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13651/s14: RAYMOND REAGAN BUTLER - Warriors of the Pale - an Irish Saga
19504: SIMON BUTLER - Goodbye Old Friend - a Sad Farewell to the Working Horse
11821/s67: ROBIN BUTLER AND GILLIAN WALKLING - The Book of Wine Antiques
6656: BYRON BUTLER - The Football League - the First 100 Years
20332: J.BUTTERWORTH - An Historical and Descriptive Account of the Town and Parochial Chapelry of Oldham in the Conty of Lancaster
20642s100: EDWARD NORTH BUXTON - Two African Trips, with Notes and Suggestions on Big Game Preservation in Africa
18075s95: IAN BUXTON - Metal Industries, Shipbreaking at Rosyth and Charlestown
14907: MERIEL BUXTON - The World of Hunting
9371: BYAM, MICHELE - Arms & Armour
17857s69: JOHN D.BYRN - Naval Courts Marshal, 1793-1815
5280: CABELL, JAMES BRANCH - The Cream of the Jest - a Comedy of Evasions
19005: DAVID CABOT & IAN NISBET - Terns, No. 123 New Naturalist Series
20602sD2: DEBORAH CADBURY - Chocolate Wars - from Cadbury to Kraft: 200 Years of Sweet Success and Bitter Rivalry
6561: C.PLINII CAECILII - Epistolae Et Panegyricus
6972/s13: MARIE CAHILL - Forever Marilyn
19012: C.STEWART CAINE (EDITOR) - John Wisden's Cricketers' Almanack for 1933
19009: C.STEWART CAINE (EDITOR) - John Wisden's Cricketers Almanack for 1930
19010: C.STEWART CAINE (EDITOR) - John Wisden's Cricketers' Almanack for 1931
19011: C.STEWART CAINE (EDITOR) - John Wisden's Cricketers' Almanack for 1932
22147s106: L.H.CAIRD - The History of Corsica
21654s105: RANDOLPH CALDECOTT - The Hey Diddle Diddle Picture Book
21655s105: R.CALDECOTT - R. Caldecott's Picture Book (No. 1)
21198sD3: JAMES T.CALDER - Sketch of the CIVIL and Traditional History of Caithness from the Tenth Century
8860/s67: STEPHEN CALLOWAY - English Prints for the Collector
9767: LT.COL. SOMERSET J. GOUGH CALTHORPE - Cadogan's Crimea
19750: A.F.CALVERT - Southern Spain
19750sC1: A.F.CALVERT - Southern Spain
1328: CAMERON, DONALD - The Field of Sighing - a Highland Boyhood.
18722s7A: COLIN CAMERON - The Valiant 500 - Biographies of Charlton Athletic Players Past and Present
16833: CHRISTINA CAMERON AND JEAN TRUDEL - The Drawings of James Cockburn - a Visit Through Quebec's Past
22102sC5: JOHN CAMKIN - World Cup 1958
8963: CAMP, JOHN - Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Pubs
8145: CAMPBELL, CHRISTY - Fenian Fire - the British Government Plot to Assassinate Queen Victoria
19998sB3: ALEXANDER CAMPBELL - It's Your Empire
19767sC3: WILFRED CAMPBELL - Canada
14753: CAPT. F.S.CAMPBELL - Stanfords Harbour Guide - R. Medway and the Swale
12614/s19: PETER CAMPION - England's Glory, the Moreland Story
5678/s46: PAUL CAMPION - Ferrier, a Career Recorded
19783sC2: FLORENCE DU CANE - The Flowers and Gardens of Japan
20033s104: C.G.L.DU CANN - The Faults and Failings of Jesus Christ
11892s30: J.C.CANNELL - When Fleet Street Calls
8180: RICHARD CANNON - Historical Records of the British Army, the Seventh or the Queens Own Regiment of Hussars 1690 - 1842
14111: RICHARD CANNON - Historical Records of the British Army - the Fourth or the King's Own, Regiment of Foot
8174: RICHARD CANNON - Historical Records of the British Army - the Thirty Ninth, or the Dorsetshire Regiment of Foot
14463s43: WILLIAM CANTON - Kenach's Little Woman
7689s26: PHILIP CAPUTO - A Rumour of War
5816s3: NANCY CARDOZO - Lucky Eyes and a High Heart
17041: DONALD DE CARL - The Watchmaker's and Model Engineer's Lathe - a Users Manual
18250s90: MARTHA CARLIN - Medieval Southwark
13751/s41: BILLIE CARLYLE - Claude Dampier, Mrs Gibson & Me
19264s104: WILLIAM Y.CARMAN - Some English Yeomanry Sabretaches
19205s108: W.Y.CARMAN - Richard Simkin's Uniforms of the British Army - the Cavalry Regiments
15008s66: W.Y.CARMAN - Richard Simkin's Uniforms of the British Army - the Cavalry Regiments
20681sC4: REV.D.CARNEGIE - Among the Matabele
14145s2: BOB CARNILL & KENNETH ROBSON - Dressed to Kill - Seventy Successful Trout Lures and How to Tie Them
18616s6: CHRISTINE CARPENTER (EDITOR) - Kingsford's Stonor Letters and Papers 1290-1483
17178s46: PHIL CARRADICE - The Book of Pembroke Dock
7081/s30: JOHN LE CARRE - Our Game
21206sF5: RON CARRINGTON - Alexandra Park & Palace - a History
20626sD3: MICHAEL CARROLL - From a Persian Tea-House
0418: CARROLL, LEWIS - Alice in Wonderland
15945s43: R.A.G.CARSON (EDITOR) - Mints, Dies and Currency - Essays in Memory of Albert Baldwin
14291/s3: JENNIFER J.CARTER & COLIN A.MCLAREN - Crown and Gown - an Illustrated History of the University of Aberdeen 1495-1995
16344s36: REV. C.SYDNEY CARTER - The English Church in the Eighteenth Century
16699trolley: CRAIG J.M.CARTER (EDITOR) - Sea Breezes, a Digest of Ships and the Sea - 12 Issues Jan-Dec 1966
16700trolley: CRAIG J.M.CARTER (EDITOR) - Sea Breezes, a Digest of Ships and the Sea - 12 Issues, Jan-Dec 1965
21075sF1: ANTHONY CARTER - Motor Racing - Reflections of a Lost Era
18201sB5: CRAIG J.M.CARTER - Stephenson Clarke Shipping
16245s19: ERNEST F.CARTER - Model Railway Signals
14258/s3: PAUL CARTLEDGE - The Spartans - an Epic History
19526s106: JOHN M'CARTNEY - The "Hearts" and the Great War
19362s1: FIELD MARSHAL LORD CARVER - The National Army Museum Book of the Boer War
19133s53: JOHN CASEY & RICHARD REECE (EDITORS) - Coins and the Archaeologist
14999s13: JOHN CASSELL - The Illustrated Exhibitor Almanack for 1852 and 1853 Together with the Magazine of Art Almanack for 1854
15029: REV. F. DE P. CASTELLS - Bexley Heath and Welling
21373sB7: WILFRED T.F.CASTLE - Grand Turk
21200s100: WILLIAM CATHRALL - The History of North Wales - Vols 1&2
13176/s35: GEORGE CATLIN - A History of the Political Philosophers
21319sF5: PETER CATTERMOLE - Venus, the Geological Story
5894: BRUCE CATTON - The Cetennial History of the CIVIL War 3 Volumes
20597: THE REV. HOBART CAUNTER - Caunter's and Daniell's Oriental Annual 1839 - Eastern Legends
5958: CAXTON, WILLIAM - The Dictes and Sayings of the Philosophers
7676: WILLIAM CAXTON (MARIE COLLINS) - Caxton - the Description of Britain - a Modern Rendering by Marie Collins
17202s44: ISABELLE CAZEAUX - French Music and the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries
20820s14: HENRY CECIL - A Matter of Speculation - the Case of Lord Cochrane
5202/s32: CERAM, C.W. - The First American - a Story of North American Archaeology
22118sE12: MIGUEL DE CERVANTES - The Adventures of Don Quixote de la Mancha
19135s45: MIGUEL DE CERVANTES - The History of Don Quixote de la Mancha
21625sD9: MIGUEL DE CERVANTES - The History of Don Quixote de la Mancha
21829sC13: TIM CHADWICK - Motorcycles in New Zealand
19432s7: KENNETH CHADWICK - The Royal Tank Regiment
8468: SOMERSET DE CHAIR - A Mind on the March
16281: C.W.CHALKLIN (EDITOR) - Mid-Victorian Tonbridge
13846s52: WALTER CHAMBERLAIN - The Thames and Hudson Manual of Wood Engraving
19240s28: PETER CHAMBERLAIN & CHRIS ELLIS - German Heavy Tanks 1930-1945
14789: PETER CHAMBERLAIN & CHRIS ELLIS - Modern British Tanks and Fighting Equipment
5481: E.R.CHAMBERLIN - The Sack of Rome
14485s51: DAVID CHAMBERS - Lucien Pissarro - Notes on a Selection of Wood-Blocks Held at the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford
18679sB5: STUART CHAMBERS - Birds of New Zealand - Locality Guide
21132sD4: J.B.J.CHAMPAGNAC - Le Genie de la France, a Diverses Epoques
13500/s3: PAMELA C.CHAMPE & RICHARD A.HARVEY - Lippincott's Illustrated Reviews - Biochemistry
0519/s12: CHAMPNEY, ELIZABETH W. - Romance of the Renaissance Chateaux
17912: E.BERESFORD CHANCELLOR - Knightsbridge and Belgravia - Their History, Topography and Famous Inhabitants
17431s47: E.BERESFORD CHANCELLOR - Original Views of London As It Is by Thomas Shotter Boys, 1842
12244: B.BERESFORD CHANCELLOR - The West End of Yesterday & Today - Being Studies in London's History and Topography During the Last Century.
18298: E.BERESFORD CHANCELLOR - London Recalled
19359s1: CHANDLER, DAVID G. - The Military Maxims of Napoleon
4207: DAVIS CHANDLER (EDITOR) - Dictionary of Battles
8387: DAVID G.CHANDLER (EDITOR) - Napoleons Marshals
9865: CHANT, CHRISTOPHER - The History of the Raf - from 1939 to the Present
6081s70: CHRISTOPHER CHANT - How Weapons Work
17563s57: CHESTER F.CHAPIN - The Religious Thought of Samuel Johnson
22112s67: ANNA ALICE CHAPIN - The Everyday Fairy Book
5789: E.D.W.CHAPLIN - Winston Churchill and Harrow, Memories of the Prime Minister's Schooldays, 1888-1892
15007: H.D.CHAPLIN - The 97th or Earl of Ulster's Regiment 1824-1881
20161s33: GUY CHAPMAN - The Dreyfus Case - a Reassessment
18960: PHILIP CHAPMAN - Caves and Cave Life, No. 79 New Naruralist Series
19183: ROBERT CHAPMAN - A Treatise on Ropemaking
21326s97: ALLAN CHAPMAN (EDITOR) - The Preface to John Flamsteed's Historia Coelestis Britannica or the British Catalogue of the Heavens 1725
22073sB11: HENRY STEPHEN CHAPMAN - Deal: Past and Present - a Full and Comprehensive History of This Neighbourhood
19294sC10: MIKE CHAPPELL - Wellingtton's Peninsula Regiments (2) the Light Infantry
18702s97: J.L.CHAPPLE - The Lineage and Composition of Gurkha Regiments in British Service
3520: JUNIOR LEAGUE OF CHARLESTON - Charleston Receipts
21024s37: DAVID A CHARTERS - The Chequered Past, Sports Car Racing & Rallying in Canada 1951-1991
19289sC10: RENE CHARTRAND - The Portuguese Army of the Napoleonic Wars (2)
19290sC10: RENE CHARTRAND - British Forces in the West Indies 1793-1815
21115sD4: PETER CHASSEAUD - Rats Alley - Trench Names of the Western Front 1914-1918
21125sD3: M. LES VICOMTE DE CHATEAUBRIAND - Itineraire de Paris a Jerusalem - in 2 Volumes
21126sD3: M. LE VICOMTE DE CHATEAUBRIAND - Atala, Rene, Les Abencerages Suivis Du Voyage En Amerique
11972/s22: E. KEBLE CHATTERTON - The Romance of the Ship
13067s52: FREDERICK CHATTERTON - English Architecture at a Glance
21260sD5: E.KEBLE CHATTERTON - The King of the Air
8541/s16: CHAUDHURI, NIRAD C. - Clive of India - a Political and Psychological Essay
21486: ALAN CHEESMAN - Chelsfield, in from the Cold
19569s6: BRIDGET CHERRY & NIKOLAUS PEVSNER - London 4: North
21478: ALLAN CHERRY - Cliffe in Old Photographs
16130s22: G.K.CHESTERTON - The Resurrection of Rome
17795s92: CHICHESTER, FRANCIS - Along the Clipper Way
5335/s31: FRANCIS CHICHESTER - The Lonely Sea and the Sky
17856sC8: COLONEL SPENCER CHILDERS (EDITOR) - A Mariner of England
15715s43: JOHN CHILTON - Hot Jazz, Warm Feet
13335/s3: GOLAM W. CHOUDHURY - The Prophet Muhammad - His Life and Eternal Message
5701: THOMAS CHUBB - The Printed Maps in the Atlases of Great Britain and Ireland - a Bibliography 1579-1870
7192: RICHARD CHURCH - The Voyage Home
14475s44: RICHARD CHURCH - Twelve Noon
14474s41: RICHARD CHURCH - Poems for Speaking
14473s44: RICHARD CHURCH - The Glance Backwards - a Book of Poems
16966s8: RICHARD CHURCH - The Inheritors - Poems 1948-55
8546: CHURCHILL, WINSTON S. - The Boer War
20605sD2: WINSTON S. CHURCHILL - Savrola, a Tale of the Revolution in Laurania
6716: CHURCHILL, WINSTON S. - The Island Race
3801s57: RANDOLPH S.CHURCHILL - Winston S. Churchill. Volume 1 Youth 1874-1900
3802s57: RANDOLPH S.CHURCHILL - Winston S. Churchill - Young Statesman 1901-1914
20604sD2: WINSTON S. CHURCHILL - Thoughts and Adventures
21188sC5: JOHNNY CIGARINI - Confessions of a King's Road Cowboy
7828: COLIN CLAIR - A Kentish Garner
3672: COLIN CLAIR - A Kentish Garner
21291sD2: ROBERT CLANCY - The Mapping of Terra Australis
21484: JOHN CLANCY - Cinemas of the Medway Towns
19528: ALFRED W.CLAPHAM - Lesnes Abbey in the Parish of Erith, Kent
20819sD10: RONALD CLARK - Queen Victoria's Bomb
13338: ANGUS CLARK - The Complete Illustrated Guide to Tai Chi
7584s1: J.KENT CLARK - Goodwin Wharton
14722: PETER CLARK & LYN MURFIN - The History of Maidstone - the Making of a Modern County Town
21010: HUGH CLARK - A Concise History of Knighthood in Two Volumes
13947s70: HUGH V.CLARKE - A Life for Every Sleeper - a Pictorial Record of the Burma-Thailand Railway.
0201/s12: CLARKE, MRS CHARLES - High Class Cookery Recipes, As Taught in the School
20887: R.M.CLARKE & TONY BEADLE - Lola Sports Racers
8791/s28: CLEMENT, AERON - The Cold Moons
15540s47: LAURENCE CLEMONS - A Provisional Atlas of the Tephritidae (Diptera) of Britain and Ireland
16541s1: MARTIN CLIFFORD - Cardew of St. Jim's
19214s92: ROLLO CLIFFORD - The Royal Gloucestershire Hussars
16542s1: MARTIN CLIFFORD - D'Arcy the Runaway
17843sC8: WILLIAM LAIRD CLOWES - The Royal Navy, a History from the Earliest Times to 1900 - Volume 5
20048s6: KEN COATES - Workers' Control - Another World Is Possible
20013s6: W.P.COATES - The Moscow Trial, April 1933
15673s49: HUMPHREY COBB - Paths of Glory
9998s63: COCKER, M.P. - Royal Navy Submarines 1901-1982
13217/s34: O.A.J.COCKSHUT - The Unbelievers - English Agnostic Thought 1840-1890
20019s104: CHAPMAN COHEN - War, Civilization and the Churches
2727/1: CAPTAIN JEAN-ROCHE COIGNET - The Notebooks of Captain Coignet - Soldier of the Empire 1799-1816
7379/s28: BOB COLACELLO - Holy Terror - Andy Warhol Close Up.
11723s95: JAMES P.COLDHAM - F.S. Jackson, a Cricketing Biography
18422s34: CHRISTOPHER COLDREY - Courses for Horses - a Complete Guide to Designing and Building Show Jumping Courses.
6415: COLE, CHRISTOPHER - Make Your Own Dolls' House
19427s108: CHRISTOPHER COLE & E.F.CHEESMAN - The Air Defence of Britain 1914-1918
21354sG6: WILLIAM COLE (COMPILER) - And Be Merry! - a Feast of Light Verse and a Soupcon of Prose About the Joy of Eating
14024: FREDERIC COLEMAN - The Far East Unveiled - an Inner History of Events in Japan and China in the Year 1916
19594s106: PAMELA COLEMAN - Devizes on Old Picture Postcards
22078sH5: SAMUEL TAYLOR COLERIDGE - The Rime of the Ancient Mariner
13330/s3: NOEL G.COLEY & VANCE M.HALL (EDITORS) - Darwin to Einstein - Primary Sources on Science & Belief.
16195: M. L'ABBE COLIN - Traduction Du Trait de L'Orateur de Ciceron
20452s90: PHIL COLLAS & JOHN HILL - Cocos (Keeling) Islands, a Philatelic and Postal History to 1
18153s47: J.J.COLLEDGE - Ships of the Royal Navy - Volume Two
12369: RICHARD COLLIER - The Sound of Fury - an Account of the Indian Mutiny.
18099s90: PETER COLLINGS - The Illustrated Dictionary of North East Shipwrecks
17830s61: ROBERT COLLINS - General James D. Blunt - Tarnished Glory
5646: COLLINS, ANDREW - Gods of Eden
18624sC1: JOHN COLLIS - The European Iron Age
19377s106: BREVET-COLONEL C.S.COLLISON - The 11th Royal Warwicks in France 1915-16
18089sC10: PETER COLLYER - Rain Later, Good - Illustrating the Shipping Forecast
8441/s28: FREDERICK LEIGH COLVILE - The Worthies of Warwickshire Who Lived between 1500 and 1800
19365s1: HUGH J.COMPTON & ANTONY CARR-GOMM - The Military on English Waterways 1798-1844
16798: KEN CONBOY - Elite Forces of India and Pakistan
14835: EDDIE CONDON - We Called It Music - a Generation of Jazz
22141sD5: GEORGE THOMAS CONGREVE - Consumption and Other Chest Diseases with Appendix
5557/s31: DENNIS CONNER - Comeback - My Race for the America's Cup
7427/s43: GARRY O'CONNOR (EDITOR) - Olivier - in Celebration
15707s43: D.RUSELL CONNOR - The Record of a Legend, Benny Goodman
19644sB7: JOSEPH CONRAD - An Outcast of the Islands
17837s41: JAMES LEE CONRAD - Rebel Reefers - the Organisation and Midshipmen of the Confederate States Naval Academy
8894: CONWAY, MARMADUKE P. - Playing a Church Organ
19770sC5: SIR MARTIN CONWAY - The Alps
14529: EDWARD CONYBEARE - Rides Around Cambridge - a Cyclists Guide to the District
17108s3: DAVID G.COOK - Flying from My Mind
20680sC4: A.R.COOK, EDITED BY MRS H.B.COOK - A Doctor and His Dog in Uganda
7847: FREDERIC W.COOK (EDITOR) - Cyclists Touring Club, British Road Book, Volume 1
18046s14: ANTHONY COOKE - Emigrant Ships
21901sD1-A: RUPERT CROFT COOKE - The Purple Streak
21902sD1-A: RUPERT CROFT-COOKE - The Dogs of Peace
8970: COOKSON, EDWARD W. - From Garden to Gateway - the Changing Face of Kent.
16292s29: SUSAN M.COOLIDGE - What Katy Did at School
5963.trolley: VERNER, COOLIE AND BASIL STUART-STUBBS - The Northpart of America
17785s92: DEREK COOMBE - The Bawleymen - Fishermen and Dredgerrmen of the River Medway.
18525s100: KATHERINE COOMBS - The Portrait Miniature in England
21334sC12: H.J.COOPER & O.G.THETFORD, EDITOR D.A.RUSSELL - Aircraft of the Fighting Powers - Vol. 1, 1940 Edition
21335sC12: H.J.COOPER & O.G.THETFORD, EDITOR D.A.RUSSELL - Aircraft of the Fighting Powers, Vol. 2 - 1941 Edition
21337sC12: H.J.COOPER & O.G.THETFORD, EDITOR D.A.RUSSELL - Aircraft of the Fighting Powers, Vol. 4 - 1943 Edition
21336sC12: H.J.COOPER & O.G.THETFORD, EDITOR D.A.RUSSELL - Aircraft of the Fighting Powers, Vol. 3, 1942 Edition
18076s95: MALCOLM COOPER - Ritsons' Branch Line - the Nautilus Steam Shipping Company Limited 1881-1931
14587s16: J.FENIMORE COOPER - Ned Myers or a Life Before the Mast
2804: A.E.COOPER ET AL - Sea Fishing (the Lonsdale Library) Vol 17
18028sC2: MALCOLM COOPER - J. And C. Harrison - the History of a Family Shipping Venture
4161: COPE, ALFRED - Cope's Royal Cavalcade of the Turf
21307sF5: GEORGE COPELAND - Fifty Years of Motorsport Marshalling
19114s7: A.E.COPPARD - Nixey's Harlequin - Ten Tales
7407/s44: RONNIE CORBETT - High Hopes - My Autobiography
18359s51: DIANA & JOHN CALLOW & FRANK CORLEY - Beswick Collectables
21118sD9: CORNEILLE - Oeuvres de Pierre Corneille Precedees D'Une Notice Sur Sa Vie Et Ses Ouvrages Par Fontenelle
21928sC12: C.E.CORNFORD - Detling, a Village in Kent
9812/s16: MARSHALL-CORNWALL, JAMES - Grant As Military Commander
18251: BY A CORPORAL - Field Ambulance Sketches
17432s2: RICHARD CORSON - Fashions in Makeup - from Ancient to Modern Times
15665s50: M.CORYN - Black Mastiff
17970s93: ALFRED S.COSENTINO - Faza X 1/9-Strada - 128 Race World & Repair Manual
6800: PATRICK COSGROVE - Churchill at War - Alone 1939-40
18692s100: NIC COSTA - The History of the Coin Machine
6404: JOHN COSTELLO - Mask of Treachery
5903.1s52: LUCRETIA EDDY COTCHETT - The Evolution of Furniture
14210: HOWARD HERSCHEL COTTERELL - Pewter Down the Ages
6247: LEONARD COTTRELL - The Lost Pharaohs - the Romance of Egyptian Archaelogy
8054: HIS MAJESTY'S ORDER IN COUNCIL - Instructions Relating to His Majesty's Service at Sea
18090sC2: STEPHEN COURTNEY & BRIAN PATTERSON - Home of the Fleet - a Century of Portsmouth Dockyard in Photographs
14057/s2: BARRY COWARD - The Stuart Age
1563/2/s14: COWARD, NOEL - Present Indicative
17774s92: COWBURN, PHILIP - The Warship in History
3550s1: JOYCE-COWEN, LENORE - A Million Menus
3529/s22: BACON & COWLEY - Gardens
13590s26: WILLIAM COWPER - Poems
4680/s27: J.CHARLES COX - The Parish Churches of England
15771s44: BENJAMIN G.COX - The Book of Blandford Forum
21441: DOROTHY COX - The Book of Orpington
20433sE4: WILLIAM COXE - An Historical Tour in Monmouthshire - Volumes 1&2
8942s33: COYSH, A.W. - Historic English Inns
13370/s3: EDWARD CRAIG - David Hume - Eine Einfuhrung in Seine Philosophie
1317/s22: CRAN, MARION - Hagar's Garden
1305/s22: CRAN, MARION - The Garden of Experience
1315/s22: CRAN, MARION - Gardens of Character
15200: WALTER CRANE - The Baby's Bouquet
20217sG6: CRASCREDO - Country Sense & Common Sense
16003s67: WESLEY FRANK CRAVEN - A Introduction to the History of Bermuda
18644: CRAVEN - Walker's Manly Exercises Containing Rowing, Sailing, Riding, Driving, Racing, Hunting, Shooting and Other Manly Sports
16237s21: M.CREIGHTON - A History of the Papacy During the Period of the Reformation - Volumes 1-5
19146: THE RIGH REV. MANDELL CREIGHTON - Queen Elizabeth
8655s4: CRESTON, DORMER - In Search of Two Characters - Some Intimate Aspects of Napoleon and His Son
21071: EDWARD CRESY - Illustrations of Stone Church, Kent with an Historical Account
4747/s41: S.R.CROCKETT - The Raiders - Being Some Passages in the Life of John Faa, Lord and Earl of Little Egypt
20360sC3: E.A.CROME - Donald Mackay 1870-1958
15829s41: ANTHONY CRONK - A Wealden Rector
15643s59: ANNE CROOKSHANK AND THE KNIGHT OF GLIN - The Watercolours of Ireland - Works on Paper in Pencil, Pastel and Paint C. 1600-1914
2545s70: ROBIN CROSS - World War 1 in Photographs
17961s67L: ANTHONY CROSS - Russia Under Western Eyes 1517-1825
19143: JAMES CROSTON - Old Manchester, a Series of Views
10391/1: MARCUS CROUCH AND WYN BERGESS - Victorian and Edwardian Kent in Old Photographs
7673/s32: DUNCAN CROW - The Victorian Woman
15385s12: BENEDICT CROWELL & ROBERT FORREST WILSON - How America Went to War - the Giant Hand
6056/s13: LAWRENCE CROWN - Marilyn at Twentieth Century Fox
19992s106: JOHN BEATTIE CROZIER - The Wheel of Wealth
8866s57: CROZIER, BRIAN - De Gaulle, the Warrior
14961: ROBERT PEIRCE CRUDEN - The History of the Town of Gravesend in the County of Kent and of the Port of London
10522s66: CRUICKSHANK, CHARLES - The German Occupation of the Channel Islands
13837s51: DAN CRUICKSHANK - A Guide to the Georgian Buildings of Britain & Ireland
16604s19: GEORGE CRUIKSHANK - The Bachelor's Own Book or the Progress of Mr Lambkin (Gent) in the Pursuit of Pleasure and Amusement and Also in Search of Health and Happiness
19530: GERSHOM CUMMING - Forfarshire Illustrated - Being Views of Gentlemen's Seats, Antiquities and Scenery in Forfarshire with Descriptive and Historical Notices
17098: BARRY CUNLIFFE ET AL - The Penguin Atlas of British & Irish History
19951s51: JOHN CUNNINGHAM (EDITOR) - The Shock of War, Tunbridge Wells: Life on the Home Front 1914-1919
16191s48: BRYSSON CUNNINGHAM - A Treatise on the Principles and Practice of Dock Engineering
21613s104: W.I.CURNOW - Eynsford, a Story Through the Ages
21630sD9: WILLIAM J.R.CURTIS - Modern Architecture Since 1900
19660sC5: S.J.CURTIS - A Short History of Western Philosophy in the Middle Ages.
19087: WILLIAM CURTIS - Lectures on Botany As Delivered in the Botanic Garden at Lambeth
19119s48: SUE CURTIS - Ilford, a History
19985s105: SUE CURTIS - Dagenham & Rainham Past
6114/s25: THOMAS QUINN CURTISS - The Smart Set - George Jean Nathan & H.L. Mencken
21223s55: ERIC FITCH DAGLISH - Birds of the British Isles
21707sD3: WILLIE DAINTON - Blind Quest
18170s90: JACK M.DAKRES - A History of Shipbuilding at Lytham
4145: W. BARRINGTON DALBY - Come in Barry!
10647: DALE, HERBERT D. - The Ancient Town of Hythe and at. Leonard's Church Kent
6062/2: DAVID DALTON AND RON CAYEN - James Dean American Icon
20894s37: SHEILA VAN DAMM - No Excuses
20554sD7: MARK Z.DANIELEWSKI - Only Revolutions
19202s98: PETER DANIELS & REX SAWYER - Salisbury Plain
18603s47: JOHN DARLING - Bass Fishing on Shore and Sea
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4842s45: J.F.HARTMAN - Monologues, Epigrams, Epitaphs and Parodies
13347/s3: EDUARD VON HARTMANN - Grundriss Der Religionsphilosophie
20144s6: CLARE HARTWELL - Manchester
21768s97: KEITH RAYMOND HARTWELL - Ink and Images
18094s90: W.J.HARVEY - Jebsens, a Group History
18097s93: W.J.HARVEY & C.R.MACKENZIE - Safmarine - the South African Marine Corporation Ltd.
6282: JOHN HARVEY - York
4821/s14: HASKELL, ARNOLD L - Balletomania, the Story of an Obsession
4814/s13: HASKELL, ARNOLD L. - The Ballet Annual Number 1
16012s59: W.DAVIS HASKOLL - Railway Construction from the Setting out of the Centre Line to the Completion of the Works - Volume One
12592/s19: CAROLINE HASLETT (EDITOR) - The E.A. W. Electrical Handbook
5027: JOCK HASWELL - The British Army - a Concise History
17502s56: ALAN F.HATTERSLEY - Later Annals of Natal
19352s1: HAUSMANN, CYNTHIA JOY (TRANSLATOR) GILL, JOHN H. (EDITOR) - A Soldier for Napoleon - the Campaigns of Lieutenant Franz Joseph Hausmann 7th Bavarian Infantry
6032/s30: FRIEDA HAUSWIRTH (MRS SARANGADHAR DAS) - A Marriage to India
0570/s33: HANNAH HAUXWELL & BARRY COCKCROFT - Hannah's North Country
0574/s33: HANNAH HAUXWELL AND BARRY COCKCROFT - Hannak, the Complete Story
6012/s14: HAVELL, E.B. - A Handbook to Agra and the Taj Sikandra, Fatehpur-Sikri and the Neighbourhood.
21467s106: E.B.HAVELL - A Handbook to Agra and the Taj Sikandra, Fatehpur-Sikri and the Neighbourhood
5265: HAVILAND, M.D. - Lives of the Fur Folk
18130s90: DUNCAN HAWES - Merchant Fleets 11- British India S.N. Co.
17520s56: SIR JOHN HAWKINS - The Life of Samuel Johnson
18135sC5: DUNCAN HAWS - Merchant Fleets No. 15 - Thos. & Jas. Harrison
18139sB5: DUNCAN HAWS - Merchant Fleets No. 30 - French Line, Compagnie Generale Transatlantique
18123sC5: DUNCAN HAWS - Merchant Fleets No. 5 - Royal Mail Line & Nelson Line
18128s9: DUNCAN HAWS - Merchant Fleets No. 22 - Glen and Shire Lines
20177sC12: MIKE HAWTHORN - Challenge Me the Race
14617s2: RAN HAWTHORNE - Steam Wagons & Tractors - No 3
16077s67: NATHANIEL HAWTHORNE - Wonder Book for Girls & Boys
7476/s32: SIMON HAXEY - Tory M.P.
17858sC8: M.D.HAY - Landsman Hay - Memoirs of Robert Hay 1789-1847
19643sB5: ERNEST HAYCOX - Action by Night
19642s104: ERNEST HAYCOX - Trail Town
14632s2: W.C.HAYCRAFT - The Book of the B.S. A.
11837/s22: ARTHUR HAYDEN - Chats on Old Clocks
14153s51: A.L.HAYDON - The Book of the Lifeboat

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