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11219: ROBERTSON, ARCHIBALD - A Topographical Survey of the Great Road from London to Bath and Bristol. With Historical and Descriptive Accounts of the Country, Towns, Villages, and Gentlemen's Seats on and Adjacent to It; Illustrated by Perspective Views of the Most Select and Picturesque Scenery. To Which Is Added a Correct Map of the Country Three Miles on Each Side of the Road... (2 Volumes Complete)
9010: ROBERTSON, BRYAN & JOHN RICHARDSON - Harold Cohen Paintings 1960-1965
14526: ROBERTSON, WILLIAM - An Historical Disquisition Concerning the Knowledge Which the Ancients Had of India; and the Progress of Trade with That Country Prior to the Discovery of the Passage to It by the Cape of Good Hope. With an Appendix, Containing Observations on the CIVIL Policy - the Laws and Judicial Proceedings - the Arts - the Sciences - and Religious Institutions, of the Indians
17499: ROBIN - Naughty Boys Bath Book No. 2
18166: ROBINS, ANNA GRUETZNER - Modern Art in Britain 1910 - 1914
15979: ROBINSON. JOHN - A Guide to the Lakes in Cumberland, Westmorland and Lancashire Illustrated with Twenty Views of Local Scenery, and a Travelling Map of the Adjacent Country
14554: ROBINSON, H. P. - Homeland, Being Photographic Reproductions of All the Principal Places of Interest Throughout the British Isles. In Town Supplment
10579: ROBINSON, H. P. - Picture Making by Photography
1201: ROBINSON, H.P. - Letters on Landscape Photography
11443: ROBINSON, H. P. - The Studio, and What to Do in It
8275: ROBINSON, H. P. - Picture-Making by Photography
17235: RODWELL, G. F. - South by East. Notes of Travels in Southern Europe.
9439: ROGERS, MARK - Down Thames Street
14911: ROGERS, SAMUEL - Recollections of the Table-Talk of Samuel Rogers. To Which Is Added Porsoniana
17760: ROGERS, P. G. - The Dutch in the Medway
12354: ROITER, FULVIO - Essere Venezia
15179: ROITZ, CHARLES - Charles Roitz, Photographs and Photosculpture
11218: RONALDS, ALFRED - The Fly-Fisher's Entomology, Illustrated by Coloured Representations of the Natural and Artificial Insect. And Accompanied by a Few Observations and Instructions Relative to Trout-and-Grayling Fishing
15236: ROODENBURG, LINDA (EDITOR) - Photoworks in Progress. Constructing Identity
13601: ROSCOE, THOMAS & J. D. HARDING (ILLUSTRATOR) - The Tourist in France, Landscape Annual Series
3577: ROSE, ALFRED. - Register of Erotic Books. Vel (Sub Hac Specie) Dubiorum: Opus Bibliographicum Et Praecipue Bibliothecariis Destinatum. Volume Two.
18129: ROSEN, JEFF - Julia Margaret Cameron's Fancy Subjects. Photographic Allegories of Victorian Identity and Empire
18130: ROSEN, JEFF - Julia Margaret Cameron's Fancy Subjects. Photographic Allegories of Victorian Identity and Empire
12320: ROSS, NEIL (EDITOR) - Heroic Poetry from the Book of the Dean of Lismore
16502: ROSSETTI, DANTE GABRIEL. WITH PREFACE AND NOTES BY WILLIAM M. ROSSETTI - Collected Works of Dante Gabriel Rossetti. 2 Volumes.
16797: ROSSETTI, D. G. - The Staff and the Scrip
18212: ROTH, HENRY LING - The Natives of Sarawak and British North Borneo. Complete in 2 Volumes.
14595: ROTHENSTEIN, JOHN - British Artists and the War
7218: ROUTLEDGE, MRS SCORESBY - The Mystery of Easter Island. The Story of an Expedition
10933: ROWSE, A. L. - The Regicides
17519: ROYAL COLLEGE OF ART - Stroke. An Adult Magazine
18109: ROYAL ACADEMY OF ARTS. F. ST GEORGE SPENDLOVE (EDITOR) - Catalogue of the International Exhibition of Chinese Art, 1935-6. Catalogue & Illustrated Supplement.
13117: ROYE - The Irish Maid. Forty-Eight Photographic Studies
13116: ROYE - Desiree
16261: RUBIN, WILLIAM - Primitivism in 20th Century Art: Affinity of the Tribal and the Modern. 2 Volumes.
10602: RUBY, JAY - Secure the Shadow: Death & Photography in America
7525: RUFF, THOMAS - Thomas Ruff
18102: RUFFER, VERONICA, AND A. J. TAYLOR - Medieval Studies Presented to Rose Graham
18168: RUSSELL-TAYLOR, JOHN - Edward Wolfe
17816: RUSSELL, CONRAD - The Origins of the English CIVIL War (Problems in Focus)
17270: RUTHERFORD, W, GUNION - The New Phrynichus
17703: SACHEVERELL, HENRY - The Tryal of Dr. Henry Sacheverell, Before the House of Peers, for High Crimes and Misdemeanors; Upon an Impeachment by the Knights, Citizens and Burgesses in Parliament Assembled (Etc). Published by Order of the House of Peers
16056: SAINT-PIERRE, BERNARDIN DE. TRANSLATED BY HENRY HUNTER - Studies of Nature by James-Henry-Bernardin de Saint-Pierre. Complete in 4 Volumes.
6371: SALA, GEORGE AUGUSTUS - Paris Herself Again in 1878-9. Two Volumes
5328: SALGADO, SEBASTIAO - Sebastiao Salgado: An Uncertain Grace
16441: SALK, JONAS - How Like an Angel: Biology and the Nature of Man
17605: SALLY ALATALO - Sara Ranchouse Publishing. Books, Multiples, & Art at Large 1999-2000
14663: SALMON, CHARLES EDGAR - Flora of Surrey: Being an Account of the Flowering Plants, Ferns and Characeae with Notes on the Topography, Climate and Geology and a History of the Botanical Investigation of the County
13069: SALOMONS, VERA - Charles Eisen (Xviiith Century French Book-Illustrators). With a Preface by Emile Bertaux
10963: SALVERTE, EUSEBE. WITH NOTES ILLUSTRATIVE, EXPLANATORY, AND CRITICAL BY ANTHONY TODD THOMSON - The Occult Sciences. The Philosophy of Magic, Prodigies and Apparent Miracles. Two Volumes
16669: SAN LAZZARO G. DI - Xxe Siècle N° 38 Nouvelle Série - Xxxive Année - Juin 1972 - Panorama 72
7483: SANDBY, PAUL - A Collection of Select Views in England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland; Engraved by the Most Eminent Artists After Drawings by Paul Sandby, Esq. R.A.
9192: SANDEMAN, CHRISTOPHER - Thyme and Bergamot
17869: SANDERSON, JOHN - But the People's Creatures. The Philosophical Basis of the English CIVIL War
7549: SANDIFORD, W.J. - The Process Engravers Compendium for Users of Photo-Process Engraving, a Description of the Reproductive Processes Allied to the Printing Trade
8162: SASSOON, SIEGFRIED - Memoirs of a Fox-Hunting Man
17298: SASSOON, SIEGFRIED - The Complete Memoirs of George Sherston
16671: SASSOON, SIEGFRIED. BARNETT FREEDMAN (ILLUSTRATOR) - Memoirs of an Infantry Officer
11334: SAUDEK, JAN - Die Welt Des Jan Saudek. Photographs. The Master Collection Book III
18151: SAUL, NIGEL - Richard II (Yale English Monarchs)
12383: SAVARY, (CLAUDE ÉTIENNE) - Letters on Greece; Being a Sequel to Letters on Egypt, and Containing Travels Through Rhodes, Crete, and Other Islands of the Archipelago
7462: SCARTH, THE REV. H. M. - Aquae Solis, or Notices of Roman Bath
15208: SCHAAF, LARRY J. - Out of the Shadows: Herschel, Talbot, & the Invention of Photography
15094: SCHAAF, LARRY J. - Sun Pictures. Catalogue Four: The Harold White Collection of Historical Photographs from the Circle of Talbot
187: SCHAEFFER, SAMUEL BERNARD - Morning Noon Night
17555: SCHÄFER, HERBERT - Rost (Ein Deutsches Material)
17510: SCHENK, CLAUDIA. - Found Words - No. 5. Shop Signs, Brixton. 15/03/99
17940: SCHERER, MARGARET, R. - Marvels of Ancient Rome
15039: SCHIEFLER, GUSTAV - Verzeichnis Des Graphischen Werks Edvard Munchs Bis 1906; Edvard Munch. Das Graphische Wer 1906-1926. 2 Volumes.
15185: SCHMID, JOACHIM - Knipsen: Private Fotografie in Deutschland Von 1900 Bis Heute. Taking Snapshots: Amateur Photography in Germany from 1900 to the Present
15104: SCHMID, JOACHIM - Sinterklaas Ziet Alles / Photowork(S) in Progress
13225: SCHMIDT-DEGENER, F. - Adriaen Brouwer Et Son Evolution Artistique
11234: SCHMIDT-LINSENHOFF, VIKTORIA - Architekturfotografie Und Stadtentwicklung 1850-1914
16929: SCHMIDT, OSCAR - The Doctrine of Descent and Darwinism
17436: SCHNESSEL, S. MICHAEL - Icart
14299: SCHOMBERG, R. C. F. - Unkown Karakoram
8853: SCHREIBER, WILHELM LUDWIG (EDITOR) - Defensorium Inviolatae Virginitatis Mariae. Aus Der Druckerei Der Hurus in Saragossa in Faksimile-Reproduktion
8327: SCHRETLEN, M. J. - Dutch and Flemish Woodcuts of the Fifteenth Century. With a Foreword by M.J. Friedlaender
16068: SCHRODER, JOHN - Collecting Rupert Brooke
10054: SCHRÖTER, C. & L. SCHRÖTER - Taschenflora Des Alpen-Wanderers. 207 Kolorierte Und 10 Schwarze Abbildungen Von Verbreiteten Alpenpflanzen Nach Der Natur Gezeichnet Und Gemalt Von Ludwig Schröter, Mit Kurzen Botanischen Notizen in Deutscher, Französischer Und Englischer Sprache Von C. Schröter
12043: SCHUBERT, GOTTHILF HEINRICH VON - Altes Und Neues Aus Dem Gebiete Der Innern Seelenkunde. Two Volumes.
8248: SCHUH, GOTTHARD - Iles Des Dieux
6260: SCHULTZE, LEONHARD - Zoologische Und Anthropologische Ergebnisse Einer Forschungsreise IM Westlichen Und Zentralen Südafrika, Ausgeführt in Den Jahren 1903-1905, Etc. Funfter Band. Systematik, Tiergeographie Und Anthropologie. Mit 44 Abbildungen, 1 Karte Und 5 Kurverndarstellungen IM Text, 8 Tafeln Und 18 Heliogravure-Tafeln. Denkschriften Der Medizinisch- Naturwissenschaftlichen Gesellschaft Zu Jena.
6460: SCHULZ, MAX F. - Paradise Preserved. Recreations of Eden in Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century England
11315: SCHUNEMAN, R. SMITH (EDITOR) - Photographic Communication : Principles, Problems and Challenges of Photojournalism
10195: SCHWARBERG, GUNTHER - In the Ghetto of Warsaw: Heinrich Jost's Photographs
17494: SCHWARTZ, EBBE ET AL - Erster Uefa Kongress: Kongress Der "Union of the European Football Associations" in Wien, Vom 1. Bis 3. März 1955. First Uefa Congress. Premier Congres de L'Uefa.
11216: SCHWEIDLER, MARY. W. MEINHOLD (EDITOR). LADY DUFF GORDON (TRANSLATOR) - The Amber Witch. The Most Interesting Trial for Witchcraft Ever Known, Printed from an Imperfect Manuscript by Her Father Abraham Schweidler, the Pastor of Coserow, in the Island of Usedom
17774: SCHWOERER, PROFESSOR LOIS G. - The Declaration of Rights, 1689
12440: SCOBIE, CAPTAIN I. H. MACKAY - An Old Highland Fencible Corps. The History of the Reay Fencible Highland Regiment of Foot, or Mackay's Highlanders 1794-1802. With an Account of Its Services in Ireland During the Rebellion of 1798
17731: SCOTT, JONATHAN - Algernon Sidney and the Restoration Crisis, 1677-1683 (Cambridge Studies in Early Modern British History)
614: SCOTT, ARTHUR. JOHN COLEMAN ADAMS - Nature Studies in Berkshire
3526: SCOTT, SIR WALTER. - The Lady of the Lake.
13285: SCOTT, WALTER SIDNEY (EDITOR). SHELLEY, HOGG, PEACOCK, HUNT - The Athenians Being Correspondence between Thomas Jefferson Hogg and His Friends Thomas Love Peacock, Leigh Hunt, Percy Bysshe Shelley, and Others [with] Harriet & Mary Being the Relations between Perce Bysshe Shelley, Harriet Shelley, Mary Shelley, and [... ] Hogg [with] Shelley at Oxford. The Early Correspondence of P.B. Shelley with His Friend T.J. Hogg Together with Letters of Mary Shelley and T.L. Peacock and a Hitherto Unpublished Prose Fragment by Shelley. 3 Volume Set, Complete
7262: SCOTT, R.F. & LEONARD HUXLEY (EDITOR) - Scott's Last Expedition (2 Volumes)
18188: SCOTT, PETER KENNEDY - A Romantic Look at Norwich School Landscapes - by a Handful of Great Little Masters
6219: SCOTT, SIR WALTER - The Lady of the Lake. With All His Introductions, Various Readings, and the Editor's Notes.
2269: SCOTT, SIR WALTER - The Poetical Works of Sir Walter Scott, Bart.
13282: SCROPE, WILLIAM - The Scrope Portfolio. Days and Nights of Salmon Fishing: The Portfolio of Three Colour Plates and Twelve Black and White Plates
13281: SCROPE, WILLIAM - Days and Nights of Salmon Fishing
18081: SEARLE, RONALD & KAYE WEBB - Looking at London
16912: SÉDILLOT, RENÉ - Deux Cent Cinquante Ans D'Industrie En Lorraine. La Maison de Wendel de MIL Sept Cent Quatre a Nos Jours. Deux Cent Cinquante Ans D'Industrie En Lorraine.
18175: SEDLMAYR, HANS - Art in Crisis: The Lost Centre
13769: SEGAL, LORE; MAURICE SENDAK; RANDALL JARRELL - The Juniper Tree, and Other Tales from Grimm. 2 Volumes
17805: SEGALEN, MARTINE - Love and Power in the Peasant Family: Rural France in the Nineteenth Century
6209: SEGANTINI. GOTTARDO SEGANTINI - Giovanni Segantini. Sein Leben Und Seine Werke
15175: SEKULA, ALLAN - Geography Lesson: Canadian Notes
16805: SELLARS, DAVID - Jjammin
14587: SENNETT, A. R. - Garden Cities in Theory and Practice. Being an Amplification of a Paper on the Potentialities of Applied Science in a Garden City Read Before Section F of the British Association. Complete in 2 Volumes
6750: SERMAISE, ROBERT - The Fleshly Prelude
17938: SEWELL, FATHER BROCARD (EDITOR) - Two Friends John Gray & Andre Raffalovich. Essays Biographical & Critical with Three Letters from Andre Raffalovich to J. -K. Huysmans
6065: SEYMOUR-JONES, ALFRED - The Sheep and Its Skin
5511: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM. JACK WOLFGANG BECK (ILLUSTRATOR) - The First & Second Parts of King Henry the IV
16928: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM. - The Works of William Shakespeare, in Eight Volumes. In Which the Beauties Observed by Pope, Warburton, and Dodd, Are Pointed out.
15997: SHAKSPEARE, WILLIAM. SHAKESPEARE. - The Handy-Volume Shakspeare. Complete in 13 Volumes.
8045: SHAND, BRUCE - Previous Engagements
17807: SHARPE, KEVIN - Sir Robert Cotton, 1586-1631: History and Politics in Early Modern England (Oxford Historical Monographs)
17827: SHARPE, KEVIN - The Personal Rule of Charles I
17875: SHARPE, KEVIN - Reading Revolution: The Politics of Reading in Early Modern England
17763: SHARPE, KEVIN - Politics & Ideas in Early Stuart England
17586: SHARWOOD, JUDI - Le Weekend
16136: SHAW, BERNARD - Passion Play
9448: SHEILDS, F. W. - The Strains on Structures of Iron Work with Practical Remarks on Iron Construction
14576: SHEPARD, ERNEST H. INTRODUCTION BY A. A. MILNE - Fun and Fantasy. A Book of Drawings from Punch by Ernest H. Shepard
13623: SHEPHARD, RUPERT - Passing Scene. Eighteen Images of Southern Africa by Rupert Shephard
6778: SHEPHERD, THOMAS H. & NEALE, JOHN PRESTON - Modern Athens! Displayed in a Series of Views: Or Edinburgh in the Nineteenth Century [Bound with Scotland Illustrated] Views of the Seats of Noblemen and Gentlemen... , [Scottish Counties]
15473: SHERCLIFF, W. H. - Morality to Adventure: Manchester Polytechnic's Collection of Children's Books 1840-1939
11782: SHIEL, M. P. - Dr. Krasinski’S Secret
10469: SHIELDS, CAROL - Unless. A Novel
9760: SHLOSS, CAROL - In Visible Light: Photography and the American Writer: 1840-1940
6064: SHORE, STEPHEN - The Nature of Photographs
8158: SHORTER, DORA SIGERSON - Collected Poems of Dora Sigerson Shorter
17728: SHREWSBURY, J. F. D. - A History of Bubonic Plague in the British Isles
14085: SIEBER, F. W. - Travels in the Island of Crete in the Year 1817
1715: SILVERMAN, LYNN - Furniture Fictions
2572: SIMMONDS, P. L. - Animal Products. Their Preparation, Commercial Uses and Value.
6885: SIMMS, ROBERT - Bibliotheca Staffordiensis; or, a Bibliographical Account of Books and Other Printed Matter Relating to Printed or Published in or Written by a Native, Resident, or Person Deriving a Title from Any Portion of the County of Stafford... . Etc
16219: SIMON, A. P. - Manchester Made over
17666: SIMPSON, JAMES. J. L. M. POIRET. BENJAMIN FRANKLIN. GYMNASTICS. - A Visit to Flanders in July 1815, Being Chiefly an Account of the Field of Waterloo [Bound with] Travels Through Barbary in a Series of Letters, Written from the Ancient Numidia, in the Years 1785 and 1786,... Translated from the French of the Abbe Poiret [Bound with] the Art of Swimming, Made Safe, Easy, Pleasant, and Healthful, by Attention to the Instructions Herein Set Forth... : To Which Are Added, Cautions to Learners, and an Advice to Bathers by the Late Celebrated Dr Benjamin Franklin [Bound with] Gymnastics, and Their Influence on the Mind and Body Considered; with Practical Rules for the Different Exercises of the Gymnasium; and an Account of the London Gymnastic Society.
7249: SIMPSON, HAROLD - A Century of Ballads 1810-1910 Their Composers and Singers. With Some Introductory Chapters on 'Old Ballads and Ballad-Makers'
17710: SIMPSON, ALAN - The Wealth of the Gentry 1540-1660. East Anglian Studies.
6125: SINGH, RAGHUBIR & JEAN DELOCHE - The Grand Trunk Road. A Passage Through India
15155: SIPLEY, LOUIS WALTON - A Half Century of Color 1900-1950: 4th Biennial Exhibition of Color Photography and Reproduction
14847: SIR WILLIAM RUSSELL FLINT - Drawings by Sir William Russell Flint
14908: SISMONDI, J.C.L. SIMONDE DE - Historical View of the Literature of the South of Europe. Translated from the Original, with Notes, by Thomas Roscoe. Complete in 4 Volumes.
15974: SISMONDI, J. C. L. DE - Italian Republics; or the Origin, Progress, and Fall of Italian Freedom
17353: SISSON, C. H. (EDITOR) - The English Sermon Volume Two 1650 - 1750. An Anthology.
11309: SKARDA, AUGUSTIN - Ceskoslovenska Fotografie 1933
16516: SKEAT, WALTER W. WILLIAM LANGLAND - The Vision of Wiliam Concerning Piers the Plowman. Set Complete in 4 Volumes. 1. Parallel Extracts from Forty-Five Manuscripts of Piers Plowman, with Notes Upon Their Relation to the Society's Three-Text Edition of This Poem. The Vernon Text; or Text A.2. The Vision of Wiliam Concerning Piers the Plowman : The Crowley Text; or Text B.3. The Vision of Wiliam Concerning Piers the Plowman : The Whitaker Text; or Text C.4. The Vision of Wiliam Concerning Piers the Plowman : General Preface, Notes, and Indexes.
17847: SKERPAN, ELIZABETH - The Rhetoric of Politics in the English Revolution 1642-1660
7177: SKINNER, MARTIN - Old Rectory: Epilogue
8913: SKIRVING, EDWARD SCOT (EDITOR) - Cheltenham College Register 1841-1927
11238: SKOPEC, RUDOLF - Nadar
17858: SLACK, PAUL - The Impact of Plague in Tudor and Stuart England
13466: SLADEN, DOUGLAS - Sicily. The New Winter Resort, an Encyclopaedia of Sicily
13933: SLEIGH, JOHN - A History of the Parish of Leek in Staffordshire Including Horton, Cheddleton and Ipstones
9796: SMILANSKY, SARA - The Effects of Sociodramatic Play on Disadvantaged Pre-School Children
17673: SMILES, SAMUEL - Lives of the Engineers, with an Account of Their Principal Works : Comprising Also a History of Inland Communication in Britain. Complete in 3 Volumes.
13650: SMITH, STEVIE - A Good Time Was Had by All
7135: SMITH, GEORGE - Bishop Heber. Poet and Chief Missionary to the East. Second Lord Bishop of Calcutta 1783 - 1826
7676: SMITH, ANDREW - Illustrations of the Zoology of South Africa; Consisting Chiefly of Figures and Descriptions of the Objects of Natural History Collected During an Expedition Into the Interior of South Africa, in the Years 1834,1835, and 1836; Fitted out by "the Cape of Good Hope Association for Exploring Central Africa". Together with a Summary of African Zoology,
7149: SMITH, CHARLES ROACH. ILLUSTRATED BY F. W. FAIRHOLT - The Antiquities of Richborough, Reculver, and Lymne, in Kent
13444: SMITH, SIR HUBERT LLEWELLYN - The History of East London
17649: SMITH, DR. JOHN - Choir Gaur : The Grand Orrery of the Ancient Druids, Commonly Called Stonehenge on Salisbury Plain, Astronomically Explained and Mathematically Proved to Be a Temple Erected in the Earliest Ages . .
17733: SMITH, DAVID L. - Constitutional Royalism and the Search for Settlement, C. 1640-1649 (Cambridge Studies in Early Modern British History)
13602: SMITH, REV. EDWIN W, AND CAPT. A. M. DALE - The Ila-Speaking Peoples of Northern Rhodesia. Two Volumes, Complete
7044: SMITH, THORNE - Topper. An Improbable Adventure
17687: SMITH, THOMAS ASSHETON. SIR JOHN E. EARDLEY-WILMOT (EDITOR) - Reminiscences of the Late Thomas Assheton Smith, Esq. On the Pursuits of an English Gentleman by Sir John E. Eardley-Wilmot, Bart.
16059: SMOLLETT, T. - The History of England, from the Revolution to the Death of George II : (Designed As a Continuation of Mr. Hume's History. )... By T. Smollett, M.D. To Which Is Prefixed, the Life of the Author, with Critical Observations on His Works, by Robert Anderson,... In Five Volumes.
13641: SMYTHE, ROBERT - Historical Account of Charter-House; Compiled from the Works of Hearne and Bearcroft, Harleian, Cottonian, and Private Mss. By a Carthusian
8277: SNYDER, JOEL - American Frontiers. The Photographs of Timothy H. O'Sullivan, 1867-1874
15661: SOMERVILLE, H. G. - Curiosities of Impecuniosity
6031: SOMERVILLE, GEORGE W. - Lays of the Highlands, Romances and Poems.
9384: SONNENFELD, LENI. JAMES YOUNG - Eyes of Memory: Photographs from the Archives of Herbert & Leni Sonnenfeld
14273: SORENSEN, VILLY. W. GLYNN JONES (TRANSLATOR) - Seneca : The Humanist at the Court of Nero
18066: SOTHEBY & CO. - The Aldenham Library Catalogue.
18193: SOTHEBY'S - Lewis Carroll's Alice. The Photographs, Books, Papers and Personal Effects of Alice Liddell and Her Familiy.
17233: SOTHEBY'S - Paintings and Drawings by Jean Hugo and Jean Cocteau
18065: SOTHEBY & CO. - Catalogue of Valuable Printed Books, Illuminated and Other Manuscripts, Autograph Letters, Persian and Indian Miniatures, Etc.
11480: SOWARD, ALFRED W. - The Law and Practice of Estate Duty (Finance Acts, 1894 to 1900)
13284: SOWERBY, G. B. - A Conchological Manual
17708: SPALDING, RUTH - The Improbable Puritan: A Life of Bulstrode Whitelocke, 1605-75
10809: SPARROW, GEOFFREY & J.N. MACBEAN ROSS - On Four Fronts with the Royal Naval Division
8267: SPENCE, JO & JOAN SOLOMON (EDITORS) - What Can a Woman Do with a Camera? Photography for Women
15132: SPENDER, HUMPHREY - Worktown People. Photographs from Northern England 1937-38
15169: SPENDER, HUMPHREY - Lensman. Photographs 1932-52. Humphrey Spender
7174: SPENDER, HUMPHREY - Lensman. Photographs 1932-52. Humphrey Spender
16044: SPENSER, EDMUND - The Works of Mr Edmund Spenser. In Six Volumes. With a Glossary Explaining the Old and Obscure Words. Publish'd by Mr Hughes. Complete in 6 Volumes.
17601: SPIELMANN, HELMUT - Laubgesange
17689: ST. JOHN HOPE, SIR WILLIAM H. - Cowdray and Easebourne Priory in the County of Sussex
18211: ST. JOHN, SPENCER; TOM HARRISSON - Life in the Forests of the Far East. Complete in Two Volumes
18048: ST. GREGORY THE GREAT - The Life of Our Most Holy Father S. Benedict. Being the Second Book of the Dialogues of St. Gregory the Great with the Rule of the Same Holy Patriarch
11130: STANESBY, SAMUEL (ILLUSTRATOR) - Aphorisms of the Wise and Good
14765: STEARN, WILLIAM & FREDERICK A. ROACH - Hooker's Finest Fruits a Selection of Paintings of Fruits by William Hooker (1779-1832) [with Loosely Inserted] Hooker's Fruits. The Collector's Portfolio
17308: STEEGMULLER, FRANCIS (EDITOR). ANITA BROOKNER (FOREWORD) - The Letters of Gustave Flaubert Volumes I & II 1830-1880
8259: STEELE-PERKINS, CHRIS - The Pleasure Principle
102: (STEICHEN). GALLATIN, ALBERT E. - Modern Art at Venice and Other Notes by A.E. G.
9980: STEIN, RICHARD L. (GUEST EDITOR) - Nineteenth Century Contexts. An Interdiscplinary Journal. Volume 22, Number 4 (2001). Special Issue. Nineteenth-Century Photography: Contexts, Discourses, Legacies.
16500: STEIN, LEONARD - Syria
13328: STEINORTH, KARL - Photographen Der 20er Jahre
11663: STENDHAL. CASIMIR STRYENSKI & FRANÇOIS DE NION - Oeuvre Posthume. Journal de Stendhal (Henry Beyle) 1801-1814
9579: STEPHENS, F. G. WILLIAM MULREADY - Memorials of William Mulready Collected by F.G. Stephens
6126: STERLING, ALEX - Annigoni Spanish Sketchbook
17658: STERNE, LAURENCE - The Works of Laurence Sterne : Complete in Eight Volumes... With a Life of the Author, Written by Himself.
7916: STERNE, LAURENCE - The Beauties of Sterne; Including All His Pathetic Tales, His Humorous Descriptions, His Most Distinguished Observations on Life, and a Copious Selection from His Sermons
11396: STERNFELD, JOEL - American Prospects
7537: STERNFELD, JOEL - American Prospects
12236: STEVENS, E. S. INTRODUCTION BY SIR ARNOLD WILSON - Folk-Tales of Iraq, Set Down and Translated from the Vernacular by E.S. Stevens
17888: STEVENS, EDWARD F. - One Hundred Years of Houlders 1849-1950
16583: STEVENSON, ROBERT LOUIS - A Child's Garden of Verses
10443: STEVENSON, ROBERT LOUIS - Prayers Written at Vailima
17758: STEVENSON, JANE - The 'Laterculus Malalianus' and the School of Archbishop Theodore (Cambridge Studies in Anglo-Saxon England)
14590: STEWART, LIEUT. COLONEL RUPERT - The Victoria Cross, the Empire's Roll of Valour
1724: STIEGLITZ, ALFRED - Alfred Stieglitz. Photographs from the Collection of Georgia O'Keefe.
16953: STILLE, EMIL & PAUL - Ouro Preto E Marianna. Minas Geraes E.F. C.B. As Antigas Cidades Das Minas de Ouro. Documentaçao Photographica Da Architectura Dos Seculos XVII E XVIII No Brasil
13375: STOCKDALE, F. W. L. - Excursions in the County of Cornwall. Comprising a Concise Historical and Topographical Delineation of the Principal Towns and Villages, Together with Descriptions of the Residences of the Nobility and Gentry, Remains of the Antiquity, and Every Other Interesting Object of Curiosity; Forming a Complete Guide for the Traveller and Tourist
7143: STOCKDALE, FREDERICK - A Concise Historical & Topographical Sketch of Hastings, Winchelsea, & Rye, Including Several Other Places in the Vicinity of Those Ancient Towns
16821: STOCKTON, FRANK RICHARD. BETH HATT (COVER DESIGN) - The Magic Egg. Covent Garden Booklet Number One
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16913: VAUGHAN, E. L. (COMPILER), ADVISED BY EARL OF CAVAN - List of Etonians Who Fought in the Great War MCMXIV - MCMXIX.
12318: VENN, JOHN AND JAMES WATERWORTH - Authenticated Report of the Discussion Which Took Place between the Rev. John Venn and the Rev. James Waterworth in Saint Peter's School-Room, Hereford, on the 12th, 13th, 14th and 15th of February, 1844
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16463: VOLTAIRE - Oeuvres Complètes de Voltaire. Tome Cinquième. Théatre. Tome IV.
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18010: 56 GROUP WALES - 56 Group Wales
15180: WALKER, DAVID - Between Today and Yesterday. An Exhibition of Photography Based Artists That Have Inspired the Curator David Walker
15181: WALKER, DAVID - Between Today and Yesterday. An Exhibition of Photography Based Artists That Have Inspired the Curator David Walker
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376: WALKER, TODD - Thirty Ways to See
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17647: WALTER, JAMES - Shakespeare's True Life
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7180: WARNER, REV. RICHARD - A Walk Through Wales in August 1797 (Bound with) a Second Walk Through Wales in August and September 1798
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11206: WIEGAND, WILFRIED - Die Wahrheit Der Photographie. Klassische Bekenntnisse Zu Einer Neuen Kunst
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15538: ZOETE & BEVAN - Manual of Tea Producing Companies

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