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37499: WHITEHEAD, MR J. - The District Flora. As compiled by the Ashton Under Lyne Linnaean Botanical Society, including a list of the Mosses of the District. To this added the Hepaticae of the district round Manchester arranged by Mr G A Holt.
41396: WHITEHEAD, THOS, - Illustrated guide to Nidderdale and a history of its congregational churches. With a foreword by Rev. Prin. Ernest. J. Price.
20911: WHITEHOUSE, J. HOWARD. - Vindication of Ruskin.
21752: WHITEHOUSE, P. B.; JOHN ADAMS. - Welsh Narrow Gauge Album.
39953: WHITEHURST, MARY - Marazion: A Cornish Tale.
35296: WHITELEY, D.E.H. - The Theology of St Paul.
40518: WHITELEY, DEREK (EDITED BY) - The Natural History of the Sheffield Area and the Peak District.
17179: WHITFIELD, CHRISTOPHER - A World of One's Own: twenty four essays.
25815: WHITHAM, ALFRED. - Whitham's Illustrated Historic Almanac and Barnsley Commercial Advertiser, for 1881 ...
29783: WHITING, REV PROF C E (TRANSCRIBED, EDITED & INDEXED BY). - The Parish Register of St Wilfrid's Hickleton 1626-1812. [The Publications of the Yorkshire Parish Register Society Volume CIX].
30312: WHITLEY, REV HENRY. - History of the Parish of Sapcote in the County of Leicestershire.
24864: WHITTAKER, NEVILLE; URSULA CLARK. - Historic Architecture of County Durham.
32702: WHITTING, PHILIP D (EDITOR). - A History of Hammersmith based upon that of Thomas Faulkner in 1839.
38657: WHITWORTH, CHARLES. - The succession of parliaments; being exact lists of the members, chosen at each general election, from the restoration, to the last general election, 1761, with other useful matters.
23665: WHONE, HERBERT. - The Essential West Riding: its character in words and pictures. Foreword by J. B. Priestley.
35548: WHYTE, ADAM GOWANS. - The Religion of the Open Mind. With a foreword by Eden Phillpots.
21576: WHYTT, ROBERT. - An Essay on the Virtues of Lime-Water in the Cure of the Stone. With an appendix, containing the case of the Honourable Horatio Walpole, Esquire, written by himself.
35855: WIDGERY, FREDERICK J. (ILLUSTRATIONS); LADY ROSALIND NORTHCOTE (TEXT). - Devon: its moorlands, streams and coasts.
19879: WIENER, LEO. - An Interpretation of the Russian People.
24400: WIGAN, MICHAEL. - Scottish Highland Estate: preserving an environment. Photographs by Glyn Satterley.
41076: WIGGEN, W. R. - Esh Leaves: being drafts upon the memory of an old parishioner.
35924: WIGHTMAN, CLARE (COMPILED BY). - Women at Work in Society. University of Warwick Library Occasional Publications No 7. Modern Records Centre Sources Booklet No 1.
33155: WILCOCK, REV PETER. - Lives of the first five Abbots of Wearmouth and Jarrow: Benedict, Ceolfrid, Eosterwine,Sigfrid, and Hubert. Translated from the Latin of the Venerable Bede. To which is prefixed a life of the author by Rev Peter Wilcock.
40504: WILCOCK, PETER, REV. - The Lives of Benedict, Ceolfrid, Easterwine, Sigfrid, and Huetbert, the First Five Abbots of the United Monastery of Wearmouth and Jarrow. Translated from the Latin of Venerable Bede. To which is prefixed a life of the Author.
8761: WILCOX, D. - Historical and Biographical Sketches of My Mother Lodge of Freemasons.
17806: WILCOX, REV. JOHN C. - John Kensit: Reformer and Martyr. A popular life.
23739: WILD, H., REV. - Holiday Walks in the North-Countree.
28177: WILD, REV H. - Holiday Walks in the North Countree.
34406: WILDRIDGE, T TINDALL (EDITED BY). - The Hull Letters. Printed from a collection of original documents found among the Borough Archives in the Town Hall, Hull 1884, during the process of the work of indexing. Period: The Reign of Charles I until his imprisonment 1625-1646.
18127: WILKES, WETENHALL, REV. - Hounslow-Heath. A poem. The second edition. Carefully corrected and enlarged.
29888: WILKES, LYALL & GORDON DODDS. - Tyneside Classical. The Newcastle of Granger, Dobson & Clayton.
8945: WILKINS, H. J. - Was John Wycliffe a Negligent Pluralist? also John De Trevisa, his life and work.
39128: WILKINS, W. J. - Daily Life and Work in India.
24669: WILKINSON, JOHN H. - Leeds Dialect Glossary and Lore ...
33839: WILKINSON, REV RAYMOND S. - The Church and Parish of Abbots Langley.
32955: WILKINSON, K E T. - A New Guide to the City of York.
31583: WILKINSON, GERALD. - Epitaph for the Elm.
28114: WILKINSON, A M. - Ripon Five Hundred Years Ago.
33756: WILKINSON, H B. - Old Hanging Ditch. Its Trades, its Traders, and its Renaissance.
37579: WILKINSON, GEORGE. - Chronicles of Southport in 1845, with a variety of other miscellaneous pieces, written expressly for "The Southport Visiter."
37426: WILKINSON, LAURENCE. - No Fruit More Bitter.
39644: WILKINSON, MICHAEL. - Random notes on St. Oswald's and Durham.
39691: WILKINSON, JAMES (COMPILER). - The Victoria Legal Friendly Society's Business & Domestic Almanack for 1865, ...
42190: WILKINSON, TATTERSALL; J. F. TATTERSALL. - Memories of Hurstwood, Burnley, Lancashire. With tales and traditions of the neighbourhood.
35406: WILKS, BRIAN. - Jane Austen.
31529: WILLARD, BARBARA (COMPILED BY). - Field and Forest.
31004: WILLCOCK, JOHN. - A Scots Earl in Covenanting Times: Being Life and Times of Archibald 9th Earl of Argyll 1629-1685.
31268: WILLCOCKS, R. M. - England's Postal History to 1840. With notes on Scotland, Wales and Ireland.
23389: WILLCOX, WILLIAM H., SIR. - The Influence of Chemical Research on Medicine and Forensic Medicine.
26059: WILLETTS, PAMELA J. - Handlist of Music Manuscripts Acquired 1908-67.
34864: WILLIAM, LORD ARCHBISHOP OF YORK. - The National Church. A sermon preached at the opening of the Cathedral of St Albans, on October 21st, 1885.
3142: WILLIAMS, FREDRICK. - Our Iron Roads: their history, construction and social influences.
16828: WILLIAMS, CHARLES THEODORE. - The Climate of the South of France as Suited to Invalids: with notices of Mediterranean and other Winter stations. With an appendix on Alpine Summer quarters for invalids, and on the mountain cure.
18228: WILLIAMS, C. W. - The Combustion of Coal and the prevention of smoke chemically and practically considered. Part the first.
18461: WILLIAMS, DAVID. - John Frost: a study in Chartism.
18889: WILLIAMS, H. NOEL. - Five Fair Sisters: an Italian episode at the court of Louis XIV.
19136: WILLIAMS, CHAUNCY K., COMPILER. - Centennial Celebration of the Settlement of Rutland, VT., October 2d, 3d, 4th and 5th, 1870, including the addresses, historical papers, poems, responses at the dinner table, etc.
35947: WILLIAMS, C J & J WATTS-WILLIAMS (COMPILED BY). - Cofrestri Plwyf Cymru. Parish Registers of Wales.
24067: WILLIAMS, A. H. - An Introduction to the History of Wales. Volume I. Prehistoric times to 1063 A.D.
34551: WILLIAMS, HOWARD E. - From Charity to Teaching Hospital: Ella Latham's presidency 1933-54, The Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne.
26251: WILLIAMS, GORDON. - Bewick to Dovaston: letters 1824-1828. Introduced by Montague Weekley.
34040: WILLIAMS, STEWART. - Saints and Sailing Ships. [The Vale Series Vol IV].
28235: WILLIAMS, CHAS. - Souvenir of Sir Thomas Browne.
30872: WILLIAMS, M E. - Verses by M E Williams.
29315: WILLIAMS, STANLEY A. - The Official Guide to Windsor Castle. The town and neighbourhood of Windsor.
31088: WILLIAMS, I NEWTON. - The Rogers Turfler Family. A Search for Ancestors.
31329: WILLIAMS, J. D. - Audley End: the restoration of 1762-1797. 'Essex Record Office Publications, No. 45.'
33585: WILLIAMS, NEVILLE. - Contraband Cargoes: seven centuries of smuggling.
35216: WILLIAMS, GEORGE (EDITED BY). - Memorials of the Reign of King Henry VI. Official correspondence of Thomas Bekynton, secretary to King Henry VI., and Bishop of Bath and Wells. (2 Vols). [Rerum Britannicarum Medii Aevi Scriptores, or Chronicles and Memorials of Great Britain and Ireland during the Middle Ages].
23447: WILLIAMS, W. A. - Rubber.
22344: WILLIAMS, I. A. (COMPILER). - Bibliographies of Modern Authors No. 4. John Collings Squire and James Stephens.
37706: WILLIAMS, FOLKESTONE. - Lives of the English Cardinals; including historical notices of the papal court ... (2 Vols.).
41900: WILLIAMS, DAVID. - Royal recollections on a tour to Cheltenham, Gloucester, Worcester, and places adjacent, in the year 1788.
3794: WILLIAMSON, HENRY. - Salar the Salmon.
16449: WILLIAMSON, GEORGE. - Memorials of the Lineage, Early Life, Education, and Development of the Genius of James Watt.
20313: WILLIAMSON, HUGH. - Methods of Book Design: the practice of an industrial craft.
25139: WILLIAMSON, J., REV. - Glastonbury Abbey: its history and ruins.
27180: WILLIAMSON, HENRY. - Tales of Moorland & Estuary. Drawings by Broom Lynne.
29660: WILLIAMSON, WILLIAM. - Hydracarina from Strathearn. The Colour of Huitfeldtia Rectipes Sig Thor. Reprinted from "The Scottish Naturalist."
29074: WILLIAMSON, DR. G.C. - Guildford Castle. A Chronological Survey.
28887: WILLIAMSON, DR G C. - The Guilford Caverns.
31149: WILLIAMSON, WILLIAM CRAWFORD. - Reminiscences of a Yorkshire Naturalist. [Edited by his Wife].
34621: WILLIAMSON, H. G., REV. - Palestine Past and Present.
35286: WILLIAMSON, HENRY. - Salar the Salmon.
23546: WILLIAMSON, STANLEY (EDITOR). - The Third Northcountryman: a selection of items broadcast on the "Northcountryman" programme from the North of England.
23545: WILLIAMSON, STANLEY; KENNETH BROWN (EDITORS). - The Northcountryman: a selection of items broadcast on the "Northcountryman" programme from the North of England.
5739: WILLIAMSON, HENRY. - The Lone Swallows and other essays on boyhood and youth. Illustrated by C. F. Tunnicliffe.
34101: WILLIES, LYNN. - Lead and Lead Mining.
26027: WILLINSKY, JOHN. - Empire of Words: the reign of the OED.
32096: WILLIS, RONALD. - York as it Was.
30984: WILLIS, REV R. - The Architectural History of Glastonbury Abbey. Read at the annual meeting of the Archaeological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland, at Dorchester, August 4, 1865.
31601: WILLIS, REV R. - The Architectural History of Glastonbury Abbey. Read at the Annual Meeting of the Archaeological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland at Dorchester, August 4th 1865.
31844: WILLIS, ARTHUR J (COMPILED BY) - Hampshire Marriage Licences 1669-1680 from the records in the Diocesan Registry Winchester.
33785: WILLIS, DOROTHY (EDITED BY). - The estate book of Henry de Bray, of Harleston, Co. Northants, c. 1289-1340. Camden Third Series Volume XXVII.
33999: WILLIS, ARTHUR J. - Wills, Administrations and Inventories with the Winchester Diocesan Records.
34109: WILLIS, JAMES. - Report on the Inspection of Mines in the Newcastle On Tyne District, comprising the North part of the County of Durham, the counties of Northumberland and Cumberland, and the detached part of North Lancashire, for the year ending 31st December 1880. Mines. Reports of the Inspectors of Mines, to Her Majesty's Secretary of State, for the Year 1880. [Presented to both Houses of Parliament by Command of Her Majesty].
25977: WILLIS, ARTHUR J. - Genealogy for Beginners.
36620: WILLIS, ARTHUR J (COMPILED BY). - A Calendar of Southampton Apprenticeship Registers 1609-1740. [Southampton Record Series Vol XII]. Introduction by A L Merson.
34157: WILLIS, JAMES. - Mines. Report of James Willis, Esq, H.M Inspector of Mines for the Newcastle District (No 3), to her Majesty's Secretary of State, under the Coal Mines Regulation Act 1887, the Metalliferous Mines Regulation Acts 1872 and 1875, and the Slate Mines (Gunpowder) Act 1882; for the year 1888. Presented to both Houses of Parliament by Command of her Majesty.
34207: WILLIS, JAMES. - Mines. Report of James Willis Esq, H.M Inspector of Mines for the Newcastle District (No 3) to Her Majesty's Secretary of State, under the Coal Mines Regulation Act 1887, the Metalliferous Mines Regulations Acts 1872 and 1875, and the Slate Mines (Gunpowder) Act 1882; for the Year 1889. Presented to both Houses of Parliament by Command of her Majesty.
39147: WILLMORE, FREDERIC W. - A History of Freemasonry in the Province of Staffordshire.
41680: WILLMORE, W. BRO. F. W. - Memorials of St. Matthew's Lodge, No. 539, and the Vernon Chapter of Royal Arch Masons, No. 539.
30012: WILLMOTT, ROBERT ARIS (EDITOR). - Poems of William Wordsworth. Illustrated with one hundred designs by Birket Foster, J. Wolf, and John Gilbert, engraved by the brothers Dalziel.
17437: WILLS, GEOFFREY - Candlesticks.
36113: WILLS, F. ALEX., THE VAGABOND. - According to Matthew. A reconstruction ... of Anglo-Saxon England of the four counties between the cities of Edinburgh and York ....
39950: WILLYAMS, H.V. - Down West. Extracts from the Log-Book of a Single-Hander.
18611: WILSON, CHARLES. - England's Apprenticeship 1603-1763.
18676: WILSON, CHARLES. - England's Apprenticeship 1603-1763.
18793: WILSON, JOHN M., REV. - Earth, Sea, and Sky; or, the hand of god in the works of nature.
18973: WILSON, MONA. - The Life of William Blake.
20262: WILSON, EDWARD M.; DON W. CRUIKSHANK. - Samuel Pepys's Spanish Plays.
20294: WILSON, FREDERICK RICHARD. - An Architectural Survey of the Churches in the Archdeaconry of Lindisfarne, in the County of Northumberland. Containing plans and views of seventy-nine fabrics and sketches of the principal antiquities in them.
23230: WILSON, COLIN. - Mysteries: an investigation into the occult, the paranormal, and the supernatural.
24698: WILSON, THOMAS. - The Pitman's Pay, and other poems.
30570: WILSON, TOM. - Let's go for a Walk. Round about Keswick.
28845: WILSON, JOSEPH. - Memorabilia Cantabrigiae: or, an account of the different colleges in Cambridge; biographical sketches of the founders and eminent men, with many original anecdotes, views of the colleges and portraits of the founders.
30113: WILSON, EDWARD, REV. - Sermons, Preached in the Parish Church of St. Michael's, Bath.
30272: WILSON, THOMAS. - The Pitman's Pay, and other poems. With a memoir of the author.
31242: WILSON, CHARLES. - First with the News: the history of W.H. Smith, 1792-1972.
32305: WILSON, BOURDON. - Siskiyou County, California.
33167: WILSON, FREDERICK RICHARD. - An Architectural Survey of the Churches in the Archdeaconry of Lindesfarne, in the County of Northumberland. Containing plans and views of seventy nine fabrics and sketches of the principal antiquities in them.
26473: WILSON, DUDLEY. - The Wilson Collection: a catalogue of part of a small private library.
35499: WILSON, GEORGE HENRY. - A Manual of Dental Prosthetics.
35599: WILSON, JAMES GLENNY, MRS. - Themes and Variations.
41518: WILSON, BENJAMIN. - Our Village: A sketch of history and progress of Bramley during seven centuries.
40506: WILSON, THOMAS. - The Pitman's Pay, and other poems. With a memoir of the author.
41476: WILSON, BENJAMIN. - Our Village: a sketch of the history and progress of Bramley during seven centuries.
40179: WILSON, JOHN. - A History of the Durham Miners' Association, 1870-1904.
19333: WINCHESTER, CHARLES, ADVOCATE. - Memoirs of the Chevalier de Johnstone. ... Translated from the original French M.S. of the Chevalier. Volume First (of 3 volumes but complete in itself).
26942: WIND, LUDWIG. - [The Munich Collection of Ornament.]
33026: WINDLE, BERTRAM C A. - Remains of the Prehistoric Age in England. [The Antiquary's Books].
32399: WINDROW, MARTIN & GERRY EMBLETON. - Military Dress of North America 1665-1970.
16573: WINDT, H DE. - From Pekin to Calais by Land.
24495: DE WINDT, HARRY. - The New Siberia: being an account of a visit to the penal island of Sakhalin, and political prison and mines of the Trans-Baikal district, Eastern Siberia.
31877: WINGFIELD, SIR CHARLES. - Observations on Land Tenures and Tenant Right in India.
41709: VAN WINKLE, CORNELIUS S. - The Printers' Guide; or, An introduction to the art of printing ... 'Nineteenth-Century Book Arts and Printing History Series No. 18.'
31089: WINTHROP, ROBERT C. - A Memoir of Robert C Winthrop. Prepared for the Massachusetts Historical Society.
22334: WISE, THOMAS J. (EDITOR). - A Complete Bibliography of the Writings in Prose and Verse of John Ruskin LL.D., with a list of the more important Ruskiniana. Compiled by Thomas J. Wise and James P. Smart (2 Volumes).
24233: WISE, THOMAS J. - A Bibliography of the Writings in Prose and Verse of George Henry Borrow.
31647: WISE, C. - The Montagus of Broughton and their Northamptonshire Homes.
23941: WITHARD, PHILIP. - Illuminating and Missal Painting on Paper and Vellum.
28798: WITHERS, PERCY. - In a Cumberland Dale.
9353: WITHROW, REV. W.H. - The Catacombs of Rome, and their testimony relative to primitive Christianity.
22698: WITTICH, W. - Curiosities of Physical Geography. Series II. Earthquakes and Volcanoes.
34426: LESLIE J WITTS. - The Medical Professorial Unit. The Harveian Oration 1971. [Reprinted from the Medical Journal 1971].
34943: WODEHOUSE, P. G. - The Luck of the Bodkins.
34549: WOGLOM, WILLIAM H. - Discoverers for Medicine.
22252: WOJCIECHOWSKI, ZYGMUNT. - L'Etat Polonais au Moyen-Age: histore des institutions.
41856: WOLF, G. - Ferdinand II. Und die juden. Nach aktenstulcken in den archiven der k.k. ministerien des innern und des aeussern.
42587: WOLLASTON, T. ROLAND. - Filtration: an elementary treatise on industrial methods and equipment for the filtration of liquids and gases for those concerned with water supply, ventilation, and public health, chemists, mechanical engineers, and others. 'Pitman's technical primers.'
34310: WOLSTENHOLME, GORDON (EDITOR). - The Royal College of Physicians of London: Portraits. ... described by David Piper.
39645: LANCHESTER WOMEN'S INSTITUTE. - The story of our village: Lanchester.
23852: NORTH YORKSHIRE FEDERATION OF WOMEN'S INSTITUTES. - North Yorkshire Within Living Memory.
41398: WONNACOTT, REV. JAMES. - The history of Morley old chapel, and its ministers, from the earliest times.
9421: WOOD, REV. J.G. - Homes without Hands. Being a description of the habitations of animals, classed according to their principle of construction.
18268: WOOD, ANDREW DICK; THOMAS GRAY LINN. - Plywoods: their development, manufacture and application.
19727: WOOD, ERNEST. - An Englishman Defends Mother India: a complete constructive reply to "Mother India."
20971: WOOD, FREDERICK T. (EDITOR). - The Poems of Henry Carey.
22289: WOOD, MARGARET. - The English Mediaeval House.
23461: WOOD, G. BERNARD. - Historic Homes of Yorkshire.
34762: WOOD, E.S. - The Ancient Buildings of the Harrogate District, with a Bibliography.
33511: WOOD, G. BERNARD. - Yorkshire Tribute.
33057: WOOD, NICOLA. - Scottish Place Names.
29873: WOOD, ROBERT. - West Hartlepool. The Rise and Development of a Victorian New Town.
33959: WOOD, REV B WARD (TRANSCRIBED BY) & FRANCIS COLLINS (EDITED BY). - The Parish Register of St Mary Bishophill Junior, York. 1602-1812. [Publications of the Yorkshire Parish Register Society Vol LII].
37284: WOOD, WALTER. - The Northumberland Fusiliers. 'British Regiments in War and Peace Series. No.2.'
42818: WOOD, HELEN. - The grammatical reading class-book; or, easy introduction to English grammar ; in entertaining conversations between a lady and her daughters; in which the parts of speech are familiarly explained, and the rules of grammar introduced and illustrated in a pleasing manner ... Intended for the use of schools and families.
38616: WOOD, HERBERT MAXWELL (EDITED BY) - The Registers of Middleton St. George, in the County of Durham. VOL. XII. Baptisms: 1652-1812. Marriages: 1616-1812 Burials: 1616-1812
38619: WOOD, HERBERT M. (EDITED BY) - The Registers of Whorlton, in the County of Durham. VOL. XIX. Baptisms: 1626-1812 Marriages: 1713-1794 Burials: 1669-1812
5453: WOOD, JAMES. - The Principles of Mechanics: designed for the use of students in the University.
33763: WOODCOCK, AUDREY M (EDITED BY) - Cartulary of the priory of St. Gregory, Canterbury. Camden Third Series LXXXVIII.
39705: WOODCROFT, B[ENNETT]. - Steam Navigation. [Contained within] Transactions of the Society of Arts for 1847-8. Part II.
37250: WOODHAM, HENRY ANNESLEY. - An Application of Heraldry to the Illustration of Various University and Collegiate Antiquities. [Part the First & Par the Second].
38918: WOODHOUSE, R. - The River Tees: a north country river.
33405: WOODHOUSE, ROBERT. - Middlesbrough: a pictorial history.
25145: WOODHOUSE, ROBERT. - Stockton-on-Tees: a pictorial history.
25932: WOODS, HENRY. - Catalogue of the Type Fossils in the Woodwardian Museum, Cambridge.
29670: WOODWARD, JOHN; GEORGE BURNETT. - A Treatise on Heraldry British and Foreign with English and French Glossaries. New introduction by L. G. Pine.
28941: WOOF, ROBERT. - The Wordsworth Circle. Studies of twelve members of Wordsworth's circle of friends: twelve portraits from the National Portrait Gallery.
40608: WOOLACOTT, D. - Geology of North-East Durham. A Popular Work.
39757: WOOLER, EDWARD; ALFRED CAINE BOYDE. - Historic Darlington.
40906: WOOLLCOMBE, REV. HENRY. - A charge delivered at the second visitation of the Archdeaconry of Exeter on April 23rd & 30th, and May 2nd, 1861.
33041: WOOSTER, N. - Semi Precious Stones.
31418: WORCESTER, ELWOOD; SAMUEL MCCOMB; ISADOR H. CORIAT. - Religion and Medicine: the moral control of nervous disorders.
31694: WORDSWORTH, WILLIAM. - Memorials of a Tour on the Continent, 1820.
33717: WORDSWORTH, CHR. - Occasional Sermons preached in Westminster Abbey (Fourth Series).
33718: WORDSWORTH, CHR. - Occasional Sermons preached in Westminster Abbey (Sixth Series). Sermons XLIII - L. Contents Include - The Immaculate Conception. The Christian Sunday. Marriage with a person divorced.
25103: AMATEUR WORK. - Amateur Work, Illustrated. Volume 4. Edited by the author of 'Every Man his Own Mechanic.' With supplements, containing designs and working drawings to scale, for various pieces of work, useful and ornamental ...
17850: WORKMAN, HERBERT B. - The Foundation of Modern Religion: a study in the task and contribution of the medieval church.
27954: WORLEY, G. - Essex. A Dictionary of the County mainly Ecclesiological in two parts.
30798: WORLEY, G. - Essex: a dictionary of the county mainly ecclesiological, in two parts.
36335: WORLEY, G. - Essex. A Dictionary of the County mainly Ecclesiological in two parts.
22916: WORSFOLD, T. CATO. - Staple Inn and Its Story. Being an account of "The fayrest Inne of Chancerie."
28513: WORSFOLD, W. BASIL. - The Redemption of Egypt.
36766: WORSTENHOLM, L. - An Editor's Faith.
22783: WORTH, R. N. - The West Country Garland: selected from the writings of the poets of Devon and Cornwall, from the fifteenth to the nineteenth century, with folk songs and traditional verses.
20653: WRAY, D. A. - British Regional Geology: the Pennines and adjacent areas
23511: WRAY, J. JACKSON. - Nestleton Magna: a story of Yorkshire Methodism.
5345: WRENCH, G. T. - Lord Lister: his life and work.
36137: WREY, H. B., REV. - A Few Pages on the Great Pyramid of Ghizeh, viewed in our times as a monument of prophetic, historic and scientific knowledge, supernaturally communicated to man four thousand years since.
5291: WRIGHT, HERBERT. - Hevea Brasiliensis or Para Rubber: its botany, cultivation, chemistry and diseases.
17260: WRIGHT-ST CLAIR, REX E. - Doctors Monro: a medical saga.
17979: WRIGHT, C. E. (PREFACE). - The Eric George Millar Bequest of Manuscripts and Drawings 1967: a commemorative volume.
21106: WRIGHT, JAMES. - Country Conversations: being an account of some discourses that happen'd in a visit to the country last summer, on divers subjects; ...
23793: WRIGHT, THOMAS, REV. - The Antiquities of the Town of Halifax in Yorkshire ...
24046: WRIGHT, RONALD SELBY. - The Kirk in the Canongate: a short history from 1128 to the present day.
24053: WRIGHT, THOMAS (EDITOR AND TRANSLATOR). - The Political Songs of England, from the reign of John to that of Edward II ... revised by Edmund Goldsmid (4 Vols).
35306: WRIGHT, G.W. - Goodall's Guide to Glastonbury. Including a brief history of its monastic buildings.
26696: WRIGHT, THOMAS (EDITOR). - Anecdota Literaria; a collection of short poems in English, latin, and French, illustrative of the literature and history of England in the thirteenth century, and more especially of the condition and manners of the different classes of society.
32466: WRIGHT ST CLAIR, REX E. - Doctors Monro. A Medical Saga.
29408: WRIGHT, ALEC. - Cleveland. A Pictorial History.
29234: WRIGHT, NORMAN E & DAVID H PRATT. - Genealogical Research Essentials.
31692: WRIGHT, G W. - Goodall's Guide to Glastonbury. Including a brief history of its Monastic Buildings.
33005: WRIGHT, HENRIETTA CHRISTIAN. - Stories in American History.
33663: WRIGHT, WM HORACE. - Historical notes relating to the Borough of Wotton, and a list of Mayors of the Borough from 1660.
33671: WRIGHT, THOMAS. - The Town of Cowper or the literary and historical associations of Olney and neighbourhood.
25051: WRIGHT, GEOFFREY N. - View of Northumbria.
34902: WRIGHT, I C (TRANSLATED BY). - Dante translated into English Verse.
37036: WRIGHT, THOMAS (EDITOR). - Early Travels in Palestine, comprising the narratives of Arculf, Willibald, Bernard, Saewulf, Sigurd, Benjamin of Tudela, Sir John Maundeville, De la Brocquiere, and Maundrell. 'Bohn's Antiquarian Library. No. 7.'
37045: WRIGHT, ALFRED, DR. - Adventures in Servia: or the experiences of a medical free lance among the Bashi-Bazouks, etc. Edited by A. G. Farquhar-Bernard ...
40206: WRIGHT, FRANCES (TRANSLATOR). - A few days in Athens, being the translation of a Greek manuscript discovered in Herculaneum. With a sketch of the life of the author and of Epicurus and his philosophy. By J. M. Wheeler.
39785: WRIGHT, G.W. - Illustrated Guide to Glastonbury. Including a history of its monastic building
41125: WRIGHT, REGINALD W.M. (COMPILER) - Victoria Art Gallery. Catalogue of Bristol and West of England Delft collection.
17516: WRIGHT, RONALD SELBY - Another Home.
30802: MATTHEWS WRIGHTSON. - Irons in the Fire: a record of the Matthew Wrightson Group of Companies, 1901-1951.
40222: WRIGLEY, AMMON - At the Sign of the Three Bonnie Lasses.
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25827: WU, CHING-TZU. - The Scholars.
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31801: WYNNE, SIR JOHN. - The History of the Gwyder Family.
34105: WYNNE, MR. - Report on the Inspection of Mines for the District comprising North Staffordshire, Cheshire, and Shropshire for the year ended 31st December 1880. Mines. Reports of the Inspectors of Mines, to Her Majesty's Secretary of State, for the Year 1880. [Presented to both Houses of Parliament by Command of Her Majesty].
34152: WYNNE, THOMAS. - Mines. Report of Thomas Wynne, Esq, H.M Inspector of Mines for the North Staffordshire District (No 10), to her Majesty's Secretary of State, under the Coal Mines Regulation Act 1887, the Metalliferous Mines Regulation Acts 1872 and 1875, and the Slate Mines (Gunpowder) Act 1882; for the year 1888. Presented to both Houses of Parliament by Command of her Majesty.
33788: CAMDEN MISCELLANY VOL XI. - Miscellany, Vol. XI, 1907. Some unpublished letters of Gilbert Burnett, the historian, ed. Miss H.C. Foxcroft Extracts from the papers of Thomas Woodcock, ob. 1695, ed. G.C. Moore Smith The memoirs of Sir George Courthop, 1616-85, ed. Mrs. S.C. Lomas The Commonwealth charter of the city of Salisbury, 12 September 1656, ed. Hubert Hall. Camden Third Series Vol XIII.
36177: COLLECTANEA ADAMANTAEA. - XII. - A Collection of Epitaphs and Inscriptions, interesting either from historical associations or quaintness of wording (2 Vols.) Edited by Edmund Goldsmid ...
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33852: CAMDEN MISCELLANY VOL XX. - Camden Miscellany Vol XX. A Brief Collection of the Queenes Majesties Most High and Most Honourable Courtes of Recordes by Richard Robinson, ed. R.L. Rickard The Hastings' Journal of the Parliament of 1621, ed. Lady de Villiers The Minute Book of James Courthope, ed. Orlo Cyprian Williams Camden Third Series LXXXIII.
35058: YARNALL, ELLIS. - Wordsworth and the Coleridges, with other other memories literary and political.
28149: YATES, E A. - Rambles and Scrambles in Borrowdale.
23079: YEATES, G. K. - Bird Haunts in Northern Britain.
24531: YEATES, G. K. - Bird Life in Two Deltas: being the diaries of a bird photographer in the estuaries of the Guadalquiver and the Rhone and their neighbourhoods.
25046: YEATES, G. K. - Bird Haunts in Northern Britain.
33707: YEATMAN, PYM. - Some Observations upon the law of Ancient Demesne. With suggestions as to the origin of the families of Brewer, Britom Hardwick and Cavendish, the Ancient Lords of the Manor of Chesterfield, in the County of Derby, arising upon an examination of the archives of the borough.
25779: YEATS-BROWN, FRANCIS. - Golden Horn.
37331: YEOMAN, THOMAS. - The Report of Thomas Yeoman, Engineer, concerning the drainage of the North Level of the Fens and the Outfal of the Wisbeach River.
23658: YGLESIAS, H. R. - Figure Skating.
20055: YONGE, SAMUEL H. - The Site of Old "James Towne" 1607-1698. A brief historical and topographical sketch of the first American metropolis.
25519: YORK. - A Handbook to the Old York Views and Worthies Exhibition in the Exhibition Buildings York: March 15th to April 12th 1905.
32910: YORK. - Mate's Illustrated Guide to York 1906.
5321: YOUNG, EGERTON RYERSON. - By Canoe and Dog-train among the Cree and Salteaux Indians.
16773: YOUNG, JOHN. - The Mystery, or, Evil and God.
19107: YOUNG, J[OHN], PROF. (INTRO). - Catalogue of the Western Scottish Fossils. Compiled by James Armstrong, John Young ... David Robertson ...
19517: YOUNG, EDWARD. - Labor in Europe and America: a special report on the rates of wages, the cost of subsistence, and the condition of the working classes in Great Britain, Germany, France, Belgium, and other countries of Europe; also in the United States and British America.
31479: YOUNG, MATTHEW & DOROTHY PAYNE (COMPILED BY). - Around Leeds. The Archive Photographs Series.
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28425: YOUNG, FILSON. - The Wagner Stories. Lyric translations by Eric Maclagan.
24027: YOUNG, DOUGLAS. - The Puddocks: a verse play in Scots. From the Greek of Aristophanes.
37884: YOUNG, PETER, BRIGADIER. - Marston Moor 1644: the campaign and the battle.
35860: YUTANG, LIN. - Imperial Peking: seven centuries of China. With an essay on the art of China by Peter C. Swann.
30787: ZAHL, PAUL A. - Coro-Coro: the world of the Scarlet Ibis.
19936: ZIETHE, W., REV. - Anna Lavater: a picture of Swiss pastoral life in the last century.
30274: ZINCKE, F BARHAM. - Wherstead. Some Materials for its History. Territorial, Manorial and during the events between.
30071: ZISCHKA, ANTON. - Italien in der Welt.
30063: ZOLA, EMILE. - Pour une Nuit d'Amour Illustrations by Georges Picard. "Collection Lotus Bleu."
28157: ZOLA, EMILE. - Nana. Translated by Charles Duff. Etchings by Vertes.
37007: KAZIMIERZ PLATER ZYBERK. - In Defence of Poles in the USSR.

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