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33998: DAVEY, C R (EDITED BY). - The Hampshire Lay Subsidy Rolls 1586. With the city of Winchester Assessment of a fifteenth and tenth, 1585. Hampshire Record Series Volume IV.
35970: DAVEY, HERBERT. - Poor Law Settlement and Removal.
24511: DAVIDSON, ARTHUR. - A Bird Watcher in Scandinavia: some observations of the rarer British visitors in their native haunts.
22080: DAVIDSON, D. - A Connected History of Early Egypt, Babylonia, and Central Asia: an original co-ordination of the evidences of modern methods of graphical analysis and narrative sequence.
36793: DAVIES, NORMAN. - Poland, Past and Present. A select bibliography of works in English.
19725: DAVIES, JOHN PATON JNR. - Dragon by the Tail: American, British, Japanese, and Russian encounters with China and one other.
20231: DAVIES, DAVID. - The Last of the Tasmanians.
20799: DAVIES, REES JOHN. - The First Fifty Years: a history of Ystalyfera County School.
21542: DAVIES, MARTIN; JOHN GOLDFINCH (EDITORS). - Vergil: a census of printed editions, 1469-1500.
22270: DAVIES, W. J. K. - The Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway.
22874: DAVIES, G. M. - Geology of London and South-East England.
23269: DAVIES, ROBERT. - Extracts from the Municipal Records of the City of York, during the reigns of Edward IV. Edward V. and Richard III., with notes illustrative and explanatory; and an appendix, containing some account of the celebration of the Corpus Christi Festival at York in the fourteenth, fifteenth, and sixteenth centuries.
23276: DAVIES, ROBERT. - Walks Through the City of York. Edited by his widow.
24102: DAVIES, E. T. - An Ecclesiastical History of Monmouthshire. Part I. Down to the beginnings of the Reformation.
24816: DAVIES, J. C. - Bowden to Harborough: the story of the town of Market Harborough and its two villages, Great Bowden and Little Bowden.
27121: DAVIES, L. TWISTON. - Men of Monmouthshire.
34341: DAVIES, C COLLIN (EDITED BY). - The private correspondence of Lord Macartney, governor of Madras, 1781-1785. Camden Third Series Volume LXXVII.
33065: DAVIES, DEWI. - Welsh Place Names and their Meanings.
28495: DAVIES, HUNTER. - Wainwright, the biography.
31398: DAVIES, R. & GRANT, M.D. - London and its Railways.
30528: DAVIES, R K. - Companion to the Fylde.
30614: DAVIES, ALFRED T., SIR. - The Lloyd George I Knew: some side-lights on a great career. Supplemented by The Story of the Welsh Department.
29881: DAVIES, F GWENDOLEN. - The Old High Church of St Mary Morpeth. Foreword by the Bishop of Newcastle.
29173: DAVIES, RANDALL. - The Railway Centenary: a retrospect.
38180: DAVIES, A. (EDITOR). - Polish Studies.
36971: DAVIES, NORMAN. - Sobieski's Legacy: Polish History 1683-1983. A Lecture.
39905: DAVIES, WILLIAM. - For the Heroes of Shotton. Memorial erected 1920, unveiled Sept. 3rd, 1921, by the parishioners and federated workmen of Shotton, to the memory of the 152 men who fell in The Great War, 1914-1919.
41722: DAVIES, ROBERT. - Walks through the City of York. Edited by his widow.
19127: DAVIS, JOHN, CAPTAIN (COMPILER). - Historical Records of the Second Royal Surrey, or Eleventh Regiment of Militia, with introductory chapters.
19181: DAVIS, WM. V. W., REV. - Memorial Services on the Death of President Garfield. Franklin-St. Church, Manchester, N. H., Sept. 25 and 26, 1881.
19438: DAVIS, N. - Ruined Cities within Numidian and Carthaginian Territories.
19781: DAVIS, HASSOLDT. - Nepal, Land of Mystery: adventures in Burma, China, India and the kingdom of Nepal.
22720: DAVIS, WILLIAM C.; BRIAN C. POHANKA; DON TROIANI (EDITORS). - Civil War Journal: The Leaders.
30468: DAVIS, JOHN (COMPILED BY). - Historical Records of the Second Royal Surrey, or Eleventh Regiment of Militia, with Introductory Chapters.
17421: DAVIS, LOYAL - Surgeon Extraordinary: the life of J. B. Murphy. With a foreword by A. J. Cronin.
34138: DAVIS, F N. - Rotuli Ricardi Gravesend Episcopi Lincolniensis AD MCCLXXIX. [The Publications of the Lincoln Record Society Vol 20].
27826: DAVISON, A W. - Derby: Its Rise and Progress.
29088: DAVY, COLIN. - Shrimp Harris.
29308: DAWES, FRANK. - Afoot in Hertfordshire. For the walking enthusiast in search of history and natural beauty in Hertfordshire.
28830: DAWKINS, W BOYD. - The Distribution of the British Postglacial Mammals. [From the Quarterly Journal of the Geological Society for May 1869].
1337: DAWSON, THOMAS. - Memoirs of St. George ... and of the Most Noble Order of the Garter.
23325: DAWSON, W. NEWTON. - History on Your Doorstep. Facts and thoughts around and about Toothill, Rastrick, Brighouse, Almondbury, Huddersfield and Halifax.
33656: DAWSON, C B. - The Mirror of Oxford.
28922: DAWSON, J W. - Notes on the Post-Pliocene Geology of Canada. With especial reference to the conditions of accumulation of the deposits and the marine life of the period. [From the Canadian Naturalist, New Series Vol VI].
30042: DAWSON, WARRINGTON (COMPILER). - The Speeches of the Hon. Hugh C. Wallace, American Ambassador to France, 1919-1921. With a foreword ...
32928: DAWSON, W HARBUTT. - History of Skipton.
41525: DAWSON, W. HARBUTT. - History of Skipton.
40451: DAWSON, A. J.( DIRECTOR OF EDUCATION). - Educational problems in the County of Durham, with a suggested scheme for solving them. (Education Act, 1918.)
16289: DAY, DAVID T. - Mineral Resources of the United States. Calendar Year 1905.
16965: DAY, SAMUEL PHILLIPS - Monastic Institutions; their origin, progress, nature and tendency.
18370: DAY, E. HERMITAGE; G. M. ELLWOOD. - Some London Churches.
30269: DAY, JAS. - A Practical Treatise on the Construction and Formation of Railways. Containing the most approved systems of excavating, haulage, embanking, permanent waylaying, &c. &c. Also the method of estimating the gross load and useful effect produced by mechanical or other motive power upon a level, and upon any inclination; illustrated with diagrams and original useful tables. To which is added, comprehensive earthwork tables.
37391: DAY, W A. - The Russian Government in Poland. With a narrative of the Polish Insurrection of 1863.
41098: DAY, LEONARD G (EDITOR). - Registers of the parish of Northfield in the county of Worcester (2 Vols).
33312: DAYNES, GILBERT W. - The Birth and Growth of the Grand Lodge of England, 1717-1926.
39979: DAYNES, GILBERT W. - The Birth and Growth of the Grand Lodge of England 1717 - 1926.
25000: DAYSH, G. H. J. (INTRODUCTION.). - Scientific Survey of North-Eastern England. Prepared for the meeting held in Newcastle upon Tyne 31st August to 7th September 1949.
27383: DEACON, LOIS. - A Plymouth Pen. With a foreword by the Right Honourable Isaac Foot.
31842: DEALLER, STEPHEN. - Wild Flowers in the Garden. Drawings by Annie Baikie.
22634: DEAN, A. C. (COMPILER). - Some Episodes in the Manchester Association of Engineers. A series of extracts from the early minute books of the association.
33051: THE DEAN. - The Story of Carlisle Cathedral. Views by E W Tassell & Son. Sketches by Mrs A E MacLeod.
20219: DEANE, BASIL. - Albert Roussel.
25742: DEANE, EDMUND. - Spadacrene Angelica, or, The English Spa Fountain. The first work on the waters of Harrogate ... with introduction by James Rutherford ... and biographical notes by Alex. Butler.
31090: DEANESLY, MARGARET. - The Pre Conquest Church in England. An Ecclesiastical History of England.
9248: DEARMER, PERCY. - Highways and Byways in Normandy.
36073: DEBENHAM, FRANK. - The Way to Ilala. David Livingstone's Pilgrimage.
16281: DEBUS, ALLEN G. - Science and Education in the Seventeenth Century: the Webster-Ward debate.
23650: DECKER, THOMAS. - The Gull's Hornbook. Edited by Charles Hindley.
35980: DEEDES, CECEIL. J E STOCKS & J L STOCKS (COMPILED BY). - A Catalogue of the Old Town Hall Library of Leicester.
17406: DEELMAN, H. T. (EDITOR) - Surgery: a hundred years ago. Extracts from the diary of Dr. C. B. Tilanus ...
22538: DEKKER, THOMAS. - The Seven Deadly Sinnes of London.
16254: DELACOUR, JEAN. - The Pheasants of the World.
21627: DELACY, MARGARET. - Prison Reform in Lancashire, 1700-1850: a study in local administration.
24523: DELAMAIN, JACQUES. - Why Birds Sing ...
30532: DELANY, M J (EDITED BY). - Yorkshire Mammals.
33943: DELDERFIELD, ERIC R. - The Lynmouth Flood Disaster.
29451: DELDERFIELD, E R (COMPILED BY). - Cotswold Sketches. A pictorial summary of a charming English countryside.
28854: DELDERFIELD, E R (COMPILED BY). - Brief Guide to Somerset, Mendip and Avalon. [No 17 of the Grey Series Guides].
35191: DELL, RICHARD F (EDITED BY). - Rye Shipping Records 1566-1590. [Sussex Record Society Volume LXIV].
19462: DELLENBAUGH, FREDERICK S. - Breaking the Wilderness: the story of the conquest of the Far West, from the wanderings of Cabeza de Vaca, to the first descent of the Colorado by Powell, and the completion of the Union Pacific Railway, with particular account of the exploits of trappers and traders.
18700: DELONDRE, ADRIEN. - Doctrine Philosophique de Bossuet sur la Connaissance de Dieu.
21482: DEMETER, KARL. - The German Officer-Corps in Society and State, 1640-1945.
32369: DEMOCRITUS, PSEUD. [I.E. HENRY GLASFORD POTTER?] - A Medical, Moral, and Christian Dissection of Tee-Totalism.
33957: DENCH, SUSAN (EDITED BY). - Index to the Wills proved in the Consistory Court of Carlisle 1661-1750. [The Index Library].
26221: DENHAM, M. A. (COMPILER AND EDITOR). - Denham Tracts, or a few pictures of olden times in connection with the North of England.
26841: DENHOLM-YOUNG, N. - The Country Gentry in the Fourteenth Century, with special reference to the heraldic rolls of arms.
32573: DENNEY, A H (EDITED BY). - The Sibton Abbey Estates. Select Documents 1325-1509.
33954: DENNY, REV H L L. - Manor of the Rectory, Bishop's Stortford, and its owners. [Reprinted from Miscellanea Genealogica et Heraldica].
40700: DENNYS, JOYCE (ILLUSTRATOR); HAMPDEN GORDON & M. G. TINDALL (TEXT). - Our Hospital A[nzac] B[ritish] C[anadian].
20218: DENT, EDWARD J. - Foundations of English Opera: a study of musical drama in England during the seventeenth century.
32857: DENTON, J. BAILEY. - Water Supply in connection with Land Drainage; a paper ... read before the Midland Farmers' Club ... in Birmingham, on the seventh of June, 1866.
39945: DYFED CULTURAL SERVICES DEPARTMENT. - Carmarthen and The Lower Tywi Valley. In Old Photographs.
34811: DERBY. - Derby Crown Porcelain Company Limited Catalogue.
34898: DERBY, J.C. - Fifty Years among Authors, Books and Publishers.
30496: DESBOROUGH, CAPTAIN A P H. - Explosion of Corning House at Factory No 40, Lancashire. Accident No 193, 1900. No CXLII. Report...on the circumstances attending the explosion which destroyed the Corning Houses of Messrs F C Dickson & Company Gunpowder factory at Blackbeck, Haverthwaite, Lancashire, on the 27th August, 1900. Presented to both Houses of Parliament by command of Her Majesty.
22905: DESEBROCK, JEAN. - The Book of Bond Street Old and New.
36780: DEVEREUX, ROY. - Poland Reborn.
33781: DEVLIN, SISTER MARY AQUINAS (EDITED BY). - The sermons of Thomas Brinton, bishop of Rochester, 1373-1389. Vol II. Camden Third Series Volume LXXXVI.
15888: DEWAR, DOUGLAS. - Game Birds.
31875: DEWAR, GEORGE A B. - Life and Sport in Hampshire.
39117: DEWDNEY, JOHN C. (EDITOR). - Durham County and City with Teeside.
30847: DEWE, MICHAEL & SANSOM, ANN. - A Guide to Brent Street Names. Form Bacon lane to Yuletide Road.
36154: DEWHIRST, IAN. - A History of Keighley.
31646: DEWS, NATHAN (COMPILED BY). - The History of Deptford in the Counties of Kent and Surrey.
29502: DEXTER, T F G. - Fire Worship in Britain. [New Knowledge Series No 4).
41414: YORKSHIRE DIALECT - Specimens of the Yorkshire dialect, by the way of dialogue. Containing a dialogue between Gulwell, a London register office keeper and Margery Moorport, a country girl, Awd Daisy, an eclogue, a cock and bull story, the hireing, the bellman of Ripon, the Yorkshire tyke, &c. To which is added a copious glossary, and the life of William Nevison.
25790: SOUHAMI. DIANA. - Selkirk's Island.
5337: DIBDIN, T. - The Last Lays of the Last of the Three Dibdins: containing fifty new songs, poems, &c. And one hundred and fifty selections from his published and unpublished productions.
16230: DIBDIN, REV. T. F. - The Library Companion; or, a young man's guide, and old man's comfort, in the choice of a library.
16765: DIBDIN, T. (COLLECTED AND ARRANGED). - Songs of the Late Charles Dibdin; with a memoir.
17579: DIBDIN, THOMAS FROGNALL (INTRO AND NOTES). - Of the Imitation of Christ, translated from the latin original ascribed to Thomas A'Kempis.
18511: DIBDIN, T. - The Last Lays of the Last of the Three Dibdins: containing fifty new songs, poems, &c. And one hundred and fifty selections from his published and unpublished productions.
25301: DIBDIN, JAMES C. - Scottish Border Life: a series of original sketches.
27964: DICK, STEWART. - The Pageant of the Forth.
18450: DICKENS, CHARLES. - Oliver and the Jew Fagin from the Oliver Twist of Charles Dickens.
18663: DICKENS, A. G. - Lollards and Protestants in the Diocese of York 1509-1558.
30549: DICKENS, R F & W R MITCHELL. - Birdwatching in Yorkshire.
24602: DICKENS, CHARLES. - American notes for general circulation. With a frontispiece by C. Stanfield.
26026: NONESUCH DICKENSIANA. - Retrospectus and Prospectus. The Nonesuch Dickens.
34841: DICKENSON, JOSEPH. - Home Farm Colliery Accident. Proceedings at an Inquiry before Joseph Dickinson Esquire Inspector of Mines, conducted in the Court Room, Burgh Buildings, Wishaw, on Thursday and Friday 28th and 29th 1877. [Presented to both Houses of Parliament by Command of Her Majesty].
34842: DICKENSON, JOSEPH. - Report on the Home Farm Colliery Inundation. [Presented to both Houses of Parliament by Command of Her Majesty].
39298: DICKINSON, FRANKIE. - The Castle on Devil's Water: the legends and history of Dilston Castle, Northumberland and the tragedy of James Radcliffe, Third Earl of Derwentwater.
17934: DICKINSON, H. W. - Sir Samuel Morland: diplomat and inventor 1625-1695.
32930: DICKINSON, JOE (COMPILED BY). - York on Old Postcards. The city and its people in the twentieth century.
34161: DICKINSON, JOSEPH. - Mines. Report of Joseph Dickinson, Esq, H.M Inspector of Mines for the Manchester District (No 6), to her Majesty's Secretary of State, under the Coal Mines Regulation Act 1887, the Metalliferous Mines Regulation Acts 1872 and 1875, and the Slate Mines (Gunpowder) Act 1882; for the year 1888. Presented to both Houses of Parliament by Command of her Majesty.
34204: DICKINSON, JOSEPH. - Mines. Report of Joseph Dickinson Esq, H.M Inspector of Mines for the Manchester and Ireland District (No 6) to Her Majesty's Secretary of State, under the Coal Mines Regulation Act 1887, the Metalliferous Mines Regulations Acts 1872 and 1875, and the Slate Mines (Gunpowder) Act 1882; for the Year 1889. Presented to both Houses of Parliament by Command of her Majesty.
34227: DICKINSON, JOSEPH, THOMAS E WALES & THOMAS CADMAN. - Joint the Right Hon Sir WM Vernon Harcourt on the Coalbed or Coalfield in which the workings at Risca Colliery are situated. [Presented to both Houses of Parliament by Command of Her Majesty].
33872: DICKINSON, ROBERT (EDITED BY). - Marriage Bonds for the Deaneries of Lonsdale Kendal Furness Copeland & Amounderness in the Archdeaconry of Richmond, now preserved at Preston. Part IV 1746-1755. [The Record Society of Lancashire & Cheshire Volume CXV].
42265: DICKSON, ROBERT. - Introduction of the art of printing into Scotland.
24426: DICKSON, TONY (EDITOR). - Capital and Class in Scotland.
42678: DICKSON, W. E. - Practical organ-building.
20478: DILLARD, DUDLEY. - The Economics of John Maynard Keynes: the theory of a monetary economy.
42383: DINGLEY, PAULINE (COMPILER). - Historic books on veterinary science and animal husbandry: the Comben Collection in the Science Museum Library.
41610: DINGWALL, PATRICIA. - Weardale.
23807: DINSDALE, JOHN. - Sketches of Whitby, drawn from nature...
28501: DINSDALE, N. V. - The Old Clockmakers of Yorkshire.
19900: DIOSY, ARTHUR. - The New Far East.
30927: [JONES, GERAINT] MUSICAL DIRECTOR. - The Lake District Festival 1972 Souvenir Programme. 1st to 13th May 1972.
30925: [JONES, GERAINT] MUSICAL DIRECTOR. - The Lake District Festival 1968. Concerts, Recitals and Films 6 May to 24 May 1968.
40767: NATIONAL COMMERCIAL DIRECTORY. - Durham, Northumberland, Yorkshire.
8861: DISRAELI, B. - Lothair.
25045: 'OUR OWN DISTRICT' SERIES. - Durham and Northumberland.
38431: DITCHER, JOSEPH, REV. - A statement of the proceedings in the case of Ditcher v. Denison; illustrating the present condition of the Church of England; and the dangers which threaten the maintenance of sound doctrine in that church from the operation of the church discipline act.
29527: DITCHFIELD, P. H. (EDITOR). - Bygone Berkshire.
31199: DITCHFIELD, REV P H. - The Quarterly Journal of the Berks Archaeological and Architectural Society (2 Vols).
37117: DIVALD, KORNEL. - Old Hungarian Art.
21977: FOREIGN AREA STUDIES DIVISION. - U.S. Army Handbook for Korea.
27579: DIX, GREGORY, THE REV. - The Treatise on the Apostolic Tradition of St Hippolytus of Rome, Bishop and Martyr. Volume I. Historical introduction, textual materials and translation, with Apparatus Criticus and some critical notes.
37618: DIXON, ROBERT A. - Clothing Factories. [A paper read before the Institute of Yorkshire, 19th February 1906].
37617: DIXON, G K. - Motor Car Works. [A paper read before the Insurance Institute of Birmingham, 9th March 1906].
40323: DIXON, ERNEST - Tees Lodge No. 509 Centenary 1845-1945.
20236: DIXON, DAVID DIPPIE. - Whittingham Vale, Northumberland: its history, traditions, and folk lore.
24607: DIXON, WILLIAM HEPWORTH. - White Conquest (2 Vols).
26259: DIXON, S. F. - History of the Saxon Royal Town of Corbridge-on-Tyne.
28577: DIXON, CHARLES. - The Migration of Birds: an attempt to reduce avian season-flight to law.
29276: DIXON-SCOTT, J. - The Beauty of Hampshire. Camera Pictures of the County.
23392: DIXON, STANLEY. - The Relation of Food to Disease.
36086: DIXON, S. F. - History of the Saxon Royal Town of Corbridge-on-Tyne.
23719: DIXON-SCOTT, J. - Yorkshire: a book of new photographs.
8090: DIXON, CHARLES. - The Game Birds and Wild Fowl of the British Islands: being a handbook for the naturalist and sportsman.
40144: DIXON, ROGER - The Geological Society of Norfolk. 50th Anniversary Jubilee Volume.
34755: DIXON-SCOTT, J. - The Beauty of Somerset. Camera Pictures of the County.
37448: DJORDJEVIC, DIMITRIJE. - Revolutions Nationales Des Peuples Balkaniques 1804-1914. [Institut D'Histoire Beograd].
38631: DOBBIN, E. - Bellingham Northumberland The Official Guide. With map and 6 illustrations.
27549: DOBELL, BERTRAM (EDITOR). - A Prospect of Society. By Oliver Goldsmith. Being the earliest form of his poem The Traveller. Now reprinted from the unique original with a reprint of the first edition ...
41088: DOBROWOLSKI, TADEUSZ. - Polish painting from the Enlightenment to recent times.
30569: DOBSON, BOB & ERIC TOPPING (EDITED BY). - Living Lancashire. An anthology of Lancashire dialect, verse and stories.
31633: DOBSON, WILLIAM. - Rambles by the Ribble. [First Series].
28098: DOBSON, BRIAN & DAVID J BREEZE. - The Army of Hadrian's Wall. [Northern History Booklet No 28].
37271: DOBSON, AUSTIN; HUGH THOMSON (ILLUSTRATOR). - The Story of Rosina, and other verses.
37272: DOBSON, AUSTIN; HUGH THOMSON (ILLUSTRATOR). - The Ballad of Beau Brocade, and other poems of the XVIII century.
41865: DOBSON, B. A. - The principles of carding cotton, the manufacture of card wire, and the grinding of cards. A paper read before the New England Cotton Manufacturers' Association ... 1888 ...
40882: DOBSON, WILLIAM. - A history and description of the ancient houses in the market place, Preston; with notices of their successive owners, &c., from their erection to their demolition.
40885: DOBSON, WILLIAM. - A history and description of the ancient houses in the market place, Preston; with notices of their successive owners, &c., from their erection to their demolition.
40884: DOBSON, WILLIAM. - A history and description of the ancient houses in the market place, Preston; with notices of their successive owners, &c., from their erection to their demolition.
6006: DODD, JAMES J. - The History of the Urban District of Spennymoor, with occasional references to Kirk Merrington, Middlestone, Westerton, Byers Green, Page Bank, Croxdale and Ferryhill.
17775: DODD, WILLIAM - Thoughts in Prison; in five parts, viz. the imprisonment, the retrospect, public punishment, the trial, futurity. To which are added, his last prayer, written in the night before his death; the convict's address to his unhappy brethren; and other miscellaneous pieces: with some account of the author.
24063: DODD, A. H. (EDITOR). - A History of Wrexham, Denbighshire.
24104: DODD, A. H. - A History of Caernarvonshire, 1284-1900.
40333: DODD, A.H. - The Industrial Revolution in North Wales.
40111: DODD, CHARLES R. - The Parliamentary Companion, for 1848. Sixteenth year.
40112: DODD, CHARLES R. - The Parliamentary Companion, for 1853. Twenty-first year.
40121: DODD, JAMES J. - The History of the Urban District of Spennymoor, with occasional references to Kirk Merrington, Middlestone, Westerton, Byers Green, Page Bank, Croxdale and Ferryhill.
26779: DODDRIDGE CHAPEL, NORTHAMPTON. - A History of Northampton Castle Hill Church, now Doddridge, and its pastorate, 1674-1895, from original documents and contemporary records; with reports of the bicentenary services ... Appendices of special papers ... by ... T. Gasquoine ... Illustrated, etc.
42231: DODDS, JOSEPH, ET AL. - Probate, Administration, and Legacy Duties. Speeches by Mr. Joseph Dodds, M.P., Mr. Gregory, M.P., the Right Hon. W. E. Baxter, the Right Hon. Sir Stafford Northcote, etc. House of Commons, Tuesday, May 20, 1879 ...
17730: DODGE, ARTHUR P. - A Sketch of the Life of the Hon. Phinehas Adams, of Manchester, New Hampshire.
31812: DODSLEY, ROBERT. - The Economy of Human Life.
32485: DODSON, JOHN. - A report on the judgement, delivered in the Constitutional Court of London, on the sixteenth day of July, 1811, by the right honourable Sir William Scott, Chancellor of the Diocese, in the cause of Dalrymple the wife, against Dalrymple the husband. With an appendix containing the depositions of the witnesses, the letters of the parties, and other papers exhibited in the cause.
22307: DOHERTY, RICHARD. - A Noble Crusade: the history of the Eighth Army, 1941 to 1945.
18027: DOKE, CLEMENT M. - The Lambas of Northern Rhodesia: a study of their customs and beliefs.
34437: SIR RICHARD DOLL. - Prospects for Prevention. The Harveian Oration of 1982.
27406: DONALDSON, JOHN WILLIAM. - The Theatre of the Greeks. A treatise on the history and exhibition of the Greek drama, with various supplements.
31782: DONALDSON, JOHN WILLIAM. - The Theatre of the Greeks. A series of papers relating to the history and criticism of the Greek drama.
43595: DONCASTER. - Photographic view album of Doncaster. 'The "Dainty" Series'
17273: DOOLIN, WILLIAM - Wayfarers in Medicine.
34566: DOOLIN, WILLIAM. - Wayfarers in Medicine.
30457: DORAN, DR. - In and About Drury Lane and Other Papers (2 Volumes). [Reprinted from the pages of the Temple Bar Magazine].
16276: [MASSON, ALEXANDER FREDERICK JAMES]; CLAUDE JOSEPH DORAT. - Delia Bathing ( Zelis au Bain) by the Marquis de Pezay; Celia's Doves (Les Tourterelles de Zelmis) by C. J. Dorat.
16899: DORESSE, JEAN. - The Secret Books of the Egyptian Gnostics. An introduction to the Gnostic Coptic manuscripts discovered at Chenoboskion.
24345: DORLING, H. TAPRELL, CAPTAIN. - Ribbons and Medals: naval, military, air force and civil.
27356: DORLING, CAPTAIN H TAPRELL. - British & Foreign Ribbons. Naval, Military, Air Force and Civil.
5427: DORLING, H. TAPRELL, CAPT. - Ribbons and Medals: naval, military, air force and civil.
28262: DORMER, ERNEST.W. - Erleigh Court and its Owners
41084: DORMER, ERNEST W. - The parish and church of Saint Peter, Earley.
3519: DORSON, RICHARD M. - Buying the Wind regional folklore in the United States.
33071: DORWARD, DAVID. - Scotland's Place Names.
40728: DOUBLEDAY, H. ARTHUR. (EDITOR) - A history of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight. Part 3, Zoology.
26515: DOUGAN, DAVID. - Newcastle - Past and Present.
24870: DOUGAN, DAVID; FRANK GRAHAM. - Northumberland and Durham: a social miscellany.
36157: DOUGHTY, CHARLES M. - Arabia Deserta. Newly edited and excerpted by H. L. MacRitchie.
37349: DOUGLAS-KAY, FREDA M. - Our Sedbergh.
19282: DOUGLAS, JOHN. - The Chronicles of The Caladonian Society of London 1905-1921.
20816: DOUGLAS, M. A.; C. R. ASH (EDITORS). - The Godolphin School 1726-1926.
20875: DOUGLAS, M. A.; C. R. ASH (EDITORS). - The Godolphin School 1726-1926.
20879: DOUGLAS-SMITH, A. E. - The City of London School.
25367: DOUGLAS, SYLVESTER. - A Treatise on the Provincial Dialect of Scotland. Edited by Charles Jones.
34593: DOUGLASS, DAVID. - The Miners of North Durham. 'Socialist Union Pamphlet No. 3.'
19300: M'DOWALL, WILLIAM. - Chronicles of Lincluden: as an abbey and a college.
25997: DOWNIE, R. ANGUS. - Frazer and the Golden Bough.
39824: DOWNING, H. P. BURKE. - Notes on architectural relics in Cornwall. With illustrations by the author.
25601: DOWSING, WILLIAM. - The Timber Merchant's and Builder's Companion, containing new and copious tables of the reduced weight and measurement of deals and battens, of all sizes, from one to a thousand pieces, ...
31443: DOWSON, WALTER. - The Wellcome Physiological Research Laboratories, founded 1894.
27414: DRAGE, CHARLES. - Family Story. The Drages of Hatfield.
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36294: FAVELL, CHARLES FOX. - On Grinders' Asthma.
39263: FAWCETT, JOSHUA, REV. - "The Flood Came and Took Them All Away;" a sermon on the Holmfirth Flood. To which is added a detailed account of the awful disaster at Holmfirth; obtained from correct sources.
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34407: FAWTIER, ROBERT. MOSES TYSON. FRANK TAYLOR - Hand List of Charters, Deeds, and Similar Documents in the Possession of John Rylands Library. I. Documents of which the provenance has been ascertained. With an index of names of persons and places. II & III Miscellaneous Documents aquired by gift of purchase with index.
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26125: FENWICK, KENNETH (EDITOR). - Voice from the Ranks: a personal narrative of the Crimean campaign by a sergeant of the Royal Fusiliers ...
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21454: FERGUSSON, BERNARD (EDITOR). - The Business of War: the war narrative of Major-General Sir John Kennedy ...
35571: FERGUSSON, JAMES. - Morpeth: from the accession to the Jubilee of Queen Victoria (1837-1887.)
19881: FERRAND, HENRI. - Nice to Evian by the Route des Alpes.
31407: FERRY, JOHN W. - Panorama of Pinner Village, Middlesex.
31073: FERRY, JOHN W (COMPILED BY). - Panorama of Pinner Village Middlesex.
41445: FETIS, FRANCIS JAMES. - Music explained to the world: or, how to understand music and enjoy its performance. From the French ...
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31510: FIELD, JOHN. - Place Names of Greater London.
41204: FIELD, W. - To the members of the Kenilworth congregation.
5280: FIELDING, HENRY ? - An Apology for the Life of Mrs. Shamela Andrews.
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39981: FINGEL, J.G. - The History of Freemasonry. From its origin down to the present day. Preface by D. Murray Lyon.
19937: FINLAY, GEORGE IRVING. - Colorado Springs: a guide book describing the rock formations in the vicinity ...
41944: FINN, RALPH L. - My greatest game.
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19451: CHICAGO FIRE. - Report of the Chicago Relief and Aid Society of disbursement of contributions for the sufferers by the Chicago fire.
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3784: FLORIAN. - Oeuvres (24 vols in 9).
42427: FLORUS, LUCIUS ANNAEUS. - L. Annśi Flori epitome rerum Romanarum cum versione Anglic‚, in qu‚ verbum de verbo, quantum per utriusque linguś genium fieri licuit, redditur. Or, a compendious history of Rome, by L. Florus. With an English translation as literal as possible. By John Clarke, Master of the Publick Grammar-School in Hull.
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19800: GARRETT, PAT. F. - The Authentic Life of Billy, the Kid, the noted desperado ...
31023: GARRETT, JOHN HENRY. - The Idyllic Avon. Being a simple description of the Avon from Tewkesbury to above Stratford on Avon, with songs and pictures of the river and neighbourhood.
40712: GARROD, A.H. - On the brain of the Sumatran rhinoceros.
28990: GASCOIGNE, GEORGE. - 1. Certayne Notes of Instruction in English Verse. 1575. [with] 2. The Steele Glas ... [with] 3. The Complaynt of Philomene ... 1576. Preceded by George Whetstone's A Remembrance of the well imployed Life, and godly end of George Gascoigne Esquire ... 1577. Carefully edited by Edward Arber.
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27798: GASKELL, PHILIP. - A Bibliography of The Foulis Press.
33024: GASQUET, ABBOT. - English Monastic Life. [The Antiquary's Books].
33025: GASQUET, H E CARDINAL. - English Monastic Life. [The Antiquary's Books].
9296: GATTI, ATTILIO. - Black Mist.
29910: GATTY, ALFRED, MRS. - Parables From Nature. With notes on the natural history ... Third and Fourth Series.
30358: GATTY, REV ALFRED. - The Noble and Illustrious Family of Howard: A Lecture Delivered in Sheffield in 1879.
31024: GATTY, CHARLES T. - Mary Davies and the Manor of Ebury (2 Volumes).
31973: GATTY, CHARLES T. - Mary Davies and the Manor of Ebury (2 Vols.)
33133: GATTY, REV ALFRED. - Supper of the Lord. A sermon preached in Ecclesfield Parish Church.
4401: GAULD, H. DRUMMOND. - Brave Borderland
26097: GAULTIER, BON., PSEUD. [I.E. SIR THEODORE MARTIN.] (EDITOR). - The Book of Ballads. ... illustrated by Doyle, Leech and Crowquill.
16114: GAUNT, W. - English Rural Life in the Eighteenth Century.
26664: GAUNT, W. - London Promenade.
29319: GAUNT, ARTHUR. - Its Odd - Its Yorkshire. Drawings by Leslie A Scott and Frank Varty.
31304: GAUNT, WILLIAM. - Stubbs.
41516: GAUNT, J. - Eventide. A collection of original poems.
27077: GAUSSEN, SAMUEL ROBERT LOUIS. - The World's Birthday. A book for the young. Translated by Mrs. Campbell Overend.
23201: GAUTE, J. H. H.; ROBIN ODELL. - The Murderers' Who's Who: outstanding international cases from the literature of murder in the last 150 years.
20582: GAWTHORN, E. E. - Old Rhineland: through an Englishman's eyeglass.
16152: GAY, JOHN. - The Aspects of Medical Science. A oration delivered March 8, 1860, before the Medical Society of London, on its eighty-seventh anniversary.
25573: GAYDON, A. G.; H. G. WOLFHARD. - Flames: their structure, radiation and temperature.
32592: GAYLER, J L. IRENE RICHARDS & J A MORRIS. - A Sketch Map Economic History of Britain.
40881: GEDDES, SIR. WILLIAM DUGUID. - Historical characteristics of the Celtic race. An address to the University Celtic Society. Published by request.
38730: GEDDIE, JOHN. - Souvenir of the Opening of the North British Station Hotel, Edinburgh, 15th October 1902. Contents - Old and New Edinburgh, North British Hotel, North British Railway.
34867: GEE, REV HENRY. - A Day in Durham, with a plan of the route.
23416: GEE, H. L. - Folk Tales of Yorkshire.
24462: GEE, STEPHEN. - Old Halifax.
24381: GEEN, PHILIP. - Days Stolen For Sport.
34802: GEERLIGS, H C PRINSEN. - On Cane Sugar and the Process of its Manufacture in Java.
20629: GEIKIE, JAMES. - Earth Sculpture, or the origin of land-forms.
20709: GEIKIE, ARCHIBALD. - Text-Book of Geology.
34738: GEIL, WILLIAM EDGAR. - Ocean and Isle.
9383: GELFAND, MICHAEL. - Livingstone the Doctor. His life and travels a study in medical history.
25865: GELL, WILLIAM, SIR. - Reminiscences of Sir Walter Scott's Residence in Italy, 1832. Edited with notes by James C. Corson ...
32392: GELL, JOHN. - Conversational Manx. A series of graded lessons in Manx and English with phonetic pronunciation.
42522: GELL, WILLIAM. - A tour in the lakes made in 1797 by William Gell. Edited by William Rollinson.
9245: GELLHORN, ELEANOR COWLES. - McKay's Guide to the Far East and the Middle East.
42416: ADJUTANT GENERAL'S OFFICE. - Rules and regulations for the formations, field-exercise, and movements, of His Majesty's Forces.
26815: GENET, JEAN-PHILIPPE (EDITOR). - Four English Political Tracts of the Later Middle Ages. Camden Fourth Series. Volume 18.
36186: SOCI…T… DES ARTS DE GEN»VE. - Bulletin de la Classe d'Agriculture. Nos. 1-24. [Comprising 24 issues.]
40813: GENLIS, STEPHANIE FELICITE, COMTESSE DE, 1746-1830. - Les veillees du chateau, ou cours de morale a l'usage des enfans (4 Vols).
16542: A WALKING GENTLEMAN [GRATTON, T. C]. - High-Ways and By-Ways; or Tales of the Roadside, picked up in French Provinces.
20690: GEOLOGY. - Chambers's Mineralogical Dictionary.
28951: SCOTTISH GEOLOGY. - Transactions of the Edinburgh Geological Society (3 Vols). [Comprising] Vols. 7-9, 1893-1910.
37000: GEORGESCU, VLAD. - Political Ideas and the Enlightenment in the Romanian Principalities 1750-1831. [East European Monographs I].
26614: GERNSHEIM, HELMUT. - Lewis Carroll, Photographer.
34509: GERRARD, JOHN. - Mines and Quarries. Reports...for the North and East Lancashire and Ireland District (no 6) to Her Majesty's Secretary of State for the Home Department, under the Coal Mines Regulation Acts 1887 to 1896, the Metalliferous Mines Regulation Acts 1872 and 1875, and the Quarries Act 1894. For the year 1897. [Presented to both Houses of Parliament by Command of Her Majesty].
34523: GERRARD, JOHN. - Mines. Report...for the Manchester and Ireland District (no 6), to Her Majesty's Secretary of State, under The Coal Mines Act 1887, The Metalliferous Mines Regulation Acts 1872 and 1875, and The Slate Mines (Gunpowder) Act 1882, for the year 1892. [Presented to both Houses of Parliament by Command of Her Majesty].
34262: GERRARD, JOHN. - Mines and Quarries. Reports...for the Manchester and Ireland District (No 5) to his Majesty's Secretary of Stae for the Home Department, under the Coal Mines Regulation Acts 1887 to 1908, the Metalliferous Mines Regulation Acts 1872 and 1875, and the Quarries Act 1894. For the year 1910. [Presented to both Houses of Parliament by command of His Majesty].
25955: GESSNER-SIEGFRIED, A., DR. - Katalog des Kantonalen Antiquariums in Aarau.
22492: GESSNER, SOLOMON. - The Works of Solomon Gessner, translated from the German, with some account of his life and writings (3 Volumes).
31314: GIBBERD, FREDERICK. - Report of the Oxford University Drama Commission with Supplementary Architectural Report.
26652: GIBBONS, J. S. - The Banks of New-York, Their Dealers, the Clearing House, and the Panic of 1857. With a financial chart.
30554: GIBBONS, E JOAN. - The Flora of Lincolnshire. Lincolnshire Natural History Brochure No 6.
31256: GIBBONS, J. S. - The Public Debt of the United States. Its organization: its liquidation: adminstration of the treasury: the financial system.
34345: GIBBS, MARION (EDITED BY). - Early Charters of the cathedral church of St. Paul, London. Camden Third Series Volume LVIII.
26318: GIBRALTAR. - Gibraltar and Its Sieges. With a description of its natural features.
37612: GIBSON, H S. - The Utilisation of Peat. [A paper read before the Insurance Institute of Ireland, 19th February 1907].
15521: GIBSON, GEORGE ALEXANDER. - Life of Sir William Tennant Gairdner ... with a selection of papers on general and medical subjects.
19635: GIBSON, ALEXANDER GEORGE. - The Physician's Art: an attempt to expand John Lock's fragment de arte medica.
24635: GIBSON, ALEXANDER GEORGE. - The Physician's Art: an attempt to expand John Lock's Fragment de Arte Medica.
26248: GIBSON, WILLIAM SIDNEY. - Descriptive and Historical Notices of Northumbrian Castles, Churches, and Antiquities: third series, comprising visits to Naworth Castle, Lanercost Priory, and Corby Castle, in Cumberland; the ruined monasteries of Brinkburn, Jarrow, and Tynemouth; Bishop Middleham and the town of Hartlepool; Newcastle-on-Tyne and Durham Cathedral.
27432: GIBSON, JOHN. - Hexham Abbey. {Notes on Famous Churches and Abbeys)/
37493: GIBSON, WILLIAM SYDNEY. - Descriptive and Historical Notices of Some Remarkable Northumbrian Castles, Churches and Antiquities: in a series of visits to the ruined priory of Finchdale, the Abbey Church of Hexham...with biographical notices of eminent persons.
38617: GIBSON, REV. J. GEORGE (EDITED BY) - The Registers of Ebchester, in the County and Diocese of Durham. 1619-1812.
43566: GIBSON, WILLIAM RALPH. - History of Dore.
36633: GIDDEN, H W (EDITED BY). - The Steward's Books of Southampton. Vol I 1428-1434. Vol II 1434-1439. [Publications of the Southampton Record Society].
33986: GIFFORD, DAPHNE H & THE LATE W T MELLOWS. - Elizabethan Peterborough. The Dean and Chapter as Lords of the City (Part III of Tudor Documents). [The Publications of the Northamptonshire Record Society Volume XVIII].
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22709: GILBERT, W. S.; W. RUSSELL FLINT (ILLUSTRATOR). - The Gondoliers, or, The King of Barataria.
31972: GILBERT, BERNARD. - Bly Market: moving pictures of a market-day.
34655: GILBERT, KATHERINE. - Maurice Blondel's Philosophy of Action. 'University of North Carolina Studies in Philosophy, No. 1.'
22333: GILCHER, EDWIN. - A Bibliography of George Moore.
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23291: GILES, WILLIAM (COMPILER). - Catalogue of the Charters, House Books, Freemen's Rolls, Chamberlains', etc., Accounts, and other books, deeds, and old documents, belonging to the Corporation of York; together with report on their renovation.
35502: GILES, REV CHAUNCEY. - The Spiritual World, and our children there.
19330: CUNNISON J.; J. B. S. GILFILLAN (EDITORS). - The Third Statistical Account of Scotland [Vol. V]: Glasgow.
31047: GILFILLAN, REV GEORGE. - The Poetical Works of Goldsmith, Collins, and T Warton. With lives, critical dissertations, and explanatory notes.
37694: GILFILLAN, GEORGE, REV. (EDITOR). - A memoir of Thomas Ebenezer Taylor, (who died, aged 21 years.) by his father. With selections from his literary remains.
28572: GILL, E. LEONARD. - A First Guide to South African Birds.
32077: GILL, CONRAD & A S A BRIGGS. - History of Birmingham (2 Vols). Volume I: Manor and Borough to 1865. Volume II: Borough and City 1865-1938.
28249: GILL, ARTHUR A.R. - English Cathedral Churches Founding of York Minster
33600: GILL, CLAUDE S. (EDITOR). - The Old Wooden Walls: their construction, equipment, etc. Being an abridged edition of Falconer's celebrated Marine Dictionary.
37400: GILL, HARY. - The Village Church in the Olden Time.
38099: GILL, THOMAS. - Vallis Eboracensis: comprising the history and antiquities of Easingwold and its neighbourhood.
39037: GILL, RICHARD. - The Hanging Bridge, Manchester. Reprinted from the"Transactions of the Lancashire and Cheshire Antiquarian Society," 1890.
39829: GILLESPIE, WILLIAM HONYMAN. - The necessary existence of God. Prepared on behalf of the trustees of Mrs. Honyman Gillespie ... by James Urquhart ... With a supplementary chapter giving the views of modern philosophers regarding space, contributed by Rev. H. R. Mackintosh.
23575: GILLETT, EDWARD. - A History of Grimsby.
27158: GILLHAM, MARY E. - A Naturalist in New Zealand.
31553: GILLIES, STEWART & PAMELA TAYLOR. - Hendon. Child's Hill, Golders Green and Mill Hill. A Pictorial History.
35685: GILLIGAN, PROFESSOR ALBERT. - The Geology of the Appleby District.
27882: GILLIS, WILLIAM E (EDITED BY). - The Unpublished Poems of Robert Fergusson.
20469: GILMAN, NICHOLAS PAINE. - Profit Sharing between Employer and Employee: a study in the evolution of the wages system.
23167: GILMOUR, DAVID. - Paisley Weavers of Other Days, the Pen Folk, etc.
39287: GILMOUR, J. S. L. (EDITOR). - Thomas Johnson: botanical journeys in Kent & Hampstead. A facsimile reprint with introduction and translation of his Iter Plantarum 1629, Descriptio Itineris Plantarum 1632. 'Hunt Facsimile Series No. 3.'
26698: GILPIN, WILLIAM. - The Life of Bernard Gilpin, collected from his life, written by George Carleton, bishop of Chichester, from other printed accounts of the times he lived in, from original letters, and other authentic records.
22251: GILSON, ETIENNE. - L'Esprit de la Philosophie Medievale.
32031: GIRAUD, S. LOUIS - Bookano Zoo, Animal Life in Fact, Fancy and Fun. Living Models Series No.1.
32034: GIRAUD, S. LOUIS - Bookano Stories with pictures that spring up in model form. No. 9.
24924: GIRDLESTONE, C. M. - Essays Presented to C. M. Girdlestone.
27225: GIROUARD, MARK. - Life in the English Country House: a social and historical history.
28912: GISBORNE JUN, THOMAS. - An Address to the Electors of Derbyshire on the Recent Ministerial Crisis.
22842: GISSING, ALGERNON. - The Footpath-Way in Gloucestershire. With head and tail pieces by John Garside.
17281: GITTINGS, ROBERT - Memorials of John Flint South.
18018: GITTINGS, ROBERT. - John Keats: the living year 21 September 1818 to 21 September 1819.
36313: GIUDICE, GIUSEPPE. - An Italian Grammar for the Forces. [Not to be Sold].
30672: GIUSEPPI, M. S. - Guide to the Contents of the Public Record Office (3 Vols). [Comprising] Vol. 1. Legal Records, etc. Vol. 2. State Papers and Departmental Records. Vol. 3. Documents Transferreed, 1960-1966.
8687: GLADSTONE, W. E. - Authentic Report. Address delivered at the Distribution of Prizes in the Liverpool College, Dec 21, 1872.
33442: GLADSTONE, WILLIAM EWART. - Inaugural Address. [To the principal, professors, and students of the University of Edinburgh.]
38318: GLADSTONE, JOHN. - Facts relating to slavery in the West Indies and America, contained in a letter addressed to ... Sir Robert Peel ...
38381: GLADSTONE, JOHN. - Corn Law repeal and our monetary system. ... To the editor of the "Montrose Standard."
38382: GLADSTONE, JOHN. - The exportation of gold. To the Lord Ashburton ... London.
38383: GLADSTONE, JOHN. - Tea duty. Copy of a letter addressed to the Editor of the Morning Post newspaper, London, on the 12th December, 1846 ...
38385: GLADSTONE, JOHN. - Colonial poverty and ministerial economy. To the Editor of the Montrose Standard.
38386: GLADSTONE, JOHN. - Protection for British navigation and native industry. To the Worshipful the Mayor of Liverpool.
38415: GLADSTONE, JOHN. - A statement of facts, connected with the present state of slavery in the British sugar and coffee colonies, and in the United States of America, together with a view of the present situation of the lower classes in the United Kingdom, contained in a letter addressed the The Right Hon. Sir Robert Peel ...
38354: GLADSTONE, W. E. - Speech delivered in the house of commons on the motion of Sir George Strickland, for the abolition of the negro apprenticeship, Friday, March 30, 1838. With an appendix.
40872: GLADSTONE, HUGH S. - Record Bags and Shooting Record. Together with some account of the evolution of the sporting-gun, marksmanship and the speed and weight of birds.
18981: GLADWIN, IRENE. - The Sheriff: the man and his office.
29385: GLASBERGEN, W. - Inventaria Archaeologica. The Netherlands. Graves containing beakers with protruding foot.
41432: GLASS, MATTHEW. - Some legends, traditions, and superstitions of Northumberland. A paper read ... before the Alnwick and District Association in London, at their monthly meeting on February 10th. 1896.
38365: GLASTONE, W. E. - An address delivered at the Saturday evening assembly of the working men of Chester, December 27, 1862, ... by the ... Chancellor of the Exchequer.
24471: GLEICHEN (CAPT. [ALFRED EDWARD WILFRED], COUNT) - Report on the Nile and Country between Dongola, Suakin, Kassala, and Omdurman ... Compiled in the Intelligence Division, War Office, by Capt. Count Gleichen ...
35715: GLENDINING, DOUGLAS (EDITED BY). - The Military and Naval Medal Magazine and Bric-A-Brac Journal. Vol II.
22015: GLENISTER, A. G. - The Birds of the Malay Peninsula, Singapore and Penang ...
26894: GLOAG, JOHN. - The Englishman's Castle: a history of houses, large and small, in town and country, from A.D. 100 to the present day. With drawings by Marjory Whittington.
31736: GLOVER, MICHAEL. - Rorke's Drift. A Victorian Epic.
26129: GLOVER, MICHAEL (EDITOR). - A Gentleman Volunteer: the letters of George Hennell from the Peninsular War, 1812-1813.
26143: GLOVER, MICHAEL. - A Very Slippery Fellow: the life of Sir Robert Wilson, 1777-1849.
36068: GLOVER, ALAN (COMPILED BY). - Gloriana's Glass.
21427: GLUBB, JOHN BAGOT, LIEUTENANT-GENERAL SIR. - A Soldier with the Arabs.
18993: GOADBY, EDWIN. - The England of Shakespeare.
41232: GODART, JUSTIN. - L'Albanie en 1912. Preface de M. D'Estournelles de Constant.
20873: GODBER, JOYCE. - The Harpur Trust, 1552-1973.
35894: GODDARD, FRANK. - Lakeland Fells.
22442: GODDARD, WILLIAM. - A Satirycall Dialogue, or a sharplye-invective conference betweene Allexander the Great and that truely woman-hater Diogynes... ocvpyed from a unique copy in the British Museum. Edited by John S Farmer.
35272: GODDARD, T RUSSELL. - A Guide to the Farne Islands.
24055: GODDARD, EDWARD HUNGERFORD (COMPILER). - Wiltshire Bibliography: a catalogue of printed books, pamphlets and articles bearing on the history, topography and natural history of the county ...
30015: GODDARD, T. RUSSELL. - History of the Natural History Society of Northumberland, Durham and Newcastle upon Tyne 1829-1929.
38211: GODDARD, DWIGHT - Principles and Practice of Mahayana Buddism. An interpretation of Professor Suzuki's translation of Ashvaghosha's awakening of faith.
39612: GODDEN, GEOFFREY A. - Stevengraphs, and other Victorian silk pictures.
27330: GODFREY-TURNER, L. - Old Temple Bar. Rambles and Reflections.
35422: GODFREY, JOHN T (TRANSCRIBED & EDITED BY). - Manuscripts relating to the County of Nottingham in the possession of Mr James Ward, Nottingham. Illustrated with portraits and facsimiles of original letters, documents and autographs.
31032: GODING, JOHN. - Norman's History of Cheltenham.
21346: GODON, JULIEN. - Painted Tapestry and Its Application to Interior Decoration. Practical lessons in tapestry painting with liquid colour. Translated by B. Bucknall, architect.
30806: GODSAL, PHILIP THOMAS, MAJOR. - The Storming of London and the Thames Valley Campaign: a military study of the conquest of Britain by the Angles.
31310: VAN GOGH, VINCENT. - Portrait of Provence. With introduction and descriptive notes by David Piper.
37332: GOLBORNE, JOHN. - The Report of John Golborne, Engineer, concerning the drainage of the North Level of the Fens and the Outfal of the Wisbeach River.
33317: GOLDING, HARRY (EDITOR). - The Wonder Book of Why & What?: answers to children's questions. 'Wonder Books Series.'
38818: GOLDNEY, FREDERICK HASTINGS. - A History of Freemasonry in Wiltshire. Including an account of the Provincial Grand Lodge and its subordinate lodges, and a roll of the Grand Officers of the province, and lists of the Worshipful Masters ... Also an account of the Provincial Grand Royal Arch Chapter and its dependent chapters, etc.
33741: GOLDONI, CARLO. - The Liar. A Comedy in Three Acts. Translated from the Italian by Grace Lovat Fraser.
33754: GOLDRING, DOUGLAS. - A Tour of Northumbria.
1900: GOLDSMID, EDMUND (ED). - Lucina sine concubitu. A letter addressed to the Royal Society; in which is proved, by most uncontestable evidence, drawn from reason and practice, that a woman may conceive and be brought to bed without any commerce with man.
34800: GOLDSMID, EDMUND (EDITED BY). - Lucina Sine Concubitu. A letter addressed to the Royal Society; in which is proved, by most incontestable evidence, drawn from reason and practice, that a woman may conceive and be brought to bed, without any commerce with man. Collectanea Adamantaea VII.
37605: GOLDSMID, EDMUND (EDITED BY). - Edward Webbe, Chief Master Gunner, His Trauailes 1590. [Bibliotheca Curiosa].
23923: GOLDSMITH, OLIVER. - The Traveller. With thirty illustrations expressly designed for The Art-Union of London.
36821: GOLEA, TRAIAN. - Transylvania. An answer to US Senator Moynihan and to John Lukacs and all other Hungarian Revisionists.
33270: GOLLANCZ, ISRAEL (EDITOR). - The Love Letters of Dorothy Osborne to Sir William Temple, newly edited from the original MSS. 'The King's Classics Series.'
16673: GOMME, GEORGE LAURENCE. - Ethnology in Folklore.
24814: GOMME, GEORGE LAURENCE (EDITOR). - The Gentleman's Magazine Library: being a classified collection of the chief contents of the Gentleman's Magazine from 1731 to 1868. English Topography.
35865: GOMME, GEORGE LAURENCE (EDITOR.) - The Gentleman's Magazine Library: ... English Topography, Part III. (Derbyshire [Devonshire] Dorsetshire.)
25878: GONCHAROV, IVAN. - The Voyage of the Frigate Pallada. Edited and translated by N. W. Wilson.
29921: DE GONCOURT, E. AND J. - Premiere Amoreuse. [With] Un Aqua-fortiste; La Revendeuse de Macon; Le Passeur de Maguelonne; L'Organiste de Langres. Illustrations by A Calbet. "Collection Lotus Bleu."
42432: GONSON, SIR JOHN. - Sir John Gonson's five charges to several grand juries viz. I. To the Grand Jury of the City and Liberty of Westminster, &c. at the General Quarter-Sessions of the Peace, held the Twenty fourth Day of April, 1728. II. To the Grand Jury of the said City and Liberty, at the General Quarter-Sessions of the Peace, held the Eleventh Day of July, 1728. III. To the Grand Jury of the Royalty of the Tower of London, and the Liberties and Precincts thereof, at the General Quarter-Sessions of the Peace, held for the said Royalty, the Sixteenth Day of July, 1728. IV. To the Grand Jury of the City and Liberty of Westminster, &c. at the General Quarter-Sessions of the Peace, held the Ninth Day of October, 1728. V. To the Grand Jury of the said City and Liberty, at the General Quarter-Sessions of the Peace, held the Third Day of July, 1729. Printed at the Desire of the Justices of the Peace in both the said Commissions, and of the respective grand juries.
29018: GOOCH, G.P. - British Foreign Policy Since The War. Historical Association Pamphlet, No. 102.
23303: GOOD, RONALD. - The Old Roads of Dorset (new enlarged edition).
26480: GOOD, RONALD. - A Geographical Handbook of the Dorset Flora. Including a chapter on The Soils of Dorset by K. L. Robinson...
28832: GOODCHILD, J G. - The Carboniferous Conglomerates of the Basin of the Eden. [From the Quarterly Journal of the Geological Society for November 1874].
38298: GOODCHILD, J. G. (EDITOR). - Transactions of the Cumberland Association for the Advancement of Literature and Science. Part V. - 1879-80. [Including] Distribution of Boulders in West Cumberland [and] The Influence of Geological Structure on Scenery. By J. D. Kendall.
38299: GOODCHILD, J. G. (EDITOR). - Transactions of the Cumberland Association for the Advancement of Literature and Science. Part VI. - 1880-81. [Including:] The Grasses of Mid-Cumberland. By Archibald Kitchin; Observations on the Flowering Plants of West Cumberland. By J. Adair; The Lichens of Cumberland. By the Rev. W. Johnson.
38301: GOODCHILD, J. G. (EDITOR). - Transactions of the Cumberland Association for the Advancement of Literature and Science. Part XIV. - 1888-89. [Including:] Recollections of the Keswick Post Office, Past and Present. By J. Fisher Crosthwaite. The History of the River Eden and of some Rivers adjacent. By J. G. Goodchild.
30003: GOODFELLOW, JAMES. - The Print of His Shoe: forty years' missionary experience in the Southside of Edinburgh. With an introductory note by Alexander Smellie.
22976: GOODLAND, NORMAN. - Thicways and Athirt: a countryman's diary.
22554: GOODWIN, JAMES (EDITOR). - Six Ballads, with burdens. From MS. No. CLXVIII. in the library of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge.
26847: GOODWIN, A. (EDITOR). - The European Nobility in the Eighteenth Century: studies of the nobilities of the major European states in the pre-Reform era.
27766: GOODWIN, GORDON. - British Mezzotinters: James McArdell.

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