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24944: SPAIN, G. L. - Jottings from a Corner of the Moors. Originally written for 'Our Quarterly Record,' ...
16716: SPANTON, WILLIAM DUNNETT. - On the Cure of Hernia, in relation to parents and the profession; a paper read before the surgical section of the International Medical Congress, held in London, 1881.
31756: SPARK, MURIEL. - The Fanfarlo and other Verse.
22700: SPARKES, I. G. (COMPILER). - The History of Thurrock: a guide and bibliography.
34819: SPEAK, HAROLD & JEAN FORRESTER. - Old Wakefield in Photographs.
33827: SPEAKER, G R & KATHERINE C CHORLEY (EDITED BY). - The Journal of the Fell & Rock Climbing Club of the English Lake District. [No 37 Vol XIII (No III)].
30618: SPEAKMAN, WILFRED. - Before We Part. Articles reprinted from The Fleur-de-Lys.
24597: SPEAKMAN, COLIN. - The Nut Brown Maid, and other Dales stories. Thirteen famous stories from the Yorkshire Dales. Illustrated by Geoffrey Cowton.
37827: SPEIGHT, HARRY. - Romantic Richmondshire. Being a complete account of the history, antiquities and scenery of the picturesque valleys of the Swale and Yore.
26339: SPENCE, JAMES; W. S. WALTON; F. J. W. MILLER; S. D. M. COURT. - A Thousand Families in Newcastle upon Tyne: an approach to the study of health and illness in children.
27936: SPENCE, REV H D M. - The White Robe of Churches of the XI th Century. Pages from the story of Gloucester Cathedral.
31613: SPENCE, C. - An Essay Descriptive of the Abbey Church of Romsey, in Hampshire. Founded by King Edward the Elder. Compiled from various voluminous works and ancient manuscripts in the British Museum.
28058: SPENCE, LEWIS. - Weirds & Vanities. Broadsheet 6 Third Series.
23561: SPENCE, JOAN AND BILL. - The Medieval Monasteries of Yorkshire.
23262: SPENCE, MARGUERITA. - A Short History of York. ... illustrated by Marian E. Everatt.
5263: SPENCER,HERBERT. - The Data of Ethics.
8878: SPENCER, MARIANNE ROBERTSON. - Annals of South Glamorgan. Historical, legendary, and descriptive chapters on some leading places of interest.
18623: SPENCER, HERBERT. - Facts and Comments.
18640: SPENCER, HERBERT. - Essays: Scientific, Political, and Speculative. Containing seven essays not before republished, and various other additions. (2 of 3 Vols).
24730: SPENCER, JAMES R. - The Northern Pageant.
31856: SPENCER, BRIAN. - A Visitor's Guide to the Lake District.
26182: SPENCER, SIDNEY. - Clear Water Trout Fishing with Worm.
35555: SPENCER, HERBERT. - Ceremonial Institutions: being Part IV of the Priciples of Sociology. (The First portion of Vol II).
40734: SPENCER, CHARLES CHILD. - A rudimentary and practical treatise on music (2 vols in 1).
8516: SPIELMANN, H; G. S. LAYARD. - Kate Greenway.
41345: SPIERS, R.A.H. (COMPILER) - Coaching days in Oxford and at "The Mitre".
37425: SPIGLER, IANCU. - Economic Reform in Rumanian Industry. [Institute of Societ and East European Studies, University of Glasgow]. Foreword by Michael Kaser.
18654: SPILLER, BURTON L. - Grouse Feathers.
20615: SPILSBURY, WILLIAM HOLDEN. - Lincoln's Inn: its ancient and modern buildings, with an account of the library.
16147: METHYLATED SPIRIT. - Reports on the Successful Application of Methylated Spirit, ... to various purposes in the Arts, Manufactures, and Scientific Research, in 1856; addressed to the Commissioners of Inland Revenue.
19187: SPRAGUE, WILLIAM B. - An Address delivered at the close of the annual examination of the Young Ladies' Institute, Pittsfield, Mass. September 28, 1844.
20757: SPRIGGE, TIMOTHY L. S. (EDITOR). - The Correspondence of Jeremy Bentham. Volume 1: 1752-76.
17404: SPRIGGE, S. SQUIRE. - Physic and Fiction.
26241: SPURGIN, JOHN, REV. - Tracts in Defence of the Church of England.
22008: SPURR, RUSSELL. - Enter the Dragon: China at war in Korea.
26835: SQUIBB, G. D. (TRANSCRIBER). - The Register of The Temple Church, London. Baptisms 1629-1853, Marriages 1628-1760. The Publications of the Harleian Society. New Series Volume 1 for the year 1979.
16886: SRAWLEY, J. H. - The Early History of the Liturgy.
16715: ST. CLAIR, JOHN. - The Nature and Origin of Music and its Place and Power in Education and in Worship.
21640: ST JOHN-STEVAS, NORMAN (EDITOR). - The Collected Works of Walter Bagehot (2 Volumes). The literary essays ... with an introduction by Sir William Haley.
23651: ST. JOHN'S COLLEGE, CAMBRIDGE. - Notes from the College Records. [Extracted from the Eagle...] Edited by R. F. S[cott].
29680: ST JOHN HOPE, W. H. - Heraldry for Craftsmen & Designers. 'The Artistic Crafts Series of Technical Handbooks.'
34680: ST. GEORGE, RICHARD. - The Visitation of the County Palatine of Duresme, taken by Richard St. George, esquyre, Norrey kinge of armes, of the east, west, and northe partes of England, from the ryver of Trent northward; and, in his companye, Henry St. George, Blewmantle, pursuyvant of armes In the year of our Lord, 1615.
37040: ST. CLAIR, S. G. B.; CHARLES A. BROPHY. - A Residence in Bulgaria; or, notes on the resources and administration of Turkey: the condition and character, manners, customs, and language of the christian and mussulman populations, with reference to the eastern question.
24546: ST. JOHN, BAYLE. - Village Life in Egypt, with sketches of the Said (2 Vols).
31224: STACEY, MARGARET. - Tradition and Change: a study of Banbury.
33599: STACKPOLE, EDOUARD A. (EDITOR). - Those in Peril on the Sea. Great adventures: from the shipwreck of St. Paul to the atomic submarine ...
39602: STAFF, FRANK. - The Picture Postcard & Its Origins.
20046: NORTH STAFFORDSHIRE. - North Staffordshire Naturalists' Field Club. Annual addresses, papers, etc.
37924: STAMP, CORDELIA & TOM - Greenland Voyager.
19559: STANDING, PERCY CROSS (EDITOR). - Memorials of Old Hertfordshire.
20116: STANEWELL, L. M. (COMPILER). - City and County of Kingston upon Hull. Calendar of the ancient deeds, letters, miscellaneous old documents, &c., in the archives of the corporation.
34405: STANEWELL, L M (INDEXED BY). - Calendar of the Ancient Deeds, Letters & Miscellaneous Old Documents &c in the Archives of the Corporation.
22971: STANFORD, J. K. - Bledgrave Hall.
23153: STANLEY, ARTHUR (FOREWORD). - The History of the Royal Fusiliers "U.P.S.", University and Public Schools Brigade (Formation and Training).
36321: STANLEY, EDWARD. - A Familiar History of Birds.
35151: STANNING, J H (EDITED BY). - The Royalist Composition Papers, being the proceedings of the Committee for Compounding, AD 1643-1660, so far as they relate to the County of Lancaster. Extracted from the Records preserved in the Public Record Office, London. Vol V P-R. [The Record Society for the Publication of Original Documents relating to Lancashire and Cheshire Vol LXXII].
34007: STANNING, J H (EDITED BY). - The Royalist Composition Papers, being the proceedings of the Committee for Compounding, AD 1643-1660, so far as they relate to the County of Lancaster. Extracted from the records preserved in the Public Record Office, London, Vol IV, I-O. [Record Society of Lancashire & Cheshire Volume XXXVI].
16582: STAPLETON, ALFRED. - All About the Merry Tales of Gotham.
9259: STATHAM, F.REGINALD. - Paul Kruger and His Times.
41850: STEANE, REV. EDWARD. - The Madiai. Narrative of the persecutions in Tuscany.
19036: STEARNS, PETER N. - Lives of Labor: work in a maturing industrial society.
37957: STEEDMAN, ROBERT D. - Thomas Bewick 1753-1828. A catalogue of fine and rare books and manuscripts to commemorate the 150th anniversary of his death.
27367: STEEL, COL J P. - An Inquiry into the Origin of the Name of Stile Stele, with all variants of the name.
31232: STEEL, ANTHONY. - The Custom of the Room, or, Early Wine-Books of Christ's College, Cambridge.
28431: STEEL, DAVID (COMPILED BY) - Birds on The Farne Islands in 2004. Edited by Margaret Patterson. Transactions of the History Society Volume 65, Part 2.
22980: STEEL, DAVID I. E. - A Lincolnshire Village: the parish of Corby Glen in its historical context.
37858: STEEL, THOMAS HENRY - A Letter to the Right Honourable Lord Dacre, to which are prefixed extracts from speeches delivered at the meeting of the Herts Agricultural Society, September 30, 1846.
38580: STEEL, JOHN W. - Early Friends in the North.
40435: STEEL, JOHN W. - Early Friends in the North.
30215: STEELE, SIR RICHARD. - An Account of the State of the Roman Catholick Religion throughout the World. Girton for the use of Pope Innocent first translated from an authentick Italian MS, never published. To which is added, a discourse concerning the state of religion in England. Written in French, in the time of K Charles I and now translated. With a large dedication to the present Pope; giving him a very particular account of the state of religion amongst protestants; and several other matters of importance relating to Great Britain. London: printed for J Roberts, 1715. [Bound With]. The Roman Ecclesiastical History of Late Years by Richard Steele. London: printed for J Roberts, 1714. [Bound With]. A Compassionate Address to those Papists, who will be prevail'd with to examine the cause for which they suffer. In five letters: in answer to two Popish books entitl'd, The Cafe Re-Stated, and, The Church of Christ shew'd by concurrent testimonies of scripture and primitive tradition by Dr Hutchinson. London: printed for D Midwinter, 1715.
35190: STEER, FRANCIS W (EDITED BY). - Minute Book of the Common Council of the City of Chichester 1783-1826. [Sussex Record Society Volume LXII].
35196: STEER, FRANCIS W (COMPILED BY). - A Catalogue of Sussex Estate and Tithe Award Maps. [Sussex Record Society Volume LXI].
26904: STEERS, J. A. - A Picture Book of the Whole Coast of England and Wales: an account of variety in scenery and its causes ... With an introductory essay by F. Fraser Darling.
30777: STEERS, J. A. - The Coast of England and Wales in Pictures.
31506: STEERS, J A. - The Coastline of Scotland.
33594: STEIN, MILTON F. - Water Purification Plants and Their Operation.
18576: STENTON, FRANK. - The First Century of English Feudalism 1066-1166 being the Ford Lectures delivered in the University of Oxford in Hilary term 1929.
25629: STENTON, F. M. - The First Century of English Feudalism, 1066-1166. Being the Ford Lectures ...
27186: STEP, EDWARD. - Wayside and Woodland Trees: a pocket guide to the British silva. 'The Wayside and Woodland Series.'
30937: STEPHAN, DOM JOHN. - Buckfast Abbey. A Short Sketch.
26341: STEPHAN, ALEXANDER. - 'Communazis': FBI surveillance of German emigré writers. Translated by Jan van Heurck.
36565: STEPHANOVE, CONSTANTINE. - The Bulgarians and Anglo-Saxondom.
15506: STEPHENS, J. W. W. - Blackwater Fever. A historical survey and summary of observations made over a century.
23718: STEPHENS, J. V., ET AL. - Geology of the Country between Bradford and Skipton. (One-inch geological sheet 69, new series.)
23839: STEPHENS, EDGAR, SIR (COMPILER). - The Clerks of the Counties, 1360-1960. With a foreword by... Viscount Kilmuir.
29407: STEPHENS, WILSON. - Windsor 1955. A Background to the Three Day European Horse Trials.
29567: STEPHENS, EDGAR, SIR (COMPILER). - The Clerks of the Counties, 1360-1960.
30951: STEPHENS, F G. - The Grosvenor Gallery. Exhibition of the Works of Sir Anthony Van Dyck.
28162: STEPHENS, THOMAS. - Welshmen: A sketch of their history form the earliest times to the death of Llywelyn, the last Welsh Prince.
38748: STEPHENS, THEO. A. - A simple method for increasing milk production.
17517: STEPHENSON, ANTHONY A. - Anglican Orders. With appendices by Walton Hannah and Hugh Ross Williamson.
40909: STEPHENSON, REV. NASH. - No. II on the rise and progression of the movement for the abolition of statutes, mops, or feeing markets. A paper read before the national association for the promotion of social science, at their fourth annual meeting, Glasgow, 1860.
41083: STEPIEN, HALINA. - Malarstwo Maksymiliana Gierymskiego.
26924: STERNDALE, ROBERT ARMITAGE. - Natural History of the Mammalia of India and Ceylon ... With illustrations, etc.
41946: STERNE, HAROLD E. - Catalogue of nineteenth century bindery equipment.
41945: STERNE, HAROLD E. - Catalogue of nineteenth century printing presses.
16255: STEUART, SIR HENRY. - The Planter's Guide; or, a practical essay on the best method of giving immediate effect to wood, by the removal of large trees and underwood; ...
32816: STEUART, J A. - Robert Louis Stevenson Man and Writer. A Critical Biography (2 Vols).
18577: STEVENS, JOAN. - Victorian Voices: an introduction to the papers of Sir John le Couteur, Q.A.D.C., F.R.S.
35315: STEVENS, FRANK. - Stonehenge Today & Yesterday.
25473: STEVENS, DENIS. - Thomas Tomkins, 1572-1656.
28566: STEVENS, LYLA. - Birds of Australia in Colour. Illustrated by Anne Lissenden.
28402: STEVENS, FRANK - Stonehenge. Today and Yesterday Curator of the Salisbury Museum with plans and illustrations by Heywood Sumner.
19831: STEVENS, A. DE GRASSE. - Old Boston: an American historical romance.
16140: STEVENSON, J. J. - A Restoration of the Mausoleum at Helicarnassus.
9396: STEVENSON, ROBERT LOUIS. - Island Nights' Entertainments. Consisting of The Beach of Falesa, The Bottle Imp, The Isle of Voices.
20669: STEVENSON, JOHN J. - The Carboniferous of the Appalachian Basin.
26706: STEVENSON, R. L. - Cameos.
27674: STEVENSON, JANET H. (EDITOR). - The Edington Cartulary. 'Wiltshire Record Society Volume 42.'
33551: STEVENSON, ROBERT LOUIS. - The Silverado Squatters.
29434: STEVENSON, C BERNARD (COMPILED BY). - George Stephenson Centenary Exhibition. Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle Upon Tyne, 12th - 21st August, 1948.
31772: STEVENSON, ROBERT LOUIS. - The Sea Fogs. [Western Classics No One]. With an introduction by Thomas Rutherford Bacon. The photogravure frontispiece after a painting by Albertine Randall Wheelan.
32336: STEVENSON, ALLAN. - The Problem of the Missale Speciale.
36067: STEVENSON, ROBERT LOUIS. - Virginibus Puerisque and other papers.
23223: STEVENSON, R. SCOTT. - Famous Illnesses in History.
37482: STEVENSON, SYLVIA. - Ride to Battle.
17280: STEVENSON, R. SCOTT - Morell Mackenzie: the story of a Victorian tragedy.
9320: STEWART, GEORGE R. - The California Trail. An epic with many heroes.
36030: STEWART, W K. - Brown's Signalling. How to learn the international code of visual and sound signals.
20475: STEWART, WM. M., HON. - Silver and the Science of Money. [Extracts from speeches in the 53rd Congress.]
21019: STEWART, DESMOND. - T. E. Lawrence.
23126: STEWART, ALEXANDER M. - The Chronicles of the Stickleback Club: annals of the countryside round Paisley.
34296: STEWART, J. I. M. - Thomas Hardy: a critical biography.
29882: STEWART, KATHLEEN. - A Short History of St Robert's Church, Morpeth.
29507: STEWART, WILLIAM. - John Lennox and the Greenock Newsclout. A fight against the taxes of knowledge.
30217: STEWART, D. - The Life and Surprising Exploits of Rob Roy Macgregor. With an historical sketch of the celebrated Clan Macgregor.
34576: STEWART, ALEXANDER, F.R.C.S. - Our Temperaments: their study and their teaching. A popular outline.
35141: STEWART-BROWN, R (EDITED BY). - Lancashire and Cheshire Cases in the Court of Star Chamber. Part I. [The Record Society for the Publication of Original Documents relating to Lancashire and Cheshire Vol LXXI].
42401: STEWART, SIR JAMES OF GUTTERS, HER MAJESTIES ADVOCAT. - An index or abridgement, of the acts of Parliament and convention, from the reign of King James the first including the former index or abridgement, and continuing the same to the ninth session of the current Parliament. Digested into Head, in the Order of the Alphabet.
22025: STICKLAND, WM. G. - "It": a book of novel and original interesting tricks.
27649: STIFTER, ADALBERT. - Brigitta. With illustrations by Peter Emmerich. Translated from the German by Edward Fitzgerald.
34881: STILEMAN, MR FRANK. - Barrow Docks and Approches by Land and Sea.
3930: STILLWELL, MARGARET BINGHAM (EDITOR). - Incunabula in American Libraries: a second census of fifteenth-century books owned in the United States, Mexico, and Canada.
38790: STILWELL, GEORGE. - Observations on the surgical treatment of in-growing toe-nail. With a pamphlet by Dr. Cotting ...
25595: STIMSON, DOROTHY. - Scientists and Amateurs: a history of the Royal Society.
28470: STIRLING, R. M'D. - Inveresk Parish Lore from Pagan Times.
34093: STIRLING, A M W. - Coke of Norfolk and his friends. The life of Thomas William Coke, first Earl of Leicester of Holkham, containing an account of his ancestry, surroundings, public services & private friendships, including many unpublished letters from the men of his day, English & American.
34248: STIRLING, A M W. - Annals of a Yorkshire House, from the papers of A Macaroni & his kindred (2 Vols).
38340: STIRLING-MAXWELL, WILLIAM, SIR. - Miscellaneous Essays and Adresses. Also biographical note and bibliography.
41990: STIRLING, WILLIAM. - Some apostles of physiology: being an account of their lives and labours. Labours that have contributed to the advancement of the healing art as well as to the prevention of disease.
35497: STITCH, WILHELMINA. - Tapestries.
43569: STOBO, T. GORDON. - Dunscore : an inland parish and its neighbourhood
36010: STOCK, H A. - Lake Sonnets & Poems.
38562: STOCK, H. A. - Lake Sonnets & Poems.
40749: STOCK, PASTOR JOHN. - History of the baptised independent and congregational church, meeting in Salendine Nook Chapel, Huddersfield.
31041: STOCKDALE, F W L. - Excursions in the County of Cornwall. Comprising a concise historical and topographical delineation of the principal towns and villages, together with descriptions of the residences of the nobility and gentry, remains of the antiquity, and every other interesting object of curiosity; forming a complete guide for the traveller and tourist.
20575: STODDARD, FREDERICK WOLCOTT ("DOLOMITE"). - Tramps through Tyrol: life, sport, and legend.
27482: STOKER, FRED. - A Grdener's Progress. Illustrated ... by H. A. Thomerson.
34436: DR JOHN STOKES. - Foreign Affairs. The Harveian Oration of 1981.
30895: STOKES, H F SCOTT. - Glastonbury Abbey before the Conquest.
32517: STOKES, ETHEL (ABSTRACTED BY). - Abstracts of Wiltshire Inquisitiones Post Mortem. Returned into the Court of Chancery in the Reign of King Edward III AD 1327-1377. [The Index Library].
34504: STOKES, ARTHUR H. - Mines and Quarries. Reports...for the Midland District (no 8) to Her Majesty's Secretary of State for the Home Department, under the Coal Mines Regulation Acts 1887 to 1896, the Metalliferous Mines Regulation Acts 1872 and 1875, and the Quarries Act 1894. For the year 1897. [Presented to both Houses of Parliament by Command of Her Majesty].
34527: STOKES, ARTHUR H. - Mines. Report...for the Midland District (no 8), to Her Majesty's Secretary of State, under The Coal Mines Act 1887, The Metalliferous Mines Regulation Acts 1872 and 1875, and The Slate Mines (Gunpowder) Act 1882, for the year 1892. [Presented to both Houses of Parliament by Command of Her Majesty].
34720: STOKES,WILLIAM. - A Treatise on the Diagnosis and Treatment of Diseases of the Chest. Part I. Diseases of the Lung and Windpipe. With a Memoir by Dr Acland. Edited for the New Sydenham Society by Alfred Hudson.
25986: STOKES, H. G. - English Place-Names.
34163: STOKES, ARTHUR H. - Mines. Report of Arthur H Stokes, Esq, H.M Inspector of Mines for the Midland District (No 8), to her Majesty's Secretary of State, under the Coal Mines Regulation Act 1887, the Metalliferous Mines Regulation Acts 1872 and 1875, and the Slate Mines (Gunpowder) Act 1882; for the year 1888. Presented to both Houses of Parliament by Command of her Majesty.
34210: STOKES, ARTHUR H. - Mines. Report of Arthur H Stokes Esq, H.M Inspector of Mines for the Midland District (No 8) to Her Majesty's Secretary of State, under the Coal Mines Regulation Act 1887, the Metalliferous Mines Regulations Acts 1872 and 1875, and the Slate Mines (Gunpowder) Act 1882; for the Year 1889. Presented to both Houses of Parliament by Command of her Majesty.
41897: STOKES, REV. H.P. - Outside the Barnwell Gate. Publications: Octavo series No. XLVII.
41721: STOKES, HENRY SEWELL. - The Vale of Lanherne, and other poems.
18267: STONE, HERBERT. - The Timbers of Commerce and their Identification.
30263: STONE, MRS. - Gods's Acre: or, Historical Notices Relating to Churchyards.
33028: STONE, CHRISTOPHER. - Eton. Painted by E D Brinton.
16487: STONEHILL, CHARLES (EDITOR). - The Complete Works of George Farquhar (2 Vols).
19772: STONOR, CHARLES. - The Sherpa and the Snowman.
32546: STOREY, T H. - York in 1837.
39131: STOREY, ARTHUR. - Hull Trinity House History of Pilotage and Navigational Aids of the River Humber (1512-19008).
39852: STORR, WILLIAM. - Native poetry: composed by William Storr, grocer, Stinnington, and S. Langdale, schoolmaster, Kirby Knowle ...
26577: STORY, ALFRED T. - Historical Legends of Northamptonshire.
22904: STOUGHTON, JOHN, REV. - Windsor: a history and description of the castle and town.
30340: STOUGHTON, JOHN. - Notices of Windsor in the Olden Times.
31002: STOUGHTON, REV JOHN. - Windsor: A History and Description of the Castle and Town.
32708: STOUGHTON, JOHN. - Shades and Echoes of Old London.
41708: STOWER, CALEB. - The Printer's Manual, an Abridgement ... [With] GRATTAN, Edward. The Printer's Companion: ... 'Nineteenth-Century Book Arts and Printing History Series No. 17.'
18423: STRACHEY, WILLIAM. - The Historie of Travell into Virginia Britania (1612). Edited by Louis B. Wright and Virginia Freund.
20901: STRACHEY, BARBARA; JAYNE SAMUELS (EDITORS). - Mary Berenson: a self-portrait from her letters and diaries.
9186: VAN STRAELEN, H. - The Far East Must be Understood.
30332: STRAHAN, AUBREY. - Guide to the Geological Model of the Isle of Purbeck. [Memoirs of the Geological Survey. England and Wales].
42467: STRAKER, G.C. - A history of the organs at the cathedral of St. Alban.
31316: STRANGE, E. F. (EDITOR). - Old Furniture: a magazine of domestic ornament. Volume One, June-September, 1927.
27308: VAN STRAUBENZEE, COL P T. (EDITED BY). - An Invaluable Guide to the Yorkshire Dales. Walking in the Dales. Wensleydale, Coverdale, Waldendale, Swaledale, Bishopdale & Arkengarthdale.
35262: STREATFEILD, FRANK. - Preparing the Way. The influence of Judaism of the Greek period on the earliest developments of Christianity.
36031: STREETEN, ROBERT J N. - The Address of the Council of the Worcestershire Natural History Society, delivered at their first Anniversary Meeting, on Friday, May 16th, 1834.
37512: STREETEN, ROBERT J. N. - Report upon the influenza or epidemic catarrh of the winter of 1836-37. With observations upon the meteorological phenomena, by Wm. Addison... [Extracted from the Transactions of the Provincial Medical Association 1837.] Part V. Article XV.
22291: STRIEDER, JAKOB. - Zur Genesis des modernen Kapitalismus. Forschungen zur Enstehung der grossen burgerlichen Kapitalvermogen am Ausange des Mittelalters und zu Beginn der Neuzeit, zunachst in Augsburg.
17300: STRONG, L. A. G. - Dr. Quicksilver 1660-1742: the life and times of Thomas Dover, M.D.
28539: STRUTT, JOHN WILLIAM, BARON RAYLEIGH. - Scientific Papers. Vol. II. 1881-1887
28541: STRUTT, JOHN WILLIAM, BARON RAYLEIGH. - Scientific Papers. Vol. IV. 1892-1901.
28542: STRUTT, JOHN WILLIAM, BARON RAYLEIGH. - Scientific Papers. Vol. V. 1902-1910.
36965: STRYIENSKI, CASIMIR (EDITED BY). - Memoirs of Countess Potocka. Translated by Lionel Strachey.
37442: STRZESZEWSKI, CZESLAW. - Handel Zagraniczny Krolestwa Kongresowego 1815-1830.
35518: STUART, MURIAL. - Fool's Garden.
23520: STUART, J. A. ERSKINE. - The Literary Shrines of Yorkshire: the literary pilgrim in the dales.
24169: STUART, J. A. ERSKINE. - The Bronte Country: its topography, antiquities and history.
29983: STUART, J. A. ERSKINE. - The Bronte Country: its topography, antiquities and history.
32710: STUART, CAMPBELL, SIR. - Memorial to a King.
39255: STUART, THOMAS, LODGE 125 (EDITOR AND COMPILER). - Book of the Centenary. Including the official catalogue. [Masonic Female Orphan School of Ireland Grand Centenary Celebration, Dublin, May 17 to 21, 1892.]
40223: STUART, J.A. ERSKINE - The Literary Shrines of Yorkshire. The Literary Pilgrim in the Dales.
25480: STUBBINGS, G. W. - A Dictionary of Church Music.
18560: STUBBS, WILLIAM. - Germany in the Middle Ages, 476-1250.
18572: STUBBS, WILLIAM. - Seventeen Lectures on the Study of Medieval and Modern History and Kindred Subjects. Delivered at Oxford under statutory obligation in the years 1867-1884.
35724: STUBBS, FREDK J. - The Corncrake in Essex. [Reprinted from the The Essex Naturalist Vol XVIII 1918].
31449: STUBBS, S. G. BLAXLAND; E. W. BLIGH. - Sixty Centuries of Health and Physick: the progress of ideas from primitive magic to modern medicine.
28400: STUBBS, FRANK.J. - The Corncrake in Essex. Reprinted from "The Essex Naturalist," Vol. XVIII.
27916: STUBBS, FREDK J. - The Mammals of the London District. [Reprinted from 'School Nature Study' 1917].
27915: STUBBS, FRED. - A List of the Mammals of the Oldham District. [Re Printed from the Oldham Microscopical Society's Report, 1905-6-7]
27914: STUBBS, FREDERICK J. - The Mechanism of Plumage in Water Birds. [The Zoologist 4th Series Volume XIV No 828].
41065: STUBBS, WILLIAM. - Registrum Sacrum Anglicum: an attempt to exhibit the course of episcopal succession in England from the records and chronicles of the church. With an appendix of Indian, colonial, and missionary consecrations collected and arranged by E. E. Holmes ...
41357: STUBBS, LAURA. - Stevenson's shrine. The record of a pilgrimage.
36637: STUDER, P. - The Oak Book of Southampton of c AD 1300. Vol I. The Anglo-French ordinances of the Ancient Guild Merchant of Southampton. Vol II. A Fourteenth Century version of the Mediaeval Sea Laws known as the Rolls of Oleron. Supplement to the Oak Book of Southampton of c AD 1300, containing, notes on the Anglo-French Dialect of Southampton (Early Fourteenth Century, Glossary and Indexes. [Publications of the Southampton Record Society].
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16885: WELCH, ADAM C. - The Psalter in life, worship and history.
27840: WELCH, F B A & R CROOKALL. - British Regional Geology: Bristol and Gloucester District. [Department of Scientific and Industrial Research Geological Survey and Museum].
40810: WELCHMAN, EDWARD. - XXXIX articuli Ecclesiæ Anglicanæ, textibus sacræ scripturæ et patrum primævorum testimoniis confirmati, brevibusque notis illustrati. Adjectis insuper nominibus auctorum, locisque in quibus doctrina in articulis contenta fussius explicatur. Editio nova. Auctore Edvardo Welchman, ...
41036: BRITISH NATIONAL CONFERENCE ON SOCIAL WELFARE. - Welfare state and welfare society. Adjustments to changing conditions and needs. A report by a study group in Newcastle Upon Tyne of the Northumberland and Tyneside council of social service.
30148: WELFORD, RICHARD (EDITED BY). - History of Newcastle and Gateshead. Volume III Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries. [3rd Volume of a three volume set complete in itself].
36181: WELFORD, RICHARD (COMPILER.) - A Descriptive and Historical Account of the Monuments & Tombstones in the Church of St. Nicholas, Newcastle-upon-Tyne.
39741: WELFORD, RICHARD - History of Newcastle and Gateshead. In the 14th and 15th Centuries.
23300: WELLBELOVED, C. - Eburacum, or York under the Romans.
40569: WELLBELOVED, C. - Eburacum, or York under the Romans.
35774: WELLDON, J E C & JAMES WALL. - The Story of Durham Cathedral.
25403: WELLESZ, EGON. - A History of Byzantine Music and Hymnography.
33684: WELLS. - The Wells Miscellany No IX November 1854. Contents Include: The Holy Places. Rough Sketches of Ireland. The Lions Feast, a fable.
35728: WELLS, H G. - The Misery of Boots. [Reprinted with alterations from the Independent Review, December 1905].
39836: WELSH, JAMES C. - Songs of a Miner.
41740: WELSH, CHARLES. - A bookseller of the last century. Being some account of the life of John Newbury, and of the books published, with a notice of the later Newberys.
32833: WENHAM, EDWARD. - Old Clocks for Modern Use. With a guide to their mechanism.
30861: WENHAM, LESLIE P. - Richmond North Yorkshire. The Churchyard.
38846: WERNER, FRIEDRICH LUDWIG ZACHARIAS - The Brethren of the Cross. A Dramatic Poem. Translated from the German by E.A.M. Lewis. Knights Templar/ Masonic Interest.
18783: WERNER, JOHANNES (EDITOR). - The Love Letters of Ernst Haeckel; written between 1898 and 1903.
42150: WESSELHOEFT, FREDERIC - Choice novelties for printers.
20761: WEST, E. G. - Education and the State: a study in political economy.
39109: WEST, JAMES F. - On wounds of the heart.
33997: WEST, JOHN. - Town Records.
32420: WESTCOTT, G F (COMPILED BY). - The British Railway Locomotive. A brief pictorial history of the first fifty years of the British steam railway locomotive 1803-1853.
25836: WESTLAKE, RAY. - English and Welsh Infantry Regiments: an illustrated record of service.
33837: WESTLAKE, H F. - St Margaret's Westminster. The Church of the House of Commons.
39623: WETHERELL, JOSEPH. - Christmas Eve in the village; and other poems.
29311: WEYMAN, HENRY T. - Ludlow in Bye-Gone Days.
26327: WHALE, THOMAS WILLIAM, REV. - Analysis of Somerset Domesday, Terræ occupatæ and Index, with a reprint from Transactions of Bath Field Club, containing Principles of the Domesday, and Analysis in Hundreds.
34962: WHARTON, EDITH. - Ethan Frome.
17506: WHATELY, RICHARD - Essays [second series] on some of the difficulties in the writings of the Apostle Paul, and in other parts of the New Testament.
32092: WHATNALL, PERCY G (EDITED BY). - Links with Old Nottingham. Historical notes by J Holland Walker.
17898: EAST INDIA WHEAT. - Papers regarding the Impurity of Indian Wheat and the establishment of warehouses for cleaning and grading wheat, or for storage. 1885-90.
41033: WHEATLY, CHARLES. - A rational illustration of the book of common prayer of the Church of England. Being the substance of every thing luturgical in Bishop Sparrow, Mr L'Estrange, Dr. Comber, Dr. Nichols, and all former ritualists, commentators, and others, upon the same subject.
28035: WHEATON, S. W., DR. - Preliminary Report on Enteric Fever in the County of Durham.
24087: WHEELER, R. E. M. - Prehistoric and Roman Wales.
28173: WHEELER, MRS ANN. - The Westmoreland Dialect in Four Familiar Dialogues, in which an attempt is made to illustrate the provincial idiom. To which is added a copius glossary.
32374: WHEELER, SIR MORTIMER. - A Short Guide to Roman York.
39041: WHEELER, ANN, MRS. - The Westmoreland Dialect in Four Familiar Dialogues, in which an attempt is made to illustrate the provincial idiom ... To which is added a copious glossary of Westmoreland and Cumberland words.
37409: WHELER, R B. - History and Antiquities of Straford Upon Avon: comprising a description of the Collegiate Church, the life of Shakspeare, and copies of several documents relating to him and his family, never before printed; with a biographical sketch of other eminent characters, natives of, or who have resided in Stratford, in honour of our immortal Bard.
40276: WHELLAN, FRANCIS, & CO. - History, Topography, and Directory of the County Palatine of Durham, comprising a general survey of the county and the history of the city and diocese of Durham, with separate historical, statistical, and descriptive sketches of all the wards, towns, boroughs, parishes, villages, hamlets, and manors. Also articles on the geology, pre-historic remains, and Roman roads and a variety of archaeological, architectural, agricultural, and biographical information, to which is subjoined a list of seats of the nobility and gentry.
22880: WHELPTON, ERIC AND BARBARA. - The Intimate Charm of Kensington.
18281: WHISTLER, JAMES ABOTT MCNEILL. - The Gentle Art of Making Enemies: as pleasingly exemplified in many instances, wherein the serious ones of this earth, carefully exasperated, have been prettily spurred on to unseemliness and indiscretion, while overcome by an undue sense of right.
31332: WHISTLER, LAURENCE. - Sir John Vanbrugh, Architect & Dramatist, 1664-1726.
30367: WHITAKER, WILLIAM. - List of Works on the Geology of Hertfordshire. [From the transactions of the Watford Natural History Society, March 1876].
30345: WHITAKER, W. - List of Works on the Geology, &c, of Cornwall. [Reprinted from No XVI of the journal of the Royal Institution of Cornwall].
17501: WHITE, REV. F. O. - Lives of the Elizabethan Bishops of the Anglican Church.
21705: WHITE, BRUNEL. - Original Mysteries for Magicians.
22147: WHITE, BRIAN D. - A History of the Corporation of Liverpool, 1835-1914.
22306: WHITE, PETER. - With the Jocks: a soldier's struggle for Europe, 1944-45.
23691: WHITE, HERBERT. M. - Old Ingleborough Pamphlets. No. I. Old Ingleborough. Talks by the Lonsdale hermit.
23892: WHITE, WALTER. - A Month in Yorkshire.
24754: WHITE, JOHN W. - 'The Charms of Durham' and other poems.
26211: WHITE, [THOMAS]. - Mr White's account of his plantation at Butsfield, in Durham. Received, Feb. 2, 1786. With SMEATON, John. [Material] concerning the hydraulic engine, invented by Mr. William Westgarth of Colecleugh in the County of Northumberland, for raising water by water. [Both contained in] Transactions of the Society instituted at London, for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures, and Commerce; with the premiums offered in the year 1787. Vol. V.
26351: WHITE, GLEESON. - English Illustration, 'The Sixties': 1855-70.
26486: WHITE, ARTHUR S. (COMPILER). - A Bibliography of Regimental Histories of the British Army. With a foreword by Field Marshal Sir Gerald W. R. Templer ...
27172: WHITE, GILBERT. - The Natural History of Selborne. Edited and with an introduction by James Fisher. Illustrated with wood engravings by Claire Oldham.
27174: WHITE, GILBERT, REV. - The Natural History of Selborne; with observations on various parts of nature; and the naturalist's calendar. With additions and supplementary notes by Sir William Jardine ... Edited ... by Edward Jesse.
29241: WHITE, JON MANCHIP. - Salamander.
31751: WHITE, WALTER. - Northumberland and the Border.
31986: WHITE, W. HALE (EDITOR.) - A Description of the Wordsworth & Coleridge Manuscripts in the possession of Mr T. Norton Longman.
35513: REV GILBERT WHITE. - The Natural Hisory of Selborne, and the Naturalist's Calendar.
21875: WHITE, PETER A. - Portrait of County Durham.
17843: WHITE, REV. HUGH. - Meditations and Addresses chiefly on the subject of Prayer.
40031: WHITE, W. HALE (EDITOR.) - A Description of the Wordsworth & Coleridge Manuscripts in the possession of Mr T. Norton Longman.
26705: WHITE, GILBERT, REV. - The Natural History of Selborne; with observations on various parts of nature; and the naturalist's calendar. With additions and supplementary notes by Sir William Jardine ... Edited, with further illustrations, a biographical sketch of the author, and a complete index, by Edward Jesse ...
42406: WHITE, JOHN W.; ROBERT SIMPSON. - Jubilee History of West Stanley Co-operative Society Limited. 1876 to 1926.
31471: WHITEHEAD, THOS. - History of the Dales Congregational Churches. With a foreword by Rev Prof Price.
23470: WHITEHEAD, PHYLLIS. - The Brontes Came Here.
37499: WHITEHEAD, MR J. - The District Flora. As compiled by the Ashton Under Lyne Linnaean Botanical Society, including a list of the Mosses of the District. To this added the Hepaticae of the district round Manchester arranged by Mr G A Holt.
41396: WHITEHEAD, THOS, - Illustrated guide to Nidderdale and a history of its congregational churches. With a foreword by Rev. Prin. Ernest. J. Price.
20911: WHITEHOUSE, J. HOWARD. - Vindication of Ruskin.
21752: WHITEHOUSE, P. B.; JOHN ADAMS. - Welsh Narrow Gauge Album.
39953: WHITEHURST, MARY - Marazion: A Cornish Tale.
35296: WHITELEY, D.E.H. - The Theology of St Paul.
40518: WHITELEY, DEREK (EDITED BY) - The Natural History of the Sheffield Area and the Peak District.
17179: WHITFIELD, CHRISTOPHER - A World of One's Own: twenty four essays.
25815: WHITHAM, ALFRED. - Whitham's Illustrated Historic Almanac and Barnsley Commercial Advertiser, for 1881 ...
29783: WHITING, REV PROF C E (TRANSCRIBED, EDITED & INDEXED BY). - The Parish Register of St Wilfrid's Hickleton 1626-1812. [The Publications of the Yorkshire Parish Register Society Volume CIX].
30312: WHITLEY, REV HENRY. - History of the Parish of Sapcote in the County of Leicestershire.
24864: WHITTAKER, NEVILLE; URSULA CLARK. - Historic Architecture of County Durham.
32702: WHITTING, PHILIP D (EDITOR). - A History of Hammersmith based upon that of Thomas Faulkner in 1839.
38657: WHITWORTH, CHARLES. - The succession of parliaments; being exact lists of the members, chosen at each general election, from the restoration, to the last general election, 1761, with other useful matters.
23665: WHONE, HERBERT. - The Essential West Riding: its character in words and pictures. Foreword by J. B. Priestley.
35548: WHYTE, ADAM GOWANS. - The Religion of the Open Mind. With a foreword by Eden Phillpots.
21576: WHYTT, ROBERT. - An Essay on the Virtues of Lime-Water in the Cure of the Stone. With an appendix, containing the case of the Honourable Horatio Walpole, Esquire, written by himself.
35855: WIDGERY, FREDERICK J. (ILLUSTRATIONS); LADY ROSALIND NORTHCOTE (TEXT). - Devon: its moorlands, streams and coasts.
19879: WIENER, LEO. - An Interpretation of the Russian People.
24400: WIGAN, MICHAEL. - Scottish Highland Estate: preserving an environment. Photographs by Glyn Satterley.
41076: WIGGEN, W. R. - Esh Leaves: being drafts upon the memory of an old parishioner.
35924: WIGHTMAN, CLARE (COMPILED BY). - Women at Work in Society. University of Warwick Library Occasional Publications No 7. Modern Records Centre Sources Booklet No 1.
33155: WILCOCK, REV PETER. - Lives of the first five Abbots of Wearmouth and Jarrow: Benedict, Ceolfrid, Eosterwine,Sigfrid, and Hubert. Translated from the Latin of the Venerable Bede. To which is prefixed a life of the author by Rev Peter Wilcock.
40504: WILCOCK, PETER, REV. - The Lives of Benedict, Ceolfrid, Easterwine, Sigfrid, and Huetbert, the First Five Abbots of the United Monastery of Wearmouth and Jarrow. Translated from the Latin of Venerable Bede. To which is prefixed a life of the Author.
8761: WILCOX, D. - Historical and Biographical Sketches of My Mother Lodge of Freemasons.
17806: WILCOX, REV. JOHN C. - John Kensit: Reformer and Martyr. A popular life.
23739: WILD, H., REV. - Holiday Walks in the North-Countree.
28177: WILD, REV H. - Holiday Walks in the North Countree.
34406: WILDRIDGE, T TINDALL (EDITED BY). - The Hull Letters. Printed from a collection of original documents found among the Borough Archives in the Town Hall, Hull 1884, during the process of the work of indexing. Period: The Reign of Charles I until his imprisonment 1625-1646.
18127: WILKES, WETENHALL, REV. - Hounslow-Heath. A poem. The second edition. Carefully corrected and enlarged.
29888: WILKES, LYALL & GORDON DODDS. - Tyneside Classical. The Newcastle of Granger, Dobson & Clayton.
8945: WILKINS, H. J. - Was John Wycliffe a Negligent Pluralist? also John De Trevisa, his life and work.
39128: WILKINS, W. J. - Daily Life and Work in India.
24669: WILKINSON, JOHN H. - Leeds Dialect Glossary and Lore ...
33839: WILKINSON, REV RAYMOND S. - The Church and Parish of Abbots Langley.
32955: WILKINSON, K E T. - A New Guide to the City of York.
31583: WILKINSON, GERALD. - Epitaph for the Elm.
28114: WILKINSON, A M. - Ripon Five Hundred Years Ago.
33756: WILKINSON, H B. - Old Hanging Ditch. Its Trades, its Traders, and its Renaissance.
37426: WILKINSON, LAURENCE. - No Fruit More Bitter.
39644: WILKINSON, MICHAEL. - Random notes on St. Oswald's and Durham.
39691: WILKINSON, JAMES (COMPILER). - The Victoria Legal Friendly Society's Business & Domestic Almanack for 1865, ...
42190: WILKINSON, TATTERSALL; J. F. TATTERSALL. - Memories of Hurstwood, Burnley, Lancashire. With tales and traditions of the neighbourhood.
35406: WILKS, BRIAN. - Jane Austen.
31529: WILLARD, BARBARA (COMPILED BY). - Field and Forest.
31004: WILLCOCK, JOHN. - A Scots Earl in Covenanting Times: Being Life and Times of Archibald 9th Earl of Argyll 1629-1685.
31268: WILLCOCKS, R. M. - England's Postal History to 1840. With notes on Scotland, Wales and Ireland.
23389: WILLCOX, WILLIAM H., SIR. - The Influence of Chemical Research on Medicine and Forensic Medicine.
26059: WILLETTS, PAMELA J. - Handlist of Music Manuscripts Acquired 1908-67.
34864: WILLIAM, LORD ARCHBISHOP OF YORK. - The National Church. A sermon preached at the opening of the Cathedral of St Albans, on October 21st, 1885.
3142: WILLIAMS, FREDRICK. - Our Iron Roads: their history, construction and social influences.
16828: WILLIAMS, CHARLES THEODORE. - The Climate of the South of France as Suited to Invalids: with notices of Mediterranean and other Winter stations. With an appendix on Alpine Summer quarters for invalids, and on the mountain cure.
18228: WILLIAMS, C. W. - The Combustion of Coal and the prevention of smoke chemically and practically considered. Part the first.
18461: WILLIAMS, DAVID. - John Frost: a study in Chartism.
18889: WILLIAMS, H. NOEL. - Five Fair Sisters: an Italian episode at the court of Louis XIV.
19136: WILLIAMS, CHAUNCY K., COMPILER. - Centennial Celebration of the Settlement of Rutland, VT., October 2d, 3d, 4th and 5th, 1870, including the addresses, historical papers, poems, responses at the dinner table, etc.
35947: WILLIAMS, C J & J WATTS-WILLIAMS (COMPILED BY). - Cofrestri Plwyf Cymru. Parish Registers of Wales.
24067: WILLIAMS, A. H. - An Introduction to the History of Wales. Volume I. Prehistoric times to 1063 A.D.
34551: WILLIAMS, HOWARD E. - From Charity to Teaching Hospital: Ella Latham's presidency 1933-54, The Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne.
26251: WILLIAMS, GORDON. - Bewick to Dovaston: letters 1824-1828. Introduced by Montague Weekley.
34040: WILLIAMS, STEWART. - Saints and Sailing Ships. [The Vale Series Vol IV].
28235: WILLIAMS, CHAS. - Souvenir of Sir Thomas Browne.
30872: WILLIAMS, M E. - Verses by M E Williams.
29315: WILLIAMS, STANLEY A. - The Official Guide to Windsor Castle. The town and neighbourhood of Windsor.
31088: WILLIAMS, I NEWTON. - The Rogers Turfler Family. A Search for Ancestors.
31329: WILLIAMS, J. D. - Audley End: the restoration of 1762-1797. 'Essex Record Office Publications, No. 45.'
33585: WILLIAMS, NEVILLE. - Contraband Cargoes: seven centuries of smuggling.
35216: WILLIAMS, GEORGE (EDITED BY). - Memorials of the Reign of King Henry VI. Official correspondence of Thomas Bekynton, secretary to King Henry VI., and Bishop of Bath and Wells. (2 Vols). [Rerum Britannicarum Medii Aevi Scriptores, or Chronicles and Memorials of Great Britain and Ireland during the Middle Ages].
23447: WILLIAMS, W. A. - Rubber.
22344: WILLIAMS, I. A. (COMPILER). - Bibliographies of Modern Authors No. 4. John Collings Squire and James Stephens.
37706: WILLIAMS, FOLKESTONE. - Lives of the English Cardinals; including historical notices of the papal court ... (2 Vols.).

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