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46454: GUIRDHAM, ARTHUR - The Great Heresy
30397: GULLICK, J. M. - Old Kuala Lumpur
43434: GULLICK, JOHN - Adventurous Women in South-East Asia : Six Lives
36746: GUMILEV, L. N. - Searches for an Imaginary Kingdom : The Legend of the Kingdom of Prester John
47281: GUNASINGHE, SIRI. - An Album of Buddhist Paintings from Sri Lanka (Ceylon) Kandy Period
37352: GUO, XIAOLU. - A Concise Chinese-English Dictionary for Lovers.
44329: GUPTARA, PRAHBU - Black British Literature: An Annotated Bibliography
42272: GURR, ANDREW - The Shakespearean Stage, 1574-1642
45875: GUTH, CHRISTINE - Japanese Art Edo Period (Everyman Art Library)
38418: GUY, JOHN. - Oriental Trade Ceramics in South-East Asia : Ninth to Sixteenth Centuries
19166: H. H. - Rambles and Rides around Oxford. A description of all the localities within 8 miles of Carfax. (Shrimpton's Popular Handbooks).
38782: VAN HAAFTEN, TON; JANSEN, HENRIKE; DE JONG, JAAP; KOETSENRUIJTER, WILLEM, EDS. - Bending Opinion: Essays on Persuasion in the Public Domain.
25134: HACKER, P. M. S., ED. - Gravure and Grace: The Engravings of Roger Vieillard.
32333: HACKER, P. M. S. - The Renaissance of Gravure : The Art of S.W. Hayter.
42970: HADDOW, G. W.; GROSZ, PETER M. - The German Giants: The German R-Planes 1914-1918.
9297: HADER, BERTA AND ELMER. - Home on the Range: Jeremiah Jones and his friend Little Bear in the far west.
35851: HADFIELD, JOHN, ED. - Restoration Love Songs
33028: HADFIELD, CHARLES. - Strange Fidelity: Discoveries in romantic love written 1940-1944.
46082: HADLAND, TONY - Thames Valley Papists from Reformation to Emancipation, 1534-1829
21744: HAGGAR, REGINALD, INTRO. - James and Charles Whitehead Manufacturers Hanley Staffordshire. [Facsimile of catalogue titled Designs of Sundry Articles of Earthenware, 1798.]
1457: HAGGARD, H.RIDER. - Joan Haste.
46266: HAIDAR, NAVINA NAJAT; SARDAR, MARIKA, EDS. - Sultans of the South: Arts of India's Deccan Courts, 1323-1687.
34731: FURER-HAIMENDORF, CHRISTOPH VON. - Himalayan Traders: Life in Highland Nepal.
32886: HAKS, DONALD; SMAN, MARIE CHRISTINE VAN DER - Dutch Society in the Age of Vermeer
45683: HALDON, JOHN - Byzantium: A History
40738: HALE, W. G. - Waders (New Naturalist 65)
46873: HALE, J.R. - Renaissance Fortification: Art or Engineering? (Walter Neurath Memorial Lecture)
44304: HALE, KATHLEEN - A Slender Reputation: An Autobiography
44594: HALE, KATHLEEN - Orlando (The Marmalade Cat) A Seaside Holiday.
17677: HALL, MR. AND MRS. S.C. - The Book of the Thames, from its Rise to its Fall.
2748: HALL, JOHN. - The Court of Virtue (1565). Edited by Russell A. Fraser.
34554: HALL, A. RUPERT - Philosophers at War: The Quarrel Between Newton and Leibniz
43653: HALL, MARCIA B. - After Raphael: Painting in Central Italy in the Sixteenth Century
47101: JAMES HALL - A History of Ideas and Images in Italian Art
38261: HALL, A. R.; KENWARD, H. K.; WILLIAMS, D. - Environmental Evidence from Roman Deposits in Skeldergate (The Archaeology of York, Vol. 14, Fascicule 3)
36376: HALL, AUSTIN; FLINT, HOMER EON - The Blind Spot
46965: HALL, DONALD. - Kicking the Leaves: A Poem in Seven Parts.
39522: HALLAM, JULIA. - Lynda La Plante (The Television Series).
46619: HALLINAN, LINCOLN - British Commemoratives: Royalty, Politics, War and Sport
31125: HALPERIN, JOHN, ED. - Jane Austen : Bicentenary Essays
44217: HAMBOURG, MARIA MORRIS - Paul Strand, Circa 1916
45991: DE HAMEL, CHRISTOPHER - Sydney Carlyle Cockerell: The Robert L. Nikirk Lecture 2000 (The Nikirk Lectures, New Series)
36580: HAMILTON, DAVID. - The Thorn Tree Clique. A new analysis of Mathieson's poem The Goff. Wood engravings by Kathleen Lindsley.
38348: HAMILTON, DAVID - The Thames and Hudson Manual of Stoneware and Porcelain
44684: HAMILTON, JEAN. - Playing Cards in the Victoria and Albert Museum
44762: HAMILTON, IAN - The Little Magazines - A Study of Six Editors
38110: [HAMILTON, HARRIET HOLMES] - Oriental Snuff Bottles
26246: HAMILTON, LAURELL K. - A Caress of Twilight.
46307: HAMILTON, ALASTAIR. - Europe and the Arab World: Five Centuries of Books by European Scholars and Travellers from the Libraries of the Arcadian Group
41784: HAMMETT, DASHIELL. - The Maltese Falcon.
45349: HAMMETT, DASHIELL. - Red Harvest.
29530: HAMMOND, NICHOLAS - The Wildlife Trusts Handbook of Garden Wildlife.
36996: HAMPSHIRE, JACK. - I Worked with Traction Engines.
45258: HANCE, NICK. - Harwell: The Enigma Revealed.
39558: HANKINS, KENNETH. - In My Father's House: St. Mary-on-the-Quay, Bristol's Oldest Church.
45229: HANKS, DAVID A. - The ecorative Designs of Frank Lloyd Wright
39082: HANLEY, EVE. - The Enchanted Toby Jug.
45650: HANLEY, H. A - Dr. John Lee of Hartwell
46023: O'HANLON, REDMOND - Trawler: A Journey Through the North Atlantic
46217: HANN, MRS. A. C. OSBORN. - Peg the Ranger.
46301: HANRAHAN, JOYCE Y. - Works of Maurice Sendak 1947-1994: A Collection with Comments
31614: HANSCOMB, BRIAN. - Cornwall, an Interior Vision.
32925: HANSMANN, WILFRIED - Im Glanz des Barock: Ein Begleiter zu Bauwerken Augusts des Starken und Friedrichs des Grossen
44348: HARBISON, ROBERT - The Built, the Unbuilt and the Unbuildable: In Pursuit of Architectural Meaning
41698: HARBISON, CRAIG - The Mirror of the Artist : Northern Renaissance Art in Its Historical Context
29089: D'HARCOURT, RAOUL. - Les Textiles Anciens du Perou et leurs Techniques.
29532: D'HARCOURT, R. AND M. - Les Tissus Indiens du Vieux Perou.
41446: HARCUP, JOHN WINSOR. - The Malvern Water Cure or Victims for Weeks in Wet Sheets.
44077: HARDIE, WILLIAM. - Sir William Quiller Orchardson, R. A.
33494: HARDIE, WILLIAM ROSS. - Res Metrica: An Introduction to the Study of Greek and Roman Versification.
20396: HARDING, JAMES. - Jacques Offenbach: a Biography.
8321: HARDING, ANNELIESE. - John Lewis Krimmel.: Genre artist of the early Republic.
1023: HARDWICKE, SIR CEDRIC. - A Victorian in Orbit: the Irreverent Told to James Brough.
42984: HARE, PAUL R. - The Royal Aircraft Factory
41844: HARE, CYRIL. - When the Wind Blows
44160: HARFIELD, ALAN. - Meerut: The First Sixty Years (1815-1875)
42494: HARLEY, ROBERT J. - Wandsworth and Battersea Tramways (Tramway Classics)
42491: HARLEY, ROBERT J. - Lewisham and Catford Tramways (Tramway Classics)
42501: HARLEY, ROBERT J. - Ilford and Barking Tramways (Tramway Classics)
42506: HARLEY, ROBERT J. - Hammersmith and Hounslow Tramways (Tramway Classics)
42505: HARLEY, ROBERT J. - Edgware and Willesden Tramways (Tramway Classics)
42504: HARLEY, ROBERT J. - Margate and Ramsgate Tramways (Tramway Classics)
42497: HARLEY, ROBERT J. - Aldgate and Stepney Tramways (Tramway Classics)
42498: HARLEY, ROBERT J. - Stamford Hill Tramways (Tramway Classics)
42493: HARLEY, ROBERT J. - Embankment and Waterloo Tramways (Tramway Classics)
42503: HARLEY, ROBERT J. - Waltham Cross and Edmonton Tramways (Tramway Classics)
42495: HARLEY, ROBERT J. - Southwark and Deptford Tramways (Tramway Classics)
44846: HARLING, ROBERT, ED. - Image: A Quarterly of the Visual Arts: Number One.
45600: HARLING, ROBERT, ED. - Alphabet and Image, 8.
44848: HARLING, ROBERT, ED. - Image: A Quarterly of the Visual Arts: Number Three.
44869: HARLING, ROBERT, ED. - Image:: Number Six
47424: HARLING, ROBERT. - Edward Bawden.
19164: HARLOW, V.T. - Ralegh's Last Voyage: Being an account drawn out of contemporary letters and relations, both Spanish and English.
46201: HARNETT, CYNTHIA. - The Writing on the Hearth.
25449: HARRINGTON, FRANK G. - Richard Aldington 1892-1962: A catalogue of the Frank G. Harrington Collection of Richard Aldington and Hilda H.D. Doolittle, comprising books, manuscripts and miscellanea.
44373: HARRINGTON, JOHN. - Saint George's Chapel, Windsor: Eighteen Views, Printed in Permanent Pigments by the Woodbury Process, with Descriptive Letterpress.
44722: HARRIOTT, JOHN F.X. - Farewell to True Bookshops.
39676: HARRIS, STEPHEN. - Planting Paradise: Cultivating the Garden 1501-1900.
37548: HARRIS, JOHN. - William Talman : Maverick Architect
44272: HARRIS, JOHN. - Regency Furniture Designs 1803-1826.
34170: HARRIS, ROBERT. - Canals and Their Architecture
41128: HARRIS, NICK; DOWLING, IAN - Wanstead and Woodford (The Archive Photograph Series)
45787: HARRIS, JOHN; HRADSKY, ROBERT. - A Passion for Building: The Amateur Architect in England 1650-1850.
38198: HARRIS, MICHAEL. - A Field Guide to the Birds of Galapagos
45843: HARRIS, C. G. - Oxfordshire Parish Registers and Bishops Transcripts.
46629: HARRIS, JOHN - The Palladians
46499: HARRIS, G. EDWARD. - Contributions Towards a Bibliography of the Taylors of Ongar and Stanford Rivers.
42156: HARRIS, PETER. - Bristol's Railway Mania, 1862-1864
18751: HARRISON, HARRY. - The Ethical Engineer.
29682: HARRISON, HARRY. - West of Eden. Winter in Eden. Return to Eden.
41390: HARRISON, TONY - The Fire Gap: A Poem with Two Tails.
46450: HARRISON, M. JOHN - In Viriconium
41391: HARRISON, TONY - A Cold Coming: Gulf War Poems.
44353: MOLIERE; HARRISON, TONY. - The Misanthrope.
44683: HARRISON, TONY - Phaedra Britannica
23039: HARRISON, ROYDEN J. - The Life and Times of Sidney and Beatrice Webb. 1858-1905: The formative years.
44066: HARRISON, TONY - Continuous
46345: HARRISON, M. JOHN. - The Committed Men
46704: HARROP, DOROTHY A. - A History of the Gregynog Press
31990: HART, EDWARD - Northcountry Farm Animals: a Guide to Sheep, Cattle and Horse Breeds.
45967: HART, VAUGHAN; HICKS, PETER. - Palladio's Rome: A Translation of Andrea Palladio's Two Guidebooks to Rome
38518: HART, B. H. LIDDELL. - T. E. Lawrence, Aldington and the Truth.
33440: HART, ELIZABETH ANNA; RAVERAT, GWEN - The Runaway: A Victorian Story for the Young.
45455: HART, HORACE. - Charles Earl Stanhope and the Oxford University Press.
46346: HART, VAUGHAN; PETER HICKS, EDS. - Paper Palaces: The Rise of the Renaissance Architectural Treatise
44987: HART, CYRIL. - The Early Charters of Essex.
44291: HARTLEY, CRAIG; RIDYARD, SUSAN, EDS. - The Print in England 1790-1930: A Private Collection .
41501: HARVEY, P. D.; MCGUINNESS, A. - A Guide to British Medieval Seals
38509: HARVEY, L. A.; LEGER-GORDON, D. ST. - Dartmoor.
37565: HARVEY, ANDREW; PENNINGTON, ANNE, TRANS. - Songs from Macedonia.
41432: HARVEY, WILLIAM FRYER. - The Arm of Mrs. Egan and Other Stories.
25625: HARVEY, JOHN. - Victorian Novelists and their Illustrators.
40507: HARVEY, F. W. - Gloucestershire: A Selection from the Poems of F. W. Harvey.
45593: HARVEY, ROBERT - Liberators: Latin America's Struggle for Independence, 1810-1830
4623: HARVEY, MICHAEL. - Reynolds Stone: Engraved Lettering in Wood.
46553: HARVEY, L. P. - Islamic Spain 1250 to 1500
45278: HASKELL, FRANCIS. - The Ephemeral Museum: Old Master Paintings and the Rise of the Art Exhibition
46887: HASKELL, FRANCIS. - The Painful Birth of the Art Book (Walter Neurath Memorial Lecture)
46981: HASKINS, SAM. - Cowboy Kate & Other Stories.
45888: HASLUCK, PAUL N. - Telescope Making (Work Handbooks)
46527: HASSALL, JOAN. - Joan Hassall's Picture Book.
42312: HASSALL, JOAN. - Dearest Joana: a Selection of Joan Hassall's Lifetime Letters and Art, edited by Brian North Lee.
45892: HASSALL, JOAN. - An Ancient Illusion Presented as a Diversion in the Guise of William and Henry Lawes Masters of the Viol.
46669: HASSALL, TOM - Oxford - the Buried City
46125: HASTINGS, PHYLLIS. - Sandals for My Feet.
33973: HASWELL, MARGARET - Murder on Pawley's
30383: HATCH, RICHARD W. - All Aboard the Whale!
37163: HATTO, A. T., ED. - The Memorial Feast for Kokotoy-Khan : A Kirghiz Epic Poem
45313: HAUGERUD, ANGELIQUE - The Culture of Politics in Modern Kenya (African Studies)
36474: HAUSER, ARNOLD. - The Sociology of Art
45870: HAUSER, FRANK. - Dinosaur Days.
46534: HAUSER, KITTY - Bloody Old Britain: O. G. S. Crawford and the Archaeology of Modern Life.
45799: HAVARD, ROBERT. - The Spanish Eye: Painters and Poets of Spain.
46996: HAVEMEYER, LOUISINE W. - Sixteen to Sixty: Memoirs of a Collector.
44602: HAVINDEN, M. A. - Estate Villages: A Study of the Berkshire Villages of Ardington and Lockinge.
38645: HAWASS, ZAHI - Valley of the Golden Mummies
37349: HAWKER, ROBERT STEPHEN; WALLIS, ALFRED, ED. - The Poetical Works.
36758: HAWKINS, JOHN - Herne Bay Revisited (Britain in Old Photographs)
37034: HAWS, DUNCAN; SAVILL, DAVID. - Aberdeen and Aberdeen and Commonwealth Lines of George Thompson (Merchant Fleets 17)
37039: HAWS, DUNCAN. - Glen and Shire Lines (Merchant Fleets 22)
36974: HAWS, DUNCAN. - Thos. & Jas. Harrison (Merchant Fleets)
36964: HAWS, DUNCAN. - Port Line : With Corry, Royden, Tyser and Milburn (Merchant Fleets)
36962: HAWS, DUNCAN. - New Zealand Shipping & Federal S.N. Co. (Merchant Fleets)
37033: HAWS, DUNCAN. - Elder Dempster Lines (Merchant Fleets 20)
32826: HAWTHORNE, EDWARD - Electric Boats on the Thames, 1889-1914
37469: HAY, GEOFFREY D.; STELL, GEOFFREY P. - Monuments of History : An Illustrated Historical Record
46762: HAYDEN, RUTH. - Mrs Delany: Her Life and her Flowers
47252: AMY DE LA HAYE, ED. - The Cutting Edge: 50 Years of British Fashion, 1947-1997
42148: HAYNES, CLIVE; HAYNES, MALCOLM - Old Worcester : As Seen Through the Camera
47006: HAYUM, ANDREE. - The Isenheim Altarpiece: God's Medicine and the Painter's Vision (Princeton Essays on the Arts)
44566: HAYWARD, PETER J. - Seashore (New Naturalist 94)
46986: HAZLITT, WILLIAM - Character of John Bull.
45925: HEANEY, SEAMUS. - The Place of Writing (Emory Studies in Humanities)
43886: HEANEY, SEAMUS. - Electric Light
41440: HEARNE, JOHN. - Land of the Living.
44072: HEARNE, THOMAS; BUCHANAN-BROWN, JOHN. - The Remains: Reliquiae Hearnianae.
41988: HEAUME, DORIS O. - Guernsey Songs and Dances.
43671: HEBDITCH, MAX; GRINSELL, LESLIE. - Roman Sites in the Mendip, Cotswold, Wye Valley and Bristol Region.
43149: HEBER, REGINALD; LAIRD, M. A., ED. - Bishop Heber in Northern India : Selections from Heber's Journal
45245: HECKSHER, MORRISON H. - Creating Central Park.
45301: HEDGES, NORMAN G. - Reptiles and Amphibians of East Africa.
37663: HEGEL, GEORG WILHELM FRIEDRICH. - Aesthetics : Lectures on Fine Art
37664: HEGEL, G. W. F. - Hegel's Science of Logic
35695: HEGEL, G. W. F. - Hegel's Political Writings.
45813: HEIN, WOLFGANG-HAGEN, ED. - Alexander Von Humboldt: Life and Work.
25831: HEINLEIN, ROBERT. - I Will Fear No Evil.
46486: HEINLEIN, ROBERT - Time for the Stars.
35879: HEINLEIN, ROBERT A. - Methuselah's Children
47352: HEINLEIN, ROBERT - Space Cadet.
47398: HEINLEIN, ROBERT - Starman Jones.
44589: HEINLEIN, ROBERT A. - Have Space Suit - Will Travel
35415: HELM, DIETER, ED. - Environmental Policy : Objectives, Instruments and Implementation
40583: HELMS, DIETRICH, ED. - Vordemberge-Gildewart : The Complete Works
33303: HELSTON, MICHAEL; RUSSELL, FRANCIS. - Guercino in Britain : Paintings from British Collections in the National Gallery
33013: HEMINGWAY, ERNEST. - Winner Take Nothing.
45821: HEMON, ALEKSANDAR - Nowhere Man
42827: HEMPEL, FRIEDA. - My Golden Age of Singing
30833: HENDERSON, JOHN - Piety and Charity in Late Medieval Florence
36082: HENIG, MARTIN. - The Lewis Collection of Gemstones in Corpus Christi College, Cambridge (BAR Supplementary Series I)
45268: HENMAN, VELDA - Islip, Oxfordshire: Written Clues, 1662-1851
27615: POPE-HENNESSY, JOHN. - Raphael (The Wrightsman Lectures)
46999: POPE-HENNESSY, JOHN. - The Portrait in the Renaissance: The A. W. Mellon Lectures in the Fine Arts 1963 (Bollingen Series 35, 12)
46874: POPE-HENNESSY, JOHN. - The Piero della Francesca Trail. (Walter Neurath Memorial Lecture)
44320: POPE-HENNESSY, JOHN. - The Study and Criticism of Italian Sculpture
44307: HENNY,SUE; HIDEAKI, KITO, ETC. - Karakuri Ningyo:An Exhibition of Ancient Festical Robots from Japan.
34443: HENWOOD, GEORGE - Abbot Richard of Wallingford: Fourteenth Century Astronomer and Instrument Maker
46452: HEPPEL, GRISELDA. - Ante's Inferno.
46240: HERBERT, GEORGE. - The Temple: Sacred Poems & Private Ejaculations.
42912: HERBERT, TONY; HUGGINS, KATHRYN - The Decorative Tile in Architecture and Interiors.
46439: HERDEG, WALTER, ED. - Art in the Watermark/ Kunst Im Wasserzeichen/ L'art du Filigrane
40220: MANX NATIONAL HERITAGE. - Industrial Archaeology of the Isle of Man.
42673: HERMAN, JOSEF. - Related Twilights: Notes from an Artist's Diary
42403: HERR, RICHARD - Rural Change and Royal Finances in Spain at the End of the Old Regime
47137: HAYDEN HERRERA - Frida: A Biography of Frida Kahlo
32988: HERRICK, ROBERT; PALGRAVE, FRANCIS TURNER. - Chrysomela: A Selection from the Lyrical Poems of Robert Herrick arranged by Francis Turner Palgrave.
30373: HERRMANN, WOLFGANG. - La theorie de Claude Perrault.
24569: HERRMANN, LUKE. - Ruskin and Turner: A study of Ruskin as a collector of Turner.. incorporating a Catalogue Raisonne of the Turner drawings in the Ashmolean Museum.
47129: HERZFELDE, WIELAND, ETC. - John Heartfield 1891-1968: Photomontages at the Institute of Contemporary Arts.
46193: HERZOG, LINDA. - Mihriban: Turkei, Turkey, Turkiye 1004-1007.
38534: HESKETT, JOHN - German Design 1870-1918
43366: HESS, CATHERINE - Italian Maiolica: Catalogue of the Collections of the J.Paul Getty Museum
15498: HESSE, HERMANN. - Besuch bei einem Dichter.
36672: HESSE, HERMANN. - Knulp: Drei Geschichten aus dem Leben Knulps
44245: HESSE, HERMANN. - Gertrude.
42108: HEWARD, CONSTANCE. - Amelaranne and the Green Umbrella.
33477: HEYWOOD, JOHN - The Pardoner and the Friar 1533 The Four Ps ? 1544 (Malone Society Reprints)
30127: HEYWOOD, ARTHUR PERCIVAL - Minimum Gauge Railways: Their Application, Construction and Working Being an Account of the Origin and Evolution of the 15 In. Gauge Line at Duffield Bank.
46772: HIBBERT, CHRISTOPHER - The Encyclopedia of Oxford
43068: HICKEY, J. EDWARD. - Dukinfield Past and Present.
35990: HICKS, STEVEN. - Around 1 Millbank: A History of the Area
45579: HIEATT, A. KENT. - Short Time's Endless Monument: The Symbolism of the Numbers in Edmund Spenser's Epithalamion.
40083: HIESINGER, KATHRYN BLOOM. - Zaha Hadid: Form in Motion.
45705: HIGGINS, ALFRED. - Notes on the Church of St.Francis or Tempio Malatestiano at Rimini; More Especialy as Regards the Sculptured Decorations.
17843: GIBSON-HILL, C. A. - An Annotated Checklist of the Birds of Malaya. Bulletin of the Raffles Museum, Singapore, No. 20, September 1949.
44345: HILL, DAVID. - Turner in the North: A Tour Through Derbyshire, Yorkshire, Durham, Northumberland, The Scottish Borders, The Lake District, Lancashire and Lincolnshire in the Year 1797
42064: HILL, LORNA. - No Castanets at the Wells.
44241: HILL, GINNY. - Yemen: The Road to Chaos.
35977: HILL, WENTWORH; WOOD, H. G. - The Land of Poetry : One
42590: OAKLEY-HILL, D. R. - An Englishman in Albania
42079: HILL, LORNA. - Ella at the Wells.
46575: HEYWOOD HILL. - The Working Library of George Macdonald Fraser (Catalogue No. 1006)
42060: HILL, LORNA. - Swan Feather.
42057: HILL, LORNA. - Jane Leaves the Wells
42063: HILL, LORNA. - Principal Role.
46681: HILL, GILLIAN - Cartographical Curiosities
44661: HILL, RICHARD - Designs and Their Consequences: Architecture and Aesthetics
32266: HILLIER, GEORGE. - The Stranger's Guide to the Town of Reading, with a History of the Abbey.
42724: HILLMAN, JAMES. - Inter Views : Conversations with Laura Pozzo on Psychotherapy, Biography, Love, Soul, Dreams, Imagination, Work and the State of the Culture
33007: HILLS, JOHN WALLER. - A Summer on the Test.
35505: HILLS, R. L.; PATRICK, D. - Beyer, Peacock: Locomotive Builders to the World.
44413: HILTON, EDWARD H. - The Tourist's Guide to Lucknow By One of the Beleaguered Garrison.
43335: HILTON, ALISON. - Russian Folk Art
46159: HILTON, JAMES. - Random Harvest
46171: HILTON, JAMES. - Knight Without Armour
26755: HIMES, CHESTER. - The Heat's On.
34616: HIMES, CHESTER B. - The Collected Stories of Chester Himes
33763: HIMMELFARB, GERTRUDE, ED. - The Spirit of the Age: Victorian Essays.
45436: HIND, ARTHUR M.; CORBETT, MARGERY; NORTON, MICHAEL. - Engraving in England in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries: Part I, The Tudor Period [with] Part II, The Reign of James I [with] Part III, The Reign of Charles I.
36282: HINDLE, BRIAN PAUL. - Maps for Local History
46116: HINDLE, STEVE. - The Birthpangs of Welfare: Poor Relief and Parish Governance in Seventeenth-Century Warwickshire.
45953: HINDMAN, SANDRA; CAMILLE, MICHAEL; ROWE, NINA; WATSON, ROWAN. - Manuscript Illumination in the Modern Age: Recovery and Reconstruction
44984: HINKS, ROGER; GOLDSMITH, JOHN - The Gymnasium of the Mind: The Journals of Roger Hinks, 1933-63
46961: HINNELLS, DUNCAN - An Extraordinary Performance: Hubert Foss, Music Publishing and the Oxford University Press.
43977: HIRSCHAUER, GRETCHEN A.;METZGER, CATHERINE A. - Luis Melendez: Master of the Spanish Still Life.
39892: HIRST, MICHAEL. - Michelangelo: Volume 1,The Achievement of Fame 1475-1534.
27699: NATIONAL MUSEUM OF HISTORY, CHINA. - Tri Color Pottery of the T'ang Dynasty.
43884: HITCHMOUGH, WENDY - C.F.A.Voysey
44179: HMSO - Prisoners of War: Naval and Air Forces of Great Britain and the Empire 1939-45
45891: HOARE, LOTTIE. - The Childhood Drawings of Joanna Gill.
47104: ROBERT HOBBS - Lee Krasner
47025: HOBERG, ANNEGRET - Wassily Kandinsky and Gabriele Munter
44682: HOBERMAN, J. - Film After Film: or, What Became of 21st Century Cinema.
45596: HOBHOUSE, HENRY - Seeds of Change: Five Plants that Transformed Mankind
45068: HOBSON, M. G. AND K. L. H. PRICE. - Otmoor and its Seven Towns.
44752: ANTHONY HOBSON - Humanists and Bookbinders The Origins and Diffusion of the Humanistic Bookbinding 1459-1559 with a Census of Historiated Plaquette and Medallion Bindings of the Renaissance.
43780: HOBSON, J.C.JEREMY - Working Terriers: Management and Training
44838: HOCKNEY, DAVID; STEVENS, WALLACE. - The Blue Guitar [Etchings ].Wallace Stevens, The Man with the Blue Guitar.
34297: HOCKNEY, DAVID. - Martha's Vineyard and Other Places: My Third Sketchbook from the Summer of 1982
46152: HODGE, HARRY, ED. - Famous Trials: Madeleine Smith, Oscar Slater, Dr. Crippen, Dr. Palmer.
23179: HODGER, BARNEY, PSEUD. - Down Whoame. (The Somerset Folk Series, no. 15).
43145: HODGES, C. WALTER. - The Marsh King.
3968: HODGES, C. WALTER. - Columbus Sails. A Puffin Story Book.
46114: HODGETTS, MICHAEL - Life at Harvington 1250-2000 (Archdiocese of Birmingham)
47211: MICHAEL HODGETTS - Midlands Catholic Buildings
26673: HODGKIN, JOHN ELIOT AND EDITH HODGKIN. - Examples of Early English Pottery: Named, Dated and Inscribed.
46226: HODGKINS, VERA; BLOXHAM, CHRISTINE - Banbury and Shutford Plush
34883: HODGKINSON, HARRY - Scanderbeg
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36296: SHELL CHEMICALS UK LTD. - Archaeological Studies Along the North Western Ethylene Pipeline
7998: NICHOLLS AND CLARKE LTD. - Nicholls and Clarke Ltd. Catalogue no. 35. Builders' ironmongery, stoves, etc.
44335: LUBBOCK, JOHN. - Pre-historic Times, as Illustrated by Ancient Remains and the Manners and Customs of Modern Savages.
41843: ABU-LUGHOD, JANET L. - Cairo:1001 Years of the City Victorious: 1001 Years of the City Victorious
45112: LUKACHER, BRIAN - Joseph Gandy in the Shadow of the Enlightenment (The Annual Soane Lecture)
30195: LULOFS, MADELON H. - Coolie: If Allah Has Ordained it Thus.
42367: LUMSDEN, LOUISA INNES - Memories of Aberdeen (a Facsimile Reproduction)
43918: SITA RAM; LUNT, JAMES, ED. - From Sepoy to Subedar: being the Life and Adventures of Subedar Sita Ram
35259: LUSTGARTEN, EDGAR. - A Case to Answer.
45237: LUTYENS, MARY, ETC. - The Forty-Fourth Volume of the Walpole Society 1972-1974
44119: LUTYENS, MARY, ED. - The Lyttons in India: An Account of Lord Lytton's Viceroyalty, 1876-1880
36208: LYALL, SUTHERLAND - Imagination Headquarters : Herron Associates (Architecture in Detail)
44261: LYDON, A. F. - English Lake Scenery. Illustrated with a Series of Coloured Plates.
36755: LYLE, R. C. - The Aga Khan's Horses.
39720: LYLE, MARJORIE - English Heritage Book of Canterbury
40054: LYNCH, JOHN. - New Worlds: A Religious History of Latin America.
35416: LYNCH, PATRICIA. - The Liberal Party in Rural England 1885-1910 : Radicalism and Community
47070: LYNES, BARBARA BUHLER. - O'Keeffe, Stieglitz and the Critics, 1916-1929
43981: LYSTER, WILLIAM, ED. - The Cave Church of Paul the Hermit at the Monastery of St. Paul, Egypt.
47405: LYTLE, GUY FITCH; ORGEL, STEPHEN, EDS. - Patronage in the Renaissance (Folger Institute Essays)
43502: LYTTON, EARL OF. - Pundits and Elephants: Being the Experiences of Five Years as Governor of an Indian Province.
31115: BRENT-DYER ELINOR M. - A Genius at the Chalet School
47119: THOM. IAN M. - Charles Hepburn Scott (Exhibition at Vancouver Art Gallery, June 14 to August 7 1989)
18854: I.M. - A Health to the Gentlemanly Profession of Serving-Men. 1598. By I.M.
39418: VAN MAANEN, J. A. - Facets of Seventeenth Century Mathematics in the Netherlands.
34612: CERVANTES; MABBE, JAMES. - The Spanish Ladie and Two Other Stories from Cervantes Translated From the Original By James Mabbe 1640
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45693: MACARTNEY, LORD; CRANMER-BYNG, J. L. - An Embassy to China: Being the Journal Kept By Lord Macartney During His Embassy to the Emperor Ch'ien-lung 1793-1794.
44541: MACARTNEY, LORD. - An Embassy to China: Being the Journal Kept ..during His Embassy to the Emperor Ch'ien-lung 1793-1794.

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