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17544s58: VOLTAIRE - Commentaires Sur Corneille Par Voltaire - Four Volumes
21127sD3: VOLTAIRE - Siecle de Louis XIV
17542s58: VOLTAIRE - Poemes Et Discours En Vers de Voltaire
21424sD5: VOLTAIRE - Histoire de Charles XII
18565s92: KAYE VOULLAIRE - Mildura Irrigation Settlement - the Early Years
20255: JOHN W, HOWARD - Doors & Doorways of Old Norwich
11722/s31: ALLEN WADE - The F.A. Guide to Training and Coaching
20174sC12: IAN WAGSTAFF - The British at le Mans, 85 Years of Endeavour - Authors Signed Copy Topgether with le Mans Gala Dinner Menu with Many Autographs
17568: JOHN WAIN (EDITOR) - Johnson As Critic
19481s100: ADRIAN WALKER - The Encyclopedia of Falconry
7004: ROWLAND WALKER - Pepper's Crack Eleven
19534s9: FRANK ARNEIL WALKER - Argyll and Bute
13984: BRYCE WALKER - The Seafarers - the Armada
13161/s31: JOHN WALKER - A Critical Pronouncing Dictionary of the English Language
17425: J&C WALKER - Walker's Hampshire and Isle of Wight
17426: J&C WALKER - Walker's Devonshire
18764s108: DAVID WALKER - Anxious Nation - Australia and the Rise of Asia 1850-1939
21479: JACK WALKER - Beginnings and Bygones of Old Paddock Wood
20945s47: JOHN WALKER - The Universal Gazetteer Being a Concise Description Alphabetically Arranged in the Known World
12596/s19: SYDNEY F.WALKER - Electricity in Homes and Workshops
13712/s23: RODNEY L. DE BURGH WALKERLEY (COMPILER) - The British Racing Drivers Club, Year Book 1967
16410s21: FREDERICK WILLIAM WALLACE - Wooden Ships and Iron Men
7553s80: IRVING WALLACE ET AL - The Intimate Sex Lives of Famous People
19663s106: WILLIAM WALLACE - Prolegomena to the Study of Hegel's Philosophy and Especially of His Logic
17796s92: FREDERICK WILLIAM WALLACE - In the Wake of the Wind-Ships
21284sD9: HELEN WALLIS & SARAH TYACKE (EDITORS) - My Head Is a Map - a Festschrift for R.V. Tooley
17533s54: J.P.R.WALLIS (EDITOR) - The Zambezi Expedition of David Livingstone 1858-1863 - Two Volumes
17536s96: J.P.R.WALLIS (EDITOR) - The Northern Goldfields Diaries of Thomas Baines - Volumes 1,2 &3
17534s54: J.P.R.WALLIS (EDITOR) - The Zanbesi Journal of James Stewart 1862-1863
16027s61: PETER WALLNER - By Order of the Gestapo
10455s42: CUMING WALTERS, J. - The Spell of Yorkshire
18961: MAX WALTERS - Wild & Garden Plants, No. 80 New Naturalist Series
16222: IZAAK WALTON AND CHARLES COTTON - The Complete Angler
20238sC12: JEREMY WALTON & GREGOR MARSHALL - Gerry Marshall His Authorised Biography
21295sF5: JEREMY WALTON - Only Here for the Beer, Gerry Marshall
21270: D.J.WARBURTON - ABC of Buses and Coaches
20355: W.H.WARD & K.S.BLOCK - A History of the Manor and Parish of Iver
20768sF3: GERTRUDE WARD, EDITED BY EDWARD FRANCIS RUSSELL - The Life of Charles Alan Smythies, Bishop of the Universities' Mission to Central Africa
15191s2: DAVID WARD & MALCOLM LACEY (EDITORS) - Probation - Working for Justice
13698: HON. MRS WARD - The Microscope
15973s1: ARTHUR WARD - The Boys' Book of Airfix
8540s93: WARNER, PHILIP - Arrmy Life in the '90s
5794: SIR PELHAM WARNER - The Book of Cricket
8312: WARNER, MARINA - Queen Victoria's Sketchbook
17555s14: JANINE WARNOD - Washboat Days - Montmartre, Picasso and the Artists Revolution
14025: SIR CHARLES WARREN - On the Veldt in the Seventies
15360s38: R.H.WARRING - Control Line Flying
18421s90: KEITH WARTH - Stables and Other Equestrian Buildings - a Guide to Design and Construction
19189: THOMAS TILESTON WATERMAN & JOHN A.BARROWS - Domestic Colonial Architecture of Tidewater Virginia
21287sD10: D.W.WATERS - Science and the Techniques of Navigation in the Renaissance
17096s31: COLIN WATERS - A Dictionary of Pub, Inn and Tavern Signs
14295s52: DAVID WATKIN - Athenian Stuart - Pioneer of the Greek Revival
1228/s33: MICHAEL WATKINS - The English - the Countryside and Its People
18700s98: JEFF WATSON - The Golden Eagle
19705sB11: AARON WATSON - The Savage Club - a Medley of History, Anecdote and Reminiscence
18009s67: NIGEL WATSON - Independent Vision - a History of the Portsmouth Grammar School
1165: E.L.GRANT WATSON - The Leaves Return
11896: ALFRED E.T.WATSON (EDITOR) - The Badminton Magazine of Sports and Pastimes - Vol. 46 Sept-Dec 1916
18989: ADAM WATSON & ROBERT MOSS - Grouse, No. 107 New Naturalist Series
15315: JULIAN WATSON & KIT GREGORY - In the Meantime - a Book on Greenwich
7158: STEPHEN WATTS (EDITOR) - Stars & Films of 1938
19600sB3: ANTHONY WATTS - Hydrofoils and Hovercraft - a Source Book
8792: WAUGH, AUBERON - Country Topics
20489: EVELYN WAUGH - Black Mischief
5464/s37: AUBERON WAUGH - The Foxglove Saga
16985s15: R.BARNARD WAY & REGINALD W.WARDALE - British Passenger Locomotives
16736trolley: JOHN WEBB (EDITOR) - Airfix Magazine - March 1961
16737trolley: JOHN WEBB (EDITOR) - Airfix Magazine - April 1961
16738trolley: JOHN WEBB (EDITOR) - Airfix Magazine - June 1961
16744trolley: JOHN WEBB (EDITOR) - Airfix Magazine, 12 Issues Jan - Dec 1961
16739trolley: JOHN WEBB (EDITOR) - Airfix Magazine - July 1961
16740trolley: JOHN WEBB (EDITOR) - Airfix Magazine - September 1961
16729trolley: JOHN WEBB (EDITOR) - Airfix Magazine - July 1960
16730trolley: JOHN WEBB (EDITOR) - Airfix Magazine - August 1960
7387/s39: ROBERT L WEBER - Pioneers of Science - Nobel Prize Winners in Physics.
20138sC10: CAPTAIN F.A.M.WEBSTER - Brave Days
18629s96: NOAH WEBSTER - A Complete Dictionary of the English Language
18515sB5: JOHN WEBSTER - The Duchess of Malfi - a Play
15304: KIT WEDD ET AL - Creative Quarters - the Art World in London 1700 - 2000
16436s66: PHILIP SABIN, HANS VAN WEES AND MICHAEL WHITBY - The Cambridge History of Greek and Roman Warfare - Volumes 1&2
6545: GAVIN WEIGHTMAN - London River - the Thames Story
12651/s23: GAVIN WEIGHTMAN & STEVE HUMPHRIES - The Making of Modern London 12815-1914
19703sB11: ADOLF F.WEINHOLD - Introduction to Experimental Physics, Theoretical and Practical
17256s48: JULIUS WEITMANN - Porsche Story
14528: REGINALD WELLBYE - Cyclists' Touring Club, British Road Book Vol. IV West Midlands and Wales
19196s98: JAC WELLER - Wellington in the Peninsula 1808-1814
19198s50: JAC WELLER - Wellington in India
20017s106: LEOPOLD WELLISZ - Foreign Capital in Poland
6687: HELEN WELLS - Silver Wings for Vicki
7194: SIR COLVILLE WEMYSS - English Inns Illustrated
19969: PHILIP WENTWORTH (PETER BALL) - The History and Annals of Blackley and Neighbourhood
9960/s23: WERNHAM, R.B. (EDITOR) - The Expedition of Sir John Norris and Sir Francis Drake to Spain and Portugal, 1589
12613/s19: R.WERNICKE - Elektrizitat IM Haushalt
21389sD5: ALEXANDER WERTH - Moscow '41
16860: REV. JOHN WESLEY - A Collection of Hymns for the Use of the People Called Methodists
6795/s20: W.J.WEST (EDITOR) - Orwell - the War Broadcasts
20507sE4: VITA SACKVILLE-WEST - Saint Joan of Arc
20518: REBECCA WEST - The Thinking Reed, a Novel - Signed Copy
16952s65: ARTHUR GRAEME WEST - Diary of a Dead Officer - Being the Posthumous Papers of Arthur Graeme West
21265sD5: PERCY WESTERMAN ET AL - Sea Scout Morrison's Coup and Other Tales of the Sea
21264sD1A: PERCY F. WESTERMAN - The Dispatch-Riders
13607s3: PERCY F. WESTERMAN - A Lad of Grit
14916: CURT VON WESTERNHAGEN - The Forging of the 'Ring'
19296sC10: RAY WESTLAKE - British Territorial Units 1914-18
19372s100: R.A.WESTLAKE - Collecting Metal Shoulder Titles
19247: RAY WESTLAKE - The British Army of August 1914, an Illustrated Directory
16138s30: H.WESTMANN (EDITOR) - Man in His Relationships
6875s59: WESTWOOD, J.N. - Fighting Ships of World War II
20775sD9: E.W.WETHERELL (EDITOR) - The Philatelic Journal of Great Britain and the Philatelic Review of Reviews
20592: COMMANDER W.J.L.WHARTON - A Short History of H.M. S. Victory
18711: H.B.WHEATLEY - Reliques of Old London Upon the Banks of the Thames & in the Suburbs South of the River
9669/s34: WHEELER, RICHARD - A Special Valor - the Us Marines and the Pacific War
6306/s25: WHELPTON, BARBARA - Painters' Provence
13041s67: ERIC AND BARBARA WHELPTON - Springtime at St. Hilaire
13165/s35: CHARLES WHIBLEY - The Letters of an Englishman
13982: A.B.C.WHIPPLE - The Seafarers - the Whalers
9985: A.B.C.WHIPPLE - The Seafarers - the Clipper Ships
13968: A.B.C.WHIPPLE - The Seafarers - Fighting Sail
19019: HADDON WHITAKER (EDITOR) - Wisden Cricketers' Almanack 1940
19929s50: JOSEPH WHITAKER - Whitaker's Almanack for 1916
21361sB7: ALEC E.WHITCHER - Sportsman's Club
3884s59: B.T.WHITE - Fighting Machines of World War II
16702trolley: D.E.WHITE (EDITOR) - The Railway Observer Vol. 24, 12 Issues Jan to Dec 1954
16703trolley: D.E.WHITE (EDITOR) - The Railway Observer, Vol. 19 - 12 Issues Jan to Dec 1949
20959sD5: E.P.WHITE - Indian File
17876sB11: MALCOLM WHITE - A Century of Fishing - Fishing from Great Yarmouth and Lowestoft 1899-1999
11753s69: REV. GILBERT WHITE - The Natural History of Selborne
5810/s24: PETER WHITEBROOK - William Archer - a Biography
4015: ROBERT A.WHITEHEAD - The Age of the Traction Engine
3488: WHITEHEAD, GEORGE E. - Garden Herbs
12388: RUTH D.WHITEHOUSE - Macmillan Dictionary of Archaeology
9149/s28: WHITFIELD, DICKON (EDITOR) - Get Lucky, the Memoirs of Lord Lucan
2678: CHARLES WHITING - The Long March on Rome - the Forgotten War
12827/s40: CHARLES WHITING - Slaughter over Sicily
5394s32: CHARLES WHITING - The Barrle for Twelveland
8061s70: WHITING, CHARLES - Bloody Bremen - Ike's Last Battle 1945
18104: M.J.WHITLEY - German Cruisers of World War Two
20654sD8: CASPAR WHITNEY - The Flowing Road - Adventures on the Great Rivers of South America
20700sC4: W.WHITTALL - With Botha and Smuts in Africa
20865sD8: TYLER WHITTLE - The Last Kaiser
21008sD4: P.A.WHITTLE - Blackburn As It Is
12439/s27: A.GOWANS WHYTE - The Story of the R.P. A. - 1899-1949
11018s20: WICKS, BEN - The Day They Took the Children
14465s43: REV P.H.WICKSTEED (TRANSCRIBER) - Our Lady's Tumbler - a Twelfth Century Legend
17241s69: H.E.R.WIDNELL - The Beaulieu Record
20153: HENRY WIDOWSON - Present State of Van Diemen's Land
1157s63: RALPH WIGHTMAN - Take Life Easy
1156s52: RALPH WIGHTMAN - My Homeward Road
19887sC1: EDGAR WIGRAM - Northern Spain
13207/s34: VEN. BASIL WILBERFORCE - The Secret of the Quiet Mind
13145: WILLIAM WILBERFORCE - A Practical View of the Prevailing Religious System of Professed Christians, in the Higher and Middle Classes in the Country Contrasted with Real Christianity
1025s43: WILD, ROLAND - Southshire Pilgrimage - an Unconventional Tour from Kent to Cornwall.
21422sD9: OSCAR WILDE - Salome
13669s50: FREDERICK WILLIAM WILE - Men Around the Kaiser - the Makers of Modern Germany
15800s48: ALIX WILKINSON - The Garden in Ancient Egypt
20951: JOSEPH WILKINSON - Select Views in Cumberland, Westmoreland and Lancashire
19284sC10: ROBERT WILKINSON - LATHAM - The Royal Navy 1790-1970
19163sB5: F.WILKINSON - Flintlock Guns and Rifles, an Illustrated Reference Guide
19699s105: T.S.WILLAN - Studies in Elizabethan Foreign Trade
18719s97: GENERAL SIR JAMES WILLCOCKS - The Romance of Soldiering and Sport
19939sD10: THOMAS, WILLIAM & SAMUEL DANIELL (KATHERINE PRIOR, EDITOR) - An Illustrated Journey Round the World
17663: JEAN FOX, DAVID WILLIAMS & PETER MOUNTFFIELD - Seal, the History of a Parish
21372sD5: RAYMOND WILLIAMS - Border Country
2369/s28: NEVILLE WILLIAMS - Francis Drake
15187s47: GOMER WILLIAMS - History of the Liverpool Privateers and Letters of Marque with an Account of the Liverpool Slave Trade.
20634sF3: SIR RALPH WILLIAMS - How I Became a Governor
19370s1: HAMILTON-WILLIAMS, DAVID - The Fall of Napoleon - the Final Betrayal
15229: MARTIN WILLIAMS - The Jazz Tradition
19124s48: JUDITH WILLIAMS - Wickford, a History
15500: T.HUDSON-WILLIAMS - A Short Grammar of Old Persian
15700s34: EGERTON R.WILLIAMS - Plain Towns of Italy - the Cities of Old Venetia
17191s6: BRYAN WILLIAMS - Chaya's Moonlight Mission
1581/s67: WILLIAMSON, HENRY - The Old Stag - Stories
1582/s67: WILLIAMSON, HENRY - The Village Book
21510sB8: CAPTAIN THOMAS WILLIAMSON - Oriental Field Sports - Volume 1
18779: HENRY WILLIAMSON - Love and the Loveless, a Soldier's Tale
18785: HENRY WILLIAMSON - A Solitary War
18052s95: GORDON WILLIAMSON - German E-Boats 1939-45
18775: HENRY WILLIAMSON - Young Phillip Maddison
19439s7: DONALD CREIGHTON-WILLIAMSON - The York & Lancaster Regiment
4820/s14: WILLIAMSON, AUDREY - Contemporary Ballet
18783: HENRY WILLIAMSON - The Power of the Dead
18786: HENRY WILLIAMSON - Lucifer Before Sunrise
20392: HENRY WILLIAMSON - Tarka the Otter
19112sC8: HENRY WILLIAMSON - The Labouring Life
18778: HENRY WILLIAMSON - The Golden Virgin
18777: HENRY WILLIAMSON - A Fox Under My Cloak
19220s105: HENRY WILLIAMSON - The Wet Flanders Plain
1583: WILLIANSON, HENRY - The Labouring Life
20421s103: ROBERT WILLIS - The Architectural History of the University of Cambridge and of the Colleges of Cambridge and Eton, Volumes 1-4
21524s97: HOWARD WILLOUGHBY - Australian Pictures, Drawn with Pen and Pencil
7719/s38: GEOFFREY WILLS - English Pottery and Porcelain
18718s97: SAINTHILL EARDLEY-WILMOT - Forest Life and Sport in India
19988s105: GEOFFREY WILSON - The Old Telegraphs
18696s95: LT. COL. ALBAN WILSON - Sport and Service in Assam and Elsewhere
21462: J.B.WILSON (PREPARED BY H.A.WILSON) - The Story of Norwood
11328: WILSON, EDMUND - Axel's Castle
16581s31: DAVID WILSON - The Sum of Things
3235: DEREK WILSON - The Tower 1078-1978
5191s81: HAROLD WILSON - A Prime Minister on Prime Ministers
7573: GLENN WILSON - The Sensual Touch
19606s54: REG WILSON - Municipal Buses in Colour 1959-1974
14597s63: KEN WILSON (NOTES BY) - My Days Are Swifter Than a Weavers Shuttlle - Richard Ryley's Diary 1862
20735sD4: DEREK WILSON & PETER AYERST - White Gold - the Story of African Ivory
19353s1: JOAN WILSON - A Soldiers Wife - Wellingtons Marriage
20960sD8: H.W.WILSON - Battleships in Action - Volumes 1&2
15052s40: TREVOR WILSON - The Myriad Faces of War - Britain and the Great War 1914-1918
17742s26: ERIC WILTON - Rudiments of Aircraft Recognition
16813s4: BYRON R.WINBORN - Wen Bon
16770s3: MARTIN WINDROE - The Last Valley
19139: MAJOR W.J.R.WINGFIELD - Lectures to Cavalry Subalterns of the New Armies
17772s92: JOHN DE S.WINSER - Short Sea: Long War
18029s92: JOHN DE S.WINSER - British Invasion Fleets - the Mediterranean and Beyond 1943-1945
8892/s44: WINTER, DAVID - New Singer, New Song - the Cliff Richard Story
0445: GORDON WINTER - The Golden Camera - Three Volumes
18290sC2: MICHAEL WINTON - Vintage King's Lynn
21135sD1-A: JOHN R.WISE - Shakspere His Birthplace and Its Neighbourhood
14917s80: DIRK DE WIT - 60+40 Is Waarschijnlijk Hondered - Ahrend, Passers, Pennen, Potloden En Projecten
5738/s20: J.MILLS WITHAM - French Revolution
17689s54: WILLIAM WITHROW - Contemporary Canadian Painting
4827/S3: P.G.WODEHOUSE - Full Moon
4674/S3: P.G.WODEHOUSE - Quick Service
4675/S3: P.G.WODEHOUSE - Indiscretions of Archie
4437/S3: P.G.WODEHOUSE - Meet Mr Mulliner
4439/S3: P.G.WODEHOUSE - The Coming of Bill
4440/S3: P.G.WODEHOUSE - Week-End Wodehouse
5274/S3: P.G.WODEHOUSE - Jeeves Omnibus
21064: DR. I.WOERL - Karte Der Schweiz
17885: JOHN WOLCOT - The Poetical Works of Peter Pindar Esq
14445s43: HUMBERT WOLFE - The Fourth of August
13327/s21: REV. JOSEPH WOLFF - Travels and Adventures of the Rev. Joseph Wolff (2 Volumes)
21041: DR.WOLFIUS - A Discovery of the True Cause of the Wonderful Multiplication of Corn
220016sB3: SUKE WOLTON (EDITOR) - Marxism, Mysticism and Modern Theory
20020s104: JIM WOLVERIDGE - 'Ain't It Grand' (or This Was Stepney)
16553: JOHN E.WOOD & EDWIN H.GOODFELLOW (EDITORS) - Old Lambethans, Past and Present. A Tribute
16484s68: WALTER WOOD - The Romance of Regimental Marches
20162sC12: W.R.FORRESTER-WOOD - The Stamps and Postal History of Sarawak
12471: REV J.G.WOOD - The Boys Own Book of Natural History
21494sD5: J.WOOD - Mice for the Hobbyist, Exhibitor and Scientist
15009s7: HERBERT FAIRLIE WOOD - The King's Royal Rifle Corps
5527: WOODCOCK, JOHN (EDITOR) - Wisden Cricketers Almanack 1985
5524: WOODCOCK, JOHN (EDITOR) - Wisden Cricketers Almanack 1982
5730: JOHN WOODCOCK (EDITOR) - Wisden Cricketers' Almanack 1983
5525: WOODCOCK, JOHN (EDITOR) - Wisden Cricketers Almanack 1983
5526: WOODCOCK, JOHN (EDITOR) - Wisden Cricketers Almanack 1984
11640/s25: WOODFORDE, JOHN - Bricks to Build a House
20249: JOHN WOODHEAD - Farningham Road - a Station in Kent
7150: WOODMAN, RICHARD - The History of the Ship
17812s93: RICHARD WOODMAN - The Victory of Seapower - Winning the Napoleonic War 1806-1814
17850sC8: RICHARD WOODMAN - The Real Cruel Sea - the Merchant Navy in the Battle of the Atlantic 1939-1943
19704sB11: C.EVELEIGH WOODRUFF - A History of the Town and Port of Fordwich with a Transcription of the 15th Century Copy of the Custumal
15686s49: REX WOODS - One Man's Desert - the Story of Captain Pip Gardner VC,MC
14261/s3: KATH WOODWARD - Social Sciences: The Big Issues
0293/s20: WOODWARD, E.L. - French Revolutions
19900_cabinet: WOODWARD, DR. S.P. - A Manual of the Mollusca - a Treatise of Recent and Fossil Shells
21456: OLIVER WOOLLER - The Great Estates, Six Country Houses in the London Borough of Bexley
21457: OLIVER WOOLLER - The House of Broken Fortunes, Hall Place in the Twentieth Century
18318: AS TOLD TO MARTHA WILSON WOOLLEY - Early Memoirs of Frank Woolley
11639: BOB WOOLMER WITH IVOR TENNANT - Woolmer on Cricket
19316s51: GEOFFREY WOOTTEN - Waterloo 1815 - Birth of Modern Europe
10505: WORDSWORTH, CHRISTOPHER - Christian Institutes: A Series of Discourses and Tracts - Vols 1&2
20198s7: WILLIAM WORDSWORTH - The Deserted Cottage
13184/s42: R.N.WORTH - Tourist's Guide to North Devon and the Exmoor District
20653sF9: FRANK WORTHINGTON - The Witch Doctor and Other Rhodesian Studies
20145s6: SUSAN WRATHMELL - Leeds
20619sD7: BARNABY WRIGHT (EDITOR) - Walter Sickert - the Camden Town Nudes
16181s51: DUDLEY WRIGHT (EDITOR) - Gould's History of Freemasonry - Vol. 4
9662/s42: WRIGHT, DERRICK - A Hell of a Way to Die - Tarawa Atoll 20-23 November 1943
7626: THOMAS WRIGHT - The Town of Cowper or the Literary and Historical Associations of Olney and Its Neighbourhood
16454s64: R.J.WYATT - Collecting Volunteer Militaria
4232: WYKES, ALAN - Gambling
19885sC1: W.L.WYLLIE & MRS WYLLIE - London to the Nore
17893s96: H.C.WYLLY - The 1st and 2nd Battalions the Sherwood Foresters (Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Regiments) in the Great War
18011s54: KENNETH WYNN - U-Boat Operations of the Second World War, Vol. 2, Carer Histories, U511-Uit25
21209sD7: WILLIAM YARRELL - A History of British Birds in Three Volumes
8639: DORNFORD YATES - The Berry Scene
8625: DORNFORD YATES - Red in the Morning
8626: DORNFORD YATES - The Berry Scene
8628: DORNFORD YATES - Jonah and Co
8630: DORNFORD YATES - Berry and Co.
8632: DORNFORD YATES - And Berry Came Too
14542s4: DORNFORD YATES - Adele and Co
14545s4: DORNFORD YATES - The Courts of Idleness
14547s4: DORNFORD YATES - Maiden Stakes
14550s4: DORNFORD YATES - Red in the Morning
14551s4: DORNFORD YATES - Cost Price
14552s4: DORNFORD YATES - The Berry Scene
14554s4: DORNFORD YATES - Period Stuff
14559s4: DORNFORD YATES - Jonah and Co
14583s4: DORNFORD YATES - Berry and Co
6864s4: SELLAR AND YEATMAN - 1066 and All That
18965: MICHAEL PROCTOR, PETER YEO & ANDREW LACK - The Natural History of Pollination, No. 83 New Naturalist Series
10846/s23: YONGE, CHARLOTTE M. - The Wardship of Steepcoombe
17334s26: INOURA YOSHINOBU & KAWATAKE TOSHIO - A History of Japanes Theatre Vols 1&2
20702sD5: FRANCIS YOUGHUSBAND - South Africa of to-Day
12069: ELIZABETH & WAYLAND YOUNG - London's Churches
com013: YOUNG, FILSTON - Mastersingers
21348: ARTHUR YOUNG - Nautical Dictionary
21374sB5: GORDON YOUNG - Outposts of War
6362s57: KENNETH YOUNG - Churchill and Beaverbrook - a Study in Friendship and Politics
20180sC12: EOIN S.YOUNG - Bruce Mclaren, the Man and His Racing Team
19962s95: EOIN YOUNG - Jim Clark and His Most Successful Lotus
20665sC4: ROBERT YOUNG - African Wastes Reclaimed, Illustrated in the Story of the Lovedale Mission
1484/s25: W.A.YOUNG - The Silver and Sheffield Plate Collector
6828/1/s21: YOUNG, DESMOND - Rommel
16928s66: ERNEST YOUNG - From Russia to Siam
21302sF5: EOIN S.YOUNG - It Still Beats Working! - My Forty Years of Motor Racing Fun
21301sF5: EOIN S.YOUNG - Forza Amon! - a Biography of Chris Amon
17680s93: ANDREW MCLAREN YOUNG ET AL - The Paintings of James Mcneill Whistler in Two Volumes
16086s60: EMIL YUNG - Montreux and Its Neighbourhood - Edition de Luxe
18534sB8: ALICE AND GERHARD ZADEK - Mit Dem Letzten Zug Nach England
18433: STEVEN J.ZALOGA - Blitzkrieg - Armour Camouflage and Markings 1939-1940
0855/2s1: GROUNDES-PEACE ZARA - Mrs Groundes-Peace's Old Cookery Notebook
16015s61: WILBUR GLEASON ZEIGLER - Story of the Earthquake and Fire
13358/s3: FRANZ ZIMMERMANN - Einfuhrung in Die Existenzphilosophie

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