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4590: WHITE, ALBERT BEEBE - The Making of the English Constitution 449-1485
500027237: LUSCOMBE WHITE ET AL - Ocean Times R.M. S Queen Mary September 18 1966
90011604: WHITE, R. E. O. - Invitation to Adventure
90012286: WHITE, MICHAEL - "Fruits of War, the: How Military Conflict Accelerates Technology
90014679: WHITE, B C - Poems from the West Country
90015842: WHITE, TOM - Missiles over Cuba
90016990: WHITE, C (ED) - Ruins of the Rhine Their Times and Traditions
500042388: JAMES WHITE - The History of the Life and Reign of Lewis XIV. King of France and Navarre . Containing an Exact and Comprehensive Relation of All the Battles, Sieges... With Whatever Else Is Memorable in That Long and Active Period. With Characters of the Principal Persons Concern'd in Them. Volumes I II III
90019104: BLACK & WHITE - Black & White. Budget Transvaal: Special No. 3. Boer or Briton?
500029219: WHITE, STEWART EDWARD, - The Forest
13595: WHITE, F - Handwriting Secrets.
90022671: WHITE, W B - "Modern Piano Tuning and Allied Arts Including Principles and Practice of Piano Tuning, Regulation of Piano Action, Repair of the Piano, .
90023068: WHITE, CHARLES - Country Walks Second Series
500001478: WHITE, DOROTHY - The Girl's Week-Day Book
500038606: DAVE WHITE - Dave White New Paintings
500038607: DAVE WHITE - Dave White New Paintings
500003544: WHITE, BEATRICE - Essays and Studies 1962
500004241: WHITE, BEATRICE [COLLECTED BY] - Essays and Studies Vol. 36 : 1983
500007594: WHITE, ANTONIA - Antonia White. Diaries 1958 - 1979. Volume II [2]
25058: WHITE, EDWARD LUCAS - Andivius Hedulio: Adventures of a Roman Nobleman in the Days of the Empire
500011202: WHITE, T H - The Making of the President 1964
500012529: WHITE, REGINALD JAMES - The Age of George III
500013649: BLACK & WHITE - Black & White : In Memoriam the Royal Funeral of Edward VII Saturday 28th May 1910
500016303: WHITE, F A - Mass Spectrometry in Science and Technology
500017607: WHITE, ANNE TERRY - The Golden Stamp Book of Birds of the World
500036095: WHITE, JAMES F. (ED) - The Perkins School of Theology 1969 to 1990 Volume 22 to Volume 43
500018884: WHITE, R. E. O. - Invitation to Adventure
500021678: WHITE, CONSTANCE M - The Adventurous Three
500021961: WHITE, GILBERT - The Natural History of Selborne
AB446: WHITE, MAUDE V. - Album of German Songs
500022623: WHITE, H - Kerry Blue
AB2433: WHITE, A D - A History of the Warfare of Science with Theology in Christendom In two volumes Vol II
AB3602: WHITE, T H - The Age of Scandal An excursion through a minor period
AB4247: WHITE, E W (ED) - Poetry Book Society the First 25 Years 1954-1978
500043089: WILLIAM WHITE - Providence, Prophecy and Popery, As Exhibited in the First Seven Chapters of the Book of Daniel.
500024290: LUSCOMBE WHITE ET AL - Ocean Times R.M. S Queen Mary September 25 1966
AB6133: WHITE, F - The Stickum-Stamp Family and Other Stamp Stunts
AB6147: WHITE, J T - The Fifth Book of Virgil's Aeneid with a Vocabulary White's Grammar School Texts
500025028: WHITE, PETER - Dartmoor Moods
21078: WHITE, JAMES - The Falstaff Letters
500026496: HENRY KELSEY WHITE, LIONEL S BIRCH - Essays and Poems
5006302: WHITEHEAD, S.B. - In Your Kitchen Garden
5001013: WHITEHEAD, N.J.; WHITEHEAD, HAZEL - Pocket Christmas
5004472: WHITEHEAD, FRANK - Book 4 the Golden Bird. A Poetry Anthology for Secondary Schools.
20395: CHARLES WHITEHEAD - The Library of Fiction, or, Family Story-Teller; Consisting of Original Tales, Essays and Sketches of Character, with Fourteen Illustrations: Vol. II
20098: WHITEHEAD, FRANK (EDITOR) - "the Use of English: Vol. 21, No. 4, Summer 1970
17316: WHITEHEAD, A N - An Introduction to Mathematics
13597: WHITEHEAD, T - Fears & Phobias.
500034434: WHITEHEAD, STANLEY B - The Observer's Book of House Plants.
5007560: WHITEHEAD, BARBARA - Dig Up Your Family Tree
90025199: WHITEHEAD, STANLEY B - Garden Lawns
15375: WHITEHEAD, T - Plant Diseases Ucnw Dpt of Agriculture
14911: WHITEHEAD, CHARLES - Profitable Fruit-Farming
90021258: WHITEHEAD, H - The Administration of Marketing and Selling
90023895: WHITEHEAD, B - "Church Law: Being a Concise Dictionary of Statutes, Canons, Regulations, and Decided Cases Affecting the Clergy and Laity
500008571: WHITEHEAD, ROY C - Principles of Television Engineering. Volume 1
AB2878: WHITEHEAD, D (ED) - Curriculum Development in Economics
500023569: WHITEHEAD, A. N. - Science and the Modern World
500025437: WHITEHEAD, GEORGE E - The Good Housekeeping Gardening Calendar
17552: WHITEHILL, WALTER MUIR - A Boston Athenaeum Miscellany
500028854: JAMES WHITEHILL - Enter the Quiet: Everyone's Way to Meditation
90000077: WHITEHOUSE, J. HOWARD (EDITOR) - "the Solitary Warrior, New Letters by Ruskin
25837: WHITEHOUSE, J.HOWARD - The Paradise of Tintoretto
500032567: WHITEHOUSE, ARCH - Amphibious Operations
23453: WHITEHOUSE, GEOFFREY T. - Why Health Foods?
11304: WHITEHOUSE, J. HOWARD - The Craftsmanship of Books
500003312: WHITEHOUSE, J H - To the Memory of Ruskin
11332: WHITEHOUSE, J.HOWARD - A Form Room Fellowship
11334: WHITEHOUSE, J.HOWARD - Ruskin the Painter and His Works at Bembridge
19518: WHITELEGG, JOHN (EDITOR) - Traffic Congestion: Is There a Way out?
19519: WHITELEGG, JOHN (EDITOR) - Traffic Congestion: Is There a Way out?
19520: WHITELEGG, JOHN (EDITOR) - Traffic Congestion: Is There a Way out?
19521: WHITELEGG, JOHN (EDITOR) - Traffic Congestion: Is There a Way out?
19700: WHITELEGG, JOHN (EDITOR) - Traffic Congestion: Is There a Way out?
500003723: WHITELEY, CECIL - Brief Life
17030: WHITELL, EVELYN - Silences for Youth
5669: G W WHITEMAN - Halls & Treasures of the City Companies.
500009128: WHITEMAN, YVONNE [ED] - "the Illustrated Treasury of Prayers, Proverbs and Psalms
500027268: JAMES WHITESIDE - Stone's Justices Manual Being the Yearly Justices' Practice for 1950 Volume I
13599: WHITESIDE, T C B - The Problems of Vision in Flight at High Altitude.
500020914: WHITESITT, J. ELDON - Algebra Booleana Y Sus Aplicaciones
8663: L WHITESON - Scanners.
15619: WHITFIELD, CHRISTOPHER - Miss Piper's Trouble
90018500: WHITFIELD, I C - The Auditory Pathway (Monographs of the Physiological Society)
AB3364: WHITFIELD, DR MICHAEL - Jmba Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom. Volume 78:1 February 1998
5001187: WHITFORD, FRANK - The Colour Library of Art: Kandinsky
500004696: WHITGIFT, JOAN - Leave It to Cook
500042514: A. R WHITHAM - The Gospel According to St. Luke: The Text of the Revised Version with Introductions and Notes
90015219: WHITHAM, G I - The Nameless Prince: A Tale of Plantagenet Days
500042478: A. R WHITHAM - The Gospel According to St. Luke: The Text of the Revised Version with Introductions and Notes
AB7545: WHITING, M H - Ophthalmic Nursing
5003745: WHITING, MARY B - The Plough of Shame . Wayfarer's Library.
AB9644: WHITING, MARY B; FOWLER, E H; - The Quiver (Extracts)
500035943: WHITING, RICHARD; BULLOCK, WALTER; MONTAGU, EDWARD - When Did You Leave Heaven? Sheet Music
25167: WHITING, MARY BRADFORD - The Fortunes of Eglantine
90022621: WHITING, P - Floor Finishes
500026769: LILIAN WHITING - The World Beautiful
20850: WHITLA, WILLIAM - "Elements of Pharmacy, Materia Medica and Therapeutics
90013489: WHITLEY, W T [ED] - The Doctrine of Grace
26360: WHITLOCK, PETER; PEARCE, WILLIAM - Nelson & Victory
316: A WHITMAN - The Print Collectors Handbook.
3116: CLIFFORD WEBB R WHITMAN - Moss Green Days.
2404: WHITMAN, EDWARD - "Pluto: The Transformer and Annihilator, the Planet of Fission in the Twelve Houses of the Horoscope
2727: WHITMORE, FREDERIC - A Florida Farm
3752: WHITMORE, DENNIS A - Work Study and Related Management Services
5004528: WHITNEY, MRS. A. D. T. - The Popular Girl's Tales
13600: WHITNEY, P A - Silverhill.
500039650: WHITNEY, JANET - Judith
5005040: WHITNEY, PHYLLIS A. - Poinciana. Uncorrected Proof
90011885: WHITNEY, DORIS M - The Living Bread
AB2611: WHITNEY, MRS A D T - Patience Strong's Outings
500041793: WHITNEY, CHARLES, E - Bygone Hythe.
13602: WHITROW, G.J - Einstein: A Man & His Achievements.
AB9557: WHITTAKER, C R - Anatomy - 6 Volumes / Parts (Catechism Series)
21130: WHITTAKER, JAMES K. - Social Treatment : An Approach to Interpersonal Helping
500016554: WHITTAKER - Familiar English Quotations
500016797: WHITTAKER, KENNETH - Using Libraries
500033929: WHITTAKER - Gradus Ad Parnassum; Sive Synonymorum Et Epithetorum Thesaurus.
AB9558: WHITTAKER, C R ? - Physiology - 5 Volumes / Parts (Catechism Series)
90004949: WHITTIER, JOHN GREENLEAF, - Poems of Whittier
5004501: WHITTIER, JOHN GREENLEAF - A Whittier Treasury: Selected by the Countess of Portsmouth
1472: WHITTIER, JOHN GREENLEAF - A Whittier Treasury
90017591: WHITTIER, JOHN GREENLEAF - "the Writings of John Greenleaf Whittier in Seven Volumes Volume VII, the Conflict with Slavery, Politics and Reform, the Inner Life Criticism
AB3067: FEARNELY-WHITTINGSTALL, JANE - Historic Gardens A guide to 160 British Gardens of interest
6524: H WHITTINGTON - You'LL Die Next.
AB8363: WHITTINGTON, T H (OAKLEY, PYKE AND TAYLOR) - The Eyes in Diabetes (Extract from Clinical Diabetes)
AB1166: WHITTINGTON, H - The Young Nurses
500003211: WHITTLE, TYLER - "the Last Kaiser: A Biography of William II, German Emperor and King of Prussia
500012783: WHITTOW, JOHN - Disasters
AB9262: WHITTUCK, E A (ED) - International Documents : A Collection of International Conventions and Declarations of a Law-Making Kind
13605: WHITTY, MISS - Wife & Child.
500045483: RICHARD WHITWELL - The Gold of Dawn
500031326: BRYON WHITWORTH - The Comic Journal No 14
500031193: BRYON WHITWORTH - The Comic Journal Omnibus Volume Volume 2 11-15
500031324: BRYON WHITWORTH - The Comic Journal No 20
500031327: BRYON WHITWORTH - The Comic Journal No 13
500031155: BRYON WHITWORTH - The Comic Journal
500031154: BRYON WHITWORTH - The Comic Journal No 21
25770: DR. WHO - Dr Who Annual 1984
25214: WHO'S WHO - Who's Who 1962. An Annual Biographical Dictionary.
25216: WHO'S WHO - Who's Who 1962. An Annual Biographical Dictionary.
500004388: WHORLOW, STIRLING - "Diet, Nutrition and the Prevention of Chronic Diseases. [Technical Report Series 797]
6266: GULLAN-WHUR, M - What Your Handwriting Reveals.
500043696: WHYLD, KEN - Guinness Chess : The Records
500043695: WHYLD, KEN - Guinness Chess : The Records
90014481: WHYMPER, A - The Autobiography of a Missionary Box
500032023: WHYMPER, EDWARD SAMUEL MANNING - "Swiss Pictures Drawn with Pen and Pencil New Edition, Revised and Partly Re-Written with Several Additional Illustrations by Edward Whymper and a Map
500039790: WHYMPER, EDWARD. - Scrambles in the Alps in the Years 1860-69.
9644: WHYTE, LEWIS - One Increasing Purpose: The Annals of an Investor
5005089: WHYTE, ADAM GOWANS - The World's Wonder Stories for Boys and Girls
15239: WHYTE, L L - Critique of Physics
500008460: WHYTE, ALEXANDER - Bible Characters. 2 Volumes.
500012810: WHYTE, A J - The Evolution of Modern Italy
22124: WHYTE, CHARLES - Our Solar System and the Stellar Universe: Ten Popular Lectures
27618: HARROWBARROW & METHERELL WI - Our School 1879 - 1976
500025848: KENNETH WIBERG - Computer Programming for Chemists
AB7469: WICK, JOHN (ED) - "Monthly Speedway World July, 1953 Volume 5 Number 2
AB7470: WICK, JOHN (ED) - "Monthly Speedway World October, 1953 Volume 5 Number 5
AB7471: WICK, JOHN (ED) - "Monthly Speedway World December, 1953 Volume 5 Number 7
AB7472: WICK, JOHN (ED) - "Monthly Speedway World January, 1954 Volume 5 Number 8
AB7473: WICK, JOHN (ED) - "Monthly Speedway World February, 1954 Volume 5 Number 9
AB7474: WICK, JOHN (ED) - "Monthly Speedway World March, 1954 Volume 5 Number 10
AB7475: WICK, JOHN (ED) - "Monthly Speedway World June, 1954 Volume 6 Number 3
AB7476: WICK, JOHN (ED) - "Monthly Speedway World July, 1954 Volume 6 Number
500044036: WICKER, KEVIN - How to Play Chess
20594: WICKES, FRANCES G. - The Inner World of Man
500024233: CHARLES WICKES - Saint Mary's Sutton Lincolnshire
500028421: WICKHAM, G - "Early English Stages 1300-1660 - Vol 2, Part 1 (1576 - 1660)
500000727: WICKRAMASINGHE, MARTIN - Aspects of Sinhalese Culture
27049: WICKS, BEN - Ben Wicks' Etiquette: A Guide to Modern Manners
AB9670: WICKSTEED, E (DEC'D) - "the New Week's Preparation for a Worthy Receiving of the Lord's Supper, As Recommended and Appointed by the Church of England: Consisting of Meditations and Prayers for the Morning and Evening of Every Day in the Week...
26475: WICKSTEED, EDWARD - "the New Week's Preparation for a Worthy Receiving of the Lord's Supper, As Recommednded and Appointed by the Church of England: Consisting of Meditations and Prayers for the Morning and Evening of Every Day in the Week.
90001756: WICKSTEED, REV, P. H. ( TRANSLATOR) - Our Lady's Tumbler
500017259: WIDDOWS, NICK - Ferries: British Isles and Northern Europe
500008249: WIDDOWSON, ROSALIND - Head Massage
7816: J WIDMER - Practical Horse Breeding & Training.
500021065: WIENE, ROBERT; MAYER, CARL; JANOWITZ, HANS; ADKINSON, ROBERT - The Cabinet of Dr Caligari : A Film
3412: WIENER, NORBERT - Nonlinear Problems in Random Theory
3206: WIENER, NORBERT - The Fourier Integral and Certain of Its Applications
90020717: WIENER, P F - German for the Scientist (Chemist and Physicist)
90012104: WIERSBE, W W - Enjoy Your Freedom
500012633: THE PARISH CHURCH OF ST. MARY-LE-WIGFORD - The Parish Church of St. Mary-le-Wigford Lincoln
5005092: WIGGIN, KATE DOUGLAS - Story Hour: A Book for the Home and for Kindergarten
5005051: WIGGIN, KATE DOUGLAS - The Diary of a Goose Girl
AB8939: WIGGIN, K D - Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm - the Shirley Temple Edition
500029620: WIGGINS, ARCH R - Triumph of Faith George Marshall O.F.
500030134: DAVID WIGGINS - Deliberation and Practical Reason Reprint of the Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society New Series, Vol. 76, (1975 - 1976), Pp. 29-51+VIII
500031997: WIGGINS, ARCH R - Triumph of Faith George Marshall O.F.
500016880: WIGGINS, MARIANNE - John Dollar: A Novel
22787: WIGGLESWORTH, V.B. - The Life of Insects
90015390: WIGGLESWORTH, V B - The Principle S of Insect Physiology
90016100: WIGHAM, ERIC L. - "Strikes and the Government, 1893-1974
8945: WIGHT, F G - Animal Classification. Biology Unit Three. Unit Studies in Science
500003298: WIGHT, OLIVER W - Manufacturing Resource Planning M.R. P. II: Unlocking America's Potential
25870: WIGHTMAN, W.P.D - Science and the Renaissance - Volume 1 & 2 an Introduction to the Study of the Emergent Sciences in the 16th Century. An Annotated Bibliography of Works in the Library of the University
25869: WIGHTMAN, W.P.D - Science and the Renaissance - Volume 1 & 2 an Introduction to the Study of the Emergent Sciences in the 16th Century. An Annotated Bibliography of Works in the Library of the University
25868: WIGHTMAN, W.P.D - Science and the Renaissance - Volume 1 & 2 an Introduction to the Study of the Emergent Sciences in the 16th Century. An Annotated Bibliography of Works in the Library of the University
5005082: WIGHTMAN, ELFREYDA M C - Stories About Jesus
AB8310: WIGHTMAN, R - Ilfracombe on Glorious Devon's Ocean Coast - Official Guide
500029746: WIGHTMAN, ELFREYDA M C HAROLD COPPING - Stories About Jesus
90014367: WIGHTMAN, W P D - The Emergence of Scientific Medicine
12158: R WIGHTMAN - Wallace's Ground.
500035806: WIGHTMAN, WILLIAM P. D. - "'the Copley Medal and the Work of Some of the Early Recipients. Physis, 3 (1961), 344-55.
500036651: JOHN H. (EDITOR) WIGMORE - Science and Learning in France, with a Survey of Opportunities for American Students in French Universities
500009006: WIGMORE, PAUL - A Victorian View of Old England
AB7023: WIGNY, P - La Bibliotheque de L'Honnete Homme
500005592: WIJESEKERA, PROF. O.H. DE A - Bodhi Leaves No 9. The Buddhist Concept of Mind
5005039: WILBERFORCE, SAMUEL - Agathos and Other Sunday Stories
26054: WILBERFORCE, BASIL - Sanctification by the Truth
26055: WILBERFORCE, BASIL - The Power That Worketh in Us
14698: WILBERFORCE, SAMUEL - Agathos Rocky Island
500001402: WILBERFORCE, SAMUEL - The Rocky Island and Other Similitudes
26058: WILBERFORCE, BASIL - Spiritual Consciousness
500005215: WILBUR, RICHARD/ WANNING, ANDREWS [EDS] - Donne [ the Laurel Poetry Series]
13606: WILBURN, G - The Fortune Sellers.
500029366: WILBY, C B SALTER, R J - Basic Building Science
500012598: WILCOCK, W.J. - One More Step: Assemblies for Secondary Schools
5005055: WILCOX, ELLA WHEELER - Poetical Works of Ella Wheeler Wilcox
500033579: R TURNER WILCOX - The Dictionary of Costume
500031424: ELLA WHEELER WILCOX - Poems of Affection
5004502: WILCOX, ELLA WHEELER/ LALIQUE, LADY L'ENDELL [ED] - The Best of Ella Wheeler Wilcox
13607: WILCOX, E WHEELER - One Hundred Select Poems.
500033570: WILCOX, R TURNER - Five Centuries of American Costume
5005045: WILCOX, ELLA WHEELER - Maurine
90019583: WILCOX, B - Susan at Herron's Farm
13608: WILCOX, R.K - The Turin Shroud.
13609: WILCOX, R.K - Shroud.
13610: WILCOX,E WHEELER - Poems of Experience.
13611: WILCOX,E WHEELER - Poems of Experience.
500006617: WILCOX, ELLA WHEELER - Poems of Hope
500013528: WILCOX, E W - Poems of Life
500013533: WILCOX, E W - Poems of Hope by Ella Wheeler Wilcox
AB2883: WILCOX, L A - A Book of Ships
13613: WILD, M - Tantric Journey Yogic & Other Poems.
5005061: WILD, ROLAND - Extension Night a Novel
500033365: WILD, MARK - The Trembling of Harebells.
500024641: CHARLES WILD, ADDITIONS JOHN BRITTON - "the History and Antiquities of the Cathedral Church of Lincoln: Illustrated by a Series of Engravings, Elevations, Plans, Sections and Details of the Architecture and Sculpture of That Edifice
21136: WILD, JOCELYN - Florence and Eric Take the Cake
500038125: ROBERT ZIMMERNAN (BOB DYLAN) JON WILDE - It (International Times) Number 71, January 14-28 1970 ""Obsenity & Outrage Jon Wilde ""Gay Is Proud"" Fabulous Freak Brothers
500038128: ROBERT ZIMMERNAN (BOB DYLAN) JON WILDE - It (International Times) Number 71, January 14-28 1970 ""Obsenity & Outrage Jon Wilde ""Gay Is Proud"" Fabulous Freak Brothers
500038123: ROBERT ZIMMERNAN (BOB DYLAN) JON WILDE - It (International Times) Number 71, January 14-28 1970 ""Obsenity & Outrage Jon Wilde ""Gay Is Proud"" Fabulous Freak Brothers
500038126: ROBERT ZIMMERNAN (BOB DYLAN) JON WILDE - It (International Times) Number 71, January 14-28 1970 ""Obsenity & Outrage Jon Wilde ""Gay Is Proud"" Fabulous Freak Brothers
17448: WILDE, OSCAR - Oscar Wilde in Quote
500038122: ROBERT ZIMMERNAN (BOB DYLAN) JON WILDE - It (International Times) Number 71, January 14-28 1970 ""Obsenity & Outrage Jon Wilde ""Gay Is Proud"" Fabulous Freak Brothers
7106: WILDE, LYN WEBSTER - Working with Your Dreams
500038127: ROBERT ZIMMERNAN (BOB DYLAN) JON WILDE - It (International Times) Number 71, January 14-28 1970 ""Obsenity & Outrage Jon Wilde ""Gay Is Proud"" Fabulous Freak Brothers
500038124: ROBERT ZIMMERNAN (BOB DYLAN) JON WILDE - It (International Times) Number 71, January 14-28 1970 ""Obsenity & Outrage Jon Wilde ""Gay Is Proud"" Fabulous Freak Brothers
5005744: WILDE, OSCAR - Stories . Including the Picture of Dorian Gray; Lord Arthur Savile's Crime and Other Stories; a House of Pomegranates; the Happy Prince and Other Tales.
500045449: OSCAR WILDE - The Importance of Being Earnest: A Trivial Comedy for Serious People
15687: WILDE, OSCAR - Intentions
500038129: ROBERT ZIMMERNAN (BOB DYLAN) JON WILDE - It (International Times) Number 71, January 14-28 1970 ""Obsenity & Outrage Jon Wilde ""Gay Is Proud"" Fabulous Freak Brothers
500038130: ROBERT ZIMMERNAN (BOB DYLAN) JON WILDE - It (International Times) Number 71, January 14-28 1970 ""Obsenity & Outrage Jon Wilde ""Gay Is Proud"" Fabulous Freak Brothers
26194: WILDE, REGINALD W - Vision Work Service
500003700: WILDE, PERCIVAL /MARRIOTT, J W [ED] - The One-Act Plays of Percival Wilde
500009992: WILDE, ALAN - Art and Order. A Study of E.M. Forster
500015489: WILDE, O - Salome a Tragedy in One Act
500016143: WILDE, REV. R W - "Health, Sickness and Psychology
500045450: OSCAR WILDE - Lord Arthur Savile's Crime
AB2110: WILDE, OSCAR - Lady Windermere's Fan
AB2111: WILDE, OSCAR - Lady Windermere's Fan
500045448: WILDE, OSCAR - The Picture of Dorian Gray
500045447: OSCAR WILDE - Intentions
500045444: OSCAR WILDE - An Ideal Husband
500026085: WILDE, S A - Forest Soils: Their Properties and Relation to Silviculture
15527: WILDER, F L - How to Identify Old Prints
13619: WILDER, T - The Woman of Andros.
13621: WILDER, T - Theophilus North.
13617: WILDER, R - Fruit of the Poppy.
13618: WILDER, T - The Angel That Troubled the Waters.
500037072: WILDIERS, MAX, - "A.N. Whitehead and P. Teilhard de Chardin, International Symposium on the Occasion of the Centenary of the Birth of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, Paris, 1981, 23 P.
90000349: WILDING, NORMAN W. ; KING-HALL, CMDR. STEPHEN - Books About Parliament (Revised Edition 1946) Hansard Society Pamphlet No. 1
500028445: RODNEY WILDING - Some Pictures of Rye and Winchelsea
AB4788: WILDING, P - Adventures in the Eighteenth Century
21427: WILDY, G.W. (EDITOR) - "the Journal of the Society of Model and Experimental Engineers: Volume 4, Number 1, November, 1973
500042038: WILEMAN, WILLIAM - "John Calvin: His Life, His Teaching and His Influence
500042695: WILEMAN, WILLIAM - "John Calvin: His Life, His Teaching and His Influence
500042688: WILEMAN, WILLIAM - "John Calvin: His Life, His Teaching and His Influence
20355: WILENSKI, R.H. - A Miniature History of European Art
500000672: WILENSKI, R H - French Painting
500032689: RICHARD S. SHAVER; G. H. IRWIN; CRAIG BROWNING; ROG PHILLIPS; JOHN WILEY - Other Worlds Science Stories - Volume 1, Number 1, November 1949.
500031001: FLORENCE WILFORD - Play and Earnest a Tale
26592: WILFORD, L.D.R. - Chemistry in Action
500011877: WILFORD, CHARLES [SELECTED BY] - Ragtime Classics Ten Piano Rags
90021696: HOWELLS, WILFRED ET AL - "a Symposium on the Early Detection of Imported and Endemic Disease, Supplement No. 2 to Volume XVI
90020754: WILGUS, A C - The Development of Hispanic America
13622: WILHELM, R. - Lao-Tse.
90023178: ALTMANN WILHELM - Letters of Richard Wagner, in Two Volumes
90023836: PINDER WILHELM - Die Deutsche Plastik,Vom Ausgehenden Mittelalter Bis Zum Ende Der Renaisssance Vol I & II
500032830: LOWNDES ROBERT KATE WILHELM - Future Science Fiction No. 7
500004334: WILHIDE, E - Traditional Country Style
90011879: WILKERSON, DAVID - "Hey, Preach - You'Re Comin' Through!
90007023: HAMILTON-WILKES, MONTY. - Companion Dog. The Complete Book of Dog Care and Training.
25738: WILKES, M V - New Scientist Volume 21 No 380
5007703: WILKES, L - Teach Yourself to Teach
500003608: WILKES, G A - Essays and Studies 1986
500040700: WILKES, JOHN - "Encyclopaedia Londinensis, or, Universal Dictionary of Arts, Sciences, and Literature: Volume XIII Logic to London
500040699: WILKES, JOHN - "Encyclopaedia Londinensis, or, Universal Dictionary of Arts, Sciences, and Literature: Volume XI Independent to Kant
500027686: TOM WILKIE - Brave New World the Ethics of Assisted Reproductive Technology
20405: WILKIE, JAMES - S. Brendan the Voyager and His Mystic Quest
18494: COLLINS, WILKIE & LEECH, JOHN ET AL - The Cornhill Magazine Vol X (10) July December Armadale
90023351: WILKIE, D - Gentians
500020090: J. WILKIE - The Plain Question Upon the Present Dispute with Our American Colonies
500044232: WENDY WILKIN - Debby Duckling a Little Twinky Book No. 4
500036561: ROBERT H. WILKINS AND IRWIN A. BRODY. - Neurological Classics. Compiled by Robert H. Wilkins and Irwin A. Brody.
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14063: WISTER, OWEN - Members of the Family
21311: WISTEY, E L AKA PETER COOK - Meet Watney's Dynamic New Sales Recruit E L Wistey Alias Peter Cook
AB3959: WISTRICH, E - Local Government Reorganisation the First Years of Camden
13688: WITCHELL, N - The Loch Ness Story.
500021816: WITH, KARL - Buddhistische Plastik in Japan: Bis in Den Beginn Des 8. Jahrhunderts N. Chr.
500035439: WITHERBY (ED), H.F. - "British Birds - an Illustrated Magazine Devoted to the Birds on the British List Nov 2 1931 Vol XXV No 6 ""Field-Habits and Nesting of the Hobby""
500039286: WITHERING, WILLIAM - A Systematic Arrangement of British Plants with an Easy Introduction to the Study of Botany [4 Volumes Complete] Volume I II III IV
21205: WITHEROW, THOMAS - The Boyne & Aghrim or the Story of Some Famous Battlefields in Ireland
500034642: WITHERS, E. L - Royal Blood: Gory Path to the Throne
24976: WITHERS, GUY [INTRODUCTION BY JOHN ATTENBOROUGH] - Faithfully Yours a Company of Dogs
500005211: WITHERSPOON, ALEXANDER M.; WARNKE, FRANK J. - Seventeenth Century Prose and Poetry
500011534: WITHERWICK, G T - In a Cornish Valley. A Nature Diary October 1981 - September 1982
9645: WITKIN, GEORGIA - "Passions: How to Manage Despair, Fear, Rage and Guilt and Heighten Your Capacity for Joy, Love, Hope and Awe
624: THE LORD'S WITNESSES - The True Bible Code
26240: WITT, STEVEN C. - Briefbook: Biotechnology and Genetic Diversity
23349: WITT, OTTO N. (EDITOR) - "Prometheus: Illustrierte Wochenschrift Uber Die Fortschritte in Gewerbe, Indusrie Und Wissenschaft: XXII. Jahrgang, 1911
5006956: DE WITT, HUGH - Bawdy Barrack-Room Ballads
229: WITT, CHRISTINE; MUHLEMANN, ALAN - "Service Operations Management : Strategy, Design and Delivery
90000943: STEFFEN-WITTEK, MARIANNE - Manachmal Mogen Wir Es Laut! Acht Unterhaltsame Lieder Zum Sensibilisieren Und Improvisieren in Musik Und Bewegung. Fur Kinder Von Vier Bis Acht Jahren.
500029890: FRITZ WITTELS - The Jeweller of Bagdad
AB6731: LAURENCE WITTEN - Catalogue Seventeen, 1501-1650. Three Hundred Printed Books of the Renaissance & Early Baroque.
500026351: WITTERING, W.O - Weeding in the Forest
AB3548: WITTERYCK - Bruges the Venice of the North
500027711: WITTGENSTEIN, LUDWIG - Philosophical Remarks
6561: WITTICH, JOHN - Discovering London Villages
AB6737: WITTMANN, R - Bucherkataloge Als Buchgeschichtliche Quellen in Der Fruhen Neuzeit
500020532: WITTS, FLORENCE - The Sisters of Trenton Manse
500042546: BAGLEY WM , A - Facts and How to Find Them
500026001: DIE WOCHE - Die Woche: Moderne Illustrierte Zeitschrift, Heft 48 1920
500019971: WODDIS, ROGER - Sex Guyed for Everyman Stroke Women
500030739: WODEHOUSE, P G - "Punch 6031 CCXXX April 4 1956 P G Wodehouse ""Good-Bye to Butlers"" Honor Tracy ""Author! Author!"" Thelwell Cartoon ""Anti Blood Sports League"" Olivia Manning ""Minky"" Ronald Searle ""the Hand of Authority"" Anthony Powell Book Review
500030966: F ELLIS WODEHOUSE, P G RONALD SEARLE - "Punch 6067 CCXXXI December 6 1956 H F Ellis ""Get the Best out of Your Bicycle"" Brockbank Wodehouse, P G ""America Day by Day"" Ronald Searle Full Page ""Lord Beaverbrook""
25616: THE OLD FAG WODEHOUSE, P G - "the Captain. A Magazine for Boys & ""Old Boys"". Vol VII.
25617: THE OLD FAG WODEHOUSE, P G - "the Captain. A Magazine for Boys & ""Old Boys"". Vol XII.
25618: THE OLD FAG WODEHOUSE, P G - "the Captain. A Magazine for Boys & ""Old Boys"". Vol VIII.
16850: WODEHOUSE, P G - The Head of Kays
11165: P G WODEHOUSE - Summer Moonshine.
11168: P G WODEHOUSE - Theinimitable Jeeves.
5005099: WODEHOUSE, P G /BELLOC, H [INTRO] - Week-End Wodehouse
13694: WODEHOUSE - Spring Fever.
11163: P G WODEHOUSE - The Heart of a Goof.
AB6237: WODEHOUSE, P G - "Pearls, Girls and Monty Bodkin
500025127: WODEHOUSE, P.G - Blandings Castle and Elsewhere
AB6680: WODEHOUSE, P G - Uncle Dynamite
500026230: WODEHOUSE, P. G. ; AND GUY BOLTON - Kissing Time. A Musical Play in Two Acts
18338: WOGAN, TERRY - Fight the Flab: Keep Fit with Terry Wogan
AB6801: WOJTYLA, K (TRANSL TABORSKI, B) - "the Jeweller's Shop a Meditation on the Sacrament of Matrimony, Passing on Occasion Into a Drama
500024569: WOLBACH, J G - Smithsonian Contributions to Astrophysics Vol 8 Number 2
13706: WOLDBEN, A - After Nostradamus.
5000940: WOLF, A - "a History of Science, Technology, and Philosophy in the 16th and 17th Centuries. Volume Two. With the Co-Operation of Dr D. Dannemann and Mr A. Armitage. New Edition Prepared by Douglas Mckie
5004777: WOLF, A - "Exercises in Logic and Scientific Method,
26111: WOLF, JOHN C. - "Minolta Sr-T 102/101/100 Guide: A Manual of Operation and Techniques for the Minolta Sr-T System, Including the Sr-T 100, the Sr-T 101 and the Sr-T 102, As Well As All Minolta Lenses and Accessories.
2021: WOLF, JOHN C - Minolta: Reflex Photography
13707: WOLF, J - Physiognomik Und Volkergeschichte.
5005874: WOLF, LEONARD (TRANSLATOR) - The Family Mashber . Der Nister 'the Hidden One'
90012101: WOLF, WILLIAM J - Man's Knowledge of God
90020931: WOLF, A. - Essentials of Logic
90021027: WOLF, A - Exercises in Logic and Scientific Method
13708: WOLF, RAY [ED] - Managing Your Personal Food Supply.
500015047: WOLF, DR. S HELMUT - Das Kleine Alpenbuch
500018619: WOLF, ALFRED; VAUTRAVERS, CONSTANT - La Provence Des Bouches-Du-Rhone
1425: MANKOWITZ. WOLF - Majollika and Company
AB6849: WOLF, A + MCKIE, D - "a History of Science, Technology and Philosophy in the 18th Century Volume II
9185: WOLFE, HUMBERT - X at Obermmergau
90001706: WOLFE, SWAIN - "Woman Who Lives in the Earth, the
90018613: WOLFE, H - John Collings Squire (the Augustan Books of English Poetry)
24889: WOLFE, L. - Safe and Sound
500029293: EDITED BY HUMBERT WOLFE - Lionel Johnson Augustan Books of English Poetry First Series 107
5006777: WOLFE, GREGORY - Malcolm Muggeridge: A Biography
500029291: EDITED BY HUMBERT WOLFE - Gordon Bottomley Augustan Books of English Poetry Second Series 28
5005080: WOLFE, HUMBERT - Don J Ewan

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