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112392: KING, RONALD - The Quest for Paradise: A history of the world's gardens
647139: KING, CONSTANCE EILEEN - Dolls And Dolls' Houses
647015: KING, GRAHAM - Garden Of Zola: Emile Zola And His Novels For English Readers
616303: KING, CONSTANCE EILLEEN - The Encyclopedia of Toys
614097: KING, RONALD - The Quest for Paradise: A history of the world's gardens
698265: KING, GREG - The Last Empress: The Life and Times of Alexandra Feodorovna, Empress of Russia
606052: KING, CECIL H. - Strictly Personal: Some Memoirs
115345: KING, ANGELA - Soft Touches; stylish knitting & embroidery patterns with a roman tic look
579097: KING, FRANCIS X - Nostradamus: Prophecies fulfilled and predictions for the millennium and beyond.
567202: KING-SMITH, DICK - Babe & Other Pig Tales
575116: KING, TERI - Sun Signs and Horoscopes
116727: KING, STEPHEN - Firestarter
527150: KING, RONALD - The Quest for Paradise: A history of the world's gardens
515075: KING, FRANCUIS X. - The Encyclopedia of Mind, Magic and Mysteries.
500339: KING, REBECCA (ED) - AA Guide to Britain's Best Pubs
785284: KING, PALMER - Teach Yourself to Play the Piano
198862: KING, RICHARD - At the Close of the Day: a Causerie
682069: KING, CONSTANCE EILEEN - The Collector's History of Dolls
115431: KING, STEPEHN - Dreamcatcher
761044: KING, STEPHEN - Bag of Bones
708012: KING, CUCHLAINE M - Oceanography for Geographers
112929: KING, BRUCE (ED) - Literatures of the World in English
115926: KING, STEPHEN - Needful Things
688005: KING, D E S - Lyrika Libyka & Meteskammena: Verses from Africa
723124: KING, STEPHEN - Corazones en la Atlantida [Hearts in Atlantis]
723126: KING, COLIN - A Space on the Floor: a planned approach to teaching drama
682223: KING, STEPHEN - Dreamcatcher.
723123: KING, STEPHEN - La Tormenta del Siglo [Storm of the Century]
116298: KINGBAY, KEITH AND FICHTER, GEORGE - Contemporary Bicycle Racing
510077: KINGDON - WARD, F. - Berried Treasure - Shrubs for Autumn and Winter colour in your garden
115148: KINGSLAND, ROSEMARY - Savage Seas
691137: KINGSLEY, MARY, ABRIDGED AND EDITED BY ELSPETH HUXLEY - Travels In West Africa: The Classic Account Of One Woman's Epic And Eccentric Journey In The 1980's
616053: KINGSLEY, CHARLES - Westward Ho, or, the voyages and adventures of Sir Amyas Leigh, Knight, in the reign of Queen Elizabeth
558218: KINGSLEY, CHARLES - Westward Ho!
681055: KINGSLEY, CHARLES - The Heroes
116723: KINGSLEY, HENRY - Ravenshoe Volume 1
573052: KINGSNORTH, JOSS - Landscapes
554353: KINGSNORTH, PAUL - One No, Many Yeses: A journey to the heart of the Global Resistance Movement.
112006: KINGSTON, W H G - Norman Vallery - or How to Overcome Evil with Good
116522: KINGSTON, W.H.G. - Peter The Whaler - His early Life and Adventures in the Arctic Regions
198983: KINGSTON, W H G - Paddy Finn
117478: KINGSTON, W H C - Waihoura - the Maori Girl.
723058: KINGSTON, W H G - The Loss of the Royal George
568004: KINGZETT, C T - The Popular Chemical Dictionary: A Compendious Encyclopaedia
198817: KININMONTH, CHRISTOPHER, - The Traveller's Guide to Malta and Gozo
103012: KINROSS, JOHN. - Discovering Battlefields In Northern England & Scotland.
736001: KINSELLA, SOPHIE - Shopaholic & Baby
529039: KINSOLVING, WILLIAM - Mister Christian: The further adventures of Fletcher Christian, the legendary leader of the Bounty mutiny
518023: KINTON, RONALD AND VICTOR CESERANI - The Theory of Catering
683062: KINTON, RONALD AND VICTOR CESERANI - Questions on Theory of Catering
649058: KINZBRUNNER, K - Continuous Current Armatures: Their winding and construction: A handbook for students, designers and practical men.
635022: KIPLING, RUDYARD - A Choice Of Songs From The Verse Of Rudyard Kipling
626191: KIPLING, RUDYARD - Limits and Renewals
625097: KIPLING, RUDYARD - Many Inventions
608060: KIPLING, RUDYARD - Wee Willie Winkie: Under The Deodars : The Phantom Rickshaw: And Other Stories
578046: KIPLING, RUDYARD - Wee Willie Winkie and other stories
586090: KIPLING, RUDYARD - The Jungle Book
555356: KIPLING, RUDYARD - The Jungle Books
558030: KIPLING, RUDYARD - Life's Handicap
528027: KIPLING, RUDYARD - Humorous Tales
554194: KIPLING, RUDYARD - Many Inventions.
527211: KIPLING, RUDYARD - Puck of Pook's Hill
510141: KIPLING,RUDYARD - The Second Jungle Book
117364: KIPLING, RUDYARD - The Jungle Book and The Second Jungle Book
117193: KIPLING, RUDYARD - Land and Sea Tales - For Scouts and Guides
777212: KIPLING, RUDYARD, WITH AN INTRODUCTION AND NOTES BY R T JONES - Collected Poems of Rudyard Kipling
693048: KIPLING, RUDYARD - The Seven Seas
115562: KIPLING, RUDYARD - Just So Stories
787018: KIPLING, RUDYARD - The Jungle Book
787016: KIPLING, RUDYARD - The Jungle Book
777066: KIPLING, RUDYARD, EDITED BY ANDREW RUTHERFORS - Early Verse by Rudyard Kipling, 1879-1889: Unpublished, Uncollected, and Rarely Collected Poems
112864: KIPLING, RUDYARD - Humorous Tales
112878: KIPLING, RUDYARD - The Light That Failed
602135: KIPLING, RUDYARD - Many Inventions
787017: KIPLING, RUDYARD - The Jungle Book
760280: KIPLING, RUDYARD - The Seven Seas
704289: KIPLING, RUDYARD - Puck Of Pook's Hill
787019: KIPLING, RUDYARD - The Jungle Book
705155: KIRBY, ROGER S - The Prostate: A Guide To The Prostate, Prostate Disorders And Their Treatments.
703236: KIRBY, A CATRIONA - Specialist Dress Materials and Their Handling
784192: KIRBY, W EGMONT - Butterflies & Moths Of The United Kingdom
104124: KIRBY, ANGELA - Fast Cook - Good food for busy people
195728: KIRK, ROBERT W - First Aid for Pets
104160: KIRKEGAARD, PREBEN. - Public Libraries in Denmark
634081: KIRKMAN, F.B. - La Premiere Annee De Francais
546114: KIRKPATRICK, E M (ED) - Chambers Family Dictionary
647067: KIRKUP, JAMES - Sorrows, Passions And Alarms: An autobiography of childhood.
116078: KIRKUS, ARTHUR ERNEST WITH A FOREWORD BY SIR RALPH L. WEDGWOOD. - Railway statistics: their compilation and use
626069: KIRSTA, ALIX - The Book of Stress Survival : How to relax and live positively.
698479: KIRVAN, JOHN - Peace of Heart: Based on the Life and Teachings of Francis of Assisi : [30 Days With a Great Spiritual Teacher]
740020: KISHON, EPHRAIM - Arche Noah, Touristenklasse
766050: VAN DER KISTE, JOHN - Queen Victoria's Children
768106: VAN DER KISTE, JOHN - William John Wills: Pioneer of the Australian Outback
198778: KITAMURA, KAZUYUKI - The Flying Fir Tree
510067: KITSON, MICHAEL - J. M. W. Turner
510095: KITSON, MICHAEL - Great Artists Collection Volume 3 : Rembrandt
765266: KITSON, MICHAEL - Landmarks of the World's Art: The Age of Baroque
534019: KITTO, DICK - Planning The Organic Vegetable Garden. For Healthy crops throughout the year
696161: KLAMKIN, MARIAN - The Collector's Book of Boxes
101498: VON KLASS, GERT - Krupps the story of an industrial empire.
691048: KLEIN, SHELLEY - The Book Of Senior Moments
570044: KLEIN, SHELLEY - Bat, Ball and Boundary: A Cricketer's Companion
651068: KLEIN, SAN - All Colour Book of Art Deco
508127: KLEIN, DR. MICHEL - Animals My Teachers: The Autobiography of a Veterinary Surgeon
768042: KLEIN, H ARTHUR (ED) - Graphic Works of Peter Bruegel the Elder: Reproducing 64 engravings and a woodcut
742185: VON KLEIST, HEINRICH - Samtliche Erzahlungen
527017: KLIMKE, REINER - Basic Training of the Young Horse
656090: KLINGE, MATTI - 60 Years Independent Finland
732160: KLOHA, COLETTA - Katie Trout: Odd One Out: Grate Expectations [SIGNED COPY]
195742: KLOSZ, GYORGY - Budapest Anno: Picture Photographs in the Studio and Outside
602175: KLUCKS, ANNELIESE - The Romantic Rhine
623123: KNIGHT, IAN - Great Zulu Commanders
535021: KNIGHT, BRIGID - The Sword Between
523137: KNIGHT, FLORENCE M. - Keep Troth
505035: KNIGHT, CAROLINE - Essential Frank Lloyd Wright
711140: KNIGHT, CHRISTOPHER & ROBERT LOMAS - The Second Messiah: Templars, The Turin Shroud and the Great Secret of Freemasonry.
677046: KNIGHT, STEPHEN - The Brotherhood: The Secret World of the Freemasons
696213: KNIGHT, ARTHUR LEE - Aubrey Vernon: A Midshipman's Adventures
745039: KNIGHT, GREG - Honourable Insults: A Century of Political Invective
742038: KNIGHT, IAN - Great Zulu Commanders
769227: KNIGHT, WILLLIAM AND AUDREY - Agamemnon's Crown
766093: KNIGHT, IAN - Battleground South Africa: Isandlwana: Zulu War
751005: KNIGHT, OLWEN - Toy Box Tales: Stories from Shipton
112611: KNOWLDEN, GEORGE &C - Kingston-upon Thames. A Survey Of The Royal Borough and its amenities.
634071: PHILLIPS KNOWLE - Oil Paintings, Watercolours and Prints, Fine Furniture, Oriental and European Works Of Art
634070: PHILLIPS KNOWLE - Oil Paintings, Watercolours and Prints
633021: BONHAMS KNOWLE - Pictures, including Works by Snaffles, Furniture and Works of Art: Sale 16285
633020: BONHAMS KNOWLE - Ceramics, Glass, Oriental Wares & Decorative Arts, including Arts & Crafts Jewellery: Sale 12000
198226: KNOWLES, ELIZABETH - Oxford Dictionary of Quotations :
683013: KNOWLES, MALCOLM - Projects in Biology
B6001426: KNOWLES, J B - Direct Digital Control Systems
760222: KNOWLES, ELIZABETH (ED) - Oxford Dictionary of Quotations [SEVENTH EDITION]
112307: KNOX, E V - Slight Irritations
569004: KNOX--JOHNSTON, ROBIN - Sailing
738057: KNOX-MAWR, JUNE - Sandstorm [SIGNED and inscribed COPY]
116620: KNOX, COLLIE - It Might Have Been You
115985: KNOX-JOHNSTON, ROBIN - The Columbus Venture
750028: KOBAL, JOHN - Gotta Sing Gotta Dance: A Pictorial History of Film Musicals
784119: KOBBE, GUSTAV - The Complete Opera Book
509035: KOCH, H W - Medieval Warfare
198718: KODAK - How to Take Good Pictures
116018: KODAK - Learning from the Experts
195846: KODAK - Take Better Pictures : A Practical Guide to Creative Photography
500458: KOEBNER, THOMAS (ED) - Tendenzen der Deutscher Literatur seit 1945 [Trends in German Literature since 1945 ]
500457: KOEBNER, THOMAS (ED) - Tendenzen der Deutscher Literatur seit 1945 [Trends in German Literature since 1945 ]
115755: KOEN, KARLEEN - Through a Glass Darkly
704283: KOENIGSBERGER, H.G. - A History Of Europe: Medieval Europe 400-1500
764030: KOETZLE, HANS-MICHAEL - Photo Icons: The Story Behind the Pictures 1827 - 1991
B600015: KOFFMAN, ELLIOT P - Turbo Pascal: 5th edition update
732210: KOHLER, SHELA - Miracles in America
104046: KOHNO, SADAKO - Home Style Japanese Cooking in Pictures
616618: KOLLAR, RENE - Return of the Benedictines to London: a History of Ealing Abbey from 1896 to Independence
520069: KOLLEK, TEDDY AND MOSHE PEARLMAN - Jerusalem - Sacred City Of Mankind. A history of forty centuries
555074: KOLLER, LARRY - The Treasury of Angling
568123: KOLOSIMO, PETER - Timeless Earth
680127: KOLSTOE, JOHN E - Consultation: A Universal Lamp Of Guidance
698456: KONIG, DR R, AND DR M KRAFFT - Göschens Lehrbücherei, Band 2 : Elliptische Funktionen
782051: KONIG, MARK - Ferrari: The Legend
115032: KONIGSBERGER, HANS - The World of Vermeer
564031: KONING, HANS AND THE EDITORS OF TIME-LIFE BOOKS - The Great Cities: Amsterdam
688209: KONODY, PAUL G - Masterpieces in Colour: Chardin
702132: KONSOLA, DORA - CRETE. Knossos - Phaistos - Aghia Triada - Gortyn - Malia - Zakros - Gournia and the Herakleion Museum, Aghios Nikolaos Museum and Chania Museum
116083: VAN KONYNENBURG, J AND W N LAWFIELD - The Encyclopaedia of Garden Pests and Diseases
585245: KOONTZ, DEAN R. - Midnight
533271: KOONTZ, DEAN R - Dark Rivers of the Heart
533272: KOONTZ, DEAN R - One Door Away from Heaven
532028: KOONTZ, DEAN - Mr Murder
777033: KOPLOW, DAVID - Smallpox - the Fight to Eradicate a Global Scourge
500374: KOPLOWITZ - Geschichten aus dem Olpapier
118009: KORDA, MICHAEL - The Fortune
564040: KORMOS, ISTVAN - The Painted Kitten
704108: KOSCH, ALOIS - The Young Specialist Looks at Wild Flowers
784176: KOSINSKI, DOROTHY, JOACHIM PISSARRO, AND MARYANNE STEVENS - From Manet to Gauguin: Masterpieces from Swiss Private Collections
585040: KOSKI, JOHN AND MITCHELL SYMONS - You Magazine Book of Journalists 1990
527134: KOTAS, RICHARD - Accounting in the Hotel and Catering Industry
704416: KOTECHA, HARSHAD - Windows XP in Easy Steps
B6003229: KOTLER, PHILIP - Marketing Management: Analysis, Planning, Implementation, and Control
117388: KOTTER, JOHN P. - The New Rules- How To Succeed in Today's Post Corporate World
106105: KOVACA, EVA AND ZSUSA LOVAG - Les Insignes Royaux De Hongrie
656078: KOVEL, RALPH AND TERRY - The Kovel's Illustrated Price Guide To Depression Glass and American Dinnerware
732135: KOYS, PAVEL AND KAROL KALLAY - Piesen o Slovensku [Song of Slovakia]
736025: KOZAK, B, POCHE, E, AND Z WIRTH - Hradkany a Mala Strana {Prague Castle]
199588: KRAILSHEIMER, A.J. ED. - The Continental Renaissance 1500-1600.
682231: KRAVCHENKO, CHRISSIE - Collectors' Lot: A Nation of Collectors
117055: KRAVITZ, PETER (ED) - The Picador Book of Contemporary Scottish Fiction
533020: KRELL, DOROTHY (ED) - The Beautiful Northwest.
106115: KREMAN, PROFESSOR DR R - The Application of Physico-Chemical Theory to technical processes and manufacturing methods
587003: KRENS, THOMAS, ET AL. - Giorgio Armani
574003: KRENS, THOMAS - Masterpieces from the Guggenheim
765141: KRISTOL, IRVING, MARTIN DIAMOND, AND G WARREN NUTTER - The American Revolution: Three Views
766007: KROLL, JEFFREY. WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY MAGGIE COREN - Jeffrey Kroll: New Works: a major exhibition of paintings and graphics
618017: KRONENBERGER, LOUIS - The Extraordinary Mr Wilkes: His life and times.
117530: KRUGLOVA, O - Traditional Russian Carved and Painted Woodwork from the collection of the State Museum of History and Art in the Zagorsk Reservation.
572150: KUBELIK, RAFAEL, MARGRIT WEBER AND RUDOLF KOECKERT - An Evening with the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra
738153: KUBLER-ROSS, ELISABETH - On Life After Death
112056: KUMAR, ARVAN - The Heartstone Odyssey: Chandra's story
116749: KUNOH, HIROSHI AND EIJI TAKAOKI - 3-D Planet - The World as Seen Through Sterograms
112841: VON KUNSBERG, EBERHARD - Der Sachsenspiegel
524324: KUNST, STADT DER - Salzburg: Stadt Der Kunst.
740018: KUNZE, HORST - Meine Schonsten Tiergeschichten [SIGNED and inscribed COPY]
548041: KUNZRU, HARI - The Impressionist
612068: KURTH, PETER - Anastasia: The Life of Anna Anderson
572158: KURTZ, SHEILA AND MARILYN LESTER - Graphotypes: a new slant on handwriting analysis
116280: KUTCHER, ARTHUR: - Looking at London : Illustrated walks through a changing city.
510072: KYLE, FRANK F.N.C.S. - Chrysanthemums - A complete guide to their culture
641047: KYNASTON, DAVID - W.G's Birthday Party
527165: VAN DE LAAR, HARRY - The Heather Garden: Design: Management: Propagation: Cultivars.
609102: LABAN, BRIAN (ED) WITH FOREWORD BY LORD MONTAGU OF BEAULIEU - International Classic Car Year 1996-1997
507033: LABAN, BRIAN - Chrome: Glamour Cars of the Fifties
691028: LABAND, JOHN - The Rise and Fall of the Zulu Nation
101471: LABANDE, Y & E R - Rome.
645040: LACEY, WILLIAM J - Who Was Guilty?
110061: LACEY, ROBERT - Sir Walter Ralegh
580050: LACEY, ROBERT - Aristocrats (SIGNED COPY.)
567137: LACEY, ROBERT - Aristocrats
541121: LACEY, ROBERT AND DANNY DANZIGER - The Year 1000: What life was like at the turn of the first millennium
112117: LACEY, ROBERT - Aristocrats
118479: LACEY, ROBERT - Aristocrats
777008: DE LACLOS, CHODERLOS, TRANSLATED BY RICHARD ALDINGTON - Dangerous Acquaintances [Les Liaisons Dangereuses]
546027: LACLOTTE, MICHEL, AND JEAN-PIERRE CUZIN - The Louvre: European Paintings
195740: LACLOTTE, MICHEL - The Book of Art Volume 5 : French Art from 1850 to 1950
664069: LACOCK - Fox Talbot Museum Lacock: An Illustrated Guide
626204: LACTOT, DR GUYLAINE - How to Have Great Legs at Any Age
117451: LACY, NORRIS J. - The Arthurian Encyclopedia
762113: LACY, HENRY H - Lacy's Shilling Tourist Guide to Warwick and Neighbourhood
533027: LADBURY, ANN - The Dressmakers Dictionary
527304: LADBURY, ANN - Improve Your Dressmaking
722046: LADBURY, ANNE - Sewing
116227: LADD, JAMES D. - SAS Operations
768132: MOUNT VERNON LADIES' ASSOCIATION - Mount Vernon Virginia: An Illustrated Handbook
548052: LADYMAN, PHYLLIS - Grasshopper, Dragonfly and Daddy-long-legs
548054: LADYMAN, PHYLLIS - Ladybird, Butterfly and Earwig
508084: LAFFERTY, PAUL AND JULIAN ROWE - The Hutchinson Dictionary of Science
518028: LAHAYE, TIM, AND JERRY B JENKINS - The Mark: The Beast rules the world.
680081: LAHAYE, TIM, AND JERRY B JENKINS - Soul Harvest: The World Takes Sides
680087: LAHAYE, TIN, AND JERRY B JENKINS - Apollyon: The Destroyer is Unleashed
662259: LAIDLER, KEITH - The Head Of God: The Lost Treasure Of The Templars
698618: LAIDLER, KEITH - The Last Empress. The She-Dragon of China.
B6003350: LAIDMAN, PAM - Accident Prevention in Daycare and Play Settings: A Practical Guide
526031: LAINE, ELLIE - A Hard Man Is Good To Find
626146: LAING, E E - Greta Garbo: The story of a specialist.
527033: LAING, STUART (ED) - D I Y Compendium.
700377: LAING, LLOYD AND JENNIFER - Britain Before the Conquest: The Origins of Britain
116129: LAING, ALLAN M (ED) - Prayers and Graces; a little book of extraordinary piety
652060: LAING, STUART (ED) - The Complete Home Carpenter
567161: LAIRD, DOROTHY - How the Queen Reigns: An authentic study of the Queens personality and life work
115610: LAIRD, DOROTHY - How the Queen Reigns - an authentic study of the queen's personality and life work
110047: LAKE, DERYN [DINAH LAMPITS] - The Governor's Ladies (SIGNED COPY.)
558134: LAKE, KIRK - Never Hit the Ground
115760: LAKE, CAROL. - Rosehill: Portraits from a Midlands City.
742154: LAKE, CARLTON, AND ROBERT MAILLARD - A Dictionary of Modern Painting
632021: LAKER, JIM - One-Day Cricket
766005: LALL, JOHN, AND D N DUBE - Taj Mahal and the Glory of Mughal Agra
500083: DE LALLEMAND DE DRIESEN, CLAUDE - Le Talon d'Hermes, ou Rien n'est Jamais Joue: Genese d'une ecriture (1950-1980)
656105: LAMB, CHARLES AND MARY, AND WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE - The Kings Treasures Of Literature: Lamb and Shakespeare: Selected tales and extracts from the plays
626203: LAMB, DR LAWRENCE E - Your Heart and How to Live with it
625005: LAMB, LYNTON - Drawing for Illustration
606019: LAMB, CHARLES AND MARY - Tales from Shakspeare [Tales from Shakespeare]
569108: LAMB, RICHARD - Montgomery in Europe 1943-1945: Success or failure
725082: LAMB, CHARLES, ET AL, WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY GEORGE GORDON - Charles Lamb; Prose and Poetry , with essays by Hazlitt and De Quincey
738118: LAMB, CHARLES - The Essays of Elia
765367: LAMB, CHARLES - Essays of Elia: and The Last Essays of Elia
503040: LAMBERT, DEREK - Spanish Lessons - Beginning A New Life In Spain
682245: LAMBERT, DEREK - Trance
115401: LAMBERT, MARJIE - Marjie Lambert's New Bread Machine Book - Delicious and nourishing bread recipes to home-bake, at the touch of a switch.
705243: LAMBERT, SAM (ED) - London; Night and Day; a guide to where the other books don’t take you
728019: LAMBERT, ANTHONY J - West Midlands Branch Line Album
103130: LAMBOTTE, PAUL (TEXT) - Exposition Memling - organisée par la ville de Bruges au musée communal du 22 juin au 1 octobre 1939
653151: LAMBOURN, E A G, AND G B HARRISON - Shakespeare: The Man And His Stage
616362: LAMBOURNE, LIONEL - Ernest Griset: Fantasies of a Victorian Illustrator.
117262: LAMBOURNE, MAUREEN - The Art of Bird Illustration
115143: LAMFORD, PAUL - Improve your Game - 50 Bridge Puzzles.
115111: LAMING, TIM - RAF Fighter Pilot
116329: LAMING, TIM - Hercules - the C130 in Service
115957: LAMMER, JUTTA - Christmas Cross Stitch
589099: LAMPLUGH, ANNE - My Flower Decoration Notebook: the weekly diary of an ordinary woman's lower arrangements.
703081: LANCASTER, JOAN C - St Mary's Hall Coventry: A Guide to the Building its History and Contents
101661: LANCASTER, JOHN - Lettering Techniques
647089: LANCASTER, ROY - Roy Lancaster Travels In China: A Plantsman's Paradise
639240: LANCASTER, SHEILA - Dark Sweet Wanton
502035: LANCASTER, GEOFF AND LESTER MASSINGHAM - Essentials Of Marketing
703133: LANCASTER, JOAN CADOGAN - Official Guide to St Mary's Hall [Coventry]
713149: LANCASTER, OSBERT - More Pocket Cartoons
713036: LANCASTER, CHARLES - The Field Library: The Art of Shooting
705122: LANCASTER, JOAN CADOGAN - Official Guide to St Mary's Hall
788030: LANCASTER, J F - The metallurgy of welding, brazing and soldering (Institution of Metallurgists. Modern metallurgical texts; no.3)
742173: LANCASTER, SHEILA - Dark Sweet Wanton
B600663: LANCASTER, JOHN - ECDL. Basic Concepts Of Information Technology : Module 1
668074: LANCUM, F. HOWARD - Wild Birds and the Land: Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries Bulletin No. 140
745019: LANDAY, JERRY - Dome of the Rock
114028: LANDAY, JERRY M - The House of David
736032: LANDELLS, JOHN W - Essential Principles of Pathology
763059: LANDELS, W K - Pine Castle, or ""The Entrance of Thy Words Giveth Light""
117360: LANDER, CHERRY - My Kenya Acres - a Woman farms in Mau-Mau country.
500092: LANDIS, PAUL H - Social Policies in the making: a dynamic view of social problems.
605117: LANDON, H C ROBBINS - Mozart : The Golden Years 1781-1791
556093: LANDON, H C ROBBINS - Mozart : The Golden Years 1781-1791
555022: LANDON-GOODMAN, L. - Man and Automation
571039: LANDOR, EDWARD WILSON - The Bushman: Life in a New Country
613139: LANDROVER - The Joys of Refined Motoring: The New 1993 Range Rover
198501: LANDSTROM, BJORN - Columbus
607038: LANE, JANE - Fortress in the Forth
562285: LANE, MARK - Plausible Denial: Was the CIA involved in the assassination of JFK.
554338: LANE, GARY - Winning With The Scotch
548254: LANE, JANE - Gin and Bitters
533014: LANE, FRANK W - The Elements Rage: The extremes of natural violence
529117: LANE, MARGARET - A Smell of Burning
515086: LANE, MAGGIE - Jane Austen's world: The life and times of England's most popular author.
683068: LANE, SHEILA AND MARION KEMP - Back to Basics English for 10-11 year olds: Book 2
115698: LANE, CARLA. & CORLETT, WILLIAM - Mrs Boswell's Slice Of Bread.
116244: LANE, EDWARD V - South America
753142: LANE, MARGARET - Samuel Johnson and his World
110030: LANE, MAGGIE - The Shakespeare Quiz and Puzzle Book
B600396: LANELY, J C - Site Practice Series : Site Safety
582164: LANG, ANDREW - Oxford: Brief historical and descriptive notes
582121: LANG, LLOYD AND JENNIFER - All About Archaeology
115055: LANG, WALT - United States Military Almanac - A chronological compendium of over 200 years of American history.
115658: LANG, THEO - The Word and the Sword
110071: LANG, ANDREW (INTRO) - An English Garner: Social England Illustrated: A collection of XVIIth Century Tracts.
626372: LANGBRIDGE, R H - Life In The 1870's
194117: LANGDON-DAVIES, JOHN - Jackdaw no: 11: The Crimean war: A collection of contemporary documents
755064: LANGDON-DAVIES, PETER - Daily Express Legal Guides no.2: Your Vote: A simple explanation of Election Law
644071: LANGE, M E - Modern Tooling Methods For Turret Lathes
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752006: LASH, JOSEPH P, - Eleanor and Franklin. The story of their relationship, based on Eleanor Roosevelt's private papers
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703118: LAVER, JAMES - Victoriana
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527311: LAWLEY, SUE - Sue Lawley's Desert Island Discussions
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586139: LAWRENCE, D H - Sons and Lovers: St Mawr; The Fox; The White Peacock; Love Among the Haystacks; The Virgin and the Gypsy; Lady Chattterley's Lover. 7 unabridged novels in one.
588025: LAWRENCE, D H - Sons and Lovers: St Mawr: The Fox: The White Peacock: Love Among the Haystacks: The Virgin and the Gypsy: Lady Chatterley's Lover. 7 complete and unabridged novels in one volume.
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631165: LAWTON, TINA - Level 1 Certificate For IT Users: E-Mail
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115662: LAWTON, A T - A Window in the Sky: Astronomy from Beyond the Earth's Atmosphere
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786017: LAZARUS, CAROLE, AND JENNIFER BERMAN - Glorafilia : The Venice Collection: 25 Original Projects in Needlepoint and Embroidery
786018: LAZARUS, CAROLE, AND JENNIFER BERMAN - Glorafilia: The Impressionist Collection: Over 20 needlepoint projects inspired by famous paintings
732137: LAZISTAN, EUGEN (COMPILER) - Bratislava
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747011: LEAMING, BARBARA - Orson Welles: a Biography
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779053: LEAPMAN, MICHAEL ET AL - Eyewitness Travel Guides: Great Britain
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761071: LEAR, EDWARD - The Pelican Chorus & Other Nonsense Verse.
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664026: LEARY, REV. WILLIAM - Wesley Guild: The first hundred years
691223: LEARY, REV. WILLIAM - Wesley Guild: The first hundred years
662710: LEASOR, JAMES - Mandarin-Gold
715148: LEASOR, JAMES - Mandarin-Gold
784123: LEATHER, PETER - Buildings of Birmingham: An Illustrated Architectural History [SIGNED COPY]
784114: LEATHER, PETER - A Brief History of Birmingham [SIGNED COPY]
751064: LEATHERBARROW, J. S. - Worcestershire
715037: LEAVIS, F R - How to Teach Reading: A Primer for Ezra Pound.
506096: LEAVIS F. R. - D. H. Lawrence Novelist
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705199: LEBEURIER, PERE P F - Life of Mère Saint-Joseph Chanay: Foundress of the congregation of the Sisters of St. Joseph at Belley, Gap and Bordeaux, 1795-1853
531052: LECKIE, ROSS - Scipio
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777086: LEDDICK, DAVID - The Male Nude
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622035: LEDERMANN, WALTER - Introduction to the theory of finite groups (University mathematical texts)
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745022: LEE, RUTH - Exploring the World of Pottery
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688331: PHILLIPS LEEDS - Annual Sale of Yorkshire Pictures and sporting pictures
688330: PHILLIPS LEEDS - Annual Sale of Yorkshire Pictures and sporting pictures
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631030: LEFEBURE, AMAURY - Degas
580090: LEFEBURE, MOLLY - Thomas Hardy's World: the life, times and works of the great novelist and poet.
554161: LEGAT, MICHAEL - An Author's Guide to Publishing
104314: LEGAT, MICHEAL - An Authors Guide to Publishing
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581055: LEGG, A K, SPENCER DRAYTON AND R M JEX - Fiat Bravo & Brava 1995 - 2000 (N to W Registration) 4 cylinder Petrol.
561097: LEGG, A K - VW Golf & Jetta Service and repair manual
524330: LEGG, GERALD - The X ray Picture Book Of Amazing Animals
777144: LEGG, RODNEY - Romans in Britain
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116095: LEGGATT, JENNY - Cooking with Flowers - Bring your garden into the kitchen with over 150 delicious recipes.
116486: LEGGETT, H.W - Bertrand Russell, O.M. A Pictorial Biography.
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635051: LEHMANN, JOHN (ED) - Pleasures of New Writing : An Anthology of Poems, Stories and Other Prose Pieces from the Pages of ""New Writing""
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569016: LEIGH, DAVID - The Wilson Plot: The Intelligence Services and the discrediting of a Prime Minister
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740073: LEIGHTON, HAROLD - Haircutting for Everyone
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623003: LEISTNER, G M E, AND W I BREYTENBACH - The Black Worker of South Africa
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777049: LEITH-ROSS, PRUDENCE - The John Tradescants: Gardeners to the Rose and Lily Queen [SECOND REVISED EDITION]
765008: LEITH, PRUE - Relish: My Life on a Plate [SIGNED COPY]
777215: LEKACHMAN, ROBERT, AND BORIN VAN LOON - Capitalism for Beginners
545142: LEMAN, MARTIN - Twelve Cats for Christmas
545135: LEMAN, MARTIN - Cat Snaps
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785123: LEMAN, MARTIN - Martin Leman's Painted Cats
740085: LEMAN'S, MARTIN - Comic and Curious Cats
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116060: LEMESURIER, PETER - The Nostradamus Encyclopedia; The Definitive Reference Guide to the Work and World of Nostradamus
626147: LEMING, DAVE - The Complete Guide To Growing Marijuana
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647036: LEMMER, ERNST (EDITOR) - Berlin: At The Crossroads Of Europe At The Crossroads Of The World
647073: LEMMON, DAVID, WITH A PERSONAL VIEW BY PETER MAY. - The History Of Surrey County Cricket Club
632170: LEMMON, DAVID - The Cricketing Greigs
632155: LEMMON, DAVID - The Crisis Of Captaincy: Servant And Master In English Cricket
631120: LEMMON, DAVID - Cricket Heroes: Essays By Members Of The Cricket Writers Club
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774013: LEMMON, DAVID (ED) - The Wisden Book of Cricket Quotations [REVISED AND ENLARGED EDITON]
775017: LEMPRIERE, J - A Classical Dictionary, containing a copious account of all the proper names mentioned in ancient authors, with the value of coins, weights, and measures, used among the Greeks and Romans, and a chronological table. [TWENTIETH EDITION, CORRECTED]
198719: DOUST.LEN A - A Manual on Lettering and Lay-Out, including Illumination and Book Decoration [Warne's Art Books series]
101523: LENIHAN, JOHN - Crumbs Of Creation - Trace elements in history, medicine, industry, crime and folklore.
669155: LENIN, V I - Imperialism, the Highest Stage of Capitalism: A popular outline
683078: LENIN, V. I - To the Population ""Democracy"" and Dictatorship. What is Soviet Power?
683079: LENIN, V. I - Economics and Politics in the Era of the Dictatorship of the Proletariat
558017: LENNON, J. ROBERT - The Funnies
546049: LENNOX - BOYD, ARABELLA - Traditional English Gardens
115273: LENTON, H. T. AND COLLEDGE, J. J. - Warships of World War II - Part 3 Sloops and Frigates,
723099: LEO, ALAN - Astrology for All series - Volume IV: The Progressed Horoscope
723100: LEO, ALAN - How To Judge A Nativity [TWO VOLUMES]
115176: LEOKUM, ARKADY - Tell Me Why - answers to hundreds of questions boys & girls ask
115044: LEONARD, JONATHAN NORTON - The World of Gainsborough
730037: LEONARD, ELIZABETH - Painting Flowers
194029: LEPA, ELZBIETA - The Fragile Male: A Passion of Mine
555115: LEPPER, J. HERON - German-English, English-German Compact Dictionary
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569192: LEROUX, GASTON - The Phantom of the Opera
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575164: LESBERG, SANDY (EDITOR) - Renaissance
510090: LESBERG,SANDY (EDITOR) - Renaissance
115076: LESCROART, JOHN. - Guilt
661009: LESIEG, THEO - Ten Apples Up On Top!
627040: LESLEY, COLE - The Life of Noel Coward
616332: LESLEY, COLE - The Life of Noel Coward.
585048: LESLIE, DORIS - A Toast to Lady Mary
569041: LESLIE, ANITA - Francis Chichester
547007: LESLIE, DORIS - The Perfect Wife
198557: LESLIE, DORIS - Paragon Street
115627: LESLIE, R F - Historical Association Pamphlet G57 - The Polish Question
116106: LESLIE, DORIS - The Peverills
611057: LESSING, PIETER - The African Kaleidoscope
742186: LESSING, GOTTHOLD EPHRAIM - Miss Sara Sampson
567187: LESTER, COLIN (EDITOR) - The International Science Fiction Yearbook 1979
511019: LESTER, VALERIE BROWNE - Phiz: The Man who Drew Dickens
115800: LETTE, KATHY - Nip 'n' Tuck
507012: LEUCHTAG, ERIKA - With a King in the Clouds
614081: LEUCHTENBERG, WILLIAM E - American Places : Encounters with History : America's Leading Historians Talk about the Sites Where the Past Comes Alive for Them
117276: LEVENSON, CLAUD B - The Dalai Lama - A Biography
115567: LEVENTHAL, ALBERT R - War: The Camera's Battlefield View of Man's Most Terrible Adventure, From the First Photographer in the Crimea To Vietnam
728013: LEVER, CHARLES - The Dodd Family Abroad
768009: LEVERING, MIRIAM - Zen: Images, texts and teachings
626368: LEVEY, MICHAEL - Rococo to Revolution : Major Trends In Eighteenth Century Painting
705054: LEVEY, SANTINA - Discovering Embroidery of the Nineteenth Century
729158: LEVEY,SIR MICHAEL - The National Gallery Collection
729013: LEVI, PETER - Atlas of the Greek World
110066: LEVI, PETER - The Life and Times of William Shakespeare
578047: LEVIN, BERNARD - A Walk Up Fifth Avenue
785202: LEVIN, BERNARD - In These Times
529119: LEVIN, BERNARD - Taking Sides
527091: LEVIN, BERNARD - The Way We Live Now
785183: LEVIN, BERNARD - The Way We Live Now
769096: LEVIN, BERNARD - To the End of the Rhine
769098: LEVIN, BERNARD - A Walk Up Fifth Avenue
785201: LEVIN, BERNARD - The Pendulum Years: Britain and The Sixties
769097: LEVIN, BERNARD - Hannibal's Footsteps
112517: LEVIN, JO - GQ Cool
116706: LEVIN, BERNARD - The Pendulum Years - Britain and the 60's
785188: LEVIN, BERNARD - Enthusiasms
785185: LEVIN, BERNARD - Speaking Up
785184: LEVIN, BERNARD - Taking Sides
652006: LEVINE, GEMMA, WITH A PREFACE BY DAVID MITCHINSON. - With Henry Moore The Artist at Work
688365: LEVINSON, HARRY - The Exceptional Executive: A Psychological Conception
668129: LEVITAS, MAURICE - Marxist Perspectives In The Sociology Of Education
760036: LEVRON, JACQUES - Chateaux of the Loire
670002: LEVY, ADRIAN, AND CATHY SCOTT-CLARK - The Stone of Heaven: The secret history of Imperial green Jade.
561075: LEVY, DAVID H. - Skywatching
548151: LEVY, SHAWN - Rat Pack Confidential
540011: LEVY, MERVYN, WITH A FOREWORD BY MARY ADAMS - Painter's Progress
765105: LEVY, SHAWN - Ready, Steady, Go! Swinging London and the Invention of Cool
769114: LEVY, PERCY R (ED) - Art with 600 : a light 'arted compendium for Collectors
777218: LEVY, DAVID H - Comets: Creators and Destroyers
784071: LEWIN, ROGAR - Bones of Contention: Controversies in the Search for Human Origins
741064: LEWIN, ROGER - Darwin's Forgotten World
753164: LEWIS, PROFESSOR W A, ET AL. - The New Educational Library: Economics: Man and His Material Resources
671094: TAMASIN DAY-LEWIS (E.D) - Last Letters Home
659033: LEWIS, DAVID - You Can Teach Your Child Intelligence
647027: LEWIS, BRIAN, PETER BRIDGEWATER AND BRETT BRECKON - Design: Graphics, Illustration, Airbrushing
628073: LEWIS, ROGER - The Real Life Of Laurence Oliver
626270: LEWIS, JOHN - The 20th Century Book - its Illustration and Design
618033: LEWIS, SINCLAIR - The Man From Main Street
578062: LEWIS, ROGER - The Real Life of Laurence Olivier
589010: SPENCE. LEWIS - The Problem of Atlantis
575141: LEWIS, MEL - Collecting for Fun and Profit
190530: LEWIS, COURTNEY - George Baxter His Life And Work - a Manual for Collectors. [BAXTER FAMILY COPY]
785158: LEWIS, OSWALD (ED) , WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY A P HERBERT - After Dinner : Being a Collection of Quotations and Stories Suitable for After-Dinner Speeches
743006: LEWIS, CECIL DAY - Word Over All
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533165: LEWIS, DAVID - You Can Teach Your Child Intelligence
527210: LEWIS, SINCLAIR - Cass Timberlane: A Novel of Husbands and Wives
523058: LEWIS, RALPH - Whispers of Witchcraft (SIGNED COPY)
198626: LEWIS, MEL - How To Make Money from Antiques
117153: LEWIS, MICHAEL - Ancestors - a personal exploration into the past
682203: LEWIS, I M - Ecstatic Religion
115302: LEWIS, JON E (ED AND INTRO) - True World War I Stories
115159: LEWIS, BRENDA RALPH - Growing up in Inca Times
504038: LEWIS, SINCLAIR - Our Mr Wrenn: the romantic adventures of a gentleman.
115664: LEWIS, CHARLES - The Cain Factor
777101: LEWIS, JAC, AND MIRIAM STRIETZHEFF - Costume: The Performing Partner
736115: LEWIS, W H - The Sunset of the Splendid Century. The life and times of Louis Auguste De Bourbon Duc Du Maine 1670-1736.
116110: LEWIS, MARTYN - Cats in the News
777271: LEWIS, JOHN E - The Handbook of the S A S
104033: LEWIS, CHRISTOPHER - Antiques Roadshow. Experts on Objects
645039: LEWIS, SIR GEORGE CORNEWALL, BART, EDITED BY THE REV. SIR GILBERT FRANKLAND LEWIS - Letters of the Right Hon. Sir George Cornewall Lewis, Bart. to various friends.
704282: LEWIS, ALBERT L. - Automobiles Of The World
768110: LEWIS, NORMAN - A Goddess in the Stones: Travels in India
788009: LEWIS, TIM - Coventry Voices
785343: LEWITH, DR GEORGE, ET AL - The Essential Guide to Optimum Health
664108: LEWITH, DR GEORGE T, HORN, SANDRA - Drug-Free Pain Relief: Using acupressure and other alternatives to relieve pain
780120: LEYEL, MRS C F - The Complete Jam Cupboard
616494: LEYMARIE, JEAN, TRANSLATED FROM THE FRENCH BY JAMES EMMONS - The Spirit of the Letter in Painting.
504167: LEYTON, ELLIOTT - Hunting Humans - Inside the minds of the real-life Hannibal Lecters
645075: DMC LIBRARY - Motifs For Embroideries: 7th Series
607045: LICHFIELD, PATRICK, AND CRAIG DODD - The Most Beautiful Women
523197: LICHINE, ALEXIS - Guide to Wines and Vineyards of France
752049: LIDDELL-HART, SIR BASIL - History Of The Second World War
564061: LIDDLE, PETER H. - Voices of War: Front Line and Home Front
751057: LIDDLE, PETER H. - Voices of War: Front Line and Home Front 1914-1918
651025: LIDDON, H P - Practical Reflections On Every Verse Of The Psalter Or Psalms Of David
527048: LIDELL, LUCINDA ET AL - The Book of Massage: The complete step-by-step guide to Eastern and Western techniques
738160: LIDGEY, CHARLES A - Wagner
784073: LIEBNER, JANOS - Mozart on the Stage
675065: LIEDERMAN, EARLE E - The Gateway to Health
647061: LIFAR, SERGE - Diaghilev
508076: THE SPORTING LIFE - Your Horse: a Veterinary Book
533303: LIGHT, H. R. - The Legal Aspects of Business
774004: LILLEE, DENNIS - Menace: The Autobiography
116508: PALMER.LILLI - Face Value
607057: DE LILLIAC, RENÉ GRANIER (FOREWORD) - Provinces de France
527153: TOO. LILLIAN - The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Feng Shui: The complete guide to the art and practice of Feng Shui.
568132: LILLIE, LUCY C - The Story of Music and Musicians
616254: LILLINGTON, KENNETH - For Better, For Worse - an anthology of courtship and marriage
117225: LIM, YOLAND - Yoland Lim's Recipes for Health and Longevity
738055: DE LIMA, CLARA ROSA - Not Bad, Just a Little Mad [SIGNED and inscribed COPY]
562193: LIMEBAUGH, PETER - The London Hanged: Crime and Civil Society in the eighteenth century
666131: BEARING SERVICE LIMITED - Equivalents and Useful Data
697046: DAWNAYS LIMITED - Structural Steel Handbook.
101657: LINCOLN, ABRAHAM ET AL. - Lincoln, His Words And His World
645062: LINCOLN, WILLIAM A - The Veneer Craftsman's Manual
573094: LINCOLN, FRANCES - Visions of Christmas, with Renaissance Triptychs.
718066: LINCOLN, HENRY - The Holy Place: The Mystery of Rennes-le-Chateau
194132: LINCOLN, ABRAHAM, ET AL - Abraham Lincoln: from his own words and contemporary accounts
769009: LINDBERG, JANA HAUSCHILD - Flowers in Cross Stitch
631216: LINDENFIELD, GAEL - Self Esteem: Developing Self-Worth and Healing Emotional Wounds
703186: LINDER, ELISHA AND AVNER RABAN - Cassell's Introducing Archaeology Series: Book 7: Marine Archaeology
116621: LINDOP, AUDREY ERSKINE - The Singer not the Song
116031: LINDOP, AUDREY ERSKINE - The Singer not the Song
661015: LINDSAY, JOYCE AND MAURICE - Scottish Gardens
623073: LINDSAY, JACK - Cezanne: His Life and Art
747065: LINDSAY, MAURICE - Count All Men Mortal: A history of Scottish Provident 1837 - 1987
198859: LINDSAY, JOHN - The City. The [former] Mayor of New York reports on the major crisis facing modern cities.
506067: LINDSAY, PHILIP - The Haunted Man: A Portrait of Edgar Allan Poe.
515096: LINDSAY, WILLIAM - The Great Dinosaur Atlas
784235: LINDSAY, JOYCE AND MAURICE (EDS) - The Music Quotation Book: A Literary Fanfare
732075: LINDSAY, JACK - The Normans and their World
682242: LINDSEY, HAL - Planet Earth 2000 A.D.: Will Mankind Survive?
524023: LINECAR, HOWARD - Aeroplanes 1919-1939
B6002148: LINES, DAVID & IAN MARCOUSE & BARRY MARTIN - Complete A-Z Business Studies Handbook
635109: LING, EDGAR R - A Text Book Of Dairy Chemistry: Theoretical And Practical For Students Of Agriculture And Dairying
765049: LINGWOOD, JAMES, ET AL - Franz Xavier Messerschmidt, Character-Heads 1770-1783; Arnulf Rainer, Overdrawings Franz Xavier Messerschmidt
618021: LINKLATER, ERIC - Juan in America
195711: LINKLATER, ERIC - Private Angelo
724002: LINKLATER, ERIC - The Wind on the Moon: A Story for Children
199535: LINKLATER, ERIC - Mary Queen of Scots
777267: LINKLATER, ERIC - The Cornerstones: A conversation in Elysium
537009: LINKS, J G - Travellers in Europe: Private records of journeys by the Great and the Forgotten, from Horace to Pepys.
509002: LINN, BETTINA - A Letter to Elizabeth
116289: LINNELL C L S. - English Cathedrals in Colour
569158: LINTON, IAN - Writing for a Living
725128: LIONNET, ANNIE - The Astrology Directory
616039: LIP, EVELYN - Feng Shui For Business
198993: LIPMAN, MAUREEN AND PHILLIPS, RICHARD - You Got an Ology? The Book of the Award-Winning British Telecom TV Commercials.
785244: LIPMAN, MAUREEN - Thank You for Having Me
785250: LIPMAN, MAUREEN - Something to Fall Back On
766019: LIPSCOMB, SUZANNA - A Visitor's Companion to Tudor England
500049: LIPSET, SEYMOUR MARTIN,AND DAVID RIESMAN - Education and Politics at Harvard
112504: LIPSIUS, F , WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY LORD CHALFONT - The Great Commanders: Alexander the Great.
567056: LIPSON, E. - The Growth of English Society: A short economic history
732215: LISNER, IVAR, TRANLATED BY J MAXWELL BROWNJOHN - The Living Past: The Great Civilizations of Mankind
685027: LISSAMAN, A J AND S J MARTIN - Principles of Engineering Production
548231: LISTER, MICHAEL - A Bird and It's Bush
546072: LITTLE, DARRAN - The Coronation Street Story: Celebrating thirty-five years of The Street
116315: LITTLE, DARAN - Around the Coronation Street Houses
756027: LITTLE, BRYAN - English Cathedrals in colour
769064: LITTLEJOHN, RICHARD - You Couldn't Make it Up
647021: LITTLEJOHNS, J AND A C HORTH - Allied Arts And Crafts: Senior Course Book 1
698068: LITTLEWOOD, J E - Lectures on the Theory of Functions
732218: LITWAK, MARK - Reel Power: The struggle for influence and success in the new Hollywood
609001: LITWIN, JAN A - Wspotczesny Sport Samochodowy [Modern Sports Cars]
729164: SCRUTTON HUGH(FOREWORD) AND THE WALKER ART GALLERY LIVERPOOL - The Taste of Yesterday: an Exhibition of paintings and sculpture from the Gallery's Reserve Collection
199549: LIVESEY, ANTHONY (ED) - Are We At War? Letters to the Times, 1939-1945.
766214: LIVINGSTONE, SALLY - A Penny a Boy: Norfolk Children at Work in Victorian Days
704145: LIVINGSTONE, DAVID - The Life and Explorations of David Livingstone
522098: LLEWELLYN, RODDY - Roddy Llewellyn's Town Gardens: A Guide to Planning and Planting
765276: LLEWELLYN, RODDT - Beautiful Backyards
696110: LLOYD, SELWYN - Suez 1956: A Personal Account.
626462: LLOYD EVANS, BARBARA AND GARETH - Everyman's Companion to the Brontes
631201: LLOYD, MOLLIE - You - and The Change Of Life
588053: LLOYD, DAVID W - Historic Towns of South-East England: Surrey, Sussex, Kent and Hampshire.
762099: LLOYD, SARAH - An Indian Attachment
555096: LLOYD, D. M. & E. M. (EDITOR) - A Book of Wales
545076: LLOYD, JUDY - The History Quiz Book - Part II
116949: LLOYD, CHRISTOPER - A Picture History Of Art - Western Art Through the Ages
198764: LLOYD, CHRIS AND JOHN / THATCHER, CAROL - Lloyd on Lloyd
117368: IVESTER LLOYD J. - Joey - The Tale of a Pony
198872: LLOYD, PETER & MAYES, ANDREW - Introduction to Psychology
742113: LLOYD, WARD - Investing in Georgian Glass
106051: LLOYD, DAVID AND PETER CROSS - Dinosaur Days - Breakfast
699107: LLOYD, H ALAN - Practical Handbooks for Collectors: Old Clocks
112205: LLOYD, ROGER B - The Stricken Lute - an account of the life of Peter Abelard
104027: LLOYD, GEORGINA. - Motive To Murder, Twenty-One Killing Tales
103525: LLOYD, REV. R H - Bredon Hill and its Villages
707020: LLOYD WEBBER, ANDREW, AND TIM RICE - Evita: The legend of Eva Peron 1919 - 1952
661113: LO, KENNETH - Chinese Food
115717: LO, KENNETH - A guide to Chinese eating
768086: LOADES, DAVID - Mary Tudor
698612: LOADES, DAVID - Henry VIII : Court, Church and Conflict
698422: LOADES, DAVID - English Monarchs: Treasures from the National Archives: Elizabeth I: The Golden Reign of Gloriana
101691: LOADS, FRED W - Success with Shrubs and Trees.
616044: LOCK, DENNIS & FARROW, NIGEL (EDS.) - The Gower Handbook Of Management
116820: LOCK, ANDREW & EUNICE FISHE(EDITORS) - Language Development
606040: LOCKHART, JOHN GIBSON - The History of Napoleon Buonaparte
581031: LOCKHART, R H BRUCE - Your England
533169: LOCKHART, SIR ROBERT BRUCE - My Scottish Youth
522268: LOCKHART, SAUL - The Complete Guide to Philippines
696146: LOCKHART, DOUGLES, AND SUE ASHTON - Landscapes of Malta, including Gozo and Comino
545145: LOCKHEAD, LEE - Wool Embroidery and Design
104176: LOCKLEY, R M - Islands Round Britain - Britain in Pictures series.
683025: LOCKWOOD, A. P. M. - The Institute of Biology's Studies in Biology no. 27. The Membranes of Animal Cells
785128: LODEKE, ALEXANDER - Weapons of World War II: Infantry Weapons, Unarmoured Vehicles, Armoured Vehicles, Special Weapons, Aircraft, Ships
195670: LODGE, DAVID - Thinks
582149: LODGE, DAVID - Paradise News
564015: LODGE, DIANA - Traditional Needle Arts: Quilting: Over 20 classic step-by-step projects
790001: LODGE, NICHOLAS ET AL - The International School of Sugarcraft: Advanced Book 2
729134: LOEWENFELD, CLAIORE, AND PHILIPPA BACK - The Complete Book of Herbs and Spices
627049: LOEWENSTEIN, PRINCE LEOPOLD & WILLIAM GERHADI - Meet yourself as you are really are : Different from others because you combine uniquely features. present in everyone: About three million detailed individual character studies through self-analysis.
675070: LOFTHOUSE, JACQUI - Bluethroat Morning
584062: LOFTS, NORAH - Day of the Butterfly
116425: LOFTS, NORAH - Emma Hamilton
554438: LOFTUS, BELINDA - Marching Workers: an exhibition of Irish Trade banners and regalia
575001: LOGAN, BARBARA - The Barbecue Book
784186: LOMMELL, ANDREAS - Landmarks of The World's Art, Prehistoric and Primitive Man
696048: SOTHEBYS LONDION - Arms, Armour and Militaria,
634072: PHILLIPS LONDON - English, European And Topographical Watercolours
634067: PHILLIPS LONDON - English And European Watercolours And Portrait Miniatures
634068: PHILLIPS LONDON - Fine English Drawings, Watercolours And Portrait Miniatures
633019: BONHAMS LONDON - Printed Books, Maps and Manuscripts: Sale 11944
633018: BONHAMS LONDON - British and Continental Pictures
633016: BONHAMS LONDON - Fine Jewellery: Sale 15235
625245: LONDON, ROSE - Cinema of Mystery
625044: CHRISTIES LONDON - Highly Important Gold Boxes : The Property of The Lord Rothschild. Sale code Rothschild 2430
675221: BONHAMS LONDON - Fine Silver and Collectors' Items: Sale Code 10114.
696040: CHRISTIES LONDON - Orders, Decorations and Campaign Medals
696038: CHRISTIES LONDON - Orders, Decorations and Campaign Medals
696042: CHRISTIES LONDON - Orders, Decorations and Campaign Medals
696041: CHRISTIES LONDON - Orders, Decorations and Campaign Medals
503013: LONG, DAVID - The Daughters of Simon Lamoreaux
783001: LONG, BASIL S - British Miniaturists 1520 - 1860
B6003424: LONG, ROB - Challenging Confrontation: Information and Techniques for School Staff
698043: LONG, JAMES AND BEN - The Plot Against Pepys
528009: LONGDEN, DERIC - I'm A Stranger Here Myself
674083: LONGEN, DERIC - Enough to Make a Cat Laugh
567090: LONGFELLOW, HENRY WADSWORTH - The Poetical Works of Longfellow
506004: LONGFELLOW, HENRY WADSWORTH - The Poetical Works of Longfellow, including recent poems, with explanatory notes, etc.
713243: LONGFELLOW, HERRICK. WORDSWORTH, SYDNEY, COWPER, PEPYS AND BLAKE - Four-Legged People: A Gallery of Animals in words and pictures.
543016: LONGFELLOW, HENRY W - Longfellow's Poetical Works
112079: LONGFELLOW, HENRY W - The Poetical Works
112178: LONGFELLOW, HENRY W - The Poetical Works - reprinted from the revised American edition including his latest poems.
705032: LONGFELLOW, HENRY WADSWORTH - The Poetical Works of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
527175: LONGFORD, ELIZABETH - Eminent Victorian Women.
115079: LONGFORD, ELIZABETH - The Royal House of Windsor
718057: LONGFORD, ELIZABETH (ED) - The Oxford Book of Royal Anecdotes
704308: LONGFORD, ELIZABETH - Wellington: Pillar of State
627101: LONGGOOD, WILLIAM - Talking Your Way To Success : The Story of the Dale Carnegie Course
616242: LONGMATE, NORMAN - When We Won the War - the story of victory in Europe 1945
117038: LONGMORE, ZENGA - Tap-Taps to Trinidad- A Caribbean Journey
627051: LONZI, C - Chefs d'oeuvre de l'art: grands peintures: Le Douanier Rousseau
632161: LOOKER, SAMUEL J - Cricket Anthology
760121: LOOMIS, SUSAN - On Rue Tatin: The Simple Pleasures of Life in a Small French Town
581017: VAN LOON, HENDRIK - The Story of Mankind
116553: VAN LOON, HENDRIK WILLEM - The Life and Times of Johann Sebastian Bach
750010: LOOS, ANITA - Kiss Hollywood Goodbye
651041: LOPES, FERNANDO, EDITED, TRANSLATED AND WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY DEREK W LOMAX AND R J OAKLEY - The English in Portugal 1367-87: Extracts from the Chronicles of Dom Fernando and Dom Joao
647059: LORD, WALTER - The Miracle Of Dunkirk
114709: LORD, SHIRLEY - You Are Beautiful and how to prove it.
572131: LORD, JOHN - Beacon Lights of History: The world's heroes and master minds. Volume IV: Imperial Antiquity.
106216: LORD, GRAHAM - Dick Francis: A Racing Life
115801: HAILSHAM. LORD. - A Sparrow's Flight. The Memoirs of Lord Hailsham of St Marylebone.
745011: LORENZ, KONRAD - The Year of the Greylag Goose
723090: KRUGER-LORENZEN - Deutsche Redensarten: und was dahunter steckt
502048: LORIE, PETER - Revelation - St John The Divine Prophecies For The Apocalypse And Beyond
704278: LORIMER, NORMA - By The Waters Of Egypt
523061: RHODES LORNA - The Book Of Fondues
198754: RHODES LORNA - The Book Of Fondues
777099: LORNA, COUNTESS HOEW, AND GEOFFREY WARING - The Labrador Retriever
523139: LORRIMER, CLAIRE - The Chatelaine
675249: LORRIMER, CLAIRE - The Chatelaine
741025: LOSSIN, YIGAL, TRANSLTED FROM THE HEBREW BY ZVI OFER, AND EDITED BY CAROL S HALBERSTADT - Pillar of Fire: The rebirth of Israel: a visual history
115020: LOTHIAN, G F - Optics and its Uses
531026: LOTHROP, HANNAH - Help Comfort And Hope - After losing your baby in pregnancy or the first year
112531: LOTTMAN, HERBERT - Flaubert - a Biography
116955: LOTTMAN, HERBERT - Colette - A Life
747031: LOUDAN, JACK - The Hell-Rakes
732181: LOUISA, COUNTESS OF ANTRIM, COMPILED AND EDITED BY ELIZABETH LONGFORD - Louisa Lady In Waiting - The Personal Diaries And Albums Of Louisa, Lady In Waiting To Queen Victoria And Queen Alexandra
765402: LOUISA, COUNTESS OF ANTRIM, COMPILED AND EDITED BY ELIZABETH LONGFORD - Louisa Lady In Waiting - The Personal Diaries And Albums Of Louisa, Lady In Waiting To Queen Victoria And Queen Alexandra
116648: LOURDES, J GARCIA - Texas - A State of Mind
682088: LOUVISH, SIMON - Keystone: The Life and Clowns of Mack Sennett
112342: LOVE, DIANE - Flowers Are Fabulous For Decorating
616398: LOVE, JOHN - Chess - A New Introduction
582177: LOVE, ANDREA - The Ultimate Celebrity Love Secrets & Scandals Book
101920: LOVECE, FRANK - The X Files Declassified
520045: LOVEJOY, JOE - Sven Goran Eriksson
653088: LOVEJOY, JOE - Sven Goran Eriksson
117402: LOVELL, K - Educational Psychology and Children
560006: LOVELOCK, JAMES - Climbing
740026: LOVER, SAMUEL - Handy Andy: A Tale of Irish Life
116302: LOVESEY, NENIA - Creative Design in Needlepoint Lace
669065: LOVETT, TOM, CHRIS CLARKE AND AVILA KILMURRAY - Adult Education and Community Action
506040: LOVETT, MAURICE - Brewing and Breweries
114581: LOVINE, VICKI - The Best Friends' Guide to Surviving the First Year of Motherhood
575043: LOVRIC, MICHELLE (COMPILER) - Ladies' Bits: Spurious cures for unmentionable maladies
562059: LOVRIE, MICHELE (ED) - The Seas: A celebration of Nature in word and image
116741: LOVRIE, MICHELLE (COMPILED BY) - Flowers - An Illustrated Treasury
115847: LOW, ROSEMARY - Beginners Guide to Birdkeeping
589102: LOWE, SHIRLEY - The Politician's Wife
582140: LOWE, JANET - Billy Graham Speaks: Insight from the worlds greatest preacher
554064: LOWE, RODNEY - The Welfare State in Britain since 1945
762004: LOWE, ALFONSO - The Companion Guide to the South of Spain
501125: LOWE, E S - E. S. Lowe's Chess In 30 Minutes
769158: LOWE, PETER - How to Play the Recorder: A simple guide to learning and playing
B6003197: LOWE, DAVID - A Study Manual of Professional Competence in Road Transport Management
766286: LOWE, ALFONSO - The Companion Guide to The South of Spain
533309: LOWENGARDE, MANFRED - How To Analyze Your Handwriting; Personality revealed through handwriting
760340: LOWENSTEIN, TOM - The Vision of the Buddha
500360: LOWES DICKINSON, G. - Plato and his Dialogues
626482: LOWRIE, JOYCE - House And Garden Book Of Cottages: A Practical Guide to Finding, Buying, Converting and Decorating
615015: LOWRY, BATES - The Great Ages of World Architecture: Renaissance Architecture
575122: LOWRY, BRIAN - The Truth is Out There™: The official guide to the X-files™
116029: LOXTON, HOWARD - All colour book of kittens.
789002: LPTB - Underground map no 1 1947
664060: R.F. HUNTER LTD - Photographic Apparatus and accessories 1961 1962 catalogue
664024: ENGINEERING AND TEXTILE SPRINGS LTD. - Your Guide to Springs
644078: BUCK AND HICKMAN LTD. - General Catalogue Of Tools And Supplies For All Mechanical Trades
762112: RICHARD HAGEN LTD - Catalogue 1985
103927: J T EDWARDS AND SONS LTD. - Plumbers' Brassfoundry, Sanitary Goods, Gas Fittings, Pumps, Beer Machines, etc., etc.: General Catalogue January 1929.
736020: JOHNSON FIRECLAY CO LTD. - Sanitary Fireclay Ware: Catalogue for 1924.
194074: BAMFORDS LTD. - Three Day Fine Art and Antique Sale
194073: BAMFORDS LTD. - Two Day Fine Art and Antique Sale
194135: SPINK AND SON LTD - Medal Circular no:7: October 1997
194136: SPINK AND SON LTD - Medal Circular no: 8: December 1997
767020: LUCAS, JAMES - War in the Desert: The Eighth Army at El Alamein
562117: LUCAS, LADDIE - Flying Colours: The epic story of Douglas Bader
613051: LUCAS, JAMES - Battle Group ! : German Kampfgruppen Action of World War Two
613095: LUCAS, JAMES - Panzer Army Africa
589091: LUCAS, E V - Zigzags in France, and various essays.
752050: LUCAS, JAMES - Last Days of the Reich: The Collapse of Nazi Germany May 1945
752048: LUCAS, JAMES - Panzer Army Africa
114385: LUCAS, JANE - Mother Nature's Garden
112709: LUCAS, JAMES - Battle Group! German Kampfgruppen Action of World War Two.
782063: LUCAS, JAMES - World War Two Through German Eyes
777106: LUCAS-LUCAS, VERONICA - The Cocker Spaniel
195691: LUCAS, E V - Loiterer's Harvest: A Book of Essays
112373: LUCAS, ST JOHN (ED) - The Oxford Book of French Verse XIIIth Century - XXth Century
195822: LUCAS, JAMES - Storming Eagles: German Airborne Forces in World War Two
114404: LUCE, J V - The End of Atlantis: New Light on an Old Legend.
513025: LUCE, J V - The End of Atlantis: New light on an old legend.
626413: LUCIE-SMITH, EDWARD - Lives of the Great Twentieth Century Artists
556104: LUCIE-SMITH, EDWARD - Sexuality in Western Art
524225: LUCIE-SMITH, EDWARD - What is a Painting?
725098: LUCIE-SMITH, EDWARD (ED) - British Poetry since 1945
780003: LUCIE-SMITH, EDWARD - Ars Erotica
772010: LUCKEY, CARL F, AND DEAN A GENCH - Luckey's Hummel Figurines & Plates: Identification and Value Guide [ TWELFTH EDITION]
704185: LUCY, MARY ELIZABETH, INTRDUCED BY ALICE FAIRFAX-LUCY - Mistress of Charlecote; the memoirs of Mary Elizabeth Lucy
662297: LUDLUM, ROBERT - Robert Ludlum Omnibus: The Scarlatti Inheritance, The Osterman Weekend, The Matlock Paper And The Gemini Contenders
662052: LUDLUM, ROBERT - The Matarese Countdown
572252: LUDLUM, STUART D. - Exploring Shakespeare Country 100 Years Ago
195657: LUDLUM, ROBERT - The Prometheus Deception
760385: LUDLUM, STUART D. - Exploring Shakespeare Country:100 years ago
784116: LUDLUM, ROBERT - The Prometheus Deception
117283: LUDLUM, ROBERT - The Tristan Betrayal
115167: LUDLUM, ROBERT - The Scorpio Illusion
115413: LUDLUM, ROBERT - The Road to Omaha
115675: LUDLUM, ROBERT - The Icarus Agenda
108015: LUDLUM, STEWART D - Exploring Cornwall 100 years ago.
103179: LUDLUM, STUART D (ED) - Exploring Shakespeare Country 100 Years Ago,
115421: LUDVIGSEN, KARL & DAVID BURGESS WISE: - The Encyclopedia of the American Automobile
750016: LUFT, LORNA - Me And My Shadows: A Family Story: Living with the Legacy of Judy Garland
759001: LUGS, JAROSLAV - Firearms Past and Present: A complete review of firearm systems and their histories [TWO VOLUMES IN SLIPCASE]
756047: LUITJERS, GUS - Marilyn Monroe in Her Own Words
623017: LUKACS, JOHN - Churchill: Visionary. Statesman. Historian.
511004: LUKACS, JOHN - Churchill: Visionary. Statesman. Historian.
768108: LUKACS, JOHN - Blood, Toil, Tears and Sweat: The Dire Warning
753136: LUKE, MARY M - A Crown for Elizabeth
500249: LUMLEY, FREDERICK - New Trends In 20th Century Drama - A Survey Since Ibsen And Shaw
530083: LUMLEY, SARAH (ED) - Everyday Specials
500050: LUMLEY, FREDERICK - New Trends In 20th Century Drama - A Survey Since Ibsen And Shaw
751001: LUND, BRIAN - Postcard Collecting - A Beginners Guide
602107: LUNDKVIST, ARTUR - Twelve Modern Poets
699053: LUNDY, DEREK - The Way of a Ship: a Square-Rigger Voyage in the Last Days of Sail
742037: LUNDY, DEREK - The Way of a Ship: A Square-Rigger Voyage in the Last Days of Sail
704251: LUNN, ARNOLD (EDITOR) - The British Ski Year Book 1937
704249: LUNN, SIR ARNOLD (EDITOR) - The British Ski Year Book 1954
624008: LURCY, GEORGES - French Modern Paintings and Drawings: The Distinguished Collection of the Late Georges Lurcy. Volume One
564104: LURIE, ALISON - The Last Resort
570048: LUXON, BETTINA AND LINDA DEARSLEY - Your Hand in Business: How palmistry can help you find success
572082: LUXON, BETTINA & LINDA DEARSLEY - Your Hand In Love. How palmistry can help you find true love.
540023: LUZZATTO-BILITZ, OSCAR - Antique Jade
633032: LYALL, GAVIN - Mezzanotte e un Minuto [Midnight Plus One ]
766288: LYALL, ARCHIBALD - The Companion Guide to Tuscany
117396: LYLE, EVELYN - The Search for the Royal Road
535022: LYMINGTON, JOHN - The Waking of the Stone
616293: LYNAM, DESMOND AND CAROLINE SEARLE - Olympic Games - Official British Guide - Barcelona 1992
614129: LYNCH, JOHN, AND LOUISE BARRETT - Walking With Cavemen: eye to eye with your ancestors
569260: LYNCH, JENNY - Drinking Games
115319: LYNCH, GEORGE - Canaries in Colour
765332: LYNEBORG, LEIF - Butterflies in Colour
705097: LYNES, ALICE - Coventry's Story : A Select Booklist with Annotations Prefaced by a Short Outline.
728032: LYNHAM, DEREK - Ballet Then and Now: A history of the Ballet in Europe
741051: LYNN, JONATHAN AND ANTHONY JAY - Yes Minister: The diaries of a Cabinet Minister by the Rt. Hon. James Hacker MP: Volumes One and Two [IN SLIPCASE]
782091: LYNN, DAME VERA - We'll Meet Again: A personal history of World War II and Victory in Europe
B6001556: LYNN, PAUL A - Digital Signals, Processors and Noise
548100: LYNTON, NORBERT - Landmarks of the World's Art : The Modern World - 19th and 20th century painting, sculpture, architecture and design.
626501: LYONS, FR ADRAIN - Come, O Holy Ghost.
117319: LYONS, GENEVIEVE - The Palucci Vendetta
504028: FLEUR-DE-LYS' - Molly's Heroine
785401: LYSAGHT, EDWARD E - The Gael
747040: LYTE, CHARLES - The Kitchen Garden
605097: LYTTLETON, HUMPHREY - The Best Of Jazz : Basin Street to Harlem
558222: LYTTON, LORD - The Last Days of Pompeii
616354: MAAS, JEREMY - Victorian Painters

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