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9133/s24: HELEN HAYES WITH KATHERINE HATCH - My Life in Three Acts
19299s98: PHILIP HAYTHORNTHWAITE - Corunna 1809 - Sir John Moore's Fighting Retreat
19302s98: PHILIP HAYTHORNTHWAITE - British Napoleonic Infantry Tactics 1792-1815
19306sC10: PHILIP HAYTHORNTHWAITE - British Rifleman 1797-1815
19300s98: PHILIP HAYTHORNTHWAITE - Gallipoli 1915 - Frontal Assualt on Turkey
17883s95: A.HAYWARD (EDITOR) - Autobiography, Letters and Literary Remains of Mrs Piozzi (Thrale) in Two Volumes
16144: CHARLES H.HAYWARD - Staining and Polishing
13430: CHARLES H.HAYWARD - Antique Furniture Repairs
18976: PETER J.HAYWARD - Seashore, No. 94 New Naturalist Series
11631: HAZLEWOOD, REX - The Scoutmaster's Guide from a to Z
11636: HAZLEWOOD, REX (EDITOR) - The Scout Annual - 1958
11637: HAZLEWOOD, REX - The Scout Annual - 1959
11638: HAZLEWOOD, REX - The Scout Annual - 1961
16368s65: W.CAREW HAZLITT - Faiths and Folklore of the British Isles - Vols 1&2
1945s1: HAZLITT, W. CAREW - Old Cookery Books and Ancient Cuisine
19342sC8: MICHAEL G.HEAD - Foot Regiments of the Imperial Guard
3604/s45: SIR FRANCIS B.HEAD - Descriptive Essays Contributed to the Quarterly Review - 2 Volumes
19265s104: MICHAEL G.HEAD - French Napoleonic Lancer Regiments
15631s59: SIR AMBROSE HEAL - The London Furniture Makers - from the Restoration to the Victorian Era 1660-1840
18030s100: S.C.HEAL - A Great Fleet of Ships - the Canadian Forts & Parks
6533/s67: SIR AMBROSE HEAL - London Furniture Makers 1660 - 1840
17567sB12: TIM HEALD - Denis Compton
17567: TIM HEALD - Denis Compton
18457: SELECTED BY TIM HEALD & SUE BRADBURY - The Folio Treasury of Shorter Crime Fiction
18232: MAJOR ALFRED HEALES - The History of Tanridge Priory, Surrey
18188s90: P.M.HEATON - Tatems of Cardiff
18202sB5: P.M.HEATON - The Abbey Line
22083sG6: WOLF HECKMANN - Rommel's War in Africa
21368sB7: SEBASTIAN HEFFNER - Offensive Against Germany
14017: GEORG WILHELM FRIEDRICH HEGEL - Werke in Zwanzig Banden 20 - Vorlesungen Uber Die Geschichte Der Philosophie III
14016: GEORG WILHELM FRIEDRICH HEGEL - Werke in Zwanzig Banden 9 - Enzyklopadie Der Philosophischen Wissenschaften II
14018: GEORG WILHELM FRIEDRICH HEGEL - Werke in Zwanzig Banden 8 - Enzyklopadie Der Philosophischen Wissenschaften 1
21093sD3: HEINRICH HEINE - Buch Der Lieder
15269s80: J.J. VAN HELDON ET AL - Trams Rn Tramlijnen - Voorlopers Van de 'Blauwe Tram'
20981sC6: RACEY HELPS - Little Tommy Purr
21965sH5: ERNEST HEMINGWAY - Short Stories
19884sC1: JOHN HENDERSON - The West Indies
17877s92: GRAEME HENDERSON & MYRA STANBURY - The Sirius - Past and Present.
3129/s16: LIEUT. COL. G.F.R.HENDERSON - Stonewall Jackson and the American CIVIL War in 2 Volumes
20357: SIR FREDERICK HENNIKER - Notes During a Visit to Egypt, Nubia, the Oasis, Mount Sinai and Jerusalem
1271: ROBERT HENREY - The King of Brentford
20347sC13: ALAN HENRY - Driven Man - David Richards, Prodrive and the Race to Win
19602sB9: PETER HENSHAW - The Ultimate Encyclopedia of the Corvette
19626s106: PETER HENSHAW - The Ultimate Guide to American Cars
2094: HENTY, G.A. - Yarns on the Beach
1601/2s3: HENTY, G.A. - The Lion of St. Mark
1597: HENTY, G.A. - Held Fast for England
1595: HENTY, G.A. - St. Bartholomew's Eve
1599: HENTY, G.A. - A Final Reckoning
1594: HENTY, G.A. - In the Heart of the Rockies
1602: HENTY, G.A. - The Cat of Bubastes
17980: G.A.HENTY - St. Bartholomew's Eve
17981: G.A.HENTY - In Greek Waters
2091: HENTY, G.A. - By England's Aid, or the Freeing of the Netherlands, 1585-1604
20921sD3: G.A.HENTY - A Jacobite Exile
12551: G.A.HENTY - With Wolfe in Canada or the Winning of a Continent
1514: HENTY, G.A. - In Times of Peril
1605: HENTY, G.A. - Beric the Briton
19931: G.A.HENTY - Through Russian Snows
12947: MICHEL HERSEN & SAMUEL M.TURNER (EDITORS) - Diagnostic Interviewing
6805s94: ROBERT EDWIN HERZSTEIN - Waldheim - the Missing Years
14229s3: CONSTANCE HEWARD - Ameliaranne Cinema Star
21911sD7: RAYMOND V.HEWETT (EDITOR) - Maidstone 1549-1949 Official Charter Brochure
11095: HEWITT, GORDON - The Problems of Success - a History of the Church Missionary Society 1910-1942, Two Volumes
6516/s41: HEYER, GEORGETTE - Black Sheep
14027s21: SHIRLEY HIBBERD - The Amateur's Rose Book
3331/1: STUART HIBBERD - This - Is London...
9778: HIBBERT, CHRISTOPHER - Cavaliers and Roundheads - the English at War 1642-1649
6113s57: HOMER H. HICKAM - Rocket Boys - a True Story
17851s37: DONALD R.HICKEY - The War of 1812 - a Short History
22035s97: MARTIN HIGGINSON - Tramway London
18335s26: HARRY HIGNETT - 21 Centuries of Pilotage - the History of the United Kingdom Maritime Pilots' Association
15711s43: ROBERT HILBERT - Pee Wee Russell - the Life of a Jazzman
14359/s63: BARABARA LUEBKE-HILL - Painting Animals, Step by Step
19680s106: J.A.SILLITOE HILL - The Front Line and Beyond It - a Diary of 1917-18
8901: HILL, DOUGLAS - A Hundred Years of Georgian London
17556s55: GEORGE BIRKBECK HILL (EDITOR) - Johnsonian Miscellanies in Two Volumes
16874s8: TOBIAS HILL - Underground
13162/s23: M.W.HILLES - The Essentials of Physiology
21022sF1: CHRISTOPHER HILTON - Ken Tyrrell - Portrait of a Motor Racing Giant
19960s95: CHRISTOPHER HILTON - Ken Tyrrell, Portrait of a Motor Racing Giant
15628s59: F.LEWIS HINCKLEY - Hepplewhite, Sheraton & Regency Furniture
15629s59: F.LEWIS HINCKLEY - The More Significant Georgian Furniture
20621sD8: F.H.HINSLEY ET AL - British Intelligence in the Second World War - Volume 2
20967sF5: ED VAN HINTE - Richard Hutten
13277s47: LUDWIG HINTERTHUR - Praktische Pilzkunde
6936: HITCHCOCK, CAPTAIN F.C. - To Horse
21986: ERIC HOBSBAWM - The Making of the Modern World
17745s70: ADAM HOCHSCHILD - King Leopold's Ghost
15708s43: ART HODES AND CHADWICK HANSEN - Hot Man - the Life of Art Hodes
4103/s38: J.FREDERICK HODGETTS - Greater England - Being a Brief Historical Sketch of the Various Possessions of Her Majesty, the Empress Queen, in Europe, Asia, Africa, America and Oceania.
12216: F.C.HODGSON - Thames-Side in the Past - Sketches in Its Literature and Society
20641sC4: ARNOLD W.HODSON - Trekking the Great Thirst - Travel and Sport in the Kalahari Desert
20816sD10: A.A.HOEHLING - The Jeannette Expedition - an ILL-Fated Journey to the Arctic
16962s66: RUDOLF HOESS - Commandant of Auschwitz
6603/s23: PROFESSOR HOFFMANN - King Koko or the Pretty Princess and the Lucky Lover
14446s44: GERARD HOFFNUNG - Hoffnung's Humoresque
14448s44: GERARD HOFFNUNG - Hoffnung's Little Ones
14447s44: GERARD HOFFNUNG - Hoffnung's Constant Readers
20536sD11: WERNER HOFMANN & UDO KULTERMANN - Modern Architecture in Colour
18535s19: HUGO VON HOFMANNSTHAL - Die Gedichte Und Kleinen Dramen
16150s50: RICK HOGBEN - A Sharp Look-out - One Hundred Years of Maritime History As Reported by "Fairplay"
8960: HOGG, GARRY - The English Country Inn
18281sB5: STEVE HOLBERRY - A Pictorial History of Huddersfield and District Police Force
0700: EDITH HOLDEN - The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady
20344sC13: BILL HOLDER - Stock Car Racing
8075: S.REYNOLDS HOLE - A Book About Roses - How to Grow and Show Them
20615sD2: ROBERT HOLLAND - Blue-Water Empire - the British in the Mediterranean Since 1800
19883sC1: CLIVE HOLLAND - Wessex
19746sC2: CLIVE HOLLAND - Wessex
19734sC3: CLIVE HOLLAND - Warwickshire
21447sD8: A.J.HOLLAND - Buckler's Hard, a Rural Shipbuilding Centre
20762sD5: CLIVE HOLLAND - Things Seen in Egypt
19734: CLIVE HOLLAND - Warwickshire
7197: ALAN HOLLINGSWORTH - England in Cameracolour - Kent
19485s95: MARTIN HOLLINSHEAD - The Complete Rabbit and Hare Hawk
16445: A.C.HOLLIS - The Masai - Their Language and Folklore
15758: W.H.HOLLOWAY - Northamptonshire and the Great War 1914-1918
19650sC12: CHARLES HOLME (EDITOR) - Modern Pen Drawings; European and American
9373: HOLMES, RICHARD - The World Atlas of Warfare
9385: HOLMES, EDRIC - London's Countryside
13227/s33: T.RICE HOLMES & P.H.LEE WARNER - Gai IVLI Caesaris Commentarii Rervm in Gallia Gestarvm VII Accedit Avlihirti Commentarivs
17803s92: HOLMES, MICHAEL - Augustus Hervey, a Naval Casanova
8668/s23: HOLMES, F.M. - The Marvels of Metals
4315: A.R.HOLMES & EDWIN GREEN - Midland - 150 Years of Banking Business
5840/s31: TIM HOLMES AND REBEKKA SMITH - Collecting, Restoring and Riding Classic Motorcycles
20191: RICHARD HOLMES - Pontefract - Its Name, Its Lords and Its Castle, a Concise History
5817/s25: MICHAEL HOLROYD ET AL - The Genius of Shaw
1412/s25: MICHAEL HOLROYD - Basil Street Blues - a Family Story
14487s59: TONIE & VALMAI HOLT - In Search of the Better 'Ole - the Life, the Works and the Collectables of Bruce Bairnsfather
13356: HARALD HOLZ - Einfuhrung in Die Transzendentalphilosophie
9186: HOME, CHARLES - A New Chronological Abridgment of the History of England
17654: JANE HOMESHAW & CLIVE THOMAS - Wrotham - a Century in Pictures
12620/s19: MARJORIE B.HONEYBOURNE - London Topographical Record Vol. XXIII 1974
13180: EDWIN PAXTON HOOD - Swedenborg - a Biography and an Exposition
17788s92: F.A.HOOK - Merchant Adventurers 1914-1918
20522: THEODORE EDWARD HOOK - Facts, Illustrative of the Treatment of Napoleon Bonaparte in Saint Helena - Bound Together with the Manuscript of 1814 a History of the Events Which Led to the Abdication of Napoleon by Baron Fain
22099sC12: ERNEST A.HOOTON - Harvard African Studies Vol. VII - the Ancient Inhabitants of the Canary Islands
22034: W.E.STANTON HOPE - Gallipoli Revisited
16877s8: CHRISTOPHER HOPE - Me, the Moon and Elvis Presley
15137s61: RONALD HOPE - Poor Jack - the Perilous History of the Merchant Seaman
17915s96: M.L.HOPKINS (COMPILED AND EDITED) - Geddington - a Dairy of a Village
15587s50: JAMES HOPKINSON - Memoirs of a Victorian Cabinet Maker
19915s26: HOPPE, HEINZ C. - Serving the Star Around the World
3871s41: MERVYN HORDER (EDITOR) - Memoirs of a Mercenary
com_27_btm: PAUL HORGAN - Humble Powers
15276s2: J.V.HORN - The Story of the Dover Corporation Tramways, 1897-1936
11448: HORNAK, ANGELO - London from the Thames
13199/s34: C.SILVESTER HORNE - The Relationships of Life
16569s40: JOHN FLETCHER HORNE - The Mirage of Two Buries Cities
22100: LT.GENERAL SIR BRIAN HORROCKS (EDITOR) - Famous Regiments Series - 65 Titles
16227s48: E.L.S.HORSBURGH - Bromley Kent - from the Earliest Times to the 'Present Century'
20070: THOMAS WALKER HORSFIELD - The History, Antiquities and Topography of the County of Sussex, Volumes 1&2
21403: LIEUT. COLONEL HORT - The Days When We Had Tails on Us
6065: CHRIS HORTON (EDITOR) - Encyclopedia of Cars
12391s99: DONALD D.HORWARD (EDITOR) - Napoleonic Military History, a Bibliography
22174: RICHARD HORWOOD - Plan of the Cities of London and Westminster the Borough of Southwark and Parts Adjoining Shewing Every House
12561/s39: WEE CHOW HOU - Sun Tzu - War & Management
2829/s43: RICHARD HOUGH - Edwina - Countess Mountbatten of Burma
5901s57: RICHARD HOUGH - Former Naval Person - Churchill and the Wars at Sea
20502sB5: CLAUDE HOUGHTON - This Was Ivor Trent
14471s44: A.E.HOUSEMAN - Last Poems
0200: TRUST HOUSES - Tales of Old Inns
15560: MARY G.HOUSTON & FLORENCE S.HORNBLOWER - Ancient Egyptian, Assyrian and Persian Costumes and Decorations
0085/s42: R.W.HOW - Good Country Days
1203: HOWARD, COLIN - Cotswold Days
15857s40: FRANK HOWARD - The Sketchers Manual
9786s94: HOWARD, CECIL - Pizarro and the Conquest of Peru
14534: CHARLES HOWARD - The Handy Route Book of England and Wales - Part 1 Southern England
16973: ALFRED HOWARD - The Beauties of Byron
7706: ANTHONY HOWARD - Country Ways in Kent
3853: HOWARTH, STEPHEN - A Century in Oil. The Shell Transport and Trading Company 1897-1997
0920s1: ROBIN HOWE - Far Eastern Cookery
0620s1: ROBIN HOWE - A Cook's Tour
6229/s32: BEA HOWE - A Galaxy of Governesses
12723sE10: GEORGINA HOWELL - Daughter of the Desert - the Remarkable Life of Gertrude Bell
4327/s28: WILLIAM HOWITT - Visits to Remarkable Places
22094s56: WILLIAM HOWITT - The Northern Heights of London or Historical Associations of Hampstead, Highgate, Muswell Hill, Hornsey and Islington
3744/s13: EDWIN P.HOYT, JR. - The Guggenheims and the American Dream
17791s92: EDWIN P.HOYT - The Mutiny on the Globe
19545s9: EDWARD HUBBARD - Clwyd
12912: FRANK HUBBARD - Three Centuries of Harpsichord Making
19428s98: G.HUDDLESTONE - History of the East Indian Railway
21212sD3: W.H.HUDSON - British Birds
18249s90: A.K.HUGGINS - British Postal Stationery
14058/s2: ANNE HUGHES (EDITOR) - Seventeenth Century England - a Changing Culture, Volume One Primary Sources
21821sB5: DORIS HUGHES (EDITOR) - Ivy Lane Remembered
17740: RICHARD HUGHES & MICHAEL ROWE - The Colouring, Bronzing and Patination of Metals
8090: G.BERNARD HUGHES - Horse Brasses and Other Small Items for the Collector
5054: MAJOR GENERAL B.P.HUGHS - Firepower - Weapons Effectiveness on the Battlefield, 1630-1850
22095s54: DAVID HUGHSON - London, Being an Accurate History and Description of the British Metropolis and Its Neighbourhood to Thirty Miles Extent, from an Actual Perambulation - Volumes 1-6
6004s36: VICTOR HUGO - Odes Et Ballades
21114sD4: VICTOR HUGO - Notre-Dame de Paris
21096sD6: VICTOR HUGO - La Pitie Supreme
21124sD6: VICTOR HUGO - Oeuvres Completes de Victor Hugo - Poesie, Volume XIII, L'Art D'Etre Grand-Pere
13213/s33: J.H.HUIZINGA - The Making of a Saint - the Tragi-Comedy of Jean-Jacques Rousseau
19420s90: WILLIAM HUMBER - A Practical Treatise of Cast and Wrought Iron Bridges and Girders As Applied to Railway Structures
17428s70: HENRY HUMPHERUS - History of the Origin and Progress of the Company of Watermen and Lightermen of the River Thames with Numerous Historical Notes - Volume 3
19418s108: STEPHEN HUMPHREY - The Twentieth Century Southwark
20949: HENRY NOEL HUMPHREYS - The Origin and Progress of the Art of Writing
17460: ROY HUMPHREYS - Dover at War 1939-45
21711sD3: MABEL LEIGH HUNT - The Peddler's Clock
16439: LESLIE HUNT - Twenty-One Squadrons - the History of the Royal Auxiliary Airforce 1925-1957
13835: LESLIE HUNT - Bleriot to Bae 146 - the History of Southend Airport 1915-1993
6612/s39: W.A.HUNTER (EDITOR) - Fisherman's Pie - an Angling Symposium
13225/s33: SIR WILLIAM WILSON HUNTER - The Old Missionary
21193cab: JOSEPH HUNTER - Hallamshire. The History and Topography of the Parish of Sheffield in the County of York
18731sC10: DAVID F.HUTCHINGS - Caronia, Legacy of a 'Pretty Sister'
8503: HUTCHINGS, MONICA M. - The Special Smile
8502: HUTCHINGS, MONICA M. - Hundredfold
16317: T.J.HUTCHINSON - Narrative of the Niger, Tshadda & Binue Exploration
6970/s13: TOM HUTCHINSON - Marilyn Monroe
8682/s14: HUTCHINSON, PETER - Footprint, Central America & Mexico, Handbook 2002
1152s28: HUTCHINSON, MARGARET - Childhood in Edwardian Sussex
17870s90: JOHN R.HUTCHINSON - The Press Gang Afloat and Ashore
13373s51: MAXWELL HUTCHINSON - Number 57 - the History of a House
15885s59: ALLEN HUTT - Fournier - the Compleat Typographer
8510: CHARLES HUTTON - The Compendious Measurer
8809/s32: HUXLEY, FRANCIS - Affable Savages
3997/s42: HUXLEY, ELSPETH - Gallipot Eyes - a Wiltshire Diary
7193/s22: EDWARD HYAMS - Dionysus - a Social History of the Wine Vine.
22043: RALPH HYDE - The a to Z of Georgian London
7437s81: H.MONTGOMERY HYDE - Norman Birkett - the Life of Lord Birkett of Ulverston
15167s2: JAMES WILSON HYDE - The Royal Mail - Its Curiosities and Romance
14034: EVELYN NIEN-MING CH'IEN - Weird English
15875: CHARLES IGGLESDEN - A Saunter Through Kent with Pen and Pencil - Vol 7
15877: CHARLES IGGLESDEN - A Saunter Through Kent with Pen and Pencil - Vol 4
15876: CHARLES IGGLESDEN - A Saunter Through Kent with Pen and Pencil - Vol 5
22026: CAYLEY ILLINGWORTH - A Topographical Account of the Parish of Scampton in the County of Lincoln and of the Roman Antiwuitoes Lately Discovered There Together with Anecdotes of the Family of Bolle
18737sB5: CAROLA INGALL - The P&O Line and Princess Cruises
6853/s67: JOHN INGAMELLS (EDITOR) - The Hertford Mawson Letters
16230s67: ALFRED INGHAM - A History of Altrincham and Bowden with an Account of the Barony and House of Dunham
13786/s40: SIMON INGLIS (EDITOR) - The Best of Charles Buchan's Football Monthly
14522: HARRY R.G.INGLIS - The Contour Road Book of England - South East Division
16088: HARRY R.G.INGLIS - The Contour Road Book of England - Wester Division
19653s105: THOMAS INGOLDSBY - The Ingoldsby Legends or Mirth & Marvels
16043s60: BRUCE INGRAM - The Illustrated London News Tribute to Winston Churchill
18967: DAVID INGRAM & NOEL ROBERTSON - Plant Disease, No. 85 New Naturalist Series
9237/s16: INNES, ARTHUR D. - Britain and Her Rivals in the Eighteenth Century 1713-1789.
10061: IONS, EDMUND - A Call to Arms - Interlude with the Military
21298sF5: INNES IRELAND - Motor Racing Today
10267s40: IRELAND, BERNARD - Warship Construction
20586sC6: W.H.IRELAND - England's Topographer or a New and Complete History of the County of Kent - Vols 1-4
18553: W.H.IRELAND - England's Topographer or a New and Complete History of the County of Kent
20026sB3: WASHINGTON IRVING - The Life of Mahomet
8024/s30: WASHINGTON IRVING - Old Christmas and Bracebridge Hall
20483: MARGARET IRWIN - The Stranger Prince, the Story of Rupert of the Rhine - Signed Copy
19910s26: IRWIN, ROBERT - Satan Wants Me
20483s36: MARGARET IRWIN - The Stranger Prince, the Story of Rupert of the Rhine - Signed Copy
16469s69: WALTER ISAACSON - Steve Jobs
21985: CHRISTOPHER ISHERWOOD - Goodbye to Berlin
8841s1: ISITT, VERITY - Take a Buttock of Beefe
21685sF1: MIWAKO ITO (EDITORIAL MANAGER) - Aquascape - Water in Japanese Landscape Architecture
1175/s27: ALAN IVIMEY - Any Fine Saturday
17550sB11: WILLIAM M.IVINS JR. - Notes on Prints
7429/s25: OLGA IVINSKAYA - A Captive of Time - My Years with Pasternak
8514s70: FOX, M.J. AND KING, G.D. - Industrial Steam Album
19615sB9: DOUG JACK - Leyland Bus Mk2
13221/s33: GEORGE JACKSON - A Young Man's Bookshelf
5760s66: C.H.WARD-JACKSON - No Bombs at All - Some Short Stories of the Royal Air Force
20947: THOMAS JACKSON - The Tourist's Guide to Britannia Bridge
19210s108: MAJOR DONOVAN JACKSON - India's Army
18858s47: ALAN A.JACKSON - Semi-Detached London - Suburban Development, Life and Transport, 1900-39
11598: SHARON JACKSON & STEFAN MARKOWSKI - Topics in Economics for Managers and Engineers
18485: JAMES GREY JACKSON - An Account of the Empire of Marocco and the Districts of Suse and Tafilelt
5637/1/s20: ERIC JACOBS - Kingsley Amis - a Biography
15533s47: S.N.A.JACOBS ET AL - Illustrated Papers on British Microlepidoptera
8897s52: JACOBSEN, CHARLES W. - Oriental Rugs - a Complete Guide
20611sD2: DAN JACOBSON - The Electronic Elephant, a Southern African Journey
20968sE10: BRIAN JACQUES - Triss - a Tale of Redwall
22022sD5: D.JACQUES, LIBRARIAN OF GOODWOOD - A Visit to Goodwood Near Chichester the Seat of His Grace the Duke of Richmond
21575s46: WERNER JAEGER - Das Peller-Modell Von 1603
13334/s3: PETER J.JAGGER - Gladstone - the Making of a Christian Politician
18229s90: MANIK JAIN - Encyclopaedia of Indian Postal Stationery
9451/s67: JAKOVSKY, ANATOLE - Naive Painting
16476s69: N.D.G.JAMES - Gunners at Larkhill - a History of the Royal School of Artillery
12325/s26: NORMAN G.BRETT-JAMES - The Book of Remembrance and War Record of MILL Hill School 1939-1945
19200s108: T.C.G.JAMES - The Battle of Britain
4491/s15: JAMES, GRACE - John and Mary's Secret Society
4490/s15: JAMES, GRACE - John and Mary Detectives
4489/s15: JAMES, GRACE - John and Mary Abroad
4488/s15: JAMES, GRACE - More About John and Mary
6810s31: ANTONY BRETT-JAMES (EDITOR) - 1812 - Eyewitness Accounts of Napoleon's Defeat in Russia
15210s52: PHILIP JAMES - Children's Books of Yesterday
11015s1: JAMESON, ERIC - The Natural History of Quackery
20172sC12: SUSAN TP-JAMIESON & PETER TUTTHILL - Women in Motor Sport from 1945 - Authors Signed Copy
21139sD1-A: LOUIS JANET - Simples Histoires, Livre Amusant
16536s59: LIVIO JANNATTONI - IL Treno in Italia
19977s99: PHILIP JARRETT - Biplane to Monoplane, Aircraft Development 1919-39
20047s6: HORACE JARVIS - Food Faking Exposed
18289s55: MALCOLM JARVIS - The History of Stapleford Police
13802/s40: WERNER JASPERT - Heiligenlegenden Fur Unsere Zeit
15908: PUPUL JAYAKAR - The Buddha
13872/s46: JOHN CORDY JEAFFRESON - Middlesex County Records - Four Volumes Spanning from 3 Edward VI to 4 James II
16320s43: G.E.JEANS (EDITOR) - Memorials in Old Hampshire
20476: E.F.E.JEFFERSON - The Woolwich Story 1890-1965 - Signed Copy
15627: JOHN GWYN JEFFREYS - British Conchology or an Account of the Mollusca Which Now Inhabit the British Isles and the Surrounding Seas - Volumes 1-5 Complete
12632/RT: GERTRUDE JEKYLL - Old Wesr Surrey
6390: GERTRUDE JEKYLL - Wall and Water Gardens
21402: ALEXANDER JENKINS - The History and Description of the City of Exeter and Its Environs, Ancient and Modern
12282: ALAN JENKINS - The Book of the Thames
2484: ALAN C.JENKINS (COMPILER) - Treasure
18109sB3: J.GERAINT JENKINS - Evan Thomas Radcliffe - a Cardiff Shipowning Company
19980s104: D.W.H.JENKINS - St. George's School Gravesend 1580-1955
4379: ALAN JENKINS - London's City
6236s59: ELIZABETH JENKINS - The Mystery of King Arthur
11284: BIRKETT, JENNIFER & KEARNS, JAMES - A Guide to French Literature from Early Modern to Postmodern.
3999: PAUL JENNINGS - The Living Village
20629sF7: A.J.MOUNTENEY-JEPHSON - Emin Pasha and the Rebellion at the Equator
1819/s18: JERMAN, B.R. - The Young Disraeli
13586s28: JEROME K.JEROME - Diary of a Pilgrimage (and Six Essays)
18654: WALTER JERROLD - The Silvery Thames
7373: FRANK W.JESSUP - Kent History Illustrated
12460s69: C.E.M.JOAD - The Untutored Townsman's Invasion of the Country
1292/s12: JOBSON, ALLAN - Household and Country Crafts.
16076: UNCLE JOHN - Anecdotes of Animals and Birds
21585sC6: SAMUEL JOHNSON - The History of Rasselas, Prince of Abyssinia - a Tale
18757s108: SAMUEL JOHNSON - Johnson's Prayers and Meditations
14349/s63: CATHY JOHNSON - Painting Nature's Details in Watercolour
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21778sC8: WILLIAM H. LAPTHORNE - Historic Broadstairs
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20513: ERIC LINKLATER - The Impregnable Women, Signed Copy
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14272s52: JOHN MURDOCH & JOHN TWITCHETT - Painters and the Derby China Works
17510: ARTHUR MURPHY - An Essay on the Life and Genius of Samuel Johnson
12955: GLYNIS MURPHY & BARBARA WILSON (EDITORS) - Self Injurious Behaviour
6610/s36: THOS. D.MURPHY - Three Wonderlands of the American West
2366: CHRISTIE-MURRAY, DAVID - The Practical Astrologer
16318: ALISON D.MURRAY - Burrow's Guide to the River Thames
20678sC4: HUGH MURRAY - Discovery and Adventure in Africa
21229s104: JOHN MURRELL - A New Booke of Cookerie Together with a New Booke of Carving and Sevving
6895: MAJOR FREDERICK MYATT - Rifles and Sub Machine Guns
19710sB11: CAPTAIN A.T.MAHAN U.S.N. - The Influence of Sea Power Upon the French Revolution and Empire 1793-1812 - Two Volumes
9175: S.W.SADLER R.N. - Adventures of Marshall Vavasour - Midshipman
12137/s29: COMMANDER H.TAPRELL DORLING R.N. - Ribbons and Medals, Naval, Military and CIVIL
21503s97: TOKIHIDE NAGAYAMA - An Album of Historical Materials Connected with Foreign Intercourse
4057/s30: NAIPAUL, V.S. - A Way in the World - a Sequence
19327s106: GEORGE P.B.NAISH - Nelson & Bronte - an Illustrated Guide to His Life and Times
13123/s28: CAMILLE NAISH - Death Comes to the Maiden - Sex and Execution 1431-1933
17750s49: KOUN OHARA, K.NAKAHARA AND M.HASHIZUME - Selected Flowere Arrangements of the Ohara School
20804sD4: EDWARD J.NANKIVELL - Gibbon Stamp Weekly - Vol. V January-June 1907
21942sB12: FRIDTJOF NANSEN - The First Crossing of Greenland, Volumes 1&2
13345: ROBERT NARES - A Glossary
12679: THOMAS NASHE - The Unfortunate Traveller and Other Works
9326/s37: NATHAN, ROBERT - Winter in April
9327/s37: NATHAN, ROBERT - The Enchanted Voyage
18600s47: BILL NATHAN (EDITOR) - The Sea Fisherman's Bedside Book
5692: NATTALI - The Southern Coast of England
13105/s29: ERNEST NAVILLE - Modern Atheism; or the Heavenly Father
9414/s41: PATRICIA NEAL - As I Am
13138: WENDY NEAL - With Disastrous Consequences - London Disasters 1830-1917
20004sB8: CHARLES NEIDER (EDITOR) - The Autobiography of Mark Twain

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