AND JONES MARGARET G - Pests of Field Crops
A00020137: JONES RYAN K - Electronics for Experimentation and Research
A00022979: JONES MICHAEL ALLMAND C T AND HARRISS G L - Camden Miscellany Volume XXV (25) Camden Fourth Series Volume 9
A00018340: JONES-LEE EDITS - The Value of Life and Safety Proceedings a Conference Held by the Geneva Association
A00018341: JONES-LEE EDITS - The Value of Life and Safety Proceedings a Conference Held by the Geneva Association
A00017723: JONES CHARLES - A History of English Phonology
A00020674: JONES STEVEN E EDITING - The Satiric Eye Forms of Satire in the Romantic Period
A00015348: JONES D S PLANK M J AND SLEEMAN B D - Differential Equations and Mathematical Biology
A00015350: JONES D S PLANK M J AND SLEEMAN B D - Differential Equations and Mathematical Biology
D_5384: JONES LLOYD - The Life Times and Labours of Robert Owen Volume 1 and Volume 2
A00024543: JONES OWEN ET AL - Introduction to Scientific Programming and Simulation Using R
D_5773: JONES REVEREND RICHARD EDITED AND WITH A PREFACE BY WHEWELL REVEREND WILLIAM - Literary Remains Consisting of Lectures and Tracts on Political Economy
A00011972: JONES F E AND TARLETON R D - Reactions between Aggregates and Cement Part 4 Alkali Aggregate Interaction the Expansion Bar Test and Its Application to the Examination of Some British Aggregates for Possible Expansive Reaction with Portland Cements of High Alkali Content
A00011980: JONES F E - Reaction between Aggregates and Cement Part 1 Alkali Aggregate Interaction General
A00011951: JONES F E AND TARLETON R D - Reactions between Aggregates and Cement Part V and Part VI
A00011961: JONES F E AND TARLETON R D - Reactions between Aggregates and Cement Part 4 Alkali Aggregate Interaction the Expansion Bar Test and Its Application to the Examination of Some British Aggregates for Possible Expansive Reaction with Portland Cements of High Alkali Content
A00011962: JONES F E AND TARLETON R D - Reaction between Aggregates and Cement Part III Alkali Aggregate Interaction the Expansion Bar Test and Its Application to the Examination of Some British Aggregates for Possible Expansive Reactions with Portland Cements of Medium Alkali Content
A00011963: JONES F E AND TARLETON R D - Reaction between Aggregates and Cement Part III Alkali Aggregate Interaction the Expansion Bar Test and Its Application to the Examination of Some British Aggregates for Possible Expansive Reactions with Portland Cements of Medium Alkali Content
A00011964: JONES F E - Reactions between Aggregates and Cement Part II Alkali Aggregate and Interaction British Portland Cements and British Aggregates
A00004946: JONES J HAROLD AND MASON DAVID K EDIT - Oral Manifestations of Systemic Disease
A00004947: JONES J HAROLD AND MASON DAVID K EDIT - Oral Manifestations of Systemic Disease
A00004948: JONES J HAROLD AND MASON DAVID K EDIT - Oral Manifestations of Systemic Disease
A00004949: JONES J HAROLD AND MASON DAVID K EDIT - Oral Manifestations of Systemic Disease
A00004951: JONES J HAROLD AND MASON DAVID K EDIT - Oral Manifestations of Systemic Disease
A00009297: JONES, ELLEN; GRUPP, FRED W. - Modernization, Value Change and Fertility in the Soviet Union
A00003346: JONES PHILIP N - Mines Migrants and Residence in the South Wales Steamcoal Valleys the Ogmore and Garw Valleys in 1881
B00000602: JONES J C - Laplace Transforms an Introduction to Linear Systems
C00004220: JONES GARETH R AND HILL CHARLES W L - Strategic Management Essentials
A00007668: JONES, RICHARD - L'Idéologie de L'Action Catholique, 1917-1939
C00003196: JONES THE REV. BRIAN H - The Churches of the Knighton Deanery
B00002407: JONES, ALLAN ET AL - Practical Skills in Biology
D_6596: JONES HAYDN - The Mathematics of Money
A00011950: JONES F E AND TARLETON R D - Reactions between Aggregates and Cement Part V and Part VI
A00013131: JONES, ERNEST - Life and Work of Sigmund Freud: The Young Freud, 1856-1900 V. 1
A00013132: JONES, ERNEST - Life and Work of Sigmund Freud: The Years of Maturity, 1901-19 V. 2
A00006041: JONES, A.V. - Aurora
328703: JONES CARYS BAKER MARK ET AL EDIT - Strategic Environmental Assessment and Land Use Planning
6604219: JONES J R - Religion As True Myth
D_6662: JONG RIM SANG - An Outline of Korean Culture
D_5229: JONGERIUS A - Soil Micromorphology Proceedings of the Second International Working-Meeting on Soil Micromorphology Arnhem the Netherlands September 22 to 25 1964
A00022477: JONSON BEN EDITED BY PARR ANTHONY - The Staple of News
A00006604: JONSSON ROBERT AND PETTERSSON OVE - Timber Structures and Fire a Review of the Existing State of Knowledge and Research Requirements
D_6642: JOONGSHIK HYON AND HAKJOON HAN - Modern Korean Short Stories
A00011854: JOOS GEORG - Fiat Review of German Science 1939-1946 Physics of Solids
C00000115: JOPLING W H - Differential Diagnosis for Practioners in the Tropics a Clinical Handbook
A00015469: JOPPKE CHRISTIAN AND MORAWSKA EWA - Toward Assimilation and Citizenship Immigrant in Liberal Nation-States
A00022247: JORDAN BILL ET AL - Trapped in Poverty? Labour-Market Decisions in Low-Income Households
A00004746: JORDAN FURNEAUX - Surgical Enquiries a Presidential Address Delivered to the Annual Meeting of the Birmingham and Midland County Branch of the British Medical Association June 24th 1873
A00005458: JORDAN, WILHELM ; EGGERT, OTTO ;KNEISSL, MAX ; ET AL. - Handbuch Der Vermessungskunde. Volumes 1 - 6
A00008197: JORDAN C. AND SENFS - Die Erleichterte Steinkohlenaufsuchung Nach Grundsatzen Der Vorgegangenen Entstehungsereignisse, Nebst Dem Regularen Bergbaue Auf Dieselben IM Umfange Bound with Beschreibung Des Salzwerks Rothenfelde IM Fürstentum Osnabrück
A00005579: JORDAN, WILHELM - Handbuch Der Vermessungskunde. 3 Volumes
A00019109: JORDAN WILLIAM C MCNAB BRUCE AND RUIZ TEOFILO F - Order and Innovation in the Middle Ages Essays in Honour of Joseph R Strayer
C00002353: JORDAO FRANCISCO VIEIRA - A Humanism Open to Transcendence
A00020152: JORDY WILLIAM H - American Buildings and Their Architects the Impact of European Modernism in the Mid Twentieth Century
A00008641: JORG, JOHANN CHRISTIAN GOTTFRIED - Materialien Zu Einer Kunftigen Heilmittellehre Durch Versuche Der Arzneyen an Gesunden Menschen Gewonnen Und Gesammelt, Volume 1.
A00004101: JORGENSEN I SKOV TRANSLATED BY DUFFELL ROY - Danish Information Handbooks Special Education in Denmark Handicapped Children in Danish Primary Schools
B00002178: JORGENSEN LELAND H - National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics Report 1376 Elliptic Cones Alone and with Wings at Supersonic Speeds
C00002229: JORGENSON DALE W AND LANDAU RALPH EDITS - Tax Reform and the Cost of Capital an International Comparison
328580: JORMAKKA KARI - Constructing Architecture Notes on Theory and Criticism in Architecture and the Arts
6602334: JOSEPH SIR KEITH - Social Security the New Priorities
328943: JOSEPH MATHAI EDITING - Real-Time Systems Specification Verification and Analysis
A00004930: JOSEPH E D - The Teaching of Science in Tropical Primary Schools
D_6499: JOSEPH LEOPOLD - The Evolution of German Banking Four Lectures
A00014095: JOSEPHSON MARK E EDITING - Sudden Cardiac Death
A00019071: JOSHI PRIYA - In Another Country Colonialism Culture and the English Novel in India
A00019069: JOSHI PRIYA - In Another Country Colonialism Culture and the English Novel in India
A00019070: JOSHI PRIYA - In Another Country Colonialism Culture and the English Novel in India
A00019072: JOSHI PRIYA - In Another Country Colonialism Culture and the English Novel in India
A00022639: JOSIPOVICI GABRIEL - Four Stories
D_5349: JOSLING TIMOTHY - An International Grain Reserve Policy
A00007906: JOUBERT, JEAN-LOUIS - La Poesie
A00007907: JOUBERT, JEAN-LOUIS - La Poesie
A00007909: JOUBERT, JEAN-LOUIS - La Poesie
6601201: JOULIA M PIERRE - The Civilisation of Western Europe and the School
XXX11: JOURDAIN, M. - English Decoration and Furniture of the Later Xviiith Century (1760-1820)
A00007585: JOUVE, BERNARD; & BOOTH, PHILIP - Democratie Metropolitaine
A00007586: JOUVE, BERNARD; & BOOTH, PHILIP - Democratie Metropolitaine
C00004125: JOWETT JOHN AND KEENAN SIOBHAN - The Emperor's Favourite the Malone Society Reprints Volume 174
C00004126: JOWETT JOHN AND KEENAN SIOBHAN - The Emperor's Favourite the Malone Society Reprints Volume 174
323775: JOY MORNY EDITS - Paul Ricoeur and Narrative Context and Contestation
329191: JOYCE PETER - A Concise Dictionary of South African Biography
D_6367: JOZSA FRANK P - Sports Capitalism the Foreign Business of American Professional Leagues
A00018085: JUCKER ROLF - Our Common Illiteracy Education As If the Earth and People Mattered
327219: JUDEICH WALTHER - Caesar IM Orient: Kritische &Ubersicht Der Ereignisse Vom 9 August 58 Bis October 47
6600896: JUDY HILLMAN - Planning for Beauty the Case for Design Guidelines Royal Fine Art Commission
A00011684: JUENGST ERIC T AND KOENIG BARBARA A EDITING - The Meaning of Aids Implications for Medical Science Clinical Practice and Public Health Policy
A00011402: JUHASZ STEPHEN E AND PLUMMER GORDON COMPILING AND EDITING - Host-Virus Relationships in Mycobacterium Nocardia and Actinomyces
A00019512: JUIN MARSHAL AND MASSIS HENRI - The Choice Before Europe
A00006732: JUKES EDWARD - On Indigestion and Costiveness with Hints to Both Sexes on the Important Safe and Efficacious Means of Believing Diseases of the Digestive Organs by Lavements
B00000071: JULIEN M H EDITING - Biological Control of Weeds: A World Catalogue of Agents and Their Target Weeds
A00010710: JULIENNE-CAFFIE, SERGE - Simone de Beauvoir
326533: JUN SANG-IN EDITS - Journal of Contemporary Korean Studies Volume 2 Number 1 June 2015 Special Issue Forgotten History Unheard Voices
326534: JUN SANG-IN EDITS - Journal of Contemporary Korean Studies Volume 2 Number 2 December 2015 Special Issue Korea-Japan Relations from Comparative Perspectives; Fifty Years After Normalization
326535: JUN SANG-IN EDITS - Journal of Contemporary Korean Studies Volume 2 Number 2 December 2015 Special Issue Korea-Japan Relations from Comparative Perspectives; Fifty Years After Normalization
326536: JUN SANG-IN EDITS - Journal of Contemporary Korean Studies Volume 1 Number 1 December 2014 Special Issue Reflections on Contemporary Korean Studies
326537: JUN SANG-IN EDITS - Journal of Contemporary Korean Studies Volume 1 Number 1 December 2014 Special Issue Reflections on Contemporary Korean Studies
325560: JUNANKAR N S - Gautama the Nyaya Philosophy
A00008365: JUNG PH. - Beitrage Zur Fruhesten Ei-Einbettung Beim Menschlichen Weibe
A00018553: JUNGLING HANS-WINFRIED - Richter 19 - Ein Pladoyer Fur Das Konigtum. Stilistische Analyse Der Tendenzerzahlung Ri 19,1-30a; 21,25.
A00023681: JUNK CLAUDIA , SCHNEIDER THOMAS F.EDITING - Die Revolte Der Heiligen Verdammten - Literarische Kriegsverarbeitung Vom 19. Bis Zum 21. Jahrhundert
324819: JUNKER KARIN STENSLAND - Selective Attention in Infants and Consecutive Communicative Behavior
A00005616: JUNOD HENRI A - The Life of a South African Tribe Two Volumes 1 Social Life 2 Mental Life
322937: JUNOR BETH EDITS - Scarcely Ever out of My Thoughts the Letters of Valda Trevlyn Grieve to S M Grieve (Hugh Macdiarmid)
A00018934: JUO ANTHONY S R AND FRANZLUEBBERS KATHRIN - Tropical Soils Properties and Management for Sustainable Agriculture
A00008411: JURGENSEN THEODOR - Die Korperwarme Des Gesunden Menschen
A00011050: JUSSERAND, J.J. - Recueil Des Instructions Données Aux Ambassadeurs Et Ministres de France, Depuis Les Traités de Westphalie Jusqu'à la Révolution Française. Publié Sous Les Auspices de la Commission Des Archives Diplomatiques Au Ministère Des Affaires étrangères. 2 Vols
A00011021: JUST, WOLFGANG: - Blindstrom-Kompensation in Der Betriebspraxis : Ausführung, Wirtschaftlichkeit, Regelung, Umweltschutz, Oberschwingungen
A00007630: JUSTEN, KARL - Ethik Und Ethos Der Demokratie
A00019917: JUSTICE STEVEN - Writing and Rebellion England in 1381
B00000470: JUTTE ROBERT EDITING - Institutes for the Industry of Medicine and Health in Europe: A Guide
CL101: JUVENAL; HEINRICH, CARL FRIEDRICH - Satirae; 2 Volumes in 1
CL667: JUVENAL ; COLE A F - The Satires of Juvenal
CL657: JUVENAL; NASH FRANCIS PHILIP - Two Satires of Juvenal
CL780: JUVENAL; LEMAIRE N E - Sexdecim Satirae Ad Codices Parisinos Recensitae; Volumen Primum.
327297: JUVENAL; LEWIS, JOHN DELAWARE - D Iunii Iuvenalis: Satirae with a Literal English Prose Translation and Notes
A00024368: JWA SUNG-HEE - The Evolution of Large Corporations in Korea a New Instutional Economics Perspective of the Chaepol
B00004168: K. J. WILLIS - The Evolution of Plants
B00004169: K. J. WILLIS - The Evolution of Plants
B00004170: K. J. WILLIS - The Evolution of Plants
A00016798: KAAL HANS; MCKINNON ALASTAIR - Concordance to Wittgenstein's Philosophische Untersuchungen.
A00017954: KAARSHOLM PREBEN AND HULTIN JAN - Inventions and Boundaries Historical and Anthropological Approaches to the Study of Ethnicity and Nationalism Papers from the Researchers Training Course Held at Sandbjerj Manor 23 - 29 May 1993
6601800: KABADAYEVA K PASKALEVA - Icons from Bulgaria from the 9th to the 19th Centuries an Exhibition Presented by the Scottish Arts Council and the People's Republic of Bulgaria in Association with the Visiting Arts Unit
A00019499: KABALKA GEORGE W EDITS - Current Topics in the Chemistry of Boran
B00000029: KABEER NAILA - Gender Demographic Transition and the Economics of Family Size Population Policy for a Human-Centred Development
A00005870: KABIR HUMAYUN - Immanuel Kant on Philosophy in General
A00004337: KABIR HUMAYUN - Indian Philosophy of Education
A00007726: KABRDA, JOSEPH - Quelques Firmans Concernant Les Relations Franco-Turques Lors de L'Expedition de Bonaparte En Egypte (1798-1799)
A00019971: KACEW SAM AND LEE BYUNG-MU - Lu's Basic Toxicology Fundamentals Target Organs and Risk Assessment
D_5112: KACHANOV L M - The Theory of Creep Parts 1 and 2
6600756: KADISH SHARMAN - The Teaching of Jewish Civilisation at British and Irish Universities and Other Institutions of Higher Learning
325589: KAEL PAULINE - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
C00001417: KAFKA FRANZ - America
A00004785: KAGAMI MITSUHIRO AND TSUJI MASATSUGU - Privatisation Deregulation and Economic Efficiency a Comparative Analysis of Asia Europe and the Americas
A00022168: KAGER RENE - Optimality Theory
A00014191: KAHN HAROLD A ET AL - Statistical Methods in Epidemiology Monographs in Epidemiology and Biostatistics Volume 12
A00014192: KAHN HAROLD A ET AL - Statistical Methods in Epidemiology Monographs in Epidemiology and Biostatistics Volume 12
C00003929: KAHN J H - Psychiatry and the Deaf Child Proceedings of a Conference at the Royal Society of Medicine on 8th June 1968 Convened by the Medical Research Committee of the National Deaf Children's Society
A00004234: KAHN ALFRED J - A Court for Children a Study of the New York City Children's Court
A00020577: KAHN-FREUND OTTO - Selected Writings
A00005627: KAHN OTTO H - Reflections of a Financier a Study of Economic and Other Problems
C00003295: KAIKINI P R - Poems of the Passionate East
A00022524: KAIRNS KRYSIA - Ronald Duncan the Man and the Artist
A00023484: KAIRNS FRANCIS - Tibullus: A Hellensitic Poet at Rome
A00015297: KAIRNS PAUL AND COX ANNA EDITING - Research Methods for Human-Computer Interaction
A00024279: KAISER DANIEL H AND MARKER GARY - Reinterpreting Russian History Readingss 860-1860s
A00018299: KAISER HARRY M AND SUZUKI NOBUHIRO - New Impirical Industrial Organization & the Food System
A00008217: KAISER LINDA - IL Museo Come Archivio Del Contemporaneo. Spazi Propositivi E Dimensioni Nascoste
A00024281: KAISER DANIEL H AND MARKER GARY - Reinterpreting Russian History Readingss 860-1860s
A00009904: KAKKAR V V AND THOMAS D P EDITING - Heparin : Chemistry and Clinical Usages
B00004418: KALBERMATTEN JOHN M ET AL - Appropriate Technology for Water Supply and Sanitation a Sanitation Field Manual
B00004419: KALBERMATTEN JOHN M ET AL - Appropriate Technology for Water Supply and Sanitation a Sanitation Field Manual
324193: KALBFLEISCH, PAMELA J.& CODY, MICHAEL J. EDITING - Gender, Power, and Communication in Human Relationships
C00003592: KALBRO THOMAS AND MATTSSON HANS - Urban Land and Property Markets in Sweden
D_6460: KALE PROFESSOR V G - India's National Finance Since 1921 Sir Kikabhai Prenchand Readership Lectures Delivered in 1932 at Delhi University
A00023171: KALINKE MARIANNE E AND MITCHELL P M - Bibliography of Old Norse-Icelandic Romances
A00006116: KALLEN, GUNNAR - Quantum Electrodynamics
D_5598: KALLENRODE MAY-BRITT - Space Physics an Introduction to Plasmas and Particles in the Heliosphere and Magnetospheres
A00011844: KALOUSEK G L ET AL - Klein Symposium on Expansive Cement Concretes
D_5529: KALSI SEWA SINGH - The Evolution of a Sikh Community in Britain Religious and Social Change Among the Sikhs of Leeds and Bradford
A00008400: KAMBAN GUDMUNDUR - Medan Husid Svaf
B00004105: KAMEMOTO KYOJI ET AL - The First International Conference on Vortex Methods
A00017909: KAMERMAN SHEILA B AND KAHN ALFRED J - Family Change and Family Policies in Great Britain Canada New Zealand and the United States
6601476: KAMINKA PROFESSOR ARMAND - The Relation of the Hymn Dies Irae to the Synagogue Penitentialia Read at Vienna Lectio Number 4
B00002052: KAMIYAMA H ET AL - Papers on the Night Sky Light and Air Glow Data at Chichijima
6603827: KAMM ANTONY - Scottish Printed Books 1508-2008
A00007766: KAMPHAUSEN ADOLF - Die Chronologie Der Hebräischen Könige. Eine Geschichtliche Untersuchung
A00011998: KAMPS W A ET AL EDITING - Hodgkins Disease in Children Controversies and Current Practice
D_5777: KAMYEIHANBA G W AND MCAUSLAN J P W B - Urban Legal Problems in Eastern Africa
326411: KANAMORI OSAMU EDITS TRANSLATED BY CARR CHRISTOPHER AND SHEFTALL M G - Essays on the History of Scientific Thought in Modern Japan
A00004026: KANDEL I L - The Reform of Secondary Education in France
C00002667: KANDJI MAMADOU EDITS - Women's Studies Diasporas and Cultural Diversity Collection Bridges Number 12 Essays in Literary Criticism and Culture
6603871: KANE DOCTOR EILEEN - Window on the World an Essay on Culture
B00002386: KANEL , GARY C.; KORULA JACOB - Atlas of Liver Pathology
323496: KANGYNG - The Ming Maritime Trade Policy in Transition 1368 to 1567
A00012187: KANSKI JACK J - Retinal Detachment a Colour Manual of Diagnosis and Treatment
A00011997: KANSKI JACK J - Uveitis a Colour Manual of Diagnosis and Treatment
A00022816: KANT IMMANUEL - Prolegomena to Any Futher Metaphysics
A00018870: KANTER DAVID AND ALISON LAURENCE - Offender Profiling Series Volume IV (4) Profiling Property Crime
B00002543: KANTOROWICH ROY H ET AL - Regional Shopping Centres in Northwest England a Report of an Investigation Into a Proposal for a Regional Shopping Centre at Haydock Lancashire
C00003745: KAO RAYMOND W Y ET AL Q - Entrepreneurism in the Market Economy a Philosophy and a Sensible Alternative
327194: KAPLAN MARSHALL AND JAMES FRANKLIN EDIT - The Future of National Urban Policy
A00021374: KAPLAN STEVEN LAURENCE - Provisioning Paris Merchants and Millers in the Grain and Flour Trade During the Eighteenth Century
A00017610: KAPLAN LAWRENCE S - The Long Entanglement Nato's First Fifty Years
A00017611: KAPLAN LAWRENCE S - The Long Entanglement Nato's First Fifty Years
D_5792: KAPLAN HAROLD S AND TIMMONS EDWARD H - The Rabbit a Model for the Principles of Mammalian Physiology and Surgery
D_6365: KAPLAN STEVEN L - Bread Politics and Political Economy in the Reign of Louis XV Volume Two Only
A00020667: KAPLAN ABRAHAM EDITING - Individuality and the New Society
A00022604: KAPLAN WILFRED - Elements of Ordinary Differential Equations
328807: KAPLINSKY RAPHAEL - Globalization Property and Inequality between a Rock and a Hard Place
A00020415: KAPON ELI EDITING - Semiconductor Lasers 1 Fundamentals
C00002085: KAPOOR M M ET AL - Educational Administration in Arunachal Pradesh Structures Processes and Prospects for the Future
6602840: KAPP HELEN - Daniel Gardner 1750-1805
6602841: KAPP HELEN - Daniel Gardner 1750-1805
A00002802: KAPUR HARISH - Soviet Russia and Asia 1917-1927 a Study of Soviet Policy Towards Turkey Iran and Afghanistan
A00022606: KAPUR HARISH - Distant Neighbours China and Europe
D_5677: KARAIVKO G I ET AL - The Bacterial Leaching of Metals from Ores
D_5022: KARASEV M V EDITING - Asymptotic Methods for Wave and Quantum Problems
A00004190: KARDINER ABRAM - The Psychological Frontiers of Society
A00022623: KARI DAVEN MICHAEL - A Bibliography of Sources in Christianity and the Arts
327744: KARI ALEXANDER - The Design of Merchant Ships and Cost Estimating
329053: KARKA ELENI ET AL - From the "Charter of Athens" to the 21st Century the Evolution of Urban Thought in Europe
A00016624: KARL EMICH COUNT ZU LEININGEN WESTERBURG TRANSLATED BY G RAVENSCROFT DENNIS - German Book-Plates an Illustrated Handbook on German and Austrian Exlibris
A00015042: KARLIN SAMUEL AND STUDDEN WILLIAM J - Tchebycheff Systems: With Applications in Analysis and Statistics
A00016606: KARLINS MARVIN EDITS - Psychology in the Service of Man a Book of Readings
D_6804: KARLOWICH ROBERT A COMPILES FOR THE SOCIAL SCIENCE RESEARCH COUNCIL - A Guide to Scholarly Resources on the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union in the New York Metropolitan Area
A00008090: KARMATZ F. N. EDITING - Chicago Review Volume 9, Number 3
D_6604: KARN VALERIE A - Aycliffe Housing Survey a Study of Housing in a New Town
D_6605: KARN VALERIE A - Crawley Housing Survey a Study of Housing in a New Town
D_6320: KARN VALERIE EDITS - Ethnicity in the 1991 Census Volume Four Employment Education and Housing Among the Ethnic Minority Populations of Britain
B00003880: KARNEY ROBYN BERGAN RONALD ET AL - Chronicle of the Cinema
B00004670: KARPE ANGELA ET AL EDITING - Molecular Tools for Screening Biodiversity
A00017021: KARRER MARTIN - Der Gesalbte Die Grundlagen Des Christustitels
B00000053: KARUNASEKERA M V D J - Export Taxes on Primary Products: A Policy Instrument in International Development
D_6560: KARUNATILAKE H N S - Banking and Financial Institutions in Ceylon
6601398: KASHA MICHAEL - Characterisation of Electronic Transition in Complex Molecules Reprinted from the Faraday Society Discussion 1950 Number 9
A00016681: KASHER ASA EDITS - Language in Focus Foundations Methods and Systems Essays in Memory of Yehoshua Bar-Hillel
A00019418: KASS ILANA - Soviet Involvement in the Middle East Policy Formulation 1966-1973
A00023286: KASSIER THEODORE L - The Truth Disguised Allegorical Structure and Technique in Gracian's Cirticon
C00004101: KASTREE NOEL - Nature
A00004575: KATES M KUSHNER D J AND MATHESON A T EDITING - The Biochemistry of Archaea (Archaebacteria)
B00004903: KATSOULIS P S - Maritime Technology Monograph No. 5 Imco Regulations for Ship Design
A00016616: KATZ MICHAEL J - Socrates in October Dialogue on Incondensable Complexity
A00018265: KATZ ARNOLD M - Physiology of the Heart
D_6971: KATZ F M AND SNOW R - Assessing Health Workers' Performance a Manual for Training and Supervision
A00020004: KATZ MICHAEL B - Improving Poor People the Welfare State the Underclass and Urban Schools As History
A00022668: KATZENELLENBOGEN, SIMON E. - Railways and the Copper Mines of Katanga
A00024175: KATZENELLENBOGEN SIMON - South Africa and Southern Mozambique Labour Railways and Trade the Making of a Reliationship
A00024576: KATZENELLENBOGEN S E - Railways and the Copper Mines of Katanga
329093: KATZENSTEIN PETER J - Small States in World Markets Industrial Policy in Europe
A00021210: KAUFMAN PETER B ET AL - Natural Products from Plants
A00021200: KAUFMAN PETER B ET AL - Natural Products from Plants
A00022959: KAUFMANN VINCENT ; ET AL - Automobile Et Modes de Vie Urbains : Quel Degre de Liberte ?
A00007562: KAUFMANN, A. AND CRUON, R. - Les Phenomenes D'Attente
A00008383: KAUFMANN EDUARD - Lehrbuch Der Speciellen Pathologischen Anatomie Fur Studierende Und Arzte
A00002607: KAUFMANN STEFAN H E EDITING - Concepts in Vaccine Development
A00002608: KAUFMANN STEFAN H E EDITING - Concepts in Vaccine Development
A00002609: KAUFMANN STEFAN H E EDITING - Concepts in Vaccine Development
A00022503: KAUL A N - The Action of English Comedy Studies in the Encounter of Abstraction and Experience from Shakespeare to Shaw
A00016483: KAVKA MARTIN - Jewish Messianism and the History of Philosophy
329123: KAWAKATSU HEITA - The Lancashire Cotton Industry and Its Rivals International Competition in Cotton Goods in the Late Nineteenth Century: Britain Versus India Chian and Japan
A00009061: KAY JOSEPH - The Social Condition and Education of the People in England and Europe 2 Vols
D_5037: KAY JOSEPH - The Social Condition and Education of the People in England and Europe
D_5139: KAY E A ET AL - Standard Tests for Repair Materials and Coatings for Concrete Part 3 Stability Substrate Compatability and Shrinkage Tests
D_5498: KAY MARGARET M - The History Rivington and Blackrod Grammar School
D_6305: KAY MELVYN - Surface Irrigation Systems and Practice
D_6304: KAY MELVYN - Surface Irrigation Systems and Practice
D_6303: KAY MELVYN - Surface Irrigation Systems and Practice
A00002908: KAY A B EDITING - Allergy and Asthma New Trends and Approaches to Therapy
A00006021: KAY S. M. & MAITLAND A. - Quantum Optics
C00000313: KAYANO H EDITING - Irradiation Effects on Nuclear Materials
A00013956: KAYE WALTER J TRANSCRIBING AND EDITING - The Parish Register of Holy Trinity Kings Court (Otherwise Christ Church) York
A00013960: KAYE WALTER J TRANSCRIBING EDITING AND INDEXING - The Parish Register of Great Ayton (1600-1812)
A00013976: KAYE W J AND OLIVER W TRANSCRIBING AND EDITING - The Parish Register of Wensley in the County of York Volume I 1538-1700
C00003906: KAYE-SMITH SHEILA - The End of the House of Alard
A00009007: KAYLL A C - Report of the Proceedings of the Flameless Explosives Committee
B00001861: KAYSER, WERNER AND DEHN CLAUS - Bibliographie Der Hamburger Drucke Des 16. Jahrhunderts.
B00001862: KAYSER, WERNER AND DEHN CLAUS - Bibliographie Der Hamburger Drucke Des 16. Jahrhunderts.
326297: KAZAMI TAKEHIDE - The Himalayas a Journey to Nepal (This Beautiful World)
A00004336: KAZAMIAS ANDREAS M - Education and the Quest for Modernity in Turkey
A00022666: KAZMIER, LEONARD J. - Basic Statistics for Business and Economics
B00004698: KE BACON - Photosynthesis Photobiochemistry and Photobiophysics
A00015685: KEABLE DIANA - The Management of Anxiety a Guide for Therapists

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