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6319: RONI JAY - Sacred Gardens, Creating a Space for Contemplation and Mediation
P15112A: JAY, BILL - Victorian Cameraman. Francis Frith's Views of Rural England 1850-1898
P15112B: JAY, BILL - Victorian Cameraman. Francis Frith's Views of Rural England 1850-1898
P24315: JAY, BILL AND WARBURTON, NIGEL - Brandt: The Photography of Bill Brandt
P13223: JEFFREY, IAN - Magnum Landscape
P15108A: JEFFREY, IAN AND MELLOR, DAVID - The Real Thing, An Anthology of British Photographs 1840-1950 + Ephemera
P15108B: JEFFREY, IAN AND MELLOR, DAVID - The Real Thing, An Anthology of British Photographs 1840-1950 + Ephemera
P15108C: JEFFREY, IAN AND MELLOR, DAVID - The Real Thing, An Anthology of British Photographs 1840-1950
P25270: JEFFREY, IAN - Photography, A Concise History
P25271: JEFFREY, IAN - Timeframes, The Story of Photography
P10118B: JELLICOE, LORD (FOREWORD) - The Royal Geographical Society Illustrated
H396: CHARLES JENCKS - Towards a Symbolic Architecture: The Thematic House
8506: JENKINS G - Colonel Cody and the Flying Cathedral
1303: JENKINS P - Battle Over Portsmouth
C0072: JENKINS, MARTIN - Jonathan Swifts Gulliver
3561: ALAN JENKINS (INTRODUCTION) - The Forward Book of Poetry 1997
P25142: JENKINS, GWYN - On the Seashore/ Ar Lan y Môr. The photographer on the Welsh coast 1850-2012.
8793: JENKINSON A - BEA, BOAC & Balloons
P11388: JENKS, TUDOR - Photography for Young People
5761: MICHAEL JENNER - Flip Designs
P24047: JENNINGS, PAYNE - Sun Pictures of the Norfolk Broads
2228: LINDA JENNINGS - Titus's Troublesome Tooth
H0101: JENNINGS, KATE - Moral Hazard
2890: LIZ JENSEN - Egg Dancing
6409: R G JENSEN - CFS Shelburne
16779: JENSEN P (EDITOR) - The Flying Omnibus
6432: OLIVER JENSEN - The Revolt of American Women, A Pictorial History
17819: JEPPESEN - Jeppesen Aeronautical Charts
17818: JEPPESEN - Jeppesen Aeronautical Charts
8967: JERRAM M - Biplanes
6554: JERRAM M - Incredible Flying Machines
1253: JERRAM M F - P-51 Mustang Super Profile
P3000: JERROME, PETER AND NEWDICK, JONATHAN. - Not Submitted Elsewhwere
P25259: JERROME, PETER AND NEWDICK, JONATHAN. - Not Submitted Elsewhwere
15417: JESSE W - T-6 Texan, the Immortal Pilot Trainer
2730: RAJ KAMAL JHA - The Blue Bedspread
6182: RAJ KAMAL JHA - The Blue Bedspread
H0086: JILES, PAULETTE - Enemy Women
P12128: JODICE, MIMMO - Inlands, Visions of Boston
P11315: JODICE, MIMMO - Paris, City of Light
P11315A: JODICE, MIMMO - Paris, City of Light
A0125: JODIDIO, PHILIP - Architecture Now
H359: JODIDIO, PHILIP - Contemporary American Architects
TG652: JOHN, ALUN - Newspaper Photography
10106: JOHN O'GRADY - Aussie English
8381: JOHNS W E - Biggles of 266
3507: JOHNS W E - Biggles's Chinese Puzzle, and Other Biggles' Adventures
8380: JOHNS W E - Biggles of the Camel Squadron
17627: JOHNS W E - Biggles - Charter Pilot
4975: W E JOHNS - A Biggles Omnibus
4976: W E JOHNS - Biggles the Boy
3986: SHANE JOHNSON - Star Trek, The Worlds of the Federation
4595: JOHNSON B - The Secret War
P23132: JOHNSON, WILLIAM - W. Eugene Smith. A Chronological Bibliography 1934-1980
P22161: JOHNSON, GEORGE LINDSAY - Photography in Colours
P20214: JOHNSON, BROOKS - Photography Speaks II, From the Chrysler Museum Collection, 70 Photographers on Their Art
6849A: LACEY-JOHNSON L - Point Blank and Beyond
2297A: JOHNSON R W - Shootdown - The Verdict on KAL 007
0864: JOYCE JOHNSON - In the Night Cafe
1952: SUSAN JOHNSON - Flying Lessons
TBW134: JOHNSON, CHRIS - The Practical Zone System
11553: JOHNSON B - Fly Navy, A History of Maritime Aviation
TG735: JOHNSON, S C - Saturday With My Camera
16176: JOHNSON J E - Full Circle, The Story of Air Fighting
P22299: JOHNSON, WILLIAM - An Index to Articles on Photography 1977
6660: JOHNSON H - Wings Over Brooklands
12080D: JOHNSON J E - Wing Leader
P25009: JOHNSON, ROBERT FLYNN - The Face in the Lens, Anonymous Photographs,
P25009A: JOHNSON, ROBERT FLYNN - The Face in the Lens, Anonymous Photographs,
P24292: JOHNSON, BEN - Foster in View
5212: JOHNSON B - Classic Aircraft
P23376: JOHNSTON, PATRICIA A. - Real Fantasies : Edward Steichen's Advertising Photography
P10043D: JOHNSTON J D - Pictorial Photography 1905-1940
4002: IAIN JOHNSTONE - The Man with No Name
12088: JOHNSTONE S - Spitfire Into War
17323: JOINER S - Fighting Aircraft of World Wars One and Two
5816: ANTHONY TUCKER-JONES - Hitler's Great Panzer Heist
5311: SYDNEY R JONES - The Village Homes of England
8893: EDWARDS-JONES I - Air Babylon
2215: GWYN JONES - Twenty-Five Welsh Short Stories
0675: JONES T H - The Beast at the Door and Other Poems
2046: ROBIN LLOYD-JONES - The Dreamhouse
6555: JONES I - Tiger Squadron
2471: EVA JONES - Miss Stippelkin
5891: TRISTAN JONES - Outward Leg
12099: JONES I - An Air Fighter's Scrap Book
A0034: JONES, STEPHEN B. - The Eighteenth Century
7710: JONES F - Air Crash, The Clues In the Wreckage
7770: GWYNN-JONES T - Aviation's Magnificent Gamblers
H0093: JONES, SUSANNA - The Earthquake Bird
10557: CAROLYN JONES - Living Proof - Courage in the Face of Aids
11346: JONES L S - US Fighters, Army Air Force 1925-1980s
6670: HUGH CONWAY-JONES - Gloucester Docks, An Illustrated History
P13122A: JONES, PIRKLE - California Photographs
P22027: JONES, BERNARD E - Cassell's Cyclopaedia of Photography
6157: GLENN JONES (EDITOR) - Natural Words
12093: JONES B - Hawker Hunter
2452: GWYNETH JONES - Phoenix Café - SIGNED COPY
17144: RHODERICK-JONES R - Pedro, The Life and Death of Fighter Ace Osgood Villiers Hanbury
PCJ037: RUNE JONSSON - Bill Brandt
14811: JOOS G - Profile Publications No 90 - Chance Vought F-8A-E Crusader
0845: NEIL JORDAN - Sunrise with Sea Monster
9819: JORDANOFF A - Through the Overcast
9819A: JORDANOFF A - Through the Overcast
12110: JOUBERT DE LA FERTÉ, SIR P - The Third Service, The Story Behind the RAF
N0027: JOUFFROY, ALAIN - William Klein
8939A: JOY W - The Aviators
TNL266: JOYCE, PETER - The Best of Wildlife Photogrpahy in Southern Africa
P25135: JOYCE, PAUL - Hockney on Photography
2113: ALAN JUDD - The Noonday Devil
P11195: KELLER. JUDITH - Doris Ulmann
16659: JULLIAN M - The Battle of Britain
8357: ALLAN JUNIOR (EDITOR) - Burns in Scottish Scene and Song
4157: ESTELLE JUSSIM - Frederic Remington, The Camera and the Old West
1781: FREDOON KABRAJI - The Cold Flame
P24230: KACHADURIAN, THOMAS - Views from the Sleeping Bear. Photographs of the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore - SIGNED COPY
7208: JOHN M KADUCK - Mail Memories - Pictorial Guide to Postcard Collecting
PCJ039: VOLKER KAHMEN - Lewis W Hine, Kinderarbeit, USA Um 1910
PCJ025: VOLKER KAHMEN (INTRODUCTION) - Albert Renger-Patzsch
7127: VOLKER KAHMEN - Eroticism in Contemporary Art
P15139: KAISER, ROBERT & KAISER, HANNAH - Russia from the Inside
4695: BÜRGI H & KALBERER M - ColorBirds
TG695: KAMPA, THEO AND BAROW, WULF - This is Photography Afloat
17702: KAMPHUIS G H - Profile Publications No 87 - The Fokker C V
P16175: KANE, ART - The Persuasive Image
P15194: KANE, ART - Paper Dolls
P24276: KAO, DEBORAH MARTIN; SCHNEIDER, GARY - Gary Schneider : Portraits
0092: KAPLAN P - Round the Clock
PCJ043: HELLMUTH KARASEK - Menschen Von Gestern Und Heute
P14006: KARSH, YOUSUF - KARSH. American Legends
5800: EFRAIM KARSH - Saddam Hussein, A Political Biography
6245: ULLA KARTTUNEN - La Photographie et La Philosophie
P24341: KASHER, STEVEN - America and the Tintype
TG646: KATZ, J AND FOGEL, S J - Photographic Analysis
P22074: KAUFFMAN, RICHARD AND MUIR, JOHN - Gentle Wilderness The Sierra Nevada
0391: P J KAVANAGH - Scarf Jack
P25001: KAVANAGH, JIM; DYER, RICHARD - A Western Journey
0822: JIM KAVANAGH - A Journey Through Time
10290: BARBARA KAVOVIT - Room for Improvement
4395: GRAEME KAY - Life in the Street
TNL160B: KEARTON, R - Wild Life at Home
TNL160A: KEARTON, R - Wild Life at Home
9808: KEATING, H R F - The Bedside Companion to Crime
P17185A: KEE, ROBERT - The Picture Post Album, A 50th Anniversary Collection
P13228B: KEE, ROBERT - The Picture Post Album, A 50th Anniversary Collection
0602: F W KEEBLE - Observations on the Loranthaceae of Ceylon
H0014: KEEGAN, ALEX - Wild Justice
P17185: KEEL, PHILIPP - Color
3776: RAYMOND KEENE - World Chess Championship, Kasparov v Anand
4107: RAYMOND KEENE - Nigel Short's Best Games
9111: WALTER M KEESEY - Cambridge, A Sketch Book
1972: KEESING'S LIMITED - Keesing's Contemporary Camera Chronicle No 2
P22006: KEETMAN, PETER - A Week at the Volkswagon Factory: Photographs from April 1953
17528: KEIJSPER G - Joint Strike Fighter
11077: SANDRA L KEITH - California Coast
P25046: KELLEIN, THOMAS - Adam Fuss
P23315: KELLER, JUDITH - Dorothea Lange In Focus
P22050: KELLER, ULRICH - Fotografien Aus Dem Warschauer Getto
6105: MARY PAT KELLY - Martin Scorsese, A Journey
100065: CHRISTOPHER KELLY - History of the French Revolution and of the Wars Produced By That Memorable Event from the Commencement of Hostilities in 1792, to the Second Restoration of Louis XVII, & the Deportation of Napoleon Buonaparte to the Island of St. Helena., Vols 1 & 2
P11228A: KELLY, STEPHEN - Victorian Lakeland Photographers
17520: KELLY A & M - Take Flight - Celebrating Aviation in the West of England Since 1910
11682A: KELLY F C - The Wright Brothers
P10129B: KELLY, JAIN (EDITOR) - Darkroom 2
P12316: KELLY, JAIN (EDITOR) - Nude: Theory
0701: TERENCE KELLY - By Hellship to Hiroshima
14280: KELLY'S DIRECTORIES - Flight Directory of British Aviation 1974
14279: KELLY'S DIRECTORIES - Flight Directory of British Aviation 1972
16065: KELLY'S DIRECTORIES - Flight Directory of British Aviation 1973
H0143: KELMAN, JAMES - Not Not While the Giro
H0144: KELMAN, JAMES - The Burn
16622: KEMP P K - Fleet Air Arm
1798: GENE KEMP - The Mink War
4959: ANTHONY KEMP - Springboard for Overlord
15705: KEMPSKI B - Samolot Transportowy Il-18
TG449: KENDALL, G P AND WITTY, FRANK - Photographic Handbook 1936
8503: KENNEDY L - A Book of Air Journeys
8503A: KENNEDY L - A Book of Air Journeys
6290: WILLIAM KENNEDY - Billy Phelan's Greatest Game
0331: WILLIAM KENNEDY - The Ink Truck
1222: LEIGH KENNEDY - Saint Hiroshima
10116: KENNEDY L - The Airman and the Carpenter
12006: HOPE W L & KENNEDY N W - A Complete Course for the Commercial Flying Licence
P24199: KENNEL, SARAH - In the Darkroom. An Illustated Guide to Photographic Processes Before the Digital Age
2974: DAVID H KENNETT - Victorian & Edwardian Horses from Historic Photographs
7381: FRANCES KENNETT - Traditional Needlepoint
17162: KENNETT L - The First Air War 1914-1918
16796: KENT R J - Safe, Separated and Soaring
7373: ALEXANDER KENT - With All Despatch
16980: KENYON D - Appointment on Lake Michigan - SIGNED COPY
TC309A: KEPPLER, HERBERT - The Asahi Pentax Way
TC345C: KEPPLER, HERBERT - The Asahi Pentax Way
P22058: KEPPLER, VICTOR - The Eighth Art. A Life of Colour Photography - SIGNED COPY
P22058A: KEPPLER, VICTOR - The Eighth Art. A Life of Colour Photography - SIGNED COPY WITH ORIGINAL PHOTOGRAPH
4474: DIETHART KERBS (EDITOR) - Das Bildarchiv I - Rettet Die Bilder!
TNL258: KERFF, GERHARD - Photographing Landscape
0039E: KERMODE A C - Mechanics of Flight
5442: ROBIN KERROD - The Illustrated Guide to the Night Sky
14470: KERROD R - Make a Model Tornado
2422: VALERIA KERSHAW - Head Wounds
3025: DAVID KERSHAW - The Beginner's Guide to Portrait Painting
P21439: KERTESS, KLAUS - Photography Transformed, The Metropolitan Bank and Trust Collection
P10130A: KERTÉSZ, ANDRÉ - Andre Kertesz, Sixty Years of Photography
P10131B: KERTÉSZ, ANDRÉ - Landscapes
P16111: KERTÉSZ, ANDRÉ - Americana
P14215A: KERTÉSZ, ANDRÉ - Birds
TC477: KESSLER, MIKE - The Photographist. All About Shutters
P20109: KETCHUM, ROBERT GLENN - The Tongass, Alaska's Vanishing Rain Forest
P16045A: KETCHUM, ROBERT GLENN - Northwest Passage
15046: KEY A - The Fleet Air Arm: An Illustrated History
2179: MARIAN KEYES - Sushi for Beginners
A0091: KEYNES, GEOFFREY - William Blake. Poet, Printer, Prophet
P25008: KEZICH, TULLIO - Federico Fellini The Films
P20092: KIDD, DOROTHY I - To See Oursels. Rural Scotland in Old Photographs
17502: KIEHL H - Kampfgeschwader "Legion Condor" 53
TC440: KILBEY, WALTER - Advanced Hand-Camera Work
11707: KILDUFF P - Douglas A-4 Skyhawk
11708: KILDUFF P - Over the Battlefronts, Amazing Air Action of World War One
11709: KILDUFF P - Richthofen, Beyond the Legend
17286: KILDUFF P - Red Baron, The Life and Death of an Ace
11712: KILLEN J A - The Luftwaffe: A History
11711: KILLEN J A - A History of Marine Aviation
P24350: KILLIP, CHRIS - Pirelli Work
H0098: KILMER, NICHOLAS - Dirty Linen
TC403: KILPATRICK, DAVID - Using Zoom Lenses with your 35mm SLR
TBW183: KILPATRICK, DAVID - The Step-by-Step Darkroom Course
7780A: KIMM L A - Wings Over Nazeing 1945-1954
H0072: KINDERSLEY, TANIA - Nothing to Lose
2799: PETER KING - Scott's Last Journey
2520: RONALD KING - The World of Kew
7066: JEAN YATES & SUE KING - Dunstable and District at War From Eyewitness Accounts - Plus CD
14208: KING J - Warbirds Around the World
0277: STEPHEN KING - Dolores Claiborne
1195: FRANCIS KING - A Hand at the Shutter
3640: KING K M - The Book of Flight
0422: ROSS KING - Domino
6200: STEPHEN KING - Rose Madder
0842: STEPHEN KING - Insomnie
8135: KING J L - Wings of Man, the Legend of Captain Dick Merrill
5781: BERYL KINGSTON - Avalanche of Daisies - SIGNED COPY
9035: ALFRED KINGSTON - East Anglia and the Great Civil War
6211: MAXINE HONG KINGSTON - Tripmaster Monkey
4880: MILES KINGTON - Welcome to Kington
10799: ELLENOR HANDLEY & MARTIN KINNA - Royal Opera House Covent Garden, A History from 1732
2304: KINSEY G - Seaplanes - Felixstowe
10198: ANGELA KIRBY - Gardening in Small Spaces
P19174: KISMARIC, CAROLE - Walker Evans
P16156: KISMARIC, SUSAN - American Children
P21371: KISSANE, DR NOEL - Ex Camera, 1860-1960 : Photographs from the Collections of the National Library of Ireland
TC308: KISSELBACH, THEO - The Leica-Flex Book
TC308A: KISSELBACH, THEO - The Leica-Flex Book
TC308B: KISSELBACH, THEO - The Leica-Flex Book
14277: STEIRMAN H V & KITTLER G D - The First Transatlantic Flight, 1919
9738: ROBERT KITTREDGE - Skylight
14408: KLAAUW R V D - Profile Publications No 176 - The Fokker T.VIII
P21099: KLAHR, FLORA LARA AND ELLIOT, DAVID - Tierra y Libertad. Photographs of Mexico 1900-1935
0836: COLLEEN KLEIN - The Heart in the Casket
1965: IVAN KLÍMA - No Saints or Angels
1106: PENNY KLINE - Turning Nasty
A0015A: KLINGENDER, F D - Hogarth and English Caricature
3850: JEFFREY KLUGER - The Apollo Adventure
A0070: KNACKFUSS, H - Van Dyck
2544: MATTHEW KNEALE - English Passengers
2915: MATTHEW KNEALE - Sweet Thames
7171: ARTHUR KNIGHT (INTRODUCTION) - The New York Times Directory of the Film
TG116: KNIGHT, GEORGE - Photography Hints and Tips
2306B: KNIGHT G - Concorde, The Inside Story
11741: KNIVETON G N - Wings of Mann
P21069: KNORR, KAREN - Genii Loci, The Photographic Work of Karen Knorr
9728: KNOTT R C - The Black Cats
P11229: KNOTT, HERBIE - Blackand White
P11229A: KNOTT, HERBIE - Blackand White
3970: JOHN KOBAL - The Top 100 Movies
4178: CAROLYN KOZO COLE & KATHY KOBAYASHI - Pictures From Ethnic Family Albums
P22355A: KOCH, ROBERTO (EDITOR) - Photo Box, Bringing the Great Photographers Into Focus
7654: KODAK - Kodak's Look at Life, Award Winning Photography
4091: KODAK - Film Data - Selection and Use of Kodak and Eastman Motion Picture Films
14209: KODAK - Photointerpretation and Its Uses
TG493B: KODAK - KODAK Magazine Volume 12
TG493A: KODAK - The KODAK Magazine Volume 12
TG493: KODAK - KODAK Magazine Volume 12
TG469: KODAK - Basic Principles of Business Management for the Small Photographic Studio
TG466: KODAK - Kodak Handbook for the Professional Photographer
TG586: KODAK - The Kodak Magazine 1926
TBW71: KODAK - Kodak Professional Black & White Films
TBW71A: KODAK - Kodak Professional Black & White Films
TG675: EASTMAN KODAK - How to make Good Pictures
TCL65: KODAK - The Photography of Coloured Objects
TG706: EASTMAN KODAK - Photo Topics and Techniques
TBW205: KODAK - Process Monitoring of Kodak Black & White Films
TBW204: KODAK - Black-and-White Darkroom Dataguide
P12073: KOENIG, THILO - Otto Steinert and His Students. Photography and Education 1948 to 1978
P24221: KOETZLE, HANS-MICHAEL - Photo Icons.The Story Behind the Pictures Volume 2
1597: SHEILA KOHLER - Miracles in America
TNL161: KOHLER, ANNEMARIE AND KOHLER, DANJA - Underwater Photography Handbook
15529: GORDON Y & KOMISSAROV D - Ilyushin Il-28 Beagle, Light Attack Bomber
8789: GORDON Y & KOMISSAROV D - Soviet/Russian AWACS Aircraft
17824: KONIAREK J - Polish Air Force 1939-1945
H0031: KOPPERUD, GUNNAR - The Time of Light
P20032A: KORNISS, PÉTER - Passing Times - SIGNED COPY
6428: PETER KORNISS - Fotografije Madarska, PLUS an Original Photograph
P15003G: KOUDELKA, JOSEF - Chaos
4366: FRANTISEK KOZIK - Vlast Líbezná
P25119: KOZLOFF, MAX - The Theatre of the Face Portrait Photography Since 1900
P13234: KOZLOFF, M AND THOMAS, L - The Restless Decade. John Gutemann's Photographs of the Thirties
P13070: KRATOCHVIL, ANTONIN - Incognito
TCL85: KRAUSE, PETER AND SHULL, HENRY - Complete Gude to Cibachrome Printing
4660: ROLF H KRAUSS - Die Fotografie in Der Karikatur
2207: NORMAN KREITMAN (EDITOR) - The Dove in Flames, An Anthology of Modern Verse
1616: SUE KRISMAN - Ducks and Drakes
2118: KRIST, GARY - Bad Chemistry
TC467: KROSS, W - The Photo-Guide. Sharp Focus and Accurate Exposure
P22075: KRUTCH, JOSEPH WOOD - Baja California and the Geography of Hope
14405: KRYBUS J - Profile Publications No 152 - The Avia B.534
P24244: KUHN, ANNETTE AND MCALLISTER, KIRSTEN, EMIKO - Locating Memory, Photographic Acts
P16084: KUMLER, KIPTON - Kipton Kumler Photographs
4164: PHILIP KUNHARDT - Life, The First Fifty Years
1631: IRMA KURTZ - Sob, Sister
1045: IRMA KURTZ - Dear London - SIGNED COPY
5794: ARTHUR KUTCHER - Looking at London
P15115: KUZNETSOVA, LJALJA - Gypsies. Free Spirits of the Open Steppe
P24174: KWON, BOO MOON - Boo Moon
P24282: KYDD, JOHNNY SHAND - Crash
8748: KYSOR H D - Aircraft in Distress
P25075: NATIONAL PHYSICAL LABORATORY - A Hundred Years of Photographs
P15031: LAGERFELD, KARL - Escape from Circumstances.
P12161A: LAGERFELD, KARL - Karl Lagerfeld, Fotograf, Photographer, Photographe
P23406: LAI, DAVID C. - Pentothal Postcards
7152: STUART LAING - The Illustrated Hitler Diary 1917-1945
1357: DONALD D & LAKE J - US Navy & Marine Corps Air Power Directory
15834: LAKE C - Jersey Airport, The First 50 Years, 1937-1987
6095: PATRICIA LAMBERT - False Witness
P23328: LAMBRECHTS, ERIC AND SALU, LUC - Photography and Literature: An International Bibliography of Monographs
16677: LAMING T - Training the High Flyers
8124A: LAMING T - The Vulcan Story 1952-2002
14213: LAMING T - RAF Fighter Pilot
17811: LANCHESTER F W - The Flying Machine - The Aerofoil in the Light of Theory and Experiment
P16123: LANDAU, JACOB M - Abdul-Hamid's Palestine
12150: LANDE D - From Somewhere in England - The Life and Times of 8th AF Fighter and Ground Crews in WWII
5491: JACK LANDER - A Millennial Look at World Cinema
H235: LANDOR, WALTER SAVAGE - Charles James Fox
10507: LANE J - The Redwing Story
P23160: LANE, BARRY - Sir Benjamin Stone, Photographer
5080: ANDREW LANG - Lost Leaders
P13399: LANGE, DOROTHEA - Dorothea Lange Looks at The American Country Woman
P24224: LANGE, DOROTHEA - Photographs of a Lifetime + Loose Ephemera
P23165: LANGFORD, MARTHA AND POWELL, ROB - Anima Mundi Still Life in Britain. La Nature Vive En Grande Bretagne
TG496: LANGFORD, MICHAEL - SLR Handbook Basic Photography Series
TG457A: LANGFORD, MICHAEL - Basic Photography
TBW113: LANGFORD, MICHAEL - The Darkroom Handbook
TG631B: LANGFORD, MICHAEL - Basic Photography
TG631C: LANGFORD, MICHAEL - Basic Photography
TG632B: LANGFORD, MICHAEL - Advanced Photography
4542: JOSEPHINE LANGHAM - Lights Camera Action! Careers in Film, Television and Video
4868: ANDREW LANGLEY - The Illustrated Book of Questions and Answers
N0006: LANGLEY, DEREK - Cambridge Mists
TCL105: LANGLEY, RUSSELL - All about Colour with Kodachrome
2018: JAYNE LANIGAN - Paul Young Special
7181: LYDIA LANSINK - Van Dolf Van Gendt Naar Bernard Haitink 1888-1978
P24257: LAPIDES, M - On the Wind. The Marine Photographs of Norman Fortier
P22287: LAPOW, HARRY - Coney Island Beach People
P24006: LAPSLEY, ROBERT AND WESTLAKE, MICHAEL - Film Theory: An Introduction
P22360: LARDINOIS, BRIGITTE - Magnum Magnum
P25012: LARDINOIS, BRIGITTE - Eve Arnold's People
12154: LARKIN D - The Aviation Art of Frank Wootton
4013: COLIN LARKIN - The Guinness Who's Who of Tap, Dance & Techno
10832: LUCINDA DE LAROQUE - Debrett's Handbook 1986
P23133: LARRABEE, CONSTANCE STUART - Celebration on the Chesapeake - SIGNED COPY
12158: LARRAZABAL J S - Air War Over Spain
4078: LASK I M (TRANSLATOR) - The Pessah Hagada
P14040B: LASSAM, ROBERT - Portrait and The Camera. A celebration of 150 years of Photography
P14040: LASSAM, ROBERT - Portrait and The Camera. A Celebration of 150 years of Photography - SIGNED COPY
P13238: LASSAM, ROBERT - Fox Talbot. Photographer
17362: LAVALLE A J C - The Vietnamese Air Force, 1951-1975
P21441: LAWLER, LOUISE - An Arrangement of Pictures
0377: MARK LAWSON - Bloody Margaret
12169: LAWSON T W - Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo
10285: MARK LAWSON - Enough is Enough
5489: COLIN RODERICK & PETER LAWSON - Henry Lawson, Illlustrated Poems
0963: JOHN LAWTON - Old Flames
P23409: LAYMA, YANN - China
P22349: IZIS & NICHOLAS LAZAR - Israel
2872: MICHAEL LAZAR - Menschen Wie Du Und Ich - SIGNED COPY
1963: CHRISTOPHER LEACH - The Send Off
P21417: LEACH, GREG - Twice Told Tales
P23065: LEAHY, JAMES - The Cinema of Joseph Losey
7688: LEAL H J T - Air War Over the Island
5387: EDWARD LEAR - Nonsense Verse
7853: O'LEARY M - USAAF Fighters of World War Two in Action
14231: O'LEARY M - US Sky Spies Since World War 1
0123: O'LEARY M - California High
8944: LEE A G - The Flying Cathedral
15236: LEE A S G - Special Duties, Reminiscences of a Royal Air Force Staff Officer in the Balkans, Turkey and the Middle East
9822A: LEE D - Boeing, from Peashooter to Jumbo
9822: LEE D - Boeing, from Peashooter to Jumbo
17176: LEECH J (EDITOR) - We Still Remember
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P13322A: MCCULLIN, DON - Hearts of Darkness
P13250A: MCCULLIN, DON - Unreasonable Behaviour, An Autobiography
P14169F: MCCURRY, STEVE - Portraits
P17113C: MCCURRY, STEVE - Sanctuary: The Temples of Angkor
P14169C: MCCURRY, STEVE - Portraits
P14169E: MCCURRY, STEVE - Ritratti
P25036: MCCURRY, STEVE - The Path to Buddha. A Tibetan Pilgrimage
P25037: MCCURRY, STEVE - The Path to Buddha. A Tibetan Pilgrimage
8020: VAL MCDERMID - The Distant Echo
8021: VAL MCDERMID - Killing the Shadows
7808A: MCDONALD S - Historic Aircraft
17749: MCDONALD S - First and Foremost, In Celebration of Fifty Years of Manchester Airport
2409: GREGORY MCDONALD - Fletch and the Widow Bradley
17573: MCDOWELL E R - The P-40 Kittyhawk
P25107: MCDOWELL, COLIN - Manolo Blahnik
P24362: MCELHENY, VICTOR K. - Insisting on the Impossible. The Life of Edwin Land, Inventor of Instant Photography
P12326: MCEUEN, MELISSA - Seeing America, Women Photographers Between the Wars
50072: MCEWAN - The Remorseless Road, Singapore to Nagasaki
2028: IAN MCEWAN - Amsterdam
TNL157: HANNAVY AND MCEWAN - Better Landscape Photography
H179: MCEWAN, IAN - Saturday
P11121A: MCGOWAN, IAIN - Hebridean Images
1621: MCGRATH M - Hard, Soft and Wet
P25273: MCGREGOR M - A Day in the Life of London
7106: DAVID MCGRORY - Coventry at War
17308: MCHARDY A - An Airman's Wife, A True Story of Lovers Separated By War
1399: JAY MCINERNEY - Brightness Falls
0210: JAY MCINERNEY - Brightness Falls
1398: JAY MCINERNEY - Brightness Falls
0779: JAY MCINERNEY - Story of my Life
1085: RALPH MCINERNY - Sleight of Body
15603A: MCINTOSH D - High Blue Battle - SIGNED COPY
P11101: MCINTYRE, LYLE - Silver and Stone
11076: NEIL GAIMAN & DAVE MCKEAN - Mirrormask, the Illustrated Film Script of the Motion Picture from the Jim Henson Company
12390: MCKEE A - Strike from the Sky, The Story of the Battle of Britain
P21267: MCKENNA, NANCY DURRELL - Sawubona!, Black & White Photographs, South Africa and Lesotho 1982 - SIGNED COPY
P21267A: MCKENNA, NANCY DURRELL - Sawubona!, Black & White Photographs, South Africa and Lesotho 1982 - SIGNED COPY
1546: ROD MCKUEN - Moment to Moment
17505: MCLACHLAN I - Night of the Intruders, The Slaughter of Homeward Bound USAAF Mission 311
11402A: MCLACHLAN I - Flights Into History - Final Missions Retold By Research and Archaeology
6484: MCMASTER H - Man in Space
10038: JIM MCMULLAN - Actors as Artists
1475: TOM MCNAB - Rings of Sand
12404: MCNALLY W - Smithy: The Kingsford-Smith Story
C0056: MCNAUGHTON, COLIN - Dracula's Tomb
10177: JOHN MCPHEE - Wimbledon, A Celebration
1109: KARIN MCQUILLAN - The Cheetah Chase
3648: MCVICAR D - More Than a Pilot
3123: MCVICAR D - A Change of Wings
14298: MCWHINNEY E - Aerial Piracy and International Law
TG556: MCWHINNIE, AILSA - Complete Photography Manual
4762: MEAD P - The Eye in the Air
6772: MEAD R - Picton's Priced Postcard Catalogue & Handbook, Including Railway Engine Supplement
3477: DOROTHY MEADE (EDITOR) - Lines on the Underground - An Anrhology for Central Line London Travellers
3478: DOROTHY MEADE (EDITOR) - Lines on the Underground - An Anthology for Circle Line London Travellers
3479: DOROTHY MEADE (EDITOR) - Lines on the Underground - An Anthology for Bakerloo & Jubilee Line London Travellers
C0009: MEADE, L T - Betty A School Girl
12408: MEAGHER M - Adventures of a Half-Baked Chicken-Hearted Granny Glider Pilot
TG694: MEEHAN, JOSEPH - The Complete Book of Photographic Lenses
H400: VAN DER MEER, RON AND SUDJIC, DEYAN - The Architecture Pack
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TG494: MEES, C E K - Photography
17497: MEHRA P (INTRODUCTION) - Proceedings of the National Seminar on Flight Testing
P11239B: MEIJER, EMILE AND SWART, JOOP - The Photographic Memory. Press Photography - Twelve Insights
7156: EMILE MEIJER - Treasures from the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam
4763: MEIJERING P H - Signed with Their Honour - The Story of Chivalry in Air Warfare 1914-45
P25108: MEILI, DAVID - Franco Fontana
3788: CHARLES MEISL - Four Wheels on My Basket
10870: HANS-OTTO MEISSNER - Magda Goebbels, A Biography
17667: MELADY J - Pilots - Canadian Stories From the Cockpit
P21264: MELE, P F - Ceylon
8519: MELLBERG W F - Famous Airliners, Seventy Years of Aviation and Transport Progress
P12317B: MELLOR, DAVID. - Cecil Beaton
P12228: MELLOR, DAVID - Bill Brandt, Behind the Camera. Photographs 1928-1983
P12327A: MELLOR, DAVID. - Cecil Beaton
P15196: MELTZER, MILTON - Dorothea Lange, A Photographer's Life
P15196A: MELTZER, MILTON - Dorothea Lange, A Photographer's Life
1372: PAULINE MELVILLE - The Ventriloquist's Tale
P21112: MENAPACE, FLORIANO - Federico Vender Fotografie 1930-1955
P21258: MENAPACE, JOHN - Letter in a Klein Bottle
1274: ROBERT MENDELSOHN - The Long Journey Back
P23394: MENDES, VALERIE - Black in Fashion
1686: YEHUDI MENUHIN - Life Class
12416: MERCER N - Fleet Air Arm
5900: DERRIK & GILLIAN MERCER - Children First and Always, A Portrait of Great Ormond Street
A0018: MERCER, ERIC - English Art 1553-1625
P10183: MEREDITH, ROY - The World of Mathew Brady. Portraits of the Civil War Period.
P21143: MEREDITH, ROY - Mr. Lincoln's Camera Man : Mathew B. Brady
17740: MERRICK K A - By Day & By Night - The Bomber War in Europe 1939-45
6706: RALPH MERRIFIELD - Roman London
P22142: MESPLÉ, LOUIS - 23rd Rencontres Internationales De La Photographie. Les Européennes
12428: MESSENGER C - Battle of Britain
H0099: MESSUD, CLAIRE - The Hunters. Two Short Novels
H0099A: MESSUD, CLAIRE - Two Novellas
0743: CLAIRE MESSUD - When the World was Steady
P25041: MÉTAYER, MICHEL - Erwin Blumenfeld
4534: ETHEL TALBOT & VIOLET METHLEY - Great Stories for Girls
P11108: METZNER, SHEILA - Color
50183: MEYER M - Wings
50183A: MEYER M - Wings
A0121: MEYER, JAMES - Minimalism
1060: GASTON MEYER - Le Livre D'or Du Sport Francais 1845-1945
P22356: MEYEROWITZ, JOEL - Legacy. The Preservation of Wilderness in New York City Parks
H184: MIANO, SARAH EMILY - Encyclopaedia of Snow
H184A: MIANO, SARAH EMILY - Encyclopaedia of Snow
H0157: MIANO, SARAH EMILY - Encyclopaedia of Snow
P12329: MICHAELSON, KATHERINE - A Centenary Exhibition of the Work of David Octavius Hill 1802-1870 and Robert Adamson 1821-1848
0856: DAVID MICHIE - Conflict of Interest
P24131: MICKLEBURGH, T - Piers - Glory Days
1224: PAUL MICOU - The Music Programme
5220: MIDDLEBROOK M - The Berlin Raids, RAF Bomber Command Winter 1943-44
5221B: MIDDLEBROOK M - The Nuremberg Raid
3649: MIDDLETON D - Civil Aviation, A Design History
2311: MIDDLETON D - Test Pilots - The Story of British Test Flying 1903-1984 - SIGNED COPY
2311A: MIDDLETON D - Test Pilots - The Story of British Test Flying 1903-1984
10666: MIKESH R C - Broken Wings of The Samurai - The Destruction of the Japanese Airforce
P17045: MIKHAILOV, BORIS - Boris Mikhailov: The Hasselblad Award, 2000
13962: MIKHEYEV V - Sikorsky S-16
17468: MILBERRY L - Aviation in Canada
A0047: MILLAR, OLIVER - Van Dyck in England
5021: DAN MILLAR - Cinema Secrets - Special Effects
P21426: MILLAR, JEREMY - Peter Fraser
P13256: MILLER, RUSSELL - 'CLICK'. A Pictorial History of the Photograph
17255: MILLER J F - Albatros D.I - D.II
5057: E MORRIS MILLER - Australian Literature, A Bibliography to 1938
4766: MILLER N - The Naval Air War 1939-1945
11413: MILLER R F - A Carrier at War - On Board the USS Kitty Hawk in the Iraq War
4323: HENRY MILLER - Tropic of Capricorn
2998: MILLER E M - Salem is My Dwelling Place
P15024: MILLER, DENISE - Photography's Multiple Roles. Art, Document, Market, Science
TG314: MILLER, JAN - Retouching Your Photographs
4214: MILLER R G - To Save a City - The Berlin Airlift 1948-1949
H323: MILLER, JUDITH - The Style Source Source Book
5812: SPIKE MILLIGAN - Scunthorpe Revisited, Added Articles and Instant Relatives
11065: SPIKE MILLIGAN - More Goon Show Scripts
8762: VANESSA MILLS - Bognor Regis, A Pictorial History
P24078: MILLWARD, MICHAEL AND COE, BRIAN - Samuel Smith Calotype Photographer
TNL289: MILNER, DOUGLAS - The Photography of Scenery
1278: DAVID MILSTED - The Chronicles of Craigfieth
N0003: MILTON, MICHAEL - Exmoor and Beyond: Personal Photographic Portrait of North Devon
8808: JOHN MILTON - Milton's L'Allegro and Il Penseroso
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17526: AIR MINISTRY - Safety & Servicing Notes, Harrier GR Mk 1
17798: AIR MINISTRY - Training Handbook, Volume II
17568: AIR MINISTRY - Pilot's Notes, Auster A.O.P. 9
15504: AIR MINISTRY - Aviation Law for Applicants for the Private Pilots Licence
17090: AIR MINISTRY - Pilot's Notes, Spitfire and Seafire
17089: AIR MINISTRY - Pilot's Notes, Hurricane IIA, IIB, IIC, IID and IV
15304: AIR MINISTRY - Pilot's and Flight Engineer's Notes, Lancaster
17317: AIR MINISTRY - Fighting in the Air
16014: AIR MINISTRY - Equivalent Headwinds on Some of the Principal Air Routes of the World
17822: AIR MINISTRY - Pilot's Notes, Blenheim V Aeroplane
A0093: MINOR, VERNON HYDE - Art History's History
6462: MARINA MIRAGLIA - Il '900 in Fotografia e Il Caso Torinese
H363: MIRREN, HELEN - In the Frame. My Life in Words and Pictures
10263: PANKAJ MISHRA - The Romantics
P22131: MISIANO, WIKTOR - Die Zeitgenössische Photographie in Der Sowjetunion: Reportagen Sozialer Wirklichkeit
P23309: MISRACH, RICHARD - Violent Legacies. Three Cantos
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P13358: MISSELBECK, REINHOLD - 20th Century Photography Musem Ludwig Cologne
H203: MISTRY, CYRUS - Radiance of Ashes, The
TG452A: MITCHELL, JAMES - The Ilford Manual of Photography
TG452: MITCHELL, JAMES - The Ilford Manual of Photography
TG375A: MITCHELL, JAMES - The Ilford Manual of Photography
TG375: MITCHELL, JAMES - The Ilford Manual of Photography
17764: UDY A & MITCHELL A - On the Wings of History - the Beginning of the Vintage Aviator Collection
1007: JULIE MITCHELL - Sunday Afternoons
P24152: MITCHELL, JOHN HANSON - Looking for Mr. Gilbert:The Reimagined Life of an African-American
5857: RAYMOND MANDER & JOE MITCHENSON - Musical Comedy, A Story in Pictures
P11311: MITIDIERI, DARIO - Children of Bombay
P22222: MITTELDORF, KLAUS - Photographs
P24291: MLECKO, MARTIN - Private Life
17319: MALY MODELS - Albatros D.III (Oef)
17318: MALY MODELS - Samoloty Fokker E.III & Sopwith Pup
TCL56: MOEN, LARS - How to Expose Ansco Color Film
17569: MOGGS D - Dad's War - SIGNED COPY
P10187B: MOHR, JEAN AND BERGER, JOHN - At the Edge of the World
P25049: MOLLISON, JAMES - James & Other Apes
12486: MOLLOY E - Aeroplane Starters & Generators - Aeroplane Maintenance & Operation Vol 12
12489: MOLLOY E - Instruments (Part 2) - Aeroplane Maintenance & Operation Vol 15
12494: MOLLOY E - Aircscrews Part II - Aeroplane Maintenance & Operation Vol 20,
12479: MOLLOY E - Aeroplane Engines (Part 1) - Aeroplane Maintenance & Operation Vol 5
7232: EILEEN MOLONY - Portraits of Islands
1629: ANDREW MONCUR - The Harlot's Perogative
P22088: MONDÉJAR, PUBLIO LÓPEZ - Fotografía Y Sociedad En La Espana De Franco. Las Fuentes De La Memoria III

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