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30875: GRAY, THOMAS (TRANSCRIBED BY) & ERIC BURLEY (EDITED BY). - Bishop Nicolson's Diary (1703-4) Part II. [Reprinted from the Cumberland and Westmorland Antiquarian and Archaeological Society Transactions Vol L New Series].
30128: GRAY, THOMAS. - An Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard.
32252: GRAY, JOHN EDWARD. - Hand-List of Seals, Morses, Sea-Lions, and Sea-Bears in the British Museum.
24970: GRAY, LEONARD. - Deutsche Dampfschiffahrts-Gesellschaft 'Hansa', 85 years of shipping under the Maltese Cross: portrait of a major German shipping company.
42103: GRAY, F. S.; J. W. WALKER. - A History of Wakefield Cathedral, with a description of the eastern extension and an account of its consecration and octave.
33908: GREATREX, JOAN (EDITED BY). - Account Rolls of the Obedientiaries of Peterborough.
20967: GREBAN, ARNOUL. - The Nativity. Translated by Shelley Sewall.
18989: GREEN, J. R., MRS. - Town Life in the Fifteenth Century (2 Vols).
36204: GREEN, EMANUEL. - Henry Fielding His Works: an independent criticism.
22981: GREEN, HENRY. - Knutsford, Its Traditions and History: with reminiscences, anecdotes, and notices of the neighbourhood.
24691: GREEN, JOHN. - Tales and Ballads of Wearside.
33035: GREEN, DAVID G. - Power and Party in an English City. An account of the Single Part Rule. [New Local Government Series No 20].
30845: GREEN, BRAIN. - Dulwich Village.
29207: GREEN, NIGEL. - More Crimes of Yesteryear: a collection of murders and mysteries from Northumberland and old County Durham.
30384: GREEN, EMANUEL. - On the Poor and Some Attempts to Lower the Price of Corn in Somerset. [From the Bath Natural History and Antiquarian Field Club Proceedings].
32541: GREEN, JAMES T & ROBERT J FLINTOFF. - Rookeries and Roosts and the Desertion of Rookeries. An Ecological Study (2 Items). [Reprinted from the North Western Naturalist for September & December 1939, and December 1940].
35669: GREEN, EMANUEL. - The March of William Orange through Somerset, with a notice of other local events in the time of King James II. AD 1688.
18874: GREEN, SAMUEL G. - Addresses to Children, with introductory suggestions to ministers and teachers.
24820: GREENALL, R. L. (COMPILER AND EDITOR). - Northamptonshire Life 1914-39: a photographic survey.
3787: GREENE, GRAHAM. - It's a Battlefield.
17892: GREENHILL, GUILIELMUS ALEXANDER (EDITOR). - Thomae Sydenham, M.D., Opera Omnia.
34625: GREENHOW, EDWARD HEADLAM. - On Diptheria.
26502: GREENOCK. - A Memorial Record of Men of Greenock who fell in the Great War, 1914-1918.
31488: SCOTTS AT GREENOCK. - Two Centuries of Shipbuilding.
16880: GREENSLADE, REV. S. L. - The Work of William Tindale with an essay on 'Tindale and the English Language' by G. D. Bone.
42739: GREENUP, GWORDIE, PSEUD. - Cumbrian rhymes, a series of stories and scraps in dialect verse.
37241: GREENWELL, WILLIAM. - Durham Cathedral.
24697: GREENWELL, G. C. - A Glossary of Terms Used in the Coal Trade of Northumberland and Durham.
38621: GREENWELL, WILLIAM, REV. (EDITOR). - The Registers of St. Mary in the South Bailey, in the City of Durham. Vol. XVII. Baptisms, 1560-1812. Marriages, 1559-1812. Burials, 1559-1812.
34557: GREENWOOD, MAJOR. - Some British Pioneers of Social Medicine. 'University of London Heath Clark Lectures, 1946 ...'
28174: GREENWOOD, M & C BOLTON. - Bolland Forest and the Hodder Valley. A History.
32734: GREENWOOD, GEORGE W. - Golf Really Explained. [No 3 of Foulsham's Sports History].
34316: GREENWOOD, MAJOR. - Medical Statistics from Graunt to Farr. The Fitzpatrick Lectures for the years 1941 and 1943, delivered at the Royal College of Physicians of London in February 1943.
40163: GREENWOOD, JOHN BESWICKE. - The early ecclesiastical history of Dewsbury, in the West-Riding of the County of York: including a sketch of the introduction of Christianity into Northumbria. To which are added, with notes, Dr. Whitaker's account of Dewsbury, from his "Loidis and Elmete;" and his dissertation on the origin and progress of domestic architecture: from his "History of Whalley:" and an account of the Savile family of Lupset, Thornhill, and Howley.
39393: GREGOR, FRANCIS. - The works of Francis Gregor, of Trewarthennick, Esq.
40937: GREGORY, J. W. - The story of the road from the beginning down to A.D. 1931.
19762: GRELIER, JOSEPH. - To the Source of the Orinoco.
25832: GRENFELL, WILFRED THOMASON. - Northern Neighbours.
21041: GRENFELL, JOYCE; KATHARINE MOORE. - An Invisible Friendship: an exchange of letters 1957-1979.
4562: GRENVILLE, LORD. - Substance of the Speech of the Right Hon. Lord Grenville, in the House of Lords, November 30, 1819, on the Marquis of Lansdowne's motion, that a select committee be appointed to inquire into the state of the country, and more particularly into the distresses and discontents prevalent in the manufacturing districts ...
8678: GRESLEY, REV. W. - The Real Danger of the Church of England.
8851: GRESWELL, REV. WILLIAM H.P. - Dumnonia and The Valley of the Parret. A Historical Retrospect.
16588: GREY, C., LIEUT-GENERAL. - The Early Years of His Royal Highness, the Prince Consort, compiled under the direction of Her Majesty The Queen.
17169: GREY, ZANE - The Young Lion Hunter.
27155: GREY, SIR EDWARD AND LADY. - The Cottage Book: the undiscovered country diary of an Edwardian statesman.
31238: GREY, HOWARD; GRAHAM STUART. - The Victorians by the Sea.
31246: GREY, CECIL AND MARGERY. - The Bed, or the Clinophile's Vade Mecum. Decorated by Michael Ayrton.
38460: GREY, JOHN, DILSTON. - An account of some experiments with guano and other manures, on turnips, &c. &c.
16571: GRIBBLE, FRANCIS. - The Romance of the Men of Devon.
36018: GRIERSON, ELIZABETH. - Durham. Tales of English Minsters.
31015: GRIERSON, MAJOR-GENERAL J M. - Records of the Scottish Volunteer Force 1859-1908.
32235: GRIERSON, GEORGE ABRAHAM, SIR. (COMPILER). - Linguistic Survey of India. Vol. I. Supplement II. Addenda et Corrigenda Minora.
32245: GRIERSON, GEORGE ABRAHAM, SIR (COMPILER). - Linguistic Survey of India. Index of Language-Names.
26553: GRIFFIN, ALAN R. - The Miners of Nottinghamshire 1914-1944: a history of the Nottinghamshire Miners' Unions.
41862: GRIFFITH, GEORGE. - Reminiscences and records, during ten years' residence in the midland counties, from 1869 to 1880.
30633: GRIFFITHS, J. F. - A Rainfall Map of Eastern Africa and Southern Arabia. East African Meteorological Department. Memoirs. Vol. III. No. 10 (1963).
42061: GRIMBLE, AUGUSTUS. - Highland sport. Illustrated by Archibald Thorburn.
27961: GRIMES, W F. - The Prehistory of Wales. [Amgueddfa Genedlaethol Cymro National Musuem of Wales].
35863: GRIMES, W. F. - The Excavation of Roman and Mediaeval London.
29577: GRIMSON, JOHN. - The North Sea Coasts of England.
19449: GRIMWOOD, ETHEL ST. CLAIR. - My Three Years in Manipur and Escape from the Recent Mutiny.
26229: GRINLING, CHARLES H. - The History of the Great Northern Railway 1845-1895.
31542: GRINSELL, L V. - Studies in the History of Swindon.
21277: GRISCOM, JOHN H., M.D. - The Uses and Abuses of Air: showing its influence in sustaining life, and producing disease; with remarks on the ventilation of houses, ...
28573: GRISCOM, LUDLOW (TEXT). - Audubon's Birds of America.
16506: GROBER, KARL. - Children's Toys of Bygone Days. A history of playthings of all peoples from prehistoric times to the XIXth Century.
30475: GRONOW, J. - A review of England and Wales in which historical events of every town, village and place are briefly expressed; for the amusement and instruction of those who are interested in the history of times that have passed away.
30491: GROSVENOR, R C. - Hall End Colliery Explosion. Report...on the circumstances attending an explosion which occurred at the Hall End Colliery, on the 6th September 1884. Presented to both Houses of Parliament by Command of Her Majesty
39754: DURHAM COUNTY JOINT CURRICULUM STUDY GROUP. - The Architecture of Durham Cathedral.
41572: DURHAM HISTORY CURRICULUM STUDY GROUP. - "Steady as a Rock": the D.L.I. at war, 1939-1945. 'Approaches to History Series.'
30024: GRUNWALD, KURT. - Studies in the History of the German Jews in Global Banking. 'The Jewish Economic History Project.'
39257: COLLIERY GUARDIAN. - Abstract of the report of the Prussian Commission on falls of stone and coal. (... translated from the German ... revised ... with additions ...)
38728: COLDSTREAM GUARDS. - Presentation of the Colours to the First Battalion by His Majesty the King at Buckingham Palace 29th May, 1907. [Including] The Record of the Coldstream Guards. By Major Raymond Marker, D.S.O.
24168: GUERDIN, RENE. - Byzantium: its triumphs and tragedy. Translated by D. L. B. Hartley.
39107: GUEST, JOHN. - Relics and records of men and manufactures at or in the neighbourhood of Rotherham, in the county of York. A paper read on the 27th March, 1865, before the members of the Rotherham Literary & Scientific Society.
19363: SCOTTISH GUIDE. - History of the Abbey and Palace of Holyrood.
26301: DURHAM GUIDE. - A Sketch of Durham for the use of visitors and others.
32697: TOWN GUIDE. - Durham Official Guide and Souvenir. Issued by authority of the Durham City Chamber of Trade.
41052: DURHAM GUIDE. - The illustrated guide to Durham and its vicinity.
41053: DURHAM GUIDE. - The illustrated guide to Durham and its vicinity.
38756: ALGERIA HOLIDAY GUIDE. - Winter in Algiers and Hotel St George.
39660: ILLUSTRATED GUIDE. - The illustrated guide to Durham and its vicinity.
33440: LAKE DISTRICT GUIDE. - [A Guide to the Lakes of Cumberland, Westmorland, and Lancashire; with a sketch of Carlisle.]
41764: DURHAM GUIDE. - A brief sketch of Durham, for the use of visitors and others.
41493: YORK GUIDE. - The stranger's guide through the City of York and its Cathedral.
43034: SCOTTISH GUIDE. - Pearson's gossipy guide to the Western Highlands including Oban, Inverness, Fort William, Portree, etc., etc.
43036: RAILWAY GUIDE. - Handbook to the Highland section of the London Midland and Scottish Railway and to the West Coast, Orkney Islands, &c. Season 1938.
41765: DURHAM GUIDE. - The illustrated guide to Durham and its vicinity.
29946: OFFICIAL GUIDES. - Budleigh Salterton; Combe Martin; Dymchurch; Ilfracombe; Hove.
24112: GUILFORD, EVERARD L. - A History of Abel Collin's Charity, Nottingham; to which are appended notes on Jonathan Labray's and Luke Jackson's charities, and the Bonsall School Trust. With an introduction by A S L Melville and a concluding chapter by Thomas Gallimore ...
8698: GUIZOT, M. - On the Causes of the Success of the English Revolution, 1640-88. With a biographical sketch by the Author.
42699: GULVIN, CLIFFORD. - The Scottish hosiery and knitwear industry: 1680-1980.
21344: GUNNING, FRANCES A. (ILLUMINATOR). - A Sequence of Symbols. [For the chief festivals and seasons of the church].
26620: GUNNIS, RUPERT. - Dictionary of British Sculptors, 1660-1851.
22964: GUPPY, HENRY (INTRODUCTION). - English Incunabula in the John Rylands Library: a catalogue of books printed in England and of English books printed abroad between the years 1475 and 1500 ...
39825: GURNEY, W. B., TAKEN IN SHORT HAND BY. - Report of the proceedings at the General Quarter Sessions of the Peace for the County of Berks, held at Reading, January 16, 1811, on the appeal of William Kent, against a conviction of William Henry Price, Esq. in the penalty of 20l for teaching and praying in a meeting, or conventicle, held in an unihabited house, in other manner than according to the liturgy of the Church of England, Where five persons or more were present
40935: GURNHILL, REV. J. - A monograph on the Gainsborough parish registers.
30489: GUTHRIE, CHARLES J & J M RONALDSON. - Explosion at Quarter Colliery. Report...on the circumstances attending an explosion which occurred in the Quarter Colliery, Denny, Stirlingshire, on the 26th April 1895. Presented to both Houses of Parliament by Command of Her Majesty.
28472: GUTHRIE, CHARLES JOHN. - John Knox and John Knox's House.
34721: GUTTMANN, DR PAUL. - A Handbook of Physical Diagnosis. Comprising the throat, thorax, and abdomen. [The New Sydenham Society Vol LXXXIV].
37786: GYP, PSEUD. (MME RIQUETTI DE MIRABEAU COMTESSE DE MARTEL DE JANVILLE). - Ohe! Les Dirigeants! Images coloriees du Petit Bob.
20668: HAANEL, EUGENE, SUPERINTENDANT OF MINES. - On the Location and Examination of Magnetic Ore Deposits by Magnetometric Measurements.
22604: HAANEL, B. F. - Report on the Utilization of Peat Fuel for the Production of Power: being a record of experiments conducted at the Fuel Testing Station, Ottawa, 1910-1911.
20471: HABAKKUK, H. J. - American and British Technology in the Nineteenth Century: the search for labour-saving devices.
37174: HABERSHON, ADA R. - The Bible and the British Museum.
25324: HABERSHON, MATTHEW HENRY. - Chapeltown Researches, Archaeological and Historical; including old-time memories of Thorncliffe, its ironworks and collieries, and their antecedents.
5558: HABES, GILBERT H. - The Romance of a Bookshop.
42234: HACKWOOD, FREDERICK WILLIAM. - Staffordshire Curiosities & Antiquities ... Limited issue. Reprinted from the "Staffordshire Chronicle," ...
21785: HADFIELD, ROBERT A., SIR. - The Work and Position of the Metallurgical Chemist, also references to Sheffield and its place in metallurgy. Being an address ... delivered before the Sheffield Association of Metallurgists and Metallurgical Chemists ... on Monday, October 24th, 1921.
25784: HADFIELD, JACK. - Vegetable Gardening in Central Africa.
27266: HADFIELD, ALAN. - Spring in Wensleydale, and other poems, mainly in free rhythm. Illustrated by Marjorie Malins.
37849: HADFIELD, GEORGE - The Expediency of Relieving the Bishops from attendance in Parliament, Illustrated by Episocal Speeches and Votes in the Irish Church Debates of 1868 and 1869 with an Introductory Review by a Manchester Reformer.
42503: HADWEN, WALTER ROBERT. - A reply to Professor Schafer on the subject of "The origin of life". Reprinted from the Abolitionist.
30153: HAGGAR, REGINALD G. - The Masons of Lane Delph, and the origins of Masons Patent Ironstone China.
35674: HAGGARD, LILIAS RIDER. - To Late for Tears.
34315: HAGGERTY, ROBERT J.; KLAUS J. ROGHMANN; IVAN B. PLESS. - Child Health and the Community.
25781: HAILEY, MALCOLM, 1ST BARON. - An African Survey: a study of problems arising in Africa South of the Sahara. Issued by The Committee of the African Research Survey under the auspices of the R.I.I.A.
29025: HAIMAN, MIECISLAUS & KELLY, ERIC.P. - Polish Pioneers of Pennsylvania & The Hopes of All the Poles of the World. 2 Items. Annals of the Polish Roman Catholic Union Archives and Museum Vol. VI.
35949: HAINES, R M. - Calendar of the Register of Adam Orleton, Bishop of Worcester 1327-1333. [Historical Manuscripts Commission JP No 27].
29143: HAIR, JACK; ALAN HARRISON (COMPILERS).. - Around Stanley.
39054: HAIR, T. H. - Sketches of the Coal Mines in Northumberland and Durham.
39055: HAIR, T. H. - Sketches of the Coal Mines in Northumberland and Durham.
21491: HAKE, A. EGMONT (INTRODUCTION AND NOTES). - The Journals of Major-Gen. C. G. Gordon, C.B., at Kartoum. Printed from the original MSS.
23113: HALDANE, A. R. B. - Three Centuries of Scottish Posts: an historical survey to 1836.
36880: HALICZ, EMANUEL. - Polish National Liberation Struggles and the Genesis of the Modern Nation. Translated from the Polish by Roger A Clarke.
23343: HALIFAX. - Institutions and Charitable Agencies of Halifax.
23314: HALIFAX. - The Story of the Town that Bred Us; the centenary book of Halifax, 1848-1948.
8935: HALL, HUBERT. - Society in the Elizabethan Age.
8936: HALL, HUBERT. - Court Life Under The Plantagenets (Reign of Henry the Second).
20510: HALL, DAVID. - An Epistle to Friends in Great Britain, or elsewhere, ...
20970: HALL, S. C. (EDITOR). - The Book of British Ballads. With preliminary remarks to each ballad, and an introduction by Park Benjamin.
21395: HALL, PAT. - What a Way to Win a War: the story of No. 11 Coy. M.T.C., and 5-0-2 M.A.C., A.T.S., 1940-1945.
23327: HALL, T. WALTER (COMPILER). - A Descriptive Catalogue of Early Charters Relating to Lands in and near Sheffield with illustrations, genealogies and notes.
24206: HALL, TOM S. - Tramping Holidays in Scotland. Twelve walking tours described in detail.
24958: HALL, B. T. - Our Sixty Years: the story of The Working Men's Club and Institute Union. Together with brief impressions of the men of the movement ...
25170: HALL, W, S, - A Historical Survey of the Durham Colliery Mechanics' Association, 1879-1929.
25631: HALL, HUBERT (EDITOR). - A Formula Book of English Official Historical Documents. Part I. Diplomatic Documents: selected and transcribed by a seminar of the London School of Economics.
25964: HALL, MARSHALL. - The Artists of Northumbria: an illustrated dictionary of Northumberland, Newcastle upon Tyne, Durham and North East Yorkshire painters, sculptors, draughtsman and engravers born between 1625 and 1900.
33952: HALL, E VINE. - Testamentary Papers II. Wills from Shakespeare's Town and Time. [Second Series].
27310: HALL, T WALTER. - Etton an East Yorkshire Village. Time 1170 to 1482.
28494: HALL, MARSHALL. - The Artists of Cumbria: an illustrated dictionary of Cumberland, Westmorland, North Lancahire and North West Yorkshire painters, sculptors, draughtsman and engravers born between 1615 and 1900.
29100: HALL, REV. PETER. - Picturesque Memorials of Salisbury. A series of original etchings and vignettes, illustrative of the most interesting buildings, and other remains of antiquity in that city and neighbourhood. T o which is prefixed a brief history of old and new sarum.
30738: HALL, S. C., MR. AND MRS. - The Book of the Thames, from its rise to its fall.
28773: BRAMALL HALL. - Bramall Hall. [Hazel Grove & Bramhall Urban District Council].
32572: HALL, R. - Local Names of Gloucestershire.
32804: HALL, CHARLES A. - Plant Life.
34506: HALL, HENRY. - Mines and Quarries. Reports...for the Liverpool District (no 7) to Her Majesty's Secretary of State for the Home Department, under the Coal Mines Regulation Acts 1887 to 1896, the Metalliferous Mines Regulation Acts 1872 and 1875, and the Quarries Act 1894. For the year 1897. [Presented to both Houses of Parliament by Command of Her Majesty].
34522: HALL, HENRY. - Mines. Report...for the Liverpool District (no 7), to Her Majesty's Secretary of State, under The Coal Mines Act 1887, The Metalliferous Mines Regulation Acts 1872 and 1875, and The Slate Mines (Gunpowder) Act 1882, for the year 1892. [Presented to both Houses of Parliament by Command of Her Majesty].
35015: HALL, GEORGE ROME, REV. - Memoir on the History and Architecture of Chipchase Castle, North Tynedale. [From the Natural History Transactions of Northumberland and Durham, Vol. V., 1877.]
24620: HALL, IVAN AND ELISABETH. - Historic Beverley.
37484: HALL, T WALTER & A HERMANN THOMAS. - Descriptive Catalogue of the Charters, Rolls, Deeds, Pedigrees, Pamphlets, Newspapers, Monumental Inscriptions, Maps, and Miscellaneous Papers formin the Jackson Collection at Sheffield Public Reference Library.
37487: HALL, T WALTER. - The Aula in Hallam. A Seneschal of Hallamshire, Tickhill Castle, Owlerton Manor in Sheffield. [South Yorkshire Historical Sketches].
34162: HALL, HENRY. - Mines. Report of Henry Hall, Esq, H.M Inspector of Mines for the Liverpool District (No 7), to her Majesty's Secretary of State, under the Coal Mines Regulation Act 1887, the Metalliferous Mines Regulation Acts 1872 and 1875, and the Slate Mines (Gunpowder) Act 1882; for the year 1888. Presented to both Houses of Parliament by Command of her Majesty.
34209: HALL, HENRY. - Mines. Report of Henry Hall Esq, H.M Inspector of Mines for the Liverpool District (No 7) to Her Majesty's Secretary of State, under the Coal Mines Regulation Act 1887, the Metalliferous Mines Regulations Acts 1872 and 1875, and the Slate Mines (Gunpowder) Act 1882; for the Year 1889. Presented to both Houses of Parliament by Command of her Majesty.
37551: HALL, B. T. - Hodgson Pratt & his work for the Workmen's Club Movement. Second annual memorial lecture, 1913.
37696: HALL, SPENCER T. - The Peak and the Plain: scenes in woodland, field, and mountain.
41031: HALL, JAMES. - A guide to Glendale.
40078: HALL, T. WALTER (COMPILER). - A descriptive catalogue of ancient charters & instruments relating to lands near Sheffield in the counties of York, Derby, Nottingham & Lincoln with genealogies and notes.
42385: HALL, E VINE. - Testamentary Papers I. Wills from Shakespeare's Town and Time.
41390: HALL, NEWMAN. - Hymns composed at Bolton Abbey, and other rhymes.
23328: HALL, T. WALTER (COMPILER). - Descriptive Catalogue of Charters, Copy Court Rolls and Deeds forming part of the Wheat Collection at ... Sheffield. Also others from private collections, with abstracts of Sheffield wills proved at York from 1560 to 1566 and 285 genealogies deduced therefrom.
40470: HALL, JAMES. - A guide to Wooler, and neighbourhood.
40804: HALL, GLADYS (ILLUSTRATOR); NORA PITT-TAYLOR (TEXT). - The Adventures of Susannah. 'Dean's Grand Prize Sries No. 6'
19874: HALLENDORFF, CARL; ADOLF SCHUCK. - History of Sweden.
3510: HALLIDAY, W.R. - Folklore Studies, ancient and modern.
42050: HALLIDAY, JOSEPH. - Just Ordinary, but ... an autobiography. With a foreword by Charles F. Grey, M.P.
16585: HALLIWELL, J. O. - The Voyage and Travaile of Sir John Maundevile, KT. Which treateth of the way to Hierusalem; and of marvayles of Inde, with other ilands and countryes, with introduction, additional notes, and glossary.
9309: HALLIWELL, J.O. - The Voyage and Travaile of Sir John Maundevile which traeteth of the way to Hierusalem; and of marvayles of Inde, with other ilands and countryes.
22553: HALLIWELL, JAMES ORCHARD (EDITOR). - Poetical Miscellanies from a Manuscript Collection of the Time of James I.
22574: HALLIWELL, JAMES ORCHARD. - An Historical Sketch of the Provincial Dialects of England, illustrated by numerous examples. Extracted from the Dictionary of Archaic and Provincial Words.
22805: HALLIWELL, JAMES ORCHARD. - An Introduction to Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream.
22813: HALPIN, N. J., REV. - Oberon's Vision in the Midsummer-Night's Dream, illustrated by a comparison with Lylie's Endymion.
20931: HALSBAND, ROBERT. - Lord Hervey, Eighteenth-Century Courtier.
35277: HAMAND, L A. - A Little Guide to Malvern Priory Church.
29413: HAMAND, L A. - A Little Guide to Malvern Priory Church.
21487: HAMER, W. S. - The British Army: civil-military relations, 1885-1905.
32291: HAMER, JOHN L. - The Falls and Caves of Ingleton. Dalesman Pocket Books, No. 2.
30996: HAMER, JOHN L. - The Falls and Caves of Ingleton. [Dalesman Pocket Books 2].
30995: HAMER, JOHN L. - Bentham and Beyond.
27947: HAMER, JOHN L. - The Falls and Caves of Ingleton. [Dalesman Pocket Books 2].
42126: HAMERTON, PHILIP GILBERT. - Drawing & engraving. A brief exposition of technical principles & practice. With numerous illustrations selected or commissioned by the author.
42258: HAMILTON, MILTON WHEATON. - The country printer, New York State, 1785-1830. With a new introduction by Ralph Adams Brown.
15885: HAMILTON, WALTER. - Dated Book Plates (Ex Libris) with a treatise on their origin and development.
8917: HAMILTON, JOSEPH, REV. - Johnson's Dictionary of the English Language, in Miniature. To which are added, an alphabetical account of the heathen deities; a list of cities, boroughs, and market towns, in England and Wales; and a copius chronology.
17115: HAMILTON, JOHN - On Truth and Error: thoughts, in prose and verse, on the priciples of truth, and the causes and effects of error.
21813: HAMILTON, ELIZABETH - Translation of the Letters of a Hindoo Rajah; written to, and during the period of his residence in England. To which is prefixed a preliminary dissertation on the history, religion, and manners, of the Hindoos (2 volumes).
35618: HAMILTON, JAMES. - Memoirs of the Life of James Wilson, Esq. ... of Woodville.
24559: HAMLEY, W. G. - A New Sea and An Old Land: being papers suggested by a visit to Egypt at the end of 1869.
19790: HAMMOND, L. DAVIS (EDITOR). - News from New Cythera: a report of Bougainville's voyage 1766-1769.
33514: HAMMOND, NIGEL. - Rural Life in the Vale of the White Horse 1780-1914. A Berkshire Book.
20283: HAMPSHIRE, GWEN (EDITOR). - The Bodleian Library Account Book 1613-1646.
29740: HAMPSON, CHARLES P. - Salford Through the Ages. The 'Fons et Origo' of an Industrial City. Introduction by the Rev Canon Peter Green.
31929: HANCORN, J. R. - Observations on a New Remedy for Consumption; suggested by Dr. Ulric Palmedo of Berlin.
42898: HAND, CHARLES R. - The old hutte at Halewood.
5380: GEOGRAPHICAL HANDBOOK. - French Equatorial Africa and Cameroons.
27118: HEREFORD HANDBOOK. - Hereford Shopping Week and Industries Exhibition, April 11th to 16th, 1921. Official Handbook.
20271: HANDLEY-TAYLOR, GEOFFREY. - John Masefield, O.M., the Queen's Poet Laureate: a bibliography and eighty-first birthday tribute.
20290: HANDLEY-TAYLOR, GEOFFREY; TIMOTHY D'ARCH SMITH (COMPILERS). - C. Day-Lewis the Poet Laureate: a bibliography. With a letter of introduction by W. H. Auden.
22688: HANDLEY-TAYLOR, GEOFFREY; TIMOTHY D'ARCH SMITH (COMPILERS). - C. Day-Lewis, the Poet Laureate: a bibliography. With a letter of introduction by W. H. Auden.
39604: HANDLEY-TAYLOR, GEOFFREY (COMPILER). - John Masefield, ... a bibliography ... 'Poets Laureate Series No. 1.'
26740: HANET-CLERY, JEAN-BAPTISTE CANT. - Journal de ce qui s'est passe a la tour du temple, pendant la captivite de Louis XVI, Roi de France.
33699: HANKINSON, CYRIL. - My Forty Years with Debrett.
36687: HANN, C M. - Tazlar: A Village in Hungary.
27793: HANNA, JAMES ARTHUR MACCLANNAHAN, THE REV. - A History of the Celtic Church from Its Inception to 1153.
24804: HANNAN, THOMAS. - Famous Scottish Houses: The Lowlands.
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40482: ESCOMB HEROES' MEMORIAL. - Service of unveiling and dedication of the war memorial on Sunday, the 2nd October, 1921, ...
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24302: THE KING'S OWN YORKSHIRE LIGHT INFANTRY. - Order of Service and procedure in the Memorial Chapel of The King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry, York Minster, ... for the dedication of a book of honour and memorial windows in remembrance of members who lost their lives in the war 1939-45, at 11.30 A.M. on Friday, 1st August [Minden Day], 1947.
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28588: INTERNATIONAL WILD FOWL INQUIRY. - Volume I: factors affecting the general status of wild geese and wild duck.
5302: INSECTS. - Insect Manufactures.
23183: IMPERIAL INSTITUTE. - Vandium Ores. Monographs on mineral resources with special reference to the British Empire ...
42323: ROYAL SANITARY INSTITUTE. - Souvenir of the 23rd congress held at Bristol, July 9th to 14th, 1906. [Incopororating] The New Guide to Bristol and Clifton, and the Bristol Channel Circuit.
34613: DOCK OPENING INVITATION. - The Wallsend Slipway and Engineering Company Ltd., Newcastle-on-Tyne. Invitation. Opening of New Graving Dock. ... Saturday 12th January 1895 ...
36984: IONESCU, GHITA. - Communism in Rumania 1944-1962.
42422: IRBY, CHARLES LEONARD; JAMES MANGLES. - Travels in Egypt and Nubia, Syria, and the Holy Land; including a journey round the Dead Sea, and through the country east of Jordan.
20616: ARCHAEOLOGICAL INSTITUTE OF GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND. - Old London. Papers read at the London Congress, July, 1866.
22928: ARCHAEOLOGICAL INSTITUTE OF GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND. - Old London. Papers read at the London Congress, July, 1866.
24056: ARCHAEOLOGICAL INSTITUTE OF GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND. - Memoirs illustrative of the history and antiquities of Norfolk and the city of Norwich, communicated to the annual meeting of the Archĉological Institute ... held at Norwich, July, 1847, ...
33545: IRELAND, ALEXANDER. - The Book-Lover's Enchiridion: thoughts on the solace and companionship of books, ...
27413: IRVINE, LYN. - Alison Cairns and her Family.
35010: IRVINE, J. T. - The Architecture of Wells Cathedral: a paper read ... before ... the Somerset Archaeological Society ... on Tuesday, August 19th, 1873. Reprinted from the "Wells Journal" ...
36485: IRVINE, LYN. - Alison Cairns and her family.
5304: IRVING, WASHINGTON. - Bachelors and Bachelor's Confessions. Pictures by Cecil Aldin.
5305: IRVING, WASHINGTON. - Bachelors and Bachelor's Confessions. Pictures by Cecil Aldin.
19296: IRVING, JOSEPH. - The History of Dumbartonshire, Civil, Ecclesiastical, and Territorial; with genealogical notices of the principal families in the county: the whole based on authentic records, public and private.
30110: IRVING, WASHINGTON. - Tales of a Traveller.
31831: IRVING, WASHINGTON. - Stratford Upon Avon from the Sketch Book of Washington Irving. With notes and original illustrations. Edited by Richard Savage and Salt Brassington.
37511: IRVING, WASHINGTON. - Sketch of William Roscoe.
32106: IRWIN, D HASTINGS. - War Medals and Decorations Issued to the British Military and Naval Forces from 1588 to 1889.
37958: ISAAC, PETER (EDITOR). - Bewick and After: wood-engraving in the northeast. A jubilee volume of reprints from the History of the Book Trade in the North.
33909: ISHAM, SIR GYLES (EDITED BY). - The Correspondence of Bishop Brian Duppa and Sir Justinian Isham 1650-1660. Preface by Sir George Clark. [Publications of the Northamptonshire Record Society Vol XVII].
24630: IVANOV-SMOLENSKY, A. G. - Essays on the Patho-Physiology of the Higher Nervous Activity. According to I. P. Pavlov and his school.
36176: COLLECTANEA ADAMANTAEA. - IX. - Narrative of the Events of The Siege of Lyons. Translated from the French. (1794). Edited by Edmund Goldsmid ...
6125: IZZARD, RALPH. - The Abominable Snowman Adventure.
19613: JACK, J. W. - Samaria in Ahab's Time: Harvard excavations and their results with chapters on the political and religious situation.
1270: JACKSON, EDITH. - Annals of Ealing from the twelfth century to the present time, compiled from manorial and parochial documents.
8544: JACKSON, CATHERINE CHARLOTTE, LADY. - The Court of France in the Sixteenth Century. 1514-1559 (2 Vols).
18408: JACKSON, CHARLES JAMES. - English Goldsmiths and their Marks: a history of the goldsmiths and plateworkers of England, Scotland, and Ireland; with over eleven thousand marks, reproduced in fac-simile from authentic examples of plate, and tables of date-letters and other hall-marks employed in the assay offices of the United Kingdom.
30867: JACKSON, WILLIAM. - Gerard Lowther's House. [Reprinted from the Transactions of the Cumberland and Westmorland Antiquarian and Archaeological Society].
30333: JACKSON, JOHN. - History of the City and Cathedral of Lichfield.
34100: JACKSON, REV CHARLES E. - The Place-Names of Durham.
25582: JACKSON, A. - Steelmaking for Steelmakers.
40934: JACKSON, N.G. - Newark Magnus. The story of a gift.
22668: JAGGARD, W. R. - Plates of Building Construction. With an introduction by Professor A. E. Richardson.
37134: JAGODZINSKI, ZDZISLAW (EDITED BY). - Bibliography of Books in Polish or Relating to Poland, published outside Poland since September 1st 1939. Vol V: 1968-1971 and Supplements to 1939-1967 (No 1-2976).
3786: JAMES, HENRY. - The Real Thing and other tales.
15637: JAMES, D. GERAINT (EDITOR). - Circulation of the Blood.
19172: JAMES, JACOB F. - Inaugural Address of the Hon. Jacob F. James, Mayor, to the City Council of Manchester: delivered before the two branches in convention, January 6, 1857.
20856: JAMES, NORMAN G. BRETT. - The History of Mill Hill School 1807-1907.
22083: JAMES, H., COLONEL SIR. - Domesday Book, or The Great Survey of England of William the Conquerer ... Fac-simile of the part relating to Northamptonshire.
27555: JAMES, JOHN - A Comment upon the Collects appointed to be used in the Church of England, before the epistle and gospel on Sundays and holydays throughout the year.
30557: JAMES, REV EDWARD. - The Parish Church of S Mary, Riccall.
29318: JAMES, CHRISTOPHER J. - M.P. For Dewsbury. One hundred years of Parliamentary Representation.
31614: JAMES, MONTAGUE RHODES. - The Ancient Libraries of Canterbury and Dover. The catalogues of the libraries of Christ Church Priory and St Augustine's Abbey at Canterbury and of St Martin's Priory at Dover. Now first collected and published with an introduction and identifications of the extant remains.
33823: JAMES, G DOUGLAS. - The Town and Country of Haverfordwest and its Story.
26998: JAMES VI OF SCOTLAND, I OF ENGLAND. - The Essayes of a Prentise, in the Divine Art of the Poesie. Edinburgh 1585. A Counterblaste to Tobacco. London 1604. Carefully edited by Edward Arber.
25830: JAMES, MARQUIS. - Andrew Jackson: the border captain.
25056: JAMES, BETTY. - A Kingdom by the Sea. An exploration of Northumberland, Durham and the North Riding of Yorkshire.
39009: JAMES, JOHN. - The Paladins: a social history of the RAF up to the outbreak of World War II.
34331: JAMES I, KING OF ENGLAND, 1566-1625. - The Historie and Life of King James the Sext. Written towards the latter part of the sixteenth century. [By John Colville. The editor's preface signed: M. L., i.e. Malcolm Laing.]
32850: CLEPHAN. JAMES. - The Story of Stockton Bridge; with also, the canal and the railroad (Stockton and Darlington); and the steamboat on the Tyne. With the author's compliments.
41733: JAMES, JOHN. - History of the Worsted manufacture in England, from the earliest times: with introductory notices of the manufacture among the ancient nations, and during the middle ages.
29861: JAMESON, MRS. - Memoirs and Essays Illustrative of Art, Literature and Social Morals.
34385: JAMESON, M. B. - The Long Day: 1883-1983.
24708: JAMESON, JAMES S. - Story of the Rear Column of the Emin Pasha Relief Expedition. By the late James S. Jameson, naturalist to the expedition. Edited by Mrs. J. S. Jameson.
24208: JAMIESON, JOHN. - Bell the Cat; or, who destroyed the Scottish abbeys?
28866: JAMIESON, MICHAEL. - The Railway Stephensons.
38179: DE JANCSO, BENEDICT. - The Szekelys: a historical and ethnographical essay.
18643: JANET, PAUL. - Final Causes. Translated ... by William Affleck ... preface by Robert Flint.
29834: JAQUES, JOHN. - Croquet: The laws and regulations of the game, thoroughly revised, with a description of the implements, etc, etc.
19024: JAQUET, EUGENE; ALFRED CHAPUIS. - Histoire et Technique de la Montre Suisse de ses origines a nos jours.
22061: JAQUIN, NOEL. - The Hand of Man: a practical treatise of the science of hand reading, dealing in detail with its psychological, sexual, superstitious and medical aspects.
25871: JARVIS, C. S., MAJOR. - Yesterday and To-day in Sinai.
36939: JASNOWSKI, DR JOZEF. - England and Poland in the XVIth and XVIIth Centuries. [Polish Science and Learning].
28359: JAY, BILL & MOORE, MARGARET. (EDITED BY) - Bernard Shaw on Photography.
42527: JAY, EILEEN. - Wordsworth at Colthouse: an account of the poet's boyhood years spent in the remote Lakeland hamlet of Colthouse
31200: JEAFFRESON, JOHN CORDY. - Annals of Oxford (2 Vols).
19633: JEANS, THOMAS. - The Tommiebeg Shootings: or, a moor in Scotland.
37328: JEANS, J S. - Pioneers of the Cleveland Iron Trade.
29837: JEBB, MAJOR-GENERAL SIR JOSHUA. - Report on the Discipline and Management of the Military Prisons, 1861.
29850: JEBOULT, EDWARD. - A General Account of West Somerset, description of the Valley of the Tone, and the history of the town of Taunton.
22889: JEFFERIES, RICHARD. - Nature Near London.
39500: JEFFREY, G. N. - From St. Mary's Tower. The story of the 1935 pageant of St. Mary's and Gateshead Town. Lino cuts by F. C. Merelie.
34844: JEFFREYS, HOWELL & J.T ROBSON. - Reports to the Right Hon the Secretary of State for the Home Department of an Explosion which occurred at the Morfa Colliery, Port Talbot, on the 10th of March 1890. [Presented to both Houses of Parliament by Command of Her Majesty].
16144: JELLY, OLIVER. - Ditchcraft and Other Essays.
31902: JELLY, OLIVER. - Ditchcraft and Other Essays.
1434: (PENN). JENKINS, HOWARD M. - The Family of William Penn, Founder of Pennsylvania, Ancestry, and Descendants.
18010: JENKINS, ELIZABETH (INTRO). - Collected Reports of the Jane Austin Society 1949-1965.
18078: JENKINS, ELIZABETH. - Jane Austen.
27494: JENKINS, E. H. - The Small Rock Garden. Edited by F. W. Harvey.
39134: JENKINS, W. - Leaves from Consett Iron Company Letter Books, 1887-1893.
28202: JENKINSON, HENRY IRWIN. - Jenkinson's Practical Guide to Carlisle, Gilsland, Roman Wall, and Neighbourhood.
32618: JENNINGS, P H (COMPILED BY). - Festival of Britain Guide to Cannock Chase 1951.
32935: JENNINGS, JAMES. - The Dialect of the West of England. Particularly Somersetshire; with a glossary of words now in use there; also the poems and other pieces exemplifying the dialect.
36002: JENNINGS, PAYNE. - Photo Pictures In East Anglia. With decriptive letterpress by Annie Berlyn.
39930: JENNINGS, BERNARD (EDITOR). - A History of Harrogate & Knaresborough. Written by the Harrogate W.E.A. Local History Group.
33802: JERDAN, WILLIAM. - Rutland papers. Original documents illustrative of the courts and times of Henry VII and Henry VIII. Selected from the private archives of his grace the Duke of Rutland. Camden Old Series Volume XXI.
33803: JERDAN, WILLIAM. - Letters from James, Earl of Perth, Lord Chancellor of Scotland, etc., to his sister, the Countess of Erroll, and other members of his family. Camden Old Series Volume XXXIII.
34365: JERDAN, WILLIAM (EDITOR). - Letters from James Earl of Perth, Lord Chancellor of Scotland, &c., to his sister, the Countess of Erroll, and other members of his family. 'Camden Society. Original Series. No. 33.'
17874: BASTIN. JEREMY. - The History of the 15th/19th the King's Royal Hussars 1945-1980.
27996: JERMYN, STANLEY T. - Flora of Essex. With a section on the Bryophyta by Kenneth J Adams.
34871: JERNINGHAM, SIR HUBERT. - Norham Castle. An abbreviated account.
39118: JERNINGHAM, HUBERT E. H. - Norham Castle.
27978: JERROLD, WALTER. - London. Painted by E W Haslehust.
36744: JERROLD, WALTER. - The Danube.
32866: JERSEY. - Map of the Island of Jersey, divided into parishes, with all the roads, lanes, &c. Engraved by Becker's patent process.
39296: JERVOISE, E. - The Ancient Bridges of the North of England.
19042: JESPERSON, OTTO. - Language: its nature, development and origin.
27142: JESSE, EDWARD. - Favorite Haunts and Rural Studies; including visits to spots of interest in the vicinity of Windsor and Eton.
32095: JEWELS, E N. - A History of Archbishop Holgate's Grammar School York 1546-1946.
32983: JEWERS, ARTHUR J (EDITED BY). - The Registers of the Abbey Church of SS Peter and Paul, Bath. Volume II. [The Publications of the Harleian Society, Registers Volume XXVIII].
27827: JOCELYN, CAPTAIN ARTHUR. - Awards of Honour. The Orders, Decorations, Medals and Awards of Great Britain & the Commonwealth from Edward III to Elizabeth II. With a foreword by the Rt Hon the Earl Mountbatten of Burma.
23714: SECUNDUS. JOHANNES. - Kisses, being the Basia of Johannes Secundus, rendered into English verse by Thomas Stanley, 1647.
40648: MOIR. JOHN. - A Brief Explaination of the Catholic Liturgy. Shewing the meaning, the propriety, antiquity, and authority of its component parts, vestments, ceremonies, and doctrines.
16291: JOHN, W. D. - Swansea Porcelain.
29322: JOHN, EDWARD T. - Wales: Its Notable Sons and Daughters. St David's Day Addresses delivered before the Cleveland and Durham Welsh National Society, 1905-1910.
39749: JOHN, ARTHUR H; GLANMOR WILLIAMS (EDITORS). - Glamorgan County History. Volume V. Industrial Glamorgan from 1700 to 1970.
25971: JOHN RYLANDS LIBRARY, MANCHESTER. - Catalogue of an exhibition of mediaeval manuscripts and jewelled book covers, shown in the main library from January xii to December MCMXII, including lists of palaeographical works and of historical periodicals ...
27797: JOHNS, FRANCIS A. - A Bibliography of Arthur Waley.
38399: JOHNS, C. A., REV. - The Forest Trees of Britain.
36652: JOHNSON, NORMAN (COMPILED BY). - A Brief Guide to Culross.
18597: JOHNSON, PAUL. - The Offshore Islanders.
19507: JOHNSON, W. BRANCH. - The Industrial Archaeology of Hertfordshire.
19749: JOHNSON, MARTIN. - Congorilla: adventures with pygmies and gorillas in Africa.
35762: JOHNSON, E PAULINE. - Legends of Vancouver.
22213: JOHNSON, RAYNOR C. - The Imprisoned Splendour: an approach to reality, based upon the significance of data drawn from the fields of natural science, psychical research and mystical experience.
22933: JOHNSON, B. H. - Berkeley Square to Bond Street: the early history of the neighbourhood.
24392: JOHNSON, SAMUEL. - A Journey to the Western Island of Scotland in 1773. With a preface by D. T. Holmes, B.A.
25042: JOHNSON, W., REV. - A Catalogue of Mr. N. J. Winch's Lichens, now in the Museum of the Natural History Society, Newcastle-upon-Tyne .... December, 1887. [Extracted from] Transactions of the Natural History Society of Northumberland, Durham, and Newcastle upon Tyne. Vol. 8, 1880-1889.
25660: JOHNSON, CHARLES (TRANSLATOR, INTRODUCTION AND NOTES). - The Course of the Exchequer by Richard, Son of Nigel ... [and] Establishment of the Royal Household.
27408: JOHNSON, JOHN. - Private Correspondence of William Cowper Esq, with several of his intimate friends. (2 Volumes). Now first published from the originals in the posession of his kinsman, John Johnson LL.D. Rector of Yaxham with Welborne in Norfolk.
32773: JOHNSON, THOS & W H BINGHAM. - All about Lancaster Castle: its annals and associations; and an account of all the remarkable excursions conducted just behind it, with information for visitors, portraits and illustrations.
24645: JOHNSON AND JOHNSON. - Operative Procedure.
22547: JOHNSON, H. HARROLD. - World Lyrics. "The Voice of One Series No. 8."
22546: JOHNSON, H. HARROLD. - Empire Lyrics: a coronation garland "The Voice of One Series No. 7."
22545: JOHNSON, H. HARROLD. - Human Lyrics. "The Voice of One Series No. 6."
22544: JOHNSON, H. HARROLD. - Nature Lyrics. "The Voice of One Series No. 5."
22543: JOHNSON, H. HARROLD. - Devotional Lyrics. "The Voice of One Series No. 4."
22542: JOHNSON, H. HARROLD. - Love Lyrics. "The Voice of One Series No. 2."
22541: JOHNSON, H. HARROLD. - Labour Lyrics. "The Voice of One Series No. 3."
22540: JOHNSON, H. HARROLD. - I. English Lyrics. "The Voice of One Series."
39977: JOHNSON, MELVIN M. - The Beginnings of Freemasonry in America. Containing a reference to all that is known of Freemasonry in the Western Hemisphere prior to 1750, and short sketches of the lives of some of the Provincial Grand Masters.
41087: JOHNSON, MARGOT (EDITOR). - Northern Notes, Durham City. Its present condition and suggestions for improvement. Two issues, Vol. 1: Part 6 & Vol. 2: Part 1. Compiled by members of the "Durham and its backcloth through the centuries" courses.
42124: JOHNSON, JOHN. - Topographia or the printers' instructor. Including an account of the origin of Printing, with biographical notices of the printers of England, from Caxton to the close of the sixteenth century; a series of ... alphabets, etc. (2 Vols)
40278: JOHNSON, RICHARD. - The ancient customs of the city of Hereford, with translations of the earlier city charters and grants; also some account of the trades of the city and other information relative to its early history.
40315: JOHNSON, G.Y. - The Grand Lodge South of the River Trent. The Prestonian Lecture for 1947.
18443: JOHNSTON, ALEXANDER KEITH. - The Geographical Distribution of Material Wealth. II. Historical notes regarding the Merchant Company of Edinburgh and the Widows' Scheme and Hospitals. [by Mr. A. K. Makie].
20493: JOHNSTON, ALEXANDER KEITH. - The Geographical Distribution of Material Wealth. II. Historical notes regarding the Merchant Company of Edinburgh ... [by Charles LAWSON]
21098: JOHNSTON, DENIS. - In Search of Swift.
33822: JOHNSTON, PHILIP MAINWARING. - A Schedule of Antiquities in the County of Surrey. Prepared under the auspices of the council of the Surrey Archaeological Society.
34216: JOHNSTON, HENRY & THOMAS BELL. - Inquiry under the Coal Mines Regulation Act 1887 into the fatal accident which occurred at the Mauricewood Colliery, on the 5th September 1889. Supplementary Report to the Secretary of State for the Home Department. Presented to both Houses of Parliament by Command of her Majesty.

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