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5896: HOWARD GREGORY - Parachuting's Unforgttable Jumps
8865: LADY GREGORY - Three Wonder Plays
13574: EDWARD W. GREGORY - The Furniture Collector
20975: ANNE GREGORY - Me & Nu. A Childhood at Coole
28081: PHILIPPA GREGORY - The Virgin's Lover
324752: JULIE GREGORY - Sickened. The True Story of a Lost Childhood. The Memoir of a Munchausen By Proxy Childhood
315367: EDWIN GREGORY AND WALTER W. STEVENSON - Chemical Analysis of Metals and Alloys
318123: R. J. JOHNSTON, DEREK GREGORY AND DAVID M. SMITH - The Dictionary of Human Geography. Third Edition
315478: ELIZABETH R. GREGSON - A Wife on the Walk
9795: JAMES GREIG - John Hopkinson, Electrical Engineer
317412: JOHN E. GREIG - Astrology and Planetary Harmonics
321468: LARRY E. GREINER AND ROBERT O. METZGER - Consulting to Management. Insights to Building and Managing a Successful Practice
21726: FIELD-MARSHAL LORD GRENFEL - Memoirs of Field-Marshal Lord Grenfell P.C. G.C. B.G. C.M. G.
313988: JOYCE GRENFELL AND KATHARINE MOORE - An Invisible Friendship. An Exchange of Letters 1957-1979
311811: CAPTAIN RUSSELL GRENFELL - The Bismarck Episode
325067: JOHN GRENHAM - Clans and Families of Ireland. The Heritage and Heraldry of Irish Clans and Families
7621: R. KAY GRESSWELL - The Physical Geography of Glaciers and Glaciation
316811: JOHN R. GRETTON - Catalogue 3. Great Britain Guidebooks and Topography
322550: SUSANNA GRETZ - Teddybears Moving Day
13671: DAVID GREW - The Two Coyotes
16661: HENRY GREY - The Classics for the Million
315129: ANTHONY GREY - The Prime Minister Was a Spy
320091: MICHAEL GREY - Pre-Columbian Art
17959: JOHN GRIBBIN - Blinded By the Light
16664: FRANCIS GRIBBLE - Balzac. The Man and the Lover
313124: FRANCIS GRIBBLE - The Romance of the Men of Devon
319467: LYN LE GRICE - Celebrations. A Scrapbook of Imaginative Ideas for Gala Days
35780: NORDAHL GRIEG - Var Aere Og Var Makt Skuespill. [VR ®Re Og VR Makt. Skuespill. ]
324583: RONALD GRIERSON - Woven Rugs
311813: EDWARD GRIERSON - The Imperial Dream. British Commonwealth and Empire 1775-1969
317734: FRANCIS GRIERSON - Abraham Lincoln. The Practical Mystic
20725: HANS GRIESHABER - Forty Years Travelling Round the World
319849: B. EUGENE GRIESSMAN - Time Tactics of Very Successful People
1252: AVERIL MACKENZIE-GRIEVE - Time and Chance
319973: GUY GRIEVE - Call of the Wild
318925: STEPHEN GRIFFIN - Ken Dodd. The Biography
323917: A. HARRY GRIFFIN - A Lakeland Mountain Diary. From 40 Years in the Guardian
318895: JOHN HOWARD GRIFFIN - Black Like Me
20352: CIYE "NINO" COCHISE. A. KINNEY GRIFFITH - The First Hundred Years of Nino Cochise
323209: ANNA N. GRIFFITH - Collins Guide to Alpines
320816: GARETH GRIFFITH - Socialism and Superior Brains. The Political Thought of Bernard Shaw
3755: ANNA GRIFFITHS - Felt Gifts and Toys
3805: FRANK GRIFFITHS - Angel Visits
17252: R. GRIFFITHS AND C. RADFORD - Calculations in Ceramics
22553: MICHAEL GRIFFITHS - Changing Asia
321633: F. J. GRIFFITHS - Speech in Schools
27799: JOAN GRIFFITHS - My World: Poems from Living Language
313556: W. B. GRIFFITHS - Segedunum Roman Fort, Baths and Museum
318783: LESLIE GRIFFITHS - Letters Home
317845: GRACE GRIFFITHS - The Days of My Freedom
321774: BILL GRIFFITHS - Northern Sinfonia: A Magic of Its Own
327377: DENIS GRIFFITHS - Brunel's Great Western
319074: MARY GRIFFITHS - Pictures of War
313288: NEIL GRIFFITHS - Shops Book Brighton 1900-1930 Shopkeepers and Street Traders in East Brighton
325855: NEIL GRIFFITHS - Queenspark Book No. 6. Shops Book. Brighton 1900-1930. Shopkeepers and Street Traders in East Brighton
321957: BILL GRIFFITHS AND HUGH POPHAM - Blind to Misfortune. A Story of Great Courage in the Face of Adversity
3659: GRIFO - My Poetry
316199: JOHN GRIGG - The History of the Times. The Thomson Years 1966-1981 Volume Vi
27213: SILAS GRIGGS AND CURT M. RULON - English Very Inflection: A Generative View
318213: SILAS GRIGGS AND CURT M. RULON - English Verb Inflection: A Generative View
4938: GEOFFREY GRIGSON - Wild Flowers in Britain
319507: GEOFFREY GRIGSON - Samuel Palmer. The Visionary Years
320885: GEOFFREY GRIGSON - A Dictionary of English Plant Names (and Some Products of Plants)
322670: ARTHUR GRIMBLE - A Pattern of Islands
315428: PROF. W. F. GRIMES - Capel Garmon Burial Chamber. Siambr Gladdu Capel Garmon, Gwynedd
322480: DAPHNE GRIMM - Old Surrey Receipts and Food for Thought
22231: ERNST GUNTHER GRIMME - Unsere Liebe Frau
322465: PAUL GRINKE - Catalogue 9. Books, Manuscripts and Drawings Relating to Architecture and the Fine Arts.
322466: PAUL GRINKE - Catalogue 11. Spring Selection of Rare Books and Manuscripts.
328186: PETRAS P. GRISKEVICIUS - Land on the Nemunas
5187: WESLEY S. GRISWOLD - A Work of Giants
326672: DENIS GRIVOT - Aimer. Lart Roman En Bourgogne
325741: LAUREN GROFF - The Monsters of Templeton. A Novel
327480: ANDREI GROMYKO - Capital Promotes Imperialist Expansion
13086: RED GROOM - Ruckus Rodeo
320971: NICHOLAS DAAMAN. SPROOKJES VAN GROOTVADER - Een Man, Een Man, Een Woord, Een Woord. Sprookjes Van Grootvader
12290: FELIX GROSS - Rhodes of Africa
14293: MAURICE GROSS - Mathematical Models in Linguistics
320965: PHILIP GROSS AND SYLVIA KANTARIS - The Air Mines of Mistila
314834: RICHARD GROSS - Key Studies in Psychology
21291: WALTER W. BATTISS, G. H. FRANZ, J. W. GROSSERT AND H. P. JUNOD - The Art of Africa
320397: STEFAN GROSSMAN - The Art of Fingerstyle Guitar. Solos in Open Tunings
311783: LEONID GROSSMAN - Dostoevsky. A Biography
322328: VLADIMIR GROSSMAN - The Pan-Germanic Web: Remaking Europe
27730: THE ART GROUP - The Poster Art Book
318350: THE BLACKDOWN WRITERS' GROUP - Memories from the Blackdowns.
327166: COPTHORNE VILLAGE MILLENNIUM GROUP - Copthorne. The Story So Far
323409: THE DIAGRAM GROUP - The Book of Comparison of Distance, Size, Area, Volume, Mass, Weight, Density, Energy, Etc. Etc.
17607: RENE GROUSSET - Chinese Art & Culture
1954: LYNDON GROVE - Pacific Pilgrims
23005: W. J. MOTTRAM. G. R. GROVE - A Guide to the Parish Church of St. John the Baptist and Its Wall Paintings, Clayton
324822: NORMAN P. GRUBB - C.T. Studd. Cricketer and Pioneer
317639: HERBERT C. GRUBB - Builders' Quantities
319791: JOHN DE GRUCHY - Cry Justice! Prayers, Meditations and Readings from South Africa
36246: PROFESSOR A. GRUND - Kurzgefasste Grammatik Der Franzosischen Sprache
323384: HANS GRUNDL - Nurnberg. Alstadtsehenswurdigkeiten Nach Der Nature Gezeichnet Von Hans Grundl
28075: R. F. B. GRUNDY - Builders' Materials
29711: LALAGE GRUNDY - The Box Hill Book of Box
317615: MABEL BARNES-GRUNDY - Two Men and Gwenda
27625: MICHAEL GRUNEBERG AND PETER MORRIS, EDITORS - Aspects of Memory. Volume 1: The Practical Aspects
5488: NINA GRUNFELD - Mother's Wisdom
31642: FREDERIK V. GRUNFELD - The Princes of Germany
321193: ROB GRUNSELL - Beyond Control? Schools and Suspension
321513: OSCAR GRUSKY AND GEORGE A. MILLER, EDITORS - The Sociology of Organizations. Basic Studies
2362: MICHEL GUERARD - Cuisen Minceur
3054: H. A. GUERBER - The Myths of Greece and Rome
328231: PATRICE GUERIN - Du Soleil Au Xenon. Les Techniques D'eclairage a Travers Deu Siecles de Projection
314558: ROBERT EDWARDS. BRUCE GUERIN - Aboriginal Bark Paintings
15054: KATHARINE GUERRIER - How to Design and Make Your Own Quilts
322347: CAPT. FREDDIE GUEST - Escape from the Bloodied Sun
9595: ANDRE GUEX - Leman
320966: JEAN GUIART - Oceanic Art. Masks and Sculptures from New Guinea
322373: J. M. GUILCHER AND R. H. NOAILLES - Les Bourgeons S'ouvrent
322375: J. M. GUILCHER AND R. H. NOAILLES - La Vie Cachee Des Fleurs
20166: FRED LAWRENCE GUILES - Norma Jeane. The Life and Death of Marilyn Monroe
17261: RENE GUILLOT - Companions of Fortune
317467: RENE GUILLOT - The Fantastic Brother
325943: AYLWIN GUILMANT - Bygone Battle
313720: ALEC GUINNESS - Commonplace Book
318790: MICHELE GUINNESS - Child of the Covenant
319668: ALEC GUINNESS - A Positively Final Appearance. A Journal 1996-1998
11830: GEORGE C. GUINS - Communism on the Decline
13088: F. GUIZOT - The History of Civilization Volume Iii
13560: LEMUEL SWIFT GULLIVER - So This Is Glasgow!
316878: DEANNA PAOLI GUMINA - The Italians of San Francisco 1850-1930. Gli Italiani Di San Francisco 1850-1930
26925: JOHN J. GUMPERZ - Language and Social Identity
4202: KAETHE WOLF-GUMPOLD - William Blake
324761: FRITZ JODE, WILLI GUNDLACH - Sonnenberg-Liederbuch Pro Musica. Song-Book Recueil de Chants.
314283: MASAKATSU GUNKJI - Performing Arts of Japan Iii. Buyo, the Classical Dance
9334: CATHY GUNN - Nightmare on Lime Street
15242: MRS. AENEAS GUNN - We of the Never-Never
326606: EDWIN GUNN - Economy in House Design
324411: RUPERT GUNNIS - The Storyu of Chiddingstone Church and Village
327588: RUPERT GUNNIS - Dictionary of British Sculptors 1660-1851. New Revised Edition
22218: BILL GUNSTON - Warplanes of the Future
323464: JOHN GUNTHER - Inside Russia Today
316467: RAJINDER M. GUPTA AND PETER COXHEAD - Intervention with Children
19662: RAI BAHADUR B. A. GUPTE - Hindu Holidays and Ceremonials with Dissertations on Origin, Folklore and Symbols
322043: ARTHUR L. GUPTILL - Norman Rockwell Illustrator
319085: MARTIN GURDON - Travels with My Chicken
325615: R.GURNEY - Our Trees and Woodlands
11978: ANDREW GURR AND JOHN ORRELL - Rebuilding Shakespeare's Globe
327235: CHRISTINE GUTH - Everyman Art Library. Japanese Art of the Edo Period
324314: CHRISTOPHER GUTKIND - Inside to Outside. Poems and Cd
38999: KARIN GUTMAN - Secret Societies. The Hidden Masters Controlling Our World. Welcome to the Brotherhood
18994: RAY GUY - Newfoundland; Labrador
323885: JOHN GUY - A Daughter's Love. Thomas and Margaret More
326988: JEFF GUY - The Destruction of the Zulu Kingdom. The Civil War in Zululand 1879-1884
9274: ARTHUR C. GUYTON - Basic Human Physiology: Normal Function and Mechanisms of Disease
321136: ARTHUR C. GUYTON - Textbook of Medical Physiology. 8th Edition
3377: GWENETH AND BERNARD JOHNSTON - This Is Hong Kong: Butterflies
315837: ROBERT N. GWYNNE AND CRISTOBAL KAY, EDITORS - Latin America Transformed. Globalization and Modernity
18133: A. H. AND H. E. L. WALKER - Up-to-Date Conjuring
314802: G. D. H. AND M. I. COLE, EDITORS - Andrew Marvell. Selected Poems. The Ormond Poets Number 14.
327737: G. D. H. AND MARGARET COLE, EDITORS - The Opinions of William Cobbett
37504: WILLIAM S. HAAS - Iran
324619: JOHN HABBERTON - Helen's Babies and Other People's Children
316611: SUE HABESHAW, TREVOR HABESHAW AND GRAHAM GIBBS - Interesting Ways to Teach: 2. 53 Interesting Things to Do in Your Seminars and Tutorials.
31986: ANDREW HACKER - The New Yorkers. A Profile of an American Metropolis
6464: CHARLES HADFIELD AND MICHAEL STREAT - Holiday Cruising on Inland Waterways
11345: CHARLES HADFIELD - Introducing Inland Waterways
315769: PETER HADFIELD - Sixty Seconds That Will Change the World. The Coming Tokyo Earthquake
315878: JOHN HADFIELD - Love for Life. An Anthology of Words and Pictures
27636: EMIL HADINA - Lebensfeier. Neue Dichtungen
2661: EVAN HADINGHAM - Circles and Standing Stones
319611: EVAN HADINGHAM - Ancient Carvings in Britain. A Mystery
324079: EVAN HADINGHAM - Secerets of the Ice Age. The World of the Cave Artists
11359: H. E. HADLEY - Magnetism and Electricity for Beginners
328399: JOHN HADRILL - Rails to the Sea. A Celebration of Railway Journeys Past and Present
325224: VICTOR W. VON HAGEN - The Incas. People of the Sun
2819: VICTOR W. VON HAGEN - Jungle in the Clouds
20993: VICTOR VON HAGEN - Au Der Suche Nach Dem Goldenenmann
315768: VICTOR W. VON HAGEN - The Golden Man. The Quest for El Dorado
14689: WILLIAM HAGGARD - Venetian Blind
22397: HOWARD W. HAGGARD - Devils, Drugs and Doctors
22840: STEPHEN HAGGARD - I'll Go to Bed at Noon
25544: LILIES RIDER HAGGARD - A Country Scrap-Book
s29807: WILLIAM HAGGARD - The Power House
315313: WILLIAM HAGGARD - The Antagonists
314610: B. H. HAGGIN - A Decade of Music
15376: GRETE HAHN - "Yes, Papa!" and Other Monologues
19514: ZIGMUND HAHN - Under the Scuds
318310: DANIEL HAHN - Poetic Lives. Coleridge
32162: CHANG HSIN-HAI - The Fabulous Concubine
9552: LIEUT. COL. A. E. G. HAIG - Gentleman Cadet to Headmaster. Two Rewarding Careers
319335: JANET HAIGH - Cross Stitch for Knitwear. 80 Embroidery Designs
314918: CATHERINE HAILL - Dear Peter Pan
323347: LORD HAILSHAM - The Door Wherein I Went
314420: S. HAIM - New English-Persian Diary, Complete and Modern. First Volume a-K
324804: PETER HAIN - Outside in
315507: JOAN M. HAINE - Annie's Edwardian Cookery Book
317671: GEORGE H. HAINES - Whose Countryside?
37442: AUBREY L. HAINES - Osborne Russell's Journal of a Trapper. (1834-1843)
24965: PETER HAINING - The Dracula Centenary Book
325148: PETER HAINING - Superstitions
316482: MASON HAIRE - Modern Organization Theory. A Symposium of the Foundation for Research on Human Behavior
327406: G. D. GORDON HAKE AND EUSTACE H. BUTTON - Architectural Drawing. A Practical Handbook for Students and Others
321665: S. S. HAKIM - Junction Transistor Circuit Analysis
327474: YOSHINOBU HAKUTANI - Young Dreiser. A Critical Study
319236: ZOLTAN HALASZ - A Pocket Guide to Budapest
327506: J. B. S. HALDANE - The Marxist Philosophy and the Sciences
326394: J. B. S. HALDANE - Everything Has a History
327568: J. B. S. HALDANE - A Banned Broadcast and Other Essays
327683: J. B. S. HALDANE - Science in Peace and War
327688: J. B. S. HALDANE - Heredity and Politics
327482: J. B.S. HALDANE - A.R. P. Left Book Club Edition.
327504: J. B. S. HALDANE - Science Advances
9342: SHEILA HALE - The American Express Pocket Guide to Florence and Tuscany
3415: PAT HALL - What a Way to Win a War
4667: DOROTHEA HALL - Fairy Tales in Cross Stitch
5755: ALLAN HALL - Emergency Rescue
7444: CAPTAIN ERNIE HALL - Flotsam, Jetsam and Lagan
11529: JAMES BAKER HALL - Yates Paul, His Grand Flights, His Tootings
12012: REV. CHARLES A. HALL - The Romance of the Rocks
16362: A. M. HALL - Nickel in Iron and Steel
19779: HELENA HALL - Illustrated Guide to All Saints' Church and the Village of Lindfield, Sussex
21877: CHARLES A. HALL - Plant-Life
22255: GEORGE SAUSER-HALL - The Political Institutions of Switzerland
319117: RUTH HALL - Marie Stopes. A Biography
318622: DORIS M. HALL - A Stroll Around Ditchling Dawn to Dawn
318941: WILLIAM HALL - Raising Caine. The Authorized Biography
317285: CHARLES A. HALL - British Trees
324111: ROBERT HALL - Chinese Snuff Bottles Iii
323803: PETER HALL - Making an Exhibition of Myself. The Autobiography of Peter Hall
318668: DORIS M. HALL - Westmeston, Sussex
319340: NOR HALL AND WARREN R. DAWSON - Broodmales. A Psychological Essay on Men in Childbirth. Also the Custom of Couvade
313495: DAVID HALL - Portrait of New Zealand
323904: DOUGLAS HALL - The Book of Churchilliana
326159: TREVOR H. HALL - The Strange Case of Edmund Gurney
313387: GWEN M. FORREST-HALL - Needles in Haystacks
318252: CHARLES A. HALL - Wild Flowers and Their Wonderful Ways
321635: WILLIS HALL - Kidnapped at Christmas. A Play
323691: N. JOHN HALL - Trollope. A Biography
325646: DAVID HALL - The Street Where You Live. The Story of Horley Road Names
315480: GEOFFREY HALL - 50 Years Gardening at Harewood
326923: GUS HALL - Czechoslovakia at the Crossroads
319317: E. CHALMERS HALLAM - List 146. Autumn 1992. A Selection of Books on Africana, Big Game Hunting, Travel in Africa
317818: E.CHALMERS HALLAM - List 144. Winter 1991. A Selection of Books on Big Game Hunting and Travel
315608: E. CHALMERS HALLAM - Catalogue: A Selection of Books on Big Game Hunting and Travel. List 149, Autumn 1994
20655: LOUIS J. HALLE - The Sea and the Ice
17174: J. ALEX HALLER - The Hospitalized Child and His Family
14881: PENELOPE HUGHES-HALLETT - My Dear Cassandra. Jane Austen
9645: F. E. HALLIDAY - The Cult of Shakespeare
327177: SANDY HALLIDAY - Sustainable Construction
315319: LESLIE HALLIWELL - Seats in All Parts. Half a Lifetime at the Movies
321677: R.W. HALLOWS - Radar. Radiolocation Simply Explained
325033: VICKY HALLS - Cat Confidential. The Book Your Cat Would Want You to Read
313335: PAUL HALMOS - The Faith of the Counsellors
3307: ERIC HALSALL - Gael
8004: LONE HALSE - Papier Mache
314189: BETTY HALSE - Levisham. A Case Study in Local History.
314185: BETTY HALSE - Village Voices Telling of Levisham Life a Century Ago
32028: R. T. H. HALSEY AND ELIZABETH TOWER - The Homes of Our Ancestors As Shown in the American Wing of the Metropolitan Museum of Art of New York
318098: MARGARET HALSEY - With Malice Toward Some
317321: W. H. SCOTT, L. A. BANKS, A. H. HALSEY AND T. LUPTON - Technical Change and Industrial Relations. A Study of the Relations between Technical Change and Social Structure of a Large Steelworks
32164: L. B. HALSTEAD - Hunting the Past. Fossils, Rocks, Tracks and Trails. The Search for the Origin of Life
315571: ALAN HALSTEAD - On Sunlack Hill
10302: TAWFEEQ AL HAMAD - Khalifa Bin Salman. A Man and the Rise of a State
326957: F. C. HAMBLETON - Famous Paddle Steamers
36258: HENRY THOMAS HAMBLIN - Life without Strain. The Strifeless Way to Harmony, Peace and Joy
317288: MARTIN HAMER - The Hamer Comic Annual Supplement No. 2
32021: MIRA HAMERMESH - The River of Angry Dogs. A Memoir
6461: NORAH ROWAN HAMILTON - Through Wonderful India and Beyond
10557: ROBERT HAMILTON - Earthdream
16980: NIGEL HAMILTON - Guide to Greenwich
325653: G. J. HAMILTON - Forestry Commission Booklet 39. Forest Mensuration Handbook
325857: A. BARR-HAMILTON - The Parish Church of Aldrington St. Leonard. Illustrated History and Guide
323484: NIGEL HAMILTON - Monty. The Battles of Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery.
35017: GENERAL SIR IAN HAMILTON - When I Was a Boy
327370: CATHERINE HAMILTON - The Lake District Is a Garden. A Wayfarer's Companion
326052: J. W. HAMILTON - The Association of Engineering and Shipbuilding Draughtsmen. Design Examples for Young Draughtsmen. Session 1936-37
315932: JAMES HAMILTON - William Heath Robinson
316338: J. STEVENSON-HAMILTON - Wild Life in South Africa
325356: THE DUKE OF HAMILTON - Maria R. Mary Queen of Scots. The Crucial Years
324510: EDWARD SEELEY HAMILTON - The Stable Manual and Horse Doctor
325870: SHELDON WILLIAMS. HAMILTONS - Hamiltons Presents Britains First International Nave Art Exhibition
18157: HAMLEYS - Magic By Hamleys
316255: BRUCE HAMLIN - Nature in New Zealand. Native Trees
315739: ROBIN HAMLYN - Robert Vernon's Gift. British Art for the Nations 1847
319885: HANNS HAMMELMANN AND EWALD OSERS, TRANSLATORS - The Correspondence between Richard Strauss and Hugo Von Hofmannsthal
323595: JENNY HAMMERTON - For Ladies Only? Eve's Film Review. Pathe Cinemagazine 1921-33
2635: REGINALD J. W. HAMMOND - Complete South-East Coast
11349: ERIC HAMMOND - Maverick
15189: PAUL HAMMOND - French Undressing
315689: DEIGHTON BELL & CO. FRANK HAMMOND - Catalogue 207. Agriculture Including Drainage, Farriery, Forestry, Horticulture, Husbandry, Trade
30992: SARAH HAMMOND - The Cottage Cookery Book
321359: NIGEL HAMMOND - The White Horse Country. A Berkshire Book
325397: FRANK HAMMOND - Catalogue 199. Fine and Rare Books Including Science and Technology, English Books of the 16th and 17th Centuries, Colour Plate Books, Natural History.
316827: FRANK HAMMOND - Catalogue 186. British Topography. Local History, Etc.
316828: FRANK HAMMOND - Catalogue 200. Polar Exploration.
316826: FRANK HAMMOND - Catalogue 195. British Topography. Local History
316825: FRANK HAMMOND - Catalogue 212. British Topography Local History
313558: NICHOLAS HAMMOND - The Genius of Alexander the Great
327690: J. L. HAMMOND AND BARBARA HAMMOND - The Village Labourer 1760-1832. A Study in the Government of England Before the Reform Bill
313982: N. G. L. HAMMOND - Alexander the Great
321575: JOHN H. HAMMOND - The Camera Obscura. A Chronicle
321577: JOHN H. HAMMOND AND JILL AUSTIN - The Camera Lucida in Art and Science
316823: DEIGHTON BELL & CO./FRANK HAMMOND - Catalogue 208. Travel and Exploration
316824: FRANK HAMMOND - Catalogue 202. British Topography. Local History
325409: FRANK HAMMOND - Catalogue 171. Choice and Interesting Books on Aeronautics, Africa, America, Archaeology, Etc.
315947: PAUL HAMMOND - French Undressing. Naughty Postcards from 1900-1920
325618: CHARLES WHYNNE-HAMMOND - England's Living History. English Place Names Explained
313842: JOHAN CHRISTOPH HAMPE - To Die Is Gain. The Experience of One's Own Death
328094: SUSAN HAMPSHIRE - Susan's Story. An Autobiographical Account of My Struggle with Words.
313561: JANIE HAMPTON - Joyce Grenfell
3938: J. E. HANAUER - Walks in and Around Jerusalem
9340: J. E. HANCOCK - The School Garden Book Ii
9341: J. E. HANCOCK - The School Garden Book Iii
29344: BASIL HANDFORD - The History of Lancing Chapel
325819: RIM HANDLEY - Homoeopathy for Women
321550: GRAHAM HANDLEY - Brodie's Notes. The Metaphysical Poets. John Donne to Henry Vaughan
321215: OSCAR HANDLIN AND MARY F. HANDLIN - The American College and American Culture. Socialization As a Function of Higher Education. An Essay Written for the Carnegie Commission on Higher Education.
327915: CAROLE HANDSLIP - Children's Party Cakes. 50 Imaginative Step By Step Recipes
15375: CHARLES HANDY - The Elephant and the Flea
318082: CHARLES HANDY - The Elephant and the Flea. Looking Backwards to the Future
321500: CHARLES HANDY - The Empty Raincoat. Making Sense of the Future
38218: HANK HANEGRAAFF - The Face That Demonstrates the Farce of Evolution
310345: ALISON HANHAM - The Celys and Their World. An English Merchant Family of the Fifteenth Century
313392: DONALD HANKEY. - A Student in Arms (Second Series)
319273: ROBIN HANLEY - A Shire Archaeology Book. Villages in Roman Britain
22116: REV. SHENOUDA HANNA - The Coptic Church of El-Moallaka and Others
321477: TIM HANNAGAN - Management Concepts and Practices
321519: TIM HANNAGAN - Management Concepts and Practices. Instructor's Manual
12979: JOHN HANNAH AND M. J. HILLIER - Applied Mechanics
325764: SOPHIE HANNAH - The Monogram Murders. Agatha Christie. The Brand New Hercule Poirot Mystery
328119: JOHN HANNAVY - Masters of Victorian Photography
320024: JOHN HANNAVY - Images of a Century. The Centenary of the British Institute of Professional Photography 1901-2001
325007: L. J. HANNEMAN AND G. I. MARSHALL - Cake Design and Decoration
10306: PETER W. HANNEY - Rodents
326063: STEAFAN HANNIGAN - The Bodhran Book
327687: WAL. HANNINGTON - Unemployed Struggles 1919-1936. My Life and Struggles Amongst the Unemployed
327686: WAL HANNINGTON - The Rights of Engineers
4819: HENNY HARALD HANSEN - Costume Cavalcade
19406: ERNST HANSEN - Vignetter. 112 Figurkompositioner
322788: AUGUST PETER HANSEN - Memoirs of an Adventurous Dane in India. 1904-1947
1902: L. & E. HANSON - Portrait of Vincent
325574: C. O. HANSON - Forestry for Woodmen
317876: F. CROSSFIELD HAPPOLD - The Making of England from 55 Bc to Ad 1485
23207: JOHN O'HARA - Ten North Frederick
10969: ROBERT HARBIN - Origami
327326: CRAIG HARBISON - Everyman Art Library. The Art of the Northern Renaissance
12417: REV. J. B. HARBORD - Lectures on Elementary Navigation
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7: SALLY HARDING - Crochet Style
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3151: PHILIP HEAFFORD - Mathematics for Fun
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310886: NICHOLAS HEARN - George Peabody (1795-1869) One of the Poor's Greatest Benefactors?
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314317: WILLIAM HEMP - If Ever You Go to Dublin Town
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321502: MARK HEMPSHELL - How to Write Sales Copy That Really Sells
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316445: DAVID HENCKE - Colleges in Crisis. The Reorganization of Teacher Training 1971-7
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28131: J. HENDERSON - History of Llanddetty Church with Some Notes on Houses of Historical Interest in the Parish
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7099: UNA POPE-HENNESSY - Three English Women in America
324278: JAMES POPE-HENNESSY - Queen Mary 1867-1953
38423: JOHN POPE-HENNESSY - Donatello's Relief of the Ascension with Christ Giving the Keys to St. Peter
319348: JAMES POPE-HENNESSY - The Century Lives and Letters Series. Verandah. Some Episodes in the Crown Colonies 1867-1889
315138: UNA POPE-HENNESSY - Canon Charles Kingsley. A Biography
323866: PETER HENNESSY - Having It So Good. Britain in the Fifties
314461: JOHN POPE-HENNESSY - Donatello's Relief of the Ascension with Christ Giving the Keys to St. Peter
27778: FRANK HENNIG - "Cheerio Frank Cheerio Everybody" the Gardening World of Fred Streeter
12114: THE HON. MR. JUSTICE HENOCHSBERG - Henochsberg on the Companies Act
313490: ROBERT HENREY - The Siege of London
9709: HENRI AND BARBARA VAN DER ZEE - William and Mary
7124: MIKE HENRY - Air Gunner
29341: LEIGH HENRY - The Story of Music. What It Means and How It Grows
312934: MARGUERITE HENRY - Sea Star. Orphan of Chincoteague
321467: STUART HENRY - The Hidden Economy. The Context and Control of Borderline Crime
3632: GEORGIE HENSCHEL - Illustrated Guide to Horses and Ponies
12717: HENSCHEL - Nahtipu
324887: JULIA W. HENSHAW - Wild Flowers of the North American Mountains
325233: TIM HENSLEY - America's Last Steam Railroad. Steam Steel and Stars. Photographs By O. Winston Link.
4860: GEORGE HENSLOW - How to Study Wild Flowers
319491: ELIZABETH HENSON - Rare Breeds in History
5665: G. A. HENTY - In the Hands of the Cave Dwellers
317473: G. A. HENTY - With Clive in India
324944: CHRIS HENWOOD - Chipmunks
21687: LOUIS HEON - Monsieur Ripois and Nemesis
2136: WILLIAM HEPTINSTALL - Hors D'oeuvre and Cold Table
29813: MARTYN HEPWORTH - Amateur Drama Production and Management
321576: T. C. HEPWORTH - The Book of the Lantern Being a Practical Guide to the Working of the Optical (Or Magic) Lantern.
20016: CHARLES O. HERB - Die-Casting
313464: BARBARA HERBERHOLZ - Early Childhood Art
22749: A. P. HERBERT - Ballads for Broadbrows
323450: JOHN HERBERT - Inside Christies's
317330: A. P. HERBERT - Tinker, Tailor a Child's Guide to the Professions
324012: CHARLES HERBERT - A Perilous Adventure
323701: SUSAN HERBERT - The Cats History of Western Art
313953: IVOR HERBERT - The Queen Mother's Horses
31295: MARIE HERBERT - The Reindeer People. Travels in Lapland
321785: JANE HERBERT - We Wander in Wessex
321036: CHARLES HERBERT - A Merchant Adventurer Being the Biography of Leonard Hugh Bentall Kingston on Thames
18521: HERCAT - Hercat's Ventriloquist and Ventriloquial Dialogues
324861: FRANK HERCULES - American Society and Black Revolution
313151: RAIMUND HERDER - Opposition in Deutschland Und Der Widerstand Gegen Hitler
3995: JOSEPH HERGESHEIMER - From an Oldhouse
321558: ENGLISH HERITAGE - Childhood. The Way We Were
19582: JACQUELINE HERITEAU - Oriental Cooking the Fast Wok Way
9841: DAVID HERLIHY - The History of Feudalism
327618: DAVID HERLIHY - Studies in Cultural History. Medieval Households
327327: ARTHUR HERMAN - The Idea of Decline in Western History
11267: HERMANN AND GEORG SCHREIBER - Vanished Cities
16732: HANS HERMANSON - Outboard Motors
314480: AMALIA HERNANDEZ - Ballet Folklorico de Mexico
38444: SANDY HERNU - Q. The Biography of Desmond Llewelyn
326355: SANDY HERNU - Sussex Memorablia. A Collector's Price Guie
325549: SANDY HERNU - Secrets of West Sussex. Exploring West Sussex with 18 Original Tours and Unusual Places to Visit
324748: SANDY HERNU - Secrets of East Sussex. Exploring East Sussex with over 25 Original Tours and Unusual Places to Visit
325881: SANDY HERNU - Sussex Memorabilia. A Collector's Price Guide
10126: J. CHRISTOPHER HEROLD - The Swiss without Halos
318392: MARVIN T. HERRICK - Italian Comedy in the Renaissance
1751: RUTH HERRING AND KAREN MANNERS - Knitting Wildlife
3658: JAMES HERRIOT - The Lord God Made Them All
318014: NED HERRMANN - The Creative Brain
4092: E. ELLERINGTON HERRON - The Way to Poetry
322929: JEANNE HERSCH - Birthright of Man
328304: HANS-HERMANN HERTLE - Die Berliner Mauer; the Berlin Wall. Monument Des Kalten Krieges; Monument of the Cold War
327615: ANDY HERTZFELD - Revolution in the Valley. The Insanely Great Story of How the Mac Was Made
1958: GEORGE F. HERVEY AND JACK HEMS - The Book of the Garden Pond
324061: THOMAS HERZOG - Pneumatic Structures. A Handbook for the Architect and Engineer.
315247: LILO HESS - Sea Horses
17689: J. D'HESTELLE - La Confession Du Bohemien
319538: A. L. HETHERINGTON - Chinese Ceramic Glazes
316207: ALASTAIR HETHERINGTON - News, Newspapers and Television
317775: TILAK HETTIARACHCHY - History of Kingship in Ceylon Up to the Fourth Century A.D.
317934: CONSTANCE HEWARD - The Twins and Tabiffa
319424: AGNES DANFORTH HEWES - The Codfish Musket
320841: ANGELA HEWINS - The Dillen. Memories of a Man of Stratford-Upon-Avon
326561: ROBERT HEWISON - Future Tense. A New Art for the Nineties
2952: R. A. HEWITT - Style for Print
29358: RODNEY HEWITT AND MAVIS DAVIDSON - The Mountains of New Zealand
324221: JAMES HEWITT - Teach Yourself Yoga
15502: MAURICE HEWLETT - Rest Harrow
313413: MAURICE HEWLETT - Wiltshire Essays
321248: ERIC HEWTON - Research Into Higher Education Monograph. Rethinking Educational Change. A Case for Diplomacy
316465: ERIC HEWTON - School Focused Staff Development. Guidelines for Policy Makers
310898: PETER N. HEYDON AND PHILIP KELLEY, EDITORS - Elizabeth Barrett Browning's Letters to Mrs. David Ogilvy with Recollections By Mrs. Ogilvy
322944: GEORGETTE HEYER - The Toll-Gate
323077: GEORGETTE HEYER - Black Sheep
13848: CHARLES HEYMAN - The Armed Forces of the United Kingdom 1996-1997
12407: PAUL HEYSE - Andrea Delfin
324357: HOWARD HIBBARD - Michelangelo
29995: CHRISTOPHER HIBBERT - The Virgin Queen. A Portrait of Elizabeth I
323309: CHRISTOPHER HIBBERT - The Court at Windsor. A Domestic History
323366: CHRISTOPHER HIBBERT - The Court of St. James's. The Monarch at Work from Victoria to Elizabeth Ii
324295: CHRISTOPHER HIBBERT - The House of Borgia
318509: JOHN HIBBS - The Country Chapel
22319: SADAO HIBI - Japan's Best-Loved Gardens
320088: MARGARET HICKEY - Irish Days. Oral Histories of the Twentieth Century
22984: M. M. HICKMAN - S. Mary the Virgin Shipley, Sussex
327836: JOHN HICKMAN - The Enchanted Islands the Galapagos Discovered
323413: KATIE HICKMAN - Daughters of Britannia
3434: ROGER W. HICKS - 35mm Panorama
31674: SUSAN HICKS - The Fish Course
323674: PAMELA HICKS - Daughter of Empire. Life As a Mountbatten
313952: W. PERCY HICKS - Life of Rev. T. De Witt Talmage. The World Famous Preacher
323387: AGNES H. HICKS - The Story of the Forestal. The Forestal Land, Timber and Railways Company Ltd.
327909: MICHAEL HICKS - Who's Who in Late Medieval England (1272-1485) Being the Third Volume in the Who's Who in British History Series
321340: MAJOR J. S. HICKS - The Duchess Wore Blue. Specially Written and Illustrated for Moss Bros of Covent Garden
19062: FRANCISCO HIDALGO - Valparaiso
20911: KATHRYN B. HIESINGER AND GEORGE H. MARCUS - Landmarks of Twentieth-Century Design
327213: PETER HIGGINBOTHAM - The Workhouse Cookbook
7265: TOM HIGGINS - Spotted Dick S'il Vous Plait
319171: JOHN HIGGINS - The Making of an Opera. Don Giovanni at Glyndebourne
325012: L. G. HIGGINS AND N. D. RILEY - A Field Guide to the Butterflies of Britain and Europe. With Every Species Described and Illustrated
22314: A. H. HIGGINSON - The Hill Vixen
319124: SUSAN HIGGINSON - Your House in Needlepoint
318339: A. HENRY HIGGINSON - Foxhunting. Theory and Practice
321923: J. W. Y. HIGGS. - Handbook for Museum Curators, Part C. Permanent Collections, Archaeology and Ethnology, Section 6. Folk Life Collection and Classification
318943: CHARLES HIGHAM - Ziegfeld
322632: GILBERT HIGHET - Man's Unconquerable Mind
16716: HIGHLAND HILLS BAPTIST CHURCH , GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN1894-1994 - Centennial Collection Cookbook
320225: HILARY AND GEORGE BRADT. - Backpacking in North America. The Great Outdoors
320973: A. D. HILDEBRAND - De Zoon Van Bolke de Beer
28125: ROWLAND HILDER - Horse Play
324465: ROWLAND HILDER - Horse Play
325568: W. E. HILEY - Improvement of Woodlands
1073: LEN HILL AND EMMA WOOD - Penguin Millionaire
6363: JOHN HILL - The Disinherited
7625: MARY HILL - Hampstead in Light and Shade
11021: ADRIAN HILL - Sketching and Painting Indoors
11498: BRIAN W. HILL - Robert Harley
22372: JOHN WOODROFFE HILL - The Management and Diseases of the Dog
24008: ROBIN HILL - The Corner. A Naturalist's Journeys in South-Eastern Australia
319135: DOUGLAS HILL - Douglas Hill Presents Planetfall.
316839: JONATHAN A. HILL - Catalogue 95. Astronomy
32090: BRIAN HILL - Pleasure Garden. An Anthology of Prose and Verse
319398: ADRIAN HILL - On Drawing and Painting Trees
327659: MAY HILL - George Sinfield His Pen a Sword. Memoirs and Articles
327657: MAY HILL - Red Roses for Isabel
327653: E.F.HILL - Australia's Revolution: On the Struggle for a Marxist-Leninist Communist Party
314271: OLIVER HILL AND HANS TISDALL. - Balbus. A Picture Book of Building
324612: ALAN F. HILL - Lower Ouse Navigation 1934-1967
317190: SUSAN HILL - A Mermaid Book. The Spirit of the Cotswolds
325245: REGINALD HILL - Arms and the Women. An Elliad
325244: REGINALD HILL - Dialogues of the Dead Or Paronomania!
325243: REGINALD HILL - Death's Jest Book. [Featuring Dalziel and Pascoe]
319490: DR. MIKE HILL AND GORDON LANGSBURY - A Field Guide to Photographing Birds in Britain and Western Europe
312531: C. P. HILL - The History of Bristol Grammar School
317066: HOWARD HILL - Freedom to Roam. The Struggle for Access to Britain's Moors and Mountains
316435: DAVE HILL - Campaign Against the Cuts. The Resistance to the Conservative Assault on Public Services in East Sussex 1984-86
328236: COL. H. W. HILL - Rowland Hill and the Fight for Penny Post. Also Sundry Historic Documents
326324: SUSAN HILL - Stories from Codling Village
20927: JOHN HILLABY - Journey Through Britain
2268: LOUISE HILLARY - A Yak for Christmas
17812: WILLIAM HILLCOURT - Handbook for Patrol Leaders
22198: CAROLINE HILLIER - Images of the Downs
326073: MALCOLM HILLIER - Malcolm Hillier's Christmas
328225: BEVIS HILLIER - Betjeman. The Bonus of Laughter
318240: BEVIS HILLIER - Pottery and Porcelain 1700-1914. The Social History of the Decorative Arts
317119: JOHN B. HILLING - Wales: South and West
11050: JUDY HILLMAN AND PETER CLARKE - Geoffrey Howe the Quiet Revolutionary
10373: E. SHERBON HILLS - Elements of Structural Geology
327962: REV. DR. RICHARD L. HILLS - Landmark Collector's Library. Windmills. A Pictorial History of Their Technology
320071: LAWRENCE D. HILLS - Henry Doubleday Research Association Second Gardeeners' Report. Pest Control without Poisons.
316042: TIMOTHY HILTN - The Pre-Raphaelites
319180: DONALD HILTON - Celebrating Series. Christmas Book 2. Festival Services for the Church Year
318864: DONALD HILTON - Celebrating Series. Christmas Book 1. Festival Services for the Church Year
318944: TIMOTHY HILTON - Keats and His World
323255: JAMES HILTON - So Well Remembered
328366: GEORGE HILTON. TRANSCRIBED BY ANNE HILTON - The Rake's Diary. The Journal of George Hilton
326164: TIMOTHY HILTON - The Pre-Raphaelites
325496: B. RICHARD HILTON - The Lathe Operator's Manual
313398: JAMES HILTON - The Story of Dr. Wassell
318731: DONALD HILTON - Liturgy of Life. An Anthology
313505: KATRIN HIMMLER - The Himmler Brothers. A German Family History
26048: ROBERT HINCHLIFFE - The Really Easy Oboe Book
328378: PAUL HINDLE - Roads and Tracks for Historians
27793: RICHARD DAVENPORT-HINES - Sex, Death and Punishment.
314142: SHERMAN HINES - Alberta
6834: RONALD HINGLEY - Nihilists
317832: THOMAS C. HINKLE - Dusty. The Story of a Wild Dog. (a Famous Hinkle Dog Story)
6645: H. E. HINTON AND A. M. S. DUNN - Mongooses
18898: JAMES HINTON - Protests and Visions
318365: DAVID J. HINTON - The Sheppy's. An Everday Tale of Ciderfolk
317057: DAVID A. HINTON - History in the Landscape Series. Alfred's Kingdom. Wessex and the South 800-1500
27850: NIGEL HINTON - The Heart of the Valley
326317: BRIAN HINTON - The Heart's Clockwork
327182: JOHN HOWARD HINTON - The Case of the Manchester Educationists. A Review of the Evidence Taken Before a Committee of the House of Commons in Relation to the State of Education in Manchester and Salford
324246: VIRGINIA HINZE - The Physic Garden Michelham Priory
15018: KENNETH F. HIRD - Offset Lithographic Technology
2748: ARNE HIRDMAN - With Adventure in My Rucksack
323472: DAVID HIRSCH - The Moosewood Restaurant Kitchen Garden. Creative Gardening for the Adventurous Cook
325806: NIEL HIRSCHSON - The Naming of Johannesburg As an Historical Commentary
27707: DENIS HIRSON - The House Next Door to Africa
29396: REV. M. B. HIRST - Probus Parish Church. A Brief Account of Its History and Architecture
325759: FRANCIS W.HIRST - Gladstone As Financier and Economist
1784: ERIC C. HISCOCK - Beyond the West Horizon
326507: IVON HITCHENS - Ivon Hitchens. A Retrospective of Paintings
2265: MIKE HITCHES - The Last Days of Steam in Gwynedd
325958: WENDY HITCHMOUGH - The Arts and Crafts Home
326793: WENDY HITCHMOUGH - C.F. A. Voysey
322508: LUBOS HLAVACEK - Ota Janacek. Umelecke Profily
13660: HMSO - Britain's Conquest of the Mediterranean
17093: HMSO - Children in Britain
20488: HMSO - Dominions Royal Commission. Final Report
22654: HMSO - The South East Study 1961-1981
317415: HMSO - Building Research Establishment Digests, Vol. 1 Building Structure and Services
321778: HMSO - Handbook No. 9. List of Cabinet Papers 1915 and 1916
321184: HMSO - University Development 1967-1972
32063: EDWARD HOAGLAND - The Moose on the Wall. Field Notes from the Vermont Wilderness
19208: FRANK HOAR - European Architecture
15954: JOHN HOARE - The Warrant for Youth's Search
319845: LOTTIE HOARE - Stephen's History of Saints
322302: ROBIN HOBB - Shaman's Crossing. The Soldier Son Trilogy One
326304: RUTH HOBDAY - Agility Is Fun. Book 2. Control and Handling Techniques for Competitors at All Levels of Agility
326305: RUTH HOBDAY - Agility . . Is Fun! a Step By Step Guide for Beginners and Experienced Competitors
314925: GERALD HOBERMAN - Victoria and Alfred Waterfront. Cape Town, South Africa
21943: HERMIONE HOBHOUSE - A History of Regent Street
323313: L. F. HOBLEY - Past Into Present Series. The Monarchy.
327656: DONA TORR, GENERAL EDITOR. EXTRACTS EDITED BY ERIC J. HOBSBAWM - History in the Making Series. Labour's Turning Point. Nineteenth Century Vol. Iii. 1880-1900.
316506: E. J. HOBSBAWM - The Age of Revolution 1789-1848
318948: HAROLD HOBSON - Indirect Journey. An Autobiography
31681: RODNEY HOBSON - Caustic Carols
324663: ANTHONY HOBSON - Dryad Leaflet 149. Fabric Printing By the Bedafin 2001 Process
319562: R. L. HOBSON - A Guide to the Islamic Pottery of the Near East
321734: SARAH HOBSON - Belts for All Occasions
320069: PHYLLIS HOBSON - A Garden Way Guide of Homestead Recipes. Making Homemade Cheeses and Butter
316527: PAUL HOCH AND VIC SCHOENBACH - Lse: The Natives Are Restless. A Report on Student Power in Action
324977: MARTIN HOCKE - The Ancient Solitary Reign. The Enthralling Tale of a Land of Owls, a World of Nature and Magic
14122: C. F. HOCKETT - Man's Place in Nature
314944: IAN SINCLAIR, PHIL HOCKEY AND WARWICK TARBOTEON - Illustrated Guide to the Birds of Southern Africa
22020: J. R. A. HOCKIN - Walking in Cornwall
9407: SILAS K. HOCKING - The Blindness of Maud Tyndall
313369: SILAS K. HOCKING - The Blindness of Madge Tyndall, Etc.
315070: SILAS K. HOCKING - The Conquering Will
327875: HILARY HOCKMAN - Edwardian House Style. An Architectural and Interior Design Source Book
319079: B.W. HODDER - Economic Development in the Tropics
1408: GLEN HODDLE - Glen Hoddle
324243: F.VERE HODGE AND R. H. D'ELBOUX - The Parish Church of St. Mary the Virgin Battle
318372: LORNIE LEETE-HODGE - Curiosities of Somerset
15074: DAVID HODGES - Lamborghini; the Legend
316704: PETER R. HODGES - Temples of Dreams. An Affecgtionate Celebration of the Cinemas of Eastbourne
314915: C. WALTER HODGES - The Mirro of Britain Series. The Battlement Garden. Britain from the Wars of the Roses to the Age of Shakespeare
325345: JOHN ELIOT HODGKIN AND EDITH HODGKIN - Examples of Early English Pottery Named, Dated and Inscribed
322942: JOAN HODGSON - A White Eagle Lodge Book of Health and Healing
324249: WILLIAM HODGSON AND W. H. SANDERS - The Homeland Handbooks. Volume 60. Eastbourne with Its Surroundings. An Illustrated Handbook for Visitors and Residents.
324524: N. BARRIE HODGSON - Trees and Shrubs of the British Isles
318190: STUART HODGSON - Ramsay Muir. An Autobiography and Some Essays
324769: WILLIAM HODGSON AND W. H. SANDERS - Homeland Handbooks No. 60. Eastbourne with Its Surroundingsillustrated Handbook for Visitors and Residents
314035: JOAN HODGSON - Why on Earth. An Introduction to the Ancient Wisdom Through White Eagle's Teaching
6480: URSULA HOFF - The National Gallery of Victoria
316989: RHODA HOFF - Why They Wrote Dickens, Thoreau, Flaubert, Clemens, Stevenson
327034: EISUKE WAKAMATSU. TRANSLATED BY JEAN CONNELL HOFF - Toshihiko Izutus and the Philosophy of Word: In Search of Spiritual Orient
12224: PAUL G. HOFFMAN - World without Want
326809: DR. HEINRICH HOFFMAN - Struwwelpeter
23960: WERNE P. HOFFMANN - Katzen
320285: GERARD HOFFNUNG - The Hoffnung Companion to Music in Alphabetical Order
320286: GERARD HOFFNUNG - Hoffnung's Musical Chairs
320288: GERARD HOFFNUNG - The Maestro
320289: GERARD HOFFNUNG - The Hoffnung Symphony Orchestra
320304: GERARD HOFFNUNG - Hoffnung in Harmony
10698: DAN HOFSTADER - Goldberg's Angel
327416: HANS H. HOFSTATTER - Art of the Late Middle Ages
6926: ROBERT HOGAN - The Independence of Elmer Rice
3703: IAN V. HOGG AND JOHN H. BATCHELOR - Armies of the American Revolution
317259: GARRY HOGG - Odd Aspects of England
318982: ANTHONY HOGG - Just a Hogg's Life. A Royal Navy Saga of the Thirties
26407: RICHARD HOGGART - A Sort of Clowning. Life and Times Volume Ii 1940-59
27639: HELEN HOKE - Terrors Traumas and Torments. An Anthology
326738: PAUL HOLBERTON - The World of Architecture
314832: MICHAEL HARALAMBOS, MARTIN HOLBORN AND ROBIN HEALD - Sociology. Themes and Perspectives
319953: M. H. HOLCROFT - The Shaping of New Zealand
10416: GEOFFREY HOLDEN - The Craft of the Silversmith
10935: ANTHONY HOLDEN - Of Presidents, Prime Ministers and Princes

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