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9578: CHARLES O'NEIL - The Military Adventures of Charles O'Neil
6893: RICHARD O'NEILL - Modern Us Army
21824: C.P.NEILSON (EDITOR) - The Ancient Town and Port of Sandwich, Official Hanbook Illustrated
20331: JOHN NELSON - The History and Antiquities of the Parish of Islington in the County of Middlesex
22029sB12: JOHN NELSON - The History, Topography and Antiquities of the Parish of St. Mary Islington
2574/s12: NESBIT, J.C. - Agricultural Chemistry and the Nature and Properties of Peruvian Guano
13784s66: ROY CONYERS NESBIT - Eyes of the Raf - a History of Photo-Reconnaissance
16676s69: ALEXANDER NESBITT - A Descriptive Catalogue of the Glass Vessels in the South Kensington Museum
16760trolley: G.P.NETTLESHIP (EDITOR) - L.C. G.B. Bulletin Jan - Dec 1970
20613sD2: JAMES NEUGASS - War Is Beautiful - an American Ambulance Driver in the Spanish CIVIL War
20484s99: ALFRED NEUMANN - Man of December
4317: RALPH NEVILL - The Man of Pleasure
13223/s33: REV. CHARLES NEVINSON (EDITOR) - Later Writings of Bishop Hooper Together with His Letters and Other Pieces.
17075s59: TIM NEWARK - In Heroes Footsteps - a Walkers Guide to the Battlefields of the World
15530s47: E.A.NEWBERY - Coleoptera of the Isle of Wight
7964/s33: NEWBY, ERIC - On the Shores of the Mediterranean
16758trolley: R.NEWCOMBE (EDITOR) - L.C. G.B. Bulletin, June 1971
16759trolley: R.NEWCOMBE (EDITOR) - L.C. G.B. Bulletin - July-Dec 1971
16756trolley: R.NEWCOMBE (EDITOR) - L.C. G.B. Bulletin, August 1973
16757trolley: R.NEWCOMBE (EDITOR) - L.C. G.B. Bulletin, January 1971
16754trolley: R.NEWCOMBE (EDITOR) - L.C. G.B. Bulletin, March 1973
16755trolley: R.NEWCOMBE (EDITOR) - L.C. G.B. Bulletin, June 1973
16752trolley: R.NEWCOMBE (EDITOR) - L.C. G.B. Bulletin, January 1972
16753trolley: R.NEWCOMBE (EDITOR) - L.C. G.B. Bulletin, February 1973
19524s8: JOHN NEWMAN - North East and East Kent
2595/s28: BERNARD NEWMAN - The Captured Archives - the Story of the Nazi - Soviet Documents.
15891s52: TOM NEWTON - 'Howfen'
21853sC5: W.M.NEWTON - On Palaeolithic Figures of Flint Found in the Old River Alluvia of England and France and Called Figure Stones
19006: IAN NEWTON - Bird Populations, No. 124 New Naturalist Series
6730: NICHOLAS, MARGARET - The World's Greatest Cranks and Crackpots
6332: BEVERLEY NICHOLS (EDITOR) - A Book of Old Ballads
2527/s43: NICHELLE NICHOLS - Beyond Uhura - Star Trek and Other Memories
5915s52: DAVID NICKERSON - English Furniture
21826sC13: MIKE NICKS (EDITOR) - Castrol Motorcycle Racing Manual
7361/s20: NIGEL NICOLSON - Portrait of a Marriage
18195s96: AXEL NIESTLE - German U-Boat Losses During World War II
6197/2s80: ANAIS NIN - Delta of Venus
18772s108: THOMAS NIPPERDEY - Germany from Napoleon to Bismarck 1800-1866
17295s42: KYOTARO NISHIKAWA - Bugaku Masks
20493s99: FREDERICK NIVEN - Mine Inheritance
17211s67: CYRIL NOALL - The Book of Hayle
7408/s24: PETER NOBLE - Ivor Novello - Man of the Theatre
14220/s26: DUDLEY NOBLE (EDITOR) - The Jubilee Book of the Royal Automobile Club 1897-1947
20445sG4: THOMAS NOBLE (EDITOR) - The History and Gazetteer of the County of Derby - Vols 1& 2
19956s95: WILLIAM F.NOLAN - Phil Hill, Yankee Champion
6870s66: NORDEEN, LON - Fighters over Israel
13449: J&M NORGATE & F.HUDSON - Dunfermline Clockmakers Up to 1900
16652s80: SIR LAURENCE GOMME/PHILIP NORMAN - London County Council Survey of London, Volume V the Parish of St. Giles-in-the-Fields (Partii)
17439s30: C.B.NORMAN - Colonial France
16654s80: MONTAGU H.COX/PHILIP NORMAN - London County Council Survey of London, Volume XIV the Parish of St. Margaret, Westminster Part (III) Neighbourhood of Whitehall Vol. II
22103sG6: PETER NORRIS & KEITH HAYWARD - The History of Northolt Aerodrome
21847s24: GEOFFREY NORRIS - The Royal Flying Corps - a History
7340/s42: NORWICH, JOHN JULIUS - A Taste for Travel - an Anthology
5786s66: HEINZ J NOWARRA - The Focke-Wulf 190 - a Famous German Fighter
22038sE8: BERNARD NURSE - London, Prints & Drawings Before 1800
21015sF1: DOUG NYE - Powered by Jaguar
21020sF1: DOUG NYE - Racers 1948-1968, the Legends of Formula 1
20338sC13: DOUG NYE - Mclaren, the Grand Prix, Can-Am and Indy Cars
13174/s35: ANTON NYSTROM - Before, During, and After 1914
19442s7: L.B.OATTS - The Highland Light Infantry
5176/s33: OBERDORFER, DON - The Two Koreas - a Contemporary History
6858: OFFIT, AVODAH K. - Night Thoughts - Reflections of a Sex Therapist
20532s98: GRANIA OGILVIE - The Dictionary of South African Painters and Sculptors Including Namibia
19096: JAMES S.OGILVY - Relics & Memorials of London Town
14642: BOB OGLEY - Kent - a Chronicle of the Century 1900-1999 - 4 Volumes in Slipcase
13192/s34: MICHAEL OGNATIEFF - Isaiah Berlin, a Life
17312s49: HIROSHI OHCHI - Ikebana - the Japanese Art of Flower Arrangement
16865sE4: BEN OKRI - Infinite Riches
8614: OLIVER, THE REVD. KENNETH - Chaplain at War
19211s50: MICHAEL OLIVER & RICHARD PARTRIDGE - The Battle of Albuera 1811 - Glorious Field of Grief
6882s66: OLIVER, DAVID - British Combat Aircraft in Action Since 1945
16617: ANN OLLEY & GORDON & BETTY BATCHELOR - Fallen Leaves of Wealden History
20798sF1: EDMUND OLLIER - Cassell's Illustrated History of the Russo-Turkish War - Vol 1
17057: PIET OLYSLAGER - A Picture History of the Motor Car - Complete Set in 20 Volumess
21564s99: CHARLES OMAN - English Church Plate 597-1830
9739/s35: OMAN, CAROLA - Nelson
5933/s35: CAROLA OMAN - Nelson
19197s50: SIR CHARLES OMAN - Studies in the Napoleonic Wars
19763sC3: G.W.T.OMOND - Belgium
19786sC2: G.W.T.OMOND - Belgium
12477/s67: ROBERT OPIE - Rule Britannia, Trading on the British Image
14927s81: SUSIE ORBACH - Bodies
3123: D'ORGEIX, LE CHEVALIER - Horse in the Blood
7441s2: TEMPLE AUGUSTUS ORME - An Introduction to the Science of Heat
2341s1: ORTIZ, ELIZABETH LAMBERT - Mexican Cooking
21955: GEORGE ORWELL - Homage to Catalonia
7425/s25: JOHN OSBORNE - A Better Class of Person - an Autobiography 1929-1956
18172sB5: RICHARD OSBORNE (EDITOR) - Conversion for War
20948: WILLIAM OSBURN - An Account of an Egyptian Mummy
14787s52: E.A.OULD - Old Cottages, Farm Houses, and Other Half Timber Buildings in Shropshire, Herefordshire and Cheshire
17186s43: LUKE OVER & CHRIS TYRRELL - The Royal Hundred of Bray
20792sF5: BESSIE OWEN - Aerial Vagabond
21466s97: LT. COL. D.J.OWEN - Gallant and Distinguished Service - the Royal Corps of Transport Medal Collection 1794-1993
6862s1: OXFORD, ARNOLD WHITAKER - English Cookery Books to the Year 1850
9758: CUMMING, WILLIAM P. & RANKIN, HUGH - The Fate of a Nation - the American Revolution Through Contemporary Eyes
7606s66: COATES, W.P. & ZELDA K. - The Soviet Finnish Campaign, Military & Political 1939-1940
21502sD10: PIERRE VAN PAASSEN - That Day Alone
21458: JAMES PACKER - Lost Pubs of Bexley
9257: PADEV, MICHAEL - Dimitrov Wastes No Bullets
9699: PADFIELD, PETER - Nelson's War
18950: CHRISTOPHER N.PAGE - Ferns, No. 74 New Naturalist Series
20166sC12: CHRISTOPHER PAGE - Command in the Royal Naval Division
20844s19: GERTRUDE PAGE - Jill on a Ranch
6246: KURT PAHLEN - Music of the World - a History
19982s104: E.C.PAIN - History of Deal 1914-1953
19921: RODDY PAINE & CATHERINE WALLIS - Tunbridge Wells
16645: WILLIAM PALEY - Evidences of Christianity
20420s104: JUHANI PALLASMAA (EDITOR) - Hvittrask, the Home As a Work of Art
18243sC3: W.T.PALMER - The English Lakes
7380s47: LILLI PALMER - Change Lobsters and Dance - an Autobiography
19778sC5: W.T.PALMER - The English Lakes
17305: ELIZABETH PALMER - Ikebana - the Art of Japanese Flower Arranging
19242s6: ROY PALMER - "What a Lovely War" - British Soldier's Songs from the Boer War to the Present Day
7619s94: PALMER, NICHOLAS - The Best of Board Wargaming
21758sB5: WILLIAM STERNE PALMER - A Narrative of the Distressing Accident Which Occured at Rochester Bridge on the 13th September 1816
19360s1: PALMSTIERNA, C.F. (EDITOR) - My Dearest Louise - Letters of Marie-Louise and Napoleon 1813-1814
19426s108: COL.R.D.PALSOKAR - History of the 5th Gorkha Rifles (Frontier Force) - Vol. III 1858-1991
10175/s37: PANOVA, VERA - The Factory
16504s69: ZINON PAPAKONSTANINOU - Lawmaking and Adjudication in Archaic Greece
13348/s3: BRICE PARAIN - Untersuchungen Uber Natur Und Funktion Der Sprache
14967: SYDNEY H.PARDON (EDITOR) - John Wisden's Cricketers' Almanack for 1904
14968: SYDNEY H. PARDON (EDITOR) - John Wisden's Cricketers' Almanack for 1908
14969: SYDNEY H. PARDON (EDITOR) - John Wisden's Cricketers' Almanack for 1909
14970: SIDNEY H.PARDON (EDITOR) - John Wisden's Cricketers' Almanack for 1910
14972: SIDNEY H.PARDON (EDITOR) - John Wisden's Cricketers' Almanack for 1914
20498sB5: BERNARD PARES - Moscow Admits a Critic
19381: J.A.PARIS - Pharmacologia; Comprehending the Art of Prescribing Upon Fixed and Scientific Principles
13576/s67: REINE-MARIE PARIS - Camille - the Life of Camille Claudel, Rodin's Muse and Mistress
21331sD2: STEVEN PARISSIEN - The Georgian Group Book of the Georgian House
13587/s23: JAMES PARK - A Textbook of Mining Geology for the Use of Mining Students and Miners
21189sD7: WILLIE PARK - The Art of Putting
3154/s27: J.OXLEY PARKER - The Oxley Parker Papers
16055s67: TIM FITZGEORGE-PARKER - Great Racehorse Trainers
1848/s29: PARKER, ERIC - Field, River and Hill
2043: ERIC PARKER ET AL - Shooting, by Moor, Field and Shore (the Lonsdale Library) Vol 3
16678s4: CECIL J.PARKER - Background to the Crown
15899: JAMES PARKES - The Story of Three David Salomons at Broomhill
17792s92: C.NORTHGATE PARKINSON (EDITOR) - Samuel Walters, Lieutenant,Rn - Memoirs
19215: CAPTAIN H.G.PARKYN - A Short History of the Rifle Brigade
5630/1s3: MATTHEW PARRIS - Great Parliamentary Scandals - Four Centuries of Calumny, Smear and Innuendo
8642: PARRY, HIS HONOUR JUDGE EDWARD ABBOTT - Katawampus, Its Treatment and Cure.
3569: PARRY, C. HUBERT H. - Summary of the History and Development of Mediaeval and Modern Music
5205s60: J H PARRY - The Age of Reconnaissance - Discovery, Exploration and Settlement 1450-1650
17621: WM.PARSON AND WM.WHITE - History, Directory and Gazetteer of the Counties of Durham and Northumberland
20424s104: R.M.PARSONS - The White Ships - the Banana Trade at the Port of Bristol
9458: DR. SUSANNA PARTSCH - Rembrandt
13228/s33: PASCAL - The Thoughts on Religion and the Evidences of Christianity of Pascal
6240/s37: REV W. GLUYAS PASCOE - Daily Helps to the Higher Life
18222s96: LAWRENCE PATERSON - U-Boats in the Mediterranean 1941-1944
18186s36: LAWRENCE PATERSON - Donitz's Last Gamble - the Inshore U-Boat Campaign 1944-45
18047sC10: LAWRENCE PATERSON - U-Boat Combat Misions
18051s105: LAWRENCE PATERSON - U-Boats in the Mediterranean 1941-1944
22030sB12: HUGH PATON (COMPILER) - A Series of Original Portraits and Caricature Etchings by the Late John Kay, Miniature Painter, Edinburgh - Volumes 1&2
21224sB3: MARGUERITE PATTEN - Marguerite Patten's Cake and Biscuit Book
0841: PATTERSON, EVELYN - Gourmet Kitchen
6628: CORNELIUS DE PAUW - Recherches Philosophiques Sue Les Americains - Ou Memoires Interessants Pou Servir a L'Histoire de L'Espece Humaine
19970s93: MARCY PAVORD - Endurance Start to Finish
19282sC10: RONALD PAWLY - Napoleon's Polish Lancers of the Imperial Guard
8661/s22: PAXTON, JOSEPH - A Pocket Botanical Dictionary
21747sD3: FRANCINE PAYNE - Joyce Green and the River Hospitals
17463: FRANCINE PAYNE - A History of the Darenth Hospitals
19434s7: BASIL PEACOCK - The Royal Northumberland Fusiliers
21273s104: C.B.PEACOCK - The Practical Daily Menu
20595: W.BRIAN PEAKE ET AL - Luddesdown, the Story of a Kentish Manor
16910: MERVYN PEAKE - Titus Groan
12386: DAVID W.PEARCE - Macmillan Dictionary of Modern Economics
20315sB13: RANDOLPH PEARS - British Battleships 1892-1957
18388s3: RICHARD PEARSE - Three Years in the Levant
17940s90: PATRICK C.PEARSON & EDWARD B.PROUD - The Postal History of Iraq
3354s19: PEATTIE, DONALD CULROSS - The Road of a Naturalist
21328sD8: SIR WILLIAM PECK - The Northern Hemisphere Constellations and How to Find Them
20541sD7: INGEBORG PEDELTY - There Was a Time... . - Letters from the Heart in a War-Torn World
4185: PEEL, J.H.B. - Portrait of the Thames from Teddington to the Source
20784sD9: P.L.PEMBERTON - The Philatelic Journal of Great Britain (with Which Is Incorporated the Stamp Collector)
20785sD9: P.L.PEMBERTON - The Philatelic Journal of Great Britain (with Which Is Incorporated the Stamp Collector)
1356: PENN, MARGARET - Manchester Fourteen Miles
2427/s39: H.CHOLMONDELEY-PENNELL ET AL - Fishing (the Badminton Library)
2186: JOSEPH PENNELL AND J.C.SQUIRE - A London Reverie
19720sC2: F.E.PENNY - Southern India
19733sC3: F.E.PENNY - Southern India
17941s90: K.PENNYCUICK - The Postal History of German East Africa
19605sB9: SMITH, PENTLAND & LUTZ - The Modeller's Luftwaffe Painting Guide
9964/s31: PEPYS, SAMUEL - Samuel Pepys and the Second Dutch War
12595/s19: G.ARNCLIFFE PERCIVAL - The Electric Lamp Industry
17478s56: JOCELYN PERKINS - The Most Honourable Order of the Bath - a Descriptive and Historical Account
13520: LUCY FITCH PERKINS - The Irish Twins
13525: LUCY FITCH PERKINS - The Spartan Twins
21561sG4: CHARLES PERRAULT - The Fairy Tales of Charles Perrault
5051: BRYAN PERRETT - The Battle Book, Crucial Conflicts in History from 1469bc to the Present
9874: PERRETT, BRYAN - Against All Odds
0272: J.TAVENOR-PERRY - Dinanderie - a History and Description of Mediaeval Art Work in Copper, Brass and Bronze
16123s59: GEORGE PERRY (EDITOR) - The Book of the Great Western
3289/s27: CLAY PERRY, ANNE GORE, LAURENCE FLEMING - Old English Villages
22097s104: J.TAVENOR PERRY - Plaxtole, a Kentish Borough
9537/s16: PESKIN, ALLAN (EDITOR) - Volunteers
4079/s25: MARY PETER - Collectinmg Victoriana
19207s57: F.LORAINE PETRE - The Royal Berkshire Regiment (Princess Charlotte of Wales's) 1914-1918
18707: W.M.FLINDERS PETRIE - Corpus of Prehistoric Pottery and Palettes
21531sE10: HENRY PETTIT (EDITOR) - The Correspondence of Edward Young 1683-1765
19523s8: NIKOLAUS PEVSNER - North Lancashire
19517s7: NIKOLAUS PEVSNER - North Somerset and Bristol
19554s10: NIKOLAUS PEVSNER - Cambridgeshire
19515s8: NIKOLAUS PEVSNER - South and West Somerset
19514s7: NIKOLAUS PEVSNER - Berkshire
4856s38: ROBERT L. PFALRZGRAFF, JN. - Security Strategy and Military Defense
13770/s20: HUMPHREY PHELPS - Just Where We Belong
11629: PHILIPPS, CAPT. THE HON. R.E. - The Patrol System
20155s98: STEVEN PHILLIPPS - The Survivors - the Story of Rochdale Association Football Club
20707sB5: E.W.PHILLIPS - Fifteen Months Among the Kaffirs
com033ch: PHILLIPS, PHILIP LEE - A List of Geographical Atlases in the Library of Congress
19873s99: PHILIP PHILLIPS - The Forth Bridge in Its Various Stages of Construction and Compared with the Most Notable Bridges of the World
16879s8: CARYL PHILLIPS - The Nature of Blood
5965: PHILLIPS, P.L. - A List of Maps of America in the Library of Congress
17686s54: JOHN GOLDSMITH PHILLIPS - Early Florentine Designers and Engravers
18613s6: ROY PHILP - The Coast Blockade - the Royal Navy's War on Smuggling in Kent & Sussex 1817-1831
20094sB11: BRIAN PHILP ET AL - The Roman Villa Site at Keston, Kent - Second Report (Excavations 1967 and 1978-1990)
20095sB11: BRIAN PHILP ET AL - The Roman Villa Site at Keston, Kent - First Report (Excavations 1968-1978)
20097sB11: BRIAN PHILP - The Roman House with Bacchic Murals at Dover
20091sB11: BRIAN PHILP - The Discovery and Excavation of the Roman Shore Fort at Dover, Kent
20102sB11: BRIAN PHILP - Archaeology in the Front Line
20098sB11: BRIAN PHILP - Excavations in the Darent Valley, Kent
20100sB11: BRIAN PHILP - Excavations in West Kent 1960-1970
20099sB11: BRIAN PHILP - The Excavation of the Roman Forts of the Classis Britannica at Dover 1970-1977
7080s3: MARGE PIERCY - City of Darkness, City of Light
20671sC4: R.D.PIERPOINT - In Uganda for Christ
9031: BERNARDIN SAINT PIERRE - Paul & Virginia
3876s70: JOHN PIMLOTT - Battle of the Bulge
14009s70: JOHN PIMLOTT (EDITOR) - British Military Operations 1945-1985
21177: JOSEPH DE LA PISE - Tableau de L'Histoire Des Princes Et Principaute D'Orange, Divise En Quatre Parties, Selon Les Quatre Races Qui Y Ont Regne Souverainement Depuis L'an 793 Commencant a Guillaume Av Cornet Premier Prince D'Orange. Jusques a Frederich Henry de Nassau
0559/2: PITT, FRANCES - Meet Us in the Garden
14470s44: RUTH PITTER - On Cats
21537sB7: SUSAN PITTMAN - Lullingstone Park - the Evolution of a Mediaeval Deer Park
12823: CORNELL PLANT - Glimpses of the Yangtze Gorges
15521s67: COLIN W.PLANT - Larger Moths of the London Area
0854s1: PLAT, SIR HUGH - Delightes for Ladies
13104/s23: JAMES PLATT - Morality
20011s104: GEORGE PLECHANOFF - Anarchism and Socialism
9755: PLUMB, CHARLIE - I'm No Hero
7859/s42: ALFRED PLUMMER - Raw Materials or War Materials?
18380s43: H.N.&M.POBJOY - The Story of the Ancient Parish of Hartshead-Cum-Clifton
21440: ROBERT POCOCK - Memorials of the Family of Tufton, Earls of Thanet
4311/s67: POLAK, ADA - Glass, Its Makers and Its Public
6591: POLITEYAN, REV. J. - New Testament Archaeology - Discoveries from the Nile to the Tiber.
21509sG4: ALFRED W.POLLARD - Fine Books
19568s6: RICHARD POLLARD & NIKOLAUS PEVSNER - Lancashire: Liverpool and the South West
5632: ALFRED W POLLARD - English Miracle Plays, Moralities and Interludes
15762: VIVIAN T.POMEROY - The Legends of Lumb Lane
22027s32: CHARLES PONSONBY - West Kent (Q.O. ) Yeomanry and 10th (Yeomanry) Batt. The Buffs 1914-1919
3578/s14: MACQUEEN-POPE, W. - The Footlights Flickered
3576/s14: MACQUEEN-POPE, W. - St. James's. Theatre of Distinction
4343: W.MACQUEEN-POPE - Goodbye Piccadilly
19438s7: HUGH POPHAM - The Somerset Light Infantry
22047sC12: M.H.PORT - The Palace of Westminster, Surveyed on the Eve of the Conflagration 1834
13494/s18: UNA B.PORTER (EDITOR) - Growing Together - Letters between Frederick John Cato and Frances Bethune, 1881-1884
14850s80: TOM PORTER - Colour Outside
19656s106: DANTE GABRIEL POSSETTI - The Blessed Damozel
3977s66: LAURENS VAN DER POST - The Night of the New Moon
5483/s29: POSTAN, M.M. - Essays on Medieval Agriculture & General Problems of the Medieval Economy.
5422: THIJS POSTMA - Fokker: Aircraft Builders to the World
21944: T.POTTER - Moral Tales - the Shrubbery and the Triumph of Beauty
6403s2: FREDERICK A POTTLE (EDITOR) - Boswell on the Grand Tour - Germany and Switzerland 1764
6241: FREDERICK A POTTLE (EDITOR) - Boswell's London Journal 1762-1763
19003: G.R.POTTS - Partridges, No. 121 New Naturalist Series
14106/s4: RAY POWELL - Advanced Economics
8475/s42: POWELL, LES (EDITOR) - Trade Mark Owners Association Centenary 1886-1986
7551/s42: ROSAMOND BAYNE-POWELL - The English Child in the Eighteenth Century
17903: REV.A.H.POWELL - The Ancient Borough of Bridgwater & Bridgwater in the Later Days - 2 Volumes
18282s58: JAMES A.POWELL ET AL - Policing Warwickshire - a Pictorial History of the Warwickshire Constabulary
12572/s25: FRANCES POWELL - The House on the Hudson
16602s67: DAVID POWELL - Charles James Fox - Man of the People
4061: POWELL, GEORGE H. - Duelling Stories of the Sixteenth Century
12944: D.J.POWER - Military Psychiatry Including Terrrorism
16646: S.BEATY-POWNALL - The "Queen" Cookery Books, No. 9 - Salads, Sandwiches and Savouries
21225sB3: S.BEATY-POWNALL - The "Queen" Cookery Books - No. 6 Sweets (Part 1)
6506: F.N.L.POYNTER (EDITOR) - A Catalogue of Printed Books in the Welcome Historical Medical Library. Books Printed Before 1641
21516s106: ANNE PRATT - Our Native Songsters
8473/s24: PRATT, AMBROSE - Sidney Myer
21674s46: EDWIN A PRATT - British Railways and the Great War, Vols 1-3
16625s59: ANNE PRATT - Wild Flowers
17706s58: FLETCHER PRATT - A Short History of the CIVIL War - Ordeal by Fire
16179s29: ANDREW PRESCOTT (EDITOR) - Marking Well
6991s64: PRESTON, PAUL - Comrades - Portraits from the Spanish CIVIL War
19034: NORMAN PRESTON (EDITOR) - Wisden Cricketers' Almanack 1954
18430: NORMAN PRESTON (EDITOR) - Wisden Cricketers' Almanack 1963 - 100th Edition
17707s58: JOHN HYDE PRESTON - A Short History of the American Revolution
19030: HUBERT PRESTON (EDITOR) - Wisden Cricketers' Almanack 1950
19041: NORMAN PRESTON (EDITOR) - Wisden Cricketers' Almanack 1961
21138sD1-A: L'ABBE PREVOST - Histoire de Manon Lescaut Et Du Chevalier Desgrrieux
3055: PRICE, ELEANOR C. - The Adventures of King Arthur - Arranged from the "Morte Darthur" of Sir Thomas Malory
22066s104: JOHN A.PRICHARD - A History of Erith - Parts 1-4
14933s81: STEPHEN PRICKETT - Words and the Word - Language, Poetics and Biblical Interpretation
20470sC6: J.B.PRIESTLEY - They Walk in the City
17612s96: SUSAN PRIESTLEY - Cattlemen to Commuters
0250/s32: PRIMROSE, HILDA S. - North American Summer
6771/1/s31: PRINGLE, HEATHER - The Mummy Congress - Science, Obsession & the Everlasting Dead
13205/s34: EDNA DEAN PROCTOR AND A.MOORE - Life Thoughts, Gathered from the Extemporaneous Discourses of Henry Ward Beecher
21608: PROSSO (GEORGE FREDERICK) - Select Illustrations of the County of Surrey Comprising Picturesque Views of the Seats of the Nobility and Gentry, Interesting Remains Etc with Descriptions
17953s90: EDWARD B.PROUD - The Postal History of the British Solomon Islands and Tonga
17932s90: EDWARD B.PROUD - The Postal History of Sierra Leone
17942s90: EDWARD B.PROUD - The Postal History of Bahamas
17951s90: EDWARD B.PROUD - The Postal History of Nyasaland
17952s90: EDWARD B.PROUD - The Postal History of Cyprus
17946s90: EDWARD B.PROUD - The Postal History of Uganda and Zanzibar
17947s90: EDWARD B.PROUD & J.CHIN ALEONG - The Postal History of Trinidad & Tobago
17944s90: EDWARD B.PROUD - The Postal History of Jamaica
17933s90: EDWARD B.PROUD - The Postal History of Southern Rhodesia
17949s90: EDWARD B.PROUD & J.CHIN ALEONG - The Postal History of St Lucia and St Vincent
17950s90: EDWARD B.PROUD - The Postal History of the Gambia
17923s90: EDWARD B.PROUD - The Postal History of British Air Mails
17924s90: EDWARD B.PROUD - The Postal History of Basutoland & Bechuanaland Protectorate
17925s90: EDWARD B.PROUD - The Postal History of Aden & Somaliland Protectorate
17926s90: HECTOR PROUD - The British Sea Post Offices in the East - British Maritime Postal History, Volume 4
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17916s96: DAVID TETT - A Postal History of the Prisoners of War and Civilian Internees in East Asia During the Second World War - Volume 1
21303sD11: PRINCE BIRABONGSE OF THAILAND - Bits and Pieces Being the Motor Racing Recollections of "B. Bira"
4944s3: WILLIAM M.THAYER - From Log Cabin to White House - the Story of President Garfield's Life.
16838: O.G.THETFORD - Camouflage '14-'18 Aircraft
9410: THOMA, LESLIE - The Man with the Power
10280: THOMAS, JOAN G. - Dissection of the Locust
12317/s39: HUGH THOMAS - The Slave Trade - the History of the Atlantic Slave Trade 1440-1870
2247: KATHLEEN THOMAS - Purse Barley - the Story of a Farm-House
16626s61: ALAN J.GUY, R.N.W.THOMAS & GERARD J.DEGROOT (EDITORS) - Military Miscellany 1
17814s93: THOMAS, DAVID A. - A Companion to the Royal Navy
11599: THOMAS, R.L. - Introductory Econometrics: Theory and Applications
16832: S.EVELYN THOMAS (COMPILER) - Laughs with the R.A. F.
2064: PULLEIN-THOMPSON, JOSEPHINE - Show Jumping Secret
17829s61: JERRY THOMPSON (EDITOR) - CIVIL War in the Southwest - Recollections of the Sibley Brigade
1303/s42: THEA THOMPSON - Edwardian Childhoods
19261s98: F.GLENN THOMPSON - The Uniforms of 1798-1803
11931: CANON THOMPSON - A History of Hayes in the County of Kent
15852s27: CANON THOMPSON - A History of Hayes in the Copunty of Kent
21283sG4: DON W.THOMSON - Men and Meridians, the History of Surveying and Mapping in Canada - Vols. 1,2 &3
19106sB5: JAMES THOMSON - The Seasons
5999: JAMES THOMSON - The Seasons with a Poem to the Memory of Sir Isaac Newton
21199s105: ANTHONY TODD THOMSON - The London Dispensatory
8529/s45: THORNTON, EDWARD - The History of the British Empire in India - Volume Five
8528/s45: THORNTON, EDWARD - The History of the British Empire in India - Volume Four
8527/s45: THORNTON, EDWARD - The History of the British Empire in India - Volume Three
16863sE4: ADAM THORPE - Pieces of Light
18063sC10: SOREN THORSOE ET AL - Dfds 1866-1991
18200sB5: SOREN THORSOE & MICHAEL CROWDY - Ove Skou, Copenhagen
22042: SIMON THURLEY - Somerset House, the Palace of England's Queens 1551-1692
12158s33: REAR ADMIRAL H.G.THURSFIELD (EDITOR) - Brassey's Naval Annual 1938
18004s54: JEAN TIBBETTS - Erte

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