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24369: BRADDON, RUSSELL. - All the Queen's Men: The Household Cavalry and The Brigade of Guards.
23406: BRADFORD. - The Growth and Development of a Great City, 1847-1947.
23936: BRADLEY, TOM. - The Old Coaching Days in Yorkshire.
26185: BRADLEY, A. G. - The Rivers and Streams of England. ... illustrations by Sutton Palmer.
29582: BRADLEY, A G. - Highways and Byways in the Lake District.
24097: BRADLEY, A. G. - The Romance of Wales.
41393: BRADLEY, JOHN W. (COMPILER) - Jubilee of Girlington Wesleyan Church 1870-1920. History of church and Sunday school. An interesting and wonderful narrative of Methodism at Girlington from its inception.
29147: BRADSHAW, M. E. (EDITOR). - The Natural History of Upper Teesdale.
3553: BRAILSFORD, EDWARD J. - The Spiritual Sense in Sacred Legend.
34428: SIR RUSSELL BRAIN. - Harvey's Third Circulation De Circulo Sanguinis in Corde. The Harveian Oration 1968. [Reprinted from the Medical Journal 1968].
34427: SIR RUSSELL BRAIN. - William Harvey Neurologist. The Harveian Oration 1959. [Reprinted from the Medical Journal 1959].
20211: BRAINARD, CHARLES H. - John Howard Payne: a biographical sketch of the author of "Home, Sweet Home" with a narrative of the removal of his remains from Tunis to Washington.
37314: BRAITHWAITE, J.W. - Guide to Kirkby Stephen, Appleby, Brough, Warcop, Ravenstone, Mallerstang, &c, including a map of the district, and chapters on the geology of Westmorland, and the botanical features of the neighbourhood.
41039: BRAITHWAITE, CONSTANCE (PREPARED BY) - Tyneside local government areas. Based on memoranda submitted to the local government commission for England by the Northumberland and Tyneside council of social service.
40651: BRAITHWAITE, T. MILES. - Sudbury Common Lands. A synopsis of the title deeds relating to the lands administered by the common land trustees on behalf of the freemen of the Borough of Sudbury, Suffolk.
17487: BRAKE, GEORGE THOMPSON - Policy and Politics in British Methodism 1932-1982.
8857: BRAMAH, ERNEST. - Kai Lung's Golden Hours.
25522: BRAMLEY, EDWARD. - A Record of the Burgery of Sheffield commonly called the Town Trust from 1848 to 1955.
22818: BRAMSTON, A. R.; A. C. LEROY. - Historic Winchester: England's first capital.
30376: BRAMSTON, A R & A C LEROY. - Historic Winchester. England's First Capital.
40612: THE PUBLICATIONS COMMITTEE OF THE NORTHUMBERLAND AND DURHAM BRANCH. - The Auctioneers' & Estate Agents' Institute of The United Kingdom Twenty-first Annual Provincial Meeting, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. June 9th to 12th, 1920.
24048: BRANDER, MICHAEL. - A Hunt Around the Highlands (On the Trail of Colonel Thornton).
37449: BRANDES, GEORGE. - Poland. A Sudy of the Land and People and Literature.
39103: BRANDT, G. H. - Royat (Les Bains) in Auvergne: its mineral waters and climate.
22099: BRANIGAN, KEITH. - Latimer: Belgic, Roman, dark age and early modern farm.
31735: BRAY, WARWICK & DAVID TRUMP. - A Dictionary of Archaeology. Drawings by Judith Newcomer.
32940: BRAY, WILLIAM. - Sketch of a Tour into Derbyshire and Yorkshire, including part of Buckingham, Warwick, Leicester, Nottingham, Northampton, Bedford, and Hertford-Shires.
30472: BRAYLEY, E W. - Velum and St Lancs. From the Seventh Volume of the Beauties of England and Wales.
41512: BREAR - Brear's guide to Bradford and district.
29290: BREARE, W H. - Thorpe's New Guide to Harrogate & District. Entirely new views by our photographers.
42588: BREEZE, LAWRENCE E. - The British experience with river pollution, 1865-1876. 'American university studies. Series IX History vol. 139.'
24375: BRETT, OLIVER. - Wellington.
35323: BREUER, JACOB (EDITED BY). - Fundamentals of Judaism. Selections from the works of Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch and outstanding Torah true thinkers.
22994: BREWER, H. W. (DRAWINGS); HERBERT A. COX (DESCRIPTIVE NOTES). - Old London Illustrated. A series of drawings ... illustrating London in the 16th century.
35344: BREWER, J S & CHARLES TRICE MARTIN (EDITED BY). - Registrum Malmesburiense. The Register of Malmesbury Abbey; preserved in the Public Record Office (2 Vols). Rerum Britannicarum Medii Aevi Scriptores, or Chronicles and Memorials of Great Britain and Ireland during the Middle Ages.
18985: BREWSTER, MARGARET MARIA. - Work, or, Plenty to Do and How to Do It.
38870: BREWSTER, JOHN. - The Parochial History and Antiquities of Stockton-upon-Tees; including an account of the trade of the town, the navigation of the river, and of such parts of the neighbouhood as have been connected with that place. In a series of letters; embellished with views of public buildings, &c.
27507: BRICKELL, CHRISTOPHER; FAY SHARMAN. - The Vanishing Garden: a conservation guide to garden plants.
34870: MAC KENZIE MAC BRIDE. - Quaint Alston. A leaf from Border History, with descriptions of Crossfell (2930 Feet), Hartside Pass, Garrigill, the Roman Camp, Kirkhaugh, Ashgill and Nenthead.
22891: BRIDGE, FREDERICK, SIR. - The Old Cryes of London. With numerous illustrations and musical examples.
36491: BRIDGE, JOSEPH C. - Cheshire Proverbs and other Sayings and Rhymes connected with the City and County Palatine of Chester.
22811: BRIDGES, ROBERT. - The Testament of Beauty: a poem in four books.
26976: GERMAN RAILWAY BRIDGES. - Die Donau-Brucke der K.K. Pr. Ost. Staatseisenbahngesellschaft Bei Stadlau. Separat-Adbruck aus der Allgemeinen Bauzeitung, Jahrgang 1870.
29794: BRIGG, WM ANDERTON (EDITED BY). - The Parish Registers of Kildwick In Craven Vols II and III. Baptisms, Marriages and Burials April 1623 to Aug 1678. [The Publications of the Yorkshire Parish Register Society Volume LV].
27769: BRIGGS, MARTIN S. - A Short History of the Building Crafts.
27581: BRIGGS, CHARLES AUGUSTUS. - Theological Symbolics. 'International Theological Library.'
33830: BRIGHOUSE, HENRY. - On the Rhythm of Things, and other essays.
16892: BRIGHT, WILLIAM. - Chapters of Early English Church History.
22573: BRIGHT, JAMES WILSON; WILFRED PIRT MUSTARD (INTRO). - Pan's Pipe by Francis Sabie, 1595.
24823: BRISCOE, ROBERT. - Centenary History: a hundred years of co-operation in Plymouth.
3119: BRISTOL. - The New History, Survey and Description of the City and Suburbs of Bristol ...
8671: BRISTOL. - The Twenty-Seventh Report of the Church of England Tract Society, instituted in Bristol, 1811; delivered at the Annual Meeting, held May 1839, with the regulations of the Society, and a list of subscribers and benefactors.
27839: COUNCIL FOR THE PRESERVATION OF ANCIENT BRISTOL. - Ancient Bristol. List of prehistoric and Roman remains and of structures of archaeological and architectural interest in the City of Bristol.
28833: BRISTOW, HENRY WILLIAM. - The Formation of the Chesil Bank, Dorset. [Extracted from the Geological Magazine Vol VI No 10, October 1869].
39815: BRITISH ARCHITECTS' CONFERENCE, NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE AND DURHAM. - Programme and handbook: 8th to 11th July, 1925.
35542: BRITTEN, F J. - The Watch & Clock Makers Handbook. Dictionary and Guide.
33660: BRITTON, J. - An Historical and Architectural Essay on Redcliffe Church, Bristol. Illustrated by engraved plans, views, and architectural details: an account of the monuments, and anecdotes of eminent persons interred within the walls: also an essay on the life and character of Thomas Chatterton.
16153: BROADBENT, W. H. - Cancer: a new method of treatment.
42676: BROADHOUSE, JOHN. - The organ viewed from within: a practical handbook on the mechanism of the organ, with a chapter on tuning.
36295: TRADE BROCHURE. - Burlington Slate Quarries, Kirkby-in-Furness, Lancashire.
41600: SALES BROCHURE - Dallas perfection in brass. Designed for the modern brass man. List B2/21
24259: BROCK, WILLIAM, REV. - A Biographical Sketch of Sir Henry Havelock, K.C.B.
33248: BROCK, EDMUND (EDITOR). - Morte Arthure, or The Death of Arthur. Edited from Robery Thornton's MS. ...'Early English Text Society. Original Series, No. 8.'
32051: BROCKETT, JOHN TROTTER (EDITOR). - An Essay on the means of distinguishing antique, from counterfeit, Coins and Medals. translated from the French of M. Beauvais; with notes and illustrations, ...
37342: BROCKLEHURST, R G. - Some Dorset Church Towers. [From Proceedings Dorset Natural History and Antiquarian Field Club, Vol XXVIII].
25197: BRODIE, JOHN BUCHAN; ARTHUR ROBERT LAWS. - The Story of the Royal Grammar School, Newcastle-on-Tyne.
27673: BROEKER, PETER W. - Olympic Coins, from antiquity to present.
29446: BROMLEY-DAVENPRT, LENETTE. - The History of Capesthorne Cheshire.
38914: BROMLEY, ROBERT ANTHONY. - A sermon preached at St. Andrew's, Holborn, on Sunday, April 7, and at the Parish Church of Clapham, on Sunday, May 26, 1782, for the benefit of the Humane Society, instituted for the recovery of persons apparently dead by drowning.
36866: BRON, BARWA I. - Wojsko Polskie 1939-1945.
31846: BRONTE, CHARLOTTE. - The Professor.
31847: BRONTE, CHARLOTTE. - Villete.
31848: BRONTE, CHARLOTTE. - Shirley.
19041: BROOK, G. L. - English Dialects.
22627: BROOK, FRED. - The West Midlands: Hereford-Worcester, Shropshire, Staffordshire, Warwickshire, West Midlands.
41023: BROOK, ROY. - The tramways of Huddersfield. A history of Huddersfield Corporation tramways 1883-1940.
32862: BROOKE, W. AND B., LINCOLN. - A Portion of the Stock of Books, (English, Classical, and Foreign), Pamphlets, Illustrated Works, Prints, Maps, &c., on sale ... A very large Collection of Lincolnshire Prints ...
41220: BROOKE, RICHARD. - Liverpool as it was during the last quarter of the eighteenth century. 1775 to 1800.
27470: BROOKE, JUSTIN. - Peach orchards in England: being an account of how to grow good peaches in this country.
39347: BROOKES, THOMAS, REV. - In memoriam. John Remfry. A life outline and funeral sermon preached ... in the Wesleyan Chapel, Clapham, S.W. Sunday, January 11th, 1885.
35530: BROOKS, C HARRY. - The Practice of Autosuggestion. By the method of Emile Coue.
32389: BROOKS, F W. - Domesday Book and the East Riding. E Y Local History Series No 21.
23554: BROOKS, A. G. (EDITOR). - North Country Stories.
31931: BROTHWELL, DON R. - Digging Up Bones: the excavation, treatment and study of human skeletal remains. British Museum (Natural History.)
34689: BROUGH, BENNETT H. (EDITOR). - The Journal of the Iron and Steel Institute. Vol. 73. No. I. 1907. [Including] Presidential Address of Sir Hugh Bell [containing a chronological table of ... important events connected with iron and steel during the past hundred years.]
29738: BROUGH, WILLIAM. - Lalla Rookh; or, the princess, the peri, & the troubadour. A burlesque and pantomime, in one act.
34683: BROUGH, BENNETT H. (EDITOR). - The Journal of the Iron and Steel Institute. Vol. 62. No. II. 1902. [Including] The Progress and Manufacture of Pig Iron in Germany since 1880. By W, Brugmann. Visits and Excursions at the Dusseldorf Meeting.
34686: BROUGH, BENNETT H. (EDITOR). - The Journal of the Iron and Steel Institute. Vol. 67. No. I. 1905. [Including] Presidential Address [on the history of metallurgy] By Sir Bernard Samuelson.
34688: BROUGH, BENNETT H. (EDITOR). - The Journal of the Iron and Steel Institute. Vol. 70. No. II. 1906. [Including] Quaternary Steels. By Leon Guillet.
37601: BROUGH, REV ROBERT. - A Dissertation on the Importance of Natural Religion. [Published in compliance with the Will of the Rev John Hulse, as have obtained the Annual Prize instituted by him in the University of Cambridge].
37603: BROUGH, REV ROBERT. - No valid argument can be drawn from the incredulity of the Jews against the truth of the Christian Religion. An Essay.
19170: BROWN, S. G. - A Eulogy on the Life and Character of Henry Clay, delivered before the students of Dartmouth College, Oct. 15, 1852.
20840: BROWN, JOHN. - On the Products of the Soda Manufacture. Communicated by Dr. R. D. Thomson. [included in The London, Edinburgh, and Dublin Philosophical Magazine, and Journal of Science. Third Series. No. 226. Vol. 34. January 1849].
22050: BROWN, G. BALDWIN. - The Art of the Cave Dweller: a study of the earliest artistic activities of man.
35696: BROWN, JAMES WALTER. - Kinmont Willie in Ballad and History.
23129: BROWN, IVOR. - Balmoral: the history of a home.
23335: BROWN, M. - Sheffield as seen by a Mistress Cutler. October, 1930 to October, 1931.
23695: BROWN, ALFRED J. - Broad Acres: a Yorkshire miscellany.
23696: BROWN, ALFRED J. - Broad Acres: a Yorkshire miscellany.
24858: BROWN, PAUL. - The Friday Book of North Country Sketches. Being a selection of 'Friday Articles' from the 'Newcastle Journal.'
24859: BROWN, PAUL. - The Second Friday Book of North Country Sketches. Being a further selection of 'Friday Articles' from the 'Newcastle Journal.'
24860: BROWN, PAUL. - The Third Friday Book of North Country Sketches. Being a further selection of 'Friday Articles' from the 'Newcastle Journal.'
24861: BROWN, PAUL. - The Fourth Friday Book of North Country Sketches. Being a further selection of 'Friday Articles' from the 'Newcastle Journal.'
33525: BROWN, R. ALLEN. - English Medieval Castles. 'The New Heritage Series.'
32483: BROWN, P HUME. - A Short History of Scotland.
31384: BROWN, BEATRICE CURTIS - Southwards from Swiss Cottage.
30559: BROWN, JAMES WALTER. - Kinmont Willie in Ballad and History.
28921: BROWN, ROBERT. - Geological Notes on the Noursoak Peninsula, Disco Island, and the Country in the Vicinity of of Disco Bay, North Greenland. [Reprinted from the Transactions of teh Geological Society of Glasgow, Vol V Part I Page 55].
28834: BROWN, DR ROBERT. - Remarks on the Formation of Fjords and Canons. [From the Journal of the Royal Geographical Society of London, 1871].
28419: BROWN, DR. JOHN. - Rab and his friends Marjorie Fleming.
33055: BROWN, REGINALD W. - The Washington and Franklin Country, Northamponshire, England.
27779: BROWN, IVOR. - Balmoral: the history of a home.
33947: BROWN-MORISON, JOHN BROWN. (OF FINDERLIE). - A Monograph on the nonice of the ancient family of Broun of Colstown in Crawfords MS. Baronage.
25184: BROWN, PAUL J. - 'Canny' Newcastle: some scattered threads of a romantic story. Collected and tied in a bunch ...
24879: BROWN, RAYMOND LAMONT. - A New Book of Epitaphs.
36087: BROWN, G. BALDWIN. - The Arts in Early England. Volume 5. The Ruthwell and Bewcastle Crosses, the Gospels of Lindisfarne, and other Christian Monuments of Northumbria. With philological chapters by A. Blyth Webster ...
37971: BROWN, THOMAS, CAPTAIN. - The Conchologist's Text-Book, embracing the arrangements of Lamarck and Linnaeus, with a glossary of technical terms.
38305: BROWN, JAMES WALTER. - Carlisle in ballad and story. 'Carlisle Scientific and Literary Society and Field Naturalists' Club. Lectures printed by request of the members. No. 4.'
38302: BROWN, JAMES WALTER. - A gossip about Carlisle in the early sixties. 'Carlisle Scientific and Literary Society and Field Naturalists' Club. Lectures printed by request of the members. No. 2.'
38303: BROWN, JAMES WALTER. - A gossip about Carlisle in the early sixties. 'Carlisle Scientific and Literary Society and Field Naturalists' Club. Lectures printed by request of the members. No. 2.'
40897: BROWN, M.M.; L. STILL. - Cleveland history from the air.
26321: BROWNE, JOHN. - The Marchants Avizo.
26903: BROWNE, MATTTHEW. - Chaucer's England (2 Vols).
30121: BROWNING, ELIZABETH BARRETT. - The Poetical Works ... With two prose essays.
31127: BROWNING, ROBERT H K. - Golf in Kent. [Series No 12].
17748: BRUCE, JOHN (EDITOR) - The Works of Roger Hutchinson, Fellow of St John's College, Cambridge, and afterwards of Eton College, A.D. 1550.
25027: BRUCE, J. COLLINGWOOD, REV. - The Hand-Book to the Roman Wall: a guide to tourists traversing the barrier of the lower isthmus. Revised by the late by Robert Blair.
25191: BRUCE, J. COLLINGWOOD, DR. - Old Newcastle: lectures ... With a preface by Thomas Hodgkin.
25954: BRUCE-MITFORD, R. L. S. (EDITOR). - Recent Archaeological Excavations in Britain. Selected excavations 1939-1955 with a chapter on recent air-reconnaissance.
33810: BRUCE, JOHN (EDITED BY). - Correspondence of Robert Dudley, Earl of Leycester, during his government of the low Countries, in the years 1585 and 1586. Camden Old Series Volume XXVII.
35773: BRUCE, DR J COLLINGWOOD. - Old Newcastle: Lectures. Preface by Thomas Hodgkin.
24033: BRUCE, GEORGE. - Sea Talk. Poetry Scotland Series.
38565: BRUCE, JOHN (EDITOR). - Letters and Papers of the Verney Family down to the end of the year 1639 ... [Camden Society No. LVI.]
40874: BRUCE, WILLIAM DOWLING. - An account of a Roman tomb, in Ripon Cathedral: and Virgil's tomb, near Naples. With plans, elevations, &c.
40471: BRUNSKILL, JAMES. - Illustrated price list of musical instruments, strings and fittings, manufactured and imported by James Brunskill ...
25115: BRUTON, F. A. - A Short History of Manchester and Salford.
37205: BRUTON, F. A.; J. R. WILKINSON. - Glimpses of the Mineral Wealth of Wild Wales. Notes for the [second] Llangynog camp ...
33708: BRYAN, MRS MARY GIVENS. - Catalogue of the Georgia Society D A R Library in the Georgia Department of Archives and History, Rhodes Memorial Hall, 1516 Peachtree, N.W, Atlanta, Georgia.
19828: BRYCE, JAMES. - South America: observations and impressions.
25274: BRYCE, JAMES. - The Geology of Arran and the Other Clyde Islands, with an account of the botany, natural history, and antiquities, notices of the scenery and an itinerary of the routes.
22714: BUCHAN, JOHN. - The Novel and the Fairy Tale.
23171: BUCHAN, JOHN. - Montrose.
26500: BUCHAN, JOHN. - Francis and Riversdale Grenfell: a memoir.
28461: BUCHAN, JOHN; GEORGE ADAM SMITH. - The Kirk in Scotland, 1560-1929.
36759: BUCHAN, JOHN (EDITED BY). - Bulgaria and Romania. The Nations of Today. A new history of the world.
42579: BUCHAN, WILLIAM. - Domestic medicine, or, A treatise on the prevention and cure of diseases, by regimen and simple medicines: ... The twentieth edition, with considerable additions, and various notes. By A.P. Buchan, M.D.
25128: BUCHANAN, JAMES, BARON WOOLAVINGTON. - Sporting Pictures at Lavington Park. {With] A Supplementary Catalogue of Lord Woolavington's Collection of Paintings by Sporting Artists ... (2 Vols).
36625: BUCHANAN, REV J R. - Memorials of Herne, Kent.
42442: BUCHANAN, ROBERTSON. - Practical and descriptive essays on the economy of fuel, and management of heat. Essay first, in three parts. Part I. On the effects of heat, means of measuring it, fuel, &c. Part II. On heating mills, dwelling-houses, and public buildings, by steam. Part III. On drying and heating by steam.
23677: BUCK, SAMUEL. - Samuel Buck's Yorkshire Sketchbook. Reproduced in facsimile from Lansdowne MS. 914 in the British Library with and introduction by Ivan Hall.
8456: BUCK, M. S. - The Mimes of Herondas.
22713: BUCKINGHAM, GEORGE VILLIERS, DUKE OF. - The Rehearsal. Edited by Montague Summers.
37514: BUCKINGHAM, JAMES SILK. - Mr. Buckingham's Lectures On the Eastern World.
15901: BUCKLAND, JAMES M. - Practical suggestions for a national system of annual agricultural statistics, with observations on the experiments made in October and November, 1853, and the parliamentary reports in March, 1854, by Sir John Walsham, Bart., Mr. Hawley, and Mr. Maxwell ...
35526: BUCKLAND, A R (EDITED BY). - Empire Annual for Boys.
32110: BUCKLAND, W E. - Kent Records. The Parish Registers and Records in the Diocese of Rochester. A summary of information collected by the Ecclesiastical Record Committee of the Rochester Diocesan Conference.
20934: BUCKLER, GEORGE. - Twenty-two of the Churches of Essex, architecturally described and illustrated.
41219: BUCKLER, GEORGE. - Colchester Castle, a Roman building, and the oldest and the noblest monument of the Romans in Britain. With illustrative plans and sketches.
36384: BUCKLEY, FRANCIS. - Cumberland Glasshouses. Extract from the 'Transactions of the Society of Glass Technology 1926 Vol 10'.
28103: BUCKLEY, ERIC. - Wakefield Postal History. With Historical Information. [Yorkshire Postal History Society Publication Number 5].
34082: BUCKNALL, RIXON. - Boat Trains and Channel Packets. The English Short Sea Routes.
16598: BUCKNILL, JOHN A. - The Birds of Surrey.
6801: BUCKNILL, JOHN A. - The Birds of Surrey.
36701: BUDAY, DR LADISLAUS. - Dismembered Hungary.
25010: BUDDLE, JOHN. - Notice of the Whin Dyke lately discovered in the Fenham Division of Benwell Colliery. Read, January 19, 1830. [Extracted from] Transactions of the Natural History Society of Northumberland, Durham, and Newcastle upon Tyne. Vol. I - Part I.
38667: BUDDLE, JOHN. - On making the Society a Place of Deposit for the Mining Records of the District ... Read December 23, 1834. [Extracted from the Transactions of the Natural History Society of Northumberland, Durham, and Newcastle upon Tyne. Vol. II. 1834.]
38668: BUDDLE, JOHN. - Narrative of the Explosion which occurred at Wallsend Colliery on the 18th of June, 1835 [38pp with plan, text illustrations and tables]. [With] Chemical Examination of the Fire Damp, from the Coal Mines, near Newcastle, by Edward Turner ...[10pp with text table]. [With] Description and Analysis of a Variety of Hatchetine, found in Urpeth Colliery, near Newcastle, by James. F. W. Johnston ... [7pp with text tables]. [With] Supplement to a Catalogue of the Land and Fresh-water Testaceous Mollusca, found in the Vicinity of Newcastle. By Joshua Alder [6pp]. [With] On the Effects produced by the Greenstone Dyke upon the Coal, in passing over Cockfield Fell, in the County of Durham, by H. T. M. Witham ... [3pp with text figure]. [Extracted from the Transactions of the Natural History Society of Northumberland, Durham, and Newcastle upon Tyne. Vol. II. 1835.]
17485: BUDGE, FRANCES ANNE - Annals of the Early Friends; a series of biographical sketches.
22097: BUDGE, E. A. WALLIS. - The Rosetta Stone.
22165: BUDGE, E. A. WALLIS. - Egyptian Ideas of the Future Life.
26372: BUDGE, E. A. WALLIS. - A Short History of the Egyptian People, with chapters on their religion, daily life, etc.
38676: BUDGE, FRANCES ANNE. - The Barclays of Ury, and other sketches of the early Friends. Reprinted from "Friends' Quarterly Examiner," with some additions, including a sketch of Samuel Watson and Roger Hebden.
39962: BUDGE, REV. EDWARD - The Christian Naturalist.
37883: SCOTTISH SHIP BUILDING. - Two Centuries of Ship Building by the Scotts at Greenock. [Partly reprinted from "Engineering."]
39154: BULL, FREDK. WM. - A History of Free Masonry with Historic Reference to the Province of Warwickshire and Guy's Lodge 395.
23800: BULLAMORE, COLIN P. - History of Whitby's Post. No. 10 in the Yorkshire Postal History Society Series.
40931: BULLAMORE, COLIN P. - History of Whitby's post. No. 10 in the Yorkshire postal history society series.
28880: BULLEID, ARTHUR. - The Lake Villages of Somerset.
32279: BULLEID, ARTHUR. - The Lake/Villages of Somerset. The Somerset Folk Series, No.16.
20084: BULLEN, A. H. (EDITOR) - Lyrics from the Dramatists of the Elizabethan Age.
20083: BULLEN, A. H. (EDITOR) - More Lyrics from the Song-Books of the Elizabethan Age.
24041: BULLOCH, JAMES. - Adam of Dryburgh.
37392: BULLOCK, W H. - Polish Experiences during the Insurrection of 1863-4.
32003: BULMAN, CECIL. - Guide to Torpenhow Church.
23687: BULMER, GEORGE BERTRAM. - Architectural Studies in Yorkshire.
30814: BULSTRODE, H. TIMBRELL. - Supplement in continuation of the Report of the Medical Officer of the Board for 1909-10, containing a report on Shellfish other than Oysters in relation to Disease ... A report on the conditions under which certain shellfish other than oysters are grown, collected, cleansed and stored, and the relation of such treatment to the prevalence of enteric fever and other illness. 'Thirty-Ninth Annual Report of the Local Government Board.'
18821: BUMPUS, T. FRANCIS. - The Cathedrals of England and Wales.
18822: BUMPUS, T. FRANCIS. - The Cathedrals of England and Wales.
28256: BUNYAN , JOHN. - The Pilgrim's Progress. With Biographical Introduction and New Index. Illustrated by George Cruikshank.
19723: BURDEN, W. DOUGLAS. - Look to the Wilderness.
25113: BURDETT, P. P. - A Survey of the County Palatine of Chester ... 1777. Reprinted in facsimile with an introduction by J. B. Harley and P. Laxton.
22941: BURFORD, E. J. - Royal St James's: being a story of kings, clubmen and courtesans.
20818: BURGESS, MARION ARDERN. - A History of Burlington School.
28143: BURGESS, J TOM. - Historic Warwickshire. Edited and revised by Joseph Hill.
20963: BURGESS, ANTHONY. - You've Had Your Time: being the second part of the confessions of ...
8496: BURGOYNE, JOHN M., LIEUT-COL. SIR. - Regimental Records of the Bedfordshire Militia from 1759 to 1884.
35652: BURKE, SIR BERNARD. - Family Romance; or episodes in the domestic annals of the aristocracy.
38700: BURKE, EDMUND. - A letter from the right honourable Edmund Burke to a noble lord, on the attacks made upon him and his pension, in the House of Lords, by the Duke of Bedford and the Earl of Lauderdale, early in the present sessions of Parliament.
25775: BURKILL, J. - Reminiscences and Personal Experiences, descriptive, historical, antiquarian, topographical, satirical, poetical ...
3121: BURN, JOHN SOUTHERDEN. - Registrum Ecclesiae Parochialis. The history of parish registers in England ... of Scotland, Ireland, the East and West Indies, the Dissenters, and the Episcopal Chapels in ... London ...
35605: BURN, JAMES, SOUTH SHIELDS. - The History of the Great Pyramid (Dead yet Speaketh.) [Treatise on Modern Science and Psychic Phenomena.]
23536: BURN, ANDREW, MAJOR-GENERAL. - Memoirs of the Late Major-General Andrew Burn, of the Royal Marines; collected from his journals.
41805: BURNAND, ROSIE (EDITOR). - "Happy Thoughts" Birthday Book. Selected and arranged from "Mr. Punch's" pages ...
19137: BURNAP, GEORGE W. - Commemorative Discourse, delivered in the First Independent Church of Baltimore, September 17, 1843, on the occasion of the decease of the Rev. F. W. P. Greenwood, D. D.
40792: BURNBY, JOHN. - A historical description of the Cathedral and Metropolitical Church of Christ, Canterbury. Containing an account of its antiquities, and of its accidents and improvements since the first establishment.
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19186: AMOSKEAG MANUFACTURING COMPANY. - Resolution adopted relating to the retirement of Hon. E. A. Straw as agent and clerk of the company, and remarks upon the same at the annual meeting of the proprietors ... held at Manchester, N. H., Oct. 8, 1879.
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32690: CORNWALL. - An Act for confirming the sale and conveyance to John Feilden ... of certain estates in the County of Chester, devised by the will of Thomas Hint .... certain estates of Anna Maria Hunt, in the County of Cornwall ...
36627: PARKWAY MACHINE CORP. - Parkway Machine Corp Baltimore. 1951 Wholesale Coin Machine Catalogue. Illustrating the newest and finest amusement games and vendors that dispense all types of merchandise.
29116: GLASGOW CORPORATION. - Act of the Magistrates and Council of the city of Glasgow relative to the Burgess oath. (Report for the Committee.).
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39738: COTTON, WILLIAM; JAMES DALLAS. - Notes and Gleanings: a monthly magazine. Devoted chiefly to subjects connected with the Counties of Devon & Cornwall. (5 Vols in 2 - all published.).
39745: COTTON, WILLIAM; JAMES DALLAS. - Notes and Gleanings: a monthly magazine. Devoted chiefly to subjects connected with the Counties of Devon & Cornwall. (5 Vols in 2 - all published.).
25806: COTTRELL, LEONARD. - The Tiger of Ch'in: how China became a nation.
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28553: LINDSEY COUNTY COUNCIL. - Tealby Conservation Area
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21391: COUSINS, GEOFFREY. - The Defenders: a history of the British volunteer.
24278: COUSINS, GEOFFREY. - The Defenders: a history of the British volunteer.
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39394: COVE, MORGAN. - An essay on the revenues of the Church of England.
38703: COVENTRY, ANDREW. - A method of economizing our currency. Read before the Royal Society, on 3rd January 1870.
36293: COWAN, CHARLES. - Report of the Reading Dispensary, for the years 1841, 1842, 1843, 1844. Read before the Reading Pathalogical Society.
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27342: COWELL, HENRY J. - John Winthrop. A 17th Century Puritan Romance.
18593: COWLES, VIRGINIA. - The Russian Dagger: cold war in the days of the Czars.
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38854: COWLING, C.H. - A History of The Salopian Lodge of Charity No.117 Of the antient order of Free and Accepted Masons.
30561: COWPER, L I & E M J. - The Priory Church of St Mary Lancaster.
38953: COWPER, H. S. - The Hill of the Graces: a record of investigation among the trilithons and megalithic sites of Tripoli.
40766: COWPER, WILLIAM. - The diverting history of John Gilpin. Illustrated by Chas. E. Brock.
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29063: COX, THOMAS. - Magna Britannia. Warwickshire.
33616: [COX, THOMAS, REV. - A History of Durham, from Magna Britannia et Hibernia, Antiqua et Nova].
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23221: COXE, ANTONY D. HIPPISLEY. - Haunted Britain: a guide to supernatural sites frequented by ghosts, witches, poltergeists, and other mysterious beings.
30235: CRABB, GEORGE. - English Synonymes Explained in alphabetical Order; with copius illustrations and examples drawn from the best writers. To which is now added an index to the words.
35335: CRABBE, REV GEORGE. - Tales of the Hall (2 Vols).
30534: CRAGG, ROWLAND. - Molly Pinch and other Craven Stories.
36246: CRAIG, AILSA. - The Design and Spacing of Lettering.
28481: CRAIG, STERLING. - Secrets of the Hills, and how Ronald read them.
34312: CRAIG, W. S. - John Thomson: pioneer and father of Scottish Paediatrics, 1856-1926.
30612: CRAIK, GEORGIANA M. - My First Journal; a book for the young.
28413: CRAIK, MRS. - John Halifax, Gentleman.
6121: CRAIK, MRS. - John Halifax, Gentleman. Illustrated by Hugh Riviere.
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40129: CRAVEN, JOSEPH - A Brontė Moorland Village and its People.
25328: CRAW, JAMES HEWAT. - Early Types of Burial in Berwickshire. Address delivered to the Berwickshire Naturalists' Club at Berwick, 6th October 1920.
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26702: CRAWFURD, GEORGE. - The History of the Shire of Renfrew. Containing a genealogical hitory of the Royal House of Stewart, with a genealogical account of the illustrious House of Hanover ... Also, a genealogical history of the nobility and gentry of the county of Renfrew ... an exact survey of the county; together with the present state of the public buildings, manufactures, different religions ... continued to the present period, by William Semple.
31118: CRAWHALL, JOSEPH (EDITED BY). - A Collection of Right Merrie Garlands for North Country Anglers.
37368: CRAWHILL, JOSEPH (COLLECTED BY). - A Beuk o' Newcastle Songs.
21982: CRAYFORD, CHARLES. - New and Original Conjuring Tricks for Private and Public Entertainments.
22996: CREIGHTON, MANDELL, D.D., LORD BISHOP OF LONDON. - The Story of Some English Shires. [Comprising: Northumberland, Durham, Yorkshire, Cumberland, Westmoreland, Lancashire, Cheshire, Shropshire, Stafford, Derby, Worcester, Gloucester, Hereford, Warwick, Leicester, Northampton and Huntingdon.]
29608: CREIGHTON, M. - Historic Towns. Carlisle.
33748: CREIGHTON, LOUISE. - Life and Letters of Thomas Hodgkin.
22744: CRESSWELL, BEATRIX F. - Rambles in Old Exeter.
30443: CRESSWELL, BEATRIX F & P H W ALMY. - The Homeland Guide to Dartmoor. Bovey Tracey...Okehampton...Ashburton and their surroundings.
25323: CRICKET. - How's That? Including 'A Century of Grace' by Harry Furniss ... Cricket Sketches by E. B. V. Christian.
31448: CRIPPS, ERNEST C. - Plough Court: the story of a notable pharmacy, 1715-1927.
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31494: CRISP, FREDERICK ARTHUR (EDITED BY). - Visitation of England and Wales. Volume 14.
31495: CRISP, FREDERICK ARTHUR (EDITED BY). - Visitation of England and Wales. Volume 15.
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34997: CROFTON, HENRY JOHN. - Songs and Verses.
22569: CROFUTT, GEO. A. - Crofutt's New Overland Tourist and Pacific Coast Guide ... (Vol. 2 - 1879-80).
29344: CROMBLEHOLME, ROGER (COMPILER). - Steam '75: a complete enthusiast's handbook to railway preservation activities and minor railways in the British Isles. Stockton & Darlington 150th Anniversary Souvenir. 'The Official A.R.P.S. Year Book & Steam Guide 1975.'
27196: CROMPTON, JOHN. - The Hunting Wasp.
30917: CROOK, L. - Lancaster Castle.
26624: CROOKES, WILLIAM; ERNST ROHRIG. - A Practical Treatise on Mettalurgy, ... Vol. II. Copper, Iron.
36023: CROPPER, MARGARET. - Shepherds and Wayfarers. A history for children of the diocese of Carlisle.
31852: CROPPER, MARGARET. - The End of the Road. With 'Little Mary Crosby' and other poems.
30577: CROPPER, MARGARET. - Anthony Broom.
29174: CROSBY, JUNE H. - Durham in old picture postcards.
39529: CROSBY, JUNE (COMPILER). - Durham in Old Photographs.
39513: CROSBY, JUNE H. - Ignatius Bonomi of Durham, Architect.
41614: CROSBY, JUNE. (COLLECTED BY) - Weardale in old photographs.
27318: CROSLAND, R W (EDITED BY). - Ryedale. A Report on the District by the Ryedale Branch of the Council for the Preservation of Rural England.
32609: CROSLAND, R W (EDITED BY). - Ryedale. A report on the district by the Ryedale Branch of the Council for the preservation of Rural England. Edited by Colonel C W E Duncombe.
1236: CROSSING, WILLIAM. - A Hundred Years on Dartmoor: historical notices of the forest and its purlieus during the nineteenth century.
22241: CROSSLEY, FRED H. - English Church Monuments, A.D. 1150-1550: an introduction to the study of tombs and effigies of the medieval period.
32853: CROSSLEY, WILLIAM. - On the manufacture of Haematite Iron.
23870: CROUCHER, TREVOR. - Boots and Books: the work and writings of Arthur Raistrick.
25656: CROUZET, F.; W. H. CHALONER; W. M. STERN (EDITORS). - Essays in European Economic History 1789-1914.
18645: CROW, CARL. - Master Kung: the story of Confucius.
24969: CROWDY, MICHAEL. - Leif Hoegh and Co, Oslo: the firm and the fleet, 1928-1968.
27846: CROWSON, N J (EDITED BY). - Fleet Street, Press Barons and Politics. The Journals of Collin Brooks, 1932-1940. [Camden Fifth Series Volume 11].
17185: CRUIKSHANK, GEORGE (ILLUSTRATOR) - Peter Schlemihl: from the German of Adelbert von Chamisso: translated by Sir John Bowring.
36152: CRUMP, W. B. - Huddersfield Highways Down the Ages.
39467: CRUMP, W. B. (EDITOR). - The Leeds Woolen Industry. 'Publications of the Thoresby Society. Volume XXXII for the year 1929.'
37095: CSATKAI, ANDRE. - Old Trade Signs in Hungary.
23516: CUDWORTH, WILLIAM. - Yorksher Speyks, and Bradfurth Dialect Sketches.
26308: CUDWORTH, WILLIAM. - Rambles Round Horton: historical, topographical, and descriptive.
35447: CUDWORTH, WM. - Rambles Round Horton: Historical, Topographical, and Descriptive.
19643: CULBERTSON, H. - Excision of the Larger Joints of the Extremities. Prize Essay.
23587: CULLEY, NORMAN. - Huddersfield: a sketch-book.
28534: CULLINGFORD, C. H. D. - Exploring Caves.
21101: CUMBERLAND, RICHARD. - The Note of Hand; or, Trip to Newmarket. As it is acted at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane.
29563: CUMING, G. J. (EDITOR). - The Durham Book: being the first draft of the revision of the Book of Common Prayer in 1661.
33166: CUMMINGS, D C. - A Historical Survey of the Boiler Makers and Iron and Steel Ship Builders Society from August 1834 to August 1904. With a brief sketch of the life and work of its leading officials, comparisons between boilermaking, shipbuilding, and bridgebuilding in early days of its history and of modern times; and interesting arbitration awards and agreements.
37945: CUMMINGS, D. C. - A Historical Survey of the Boiler Makers' and Iron and Steel Ship Builders' Society from August, 1834, to August, 1904. With a brief sketch of the life and work of its leading officials; comparisons between boilermaking, shipbuilding, and bridgebuilding in the early days of its history and of modern times; and interesting arbitration awards and agreements.
16612: CUNDALL, H. M. (INTRODUCTION). - Birket Foster R.W.S. Sixteen examples in colour of the artist's work.
31298: CUNDALL, H. M. (INTRODUCTION.) - Masters of Water-Colour Painting.
8490: CUNDALL, H. M. - Birket Foster R.W.S.
34193: CUNDILL, LIEUT-COL. - Explosion of Gunpowder on board the 'Auchmountain' on the River Clyde. No C. Report to the Right Hon the Secretary of State for the Home Department on the circumstances attending an explosion of gunpowder which occurred on board the Sailing Barque 'Auchmountain', on the 3rd September 1892. Presented to both Houses of Parliament by Command of her Majesty.
34273: CUNDILL, CAPTAIN J.P. - Report to the Right Hon the Secretary of State for the Home Department on the circumstances attending an explosion which occurred on premises occupied by Mr William Raley, Albumen Manufacturer, Drysalter &c in Henry Street, Castleton, near Manchester, on the 19th April 1882. No XL. Presented to both Houses of Parliament by command of Her Majesty.
34274: CUNDILL, CAPTAIN J.P. - Report to the Right Hon the Secretary of State for the Home Department on the circumstances attending an explosion which occurred in the factory of Nobel's Explosives Company Ltd, at Ardeer near Stevenston, in the County of Ayr, on the 8th June 1882. No XLI. Presented to both Houses of Parliament by command of Her Majesty.
22078: CUNLIFFE, BARRY. - Excavations at Fishbourne, 1961 - 1969 (2 Volumes). [Comprising] Volume 1: the site; volume 2: the finds.
37477: CUNNINGHAM, CHARLES. - What I Saw in Hungary.
39776: CUNNINGHAME GRAHAM, R. B. - Notes on the district of Menteith. For tourists and others.
38612: CUPPLES, GEORGE, MRS. - The Children's Voyage, or, A Trip in the Water Fairy. Illustrated with chromographs from the original in water-colours, By Edward Duncan ...
29700: BIBLIOTHECA CURIOSA. - An Historical Relation of the Conspiracy of John Lewis, Count de Fieschi, against the City and Republick of Genoua, in the year 1547 (2 Vols). Done into English by ... Hugh Hare ...
29702: BIBLIOTHECA CURIOSA. - Thespis on Tryal, or The Moralitie of Playes Considered. Translated out of the Latin of John Geier, by A. C. Gent. 1685.
29703: BIBLIOTHECA CURIOSA. - The Chieftains of Vendee: cathelineau, La Roche-Jacquelein, Charette, Stofflet, and Sombreuil. translated from the French of the Baron de Barante. Edited by Edmund Goldsmid ...
29704: BIBLIOTHECA CURIOSA. - Govenor Johnston's Speech on American Affairs, on the address in answer to the King's speech. 1776.
29705: BIBLIOTHECA CURIOSA. - The Hearse of the Renowned ... Robert Earle of Essex ... as it was represented in a sermon preached ... at Westminster, at ... his funerall. Octob. 22. 1646.
36174: BIBLIOTHECA CURIOSA. - The Ballad Book. Edited by George Ritchie Kinloch and revised by Edmund Goldsmid ...
36175: BIBLIOTHECA CURIOSA. - The Apologie of George Brisset. Edited by Edmund Goldsmid ...
36178: BIBLIOTHECA CURIOSA. - The Life and Times of Cristopher Columbus (2 Vols.) Translated from the French of A. de Lamartine.
21484: CURREY, R. N.; R. V. GIBSON (EDITORS). - Poems From India by Members of the Forces.
23052: CURSITER, STANLEY. - Scottish Art, to the close of the nineteenth century.
21280: CURTIS, CHARLES H. - Orchids: their description and cultivation.
26276: CURTIS, WILLIAM. - Curtis's Flower Garden Displayed. 120 plates from the years 1787-1807 with new descriptions by Tyler Whittle and Christopher Cook.
27501: CURTIS, CHARLES H. - Orchids, their description and cultivation.
38659: CURTIS, JOHN, REV. - A Topographical History of the County of Leicester, the ancient part compiled from parliamentary and other documents, and the modern from actual survey: Being the first of a series of the counties of England and Wales, on the same plan.
40006: CURTIS, W. P. S., COLONEL. - A Rifle Brigade Register 1905-1963. Part 1. A roll of Regular Officers who have served in the Regiment from 1905-1963.
36929: CUSACK, DYMPHNA. - Illyria Reborn.
8744: CUSHING, HARVEY. - The Life of Sir William Osler.
41685: CUSSANS, JOHN EDWARD. - History of Hertfordshire. Containing an account of the descents of the various manors: Pedigrees of families connected with the county; antiquities, local customs, &c., &c. Hundred of Edwinstree.
41682: CUSSANS, JOHN EDWARD. - History of Hertfordshire. Containing an account of the descents of the various manors: Pedigrees of families connected with the county; antiquities, local customs, &c., &c. Hundred of Odsey.
25810: CUTHILL, JAMES. - Culture of the Strawberry, as practised by the Author; shewing how to obtain early and large crops, off a small piece of ground
41223: CUTLER, THOMAS. - The surgeon's practical guide in dressing, and in the methodic application of bandages. Illustrated with numerous engravings.
33857: CUTTINO, G P (EDITED BY). - The Gascon Calendar of 1322. Camden Third Series LXX.
23909: DALE, DAVID (ARBITRATOR). - National Society of Amalgamated Brassworkers. Minimum Rate. Arbitration, July, August, September, and October, 1900.
41466: DALE, BRYAN. - Yorkshire puritanism and early nonconformity. Illustrated by the lives of the ejected ministers, 1660 and 1662. Edited by T. G. Crippen.
41606: DALLAS, JAMES; HENRY G. PORTER. - The note-book of Tristram Risdon. 1608-1628.
29068: DALYELL, JOHN GRAHAM. - A Tract chiefly relating to Monastic Antiquities. With some account of a recent search for the remains of the Scottish Kings interred in the Abbey of Dunfermline.
25084: DAMPIER, WILLIAM JAMES. - A Memoir of John Carter.
30011: DAMPIER, WILLIAM JAMES. - A Memoir of John Carter.
39913: DAMPIER, THOMAS. - A sermon preached before the Honourable and Right Reverend Shute, Lord Bishop of Durham, the Right Honourable Sir Archibald Macdonald, Lord Chief Baron, and the Honourable Sir Alexander Thompson, one of the Barons of His Majesty's Exchequer, at the Assizes, holden at Durham, the twenty-third of July, M DCC XCIII.
26932: DANA, CHARLES A. (TRANSLATOR). - Nut-Cracker and Sugar-Dolly, and other stories and legends for children. Illustrated by woodcuts after designs by Lewis Richter.
9338: DANDLIKER, DR. KARL. - A Short History of Switzerland.
16795: DANIEL, JOHN. - The Life and Astonishing Adventures of John Daniel.
29495: DANIEL, CLARENCE. - Pinnacles of Peak History.
42013: DANIEL MARSHALL, LTD., LONDON. - "Jack Frost" Leap Year Programme, being the 1896 Spring Issue of Marshall's Cash Price List.
30446: DANIELL, JOHN J. - The History of Warminster.
23224: DANIKEN, ERICH VON. - Miracles of the Gods: a hard look at the supernatural.
31452: DANN, GEORG EDMUND. - Einfuhrung in die Parmaziegeschichte.
32024: DANSON, J.T. - Statistical Observations on the Growth of the Human Body (Males) in Height and Weight from Eighteen to Thirty years of age. Read before The Statistical Society, January 18th, 1881.
36545: DARANYI, IGNATIUS, DR. - The State and Agriculture in Hungary. Report of the Minister of Agriculture ...
23756: DARBY, H. C.; G. R. VERSEY. - Domesday Gazetteer.
42975: DARBY, JOHN, BOOKSELLER. - Books sold by John Darby in Bartholomew-Close, London.
33719: DARE, M PAUL. - Charnwood Forest and its Environs.
29848: DARE, PAUL M. - Northamptonshire by the Camera, Pen and Pencil.
40539: DARE, PAUL M. - Northamptonshire, by the camera, pen and pencil.
27188: DARLING, F. FRASER. - A Naturalist on Rona: essays of a biologist in isolation.
28586: DARLING, F. FRASER. - Bird Flocks and the Breeding Cycle: a contribution to the study of avian sociality.
36069: DARLING, F FRASER. - A Naturalist on Rona. Essays of a Biologist in Isolation.
35968: DARLINGTON, IDA (EDITED BY). - London Consistory Court Wills 1492-1547. [London Record Society Publications Vol III].
9256: DARTON, F.J. HARVEY (EDITOR). - The Surprising Adventures of Baron Munchausen.
22766: DARTON, F. J. HARVEY. - The Marches of Wessex.
19977: DAUDET, ALPHONSE. - Tartarin in den Alpen ...
22464: DAUDET, ALPHONSE. - Tartarin sur les Alpes: nouveaux exploits du heros tarasconnais.
30114: DAUDET, ALPHONSE. - Les Femmes d'Artiste. "Collection Lemerre Illustree."
21795: DAVENPORT, CYRIL. - Royal English Bookbindings.
22749: DAVENPORT, PERCY. - Old Stanmore, records chiefly manorial.
25256: DAVENPORT, CYRIL. - Cameo Book-Stamps Figured and Described.
39609: DAVENPORT, CYRIL. - English heraldic book-stamps, figured and described.
32897: DAVEY, C R (EDITED BY). - Education in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.
33998: DAVEY, C R (EDITED BY). - The Hampshire Lay Subsidy Rolls 1586. With the city of Winchester Assessment of a fifteenth and tenth, 1585. Hampshire Record Series Volume IV.
35970: DAVEY, HERBERT. - Poor Law Settlement and Removal.
24511: DAVIDSON, ARTHUR. - A Bird Watcher in Scandinavia: some observations of the rarer British visitors in their native haunts.
22080: DAVIDSON, D. - A Connected History of Early Egypt, Babylonia, and Central Asia: an original co-ordination of the evidences of modern methods of graphical analysis and narrative sequence.
36793: DAVIES, NORMAN. - Poland, Past and Present. A select bibliography of works in English.
19725: DAVIES, JOHN PATON JNR. - Dragon by the Tail: American, British, Japanese, and Russian encounters with China and one other.
20231: DAVIES, DAVID. - The Last of the Tasmanians.
20799: DAVIES, REES JOHN. - The First Fifty Years: a history of Ystalyfera County School.
21542: DAVIES, MARTIN; JOHN GOLDFINCH (EDITORS). - Vergil: a census of printed editions, 1469-1500.
22270: DAVIES, W. J. K. - The Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway.
22874: DAVIES, G. M. - Geology of London and South-East England.
23269: DAVIES, ROBERT. - Extracts from the Municipal Records of the City of York, during the reigns of Edward IV. Edward V. and Richard III., with notes illustrative and explanatory; and an appendix, containing some account of the celebration of the Corpus Christi Festival at York in the fourteenth, fifteenth, and sixteenth centuries.
23276: DAVIES, ROBERT. - Walks Through the City of York. Edited by his widow.
24102: DAVIES, E. T. - An Ecclesiastical History of Monmouthshire. Part I. Down to the beginnings of the Reformation.
24816: DAVIES, J. C. - Bowden to Harborough: the story of the town of Market Harborough and its two villages, Great Bowden and Little Bowden.
27121: DAVIES, L. TWISTON. - Men of Monmouthshire.
34341: DAVIES, C COLLIN (EDITED BY). - The private correspondence of Lord Macartney, governor of Madras, 1781-1785. Camden Third Series Volume LXXVII.
33065: DAVIES, DEWI. - Welsh Place Names and their Meanings.
28495: DAVIES, HUNTER. - Wainwright, the biography.
31398: DAVIES, R. & GRANT, M.D. - London and its Railways.
30528: DAVIES, R K. - Companion to the Fylde.
30614: DAVIES, ALFRED T., SIR. - The Lloyd George I Knew: some side-lights on a great career. Supplemented by The Story of the Welsh Department.
29881: DAVIES, F GWENDOLEN. - The Old High Church of St Mary Morpeth. Foreword by the Bishop of Newcastle.
29173: DAVIES, RANDALL. - The Railway Centenary: a retrospect.
38180: DAVIES, A. (EDITOR). - Polish Studies.
36971: DAVIES, NORMAN. - Sobieski's Legacy: Polish History 1683-1983. A Lecture.
39905: DAVIES, WILLIAM. - For the Heroes of Shotton. Memorial erected 1920, unveiled Sept. 3rd, 1921, by the parishioners and federated workmen of Shotton, to the memory of the 152 men who fell in The Great War, 1914-1919.
41722: DAVIES, ROBERT. - Walks through the City of York. Edited by his widow.
19127: DAVIS, JOHN, CAPTAIN (COMPILER). - Historical Records of the Second Royal Surrey, or Eleventh Regiment of Militia, with introductory chapters.
19181: DAVIS, WM. V. W., REV. - Memorial Services on the Death of President Garfield. Franklin-St. Church, Manchester, N. H., Sept. 25 and 26, 1881.
19438: DAVIS, N. - Ruined Cities within Numidian and Carthaginian Territories.
19781: DAVIS, HASSOLDT. - Nepal, Land of Mystery: adventures in Burma, China, India and the kingdom of Nepal.
22720: DAVIS, WILLIAM C.; BRIAN C. POHANKA; DON TROIANI (EDITORS). - Civil War Journal: The Leaders.
30468: DAVIS, JOHN (COMPILED BY). - Historical Records of the Second Royal Surrey, or Eleventh Regiment of Militia, with Introductory Chapters.
17421: DAVIS, LOYAL - Surgeon Extraordinary: the life of J. B. Murphy. With a foreword by A. J. Cronin.
34138: DAVIS, F N. - Rotuli Ricardi Gravesend Episcopi Lincolniensis AD MCCLXXIX. [The Publications of the Lincoln Record Society Vol 20].
27826: DAVISON, A W. - Derby: Its Rise and Progress.
29088: DAVY, COLIN. - Shrimp Harris.
29308: DAWES, FRANK. - Afoot in Hertfordshire. For the walking enthusiast in search of history and natural beauty in Hertfordshire.
28830: DAWKINS, W BOYD. - The Distribution of the British Postglacial Mammals. [From the Quarterly Journal of the Geological Society for May 1869].
1337: DAWSON, THOMAS. - Memoirs of St. George ... and of the Most Noble Order of the Garter.
23325: DAWSON, W. NEWTON. - History on Your Doorstep. Facts and thoughts around and about Toothill, Rastrick, Brighouse, Almondbury, Huddersfield and Halifax.
33656: DAWSON, C B. - The Mirror of Oxford.
28922: DAWSON, J W. - Notes on the Post-Pliocene Geology of Canada. With especial reference to the conditions of accumulation of the deposits and the marine life of the period. [From the Canadian Naturalist, New Series Vol VI].
30042: DAWSON, WARRINGTON (COMPILER). - The Speeches of the Hon. Hugh C. Wallace, American Ambassador to France, 1919-1921. With a foreword ...
32928: DAWSON, W HARBUTT. - History of Skipton.
41525: DAWSON, W. HARBUTT. - History of Skipton.
40451: DAWSON, A. J.( DIRECTOR OF EDUCATION). - Educational problems in the County of Durham, with a suggested scheme for solving them. (Education Act, 1918.)
16289: DAY, DAVID T. - Mineral Resources of the United States. Calendar Year 1905.
16965: DAY, SAMUEL PHILLIPS - Monastic Institutions; their origin, progress, nature and tendency.
18370: DAY, E. HERMITAGE; G. M. ELLWOOD. - Some London Churches.
30269: DAY, JAS. - A Practical Treatise on the Construction and Formation of Railways. Containing the most approved systems of excavating, haulage, embanking, permanent waylaying, &c. &c. Also the method of estimating the gross load and useful effect produced by mechanical or other motive power upon a level, and upon any inclination; illustrated with diagrams and original useful tables. To which is added, comprehensive earthwork tables.
37391: DAY, W A. - The Russian Government in Poland. With a narrative of the Polish Insurrection of 1863.
41098: DAY, LEONARD G (EDITOR). - Registers of the parish of Northfield in the county of Worcester (2 Vols).
33312: DAYNES, GILBERT W. - The Birth and Growth of the Grand Lodge of England, 1717-1926.
39979: DAYNES, GILBERT W. - The Birth and Growth of the Grand Lodge of England 1717 - 1926.
25000: DAYSH, G. H. J. (INTRODUCTION.). - Scientific Survey of North-Eastern England. Prepared for the meeting held in Newcastle upon Tyne 31st August to 7th September 1949.
27383: DEACON, LOIS. - A Plymouth Pen. With a foreword by the Right Honourable Isaac Foot.
31842: DEALLER, STEPHEN. - Wild Flowers in the Garden. Drawings by Annie Baikie.
22634: DEAN, A. C. (COMPILER). - Some Episodes in the Manchester Association of Engineers. A series of extracts from the early minute books of the association.
33051: THE DEAN. - The Story of Carlisle Cathedral. Views by E W Tassell & Son. Sketches by Mrs A E MacLeod.
25742: DEANE, EDMUND. - Spadacrene Angelica, or, The English Spa Fountain. The first work on the waters of Harrogate ... with introduction by James Rutherford ... and biographical notes by Alex. Butler.
31090: DEANESLY, MARGARET. - The Pre Conquest Church in England. An Ecclesiastical History of England.
9248: DEARMER, PERCY. - Highways and Byways in Normandy.
36073: DEBENHAM, FRANK. - The Way to Ilala. David Livingstone's Pilgrimage.
16281: DEBUS, ALLEN G. - Science and Education in the Seventeenth Century: the Webster-Ward debate.
23650: DECKER, THOMAS. - The Gull's Hornbook. Edited by Charles Hindley.
35980: DEEDES, CECEIL. J E STOCKS & J L STOCKS (COMPILED BY). - A Catalogue of the Old Town Hall Library of Leicester.
17406: DEELMAN, H. T. (EDITOR) - Surgery: a hundred years ago. Extracts from the diary of Dr. C. B. Tilanus ...

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