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515137: SCHWEITZER, ALBERT - On the Edge of the Primeval Forest: The experiences and observations of a doctor in Equatorial Africa
688083: SCHWEITZER, GEORG - Emin Pasha. His life and work compiled from his journals, letters, scientific notes, and from official documents with an introduction by R.W. Felkin. [TWO VOLUMES (of 2)]
683033: DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION AND SCIENCE - Safety in Science Laboratories: DES Safety Series No. 2
616371: SCOFIELD, A G - Chiropractice: the science of specific spinal adjustment
671033: SCOTT, SIR WALTER, AND S R CROCKETT - Red Cap Tales: Told from Guy Mannering
671034: SCOTT, SIR WALTER, AND S R CROCKETT - Red Cap Tales: Told from Rob Roy
631067: SCOTT, AMORET & CHRISTOPHER - The A-Z of Antique Collecting
641041: SCOTT, DAVID - Coaching Tips From The Stars: Cricket
647168: SCOTT, PROF. F - Draining And Embanking
500506: SCOTT, S H - The Observer's Book of Cacti & Other Succulents
640887: SCOTT, ELSPETH - SLA Guidelines: Managing The Internet In The Primary And Secondary School Library
636027: S.SCOTT, WALTER - White Of Selborne
617031: SCOTT-JAMES, ANNE - The Cottage Garden
609017: SCOTT, SIR WALTER - The Antiquary
586050: SCOTT, DUKINFIELD HENRY AND F. T. BROOKS - Flowerless Plants: Part II of an introduction to Structural Botany
581030: SCOTT, MARIAN M - The Master Musicians: Beethoven
572115: SCOTT, BROUGH - The World of Flat Racing
765409: SCOTT-JAMES, ANNE, ET AL - A Gardener's Dozen
555129: SCOTT, A. F. - Sing to the Sun: A Book of Verse for Children
106255: SCOTT, SIR WALTER - Historical Romances of The Author of Waverley: Volume III [of six] : Monastery
117472: SCOTT, SIR WALTER, EDITED BY J LOGIE ROBINSON, MA - The Poetical Works of Sir Walter Scott: with the Author's introductions and notes.
607006: SCOTT, EVA I - The Great Adventure : Being Twelve Imaginary Talks on the Way of Life, from a Mother to Her Son at School.
500194: SCOTT, A F - Every One a Witness: The Plantagenet Age: Commentaries of an era
116905: SCOTT, BILL - The Crazy World of Cricket - cartoons by Bill Scott.
115618: SCOTT, SIR WALTER - The Waverley Novels, 28 novels with index, published in 5 volumes
194017: SCOTT, AMORET AND CHRISTOPHER - Shire Album 171: Staffordshire Figures
103499: SCOTT, AMORET AND CHRISTOPHER - Discovering Stately Homes
704152: SCOTT, M K C - Birds
754070: SCOTT, CAROLYN - Betwixt Heaven and Charing Cross: The Story of St-Martin-in-the-Fields
B6003489: SCOTT, PETER - A Tertiary System: A Paper Commissioned By The Society Of Education Officers
106164: SCOTT, S H - The Observer's Book of Cacti & Other Succulents
740004: SCOTT, HELEN AND RICHARD STOREY - Around Kenilworth in the Past Again: Picture postcard and other views of Kenilworth, Leek Wootton and Stoneleigh
112383: SCOTT, NATHAN A, JR - The Broken Center. Studies in the theological horizon of modern literature.
753103: SCOTT, SIR WALTER - Woodstock, or, The Cavalier: a Tale of the Year Sixteen Hundred and Fifty-Four
753101: SCOTT, SIR WALTER - Kenilworth
663002: SCOTT, SIR WALTER - The Lady of the Lake. With all his introductions, various readings, and the editor’s notes.
713133: SCOTT, PETER - Observations of Wildlife
785291: SCOTT, SIR WALTER - Peveril of the Peak
700369: SCOTT, ALASTAIR - Native Stranger: A Journey in Familiar and Foreign Scotland
741094: SCOTT, SIR WALTER - The Abbot: being a sequel to The Monastery
116395: SCOTT, SIR WALTER - The Fortunes of Nigel
737006: SCOTT, MARIAN M - The Master Musicians: Beethoven
785290: SCOTT, SIR WALTER - Castle Dangerous / The Surgeon's Daughter
777152: SCRASE, DAVID - The Golden Century: Dutch Master Drawings from The Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge
115794: SCRIMGEOUR, G J - A Woman of her Times
114208: SCUDAMORE, PETER - Scu - The Autobiography Of A Champion.
556089: SCULLARD, H H - Roman Britain: Outpost of the Empire
569153: SCUTTS, JERRY - USAAF Camouflage of World War 2
116585: SEABY - British Coins 1816-1968. Standard Catalogue of British Coins Part ll
199316: SEABY - British Coins 1816-1967
705115: SEABY, B A - Catalogue of the Coins of Great Britain and Ireland 1938
114400: SEAGO, M J, WITH A FOREWORD BY JAMES FISHER - Birds of Norfolk
752036: SEAL, JEREMY - Santa: A Life
503053: SEAL, RICHARD - Whitney Houston One Moment In Time
B6001776: SEALS, RICHARD C - Microprocessor-Based Systems
115784: SEALY, I ALLAN - Hero - a Fable
103021: SEAMAN, R.D.H - The Reform of the Lords.
782054: SEARBY, AIR COMMODORE JOHN, DSO, DFC - The Bomber Battle for Berlin
115487: SEATON, ALBERT - Stalin as Warlord
533251: SEAVER, GEORGE - Albert Schweitzer: The Man and His Mind
534021: SEAVER, GEORGE - Albert Schweitzer, The Man And His Mind
691142: SECKEL, HELENE - Musee Picasso Guide
766235: SECKER, MARTIN, WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY JOHN BETJEMAN - The Eighteen-Nineties: A Period Anthology in Prose and Verse
768260: SEDDON, GEORGE, AND ANDREW BICKNELL - The Complete Guide to Conservatory Gardening
115424: SEDDON, SUE - Travel
784086: DE SEDE, GERARD - The Accursed Treasure of Rennes-le-Chateau
548239: SEE, LISA - The Flower Net
704010: SEEBOHM, FREDERICK - Tribal Custom in Anglo-Saxon Law: Being an Essay Supplemental to (1) The English Village Community, (2) The Tribal System in Wales
116127: SEEBOHM, CAROLINE AND CHRISTOPHER SYKES - Private Landscapes. Creating form, vistas, and mystery in the garden.
662231: SEED, DIANE - The Top One Hundred Pasta Sauces
642050: SEEL, COLIN - Contractual Procedures For Building Students
649106: SEELEY, IVOR H - Civil Engineering Contract Administration And Control
706024: SEELEY, J R - Life and Times of Stein: or Germany and Prussia in the Napoleonic Age. Volume III.
115683: SEIFERT, ELIZABETH - Doctor in Judgment
784120: SEITZ, RAYMOND - Over Here
765400: SEITZ, JAMES E - Woodcarving: A Designer's Notebook
529104: SEKERS, SIMONE - Grandmothers' Lore: A Collection of Household Hints from Past and Present
652071: SEKINO, MASARO ET AL. - Museum Meiji-Mura
691218: SELBY JR, HUBERT - Last Exit To Brooklyn
626206: SELBY-LOWNDES, JOAN - How a Ballet is Produced
522036: MACKENZIE AND SELBY - Hunter Chasers and Point-to-Pointers 1994
522037: MACKENZIE AND SELBY - Hunter Chasers and Point-to-Pointers 1995
115544: SELBY, JOHN - The Road To Yorktown
721023: SELBY, DAVE (ED) - Miller's Collectors Cars: Yearbook and Price Guide 2000
642026: SELDON, ARTHUR - The Making Of The Institute: a selection of Arthur Seldon's prefaces.
642013: SELDON, ARTHUR - The State Is Rolling Back: Essays In Persuasion [SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR]
616110: SELES, MONICA, WITH NANCY ANN RICHARDSON - Monica: from Fear to Victory
602049: SELF, WILL - Great Apes
545144: SELINA, TONY (ED) - Step-by-step Simple Cookbook: Classic cooking made easy
626226: SELINCOURT, AUBREY DE - Three Green Bottles
722016: DE SELINCOURT, AUBREY - Six Great Playwrights: Sophocles, Shakespeare, Moliere, Sheridan, Ibsen, Shaw
680207: SELLAR, W C AND R J YEATMAN WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY FRANK MUIR - 1066 and All That: A memorable history of England. Comprising all the parts you can remember, and including 103 good things, 5 bad kings, and 2 genuine dates.
721024: SELLARS, JANE (ED) - The Art of Thomas Chippendale: Master Furniture Maker
115723: SELLERS, MICHAEL - PS I Love You. Peter Sellers 1925-1980
765112: SEMBACH, KLAUS-JURGEN, TRANSLATED INTO ENGLISH BYC S STOKES - Art Nouveau: Utopia: Reconciling the Irreconcilable
744003: SEMENOV, PETR PETROVICH, EDITED BY COLIN THOMAS - Travels in the Tian'-Shan' 1856-1857
621005: SEMMENS, PETER - A History of the Great Western Railway: volume 1 - Consolidation 1923-29
719140: SEMPILL, CECILIA - Britain in Pictures: English Pottery and Porcelain
117429: SEMPLE, P F AND G B M LINDOP - An Atlas of Hypertension
626253: SENAN, FATHER - Angelic Shepherd
652026: SENGE, PETER ET AL. - The Fifth Discipline Fieldbook.
653065: SENIOR, BRIAN - Raising Partner
524328: SENIOR, KATHRYN - The X ray Picture Book Of Your Body
700353: SENIOR, MICHAEL - Myths of Britain
615049: SENIOR, MICHAEL - Myths of Britain
736022: SENIOR, EVAN (ED) - The Concert Goer's Annual Number I
511029: SEO, HIROSHI - Military Aircraft in Colour.
723029: SEPHARIAL - Transits and Planetary periods: A book of practical hints to students of Astrology
504103: SERANNE, ANN - The Complete Book Of Desserts
555313: SEREBRIAKOFF, VICTOR (COMPILER) - The Mammoth Book of Puzzles
554150: SEREBRIAKOFF, VICTOR - A Second MENSA Puzzle Book
765181: SERENY, GITTA - Albert Speer: His Battle with the Truth.
116149: READERS DIGEST - THE LIVING COUNTRYSIDE SERIES - Wildlife on your Doorstep
114310: READERS DIGEST - EAT WELL LIVE WELL SERIES - Vegetables for Vitality
572219: SERTORI, J. M. - The Little Book of Feng Shui
572031: SERTORI, J. M. - The Little Book of Feng Shui
116296: SERVENTY, VINCENT - Australia's National Parks - Landforms, Plants, Animals Revealed Through Nature Reserves
732129: SERVENTY, VINCENT - In Praise of Australian Trees
B6002979: LONDON EMERGENCY SERVICES - Major Incident Procedure Manual 1999/2000
525008: SERWAY, RAYMOND A AND JERRY S FAUGHN - College Physics
623113: SETH, RONALD - Encyclopedia of Espionage.
112677: SETH, RONALD - The Sleeping Truth - The Hiss-Chambers Affair: The Spy Case that Split a Nation
765445: SETH-SMITH, DAVID - Birds of Our Country: and of the Dominions, Colonies and Dependencies: Their Life, Eggs, Nests and Identification [VOLUME II ONLY]
581020: SETON, ANYA - Green Darkness
523039: SETON, ERNEST THOMPSON - The Biography of A Grizzly
766242: SETON, ERNEST THOMPSON - Wild Animals at Home
116176: SETON, ERNEST THOMPSON - Monarch the Big Bear of Tallac
631082: SETTEL, IRVING - How To Write Television Comedy
579087: SEVERI, LUIGI (ILLUSTRATOR) - Macerie: Rimini Bombardata (1943-1944) Fotografia da Luigi Severini
747043: SEVERIN, TIMOTHY - The Oriental Adventure: Explorers of the East
751032: SEVERIN, TIM - The Sindbad Voyage
747077: SEVERIN, TIMOTHY - The Oriental Adventure: Explorers of the East
607068: SEVERN, MARK - Background
784048: SEWARD, DESMOND - Eleanor Of Aquitaine: The Mother Queen
578167: SEWELL, ALBERT - The Observer's Book of Soccer
725130: SEWELL, MRS. - Ballads for Children
613104: SEYMOUR, JOHN, AND HERBERT GIRARDET - Far from Paradise: The Story of Man's Impact on the Environment
588031: SEYMOUR, JOHN - The National Trust Book of Forgotten Household Crafts
580072: SEYMOUR-URE, COLIN - The Press, Politics and the Public: An essay on the role of the National Press in the British political system.
561131: SEYMOUR, JOHN AND HERBERT GIRARDET - Blueprint for a Green Planet
524118: SEYMOUR, WILLIAM - Battles in Britain and their political background 1066 - 1746
504006: SEYMOUR, WILLIAM - Battles in Britain [TWO VOLUMES]
691105: SEYMOUR, GERALD - A Line In The Sand
115046: SEYMOUR, WILLIAM - Brassey's Book of Sieges
700247: SEYMOUR, WILLIAM - Battles in Britain and Their Political Background Volume 1: 1066-1547
724020: SEYMOUR, AUBREY - Fragrant the Fertile Earth
724017: SEYMOUR, AUBREY - The Land Where I Belong
761105: SEYMOUR, JOHN - The Woodlander
634001: SHABAN, SARAH - Bread And Peacocks
B6002973: SHABDE, DR NEELA - A-Z Of Child Health
639243: SHACKLADY, EDWARRD - Profile Aircraft 7: Republic P-47D Thunderbolt
766217: SHACKLETON, ERNEST - Escape from the Antarctic
789008: SHACKSON, ANTHONY R - A Souvenir History of Clovelly; Jewel of north Devon
738018: SHADWICK, KEITH - The Encyclopedia of Jazz & Blues
106193: SHAHANI, GUL - Harold Wilson and Forty Thieves
661115: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM WITH A PREFACE AND GLOSSARY BY ISRAEL GOLLANCZ. - Shakespeare's Comedy of the Merry Wives of Windsor
656141: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM, EDITED BY R E C HOUGHTON. - The Oxford Clarendon Shakespeare: Measure For Measure
198143: SHAKESPEARE, WM - Cymbeline
616402: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - The Speaker's Art
602004: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - Little Plays from Shakespeare - First Series
548166: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM, EDITED BY W.G. CLARK & W. ALDIS - The Complete Works of William Shakespeare: (TWO VOLUMES)
548202: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM (EDITED BY J.M. LOTHIAN AND T.W CRAIK) - Twelfth Night: The Arden Shakespeare
525013: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - The History Plays: An Illustrated Edition.
769088: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM, EDITED BY J H P PAFFORD - The Arden Shakespeare: The Winter's Tale
506033: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - The Tragedy of Richard ll
198476: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - The Life and Death of King John
198478: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - King Richard II
698672: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM, EDITED BY G F LAMB. - Shakespeare Quotations
677010: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM, EDITED BY REX GIBSON AND SUSAN LEACH - Cambridge School Shakespeare: The Two Gentlemen of Verona
106208: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM, EDITED BY R J LANE - Charles Kemble's Shakspere Readings: The selected plays read by him in public
784196: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM, EDITED BY LEVI FOX - The Sonnets of William Shakespeare
738124: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM, EDITED BY WM. G CLARK AND WM. A WRIGHT - The Works of William Shakespeare
199268: SHAKESPEARE, WM - Antony & Cleopatra
198485: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - Much Ado About Nothing
652092: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM, EDITED BY LEVI FOX - The Sonnets of William Shakespeare
112039: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - The Complete Works
729058: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM, WITH A BIOGRAPHY BY CHARLES SYMMONDS - The Complete Works of William Shakespeare with a life of the Poet, a Glossary and Fifty Embellishments: Complete in one volume
785432: SHAKESPEARE, WSILLIAM - King Lear: The Donmar Tour
763060: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - Twelfth Night, or What You Will: Midget Edition with a glossary and selection of sonnets.
725058: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM, WITH A PREFACE AND A GLOSSARY BY ISRAEL GOLLANCZ. - Shakespeare's Historie of the Life and Death of King John
682233: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM, SELECTED AND EDITED BY ROLAND I SWANSON JR. - A Quart of Ale is Dish for a King: [ The Winter's Tale IV / ii] Shakespeare on drinking
766076: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM, - The Complete Works: [The Pelican Text Revised]
753030: SHAMIR, YITZHAK - Summing Up: An autobiography
554309: SHAMKOVICH, LEONID AND ERIC SCHILLER - Kasparov's Opening Repertoire
615023: SHAND, P MORTON - Building: The Evolution Of An Industry
760268: SHAND, MARK - Queen of the Elephants
566087: SHANES, ERIC - Dali
575059: SHANKLAND, CRAIG AND DALE, DOM LUPO AND ROY BENJAMIN - Stroke-Saving for the Handicap Golfer
104072: SHANN, RENEE - A Sheaf of Memories
545127: SHAPIRO, LIONEL - The Sixth of June
548245: SHAPIRO, DR. HOWARD M. - Picture Perfect Weight Loss
521107: SHAPIRO, JEAN - On Your Own: A Practical Guide to Independent Living
667017: SHAPIRO, NAT (ED.) - Popular Music: An Annotated Index of American Popular Songs : VOLUMES ONE TO SIX
115707: SHAPTER, KERRY - The Ryvita Diet: A Range of Slimming Plans to Suit You
773005: SHARMA, N K - Way of Life in Desert: Camel Safari in Jaisalmer
773002: SHARMA, N K - Jaisalmer: The Golden City
656049: SHARP, WILLIAM - Great English Painters
101826: SHARP, HENRY - Cataloguing. A Textbook for Libraries.
B600312: SHARP, IMOGEN - Social Inequalities In Coronary Heart Disease : Opportunities For Action
198262: SHARP, ARTHUR - Freshwater Fishing
112146: SHARP, DAVID (ED) - Ramblers Ways
671130: BROWNE AND SHARPE - Formulas in Gearing
626098: SHARPE, DR ROBERT & DAVID LEWIS - The Success Factor : How To Be Who You Want To Be
603038: SHARPE, ERIC J - Thinking About Hinduism
548081: SHARPE, TOM - Wilt and The Wilt Alternative [TWO NOVELS IN ONE]
531056: SHARPE, TOM - Grantchester Grind
690022: SHARPE, TOM - Wilt On High
773084: SHARPE, TOM - Wilt and The Wilt Alternative [TWO NOVELS IN ONE]
685080: SHARPE, N T - Engineering Materials and Workshop Processes: Book Two
785233: SHARPE, JOHNNY - The Adult Joke Book: A Hilarious Collection of Bawdy, Ridiculous and Politically Incorrect Jokes
554334: SHASHIN, BORIS - Attacking the Queenside
762037: SHAW, BERNARD - Plays Pleasant and Unpleasant. Volume II Pleasant Plays - Arms and the Man, Candida, The Man of Destiny, You Never Can Tell
635039: SHAW, BERNARD - The Simpleton, The Six, And The Millionaires. Being Three More Plays
616474: SHAW, G B - Back to Methuselah : a Metabiological Pentateuch
576011: SHAW, LAU, TRANSLATED BY EVAN KING - Rickshaw Boy.
116557: SHAW, GEORGE BERNARD - The Apple Cart; A Political Extravaganza
116552: SHAW, GEORGE BERNARD - Getting Married: A Disquisitory Play. The Dramatic Works of Bernard Shaw. No: XVll
116551: SHAW, GEORGE BERNARD - Pygmalion; A romance in five acts
535074: SHAW, GEORGE BERNARD - The Apple Cart: A Political Extravaganza
510144: SHAW, BERNARD - Plays Pleasant And Unpleasant. The Second Volume Containing The Four Pleasant Plays
505022: SHAW, KARL - The Little Book of Bad Taste
B600696: SHAW, ADAM - A.D.R Student Simplified Text Series : JAVA simplified for students and beginners
116540: SHAW, GEORGE BERNARD - The Dramatic Works of Bernard Shaw. No.Vlll The Devils Disciple - A Melodrama
116541: SHAW, GEORGE BERNARD - The Shewing-up of Blanco Posnet - A Sermon in Crude Melodrama
116558: SHAW, GEORGE BERNARD - Saint Joan: A Chronicle play in Six Scenes and an Epilogue
116457: SHAW, IRWIN - The Young Lions
116546: SHAW, GEORGE BERNARD - Geneva, Cymbeline Refinished, & Good King Charles;
762138: SHAW, GEOFFREY ET AL - National Songs with Descants: Set IV
719120: SHAW, DAVID - In Search of Salmon: and finding much else besides [SIGNED COPY]
722043: SHAW, GEORGE BERNARD - Everybody's Political What's What ?
114415: SHAW, CAPT. TWB (ED) ET AL. - Sail West - a guide for West country Yachtsmen.
B6001002: SHAW, HUMPHREY - Finance In Organisations
198945: SHAW, IRWIN - Two Weeks in Another Town
714092: SHAW, GEORGE BERNARD - Sixteen Self Sketches
762145: SHAW, GEOFFREY ET AL - National Songs with Descants: Set IV: School song book 307
682222: SHAW, REBECCA - Whispers in the Village
116701: SHAW, MARK - The John F Kennedys : A Family Album
777113: SHAWYER, COLIN R - The Barn Owl in the British Isles : Its Past, Present, and Future
777102: SHCHARANSKY, AVITAL AND ILANA BEN-JOSEF - Next Year in Jerusalem
117007: SHEA, MICHAEL - Personal Impact - Presence, Paralanguage and the Art of Good Communication
582178: SHEARER, ALAN AND DAVE HARRISON - Alan Shearer's Diary of a Season
115493: SHEARS , W S (ED) - British History A Book for the Young of All Ages .
761099: SHEASBY, ANNE (ED) - 400 Best-Ever Soups
561104: SHEFFIELD, CHARLES - Earth Watch: A survey of the World from Space
117336: SHEFFIELD, CHARLES - Earth Watch - A Survey of the World From Space
B6003449: UNIVERSITY OF SHEFFIELD - A Conceptual Model Of Transferable Personal Skills
523152: SHEKHDAR, JIM WITH EDWARD GRIFFITHS - Bold Man Of The Sea - My epic journey
765405: SHELDEN, MICHAEL - Friends of Promise: Cyril Connolly and the World of Horizon
662282: SHELDON, SIDNEY - Morning, Noon And Night
572156: SHELDON, SIDNEY - The Sky is Falling
101696: SHELDON, PETER - Greece
555363: SHELLEY, MARY - Frankenstein, or, The Modern Prometheus
732080: WINTERS. SHELLEY - Shelley: also known as Shirley
682155: SHELSWELL-WHITE, MR G H, ET AL - A Guide To Zanzibar
763051: SHEP, ROBERT L - Cleaning and Caring for Books
522262: SHEPHERD, WILFRED - Noughts and Crosses: Sermons and Addresses
747034: SHEPHERD, C. W. - Wines, Spirits and Liqueurs
B600459: SHEPHERD, JOHN C - Authoring Authorware
662128: SHEPPARD, JOHN G AND LEWIS EVANS - Notes on Thucydides Books I, II, and III
608044: SHEPPARD, H R L - Echoes From St. Martin-In-The-Fields
704111: SHEPPARD, ROGER (COMP) - International Directory of Book Collectors 1998-99
115516: SHERIDAN, R B - The Rivals
103573: SHERIDAN, RICHARD BRINSLEY - The School for Scandal
571004: SHERIIDAN, RICHARD BRINSLEY - The Plays of Richard Brinsley Sheridan
626420: SHERRY, NORMAN - The Life of Graham Greene Volume One 1904 1939
101925: SHEW, BETTY SPENCER: - Royal Wedding
101682: SHEWELL-COOPER, W E - The ABC of the Greenhouse
653008: SHEWELL-COOPER, W E - The A.B.C. Of Roses
616408: SHEWELL-COOPER, W E (ED) ET AL. - The Fundamentals Of Gardening
585053: SHEWELL-COOPER, W. E. - The A.B.C. of Flower Growing
524138: SHEWELL-COOPER, W. E. - Born Gardeners
522180: SHEWELL-COOPER, W. E. - The A.B.C of Flower Growing
524156: SHEWELL-COOPER, W. E. - The ABC Guide to Garden Flowers
676118: SHEWELL-COOPER, W E - Modern Glasshouse Flowers for Profit
675019: SHEWELL, CHRISTIAN, AND VIRGINIA DEAN (EDS.) WITH A FOREWORD BY JONATHAN MILLER - A Way with Words: Favourite Pieces Chosen by Famous People
117379: SHIACH, DON - The Movie Book; An Illustrated History of the Cinema
631100: SHIELDS, REV.J.A. AND M.A ET AL - The Wonder Of Fatima
784044: SHIELDS, CAROL - Unless
116304: SHILLINGLAW, PHIL - Introducing Weaving
195625: SHINDLER, COLIN - George Best and 21 Others
117061: SHINE, BETTY - A Free Spirit - Gives You The Right to Make Choices
628066: SHINER, MICHAEL - Doing It For Themselves : An Evaluation Of Peer Approaches To Drug Prevention
606046: SHINWELL, EMANUEL - I've Lived Through It All
670008: SHINWELL, EMANUEL - I've Lived Through It All
106065: SHINWELL, EMANUEL - I've Lived Through It All [Pre-publication proof copy.]
576073: SHIPWAY, GEORGE - Free Lance
523122: SHIRLING, F C A - Carpentry
616425: SHIROYAMA, SABURO, TRANSLATED BY JOHN BESTER - War Criminal - The Life and Death of Hirota Koki.
195722: SHOLL, ANDREW - Bloomers, Biros and Wellington Boots : How the Names Became the Words
688259: SHONE, RICHARD - From Beardsley To Beaverbrook: Portraits By Walter Richard Sickert.
766222: SHORE, WENDY - Shorewood Art Library: Cubism
766219: SHORE, WENDY ET AL - Shorewood Art Library: Major Styles of Modern Art
766220: SHORE, WENDY - Shorewood Art Library: The Northern Renaissance
766221: SHORE, WENDY - Shorewood Art Library: Symbolism and Surrealism
116211: SHORT, NIGEL - Learn Chess with Nigel Short
704342: SHOTTON, F W - Philosophical Transactions Of The Royal Society Of London, Series B. Biological Sciences, No. 646, Vol. 237: The Pleistocene Deposits Of The Area Between Coventry, Rugby And Leamington And Their Bearing Upon The Topographic Development Of The Midlands.
734064: SHOWELL, WALTER - Dictionary of Birmingham: (County History Reprints)
616566: SHRAPNEL, NORMAN - A View Of The Thames
116814: SHRAWLEY, THE REV. J. H. WITH FOREWORD BY THE DEAN OF LINCOLN - The Story of Lincoln Minster
101496: SHUCKBURGH, JULIAN (ED) - The Second Bedside Book - an anthology
780104: SHUKER, DR KARL P N - From Flying Toads to Snakes with Wings
583020: SHULTS, ERIC - The Fisherman's Guide to Coarse Fishing
502031: SHULTS, ERIC - A Complete Guide To Fishing - Fish, tackle, and techniques
690041: SHUREY, RICHARD - Shakespeare's Avon from source to Severn
765398: SHURLOCK, H M - Army District Court-Martial Procedure, and Notes on Field Court-Martial Procedure
616295: SIBLEY, BRIAN - The Lord of the Rings Official Movie Guide
614119: BIBLIOTHEQUE DU COLONEL DANIEL SICKLES - Tresors de la Litterature Francaise des XIXieme et Xxieme Siecles: Livres et Manuscrits: Quatrieme Partie
584054: SIDEBOTHAM, JOHN R - The Whipsnade Animal Book For Children
691203: SIDHWA, BAPSI - The Crow Eaters
501094: SIEBEL, THOMAS M, AND PAT HOUSE - Cyber Rules: Strategies for excelling at e-business.
587006: SIEFF, MARCUS - Don't Ask the Price: The memoirs of the President of Marks and Spencer
562279: SIEFF, MARCUS - Don't Ask the Price: The memoirs of the President of Marks and Spencer
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552002: STRANGE, IAN - The Bird Man: An Autobiography
682003: STRANGE, EDWARD F - The Colour Prints of Japan: an Appreciation and History
112107: STRANGE, KATHLEEN - The Climbing Boys; A Study of Sweeps' Apprentices 1773-1875. (SIGNED COPY.)
B6003574: STRANGEL, BLANCHE - Ecouter Pour S'exprimer: Listening, Conversation, And Composition In A Cultural Context
B600731: STRANKS, JEREMY - Management Systems For Safety
770002: STRANS, ROBERT - 365 Moments to Cherish: Uplifting Stories to Bless the Heart , Strengthen the Home, and Deepen the Faith;
115890: STRASMAN, PETER G - Owners Workshop Manual - Vauxhall Astra 1980 to Oct 1984
623006: STRATMAN, CARL J - Bibliography of English Printed Tragedy, 1565-1900
631228: STRATTON, DEBORAH, WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY MICHAEL BOND - BearLand: A Collection Of Over 500 Teddy Bears
614077: STRATTON, DEBORAH - Collecting For Tomorrow: Candlesticks
635025: STRAUSS, RICHARD - Der Rosenkavalier: Komodie Fur Musik in drei aufzugen von Hugo von Hoffmanstahl
562190: STRAWSON, JOHN - Gentlemen in Khaki: The British Army 1890 to 1990
116221: STRAWSON, JOHN - The Italian Campaign
546047: STREET, SEAN (EDITOR) - A Remembered Land. Recollections of life in the countryside 1880-1914
725081: STREET, FREDERICK - Hardy Rhododendrons
114597: STREET-PORTER, JANET - Baggage: My Childhood.
693107: STREET, MYRA - Pasta Cookbook
103428: STRICKLAND, T. J. - Roman Chester
530080: STRICKLAND, DAVID - Night Low-Light Flash Photography
103388: STRICKLAND, DOUGLAS J. - Wimborne Minster: The Minster Church of Saint Cuthburga - A Guide for Pilgrims and Visitors
744088: STRICKLAND, KEITH - Steam: Through Five Continents
691180: STRINGER, LEE - Grand Central Winter: A story from the streets of New York City
653173: STRONG, C F - Days of Democracy Britain in Europe 1789 - 1947

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