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47803: SAFFORD, SUSAN DARLING. - Quaint Epitaphs.
41309: SAGAR, KEITH, ED. - The Art of Ted Hughes
43208: SALE, FLORENTIA; MACRORY, PATRICK, ED. - The First Afghan War
43328: SALISBURY, EDWARD. - Weeds & Aliens (New Naturalist 43)
44392: SALMASIUS, CLAUDIUS (CLAUDE SAUMAISE). - De Annis Climactericis et Antiqua Astrologia Diatribae.
39458: SALMON, ANNE - A Sideways Launch: The Technical and Social History of James Pollock, Sons & Co. Ltd., Shipbuilders and Engineers 1875-1970
14229: SALTEN, FELIX. - The City Jungle.
41688: SALTER, MIKE. - The Castles of the Heartland of Scotland.
21309: SALTONSTALL, WYE. - Picturae Loquentes. Reprinted from the editions of 1631 and 1635. Luttrell Reprints, no. 1.
42752: ROMERO-SALVADO, FRANCISCO J. - Spain 1914-1918 : Between War and Revolution
41799: SALZMAN, L. F. - Building in England down to 1540 : A Documentary History
41576: SAMPSON, AYLWIN. - Norwich Close.
45654: SAMPSON, AYLWIN. - Gloucester Close.
45655: SAMPSON, AYLWIN. - They Lived Here in Cheltenham.
40186: SAMUELSON, JAMES. - Humble Creatures, Part I: The Earthworm and the Common Housefly.
42888: SANDERS, RONALD - The Days Grow Short : The Life and Music of Kurt Weill
24020: SANDERSON, MARGARET H.B. - Robert Adam and Scotland. Portrait of an architect.
19102: SANDERSON, AVERIL D. - Long Shadows.
44714: SANDILANDS, G. S. - Famous Water-Colour Painters II. W. Russell Flint, A. R. A.
45978: SANDOS, JAMES A. - Converting California: Indians and Franciscans in the Missions.
41606: C.P.S. [SANGER, C.P.] - The Structure of Wuthering Heights (The Hogarth Essays).
32589: SANTI, BRUNO. - Palazzo Medici Riccardi e la Cappella di Benozzo Gozzoli
36698: SANTOS, BOAVENTURA DE SOUSA, ED. - Voices of the World (Reinventing Social Emancipation: Towards New Manifestos)
15259: SANUTO, LIVIO. - Geografia dell'Africa, Venice 1588.
45517: SAPPER - Mufti
47766: JOSE SARAMAGO - Journey To Portugal
47555: RANEE MARGARET OF SARAWAK - Good Morning and Good Night (Century Traveller's)
47695: PAMELA SARGENT - Watchstar
46079: SASIENI, MAURICE; YASPAN, ARTHUR; FRIEDMAN, LAWRENCE. - Operations Research: Methods and Problems.
35821: SASSOON, SIEGFRIED. - Letters to Max Beerbohm With a Few Answers
46701: SAVILE, GEORGE, MARQUIS OF HALIFAX. - Observations upon a late Libel, called A Letter from a Person of Quality to his Friend, concerning the KingÕs Declaration, etc. Edited with an introduction and bibliography by Hugh MacDonald.
40349: SAVILLE, MALCOLM. - Strangers at Snowfell.
44341: SAVILLE, MALCOLM. - All Summer Through.
43510: SAVORY, THEODORE H. - The Spiders and Allied Orders of the British Isles (Wayside and Woodland Series)
43512: SAVORY, THEODORE H. - The Spider's Web (Wayside and Woodland Series)
40145: SAXL, FRITZ; ZUCCHI, JACOPO. - Antike Gotter in der Spatrenaissance: Ein Freskenzyklus und ein Discorso des Jacopo Zucchi
44731: SAYCE, R. A. - Compositorial Practices and the Localization of Printed Books, 1530-1800 (Occasional publications No. 13)
31835: SAYERS, R. S. - Gilletts in the London Money Market 1867-1967.
39137: SAYERS, DOROTHY L. - Why Work? An Address Delivered at Eastbourne, April 23rd, 1942.
43642: SAYERS, DOROTHY L.; REYNOLDS, BARBARA, ED. - The Letters of Dorothy L. Sayers: Volume Four: 1951-1957: In the Midst of Life.
35626: SAYERS, DOROTHY L. - The Zeal of Thy House.
47846: DOROTHY L. SAYERS - The Letters of Dorothy L.Sayers, Volume Two: 1937-1943 From Novelist to Playwright.
41600: SCAMMELL, WILLIAM. - Eldorado.
45167: SCARFE, GERALD. - Indecent Exposure: A Collection of Drawings.
45168: SCARFE, GERALD. - Dickie Nixon in (expletive deleted): A Collection of Drawings.
45416: SCARRE, CHRIS - Monuments mégalithiques de Grande-Bretagne et d'Irlande
40587: SCATTERGOOD, V. J.; SHERBORNE, J. W., EDS. - English Court Culture in the Later Middle Ages
47014: SCHADEBERG, JURGEN. - Sof' Town Blues: Images from the Black 50's
37595: SCHALLER, THOMAS WELLS. - The Art of Architectural Drawing : Imagination and Technique
45795: SCHEURLEER, THO. H. LUNSINGH; MEYJES, G. H. M. POSTHUMUS, EDS. - Leiden University in the Seventeenth Century: An Exchange of Learning
38912: SCHILLER, FRIEDRICH; HINDERER, WALTER - Wallenstein and Mary Stuart
44947: SCHILLER, JUSTIN G. - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland: An 1865 Printing Re-described and Newly Identified as the Publisher's "File Copy": with a Revised and Expanded Census of the Suppressed 1865 Alice.
47285: SCHILLER, FRIEDRICH - On the Aesthetic Education of Man in a Series of Letters
35393: SCHINDLER, NORBERT - Rebellion, Community and Custom in Early Modern Germany
37680: SCHLAFFENBERG, B. - Camden Scene 1975: A Planning Survey
28647: SCHMIDT, PETER. - L'Agneau Mystique.
42073: SCHNITGER, F.M. - Forgotten Kingdoms in Sumatra
41112: SCHNITZLER, ARTHUR. - Merry-Go-Round.
43952: SCHOFIELD, JOHN - The Building of London: From the Conquest to the Great Fire
31586: SCHOFIELD, VICTORIA - Every Rock, Every Hill: A Plain Tale of the North-West Frontier and Afghanistan
39704: SCHOLFIELD, P. H. - The Theory of Proportion in Architecture.
28420: SCHOLL, LARS U. - Felix Schwormstädt 1870-1938 : Maler, Pressezeichner, Illustrator
45193: PUPILS OF JOSEPH ROWNTREE'S SCHOOL, YORK. - A View of the Shambles: Past and Present.
46074: SCHREINER, CLAUS - Musica Brasileira: A History of Popular Music and the People of Brazil
47519: LUC SCHUITEN; FRANCOIS SCHUITEN. - The Hollow Grounds
43218: SCHULENBERG, DAVID. - Music of the Baroque: An Anthology of Scores.
47463: SCHULTZ, CHARLES M. - It's Good to Have a Friend.
43041: SCHULTZ, NANCY LUSIGNAN. - Mrs. Mattingly's Miracle: The Prince, The Widow and the Cure That Shocked Washington City.
46112: SCHUMER, BERYL - The Evolution of Wychwood to 1400: Pioneers, Frontiers and Forests (Occasional Papers)
44249: SCHUSTER, THOMAS E.; ENGEN, RODNEY. - Printed Kate Greenaway: A Catalogue Raisonne
42675: SCIASCIA, LEONARDO. - Sicilian Uncles. Four novellas.
37285: SCOFFHAM, ERNIE. - A Vision of the City: The Architecture of T. C. Howitt.
40266: SOCIETY OF ANTIQUARIES OF SCOTLAND. - Proceedings Volume 139 (2009)
5941: JAMES I OF SCOTLAND. - The Kingis Quair. Edited by Robert Steele.
42843: SCOTT, MICHAEL - The Record of Singing: To 1914.
44171: SCOTT, SAMUEL; POTTER, RUSSELL A.; CAPONIGRO, JOHN PAUL. - To the Ends of the Earth: Painting the Polar Landscape.
29790: SCOTT, ROBERT FALCON. - Scott's Last Expedition: In Two volumes, vol. I Being the Journals Vol. II Being the Reports: Arranged By Leonard Huxley.
43191: SCOTT, NORA - An Indian Journal
47246: PHILIPPA SCOTT - The Book of Silk
45326: SCOTT, W. S., TRANS. - The Trial of Joan of Arc: Being the Verbatim Reports of the Proceedings from the Orleans Manuscript.
37980: SCOTT, SIR GEORGE GILBERT. - Personal and Professional Recollections
34494: SCOTT, MARTIN. - The Restoration of Windmills and Windpumps in Norfolk.
45982: SCOTT, NINA M. - Madres del verbo/Mothers of the Word: Early Spanish-American Women Writers, a Bilingual Anthology.
41963: SCOTT, DEREK B. - The Singing Bourgeois : Songs of the Victorian Drawing Room and Parlour
47212: SCOTT, SHEILA. - Tales of Tweedsmuir: Glimpses of an Upland Parish in the Past.
35814: SCOVELL, E. J. - Listening to Collared Doves
44477: SCOVELL, E.J. - Selected Poems
47824: LEAH SCRAGG - Discovering Shakespeare's Meaning: An Introduction to the Study of Shakespeare's Dramatic Structures
38380: SCULL, CHRISTINA. - The Soane Hogarths.
44774: SEABORNE, MALCOLM - The English School, Its Architecture and Organisation 1370-1870 [and] Volume II: 1870-1970.
38277: SEABROOK, JEREMY - Life and Labour in a Bombay Slum
33824: SEARIGHT, SARAH, ETC. - Romantic Lebanon: The European View 1700-1900
47875: SEARLE, RONALD. - Slightly Foxed but Still Desirable : Ronald Searle's Wicked World of Book Collecting
46551: SEATON, J. P. - The Shambhala Anthology of Chinese Poetry
41619: SEAWARD, MARK R. D. - The Vindolanda Environment.
44336: SECKERSON, EDWARD - Mahler: His Life and Times
43326: SECOMBE, HARRY - Strawberries and Cheam: The Autobiography, Vol. 2, 1951-1996.
34029: SEDLAK, FRANCIS. - Pure Thought and the Riddle of the Universe: Volume I, Creation of Heaven and Earth
42040: SEECHARAN, CLEM - Sweetening Bitter Sugar : Jock Campbell, the Booker Reformer in British Guiana, 1934-1966
47863: SEFERIS, GEORGE - Letter to Rex Warner, Resident of Storrs, Connecticut, USA, on His Sixtieth Birthday.
45553: SEIBT, FERDINAND. - Die Goldene Bulle. Nach König Wenzels Prachthandschrift. (Die Bibliophilen Taschenbucher 84)
38661: SEIDEL, LINDA - Jan Van Eyck's Arnolfini Portrait : Stories of an Icon
44068: SEIDENFADEN, ERIK - Guide to Bangkok with Notes on Siam
33497: SEIP, HANS KRISTIAN - Forestry for Human Development : A Global Imperative
44786: SELBORNE, JOANNA; ELPHICK, TIMOTHY. - The Illustrators to the St Dominic's Press: Catalogue of Private Press Books and Wood Engravings Made by Eric Gill, Desmond Chute, David Jones [etc.]
44014: SELLIN, PAUL R. - Daniel Heinsius and Stuart England.
25732: SELOUS, F. C. - Recent Hunting Trips in British North America. Popular edition.
41438: SELVON, SAMUEL. - Turn Again Tiger.
41439: SELVON, SAMUEL. - Ways of Sunlight.
46467: SELZNICK, BRIAN. - The Invention of Hugo Cabret (Gift Edition)
43465: SENDAK, MAURICE. - Outside Over There
36685: SENSIBAR, JUDITH L. - Faulkner and Love: The Women Who Shaped His Art: A Biography
47237: JOHN GILLOW; BRIAN SENTANCE - World Textiles: A Visual Guide to Traditional Techniques
43088: SEREDY, KATE. - Philomena.
44836: SERJEANT, R. B.; BAWDEN, EDWARD. - The Arabs.
21308: SETTLE, ELKANAH. - The Preface to Ibrahim. Reprinted from the edition of 1677.
42314: SEWELL, BROCARD - Three Private Presses : Saint Dominic's Press, the Press of Edward Walters, Saint Albert's Press.
45113: SEYMOUR, W.A. ED. - A History of the Ordnance Survey
47738: SEZNEC, JEAN. - The Survival of the Pagan Gods: The mythological tradition and its place in Renaissance Humanism and Art. (Bollingen Series, XXXVIII.)
42410: SGARBI, VITTORIO - Caravaggio
44305: DORIS SHADBOLT - Bill Reid (Painters & sculptors)
41738: SHAIDA, MARGARET - The Legendary Cuisine of Persia
41640: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM; SAMS, ERIC. - Shakespeare's Edward III.
47657: WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE - Shakespeare's Sonnets illustrated with Wood-Engravings by Hellmuth Weissenborn.
32003: SHANES, ERIC. - Turner's Watercolour Explorations, 1810-1842
33221: SHANES, ERIC - Turner : The Great Watercolours
25263: SHAPLEY, FERN RUSK. - Paintings from the Samuel H. Kress Collection: Italian Schools XIII-XV Century.
40653: SHARP, DENNIS. - Modern Architecture and Expressionism.
46423: SHARPE, ADAM ETC. - Engine House Survey The Mineral Tramways Project.
36955: SHARPLES, NIALL M. - English Heritage Book of Maiden Castle
47609: CHRISTINE BLOXHAM; SUSANNE SHATFORD - The Changing Faces of Headington: Book One
43551: SHAW, BOB. - Orbitsville Departure
43549: SHAW, BOB. - Night Walk
45632: SHAW, BOB. - The Two-Timers.
46974: SHAW, GEORGE BERNARD. - Androcles and the Lion with a Parallel Text in Shaw's Alphabet.
47683: DONALD L. SHAW - Borges' "Ficciones" (Critical Guides to Spanish Texts)
40793: SHAW, MARGARET FAY. - Folksongs and Folklore of South Uist.
45249: SHAW, PETER - A history of New Zealand architecture
44879: SHEA, MICHAEL - A Quest for Simbilis
47422: SHECKLEY, ROBERT. - Store of Infinity.
46718: SHECKLEY, ROBERT. - The People Trap and Other Pitfalls, Snares, Devices and Delusions, as Well as Two Sniggles and a Contrivance.
40762: SHEIN, MAX. - The Precolumbian Child
46622: SHEPARD, LUCIUS. - The Jaguar Hunter.
47492: LUCIUS SHEPARD - The Scalehunter's Beautiful Daughter
32746: SHEPARD, LUCIUS. - The Jaguar Hunter
47544: LUCIUS SHEPARD - Kalimantan
45480: SHEPARD, LUCIUS. - Kalimantan (Legend novellas)
47273: LUCIUS SHEPARD - Life During Wartime
47494: LUCIUS SHEPARD - Green Eyes
43661: SHEPHARD, JOHN. - Old Days of Eton Parish.
36007: SHEPHERD, ERIC. - More Murder in a Nunnery.
47861: IAN A. G. SHEPHERD. - Powerful Pots: Beakers in North-east Prehistory.
43997: SHEPPARD, PETER. - The Historic Towns of Cornwall: An Archaeological Survey.
45151: SHERBORNE, J. W. - University College Bristol 1876-1909.
45779: SHERE, GOMSHALL & PEASLAKE LOCAL HISTORY SOCIETY. - Shere, Gomshall & Peaslake: A Short History.
45917: SHERIDAN, FRANCES. - The Dupe, A Comedy. As it is Now Acting at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane. By the Author of the Discovery.
43810: SHERRIFF, R.C. - The Wells of St.Mary's
46183: SHERWOOD, JOHN - A Botanist at Bay
27141: SHERWOOD, MRS. - The Fairchild Family. Edited with introduction by Mary E. Palgrave.
45709: SHERWOOD, JOAN - Poverty in Eighteenth Century Spain: The Woman and Children of the Inclusa
46184: SHERWOOD, JOHN - The Mantrap Garden
18874: SHIEL, M. P. - Above All Else.
46602: HONGKYUNG SHIN AND YONGGI WON - A Room: New Readings of Korean Traditions.
45872: SHIP, REUBEN. - The Investigator: A Narrative in Dialogue.
37515: THE SHIPBUILDER AND MARINE ENGINE-BUILDER. - The Cunard Quadruple-Screw Atlantic Liner Aquitania (Ocean Liners of the Past 3)
37514: THE SHIPBUILDER AND MARINE ENGINE-BUILDER. - The Cunard Express Liners Lusitania and Mauretania (Ocean Liners of the Past 2)
45383: SHIPPEY, TOM - J. R. R. Tolkien: Author of the Century
43404: SHIPTON, ERIC. - Mountains of Tartary.
44800: SHORLAND, EILEEN. - The Pish (Parish) of Warfield and Easthampstead which includes the Old Bracknell.
47739: MALCOLM POTTS; ROGER SHORT - Ever since Adam and Eve: The Evolution of Human Sexuality
37108: SHUTE, NEVIL. - In the Wet.
45760: SHVIDKOVSKY, DMITRY. - Russian Architecture and the West.
42757: SHY, JOHN - A People Numerous and Armed : Reflections on the Military Struggle for American Independence
15897: SIGURJONSSON, JOHANN. - Loftur: A Play. With engravings on wood by S .Maberly Smith.
42222: SILKE, JOHN J. - Kinsale : The Spanish Intervention in Ireland at the End of the Elizabethan Wars
43721: SILLAR, FREDERICK CAMERON; MEYLER, RUTH MARY. - The Symbolic Pig: An Anthology of Pigs in Literature and Art.
38683: SILLIOTTI, ALBERTO - Egypt Lost and Found: Explorers and Travellers on the Nile.
38178: SILONE, IGNAZIO - Fontamara
42282: SILVER, BRIAN. - Fernhurst, Including Kingsley Green and Henley, Pictures and People
46028: SILVERBERG, ROBERT. - The World Inside.
47587: SILVERBERG, ROBERT. - The Book of Skulls.
47586: ROBERT SILVERBERG - Dying Inside
45642: SILVERBERG, ROBERT. - Born With the Dead: Three Novellas.
47351: SILVERBERG, ROBERT. - The Masks of Time.
47584: SILVERBERG, ROBERT. - Thorns
46796: SILVERBERG, ROBERT. - Moonferns and Starsongs
47582: SILVERBERG, ROBERT. - Dimension Thirteen.
47429: SILVERBERG, ROBERT. - Earth's Other Shadow: Nine Science Fiction Stories.
42107: SIM, VERE. - The Quest of the Star.
45986: SIMCOCK, A. V., ED. - Robert T.Gunther and the Old Ashmolean
42289: SIMENON, GEORGES - Maigret Meets a Milord.
45935: SIMENON, GEORGES - Simenon avant Simenon : Maigret entre en scène
42252: SIMENON, GEORGES - Maigret Loses His Temper.
45343: SIMENON, GEORGES - Maigret Takes a Room.
43799: SIMENON, GEORGES - The Iron Staircase.
43800: SIMENON, GEORGES - The Murderer.
43801: SIMENON, GEORGES - The Fate of the Malous.
45934: SIMENON, GEORGES - Mon Ami Maigret
43802: SIMENON, GEORGES - Account Unsettled.
41832: SIMENON, GEORGES - Maigret and the Apparition
45933: SIMENON, GEORGES - Maigret se fache suivi de la pipe de Maigret.
45805: SIMMEN, JEANNOT - Ruinen-Faszination in der Graphik vom 16. Jahrhundert bis in die Gegenwart. Die bibliophilen Taschenbücher Band 204
47638: FREDA CONSTABLE; SUE SIMON - The England of Eric Ravilious
44522: SIMPSON, DUNCAN. - Gothick 1720-1840.
42989: SIMPSON, PENNY; SODEOKA, KANJI - The Japanese Pottery Handbook
45550: SIMPSON, W. SPARROW. - S. Paul's Cathedral Library: A Catalogue of Bibles, Rituals and Rare Books.
24138: SIMS, GEORGE. - Rex Mundi.
46061: SIMS, JOHN; WARD, DORCAS - Walking Down the Pang
33515: SINCLAIR, IAN; DAVIDSON, IAN. - Southern African Birds : A Photographic Guide
41612: SING, PHIA. - Traditional Recipes of Laos
41677: SING, PHIA.; DAVIDSON, ALAN AND JENNIFER. - Traditional Recipes of Laos
37867: SINSHEIMER, KAREN; TUCKER, ANNE WILKES. - Chaotic Harmony: Contemporary Korean Photography
13: SISSON, C.H. - The Corridor.
39027: SITWELL, SACHEVERELL. - Portugal and Madeira.
45357: SJOWALL, MAJ; WAHLOO, PER - The Terrorists
34485: SKARD, MATIAS, TRANS. - Soga um Gunnlaug Ormstunga fra Gamalnorsk ved Matias Skard.
44067: SKELTON, W. C. - Reminiscences of Joe Bowman and the Ullswater Foxhounds.
46163: SKIDELSKY, ROBERT. - John Maynard Keynes: Hopes Betrayed, 1883-1920 [and] The Economist as Saviour 1920-1937 [and] Fighting for Britain 1937-1946
45166: SKIDMORE, JANET. - An Introduction to the Doves and Ashendene Presses.
42869: SKIPWITH, PEYTON; WEBB, BRIAN. - Edward Bawden's London.
46214: SKRINE, W. H. - The White Horse [History of the Berkshire Yeomanry, Vol. II (1921-1946)
46792: SLADEK, JOHN - The Steam-Driven Boy
44287: SLATER, JOHN C. - Quantum Theory of Matter.
46288: SLATER, IAN - Air Glow Red
6495: SLESSER, MALCOLM. - The Andes are Prickly: Travels in Peru with the Scottish Andean Expedition.
37949: SLESSOR, SIR JOHN. - The Central Blue: Recollections and Reflections.
46038: SLOMAN, SUSAN. - Missing Pages: George Richmond R.A. 1809-1896.
40946: VAN SLUIS, JACOB. - Bibliotheca Hemsterhusiana: Het boekenbezit van Tiberius en Frans Hemsterhuis, met genealogie en bibliografie.
13329: SMALL, CHRISTOPHER. - Ariel Like a Harpy: Shelley, Mary and Frankenstein.
43806: SMALL, BERTRICE - Love Wild and Fair
46971: SMALLEY, BERYL - Historians in the Middle Ages
21306: SMART, CHRISTOPHER. - Hymns for the Amusement of Children. (Luttrell Reprints, no. 5).
2138: SMART, CHRISTOPHER. - A Song to David. Edited by J. B. Broadbent.
46800: SMART, ELIZABETH - A Bonus
45392: SMEYERS, MAURITS; STOCK, JAN VAN DER - Flemish Illuminated Manuscripts 1475-1550
46789: SMILES, SAM, ED. - Into the Light: French and British Impressionism to the Early 1920s.
45202: SMITH, CLARK. - The Case of Torches.
37563: HASWELL-SMITH, HAMISH - The Scottish Islands : A Comprehensive Guide to Every Scottish Island
25942: SMITH, RICHARD SHIRLEY. - Richard Shirley Smith The Paintings and Collages 1957-2000. With a preface by Roy Strong.
42368: SMITH, JOHN S. - The Sparkling Cage : Brian Kiloh in the Footsteps of George Washington Wilson
35224: SMITH, R. B. - The Anglo-Hanoverian Coinage.
42447: SMITH, PAUL JULIAN. - The Body Hispanic : Gender and Sexuality in Spanish and Spanish American Literature
28653: CRICHTON-SMITH, IAIN - Collected Poems
44225: CRICHTON SMITH, IAIN - Selected Poems, 1955-80
46331: MUNRO-SMITH, ROSS - Merchant Ship Types
43753: SMITH, J. T.; YATES, E. M. - On the Dating of English Houses from External Evidence (Reprinted from Field Studies).
41272: MITCHELL VIC; SMITH, KEITH - Stafford to Chester (Midland Main Lines)
35804: SMITH, DAVID R.; GUENTHER, LIZ - Realism and Invention in the Prints of Albrecht Durer
43478: SMITH, W.H.SAUMAREZ - A Young Man's Country: Letters of a Subdivisional Officer of the Indian Civil Service, 1936-37
44055: SMITH, C.G.; SCARGILL, D. I., EDS. - Oxford and Its Region: Geographical Essays.
254: HARCOURT-SMITH, SIMON. - The Last of Uptake or the Estranged Sisters.
27: SMITH, REV.SYDNEY. - Third Letter to Archdeacon Singleton.
41465: SMITH, PAUL R. - Seurat and the Avant-Garde
15784: SMITH, M.G. - Pastoral Discipline and the Church Courts: the Hexham Court 1680-1730. Borthwick Paper no. 62.
46318: SMITH, CORDWAINER. - You Will Never be the Same.
47365: CORDWAINER SMITH - Norstrilia
45794: SMITH, TIMOTHY D'ARCH. - R. A. Caton and the Fortune Press: A Memoir and a Hand-list.
45529: SMITH, KEN G. - Essex Under Arms: The Early Years to 1900
43781: SMITH, BETTY - The Jack Russell Terrier
41683: BOWDEN-SMITH, ROSEMARY - The Water House: Houghton Hall, Norfolk (English Garden Features 1600-1900)
43133: SMITH, EMMA. - Maidens' Trip.
46969: SMITH, ROBERT - Papermaking in Nepal
47777: RANEE KATZENSTEIN; EMILIE SAVAGE-SMITH - The Leiden Aratea: Ancient Constellations in a Medieval Manuscript
46549: NOWELL-SMITH, SIMON. - International Copyright Law and the Publisher in the Reign of Queen Victoria.
46117: SMITH, JOHN RAYMOND - Mediaeval Essex Churches
46680: SMITH, DAVID - Victorian Maps of the British Isles
42659: SNAIJE, OLIVIA; ALBERT, MITCHELL, EDS. - Keep Your Eye on the Wall: Palestinian Landscapes.
22937: SNAILHAM, RICHARD. - The Blue Nile Revealed: The Story of the Great Abbai Expedition, 1968.
47866: SNELLING, O. F. - Rare Books and Rarer People.
46687: SNODIN, MICHAEL, ED. - Karl Friedrich Schinkel: A Universal Man.
46651: SNODIN, MICHAEL; STYLES, JOHN - Design and the Decorative Arts: Britain 1500-1900
46714: SNOW, PHOEBE. - How a Book is Made.
34901: SNYDER, GEORGE SERGEANT - Maps of the Heavens
39062: SOAMES, HENRY. - The Anglo-Saxon Church: Its History, Revenues and General Character.
42531: SOBY, JAMES THRALL. - Ben Shahn: His Graphic Art.
46752: GORING AND STREATLEY LOCAL HISTORY SOCIETY. - Another Look at Goring and Streatley.
38507: LONDON NATURAL HISTORY SOCIETY. - The Birds of the London Area Since 1900
33444: ROYAL AIR FORCE HISTORICAL SOCIETY - A History of Navigation in the Royal Air Force
47168: DRAYTON ST LEONARD LOCAL HISTORY SOCIETY - Drayton St. Leonard: Our Village.
45537: STANDON & PUCKERIDGE AMENITIES SOCIETY. - The Way it Was: A Collection of Memories of Country Life in and Around Standon and Puckeridge Over the Last 100 Years.
47776: THE BRILL SOCIETY - A Portrait of Brill.
43999: QUELLET-SOGUEL, NICOLE, ED. - Clement Heaton 1861-1940, Londres- Neuchatel- New York.
46004: SOLA, LIU. - Chaos and All That (Fiction from Modern China)
35355: GRIMMER-SOLEM, ERIK - The Rise of Historical Economics and Social Reform in Germany 1864-1894
19578: SOMERS, JOHN. - A Letter Ballancing the Necessity of Keeping a Land-Force in Times of Peace with the Dangers that may Follow on it.
45192: SOMMER, F.E. - The Arabic Writing in Five Lessons with Practical Exercises and a Key
43944: SORABJI, CORNELIA. - India Calling: The Memories of Cornelia Sorabji.
43927: SORABJI, CORNELIA. - India Recalled.
46522: SORGOUDJE, SOPHY - San Lazzaro: The Armenian Monastery Near Venice.
45624: SOROS, SUSAN WEBER, ED. - James 'Athenian' Stuart: The Rediscovery of Antiquity (Bard Graduate Center for Studies in the Decorative Arts, Design & Culture)
46697: SOTHEBY'S - The Contents of Wilsford Manor, Wiltshire
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42728: WERNHAM, R. B. - After the Armada : Elizabethan England and the Struggle for Western Europe, 1588-1595
47848: WEST, CHARLES. - Stage Fright.
37944: WESTFALL, RICHARD S. - Newton and the Scientific Revolution: An Exhibition.
43189: WESTLAKE, GRAME D. - An Introduction to the Hill Stations of India
46204: WESTWOOD, CHRIS - A Light in the Black
43546: VAN DE WETERING, JANWILLEM. - The Corpse on the Dike (Grijpstra & De Gier: The Amsterdam Cops).
43996: WHEELOCK, ARTHUR K. JR., ED. - Aelbert Cuyp
44960: WHELAN, JOHN M. - Making Traditional Wooden Planes
17976: WHISTLER, JAMES MCNEILL. - With Kindest Regards: The correspondence of Charles Lang Freer and James McNeill Whistler 1890-1903.
39995: WHISTLER, LAURENCE. - Who Live in Unity.
44259: WHISTLER, LAURENCE. - Pictures on Glass Engraved By Laurence Whistler.
42591: WHISTLER, LAURENCE. - The View from This Window: Poems.
4088: WHISTLER, JAMES MCNEILL. - Eden versus Whistler: the Baronet and the Butterfly - A valentine with a verdict.
37842: WHISTLER, LAURENCE. - SIr John Vanbrugh, Architect and Dramatist 1664-1726
47712: CATHERINE WHISTLER - Opulence and Devotion: Brazilian Baroque Art
39352: WHITAKER, RAY. - Two and a Half Ton Dream.
45931: WHITAKER, ZAI; WHITAKER, ROM. - The Snakes Around Us
37735: WHITE, ANDREW - The Buildings of Georgian Whitby
40848: WHITE, T. H. - A Joy Proposed : Poems
33261: WHITE, KAY. - Holiday for Harry.
21250: WHITE, T. H. - Mistress Masham's Repose.
38573: WHITE, GILBERT; BENNETT, EDWARD TURNER - The Natural History and Antiquities of Selborne.. With The Naturalist's Calendar; and Miscellaneous Observations.
43541: WHITE, JON MANCHIP. - Nightclimber.
9133: GRAHAME-WHITE, CLAUDE. - Flying: An epitome and a forecast.
47136: JOHN WHITE - Art and Architecture in Italy 1250-1400 (The Yale University Press Pelican History of Art Series)
45162: WHITE, EVA - An introduction to the Beaumont Press: Illustrated from material in the National Art Library
44551: WHITE, T. H. - Burke's Steerage or The Amateur Gentleman's Introduction to Noble Sports and Pastimes.
18465: WHITE, CHRISTOPHER. - The Flower Drawings of Jan van Huysum.
47432: JAMES WHITE - Monsters and Medics
46351: WHITE, ERIC MARSHALL. - The Ruth & Dr. Lyle M. Sellers Collection at Bridwell Library: An Exhibition from the Baylor University Medical Center.
41492: WHITE, RANDALL - Upper Paleolithic Land Use in the Périgord : A Topographic Approach to Subsistence and Settlement
41854: WHITE, ETHEL LINA - The Lady Vanishes Adapted By Jennifer Brain.
47427: T. H. WHITE. - The Sword in the Stone.
34242: WHITEHEAD, BARBARA - Death at the Dutch House
33534: WHITEHEAD, G. KENNETH. - The Deer of Great Britain and Ireland.
40132: WHITEHEAD, JOHN. - Far Frontiers : People and Events in North-Eastern India 1857-1947
37329: WHITEHEAD, JOHN. - Thangliena : The Life of T. H. Lewin
31191: WHITEHEAD, JACK. - The Almshouse Stone and Paddington Green.
25271: WHITEHOUSE, J. HOWARD. - Ruskin the Painter and his Works at Bembridge.
44132: WHITFIELD, SARAH. - Rene Magritte: Newly Discovered Works (Catalogue Raisonne VI, Oil Paintings, Goaches, Drawings)
47808: WHITFIELD, PETER - Mapping the World: A History of Exploration.
37592: WHITFIELD, LIZ, ED. - Rural Buildings of the Lothians : Conservation and Conversion
25224: WHITFORD, FRANK. - Eduardo Paolozzi. [Exhibition catalogue.]
43730: WHITFORD, FRANK. - Gustav Klimt (Artists in Context)
47878: WHITING, R. C., ED. - Oxford: Studies in the history of a university town since 1800.
45573: WHITLEY, KATHLEEN P. - The Gilded Page: The History and Technique of Manuscript Gilding
35152: WHITTET, T. D. - Clerks Bedels and Chemical Operators of the Society of Apothecaries: The Gideon De Laune Lecture for 1977.
41333: WHITTLE, A. W. R. - The Earlier Neolithic of Southern England and Its Continental Background
46220: WHITWELL, STEPHEN - Tirrold and Upthorpe: A Portrait of the Astons.
43563: WHYTE, WILLIAM - Oxford Jackson: Architecture, Education, Status, and Style 1835-1924 (Oxford Historical Monographs)
17203: WIBLIN, IAN. - Night Watch: Nocturnal Photographs of Cambridge and the Fens.
5054: WICHMANN, SIEGFRIED. - Meister: Schuler: Themen: Munchner Landschaftsmaler im 19. Jahrhundert.
43065: WIECK, ROGER S.; VOELKLE, WILLIAM M.; HEARNE, K. MICHELLE, EDS. - The Hours of Henry VIII : A Renaissance Masterpiece by Jean Poyet
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38412: WILBUR, EARL MORSE. - A History of Unitarianism: Socinianism and Its Antecedents [With] Vol. II: In Transylvania, England and America.
46065: WILCOX, JOAN - Pangbourne: An Illustrated History
47565: TIMOTHY WILCOX - The Triumph of Watercolour: The Early Years of the Royal Watercolour Society 1805-1855
46128: WILCOX, RONALD. - The Rig.
24914: WILDENSTEIN, GEORGES. - Chardin: Catalogue Raisonne. Revised and enlarged edition by Daniel Wildenstein.
42535: WILDENSTEIN, GUY. - The Arts of France from Francois Ier to Napoleon Ier.: A Centennial Celebration of Wildenstein's Presence in New York.
41464: WILKINS, JOHN. - A Discovery of a New World, or a Discourse Tending to Prove That 'tis Probable There May be Another Habitable World in the Moon...Unto Which is Added, A Discourse Concerning a New Planet.
47390: WILKINSON, REG - The Wantage Tramway (Locomotion Papers, No. 92)
37670: WILKINSON, M.; CROSS, E. RICHARD. - E. Richard Cross: A Biographical Sketch with Literary Papers and Religious and Political Addresses.
46413: WILKINSON, VEGA - Spode-Copeland-Spode: The Works and Its People 1770-1970
45555: WILLEMSEN, CARL ARNOLD. - Das Falkenbuch Kaiser Friedrichs II.. Nach der Prachthandschrift in der Vatikanischen Bibliothek (Die Bibliophilen Taschenbucher 152)
40370: WILLETT, JOHN. - The Weimar Years: a Culture Cut Short.
24173: WILLIAMS, CHARLES. - Divorce.
12624: WILLIAMS, ERIC. - The Wooden Horse. Special illustrated edition with drawings by Martin Thomas.
36562: WILLIAMS, CHARLES - Charles Williams 1886-1945: A Selection of his Poems made by Anne Ridler to mark the Centenary of his Birth
24143: WILLIAMS, CHARLES. - Judgement at Chelmsford. A Pageant Play written by Charles Williams [Peter Stanhope] for performance at the New Scala Theatre, 1939.
34860: WILLIAMS, CHARLES - The Greater Trumps.
36139: WILLIAMS, CHARLES. - Thomas Cranmer of Canterbury.
21856: WILLIAMS, CHARLES. - Seed of Adam and Other Plays.
42409: WILLIAMS, PATRICK - Philip II (European History in Perspective)
37425: WILLIAMS, PAUL R. - The Small Home of Tomorrow.
41445: WILLIAMS, CHARLES - Charles Williams 1886-1945: A Selection of his Poems made by Anne Ridler.
43742: WILLIAMS, CHARLES. - Divorce.
45358: WILLIAMS, CHARLES. - Poetry at Present.
47438: WILLIAMS, CHARLES. - Bacon.
34658: WILLIAMS, CLIVE. - Basildon, Berkshire: An Illustrated History of a Thames-side Parish.
33542: WILLIAMS, JOHN ALDEN - The Word of Islam
29233: WILLIAMS, CHARLES. - The Descent of the Dove.
29382: WILLIAMS, ROBERT DERYCK; PATTIE, T.S. - Virgil: His Poetry Through the Ages
23171: WILLIAMS, ALFRED. - Cor Cordium.
43743: WILLIAMS, CHARLES - Reason and Beauty in the Poetic Mind
46989: WILLIAMS, GRAHAM - The Dreamer: A Bagatelle from Pagehurst
46987: WILLIAMS, GRAHAM - Tarragon Magic: A Bagatelle from Pagehurst
33372: LEWIS-WILLIAMS, DAVID; DOWSON, THOMAS - Images of Power : Understanding Bushman Rock Art
43993: WILLIAMS, CLIVE; THOMAS, DAVID. - Basildon in Postcards.
12008: WILLIAMS, CHARLES. - Collected Plays.
42463: WILLIAMS, TENNESSEE. - Baby Doll: The Script for the Film.
42935: WILLIAMS, CHARLES. - All Hallows' Eve.
36834: WILLIAMS, CHARLES - Rochester
37054: WILLIAMS, CHARLES. - Flecker of Dean Close.
47759: THOMAS A. WILLIAMS - Moored to the Mast: The U. S. Navy's Lighter-Than-Air Program at Lakehurst New Jersey
46042: FLEMING-WILLIAMS, IAN. - The Barkers of Bath
5091: WILLIAMS, CHARLES. - The Region of the Summer Stars.
46591: WILLIAMS, JOHN ALDEN - The Word of Islam
47441: WILLIAMS, CHARLES AND V. H. COLLINS, EDS. - Poems of Home and Overseas.
47443: WILLIAMS, CHARLES, ED. - The Passion of Christ Being the Gospel and Narrative of the Passion with Short Passages Taken from the Saints and Doctors of the Church.
13505: WILLIAMS, CHARLES. - All Hallows' Eve.
34434: WILLIAMS, CHARLES - The Greater Trumps.
34435: WILLIAMS, CHARLES - Shadows of Ecstasy.
41530: WILLIAMS, CHARLES - Witchcraft
47440: WILLIAMS, CHARLES. - Three Plays.
45281: WILLIAMS, ALFRED. - Selected Poems. With much new and recent work hitherto unpublished.
34586: WILLIAMS, CHARLES. - Descent Into Hell.
35735: WILLIAMS, CHARLES. - War in Heaven.
41275: WILLIAMS, DAVID; DE KERBRECH, RICHARD. - Ferries and Pleasure Steamers: A Colour Portfolio.
47317: VAL WILLIAMS - Women Photographers: The Other Observers 1900 to the Present
45388: WILLIAMS, CHARLES - Queen Elizabeth I (Great Lives)

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