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AB8525: C F M (MERMAGEN?) - The Northam Kyries
90010057: NICHOLSON E. M. - British Birds Volume. 58 Number. 3 March 1965
5000164: YOUNG. MRS. H.M. - The Lemco Cookery Book.
21832: CHAPMAN, J.M. AND AYREY, G. - The Use of Radioactive Isotopes in the Life Sciences
21742: COX, E.H.M. AND COX, P.A. - Modern Shrubs
26928: KOGAN, M ET AL - "Children and Their Primary Schools: A Report of the Central Advisory Committee for Education [England] Volume 1 & 2 Report, Research & Surveys
21064: PASACHOFF, JAY M. AND COVINGTON, MICHAEL A. ESPENAK, FRED (TABLES AND MAPS) - The Cambridge Eclipse Photography Guide
20930: COOMBS, H.M. AND JENKINS, D.E. - Public Sector Financial Management
90007033: B. M. - Elijah and Other Poems.
25890: KNIGHT W S M - The Business Encyclopaedia and Legal Advisor (in Six Volumes)
90006298: E M - Georgian Poetry 1913 - 1915
500038636: GREENBERG, LEWIS M. AND SIZEMORE, WARNER B., EDITORS - Velikovsky and Establishment Science
AB9511: PUT, A VAN DE; STORCK, W F; CONWAY, M ET AL - The Burlington Magazine No CXIV Volume XXI September 1912
24433: GANS, ARNOLD M & LEMON J ROBERT - Fabulous Collagen
27239: BARRIE J M. - Margaret Oglivy by Her Son J.M. Barrie
15998: CONSTANDUROS, M & HOGAN, M - The Bugginses
90024157: WILLSON, V; COOKSON, M AND TILLER, R - Car Repair Manual Vw Transporter
13328: VOLIN, M & PHELAN, N - Sex & Yoga.
12443: RUTHERFORD M. - A Pattern of Herbs. Herbs for Goodness, Food and Health and How to Identify and Grow Them.
11652: ROBINSON ANTHONY M - Alpine Roundabout
11397: GUIZOT M - France Under Louis-Philippe from 1841 to 1847
11490: PERHAM, M & SIMMONS, J - African Discovery. An Anthology of Discovery.
23595: HART, C.W.M. AND PILLING, ARNOLD R. - The Tiwi of North Australia: Fieldwork Edition
11044: WOOTTON M & S [EDITED COMPILED AND ILLUSTRATED BY] - The Little Book of Lydford Facts and Legends
11050: WOOTTON M & S [EDITED COMPILED AND ILLUSTRATED BY] - The Little Book of Lydford Facts and Legends
10119: ISRAEL M - Graphologie Toegepast Op Kinderschrift
10027: ELLIOTT, J. M. & TULLETT, P A - A Supplement to a Bibliography of Samplers for Benthic Invertebrates. Occasional Publication No. 20
27323: BARRIE J M. - The Novels, Tales and Sketches of J.M. Barrie: Vol 1 Auld Licht Idylls, Better Dead
9922: ROTH, DAVID M. & JUDITH ARNOLD GRENIER - Celebrate Connecticut 350 Years 1635- 1985.
12753: SMYTH, M M ET AL - Cognition in Action.
8917: CULLEN, J M & BEER, C G - Animal Behaviour Monographs. Volume 3. Part Two 1970.
500044397: WOOTTON, M & S. {EDTORS] - "the Little Book of Lydford, Facts and Legends
18721: S.I.M. - Magnificat
7653: BUCHANAN, JAMES M ET AL - The Economics of Politics . Iea Readings 18
7282: HARARI M - Government and Politics of the Middle East.
AB9514: JOYCE, T A; WHITLEY, W T; FRIZZONI, G; TURNER, P M ET AL - The Burlington Magazine No CXIX Volume XXII February 1913
19232: LAFLEM JOHN M ET AL - Soil Erosion and Dryland Farming
18487: BURKE, JOHN M & CODY, WILLIAM (BUFFALO BILL) - "Buffalo Bill's ""Wild West"" and Congress of Rough Riders of the World. Official Programme
5007693: LANE, S M & KEMP, M - Towards Creative Writing 2
4042: DIXON M & DIXON, W.N - To Test Your Knowledge.
26597: HOOTON W.M. - Inorganic Chemistry for Schools
2600: EKERT-ROTHOLZ ALICE M. - Le Pavot Dans la Montagne
26288: SLADER J M - The Ecclesiae Leodienses; or, Historical and Architectural Sketches of the Churches of Leeds and Neighbourhood, (Within a Radius of About Ten Miles); with a List of Vicars, Incumbents Etc with an Introduction to Church Architecture & Copious Indexes
25724: BURNSIDE, HELEN M ET AL - Many Pleasures for Little Treasures
AB9510: STORCK, W F; CUST, L; DANIEL, A M ET AL - The Burlington Magazine No CXIII Volume XXI August 1912
5007297: P.J.M. - Fishing Frolics
19470: KING, JESSIE M ET AL - Hullo Girls ! a Budget of Good Things by the Aunties on the Wireless
22963: BRISTOL, CLAUDE M. AND SHERMAN, HAROLD - T N T: The Power Within You: How to Release the Forces Inside You - and Get What You Want!
5006203: MIALL, AGNES M & BEATRICE - Gardening Made Easy
5006087: SIMPSON, M & HUNTLEY, M [EDS] - "Sotheby's Caring for Antiques: A Guide to Handling, Cleaning, Display and Restoration
1021: WOOTTON. M. & S. - Reminiscences of Tavistock.
500041701: JACOBS. ELSIE M. - Across the Marshes.
1159: STRATTON. EILEEN M. - National Association of Flower Arrangement Societies Devon & Cornwall Area 1965 - 2000
2054: BOLAND, M & B - Old Wives Lore for Gardeners.
5000323: COLLARD PATRICIA M - Tales of Old Time Gardening
500034239: BARRIE J M - What Every Woman Knows, Duke of York's Theatre Programme
90010021: CHRISTOPHERS S. M. - Birds in Cornwall Annual Report 1984
90010022: CHRISTOPHERS S. M. - Birds in Cornwall Annual Report 1985
90010023: CHRISTOPHERS S. M. - Birds in Cornwall Annual Report 1986
90010027: CHRISTOPHERS S. M. - Birds in Cornwall Annual Report 1991
4546: EDEN, M & CARRINGTON, R - The Philosophy of the Bed.
AB9794: KARPELES, M AND BLAKE, L - Dances of England & Wales
500028778: VOLIN, M & PHELAN, N - Sex & Yoga.
3601: D M & R L P JOWITT - History People & Places in Hampshire.
500035379: MCVAUGH M. - The 'Humidum Radicale' in Thirteenth-Century Medicine. Traditio. 1974;30: 259-83.
AB7830: TYRRELL, G N M ET AL - Journal of the Society for Psychical Research No. 574-575 Vol XXXII April-May 1941
AB9598: BREEMEN, O VAN, AFTALION, M & JOHNSON, M R W; GROCOTT, J ET AL - Journal Geological Society Volume 136 Part 4 July 1979
AB9612: KEY, R M & WRIGHT, E P ET AL - Journal Geological Society Volume 139 Part 2 March 1982
500028793: VOLIN, M & PHELAN, N - Sex & Yoga.
500039262: HASTINGS, M & STREET, A G [EDS] - Country Fair. A Monthly Journal of the Open Air. July to December 1955
AB7976: HUMPHREY, B M ET AL - Journal of the Society for Psychical Research Vol XXXVI (36) No 665 July-August 1951
90011541: GAPOSCHKIN, E M & LAMBECK, K - 1969 Smithsonian Standard Earth [II]. Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory Report 315
90012176: LEWIS, SAM M & COOTS, J F - A Beautiful Lady in Blue. Sheet Music
16007: DUNCAN-JONES, C M & R J WILLIAMS - Little Drake and Other Stories
15597: MONTGOMERY L M - The Story Girl
90012962: MCINTOSH, D M ET AL - The Scaling of Teachers' Marksand Estimates
500042932: DOE G M - Old Torrington Landmarks.
90015197: LION, LEON M & HALL, STRANGE - The Mobswoman a Dramatic Incident in One Act
90015240: LION, LEON M & HALL, STRANGE - The Mobswoman a Dramatic Incident in One Act
90015707: THUN, M & M - Working with the Stars Bio-Dynamic Sowing and Planting Calendar 1998
90015708: THUN, M & M - Working with the Stars Bio-Dynamic Sowing and Planting Calendar 1999
90015709: THUN, M & M - Working with the Stars Bio-Dynamic Sowing and Planting Calendar 2000
90015844: HASTINGS, M & STREET, A G [EDS] - Country Fair. A Monthly Journal of the Open Air. May 1955
90015847: HASTINGS, M & STREET, A G [EDS] - Country Fair. A Monthly Journal of the Open Air. August 1955
90015848: HASTINGS, M & STREET, A G [EDS] - Country Fair. A Monthly Journal of the Open Air. November 1956
90015849: HASTINGS, M & STREET, A G [EDS] - Country Fair. A Monthly Journal of the Open Air. October 1956
90015854: HASTINGS, M & STREET, A G [EDS - Country Fair a Monthly Journal of the Open Air August 1957
90015855: HASTINGS, M & STREET, A G [EDS - Country Fair a Monthly Journal of the Open Air September 1957
90015856: HASTINGS, M & STREET, A G [EDS - Country Fair a Monthly Journal of the Open Air October 1957
90015857: HASTINGS, M & STREET, A G [EDS - Country Fair a Monthly Journal of the Open Air November 1957
90015858: HASTINGS, M & STREET, A G [EDS - Country Fair a Monthly Journal of the Open Air December 1957
90015859: HASTINGS, M & STREET, A G [EDS - Country Fair a Monthly Journal of the Open Air January 1958
90015860: HASTINGS, M & STREET, A G [EDS - Country Fair a Monthly Journal of the Open Air February 1958
90015861: HASTINGS, M & STREET, A G [EDS - Country Fair. A Monthly Journal of the Open Air March 1958
90016158: WHEELER, R. E. M. ET AL - The Archaeological News Letter No. 7 1948
90016171: KNOCKER, G. M. ET AL - The Archaeological News Letter Vol. 2 No. 8 1950
90016173: JOPE, E. M. ET AL - The Archaeological News Letter Vol. 2 No. 12 1950
90016187: PIGGOTT, C. M. ET AL - The Archaeological News Letter Vol. 4 No. 3 1951
90016199: MCBURNEY, C. B. M. ET AL - The Archaeological News Letter Vol. 5 No. 4 1954
90016254: FRASER, ANGUS M. ET AL - Northamptonshire Past & Present Vol. IV No. 5
90016305: GRATION HILDA M - The Nurse's Pocket Encyclopaedia Andguide
90016321: DUNCAN A M - The Scientifc Revolution of the Seventeenth Century
90016734: GILL, D M & PULLEN, A M - Victories of Peace Stories of Friendship in Action
90016883: WEIS, M AND HICKMAN, T - Serpent Mage the Death Gate Cycle Volume 4
90017188: SAMUELS, M & BENNETT, H - The Well Body Book
90017206: HADAS, M AND VOROS, M (EDS) - Ambiguous Identities in the New Europe. Replika Hungarian Sociel Science Quarterly. Special Issue 1997
90017278: ABAILARD, P; BLATT, M ET AL (EDS) - Black Rose. Volume 2 No. 5 Spring '80
1441: KNIGHT. F.M. - The Shout of a King
90018872: WREFORD, M & H - Mike and Hilary Wreford's Okehampton Collection
14335: COWAN, W M ET AL (EDS) - Annual Review of Neuroscience
90019209: HOY, M AND HISTON, V - Newcastle Gateshead Quayside Guide
14235: KNIGHT, M M ET AL - Taboo and Genetics
90019335: BATCHELOR, M & BYE, B ET AL - Family Devotions
90019859: VALENTIS, M & DEVANE, A - Female Rage. How Women Can Unlock Their Rage and Empower Their Lives
90019871: REINECKE, M A; DATTILIO, F M AND FREEMAN, A - Cognitive Therpay with Children and Adolescents. A Casebook for Clinical Practice
90019942: ADAM, HUGH M AND EVANS, JAMES H - Metalwork
13996: WOLFENSTEIN, M & KLIMAN, G - Children & the Death of a President
13881: CAMPBELL, M & HATTON, H - Herbert H Dow. Pioneer in Creative Chemistry
90021482: MINKUS, M AND KANE, H - Be Patient My Love!
90021488: CARR, M AND KENNEDY, H - Ole Faithful (Recorded and Broadcast by Roy Fox and His Band)
90021692: SCOTT, IAN M. ET AL - "a Symposium on Anaemia in General Practice, Supplement No. 2 to Volume XIII
90021701: SCOTT, IAN M. ET AL - "a Symposium on Preventive Medicine and General Practice, Supplement No. 1 to Volume XI
90021703: HUTCHINSON, M. ET AL - "Group Practice, Ancillary Help and Government Controls, Supplement No. 1 to Volume XIV
90021767: YONGE, C M AND THOMPSON, T E - Living Marine Molluscs
500029217: WOOTTON, M & S - Reminiscences of Tavistock
90023091: SHEPHERD, M. & ZANGWILL, O. L. - "Handbook of Psychiatry 1, General Psychopathology
90023133: KRATDY, M & FOUD, K - Prisli Jsme Ze Zapadu
90023170: WYLD ALICE M. - The Dread Inferno
500000745: BATE, MISS M ET AL - An Approach to Mathematics in the Primary School.
500001435: RYCHTERA, M & BARTAKOVA, B - Tropicproofing Electrical Equipment
26186: SOUTHGATE W M - John Jewel and the Problem of Doctrinal Authority
500002292: KELLY, CHARLOTTE M ET AL - Champion Book for Girls
90005523: HOSKING S M - Cornish in Song and Ceremony: With English Translations ""Kernewek Rak Kernowyon
500003562: BRERETON, J M ET AL - Blackwood's Magazine Number 1937 Volume 321 (1977)
500003565: BRERETON, J M ET AL - Blackwood's Magazine Number 1929 Volume 320 (1976)
25866: OPPENHEIMER JANE M - New Aspects of John and William Hunter - I. Everard Home and the Destruction of the John Hunter Manuscripts; II. William Hunter and His Contemporaries.
25791: H J A M - Golden Gleanings
25771: WHITE, CONSTANCE M ET AL - Best of All
500004704: UPJOHN, E M ET AL - History of Worlf Art
25603: KRONHEIM J.M. - The Christian Garland; or a Companion for Leisure Hours: Consisting of Original and Selected Pieces in Poetry and Prose. New Edition.
500005477: METHLEY, V M ET AL - The Triumph Book for Girls
500006428: CUNDY, H M & K E - Zomba Mountain. A Walker's Guide
500043344: ALEXANDER MACGREGOR BUCHANAN A M - Manual of Anatomy, Systematic and Practical, Including Embryology
500008047: RUSH, M & ALTHOFF, P - An Introduction to Political Sociology
2499: BYRON.M - A Little Journey to Italy.
500008923: M'KEAN, M & J - The Children of Melby Hall. Ilustrated
24744: SCHMECK HAROLD M - The Semi-Artificial Man : A Dawning Revolution in Medicine.
500009889: KOCHAN, M & L - Russian Themes
500010128: KOCHAN, M & L - Russian Themes
500010181: BISHOP, HILLMAN M & HENDEL, SAMUEL - Basic Issues of American Democracy
500010458: VANN, E M & C R - The Arab. Children of 'Many Lands' Series No. 2
500012898: MAYNE, M & RALTON, H - I Remember the Cornfields. Sheet Music
500012942: VANN, E M & C R - The Dutch Boy. Children of Many Lands Series No. 3
500012943: VANN, E M & C R - The Eskimo. Children of Many Lands Series No. 1
500012944: VANN, E M & C R - The Rhodesian Boy . Children of Many Lands Series No. 4
500013692: WILLIAMS, P M & HARRISON, M - De Gaulle's Repuyblic
500015034: AUBERT, M & MOREL, P - Mont Saint-Michel the Abbey Visitor's Guide
500015165: TROUT, J M & EDW - The Railways of Canada
500015372: NOVAK, M ET AL - Fairy Tales of the World
500015493: AMIN, M & WILLETTS, D - The Beauty of Pakistan
500016223: CROKER B M - Jungle Tales
500016428: BROOKS-KING, M & HURRELL, H G - "Intelligence Tests for Tits. Reprint from British Birds, Vol. LI, Pp. 514-524.
500016714: RUTTER, M & SMITH, DAVID J - Psychosocial Disorders in Young People: Time Trends and Their Causes
500017613: NEEDHAM M & PROWSE, ROLANDA - All the Year Round in Story and Song
500017646: M, J - Shakespeare Self= Revealed in His 'Sonnets' and 'Phoenix and Turtle' Also Includes a Recantation. Supplement to the Book.
500017789: O'CONNOR. E M - An Index to the Works of Shakespeare. Giving References, by Topics to Notable Passages and Significant Expressions.
500018378: HILLYER, V M AND HUEY, E G - The Story of Our Heritage: Sculpture
2322: BROWN, F M & HEINEMAN, B - Jamaica & Its Butterflies.
500018429: THE DARTMOOR SAFE WALKS TEAM / HARRIS, M ET AL - Dartmoor Walks for Children
23117: SHIPPEN, J.M. AND TURNER, J.C. - Basic Farm Machinery: Volume 1
500019856: C S M - Pity My Simplicity
2287: SCOTT, T M & WALKER, C - Experiments with Insecticides for the Control of Dutch Elm Disease
500020478: CROKER B M - A Nine Days' Wonder
500021424: MOSINGER M.ET AL - L' Exploration Neuro-Musculaire.
500041607: RAGON J. M - De la Maçonnerie Occulte Et de L'Initiation Hermétique
500021608: ORD, W M & GARROD, A E - The Climates and Baths of Great Britain Volume I South of England
500022147: WATSON SIR C.M - British Weights and Messures As Described in the Laws of England from Anglo-Saxon Times
500022333: BEHRENS ALICE M. - A Book for Guide Adventurers; Life of Girls in Africa and the East
90024747: KEARY, M AND WRAGGE, P - Piers Plowman Histories Junior Book III - Stories from English History from 1066-1805
90022384: ARNOLD, M ET AL - The Cornhill Magazine. Vol XXI January to June 1870
90022386: MELLOY, M ET AL - Nuffield Universals and Leyland/Marshall Derivatives. Vintage Tractor Special - 3
AB587: GILDER, R; ISAACS, H R; MACGREGOR, R M AND REED, E (EDS) - Theatre Arts Anthology A record and a prophecy
AB1361: MANATTI, M & DE SOLMS, E (TRANSL) - Les Psaumes 1
12606: SETH-SMITH, M ET AL - The History of Steeple Chasing.
12558: SAWREY, J M & TELFORD, C W - Educational Psychology.
12353: RINALDI P.M. - The Man in the Shroud.
500022584: LEE, M & C - Rosamond Fane
AB2413: CONTE, M & BONFILS, S - Gastro-Enterologie La Pathologie Medicale
500022726: ALLEN J.M - Atlantis the Andes Solution
12239: RAYMONDE-HAWKINS M - Mercy on Us.
AB2528: LAING, R M AND BLACKWELL, E W - Plants of New Zealand
AB2545: MARLAND, M AND WILLCOX, R (EDS) - While They Fought an anthology of prose and verse exploring the lives of those who did not fight but who had to endure the Second World War
AB2717: HEINRICH, R; ESSEX, R; WHITE, M ET AL - Buffie's Book The Church Times Children's Omnibus
AB2891: BARNET, S; BERMAN, M AND BURTON, S (EDS) - Eight Great Comedies the Clouds; Mandragola; Twelfth Night; The Miser; The Beggar's opera; The Importance of Being Ernest; Uncle Vanya; Arms and the Man
AB3141: TRACHTENBERG, M AND HYMAN, I - Architecture From prehistory to post-modernism / The Western Tradition
AB3414: BIGGS, M AND BLAIRMAN, J - Triplets at Royders
AB3457: SEDGWICK, M & GILLIES, M - A-Z of Cars 1945-1970
AB3951: LANGAN, M AND SCHWARTZ, B (EDS) - Crises in the British State 1880-1930
AB4096: BOYES, M AND CHESTER, H - Walker's Companion - North York Moors
AB4097: GRUNEBERG, M M AND OBORNE, D J (ED) - Psychology and Industrial Productivity A reader
500037125: RENAER M - Chronic Pelvic Pain Women:
AB4174: KAUFMANN, G M AND THOMAS, H - Modern Decision Analysis Selected readings
AB4252: LONGLEY, M AND SIMPSON, M - Lancaster Literature Festival Poems 86
AB4509: MAGEE, M AND D'ANTONIO, M - The Best Medicine Doctors, patients and the covenant of caring
AB4557: BROWN, M AND HOLMAN, R - Cobra The novel of Owen Nares' stage success. A Ritz-Paramount picture starring Rudolph Valentino
500023234: STENTON EDITED BY F.M. - Documents Illustrative of the Social and Economic History of the Danelaw From various collections
11020: WOOTTON. M. & S. - Pictorial Souvenir of Tavistock. Past and Present
500023646: KORSUNSKY M - The Atomic Nucleus
500023779: BROWNLIE, W M ET AL - The Lhasa Apso Club Handbook
500023780: GRAY, R M AND MANILAL C PAREKH - Mahatma Gandhi an Essay in Appreciation: Builders of Modern India.
AB5890: JOAN, N; CRADOCK, H C; DAVEY, E; FOOTE, A M ET AL - The Scarlet Poppy Story Book
500024117: MACKIE J. D.: FINLAY T. M. - The Complete Scotland, a Comprehensive Survey, Based on the Principle Motor, Walking, Railway and Steamer Routes
500041603: FF H. B. E. M. - Rit Mac Des Ateliers Sous L'Obedience de la Grande Loge D'Angleterre
AB6113: ABRAHAMS, H M ET AL - "Picture Post, Hulton’S National Weekly, Vol 31 No 2, 13 April 1946
AB6287: KIDD, M M AND SALTER, T M - Wild Flowers of the Cape Peninsula
AB6364: BIBIKOV, I M & LEVCHENKO, N I - Soviet Decorative Arts - Materials and Documents 1917-1932 - dgitatsionno-mass art design celebrations / festivals
AB6608: COLLCUTT, M; JANSEN, M & KUMAKURA, ISAO - Cultural Atlas of Japan
AB6610: VINCENT, M AND STRADLING, R A - Cultural Atlas of Spain and Portugal
500025506: DAR IQBAL M - Flora of West Pakistan No. 6 Monotropaceae
10348: CORYN. M - The Acquirer
10322: MOORCOCK' M - The Sword of the Dawn.
10319: MOORCOCK' M - The Sleeping Sorceress.
10209: MILNE, M & L - Paths Across the Earth.
AB6997: DAVIES, A M AND EAMES, F E - Tertiary Faunas a Text-Book for Oilfield Palaeontologists and Students of Geology Vol I the Composition of Tertiary Faunas
90024187: NODELMAN, HENRY M. & SMITH, FREDERICK W. - Mathematics for Electronics with Applications
10101: LEVY, M. AND PH. MEYER (ED) - Elementary Particle and High Energy Physics
AB7256: WHITE, J M (M.D) AND WARREN, MOSES - "Letter to Moses Warren, Chicago Re: American and Zell's Encyclopaedias (Encyclopedias) [and Britannica]
10058: BENNETT: C. M - Red Pete the Ruthless
AB8079: BRUNNER, J; HIGH, P E; MOORCOCK, M ET AL - Science Fiction Adventures Vol 5 No. 25
AB8252: TYRRELL, G N M ET AL - Proceedings of the Society for Psychical Research Vol XXXIII May-June 1944
AB7809: THAKUR, S C; OWEN, I M AND MITCHELL, P; ORME, J E - Journal of the Society for Psychical Research Vol 50 No. 781 September 1979
AB7810: THAKUR, S C; OWEN, I M AND MITCHELL, P; ORME, J E - Journal of the Society for Psychical Research Vol 50 No. 782 December 1979
90024786: GOSSOP, M & GRANT, M (EDS) - Preventing and Controlling Drug Abuse
90019785: FORD, A; HOPE, STANTON; WESBSTER, CAPT. F A M ET AL - Chums Annual 1935-6
5004029: MAASS, JOACHIM - The Magic Year
500018404: MAASS, JOACHIM/ E.MEYER [TRANS] - The Magic Year
500041316: FERNANDO DE ROJAS JAMES MABBE - Celestina, or the Tragicke Comedy of Calisto and Melibea
500044229: MABBUTT, GRAHAM - A Passon for Dogs a Journey of Discovery
18838: CONSTANDUROS, MABEL AND AGG, HOWARD - This Respected Lady
500011980: QUILLER-COUCH MABEL - The Story of Jessie
5004156: MABERLY, JONATHAN; ANTHONY, HONOR - Allergy: A Practical Guide to Coping
9557: MABEY, R - Children in Primary School. The Learning Experience.
500018105: MABEY, CHRISTOPHER - Managing Learning
22965: MABEY, DAVID - The Little Mustard Book
90024436: MABIE, HAMILTON WRIGHT - "My Study Fire, Second Series
500035527: CURTIS P. MABIE, HAROLD D. HESS - Petrographic Study and Classification of Western Phosphate Ores
9196: MABIN, FRANK - Mabins Cyclists Route Guide to S W England
90001127: MABIRE, JEAN; BREHERET, YVES - The Samurai (the Corps D'Elite)
500021420: MABIRE, JEAN - Les Ducs de Normandie
AB3384: MABIRE, J - Les Vikings Rois Des Tempetes (Les grandes aventures maritime)
AB7400: MABIRE, J - La Saga de Godefroy le Boiteux
90026296: MACADAM, SIR I (ED) - World Events. The Annual Register of the Year 1960. 1961 Issue
1916: MACALISTER, R. A. STEWART. - Bible Side-Lights from the Mound of Gezer: A Record of Excavation and Discovery in Palestine
90010444: MACALISTER, R. A. S. - The Journal of the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland 1943
90010462: MACALISTER, R. A. S. - The Journal of the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland 1932
500003980: MACALISTER, J. Y. W. - The Library July 1912
500003981: MACALISTER, J. Y. W. - The Library April 1912
500003982: MACALISTER, J. Y. W. - The Library October 1910
500003983: MACALISTER, J. Y. W. - The Library January 1911
500003984: MACALISTER, J. Y. W. - The Library July 1910
500003985: MACALISTER, J. Y. W. - The Library April 1910
500003986: MACALISTER, J. Y. W. - The Library January 1915
500003987: MACALISTER, J. Y. W. - The Library July 1915
500003988: MACALISTER, J. Y. W. - The Library April 1915
500003989: MACALISTER, J. Y. W. - The Library July 1911
500003990: MACALISTER, J. Y. W. - The Library April 1911
500003991: MACALISTER, J. Y. W. - The Library January 1910
500003992: MACALISTER, J. Y. W. - The Library October 1912
500003993: MACALISTER, J. Y. W. - The Library October 1911
500003995: MACALISTER, J. Y. W. - The Library January 1912
500003996: MACALISTER, J. Y. W. - The Library April 1914
500003997: MACALISTER, J. Y. W. - The Library January 1914
500003998: MACALISTER, J. Y. W. - The Library October 1913
500003999: MACALISTER, J. Y. W. - The Library July 1913
500004000: MACALISTER, J. Y. W. - The Library April 1913
500004001: MACALISTER, J. Y. W. - The Library October 1902
500004002: MACALISTER, J. Y. W. - The Library April 1902
500004003: MACALISTER, J. Y. W. - The Library January 1902
500004004: MACALISTER, J. Y. W. - The Library July 1902
500004005: MACALISTER, J. Y. W. - The Library January 1913
500004006: MACALISTER, J. Y. W. - The Library July 1916
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500004038: MALALASEKERA, DR. G. P. - "the Truth of Anatta, No. 94
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AB4504: MALAN, REV A N - Lost on Brown Willy or The Print of the Cloven Hoof
23332: CENTRE D'ETUDES ARCTIQUES. MALAURIE, JEAN; CARDIN, ELISABETH; FRAYSSE, ARLETTE (EDITORS) - Ethnologie Et Anthropogeographie Arctiques: Premier Dialogue Franco-Sovietique
5006243: MALBY, R A - The Story of My Rock Garden.
500007226: MALBY, REGINALD A - The Story of My Rock Garden. Illustrated.
5526: MILNE, MALCOLM & HELLER, MARK [ED] - The Book of European Skiing
6051: MALCOLM, ANDREW - Making Names. An Idea of Philosophy
90013418: HASTINGS, MAX/ BROWN, MALCOLM ET AL - Military Masterpieces Boxed Set [Pan Grand Strategy Series. ] the Western Front / Trench Warfare/ Greatest Raid of All / Cockleshell Heroes. Christmas Truce/ Dam Busters /Das Reich /Book of 1918 Year of Victory.
500007402: MALCOLM, MARGARET - Cherish This Wayward Heart
500007418: MALCOLM, MARGARET - To-Morrow's Flower
500045169: SMITH, GEORGE O. / MOORE, C. L. / JAMESON, MALCOLM & OTHERS - "Astounding Science Fiction December 1944, Vol. XXXIV, No. 4
500038058: MALCOLM, JAMES PELLER - "Anecdotes of the Manners and Customs of London. During the Eighteenth Century, Including the Charities, Depravities,Dresses,and Amusements, of the Citizens of London During the Period, with a Review of the State in 1807. Volume II
AB6799: MALCOLM, G - Ale for Pale Poets a Family Miscellany in Verse
500038011: MILNE, MALCOLM & MARK HELLER - Teach Yourself Skiing
9703: MALCOM, J - In the Freud Archives.
24855: MALCOM, L W G - Sulla Posizione Evolutiva Di Alcuni Crani Preistorici Dell'Inghilterra
500031407: FREDE MALCOM - Fred Malcolm and His Friends Chatterbox Library
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500032540: CARL MALEMBERG - Dresdina. A Stately Measure... For the Piano. Sheet Music
500028941: ORIEL MALET - Jam Today
500025542: MALIK, KAMAL A - Flora of Pakistan No. 161 Basellaceae
500025543: MALIK, KAMAL A - Flora of Pakistan No. 162 Simaroubaceae
500025544: MALIK, KAMAL A - Flora of Pakistan No. 163 Sapotaceae
500025562: MALIK, KAMAL A - Flora of Pakistan No. 153 Palmae
11876: MALIM, TONY: BIRCH, ANN : WADELEY, ALISON - Perspectives in Psychology
90021053: MALINOWSKI, BRONISLAW - A Scientific Theory of Culture and Other Essays
90021037: MALINOWSKI, BRONISLAW - "the Dynamics of Culture Change, an Inquiry Into Race Relations in Africa
5002848: MALINS, JOHN - Clinical Diabetes Mellitus
500024758: GAUTAM MALKANI - Londonstani Part One Limited Edition 200
500003313: MALKIN, FREDERICK - The History of Greece from the Earliest Times to Its Final Subjection to Rome
9710: MALKINSON, F D - The Year Book of Dermatology 1971.
2794: MALKUS, ALIDA - The Sea and Its Rivers
90026063: MALLANDAINE, C E - The Will and the Way
90002645: MALLARD, ANN. - A Traveller's Guide to Papua New Guinea
500039820: MALLARME, STEPHANE - Selected Poems
500022814: BERNARD TISSIER DE MALLERAIS - Marcel Lefebvre. Une Vie
5002456: MALLESON, MILES - Conflict
500033876: MILES MALLESON - Conflict Queen's Theatre Programme
500033878: MILES MALLESON - Conflict Queen's Theatre Programme
90022631: MALLESON, COLONEL G B - Life of Warren Hastings First Governor-General of India
5006058: MALLETT, W E - An Introduction to Old English Furniture
5006969: MALLETT, RICHARD - Doggerel's Dictionary
17673: O'MALLEY, C DONALD - Scientific Literature in Sixteenth Century & Seventeenth Century England
500006631: MALLINSON, GEOFF - Classic Short Stories
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5461: MALONEY, TERRY - The Story of Clocks
8207: MALORY, THOMAS [COMPILED BY] - La Mort D'Arthure. The History of King Arthur and of the Knights of the Round Table. Vol III
500017427: MALOUF, DAVID - Remembering Babylon
500019444: TABORI, PAUL ANDRE MALRAUX ET AL - Histoires de Chez Nous Tous
500038356: MALTBY, ANNE - Kersey Within Living Memory : An Oral History
9718: MALTHUS, T R - On the Principle of Population.
23469: MALTZ, MAXWELL - Creative Living for Today
90013450: MALZ, BETTY - My Glimpse of Eternity
90013451: MALZ, BETTY - Women in Tune
500024226: MAME ET FILS - Le Livre Du Chretien - Offices de L'Eglise Sacrements Et Prieres
6727: ACTION MAN - Action Man Annual 1979
90012656: HOLLAND ENTERPRISES/ACTION MAN - Action Man Colour and Jotter Book
500021881: A TICKET-OF-LEAVE MAN - Convict Life or Revelations Concerning Convicts and Convict Prisons
500008177: MANACORDA, GUIDO - Italienische Madonnen Des Quattrocento
17490: MANAGEMENT - Outline of Work Study Part 1 & 2
17491: MANAGEMENT - Glossary of Terms in Work Study
90015347: PLYMOUTH FRINGE COUNTRYSIDE MANAGEMENT - Bickleigh Vale Recreation Footpath & Cycleway
14: BRITISH INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT - Job Evaluation: A Guide for Managers
500040976: COLLIERY MANAGER - Coal: Facts About an Unknown Industry
19748: MIRROR MANAGERS - Daily Mirror Wednesday 5th May 1926
15059: MINE MANAGERS - Papers and Discussions 1942-5 Volume 2
500016997: NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF COLLIERY MANAGERS - Practice of Hydraulic Stowing in Indian Mines
AB9464: MANALEL, J C (ED) - Jeevadhara - the Problem of Man - Man's Place in the World January - Vol X No. 55 February 1980
500042918: MANATON, J - Hatherleigh History in Brief
90011749: MANBY, CHRIS - "Matchbreaker, the
90023592: MANCE, O - International Telecommunications
4214: MANCERON, CLAUDE - The Wind from America - the Men of Liberty Volume Two 1778-1781
22976: MANCO, TRISTAN - Street Logos
9193: MANCOFF, DEBRA N. - Monet's Garden in Art
5002474: MANDELKAU, JAMIE - Hometown Visions of the Blujean Outlaw Kid
26281: MANDELL, MARSHALL - Dr. Mandell's Lifetime Arthritis Relief System
500014060: MANDER, ROSALIE - Categories.
500000055: MANDLER, GEORGE, PAUL MUSSEN, NATHAN KOGAN, & MICHAEL A. WALLACH - New Directions in Psychology III [3]
16911: MANDROT, DE B - Memoires de Philippe de Commynes
9724: MANDUS, BROTHER - The Divine Awakening.
11248: MANGAN, KATHLEEN; MCCUBBIN, FREDERICK - "Daisy Chains, War, Then Jazz
AB7413: MANGNALL, R ADAPTED BY MRS JULIA LAWRENCE - Historical and Miscellaneous Questions
90017642: MANHIRE, B (ED) - N.Z. Listener Short Stories
15016: MANHOOD, H A - Three Nails
500017173: MANI, VETTAM - Puranic Encyclopaedia
AB9146: MANKOWITZ, W - Wedgewood
500003454: MANKOWITZ,, WOLF - Gioconda
500026162: HENRY MANLEY - Crewe Horse Repository 1910 Great July Sale of 450 High Class Horses
9733: MANN, F - Acupuncture. The Ancient Art of Chinese Healing.
27609: MANN, CATHERINE - Rumors
8235: K. MANN - Peasant Costume in Europe.
500027698: MANN, THOMAS - Tonio Kroger (Fischers Illustrierte Bucher]
9737: MANN, THOMAS - Early Sorrow.
27396: WILKINSON, COLIN; ELSAM, MANN AND COOPER - Looking Back: Liverpool and New Brighton
21368: MANN, BOB - The Ghosts of Totnes
21371: MANN, BOB - Buckfast and Buckfastleigh
500043064: MANN, A.CHESTER - Moody: Winner of Souls
14707: MANN, GUSTAV - Chemistry of the Proteids
7644: J MANN - Monumental Brasses.
90015999: MANN, H P - For His Name's Sake
90021273: MANN, ROBERT. J. DIRECTORS OF THE COMPANY - "the Atlantic Telegraph. A History of Preliminary Experimental Proceedings, and a Descriptive Account of the Present State and Prospects of the Undertaking. Published by Order of the Directors of the Company
500011377: MANN, ROBERT JAMES - "a Guide to the Knowledge of Life, Vegetable and Animal :
500020919: MANN, E L - The Battle of Lewes 1264
500022084: MANN, DIXON J - Physiology and Pathology of the Urine: With Methods for Its Examination
90021574: MANN, THOMAS - The Magic Mountain

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