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90012569: BEASLEY, MARY - Mission on the Margins
90012610: BEASLEY, MARY - Mission on the Margins
AB9269: THE BEATLES - Love Me Do and I'LL Get You - 45rpm Record
500031866: M. C. BEATON - Death of a Glutton (Hamish Macbeth)
500029567: BEATON, M.C - A Hamish Macbeth Mystery: Death of a Travelling Man
15959: BEATON, M C - Death of a Gossip
14111: BEATON, C - Self Portrait with Friends. The Selected Diariesof Cecil Beaton
500010628: BEATON - Edwardian Ballet
500021248: BEATON, CECIL THE SCHOOL FRIEND - Cinema Stars Photo Album March 7th 1925
500021249: BEATON, CECIL THE SCHOOL FRIEND - Photo Album of Film Fashions and Love Scenes March 28th 1925
11647: POTTER BEATRIX - The Story of a Fierce Bad Rabbitt.
90011910: POTTER BEATRIX - The World of Beatrix Potter Treasury
9381: BEATTIE, JAMES; GOLDSMITH, OLIVER - Beattie and Goldsmith's Poetical Works. Illustrated.
500029162: JAMES BEATTIE - The Minstrel; or, the Progress of Genius, and Other Poems.
15261: BEATTIE, ALAN (ED) - English Party Politics Volume 1 1660-1906
500006977: BEATTIE, JAMES - The Minstrel: Or the Progress of Genius: And Other Poems. Book I & Book II Bound Together with Miscellaneous Poems.
500020745: BEATTIE, GEOFFREY - All Talk: Why It's Important to Watch Your Words & Everything Else You Say
500020896: BEATTIE, J (INCL MEMOIR BY REV A DYCE) - The Poetical Works of James Beattie
5003344: BEATTY, BILLTHERINE - Tasmania: Isle of Splendour
5003378: BEATTY, BILL - Tales of Old Australia
500045655: BEATTY, LONGFIELD - The Garden of the Golden Flower.
16474: BEATTY, R T - Hearing in Man & Animals
1661: BEATTY, L - The Garden of the Golden Flower.
500038309: BEATTY, BILL - The White Roof of Australia
90023220: BEAUCHAMP, JOAN - "British Imperialism in India, Prepared for the Labour Research Department
AB9236: BEAUDOUT, H - The Lost One
500000235: MONTAGU OF BEAULIEU, EDWARD JOHN BARRINGTON DOUGLAS-SCOTT-MONTAGU; MCCOMB, F.WILSON - Behind the Wheel: The Magic and Manners of Early Motoring
500026121: MME MALLÈS DE BEAULIEU - Le la Bruyère Des Jeunes Demoiselles Ou Principaux Caractères Des Jeunes Personnes
500033158: BEAUMARIS - Prescription Book for Beaumaris Anglesey. 1897 to 1902
16089: DUJARDIN-BEAUMETZ - Les Nouvelles Medications Seconde Serie
90006195: BEAUMONT, WINIFRED. - A Nurse in Khaki.
90006928: BEAUMONT, A. - Diseases of Farm Crops
90004420: BEAUMONT, RICHARD. - The Yachtsman's and Boatowner's Handbook/
500033513: BEAUMONT, CYRIL W. A P ALLINSON - "the Good Humoured Ladies Number Two ""Impressions of the Russian Ballet""
1664: BEAUMONT, W - Observations on the Gastric Juices.
90012136: BEAUMONT, HELEN - Three Little Conspiritors
500018397: BEAUMONT, MAD. LE PRINCE DE - "Magasin Des Enfans; Ou, Dialogues Entre Une Sage Governante. Tome I [1]
500036692: BEAUREGARD, H. - Le Microscope Et Ses Applications
90022379: BEAUSEANT - John Wolfgang, Business Man
3821: DE BEAUVOIR, SIMONE - Memoirs of a Dutiful Daughter.
10623: DE BEAUVOIR, SIMONE - The Long March. An Account of Modern China
90021148: BEAVEN, E S - Barley. Fifty Years of Observation and Experiment
17335: BEAVER, ALLAN - Middlesex Matters a History of 125 Years of Middlesex Freemasonry 1870-1995
90015548: BEAVER, WILLIAM H. - Financial Reporting: An Accounting Revolution
500017310: BEAVER, PATRICK - "a Taste of Tradition, a: Story of the Samworth Family Business, 1896-1996
AB8500: BEAVIS, BILL - Sailors' Crafts
500040987: CALLCUT & BEAVIS - 32 Views of Plymouth , Devonport and South Devon
500009965: BEAVIS, DEREK - The Templer Way
500042810: BEAZLEY, C. RAYMOND - Voyages and Travels Vol 1 I
19720: BEBBINGTON, NICOLAS - Visiting the Foxes
AB3367: BEBBINGTON, G - Ship without Water The story of HMS Daedalus II
500002368: BECHDOLT, JACK - Collecting and Collections
500043411: BECHE, HENRY DE LA - " Report on the Geology of Cornwall, Devon and West Somerset
27988: BECHERT, HEINZ - Buddhism and Society (the Wheel Publication No. 265)
500001199: BECHERT, PROF HEINZ - Buddhism and Society. The Wheel Publication No. 265
24697: HOURSCH & BECHSTEDT - Small Coloured Relief Panorama of the Rhine. No 2 with Text Inserted
500020485: BECHSTEIN, J.M. - The Natural History of Cage Birds
AB3269: BECHSTEIN, L - Ludwig Bechstein's Mãrchenbuch mitt 84 holzschnitten nach originalzeichnungen von Ludwig Richter
500028575: BECK, W S - Modern Science and the Nature of Life
90000336: BECK, JAMES M. - The Passing of the New Freedom
11572: BECK, H - Inside Hollywood. Part One.
AB8262: BECK, MARCEL: - "Königsfelden. Geschichte, Bauten, Glasgemälde, Kunst
500035398: BECK, BERNARD - "Quand Les Normands Bâtissaient Les églises. 15 Siècles de Vie Des Hommes, D'Histoire Et D'Architecture Religieuse Dans la Manche
500005014: BECK, THEODORE - "Anthony Sayer, Gentleman the Truth at Last
2400: BECK, L. ADAMS - The Splendour of Asia. The Story and Teaching of the Buddha
500015058: BECK, JOHN - The Story of Scranton. Never Before in History
AB4942: BECK, W - Self-Development in Drawing as interpreted by the genius of Romano Dazzi and other children
500026846: A.H.W. BECK, MANUEL RICO DIAZ - Palabras Y Ondas Introduccion a Los Sistemas de Comunicacion Electrica
500044396: OLIVER A BECKERLEGGE - Methodism in Roseland.
90009977: BECKERLEGGE, J. E. - Cornwall Bird Watchiing & Preservation Society Annual Report 1961
90009979: BECKERLEGGE, J. E. - Cornwall Bird Watchiing & Preservation Society Annual Report 1966
90009980: BECKERLEGGE, J. E. - Cornwall Bird Watchiing & Preservation Society Annual Report 1967
90009981: BECKERLEGGE, J. E. - Cornwall Bird Watchiing & Preservation Society Annual Report 1968
90009982: BECKERLEGGE, J. E. - Cornwall Bird Watchiing & Preservation Society Annual Report 1969
90009983: BECKERLEGGE, J. E. - Cornwall Bird Watching & Preservation Society Annual Report 1970
500043934: OLIVER AVEYARD BECKERLEGGE - Free Methodism in Cornwall.
500042967: J J BECKERLEGGE - Captain Hambly's Book [an 18th Cent. Notebook Containing Information on the History of Plymouth]
8792: BECKETT, KENNETH A. - Illustrated Dictionary of Botany
90007142: BECKETT, WILLIAM A . JUN. - "a Universal Biography; Including Scriptural, Classical, and Mythological Memoirs, Together with Accounts of Many Eminent Living Characters. Vol III Only. M-Z
500008940: BECKETT, I.F.W. - American CIVIL War
90015662: A'BECKETT, G A - The Comic History of England from Julius Caesar to George II.
500003722: BECKETT, KENNETH A - Rhs Encyclopedia of Houseploants
500010068: BECKETT, J.C. - Confrontations: Studies in Irish History
500013487: BECKETT, J C - Confrontations Studies in Irish History. Uncorrected Proof Copy.
500041242: HARRY BECKETT - Hampstead on a Holiday. Song. Written and Composed by H. Beckett.
AB5000: BECKETT, I - Illustrated History of World War II
500044140: WILLIAM BECKFORD, DR NUGENT - "the London Magazine: Or, Gentleman's Monthly Intelligencer April 1785 to March 1786
500044137: WILLIAM BECKFORD, DR NUGENT - "the London Magazine: Or, Gentleman's Monthly Intelligencer 1771
500034564: BY THE AUTHOR OF ""VATHEK"" [WILLIAM BECKFORD] - "Italy, Spain, and Portugal, with an Excursion to the Monasteries of Alcobaca and Batalha.
AB10311: BECKFORD, P - "Thoughts Upon Hare and Fox Hunting, in Series of Letters to a Friend, in Which Are Given Ample Directions for Erecting a Kennel, the Management of Hounds, and the Duties and Qualifications Necessary for the Huntsman and Whipper-in. Also an Account of the Most Celebrated Dog Kennels in the Kingdom. Illustrated
14365: BECKLES, G - The Bridport Story
4716: BECKMAN, HARRY, M.D. - Dilemmas in Drug Therapy
3722: BECKMAN, ROBERT - Power Timing
24884: BECKMANN - The Complete Guide the World of Martial Arts
500044516: JOHN BECKMANN - A History of Inventions, Discoveries and Origins Vol II
90006808: BECKSON, KARL (EDITOR). - Great Theories in Literary Criticism.
3171: BECKWITH, T G; BUCK, N L - Mechanical Measurements
500037004: BECKWITH, CAROL; FISHER, ANGELA - African Ark : Peoples of the Horn
1665: BECKWITH, LILLIAM - The Sea for Breakfast.
1670: BECKWITH, LILLIAM - A Rope-in Case.
AB4390: BECQUER, G A (TRANSL J R CAREY) - The Inn of the Cats and Other Stories Harrap's biliingual series
5007672: BEDAL, C L [ED] - The School Guidance Worker. September/October 1970. Volume 26. No. 1
18068: BEDDARD, FRANK E. - Earthworms and Their Allies
500003951: BEDDIS, R.A.; ETC. - Studies in Development. Peru
21323: BEDE, THE VENERABLE (VENERABILIS BEDAE) - Venerabilis Bedae Presbyteri Theologi Doctissimi Operum Tomus Tertius
500000261: BEDE, CUTHBERT - The Adventures of Mr. Verdant Green
500008892: BEDEL, JEAN - L'Annee Enfantine de Redaction Et D'Elocution
500026826: BEDEL, JEAN - L'Annee Enfantine de Redaction Et D'Elocution
500010659: ROYAL ACADEMY OF DANCING/ BEDELLS, PHYLLIS - "Phyllis Bedells Farewell Matinee. Programme for Friday November 8, 1935. At the London Hippodrome
8116: BEDFORD, H. LOUISA - "Netta, Two Boys and a Bird
16829: RITSON JOSEPH BEDFORD, FRANCIS - The English Anthology
500039305: DUKE OF BEDFORD - Tavistock Town Sixth Day's Sale Lots 320 to 370 Saturday July 1st 1911. Particulars Plans and Conditions of Sale of the Sixth Portion of the Valuable Freehold Estates Belonging to His Grace the Duke of Bedford Situate in the Town of Tavistock
500039308: DUKE OF BEDFORD - Tavistock Town Fourth Day's Sale Lots 189 to 257 Monday June 26th 1911. Particulars Plans and Conditions of Sale of the Fourth Portion of the Valuable Freehold Estates Belonging to His Grace the Duke of Bedford Situate in the Town of Tavistock
5006580: BEDFORD, SYBILLE - A Visit to Don Otavio
14389: BEDFORD, JOHN - Bristol and Other Coloured Glass
500039244: DUKE OF BEDFORD - Particulars Plans & Conditions of Sale of the Valuable Freehold Estates Belonging to His Grace the Duke of Bedford Situate in the Parishes of North Petherwin, St Giles in the Heath and Werrington in the County of Devon for Sale by Auction on 13th June 1911
500039242: DUKE OF BEDFORD - Tavistock Town First Day's Sale Lots 1 to 66 Monday June 26th 1911. Particulars Plans and Conditions of Sale of the First Portion of the Valuable Freehold Estates Belonging to His Grace the Duke of Bedford Situate in the Town of Tavistock
500039241: DUKE OF BEDFORD - Tavistock Town Fifth Day's Sale Lots 258 to 319 Friday June 30th 1911. Particulars Plans and Conditions of Sale of the Fifth Portion of the Valuable Freehold Estates Belonging to His Grace the Duke of Bedford Situate in the Town of Tavistock
500039240: DUKE OF BEDFORD - Tavistock Town First Day's Sale Lots 1 to 66 Monday June 26th 1911. Particulars Plans and Conditions of Sale of the First Portion of the Valuable Freehold Estates Belonging to His Grace the Duke of Bedford Situate in the Town of Tavistock
500039239: DUKE OF BEDFORD - Tavistock Town Sixth Day's Sale Lots 320 to 370 Saturday July 1st 1911. Particulars Plans and Conditions of Sale of the Sixth Portion of the Valuable Freehold Estates Belonging to His Grace the Duke of Bedford Situate in the Town of Tavistock
500039238: DUKE OF BEDFORD - Tavistock Town Tenth Day's Sale Lots 542 to 600 Thursday July 6th 1911. Particulars Plans and Conditions of Sale of the Tenth Portion of the Valuable Freehold Estates Belonging to His Grace the Duke of Bedford Situate in the Town of Tavistock
500039237: DUKE OF BEDFORD - Tavistock Town Tenth Day's Sale Lots 542 to 600 Thursday July 6th 1911. Particulars Plans and Conditions of Sale of the Tenth Portion of the Valuable Freehold Estates Belonging to His Grace the Duke of Bedford Situate in the Town of Tavistock
500004923: BEDFORD, R.D. - Dialogues with Convention: Readings in Renaissance Poetry
500004935: BEDFORD, DUKE OF - A Path to Walk on
500004936: BEDFORD, DUKE OF - If I Were Prime Minister -
500004937: BEDFORD, DUKE OF - The War and the Empire . Speech Delivered in the House of Lords Tuesday 21st July 1942
500015287: BEDFORD, H LOUISA - Under One Standard or the Touch That Makes Us Kin
500039234: DUKE OF BEDFORD - Abstract of Title for Lot 55 from 1911 His Grace the Duke of Bedford Devonshire Estates Tavistock Rural Sale. No 1 Millbrook Place Tavistock. The Freehold Ground Rent
500039235: DUKE OF BEDFORD - Tavistock Town Fifth Day's Sale Lots 258 to 319 Friday June 30th 1911. Particulars Plans and Conditions of Sale of the Fifth Portion of the Valuable Freehold Estates Belonging to His Grace the Duke of Bedford Situate in the Town of Tavistock
500039236: DUKE OF BEDFORD - Tavistock Town Second Day's Sale Lots 67 to 125 Tuesday June 27th 1911. Particulars Plans and Conditions of Sale of the Second Portion of the Valuable Freehold Estates Belonging to His Grace the Duke of Bedford Situate in the Town of Tavistock
500039243: DUKE OF BEDFORD - Particulars Plans & Conditions of Sale Devonshire Properties Belonging to His Grace the Duke of Bedford in and Near the Town of Tavistock to Be Offered for Sale by Auction in Lots on 23rd July 1914
500039233: DUKE OF BEDFORD - 1911 Devonshire Summary of Particulars of Valuable Freehold Estates Belonging to His Grace the Duke of Bedford for Sale by Auction in the Months of June and July. The Estates Are Situate : - 1. Near Launceston 2. At Plymstock and Oreston 3. In and Around the Town of Tavistock 4. In the Neighbourhood of Tavistock.
17045: BEDFORDSHIRE - Bedfordshire Magazine Vol 17 No 130
5513: G BEDSON - The Notorious Poacher.
500033285: OOI JIN-BEE, CHIANG HAI DING (EDS.) - Modern Singapore
20411: BEEBE, WILLIAM SULLY - Numerical Evidence in Favor of the Wide Distrubtion of the Theory of Primes: Vol. B: Plates
500017225: BEEBY, K J - The Wonderful Story of Leather
90025082: BEEBY, ALAN - Applying Ecology
1674: BEECH, H.R - Obsessional States.
500009997: BEECH, ANNE [COMP] - The Gourmet's Directory
1677: BEECHAM, J - Sermons by John Wesley.
500008975: KEYES, NELSON BEECHER & GALLAGHER EDWARD FELIX - Our Christian Heritage
500042564: BEECHING, H. C. - The Apostles' Creed - Six Lectures Given in Westminster Abbey
5761: BEECHING, CYRIL LESLIE - A Dictionary of Eponyms
500033048: THOMAS A KEMPIS. INTRO. BY THE VERY REV. H C BEECHING - The Imitation of Christ
90012140: BEECHING, R - Electron Diffraction
500006146: BEECHING, C L T - Goods of the Grocer and Provision Dealer
500015456: BEEDELL, SUZANNE - "the Wall Handbook: A Guide to the Maintenance, Repair and Decoration of Your Inside Walls
5005008: BEEDING, FRANCIS - Death Walks in Eastrepps
AB10082: BEEGHLEY, L - Living Poorly in America
AB8600: BEEHLER, W H - The Cruise of the Brooklyn - a Journal of the Principal Events of a Three Years' Cruise in the Us Flag-Ship Brooklyn...
18847: BEEK, MARTIN A. WELSH, D.R. (TRANSLATOR). ROWLEY, H.H. (EDITOR) - Atlas of Mesopotamia: A Survey of the History and Civilisation of Mesopotamia from the Stone Age to the Fall of Babylon
500044653: TREVOR BEER - Poachers Days
5955: GILYARD-BEER, R - Abbeys. An Intro to the Religious Houses of England & Wales.
5956: GILYARD-BEER, R - Abbeys. An Intro to the Religious Houses of England & Wales.
20923: BEER, JOHN S. - Who Is Jesus?
19949: BEER, T. - Devon's Birds
1679: BEER, J - Experimental Psychology.
14830: DE BEER, G R - Speaking of Switzerland
90012617: BEER, DAVID - Releasing Your Church to Grow
90015580: DE BEER, SIR GAVIN - Notes and Records of the Royal Society of London Vol. 14 No. 1 1959
90017788: BEER, A (ED) - Devon Population Statistics Prepared for Gcse Pupils
14409: DE BEER, G R - Alps and Men
26252: BEER, MICHAEL - The Life and Teaching of Karl Marx
500005783: BEER, R R - Unicorn Myth and Reality
90026164: BEER, M - A History of British Socialism
AB4049: BEER, T - Devon's Best Beaches
AB4836: BEER, K E - Mineralisation in the Teign Valley Reprinted from Devon Ass Advmt Science vol 110 pp 77-80
AB4837: BEER, K E - Mineralisation in the Teign Valley Reprinted from Devon Ass Advmt Science vol 110 pp 77-80
AB7016: BEER, T - Devon's Best Beaches
9424: BEERBOHM, MAX - Yet Again
1681: BEERBOHM, MAX - Seven Men.
1680: BEERBOHM, M - Mainly on the Air.
90012862: BEERS, V. GILBERT - Teaching Toddlers the Bible
90013535: BEERS, NORMAN [ED] - Nucleonics: An International Journal for Techniques and Applications of Nuclear Science. Volume 6 No. 1 January 1950
500045786: RONALD BEESLEY - The Robe of Many Colours
500045783: RONALD BEESLEY - Visions of the Aquarian Age
90023194: BEESLY, A. H. - Life of Danton
14719: MACKETT-BEESON, A E J - Chessmen
AB9663: BEETHOVEN - Cello Sonatas Op 5 - Sonata N. 1 & 2 33 1/3rpm Record.
500027783: BEETHOVEN, LUDWIG VAN, - "Beethoven’S Works, Edited by I. Moscheles. Complete Edition, Adante No Op 35
500027784: BEETHOVEN, LUDWIG VAN - Beethoven’S Favourite Movements from His Grand Sonatas. Edited and Fingered by Jules Benedict. Sheet Music
500027785: BEETHOVEN, LUDWIG VAN - Deux Sonatines Pour le Piano 49 No 1. & No 2 Sheet Music
500027786: BEETHOVEN, LUDWIG VAN - "Beethoven’S Grand Symphonies, Arranged for the Piano Forte, with Accompaniments of Flute, Violin and Violoncello by J.N. Hummel. No. 1 & 2
500027787: BEETHOVEN, LUDWIG VAN, - "Beethoven’S Grand Septuor, Arranged As a Duett, for Two Performers, on One Piano Forte, by the Author.
500027788: BEETHOVEN, LUDWIG VAN, - "Beethoven’S Sinfonia Pastorale, Forming a Series of Characteristic Movements, Arranged for Two Performers on the Piano Forte by W. Watts.
21999: BEETHOVEN. - Symphony No. 1 in C, Op. 21
500033458: LUDWIG VAN BEETHOVEN - Beethoven Symphonies Vol I Nos 1 to 5 Arranged for the Pianoforte by E. Pauer
500041235: BEETHOVEN, LUDWIG VAN. - "Concerts de Piano. Op. 15, 19, 37, 58, 73 Et Fantaisie, Op. 80.
AB5100: BEETHOVEN, LUDWIG VAN - The Victory Symphony from Beethoven's 5th symphony arranged as piano solo
500025622: BEETHOVEN, LUDWIG VAN, - Twelve Waltzes for the Piano Forte Composed by L Van Beethoven
AB8224: BEETHOVEN, L VAN - Symphonie Nr 7 a Dur Von Ludwig Van Beethoven Op 92 Edition Eulenburg No. 412
500043746: BEETON - Beeton's New Dictionary of Every-Day Gardening Constituting a Popular Cyclopaedia of the Theory and Practice of Horticulture, Floriculture and Pomology.
500011767: BEETON, MRS. - Beeton's Every-Day Cookery and Housekeeping Book:
AB7655: BEETON - All About Cookery
500040172: MRS. BEETON - Mrs. Beeton's All-About Cookery with over 2,000 Practical Recipes.
500039019: S.O. BEETON - The Englishwoman's Domestic Magazine. An Illustrated Journal, Combining Practical Information, Instruction and Amusement. Vol VII 7
14743: BEETON, S O - The Boys Own Volume
500009318: BEETON, MRS - Mrs. Beeton's Every Day Cookery and Housekeeping Book. Facsimile
AB4157: BEETON - All About Everything being a dictionary of practical recipes and every-day information. An entirely new domestic cyclopaedia
500024312: SAMUEL O BEETON - Beeton's Dictionary of Everyday Gardening:
500025120: BEETON, SAMUEL - Beeton's New All About Gardening
20751: BEEVOR, CHARLES E. - Diseases of the Nervous System: A Handbook for Students and Practitioners
22258: MACKENZIE-BEEVOR, MAJOR C.D. (EDITOR) - "the Regimental Journal of the 1st the Queen's Dragoon Guards: Vol. 4, No. 5, Wimbish,1984
19011: BEG, MUHAMMAD ABDUL JABBAR (EDITOR) - The Image of Islamic Civilization: A Compendium of Interpretations of the Civilization of Islam During the Last Islamic Century (1300-1400 Hijrah): A Souvenir Book of the 14th Century of the Hijrah
19012: BEG, MUHAMMAD ABDUL JABBAR - Perspectives of Civilization
16706: BEG, M A J - Social Mobility in Islamic Civilization- the Classical Period
90022325: BEGBIE, JOAN - Sergeant the Dog
AB5151: BEGBIE, H - Albert Fourth Earl Grey A last word
500004764: BEGG, ALEX - Empowering the Earth: Strategies for Social Change
500021761: BEGLEY, WALTER - Bacon's Nova Resuscitatio or the Unveiling of His Concealed Works and Travels Volumes I II III
21139: BEGO, MARK - Leonardo Dicaprio: Romantic Hero
500041813: BEGO, MARK - Michael! -the Michael Jackson Story
1688: BEHAN, BRENDAN - Hold Your Hour and Have Another
500022081: BEHESNILIAN, KRIKOR - "Armenian Bondage and Carnage: Being the Story of Christian Martyrdom in Modern Times, Etc
20067: BOEHME (JACOB) JACOB BEHMEN - Der Weeg Zu Christo
5005400: BEHR, EDWARD - Thank Heaven for Little Girls: The True Story of Maurice Chevalier's Life and Times
90014127: BEHR, ET AL - 1947 Cinquantenaire 1997/ Catalogue Timbres-Poste France 1997
90017553: BEHR, E T - The Tao of Sales
500031178: BEHR, G.H. - De Pancreate Ejusque Liquore. Strassburg 1730.
500028777: BEHRMAN, S.N - "Globe Theatre Programme: Biography (Starring Laurence Olivier & Ina Claire, Produced by Noel Coward,
90016932: BEIER - Introdution to African Literature, an Anthology of Critical Writing on African and Afro- American Literature and Oral Tradition
500008576: BEILBY, RICHARD - The Sword and the Myrtle
500044583: REV. MR. OSTERVALD, RALPH BEILBY & THOMAS BEWICK - " the Holy Bible: Containing the Sacred Text of the Old and New Testaments, and the Apocrypha at Large... . with Practical Observations on Each Chapter, by the Late Rev. Mr. Ostervald, (Ostervald's Bible)
7259: BEILIN, YOSSI - Israel a Concise Political History
500020977: BEISER, ARTHUR - Conceitos de Fisica Moderna. Portugese
500015069: BELAK, B - Mala Fatra. The Mala Fatra Mountains
500033434: BELASCO, ALBERT - Chess and Draughts a Complete Guide
500043661: ALBERT BELASCO - Chess and Draughts: How to Play Scientifically
22225: BELBEN, HOWARD (EDITOR) - Ministry in the Local Church
500006314: BELCAMPO - De Fantasieen Van Belcampo
25739: BELCHEM, R F K - New Scientist Volume 19 No 356
AB9250: BELCHER, GEORGE - A Hero of the Ring & His Agent the National Sporting Club Taken from Life - Jimmy Wilde and Teddy Lewis.
500026489: HENRY M BELCHER - The Wide World Magazine Vol. LXXXII No. 487 October 1938
500016454: BELDAM, GEORGE W. - The World's Champion Golfers: Their Art Disclosed by the Ultra-Rapid Camera the World's Champion Golfers: Their Art Disclosed by the Ultra-Rapid Camera No 6 First Series Gene Sarazen Iron Putt and Approach
500021485: BELDAM, GEORGE W - Great Golfers Theie Methods at a Glance
5007777: METHODIST COLLEGE BELFAST - Elementary Science
90001801: DAVIS, BELFIELD AND EVEREST (ED) - Spon's Architects' and Builders' Price Book 1972 97th Edition
AB4900: BELGION, M - News of the French
22933: BELILOS, LEON - From Global War to Global Peace: The Ways and Means of Achieving the Sx Essential Freedoms Regarding Want - Fear - Worship - Expression - Ignorance - War
90016540: BELINFANTE, L L (ED) - Index to Volumes I-L of the Quarterly Journal of the Geological Society
5000817: BELL, ARTHUR E - Newtonian Science
5000948: BELL, ARTHUR; PATE FOUNDATION - Tudor Foundation: A Sketch of the History of Richard Pate's Foundation in Cheltenham
5005412: BELL, J J - Kiddies
5384: BELL , JAMES;WILSON, S - The Telegraphists' Guide. To the Departmental and City and Guilds Examinations in Telegraphy
8270: BELL, NEIL - The Governess at Ashburton Hall
5006043: BELL, MALCOLM - Old Pewter
5001300: BELL, CLIVE - French Impressionists. 50 Plates in Ful Colour.
7702: ROBERTSON WILLIAM BELL - Political Economy Selections
5002289: BELL, WILFRED - "I Planted a Seed, Beauty Expressed by Rural Children in Verse and Art.
5003052: BELL, ADRIAN - Silver Ley
500040378: BELL, ERIC TEMPLE; TAINE, JOHN - The Iron Star (Classics of Science Fiction)
500044204: BELL, THOMAS IAN WOODWARD - Effect of Fertilizer and Density Pretreatment on Spruce Seedling Survival and Growth (Forestry Commission: Forest Record 67)
19168: BELL, KENNETH (COMPILER) - Puritanism and Liberty (1603-1660)
21516: BELL, JOSEPHINE - In the King's Absence
25939: BELL, GORDON L - Metric Graphs for Interpretation
20206: BELL, NEIL - The Handsome Langleys: A Npvel
19663: BELL, DION R. - Lecture Notes on Tropical Medicine
17824: BELL, BENJAMIN - A System of Surgery Vol I II III IV V VI 6vols.
17406: BELL, ANNE - A to Z of West Sussex
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90024940: BEYSCHLAG, A - Urtext Klassischer Musikwerke Herausgegeben Auf Veranlassung Und Unter Verantwortung Der Koniglichen Akademie Der Kunste Zu Berlin Supplemenstband: Die Ornamentik Der Musik
500032066: BEZZI, MARIO - Diptera Brachycera and Athericera of the Fiji Islands
500037668: H. S. BHABRA - Gestures
1875: BHAKTIVEDANTA, A.C - Srimad Bhagavatam Second Canto Part One.
1879: BHAKTIVEDANTA, A.C - Prabhupada.
1882: BHAKTIVEDANTA, A.C - Life Comes from Life.
1888: BHAKTIVEDANTA, A.C - The Science of Self-Realization.
1878: BHAKTIVEDANTA, A.C - Srimad Bhagavatam Second Canto Part One.
500001535: BHIKKHU,N - The Girimananda Sutta Ten Contemplations . The Wheel Publication No. 177
27989: BHIKSHU, SUBHADRA - A Buddhist Catechism: An Introduction to the Teaching of the Buddha Gotama (the Wheel Publication No. 152/153/154)
7333: BHIKSHU - Series of Eleven Lessons in Karma Yoga
500001198: BHIKSHU, S - A Buddhist Catechism. The Wheel Publication No. 152/153/154
90020758: BIADEGO, G - Verona. Con 174 Illustrazioni
AB8837: BIANCHI, E - Sara Sara ! (Song)
4091: BIANCHINI, FRANCESCO; CORBETTA, FRANCESCO. - Health Plants of the World: Atlas of Medicinal Plants
1890: BIBBY, G - "the Testimony of the Spade. Life in Northern Europe from 15,000bc to the Time of the Vikings.
1889: BIBBY, C - Sex Education.
500029281: JOSEPH BIBBY - Bibby's Annual 1936
90007219: BIBLE - The Holy Bible Containing the Old and New Testaments, Translated out of the Original Tongues and with the Former Translations Diligently Compared and Revised by His Majesty's Special Command. ( in 8 Volumes). Volume 6 Ezekiel to Malachi
90007221: BIBLE - The Holy Bible Containing the Old and New Testaments, Translated out of the Original Tongues and with the Former Translations Diligently Compared and Revised by His Majesty's Special Command. ( in 8 Volumes). Volume 3 I Kings to Esther.
500027875: MOODY BIBLE - Successful Teaching a Course of Instruction in the Art of Teaching (Book Only)
17128: BIBLE - Apocrypha
17877: BIBLE - Novum Testamentum [Iesu] Christi, Graece & Latine
26457: BIBLE - Quiet Moments Bible Reading New Testament
AB8306: BIBLE - Die Bibel over Die Ganze Heilige Schrift Des Alten Und Neuen Testaments, Nach Der Deutschen Ueberjekung Dr Martin Luther's
90021638: BIBLE - The Bible Picture Book, Second Series, (Old Testament) Containing 1. The Story of Moses; 2. The Story of King David; 3. The Story of King Solomon; 4. The Story of Ruth. With Sixteen Coloured Illustrations
500045738: BIBLE - The Holy Bible, Containing the Old and New Testaments.
11510: BIBLE - A Dictionary of Scripture Proper Names
500044782: THE HOLY BIBLE - The Holy Bible Containing the Old and New Testaments Translated out of the Original Tongues: Being the Version Set Forth A.D. 1611 Compared with the Most Ancient Authorities and Revised Printed for the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge. Volume IV Isaiah to Malachi
500002941: SOCIETY OF BIBLIOPHILES - Oxford University Society of Bibliophiles. Hilary Term 1981. Programme
500009406: OXFORD UNIVERSITY SOCIETY OF BIBLIOPHILES - Oxford University Society of Bibliophiles. Michaelmas Term 1981
500016127: OXFORD UNIVERSITY SOCIETY OF BIBLIOPHILES - Oxford University Society of Bibliophiles. Trinity Term 1979. Programme
2573: C H BIBMEAD - Doctor Who Castrovalva
7436: J D BICHARD & D MCCLINTOCK - Wild Flowers of the Channel Islands.
17689: BICHLER, MARTIN - The Future of E-Markets
5005453: BICKEL, T H - Chart of the History of English Furniture and Domestic Architecture.
17639: BICKERDYKE, JOHN - Angling for Pike:
90022752: BICKERDYKE, JOHN - Sea Fishing
19339: BICKERS, RICHARD TOWNSHEND - Full Ahead - Both!: The Royal Navy at War
500027274: RICHARD TOWNSHEND BICKERS - Tit Bits 3978 June 1962
5007814: BICKERSTAFF, EDWIN R. - Neurology
22930: BICKERSTAFF, ISAAC - The Recruiting Sergeant: A Musical Entertainment
500037476: ISAAC BICKERSTAFF & THOMAS J. DIBDIN, SAMUEL TAYLOR COLERIDGE - "a Playbill for the ""Theatre Royal"""" January 22"" 1813 ""Lionel and Clarissa"" Harlequin & Humpo or, Columbine by Candlelight! "" & ""Remorse""
500042425: BICKERSTETH, EDWARD - A Treatise on the Lord's Supper
500036272: EDWARD H BICKERSTETH, EDWARD THRING, HENRY NEWPORT, J G C FUSSELL ETC - Cambridge Prize Poems Prolusiones Academicae Praemiis Annuis Dignatae Et in Curia Cantabrigiensi Recitatae Comitiis Maximis . Mdcccxliv 1844
AB8205: BICKERSTETH, E (ED) - The Book of Bedgebury Christmas 1961 No. XLIV
500037140: W F TISSINGTON TATLOW J ARMOR ARDIS J A R BICKFORD - A Synopsis of Neurology
AB7932: RADIOL BICKLEY, N M (ED) - A Manual of Etiquette
90015295: BICKNELL, E E - The Channel Islands
90020658: BICKNELL, P F - The Human Side of Fabre
90006606: BIDDLE, GORDON.; NOCK, O S. - The Railway Heritage of Britiain. 150 Years of Railway Architecture and Engineering
500030238: SANTE A. BIDOLI - La Psicologia Della Scrittura,
500044439: SHELFORD BIDWELL - The Royal Horse Artillery. Famous Regiments
3164: BIDWELL, GLEN IRVING - How to Use the Repertory - with a Practical Analysis of Forty Homoeopathic Remedies
500001712: BOERICKE, BIDWELL & ALLEN/ PAUL - 44 Remedies & 22 Eliminating Rubricseneral Practice
500014167: BIDWELL, ROBIN LEONARD - Guide to African Ministers
500014178: BIDWELL, ROBIN LEONARD - Guide to African Ministers
22291: BIEGELEISEN, J.I. - "Screen Printing: A Contemporary Guide to the Technique of Screen Printing for Artists, Designers and Craftsmen
90013472: BIEN, PETER - L.P. Hartley
500039716: BIENSTOCK, GREGORY - The Struggle for the Pacific
500029483: BIERCE, AMBROSE - In the Midst of Life
500004795: BIFFI, INOS - The Ten Commandments
AB8494: BIGELOW, J - France and the Confederate Navy (1862-1868)
90012582: BIGELOW, REV. DR. JIM - Love As Jesus Lved
500000328: BIGELOW, STEPHEN J. - "Troubleshooting, Maintaining & Repairing Pcs
500001372: BIGELOW, E VICTOR - A Narrative History of the Town of Cohasset Massachusetts
22021: BIGG, P.H.; ELLIOTT, K.W.T.; STONE, N.W.B. - "Annales Francaises de Chronometrie: 20e Anne, 2e Trimestre: 2e Serie Tome IV: Extrait: Une Methode Photoelectrique de Determination Automatique de la Correction D'Une Montre Dans Les Epreuves D'Observatoires
21119: BIGGART, J. HENRY - Pathology of the Nervous System: A Student's Introduction
8195: SELBY-BIGGE, L A - British Moralists Volume II
1900: BIGGLE, LLOYD - Watchers of the Dark.
1899: BIGGLE, LLOYD - Silence Is Deadly.
22353: BIGGS, BRUCE, - English-Maori Dictionary
500009821: BIGGS, J A S - Fifty-Two Model Answers in English and European History. Part III [3] 1714-1815
500012244: BIGGS, J A S - Fifty-Two Model Answers in English and European History. Part IV [4] 1815-1931
500013047: BIGGS, W [SELECTED BY] - The World's Best Stories for Children
18244: BIGHAM, JOHN C. - Lees' Laws of British Shipping and of Marine Insurance: Edited and Thoroughly Revised to the Present Time
5006504: BIGLAND, EILEEN - Laughing Odyssey
1902: BIGMAN, SIDNEY - The Love Scene.
500037725: BIGNELL, G.CARTER - "British Oak Galls Offprint from: Royal Cornwall Polytechnic Society. Report, 1902
90013956: BIGOT, A - Notice Geologique Villers -Sur -Mer Et Ses Environs
500030465: BILANDE - L'Art de Juger L'Homme Sur Son écriture
500025352: BILDER, I - Norge
500003638: BILES, TIMOTHY - Windows on the Sudan
90014044: BILIBINE, IVAN - "Finist, le Beau Faucon
21039: EDUCATION BILL - A Bill to Reform the Law Relating to Education in England and Wales: Presented by Mr. Nutler, Supported by the Prime Minister, Mr. Atlee, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Bevin, Secretary Sir Archibald Sinclair, Mr. Willink, Sir William Jowitt...
500039896: HARPER-BILL, CHRISTOPHER (EDITOR).: - "the Register of John Morton Archbishop of Canterbury 1486-1500. Volume III Norwich Sede Vacante, 1499.
500031728: BRADFORD BILL & WRIGHT NORMAN - George Rochester 1898 - 1966 an Index of His Work
500031165: BRADFORD BILL & WRIGHT NORMAN - George Rochester 1898 - 1966 an Index of His Work
500037846: KENT BILL & ROBERTS PETER - Better Skiing
AB9328: BILLIKEN ( J M DOWN) - The Sealed Book of Roulette
500008393: BILLIN, EDWARD S - Drawing on Scraper-Board.
5005814: BILLINGER, KARL - All Quiet in Germany
500044922: BILLINGHURST, JANE - Grey Owl: The Many Faces of Archie Belaney
90013051: BILLINGS, PEGGY - The Waiting People
8139: BILLINGTON, RACHEL - A Painted Devil
1910: BILLINGTON, R - Occasion of Sin.
2395: BILLINGTON, W.D. (ED.) - Captain Dewhurst & His Diary
1908: BILLINGTON, R - Bodily Harm.
90011737: ROSE, BILLY & FISHER, FRED - If All the Stars Were Pretty Babies and I Was the Man in the Moon. Professional Copy.
90015309: BILUNGSLEY, JIM - Reflections
26260: BIMBA, ANTHONY - The History of the American Working Class
500028340: MAEVE BINCHY - You Magazine 9th February 1997 - Needy Short Story Inside
500006134: BINCHY, MAEVE - Quentins
500027568: MAURICE BINDER - Certificate of Merit Award by the 38th Annual National Exhibition of Advertising & Editorial Art & Design of the Art Directors Club of New York March 31 1959
17681: BINDER, MAURICE - Don't Make a Sound !
AB6575: BINDER, MAURICE - "Legal Papers Relating to Film ""the Passage""
9949: BINDING, HILARY - Discovering Dunster: A History and Guide
19116: SAINT CYPRIAN. BINDLEY, T. HERBERT. - "St. Cyprian on the Lord's Prayer: An English Translation, with Introduction
500016686: BINDLEY, FRANK [ILLUST] - The Story of Samuel
90014631: BINDLOSS, HAROLD - The Wastrel
500004695: BINDLOSS, HAROLD - Dearham's Inheritance
17756: BINEAU, M - Chemins de Fer D'Angleterre
500001810: BINFIELD, A D - Eda May or the Twin Roses
1915: BINGHAM, J - God's Defector.
500034088: GRAHAM BINGHAM - Ask the Family 3
AB9093: BINGHAM, D - Driven Game Shooting
AB6564: BINGHAM, CLIFTON - Pillow Land Six Songs
AB8362: BINGLEY, J (ED) - Abmr Antiquarian Book Monthly Review July 1980- June 1981
500033327: F J BINGLEY - The World of Nature. A Series of Seven Broadcasts Describing the Processes at Work in a Variety of Natural Habitats 1959
25961: BINNEY, T - The Christian Miscellany and Family Visitor for the Year 1870
500042476: BINNIE, WILLIAM - The Church - Handbooks for Bible Classes and Private Students
9315: BINNS, OTTWELL - The Secret Pearls
500030607: J L INNES W.O. BINNS, D.B. REDFERN, R. BOSWELL, - Forest Health and Air Pollution: 1986 Survey
1917: BINNS, R - The Loch Ness Mystery Solved.
8382: BINNS, E RANDALL - The Archaeology of the Mind Modern Man in Search of His Roots
18616: BINNS, OTTWELL - The Last Door
4482: BINNS, L.ELLIOTT - The History of the Decline and Fall of the Medieval Papacy
4394: ELLIOTT-BINNS, L.E - Religion in the Victorian Era
500020213: BINNS, PAMELA. - Flavio and the Cats of Rome
500025807: W.O. BINNS, D.B. REDFERN, R. BOSWELL, A.J.A. BETTS - Forest Health and Air Pollution: 1985 Survey
500026775: W.O. BINNS, D.B. REDFERN - Acid Rain and Forest Decline in W. Germany Forestry Commission Research & Development Paper 131
500026776: W.O. BINNS, - Acid Rain and Forestry Forestry Commission Research & Development Paper 134
500027417: BINSTEAD, NONA - Getting Around in Cantonese
90021834: BINSTED, R H - Soup Manufacture and Canning
5001412: BINYON, LAURENCE - The Mind of the Artist. Thoughts and Sayings of Painters and Sculptors on Their Art
90023916: BINYON, LAURENCE - "Japanese Art, One Cut in Four Copies, 37 Drawings on Supreme Un Glazed Art Paper, 20 Tinted Illustrations and 1 Engraving
1920: BINYON, L - The Sirens. An Ode.
1919: BINYON, L - The Sirens. An Ode.
22123: BINYON, LAURENCE - Akbar

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