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500044912: PALLEY, REESE - Lives of Illustrious Seamen : Naval and Martial Biogrpahy
24732: DE PALMA, ANTHONY F., - The Management of Fracture and Dislocations an Atlas. Volume I & II
500039013: JAS. L PALMER - Italy and Central Europe, by Jas. L. Palmer
500029795: L. S. PALMER. - Practical Physics I & Supplement to Practical Physics I & II
500000662: PALMER, STUART - Death in Grease-Paint
AB9041: PALSON, X (ED) - Journaux de Guerre 68 Issues Nos: 1-4; 6 & 7; 9; 11--72
20226: PAMPHILUS, EUSEBIUS. CRUSE, C.F. (TRANSLATOR) - "the Eclesiastical History of Eusebius Pamphilus, Bishop of Caesarea, in Palestine. Translated from the Greek. With Notes Selected from the Edition F Valesius
3482: PANDIT, RANJIT SITARAM - River of Kings-Rajatarangini the Saga of the Kings of Kasmir
500031488: TRABACCHI, AUGUSTO PANETTO & PETRELLI MAURO GIGL - Pianta Monumentale Di Roma Con Circa 500 Monumenti
90023647: PANZINI, A - Dizionario Moderno. Supplemento Ai Dizionari Italiani
500024086: PAPAGEORGIOU, ATHANASIO - "Exhibition of Byzantine Icons of the XII-XVI C. Belonging to the Church of Cyprus, Organised by the Society of Cypriot Studies April 1969.
2346: PARDOE, MISS - The Life of Marie de Medicis [3 Volume Set]
14546: PARETSKY, SARA - Toxic Shock
19631: PARGETER, EDITH - Hortensius Friend of Nero
500021538: PARISH, W D REV - A Dictionary of the Sussex Dialect and Collection of Provincialisms in Use in the County of Sussex
500045287: THE MINISTERS OF THE RESPECTIVE PARISHES - The Statistical Account of Kincardineshire
596: PARK, JOHN JAMES - The Topography and Natural History of Hampstead in the County of Middlesex: With an Appendix of Original Records
500020117: PARK, MUNGO, - "Travels in the Interior Districts of Africa . A New Edition, Abridged.
500043336: PHIL MAY GILBERT PARKER, BARRY PAIN, JOHN A BECKET - " Phil May's Winter Annual 1896, Winter Annual 1897
500028330: JOHN WILLIAM PARKER, SIR WILLIAM JONES, - The Saturday Magazine. No 1 July 7th 1832
500007396: PARKER, JOHN HENRY - "a Glossary of Terms Used in Grecian, Roman, Italian and Gothic Architecture
500041625: ALBERT F CALVERT GILBERT PARKER, CHARLES GARVICE, - Authors' Lodge No. 3456 Transactions Volume I
500021471: PARKER, THOMAS NETHERSON - Essay on the Hanging & Fastening of Gates Exemplified in Six Quarto Plates
90024231: PARKER, CAPT. W H - Leaves from an Unwritten Log-Book
AB6294: HAROLD BRAKSPEAR. JOHN HENRY PARKER - Archaeologia: Or, Miscellaneous Tracts Relating to Antiquity. Volume XLIII.
500043013: ARTHUR S PARKER - How to Increase the Attractions of Exeter
AB9369: A C PARKER - The Rudyard Estate, North Staffordshire - Auction Catalogue Wednesday July 9th 1919
500038383: CHARLES PARKIN - An Essay Towards a Topographical History of the County of Norfolk, Etc. Volume XI Containing the Hundreds of Tunstede, Walsham, West Flegg, and East Flegg
24379: PARKINSON, JAMES - "Medical Admonitions Volume II (to Families, Respecting the Practice of Domestic Medicine, and the Preservation of Health, with Directions for the Treatment of the Sick on the First Appearance of Disease by Which Its Process May Be Stopped)
500043279: RICHARD PARKINSON - Treatise on the Breeding and Management of Live Stock: In Which the Principals and Proceedings of the New School of Breeders Are Fully and Experimently Discussed Volume II
11064: FRANCIS PARKMAN - Parkman's Works Montcalm & Wolfe Vol 1, Vol II France and England in North America Part Seventh
500044895: GAMBIER-PARRY, MAJOR - Day-Dreams; Being Thoughts from the Notebook of a Cripple.
90016464: PARRY, L - The Assay of Tin and Antimony
500042877: [F. C. H. RANDOLPH] COUNTRY PARSON - Records of a Rocky Shore; or Annals of Our Village. By a Country Parson No I Our Sextons
500013805: PARSONS, C E - Mysore City
500019195: PARSONS, CLAUDIA - Vagabondage
90003001: PARTRIDGE, R W. - "Hand Book to the Lunacy Acts Amendment Act, 1889. With List of New Penalties.
500028344: BERNARD PARTRIDGE - Unconquerable (the Kaiser & the King of the Belgians) Punch October 21 1914
144800: PASCAL, B - Thoughts on Religion and Other Curious Subjects
AB10042: PASCALE, B - Les Provinciales Ou Lettres de Louis de Montalte Tome Premier & Tome Second
500024802: PASOLINI, PIER PAOLO - Roman Poems
AB7098: PASTERNAK, L O - Zapisi Raznykh Let (Records of Different Years) Leonid O Pasternak
500036688: PASTEUR, M. - Histoire D'Un Savant Par Un Ignorant.
AB9309: PAT - Thirty Seasons at Monte Carlo - Anecdotes of Travel and Records of Play
500038351: BLANCHE PATCH - Thirty (30) Years with G.B. S.
90014151: PATCHETT, M E - Return to the Reef. An Ajax Book
500042085: PATERSON, F. WILLIAM - "the Church of the New Testament : The Presbyterate, a Defense of Presbyterianism
90025301: PATERSON, A B - The Man from Snowy River and Other Verses
500038054: PATERSON, DANIEL - "a New and Accurate Description of All the Direct and Principal Cross Roads in Great-Britain Containing the Direct Roads from London, the Cross Roads of Great-Britain, Also an Account of the Noblemen and Gentlemens' Seats.
500042020: HUGH SINCLAIR PATERSON - Faith and Unfaith: Their Claims and Conflicts.
AB5294: PATIN, M (TRANSL) - Odes D'Horace
15678: PATON, LUCY ALLEN - Sir Lancelot of the Lake
17640: PATOUILLET, L - Histoire Du Pelagianisme
500039952: PATRIDGE, ERIC - Shakespeare's Bawdy. A Literary & Psychological Essay and a Comprehensive Glossary.
90004040: PATTERSON, HENRY. - A Phoenix in the Blood.
500040754: JAMES A PATTERSON - Study Guide for Emergency Medical and Drug Abuse Technician
500043466: JAMES PATTERSON. - 1st to Die.
11018: PATTERSON, R H - The Science of Finance
17066: ST PAUL - Paul's Voyage to Rome Illustrated in Decision of Character. To Which Is Added an Alarn to Britain (a Warning Voice to Seamen Watermen & Bargemen)
90014597: PAUL, HERBERT - Queen Anne
500021356: BROCA, PAUL ET AL - The Journal of the Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland VII 20
500024224: COCHOIS PAUL - Berulle Et L'Ecole Francaise
500027322: POIRIER P PAUL & CHARPY, A ETC - "Traité D'Anatomie Humaine Tome II Second Premiere Fascicule Myologie, Embryologie, Histologie Etc
AB9692: PAULL, M A - Friar Hildebrand's Cross or the Monk of Tavystoke Abbaye
AB9693: PAULL, M A - Friar Hildebrand's Cross or the Monk of Tavystoke Abbaye
500040745: PAULUS, INGEBORG - A Comparative Study of Long-Term and Short-Term Withdrawl of Narcotic Addicts Voluntarily Seeking Comprehensive Treatment
5006566: PAVONI, ROSANNA - Christophe Colomb . Images D'Un Visage Inconnu
500045637: PAXTON, MAISIE - Stay Young All Your Life
500024069: PAYN, JAMES - Lost Sir Massingberd. A Romance of Real Life.
500013372: PAYNE, LENNARD - A History of the Somerset Stragglers Cricket Club 1900-2000
90024553: PAYNE, S - The Gurteens of Haverhill. Two Hundred Years of Suffolk Textiles
90024084: BAXTER, PAYNE & LEPPER - "Baxter, Payne & Lepper 1760-1985
500018856: MASON & PAYNE - A Survey of London Made in the Year 1745.
11418: PAYNE, C H - The Stars of High Luminosity
500041846: ASSOCIATION FOR WORLD PEACE - War on Want a Plan for World Development
500021730: PEACHAM, HENRY - "Coach and Sedan, Pleasantly Disputing for Place and Precedence; the Brewers-Cart Being Moderator
500042829: PEAKE, JAMES. - "Rudiments of Naval Architecture; or, an Exposition of the Elementary Principles of the Science and Their Practical Application to Naval Construction; Compiled for the Use of Beginners.
500040358: PEARCE, JOSEPH - Eli's Daughter
90021943: PEARCE, RODNEY - "Do You Remember: A History and Personal Memories. Saltash Wesley Junior Brotherhood, Saltash Wesley Youth Club, Kenwanne Club, Kenwanne Centre, Haneth Youth Club
500033257: SAMUEL LYSONS R. L. PEARSALL, - "a Bound Volume of Articles from Early Volumes of Archaeologia: Or, Miscellaneous Tracts Relating to Antiquity : - XV Kiss of the Virgin: XXVII. An Account of the Rosetta Stone, in Three Languages, Which Was Brought to England in the Year 1802. XV. An Account of the Remains of Several Roman Buildings and Other Roman Antiquities Discovered in the County of Gloucester. By Samuel Lysons, XXI. An Account of a Chain of Ancient Fortresses, Extending Through the South Western Part of Gloucestershire. XIV. Observations on Three Roman Sepulchral Inscriptions Found at Watermore, Near Cirencester, in Gloucestershire, in 1835 and 1836. By Dr. Conrad Leemans, First Conservator of the Museum of Antiquities at Leyden III. Observations on the Circumstances Which Occasioned the Death of Fisher, Bishop of Rochester; in a Letter from John Bruce, Esq. F.S. A. To Thomas Amyot, Esq. F.R. S. , Treasurer
23923: PEARSE, MARK GUY - John Tregenoweth: His Mark; Rob Rat: A Story of Barge Life; the Old Miller and His MILL
90004204: PEARSE, THEED WILLIAM . ( TOWN CLERK) - A Schedule of Records and Other Documents of the Corporation of Bedford.
23907: PEARSE, MARK GUY - John Tregenoweth: His Mark; Rob Rat: A Story of Barge Life; the Old Miller and His MILL
500020788: PEARSE, E - Mr Pearse's Last Legacy Two Discourses I a Beam of Diviner Glory II the Soul's Rest in God
90003002: PEARSON, RICHARD. - An Analysis of the Human Mind.
22027: PEARSON, ROLAND - Human Resource: Managing People and Work in the 1990s
500036473: PEARSON, EDMUND - Doctor Darwin
17208: PEARSON, RICHARD - An Analysis of the Human Mind
AB6449: PEARSON - Pearson's Photographic Portfolio of Footlight Favourites by Eminent Photographers Parts 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
AB6450: PEARSON - Pearson's Photographic Portfolio of Pantomime Favourites, the Supplement to Footlight Favourites Part II
500041044: STEPHEN OSWALD PEARSON - Dictionary of Wireless Technical Terms
17344: PEART, E - "Practical Information on St Anthony's Fire or Erysipelas and on Erythematous Affections in General As Also on the Measles in Which New Modes of Treatment Are Communicated. Bound with Practical Information on the Malignant Scarlet Fever and Sore-Throat in Which a New Mode of Treatment Is Freely Communicated. Bound with ""on Consumption of the Lungs in Which a New Mode of Treatment Is Laid Down and Recommended to Public Attention;... Having Been Found Powerfully Effacious, Particularly in the First Stage of Tuberculous Consumption ""
14802: PECK, WILLIAM HENRY - The Secret of the Hidden Room
AB4716: PEDERSEN, B M (ED) - Graphis Logo 1
26365: PEEL ET AL (EDS) - The Society of Friends the Portsmouth Royal Naval Museum Year Book and Journal 1982/3/4 ; Friends of the Royal Naval Museum and Hms Victory Yearbook 1988/9. 91/2/3/4/5/6/7 (12 Volumes)
18291: EARL BATHURST , ROBERT PEEL ET AL - Public Characters of the Year 1828
500026561: LOUIS GOLDING STEVIE SMITH J H B PEEL - Eve's Journal May 1939
500034798: HAL MOSS DARE DEVIL PEGGY'S - Blackpool Week Souvenir 1933
90020525: PEGUY, C - Morceaux Choisis - Prose. Avec Un Portrait de L'Auteur Par Pierre Laurens
90023696: PEILE, JOHN - An Introduction to Greek and Latin Etymology
21324: PELTIER (JEAN-GABRIEL) - Dernier Tableau de Paris, Ou Recit Historique de la Revolution Du 10 Aot, Des Causes Qui L'Ont Prcd, Et Des Crimes Qui L'Ont Suivi.
500036439: PEMBERTON, CLIVE - The Origin and Story of Kents Cavern with a Descriptive Tour of the Caves
17515: FRIENDLY PEN - Portrait & Memoir of Henry Irving
500030171: PENDOWER, J (JACOBS, T C H ) - Diamonds for Danger
500030172: PENDOWER, J (JACOBS, T C H ) - Date with Fear
AB5258: PENDOWER, J (JACOBS, T C H) - Anxious Lady
AB5262: PENDOWER, J (JACOBS, T C H ) - Try Anything Once
AB5263: PENDOWER, J (JACOBS, T C H ) - Date with Fear Gun Block
AB5264: PENDOWER, J (JACOBS, T C H ) - The Perfect Wife
AB5273: PENDOWER, J (JACOBS, T C H ) - Traitor's Island
AB5275: PENDOWER, J (JACOBS, T C H ) - The Widow from Spain
AB5277: PENDOWER, J (JACOBS, T C H ) - A Trap for Fools
23962: PENHALE, JACK - The Mine Under the Sea
500020081: PENN, JAMES - "the Life of Miss Davis, the Farmer's Daughter of Essex: Who Was Seduced by Her Lover, Under a Promise of Marriage, and by Him Forced from Her Virtuous Parents
500042373: EDITED BY P. PENN. - Cornish Notes & Queries-First Series Reprinted from the Cornish Telegraph.
500041639: ALEXANDER PENNECUIK - An Historical Account of the Blue Blanket or, Crafts-Mens Banner. Containing the Fundamental Principles of the Good-Town, with the Powers and Prerogatives of the Crafts of Edinburgh,.
17427: PENNELL, JOSEPH - The Works of Charles Keene with an Introduction & Comments on the Drawings
500009249: CHOLMONDELEY-PENNELL, H - Fishing. The Badminton Library. Pike and Other Fish
500032875: R C PENNELL - £5 Reward. Any Person Giving Such Information As Shall Lead to the Conviction of Parties Found Shooting or Otherwise Destroying Game... . . St Helena
500032876: R C PENNELL - Government Notification. St Helena. Suspending Pheasant Shooting Licenses.
AB9442: PEPYS, S; BRIGHT, REV MYNORS; BRAYBROOKE; WHEATLEY, H B (ED) - "the Diary of Samuel Pepys Ma, Frs Clerk of the Acts and Secretary to the Admiralty - 10 Volume Set
AB9443: PEPYS, S; BRIGHT, REV MYNORS; BRAYBROOKE, R LORD - Diary and Correspondence of Samuel Pepys Esq Frs from His Ms Cypher in the Pepysian Library with a Life and Notes - 6 Volume Set
90020732: RIGHT HON. SPENCER PERCEVAL - The Qenuine Book an Inquiry or Delicate Investigation Into the Conduct of Her Royal Highness the Princess of Wales Before Lords Erskine, Spencer, Grenville and Ellenborough the Four Special Commissioners of Inquiry
25374: PERCEVAL, MR - "the Book on Secret Investigation Into the Conduct of the Princess of Wales As Prepared for the Press by the Late Mr Percival""
500020890: PERCY, STEPHEN - Robin Hood and His Merry Foresters
500042251: H. W. PEREIRA - A Commentary on the Office for the Ministration of Holy Baptism
21725: PEREIRA, JONATHAN - "Lectures on Polarized Light, Delivered Before the Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain; and in the Medical School of London Hospital
90024297: PERKS, SYDNEY - Essays on Old London
22815: PERLMUTTER, DAVID D. - Policing the Media : Street Cops and Public Perceptions of Law Enforcement
500022628: PEROTEAU, J-F - Le Singe Descend de L'Homme ou la creation progressive et l'evolutiuon regressive
AB1698: PERRING (MAYOR) - A Common-Council Holden in the Chamber of the Guildhall of the City of London on Wednesday the 10th Day of October 1804 and in the Forty-Fourth Year of the Reign of Our Sovereign Lord George the Third, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, King, &C
90011980: PERRIS, C.; ETC. - Parenting and Psychopathology
500037048: PERRY, F A - "the Devonian Year Book 1941 ""Elizabethan Sailor's with the Fleet"" ""a Moorland Mystery"" ""the Postman Poet of Devon"" ""the Humour of Devon""
AB9019: PERRY, F A - The Devonian Year Book 1943
500041250: KARL FRIEDRICH PESCHEL, TRANSLATED EBENEZER WEST - Elements of Physics 3 Volumes I Ponderable Bodies II Imponderable Bodies III Imponderable Bodies
AB3064: PESCOTT, R T M - The Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne A history from 1845-1970
19083: THOROGOOD, PETER & TICKLE, CHERYLL - Cranofacial Development
500036357: LONGHURST, PETER & SAVIGE, T J - The Camellia
500004181: HOUNAM, PETER & HOGG, ANDREW - Secret Cult
500004234: LAMBDA, PETER & ELDRIDGE, JOHN - My Bandit [Manuscript. ]
90019277: ALLISS, PETER & DOBEREINER, PETER & MCCORMACK, MARK & PALMER, ARNOLD - "the Fifty Greatest Golfers, the Fifty Greatest Post War Golfers from Around the World
500023559: NIJKAMP PETER (EDITOR) - Europe on the Move Recent Developments in European Communications and Transport Activity Research
500045908: NICHOLSON, PETER & TREDGOLD, THOMAS - Carpentry & Joinery an Atlas of Engravings
500036485: PETERS, R. S ETC - The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science: Volume VII (1956) Issue: 25. Sigmund Freud Centenary
500008955: PETERS, W H - Collected Works W H Peters
AB3196: PETERS, FRITZ - Gurdjieff Remembered
500026284: VARLO ALBERTINI FRANCESCO PETRARCA - Le Rime Del Petrarca: Con Note Letterali E Critiche Del Castelvetro, Tassoni, Muratori, Alfieri, Ginguenè, Tomo Primo Tomo Secondo
AB5505: PETRI, L - Hanna Cordelia Ouchterlony
14817: PETRIE, FLINDERS - A Vision of Ages
500021359: GALTON, FRANCIS FLINDERS PETRIE ET AL - The Journal of the Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland VIII 8
500030506: VINCENZA DE PETRILLO , ALESSANDRA MILLEVOLTE - The Application of the G. Moretti Graphological System
90014180: JAUZEIN, PH & M - Graminees. [Poaceae] Nuisibles En Agriculture
18239: BRITISH PHARMACOPOEIA - British Pharmacopoeia 1867: Published Under the Direction of the General Council of Medical Education and Registration of the United Kingdom, Pursuant to the Medical Act, 1858
500038238: JAMES PHELIPS - History of the Parish Church of Saint John Baptist. Yeovil.
17496: PHELPS, RICHARD H - Newgate of Connecticut Its Insurrections Its Mines Imprisonment of the Tories in the Revolution
500042080: MAC A-PHI, DOMHNALL - An Treas Leabhar Leughaidh
500005167: DAVIS, PHIL & BINDER, MAURICE - The Hotsey Totsey Boys/ the Hotsy Totsy Boys. Screen Play
500041530: HAROUET DE LONGEVILLE EUGENIUS PHILALETHES - Long Livers : A Curious History of Such Persons of Both Sexes Who Have LIV'd Several Ages, and Grown Young Again: With the Rare Secret of Rejuvenescency of Arnoldus de Villa Nova,... As Also How to Prepare the Universal Medicine. By Eugenius Philalethes,
500044025: PHILIDOR - Jeu Des Echecs. Conseils Et Fins de Parties Mis En Ordre Par Bonneveine. Prix 1 Franc.
500001312: GEORGE PHILIP - Philips' Special Map Illustrating the Spanish - American War
500042574: GEORGE M. PHILIP - The Book of Job. A Detailed Exposition...
AB7433: PHILIP'S - The District South West of London - Philip's Topographical Map of England and Wales
500041043: PHILIPS - The Oscillograph and Its Application
500025275: PHILLIMORE, JOSEPH - "Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the Arches and Prerogative Courts of Canterbury, and in the High Court of Delegates Containing the Judgments of the Right Hon Sir George Lee. Volume I & II
5004226: HALLIWELL-PHILLIPS, J O - A Catalogue of the Warehouse Library of J.O. Halliwell-Phillips.
500039935: PHILLIPS, WALTER C. - "Dickens, Reade, and Collins, Sensation Novelists: A Study in the Conditions and Theories of Novel Writing in Victorian England.
22336: PHILLIPS, R. - "Public Characters, 1800-1801: To Be Continued Annually
500004816: PHILLIPS, REV. WM.LUKE - The Grand Imperial Bible 3 Volume Set.
500008099: PHILLIPS, J ARTHUR - A Treatise on Ore Deposits
23690: PHILLIPS, E.C. (LOOKER, ELIZABETH CAROLINE) - Birdie and Her Dog: With Other Stories of Canine Sagacity
22343: PHILLIPS, JOHN. - Part II Stratigraphical Geology and Palontology by Robert Etheridge.
5003661: PHILLPOTTS, EDEN - Buy a Broom. A Comedy in Three Acts
19512: PHILLPOTTS, ADELAIDE EDEN - The Adbenturers
23697: PHILLPOTTS, EDEN - The Three Brothers
500038805: PHILLPOTTS, EDEN - The Forest on the Hill
90015829: PHILLPOTTS, EDEN - There Was an Old Man
90022450: PHILLPOTTS, EDEN - The Whirlwind
24308: PHILLPOTTS, EDEN - Demeter's Daughter
500024603: PHILLPOTTS, EDEN - Demeter's Daughter
500024605: PHILLPOTTS, EDEN - The Torch and Other Tales
500024607: PHILLPOTTS, EDEN - Witch's Cauldron
500024610: PHILLPOTTS, EDEN - The Three Maidens
500024612: PHILLPOTTS, EDEN - The Forest on the Hill
500024615: PHILLPOTTS, EDEN - Portrait of a Scoundrel.
500024857: PHILLPOTTS, EDEN - Eudocia. A Comedy Royal.
500026499: W. H. K. WRIGHT. EDEN PHILLPOTTS, C LEWIS HIND - "Devonia. The Official Organ of the United Devon Association. Vol III No 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. Vol IV No 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.
500020131: PICART, BERNARD. - A New Drawing Book of Modes.
500044479: H ADAIR PICKARD & R E BAYNES - Bye Laws of the Apollo University Lodge of Antient Free and Accepted Masons . To Which Is Added a History of the Lodge
500035547: DR. O. PICKERING, DR. J. GLOMSKI. ETC - The Library. Transactions of the Bibliographical Society. Series I - Series 7 100 Volumes + 2 Index Volumes
15601: PICKFORD, DR - On True & False Spermatorrhoea
500037129: JACK PICKLEMAN - Problems in General Surgery (Environment, Development, and Public Policy)
500041155: RADIO PICTURES - The Camera Battery in Position, Ready for Action! an Off-Stage Snap"" of the Company Filming Herbert Brenon's Rko Radio Pictures Production ""Devil's Battalion"" (Beau Ideal) on Location on the Desert Near Yuma, Arizona""
AB9496: PARAMOUNT PICTURES - La Fuerza Del Carino (Terms of Endearment) - Film (Movie) Poster with Shirley Maclaine; Debra Winger; Jack Nicholson
500023818: BAYLE MR PIERRE - Miscellaneous Reflections, Occasioned by the Comet Which Appeared in December 1680. Chiefly Tending to Explode Popular Superstitions. Written to a Doctor of the Sorbone Translated from the French. To Which Is Added, the Author's Life. Volume II
500034292: WOLFF PIERRE - The Marionettes Theatre Programme 1912
500022354: METASTASIO PIETRO - Poesie Del Signor Abate Pietro Metastasio Tomo Terzo
500043194: FRANCIS TAYLOR PIGGOTT - The Declaration of Paris, 1856: A Study: Documented
90002531: PIMBLETT, W. - How the British Won India.
90000312: PIPPARD, ALFRED BRIAN - The Physics of Vibration Vol. 1
5005281: PIUGOU, A C - The Economics of Stationary States
500036801: GEORGES-LOUIS LECLERC) BUFFON; JEAN PIVETEAU (ED) - Oeuvres Philosophiques de Buffon (Corpus General de Philosophes Francais, Auteurs Modernes Tome XLI, 1)
500045472: OLIVE CHARLOTTE BLYTH PIXLEY - The Trail. Lectures on the Technique of Revelation, Etc.
90007106: PLANCHE, JAMES ROBINSON. - "a Cyclopaedia of Costume or Dictionary of Dress, Including Notices of Contemporaneous Fashions on the Continent; and a General History of the Costumes of the Principal Countries of Europe, from the Commencement of the Christian Era to the Accession of Geo
90015957: DUNLOP PLANTATIONS - Practical Notes on the Budding of Hevea Brasiliensis. For the Use of Menmbers of Staff of the Dunlop Plantations Ltd.
500039548: PLATE - Entrance to the Late Ante Chapel of Corpus Christi Cambridge
500039549: PLATE - Engraving of the South Elevation of Chantmarle House Dedicated by the Author to Sir William Oglander.
500026175: WELSH PLATE AND SHEET MANUFACTURERS - Memorandum and Statistics Relative to the Tinplate Trade September 1916
500026176: WELSH PLATE AND SHEET MANUFACTURERS - Balance Sheet of the South Wales, Monmouthshire and Gloucestershire Tinplate Workers' Union from October 1887 to June 1889 and 1889 to 1991
500026179: WELSH PLATE AND SHEET MANUFACTURERS - Workmen's Claims for Advances in Wages and Alterations in Conditions of Working
500043793: PLATT, CHARLES - Chess: Draughts: How to Enjoy Them
500024762: PLESCH, DAN - Taming Globalisation Upgrading Democracy for the 21st Century
AB8296: PLINY - C. Plinii Caecilii Secundi Epistolae at Panegyricus. Editio Nova. Marcus Zverius Boxhornius Recensuiti, & Passim Emendavit
500028476: ROGER PLOWMAN - Roger Plowman's Second Excursion to London with His Marriage to Sarah Jane
500029228: PLUCHE, N.A. HUMPHREYS, MR. (TRANS.) - Spectacle de la Nature or Nature Displayed Being Discourses on Such Particulars of Natural History As Were Thought Most Proper to Excite the Curiosity and Form the Minds of Youth. Vol I 1
AB4341: PLUMMER, D B - The Sporting Terrier
AB4353: PLUMMER, D B - The Sporting Terrier
AB4376: PLUMMER, D B - Lurcher and Long Dog Training
AB9990: PLUTARCH - Select Lives (in 2 Volumes)
500030674: PLYMOUTH - Western Morning News No 1 Vol I 1860 Tuesday January 3
AB2427: POESSEL, A-E - Domfront Et le Passais Normand
11600: GOETHE. POGANY, W (ILLUSTRATOR) - Faust by Goethe.
500023720: POGSON, B - Work Talks at the Dicker 1966 Based on the teachings of G I Gurdjieff; P D Ouspensky & Maurice Nicoll
500044787: PEKKA POHJANPELTO - The Thyroid Gland and Intraocular Pressure: Tonographic Study of 187 Patients with Thyroid Disease
15234: POINCARE, HENRI - Science and Method
18704: COVER-POINT - A Complete History of the Test Matches between England & Australia (1877-1905)
500036663: POIRIER, JEAN PIERRE - Antoine Laurent de Lavoisier 1743-1794
500036791: POIRIER, JEAN-PIERRE - "Lavoisier: Chemist, Biologist, Economist
23472: POLAND, RONAL G. - Human Experience: A Psychology of Growth
500029214: MATTHEW POOLE MATTHAEI POLI - Synopsis Criticorum Aliorumque S Scripturae Interpretum Volumen III
500026862: MARIE ANTOINETTE A. POLINSKI - Air Composed by the Queen Marie Antoinette, Arranged for the Pianoforte by A. Polinski Sheet Music
500039365: POLLAND, LEON D. - "the Frigate ""Constellation"" an Outline of the Present Restoration
500023942: WALTER HERRIES POLLOCK - King Zub, and Other Stories. "The Whitefriars Library of Wit and Humour,
500021548: POLNAY, PETER DE - Water on the Steps
500034588: JOSEPH POLSUE - A Complete Parochial History of the County of Cornwall, Compiled from the Best Authorities Volumes 1 I
500027955: POLSUE, JOSEPH - "a Complete Parochial History of the County of Cornwall, 51 of 55 Parts
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500045106: C L RADCLIFFE - Poster ""Valuable Freehold Estate in Altarnun for Sale...... . Trekennicks Situate Near the Church Town, in the Parish of Altarnun. ""
500045139: C L RADCLIFFE - Poster : - Alternun. Well Watered Estate Called Laneham in the Parish of Altarnun
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90024083: BRITISH RAILWAYS - British Railways - Western Region Traction Bulletin for Drivers 1970-1981 (Various)
500033275: SOUTH AFRICAN RAILWAYS - Natal Province - Descriptive Guide and Official Hand-Book
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90015710: RAJNEESH, OSHO/ WADUD, SWAMI DEVA [COMP] - Meditation the First and Last Freedom
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500041927: NICK RANKIN - Plants of Power . A Six Part Radio Series
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500037382: JOHN N RAPHAEL - Peter Ibbetson "" Matinee Performance in Aid of the Allied Forces' Base Hospital"" His Majesty's Theatre Programme
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AB9566: JOHN RAPKIN - The World on Mercator's Projection (Map of)
AB9563: JOHN RAPKIN - Europe (Map of)
AB9568: JOHN RAPKIN - Ireland (Map of)
AB9567: JOHN RAPKIN - China and Burmah (Map of)
AB9562: JOHN RAPKIN - Switzerland (Map of)
AB9559: JOHN RAPKIN - Egypt, and Arabia Petræa (Map of)
AB9564: JOHN RAPKIN - The British Isles (Map of)
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500033400: TERENCE RATTIGAN & PHILIP HEIMANN - First Episode Comedy Theatre Programme 1934
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3803: DAW SAMUEL - Experimental & Miscellaneous Poems.
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90008664: SARRATT, LEIUT. - Life of Buonaparte
12230: SARRETT, H J - Keonigsmark the Robber or the Terror of Bohemia in Which Is Introduced Stella of the Maniac of the Wood
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90023841: SAWYER, FRANK J. - Extemporization
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500026154: SCHILLER, FRIEDRICH, COLERIDGE, SAMUEL TAYLOR, TRANSLATOR - Schiller’S Tragedies: The Piccolomini; and the Death of Wallenstein. Translated from the German by S.T. Coleridge.
90007294: SCHLEDER, CLAUDIO. (ED) - Floresteca - a Decade in Teak.
500031009: SCHLEICHER, AUGUST (HERBERT BENDALL, TR.) - "a Compendium of the Comparative Grammar of the Indo-European, Sanskrit, Greek and Latin Languages. Translated from the Third German Edition by Herbert Bendall. Part I
15955: SCHNITZLER, ARTHUR - Gallant Cassian
90026039: SCHNITZLER, A (TRANSL.FROM THIRD EDN BY A L GOWANS) - Gallant Cassian. A Puppet-Play in One Act
500044504: G V A SCHOFIELD - Dorset Masonic Calendar 1941
500044500: G V A SCHOFIELD - Masonic Calendar and Directory for the Province of Surrey. 1919
90004439: WESTERN SCHOLARS - A Factual Response to Salman Rushdie's Concoction : "" the Satanic Verses"" Through the Researched Works of Western Scholars
90002372: SCHOLES, JAS C. - Documentary Notes Relating to the District of Turton
18722: SCHOMAKERI, JODOCI (JOOST SCHOMAKER) - Selecta Consilia Et Responsa Juris
500010872: SCHOMAKERI, JODOCI (JOOST SCHOMAKER) - Selecta Consilia Et Responsa Juris . Part 3
500010873: SCHOMAKERI, JODOCI (JOOST SCHOMAKER) - Selecta Consilia Et Responsa Juris . Part 4
90023140: INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENCE SCHOOLS - Instruction Paper with Examination Questions. Petrol Motors
500045883: SCHOPENHAUER, A - On Human Nature.
500020880: SCHRUMPF, G A - A First Aryan Reader Consisting of Specimens of the Aryan Languages
500032546: SCHUBERT - Allan's Australian Music Books No 31 Serenade Sheet Music
5007414: SCHUMMELKETEL, K J - De Verlichte Zit Een Studie over Het Springen
23790: SCHWARZE, GOTTHILF - Die Firngrenze in Amerika: Namentlich in Sudamerika Und Mexiko: Inaugural-Dissertation
500036745: DELEGATION GENERALE A LA RECHERCHE SCIENTIFIC ET TECHNIQUE - Scientific and Technical Research in France.
500041871: NATIONAL ARCHIVES OF SCOTLAND - Index to Paticular Register of Sasines for Sheriffdom of Ayr and Bailiaries of Kyle, Carrick and Cunningham 1635 - 1660 Vol II (Indexes No. 31)
500028604: THEODORE G. SCOTT - Basic Computer Programming
500034674: NOEL SCOTT - Traffic "" Lyceum Theatre Programme 1935
500043434: COMPLETED AND EDITED BY GEORGE LEWIS SCOTT. - A Supplement to Mr. Chambers's Cyclopaedia or, Universal Dictionary of Arts and Sciences. Volume II 2
500038176: JOHN SCOTT - Journal of a Tour to Waterloo and Paris, in Company with Sir Walter Scott, in 1815.
500042044: SIR WALTER SCOTT, MISS MITFORD, MISS PARDOE, ETTRICK SHEPHERD, THOMAS HOOD - "the Royal Lady's Magazine, and Archives of the Court of St. James. Vol. III Jauary December
AB8276: WALTER SCOTT - Mr Walter Scott ""Calling Card""
500039483: SCOTT, ROBERT F. - "the Daily Mirror, Monday March 24 1913. ""Wreckage of the Worthing Pier Which Was Swept Away by the Sea During the Terrific Gale. ""
500039481: SCOTT, ROBERT F. - "Captain Scott Memorial Number. Captain Scott's Favourite Portrait of Himself at His Last Appeal to the Public. The Daily Mirror"", Wednesday, February 12, 1913.
25334: REV. GEORGE GILFILLAN WALTER SCOTT - The Poetical Works of Sir Walter Scott Vol I II III
500010184: SCOTT, SIR WALTER - The Poetical Works of Sir Walter Scott. 6 Volume Set.
500016442: SCOTT, SIR WALTER - The Lay of the Last Minstrel
500040824: S E A SCOTT - Ye Famous and Antient Ballad. Ye King James and Ye Tinker
AB7191: SCOTT, WALTER - "Novels and Romances of the Author of Waverley: Vol IV the Fortunes of Nigel, Vol VIII Kenilworth, Vol IX Quentin Durward
AB2444: SCOTT, JAMES - Advice for the Use of Lavements in Preventing Confinement of the Bowels and Removing Various Diseases
AB4467: SCOTT, WALTER - Memoirs of Jonathan Swift
500025098: WALTER SCOTT: - Marmion; a Tale of Flodden Field.
AB7192: SCOTT, WALTER - "Novels and Tales of the Author of Waverley: Vol IV Guy Mannering, Vol XIV Heart of Mid-Lothian, Vol XVI Montrose
500031986: SCOTT, SIR WALTER - The Waverley Novels Complete Set in 25 Vols.
500040643: SCOTT, WALTER - Historical Romances of the Author of Waverley: Vol III and Vol IV the Monastery
500032703: SCRIABINE HENRY GEEHL. ALEKSANDR NIKOLAYEVICH SCRIABIN - Eight Pieces of Moderate Difficulty / Scriabine ;Edited by Henry Geehl.
500010134: SCRIBE, M M /VARNER - Repertoire Du Theatre de Madame. / le Mariage de Raison
500010135: SCRIBE, M M / DELAVIGNE, G - Repertoire Du Theatre de Madame. / le Diplomate [French Text]
500019901: SCROPE, WILLIAM - Days and Nights of Salmon Fishing in the Tweed
AB9308: SCRUTATOR - The Odds at Monte Carlo
500032874: W H SEALE - Government Notification. Licenses to Kill Games for 3 Months from the 1st March Next Will Be Issued from This Office. St Helena
500039311: W. SEARLE - The North Devon Magazine; Containing the Cave and Lundy Review. Volume I & II
500031265: EDWY SEARLES - The Bridge Builders the Nugget Library 47
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22509: SEATON - Wild Flowers of Seaton and Neighbourhood
500029772: SEATON - Wild Flowers of Seaton and Neighbourhood
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90001668: SECCOMBE, MAJOR T. S. - The Story of Prince Hildebrand and Princess Ida
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90021009: SEELEY, H G - Dragons of the Air. An Account of Extinct Flying Reptiles
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9594: SELDEN, JOHN - (Opera) the Works of John Selden Vol III Part II the History of Tythes
AB3243: SELDEN, JOHN - Joannis Seldeni Jurisconsulti Opera Omnia Tam Edita Quam Inedita Vol II; Vol II Tom II Vol I Vol II De Successionibus in bona defuncti ad leges ebraeborum, liber singularis... Vol II Tom II Analecton Anglo Britannicon
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19961: SENARATNE, LORANEE - Heirs to History
500020758: SENDAK, MAURICE - Alligators All Around: An Alphabet
500029191: JOHN SENEX - A New Map of the Provinces of Hainault, Namur and Cambray
500023784: SENGUPTA (SEN GUPTA) - Srimad Guru Bijoy Krishna
500038742: JOSEPH SENIOR - Smithy Rhymes and Stithy Chimes; or, ""the Short and Simple Annals of the Poor, Spelt by the Unlettered Muse,"" of Your Humble Bard
5004224: SENIOR, NASSAU W (ED. S LEON LEVY) - Industrial Efficiency and Social Economy. 1-2. Original Mss. Arranged and Edited by S. Leon Levy.
500042863: WILLIAM SENIOR - Deeds of Naval Daring or Anecdotes of the British Navy
500023296: SENIOR, WILLIAM, W.W. HUTCHINGS, HUGH STORN, ET AL - "the Rivers of Great Britain; Descriptive, Historical, Pictorial; Rivers of the South and West Coasts
15714: SERAO, MATILDE - Souls Divided
24107: SERJEANTSON, R.M - A History of the Church of St Peter Northampton Together with the Chapels of Kingsthorpe and Upton
AB7424: SEROSHEVSKII, V L - Yakuti (the Yakuts) Opyt Etnograficheskogo Issledovaniya
24477: ALTAR SERVICE - Els to Be Used Throughout the Year. According to the Use of the Church of England. Accession Service for George V at End Last Page Royal Warrant by Churchill
18613: CORONATION SERVICE - The Form and Orders of the Service That Is to Be Performedand the Ceremonies That Are to Be Observed in the Coronation of Their Majesties King George VI and Queen Elizabeth in the Abbey Church of St. Peter, Westminster
500044628: DEVON LIBRARY SERVICES - Agriculture in Devon
90001931: AUDIO VISUAL SERVICES ( PUB) - Life in Edwardian England Vol 2
500033236: MALAYSIAN INFORMATION SERVICES - Sabah's Revolution for Progress: A Review of Progress and Achievements During the First Malaysia Plan: 1966-1970
500030457: SES', PAMFIL P SES - Storks
AB5123: SES, P - Storks
AB10041: SEVIGNE ET AL - Lettres Choisies de Mesdames de Sevigne, de Grignan, de Simiane Et de Maintenon
500021582: SEWARD, A C - Catalogue of the Mesozoic Plants in the Department of Geology British Museum (Natural History) the Wealden Flora Part I Thallophyta II Gymnosperma 2 Volumes
16982: SEWELL, MRS (RALEIGH, WALTER SIR ) - The Tragedy of Sir Walter Raleigh As It Is Acted at the Theatre in Lincolns-Inn-Fields
500026124: RICHARD CLARKE SEWELL - Gesta Stephani, Regis Anglorum, Et Ducis Normannorum, Incerto Auctore
500045424: SEYMOUR, A (ED) - The Two Witnesses Numbers I-XXIV (1915-17)
5002854: SEYMOUR, ALICE - "the Express No. 1. As Foretold One Hundred Years Ago, to Be Published by the Hand of a Woman in the Tenth Year of the Century; and Containing the Life and Divine Writings of the Late Joanna Southcott
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500039034: HENRY MAYHEW ROBERT SEYMOUR. - Figaro in London No 321 Saturdayjanuary 1838
AB3321: SEYMOUR, J B - The Stamps of Great Britain Part I The Line-Engraved Issues 1840 to 1853 and Part II Addenda and Corrigenda to Part I, the remainder of the line-engraved issues, the embossed adhesive and surface printed issues up to 1865
500000532: SFER, ANTOIN - Flowers of the Holy Land
500031237: PETER SCOTT; PHILIPPA SCOTT KEITH SHACKLETON (INTRO) - The Art of Peter Scott : Images from a Lifetime
500037038: SHADDICK, H. G. HASTINGS. - A Guide to the Reports and Transactions of the Devonshire Association. First Series Vols I-XXX
500037043: SHADDICK, H. G. HASTINGS. - A Guide to the Reports and Transactions of the Devonshire Association. First Series Vols I-XXX
500025768: SHADDICK, H. G. HASTINGS. - A Guide to the Reports and Transactions of the Devonshire Association. First Series Vols I-XXX
500037041: SHADDICK, H. G. HASTINGS. - A Guide to the Reports and Transactions of the Devonshire Association. First Series Vols I-XXX

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