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30482: - Guide to the Western Mediterranean Including Southern Spain, Northern Africa Etc.
41489: - Chapman 50-51: Naomi Mitchison and Alasdair Gray.
25093: - Going to the Party: Stories for little people. With thirty-four illustrations by Miriam Kerns, M. E. Edwards, and other artists.
48260: - Blewbury Self-Portrait 1967.
47920: - Soulages 1970-72 [Exhibition]
27504: - My Tall Book of Fairy Tales: Cinderella, Puss-in-Boots, Red Riding Hood, Snow-White.
48484: - Old Houses in the Parish of Shere: Gomshall, Peaslake, Shere
47243: - Traditional Henna Designs (Pepin Press Design Books)
33078: - Italia al chiaro di luna: Italy By Moonlight: The Night in Italian Painting 1550-1850.
28821: - British Sheep.
29093: - The Guide to the Regal Green Vaults at Dresden.
29414: - The Birmingham Riots of 1791.
30011: - Illustrated Ditties of Ye Olden Time.
30681: - Gainsborough & Reynolds : Contrasts in Royal Patronage
48410: - The End of One Story: A Souvenir of the Borough of St. Pancras.
33607: - The Bishop's Register of Confirmations in the London District of the Catholic Church in England 1826-1837 and 1843
33690: - The Register of the Benedictine Schools for Girls at Ghent, Preston, Caverswall and Oulton 1624-1969
12363: - Little Mary's Picture-Book of English History.
28488: - Hand-Book to the Shetland Islands.
28489: - Hand-book to the Orkney Islands.
45056: - Terry Frost: Prints 1948-1990
24461: - The Sunday Scrap Book. Being scripture stories in pictures.
48136: - Portraits of the Parliamentary Officers of the Great Civil War
41145: - The Second Book of the Poets' Club.
48243: - Terence Cuneo
43757: - Edinburgh: The Grand Panorama of Edinburgh as Seen in a Walk Round the Calton Hill in 1847.
45362: - A Memorandum of Holywell Manor.
34934: - Past and Present, No. 167.
48204: - The Georges De Belder Collection of Neo-Classicism.
45544: - A Buckinghamshire Story of 1663.
48307: - Paula Rego: Peter Pan & Other Stories.
48297: - The History of Guy, Earl of Warwick
48568: - Tom and Jerry (Pop-up Books)
39964: - Architectural History: Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians of Great Britain, Volume 47: 2004
39966: - Architectural History: Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians of Great Britain, Volume 44: 2001
44968: - Nicola Russell: Arts Council Gallery, May-June 1993 - The Gathering of Opposites - Orchard Gallery, November 1993, New Work
44950: AAVV - Un pittore e la sua città: Benedetto Bonfigli e Perugia
39050: ABADIE, DANIEL. - Dubuffet as Architect.
47230: GLUCKEL OF HAMELN; BETH-ZION ABRAHAMS, ED. - The Life of Gluckel of Hameln 1646-1724 Written by Herself.
45588: ABRIOUX, YVES - Ian Hamilton Finlay: A Visual Primer
47788: ACKERMAN, JAMES S. - Palladio (Architect and Society)
46889: ACTON, HAROLD. - Three Extraordinary Ambassadors (Walter Neurath Memorial Lecture)
37683: ACTON, HAROLD. - The Soul's Gymnasium
47381: HAROLD ACTON - The Last Medici
45732: ADAIR, GILBERT - The Death of the Author
48327: ANTOINE ADAM. - Sur le probleme religieux dans la premiere moitie du XVIIe siecle. The Zaharoff Lecture for 1959.
36265: ADAMS, JONATHAN - Columns : Detail in Building
41162: ADBURGHAM, ALISON. - Shops and Shopping 1800-1914
47985: DAWN ADES - Dada and Surrealism Reviewed
29130: ADHEMAR, JEAN. - Toulouse-Lautrec: His Complete Lithographs and Drypoints.
47840: KATHLEEN ADLER - Pissarro in London
33299: ADRIANI, GOTZ - Degas : Pastels, Oil Sketches, Drawings
43760: ADSHEAD, DAVID; KAY, WILLIAM; MAYS, DEBBIE; RICHARDSON, HARRIET. - Properties of Stone and Its Use as a Building Material in Scotland.
29296: ADVANI, RUKUN, ETC. EDS. - Civil Lines 3: New Writing from India.
5053: AESOP. - Fables of Aesop According to Sir Roger L'Estrange. With fifty drawings by Alexander Calder.
46787: AGIUS, CLARE. - Neo-Classicism in the North: Exhibition at King's Manor Cellars, University of York.
29936: AGNEW'S. - Ambroise Vollard, Editeur les Peintres-Graveurs 1895-1913
43258: AGRICOLA, GEORGIUS - De Re Metallica
35918: AHRONS, E. L. - Locomotive and Train Working in the Latter Part of the Nineteenth Century.
42175: AIKEMA, BERNARD; BROWN, BEVERLY LOUISE - Renaissance Venice and the North : Crosscurrents in the Time of Bellini, Durer and Titian
43762: AIKEN, JOAN - The Silence of Herondale
40628: AIKEN, JOAN - More Than You Bargained For and Other Stories.
44340: AIKEN, JOAN - The Whispering Mountain
26162: AINSWORTH, RUTH. - In Woods and Fields. ( Look About You Books no. 1.)
45498: AINSWORTH, RUTH. - The Phantom Roundabout and other ghostly tales
47935: AIRS, MALCOLM, ED. - The Regency Great House
43888: AIRS, MALCOLM, ED. - The Later Eighteenth Century Great House : The Proceedings of a Conference under the Joint Directorship of Edward Chaney and Malcolm Airs Held at the Department for Continuing Education, the University of Oxford, 10-12 January 1997
45473: AIRS, MALCOLM, ED. - The Twentieth Century Great House
43343: EHA [EDWARD HAMILTON AITKEN] - A Naturalist on the Prowl or In the Jungle.
43165: EHA [EDWARD HAMILTON AITKEN] - The Tribes on My Frontier: An Indian Naturalists Foreign Policy.
43205: AITKEN, BILL - Exploring Indian Railways
43699: AKESTER, EILEEN. - Sami: The Story of a Bush-baby.
47666: AHMET ERTUG; FERIDUN AKOZAN, ETC. - Topkapi: The Palace of Felicity.
47580: SERGEI AKSAKOV - A Russian Schoolboy
41322: AKSIT, ILHAN. - The Museum of Chora: Mosaics and Frescoes.
39379: ALAM, A.K.M. SHAMSUL. - Sculptural Art of Bangladesh.
47165: ALCOFORADO, MARIANA. - Letters from a Portuguese Nun Written in the Year 1667.
48212: ALDE. - Bibliotheque d'architecture d'un Amateur: De Vitruve a Ledoux.
44518: ALDERSON, BRIAN. - Hans Christian Andersen and His Eventyr in England
46258: ALDERSON, BRIAN. - Edward Ardizzone: A Bibliographic Commentary.
1451: ALDINGTON, RICHARD ETC. - Some Imagist Poets: an Anthology.
46447: ALDISS, BRIAN - Frankenstein Unbound
44271: ALDRICH, MEGAN, ED. - The Craces: Royal Decorators 1768-1899
47455: ALDRIDGE, ALAN, ED. - The Beatles Illustrated Lyrics
33137: ALECHINSKY, PIERRE; IONESCU, EUGENE - Paintings and Writings
43411: ALEGRIA, CIRO. - Broad and Alien is the World.
29270: ALEXANDER, S. - Space Time and Deity: The Gifford Lectures at Glasgow 1916-1918.
27299: ALEXANDER, JONATHAN J. G., ED. - The Painted Page: Italian Renaissance book illumination 1450-1550.
32743: ALEXANDER, J.J.G. AND A.C. DE LA MARE. - The Italian Manuscripts in the Library of Major J.R. Abbey.
48442: MARY ALEXANDER. - Needlework.
37156: ALFAU, FELIPE - Locos : A Comedy of Gestures
16540: ALIKI. - We Are Best Friends.
42490: ALLAN, D. G. C.; ABBOT, JOHN L., EDS. - The Virtuoso Tribe of Arts and Sciences : Studies in the Eighteenth-Century Work and Membership of the London Society of Arts
37608: ALLARD, SEBASTIEN, ETC. - Portraits publics, Portaits prives 1770-1830
27282: ALLEGRETTO, MICHAEL. - Blood Stone.
42378: D'ALLEMAND, PATRICIA - Latin American Cultural Criticism : Re-Interpreting a Continent
45375: ALLEN, W.E. D., ED. - Russian Embassies to the Georgian Kings 1589-1605, Vols. 1-2 (Hakluyt Society Second)
41985: ALLEN, JOAN - 'Missy Baba' to 'Burra Mem': The Life of a Planter's Daughter in Northern India, 1913-1970
42146: ALLEN, GILLIAN. - Yesterday's Town: Wellington: A Diary of a West Country Town in the 19th Century.
13575: ALLEN, EDWARD; IANO, JOSEPH - The Architect's Studio Companion.
45312: ALLEN, J. DE V. - Lamu Town: A Guide.
44805: ALLEN, BRIAN T - Sugaring Off: The Maple Sugar Paintings of Eastman Johnson (Clark Art Institute)
46881: ALLEN, DON CAMERON - The Star-Crossed Renaissance:The Quarrel About Astrology and Its Influence in England.
45292: ALLINGHAM, MARGERY. - Coroner's Pidgin.
45206: ALLINGHAM, MARGERY. - Traitor's Purse.
46546: ALLISON, A. F.; ROGERS, D. M. - The Contemporary Printed Literature of the English Counter-reformation Between 1558 and 1640: Works in Languages Other Than English v. 1: An Annotated Catalogue
31389: ALLLINGHAM, MARGERY. - Dancers in Mourning.
28256: ALLNATT, WILLIAM. - Rambles in the Neighbourhood of Wallingford.
29074: ALPATOV, MICHEL. - Histoire de l'art russe des origines a la fin du XCIIe siecle.
29396: ALPIZAR, BARTOLO CARDENAS. - Reposteria Cubana.
42939: ALTER, STEPHEN - Great Indian Hunting Stories
45305: ALTRINCHAM, LORD. - Kenya's Opportunity: Memories, Hopes and Ideas.
44228: AMADO, JORGE. - Gabriela: Clove and Cinnamon.
48071: OLGA DE AMARAL - Olga de Amaral: El Manto de la Memoria.
18959: AMBRUS, VICTOR G. - Blackbeard the Pirate.
47983: ANANOFF, ALEXANDRE; DANIEL WILDENSTEIN - Francois Boucher: Peintures
29379: ANDERSON, JULIE R., ED. - Treasures from Sudan.
46459: ANDERSON, POUL - Homeward and Beyond
46964: ANDERSON, WILLIAM - Dante the Maker
44377: ANDERSON, ANNE; MEYRICK, ROBERT; NAHUM, PETER. - Ancient Landscapes, Pastoral Visions: Samuel Palmer to the Ruralists.
48564: POUL ANDERSON - World Without Stars.
48556: ANDERSON, POUL - Tales of the Flying Mountains.
44111: ANDERSON, POUL - The Horn of Time
45240: ANDERSSON, HENRIK O.; BEDOIRE, FREDERIC. - Swedish Architecture: Drawings 1640-1970
27072: ANDERTON, BASIL. - Thomas Bewick, the Tyneside Engraver. (Reprinted from The Library, January 1916.)
28787: ANDREADES, K. G. - The Moslem Minority in Western Thrace.
41470: ANDREWS, JOHN - Victorian and Edwardian Furniture : Price Guide and Reasons for Values, 2001 Edition
43091: ANGLO, SYDNEY. - Machiavelli : A Dissection
48424: JOAN WALSH ANGLUND - Morning is a Little Child
44844: ANIKST, M.A.; CHERNEVICH, ELENA - Russian Graphic Design
40717: ANNELLS, PETE. - The Berkshire Dunches.
47576: MITSUMASA ANNO. - Anno 1979 [Bodley Head Christmas booklet]
25600: ANTHONY, PIERS. - Prostho Plus (Gollancz SF)
44124: ANTHONY, PIERS - Steppe
29142: APPLETON, G. - Buddhism in Burma: Burma Pamphlets No. 3.
45554: APPUHN, HORST. - Der Psalter: eine Bilderhandschrift (Die Bibliophilen Taschenbucher 198)
48293: SIMON FISH; EDWARD ARBER, ED. - A Supplication for the Beggars.
33168: ARBERRY, A. J. - Aspects of Islamic Civilization as Depicted in the Original Texts.
44820: ARBUTHNOT, GEORGE. - The Vestry Minute-Book of the Parish of Stratford-on-Avon from 1617 to 1699 A.D.
47923: DORCHESTER-ON-THAMES ARCHAEOLOGY & LOCAL HISTORY GROUP - Dorchester-on-Thames Grammar School.
48467: MILDRED ARCHER. - Early Views of India: The Picturesque Journeys of Thomas and William Daniell, 1786-1794
44877: ARCHER, JOHN. - The Literature of British Domestic Architecture, 1715-1842
43505: ARCHER, MILDRED; FALK, TOBY - India Revealed : The Art and Adventures of James and William Fraser 1801-35
46248: ARDEN, JOHN; GOETHE - Ironhand: Adapted from Goetz von Berlichingen
31809: ARGAN, GIULIO CARLO - The Baroque Age
43064: ARIES, PHILIPPE - Images of Man and Death
45518: ARISTOTLE. - XII: Parts of Animals; Movement of Animals, Progression of Animals. (Loeb Classical Library)
45094: ARISTOTLE. - Generation of Animals (Loeb Classical Library)
41709: ARKELL, W. J. - Oxford Stone.
48492: FELIPE FERNANDEZ-ARMESTO, ETC. - Armchair Athenians: Essays from Athenian Life.
46683: FERNÁNDEZ-ARMESTO, FELIPE - Philip II's Empire: A Decade at the Edge (Annual lecture / Hakluyt Society)
42919: ARMITAGE, DAVID; WOODS, ALAN. - Marks on Rag: The Painting of David Armitage.
36591: ARMITAGE, MARIGOLD. - A Motley to the View.
42794: ARMITAGE, SIMON - The Universal Home Doctor
44088: ARMSTRONG, CHRISTINE MEGAN. - The Moralizing Prints of Cornelis Anthonisz.
44645: ARNASON, H. H. - Philip Guston.
44129: ARNOLD, SAMUEL - The Castle of Andalusia (Music for London Entertainment, 1660-1800, Series C, Volume 5)
44517: ARNOLD, JOHN. - The Fanfrolico Press: Satyrs, Fauns and Fine Books.
42754: ARNOLD, BRUCE. - Orpen : Mirror to an Age
47506: ARNOLD, KEN; GRANSHAW, LINDSAY; JONES, DENNA. - Saving Bodies, Saving Souls: Hospitals in History
25267: ARNOULD, REYNOLD. - Andre Beaudin: Oeuvres 1921-1970.
46494: ARONOVITZ, DAVID. - Ballantine Books: The First Decade
28847: ARSLAN, EDOARDO. - Gothic Architecture in Venice.
44962: WALKER-BAGSHAWE FINE ART. - Viennese Visions: An Exhibition of Austrian Art at the Turn of the Century.
48441: NATIONAL GALLERY OF ART, WASHINGTON - Studies in the History of Art 1973
45053: DEPARTMENT OF DECORATIVE ART, GLASGOW MUSEUM - The Glasgow Style 1890-1920.
38648: ARTAUD, ANTONIN, ETC. - Balthus.
29384: ASCHAM, ROGER. - English Works: Toxophilus, Report of Affaires of Germany, The Scholemaster.
43959: ASCHERSON, NEAL - Black Sea: The Birthplace of Civilisation and Barbarism.
42147: ASHBY, MARGARET - The Book of Stevenage
44187: ASHFORD, L. J. - The History of the Borough of High Wycombe from Its Origins to 1880 [with] From 1880 to the Present Day [with] The History of Chairmaking in High Wycombe.
45920: ASHLEY, MIKE. - Taking Liberties: The Struggle for Britain's Freedoms and Rights.
10108: ASHTON, ROBERT. - The City and the Court 1603-1643.
47106: DORE ASHTON - The Life and Times of the New York School
47255: ELIZABETH ARTHUR; NASREEN ASKARI - Uncut Cloth: Saris, Shawls and Sashes
40136: ASLAM, MIAN MOHAMMAD. - Flower Gardening in the Plains of Pakistan.
27059: ASLANAPA, OKTAY. - Turkish Art and Architecture.
46646: ASLIN, ELIZABETH. - Nineteenth Century English Furniture.
47045: MACHADO DE ASSIS - Helena
47043: MACHADO DE ASSIS - The Devil's Church and Other Stories
47047: MACHADO DE ASSIS - Epitaph of a Small Winner.
38482: FINNISH FOREIGN TRADE ASSOCIATION. - Design in Finland 1983 (Finnish Trade Review Special Issue)
28789: PAN-MACEDONIAN ASSOCIATION. - Soviet Plans on Access to Mediterranean Through Macedonia.
48227: T. H. ASTON, ED.; J. I. CATTO, ETC. - The History of the University of Oxford (8 Vols.)
17011: ATHELING, WILLIAM, JR.; BLISH, JAMES, ED. - The Issue at Hand. Studies in contemporary magazine science fiction. Edited and with an introduction by James Blish.
40959: ATIL, ESIN, ED. - Islamic Art and Patronage : Treasures from Kuwait
46306: ATIL, ESIN - Art of the Arab World.
44317: ATIL, ESIN - The Age of Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent
32025: ATKIN, MALCOLM - Norwich : History and Guide
39631: ATKINSON, M. E. - August Adventure: A Novel for Boys and Girls.
42080: ATKINSON, M. E. - Crusoe Island.
41586: ATKINSON, NEVILLE. - Look Up in Cambridge.
42076: ATKINSON, M. E. - Challenge to Adventure.
47864: ATTERBURY, PAUL, ED. - A. W. N. Pugin : Master of Gothic Revival
48070: ROWLEY S. ATTERBURY - The Contributors
38858: ATTRIDGE, HAROLD W., ED. - The Religion and Science Debate: Why Does it Continue?
46915: AUERBACH, ERICH - Literary Language and Its Public in Late Latin Antiquity and in the Middle Ages.
46966: AUSTEN, JANE. - Henry and Eliza: A Novel.
43958: AUSTIN, PAUL BRITTEN. - The Life and Songs of Carl Michael Bellman: Genius of the Swedish Rococo.
40466: AUZAS, PIERRE-MARIE. - Eugene Viollet Le Duc 1814-1879
31244: AVERY, CHARLES. - David Le Marchand 1674-1726 : An Ingenious Man for Carving in Ivory
46073: AVERY, GILLIAN; BRIGGS, JULIA, EDS. - Children and Their Books: A Celebration of the Work of Iona and Peter Opie
41582: AXFORD, E.C. - The Cornish Moor: A Brief Study of Bodmin Moor.
35406: AXTELL, JAMES - Natives and Newcomers : The Cultural Origins of North America
42879: AYALA, FRANCISCO. - Death as a Way of Life.
11857: AYER, A.J. - Philosophy and Language: An inaugural lecture delivered before the University of Oxford 1960.
41240: AYRTON, MICHAEL. - The Rudiments of Paradise: Various Essays on Various Arts.
44246: A. B. - Paul Nash (Contemporary British Artists)
43438: BACHRACH, A. G. H. - Sir Constantine Huygens and Britain 1596-1687: A Pattern of Cultural Exchange (Volume One, 1596-1619).
48383: BACON, EDMUND N. - Design of Cities
12000: BADDELEY, WELBORE ST. CLAIR. - A Cotteswold Manor, being the history of Painswick.
39907: BADIOU, ALAIN - Polemics.
23513: BAEDEKER, KARL. - Schwarzwald, Odenwald, Bodensee. Handbuch fur Reisende.
11631: BAEDEKER. - Baedeker's Touring Guides. Yugoslavia.
11646: BAEDEKER, KARL. - Cologne and Bonn: With environs. Handbook for travellers.
47417: JAMES BAEN, ED. - Destinies Vol.2, No.3
47418: JAMES BAEN, ED. - Destinies - Nov/ Dec 78 - Premier Issue!
36782: BAER, BRIGITTE - Picasso: Gravures, 1900-1942
42788: BAGE, ROBERT. - Hermsprong: Or Man as he is Not.
47304: BAGROW, LEO. - History of Cartography. Revised and enlarged by R. A. Skelton.
40088: BAILEY, COLIN B. - Renoir: Impressionism and Full-Length Painting.
47199: RICHARD J. POWELL; DAVID A. BAILEY - Rhapsodies in Black: Art of the Harlem Renaissance
22054: BAILEY, H. C. - Mr. Fortune's Practice.
45526: BAILEY, BRUCE A., ED. - Northamptonshire in the Early Eighteenth Century: The Drawings of Peter Tillemans and Others (The Publications of the Northamptonshire Record Society)
45782: BAIN, IAIN. - A Checklist of the Manuscripts of Thomas Bewick: Reprinted from The Private Library with Addenda.
44397: BAIN, IAIN. - The Wood Engravings of Richard Shirley Smith.
45867: BAIN, IAIN; ETC. - Rigby Graham at the Goldmark Gallery
47501: DORA WIEBENSON; CLAIRE BAINES - The Mark J.Millard Architectural Collection: Volume I: French Books, Sixteenth Through Nineteenth Centuries
45878: BAINES, PAUL; ROGERS, PAT. - Edmund Curll, Bookseller.
25614: BAKER, SIR SAMUEL W. - Cast Up by the Sea.
46326: BAKER, J. H. - Land of the Gap.
17022: BAKER, C. L.; MASEFIELD, PAMELA. - The Land of Green Tea: Letters and adventures of Colonel C.L. Baker of the Madras Artillery, 1834-1850. (In India and the first Chinese Opium War.)
46337: BAKER, AGNES C. - Scenes from Abingdon History.
42949: BAKER, DENIS. - Coalville: The First 75 Years 1833-1908.
48325: BAKER, J. H. - Mapledurham Church and Village.
43994: BAKER, J. H. - The Story of the Chiltern Heathlands.
45482: BALAZS, BELA. - The Real Sky-Blue.
30818: BALDINI, UMBERTO; CASAZZA, ORNELLA - The Cimabue Crucifix.
42821: BALDWIN, BERNARD. - Mountain Ash Remembered: Incorporating the Story of the Nos Galan Road Races 1958-1973.
46289: BALDWIN, MONICA - I Leap Over the Wall
47987: DOUGLAS BALL - Victorian Publishers' Bindings
47698: BALLARD, J. G. - The Impossible Man
28944: BALLHORN, FRIEDRICH - Alphabets of the World: Originally Published as Grammatography, a Manual of Reference to the Alphabets of Ancient and Modern Languages, Based on the German Compilation of F. Ballhorn
47135: BALSTON, THOMAS. - John Martin 1789-1854: His Life and Works.
46513: BALSTON, THOMAS. - Illustrated Series of the 'Nineties
42897: BALZAC, HONORE DE. - Eugenie Grandet.
42204: BALZAC, HONORÉ DE - Gillette or the Unknown Masterpiece
33556: BALZANI, MARZIA - Modern Indian Kingship : Tradition, Legitimacy and Power in Rajasthan
45670: BALZER, RICHARD - Peepshows: A Visual History
43936: BAMBACH, CARMEN C., ED. - Leonardo Da Vinci, Master Draftsman
43107: BAND, GEORGE - Summit : 150 Years of the Alpine Club
41171: BANKS, PAUL, ED. - Britten's Gloriana: Essays and Sources.
47678: BANN, STEPHEN; WHITELEY, LINDA. - Painting History: Delaroche and Lady Jane Grey.
45284: BANNER, HUBERT S. - Romantic Java: As It Was and Is.
45148: BANNET, EVE TAVOR, ED. - British and American Letter Manuals 1680-1810.
29813: BARBOUR, DAPHNE AND SHELLEY STURMAN, EDS. - Saint-Porchaire Ceramics
44975: CALDERON DE LA BARCA, PEDRO. - Three Plays: The Mayor of Zalamea, Life's a Dream, & The Great Theatre of the World
30947: WILSON-BAREAU, JULIET - Manet: The Execution of Maximilian: Painting, Politics and Censorship
16867: BARENTSZ., WILLEM. - Caertboeck vande Midlandtsche Zee, Amsterdam 1595.
37892: BARFIELD, OWEN. - Unancestral Voice.
37893: BARFIELD, OWEN. - Worlds Apart (A dialogue of the 1960's)
41760: BARING, MAURICE. - Flying Corps Headquarters 1914-1918.
42157: BARKER, KATHLEEN. - Early Music Hall in Bristol.
45605: BARKER, NICOLAS - Bibliotheca Lindesiana: The Lives and Collections of Alexander William, 25th Earl of Crawford and 8th Earl of Balcarres and James Ludovic, 26th Earl of Crawford and 9th Earl of Balcarres.
46803: BARKER, HOWARD - Gary the Thief/Gary Upright
36302: BARKER, CECILY MARY. - Autumn Songs with Music: From Flower Fairies of the Autumn
44314: BARKER, GEORGE. - Sacred and Secular Elegies.
45149: BARKER, KATHLEEN. - Entertainment in the Nineties.
41199: BARKER, GEORGE. - Janus.
46179: BARKER, NICOLAS; COLLINS, JOHN - The Two Forgers: A Biography of Harry Buxton Forman and Thomas James Wise
41518: BARKLEY, HAROLD - Likenesses in Line : An Anthology of Tudor and Stuart Engraved Portraits
41378: BARLEY, M. W. - The English Farmhouse and Cottage.
35609: BARLEY, M. W. - The English Farmhouse and Cottage.
43752: BARNARD, MICHAEL. - East Sussex Architecture: A Short History with Examples Drawn from the County.
48182: MARTIN BARNES - Benjamin Brecknell Turner: Rural England Through a Victorian Lens
45330: BARNES, R. GORELL. - Babes in the African Wood.
47200: VIVIAN ENDICOTT BARNETT - The Blue Four Collection at the Norton Simon Museum
39216: BARNWELL, MAURICE. - Design, Creativity and Culture: An Orientation to Design.
42132: BAROT, ROHIT - Bristol and the Indian Independence Movement
43246: BARR, PAT; DESMOND, RAY. - Simla : A Hill Station in British India
15412: BARRATT, JOHN. - The Battle for York: Marston Moor 1644.
45665: BARRIE,J. M. - Peter Pan
43520: BARRIENTOS, JOAQUIN ALVAREZ ETC. - Don Quijote: Tapices Espanoles del Siglo XVIII :18th Century Spanish Tapestries
47022: BARRON, STEPHANIE; DUBE, WOLF-DIETER. - German Expressionism: Art and Society 1909-1923
48586: NEIL BARRON, ED. - Anatomy of Wonder: A Critical Guide to Science Fiction
33095: BARRY, PAUL - Spun Out: The Shane Warne Story
23091: BARTON, BOB. - Outward Bound: Rock Climbing Handbook.
48567: BARTON, BYRON - Elephant
31289: BASEHART, JACK - Italian Splendor: Great Palaces, Castles and Villas
35365: BASU, KAUSHIK; KANBUR, RAVI, EDS. - Arguments for a Better World: Essays in Honor of Amartya Sen: Volume I, Ethics, Welfare and Measurement
39189: BATCHELOR, R. E.; OFFORD, M. H. - Using French : A Guide to Contemporary Usage
40207: BATES, H. E. - The Woman who had Imagination and Other Stories.
47656: BATES, ORIC. - The Eastern Libyans: An Essay.
42038: BATEY, MAVIS - Oxford Gardens : The University's Influence on Garden History
42335: BATH, MICHAEL - Speaking Pictures : English Emblem Books and Renaissance Culture
43480: BATTERSBY, H. F. PREVOST. - India Under Royal Eyes.
38750: ALBERTI LEON BATTISTA - L'architettura
37550: BATTS, JOHN STUART. - British Manuscript Diaries of the Nineteenth Century. An annotated listing.
48394: BAUDELAIRE, CHARLES. - Selections from Baudelaire Rendered into English by Alan Hull Walton.
34969: BAUDRILLART, HENRI. - J. Bodin et son temps: Tableau des theories politiques et des idees economiques au seizieme Siecle
38358: BAUTZE, JOACHIM K. - Interaction of Cultures: Indian and Western Painting, 1780-1910: The Ehrenfeld Collection
48583: NICOLA BAYLEY - Crab Cat (Copycats)
38054: BAYLIS, BARNARD. - The Often Mis-used Voice.
46713: T. B. [THOMAS BAYLY] - The Royal Charter Granted Unto Kings, By God Hiimself: And Collected Out of His Holy Word , in Both Testaments.
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48264: SAMUEL TAYLOR COLERIDGE - Biographia Literaria I & II (Bollingen series)
48158: COLES, BRYONY; OLIVIER, ADRIAN - The Heritage Management of Wetlands in Europe
35298: COLES, BRYONY; OLIVIER, ADRIAN - The Heritage Management of Wetlands in Europe
44917: COLES, J. M.; COLES, B. J.; DOBSON, M. J. - Waterlogged Wood: The Recording, Sampling, Conservation and Curation of Structural Wood.
43938: COLL, JAUME, ETC. - Mallorca i el comerc de la ceramica a la Mediterrania
46330: COLLARD, IAN - Coastal Shipping: The Twilight Years.
46756: COLLE, FRANCESCO MARIA. - Storia Scientific-Letteraria dello Studio di Padova.
31441: COLLIER, JAMES LINCOLN - Benny Goodman and the Swing Era
48220: WILLIAM COLLIER - The Beken Album
29037: COLLINGS, MICHAEL - Piers Anthony: Starmont Reader's Guide 20
38563: COLLINS, A. FREDERICK. - The Radio Amateur's Hand Book.
48286: COLLINS, ROGER. - Charles Meryon: a Life.
44180: COLLINS, JUDITH. - Elisabeth Frink [Exhbition] 8 September-21 October 2001
36806: COLLINS, W. J. TOWNSEND (DROMIO) - Rugby Recollectioins.
46096: COLLINSON, PATRICK - Elizabethans
36042: COLLOMS, MARIANNE; WEINDLING, DICK - The Good Grave Guide to Hampstead Cemetery, Fortune Green
35084: COLOMBO, MARIO - Moto Guzzi
48061: FRANCESCO COLONNA - Hypnerotomachia Poliphili: The Strife of Love in a Dream
39120: COLUM, PADRAIC. - Moytura: A Play for Dancers.
48328: H. M. COLVIN. - English Architectural History: A Guide to Sources (Pinhorns handbooks)
39112: COLYER, RICHARD J. - The Welsh Cattle Drovers: Agriculture and the Welsh Cattle Trade Before and During the Nineteenth Century.
41540: COMINI, ALESSANDRA - Schiele in Prison
25792: COMPAGNI, DINO. - The Chronicle of Dino Compagni. Translated by Else C. M. Benecke and A. G. Ferrers Howell.
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44922: FITZ WATER WHEEL COMPANY. - Water Power on the Farm: Bulletin No. 60, June 1923
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44527: SUSAN COMPTON - Russian Avant-garde Books, 1917-34
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45637: COMPTON, D. G. - The Steel Crocodile.
47428: COMPTON, D. G. - The Silent Multitude.
46799: COMPTON, D. G. - Electric Crocodile
47357: COMPTON, D. G. - Chronocules.
46340: CONGZHOU, CHEN. - On Chinese Gardens.
46237: O'CONNELL, SHEILA - The Popular Print in England
33750: CONNOLLY, JOHN AUSTIN - The Boys from Siam
33870: CONRAD, JOSEPH. - Victory: An Island Tale
7046: CONSITT, FRANCES. - The London Weavers' Company. Volume 1. From the Twelfth Century to the close of the Sixteenth Century.
37824: CONSTABLE, FREDA; SIMON, SUE - The England of Eric Ravilious
6372: NATIONAL SHIP-CANAL CONVENTION. - Proceedings of the National Ship-Canal Convention held at the City of Chicago, June 2 and 3, 1863.
46071: LEMAITRE [PSEUD. COLIN A. COODE] - The Student's Guide to Classical Roots in Professional English.
18148: COOK, E.T. - The Life of John Ruskin.
44325: COOK, DAVID - Albert's Memorial
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39141: COOK, THEODORE ANDREA. - Old Provence.
38583: COOK, BERYL - Beryl Cook's New York
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47309: ARTHUR KROKER; DAVID COOK - The Postmodern Scene: Excremental Culture and Hyper-Aesthetics
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48517: SUSAN COOLIDGE - In the High Valley.
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36990: COOMBES, NIGEL - Passenger Steamers of the Bristol Channel : A Pictorial Record
44813: IND COOPE. - Historic Pubs in the Cotswolds and Chilterns.
43550: COOPER, TREVOR; BROWN, SARAH, EDS. - Pews, Benches and Chairs: Church Seating in English Parish Churches from the Fourteenth Century to the Present
29622: COOPER, JAMES FENIMORE. - The Red Indian Omnibus Book.
48505: JULIAN COOPER - Mind Has Mountains
46706: COOPER, JOHN; PIKE, B. A. - Detective Fiction: The Collector's Guide
45563: COOPER, ARTEMIS. - Salve Amice et Lege: Hail Friend and Read: Salut a Toi Ami et Lis: The Duff Cooper Library, Paris.
40161: COPPARD, A. E. - Clorinda Walks in Heaven.
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36258: LONDON DOCKLANDS DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION - Docklands Heritage: Conservation and Regeneration in London Docklands
47247: GINA CORRIGAN - Miao Textiles from China (Fabric Folios)
47159: CORTAZAR, JULIO. - End of the Game and Other Stories.
20656: CORTES, HERNAN; PAGDEN, A. R. - Letters from Mexico. Translated and edited by A. R. Pagden.
15262: CORTESAO, ARMANDO. - The Nautical Chart of 1424 and the early discovery and cartographical representation of America.
46867: COSINKA, JAN. - Teach Yourself Malkielese in 90 Minutes.
35396: COSS, PETER R. - Lordship, Knighthood and Locality : A Study in English Society, c. 1180-C.1280
47488: GUIDO COSTA. - Nan Goldin.
41005: COSTELLO, PETER - Dublin Churches
46801: COTTON, JULIAN JAMES. - A Book of Corpus Verses.
26257: COTTRELL, C. B. AND SONS. - Problems of Pressmanship.
27466: COULTON, G. G. - H. W. Fowler (S.P.E. Tract no. XLIII)
42814: ESSEX COUNTY COUNCIL. - The Visual Arts in Essex 1066-1837.
48165: ESSEX COUNTY COUNCIL. - Essex Monasteries.
44695: ESSEX COUNTY COUNCIL. - Georgian Essex.
44941: WAVERLEY DISTRICT COUNCIL. - Lutyens in Waverley.
47620: KENT COUNTY COUNCIL - William Harvey and 400 Years of Medicine in Kent.
47880: CATHY COURTNEY - The Looking Book: A Pocket History of Circle Press 1967-96
44412: COUSSEAU, HENRY CLAUDE; HYMAN, TIMOTHY - Howard Hodgkin: Petits Formats
48335: PIERRE COUSTILLAS. - George Gissing and IvanTurgenev, Including Two Letters from Turgenev.
46901: COUTTS, GILLIE - Gwen Raverat Exhibition Held at New Hall, University of Cambridge 13 June-12 July 1998
38722: COVARRUBIAS, MIGUEL - Island of Bali
46030: COWPER, RICHARD. - The Road to Corlay
35862: COX, MICHAEL L. - The Story of Higham-on-the-Hill, the Centre of England.
45085: COX, BENJAMIN G. - The Hospital and Chapel of St. Leonard Blandford Forum.
45368: COX, MEINEKE - Abingdon Abbey: Its Buildings and History.
45419: COX, MIENEKE - The Story of Abingdon Part I [an[ Part II Medieval Abingdon 1186-1556 [and] Part III Abingdon 1556-1702 Peace and War.
45847: COX, MEINEKE - Abingdon Pageant
44532: COYSH, A. W. - The Dictionary of Picture Postcards in Britain, 1894-1939
48107: CRABTREE, J. H. - British Mosses and How to Identify Them
48199: LESLIE BRUNETTA; CATHERINE L. CRAIG. - Spider Silk: Evolution and 400 Million Years of Spinning, Waiting, Sagging and Mating.
27467: CRAIGIE, SIR WILLIAM. - Northern Words in Modern English (S.P.E. Tract no. L).
42130: CRAWFORD, ANNE - Bristol and the Wine Trade
38937: CRAWFORD, DOROTHY LAMB - A Windfall of Musicians: Hitler's Emigres and Exiles in Southern California.
44323: CRAWFORD, ROBERT - Spirit Machines (Cape Poetry)
23166: CREDLAND, ARTHUR G. - Marine Painting in Hull through Three Centuries.
48460: CRISPIN, EDMUND - The Long Divorce.
29811: CRISPIN, EDMUND (BRUCE MONTGOMERY). - Holy Disorders.
33390: CRISPIN, EDMUND (BRUCE MONTGOMERY). - Buried for Pleasure.
45216: CRISPIN, EDMUND. - Frequent Hearses.
45217: CRISPIN, EDMUND - Swan Song.
41828: CRISPIN, EDMUND (BRUCE MONTGOMERY). - Fen Country : Twenty-Six Stories
47086: CRISTEA, ALAN. - Georges Braque: Engravings and Lithographs 1911-1963

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