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AB9693: PAULL, M A - Friar Hildebrand's Cross or the Monk of Tavystoke Abbaye
AB9278: PAULLIN, C O - "American Voyages to the Orient 1690-1865: An Account of Merchant and Naval Activities in China, Japan and the Various Pacific Islands
500039608: FRUICTIER PAULO - Esperanto Sintasko
90012680: PAULSON, JAN - To Humanity with Love
500040745: PAULUS, INGEBORG - A Comparative Study of Long-Term and Short-Term Withdrawl of Narcotic Addicts Voluntarily Seeking Comprehensive Treatment
22050: PAUSACKER, JENNY - Fat and Skinny
500023601: KONSTANTIN PAUSTOVSKY - The Ruffled Sparrow
17994: PAVLOVA, ANNA. DAWN HAZEL. - "Dressing Room Dialogues,
5006566: PAVONI, ROSANNA - Christophe Colomb . Images D'Un Visage Inconnu
90012808: PAWLE, GERALD - The War and Colonel Warden
500015273: PAWLEY, JOHN - Tamar to Scilly: A Life-Long Odyssey to the Isles of Scilly
500015609: LIPPMANN-PAWLOWSKI, MILA / ZARDINI, RINALDO - I Piu Bei Fiori Delle Alpi
500035732: OWEN PAWSEY - The Practical Electrician's Pocket Book 1941 Forty Third Annual Edition
90002044: PAWSON, TONY - Competitive Fly-Fishing
5007579: PAWSON, TONY - Flyfishing Around the World
90002603: PAXMANS (PUB) - Festival of Britain Guide to London 1951.
90011107: PAXTON, JOHN; WALSH, A.E. - The Developing Common Market
500008064: PAXTON, JOHN [ED] - The Statesman's Year-Book 1977-1978
500013704: PAXTON, JOHN - A Dictionary of the European Economic Community
500013942: PAXTON, JOHN - The Statesman's Yearbook World Gazetteer
500045637: PAXTON, MAISIE - Stay Young All Your Life
24490: PAYER, CHERYL - Lent and Lost: Foreign Credit and Third World Development
500040144: PAYN, JAMES - A Cornish Harbour
500024069: PAYN, JAMES - Lost Sir Massingberd. A Romance of Real Life.
500013372: PAYNE, LENNARD - A History of the Somerset Stragglers Cricket Club 1900-2000
90023823: PAYNE, ROBERT - Fabulous America
7845: PAYNE, ROBERT - Journey to Red China
26567: PAYNE, H.M. CRESWELL - The Story of the Parish of Roche
90001285: PAYNE, PATRICIA (COMPILER) - Colour Library Book of Vegetarian Microwave Cooking
20556: PAYNE, M.A. - A Deeper Understanding of Ourselves
90024553: PAYNE, S - The Gurteens of Haverhill. Two Hundred Years of Suffolk Textiles
500044742: LEON PAYNE - Call Her Your Sweetheart. Sheet Music
90011315: PAYNE, J. - Making of the Christian World
14946: PAYNE, JOHN - Geographical Extracts Forming a General View of the Earth and Nature in Four Parts
500035692: B. W. ANDERSON, C. J. PAYNE AND J. PIKE: - New Refractometers Employing Diamond and Other Minerals Mineralogical Magazine Mineralogical Magazine: Volume 25 Issue 170 1940 25 : 579-583.
90021505: PAYNE, SARAH - "Women, Health and Poverty. An Introduction
90024084: BAXTER, PAYNE & LEPPER - "Baxter, Payne & Lepper 1760-1985
500001339: PAYNE, M.A. - A Deeper Understanding of Ourselves
500018856: MASON & PAYNE - A Survey of London Made in the Year 1745.
11418: PAYNE, C H - The Stars of High Luminosity
500042997: WILLIAM HENRY PAYNTER - The Parish Church of St. Mary, Callington,
500037991: PAYNTER, THOMAS. - The Ski and the Mountain.
500042871: PHILIP PAYTON - Cornish Studies Volume 5: Cornish Studies: Five
90015037: PCHOUTRE,F. - Biologie Florale.
90000727: PCOCK, D. F. - Social Anthrology (Newman History and Philosophy of Science Series 7)
500015801: PEABODY, J P - The Piper. Riverside Literature Series Number 263
AB6156: PEABODY, J P - Old Greek Folk Stories Told Anew
17520: PEACE - The Friend of Peace Vol IV No XI
2195: PEACE, T R - Poplars
500041846: ASSOCIATION FOR WORLD PEACE - War on Want a Plan for World Development
AB5446: PEACE, F W - The King of Glory
500039572: ROY STACEY L DU GARDE PEACH ET AL - Amateur Stage April 1962 XX 4
20965: PEACH, JEANNE (EDITOR) - The Seeker: A Modern Quaker Approach: Spring 1984
25125: PEACH, L DU GARDE, - The Spinsters of Lavender Lane
AB9453: PEACH, R E M - Street Lore of Bath
24058: PEACH, L. DU GARDE - Unknown Devon.
AB1466: PEACH, L DU GARDE - A Criminal Introduction A play in one act
500021730: PEACHAM, HENRY - "Coach and Sedan, Pleasantly Disputing for Place and Precedence; the Brewers-Cart Being Moderator
90003584: PEACOCK, THOMAS LOVE. - Nightmare Abbey and Crotchet Castle.
90000172: PEACOCK, MAX - No Law on Lundy
500030919: ROY PEACOCK - The Parish Church of St Andrew, Wollescote
5002656: PEACOCK, CARLOS; CONSTABLE, JOHN - John Constable: The Man and His Work
500021662: PEACOCK, PAUL - A Good Life John Seymour His Self-Sufficiency Legacy
5005966: PEACOCKE, ARTHUR R. - Paths from Science Towards God: The End of All Our Exploring
22577: PEACOCKE, ISABEL M. - Lizbett Anne
500042829: PEAKE, JAMES. - "Rudiments of Naval Architecture; or, an Exposition of the Elementary Principles of the Science and Their Practical Application to Naval Construction; Compiled for the Use of Beginners.
11432: PEALE, N V - The Amazing Results of Positive Thinking.
11442: PEALE, N V - The Power of Positive Living.
90012653: PEALE, NORMAN VINCENT; KAUFFMAN, DONALD T. - Bible Power for Successful Living
500001437: PEALE, NORMAN VINCENT - Power of the Plus Factor
500002165: PEALE, NORMAN V. - Enthusiasm Makes the Difference
500045508: IAN PEARCE - One Man's Odyssey
5005449: PEARCE, CHARLES W - Rudiments of Musical Knowledge
8201: PEARCE, MARY - Two Farms
18962: PEARCE, BRIAN LOUIS - "the Eagle and the Swan: A Play in Three Acts, Set in the England of Autumn 1066
500038909: MARTIN PEARCE - Academy. The Journal of the British Academy of Film and Television June 2004
90023828: PEARCE, CAPTAIN JAMES J. - Everybody's Polo
16088: PEARCE, B G - Health Hazards of Vdt's
11445: PEARCE, J D W - Juvenile Delinquency.
18220: PEARCE, EDWARD - The Gen Best in Magic No 1 Vol 4
90000932: PEARCE, WILLIAM - A Young Person's Introduction to Hms Victory
7422: PEARCE, EDWARD - The Lost Leaders
90000287: PEARCE, IAN C. B. - The Holistic Approach to Cancer
6519: PEARCE, JOHN - An Industrial Co-Operative Experiment in Cumbria. Papers in Community Studies. No 13. 1977
19490: PEARCE, JOSEPH CLINTON - Exploring the Crack in the Cosmic Egg: Split Minds and Meta-Realities
500036536: JOHN DUMAYNE, AGNES PEARCE AND CHAS. COLLINS. - "Love Sonnets and Poems, Illustrated by John Dumayne, Agnes Pearce and Chas. Collins.
500038921: MARTIN PEARCE - In Camera Magazine July 2003
500040358: PEARCE, JOSEPH - Eli's Daughter
14579: CHANING-PEARCE, M - Soren Kierkegaard: A Study
90018229: PEARCE, J (ED) - Sussex Mineral & Lapidary Society Journal 200 - March/April 2006
90021943: PEARCE, RODNEY - "Do You Remember: A History and Personal Memories. Saltash Wesley Junior Brotherhood, Saltash Wesley Youth Club, Kenwanne Club, Kenwanne Centre, Haneth Youth Club
500032325: CHANING-PEARCE, M - Soren Kierkegaard: A Study
500038903: MARTIN PEARCE - In Camera Magazine July 2004
500038904: MARTIN PEARCE - Academy. The Magazine of the British Academy of Film and Television October 2004
500002802: PEARCE, EVELYN C - Anatomy and Phisiology Quiz - 3 & 4 with Answers
500039712: GEORGE F. PEARCE. - The U.S. Navy in Pensacola,
500041108: PEARCE, FRANK - The Ship That Torpedoed Herself
500038908: MARTIN PEARCE - Academy. The Magazine of the British Academy of Film and Television December 2005
500023695: LORD PEARCE ET ALL - The Press and the People 20th Annual Report of the Press concil
500037108: PEARCE, JOHN - Modern Topics in Migraine
20945: PEARLMAN, MOSHE - In the Footsteps of Moses
19684: PEARLMAN, MOSHE - In the Foorsteps of Moses
90015095: PEARLMAN, MOSHE - "Dead Sea Scrolls in the Shrine of the Book, the
14754: PEARLMAN, MAURICE - Collective Adventure
90025202: PEARLMAN, A - Rollei Manual. The Complete Book of Twin-Lens Photography
24398: PEARS, ROBERT - Family Affairs 1730-1980
90016854: PEARS, N - Basic Biogeography
500017286: PEARS - Pears' the First 200 Years
AB6017: PEARS - Pears' Soap The Shavers' Delight
500038755: PAUL PEARSALL - Awe: The Delights and Dangers of Our Eleventh Emotion
500033257: SAMUEL LYSONS R. L. PEARSALL, - "a Bound Volume of Articles from Early Volumes of Archaeologia: Or, Miscellaneous Tracts Relating to Antiquity : - XV Kiss of the Virgin: XXVII. An Account of the Rosetta Stone, in Three Languages, Which Was Brought to England in the Year 1802. XV. An Account of the Remains of Several Roman Buildings and Other Roman Antiquities Discovered in the County of Gloucester. By Samuel Lysons, XXI. An Account of a Chain of Ancient Fortresses, Extending Through the South Western Part of Gloucestershire. XIV. Observations on Three Roman Sepulchral Inscriptions Found at Watermore, Near Cirencester, in Gloucestershire, in 1835 and 1836. By Dr. Conrad Leemans, First Conservator of the Museum of Antiquities at Leyden III. Observations on the Circumstances Which Occasioned the Death of Fisher, Bishop of Rochester; in a Letter from John Bruce, Esq. F.S. A. To Thomas Amyot, Esq. F.R. S. , Treasurer
5007229: PEARSE, MARK GUY - Elijah the Man of God
500040366: PEARSE, MARK GUY - A Village Down West
23923: PEARSE, MARK GUY - John Tregenoweth: His Mark; Rob Rat: A Story of Barge Life; the Old Miller and His MILL
23927: PEARSE, MARK GUY - A Village Down West
17618: PEARSE, RICHARD - The Land Beside the Celtic Sea
90004204: PEARSE, THEED WILLIAM . ( TOWN CLERK) - A Schedule of Records and Other Documents of the Corporation of Bedford.
2674: PEARSE, MARK GUY - Good Will : A Collection of Christmas Stories
2701: PEARSE, MARK GUY - Gold and Incense. A Westcountry Story
AB10331: PEARSE, L - Till We Meet Again
90022695: PEARSE, MARK GUY - John Tregenoweth: His Mark
500041954: PEARSE, MARK GUY - Naaman the Syrian
500002781: PEARSE, B/ACKROYD, W M [ILLUS] - Mother Goose Rhymes
2552: PEARSE, MARK GUY - The Ship Where Christ Was Captain
500006016: PEARSE, M G - West Country Songs
500006228: PEARSE, O - Soft Toy Making
500040340: PEARSE, MARK GUY - Cornish Stories
500008845: PEARSE, LESLEY - "Lesser Evil, a
500008847: PEARSE, LESLEY - Secrets
24230: PEARSE, MARK GUY - Cornish Stories
24231: PEARSE, MARK GUY - Simon Jasper
24051: PEARSE, MARK GUY - Cornish Stories
23907: PEARSE, MARK GUY - John Tregenoweth: His Mark; Rob Rat: A Story of Barge Life; the Old Miller and His MILL
500020788: PEARSE, E - Mr Pearse's Last Legacy Two Discourses I a Beam of Diviner Glory II the Soul's Rest in God
500022603: PEARSE, MARK GUY - His Mother's Portrait and Other Stories
500037197: DIANE PEARSON - The Summer of the Barshinskeys
500045696: PEARSON, KARL - The Grammar of Science
6457: H PEARSON - Bernard Shaw.
6459: H PEARSON - A Life of Shakespeare.
90003002: PEARSON, RICHARD. - An Analysis of the Human Mind.
5002669: PEARSON, WILLIAM - A Fever in the Blood
9095: PEARSON, BARRIE - Realising the Value of a Business
22027: PEARSON, ROLAND - Human Resource: Managing People and Work in the 1990s
500038350: HESKETH PEARSON - Bernard Shaw His Life & Personality
500032366: PEARSON - Sons of the Sea. Sea War Stories
500036473: PEARSON, EDMUND - Doctor Darwin
90024038: PEARSON, A. J. - Winchester Diocesan Directory 1966 - 67
11449: PEARSON, J - The Kindness of Dr Avicenna.
23625: C ARTHUR PEARSON - Successful Conjuring,
23235: PEARSON, D.E. - Transmission and Display of Pictorial Information
5006828: PEARSON, HESKETH - Johnson and Boswell: The Story of Their Lives
5006259: C. ARTHUR PEARSON - Your Garden's Flowers Illustrated
17208: PEARSON, RICHARD - An Analysis of the Human Mind
90015356: PEARSON, ALAN/ WILLS, A - Old Cornwall Vol. IX [9] No. 5 Autumn- 1981
90015979: PEARSON, REV. A J [HON ED] - Winchester Diocesan Directory 1968-69
500005478: PEARSON, MICHAEL - The Beauty of Clocks
500009089: PEARSON, HESKETH - Lives of the Wits. [Uncorrected Proof]
500016770: PEARSON, ALAN (ED) - Nursing Quality Measurement: Quality Assurance Methods for Peer Review
500018489: PEARSON, JOHN - Through the Green 16th Hole 4th Round December 2004
500019505: PEARSON, BOB PEARSON, ALF - A Shawl of Galway Grey
11450: PEARSON, R - An Analysis of the Human Mind.
11452: PEARSON, WILLIAM - A Fever in the Blood.
AB6449: PEARSON - Pearson's Photographic Portfolio of Footlight Favourites by Eminent Photographers Parts 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
AB6450: PEARSON - Pearson's Photographic Portfolio of Pantomime Favourites, the Supplement to Footlight Favourites Part II
500041044: STEPHEN OSWALD PEARSON - Dictionary of Wireless Technical Terms
17344: PEART, E - "Practical Information on St Anthony's Fire or Erysipelas and on Erythematous Affections in General As Also on the Measles in Which New Modes of Treatment Are Communicated. Bound with Practical Information on the Malignant Scarlet Fever and Sore-Throat in Which a New Mode of Treatment Is Freely Communicated. Bound with ""on Consumption of the Lungs in Which a New Mode of Treatment Is Laid Down and Recommended to Public Attention;... Having Been Found Powerfully Effacious, Particularly in the First Stage of Tuberculous Consumption ""
AB8887: PEARY, D (ED) - "Close-Ups - the Movie Star Book- Intimate Profiles of Movie Stars by Their Co-Stars, Directors, Screenwriters and Friends
90016916: PEAT, MARWICK, MITCHELL - Finance of New Projects in the Uk; a Guide to Private and Public Sector Initiatives and Grants
17666: PEATE, C IORWERTH - Amgueddfeydd Gwerin Folk Museums
5002552: PECK, ELLEN - The Joy of the Only Child
14802: PECK, WILLIAM HENRY - The Secret of the Hidden Room
90001178: CLEVELAND-PECK, PATRICIA - "Making Cheeses, Butters, Cream, and Yogurt at Home: How to Make the Most of Your Milk Supply
90011141: PECK, A M - The Pageant of Canadian History
500009087: GILLESPIE-PECK, HELEN - Winewoman@Bergerac. France
500041488: EDWARD A. PECKWAS - Collection of Articles on Polish Heraldry
8886: PEDDER, I. J.; WYNNE, E. G. - Genetics -- a Basic Guide
4393: PEDDIE, JOHN - Hannibal's War
23769: PEDERSEN, ALWIN - Der Eisbar (Thalarctos Maritimus Phipps): Verbeitung Und Lebensweise
AB4716: PEDERSEN, B M (ED) - Graphis Logo 1
90003593: PEDLER, MARGARET. - The Splendid Folly
90003617: PEDLER, MARGARET - Unless Two Be Agreed
500007406: PEDLER, MARGARET - Flame in the Wind.
500022591: PEDLER, MARGARET - The Lamp of Fate
11455: PEDLER, MARGARET - Fire of Youth.
500016006: PEDLEY, ROBIN - Comprehensive Schools Today. An Interim Survey
11292: PEDRICK, GALE - EDITOR - The World Radio and Television Annual. Jubilee Issue
90023484: PEDRICK, G - "Borough Seals of the Gothic Period. A Series of Examples, Illustrating the Nature of Their Design and Artistic Value,
90023492: PEDRICK, G - Monastic Seals of the Xiiith Century
500015207: PEDROTTI, REMO - Roads in the Dolomites
500031068: PEEBLES, IAN ALEXANDER ROSS - "Straight from the Shoulder : 'Throwing""--Its History and Cure
18720: PEEBLES, I A R - How to Bowl
11457: PEEBLES,I - The Ashes 1954-5.
27417: PEEL, E.A. - The Pupil's Thinking
7515: J H B PEEL - All over Britain.
26365: PEEL ET AL (EDS) - The Society of Friends the Portsmouth Royal Naval Museum Year Book and Journal 1982/3/4 ; Friends of the Royal Naval Museum and Hms Victory Yearbook 1988/9. 91/2/3/4/5/6/7 (12 Volumes)
18291: EARL BATHURST , ROBERT PEEL ET AL - Public Characters of the Year 1828
27456: PEEL, E.A; CURR, W.; WADE, B.; MEIGHAN, R.; WEDELL, K.; CORTIS, G.; GULLIFORD, R. (EDS) - Educational Review: Volume 30 Number 8 1978
500013739: PEEL, GEORGE - The Future of England
AB1458: PEEL, PROF R F (ED) - The Geographical Journal Vol 145 Part 3 November 1979
500026561: LOUIS GOLDING STEVIE SMITH J H B PEEL - Eve's Journal May 1939
5001070: PEERS, C.R. (MRS) - In the National Gallery : A First Introduction to the Works of the Early Italian Schools As There Represented
90014426: PEERS, MRS. C R - In the National Gallery : A First Introduction to the Works of the Early Italian Schools As There Represented
90003564: PEET, BILL. - The Spooky Tail of Prewitt Peacock
90023429: PEETERS, EUGENE - Do You Know Belgium
23065: PEETERS, JOELLE - Reflexology
90015482: PEGG, NORMAN - Focus on Racing. Illustrated
10638: N PEGG - Focus on Racing.
500034798: HAL MOSS DARE DEVIL PEGGY'S - Blackpool Week Souvenir 1933
18021: VOGUE. PEGLER, WINIFRED (EDITOR) - "Vogue Embroidery Book: Volume 1, No,2
AB6240: PEGLEY, R - The Book of Virgin Golf Records
19337: ARABIAN NIGHTS. PEGRAM, FRED. (ILLUSTRATOR) - The Arabian Nights Entertainments: With Four Illustrations by Fred. Pegram
90020525: PEGUY, C - Morceaux Choisis - Prose. Avec Un Portrait de L'Auteur Par Pierre Laurens
90023696: PEILE, JOHN - An Introduction to Greek and Latin Etymology
AB4784: PEILE, J H F - The Attack on the Sacramental Principle Present day problems No. 3
5001259: PEILLEX, GEORGES (TRANSLATED BY ANGUS MALCOLM) - Nineteenth Century Painting
500029880: FRANK HERBERT, HAYFORD PEIRCE ET AL - "Analog Sf Vol 96, No. 4 (April 1976) XCVI
500001144: PEIRIS, WILLIAM - Edwin Arnold. The Wheel Publication No 159-161
90026271: PELLEGRINO, C - Her Name Titanic. The Untold Story of the Sinking and Finding of the Unsinkable Ship
11472: PELLER, L.E - On Development & Education of Young Children. Selected Papers.
90023328: PELLEW, CHARLES E. - Dyes and Dyeing
11474: PELLING, H - A History of Trade Unionism.
500035277: KENNETH PELMEAR - Carols of Cornwall : (Companion to 'Twelve Cornish Carols' by Thomas Merritt) : For Soloists, Choirs, Organ, Brass Band & Percussion / Compiled, Edited and Arranged by Kenneth Pelmear ; Voices & Organ Copy.
15071: PELMEAR, KENNETH - Rugby Football. An Anthology
500031667: ADRIAN ROLLINI DON PELOSI - Ding-Dong Its Love Sheet Music
500033015: ART NOEL ; DON PELOSI. - Good Morning Sergeant Major
90015030: PELSENEER, J - "Esquisse Du Progrs de la Pense Mathmatique, Des Primitifs Au Ixe Congrs International Des Mathmaticiens
90015053: PELT, J.-M. - Une Lecon de Nature
90015563: PELT, J.-M. - La Terre En Hritage.
500019290: PELT, JEAN-MARIE - La Medecine Par Les Plantes
500019738: PELT, JEAN-MARIE; STEFFAN, FRANCK - Les Langages Secrets de la Nature: La Communication Chez Les Animaux Et Les Plantes
500019739: PELT, JEAN-MARIE; STEFFAN, FRANCK - Des Fruits
500019740: PELT, JEAN-MARIE; STEFFAN, FRANCK - Au Fond de Mon Jardin
21324: PELTIER (JEAN-GABRIEL) - Dernier Tableau de Paris, Ou Recit Historique de la Revolution Du 10 Aot, Des Causes Qui L'Ont Prcd, Et Des Crimes Qui L'Ont Suivi.
9918: MAX PEMBERTON - Red Morn.
5003227: PEMBERTON, MAX - Beatrice of Venice
20229: PEMBERTON, T. EDGAR - The Kendals: A Biography
19803: PEMBERTON, GORDON - Activities in Infant Mathematics a Guide for the Teacher
500004677: PEMBERTON, MAX - White Walls
500036439: PEMBERTON, CLIVE - The Origin and Story of Kents Cavern with a Descriptive Tour of the Caves
14944: PEMBERTON, MAX - Beatrice of Venice
500011989: PEMBERTON, MAX - Beatrice of Venice
90021584: PEMBERTON, JOSEPH HARDWICK - "Their History, Development and Cultivation
17515: FRIENDLY PEN - Portrait & Memoir of Henry Irving
500042911: ALISON M. PENALUNA (ED.) - Always Something Interesting - Still More Aspects of History in Stithians VII
8236: PENALUNA, M ALISON [EDITOR] - Always Something Interesting. Still More Aspects of History in Stithians
500043932: PENALUNA, M ALISON [EDITOR] - Always Something Interesting. Still More Aspects of History in Stithians
500016678: PENDLEBURY, CHARLES/ ROBINSON, F E [ASSISTED BY] - Examples in Arithmetic
500001249: PENDLETON, REV. MERVYN - The Nonconformity of South Indian Faith and Orders
500030171: PENDOWER, J (JACOBS, T C H ) - Diamonds for Danger
500030172: PENDOWER, J (JACOBS, T C H ) - Date with Fear
AB5258: PENDOWER, J (JACOBS, T C H) - Anxious Lady
AB5262: PENDOWER, J (JACOBS, T C H ) - Try Anything Once
AB5263: PENDOWER, J (JACOBS, T C H ) - Date with Fear Gun Block
AB5264: PENDOWER, J (JACOBS, T C H ) - The Perfect Wife
AB5273: PENDOWER, J (JACOBS, T C H ) - Traitor's Island
AB5275: PENDOWER, J (JACOBS, T C H ) - The Widow from Spain
AB5277: PENDOWER, J (JACOBS, T C H ) - A Trap for Fools
20493: BYRDE, PENELOPE AND MINES, MYRA - "Museum of Costume, Assembly Rooms, Bath
27096: PENFOLD, R A - Mini-Matrix Board Projects
218: PENFOLD, DAVID - Ecdl Module Vol. 2 : Using the Computer and Managing Files (European Computer Driving Licence Ser. )
220: PENFOLD, DAVID - Ecdl Module Vol. 3 : Word Processing (European Computer Driving Licence Ser. )
500044547: PENGUIN - The Non-Medical Use of Drugs
500044548: PENGUIN - Maps Bulletin (Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies) Vol V No 3
500002614: PENGUIN - Penguin Classics. Catalogue 1994-5
500002615: PENGUIN - Author/Title Title/Author Index
23962: PENHALE, JACK - The Mine Under the Sea
500000563: PENISOPLUTE, PHIL - The Social Revolution. How to Bring It About in a Peaceful Manner. A Definite Proposal
17425: PENLEY, AARON - Sketching from Nature in Water Colours
18892: PENMAN, H.L. - The Water Cycle
500020081: PENN, JAMES - "the Life of Miss Davis, the Farmer's Daughter of Essex: Who Was Seduced by Her Lover, Under a Promise of Marriage, and by Him Forced from Her Virtuous Parents
90025112: A.PENN - Smilin' Through
500042373: EDITED BY P. PENN. - Cornish Notes & Queries-First Series Reprinted from the Cornish Telegraph.
21949: PENN, BILL - Be Your Own Pr Expert: The Complete Guide to Publicity and Public Relations
500041639: ALEXANDER PENNECUIK - An Historical Account of the Blue Blanket or, Crafts-Mens Banner. Containing the Fundamental Principles of the Good-Town, with the Powers and Prerogatives of the Crafts of Edinburgh,.
500031231: PENNELL, JOSEPH - "Pen Drawing and Pen Draughtsmen, Their Work and Their Methods: A Study of the Art Today with Technical Suggestions
17427: PENNELL, JOSEPH - The Works of Charles Keene with an Introduction & Comments on the Drawings
500009249: CHOLMONDELEY-PENNELL, H - Fishing. The Badminton Library. Pike and Other Fish
500014465: HORNSEY-PENNELL, P - Aoe Vera: The Natural Healer
500032875: R C PENNELL - £5 Reward. Any Person Giving Such Information As Shall Lead to the Conviction of Parties Found Shooting or Otherwise Destroying Game... . . St Helena
500032876: R C PENNELL - Government Notification. St Helena. Suspending Pheasant Shooting Licenses.
500037354: PENNEY, STEF - The Tenderness of Wolves
500037531: PENNICK, NIGEL - Practical Magic in the Northern Tradition
90003272: PENNINGTON, JOHN; ET AL - The British Heritage
500008337: PENNINGTON, BRUCE - Bruce Pennington. B.P.
500009715: PENNINGTON, REV. A.R - The Life and Character of Erasmus
5002605: PENNY, M - Animals of Australia & New Zealand
500041792: PENNY, CHARLES - Channel Tunnel Transport System: Proceedings of the Conference Organized by the Institution of CIVIL Engineers and Held in London on 4-5 October 1994
500030805: JULIE CHRISTIE B HJ STURT-PENROSE - Observer Magazine - March 14, 1965. Julie Christie in the Irish Troubles Sturt-Penrose on ""Prime and Colourful Primitives"" Hlebine Painters
5001150: STURT-PENROSE, BARRIE - The Art Scene
11485: PENROSE, L S - Recent Advances in Human Genetics.
11486: PENROSE, R - The Emperor's New Mind.
90016722: PENTEAS, E G - A Visitor's Guide to Mycenae Argos-Tiryns-Nauplia and Epidaurus
6461: H PENTECOST - The Creeping Hours.
90003289: PENTECOST, EVELYN - A Shepherd's Daughter
90017017: PENTECOST, EDWARD C. - "Issues in Missiology, an Introduction
90010408: PENTIN, HERBERT - Proceedings of the Dorset Natural History and Antiquarian Field Club
90010417: PENTIN, HERBERT - Proceedings of the Dorset Natural History and Antiquarian Field Club
90010419: PENTIN, HERBERT - Proceedings of the Dorset Natural History and Antiquarian Field Club
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500034735: ARTHUR W PINERO - Letty. A Drama in Four Acts. Duke of York's Theatre Programme
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11562: PINEY, A - Recent Advances in Microscopy Biological Application.
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16103: PINION, F B - Thomas Hardy and the Modern World
7031: PINK, H A S - Learning to Pray with the Church
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500009168: PINK, M ALDERTON - Craftsmanship in Writing
5240: PINKARD, BRUCE - Indoor Photography
AB10090: PINKNEY, A - The Myth of Black Progress
9137: PINNER, DAVID - With My Body: A Novel
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90017024: PINNEY, CLLR F A C (CHAIRMAN) - Doorway to Devon
6414: TAYLOR W.C. (LL.D) CONTINUED BY REV. W. H. PINNOCK, B.C.L. - "Whittaker's Improved Edition of Pinnock's England- Whittaker's Improved Edition of Pinnock's Goldsmith's History of England: From the Invasion of Julius Caesar to the Death of George II. , with a Continuation to the Present Time
500042593: PINNOCK (W. H.). - An Analysis of Scripture History with Examination Questions, Intended for Readers of Old Testament History and for Divinity Students in General
5007677: PINSENT, A - The Principles of Teaching-Method with Special Reference to Post - Primary Ducation
AB8623: PINSUTI, CIRO - In This Hour of Softened Splendour - Serenade for Four Voices - Choristers Album No. 16
17369: PINTER, HAROLD - The Room
500019441: PINTER, HAROLD - "Collection, the
15132: PINTO, EDWARD H - The Care of Woodwork in the Home
500009945: DE S PINTO, V [COLLECTED BY] STRONG, L A G - Essays and Studies. Vol XXXI [31]
AB2979: PIONCHON, J - Notions Fondamentales D'Electricité Industrielle Lecons professees a l'Institut Electrotechnique de l'Université de Grenoble. Paritie L Tome 2
5001607: PIPER, DAVID - A-Z of Art & Artists
21914: PIPER, OTTO A. - Christian Ethics
5001178: PIPER, DAVID - The Joy of Art
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12197: PIPES, DANIEL - Conspiracy: The Power of the Paranoid Style in History
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90000312: PIPPARD, ALFRED BRIAN - The Physics of Vibration Vol. 1
500004841: PIPPIN - Pippin Annual
500035966: PIRANHA - Rogue Trooper Zx Spectrum 48k Game
500006685: PIRNIA, DR. H - A Short Survey of the Economic Conditions of Iran
5000437: PIRROTTA, NINO - Don Giovanni's Progress: A Rake Goes to the Opera
5032: PISANI, DR. SAVERIO - A Week in Rome: A New Guide to Rome and Its Environs
5005266: PISSARRO, LUCIEN /HARE, T. LEMAN, [EDITOR] - Rossetti: Masterpieces in Colour Series
AB1472: PITELIS, CHRISTOS - Market and Non-Market Hierarchies
500024891: LINDA PITHERS - Beautiful Wild Flowers of Southern Africa
500034635: PITKIN - The Royal Canadian Tour
500034623: PITKINS - H.R. H. The Princess Elizabeth & the Duke of Edinburgh and Their Children Volume One
500004528: PITMAN - Standard and Popular Songs and Duets with Choruses and Pianoforte Accompaniments
5675: PITMAN, ISAAC - "a Manual of Phonography, or Writing by Sound: A Natural Method of Writing by Signs That Represent Spoken Sounds; Adapted to the English Language As a Complete System of Phonetic Shorthand
90021211: PITMAN, ALFRED - Half a Century of Commercial Education and Publishing
500017444: PITMAN, ISAAC - A Phonetic Shorthand & Pronouncing Dictionary of the English Language
500020737: PITMAN, ISAAC - The Phonographic Reader.
90000249: PITT, FRANCES - "Toby My Fox-Cub: Being the Story of Toby, the Pet Vixen, Her Upbringing, Pranks and Adventures. With 20 Photographs by the Author
500031640: PITT, PERCY - "Music Masterpieces: Volume 2. Gems from the World's Famous Operas & Plays. The Street Singer , Madam Butterfly Etc
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500007823: PITT, BARRIE - British History Illustrated. Volume One Number Ten
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14249: PITTENGER, W N - Martin Luther the Great Reformer
90003546: PITTER, RUTH. - Urania
5005281: PIUGOU, A C - The Economics of Stationary States
90006395: PIVEN, JOSHUA - "True Luck: Incredible Stories, from Lottery Wins to Lightning Strikes
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500045472: OLIVE CHARLOTTE BLYTH PIXLEY - The Trail. Lectures on the Technique of Revelation, Etc.
90017743: PIZZELLO, STEPHEN - American Cinematographer Vol 77 No 2
90017744: PIZZELLO, STEPHEN - American Cinematographer Vol 77 No 3
90017748: PIZZELLO, STEPHEN - American Cinematographer Vol 78 No 2
500000990: PIZZEY, ERIN - For the Love of a Stranger
104: PIZZEY, ERIN - Swimming with Dolphins
500017196: PLA, LILLIE LE - Round the Corner
20101: PLAATJE, SOL T. COMAROFF, JOHN L. (EDITOR) - The Boer War Diary of Sol T. Plaatje: An African at Mafeking
500011653: PLACE, ROBIN - The Vikings: Fact and Fiction
500035720: PLAIDY, JEAN - The Queen's Husband
AB3462: PLAIDY, J - The Queen of Diamonds
11578: PLAIDY, J - Victoria in the Wings.
11579: PLAIDY, J - The Princess of Celle.
90007106: PLANCHE, JAMES ROBINSON. - "a Cyclopaedia of Costume or Dictionary of Dress, Including Notices of Contemporaneous Fashions on the Continent; and a General History of the Costumes of the Principal Countries of Europe, from the Commencement of the Christian Era to the Accession of Geo
500035614: CARL MARIA VON WEBER J R PLANCHE - The Stars That Above Us Are Shining. Sheet Music
17827: PLANCK, MAX - The Universe in the Light of Modern Physics
500002892: PLANER, BILL - Lost Voyages of Trek and the Next Generation
90002111: PLANT, K. SHIRLEY - Captain of the Eleven
500012352: PLANT, TERRY - The Call of the North
500023696: PLANT, G. F. - Oversea Settlement: Migration from the United Kingdom to the Dominions
90015957: DUNLOP PLANTATIONS - Practical Notes on the Budding of Hevea Brasiliensis. For the Use of Menmbers of Staff of the Dunlop Plantations Ltd.
500043741: NATIONAL COUNCIL FOR THE CONSERVATION OF PLANTS & GARDENS - National Plant Collections Directory 1998
5004085: PLAS, ROB VAN DER - Mountain Bike Magic
500039548: PLATE - Entrance to the Late Ante Chapel of Corpus Christi Cambridge
500039549: PLATE - Engraving of the South Elevation of Chantmarle House Dedicated by the Author to Sir William Oglander.
500026175: WELSH PLATE AND SHEET MANUFACTURERS - Memorandum and Statistics Relative to the Tinplate Trade September 1916
500026176: WELSH PLATE AND SHEET MANUFACTURERS - Balance Sheet of the South Wales, Monmouthshire and Gloucestershire Tinplate Workers' Union from October 1887 to June 1889 and 1889 to 1991
500026179: WELSH PLATE AND SHEET MANUFACTURERS - Workmen's Claims for Advances in Wages and Alterations in Conditions of Working
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11590: PLATO - Two Dialogues of Plato.
11585: PLATO - The Last Days of Socrates.
11587: PLATO - Dialogues.
90003257: PLATT, COLIN - The National Trust Guide to Late Medieval and Renaissance Britain: From the Black Death to the CIVIL War
500038183: PLATT, WILLIAM - "Peakland Humours. A Collection of Short, Typical Anecdotes About... . . Derbyshire Peak District
500043793: PLATT, CHARLES - Chess: Draughts: How to Enjoy Them
25701: PLATT, COLIN - The English Mediaeval Town
19199: PLATT, H.E.A. - Sequences Within a Sequence
4698: PLATT, LORD - Medical Science: Master or Servant?
14563: PLATT, C - The Most Obliging Man in Europe
AB3816: PLATT, J - Morality
500035025: PLATT, RICHARD - The Professional Guide to Photo Data
5748: PLATTEN, DAVID - The Outdoor Survival Handbook
500045855: FELIX PLATTER, TRANSLATED BY SEAN JENNETT - Beloved Son Felix. The Journal of Felix Platter a Medical Student in Montpellier in the Sixteenth Century.
90000487: PLATTS, W CARTER - Modern Trout Fishing
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5632: G PLAYER - Gary Player's Golf Secrets.
500034491: JOHN PLAYER - An Album of Film Stars: Second Series
5007178: JOHN PLAYER & SONS - An Album of British Fresh-Water Fishes
500017735: PLAYER - The Coronation of H.M. King George VI and H.M. Queen Elizabeth 1937: An Album to Contain Player's Coronation Series of Cigarette Cards
500017752: PLAYER - The Coronation of H.M. King George VI and H.M. Queen Elizabeth 1937: An Album to Contain Player's Coronation Series of Cigarette Cards
AB3309: PLAYER, G - Positive Golf
AB6500: JOHN PLAYER - An Album of Birds and Their Young
500026881: JOHN PLAYER - The Queen Passes Hms Victory Picture by Player's Navy Cut
AB10224: COLUMBIA DRAMATIC PLAYERS - The Village Blacksmith 78rpm Shellac Record No. F 3682
5633: G PLAYFAIR - Kean.

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