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22060: DEVON'S ORIGINS - Devon's Origins: A Review of Recent Discoveries in History and Archaeology Issue 2, Summer 1988
11000: ORIGO, I - The Last Attachment.
500020976: LAURENCE ORIOL - Un Meurtre Ca Fait Grandir
90000789: ORKIN, RUTH - More Pictures from My Window
500033995: JACOB ORLEANS AND EDMUND JACOBSON - How to Win at Scrabble
500044749: ORLOX - Orlox Beef Suet Box
500044753: ORLOX - Merlin Collections - All Time Greats, Beano Dandy, 6 Stickers
9633: ORME, EVE - My Fight Against Osteo-Arthritist
AB8011: ORME, J E; PARKER, A - Journal of the Society for Psychical Research Vol 47 No 760 June 1974
5007728: ORME, A R - The Raised Beaches and Strandlines of South Devon. Reprinted from Field Studies Vol I No. 2. 1960
500045727: EDWARD ORME - In Record of the Reign of George III and Centenary of the House of Brunswick [Copper Engraved Medallions of the Royal Family. ].
4218: E A ORMEROD - A Manual of Injurious Insects with Methods of Prevention & Remedy for the Attacks to Food Crops, for.
500023851: ALEXANDER (ALEXANDRE) DUMAS TRANS BY THE MARQUIS OF ORMONDE - Memoirs of a Maitre D'Armes or Eighteen Months As St. Petersburg
5005689: ORMSBY, FRANK [ED] - Northern Windows: An Anthology of Ulster Autobiography
500012099: ORMSBY, H - France a Regional and Economic Geography
500013142: ORMSBY, P - Lysander's Lady
2061: ORNSTEIN, ROBERT; PATNOE, SHELLEY; CARSTENSEN, LAURA - Psychology: The Study of Human Experience
500006791: ORNSTEIN, ROBERT; SOBEL, DAVID - Healthy Pleasures
11002: ORNSTEIN, R - The Evolution of Consciousness.
500007704: ESCUDO DE ORO, EDITORIAL - Barcelona
90007392: ORR ( PUB) - Geology. Sections on Physical Geography; Descriptive Geology; Practical Geology; Crystallography and Mineralogy. Plus Fold out Map
5001909: ORR, MRS. SUTHERLAND - Life and Letters of Robert Browning
20913: ORR, JAMES - "the Progress of Dogma: Being the Elliot Lectures, Delivered at the Western Theological Seminary, Allegheny, Penna. , U.S. A.
90005555: ORR, RICHARD; POPE, JOYCE - Mammals of Britain & Europe
17498: ORR, J W - The Blackberry Girl
11005: ORR, M - "Rich Girl, Poor Girl.
500035327: WILLIAM MCFADDEN ORR - Extensions of Fourier's and the Bessel-Fourier Theorems (Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy) XXXVII Section a No 11
500035347: WILLIAM MCFADDEN ORR - Pollen Analytical Investigations of the Mire at Fallahogy Td. , Co. Derry (Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy) 59 Section B No 16
90012817: ORR, WILLIAM D [ED] - Conversational Computers
26363: ORRY, ROLANDE - Toutou Et Minet
AB8976: ORSI, P - Breve Storia D'Italian - Quinto Edizione Continuata Fino Al 1915
500011771: ORSINI, N - Policy or the Language of Elizabethan Machivelllianism
90012587: ORTBERG, JOHN - A Companion Journal for God Is Closer Than You Think
90003381: HOGER-ORTHNER, ILSE. - Container Gardening
90005448: ORTIZ, ELISABETH LAMBERT - From the Tables of Britain: Exploring the Exciting New English Cuisine 250 Contemporary Recipes
500036021: ORTMANN, OTTO - The Physiological Mechanics of Piano Technique
90004195: ORTON, HELEN FULLER. - Mystery at the Old Place.
500028137: ORTON, HAROLD; WAKELIN, MARTYN F. - "Survey of English Dialects (B), Volume IV: The Southern Counties, Part I
500028301: ORTON, HAROLD; WAKELIN, MARTYN F. - "Survey of English Dialects (B), Volume IV: The Southern Counties, Part II
16806: ORTON, J LUOIS BADEN-POWELL, LORD - The Cure of Stammering Stuttering and Other Functional Speech Disorders
14007: ORTON, J L - Hypnotism Made Practical
AB4916: ORTON, J - Entertaining Mr Sloane
11006: ORTON, J - Head to Toe.
AB5830: ORTON, H F - The Little Lost Pigs
500025357: ORTON, JOE - Up Against It. A Screenplay for the Beatles
7814: ORTZEN, TONY [ED] - A Voice in the Wilderness Further Teachings from Silver Birch
8082: ORTZEN, TONY - A Voice in the Wilderness
500043277: ORWELL, GEORGE - Coming Up for Air
500043292: ORWELL, GEORGE - The Road to Wigan Pier
500043286: ORWELL, GEORGE - Animal Farm
500043288: ORWELL, GEORGE - Keep the Aspidistra Flying
18467: CHILDRENS DIGEST. ORWELL, GEORGE. BENTLEY NICOLAS. - "Junior: Articles, Stories and Pictures.
90021162: ORWIN, C S - "Farming Costs. Being a New Edition Rewritten and Brought to Date of ""the Determination of Farming Costs"" 1917
500001929: ORWIN, C S - Farm Accounts
500002851: ORWIN, C S - Planned Reconstruction. 1. The Land and the Nation.
500042889: C.S. ORWIN - The Reclamation of Exmoor Forest
5002529: OSBAND, GILLIAN - The Pop-Up Book of Science Tricks
17819: SITWELL, OSBERT & SITWELL, SACHEVERELL - All at Sea: A Social Tragedy in Three Acts for First-Class Passengers Only
20936: OSBORN, LAWRENCE. HUGGETT, JOYCE (FOREWORD) - Paper Pilgrimage; Keeping a Personal and Spiritual Journal
20728: OSBORN, ARTHUR W. - The Axis and the Rim: The Quest for Reality in a Modern Setting
23168: OSBORN, WILLIAM - William Osborn's Practical Arithmetics Standard VI
8101: OSBORN, ARTHUR .W. - The Axis and the Rim
90013096: OSBORN, Y - Two Little Turks or Getting Into Mischief
25774: HANN, MRS. A.C. OSBORN ET AL - The Adventure Book for Girls
90023964: TAYLOR HENRY OSBORN - Ancient Ideals a Study of Intellectual and Spiritual Growth from Early Times to the Establishment of Christianity Vol 2
11029: OSBORNE, J - A Bond Honoured.
AB7849: OSBORNE, L (ED) - Pigeons and Pigeon World Vol XXX No. 8 December 1980
AB7850: OSBORNE, L (ED) - Pigeons and Pigeon World Vol XXXI No. 1 January 1981
AB7851: OSBORNE, L (ED) - Pigeons and Pigeon World Vol XXXI No. 2 February 1981
90002914: OSBORNE, CHARLES (ED) - Favourite Love Poems.
90002917: OSBORNE, REV EDWARD W. - Some Wonderful Things in the Catechism.
5002527: OSBORNE, WILLIAM HAMILTON - The Blue Buckle
500020695: OSBORNE, EDGAR - Goodwood an Illustrated Survey
90001710: OSBORNE, WALTER D. - The Thoroughbred World
AB7859: OSBORNE, L (ED) - Pigeons and Pigeon World Vol XXXII No. 3 March 1982
AB7872: OSBORNE, L (ED) - Pigeons and Pigeon World Vol 19 No. 7 November 1969
AB7863: OSBORNE, L (ED) - Pigeons and Pigeon World Vol XXXIII No. 8 August 1983
AB7864: OSBORNE, L (ED) - Pigeons and Pigeon World Vol XXXII No. 8 August 1982
AB7865: OSBORNE, L (ED) - Pigeons and Pigeon World Vol XXXII No. 12 December 1982
AB7860: OSBORNE, L (ED) - Pigeons and Pigeon World Vol XXXII No. 4 April 1982
AB7861: OSBORNE, L (ED) - Pigeons and Pigeon World Vol XXXII No. 7 July 1982
AB7862: OSBORNE, L (ED) - Pigeons and Pigeon World Vol XXXII No. 10 October 1982
21480: CREAGH-OSBORNE, RICHARD - This Is Sailing: A Complete Course
24410: S.G.O OSBORNE, SIDNEY GODOLPHIN (LORD) - Letters on the Education of Young Children.
15884: OSBORNE, JOHN - Look Back in Anger a Play in Three Acts
844: OSBORNE - Osborne: Kingedward VII'Sconvalescent Home for Officers
AB7858: OSBORNE, L (ED) - Pigeons and Pigeon World Vol XXXII No. 2 February 1982
AB7857: OSBORNE, L (ED) - Pigeons and Pigeon World Vol XXXI No. 12 December 1981
AB7855: OSBORNE, L (ED) - Pigeons and Pigeon World Vol XXXI No. 8 August 1981
AB7854: OSBORNE, L (ED) - Pigeons and Pigeon World Vol XXXI No. 5 May 1981
AB7856: OSBORNE, L (ED) - Pigeons and Pigeon World Vol XXXI No. 10 October 1981
90019441: CREAGH-OSBORNE, R (ED) - The Dinghy Year Book 1964
500002070: OSBORNE, MRS L [ED] - "the Mountain Path. Vol 9, No. II, April 1972
500002071: OSBORNE, MRS L [ED] - "the Mountain Path. Vol 9, No. III, July 1972
500002072: OSBORNE, MRS L [ED] - "the Mountain Path. Vol 9, No. IV, October 1972
500002073: OSBORNE, MRS L [ED] - "the Mountain Path. Vol 10, No. I, January 1973
500002200: OSBORNE, MRS L [ED] - "the Mountain Path. Vol IX 9, No. I January 1972
500006439: OSBORNE, CHARLES [ED] TIME LIFE BOOKS - I Have a Dream. The Story of Martin Luther King in Text and Pictures.
500014436: OSBORNE, CHARLES - Max Oldaker Las of the Matinee Idols
500016368: OSBORNE, A K [COMP] - An Encyclopaedia of the Iron & Steel Industry
500020126: OSBORNE, FRANCIS. - "the Works of Francis Osborn Esq. ; Divine, Moral, Historical, Political. In Four Several Tracts. Viz. 1. Advice to a Son. 2. Political Reflections on the Government of the Turks, &C.3. Memoires on Q. Elizabeth and K. James. 4. A Miscellany of Essays, Parad
500022145: MANCE SIR OSBORNE - Frontiers Peace Treaties,and International Organization
500022146: MANCE SIR OSBORNE - International Road Transport Postal,Electricity and Miscellaneous Questions
11032: OSBORNE, J - A Better Class of Person
500027104: DENTON OSBORNE - Old English Songs 5th Series 4th Edition
AB7852: OSBORNE, L (ED) - Pigeons and Pigeon World Vol XXXI No. 3 March 1981
AB7853: OSBORNE, L (ED) - Pigeons and Pigeon World Vol XXXI No. 4 April 1981
90024780: OSBORNE, J - Inadmissable Evidence
90000217: OSBOURNE, RICHARD - Rossini
500041875: COOMANS DE BRACHÈNE OSC - Etat Présent de la Noblesse Du Royaume de Belgique. XVI.
9602: WILDE OSCAR - Lord Arthur Savile's Crime
1234: HAGEN. OSCAR - Art Epochs and Their Leaders : A Survey of the Genesis of Modern Art
90004253: OSGOOD, ELLEN L. - A History of Industry
500037980: WILLIAM OSGOOD, LESLIE HURLEY - Know the Game Series - Ski-Ing
500037979: WILLIAM OSGOOD, LESLIE HURLEY - The Snowshoe Book
AB8527: OSLER, E - History of the Cornwall Railway 1835-1846
4727: OSLER, SIR WILLIAM - The Student Life and Other Essays
500021169: OSLER, EDWARD - The Life of Admiral Viscount Exmouth
AB8942: OSMER, W - A Treatise on the Diseases and Lameness of Horses. In Which Is Laid Down a Proper Method of Shoeing (in General) and Treating the Different Kinds of Feet. To Which Are Added Some New Observations in the Art of Farriery and on the Nature and Difference of Horses
90019348: OSMOND, E - Reindeer. Animals of the World 6
500039300: OSMOND - Okehampton Devonshire Sale of Valuable Freehold Building Sites Residential Property Etc 1905
4797: OSMOND, A H - The Complete Medical Consultant
90013761: OSMOND, ALEX E [VICAR] - The Parish Church of St. Swithun Woodbury- Devon
500019802: OSPOVAT, ALEXANDER M. - "Four Hitherto Unpublished Geological Lectures Given by Sir Humphrey Davy in 1805, from Manuscripts Belonging to the Royal Geological Society of Cornwall
5005950: ANGELIS D'OSSAT, GUGLIELMO DE - L'Italie Et Ses Merveilles
500028899: OSSENDOWSKI, FERDINAND - "Beasts, Men and Gods
500017627: OSTADE OSTAD, ADRIAEN ADRIEN VAN - Le Boulanger Flamand
90014681: OSTER, MARCIA LANE [ILLUS] - The Open Book
15370: OSTRER, ISIDORE - The Conquest of Gold
AB8400: OSWALD, DR N C - Thurlestone Golf Club - a Short History 1897-1983
18315: OSWALD, OSCAR - Oscar Oswald's Whats My Line Effect
26909: CRAWFURD OSWALD - Lyrical Verse Second Volume 1685-1846
500008752: OSWALD, ALBERT [ARR] - Londonderry Air. No. 76 Sheet Music
500036720: GEORGE GASGOIGNE OR A N OTHER - Wyll of the Devyll. With His X Detestable Commandements : Directed to His Obedient and Accursed Children, and the Rewarde Promised to LL Suche As Obediently Wyl Endeure Themselves to Fulfill Them
90021588: RITSON AND OTHERS - Robin Hood: Ballads and Songs Relating to That Celebrated Outlaw; with Anecdotes of His Life
500029870: RENWICK OF OTLEY - Hidden Colour Paint Book No 61
500024164: RENWICK OF OTLEY - Animal Friends at Home (Dinkey Series No. 40)
90007336: OTT, DAVID H. - "Palestine in Perspective: Politics, Human Rights and the West Bank
500025698: SILVIA OTT - Promenades Des Anglais
90013756: OTTENHEIMER, JOSEPH; OTTENHEIMER, HARRIET J. - Cousin Joe: Blues from New Orleans
500020368: OTTENHEIMER - Proverbs and Epigrams
500020369: OTTENHEIMER - Mary Norwak's Save Money Cook Book
500042095: ROBERT LAWRENCE OTTLEY - Aspects of the Old Testament Considered in Eight Lectures Delivered Before the University of Oxford
500009932: BEHR, FRANCOIS/ TEICH, OTTO/ET AL - Glocken in Der Christnacht. Tonstuck Fur Pianoforte? Der Weihnachtsengel. Fantasie.
5001212: BENESCH OTTO - The Albertina Collection of Old Master Drawings an Illustrated Supplement to the Exhibition Catalogue
500027282: ROSE, OTTO AND JULIUS PRUWER - Richard Strauss Elektra: A Guide to the Music
500028462: THOMAS OTWAY - The Soldier's Fortune Theatre Programme
500013685: OUDES, BRUCE - From the President: Richard Nixon's Secret Files
500039633: OUGH, DONALD - The Catch
90006559: OUIDA. - Bimbi Stories.
500004506: OUIDA - Under Two Flags. Classics Illustrated No. 86
90010672: OULD, HERMON - The Miser of Rogafjord. A Play in One Act
AB2667: OULD, H - John Galsworthy
26065: O'SULLIVAN, TIMOTHY - The Papal Visit 1982: The Official Souvenir.
500044091: O'SULLIVAN, PETE - Devon New Climbs 1980
500025821: MAURICE O'SULLIVAN - Twenty Years a-Growing No 144
5004028: OUP - The Oxford Cyclopedic Concordance Containing New and Selected Helps to the Study of the Bible.
90013210: OUP - The New Testament of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. With the Harmony of the Gospels
500002612: OUP - World's Classics. A Complete List 1994
90010616: OURY, MADAME/ THALBERG, S - "Mes Souvenirs D'Ecosse / Home Sweet Home, Air Anglais.
90019047: OURY, DOM G M (ED) - Histoire Religieus Des Provinces de France
500036733: OUTRAM, DORINDA - "Georges Cuvier: Vocation, Science, and Authority in Post-Revolutionary France
500025301: OUTRAM, MARY FRANCES - The Story of a Log- House with Three Illustrations by Lancelot Speed.
500030441: ALONSO DE OVALLE (ALONSO D'OVAGLE) - Historica Relatione Del Regno Di Cile, E Delle Missione E Ministerii Che Esercita in Quelle la Compagnia Di Giesu
500031973: OVAPHIL - En Diligence Sur la Route Du Saint-Gothard (Xixe S. )Mit Der Postkutsche Auf Der Sankt Gotthardstrasse. Con la Diligenza Postale Sulla Strada Den San Gottardo. By Mail-Coach on the Saint Gotthard Road.
17411: BRUSENDORF, OVE & HENNINGSEN, POUL - Kaerlighedens Billedbog
17390: OVENDEN, DENNIS C - Steam in Kent and East Sussex
21987: OVER, LUKE - "Riviera: A Century of Service at Thames Riviera Hotel, 1888-1988
5005476: OVERESCH, MANFRED - Die Deutschen Und Die Deutsche Frage 1945-1955
13362: W D OVERHOLSER - The Violent Land.
AB1440: OVERHOLSER, W D - Tough Hand
90017933: OVERTON, M - The Wine of Astonishment. Stories by Mary Overton
500025446: OVERTON, GRANT - "Portrait of a Publisher and the First Hundred Years of the House of Appleton, 1825-1925
AB2424: OVERY, R J - Goering The Iron Man
AB4491: OVID (TRANSLATED BY DRYDEN, POPE AND OTHERS) - Ovid's Epistles: With His Amours translated into English verse
11051: OVID - Ars Amatoria'.
500037493: IWAN OWECHKO - Ukrainian Press Review December 1982 , October 1982 , January 1983
500042404: T L OWEN - Views of Tunbridge Wells & Neighbourhood
AB8290: FRANK OWEN - Seac Souvenir Part Two ""from Tiddim Road to Rangoon""
5004826: AB OWEN - Geiriadur Cymraeg a Saesoneg Byr
500030971: OWEN, ALUN - "Progress to the Park Theatre Programme Patrick Magee, Billie Whitelaw,
5004705: OWEN, ELLIS - Prehistorische Dieren. De Geschiedenis Van Het Leven Voor de Mens
90007165: OWEN, HARRISON. - The Playwright's Craft.
26145: OWEN, DAVID - Time to Declare
500001222: OWEN, ALUN - Female of the Species
17742: OWEN, CHARLES - The Devon-American Story
18642: OWEN, COLLINSON - Hector Duval: A Romance
22514: OWEN, RICHARD; BOURNE, NICHOLAS (EDITOR) - Essential Europe Community Law (Essential Law Ser. )
500033073: OWEN, CHARLES - The Devon-American Story
500043252: OWEN, WENDY. - Whatever Happened to Ruby?
90010972: OWEN, CHARLES - The Maltese Islands
90018589: OWEN, J - Complete Diets for Cattle & Sheep
500042839: OWEN, DOUGLAS, - Declaration of War: A Survey of the Position of Belligerents and Neutrals with Relative Considerations of Shipping and Marine Insurance During War
500001215: OWEN, DAVID - Alternating Current Measurements
500002658: OWEN, ELLIS - Prehistoric Animals
500005168: OWEN, ALUN - The Male of the Species
500005741: OWEN, JOHN - Travels Into Different Parts of Europe in the Years 1791 and 1792. With Familiar Remarks. Vol. II [2]
500007995: OWEN, DAVID - Face the Future Uncorrected Proof
500008993: OWEN, DAVID ELYSTAN - Water Byways
500010123: OWEN, JOHN B - The Pattern of Politics in Eighteenth Century England Aids for Teachers Series No. 10
500012451: OWEN, DAVID [BRUTUS] - Brutusiana - Sef Casgliad Dethholedig O'i Cyfansoddiodan
500013735: PUNCH/WILL OWEN - Punch Volume CLV [155]. No. 4025. August 28, 1918
500018386: OWEN, CHARLES - One Man's City. A Newcomer's View of Exeter
AB632: OWEN, ALUN - Three Tv Plays No Trams to Lime Street; After the Funeral; Lena, oh my Lena
11053: OWEN, D - The Politics of Defence.
AB5411: OWEN, J - An Exposition Upon Psalm CXXX (103)
AB7637: WOMAN'S OWN - ABC of First Aid in the Home - Woman's Own Pull-out Supplement
26772: CHICKS' OWN - Chicks' Own Annual: A Lovely Book for the Little Ones
500034727: WOMAN'S OWN, - Woman's Own Special Souvenir: The Royal Year
90024962: PRACTICAL BOAT OWNER - Looking After Anchoring
500037505: MOTOR OWNER - Devon Cornwall. The Land of Beauty Romance Reprinted from Motor Owner April 1923
500027137: OWSLEY, SYBIL B - Night Light Stories
500044598: OWSLEY, FRANK LAWRENCE - The C.S. S. Florida Her Building and Operations
500008124: OWSLEY, SIBYL B - The Adventures of John and Topsy
500024050: SIBYL B OWSLEY - The School They Handed on
22081: OXENBURY, HELEN - The Helen Oxenbury Nirsery Story Book
24600: OXENHAM, ELSIE JEANETTE - Rosaly's New School
24145: OXENHAM, JOHN - Queen of the Guarded Mounts
17594: OXENHAM, JOHN - Anno Domini
11070: OXENHAM, J - The Cedar Box.
15093: OXENHAM, JOHN - All Clear
500016778: OXENHAM, E J - The Abbey Girls in Town
500020438: OXENHAM, ELSIE JEANETTE - A Dancer from the Abbey
90020380: LORD BISHOP OXFORD (PRESIDENT) - National Conference on the Prevention of Destitution. Report of the Proceedings of the National Conference on the Prevention of Destitution. Held at the Caxton Hall, Westminster on June 11th, 12th, 13th and 14th 1912
500017071: UNIVERSITY OF OXFORD - Parecbolae Sive Excerpta E Corpore Statutorum Universitatis Oxoniensis. , Accedunt Articuli Religionis XXXIX in Ecclesia Anglicana Recepti. Nec Non Juramenta Fidelitatis & Suprematius. In Usum Juventutis Acadamicae.
500019144: SAMUEL LORD BISHOP OF OXFORD - Eucharistica: Meditations and Prayers on the Most Holy Eucharist, from Old English Divines
20546: WEST OXFORDSHIRE - West Oxfordshire District Official Guide
90010498: OXLEY, J M - Fergus Mactavish or a Boy's Will
500005416: OXLEY, J MACDONALD - The Wreckers of Sable Island
500024053: OXLEY, J. MACDONALD ILLUS WHYMPER, CHAS - On the World's Roof
500042443: G. BROMLEY OXNAM - Effective Preaching
500027850: OXO - Folio Colour Advert for Oxo 1930's Girl
18260: OXORN, HARRY. FOOTE, WILLIAM - Human Labor and Birth
23588: BRITISH OXYGEN - Handbook of Instructions for Operating Equipment (Oxy-Acetylene)
14488: OYAMA, M - Vital Karate
11231: P OYLSLAGER - Austin A30 & A35.
23834: OZAKI, MADAME YUKIO - Romances of Old Japan: Rendered Into English from Japanese Sources
AB1357: OZENDA, P - Les Organismes Végétaux 1. végétaux inferieurs
500035792: TASHIN OZGUC - The Illustrated London News January 14 1950 5778 ""Excavating the Karum of Kanes""
5001357: OZINGA,M.D. - De Gothische Kerkelijke Bouwkunst.
AB10093: ARMSTRONG, P & H; CONNELLY, P & MILES, A - Feminist Marxism or Marxist Feminism : A Debate
AB10095: CONNELLY, P ET AL (EDS) - Studies in Politicial Enomomy - a Socialist Review Number 13 Spring 1984
3133: COATES, W P & Z K - A Histoy of Anglo-Soviet Relations.
AB10117: CONNELLY, P ET AL (EDS) - Studies in Political Enomomy - a Socialist Review Number 10 Winter 1983
AB10121: ELCOCK, P ET AL (EDS) - Critical Social Policy - Issue 23 Autumn 1988 journal of socialist theory and practice in social welfare
6697: HARRISON, P & M - Aphrodisiacs.
6762: TIELE, C.P. ET AL. - Religious Systems of the World: A Contribution to the Study of Comparative Religion; Collection of Addresses Delivered at South Place Institute.
500027915: ROSENFELD P P - Devon Beekeepers Association Beekeeping Vol 58 No 9 1992
2813: CARTER, P & RUSSELL, K - The Iq Test Book.
500034105: CHAUMEIL P - See How to Make Pottery
5000632: SEN GUPTA, D P & LYNN, J W - Electrical Machine Dynamics
8049: JOHNSON P - Time for Bed.
5000309: HALL, D.M.B.: HILL, P & ELLIMAN, D - The Child Surveillance Handbook
500030093: ROSENFELD P P - Devon Beekeepers Association Beekeeping Vol 36 No 6 1970
AB9607: ALLEN, P ET AL - Journal Geological Society Volume 138 Part 4 July 1981
AB9593: ASHWORTH, J R; ATHERTON, M P & SMITH, R A ET AL - Geological Magazine Volume 116 Number 6 November 1979
AB10290: MILLIGAN, P & FEGREDO, D - Enigma - Episde 2 - the Truth
AB7800: LAMBERT, G W; WADHAMS, P AND FARRELLY, B A; RUSHTON, A H - Journal of the Society for Psychical Research Vol 44 No. 736 June 1968
AB8045: CLARKE, A C; KUTNER, H; WETENBAKER, G P ET AL - Amazing Stories Vol 40 No 6 June
AB8034: MCGIVERN, W P ET AL - Amazing Stories Vol 1 No 3
17743: BLAKE, J P & REVEIRS-HOPKINS, A E - "Little Books About Old Furniture Tudor to Stuart, the Period of Queen Anne, Chippendale, Sheraton
AB9228: COLLYNS, C P AND BATHURST, J J (ED) - Notes on the Chase of the Wild Red Deer in the Counties of Devon and Somerset
AB8089: DE COURCY; JARVIS, A K; MCGIVERN, W P ET AL - Amazing Stories Volume 22 No 7 July 1948
AB9632: THURSTAN, C P & PARKYN, MAJOR (EDS) - Journal of the Royal Institution of Cornwall Volume XV Part 1
90008587: MOGFORD P - Picturesque Europe Part 13 - British Isles
25163: ROBINSON G P - Contrast a Tale of Two Generations
17319: EVANS, F P ET AL - Blackwoods Magazine No 1338 Vol 221
19561: DASMANNN, RAYMOND F., MILTON, JOHN P. AND FREEMAN, PETER R. - Ecological Principles for Economic Development
24968: T C P - Thy Servant Oh Dog
500016870: CARLOSS, F FRASER/SMALL, LILIAS / MILNE J P ET AL - The Lucky Girls' Budget
500030446: CRISTOFANELLI, P. & LENA, S. - Tecnica E Grafologia Giudiziaria
14835: JORDAN, D P & MINTZ, M D - Air Tables
500017546: BHAT, S P & DESHPANDE, R D - Marathi Self-Taught
10212: HARDING, J P & SMITH, W A - A Key to the British Freshwater Cyclopid and Calanoid Copepods Scientific Publication No. 18.
18700: BELL, R P & J N MURRELL - The Proton in Chemistry
5007826: BROAD, L P & BUTTERWORTH, N T - The Playgroup Handbook: A World of Activities for Pre-School Children
26537: FORD, P. AND G. - A Guide to Parlimentary Papers: What They Are: How to Find Them: How to Use Them
26625: MOSS, G P ET AL - Annual Reports on the Progress of Chemistry Vol. 76 : Section B. Organic Chemistry
2317: HARVEY P - Computer Science
17945: HILL, J.P. AND TRIBE, MARGARET - The Early Development of the Cat (Felis Domestica)
AB9613: SEARLE, M P AND MALPAS, J ET AL - Journal Geological Society Volume 139 Part 3 May 1982
500027530: POIRIER P & CHARPY, A - Traité D'Anatomie Humaine Tome Deuxieme II Troisieme Fascicule Angeiologie
500027532: POIRIER P & CHARPY, A - Traité D'Anatomie Humaine Tome Cinqieme V Deuxieme Fascicule Les Organes de Sens
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