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33070: CUNLIFFE, BARRY W. - Roman Bath Discovered
23818: CUNLIFFE, BARRY. - Excavations at Fishbourne 1961-1969. Volume I: The Site [With] Volume II: The Finds.
47208: CUNLIFFE, CORINNA - The Unsuitable Chaperone
47210: CORINNA CUNLIFFE - Play of Hearts
47209: CORINNA CUNLIFFE - Hand of Fortune
44946: CUNNINGHAM, VALENTINE - British Writers of the Thirties
44632: CURL, JAMES STEVENS - The Art and Architecture of Freemasonry: An Introductory Study.
47484: CURLE, B. R. - Kensington and Chelsea Street Names: A Guide to Their Meanings.
41507: CURRIE, C.R.J.; LEWIS, C.P. - A Guide to English County Histories
40755: CURRY, JOHN COURT - The Security Service 1908-1945 : The Official History
47379: ERNST CURTIUS - European Literature and the Latin Middle Ages
47689: CURWEN, HAROLD; FARLEIGH, JOHN; EVANS, BERTRAM. - Cantor Lectures Delivered at the Royal Society of Arts: Typography and Mass Production by Harold Curwen, Typography and Illustration by John Farleigh, Modern Typography on the Continent by Bertram Evans.
46322: CUSHNER, NICHOLAS P. - Why Have You Come Here?: The Jesuits and the First Evangelization of Native America
47986: CUTHBERTSON, DAVID. - Thirty-Three Years' Adventures in Bookland, Including Walks in the Humorous Avenues of Library Life
47907: CUTHBERTSON, DAVID. - A Librarian's Testament: Things I Still Remember.
39857: CUTHBERTSON, ELONA. - Gregory King's Harefield.
42974: CYNK, JERZY B. - Polish Aircraft, 1893-1939
39148: M.A.D. - The History of Prussia: From the Times of the Knights of the Cross and Sword to the Occupation of Hanover, 1867.
44087: DACH, MICHEL. - Le Desert de Retz a la lumiere d'un angle Particulier
49086: PHILIPP DEMANDT; ANKE DAEMGEN, EDS. - Rembrandt Bugatti: The Sculptor 1884-1916.
48447: DAVID DAICHES - Robert Burns, the Poet
44563: DALBY, RICHARD. - The Golden Age of Children's Book Illustration
48422: PETER DALE - Narrow Straits: Poems from the French
35553: DALLAS, CAROLYN; SHERLOCK, DAVID - Baconsthorpe Castle, Excavations and Finds, 1951-1972
27166: DALMAS, JOHN. - The Puppet Master.
41426: DALRYMPLE, WILLIAM. - City of Djinns: A Year in Delhi.
46021: DALRYMPLE, WILLIAM. - White Mughals: Love and Betrayal in Eighteenth-Century India
46977: DALRYMPLE, WILLIAM. - White Mughals: Love and Betrayal in Eighteenth-Century India.
28416: PATHFINDER AND HUGH DALZIEL. - Breaking and Training Dogs. Second edition, Revised and Enlarged.
28135: DAM, POUL. - Nikolaj Frederik Severin Grundtvig (1783-1872).
48989: DAMADE, JACQUES - Jacques Henri Lartigue (Photofile)
38704: DAMPIER, WILLIAM. - A New Voyage Round the World : The Journal of an English Buccaneer
32512: DANIEL, GUY; CHIPPINDALE, CHRISTOPHER, EDS. - The Pastmasters : 11 Modern Pioneers of Archaeology
46872: DANIEL, GLYN - Megaliths in History (Walter Neurath Memorial Lecture)
32841: DANIELS, REBECCA; BRANDWOOD, GEOFF, EDS. - Ruskin and Architecture
44916: DANIELS, PETA. - Eye of the Beholder. Objects for Personal Adornment
45857: DANIELS, LES - Citizen Vampire
46809: DANNATT, G. H. - The Oxfordshire Election of 1754: An Archive Teaching-Unit
47628: DANNATT, G. H. - Bicester in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries.
47151: ARTHUR C. DANTO - The Madonna of the Future: Essays in a Pluralistic Art World
44095: BROWSE & DARBY. - Yu Hui & Xu Lei: New Work.
40408: DARBY, STEPHEN. - Chapters in the History of Cookham, Berkshire.
47943: GILLIAN DARLEY - John Soane: An Accidental Romantic
41330: DARLING, F. FRASER. - The Seasons & the Fisherman: A Book for Children.
41235: DARLING, F. FRASER. - The Seasons & The Farmer: A Book for Children.
48530: ARSEN DARNAY - The Purgatory Zone
47161: DART, MARTHA. - Marjorie Sykes, Quaker-Ghandian.
47442: DARWIN, FRANCIS D. S. - The English Mediaeval Recluse.
47482: DAUDET, ERNEST. - Le Roman D'un Conventionnel: Herault de Sechelles et les Dames de Bellegarde.
41316: DAVEY, CHARLES - D.H. Lawrence : A Living Poet
43748: DAVEY, NORMAN - Building Stones of England and Wales
45134: DAVEY, E.C. - Notable Catholics Who Lived and Died at Bath Between 1678 and 1823.
29086: DAVID, ELIZABETH - Summer Cooking
47959: DAVIDSON, AVRAM. - What Strange Stars and Skies.
46441: DAVIDSON, AVRAM. - Mutiny in Space.
48234: DAVIDSON, AVRAM. - Rogue Dragon.
46396: DAVIDSON, AVRAM; DAVIS, GRANIA - Marco Polo and the Sleeping Beauty
44824: DAVIDSON, ALAN, ED. - Food in Motion, the Migration of Foodstuffs and Cookery Techniques. (Oxford Symposium 1983: Proceedings)
48946: AVRAM DAVIDSON. - The Phoenix and the Mirror.
45916: DAVIES, DONALD. - Old Singapore.
48964: DAVIES, ROBERTSON; JUDITH SKELTON GRANT, ED. - The Enthusiasms of Robertson Davies
6943: DAVIES, JOHN. - Orchestra or a Poeme of Dauncing. A cura di Mariangela Mosca Bonsignore.
48963: DAVIES, ROBERTSON - The Cunning Man
12994: DAVIES, MARTIN. - Rogier van der Weyden: An essay, with a critical catalogue of paintings assigned to him and to Robert Campin.
48764: THOMAS NATHANIEL DAVIES. - Thomas Nathaniel Davies 1922-1996: A Retrospective.
45836: DAVIES, DAVID; ELLIOTT, JOHN H. - El Greco (National Gallery Company, London)
47451: DAVIES, SIR JOHN; TILLYARD, E. M. W., ED. - Orchestra or a Poem of Dancing.
45722: DAVIES, DIDO - William Gerhardie: A Biography (Oxford lives)
36449: DAVIN, D. M. - Snow Upon Fire: A Dance to the Music of Time: Anthony Powell. The W. D. Thomas Memorial Lecture.
10933: HART-DAVIS, RUPERT, ED. - The Lyttelton Hart-Davis Letters: Correspondence of George Lyttelton and Rupert Hart-Davis 1955-56.
47259: JODIE DAVIS - A Quick-and-Easy Teddy Bear: With Full-Size Patterns for Clothing (Dover Needlework)
45608: HART-DAVIS, DUFF. - The Countryside in the 21st Century (Contemporary Papers, no. 11)
21910: DAVIS, ANN. - Somewhere Waiting: The Life and Art of Christiane Pflug.
46652: DAVIS, TERENCE. - John Nash: The Prince Regent's Architect
36915: HART-DAVIS, RUPERT. - The Lyttelton Hart-Davis Letters Volumes One and Two [With]Three and Four [and] Five and Six.
34310: DAVIS, LINDSEY. - The Iron Hand of Mars
35263: DAVISON, WILLIAM - Halfpenny Chapbooks
42931: DAVY, M. M. - Nicolas Berdyaev: Man of the Eighth Day.
44114: DAWES, NICHOLAS M. - Lalique Glass.
39034: DAY, SUSANNE R. - Where the Mistral Blows: Impressions of Provence.
42436: DAY, JOHN. - The Ile of Guls 1606.
46495: DAY, MAURICE. - A Catalogue of the Printed Books in the Worcester Cathedral Library.
41699: O'DAY, ROSEMARY - The Professions in Early Modern England, 1450-1800 : Servants of the Commonweal
46583: DEAKIN, TERENCE J. - Catalogi Librorum Eroticorum: A Critical Bibliography of Erotic Bibliographies and Book-catalogues.
48510: ANN S. DEAN - Burne-Jones and William Morris in Oxford and the Surrounding Area
46777: DEAN, DAVID - The Thirties: Recalling the English Architectural Scene
48515: DEBORAH DEAN. - Benjamin Williams Leader: A Rural Vision
47699: JAMES S. DEARDEN - John Ruskin: A Life in Pictures
47532: DEBUS, ALLEN G. - The English Paracelsians.
34970: DEGRENNE, MARCEL-LOUIS. - Les Reunions et les pouvoirs de Police.
47073: JEFFREY DEITCH - Post Human
47953: DELACROIX, EUGENE. - Painter of Passion: The Journal of Eugene Delacroix, a Selection.
31297: DELAERE, MARK. - Die Musikgeschichtsschreibung und das Neue.
42962: DELAFORCE, PATRICK - The Fighting Wesex Wyverns: From Normandy to Bremerhaven with the 43rd Wessex Division.
46393: DELANY, SAMUEL R. - Babel-17.
47798: DELANY, SAMUEL R. - Driftglass: Ten Tales of Speculative Fiction.
44443: DEMPSEY, CHARLES - The Portrayal of Love: Botticelli's "Primavera" and Humanist Culture at the Time of Lorenzo the Magnificent
45657: DEMUS, OTTO - The Medieval Mosaics of San Marco, Venice: A Color Archive
47217: DENMAN, JOHN L. - A Short Survey of the Structural Development of Sussex Churches.
36632: DENNELL, ROBIN - Early Farming in South Bulgaria from the VI to the III Millennia B.C
30075: DENONAIN, JEAN-JACQUES. - La personalite de Sir Thomas Browne.
45065: DENZEY, FRANK J. - Chilton's Chronicle.
47228: TYNE AND WEAR COUNTY COUNCIL ARCHIVES DEPARTMENT. - Newcastle Upon Tyne Charters: From the Twelfth to the Twentieth Century.
44797: DESAI, KIRAN. - Hullabaloo in the Guava Orchard
44376: DESLONGCHAMPS, J.-L.-A. LOISELEUR. - La Rose, son histoire, sa culture, sa poesie.
44641: DESMOND, RAY. - Kew: The History of the Royal Botanic Gardens.
37125: DETSICAS, ALEC - The Cantiaci
33061: DEWEY, JUDY AND STUART; BEASLEY, DAVID. - Window on Wallingford,1837-1914
45536: DEWEY, JUDY AND STUART. - Change at Cholsey: a Thousand Years of Village Life.
19056: DEXTER, COLIN. - The Dead of Jericho.
40225: DHAVALIKAR, M. K. - Masterpieces of Rashtrakut Art: The Kailas.
43479: DICHTER, DAVID. - The North-West Frontier of West Pakistan: A Study in Regional Geography..
48901: DICK, PHILIP K. - The Turning Wheel and Other Stories
47796: PHILIP K. DICK - Vulcans Hammer
48379: PHILIP K. DICK - The Simulacra
48900: DICK, PHILIP K. - Our Friends from Frolix 8
48927: PHILIP K. DICK - The Zap Gun.
48899: DICK, PHILIP K. - Valis.
48928: PHILIP K. DICK - The Game-Players of Titan.
47343: PETER DICKINSON - The Seventh Raven
27413: DICKINSON, WILLIAM CROFT. - The Flag from the Isles. Illustrated from drawings by Eric Tansley.
47716: PETER DICKINSON - Tulku
47344: PETER DICKINSON - Emma Tupper's Diary
47346: PETER DICKINSON - The Dancing Bear
31834: DIDEROT, DENIS; DE BOOY, J. TH. - Ecrits Inconnus de Jeunesse 1745: Identifies et presentes par J. Th. De Booy
45803: DIESEL, MATTHIAS - Kurbayerische Schlösser: Nach einer Vedutenfolge um 1720 (Die bibliophilen Taschenbücher)
39573: DILLON, EILIS. - A Family of Foxes.
42273: DILLON, JANETTE - Shakespeare and the Solitary Man
37718: DILS, JOAN; SCHWARTZ, DEIDRE. - Tudor and Stuart Shrivenham.
49055: THOMAS DILWORTH. - David Jones: Engraver, Soldier, Painter, Poet.
40545: DINE, JIM; LIVINGSTONE, MARCO. - Talking About Aldo.
49044: DINGWALL, HELEN - Physicians, Surgeons and Apothecaries: Medical Practice in Seventeenth-century Edinburgh (Scottish Historical Review Monograph)
46017: DISCH, THOMAS M. - Fundamental Disch
48959: THOMAS M.DISCH, ED. - The Ruins of Earth.
45485: DISCH, THOMAS M. - The Silver Pillow: A Tale of Witchcraft
44883: DISCH, THOMAS M. - Ringtime: A Story
44970: DIXON, HUGH. - Ulster Architecture 1800-1900: An Exhibition of Architectural Drawings
47235: JACQUELINE COGDELL DJEDJE, ED. - Turn Up the Volume!: A Celebration of African Music
41551: DOAK, A. M.; YOUNG, ANDREW MCLAREN - Glasgow at a Glance : An Architectural Handbook
45778: DOBIE, BEATRICE. - Victorian Thame: A Vignette.
43424: DOBIE, BEATRICE. - Victorian Thame: A Vignette.
23240: DOBSON, JESSIE AND R. MILNES WALKER. - Barbers and Barber-Surgeons of London. A history of the BarbersÕ and Barber-Surgeons Companies.
41964: DOBSON, R. B.; TAYLOR, J. - Rymes of Robyn Hood : An Introduction to the English Outlaw
48565: WILLIAM DODD - An Account of the Rise, Progress and Present State of the Magdalen Charity. To Which are Added, the Rev. Mr . Dodd's Sermon.. With the Hymns, Prayers, Rules and List of Subscribers.
47974: JERRILYNN D. DODDS, ED. - Al-Andalus: the Art of Islamic Spain
37023: DOGBOLT, BARNABY. - Eve's Second Apple.
45901: DOMENECH, FERNANDO BENITO - Cinco siglos de pintura Valenciana: Obras del Museo de Bellas Artes de Valencia
48985: DONALD, JOYCE. - Long Crendon: A Short History. Part 1 [with] Part II : 1800-1914.
46519: DONNE, JOHN. - A Valediction Forbidding Mourning.
34728: O' DONNELL, PETER. - Modesty Blaise: I, Lucifer.
23299: O'DONNELL, ELLIOTT. - Famous Curses.
38052: O'DONNELL, LILLIAN. - Babes in the Woods.
46229: DOOLITTLE, IAN. - William Blackstone: A Biography
45251: DORMER, ERNEST W. - Gray of Reading: a Sixteenth-Century Controversialist and Ballad-Writer.
39051: VAN DORSTEN, J.A. - Thomas Basson 1555-1613: English Printer at Leiden.
46904: VAN DORSTEN, JAN, ED. - Ten Studies in Anglo-Dutch Relations.
6072: DOUGALL, L. - The Zeit-Geist.
43155: DOUGLAS, NINA JOHNSTONE. - Nina in India: Letters to a Twin Sister 1911 and 1912 with Illustrations from Her Sketch-book.
39168: DOUGLAS, MONA. - Christian Tradition in Mannin.
41329: DOUGLAS, KEITH. - The Collected Poems of Keith Douglas.
47140: DOUGLAS, MARY. - Purity and Danger: An Analysis of the Concepts of Pollution and Taboo
44825: DOUPE, H. S. - King Edward VII: A Study of the Cracked Units of the De La Rue One Penny Stamp 1902-1910.
28837: DOURNOVO, LYDIA. - Armenian Miniatures.
44779: DOWDING, GEOFFREY - An Introduction to the History of Printing Types
30542: DOWNES, KERRY - The Architecture of Wren
48134: KERRY DOWNES - St. Paul's and Its Architecture: A Tercentenary Lecture
11781: DOWNEY, ROGER. - Riddle of the Bones: Politics, science, race and the story of Kennewick Man.
38891: DOWNEY, KAREN, ED. - Susan MacWilliam: Remote Viewing.
38635: DOWTY, MICHAEL - Around Pershore in Old Photographs
48160: SCOT MCKENDRICK; JOHN LOWDEN; KATHLEEN DOYLE. - Royal Manuscripts: The Genius of Illumination.
48247: GARDNER DOZOIS, ED. - The Mammoth Book of Best New Science Fiction
47473: MARGARET DRABBLE - Safe as Houses: An Examination of Home Ownership and Mortgage Tax Relief (Chatto Counterblasts)
42842: DRAKE, JAMES A.; LUDECKE, KRISTIN BELL, EDS. - Lily Pons : A Centennial Portrait
45233: DRAPER, MARIE P. G. - Marble Hill House and Its Owners
46069: DREGNI, MICHAEL. - Gypsy Jazz: In Search of Django Reinhardt and the Soul of Gypsy Swing.
35675: DREY, RUDOLF E.A. - Apothecary Jars : Pharmaceutical Pottery and Porcelain in Europe and the East, 1150-1850
36145: DREYFUS, JOHN. - Italic Quartet
44765: DRIVER, ELIZABETH. - A Bibliography of Cookery Books Published in Britain, 1875-1914 (Cookery and Household Books Published in Britain, 1800-1914, Vol 2)
46144: DROTNER, KIRSTEN. - English Children and Their Magazines, 1751-1945
24739: DRUCE, GEORGE CLARIDGE. - The Flora of Berkshire.
45506: DRUETT, W. W. - Pinner Through the Ages.
31525: DRURY, JOHN - Domesday Havering
15893: BOCCACCIO; DRYDEN, JOHN. - Theodore and Honoria. A translation from Boccaccio by John Dryden. Illustrated by Carol Walklin.
24885: DUBE, WOLF-DIETER AND HERBERT PEE. - Expressionisten. Sammlung Buchheim. [Exhibition at the] Haus der Kunst, Munchen.
30763: PARENT-DUCHATELET, A.-J.-B. - De la Prostitution dans la ville de Paris.
22465: BOHM-DUCHEN, MONICA. - Thomas Lowinsky.
49092: DUCHTING, HAJO - Delaunay (Taschen Basic Art Series)
47876: EAMON DUFFY. - Saints and Sinners: A History of the Popes.
41972: DUMAS, ALEXANDRE. - The Black Tulip
41973: DUMAS, ALEXANDRE. - Marguerite De Valois.
41331: DUMONT, JOHN V. - A Microwear Analysis of Selected Artefact Types from the Mesolithic Sites of Star Carr and Mount Sandel
48249: JOHN MERITON; CAROL DUMONTET, EDS. - Small Books for the Common Man: A Descriptive Bibliography.
48126: DUNBAR, WILLIAM. - Poems. Edited by James Kinsley.
23373: DUNCAN, GEORGE. - The Bloody Legionnaires.
22924: DUNCAN, GEORGE SANG. - Bibliography of Glass: From the earliest records to 1940. Edited by Violet Dimbleby.
43118: DUNCAN, ALASTAIR. - The Paris Salons 1895-1914, Volume III:Furniture
43432: DUNCAN, ALFRED H. - The Wakatipians or Early Days in New Zealand.
46281: DUNN, LAURENCE - Merchant Ships of the World 1910-1929 in Colour
49069: DAVID DUNSTER, ED. - Edwin Lutyens (Architectural Monographs, No 6)
36639: DUNSTER, DAVID - Key Buildings of the Twentieth Century Volume 2 : Houses 1945-1989
43219: DUNSTERVILLE, L. C., MAJOR-GENERAL. - Stalky's Adventures.
45929: DUPARC, FREDERIK J. - Golden: Dutch and Flemish Masterworks from the Rose-Marie and Eijk Van Otterloo Collection.
49081: STUART DURANT - C. F. A. Voysey (Architectural Monographs)
43818: DURRELL, LAWRENCE. - Balthazar: A Novel.
44096: DWELLY, EDWARD. - The Illustrated Gaelic-English Dictionary.
41259: VAN DYCK, KRISTINA; SILVA, BISI, EDS. - The Progress of Love.
48892: ELINOR M. BRENT-DYER. - Lavender Laughs in the Chalet School.
21499: BRENT-DYER, ELINOR. - Lavender Leigh at the Chalet School.
48896: ELINOR M. BRENT-DYER. - The Chalet School in Exile.
48890: ELINOR M. BRENT-DYER. - The Wrong Chalet School.
48897: ELINOR M. BRENT-DYER. - Excitements at the Chalet School
48870: ELINOR M. BRENT-DYER. - The Chalet School and Barbara.
48895: ELINOR M. BRENT-DYER. - The Exploits of the Chalet Girls.
48871: ELINOR M. BRENT-DYER. - Carola Storms the Chalet School.
48880: ELINOR M. BRENT-DYER. - Tom Tackles the Chalet School.
48889: ELINOR M. BRENT-DYER. - Changes for the Chalet School.
48881: ELINOR M. BRENT-DYER. - A Genius at the Chalet School.
48878: ELINOR M. BRENT-DYER. - Mary-Lou at the Chalet School.
29480: DYSON, F. J. - Advanced Quantum Mechanics.
48776: DYSON, ANTHONY - Pictures to Print: The Nineteenth-century Engraving Trade
13774: EASTAWAY, ROB AND JEREMY WYNDHAM. - Why Do Buses Come In Threes? The hidden mathematics of everyday life.
47096: EBERLE, MATTHIAS. - World War I and the Weimar Artists: Dix, Grosz, Beckmann, Schlemmer
47089: ECKMANN, SABINE, ED. - Reality Bites: Making Avant-Garde Art in Post-Wall Germany.
47757: UMBERTO ECO - The Search for the Perfect Language
48705: MORTON & EDEN - Important Renaissance Medals and Plaquettes from the Estate of John R. Gaines.
48176: DOROTHY EDEN. - Darling Clementine.
48431: GUGLIELMO EDERLE. - The Basilica of St. Zeno.
43224: EDWARDES, MICHAEL. - The Necessary Hell: John and Henry Lawrence and the Indian Empire.
39959: EDWARDS, DENNIS F. - Bygone Ruislip and Uxbridge
40770: EDWARDS, MONICA. - The White Riders.
43426: EDWARDS, JOHN B. - Charles Wesley's House Bristol.
49076: EDWARDS, BRIAN - Goddards: Sir Edward Lutyens (Architecture in Detail)
40774: EDWARDS, MONICA. - Cargo of Horses.
31613: EDWARDS, MERVYN, ED. - Scarborough: The story of a Thousand Years.
24799: EDWARDS, GREGORY J. - The International Film Poster.
40773: EDWARDS, MONICA. - Punchbowl Midnight.
40771: EDWARDS, MONICA. - Black Hunting Whip.
46896: EDWARDS, PAUL - Wyndham Lewis: Art and War
45671: EDWARDS, RALPH. - Thomas Jones (1742-1803): First Exhibition of the Artist's Recently Discovered Oil Sketchesof Wales, Rome and Naples.
16036: EDWARDS, A.C. - Elizabethan Essex. Essex.
47313: EDWARDS, PAUL, ED. - Blast: Vorticism, 1914-1918
48482: CHRISTOPHER EDWARDS, ED. - The London Theatre Guide 1576-1642.
34567: EDWARDS, M. BETHAM. - Scenes and Stories of the Rhine.
41614: EDWARDS, DIANA; HAMPSON, RODNEY - English Dry-Bodied Stoneware : Wedgwood and Contemporary Manufacturers, 1774-1830
48421: A. TRYSTAN EDWARDS. - Architectural Style
40984: EGGUM, ARNE; WOLL, GERD; LANDE, MARIT. - Munch : At the Munch Museum, Oslo
48103: FRITZ EICHENBERG - The Art of the Print: Masterpieces, History, Techniques.
44828: EICHENBERG, FRITZ. - The Wood and the Graver. The Work of Fritz Eichenberg
42070: EINARSON, JOHN. - Aurora: The Story of Neil Young and the Squires.
30258: EINEM, HERBERT VON - Michelangelo
46885: EISENSTEIN, ELIZABETH. - The Printing Revolution in Early Modern Europe
45959: EISLER, COLIN T. - The Genius of Jacopo Bellini
47782: JOHN ELDERFIELD - Pleasuring Painting: Matisse's Feminine Representations (Walter Neurath Memorial Lectures)
1028: ELIOT, T.S. - The Family Reunion.
17201: ELLERBY, WILLIAM; PRITCHETT, JAMES PIGOTT - A History of the Nonconformist Churches of York. (Borthwick Texts and Calendars, 18.)
43338: ELLINGSGARD, NILS - Norwegian Rose Painting in America: What the Immigrants Brought
44681: ELLIOTT, J. H. - History in the Making
43474: ELLIOTT, J. G.;TEMPLER, C. R. - Field Sports in India 1800-1947
47807: JONATHAN BROWN; JOHN H. ELLIOTT. - A Palace for a King: The Buen Retiro and the Court of Philip IV
42719: ELLIOTT, ANDREW. - Lung Soup.
17821: ELLIOTT, A.G. - Another Portrait of Hove.
28975: ELLIS, CHARLES GRANT. - Oriental Carpets in the Philadelphia Museum of Art.
46508: ELLIS, E. N. - The Picture Book of E. N. Ellis.
43461: ELLISON, NORMAN. - Wandering with Nomad.
42982: ELLISON, NORMAN. - Roving with Nomad.
43462: ELLISON, NORMAN. - Out of Doors with Nomad.
46397: ELLISON, HARLAN, ED. - Dangerous Visions.
48336: MARGARET GILL; MARGARET ELLISON. - Thomas Bewick: Marginal Drawings and Notes.
38530: ELLWOOD, T. - The Landnama Book of Iceland as it Illustrates the Dialect, Place Names, Folk Lore and Antiquities of Cumberland , Westmorland and North Lancashire.
33707: ELTON, G. R. - The Parliament of England, 1559-1581
44240: WILTON-ELY, JOHN - Piranesi.
10607: EMMERSON, ROBIN. - British Teapots and Tea Drinking 1700-1850.
48174: SHUSAKU ENDO - Foreign studies
48733: RODNEY ENGEN, INTRO. - Aubrey Beardsley
30641: ROYAL COMMISSION ON THE HISTORICAL MONUMENTS OF ENGLAND - An Inventory of Nonconformist Chapels and Meeting-Houses in Central England
47888: ENGLISH, JEAN. - The History of the English Family in Bath 1770-1890.
44957: ENGSTRÖM, JOHAN - The Gustavianum and the Runic Stones in the University Park
41219: ENRIQUEZ, MAJOR C. M. - Khyberie in Burma: The Adventures of a Mountain Pony
46510: ENSCHEDE - The House of Enschede 1703-1953
47939: THEODORE ENSLIN. - A Man in Stir.
48347: DEPARTMENT OF THE ENVIRONMENT - Aspects of Conservation, One: New Life for Old Buildings
47822: DEPARTMENT OF THE ENVIRONMENT - New Life for Old Churches (Aspects of conservation)
41132: ENZENSBERGER, HANS MAGNUS. - Poems Translated By Michael Hamburger.
48742: JACOB EPSTEIN. - The Sculptor Speaks: Jacob Epstein to Arnold Haskell, a Series of Conversations on Art.
44524: ERCOLI, GIULIANO - Art Deco Prints
45800: FISCHER VON ERLACH, JOHANN BERNHARD. - Entwurf einer historischen Architektur
38585: ESPRIU, SALVADOR - Forms and Words : An Approach to the Art of Apel-les Fenosa
49098: ESTERLY, DAVID. - Grinling Gibbons and the Art of Carving
47220: ANDREAS VOWINCKEL; ETC. - Jochen Gerz Life After Humanism. Photo/Text 1988-1992
47173: PIETRO C. MARANI; ETC - The Last Supper and Santa Maria delle Grazie
39986: ETHEREGE, GEORGE; BRETT-SMITH, H.F. B. - The Dramatic Works of Sir George Etherege Vols. I & II (The Percy Reprints, no. 6)
48600: MAURICE L. ETTINGHAUSEN. - Rare Books and Royal Collectors.
26851: EUCLID. - Euclid's Elements of Geometry. From the Latin translation of Commandine. To which is added a Treatise of the nature and arithmetic of logarithms... by Doctor John Keill, F. R. S. The whole revised Samuel Cunn. The eighth edition.
48143: EUSTACE, KATHARINE, ED. - Canova: Ideal Heads
27590: EVANS, DAVID. - Charlie Millar Seen and Unseen.
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48990: HEILBRUN, FRANCOISE - Camerawork: Stieglitz, Steichen and Their Contemporaries (Photofile)
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44589: HEINLEIN, ROBERT A. - Have Space Suit - Will Travel
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40583: HELMS, DIETRICH, ED. - Vordemberge-Gildewart : The Complete Works
33303: HELSTON, MICHAEL; RUSSELL, FRANCIS. - Guercino in Britain : Paintings from British Collections in the National Gallery
42827: HEMPEL, FRIEDA. - My Golden Age of Singing
30833: HENDERSON, JOHN - Piety and Charity in Late Medieval Florence
36082: HENIG, MARTIN. - The Lewis Collection of Gemstones in Corpus Christi College, Cambridge (BAR Supplementary Series I)
48758: POPE-HENNESSY, JOHN - Essays on Italian Sculpture
44320: POPE-HENNESSY, JOHN. - The Study and Criticism of Italian Sculpture
44307: HENNY,SUE; HIDEAKI, KITO, ETC. - Karakuri Ningyo:An Exhibition of Ancient Festical Robots from Japan.
34443: HENWOOD, GEORGE - Abbot Richard of Wallingford: Fourteenth Century Astronomer and Instrument Maker
46452: HEPPEL, GRISELDA. - Ante's Inferno.
46240: HERBERT, GEORGE. - The Temple: Sacred Poems & Private Ejaculations.
42912: HERBERT, TONY; HUGGINS, KATHRYN - The Decorative Tile in Architecture and Interiors.
42403: HERR, RICHARD - Rural Change and Royal Finances in Spain at the End of the Old Regime
32988: HERRICK, ROBERT; PALGRAVE, FRANCIS TURNER. - Chrysomela: A Selection from the Lyrical Poems of Robert Herrick arranged by Francis Turner Palgrave.
47771: HERRING, RICHARD. - Paper & Paper Making, Ancient and Modern.
24569: HERRMANN, LUKE. - Ruskin and Turner: A study of Ruskin as a collector of Turner.. incorporating a Catalogue Raisonne of the Turner drawings in the Ashmolean Museum.
47129: HERZFELDE, WIELAND, ETC. - John Heartfield 1891-1968: Photomontages at the Institute of Contemporary Arts.
46193: HERZOG, LINDA. - Mihriban: Turkei, Turkey, Turkiye 1004-1007.
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48426: F. V. HEYWORTH. - Brightwell-cum-Sotwell: Some Aspects of Its History.
43068: HICKEY, J. EDWARD. - Dukinfield Past and Present.
48723: CAROLA HICKS. - The Bayeux Tapestry: The Life Story of a Masterpiece.
35990: HICKS, STEVEN. - Around 1 Millbank: A History of the Area
45705: HIGGINS, ALFRED. - Notes on the Church of St.Francis or Tempio Malatestiano at Rimini; More Especialy as Regards the Sculptured Decorations.
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42063: HILL, LORNA. - Principal Role.
46681: HILL, GILLIAN - Cartographical Curiosities
44661: HILL, RICHARD - Designs and Their Consequences: Architecture and Aesthetics
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33007: HILLS, JOHN WALLER. - A Summer on the Test.
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43335: HILTON, ALISON. - Russian Folk Art
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39892: HIRST, MICHAEL. - Michelangelo: Volume 1,The Achievement of Fame 1475-1534.
27699: NATIONAL MUSEUM OF HISTORY, CHINA. - Tri Color Pottery of the T'ang Dynasty.
49093: HITCHMOUGH, WENDY - The Arts & Crafts Home.
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49080: WENDY HITCHMOUGH - C. F. A. Voysey.
44179: HMSO - Prisoners of War: Naval and Air Forces of Great Britain and the Empire 1939-45
47104: ROBERT HOBBS - Lee Krasner
45596: HOBHOUSE, HENRY - Seeds of Change: Five Plants that Transformed Mankind
45068: HOBSON, M. G. AND K. L. H. PRICE. - Otmoor and its Seven Towns.
44752: ANTHONY HOBSON - Humanists and Bookbinders The Origins and Diffusion of the Humanistic Bookbinding 1459-1559 with a Census of Historiated Plaquette and Medallion Bindings of the Renaissance.
43780: HOBSON, J.C.JEREMY - Working Terriers: Management and Training
34297: HOCKNEY, DAVID. - Martha's Vineyard and Other Places: My Third Sketchbook from the Summer of 1982
23179: HODGER, BARNEY, PSEUD. - Down Whoame. (The Somerset Folk Series, no. 15).
3968: HODGES, C. WALTER. - Columbus Sails. A Puffin Story Book.
47446: HODGES, C. WALTER. - The Namesake: A Story of King Alfred.
46114: HODGETTS, MICHAEL - Life at Harvington 1250-2000 (Archdiocese of Birmingham)
47211: MICHAEL HODGETTS - Midlands Catholic Buildings
26673: HODGKIN, JOHN ELIOT AND EDITH HODGKIN. - Examples of Early English Pottery: Named, Dated and Inscribed.
34883: HODGKINSON, HARRY - Scanderbeg
14890: HODGSON, RALPH. - Eve and Other Poems.
46983: HODIN, J. P. - Alan Reynolds.
48701: J.P. HODIN - Douglas Portway: A Painter's Life
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14193: HOFFMANN, E. T. A. - Hoffmann's Strange Stories.
47372: HOFFMANN, E. T. A.; TAYLOR, RONALD, TRANS. - The Devil's Elixirs.
40242: HOFFNUNG, ANNETTA. - Gerard Hoffnung: His Biography.
41584: Ó HÓGÁIN, DÁITHÍ - The Sacred Isle : Belief and Religion in Pre-Christian Ireland
42237: HOGG, GARRY. - Explorers Awheel.
45926: HOLBROOK, ANN CATHERINE. - Realities and Reflections: A Series of Original Tales Founded on Facts and Designed Under an Entertaining Form Strongly to Impress Upon the Youthful Mind a Reverence for Christian and Social Duties.
48737: HOLCOMB, ADELE M. - John Sell Cotman. (British Museum Prints and Drawings Series).
41785: BEDE; HOLDER, ARTHUR G. - Bede : On the Tabernacle
48124: FRIEDRICH HOLDERLIN. - Some Poems of Friedrich Holderlin. Translated By Frederic Prokosch.
49075: HOLLAMBY, EDWARD. - Red House: Philip Webb (Architecture in Detail)
44467: CROSSLEY-HOLLAND, KEVIN. - The Callow Pit Coffer.
42718: HOLLAND, ELIZABETH. - The Kingston Estate Within the Walled City of Bath: A Composite Plan of the 1740s Showing the Work of John Wood and Others.
45510: HOLLAND, PHIL, INTRO. - Memories of York
32790: HOLLIDAY, BOB - Norton Story
47730: HOLLING CLANCY HOLLING. - Paddle-to-the-Sea.
44483: HOLLINGSWORTH, MARY - Patronage in Sixteenth-century Italy
30339: HOLLINGWORTH, GEOFFREY - The Story of Henley
44617: HOLMAN, VALERIE. - Print for Victory: Book Publishing in England 1939-1945.
47435: HOLMER, PAUL L. - C.S. Lewis : The Shape of His Faith and Thought
43377: HOLMES, PETER, ED. - Caroline Casuistry: The Cases of Conscience of Fr Thomas Southwell SJ.

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